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 Ilfg ixpm
Volume J
North Vawoopvm, fl.Q., TPPP4V- J4»yM?y JO, tBH
Number 48
t#r*m'i P»yjlion wut crnwde4 to
III* doors last evening hy interested
tttapeytn gathered for the pwpow fll
bearing the mayor anil uldci-mmi give
an account ol Iheir steworJlhip Inf
the |iBst year and alio to hoar wlmt
the now candidates had lo any. H"
ports were fo have bcen.hcnFil If-ff)
Ibo terry commissioner* und t' e« li ml
trustees, but tq much time was occupied by tbe mayoralty nnil nlil.iiniin-
ic candidate* that their addl'caes
cuuld not be heard ih n bnt tbey were
promised an opportunity nt Mr. Ken-
ly'* meeting the following evi ning.
E. H. Hridgmm uccupi d lhe e'nii
and tbe platform was crowded to its
full capacity by lb* candidal, s i.nd retiring member* of tho council.
Mayor May slarliil tho IiiiiI rolling.
*1e uid he appeared this tim* not uh
* candidate a* in lormer years, but
at tbe parting of the wnys und to l.i I
a farewell to the electors in a pdblij:
capacity, lei bygones ijo Iy,ones,
he declared, and in the (ulurc he
hoped tbat young mm would rise up
who would bc fit to tnl.e charge ul
tin- city's business in a business lily
Alderman McRnc, ehuirinan of the li
name committee, had no detailed re
port to submit, nnd although the
work at tbe city hull wns up 11 dnl ■
the auditor hod nut had time to gel
lhe re|n>rt out. Tbc ex|S'ii-es fir the
year he aaid bad been kept well within tbo estimate* except in one or two
cases wberc the cily had con idercd ii
wise to make expenditure* ihai w.u I
be a saving to the cily al some In
tun time. During thc year tie linance committee had luen nl-l" to
make aatislaeiory arrangements willi
tbe bank whereby a highir ra'eol in
tertat was obtained nn deposits nnd
a lower rate on loans. Tlic p ice,
br (aid, tbat is now lieing obtninc I
(or debentures is sufficient prnnf of the
city's good financial position. It   wis
ulwnys b|* aim to look to tbe luture
interests nl lb* city, he concluded.
Alderman MoNeish, chairman of  the
Jtonrd nf Work* committee,! gave e
summary ol the expendilme for tbe
yenr similar to that given in tbe'
council meeting the »amn afternoon.
liming lhe year hi* cummittie bad
HW.IHIB to expend dnd alter carrying'
on tbe wmk ot the year and constructing 111 mil*" fll sidewalks and
opening up aeycral miles ol new roauki
| there was still a be'ance to tbe ire-
dit pf the board of work* uh'.cb was
I not road, but wat on view to every
ratepayer, leaking as a candidate
for mayor, Mr. McNeish would li: r
liis  opiuincnt,   Mr.   Kealy,  to  at '.te
.wheie he intended to mu|ie some iinin 'oveiiii in qn the policy ol tbe present council so that il be (McNeish)
was elected hc might bcnolit by the
suggestions made, (daughter). While
there had (icon Ibo sums ol #40,000 d r
sewerage nnd l|0,IKH) (or road making |
machinery lying in the luml- Ior some!
time he Iind to say that active opera-|
j linns were nhout lo be r min.al  on
lhe former and Ibe latter was on tbc
way. If he had squandered any of the
city's iinine;' in the past ho wanted
lo be told of it and tho closest ecrut-
< iny of his record was cordially im il
nl. fie declared he had tbe lime to
devote tu the city's interests i!
j Mali'i imni Irwin, chairman ol Ibe watei works enmillitlee, said ihnt ul   lhc
| hegiiin'ng ol lillll his committer bad
an estimate ol $6,600 for maintenance
and of this amount Ihere was still
uu - pent $257.39. The in mniilte- was
nlso provided wilh 1)1(1,910.71 lur capital expenditure, and a hulanic of
Il3,li|0.13 wa* to thc credit ol the
committee, liming lillfl tlicie had
been laid 7 miles, ol permanent mains
which mude a total in Ibe city ol
37] miles or 3(1 per cent, over Ibo previous year, il.l Iiie hydranIs weie   niw
installed in tbe city, showing an increase ol 96 per cent, and d ring 19111
there bad been 38b bouse  coum cl ions
proprietjon    In   their   credll    ol
Only ill one insti na-'c, he staled, wus
made, bringing Ibe total number uf!a slreet light upplicaiii.u mil compli-
cunsumers up to Illii, lieing an in' cd witk There fas now inninl e.l
crease ol HUI per tent, over 19119. This | in tbo cily HI arc lights and Inst MM
is a good indication, be said, oi tbe an all night lighting lystem had loin
city's rapid growth. It has be.n tbc inaugurated. It wus rcali.ed, be
policy of Ibe post council, he (aid,! aaid, tbat thc lire department c.iuld
to provide settler* wiib wat.r al tab* mil udcipiulcly handle tho U:ivy li.i..
earliest possible moment -and in tbi.{apparatus Irom the Iih str.ol pre
way 3) miles oi mains bad been laid ball. He praise*! a lorner .onu.J in
through tbe spareely settled dinricU. their foresight in acquiring a lire hull
Aid. Irwin recommended Iba installation oi cut iron water mains in fu
lure, ile spoke briefly in support ol
lhe t |l«i,IH*l wul, rumks loan bylaw
whiih will be voted upi n on Thursday. This was lor tbc extension
oi the system. The acquiring oi fiicc
Lake and watershed as a water re
servoir pas an important work nuw
under way. To acquire this (rum the
government at tbc pit-sent time
would, be estimated, aavc the illy
nearly a hall million dollars. While
there was some -ju. l:ou as lu tbc
rights over these lauds be (ell .m.i-
lite on lilth street. The lire ihpa t
meut to efficiently cope with tho city's
needs, should operate Ir, in the 1 row
ot tho hill. In this wny tho heavy wa
gons ''iniil lie taken to the u irthcr.i
limits m down to the business section with the least possible ctfuit
With this in view tho council had recently awarded a. coiilr.icl lor the
ens iiun ol n new fire hull on the 13th
street silo nnd hc would iidvocule llic
churing and grading of 13th slreet
from end to end as n means . I c ur
la Ilia 11' a'     III     llie     |,| | a   ;|l I,-.
Aid. Siniib, ■ hniiinun ill lh' hcalih
ei tbat tbe guvcniniinl wuuld mukc conimiltee, who is ulso n member of
thrir assurance good'whii b w.:s in, lhe waterworks copimiit c, ah tml.I
tbc lorm oi a right to pun h ise llic lhc s. viral amounts I lml comprise the
lands around Hire Like given to l,,. --■ I in: .i n il waterworks loan byluw. They
distiict and aitrrwards handed o\tc Were : a In-huh cast iron main lair
In the city at the inm „l iiicairp, r.i 'lire purpose only cxleiiding Ii'iin the
linn. As to revenue a brici summary I w.ilcrfionl to llllh street with 8 by
was given. In 1907- 7 mouth* lleiu- drunls lo lie placed ut the . li ■■! in
come bad been II80I.HI, I'.i-h revenue j terse, lions, cost {17,7(11.00; u Klin h
jlNVi.fiil. beng lill p.r c.nl inert us- cost iron distributing main Inn) lb
over 1907, 1909 revenue |5!iH.75, or waterfront lo Iho cily limits that
nn increase ui 19 per nnl over I!Oil, could Iw u ail us nn nuxiliiiry lu llic
1910 revenue, juiiiVJu. I,- n: cn   in-1fire main, cosl, J32,II"mil, 8-inch c.sl
cream ol 46 per rent over 190!', al
an increase oi 3HH |ier ent. over
Alderman Fowlrr, cb.iirnuin ul lhc
fire and light ciimmiiire, npottel
lh.it bis commii Ire had dm in: thc
year at their dis|n,.nl Wi.d77.li. Of
Ihis amount ll'i,WI If bad li cn cl
|smhsl, leaving a balance  oi the ap-
iimi niinii on 1 jil.-iiii.ili> Iron) Muhon
in 81. Andicw's, on First itrrol from
Muhon lo Sl. David's, on tvciind
■in-'i liom Forbes lo St. Ilnvjd'a, is-
I ■i.m ml cost t33,708.UO. 'lhc ov sl-
ing mains on llie nbiive mentiuuil
streets, be suid, uie al |ire-sciil iu a
very I"-"! i .mai iion nnd Ihe coit ol
in,,mn iiiilu,' is extensive.     Hy roplac
iiig them as proposed the cost uf North Vancouver. Be bad taken the
maintenance would be greatly re , matter up with tbe government and
ilueeil and they would ih.n be of suffi-. as a result-the Tramways Inspection
. ia nt size io supply the demands o! Act was now on Ibe statutes pl tbe
the district; .Minn del 8-inch P. I- j province. Dy lhe Ist ol March, he
mains, 5000 dot li iiu h ('. I. mains said, North Vaneouver cars would be
nnd ln,iiiiii feet lim b mains, cslimat- j required lo be equipped with nutome-
uied cosl, <fJl.illlll.7ri. Ilifll) house con-j tic brakes. Aa to Ibe grade u,u*e-
mictions, glO.IHHI, fixed suluritt and in-I tion effecting the alteration ol these
siirniii'c, Ul.'illll, extra Iiic bydiants brakes,; be waa sure tbat tbe lench
and vulves, (filill, ad im- il. nt. I ex- j grade would be umler serious copsid-
I ien mm tiiii I.liii. These amounts made eralion by tbe next council (or tb*
up the 11110,11011 whi b would le ade-1reason tbat these brakes could not
t|iiale (or extensions this yiar. operate  on  a grade greater than  9
Fur lhe health de|urlmciit there hud per cent. Hc anticipated trouble on
Ik'iii uu u|i|iro|irialion ul il Oil. A j ibis score. Speaking about tbe di-
balunie nf $11 (19.75 was still to the lay ia the work oi last year tbe
| credit of the commii lie. Tbe nnd! -|»,iker pointed out that tbo paal
cal health oOicer's rcpurl I,,, two council was uiy inuih bendicspped
iiiiiniliB cnilin,' December ill t wa. by tbc local im|irovcmeut bylaw, Iba
lenl. H showed that lbi re were nu grades which necessarily delayed tbe
iiniii lis from infectious diseasis durinr work mi lhc sewers, tbe controversy
that I'dind. A iaI'aiinineiid .linn was over Ibe nver pi|ies then the re-
miide llml wlnn lhe sewers wire in- submission ol the IIU,(**I sewer loan,
slulled Ihnt i'ie,y lu.ii-ehol'er h uld He expnvmd himsilf as hiving ex-
be ii',|uiiisl lu conin.nl At' nrcc. Illicit ciufidi noc in his (illow id h i-
S|icuking    nluiii    piiveuienla    Alder-  mm.
man Smith was in luvnr u( l.hnkp.iv-     Mr. A. E. Kealy, candidate lur mi-
ing wiih stone sets. 'y„r>   KBid   that   as   there   were   so
'■   Al.|, Schitllt lur lhc jurt-niid Ime,  ___„ v_J_m ((> Muw bc d;d  ^
cnninitt,,., reported Hint Ihe   mniler   l||ink  ;,  ,air lo (akl, up  ,b„  Umeg,
of givin.- cuuncils nunc jxiwcrin   eon-  ,,,,. ^.^   ,k|) ^ |U _M_g   %
no-lion with plan* had hen d. all with  miv|iB(( j jj, „„„ J „lc  (o||owin<
by lhe h'gisluturo und nnw lhe CoBfl-'Bjghl.   At ,|,..i nH«lJig il there   was
< ills uf nny cily ur muni i|>->lii-, i i Ihe uny lime be invited aa many   ol   tb:
'|inniine had the right lo icgul.ile tic 'candidates as dcsiicd to address   the
; lanes ur refuse the plans,    I'he I! l'i elistorate.      Mr.  Keuly was gratified '
council,   he   said,  hnd  |iun-hi.» d ull   I"   hear   Aid.   Fuwler   place     credit
'the uiulcdicutcil lanes iu I). I.. 174 (,,r where credit was due.    Ibis  was  in
113,1100.      During   the |iat I. tin    lhe  miinca lion  wiib   the  |>n. Iia-i-   ol llio
council   hnd  given   every plun cin lul' I3lb  slrret   fire hull   silo some years
coiisidernlion.   As to the widening ol.agu when Innd mi: ibeap.    This bad
slrai'ls. steps   had luvu laken for lhe  always 1-ci'U lhe |"di y whi-h be,   Mr.
1 widening ol  I-th wti.i-l  nnd ucotia-   Kealy, bad advocated.
lions   were   niw under   way   I.r   ll,.     ,11m   new candidates lor aldermanic
Widening uf I "i;"l 'I' Ave. lo lhc .ily  liuuors whu »|xikc were K. I'. Bi.s, W.
liniils.    As Iii cur n 'ii -|i-'it .iu n Aid.  -I. Dick, A. -I. Henderson, G. J. J'hil-
S.liiill/ suid hc gave ili- mnitircure- ,lip(xi, Alex, i'hilip, A. W. tiargi-at, H.
(ill niiisiderulion aller lhc ao irfc.it in  P. Wrighl and II. W. Voung.
ia*^—^»»mm——a 1   ii ....    ■aa^^—.iM^
Al an adjourned meeting ol the city
council held on Friday evi ning lb'
tender ot Messrs. Mncdunald, (izonski
at (io. -I'liniulily and in bulk for the
installation ol sewers fur .".'il.'.ntsi wus
accepted. .Tbc tci.dis line lirsl
opened on Thursday mining aud on
account ol thc number and the various prices submitted were laid ovor
lor tbc engineer-lu tabulate. After
a short consideration the Hoard nl
Works i.• ..nnii.inl..1 lhe iiiee|iluiiic ul
tbe above which was bul 119,000 lower lium any oi Ibe ulher tenderers
and was tbe lowest on every slicot
with the cm.|,i.i)ii of one where they
were less than JSl'll higher Ihnn Mr-
Douga! ll I'o. Segregated the tin Ion
wee*: Esplanade 11,0110, Vital itreet
IK.inxi, fecund Street I3nj0), Thiid
Slnel, lik'I.OOO, Keilh road, 8lb and
lllb .tncls 111,000, Lomdulc Ave.
(Hh to   I'Jih ffljm uud main sewer
Tenders lor a rock crusher which
also were tabulated by the cngimci'
were considered and laid over to a
special Hireling to be held un Monday
k claim ol ISO was received Irum
Ambrose •Inhnson lor .alleged destruction ol a Iree by tb* cjty. The matter was laid over lur invi.slignii. n.
Ward I
Wind 1
•Wurd 3
Wnrd I
Wanl 6
Wnnl fi
.Land Impi'nvcmeii!
y»4,34»  I3',3VI
1131,995    41,110
I»70,I8B  fi|,0 0
1099,516    1.1,300
1711,414   66,000
I670,7S7 ....'.  38,900
1,486 ,
Beevc—,). V.  Mi'Miimhl  (accl'm).
Wind 1-W. A. Thiim|W(,n (accl'm).
Wind 3—.(ohn I.uwson; (nccl'm).
Wind 4-Thijs. All, n (acl'm).
Ward 5-E. II. Ilridgeman (acl'm).
Ward 6- ,1.  K. Ward (accI'mV
lu Ward 3 T, S. Nye aud J. l-'iuid
arc ciinli'sting lur hnnors.
Scbniil Trusties
T. S. Nye, d. V. McNauglit and (J.
W. Sugden, oil hy aictumatiun.
. I). lill.iaAM TAKES LEAVE
Despite tbc lact that bo fully in
landed, to retire ('"'" ll"' sehool
bonrdsibi* (term Uf. <4H. ti)idi'ii
Wlp) literally carried away by tbo
weight ol a strong deputation oi tbc
■Met prflwineut business mw "al* tbe
dt|r on Saturday last mid bis iin'y re-
eoine waa to sign his nomination pa-'
per*. While acknowledging tbe claims
Large congregations ntlend.il Si.
Andrew's church on Sundny to hear
Mr. 'iilliiin'.a fiiii-w.II discourses. In
the forenoon his theme was the gos-
|.el   llC   liad   |lll'll'lieil    11   (illillll     wlm I
reygalcd sin un tbc one hand and
sulvutiun on lhe other. In the even
jng he In icily reviewed Ihe ibne I ook*
be had endem oi ed to unl..|d llu
hook of nature, tbo book uf the law
pf grace and tli* book oi human na
tuw- ,
At the dose of the evening service
Mr. (iillam- briefly tendered his
llinnks lo (lie congregation lor Iheir
kindness and cooperation in the work
Last Council Meeting of the Year
ol bi* private business Ihe delegate: making special reference lo those
nnia—I out to Mr. Mprden Ibat ns holding o#ce awl tij the Bjccllenl
Hue* wee so much iroporlonl work w„r), of (he ihuir ujidcr the aWel-al-
unrfertaken by la.t year'* 'ward it eV»bj,, „| Mr. Woid.
was bi* duly a* a member if lhat As already stated Mr. (Jilhm's re
b^ly lo continue in tbe capacity  ol, ilgualiun comes belore this pnwbyicry
(rjstee until (bene Work* were carried
inlo ilect. Other strong reosons we«i
advancwl^in eijib a way that Ihcfo
w*> no avenue by whiih lo counter
ael their argument* and as o result hr
tbe -numbers of Iho ^ieputa-
t  were   Alderman   Irwin,    Alder
McBa«,   Ferry Commissioner   •/
f|)liao> and Sihon) Tru«t<o IWlow-
ifeyor Nay wus one of (It sign-
vl Hr. Morden's numinnl'iri   jia1
jn St. -Aiubwua'a church, Vancouvrr,
tb|s iftern'Kin when tn—t. Ales.
I'hilip end fl. A.''Nefejn will ,e|re
i.i.i Ilm session and Messrs. H. i.
(.'oivl.r, W. I,', (jladwin, Aid. Smith.
Kobeil.-on and WickeDs will
represent the congregation.
The anpun! meeting ol, the ennyr*^-
tiun wjll lie held in the church "P
Wednesday the |81h inst whin in addilinn po Iks regular busing tjhe Bttl
JI0S *Hl fee letttn tpwetU fading *
\tm |Wtef tot tm dwplfM^.
The last rily itiuuril una in.gol lhe!
year held yesteidsy nltuuis u wus
marked wiib many espressioi.i of
good will and while there had lnc.i
di Bei en... bit won the membcis
through the year al various stages,
bygones weie entirely iliminaldl and
only the fullest ul good Icllow-hiji
ll was remarked that Norlb -Vancouver bud nut yet .\|■.■iinn.il ibe
Unci liim a In - Ihal mark lhc rivic
cam|iaigns in otlur 11111* aid it im
generally acknowlcdgi-d  Ihnt  wilh the
a'.M a |,Ila.ll    ,,l    -lalll.     IlK'ul    llllia I. IUI       aaf
detail Ihe iiiy council as a whole
worked harmoniously togclbir for ils
mutual j....!. i..,n and |irogns-iain.
V.il.-- a.l thanks weie |i.i-,il l.y the
mayor to the nhl nmu nnal by the
aldermen to lhe mayor and by the
council to Ihe cily ilerk. cily mgin
eer, city tnatsurer, the ' bnl ul I'o
lice, I'hie/ Donovon ui Ihe lire 'la | mit
■mnl, and llic other he ds ot dc|iarl-
ments and the ladies. In a short address on the efficiency 'ol the polte*
difinrlmuil. Aid. Shnll/ said il
must be known that Ihe criminals
wbo operate so boll in Vancouver are aware that there is a fi. Id
over on the North Shore, bul are evi
d.i,111 |ireienled Irom ."mug uver
Inim lh, knowledge oi the , Hi In i ol
North Vancouvi r's |iolice I	
1'orrcsjsiiidine wes read a* lot-
From A. -I. Chitwoun advising ibai
the districi had construi tod a sidewalk .on I3lb street cast Ir- m Sutherland Ave. ll was nuw up lo lhe
city lo do it* part waa, Mr. Chiea-
eson's assertion. Bchricd to Uie
Hoard oi Works.
Frum M- T. Biackburn, askinr thai
a commillee be opppinlcd lo Imk in
lu Ihe matter oj provid ng a Mler
.site ior a remel^y. • Hc said other
rilies weie uploVale in thia repeat,
and be thought! North Vancouver
should be progren^ic hi lb:e way bs
•ell. i
|1 wa« referred luilhe nor counril.
From Eider MurraAt'o. slalini Ibil
their client Mr. law, \ at frei'inn five
house* al the rorncr\ ol 8th slreet
and Kidgeway Ave. bulvsss hindered
by a running stream. Th-jr asktd lo
hare Ihis trouble ram>\d. H I nal
to ihe Hoard ol Worka.
From AbiusI 'lunge, an Mian,
claiming compensation for foes ol frull
Ireee he sustained through Me city's
estension walk. Related {lo n»»f
yter'e onwri).
The lire und light committee i. |. ri I
nl thul the a-iinuiii■ nt  lunuury   1st,
19111, was $il).li77.!U.   During lhc ye r
l'erry, lue.,1   wpeut! Jh , >***#^  ^   ^n 11 b»l1.18
re  the removal ol „.,!k"JV"« " ***■*<* "> ih' b"Bl1 "' *'*•■
i. 'Ai11";
lhe heiillh ilcpurtincni n|sirlid the
.eslimule al iheliegiiining olllny.ar
I'-ilil ns B/am. There wus siill a bal
ume iu Ibe bank ul 11119.76.
l(c|.oiis were ineivid froin llnolbii
commillci.   im Idling   tic   wnlcrwoiks
'Ullll lllllllll l> a "Iiuiul li'  .
|   I hnii man McNeish ol Ibe  lluaid   ul
Wurks rc|>urlcd us iolliaws oiilb/jaai
.illlll: I'a.n-liuaiion, 143,784.18; muin-
I li'iiiinic, (11,7118.55, I,-,.is and   <■ |mj>
inenl »li.'.''i In.   ellgimcr su|ijilies I'J-I
lit,  oflice  '"-i" in ■ - ■i'iiii.'.i,.  I .mn.n.
und lisluiis, fi'l .'a'., extension lo nl-
Iin., 1333.39.
Eslimule m .lunuury 1st, I'JIu, $33,
IMI. snlXl llcU'iilures Wim.  I'"m
, From A. (I
il.C.E.H.  Co-
arc lighl on lhe u
mill council.
From the (nuiidinii I'liiuiieei, usl,
ing Ih.ii their njijili,alion lor tlie
o|H-ning and grad ng of sidewalks in
Ironl of lots I lo 18, easterly |i.irl pl
blink IJ. D. I., uiiii receive immediate
attention. Ilefcircd lo next year's
From Ihe North Vuiiiouvcr City
I'a nn Hubuiilling 'statement for . December, HUH us follows:
I'aswngcr r<ix>i|il«     $|(iU'*i.<i()
''•'iiiti.ui.ili.-ii Ticket*—  .
lli (or 'll.c)     Ie87.6l|
ifl lor II)     7IKI.UI)
'(70 lor 13)     IIDOW
Monthly  tickets        a7.HH
Vehicle ri'ii-ijits '    7*1.11)
Freiglil iciii|ils-
lolle.'t«l        'U'l.'n
I'reiiuid    ..fM)
MlMallnlinum rciei|il»—
''.al, iaiia- . rents, wharfage
and commission     lill.15
Frum lhe Norlh Vancouver gcmrul >
hosjiitul siiliniiiiing -inli nu ni (or tbe J
year. Medical cases 61, surgical ruse
31,.maternity cases in. nh. holm jioi
Mining 5, Indigent |iulicnls i, total ]
Seven deaths ikciiimI during the
year.   The report wus nccejilwl.
Fnun W. S. Drury, chief waler rom
missioner, advising llml the minister
of lauds had instructed him lu ' nun
ine Dire Lake and tbc lands in tbc
vicinity in connection with the city's
applicalion (or water rights, (le named Monday, .(anuary i'lb ns Ihe dale
lhat bc and his assistant would visil
Ibis city. Ilm mayor said He engin
eer wanled lo bc authorised to cum
plete a roiilcur map uf thai district
(or submlsiioii to the officials at Vic
toria.  Ibis rc.jucsl was grunted.
The lollowing tenders were ojieiiei)
lor the cotisliuclioii ol fi (ire hall on
lillh street:' Smith Hnu., 8,*/) without healing ; Mnville und Woodward,
18,125.' •'■ T. W. lay, SUf/cl, williout
heating, Korlnnd nnd 1'ii.liimn,
I8.4DI) without heating,
nl -1. T. W. day lot By
«« was aecepl'sl.
liming mure data and fixing ii possible a |'-.in,,n of tbe blame on this
latter individual wWc habitude ia in
lhe Mission thc com wa* remanded to
Friday morning. I'. Francis, another
Indian, was fined (10 and costs or
len days lur king drunk on the re-
•enc. lie ploidiij guilty and wa}
suid ty l)e an old ofeudcr by the
Chi J.
ium un debenture* Ki37.50, inlciest on
credit balniu i j'i'li.ili), bnlnnce in bank
F. lv While o| 1(9 I7lb slnel pie-
.iiti.l i, claim ol 1% lot damage done
lo his ha.use and conleuts ihruugh
lines' blast", ll was referred tu lh.
Hoard ul Wurks.
lilin. were received lr,.m A. H.
Ferry,   iucal   manager  oi  lhc I'-. D.
I'll'lll i. milwny ill a oui.e. Inui silla
Ihe removnl ol Iheir jiolcs on l-ons
dale. He sluli-d Ihnt be l-n-ii.-liuei.il
his Ion in. ii lu leave the rrmoial in
nlieiniiae and bad submitted tbe
niiillci  tu lhe lund' office.
.1. M. feller, 'irinid An tic set-
i al uly iliiaiil.eil Nurlh \ una .in. i Ior
lhe iiiMlulion lu hold ibe 1913 ion
voiifiiin in Norlli Vancouver and pio
nu a al lu put the mutter I,(me the
neit meeting in 1'orlland in 1911.
Dn I luu dny morning the police
lourl wns presided over by leslic.t
ol lhc Pence •(. ,1. Woods and C. V.
Foreman. There were ihie* cean on
the ducket, two Indians ami a lur
signer, Jacob Louise case we* « re-
ninn'l (rum Wdneeday, (le was found
diunk nnd on Wednesday promised lo
disduse the name of Ibe perscn whn
supplied bim wiib tb* wbisk/y. A.
a result of the inlorgafing' iccured
Iruui Ihl* suune Jin) Minucl Wa.
Cbefgcd wltll sujijilying the lijuor
lliilli I .ume and another Indian, I* ia
For healing lendei. weie ojH'iid asldohn, swore thai tliey wilnapaid the
follows: Hodgson !'lm II bottle ol hoore ly   lhe
ing Co, U^d), reduaed healing are.: „-cu«id (o the Indians. No klwen
tktt.lS In*, and W 8, flobi.ay, 13, wn. put in by Manuel a* ih* tteu
001,  reduced  healing  are*  II mated io lhe k'».
The In lor l|3»7 wss   ar mum wbo ii itfafti to le
m**i; wjjW «M»r ' fW»vim si nr
A ii'.l.: d. iniiiili' ti united upun
H.,),^ May on tjalunlay alternoon
wilh ibe lollowing js lilion :
He cilirens ol the cily ol North Vancouvei here assembled desire to express to you our it-dings ol approbation (or ll.e spirit ul sell sacrifice
wIn I, prompted you to withdraw from
lhe imiyin.il conical. We are ol .0-
pinion Ibat a cumplctc withdrawal
Irom public life in our city would be
a serious luu.
Having n«ard to tbe services you
bave iaiial.-i.tl in tbe past is bringing
lhe ieny service lo ils present standard oi a ilu i,my and tbe importatnt
woiks yel n mainiag to fae brought to
a sm nt-lul conclusion, -we earnestly n-|'i, -l (hat you allow yoursell
to be numinaied (or (erry director (or
lhc present year and in tbe event ol
you complying with ihii petition the
•itierne here prewit dn hereby pledge
tbenwjves lu'u.e every rfort iu ew
sure yuet i. . I.. tiiu,. Ihe above wss
iiumciously signed, and Mayor May
wbo etiouwlcdgid griuiou ly the
wishes ol tlie delegation, declined to
entertain tbe filion.
01 vital importance lo every reei-
dent on the North Shun who own*
property in Vancouver if the WDOjOOO
Second Narrows Bridge Bylaw which
will be vV'tcd uppn in Vancouver on
Thursday! Ulh, the aim ittt) te the
North Vancouver civic election* and
such voters should make it Iheir Medal business on thai dale lo oe* tfer
Irancfaiso in Vancuuver in lavor ol ft*
bridge bylaw.
,   1     —
wA.NTFU/ A youth for the business
olire of the Espies.. Must have a
working knowledge td itorlhand,
typewriting and bookk»«|)ing. A l]*^-
dent ol Jforlh Vaflwnt prtfcrrad k.
figmimnt position wilh f»d tm
ptcU fur the right yow man. Apfly
la mom aunmm. CLOCKS OF MERIT
i n'i!
A ruliiih|u (.i!iiii|nttiii in. the lioiiii' iihvflj'B give?
Hituli niCHUHiiniiitui uf iluiiU'fliti I'liiHoiitnii'i'l.
lllilta wi> di'iilH it mn tlui)' In ilii'iut llll' |iu|illO
miiul in our stunk uf Hi'ijuriur olurkp, wMn-li
lU'u  Mill  iuimIuU iif   iiiuilri'li  |ilirfoBliuil.   Iw
tiloHt'ly du wo k<i'|iiii IuuijIi with Hm ifiilni*
uf jitiiiliiutiuii tlmi vm cun rt'pdily fm niiii nny
iiriiiilu in this linn. At llio peewit niuiiit'iil.
.w'aureallowing numy high (iradu Ymith Muvo-
■^4Dent«f.|n liiiuilmiiiin bi'iiii'lifully nindi'ji'll ctiBUti,
whioh will (,'ivu tho piirobw entire RiitiwfHo-
■  tion undor uny -condition*,'
.  *     '   Every clock is parBftillyJeMeiJ nnd regiilatetj
liefore leaving nun slor«i Iroin Where (hey nre
delivered to tiie purchaser's home bv <:tiinp.-u-nt
men who understand mid will explain the nio$N-^_^
intricate movement. *
There is salety in hi|ying a clock al Birks.
Qe°; B- TSCgi„g Direcir '   Hwting. & Granville -t.
I ■ I.,..!
_   When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask (or at the righl price.
*Jj   Special attention paid to prescriptions and family
^ recipes.      •       -       •      *      -      «      '
We carry a complete line o( Stationery and Drug
Sundriei, '      •
Telephone L 29
A. i. TYSON, Pro*.
Cir. Lcnidile k 8th
North Vancouver is Moving
We have just received some listings on
First St., close to Lonsdale ave., which
will yield quick and substantial profits
Phone 24 P. 0. Box 50 ■
wmUm —
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb,
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. ol good Tfa      .   . .:       ... 1.50
5 lbs. ol lietter Tea  1.75
5 lbs. ol the besl Tea  2.00
AT ■  .
Comer First Slreel and Si. George
'■■  '" 	
120 Second Street Ea.t. Telephone 200
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchant*
•iif la Your Ova Tows. Vmi O   an M—Xti
Hi  C.
n. v. ttm»
To thu KWiiri ol Norlh Y«*cquva< .
Hr. ilus.-o Williams LM to nm ouaiii:
lhat lm in ii 1'iiiul'il ii" 'or iiio'.oiinii
|o the board ill fcriy iliriniim lur H'"
yvnr ill) I, and rmimcllu'ly .milio't* lhc
voting n( (he iiiilors.
m 11   m i  i
CITY tmttm W»En0U4TE
To lliii Electors ul llie City ol Nortli
Vaneouver i
Aa I have li.au requested 'hy many
citizens tii ul.ow my name to stand aa
a a-iinaliiluti' lur tlie llunril ul tn
ry Directors, I take lhi* opportunity
qf run I'lilinj! Ill nin.
The elm turn having (ully approv;
ed ol my services, aa a dirertor in
ID09, j-iiji ityicnd, il electa I, on my
giving every atlsiuti.B that lha Ipi-
|iui I tint liuniii. a* i e.|iiirui thi* year.
Snme al tlie most iiii|iurtniit ila in.
1 recommend are:
ll'lilll   llllnilU'i-H   111,111 l|!l>lll|.|.I.
North Vancoavar rptapuyen (or po
sitinns at gOid wag*.
Munrtily ticket* r, .In,-, <1 in proportion to the rheap li.mk nl liefceta.
All contrails nu i ia il nut in a Iwa
neselike wny.
lu'tii'rnl iiu|unvi<niciit ol the hrri
system and irmAul attaut on I r con
venienra nl passengers.
Vulir.- faithfully,
Tn the Electors ,,( North Vuiionuvcr
I have decided tu run fnr Ilia Ferry
Hoard fur lllll and lake Ibis oppor
tunity nf asking for the fnvor of yu
Hy |:uliiy includes
(I)   The    r.'ii'iiiiuii    nl    Ihe     pi,
ent aln-iiji li'",!. of tickets.
(3)' The reduction ol the price pl
in.iiuiiii  tii ids in prn|Kirliun «ilh the
(3) Full |ii,.ii.-i,.n- fnr lhc . .nnln
and innvenii'ii l' nf travellers both nn
the wharves und hoats.
tl) Rigorous |n< i-.. ulii'ii ql rny
l»i-aiiis who lake tidvanluge of thai'
jirivileges in order in defraud Hie com
(fi)  Thc cnnilnyment uf good    mm
al   guud   waga'n und  with, *n lur u.i
i'i-,ii In ailila', une dny's hulidny in scv-
rn in ull di|iurlmcnls nf the oirviac.
Tu lhe Electors ul llie I'ily nl Nurlh
J»r. IW'til.A.S W. KEEVE, ut lhe
if u Inrge niiinli. i nf iole|ioy
.in.,ui «i
1 wish to say tlmt | jim »i»n Wila
for lhe I'ily I'oart p| Aide*! Wl   rpl
usk the support nt Ilia il clnri nt Ihu
jhiII* di 13th .Ionili»ry, 1PJ1,
•'   '■■' A. W. 3MIQPT.
To Iho Electors o( the Oily p( North
Vancouver: '    ,
laadjii* an4 Qppi|omoti,-At tha r«-
quest j)| iiiiiiiii a aim friends I have decided to offer myself us * randidulc
far the office ul alderman lor tha year
VpUF vnle nispiilfiilly sulicllod. '
Vpur* truly,
»■ c> nm
... . i,_ i:        ' "." :."
To the Kleclnrs jii the Cily pf Nurlli
Ladies and flenllemen,—I have lieei
rejien I i-i I ly    iml.eil    to  llC> 011.0  a  enllili
data for uldcrmnn, Fnr personal ivu
■■"ins I have liaan niiin lmil, Imt it lm
been urged thut niy cxptr'riiio wi ul
be a,i value lo uur yuung cily und I
have iigrri'il to ullnw my iiuine tn gi
1 um well enough known and Rly
past eight years ul wurk i.muiig yuu
sjieaks f,u itself. 1 um nut out t
serve any porsi.uiil nr sc.tiuiiul inter
est but in help In prumiilu the up
buildiug'of a great i'ity un tlie Nurtl
.Slinre. $
Hiiiinai'i' untl guuil striet- ure tlu
urgent minis uf uur aity nml by Imsi
lies* like niethiiils these should sum.
lie mel. I'Viinuniy, fuir ili; ilnnj am
a a,, inl urder ure ulwiiyH iHsitiliuls in
civie life.
If uhi iiii I will diligently wmk in
'iliimn tin' lia' i fur uur rily lliul it
|iu- -ilila' nf nttiiiiiniinl.
I tun, Indies nml genlliliii'li,
) IHII  a   I", lllllll, II ■.,
Ladies und Gentlemen I
1 lieg tu uller my.-a li us candidate
lor ■■. In '.I Ti 'i !.■-■ and should yuu uu
me lhe huniir uf electing me, 1 assure
yuu I will use my bast etide.ivurs tn
-.■-in,- fur yuu the very best ji'liu-il
hnuses avuilulile fnr the muiny ex-
j.nnl,il. 1 have lieen ml ie lul .-ml
us..,, i.ai.■,I closely wilh edu,'aii>>iul
mailers, schoul and rullega l|iitl<li,ig.i
(ur the past £1 years. In England I
was jaouiplimctilcd by iIk Buur I ol
Education, Lunduu, un KWuJ WW"
-inns for my school |i)iuuiug. ,'n
S,'|ii,inli"i   Llth lust I '..i.l 'he hunur
ul    muling  u   |i.i|iiT  lieiuli'   Ilia   H'llClll
ennvcntiuii ul Keluwnii, 11. 11.
It ia well kuuwii lu snme ul you
that grave mistakes have liccn   made
Tp lh* Bfttppnypr* end Mldmit o|
lh* l!ity,pf North VwiWHVWi
Ifftdiw tim Gimlileroeni-Haviiig l-wn
BoinlKftMY* « nftwliriaia tur tlm
nllipajjf Alwrimn in Iho t'ily Pomt-
cil lor tbs fSfpml mt I r**p»>'tiu|ly
ask ynu lo givu pia ypiif vols* »j|ii
Kiiji|iiu.t nl ibo "li'ttii'ii tin Thur*.
iny mm. \ have hod Iweiiiy-Rye
your*' u|ipriBiiiio in nimiiiipal mot>i.rf.'
Miepl ftBll tlia Paarrylng onl u| pi|b-
lie works nnd should you do mo tlic
hunur pf nlcntiiig me ) will lisp i-vuiy
itffpri tp piompi* iho l»4 Iiit.n..st8p|
thp cjly.   ,1 em, Indus and ganll.tjg,.|l
Yourrimly, ,
'I'll   Hm   Klerlnrs   nf   lile  Hily   n( Nlll'lll
Vancpnvar i
Al tha rofiuojit o) n lurge ninibir«.(
lili/i'iis | Imv,. daoidsd to nl'uw ipy
im mi. |p bp placid lor nomination lui
school trustee and I tes|iedluliy to
licil ypjij. st||i|inrt nt the polls on Jan
um..   I'-ltli, IHII. Volirs truly,
'l'u tho Kleetnis of Nam ah Vancuuver:
Mr.   l'eter I.iumui I <_n tp anuuuni a
Ihnt he is ti cundidute lur roplectint.
lu lha lliuml af Fajiy Diiacturs   (o
thu year lllll, and sulicits tho  vptis
and inlliii'iiee uf the elector*/
First  class  terminal  facililioi   utul
tin up-tn-duto. ferry  service  and  lln
udvatiiemiul   of Nurth  Vnnnniver   ii
my aim.
I'n the lialejniyirs and Kesidcnls ul
the City uf Nnrlh Vancouver:
Liulies und (leiilli.nieii,—Having |:oo
-a !,a al hy many ol my ti lliw till em
lo reriinsider my deeisinn in deelniiij.
lu liecame a cuiiijidutc fur Um' Ferry
llirci'tiiriilc fnr the |ni'sent yiar, Ida
su   nn.lhc ."lunii I.   thut   |   Iind nnl-
--llli   1.nnilli..    tllC   |ld 11 1st   |' a.Ma,.in all
li'isin wlilili Ims Iiimi levallid again.il
llie Deny IliiTilnruli', llie |iub ic generally shuw u jus! ii|i|n■• I'Titiun al tin
a.'nnil wurk Ilm Ferry llireitniale  hm
iiii'uiii|ilisliid ".un... the |iusi yeir a
Bplldling yunr vnle und sii|i|ia rt al
lhe |iull nn Thursday niNt I am, la
dies and getilh'nii'ii,
Yuurs truly,
ers, begs lo offer his services a. a IH- j lately, Nurlli Lnnsilulo school f.r   in
reelnr  ol  lhe Nnrlh   Vaiieniiver  City!»'n"™. «Wl cummemiJ at a ..n»lol
Ferries fnr lhe year IHII. \WktB, I urn inl.irmed has now pal*
He is in lavor ol: i*1 ""•' *U<m "(,«e ",ld '« •""*•' l"
Kn.-rgrlic .nd wntihful munagemenl K° l"i>°"d ♦3,l'°00'
nl the trallic. '<   '   um   ""' "B*"1"1  Mwuding ii.niiiy
Careful and business like administrii- ] "n W"n WW'*' Mnitor>, ■""' vnM,il
tinn'of lhe finance.. ""^   "','""1" »   wo *el °"r m'""»'*
St.iit .a„li,r,,-me.,l o| all contracts.   *"r"'' l,ul we l"lvc not A"m »°   '"
I'referenlial .Irsatmenl  <d  nfbUu W l»»l'>  " I «'" mm* I «"'l make
a s|»..i'iul effort tu sue llial uur 'liil
jdron are uluculed under llie most|aei
laal ennditiuns avuilulile.
nf the iiiy.
Aggressive   |iulicy   ul   illl| rovcnienl
und palatini "' ''"' '"'> imhw.
Wanted at Once
Listing* of Boulevard lots jn D. L.
550 direct from owner*. Immediate results if rightly priced,
in   a*
Pierce & Hall
l*t*t to ?t\ttt tout
To Ibe Kb'Tors ol the City ol North
Mr. 0, F. Furi'inun, nt- the re |ucl
nl a large number ot ralcpayir-, l».gs
lu nffer his senilis aa a dirs-tor ul
N. V. lam.'. LUL, (or lhe y.,,i lllll,
llWl   il   ll.' tail    Ulll    MjU   llllll      lll(     I .III
ness ot the ferry . ,,niji;iiiy is run nu
-tii. il> busii.ias lims, and in the in
Uresis nt the ralcpoyera and ihe public in general, lla will alio seu lljul
the wuiling rooms and linnets nre
ke|il in a siinilnry cundiliun. Like
wise that no large amount ul money
is sjs.nt without first consulting the
With my ettensive muniiipal etfety
.ii'" and plenty ot lium at my disposal, 1 should he able lo glva you
good and efficient service. Yours
Thanking ynu I beg lo rem iin
Yours truly,
lhe   City
Your vula Is nijiectlully *uliiit«d d r
William Knowles (or nlihTmaii.      1) I
COUVEB, l»ll
To tlu Electors ot Norlli Vsncouvsr :
1 bag to inform tlu allien* and
ratepayers Ihal having boon 'frjuattud
to allow my nam* to ba planed In
nomination (or *|darman lur lllll, I
hsrohy consent.
Having rosidad ia Nortii Vancouvor
lor upwards ot hvhi years I am iu-
Hwat* with local condiUon* and having Ihi* kaowlodg* I can, I beliavc,
atrr* you Isiililully ami wall.
0|E0, i. FHJU.IJ'I'O.
ttie Klislors ol
Norlh Vancouver t
I Ladies nnd lienlleuien,—At' the ie
ijuest ol a large numher ol mt"|iiiyer,i
I li-ive ila i iiti il li, nuiniliiile as u can-
ilnliiii' lur nliovii |i,,-ili.ui, nml ih inhj
you lavor uie with ynur innliili'ii . an
lhe llllll itlsl. I will endeavor In serve
ynur lies! interests in Ihal capnaily.
I have bri-n nrtiliiilnl with -l.i|i|iin;
iiu-iiies- fur a lifetime und innni."m
uf steamers fur 'lb yenrs, have visited
Ihe (iiiuii|iuI m'a|iurt|S nt Die wa.tlil,
und had ureusion tp travel un und
observe the management of many
lurge ferry systems. My |mliiy iji-
im In,I.■■:
I'liii'iani lerry management.
H.allli Hull   and   .'a|Ullli/lll inli   ill   (ilia's.
:i* far *s jirnrlii nlile,
Give the working mats during morn-
lug and evening hours tht tame pri
vileges na.uiii.il liim by all Inter
iilinn TrniN|iurliil| it)  l'niii|!iiiiic».
A suitable unv ronvanient liim
table. /
l'uin|»'leiil  supe/visiun ,i rweijits.
Kaouumy in dii'liiii>ein»*li.
It. % UU.IMH.
llleilurs   ol/lh»   IWllriel    i   Noilh
cJiiiuilloi   Wenl  |,
The recoil A pa»t tcryicc* op   the
my reference.     I ajn a reward.  I( you lieli'iv*   )
a 'sviloWc   representative
linllut   on Siiturduy, .imi-
jm-».. KVB>
Editor Eipres*:
Be Nurlli Vnticniinr nhiiol cnnlrn-
"Hen may rise by stcji|iil)g stones
if llieir iiunl selves, lij higher
things," hut inslenil ..I iln much hun
nnil jiulicy nl ilm |hi.-I Mr. Wulsun
ii|i|iui'intly is nlleiii|iliiig "tu si-.- tu
llie level uf the silinnl hoard by slip
ping nn others uud in Ihis caie uu
maleiiiil a lml. tm.i. alive Ilnn In
hud any nulion of.
Nnw, inlniiiiim; thill he is nut gel
ling satisfaction mi lhe Lnnsdnli
school Iniililiii'.' whiih he has nntlr
ing lu du until it is Inn In '1, Ullll ul
su lliul he said "he wus runiiiliniint-
• 'I in Lundun," lm might huvc told
us iilia.ni suine ul lhc iiiin|iiiminls he
reniveil in Vancouver.  Or is it (rue
I. Thut he has had mute iinutile
with his buildings mul building clients
than ulniusl any uilier architect in
Ihe cily lunn .his first job ul lhc
enrner ,11! Granville uud Curduva
duwti In his en'liiliiliun building 1
3. Thut there wus HEAL TIIOI UI.I-.
1..ninl the liiondvjew fire holt in lhc
midjjl ul whiih the bond C. gotileur
uf Hnir liability nmi lhe 'ily inillinr-
ilii's hmi lu luul Ilm bids 1
3. That Ihere wus HEAL TIUII'HI.E
ruiiiid nml iiiinui tlie 1 (bihiliuti l:u Id-
ings, thnl Mr. Wulsun was ili.-tni-Sail
and Araiiilist Kvi-li-iyli asked -to finish Ihn building, etc., etc. ?
Or dear nadir, muiii il be |>.>-il-l
(but Ibis uiitlnii^l nf indigiialinn un
Ihe inui of Mr. Wulsun ugainsl oui
'iii/i-iM is jii-iili.sl because an UN
WKLi'llMKII firm ol archilc.li, afUr
beating him out in eoni|Mitiliun in
Vancouver on the university (or the
Boyal Institute of learning, a 16
room sili'inl, a fireball and twelve
monlh retainer by llie school buard,
etc., wore nlluwed in North Vancouver (0 successfully com|iele lor lb*
much I'ovelcd school, the Masunic
Wl and even another fire hull,
now just mod th* first paragraph
again and come to ynur own ronalu'
II. W. Y01NO.
our ji> s/nw rupwt ot tbt, inhpnl »rm-
w* siid terry diwi«r«' vmlipg,
It j*- stitM ihtki H m tkl W
bit, Pn»P*y*» ld» W hii-W » mm
sihpol whi* wm llie priw h* amti
od, Now, I rp#id*d ¥r. Mflrd»R pn
tlio pl»t|prw thnl |l wm llw prpppiw
Hi ul Um presupl trustea*, 'muwti
D* npyprjll, innnths alter lha d?Mh ,»l
Hie lute Mr. Vmty, epffipatiUvi*- dr
sigpi/worp ouN lot » iphtwl to Mil
lhi* amount.  I tUtad Dial pply two
sok Al*d»»ifM wrtipiuWvwl nni ibsi
im* whiW whfl,wiiih*d loh*|pilh-
ful  estiiniitad lh" enst n| hi*   iMgR
at Irpp) 114,(1(10 ,lp tlliW,- ovidwHj'
having been satisfied lhat hs could
ppt build ft frame sdiuiil fnr los*. \
jtulcd that the man whp tpaka lh#
Iruth lp*l Ihii jph, 4ltp^w»rd* plans
War* prepared without compotilion for
a Irama v«n*«F hulldiitf »»d »l»fl a no-
lid brick budding witlipul ftgnin pi(t-
ting tho matter tp ngblio competition
which should havu been done. Ten-
dors were called mi th*W latter plaps
whiih   when rw»M, viirW fr»»>
|J1,«H) to-180,001). I stated that
something mutt ba radically wrepg
with the |il a ns und s|>o. ideation* to
a'liiisi. tbe tinnitus tp vary so greatly.
I am given tp understand thnt sPme
nl the nmlriiclurs tendered for ft
ii'i'ssi'il hi i.k siiinnl, nllicis Inr n lair
■uiiiniuii Iniiii school, und,'evidemly,
Ihe successful tenderer estirooUsl fpr
the cheapest ond worst In ink th* dii-
trjcl (traduces, and he gut tha job.
I also stated that instead ol tho city
lieing 11,000 into pocket thrnu|.h th*
uileralinn nf th* bawment wals
Irum |iressed brick to stono, it te.ilK-
ln,l Kll.tmn and extended the tim* fur
lhe "nt 1 in tm■'.'! 1 .am.'iiii'in!■ fpr itv-'
eral weeks lam mi. I alio itulcd Irom
llie iilniliiiiii lhat the sc|iuq! wa* a
lire trap and that it was a badly con-
.ti in ii J building.
It is not true that Mr. M- nlen ask-
il tne il the structure wn* const uc-
il in a wiitknitinlikc inun nr t st
ipiestiun was put In Mr. Hope.
I would like lo |mint out to 'the
niii'iuiyets that Ihis schnol   ut   Nortii
I mi -11,ih has no i'uiiireie stajr or fire
pi,iia'. iiun nver the boiler house. The
electric wiring il nf the commonest
nnd   ■ lmii|i,'-t   ly|ie—kimb and' tube.
II dues nut fulluw ihat b* ause the
builiiing bylaws nl Nurlh Vancouver
nllii* knub and tulle wirinii that |iub-
111' buildings uf smh im; 0 lance a* a
iilioul ought not to he in co iduj , I
would recommend ihul litis mode of
wiring be liiunged to ctidult. 'Iho
oisls in the corridors h.ive on y gnl
nne inch ul bearing. Tbc Hnnk w.,ll-
Iiinn no Iniii'inl lie whutever. lt is
|iiile iiii-iuinlili- lo i'.\|n'i'i that tb
an 1- will shrink at lead ana inch.
slniulil this liiippaii pr should the
Hank walls Im pnsied out to Ibtt a-
mount, the lluni uf the ball* Wuuld be
|i,utn ipiiiril into Ibe ba ement and
I nmi no' ask wheie ynur children
would be,
Should a fire 0 cur, tho staircaii
nnd every inlet nal partilinn and di
vision, whiih ate of light wuudeu
structure, wuuld burn lilic a matrfa-
I101. and llie uulir falls wuuld lull,
i'he liuililiiig, in my npinion, ii »ui« •
hy far limn a Innim building, inui-
iiuiiii us lhc sight ul the brickigives
an idea nf perApineiuy and proleition
(rum fire, bul believe me, it is mure
dangerous Ihon a franii building lor
the reason thai |ieo|iU in a frame
building are mure rautinus when they
I bink there is risk uf Are.
I have ulicody spoken ul sevusl de-
fists in the Is'iiiih, i.iii' 1, ie and walli,
which I ini'il not repeal, lh* lighting of the "im,,I is Innl. Ihe eaves
Aude the windows Irom the sunlight,
which ought lo prarlrntc aud ii nac-
essary fur all healthy ilass iiioms.
There wa* a reflection made on my
standard nl wnrk csecutad in Van-
Ugh), It is well in,awn llml the
wnrks whidi I havi cumpUtad hi
Vancuuver will bear lhe slriiUsl in-
vesllgation, and ure u iniiiiiiinenl In
iluii  ilisigni'i.
youri truly,
mtVI B. WAT80N.
Editor K»|invs:
pear Hir,-I nulie« ip your ls*«e ol
Mi* llth inst. that several mistakes oc-
G.M.N. coau »my co,
tew miy U> 111 $ oriin
flf™ WWW
Diitrict of
Nortii Vwwouvor
To llu tluttrt ti iiu mid tl
ttwftm    THUflTII
NOTICE U hvaby given
lh*l • Public nuetuig ol lh*
Ratep«yer* ol (ht Diitrict will
Oft«, Nortii VincoMwr, 09
Wadnndty neu, thc|llf)%
(eilmuy, I9H at6p,»7to
rweiv* l\)e itporfa tnd ioowu
of dx r«<wing Copejl.
mWnTW  W   WWtrW\s\W9rt
■ I
k BV-I4W to onobb tlio Corporation
Ol th» Cjty of North Vancouver to
rajt* |iy way ol loan lho mini ol
18,000 lor park |iiir|i..ees.
WPPAS the Council ol lhe O.ly
nl i'mi ih Vancouver nwuily acquired
a Park areu in 1). 1.. 617:
AP WHEREAS it in ilocii.oi|   w-
liedicnt lhat tho miid park nr. a uli.n:|-1
lie eli'iiieil and niuile .-.ule iia in Urn
and ii portion t hereof graded and laid
out lur tlio ime, ieiToiitii.il -ami cftipy-
iniiil of the public ;
AND WIIEHEAS in order thereto il
will ho necessury lo iimtu Ilolicntiiroa o!
the City of North Vuncounr for the
turn of US,i|illl ut hcrolniiltir provide!
(which in file "iiniiint nf ilm .1. l.i in
Ini.l.'.i to bo created hy tl-ia Ily law.-
the pio'ii'.i.. i.f lle nuid ilcontiil' t it.
be applied to Ihu naid puipoce mid lu
no i'iii''  :
AND WH Mil lv AS a pclithn 4. noil
by the owneri of more lliun iiin-lent1
ii li;i ol tho vnluc of real iir'i»o-"tyin
tho iiiy (an tJiown hy ilie'liot' revis-
ed nrnn mi'i-1 rolli hun liri'ii pnsontcil
to the City I'mincil re u ning tinu,
to inlrodiicu a Ily luw lo nuthi.ri/o
lliem lo burrow the ium i.l £8,00(1 fair
the purpoie above iei forth :
AND WHEKEAS lor the payment ol
intereit on the debentures pio.ioscd t..
bc i.-si.e.l undor tlii- lly-l un, mil lm
. .i .'.in i a ninkiug fund (or lho puy-
menl ol the nuid debentures when due,
it will lie necennnry to rai u by spe-
ainl rate in addition lo all othor r.itm
eaeh your during the currency nfi.uch
.l.li, nn',. . the num nf (l.'.i 11 win ronl
{HHI.ml in to be.raited onmiuHy for
payment of inlerent During tho currency of mid Debentures, nnd itcl.ll is
to Iw raised annuiilly (or llio purpose
nf ue.iim a Sinking '''"'' '"'' !'">''
nnnl ol the 'lil.t secured by lho told
debentures, the Biiliie hpipg nii.tle pay-
.'-l.l'' in filly yearn fnun lho dute
AM) WHEKEAS in order to raise
lhe naid yearly mini of JbVJ.-ll |.>rintercut titidlninning (und, an cin I nne
rial rale on thc ih llnr nil I c ro-
•tuirod to be levin) in ull Ilm riilnlile
ronl propertj' iii tlic nuid Municipul-
AND WHEKEAS the »hVe ratable
real |iro|)orty in lh'.' nuid Mu iei wl'ty,
according lo lhe hut levied use's
inenl mil, in |IO,i78,B<W.M.
AM) WHEKEAS the uijt-re-uio ol
the existing ile'I'liluie iie.it . f th- Cm -
poralion in IttHl.lill (oicojll for wi rk..
of local improvement und Inr   ichool
|UI||',,a,.a.| l,| \.     illl      l- I.OUO ll) t||C |       1 II
cipal and Interest it in urrer:
'THEHEEOKIi'ihe Municipul Council
of the I'orporution ol lho (ity oi
Norl'h Vancouvor (wilh.lhe .,■ en, of
the electors of the City of Norlh Vuncuuver duly iibiuii)od| iillicit ul ia.1
(1) 11 i-ln.ll be l.ivv lil lor the Muyur
ol thu City nf North \uiicouior und
tlio City i I. ii , Inr ihe puipo o uf ro
taid to borrow ur ruino by way ot I,n.n
from any pcrion or icinonn, lioily or
lun lla ■, corporate, who may lie wil in..
to iiiinui,,' lho .--aiiiai- upon lho irwlit
ol tho ala-. a-iii an.:. hoieiu.i>iCj' mentioned ol the Corporation, u mm if money not exceeding in lho whole tlm tutu
ol Eight 'Ihoiiiiiinl Dollars .* .H-H).
uml lo 'uneu Ihe nialne IO llo i I aal i
the Hunk of 11 id nil North Ani'iicu ul
Norlh Viiin'ouviT, to tlio -i-il i
of lho Cily for the ptnpo-c above recited, ulul hit'll iiiiiiiiih shull lie uniil
for llial purpose i.u.y.
I'l) Debentures of the City m.t ox-
ceciling in iimouul the t in nf |.'.ir;nt
Thouiund Dalian U8,UUll| muy lo is-
nuid by the miai Muyor mult ilv t'hrk
in i.nm "| lhe iiun iipi.l i Imi i
Acl, in aiim in muy lo ila mi cl, but
not loin lliun One 'thousand a i,H00j
Dollars encli. I'n h i.l (he nuid de en-
ini'■! -Imll be nigocd dy tho i.iii Muyor and City Clerk nnd tbol'iti (Tru
aliall mln thereto lho Corporals Seul
ol the mid (ily ol Nmth \mm uur.
(il) The delieiili.l'en nhnll hour dulo
Hit Iiih duy 'ol .dunlin), lllll, nud
.-Iniil hour inlerent nt llo rule t.l live
per cent, per annim payable hull
yearly on lhe 17th duy oi .lulv and
tin I nh day o| January in each uud
• i>". year during lho eiurni'y ol the
•aid delieiilurei or nny of Hum, 'Ihero
nhnll   Iw   lilt llllllll    to   the   debentures
coupon* tigned by lho Muyor only,
lor each and every puyiuent ol inloreni that muy becomo due, and iuch
►ignurue may. bo in'tlior 'written,
flumped, piinlid nr lilhogruphed.
11) Tne uul il... .'niu ni ut to principal and inlerent nny bo inddc pry-
uiih' nl lho Hunk of llriii h N.i tli
Amelia a, ut North Viun'iiui'ir. Ti.ruii-
to or Muiiii,ul, Canada, or al tho
nuid Dank initio cily of Ion-Ion, Kngland, at i'.i of OiVchungc, nnd the laid
( uilli i|'li| tum lllllll ' e in ill' |' '.ll'l,
iv tho Cilj at a dale nut later ihnn
filly yoan frnin lhc dute upi n whiih
thit ity Inw takes 1 licit.'
(?) During tho vvho'o leim cl the
currcucy ol tho tull dcbinliiresa ip-
del niii' on the dullnr .'Iniil le le.iol
and rained each year in addition to
all othor .rnlen on all lho rutib'o
real properly in Ibe Municipality, nulli.
cienl (0 pay the inlorert upon the taid
doheuloret and lo create a sinking
fund lor the puy mont of tlin principal
thereof when due, nibjoct (0 any id
or   toactqical   respecting   the   lamu.
Suih   npeilnl  roll!  i-ln-II   Ir   in.ilnl   j.|
the '.,11" I 'i'n Hull or Kolln un'l Shall
lie payahlo to and collected hy tbe
naid Corporation in Ibo tumo way an
"iliei relet in lho naid roll or rolli,
iave an hereinafter provided.
(ii) In order tin iilovido lor the y/jtei
est out In paragraph tb) nnd tutjccl
ei aloremii'l, there i-'luill he rained annually bv ipecial rale ducing lho cur-
rctnT ol llie naid debentures tie mm
ol $100 00 lo liioviilo for tlie nayinenl
ul   iiiloio.it   tluie. n   nnd the hiiiii   of
W3.ll to provide for lho ro;iiiyi I .al
the prinripol thereof.
(7) Tho proccedn of lho Fold del-en
turei rhall be applet) at lollowi, und
not otherwise:
(a) In payment ol lhe oott ol iho
patting ol m wlm m m iim
land ilk til tho debenture ihsr.in re-
(erred to and all etnum tpn»aeH
with tho iaid |oep |
lb) )n recouping the said Cor, oration fur such iiiiiii at have bpen ux-
ponded hereunder until the proceedi oi
the snlo ol the said Robentinpi' bipwo
iivuihibl.i: i '
(c) ')'o p»rry out the ppfpnse of
thin lly-law nn above set out.
(8)   All moniiyi arising out ol Ihe
annual   npeeiul   llllll   lieleillhelorc    pro ■
i ideil fm ninkiug fund shall he invented by the Coiinul ol »sid Corporation
fiom time to I inm aa the Inw directs,
(ll) No rebate shall bo allowed on
tlia   special   rntu,   to bu levied   under
this lly-law,
(|0) Thin lly-law shall take effect
mi tho Vtti) doy pl January, 1011.
(II) Tliii lly-law piny be citid lor
ull pip-pines a» "The I'srM Loan By-
|.aw lllll'."
Pas»od by ib" Council nn tho 87th
day ot December, A.J)., 19)1).
KeeeiiTi! the anient nl the Electon
of the City of North Vancouver at an
election for thn purpose on the
(lay ol January, A.D., 1011.
ii.' mi i.l.i ed by tho Council and fin
ally ndopled, nlgned by the Muyor
and City Chirk, and 10:1104 with the
Corporate Scat on thp day of
,lan;iary,A ,U., HHI.  '
TAKE NOTICE that the akovo is a
line copy of llie prupuicd By-taw upon vvliieh the vote of tho Electors of
the '.Inniiipuliiy iif the City of Nortii
V'ani'ouver will ho taken within the
City Hill, North Vancouver, B. O.pon
Thursday, the Twellth duy ol .Innn
nry. A.ll., 1D1I, bolwicn the hours nl
II o'clock 11.111. nnd 7 o'clock p.m.
Cily Clork and Returning Officer.
I'llHIilC NOTICE ii hereby given
Ihnt the vote of llic Electors oj tliu
Pity of North Vnncouvor will bo taken
on thu lliill duy of Juiiuury, 1911, between ||,c hours of 0 o'eloek a.m. and
7 u'elnek 11.111. on "Thc Parkt Loan
llybiw, lllll", and thut witiiin the
City liull, North Vancouvor. B. C.,
uini thul Tlioinns Shepherd hns been
appointed Kelurniiig Olllcor to take
the voliwof nuill Elecluts with tho us
unl powers in Ihul hclinlf.
Ily order of the Council,
City Chrk.
>d pjty cicrk 1
the Pity IM 'smII ate theiptp
pl tbt st\d tWwrtswi el
BV-I.AW NO. 113
A I1V-IUW lo enable the Corporation
of the Cily of Ninth Vancuuver to
ruino by wuy of hum the sum ol
tNliiu for fire pitrpusen.
WHEKEAS the Council of ihe
of North Vuneouv'cr pniposu to
iiiid oipiiti with lire lighinig iippnr.itus
a Eire flail on Thirteenth street 0.11I,
' AND WHEKEAS iu older thereto
it will be ncconsuiy lo isnuo.Dc..en-
lures uf the I'ily of Nurth Vuniouvcr
fur the : nn uf c\iiiiii un biioinufter
provided (which in llio uniuunt of tlio
debt intendud to be cieulcd by thin
ll-. l.i.'. I the proceeds of the lutd Debenlurcs lo tlo applied to the s.iid
purpose nnd lo no othor:
AM) WHEKEAS 11 potitiou signol
by the owners of mure lhan onotenth
il 10] of the liilue of 1 Cad propel ty in
llii.' eity (ui shown by lho lust revmod
unnessment roll) hai bun iti mod t.i
the (lily Council leipnnliiig them to
inti oduio u Hy-luw to uuthoriic ihem
lo borrow He sum of $U,U00 for tbo
purpose above set lorlh,
AND WHEKEAS for Ihe pi.ym.nl ot
intero.it on (he dobeuiuion propoied ti
be isnued under thii Bylaw, und (or
1 muting n sinking fund lur the payment of lhe naid doliouluicn when due,
it will he necessary tu raise by ipe-
■ inl rate in addition to ull other rntu
i'inli your during the currency of 1 .eli
debentures, lhe sum ol tfl' ll.l I, when-
of 1100.00 is lo bo rei.ed uununlly I r
paynieni of intereit during lho cui-
ITili y of nuid debentures, aiul t'i A) in
lo bo raised nniiiiully for the pui pun
ul a i out ing" a sinking lund (or payment ol the debt loomed by the i„ld
d.'i'. 1.i'ii- tho same beiiig imido payable in filly ycurn (rum the dute
AND WHEKEAS iu md r to rulto
(ho mid yearly sum uf (169.11 for in
li'ict and ninkiug lund, en fi.-
eiui rule on Iho dullnr will be ro tuirod
lo lie I, a iea| on ull the ratably real
properly in lho said iiunieipul ty :
AM) WHEKEAS the whole r.its'lo
piopi'itv in the mid Municipality, according lo the lust ruiined us c smont
roll, ii *li):2ia.'.r.)it,n.
A vl) WIIEHEAS the ug.ne.ale_ ol
(lie an lima del inline debt ol I be Corporation It W"o,iill (osccpt lur worki
of -Iiimi- llnpioveyiient ami fur sclu ol
purposei) nf wliieli nunc "I tbe piin
eipul   nnd  inlorest  in in arrear:
THEltEFOBE Hie Municipal Council
of the Corporation of the Cily of
Nurth Vancouver (with lhe iitnent ol
lho olectori of the City of-'North Vancuuver duly obtain d) inucli ay lot-
luwn .
(I) jt sh.ill bo liiwfil fur lla«Ma-
y.ar of tlio City 11I Nortii Voneou-
vor and the I'ily flork, for lho purpose nlim sniil tu borrow or raite liy
way ol loiin (rom any |iornou or pcr-
nonn, body or Iwdici corpora Its, who
may be willing lo advance the same
upon the credit "I the deb,ent"ro'
Imieinnflei mentioned 0' llie Corporation, a ium nl money not exceeding in
Hie whole the nUlu of *i,000.lll), end
lo eniino lhe some lo bo placed in the
Hunk ol Jlrilinh Norlli ,f,fir~_'ij al,
Norlh Vancouver, to tie eniitji t™
Ciiy for the purpose- above redfad,
ami iuch inoneyn nhnll bo unoJ lor
tlmi puipuse only. '■
ti) Debentures "I the City not tti
'oodipg in amount the ium of s-v,
I0I.IX) may lie isnuod by the laid Miyor nnd Cjly Clerk in Icrmt ,o| the
'i Act, in morn et moy
bo deriNd, but not   Jott than Jlne
fhomki (IJOW) Dollars *m. thit
Coriioi'Ste Seal pf the soj4 Pjty p|
Nort|) VnnipHVPFi
(3| 1 Thp dpheiitHros shi'll fa'ff 4at«
the 17th iw pl Jimm, lm, and
shall liour illlereet at the f»to °> »ve
per |iont. m opimw payable hall
yearly uo W I'tp pay ^ ,Ii,|y nnd
the ftthday of itpnnniy ip each and
every year 'luring the currency ol the
suid debentures or uny of Ihem. There
shall   ho   attached to the  duhonturos
coupons signed by the Mnynr only,
(pr each nm >vw$ payment of iuti-
011 that muy beconic due, and such
signature mny bo cither written,
stamped, priptwl pf litlipgrspbed.
(■I) The nuid debentures as to
principa) and intereit mny be inudu
puyuble at the Bank of Briiinh North
Ainerico, at North Vaneppvcr, Toronto or Montreal, Canada, or at the sold
Bank in the City ol London, 1'jiglun.d,
iit par i/l exchange, and the taid prtn-
oipnl sun) shall lie made payable by
the I ity ut a date not lator than lifiy
J.oaii (ran) the date upon which thit
ly-law takes effect,
(8) During the whole Inin of Ilm
currency ol the said debenturei a sne-
einl ruto on the dollar shall is levied
and raised each year in udditi n |n nil
other ratps on all the ratable real
property in tho Municipality sufficient
In pay the interest upon the s.ijd de
lieiiiinen and to create a sinking lund
lor tho payment ol the principal t'terc-
ol when duo, subject tb any act or
enactment respecting the tame. Such
special rato shall be intorted in the
I nil." 1 Tn KulI or Kolln and shall bo
n yajiln to und collected by the mid
''oi'i'onilion in the snrac wuy ui other
rales in thc naid roll or rails, iave at
heroin f.er provided..
(ij) 10 order lo provido for the
rates set out in paragraph (6) and
subject ai aforciald, thero slmll be
ruised annually by speeinl rate during
the currency nf tbo taid delcnlures
thc 1.nm of .flril.iiil to provido [or the
piivinenl of interest thereon end the
num of lftl.ll lo provide fur the re-
pnvniont ot lhc prineitial there f.
(7) Tlie proceeds 01 the siid do'on-
tines shull be npplicd in follows, and
not otherwise :
(a) In payment ,,l tho cost ol tho
pns iiig o| this Byluw iiiid Ihe innate
nnd mile of tho debentures tlicre'n r.-
ia" 1 nl to and ull ex pens.« cnnncctel
with the naid loan I
Hi) In recouping Hie naid Corporition for such nin 111 hnve I con c\
.101111111 hereunder until tho nrO"C"di ul
llio naid dibciituren beenmo avujt-
uble '■
lit) To carry out the purpose ol
ihis By-law 111 above set out.
18) All moneys urisitg out if tho
miuiiiil npeeiul riitc hereinl'otoro provided for sin1.in" (uml shall be invo t
ed by thc Council of suid Corportilion
from timo to lime as the luw directs.
I!)) No ro|ialo nhnll be allowed on
I'he nnccinl rodi lo I.u levied undor
Ihin Bv-lnwr
fill) This Byluw shall tike clfeol on
the 17th day of .Innunry. h.i)., l'.Ill.
fll) Thin By-law may ho c'ted Iir
all purposi'* an "'llio Eire I.oun Ily
I,nw 1011."
Passed hy lho Council on tho 27th
duv ol December, A.i),, 1U10.
llceoived the nssenl of Hie Flccloin
of lhe Cily of Niirlh Van'nuver at an
Election fur tho purpose on the
di)v ol January A.I)., lull.
Heeonnidciod by lhc CoinuT und finally adopted, signed hy the Mayor
and City Chrk, and ncnlcd with ' iho
Corporale Seal on the day  ol
• Iiiiinuiy.  A.D.   11)11.
TAKE NOTICE that lho uhovp in a
true copy of tlic proponed By-l.aw upon which (hc vote ol (he Elector* of
the Munii ipnlily of the City uf Notth
Vancouver will be taken within tin
City Hull, Norlh Vancouvor, II. C, on
Thursday, (he Twelllh day ■ I .limn-
ary. VII . 1UI1, between the I nun of
U 0 clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p m.
City Clerk and Hetutuing nn.. 1
PITII.IC   NOTICE is   lorby  given
that lhe vulo ul llnr Elect"!!   if tho
I'ity ul Nnrlh Voncouycr will no luken
on the lUtb duy of .laiiunry, IUIi,bo-
tween Hie hours of 0 o'clock a.m. and
7 o'clock p.m. on "The Eire I mm By-
l.aw, lllll." and that wilhin the City
Hull,  North  Vancouver,  II. I'.,   and
Hint  "I In .in; ■. Shepherd bus been   appointed Helm iiim: Officer lo >uke   the
vuie of such Electon  with vhe iiuiul
powers in that behalf.
Ily order ol thc Council,
.,        ' Mayor,
City Clerk.
A BY-f.AW to enable Uio Corporation
ol the City ol Nortii Vancouver to
raito by way of loan tho ium of
of Wi.OOll (or tho purpose of (leering and 1 ough ci liiiim., iiiinln and
streets and constructing sidowalks
in the Cily.
WHE1JEA8   Iho Ijenoril  Hcvonuc it
ilisulhiieiil     to    (in "I     tbo    i'.v|iin.lilun■
necessary lor tho luipuni' ol clearing,
rough-grading roodi and ron*lr.i"-ling
sjdowalks to the piopertici of iionn
flile residents or iclllefs" in Uic City ;
AND WHEKEAS it it desirable and
deemed expedient lhat (lie sum ol
Twonty-IJvo Thousand (IWJXM) Dol-
lurn bo exjiended by the City in clear
ing and rough-grading loads phi
itreeti and ronnlrucluig nidcwolkt in
thc (lit*.
AND WHEKEAS in order thereto It
wjit bo necessary lo issue debenturei ot
ihe City i|f NorUi Vauroi|Vr|r (or the
num ui Twenty-live 'f'hot|»an^ (tibftitO)
o|lari at hereinafter Pfovfm 'whirl)
atnount pf the dill intended to
j' PIW t9 tP-S HW'|IKF|WWS *Pfl IP PP
°A?fD WWPP4S P RPtitiPP sidW
py. the pwpprs ol piorn tpup ops-
tenth (l-lll) tlie vuliiii p( res) property in the Cjty ha* been protontoij to
the City Council request ng them to
introduce a (ly-law tp authoii. e them
to   (iPrrPW   ths  «llip   'll   Twenty-fivo
Tdousand (Wi,QiO) Dull rt Inr tli"
purpoio of cjoariiig apd rough-grading
mad* and streett and constructing
tidowalka ip tho City.
ANf) WJIEKEA8 lor lhe payment of
intereit op the dobouiuret prnpotel tu
bo issued under thit By Inw, uml lor
creating a sinking fund fur the puy
men! pl lho snid debenture! wlnn duo,
it will bo iieceinary to raise by tpo-
ciid rate In addition tp all nfho.'rates
each year during tbe currency of inch
debentures, the sum nl $I4I.'1.78 whereof IIDfiO.flf) ji to bo ruised annually
lor payment of jntorcit ilurimr tho our
reimy of said dolientiiren, and 1)1:8.78
ii to he raised annually for the purpose of creating a sinking fund lor
payment pf tho debt secured hy the
said debentures, the namo being made
payable in lilly years from tho date
AND WHEREAS in order to rn'i.l
ilm iaid yearly *""' <>' ei-113.78 for
interest and linking fund, en eiual
•pecial rate on thc dollar will bo required to bo levied on all the ratnllo
real properly in the said Mini ipnlily 1
ANI) WHEREAS the whole rilubh
real property in the sad Municipal
ity. uceurding to the In 1 ievise.1 an
aessnii-iit roll, it 91(1,378.110001
AND WHEKEAS the agngilo of
tho existing dobenture diil.t of thi
Corporation it |ii0ll,611 (exce. t fu
wnrks ol local improvement and foi
ichool purpoici) "I whhh none ol tin
principal and interest is in arrear 1
THEREFORE Ihe Municipul Council
of the Corporation of the City of
Norlh Vancouver (with the nsieitl ul
tho 1 lectint of the City.of North Vnn
couver duly obtained) enacts us follows : .
Ill It shall lie lawlul (or tlie Mayor
ot the City of Norlh Viincoiivor all
the I ity Clork, for the piirppto aforesaid to borrow or ruine by way. 0'
loan from any person or persons, |.ody
or bodies corporate, who muy be wili
ing io ml'..-uii,' the s.inn' u| mi lh
credit of lho dchontui-11 hereinafter
mentioned of the Corporntiun, u sum
ol money not exceeding in the whol
the   sum   of   Tvventy-llvo   Tlioiisnn;
UrfVllallj     liaallni...     lllaal     („   COUsC     UlO
sumo to bc pin. a al in Ihe Bunk of lliil
ish Norlh America jit Norih Vnnci.ii
ver, to the credit ol.the City 'or llu
purpose above teciled, ml nucb mun
ays Imll bu used fur thul purposi
llil Debenture's nl lho Ciiy imt exceeding in iiiii>>ni] 1 the num ol
Twenty-flvo Thousiind (,%l)iii| Dollan muy bc innucd by the mid Mi.jui
nud t'ily (Ink in terms ot .he Minn
eipul 1 I.in" Acl, in nnia nn t.iuy he
desired, but not Ic-s than One ''hnu
sand (1(101)0) Dollan ouch. Each of
tho suid debentures shall Po signed
by (lie suid Mayor and City 1 Ink mm
Ihe I'ily Clerk shnll allix llmiclu the
1'inlimine Soul ul lhe said lily o|
North Vancouvor.
till The 'lain ntun'. shull bear date
lhe 17th duy of .lunuury, lull, nnd
shull bear interest ut the rule ol five
per cent, por emnim payable hall
yearly on lhc if lb day ul duly and
the 17th duy uf .lunuury in-null and
every your during the cuiroucy of the
said debentures or any of ihon), Tlie).
nhall bc uttiiclud to lhc debentures
cnuiinnn signed by lhc Mayor only, for
each und every payment ul itilornl
that muy becume due, and inch liu-
nni'ii.' may be either written, slump
inl, printoa or In rliplu d.
11| Tho suid debenlurcs us tu piin-
eipul and interest muy be mude pny
able at the Bunk ol liriiish Noilb
Auiciii'u ut iNorih Vancouver, Toronto or Montieiil, 1 niiiiiln, or ul thu
naid Hunk in the ' iiy of l.oudon,
Englund, ut par iil olinenge, and llic.
said principal sum ihull bo niude pay
able by the I'ity ut a date not luloi
than llfty years (rum tbo dulo upon
which tins lly-l.aw lakei ellect,.
(fl) During the whole term ol the
ourl'emy ol lhe suid dclientuiei e tpc
mil lute on Iliu diillnr shull bu I. u.d
and ruised each your in uddilion lu
uli othor rutos on ull lhe rulublo real
property in tho Muuicipubty suHicieni
to puy the inlcreit' upon Ibe suid do
benturei uud to inal( a sinking lund
fur the puynioul uf lhe piini'ipiilil.oii'-
of, wheu due, subject io uny uol or
enactment ro-pectitig lhc tumo. Such
»|iecinl rule shull lie inncrlcd in the
I ulleclor'i Hull or Rolls uud ihull  be
fuyuble lo and collected by lhc laid
orporation in lhc name wny atolhoi
ratei in the mid Poll or Rolls,' iave
as heroluafter provided.
(ii) lu oidor to provide lor the
rates set out in puiiigr.iph (6) und
subject tt aforesaid, thoio ihull be
rained annually by ipecial rule dur
ing the curieucy uf the laid de en
linen tlio ium ol allSuO.OO lo provide
lor the puyini'iit ul interest Uioieon
and tho sum of 1163.78 lo provido for
the le| uvnii'lil of Uio pi in. ipal
(7) The 11".01 iln ol the taid ilol.cn
lures shull bo nppl.cl at follows and
not otherwiie:
lu| lu pnvin.nl ol UlO cull Ilt Uie
passing 0/ lliis By-law. and the inue
and talc of the debenturei tin nin referred to and' all expeuict connected with the taid loan :
tti) In recouping the iaid Corporation ior iuch sums as have boon ox-
pi'iided Iieieunil.-i until lhc proceeds of
lho sale of the said debenture! become
available 1
(0) To carry out lhe pnrpoec of
thit By-law 111 above net out.
(8) All moneys arising put of Uie
annual speciul rate hereinMore   pro
ided for sinking fund shall bo invent
beW>? fa,jty.frV) ** W
aaid ilahaa turoa to iia ao-
Wwtt CFtlfair&tf<~  nr  1T^ Kft
ed by the ('"inoil of jiiid Cor|iorulion
'pit time In time at the la*directs.
(9) No rebate sliall be allowed pn
llio spoi'inl ml. n tp be levied under
Ibis By-law.
(10) Thin By-law shall lake offccl
011   tlio   17th   duy  of  .lunuury,   A.D.
tli) Thii By-law moy bo liled for
all purposei at '"flic lloadi ("eor'ng
Um |}v-law lllll."
Pasted by lhe Cnuneil pn |Jic 971b
day of lleei'inbor, A-I)., 1910.
I Iho nnseiil. of lho Elector*
ol lho Cily id Norlh ynncouvcr at an
election for Uio purpose nn iht
.day of '/otiunry AD., 19"
ally ada
'oun'iland fln-
duy  pf
Porpprate Sepl pp lha
h-fa-m, m_
noticp to mmm
TAKP NOTICE ihnt Ids ahpvs is a
UuiT copy of tho pipnoned lly-l.aw upon wh|e|) tho vptii pftlio Electors p|
tho Municipality nl tlio Cjly ot lljorth
Vancouver wj|| bo takep wjlhiP tpe
City Ha||, /forth Vaiieplivor, % p., op
Thiirsduy, tbo Twellth day of January, |I)H, between the houn nl V
p'plpeli u.ni- and 7 o'clock n.m.
TiSftJIAS sheI-herd,
City C|erk apt) Uolurni|i|l Officer,
" Vll\}l,]a B0T|CE~ii horeby given
that the vole ol lho Electors iif tho
City of North Vancouver |»i|l be taken
on the l-'ih day ol January, Hill,between the hours of 0 o'eloek n.m. and
7 o'clock n.ni, np "Tho flped Cleuring
Loan lly-l.aw, 1911," ana that within
llio City Hall, Norlh Vancouver, ft. C.
ind that Thomas Shuphord has beon
ippoiiilcil lli'liiiiiini.. Olliecr to take
ihe vote ol iuch Electon with tho intuit powers in that behall.
W¥..jf. MAV,
City Clerk.. .
BY-LAW NO. 146
A BY-LAW to enable lho Curporulion
of the City of North Vuncuuver to
ruine by wuy ol hum the sum   nf
slun.iiiKi   for  gcncrul   Wutctworkt
WHEKEAS a petition signed by the
owners of more than one-tenth (1-10)
uf the i.iln. nf 1 cul property iu tbe
I'ily (tm Iiuiiii by lho lusi revised at-
nonsniont lull) has bent picenlcd to
the 1 ifi Council roi|Ucnliug Ihem to
introduce 11 Hi I,aw to uulhuiino lliem
to borrow the turn of tlO.1,000 for
goucriil 'waterworks purpunos.
AM) WJIEKEAS fur Iho puyment ol
inlorest ou lhe debeulures proponed
lu lie 1 -na-aI under this Dy Inw, uud
iur creuling 11 sinking fund lur tbc
payment 01 Ihe slid debentures wben
able, it will be neeennury tu ruinu by
npeeiul rule in iiddttinii tu ull other
rules during the curremy ot such dc
lien lures, tbo sum of IfiliCS.Ofl, whoreul
"■""" mi is tu be mini ..nnu .IK for
pnyment of inloreni dining the currency of tuid debentures, uud fcUili.llfi
In to he ruined uiiiiunlly for tho pur
pone ul creuling u sinking fund lor
payment of tlio debt tecuroj by the
nuid debentures, Uiu tunic being made
puyuble in lifty yean (rum thl dute
lml eol:
AND WHEREAS iu order to raite
tlio suid yeurly sum ol .-.',,il-'si.uii for
interest uud sinking fund, an eituul
■pi' ml rate on the dollar will lio required to bc levied on all lhe ratable
leal property in tlie naid Municipality ;
<ANI) WHEREAS the whole ratable
rial piopi'itv in Ihe taid Municipality
on.nin.i! lo the li.tt rovitod eisets-
ment roll is <|:i.'J'i>,'.i'j;,.fiU.
AND WHEKEAS tbe aggregate of
lhe -■"in- .l.-l 1.-1.1 rn, ileln ol the I "i
purutiuu ii •*'nn,nil (oxiept lorwurkt
of local iiiipiiaii'iinni una fur ichool
i'.n!»■ •■■ 1, ol which none uf lhe pun
.ipul und intoiest it iu urroar.
- I'llEKEEORE the Municipal Council
of the (oiporutiou ol lite City oi
-Vi'it'lh Vainpuver (wilh tho aiscnt ol
thu electors ul the City of North Vuii;
couver duly obliiinotl) ouaclt ai foi'
tl) it shull bo lawlul for the Ma
yor of tho City of Nortii Vancouver
und the Cily ' lerk, for the purpoit
ufnresuid, to borrow or ruise by way
of Inun from any p.i <n or 1 ,
body or bodiei corporate, who may
ie williug lu iiiii nin a' the same upon
lhe imlil ol tho debentures heteiuai-
lor 11.onu..md of lho ' i.ipi.intion. a
mini uf in..iu v nol exceeding in tbe
whole   lho  ium   ol  111)0,000 and   lo
Cllllso   the   ■ .'iiui'   lO   Iw   pln.nl   iu    tilt
Hunk of Hrilinli Norlh America at
North Vancouver, to tho credit ol tht
City for lho purpose above n.«ileJ|
nnu such moneys shall bo und lot
Unit puriMiso only.
(il) IMi.'iiiuiis ol tho I'ily uot exceeding in uiiiniuii ihu sum uf linn.iiisi
may lie issued by tbo mid Muyur uud
Cily Clerk iu lorilu uf the Munii ipul
1 Tinmen Act, iu sums as may be da
sired, but nut loin 1 Inui One I huuinnd
t*l.until Italian each. Each ol Uie
nuid dobenluies shnll Ihi tigned by
tbe tuid Muyur and City Chrk and
the Cily Clerk shall affix Uiorolo the
I'oiponito Seal of the said Cily uf
Norlh Vancouver.
(3) Tho debenturei slmll bear date
lhe Iiih day of .fiini.nry, I'.ll I, nnd
nhnll bear iiiU'rcit at tho rato ul five
per cent. p.i annum pnyuble half
yearly on Ibe IVHi day ol July und
Uiu 17th duy ol Juiiuury iu each and
every year during the currency ol the
said debentures or any of ihem. Tin re
shull be attached lo the dehenlurei
couponi tigned. by Uie Mayor only,
for each and every payment of inter
cit tbat iimy bei inui' due, uml no,!,
signature mny bo either written,
-lumped, printed ur lilbugraplinl.
II) The taid dobeptulei at to principal and interest may be made payahlo at Uie Bank ol liriiish Norlh
Amelia 11, at North Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, Canada, or at tho
said Bank in the Cily of London, England, al par of exchange, and the
said pi im ipal turn ihall be Wade payahlo liy UlO iiiy nl a dais not Intor
ihnn filly yours from the dale upon
which tliii By-Law lakes c0eel.
(ti) During the whole lorm nl Iho
auiieiiiy nf the toid debenturesoiaPe-
eial rate on tbo dollar iball he levied
led eueli
l.lllblilall     |„
and minii emli year in od'liin'n lo
nil other rnlci o» all the ratable real
property in the llunirjpojily tUfflcienl
U, |iny the interest upliu ttie tajid do-
'ing lund
fn lhe payment of lho pilnijpa)
t hereof when
to any act
the   same,
lhe Colloclor't Koll or fall.
d Pprppra
pther ratei
rates ni pal ,
lUpjcct  as niw
rinsed annually by
the cpfwocy "I we
vt t}nt rtwtmtWj rty
1. iai
turei shell'be applwd t
not otherwiie:
(a) Tn payment ol the cprt ol lU
torred tp and all nooma coaaaotei
with the aaid loan:
(b) In recouping tha said'Corporation tpr such mmi ae bava bant a»-
(H-nded hereunder until the proetadsnl
the sale ol Ihe taid debenturei beeo«s
(0) To carry onl Iba purpoae o( thia
By-law at above tat ont.
(8) All nioncyi anting oul ol U»
annual ipecial rata hereinbefore provided (or sinking land ihall beinvnt-
cd by tbe Council ol soid Corporation
[rom time to time as Uic law diracfo.
(9) No robate iball bs allowed on
tho tpecjal ratea to be levied aadar
thii By-law.
(10) Thii By-law ihall lab rfest
on tbe 17th day ol Jonuaiy, A.D.,
(11) Thit By-law may be cited for
all purpoici aa "The Waterworha
Loan By-law 1(11."
Patted by the Council on the 17th
day ol December, A.D., 1010.
Received lbs aaaent ol tlie Electon
of tbe Cjty o| North Vancoaver at an
election lor the purport oa lha \
day ol January AD-, 1011.
Bccootidered by tha Council and lar
ally adopted, tigned by the Mayor and
City Clerk, and scaled with the Corporate Seal on the dajr ol Jan:
uary A.D.,  1911.
TARE NOTICE that Ibe above ia a
true copy ol the propoied By-Law upon which Ihe vote ol tbe Electon ti
the Municipality ol Ibe City ol North
Vancouver will be taken within tlia
I'ity Hall, North Vancouver, B. C.,o»
I Inn "ihu. the I inlllll day ol January
A.D., 1011, b.'iiie,„ the boon ol 0o'-
■ link a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE il hereby given
that lhc vole uf lhc Hn ton ol tka
City of Norlh Vancouver will ba laken
on the Ulh day of January-, 1911, hern., n the lumis ul'J i.'.liiok n.m, and
7 o'clock p.m. on ''The Wotemorki
I onu By-Law, 1911", and that within
Ihe Cily Hull, Norlb Vancouver, B. C.
und Ihal Thomas Sbepberd haa bean
appointed lb turning Officer to tak*
lhe vuie ol niiii Lli etui! wiib the ut-
uul powers iu tbat behall.
By onler of tbe Council.
WM. jl. MAV,
City Clerk.
IN THE MATTKK ol the Water Act
and Amending Act and *
IN THE MATTKK oi Licenee to. B
granted to the Corporation al th*
District ol North Vancouvtr for
300 inches ol water to be takm
Irom Lynn Creek, dated th* Mth
Auguit, 1904.
NOTICE it hereby given that th*
City ol North Vancouver btiag It*
owner and liccnice under the taid licenw by virtue ol the North Viacou-
ver City IncorporaUon Act, 1906, win
apply lo S. A. Fletcher, F*i, Waler
Commissioner for New Weataiaiter,
B. C, on Wednesday ibe Snt day ol
March, 1911, at the hour ol tievoo
o'clock in the forenoon or ao soon
1 bei culler at countd can be beard for
an order amendiug the taid lieaos* by
substituting, therein aa liceniee tht
name of Uio City ol North Vaneonvsr
in place ul tbe Corporation ol th* Diatrict ol Norlb Vancouver, and lar
adding to the woida defining the point
of diversion tbe word* "and at a
poinl on Lynn Creak eilbcr on Lflt
999, droop I, New WeaUninater Dto-
trict or Lot 1363, Group 1, New Weat-
mintter Diitrict it or near the boon-
dary between th* iaid I-ota" or, in
ihe alternative, lor an order amending lhe licenie originally granted apportioning lha water to be takm tram
Lynn Creek undor iaid UoMae No. tt
between lho point ol diversion a* tet
out in the original licenie and * point
ol diveriion of Lynn Cmk either on
Uil 999, Group I, New Weetminiter
District or lot ltd, Group I, New
Westminster District, at or near the
boundary batwasq said Lole or loir-
•ue two or mon liceneee forth* water lo be taken under said license or
lo make each other Older io thtpr.-
miiee at may be juat and equitable.
DATED (bit 211b day ol Deceanbar,
B. L. BE1D,
Solicitor (or aaid   Oily   ol Norlh
r   .■" '—**————
NOTICE ii hereby giv» porMWntto
SecUon 7. Chaphsr II«, Ifovlaad 8l*t-
utee.ol C#na*> lUt a plan and it-
tcription o( a propped wharl aad
woreboute to be srseted by OnrfaeU
Calm on ihe tonthnp immt ttm
Anne Jane Keith in Iront o| »nd aid-
joining Uie adjacent land O let* in
width haa been depoeitsd in tt* Upi
BegWry  f)Bn at lh* m> l4 fa
>4ltpyto|(ftN.|?,fi>*#. tnttg
No»th Vandquvkii
Puhlislltil Turmlays and Fridays by
,    North Shore I'ress, LlMITKP
tUTH or aoaaqwrooa i
,0ua year, f l.tkl Bit manths, QOo. Tlir** mnntlii, SHSo,
United Siutcu and Eoieign, ILM) per year
Adverlieiiig Rates alll be ipinliil on upplioatloii.
^ a — 1 1 —V i'    -   ' i r-r- '	
Tin Espmns ii devoted to the inlureile ol Ibo nnrlh Slitiru of Hurrard Inlet
aialusivply. Iiconetitiiia* an ail vert ning niediuiii ol uieaiilional vi)liio for
raaiihiug In a tbomugli and effective manner the population pf Nortli Vancouver
Oily and Diitricl. Every eflort is made ta give ailvurtiwia Iba nnui satiifaaUiry
All cliangea In contract advertieementa should be in Iba printers' bands not
later than 10 u.ni. Monday and 6 p.m, Wednuadaylo outuru linnirtion in the
lollowing Itsua,
 , J, ,       a a     . 1 1 1- ,	
North Vancouvrr,   B, C.
January to, ign
A 111 SV 8EAH0N
Tlio iippn ineli iug soiiniui proiniiai to
greatly onml every rmnrd to date
with ratpimt to general prosperity on
tbu North Minno. The tm|wiuliture ot
public money upon munii ipul improve
incniN throughout tlm oily and dii
trial will be exceptionally large. In
addition to tho ordinary . ip. inlilmi s
out of general revenue tha two muni
cipalitiet have in progress worki aggregating upward! of live or lil hun
ill.'I    llinUa.lillll    allall.i|
Tho eity bun already awarded thi
conduct for Ihe, storm -newer and lor
tho :-.iiiinui sewer, the dinner
inuuiiiiiig lo |1I1I,INH) mul the littler to
I'^m.lKSI and iu iiihliliuu liylnwa are
now Moru Ibe |ieiiplo providing (or
eight thousand dollars (or improve
nnui:- to publie p.nl,.'., .1 bi thuuiitnil
d.illnna for a new lire hall, twenty-five
thouiund dollnrs l„r ounsiruolion ol
now roads und shhiwidki and ono
Inu.ilia ,1 ihon .md al..II.n for gomriil
wutei Wiiiis pui|o«n, making a totul
of   I li i • ■-  liilnilnil  ullll  i nlili    lii.„i- ui-.l
dollars already iirrnugod or [ii.a|a.,..l
for in,■ -.ui . viiiiiiiiliuiiii o\p,-iiali
turei wilhin lhe cily.
The iln-i 11.1 council is a mllli ■ lo llu
uic loin a bylaw lo provide leu Iboii
tand dollara for a much n...l..l now
municipal building, oigbt Iboiitund
dullari geuerul and eight thousand
dollars locul iuipioveni.-iii, tor llie
wideiiing ninl impioviug ol Lynn Valley road, Ion ili'iiis.nul dollnrs locul
improvement lor Diulloy roud, lilt, en
iliaiii.-iiiul .ball.ai lor building iiuw
tidowuikn, ibirlylivo iln,u-.uul dolbirs
(or new ronds and Idly Ihouaand dol-
lan ion.i il |i,r inipruving Koilli road
west, 'hi, lasl ninn,il project will re
■ I'iii■■ a I"-.il improvement byluw lol
onu Luminal lliollsullil dollan, in ml
ditiou to lhe lifiy thousand dollan
already provided lor, but Ihal pm
tion ol the ni home in withhold lor the
present in order to give tlmt In' "in
ply wilh u rei ant omul ruction ol the
muni'ipul !'luiim* A<t whiah boldn
Unl the signatures nl mure lliun one-
hall iho iiebi uiiinl owners is mpiirtd
as well us signatures representing
iiixi.. than ona>h*ll (he totul Value id
properly iulcn.-liil. Tho signatures
alieady tWaival comply with the lal
tar i Inu"- but a mtiiils i ul nddilioniil
ligniilures is reiptiriii lu nruW lo
mee' lho lirst ni.nli.inul.
'Ths gr-nnl Iniul ul I beau turns il live
liniiiii, .1   mul   nikbln   ill-,IIS unl il alb.I   ,
ol (il the inlibtnuuil one humlrttl
thousund ab,Ilm ■. (or Keilh rood ii in-
alllalasl)    lil    I,llliall.a|    IIO'I       nla.ll    lb.,11
•aud il.illi.m. -
lt it a imtablo la< ( thai Uie in
oreatv in tbe tola! ttwmtinimt lor
the ytur in Imih muuloipalilhtv it audi
fa to iucrtuw Ihe italulory lioriow-
lag power to a tun whieh providi*
lor' all thaw exptnditurai uml liuvos
a much larger ran-rve in (hit pnrli
eular than that which exittod leal
year alter similar proviiioni bad lieen
What with the completion and operation of tbi new lerry boat, the
graat activity in the construction ol
public works, tha aneurod influx ol
. large numben ol resident firuilie, Uie
1 goneeijuent gnat activity in building
efrslee, Uie (pproaching teat'* il car-
,Jain ftp prove one ol Uie higbett proa
parity, and ol prodigioui progrm on
<tba North Shore.
of the lerry company ai published in
the a,ibiinii- ol the Exproti, nionliun
ol which it again made in the letter
Irom Mr.Nliplork whi.h appears in alp
other column, wo wish to explain thai
ou account ol the day bolore press
day having boon a public holiday and
on account ol the lurllior lact (hut
our Wharldahi prm*. upon which the
papal il printed, wus put out ol commission through an accident, necessitating having the printing ul that issue done in Vancouver, we were plai-
nl at 'nli disudviiutnge lhat much
material which under unrinul conditions would havo uppoin,il ill lhat is
sue was iinuvnulably lell out nnd iu
lllis was included Ihu uuditur's personal report, None , ould rcirel thai
such was lhe case mors lhan lho Ex
press, bul "when you cannol do the
tint, do the besl you can" is ^liutil
Ihe only workable motto under  such
i lilioiin and lhat la'what*l tried
lo do.
Wing, Court House, Vaneouver,
HEALED   TENDED,   aiiperacribad
"Tender (or Wing, Court-house, Vancouver," will Iw revived by Ihu Honourable lhe Miliitlor of I'ulili. Works,
up In und in. lulling Thuritluy, the
Ind day ol February, IUI I, lor the
erection uud completion of un addition to lho court house nl Vniioiiiivor.
Drawings, S|h . ili. ntii.lin, toutrint,
and la.nu- ol Tender may be min ul
Hie olliio u( iho Provincial Timber lie
•|sstur, \ uin oiiur, ll, (',, und ul
the Department uf Public Worm, Per-
liuiuaiii liml,hm,-, Victoria, il. C
lm.i'ln a- lender, in can, by apply
ing (o Ibe iintk'rsigiicd, obtain one
•opy ul the .li .nim and one U'py
.if the MW ilien I ions for lhc sum nj
twenty five (tlt-1) dollars.
I'inh lender mn-1 Is- uiI'oinpi iini by
nu iii'opli'il bunk oheapie or csrlil'fil.f
of deposit on a iliurlotiil linok of,
Canada, made puyuble lo the lion,
the Miiiinlor ol I'ulilie Worki/ fir u
sum < |<i.al In live I'm |H'r cenl. ill bin
lender, whiah shull Is' lurliil.il it lhe
pnrly i, ml. no; decline to enter in'o
..iiiiiiiii wlnn iiiilul iijhim In du nu
Tin' a lu.(in-, orvi'iiifieiiles  ul ilopoiil
III      IIIISUaal'ajLlI      It'ltlllTrl *      will    ll'    I'
liirwil Iii llll in  upon  lhe cms Ulion ol
iho contrast.
In. siiiien.lul tenderer shull furiiinli
ii Isiiid ul n giuiruiitcc niiiipuny nil
islnetory lo Uio Ninislor ol I'ublic
Works, ispuil to twenty CHI) per eon I.
uf lhe contract amount, lor Ihu due
(ullilnu'iit of lhe contrail.
'lenders will not bo ...mid. ml un
Imn liuuli' out on lhe loriiu supplied.
igunl with Hie iiiiiiiii signature ol the
tiliiL-l.r,   nud   ' i" I" "I   in Uio envoi
i||'CS    I'lnl   l'"l
llie lowest or any lendet not necessarily ii..i|il.'l.
I'ulili. Worki Engineer
ll.pnilln.nl   of  I'ulilie Worki,
Victoria, B. C, ftth .lanuary, l»ll.
Specials for
Friday & Saturday
MILK FED GEESE        ,    O^C
Per lb, ,  '
Hi) ClllCKEiVS        "',
I'or lb , „|l
I'er lb. ..:	
For Ib	
KEYS    Ofic
I'er Ib ,„.. ,..„ *'
For |b.  ,  „,,mt'¥
For lb ,,   •«
For lb , .
I'er lb *G
For Ib *'*'L
For Ib *,i,P
The Addi* i-Dnn'l Forget It.
229 Lonsdale Avenui
A. Campbell Hope
3S8 ht Street East
Phone R112
$30 SUITS d»1 0
for   yVJ
^ To clear off the remainder of our fapc
worsted and tweed winter suits we wii
give you your choice of any in the store
for $19.00
v This is a remaikable opportunity (or teeming a high-clau tuit
at a very moderate rate at die original prices ol theae run at
high as $30.00.
By buying one ol these tui i now you have more than half
-tha winter before you in which to wear it.
Buy Early Before Uie Beat ve Picked Out.
Sale Starts Saturday
113-115 Lonidale Ave.
North Vancouver
General Contracting
Eiciveting,  Cleuini Griding, ale.
Ijliaiualal Civaai
Keilh   Ko.d. cut ul Sl. Gtorn'i Ay.nuc,  oi
P. O. Boi 134
Horieiboeing and Blacksinitlsing
Kerr & Wallace
At Alei. (liliiiin'i Old Stand
I. O. O   K.
'....ila Vaniouver Lodge, Ko. M,
meeti every Thuiiday eviniii|j, corner
I niia'luli' Awiiiie iiiiii .fu--i ilrrot, at
H o'clock. \ i -iiini/ brethren iiinlially
iaviled   In ni ta nal     Ira  K. Veen, N
Q.l    It.    K.    Ha.ll  llal.-alll,    I."      .-"'.   .    .) . 41
I'illiiiK, P.fl,, Kin. Mi'
i'JCl llth Slnel  Kii-I Nortli Vnmuiivii
I'linne '2711
fo etptaaeti'm ai tka Boa-appear
tan of the aadiWi individual rapor|
la cuftae^ioiji wit* tka balance ahaat
Small Houie-EatjrTermi
Queensbury Heights
ThreerooH bouaa-HO It. lot-Beauti
lul location.
Rargaio I/it -Vi. tnria l'ark V, tl. lot
double lronlage, eaey termi.
Cottage Home, Tfaotietb elreetr-SJli.
ot, lour roOBU and liaiement with
furnace, priee moderate, una third
Philip, Cameron k Co.
Iinurinri ol all klndi placed
i/iuu enaniai
111 FSnt lUimt Uti
Bargains in
1000 yards of
Matting to be
sold at 10c yd.
Regular 25 cents
70 Lonsdale Ave.
antl MS CranvilU St.,
Caratr •( SayHw,
Q'   I (i.i.    clow lo car lino ami Keith Kn ul •
ueensbury Heights ,i0Ubie .......■ mo«,,,. ie.i.
Price on^ >ifi>», M wn, halaiice-6 and u Inoniha.
One Block from Lonfdale Ave. JJ,^.' t'i
here,   tym each, ', cash, iiali ice ovei i yeara,
C  it  Ci_«„» "ne Idw.k from cut line,    pimlile ruriiii.
J>ixth street ,„„„,
li,il.i in    fi ami ll mum I. ■
137 fl.    This is a anap at ti/yi. ' > caah
l'lione 7>i -I'. O. Uox 97
North Shore Locators
-I..--: r       > 	
Whenihuying in NorthVancouver call
and inspect our list of moderate
priced properties.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
Good Pictures Good Singing
::: ::: Good Music  ::: :::
Programme  changed  Monday,  Wedncaday  and  Friday.
Adults 10c ^^"Zr8^ Children 5c
Campbell Realty & Investment Cot,
A GREAT SNAP oo a &»«-
roomad Hooaa Mt flKTH ST.,
wtammet   tmtwwmmmnwme      tUmTtfiMw KMmmm Cy*
/ I I
The Cash Stores
Staple tlti Fancy Groceriea
Freah and Smoked Meata
Hom« Made 1'ork SaiiBdge,
—pur |b., J5c
Oiirni'il Heef -   - per Ib |0c.
Japan Rice   -   - 0 lb*. 25e,
CliiviTH MiirmiiliiHein 1
lb. (dasH jiifH, each  -   15c,
Whole Hams,   pei\ lb. 20c
Hiuiiii   Siile,     per   Hi. 26c
Fancy ' itiihutv llutiir in
14 lh. buses   ■' -   -   $4 25
Minn v r iur 111 lml niiii.lii',1
Ayrahirt' llus-e Cn i.nury
llut'ter,    -   •    n lln- $!00
(Iheeso—Kintisi Ontario,
-2 Ihs, 35c
(liiine'e Uoithn Appli'fi
8 Ihs. for   -.-   -   25c.
l,enioii8, per do/,.   -   •   20c.
Oiiliiiuil Snip,  in lmi> 25c
!I'liuice Mixed I'eel, pri lb.
:New l.t'iii'in IVnl, '1 11111:25c.
New Orange I'eel, 2 lli> 25c
rKUJ'HON* mj.
P. 0. BOX
(iolil Leaf l.ard./)lb pt.il.75c
Ellgliall Woirester BilUt'f,
pirliolth)   •   -   •   -  10c.
1'iwt Toast if*, per pkge., |0c.
No, 1 Wheal, per sack, Ml,
Northern  Hpv Applea, per
Imx   -    ■   .   •   -. $125
Fine  (looking mid  Haling
Applea,   -   -   per box $J25
Quaker Oats, large pkU  30c
Our Special Blend of Bulk
Tm, 3 Iba. for $1.00
1'ure ('tmtile Boap,
\m bar      r       ■      25c
Fancy Haiaiiu (cluitart)
par lb. JU
B.C. Sugar, 181b. sacks, $1.00
We Save You Money
Hickman &
nmm       llll La«i*la A,.. TO-UlPRSBf
—imw. ui in .1 imie
numewmt lw|i» imt *"W -at ■"■;" vftmi T*"*
North Vancouver City
..."   i - 'i      '  :. •   ' "
Uu in Blocks 9,9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on wlc;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from I to 22 acres,
The Grand Boulevard Extends
Through Thli Property.
Plans, Plice List and Particular*, apply to
The North Vancouver Laud and
Improvement Co. $$>
Comer Pender and Seymour Street*.
Vancouver, B. C
Phone 6286
a  t  » -J1J|,r,tl,-t-JrJU^-lu|M|-l,J„l„|„|-t,lMf J
W™""™™ rrf"n"""™""l"Ti i
.l..I..t..l.sl.il..liJ..t .l..l..l-l.sf..h
FIRE!    F1REII    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS'. $94,900,000
Suli.. Agent
AjitrmcnU aad Contracts drawn
ef every description
Phone 157
District of North Vdncuuvir
A IH I.AW Ui .'iiii'l'' lln.' I'iir|iiir„liii|i
uf ili    Hi tii' i nl Nurlli Viiiiuuiivcr
in raise liy way nl lunn tlio sum
nl i I.'i.nt an lur sl rint |iiu poles.
Our gigantic January clearance sale commences on SATURDAY MORNING
Money Saverrin Every Line
The Clothing Man
33 Haitingi St. Esit      .     Vsncouver
■Bap,, end lha iaid
»H be made payable
by  tbo l.ipi|iiii'iit|i.K at n dotu   n-.t
later t-hftfi tM yenis Iroin tbu let dny
ti\ mmn, l»lt,
fi. 1'lieio shi'l bo r(iifoi| npi liivjpil
iiliiiuiilly by a npeeiul nitii iiii nil rate-
nlili. Inptl df'toI property.in tlm liistriet  t||0 BU|p 111 ».J3ll [llf  tllal pilipilSI!
»f funning a Sinking fund liif
|bii payment ill snid Delipnlipeii mIicii
Any bi»-'"iim 'l'i'', un.l tlio sum "I *},■
790 liir tbo payment nf tho \n\emi nl
ibe rnli: iif"H' '"iil In lii'i'a.nm iiim ,»,
iilU'll    debentures    dicing   111''  rllll'ili'.iiy
tlmi'i'iil and that In addition |r n'i
fltgpr tpfae' fll In: levied and eu|li!'l-
»tl in the said llisiikt during tin.'
whole eiirrcniy nf tlio snid |lo'.:o.lt-ifin)
ul nny nf Iiii'in,
8. 'I'lm (InmiLJI pl the rorp.irnt'on
fnr tliu limp bung may ol any tlnie
ininliiiNii tlm wliiili.. i,r nny nl Hipllo-
hiitliithh lu be isiaiii'd iiiiiliT tb'.. fly-
liiiv |ifiividi!.| llnv giyu Ip tbo bnl In
pf linlili'™ iiiiiini ut iniui fl months'
milieu uf Iinir inti'iiliiin tll inira'linii ■
tlm iiiiiiii! und pny in adililinn to the
pur value thereof and flip 'accrued in-
li'll HI    llli'iri-ll   ll)  till! llllll' lit  |llll '''iiiiiii.
a premium nr liiiinis iil i>||a v,mi''h interest on iiii'li imi' value ur sn;'1 liHri
sum iis may he ugrend it|nii iltljl lln
biilili'i' nr llilllli'l':: tlii'tnif, unit ull
•■ni'ii ili:lii:l|tUl'i'ii su |iiurlli:i'il .Ii.lt be
fail ill" Hli    ■ 11 ■ a 1    tillll   lll'.-ltllW'll    mid
1)0   la' ill. Hi'     l)f     ill'' i'lll  III'::     llllill    III1.,-
Iihi"' or lie minii. in eunsai|iii.<ni!i! nl
such rrpiii'i'liu™ mul tlm suid del on-
lures slmll cniitiiin up jpili' fiici- n pro-
visii'ti iiiillmri'ini: to pui'ih.|so ue li r ■
jp provided for:
7, This fly-J.nw mny lip eltod fur till
purposps ae ''The Slleels I nun Bylaw, llllll."
8. This Ily I ..'iiv sll,ill euiiic inlo el-
feel on lho )st duy nf Fobriiuiy l'.Ill.
Passed Iiv thp I'uinii'il un llii! Uftli
tluy uf ll.'''. mllei-, HUH.
lia a a',*, al the nssiiit nf Ho  Ele ton
ul 1111 I'lk'itiuli'hi'lil nu Ilm
dny ,,( lllll. '' '
Hi',uiisiiletid in il Iin.illi ,i,i, |.i, ,1 |i\
Ilm .muni und sinned by llie neve
nu I .l.il, uml senltd with the I'urpur-
ii1r f-etti 1111 tbu dav
ul lllll.
S. I'fou nnii} pobpiitm'P PrwI» Ml- tor tfi be. tjttm wri* i#M
beet HitPlMt st n F*tp lint teAxeiipe tfl -.lj ...j. .«.-, p-jj, i
ti m pent, w* annum iwub o  haff    , mn* m'" ?w" / ""5 '
Q dnl liit ijay sl kmu In m) pni   R4TKJP ibis 2411* day sl
every yunr during tl|u nirnmcy u)e.,id MM,
llelientliies   nr uny n| Hioip:      flipip _ r   __n,
shall be attached tn the   llobojltPifi t   u „ .,     ,       ,■,£[,_    ,
Hnnd,, Cnupnus stood |>y the   |W >.***«» ^ Brm   0|tf   «l Ww*.;
oply (nr imiii nml amy pnynipiit oj YiwynPr,
d ev
interest tlint ihall bpp''i|io d"oi
smh siKpntiiip ipny be e\\¥V w'-HW
or Htmp|ipd.
4. I'lio said IJphopture lloipls el all
pe tfl |iriuei|iiil und inteiest be pay-
uiih' t|t ilm District Miiiiiei|iul Ulliee,
North Vnnepiivw, ll. 0., andt|ip»n|d
iiiiiiii|iui sum slmll lie ipimI» p»yw
"t  lloijinrntiop   nt   u   data   HO
thnn wi yours fiom 'ho 1st duy
W11 llli MA S jl is ilirmi'il etiwjenl
by Ibe t niiin il nf the l'ut|iuinliiu ol
tne Ilisltiil iif Nurlli Vuninpiir tu
rnise liy wuy ul lunn tin- hiiiii n| ill,,
"isi lu hu . v|..inInl in lhe iniiinlei.
nine mid iiiiisli'iirliuii ail ilirots,
AM) WllKKI'.AS the nliiuiliil „| lho
suid ilelii' whiih Ihis H.vl.uw is in
lamli'il lu I'leiile is the snid in ul
W1.1HIH und lho iilijei I lot wliisli Ib •
suid delil is 1 liii li .1 is Hie uiniiitni
aiiif and mnslim linn -t .tnrl., us
ANH HllllltKAaS il will he ii.rimury
lu raise uiiiiunlly liy lpecfa| lule lhe
tulul sum uf ll'JMI I.'i- Hie Ulin nf Wl
vin- fur lhe re|i'i.\iniiil of the said
Inun und inlilesl ul h per "lil. a'
lii'ii'iillri   pruviiliil.
ANI) WIIMIIIIAS ilu. value „!' Ibe
wliule niiiiiiiii' property in the sill
liistriet, uieunliiiK In Ihu lu-l ni.isol
,i- 1  -imiii roll unniiiiils lu -• .'!',. 1 .
AND WJIKKKAH the n^rouoli ..I
the Delii'iilui.' debt nf Ilia. Muir'ipiil'
ily li'Xii.'pt fur wurks uf Imnl im
pfuveiiiiiili iial'iilini tbe ban Iaar.liv
uulliurl/isl, nimi un I-  to < I Hln si
I'II|.11I|.1F0|I|.; tin. Heave niidtuuii
-iil ul Ibe Cairpuiiitinn uf Ilm Distriii
uf Nurlh 1 nm 'I'lvi in "iiinni ussetii-
liinl (with lhc ussiiit uf lhe I'la a liull Ihe Distrii I duly iililnineijj ^p.Jii'f'
hy 1 nm 1 ns (nlliiws :
I, ll shnll Ik luwful fui lhe I'uuu-
II lm Ilm purpoie ufnresuid lo hor-
row or raise by way nl fftt liom
any persun nr persons, budy nr bodies 1'nip.irnle wdiu may h. willing tu
advenec   the snme iipuii   Hie ireilit id
the    ili'llenlilli'S    llf    lllis    l'ni|innilii.|i
hereinuller provided fnr u sum nr
sums of money mil exieedinn
in Hie whole lhe sum uf III'1,
tilt), and tu iiiusc l|ie soine t« be
pleaed In llie Hunt uf (lril:s|| btillk
Aineiim to the credit of -lie I'lirpnrn-
iiun (0/ Ibe piniiu"'' nfoiesnid.
3. Ilcbeuturo Bondi nf Ilm I'orpin-
niinii lu the amount of W.'sm in llu.
whole may be issued by llio lleevennl
Clerk of Ihe Corporation in im fll
thc Munieipol Clauses Ait in sums ns
muy lm desired, bul uo sintili' llelin
lure shall lie f'>r a uicalir sum than
• 1,000. Mui'li III said llellentuie Bondi
shall be sijined by Die snid lb eve and
I'Ink and shall be fenlfd wilh the
seal ol lhc i'urjuiintion.
3   Tbo said Pelieiiiuic Bunds  shill
Iwnr inleiesl el n rule nut 1
6 iter miiil. per nuimm pnynlile   hall
>-. in ly  mi iln.  Ist dny  id Feliruory
and the l.i  ilny nl Aiii/nsl in   nn
■ Aiirinkt ilie rur i i-y ol J!',j
said   llilianiiirii   nr   nny    "f   '
There shall In.' nllnalnd In Ilm (Me'i
TAK ll MITI*'I'l Ihul l|m nl ove is n
true eupy of lhi! prutiosed lly-i.uw 1 p
un whiih Ibe vote ul l|ii< Uuiiii'ipuliiy
will be tukeii Wilhin tbe liolit.g pines
ul llu: l.ynn Viilliy liia.liiule Hull :
the I Inn ill l(,ill ul lie enrner ot
I ..imlnl.  Am nu,' mul (linen sin et nnl
111   Hull \ ll'lll).   fir I   I'lli'll n  ,   nil   tu
lhe   ilislriil 1 f Na ill   \iinr u,-,r,   on
Sulu|diiy,  Ilm Iiih 'In.,  of   luuinry,
Hill,   belwent   tbe liuittv ,.f 11 o'clock'
nm. und 7 o'eluck pin.
JOHN ij, FAimiF.ll,
llel iirniiiK I Idle. r.
I'IIII.II' NOTICI.; Is hre'iy ulvon
Ihul  Ilm vole iif the Fleet ns   of   lhe
Iii tiiai of Nurtli yancouver will le
Inki'ii un "The Slnel I l.onn llv-l.nw.
HUH," on .Sntiirdny. the I Ills duy ol
liiiiunry, Hill, lieiii a en tin, liuitrs ol
'.' n'l'lnik u.ni. and 7 n'ebuk p.m .
within ilie Inlliiwinu iKilling 1 luio..
vl/. : The I Aim Vulhy Institute llall.
llu1 I'liini li Hull nl tlm eiiiiu r ni
Inn ilule Avenue mul 'Iiunii Ktnel
nud nt llullylifini, Wesl Cniiibino, till
in the distr'rt uf Nnrlh Vniieuivir.
mil llinl .Inhn I!. Vermel hns leui
uppiiinleil reluiiiiliii lifTner In lake
Ihe vailes id smh Klerlois, with the
USUal IHIwers iti thul I. Ii all
By nrder nf lhe Iiiuniil,
Heeve. '
■HlllN Ij. FAIIMI'.B,
by the (loijiorniiop ut a date npt
Inter thnn W) yen
ol February, lllll
li. Them shall be raised uud levied
nnniiully by 11 nimniul ruin un nil riitn-
iibln luml or real property in the Uis-
inal Ilm sum nl PhllO lor lho purposi! ol loriiiinn 11 sinking fund foi
thu pnymeiit ul suid Debentures when
they Ins nim! dun, olid tliu sum of liWl.-
IHI fnr the |iny inenl p| the interest at
lhe lute nfunsuid to heenmo due on
simli Debentures during jho cuireniy
Ihereul nnd  tlmt  in nddilinii   In   ull
a.Ill"    I'lllei   tll   I"'   levied   llllll   eull,'i'l,',l
in Ibn snid Distriit iliirinu the w|iuhi
aniti'iiiy of ibe said llobptiturei or
any of Ibefp.
11. The C'miiril of Ihu Corpoi'iitiuii
for Hie lime being muy nt Uny time
imi. Inn-.- tbo w Iinie or any of Inn Ho
I i.-l .-imu 1- Ip bn issu d iiiilu' ihi- Ily
l.nw provided Ihey Vivo Ip tli.' hnldiir
or lml li 1 Iheienf nt lenst li mopllil'
iinlui) ol Iheir inlyiilinn to puiohoij
thp same ami pay in ndditiun lo tlie
par vnliu: llieii'iil mid the iutiiii.iI in
in.  1 llmrinn to lhe dnlp uf put.hiiip
II premium or bonus 11 uin: year's interest un smh pni' viilue ur such 1.u
sum us inny he ugreed upi n wilh the
linlilui or bidders thereul, i nd ull sueh
llelll'llllUCS  SU  pilli'llli-eil    .llllll I,I'f 'll'l
with .-.in- elli il nnd ili 11 v. il   nnd n 1
I'a-isSlte  111   lla'lai'llllllia.   sllllll   till,,'   plliee
ur be lllliall! in PnilS0i|llMCe ul siton re-
pitri hnse nnd the snid De' pntliroi
shnll i.ui!niii mi llieir (aire n provision
uilthori'iliii 1. pin 1 liaise us bill ill pro
viihtl Ini.
7. This  Byl.uw   tiny bn eilpd   foi
llll   JIlll'pOSI'H   IIS   ''Till!   -Silli'WlllU   I'llllll
llyliiiw, |»ll).»    •
8. Tliis By-I.nw shull cnpii inlo it
feet 011 llie Isl duy uf IVnmry
I'ussul liv llie Cuunil uu llu:   Uilli
dnv   of  Ilea I'llllll r.   llllll
Ilenuved Hie us ent nl Ibe Fl elnrs
nl nn Election held un llie
duy uf Hill.
lteauii-idi'i'i'd nnd lint.Ilv ndupicd hy
Ihp <'oil 111 il nnd ligned liy lhe Heeve
uml Chrk nnd lenled with the'Vrpnr
ule Senl on the dnv ol
W-SSMVTWl* PP pARTlip8pn>
NOTION |j bofoby jAytt.tiipi) tm
partiinrship hithoito existing butwoep
■Simon f|. RpHi nnd lbi undefslmm),
wpdw tbe mm end "«iy|e 'il»o|t(i
VapcpiiyerWflpdyard" bui beep dbf
iolv«|. All ninnies due lhe suid firm
are payable tu tbe undiiisigneil,
(Higinil) H, fRAMJff,,
N.V. a. libtic Cabinet Multef,
llplwlsti-rer And Decorator
MsuulsDlursr ul
lu* In sll lis liisncl"-
l'ieluii' Ftiiniing.
Furuitiire Btwrffffi!
Mill, tlKPgKK |li»n iiiomw Uleptlun
LOW SEAJroprlttor
il(i A IK AT Aid. HOllltf-
First-class Megls ty..
CunniiiiUtion Tickets, ai meals
Kohiiid for Kent at moderate ritei
llisliii I uf Norlli V.nu hum 1
A HYI.AW lo 1 iiiiiiii- tbe Cnrpuraiiuii
aaf tin lli,tri, 1 uf Norlli Vulituuver
tu raise hy. wuy nl hum, Ihe ium
uf -lli.ni 11 In b,' expelinVd in Hie
'ainsli in tiun nl sidi Wullii in suld
Ilisltiil.    >
WIII'1III''.A.S    il    is  HaeillHl    ,«|H!<iici|l
liy il^i'uiiiiial nl Hm Curpiaruliin nl
(pi.. Hislriet uf Noi III Vnn ouver to
mi"' by way ul loan Ihe sum ol VIA,-
llllll lo In: Mrenlieq in/the niiisliuc
liuii uf sidewulks ill the Distriii.
AM) WllllHKA.s Hu, ntuuunt id the
dolil whiah Ihis JlyT.iiw is intended tu
ereale is tho suid sum nl KlnJUHl nud
lho ohieet fus whiih lhe said Mil is
' J l'u 1 a < I   is  the iini.li in 11-11    u|   nidi'
"alll       US   llfllll'Sllill.
AND Will I1HA.S it will b« Bios
•ary lo ruise mum.illy bv ipesUI rule
Ihe lolal sum id ttll'J.lKl lur lliel.im
nf Hi miiis Inr Ihu repiiyniciit uf the
said lunn uud inleiesl nl I) percent.
as ben binder piuviid.
AND VII 111 11 IMS llie value uf Uie
whole  rul'oldc pni|nrlj in Iho   snhl
ipel lllll the
TAKK NOTK'K llml He aliove in ,,
lute enpy uf tin- pixpnsel By l.aw upnn wliieli the vole uf tbe Uunii'ipulity
will Is taken within lln pulling pl.uc
nt the l.ynn Valby lusllliile liull'
ihe I'Inireli  Hull  nl  tb.< miner  ol
lilllilllll' Avenue nud 'Jinan Mi.,a.
llllll III   HnlMiiiin. Wesl  Cup,lullll,   nil
iii tlm Di in. 1 nf Nnrlh Vuni'iiiivir 1111
Hnliiribiy, lhe Ulli dny ul diinuniy.
Hill, Isl vv, en Ibo b„u,F n| 'j u'l'litli
n.m. nnd 7 ii'ilnck p.m.
Iteluriiimr llll'e r.
NOTICK   '  '
PI'BI.H'   NOTICK  i- h r,.lry  tivon
Hint Ilm vute ni ilm FlaHlliln Ol tlie
Dislriel id Nurlh  Vmuinivcr will   be
I al.. 11 un "The Sidewulks I u n Ily
l.nw. Hllll," nn Suliirdny, Ihp 1Kb
dny iA •lununiy. HHI, between lhe
laa 'hi uf 11 1,'elm k u.ni. and 1 0 cluck
p.m., within the fuibiwing pulliiw pin-
us, ii/. : 'lhe l.yin \nlhy inslitule
Hull, Ilm <'liur,li Hull nl the enrnpi
nl l.niisilule Avenue mid   IJu en »ir,e:
lli.il     III      lla allll, IIH, ,     Wist     I'llllilllllll,     llll
in lhe llislinl uf Nan Hi Vnllnuver,
and   llinl .luhn II. Furiimi hns   hctn
,l|'|'..|lll'.| la  llllllll.1 ll  . lo       I     ti.
lite vole of sueh FIitIius, with   the
II n.il powers iu Unit lnh ill.
Bv urder uf Um Cuiiueli,
..HIIIN II   I- Ml Ml If.
aaju   Ca
I lhat
IU   tw
wrilUfl or sim
4.  TV sai.|
-al      In
lli-lii. I, na...iiilng iu the 1,1.1 revised
Assessment  Hull ium.amis  ta, to.lt.l
ANH   WIIF.KKA.s lhe uguregale   nl
till'    llall. lllllll.'llllll    l,|    ill;-    if llllll l|,!l!
Ily 1, v.apl fur wnrks id lucnl nn
iin'. iiiii'nl) im lulling lhe lumi In niiv
1111I1..11/.1I iiiii,.niii,. io IIIH.oou
TlllllKFlMlE the Keen and Cuunil uf the Corporation ol lln Distiiit
if North Vuln uu ver in I out:, il n>
«'iiibldl (will) lhe nssenl uf llu-Fin I
ire of lhe IHilriet duly ohtained) do
liciebv ellu I  in fulluws :
I    ll slmll be lawful ful Uie 'nun
■•IJ lor lhe puipuHi' nfuieiiiid   in bottom or'raise by way ol Innn   from
jiny persun nr pilsnns, bmly 01 luul
iiliurnle who may lie willinu lu
I'lmnlail   lor   a smli    rn
•UaVis id moii^ nut Mlending jn   the
vhaVI.' llie sum „| ||fi/l<S| iiuj lo raui>
lie (utile  tn |,i. |a|,,,-,| in  i|„. Itunk ul
Iritis)] North Aneiir,,   lu ||,C   eteill
'inn Iny   the   pur|io|e
ilt   ll"' sntni' upun lhe iiedil  o
. D.'j.i'iiiin.'s of this I',,,!,,,,,,!,,,,,
a llllllll I      |i|Uli'l>ll     fail
lllll 11,
be (l'i
nnv   In
Hiiltt)   )ll    llie
I eve and
Ul l>r}piili_  an
, at ik> fhsinei
y Hie  n
b,'   «j
IN  THF, UAlTKit  ul lhe WaUf Act
aud Amending Ail and
IN TIIK UA'ITFlt id IJcci.ii No. 13
(jl lllll "I   lO   IllO   I  "I pail ll Hull   ol   Ull
Bistiiii   uf  Nnilli   Vnucouvn for
IUM  inilui  ol  inlet   <" In liken
fi.'in I,ynu Outi, 'luteal tin muli
'    Augusl, 1001. '
MIIHI1 is hereby givm ihot the
l ily of Nuilb Vancouver being Uis
uwiiei mul lia i imt umlfr lhe laid 11
tam by virtue id tin '"nlli Vancouver I'ily IncorponlioN Art, 1W6, will
npply lo U. A. Flelelml, Kw|., Water
Connnisiioiier (or New* Westminster,
II. C, on Wednesday the fltst day ol
Miii.Ii, HHI,' sl the hour ol eleven
oVIoii in lite fmeiionn or io loon
iiu-ieiilhi ai 'i'lm" I cen he heird (or
au order unending Uie iaid liieuia by
substituting Ibeisiu es licensee the
iiiiiim ol Uie Cily id Nortb Vancouver
in pin"' of Ilia Corporation ol Uui Die-
lii>( id Nul lli Vnm ouver, nnd fui
adding to the wordi defiling Uiepulni
of divorsinn Ihe words "and at a
pulni on lyun I'mii i-illur un l.ol
Wt 'iruup I. New WeHmlnitef Hia
irirt nt hit TKA, 'iroup ), New Weil-
iiiiie in llisiii, i at or nenr Uie I oun
dary bei ween Ibe said Isite" or, in
the nlli'innlive. foi an order anmd
Illy ibe llienw origlnilly yrialed ap
liorUoning the water la. be tikcn Inm
l.ynn Croud under sold licenie No. 11
lielwein lho point ol divcriiiui os pel
<mi In ilm oitgifiil licenie and a p iu
'ieeli lillu i nn
Ul m. icw Wmnniinisr
m, Orup I, Ni.
Wesinijniler IHilripl, at of npit *r
Iwundary betwm Hii }Mi ut loii
sun two or mon llomM flor Uil  wa-
For Sale
Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracks, fll per acre
V>l) i.i.'li and $10 pel month
Enquire or write
216 Second Slreet Eail
inuotumimmtm n i—_W_mn~BWnw~tn~mBB_____\
The A Farro
126 2nd St W«t
When you deal al lhe A. f jirro
Grocery you gel exactly what
you ask (or at right price. : t
Special Attention!
Wc cany a complete line of
Hsnhui, * tamae Btmi Met SIM
We Could
Paper the World
Irmn our Hock ol near «a||
papen, so jt seems. Every 4tf
ionic new designs arrival, to
' fill lhc vacancy ol those cloud
HandwmaWall Papen
an |ier* in eodltii variety. Jinf
tell our isli.iiiiiii for what room
you wun tlie paptr, md ht
will ihow you jnil fhe |.ilterfl
you are looking for.
To cliooie from Ollf tlocji
a plenum, lo pay our price j
eaay .
ftj Looidala Vhwt fI ;
" theienwying
j| Hi* work o| |,opa( Improve-
mit   "I   port oi Lynn   vulluy
Ml imd r»i*mg by way ol Lu-
Imiimvemeni Debentures the
Hm ol tma 'to provid* pnrt o(
th* M»t ol nurrying out ti.e *»in
work, nnd to hmuh* »pd levy the
Lowi Improvement rule or ta* ra'
qmnd to provide lur the payment
tha interest and to accumulate
Inking fund to pny nil tha said
[RBRAH thTtynp Vulhy Boad
ItOMl Inipruvement lly-|.aw, lil|0,wtn
'm W the Council ol lhe District
orth Vancouver to provide lor oh-
pertaining the innd hu be belioBlted,
MM the proportion ol beuulit received
hy inch lands Irum the proposed wM
ailliig, clearing, grading und toulivaid-
. jug thit pari ul the Lynn Valley
Road, attending Irom the East boundary ul the Cjty ol North Vancouver
to the Bridge across thu Hastings
Creek to » uniform width of HO feel
apd macadamising to a width ol (kl
M*t along tha south tide ol the Tram-
W»y on iaid innd, and Ihn exj.rupiia-
tion ol landa necessary where not al
ready available lor said purpose.
AND WHEKEAS it wa* recited in
•lid By-Law that the estimated coil
ol uid improvement work wa* Ulli,-
000, that the Cuuncil had agreed tu
upend from lhe general lunn* of thu
Municipality thi ium ol Jt-,0.0, and
thi balance of 16000 must be raised Ly
l/oan on the Security of a Local Assessment to provide for currying oul
th* Improvement of tlie said lloud.
AN|) WHEREAS by said Local lm-
provement Hy Luw it is provided that
tha lands to ba beueAlted by tlie iar
rying out ol Ibe said lni| r.iwiinnt ,,i
the laid Lynn Valley lioad an thai
Undi having a ftonluj.u on the sad
Lynn Valley Road sn I.r i.s
It il to li improved, und that thc
sxlont to which siuh Iunds are bene
filled ii in pi opart inn to thu lim n,
ol frontage uf such lands rcipa.liialy
(roilling upnn said llniul.
AND W1IEHEA.S a I'litninn hus Inie,,
received by the fuiui.il deled as tu
each ilgnature and signed by the re
gists-red and assessul uwniirs huldiiiu
mure than thiee fifths ul the frontage
nl tlm land to he so huucAltcd a.
ihown by the registered mii|is th.i, u'
and lieing u majority in number ol the
persons shown bv the last revised as
aessinent Koll ul the Municipality lu
be the owners uf the lands afieiUiHiy
this Bylaw and the nwneri nf more
than ame Imll in value nf such lands
Biking that the said imiirnvement uf
thi Lynn Valley llniul lie cat rial uui
•i a Lucid Improvemml, and that
the sum nf atS.OOO be raised by llel en
ture Bunds to he issued uu tliu Nerur
ity of I/irel lni|iroventeiit rales, tu In
livied acenrding tn Ihn mid fruntaue
bisis on the iaid lands to he I em tit
"tad as oluresniil,
AM) WHKKKAS the ainnunt uldelil
whiih this lly-i.uw is intended la
crsuto ii 18,000, and the same is briny.
created fi |iravido a fund in p.irl lot
the Improvement of the laid Lynn
Valley lloud under I .n.il Impruvemenl
AND WHEREAS the amnunl la b,.
raised annually by Sim. inl Kale lur
piyinif lhe debt and interest under
thli By-Law in MA.1, lx<ing IM lar
Sinking Fund and U'D lar interest.
ANI)   WHEKEAS  lhi value ol  the
whnle  Iind and improvement  ur real
property rateable under Ihis By-Law
. according  tn the last   revised I-us
' ment Boll nf the Distiict is WI.IBI 1
AND WHEREAS tin debt is ciealed
on tbe Security of tlie Spcii'l Kate*
settled anil levied by tbs lly-l aw, tnl
it |e guaranteed by lhe credit o' the
whole Municipality.
tbe Reeve and Cuuncd uf ifa.* Corpora
tion ol tha Distriit of Ninth Vancou
ver in Council asscm.iled (wl h them
(ent of the electors of the suid Dis
trict) es lollowi. vit,:
I. Authority is hereby given the
Cpumil. to carry oui ibe wnrk ol Local Improvement ol llie said Lynn
Valley Road *s before deerillac-l, nil
ae Lm ul Improvement under und by
virtue ol llio suid Lyun Vulhy Ruad
Local  lliuirm enn lit  lly-i.uw,  IMU.
3. It shall Iw lawful fur the I'uun
cil to raise by way nf loan from any
person or pei suns, hotly or bodies cn-
puretn uniler llels'iilures lo la issued
M hereinafter provided, a .• um nf money not em, cling jn whole (he sum uf
ttm), end In cause Ihe sums lu he
paid into Ihe ll.ui!. nl British Nurtli
America tu ths < i.dit nl tli* laid
Corporation fur lhe puipu e uliove r
I. Debenture Bunds nf tlie Corpora-
lion to be dceiifnulcd "ibe Lynn Vul
by Road l.n, ul impruYumciil Delicti
ture Bonds'' to an aim.nnl not olrecd-
fag tb* said sum nl |DI|III| in whole
.may be issued by the K/ovu end the
Clerk ot tlie fnrpuratiuo in Icrms ul
the Runi'ipul iiun e* Ad und Acts
emendiug lhc aame and uf this Hy
Uw in sums ae ntey Iw required, but
not lor more than II ,1100 each. Each
pt lha oaid Debentures shall Iw signed
hy the said Keeve and" Chrk oal
with the Seal ol Iho l'nr|ioru-
MH     *     1
mi S3 and fill 13
3033      84
Wurto of tyrjh Vwwxwvw
A BY-WW to" »mho»i«* th* "Awing
out ol the woik ol Local Improve'
ment ol Dudley Bond, end rai*iiiK
hy tip ol liotwljmprovelnent Pe-
benturei tbe mtm of Ten Thowmnd
Dullars (|1Q(000) to pmvide pnvt
o( the enst1 ol carrying out th*
e»jd work, and to assess end levy
the Local Improvement rate or Ta*
required to provide lor the pny-
nmili of the interest, and tO accumulate « dnkipg fund ta pny oH
the said Debenture*.
' ^nj     WHKKEAH the Dudley Ko..d   Local
/pn, liii|)i'iivuiuunt Hy-fiftW, ||)lU.%wa»p»s*J
8691 "* by tb* Council ol the District of
5 ja North Vnncouver to provide (or  u*-
qjD j curtaining   the land to be liunelitled,
g'gU -and the proportion of benefit received
g'eg by   such  land* Irom <tne   propoied
jl'(g clearing, grading and buuluvurding ta
.s'l-'S it' 'ull width of tba Dudley Ruad be-
Debenture Btni* r-i ta
8188.06     483.00
Thu suid Lyun Valley Rutul I.mul
Impruveinutil   Hute  or las   shall   Iw
and is hereby Itvied and rhurged  lin
ing the road raservo along Iba centre
of District Lot 699, liruup Une, Niw
Westminster Dislriel, Iron) the north
end ut iaid Diitsict Lot to tlie south
boundary of Block 39 of laid Distiict
Lot, and thence eastward to the e»»t
boundary of said District Lot, ' nnd
thence nlnng the west boundaries o|
Blocks 17, 18 and 19 ot District Lot
698 ol said group, and thence along
the portb and eaet boundaries ol
Hlock 36, and the eait houuduric* ol
Blocks 36 and 34, and lha south boundaries of Blocki 69 and 70, all ol laid
Districi Lot 6k6 to tlie north end ol
Fell Avenue in the City ol North Vancouver.
A.il) WHKKKAS it waa recited in
said l.y-Law that tha estimated cast
ol s..i.i Improvement Work wae Twelve
Thousand Five Hundred Dollan,
(113,600), that the Counoil bad f
gieud to uupcnd from the general luuda
of tha Municipality tba sum ol Two
Thousand Five Hundred Dullar* (|3,-
800.00). and thu balance uf Ten Thousand Dollars, (|lll,l Oil.l.O) must be
ruised by loan ou tba security ol *
local assessment lo |irovtue fur carrying out the improvement ol the said
AND WHEREAS by suid Local Im
provement By-Law it i*( provided thai
the lauds tu Iw benefitted by tbo currying out of the saitl Improvement ol
the said Dudley Koad are thu lands
having a frontage on the said Dudley
Koad so far as it is lo be improved,
and that the eilent lo whi.h such
lands ato benefitted ii in proportion
lu the length ol frontage nl iuch
lands respectively fronting ll|lilll laid
AMI WIIKKKAS a Petition hai been
received by the Council .mini as to
cuch signature and signed by the re
gisliTiii und ussessed ownuri holding
niuie than ilui'i' fifth* of tin lronlage
of the land to be' so benefitted, ae
shown by the registered maps thereul
and li.'iin; a mujurily m number ul tbu
|iorsiins sliuwti by Ihu last revl-ed Asses iiunl Rull nf lhe Muniii|iulity to
be the .owners of Iunds articled by this
B> l.nw and thu owners of mure than
oiiu-half in vulue uf such lands aikinu
that the said im|irnvument ul the Dudley lined Iw carried out us a Locul
Impruii'innil, and that Ibe sum nl
ien Thuiisand Dnllaii 11111,000) be
raised by llehoiiture Bond to bo
Issued un the security uf Lucal Improvement rates to he levied arcordjn
linally for the |wriod of li.ty years as
lieu or churge pnyalile ulung with
and in addition to and aa funning
|niit uf the annual real estate talcs
payable fur and nut uf Iho suld re-
■I'c im' pruperlice lo the said I'm
But    it    is    ll.leliy   pliiM.lcl   (hut    III
lite event uf any nl said pmiwrt.e..
charged wilh said Lynn I alley Roud
Local ImpruvenicHt rule, |,e.n,i now or
hereafter subdivided, then tbe suid
rule shall also be pio|iorlionately subdivided and .alalia! ai aiming to   tits,,
li midlife uf each Mrt ur lut ubultitig! lo the said frontage basis t n flic«
on suid Lynn Vulley Ruad, uml thu! lands lo be benefitted ai aforesaid,
subdivision uf the land slmll be *o AND WHKKEAH the emuunt of debt
mude Hint us far as |iussible no phit \ which this lly-l.aw is intended tu
or lot abutting will lime a less ilsplh a create is Ten Thousand Dollars (»10,-
tbun une hundred und twenty lie! j 1)00), and the same is being created
bock Irum such frunlugo, and un iuch' in proviiiu a fund in part lor the im
subdivision being so mude ond ap- |iruvemcol uf Uie suid Dudley Road
proved ol by rerlificule uuthorntod by j under Uicul Improvement I'lan.
Uie (uun.il lur lhe rcgiilruiiiin of the AM) flHKKKAB ,he .mount to be
map ur plan llierenl, then lhe saidt Jfa am„M by ,|)et.iu| raU ,ot
liuntuge rule .bal be . ehurga ony | |my|1 lho d/bl ;„d interest under
nn su,|, pari, ur Inl. abult.nu nn.« d , hj, 9' Um g WvV) Uwdnd __*■„.
duel, and the remainder „f the sal, ; ai_ lm_[a {mm, w WiWJ
prnjwtlte. eo „,l,l.vtd«l „| „„y) ,|,„| ^ ^ tJ __, ^ ((j» JJJ
suld '
lie lc al und a. I, ii-.al frum   lho
role as a churge or lien.
7. The debt heteliy created is created un tbu Neeurily uf llie suid Lynn
Vulley Koad Local lmarovem.nl Kute,
-a-i ilnl .nil levied us Inn inin fun- provided, und it is uuiu aula i d by tbu Rn
nn i|mlii>  ut large,
8. This By-Law muy Iw cilud fur ull
pmpn-.es iis "The Lynn Vulhy lloud
l""il Impruvemenl Loan IK Inw,
1910,"   and shall cuine   into effect ou
The said Debenture Bunds ihall
bear intert*t at a rata not etiwdjug
Av* per cant, per annum payable hull
yearly on Ihe Brat day ol February
and the firet dey ol August
hi ftftcfa and every year durinn ihe cur-
ttam ot lhi said debentures or any
itaepi Then nhall I ,.• uitn.had tn
Debenture Bonds, Coupon* sigmd
hy the Keeve for each and every pny
DtMt ot interest tlmt may become due
Ui euob signature may Iw eiUier
mlim or itemued.
6,  Tbt laid Debenture Bunds al to
li and interest shall lie   payalile District Muniiipal Hail  In
Vancouver, I). C, and the said
ipaJ sum shall be mad* payable
'lorporalion at a data not Utility years from lhe firet day
toruery, 1911.
For  the  purpose of (aiming *
(und lot payment ot said lhat maturity, and lor   pey
. th* interest thereon as it be-
■Me im, •mounting nid   Hinkjnj
fui mi fatont togelbrr, to BB,
there  fa  hereby assessed and   levied
men ml ahovi »ll other rat« aud
*" _f Laamlut -t-mT-
e 'Ikiyrim vSjKrlUd
mymmat mi" tthyhenmi
ekli out ot aai from lhe
re»p*etively, efa, '■
i.'i",     anil allall eumu   into
lhe Isl duy nl February. 1911
I'ii.-hI by the runin al   un
lhi  •.''ill,
Received the assent uf the Electors
al un Election held on the
day of 1911.
Kisoiisidered mnl Iiui ly adoplsd by
the CiiiiiuiI uud (fignod by tlm Reeve
uud Clerk and ..nle.1 wilh lhe f'nrpor-
nie Sml on lie1 day of
TAKE NOiiCl'l that thu above is a
true copy of the piuposed By-Law upnn whiili the vute nl the Municipality
will Iw taken within thrpollng placei at the Lynn Valley lusti(ut<..
Hell, the iiun.h Hall at the tot-
net nl J ..liiini.- Avenue muf Quien
Slreel end at Hollyburn. Wilt Cap-
ilano, all in the Dietnit ol North
Viiii.'aiuvei, on Saturday, the llth dey
nf .Liniiiiiy, 1911, between the hours ol
9 y'dock a.m. and 7 n'ekick p.m.
Returning OOicir.
I'l ■IILIC NOTICK U hweby given
that Uie vote ul the Elector* ol Ibe Di*
di'I ol Norlh Vancouver will I.e tuk-
en un "The Lynn Valley Koad Local
Inip/ain'iiunl Jjian By Law, 1910," on
Saturday, Ihe llth day ol .lunuury,
1911, Iwiwi*ii Ui* houn of 9 o'clock
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m. within the foi
luwing polling places, vin,: Iht Lyn.i
Valley Institute Hail, the Chuieh
Hall at tht ■ oin..i ol Lonsdale Avenue
end (juren Street and at Hollyburn,
Wesl Capilano, ail In the Datriot ol
North Vancouver, and lhat John 0.
Former ^ai been epiioinlad returning
officer lb takt thi volei of imh Kite's, wiUi lha usual powers in   thai
order ot Ui* Counill,
.INOJf. Uetiimm,
Ai\l) WHEREAS the value ol the
whole lund aiul improvement or real
properly rateable under thie By-Law,
according to tho last revised Aiecos-
iiieiii Roll of the District is Twenty-
Sis 'thousand Three Hundred Ninety
Eight Dullars (»!Ki,:i9».00|.
AND WHKRKAS the daht is created on the s.'.iiiiiy ol the ipecial rales
settled and levied by thii By Law,
end it ie guaranteed by tbe credit ol
the whole Muniiipulily.
THEREFORE be it enacted by the
Hnu' and Cuuncil ol the Corporation
of tho Diitrict of Nm ih Vancuuver in
Council assembled (with the assent of
the Kleclnrs of Uie suid Diitrict) ai
follows, vi*.:
1. Aiiihor.iy is hereby given the
Council to carry out tba work uf Locul improvement ol tbe aaid Dudley
Road, as belore described, all a* Loenl
Improvement under aiid by virtue ol
the iaid Dudley lluud Locul Improve
iiieiil'lly-Luw,  19)0.
3. It shall be lawful for llie Conn
ril to raise by way uf luan from any
person ur persons, body or bodies corporate under Dcl.cntuics to he issued
as Imii'inulliT ptuvidui, a sum ot money not exceeding in whole Uie sum ol
Ten Thousand Dollars illo.OUOi and
to 'ause the some to be paid into
the Hank ol British North America to
tht credit ot the said Corporation tor
tho purpoie above reriled.
1. Deljeiitine Bunds or the Corpora-
iiun to h* decignatad, "'the Dudley
Road Local Improvement Debenture
Bunds" to en amount not esrecdinu
the iaid sum pt Ten 'Ihnumud Dul-
luis ItlilfltSil*)) in whole msy be iiiued by the Reeve end tbt Clerk uf
Uu Corporation in tei me of the %_•
nicipal Clauiel Act and Acl* amending tlie lame, and nt thie By-La*/ in
sums ai may be reuujrcd, but ni'i (or
mon than One ihnusand Irillars
(»1,000) eo'li. Eaih ot Ibe said De
benturei shell be litrned by tie said
lO-i-vi: and Clerk and seufM with (he
Su|  nf the Corporation.
I. ^b* soid Debenture Bonds shall
bear interest ut a rat* not exaadiov
Ave per cent, per annum, payable
bell yearly on the lit day pl Febru-
arc tnd the lit day ol Augt/il in each
and every year during th* currency of
tuaid Debenturei-or *By ot   them,
e (ball be attaehed to 'Uie Deben-
re Ponds, (loypom ligned   by    U'e
6* (or *acb and every baymni ot
eel that may haumk dpi, tod
iuch ilgnature m»y be Mtber writ-
Um of etamped. J
ahl* nt tbgHi*irict Mupiiipft) Ball In
North VftlWOHVWj II, C, ftndth«»»id
E' qipsi mm ihall ho mm peyabij
the Corporation at ft date n-it
r than fifty yenr* liom tb* l»t day
o| Mriwy, WL
fi. Fnr the purpose nf funning a
sinking filii|l for paymoiit nl said Debentures at mftturity and lor puynwut
o| the interest thereon us it broom*<
dge, amounting, sftd Sinking Fund
and Interest together, to Ibfifi, tl.oru
I* hereby assessed ana levied oyer mul
above all othor rates and tuxes the
annual sums sut opposite the prnge.-
tio* hereafter described to be known
li* tbe ''Dudley Routi Local Improve
meat Halo" wnich sums shull he pay
ublu qui pt and from th* iaid proper
ti** respectively, vi/.:
Description ot Property.  ■. j
303.7 ft.
303.7 ft.
30S.7 It.
330 ft.
' 880 ft.
880 ft.
830 It.
830 It.
830 ft.
303.7 ft.
380 ft.
366.8 ft.
866.3 ft.
- 330 ft.
830 ft.
830 tt.
880 tt.
830 fl.
830 ft.
330 ft.
3110 It.
330 ft.
330 ft.
3.30 fl.
837.8 ft.
887.8 ft.
ItO ft.
698 '
160 ft.
.160.8 ft.
377.6 ft.
508 ,
131.6 ft.
160 It.
407 ft.
300 fl.
160 ft.
1«0 ft.
407 It.
The saitl Dudley Road Loral Improvement Kute or Tux shall be und is
hereby levied and chaigid annually
for the | ei imi of lifiy yours as a lien
nr ' h.n c payable ulunti with and in
addition to, and its forming putt nl
the annual real estate taxes payalile
fur and nut of the said rcspe live
propel iii". In the said Cqrpuratinn. .
But it is hereby prnvlded that in
thu event of uny of sajd properties charged with said lludhy
Uoad Local Improvement- rule,
being now or ben after siih-
divioud, then the snid rule
shall also ha tirupurtion ilcly subdivided and ael tied uccoraling to the
(rnntiiiie of tim li nail or hit iltniUiiV
un laid Dudley Koad and the sunmi i-
sion of the land shall be so made tlmt
us far US possible no purl > r hit a-
butting will have a less depth thuii
nno hundred and twenty fn t I ack
frum such fruntagc und un such sub-
divi.-iou being so mudu uml appruvol
nf hy ceriiiiciie authorized by the
Cuuncil (ur tho registration of tho
map or plan Iheienf, th n thc sail
fruntage rale shall be a rhuria i nly
nn such parts ur lols abutting on said
slreet, und lhe remainder uf the siid
properties su subdivided (ifuuyi .h 11
lie freed und released frum lhe snid
rate as a charge or lien.
7. The debt Hereby created is ciealed an Iho security of Ihe suid Dudley
Road Local Improvement Kale, sillied nnd levied as Imt iiu I »'li ne pruvidol.
and it is guaranteed by tlie Muniii-
palily al lurge.
8. This It,- law may be cited (ur all
purpnses us "The Dudley Kuad Lmul
Impruvemenl Lunn By-Lnw, 1010,'.'
and shall mine inlo effect un the Iimi
duy uf Fcbruaiy, 1911.
Passed by (he Cuuncil nn lho 37th
day uf December, 1910.
lln i ivnl the assent uf the   Eiecluls
at an Elecliun held uu the
day of 1911.
lie onsi.liai.il IIM,| u,m||y .dupieil by
the Cuuncil and sigmd by Ihe itieve
and ('lerk and souled with lhc Corporals deal on the day
ol                        1911.
TAKE NOTICE thut the above is a
true ropy ut (lie promised I'.v l.nw np
ou whi.h the vote of tlie Municipality
will be taken wilhin lhe pulling places at the Lynn Valley Institute Hull,
the Church Hull al tha corner oi
Lonsdale Avenue, end'Queen si ml,
and at Hullyburu, Writ Cutiilanu,
all in the Diitrict ot North Vancouver, on Saturday, the 14th day of
•Ianiiaiy, 1911, between the hour* of
9 o'cluck a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE U hereby given
that the vute o( the Electors "I the
District of North Vancouver will be
taken on "The Dudley Koad Local Improvement l/oeo By-Law, 1910," on
Saturday, the I4lh day ol .(nnu 'ry
1911, between the knurs of 9 o'cluck
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m. within the
following polling placet, vii.: Thi*
Lynn Valley Institute Hall, the
Church Jlall at the corner ot Lonidale
Avenue and Queen Street" and at Hol'
lybu-rn, West Capilano, ail in the District ot North Vancouver, and lb*t
John 0. Farmer lie* luan appointed
returning officer to take the vote* of
eaeb electon with the ueuei poweri in
ik* hmeil.
ly order of the Council
oi Uio Councij
M"y. fcttfiUGflT,
john fl, mum,
m-u____o. m
A BY-LAW to enable lho Oorpnratlnn
oj tho City ol North Vancnuver tu
grant uid tu tlm Wnlimu khip.
yards Limited, by iim inpl-iuu frnin
Municipal taxiitiiin and Water
rate*. ,
WHEKEAS the Wallace Shipyards
Limiind. an industry established within tho Municipal limit* has iu|ii'tsoiit-
nl to tho Council ol the Cily of
North Vancouver that it prupuscs In
enlarge ils plant by building larger
and lunger wharves, ottoiidinu its tiiu-
i Iiinn shops, installing a luiiiujiy plunt
and I u outer into Ihe saK aim Imsi tics i
uml fur thut purpose '" build or pur
chuSO    a    mlil all'e     : I null. I      c ,111111 ii I
wilh the latest and must powerful
pumps, etc.
AND WHKRI'lAS Um suid ('ntntian.1
has ii'ipia'.ami tho Ctiiincil In suiimil
for thu us*cnt uf the I I,. i..i.. a By-
Law lo enublo the City tu iimnl mil
to the Cpmpany by exemption frum
municipal tax-ilipp and w,,dr ralaj
lor a pei iod nut exceeding ten year*;
AND WPRIiAS the sniil Coniliany
agreed to enler into an ugnolnont
with the city providing intu alia (or
.■"Iaai ."in. thoir plant us ubovo set nut
apd lur thut purpose fur expending
during tho yoar 1011 llie sum ol at
least Thirty Tlinimaiid i.-:iii,in ii.i ii| Dollars, and a fm thm sum of at least
Thirty Thousand («:ill,0>;0.l|ll) llnll.,r-
during the year 1013, and lu cnntitiu-
utisly carry un 'thu business • ul shipbuilding exclusively wilhin lho C|tv
aif Nurlh Vuncuuver during thn tuid
pm imi nf ten years; the minimum tin-
iniul puy mil nf thu Cumpany tu Ik'
at   least    Flirty   Tin, lis, lllal    |s|II.HI'l.llll|
ll.illm.-; iiiiiiiii' tho luntiituuiire uf the
pei imi fur which stub uid mny lio |>iv-
AND WHKKIUiS tho busiescuiricd
am by the suid Company dues nut and
is not Intended lo compete with any
iii.iniil.il nn,im industry nr oiilorprisc
already established und inriying on
its operations within the Muni.ipul
limits i
AND WHEBBAS the Cuuncil ' hns
I'otnii'iiii'al to -suiimil ihe said   By-Law
US   I'l'iple-.leil,
TII|..K|.;i''OK|.', the Maynr und Aldermen uf the Cily uf Nortli Vancouver
in open meeting lisieinblid (with the
consent uf Ilm !'lecture nf the said
City duly uhtninel) enacts us fulluws:
1. The Cuuncil n| Um ("jty nf Nnrlh
Voncnitvct dolli betel y, subject tu the
coudiliiins und lei ins herein sit oul,
grant uid In tho Wiillnc. Shipyotds.
Ltd., un iiidusliy'i'stnlilisbed within
the Municipal limits uf lhe Cily ol
North Vuncouvor, by dimpling the
suid industry from lho paynieni of
municipal taxes nnd wntcr niii'l fnr a
porind nut exceeding Ion years.
3. ilefnro lho exempli, n linnlion-
ud und set uul in the fnrouuinu pnru
graph shull take eli.. i nr bo in fune
ler intu an' aureeniiiil wilh lho Cily
nf Nortii Viincoiner. Ilm i.nn of
which shnll bn snlisluctnty to the
Coundl n( the said cily by wh'ih the
said Wallmi' .Shipyut'ils, i.lil; shall
ouriHi forthwith tu unlaw tlnir plant
by building lurticr nnd Innger whurve.
extending Iheir llliichine shujis, ilistnl-
ling ii fouijdry plant uml purcjlMing
a suitable steamer tu cngutie nnd carry un sulviige blilinom und in tarry
ing nut suilt purposes In expend during tho yeur 1911 lhc sum of ut least
Thirty   ll.... - ml i ■ii'iu'in uu,  hli
wnp. tb* yew 11)18 ond fo t»rw
i|  Ai jwther
riillillliit   llf llllill  [lusimiss sp
minimum annuiil puy mil uf the Com-
pany   shall be at )oa*t Fufly   thm-
W («o,ooii.oo) Dollar* in Mch sni
oveiy year,
8. The time fpr the commepotmret
pf ibe exemption hereby granted hy
my ol wd' *b*H be th* l*t d»y Al
ilutiiiury, 1911, and the otpiry ol th*
same sliall be tb* 8lit d»F o| fl*-
ciinlier. III3H. Tbo wm e«.mpt
from the payment of water rate* uniler ilus Hy-low ii only to b* mid by
the Company on it* preuijso* in e*r-
•ying on tbo bush-eii of »liipbuild(ng
apd shull not oxciiod M,000 cublolMt
in any one month.
4. Failure op tbe p*rt o| tb* fib
bico Shipyards, Ltd. to observe ind
comply wilh ouch and every ol rtn
.■a audit imm exptossed in this Bylaw
or in tlio cnnlniet lo lie made Inn-
iiiulli shall render thi* Hy-lnw null
nml void und any extmptlnn hereby
granted shall tluiimpi n ceuio nnd do-
8. All expenses, lugul epd otherwiie
in caiiiiii'itiiiii with litis Byluw including llie rnsls ul siibmiiilo'n to thl
electnrs sbull^lw paid by the Company
In the I'ily ill N.iilli Vamouver on
, li. The Iniul,:, of tlie Company sliell
bo open ut all reasonable timet to the
inspccliiin uf an ami tnr to ht up-
pointed by llicCity lor that purpoie,
7. Tlio Vmpurty nl the I umpany
hi'ii'in exempted frum tnxalii n an
Luts Sevan (7), Eight (8L Nin* (»),
Ten (III), Eleven III), nnd Twilve (13)
in Blank Ono Hundred end Seventy-
six (176) District Lot Two Hundred
nnd Seventy (uur (374) together with -
tin- wu lei front and fnnshnro right*
appertaining therein,
8. 'ibis By-law slmll come into ef
fed on lhe 17th duy uf January, 1911.
0. This By-Law may he cited for all
piitpusi's us tlm "Wallace Shipyard*,
Limited Aid By-Law, mil."
I'." ed hy iln- Cuuncil on lha 39th
day ul Dcacnils-'r, A.l)., lulu.
Kc, cived the assent af the Electors
1 uf the Cily uf Nurlh Vancouver ut an
i election Iniil lur the purpoee  un
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means i marked saving in
(uul and lietter baking results.
only docs its work BETTER
but AT LESS COST than
'lll'l      K-Ull'' "...
Wu can demonstrate to you
the whole Superior I'lian-
■ iiim principal of economy
and efficiency in ten minute*,
Is it not Worth llial ipuch
ol yum lime right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Hhone 58. 133 Lonsdale Avenue
day ul .lunuury, A.ll., 1011.
llicnnsineriil,   adopted  and   finally
pa. nl by the I'oiimil,1 sinned by tbe
'Inim and City ('lerk ana sealed with
the City seal nn tho' day   ol
.laiiunry, A.D. IOI).
TAK I', NOTICE Dint tho above i* *
I true copy nf tho prupiKwi By-Law up-
I nn which tho vnle uf the   Elector*   ol
| tlm Muni, ipnliu  ul the City ol North
Vancouver will be taken within   the
| Cily Hull, Nufth Vuncuuver, II. C, On
Thursday, tho  Twelfth  day ol January, A.I)., 1011, liclwien the houn ol
I 0 o'clock a.m. und 7 o'clock p.m.
t'ily Clerk und Keturning
i I'l'IILIC NOTICE is hereby given
llml the vnle uf the Eleclori of the
Ciiy nl NurUi Vancouver will be liken
un the 1'Jili day ol January, 181), lie-
litccn the hours uf 0 u'elnek a.m. end
7 n'i luck p.m. on "Th* Wallac* Ship-
yiirds, Limited, Aid liylaw. lllll,"
und lhat within tbu City Hall. Norlh
a Vaiuuuver. 11. ('., and that TboBat
■Shepherd has been unpointed Return-
inu Dili" i tu lake the vole ol imh
Elector* with the usual (lowers in that
Ily urder ot lhe Cuuncil,
Cily Clerk.
♦'     ra
' ■
One who saves wisely  ja not
considered a miser.
Knilin is he given credit fur
unit li good- sense   aud   judicious
He inujks ahead and sees, perhaps sickness, accident, or any
one ol the 'niulljliide of things
Which might cause an unusual
strain upon hie resources.    ' >5
One Dollar will slart an account
with t|ie Hank of Hamilton.
C G, HEAVEN, Agent,
Nofth Vancouver.
'  li'll
mum\\} wmftut ■■
\ m EXFRPg, ,1
■ . A ■W^TJF1     fff"tk\\\W^rWwftnmr      u   *%•%' ^f*B
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NqwWpw for 1011
Many Candidi»tcs \n tlio BHnlHW
Now|i)t|t(um lor dw-ifi,aldprnWt
«e|ionl trustees nnd hfcy/commit in|i-
Wn clonal yosl|!Fi|uy afT p.m,        1
fha' fallowing list «huw» that tho
unnteBt wil) ho an ojcoodiligly jntorcat-'
lag one Irom t)io number pl cunilj
dfites who aro nut lor pivio Jionors for
A. 111. Kenly, broker, propnjor, K.
P. Itrjdgomun f wonder, d. W> Donaldson ; supporters, I'l. Adumsoti, 0.
P'. Iwepii, H. II. Capipholl, d. J.
Woods, A. S. Iiiiiini:,!.
Wm. MeNoish, retired, proposer, 8.
Fuwcutt f seconder, .1. Q, Kelly.
Hi. Imnl chini, Uiai, ii'iin'il, pnipiiH-
or, O. p. alucksou; seconder, Edward
T. Pollock.
Win. alas. Dick, liriihor, proposer,
Donald Mai,,muni ; snauillla 1', V.
IVpijrick W. Fowler, printer, prt|po»-
er, <r. A. MeMlllan ; seconder, I con-
anl J. Sale. -,,
Arthur dumes Ileitdeisnn;' ii'il on
gineer, proposer, Frnnk Wlti'clcr; see
I'lial. i. p, F. Foreman.       '  .
Cluiiii's II. Killsiin, accountant, pro-
posor, Leonard .1. bale; f ccondor,
Geo. S. Shepherd.
flcorge Wulliii'o Mi'ltuo, nn:,.uiiliiit,
proposer, desso Williams; lO'iintlcr,
I'crcy Wohstor.
Ales. Philip, conveyiin'cr, prop.ii.er,
,E. Muhon | seconder, S. lliiil'liui'Ker.
(jno. •). I'liillippo, linker, proposer,
il, It. I'aine i Bemud, i', lid. l'i ers. '
Win.  Knowles, coiilriiclor, propniif,
Percy  Wolwicr;  s itdar, 11. Midiii-
Ah-.*. aSniilli, broker, propo,or, W.
ll. Irwin j seconder, ('. J, ,luel:suii-
Arthur W. Sargent, linkr, pr-ipos-
cr, -le.-si: Williams; ttccoudor, Homy
S. G. EVM.
Henry p, Wrighl, liiniher merchant,
proposer, d. II. l'aiine; itcondor, Mils
worth Ma Hill, n
Herbert W. Youn;, loiiti'iii'tor, pro-
poser, It. ('. Hiss; seconder, I'. .1, tv
School Tritslios
•Initios II. Prater, plumber, proposer,
II. II. Campbell; suctindrr, ThoS. llul-
.las. W. Ilay, retired, proposer, W
.1. lruin; seconder, A. T. Kennedy.
Hen., Herbert Muni, I,. editor, proposer, Win. ,1. Irw'n ; iccondcr, Win.
II. Mny: silppnttirs, ''">• Vi. Melt c,
II. 8, il. liaaii-II nml deme Williams,
Arthur Hoo. l'erry, manager, proposer, ,|. A. Mi'Millnn ; seconder, Vi.
I. Iloull.
1 Fredrick '1'nrii, eontriiitor, proposer,
IVny King; sreonder,' C F. Fore
lluni Barton Wolson, architect,
proposer, Alex. .Smith ; s cinder. It-
•I, Fowler.
Fen y I 'ammlisioners
Allifd Edward t'tiikmiiy, broker,
proposer, Kd. T. I'o'loek ; secundei,
lilii.ii'l Peers.
: Cliiisloplior F. Fi'i'iiiiiii, broker,
proposer, Win. II. Hay!ticondor, Vi.
, Mordeii,
Cul in Fred .Iim k .mi, in. iiiiiini, pro-
(poser, H. C. Hiss; seionder, li. S.
Shepherd; siippoitci-, 11. W. Ehlei
nnd tiro. W. Me|tiio.
' Tbi>n. .Inulas Kieklnm, mutter inu
liter, proposer, II. W. Klder; wcondor,
1,1'onnid .1. Side.
j I'eler Larson, hotel proprietori proposer,   d.   A.    M ■ Mill ill |   al''Dllll'l',   T
L. Kennedy.
Koiinl.il Mi'Millnn, linker, proposer,
W. I.. Iiiiiiii : seconder, Hm. Buldwin.
.lohn I1.   I'liini-, niiii lmiil, propi men
Alex. Smith; icc<ndei>.l. A.  MoMil
lun;   supporters, F. Whcccr mil   I'
I    Douglas   W.   HaOVI,  IIOll.UlllOUl,   pr.'
"        . 'I ".. l ".. ■"
 ,.    .   VJV '
■flrflpr I nnstlale and Second.
l'lione 255
Stock Reducing Sale
We are showing 36 inch Stripe Flannel*
ettes sold everywhere 15c.
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|\J' 11   i.lia.iii and . i niiiiiiiii 'ul.
ty nm. now anil li'e convinced.
B. C. Electric Railwaj Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdile Avenue.
Municipality of the District of North Vancouver, to wit:
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the Electors of the Municipality aforesaid,
that a Poll has become necessary at the Election now pending for the same, and that I
have granted such Poll, and further, that the persons duly nominated as candidates at the
said election, and for whom only votes will be received: are
Columbia Gramophones
and Records
Warhuriiilz Piano House, Limited
443 Lonsdale Avenm
Phone 114
|ini".|,   I'l.   Milium,   iccniulir,   1*1.   IJ.
•lei-.o William*, ioiit,il, |ii,,|i,.»,r, W.
.1. Irwin ;   ■,<>n.l.i. t,n>, Vt. II line.
' HMMI   .1' ATlllN
Editor I'ljpri
IVrwjl mo to tliinil, ya,u Iaar inciting' my lell.r In your i'«ne ol luuii
my   i.il..   und   allow una   In. rtilioito
iniu   nlita.ii.il   in   iiiiMur    lo   mini.'
ii'iili.e lho lint thul llio nlliee ol ler-
ty   direilor in u vory important ono
ntnl tlint il i< utiiiiti lo n|ieiid   |iub-
li<    iiinni')    liiiil    aiid    then   eouie
l'u, tlio   riile|iuyoia    lor   a    bylaw
In    provido    lor    aaino   allor.    la
aaiiielimiiiii,    Mr.    Kiliiaii,    you   aro
"ii'.l in youi a-iuuiiiae thut it iimy
*i ti In  Ity   und   improve   Ibe iilua-
liml by luii   uie i in
'Your* truly,
k. II. UII'I ni'ii.
,   NH.   I iinliio Ihnt initio ol Uio now
I'lial miu dn imt hi,iie ninii to your       , . , .... .
'       „ , , a,lilllilllll,■,      IM     aaiil    lllll, ||,|«       IlllVOialO
muo ef Dec. Titti lho   alliiliiri   re-'
poll"   in   pilllliiliell, lliill.01   llo  >.■'• •'»-
I'l. in uli)  you eiutniflei  HJ pel rent,
da'preeiiiliuli  nil  llio  Innilt  nn   nuipl<
tlio  roimnnl   ol  »pilluona  from  the
llie   lllllll,.,   by   lu'aili,a   ihem   I lll'l e.Iliey
ma.ninn;.■   tlmi ilnly lnil.il   uud    oi
tbero   ure   lawn   prohibiting   luillisu
■iiini,   pin'iil   bv ~lniiiiL. lhe   niiinai.'1'i   ,        ij ul    a .l i
'.'"., I would Itko to ttoo the employeoi in-
nnii niinii lv mii   >o nin   vour   ululo-    ,_.,.,    ■        ,,      .    . , .
1 • ', ulriieloil to have lhe offondora puniah-
lllllll    llllll    |-a.     I     a     In   .-        Ill    |4| III 111..- . , ,,, 1,    , ||
1 ,      ,.        , nl nnd lliun novo Ide at II It a will
i lllllllll    Vlllles    llll I   lliill'I'llllll   Jllnif.   , .    ,  .|    .   ,   i i    . i    ..
«, „    ,.,.,    , Uovmi (ail lliul luboriulioit   ol   tht
t> lh il int Iht i.e.-ne, Hi. ImIiIoi I
Othar Nanus
Whother for Reovo
w OoimclUar
For what
Bank, Prolession
or Occupation
-1 1*''    "
A-                                    1
ilKAl, FSTATK Alihiyi
JOHN yot'Nii  '
I.YNN VAI.I.F.y          .'IKNTldvlUN
'll'illtiil'', Wlld.lAM
I.VNN VAIJ.KY          jilFNTIaFaMAN
Of which all persons ire hereby required to take notice and to govern themselves
Given under my hand at North Vancouver this Ninth day of January, in the year
1911 *
JOHN G, FARMER, RMwrnlng Officer
Will you kindly look nl Ihul  linlaiiae
-luel uiniii  nml l<ll tno why  10   por
alll        llipiOlilllinll      il<    --llll'll     00    UlU
liile liirinlnri nnd only 11{ pel tent
tit llu botili' 1 'I I" ii n.'i 'in ii<> dean
-ii. why do you iniiki no imlilion ul
the linliilily a,I mer »''H."00 evelnilcl
Iioin ilie biilniii'ia "Inal. My ale i Mr.
I'llilm, I do iiiit I link >"U hnve
tin pnl ihu purport "I iny leHor.    I
ninl-ed you lor praitiiig lho   dite.
tort mi prcllily.when I do nnl  Ihink
tlwy do-eried  il.
An you vlnlod in youui ol Inn. Ulli,
llial tuy letter will ho lead with In-
I «t il innlii'i. ine eyoi ini iini innnph
In   ini'ii   llie   -llil'lm Iltl   ii nil''I')'llie
rtndldtlea lm the huy boaa^at pub-
li'lutl in ."iin ii»ue ol Imiuary iiih.
lhi' pain I tilvv lo Mt. ll- W. II.un-
il'.i lhe by I do not know lhe ten
I Iiiiiini oven by nighl) an he Ire it- lho
', -intjid Juilnti ol ii n |i ii ili"ii ai
n.'in . lina.,' id rnpidily, eluapneai anl
eomtorl ; the nmoiid mau who ougbj
in !,.■ wiled (or'in Mr. C F- Foro1
man (lo iny I'M I do not know him
>illn>i) my iea»'i|i lndnv thai hit re
marki rt Onnnio an miund and bit
iritlnmn ol llio olDcn huildinu ii
Iniitlil ti, Ihe fxiiul. II he if (looted I ihope lie will try and havt il
i'liiiid ilovvii nnd built aerom Hie
.Ini'l where it uujHit. lo be, Mr. t.
K. I'riekmny ond p. I!, f, Jackaon
lioulil n\m lit m^iiorted at tbry ail-
voeale a bl%ket rate ,.l vmnu |o em-
phiyoee with faetateei t%W>y   iai
luoiiH it vory jaonluiiioui (rom tht
f im eotilaiiMl in Uie tpulum. IJ
a mini ban lu tpil lot l-in go to Ihe
»ido ol Ibo boat.
Another point ihai it not touobed
upon in lile , in in.... io cute of arci-
ilmi. Tlio irow li.aiilil bo drilled at
leant   twin,   a   wivk   and   lile  rafts
llaalllil     bl'    lUll-iwJ- A.B.I).    '
NOTH'F. in hereby given that the
Court ol Iluiaiiin ol Diitrict Anwii-
uieni Koll will nipt in the lh»iiiit.
Muni' ipul illliar. Norlh Voneouver»op
lm ley, llic Ulh day ol February,
lllll at 3 o'clock I'.in wben all coin-
pluinli   nnd   oppcalt   againnt tttett-
llli'llU   ttill   In. lull.nlil ill.
Nolice ol iMinplniiiln and appctlt
mi t bc niven to the Atteetor al
leant li;n dayi belore Ibo taid date",
nnd .aiil. nolice nutl tot lorth the
ground ol complaint.
'•inn under my hand thit 8th
day ol  linni-iiy, lllll.
HillN li. FAKMl-IK, ('.MC.
Room 10 eni II, Fonder Chambersj
699 pander Stuart V,
Heaidmce, cot. U,o*dili k*t   eai
Bai ttiael, M«^ Vs*ooavsr. THR IXPRSSfr WOltTH^^yCvyVBRi & d
I B?'JiAW to. malilo the tlorporatinn
■ I oi lb DWriut nt North TwniRiivw
. to raliiji by wny wl loan tha mm
ol 110,1)110 lor tha purpose ol erecting » Uunipjiwl Hull awl Officw,
'WBEJIEAH ii Petition dated an to
i*oh uignntmo anil signed dy tlm
i-ol iihuh than nun-hall inniliitt
. lha rool property in tlm Dlut'loinl
Horth Vancouver, im shown hy tlm
last revised Assessment liull, Ii.in Iron
presented to t|m Council nl il.u sniil
District  reipiimtillg   Hum   !>)  ilill'iiilmiii
and ii'iin 11 Ily-luw in imt iiiiivii tin ni
lo borrow lha sum ol llO.mlO tot the
purpose ol prnyiiling |ili|>la to luwt a
Municipul llall uml lllliiTH .mil emend-
lim and '"yii'u nut ine i.muuds
around them t
AND WIIKItKAS it will he necessary
to ini«i iiiiiiiuilly by ia|i"'inl mi'i tlie
num ot tm (or tlnvterro ol (llty yoarj
lor the repayment of the taid luen
and (or Internet thereon nt tlm rats
of five pur ..'ui., mi imiliiiiifiiai provided :
AND WHKIIKAS the vBlne ot the
whole in11'iililu prnperty in the mini
District iirninlini! to the lael ruviscd
Aiiosiimuit   lloll  amounts to afi.'JIll,
AND WHEBKA8 the aggrsgato ol
the Debenture Drbt of the Muni, ipul
ity (except for wurks of lueiil im
prnvemoiU) including the' lonn herohy
authorised amounla lo HI lil.nnii;
TilKHKKOIll.'. Ilm Kiwi, end Cuuncil
of the Corporation nf (hu liistriet ol
North  Vaneouver,  ill  Council  nsiem-
tied (with the  -m nl the Klei'tnni
ul the Hi.t mii duly obtained) do hunt'
by enact ne follow*, vii.:
i. It I'liull lie lawlul fnr the Council
lor the pm pus,! ailuiv.-.uiil to borrow or
raise by way ol lunn frnm any per
ion or persons, buily or bodica cor
porate, who mny be willing tn ad-
viiiicu the muiii' upon ilm rl editoi the
Debentures hereinafter provided for of
this i 'in pm an nm n sum ur sums nf
money not exccciling in the whole the
sum of llu,mm, uud to cause the snme
to Iw pim i'al in the llnnk of llrilisii
North Aiimi im in Nnrlh Viincnuvir,
to the 'i"111 ul tlm Corporation fnr
the purpose aloreaaid,
' 3. Debenture llnmls ol llir Corporation tu the uimiiiiit ol slii.niwi in the
whole may be isvued by Ilm lh eve and
Clerk of the Corporation in terms ul
the Muui.ipul i l.m I-. Act in sums us
may be dciinxl, but nut em tiding II,-
000 eaeh. Kaeh uf said Dclienturo
lluiuls k|i I Ihi signed by the said
lla.vai ami I'li'ik nnd shnll lie hculeil
wilh lhe Seal uf thu ('iirpnrutiuii.
3. 'Hie said Debenture lluiuls shull
beat interest at u i.it.- nut em't'ciling
live iwi . ii'iil. per »n ii ii in, | ayablc
half-yearly un tlm 1st duy of February
and on Ihu Ist duy of August
in '»' li and every year during Ilm cm -
i.ii.y of (he said Debentures  or  uny
01 Ihem.    There shall be iittuehetl lo
the     Ha llall I Ulr    ll-ll  1        I '.11I|I()||H   VglWJ
by the It..".,' ..nli fur ouch uud every
payment nf hileroit Hint .-liull lie.mini
due, and smh signatures mny lm
either wrilten nr -i.uiip..1
i. Tliu suid ll, la. nnu. lluiuls ns lu
principal and interest shull ln< payable
at thu Dislriel Miinieipul OAiie, Nurth
Vaucuiivi'r, B. II,. mul ihe suid prin
cipal sum shull l>' mude puyabli> by
the Corporation ut a dute nut luler
lhan btl years frum llie 1st day
Of I'Vbinmv  lllll.
6. Tli.i• shull lie raised mul I'inl
annually liy u special rain un ull the
properly in llu- Distriit lhe sum ul
166 for llie purpose uf forming n Sinking Eund fur tlm payuunt uf suid lie
Imniinr.- when Ihey l*a unn- ilue, and
the sum ul -"""i fur the payment
ot the interest ut the rule ufniesiiiii lu
become due un smh dclieii lures during
lie currency thereof, mul lliul in udili
tiun In all ulin i rules lu be In nal
aiul ''ilia'I'il in llie said Distrii I.during the whole . iilniny ul Ihu saiil lie
bentures or any ol them.
6. Tlic Ciiiiiu I of the Ciirp'iruliun
for Ihu time being mny ut uny liinu
purchase the whole or uny ol lhe He-
dentures lo Is1 ismul under Ihis By-
Law provided they give In the h ■ I A. i u
liiilileis llniiHil nl busi sin mnlilhs' notice uf Iheir Intention In purchaM the
•ame, and miy in addition to lln pn/-
value ili'i.'al mnl (lie uccruad interest
III,ii'in (o llie iblle ul pun lluse, ll pre-
iiiiiiiii or I'unia ol una year's inleiesl
on such par value or smh less sum
as may lm agniil upon with the hold-
it or jmlili'i> iiiiiiiii, ami all smli lie
benl uns so pm.!. ,.| shull l:a lorth-
with unn, ll, I mul .1. -ii..;..I und no
ie issue of Debentures shuii tnke llluie
or Is in.i'la jn i'uusispji<uii] i,f 111111 re-
pur. hnse mul lhe suid Debentures shull
contain nu their luie u provision au
thnrieing repunhusa us herein provided lur.
7. This Ily Low inoy be cjled fur
all purposa« as "Thu Municipal Hull
bisn Bylaw,  I'UII."
I, Thi) By-Law shall 'ume into effect on (lm Isl duy uf February, l'J 11.
1'assul by llie Council on lhe 'iiii.
day nf I).-.ainli.i, I'.iln.
Uoncjvail lhe nisent nf the, Klueton
at Ul elcclinn held un (he
dty ol IVII.
lii'.uii-nl'i.a| nnd Anally uduplud uml
sigiii.l by lhe II.e,i. aiid (ierk ami
wal c.l on lhe duy uf
TAKK NOTICE (lml ihe ..linw i» ,,
true copy ol Ihe pruiiosed Hi l,n» up
, on whiah the vole ol thc Municipality
will ba taken within the |iolling pin
em at the Lynn Valley Inatitut* Hall.
Ihe I'liui.li Hall at Ilia corner ol
J/M*dnlc Avenue and <jui*n Sin.-i
and tt ilullyburn, Wi sl ( opilmio, all
in (lm Distil't ul Nc/rth Vancouvrr, on
Saturday, the 1**1* day ,4 .liunnry.
lill, Iietween the hours ul V o'clock
a.m. and 7 u'.lu'k p.m. *
porner ol lonsdale Avenn» and Qimh
Htreat, and at IMMmrn. Weat Caic
ilnno, all in the district 'ol North
Vanooiivar, and that 'lohn U- Parmer
hap been appointed interning officer
to take tlio voles o| each Electors,
with the iisiiul powers in that behalf.
By order nl the Conndli
JNO, V, ¥«NAUQflT,"
„,     . ™>*-
wwl at 8ol|yb»rni..
in tha District ol North Vanapiiflir,
id'l urning Officer.
« wrii-v,
I'CBMC HirtU'V,  is hereby    given
flhat Uu vola ot thi Sleeton ol the
fti,tri4 ol North Vancouver will be
■I "Tha Manl'lpal Hall Ismi
mt, 1UI0", on Satiuikyr lh.
day ol .laanary, IUII, betwr*s
hours of » ir1 Aon an- mi 1 it-
mek pn. within tki following unjl-
fm piatn, vii.: Wa !,van VJley In
aOUU Hall, iha Churct Holl at *•
District of North Vancouver
A DV-I.AW to enable the Oornoration
ol the District of North Vancouver to raise by way of loan tho
•um ol Won to assist in tba improvement ol Keith Uoad.
WHKIIKAS a ('"''li"" dated ee to
ench signature and signed by tha own-
era of more than one-hull in value ol
the real prupeily in the llistiia ol
Nnrth Vancouver, ai shown by tbe
last revised Assessment lloll, has been
niiisunlcd to the Council ul the laid
District iri|iii'i.liii|( them to introduce
und pass a By-Law to authnriie
thom to IniiTiiw (he sum of !60,0ii0 to
provide funds to assist in carrying out
(lie work of constructing a nnu'inlnm
imt driveway (and steel Bridge! and
auiuii'ti' subsi ructurua) ok tending Irom
llie Kust bunk ol tlie Capilano Itiver
west to Horse Shoe Buy in While Cliff
City, along tho Keith Uoad as deviated all within the District ol North
Vancouver: .
AND WHKIIKAS it will ha necessary
to misc iiiiiuiully by speeinl rate the
sum of »'J,B'JH for the term of fifty
years for the repayment of the said
luan and for interest thereon at the
rats of five per .ant. ee her innftcr
provided ;
AND WIIEHEAS the vnluo of the
wliule rutetilile property in Ihe said
District, according lo the'last revised
Assessment* Unit is HViHUilii;
ANI) WIIEUKAS the aggregate ot
tlm iliils'iiluie Debt of lhe Municipality (except for works of loial improvement) in, I inlim; tho loan hereby
iiiiiliuii/i-d umoiinls In (1411,0110...
I'llI'llil'll'llltK the Heave und Cuuncil
ul the Coi'porutinn of Ilm District ol
North Vuneoiiver, in Council assembled, hereby ctiuel as lulliiws, vi>.:
I, It shall lie lawful for the Council lor the purpose alorusuid to borrow or ruise by wuy ol loan from any
person or persons, bi dy or bodh s corporate, who nm) i '■ willing to ml
innn' iln snme upon tlm crodil ol the
Delientures hereinafter provided lur ul
lids Curpnrution a eum ur sums nf
money nut ciceeiling ill (he wholo the
sum ol 160,0110, and to cause the same
to be iilnnil in the Hank nf liriiish
Nnrth America tn the credit nf the
Corporation for ilm purpose lureinlie-
lure iiiiiiiiinl
I. ll. In ninn lluiuls nt lhe Corpora-
Iiun tu Ihu illinium uf 160,0(1(1 in ihu
wliule may be issued by thu Heeve and
Clerk ol llu i'mi "iiiiiun in terma ol
the Municipal Clauses Act in sums as
mny bo desired, bul not lor more than
jl.issi itch, Each ol said Debenture Bonds shull Iw signed by llie
said It, ev,' anil Chrk and shall Iw
-a'uliil wilh the Seal ol tlie Corporation.
II. The suid Delwuture Bonds shull
li. ni interest at a rate not exceeding
live iia, aenl ner annum, payable haii-
yearly un the lit day ol March
mul ull lho lirst day uf >,S | I. .una,
in euili and cycry your during tho currency of suid II,ap utm, - or any of
Ihem. I Iinie shall Iw altaehi'd to lhc
Delwuture Bonds Coupons signed by
the ltei'Vu mily for each and every
p .inn ni ut interest thnt shull Iwcumu
due, nnd smh signatures may be ei
llul written ur stamped.
I. Thu laid Delwnliiie Bonds as tn
pun' i|>iil alld inleiesl shull Iw puyuble
al the District Municipal OHiir,'Nnrlh
Vancouver, B. C, and lhe said' principal sum shall Iw mude puyuble by
lhe Corporation at a dale not lakT
lhat 60 yean frum the lit dey ul
March IVII.
6. There shall Iw raisul and levied
uiiiiunlly by a special rale uu all lhc
i.in uld,' land ur real pruiwrly in the
Dislriel Hm sum uf tin iot the pur
paal of forming a Sinking Eund for
lhe payment of said Debenturei when
duy Iwconie due, and llie ium of t'i,-
NO for the pm un i.i ol the interest at
(he rate ufaircsuid lo Iwciine due on
siuh debenturei during llu ruiraiicy
tliiTiul, mul that in aildiliun to all
olher rates lo lie levied and collected
in the said District during the whole
a an i. iii v ol Ihi said da lu'iii ui.' ur any
ul iiimi.
6. I'ln Council of thi (.'orporation
lor lhi imi" being may at any time
pun Ims,. (lie whulf or anv of Ull lie-
Iwiituru lu bi iiiued under thii By
l,aw pnividcd thny give to the holder
nr holders thereol at least iii monthi
notice ul Iheir InUntion to purchuie
Ilm same, and pay in addition t'i tlie
par value theieul and tbi accrued interest thereon io Hu data ol purchaM', a premium or bonus ol one
inn's interest on smh par value
ur "in h Uw sum oi may Iw agreed
upon with the holder or holderi thereol, and all sudi Dabenluroa ki pur-
aim-ail shall Iw lurlhwilli cancelled
mui di in.ml and no reiisue of He
Isniiins slmll take plai* or bc made
in , uiim.|iiia|iiv uf such repurchase and
lhe said IMmilures shall oontaio on
their lace a provision authoii/ing ri-
piinhne ai herein provided for.
7. Thi. By-Law may be .ilod (or
all purposes as the Keith Koad (west)
I ."nil  By-Law,   11*111."
8. 'lhi- By l,uw shall come inlo if
lot on tbi lit day ol March, IUII
I'usml by the Council on Ihe S7lh
day of ll...mber, |UI0.
Itecrived   the assent ol Ihe Electors
at an Election held on Ihe
day of .1911.
'  Ite. oiisidered and finally adnplid In
Ibe Council -aiul ilgnad by tbe Heave
and Clerk and sealed with tlu Corporate Beal on the day ol
TAKE  NOTICE  Ihul   the  above Is a
true ropy ol lha proposod Bv Uw tip-
on which Ihe vole of lh* Muni'ipnlily
will be taken within the polling places
at   th«  Lvnn   Valley  Inatituli Hall.
ih. Churl* Hall it Om w« of
i/osadali Aviaue aad qaem Stout,
on Saturday, the Mth day ol January, 1911, between the houra ot t o'-
pIopH a.m. and 7 o'cloc* p.*»i
lleturning Office
PUBLIC N0TICR is  buebv glvw
that tha voti ol th» Klwitora ol the
Wast OsplllW).»11    Bwrfyed tha.MWBt of tha Rlwtflm
at an Election bald on tha
day ol   . WU.
liistriet ...
taken on "The Koith Bond West Lpnp
By-law. IfllO," on Saturday, tha l«h
day ol January, Ml, batwoen the
hours ol 9 o'clock ii.iii. and 7 oV|.i«lt
p.m, within the lollowing poling liln-
caa. vl». i Tha Lynn Vulley institute
Hall, tho Church Halt at the corner of Lonidale Avenui and Qui-an
Street, and at Hollyburn, Weit Capilano, all in tha Diitrict ol North Vancouver, and that John (I. Farmer has
liivn   appointed   returning   officer    to
take  tbe voles  of iuch Electors, with
the usual poweri in that lehulf.
Ily order of the Council.
Hoeve,. •   .
tosti-ii t of North Vancouver
A BV-LAW to unable the Corporation
of the District ol Nnrth Vancouver
to raise by way of loan tbe sum ol
ttt.UOO for the purpose of aisiiting
to improve l.ynn Valley Boad.
WIIEHEAS a l'etition dated us to
each signature and signed by tho owners of mora tlnm one-hall in value of
the real prupeily in the Diitrict ul
Nortii Vnncouver, as shown by the
last revised Assessment Boll, hai been
presented to the Council ol the said
District requesting ihnn to introduce
and pass a By-Law to authorize them
lo borrow the sum of |»,0II0 for tbu
purpose of assisting to grudo und mu-
."I  Ihe Lyun Valley Bond from
the limits ol the City of Norlh Vaucouvor to Il.i una':. Creek Biidge.
AND WHEKEAS it will be ne. essary
to raise annually by's'|wciul rate the
sum of SIM lor the term of fifty
years for Iliu repuyment uf the laid
loan und lor interest thereon at the
rale ol live per cent., as hereinafter
i-i i>'-ul. -I ;
AND WHKIIKAS the value ol tba
'.•■l.'.i.'   rutcuble   pioperty in tho   laid
District .... ..nl  to the last  reviled
Assessment Bull amuunts  tu th/llil,-
AND WIIKItKAS tho aggregate ol
the Debenture Debt ul the Municipality (oupt fur works ol locul   improvi iii'iii >  including  lhc Inun
In I- III       million.aa!    UlUUUIltS    111    t'i HI,
THEBEEOiiE the Heave und Council uf llie Corpurutiun of the District
ol North Vancouver, in Council assembled (with lho assent ol tlie Klc-t-
ors duly i al.i nim al | do hereby enact as
follows, vii. t
I. it shall Iw hm I'd lor the Council
for tliu purpose utorcsuid to In.in w
or raise by way of loan from any
pi i on or persons, body or bodies corporate, who may Iw willing lo ml
mine the sumc upon the credit of the
lli'li.'iiiiii.'.- herciuufler provided for of
this Corporation a sum or turns ol
money not cxecudiiig in the whole the
sum of Jn.ishi, and to cause the sume
to Iw placed in the Hauk of British
Norlh America, in North Vancouver,
to thu credit of the Cor|ioration lor
lhc piiipu-is belore nurraled.
3. Delwuture Bunds ol tbe Cur pi ratios lo the amount of f-.tmn iu the
whole may Iw issued by Ihe Heeve and
Clerk of Ihu Corporation in Unas of
lhc Mm,i< uml Clauses Act in .-urn- as
muy Iw .!.■-in.I, but nol for more
lhan SI,IKHI each. Each of. laid
Debenture liunds shall Iw signed by
-uul Heeve mid Clerk and shall Iw
■■■■ili'I with the Seal ol the Corporation.
I). The said Delwuture liunds shall
Iwar interest at a rate not exceeding
five p.i cent. |wr unnum, payable
half-yearly un the first day ot February and nn Ilia first day nl
August in each and every
year during the currency id the suid
IMs'iitiii'". nr any of lliem. Tlnn
-'ii'iil Iw ninn li.il to lhi Delwuture
Bondi coupons signed by the Itcevu
only fnr inch and every payment nf in
I ei est thul Shnll Iwrnme due, nnd such
signnture mny Iw either written or
I. The saiil Delwuture Builris as lo
prinripal and interest sliall be payable at the Dislriel Municipul Office.
Nurlh Vuncuuver, II, ('., and the iaid
pnin iimt sum ihall be nilide payable
by the Corporation at a dale not
later than Bfty yean from the first
day uf Ei-liiamy, 1811.
6. There shall be railed and levied
annually by a spatial rate on .ill the
iiiiiiiiii.' land or real oruperry in the
In-ii u i lhi sum ol i'ill lor lhi purpose of forming a sinking fund tor the
liaymaut of said dibciiluiu when they
lua uin.- due and the sum ol ttt*) (or
tlui payment of tha inleiesl at the
tale uian, snial to become due un such
Debenturei during the currency thereof, and Ihal in addilinn to all other
rataa to In levied and collected iii the
.uid Diitrict during the whole currency uf the laid Debenture! or any
of them.
t. The Council of the Corporation
for the lime being may at any time
purchase the whole or any of i'he De-
Iwnturce to bt Inutd undir ibis By-
Law providad tbey give lo the holder
or holders thereol at (cut iii
months' notice of iheir intention to
pun hnse tho lame, and pay in addi-
iion to thc par value thereo! and the
m.iiii.I interest thereon to the 'Ind-
ol purchase, a premium or bonus ol
one yen's inteieet on nnti par value
or nuill less sum as may be agread upun with the holder or holders thereof,
and' all such Debenturei no ourchaiM
•hall be forthwith cancelled and de
slroyid and no radwua slmll taki
place in ~nin'ei|Uen«i ol audi renur
chaos aad the uid Debenturei ahall
contain on their face a provision authorizing ri-piirihase ei herein providad I'ir.
7. This Hy Law may be ritad for all
purposes •• "The Lynn Valley Uoad
Loan By-Uw HUH.''
6. Thii By-Law shall come into ef
(act on tha Ant day ol Pabruary,
aPaaaadbyt^i Council o« tba 97U>
,„ that lha aBflVB l~v
trim copy ol the proposed By-Law upon whidi tha vote ol the Muiiicipalily
will be taken within   tha   polllntt
S'mies ut the Lynn Valley Iustiiiiin
all, Tha Church llall at the corner
p| Lonsdale Awpe and Queen Btrnet.
and at Hollyburn, Wast Ca|iilano, all
in the District of North Vancouver on
Saturday, the llth day of January,
IUII, between the hours ol 9 o'clock
a.m. und 7 o'clock p.m.
john fl. nmm,
Ili'I iirniiii! llll'i! r.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that tha vote ol lho Elect ore of the
Diitrict ol Nnrth Vnncouver will be
taken on "The Lynn Valley Boad
Loan By-Law, lUlll," on Saturday-
the 14th day of January, HHI, between the hours ol U o'clock a.m. and
7 o'cluck p.m. wilhin Ha lull win"
lolling places, vll, j The l.ym Valloy
Institula Hull, the Church Hull at
tho enrner ol Lnnsdale Avenue a a I
Quoin Street, and at Holly!.u n, We-l
Ciipiliiiio, nil in the Distiict of North
Vancouver, and that John (1. Enrmer
hui  bcOII   lappa iill I i'al   n III I ninn   ollii'i'l   I .
take the votes of such l'leilor.-', with
the usual poweri in that hehulf.
Hy order of tlie Council,
lleconiidered and foully adoptad by
the Opunnil and nignad by m Heave
and Clerk and sealed with tha Dor*
porats seal on th* day
of Ull.
hii pwvfnw la nitwit* |. „
Vancouver, and Ghentw fl, mtill
prnt#r-*M*w, whon srmmfa tu
Haitingi itrcat, Vancuuvar, dforcasid,
li tha attorney (or tha Company,
The amount ol capital ol tba Company is Seven Hundred and Pi.'ty
Thousand Dollars, divided into »av-
enty-fivabnndrBdihnraa. •
fHV'El under my hand  and
Seal  of  Ollice  at  Victoria,
(I,. S'I  Province of British Columbia,
thii nineteenth day nl Deoem-
bar) Aiil Uiiyiuilif ulna1 huir
dred anil ton.   •
Bogiitrar of Joint' stock Companiea
Tha obj*cta for whieh thia Company
hai been established and licenie:! nre:
Tha inumiluctiiiiiig, buying, soling,
trading and dealing in anwi, barbad
wire, lend pip*, 'oad ihot, lead traps,
white loud, putty, mixed painti, iol-
otirs,- varniili, pli.mbe a', tinsu ithi'
and suw-mills supplies, too|i, utensils, household furniture, stoves, hurd-
wure goodi, aud all klndi ol auppliai
for merchant!, dealer!, farmoii and
Tht manufacturing, producing, buy;
ing, wiling, trading and denting lli
irnn, lleel, lead, nickel und nthei metals and ores ol every description.
Tn   iieiplire   nllliriM,    delienllllell    and
securities of other iompaniea as Ibe
consideration for goodi, wnres and
merchandise mid to iuch companiea in
tlie ordinary course of liuiiuesi, the
opi'i'iitii n." of lha said Company to
lie carried on thinughnut the Dominion nl Canada.
"Companiei Aot, I89i"
Province ol British Columbii:
No. 366
ou the 16th day uf Auguit, l'JOii wus
authorised and licensed to carry ■ n
buaineai within the Province ol British Columbia, a In ro' y uut o isiduml
licensed to curry out or « ret all or
any of the additional ubjects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of Ihe legislature ol llritisli
Columbia extends.
The head offiia ol thi Compaiy is
situate jn England.
The am.unit ol lhe capital of the
Conipuny ii HlOi.OM, divided into 76,-
000 "A" shim ol £1 audi. 30UW
"II" ihurci of £1 each, and 40,000
"C" sharei of li noli.
Tin head ollice of tha Cum; any in
thii Province ii situate at Million's
Bank Chambers, Vancouver, and Her
bert Lock w-a,ml, Koiaiiciul Agent,
wlm■ e iiddiess ii the s-'iue, ii thl nt
torney lor the company.
GIVEN   under my hnnd   and
Sent  ul  offiia,   at   Victoria,
(L. S.) Province of Britiih Columbin, thii ittl day ol May.
One Thouiand Nine Hundred
•nd Seven.
Itegii'iiii ol Joint Stock Companiei
Tha additional objecti lor which
thii company Uai lieen established and
licenicil an :
(all) Thi emulation by purchase,
record, or any othar luwfiil meant ot
water and water power, water record! and pi iviligee:
loll) T'he application and diitribu-
(ion of water and waterpower by
erecting dame, inn casing the bead iu
any existing body ol water, or attending lhe urea thereof, diverting the
water of any stream, pond or lake
into any othor rhannel or channels,,
laying and ending any flume, pipe oi
will, conitruiting any rate* way, re
servoir, aquwluct, wer wheal, building, or olher erection or work which
muy be required in connection with
the uh ol water or water power, and
attiring, renewing, estending, improving, maintaining and repairing any
such wurks or any part tliereof;
lal) To Use water ami water powei
for mining purpoets, lor general irrigation purpoici, and lor all oiling,
manufacturing, indiutriul and mechanical purposes, or any ol tba iama;
(ufi) To use water and water-power
for producing any form ol power, and
for producing and generating cliOtri-
aity for thi purpoias ol light, heat
and power or any ol iuch purposei:
(afi) Constructing operating anil
maintaining ilntiic woiks, power-
houiei, generating plant and iuch ulli
cr appliance! and convenience! ai an
uacaiaary or proper lor gineiatiug
eUctricity or any other form ol developed powir, tml (or trnnnnitting tin
sann to bl uud by tha Cumpany or
by periom i» corporation! contrail
ing with tin Vompany therefor, ai a
motive power lor all tht purpom for
which-Water, water-power, ele trinity,
or electric power, derived f.om water,
may ba applied, uiad or raquind :
tai) Centrally for acquiring, holding and ming ill tha rights, powwt
owl priviiegsi tint may ba acquiral
by a power company under and by
virtua ol tha "Water (lauici Couol-
ulaiion A.i" ol tha' Province ol Britiih Columbia. 61
(July lit, miO)
Provinci of Britiih Columbia.
u mk imo)
(LIMITED) ii aiithuri/«J and iicenied
lo carry on buiineii within Ilia Province ol llriliin Columbia, and lo car
ry out or «ffn t tll or any of tba ob-
•ecle of tha Company to whicb the le-
gislttive aulhority of th* Ugiilalun
ol Britiih Columbia ixtandi.
Thi haad oWtaol tin Company ii
•ituau atl4i William itreet,  Unn-
Thi haadoffica of tlia Compay la
NOTICE ii hereby giv.'n that an application will be mmle uuder Part V.
nl ihn "Wnler Acl, lllllll," lo obtain
a licence in the Municipality ol North
Vancouver, Now Westminster (now
Vincouver) district,
(t) Tho name, address and occupation ol lhe applicant Iiun i y liuddin,
Vancouver, 11. C, etpitallat,
(II lor mining purpose ) Fna Min
er'i Certilicote No.
(b) The name ol tlie lake, sireuui
or source lit unnamed,' the description
is)—The stream travening the weitir
ly buundiiiy nl nid diitrict lot 763
between survey pegi (20 end HI) approximately 12210 ft ct from the n rlli
west corner poet of iaid lot.
(n) The point of div'ersinn—A point
at or near the wcoleiiy buundary ul
said lot.
(d) Tho quantity i.t water applied
for (in cubic feet per iccniid)—One cu
bio foot per second.
(el The churucter ol the proposed
wm I-,. I'lp.-H (ii be laid d r the f r
pose of carrying water In lhc up li
canl'i house and to other points
throughout laid diitrict lul 76'i.
(f)   llie premises un which the   water   is   to   lie   used (descrile   sunei
Thruughmit iaid Diatrict I.nl 7i,'J.
Jy(g|   lhc purpose! Inr whi h the water ii lo bc ii cd-I). niestic and agri
llal If for iriii'.nluiii ihs'iile the
land intended lo be iirigulal, giving
|i| If the wuler is to ba uul lur
power or mining purposes dirribe the
place uini" lhe water is to Ihi latum-
ed to snme natural channel, and thr
difference in altitude botw cn point ol
diversion tnd point ol return.       —
Ij)   Area uf Crown limit intended to
be occupied by thc propuicd worl.i
(k) Thii notice wti posltd on tic
Llth day of Deremlwr, I'H", and ti-
plication will In made lo the Cnmm •
sinner on the SOth dty ul Jtnutry.
(I) Hive lhc nnmi'i ami td.lre eu ol
any liparian proprielnri or lia wile's
who or whose Iunds ire likely to be
effected by tin propuusd worki, cither
above or below thc outlet—None.
(Signtlurej HABXEY I1ADDEN,
Ctre   Devil,   Miiilnll,   Ma.Ntl
k Pugh.
(P. 0. Adilmal Vancnuver, B'. C. „
Nolo—One cubic foot |ier re. ond is
equivalent to 36.71 mincil' incliei.  .
NOTICE il hi-ieby given that an an
pin'iiinm will lia made under Part V.
ul tin "Wni. r Act, IW." lo obttin
t licence in the Municipality ol Norlli
Vincouver, in New Westminster (now
Van. unn i j diatrict.
(a) Thl iniui'., nihil ess and mcupa
lion ol the applicant- Harvey Uadden,
Vancouver, capittliit.
(II for mining purpoici) Erce Miner'i
I 'el llli. III..   NO.
(b) Tin ntun of lha taki, itratm
or louice (if uinitmed, tbe dtecription
il) Thl sti earn travelling thl wtitir
ly boundary ol Diatrict Lot 7(3 (bt-
tweeu survey pegs 36 and 37) approi-
ium I.'ly I HHI fnl hum the northwest
einni'i  post of itid lot.
(cj Tlia point ol ilivniiiin A point
tt or near tin westerly bonnduiy oi
I). I, 763.
(d) The apinnlily ol wuler tpplial
for (in cubic (eet per sacond)—One ou-
bic lool per le'und.
le) The chancier ul tlia propoaad
worki Pipei to ba laid lor tba purpoie of carrying water lo tba appli
ctnt'i lioiiie end to other points
throughout uid lot 7(3.
(f) Tht pieuiiiei on which Uu wa
Ur U to be uiad (ducrib* aama)-
Throughout iaid D, L. 762.
(g) Thl purpoiei lor which lb* wa
ter ii lo U uivl- Domistic and agricultural.
(h) II lor irrigation dweribe tlu
land to ba irrigatad, giving acreage-
(i) If tba water ii lo be uaad (or
power or mining purpom dricriba thc
pine where tha water ii to In returned to »oiin ii a turn I rhannel, and tkl
difference in altitude belwran |o!iilol
diveriion knd point a,| riturn—
(j) Area ol Crown Iud intended tu
bl occupied by tlu propoied worke
fk) Thii notici wu polled oa lhi
13th day ol December, 1910 tnd appli
cation will In made to tin Commii
sinner on lhi 30th day ol January,
(I) Hive tba tmn aad addreave ol
any riparian  proprliton  or Uncancel
who or whoaa -landa an likely lo be
offeclm) by Uu proposed worki, either
above or below taa outlet- None.
Can Davii. tltrihtll, MtcNeill 4
if. 0. kiiteu) Vanaouvar, B. C.
PUBLIC NOTICE |a Hereby glvou to
lho Elector! ol the Mumeip il.ty nt tin
Cjty ol North Vancouvar thut  I  ra-
ipiin the prcaothU 6| Ilm laid hlocf
on at tlm CITV HALL, N0RI8
VANO0DVE8, B. P„ on Monday, tba
Sth day ol .lunuury, WU, at 13  o'-
ock noon, lor % purpoie of eliding periona to represent them in tin
miiripiii Council aa Mayor and kb
diuiuen, und electing thna parsona to
represent tham on the Board oi C.ty
School Triisteii, and to racommend
for appointment four purs, ni to act
as Ferry Hirudins lor tba ensuing
term. The mode i.f nomination ul
('nndidiile.i (hull lie Ul follows :
Iliu Caiidiilules ihall ba nomin.itad
in writing, lhe writiug ahull ba lub-
icribud by two voturi ol the Municipality of ihu Cily o| North Vancouvar
aa proposer and seconder, and ahu|i.
be daliveied to tin lleturning Officer
ul any linn: between tbe dutu ol thu
iiu lice and two u'clock p.m. 'I lbi
day nl Ihe numinuliun; and in tha
event ul a poll being no essary, au h
poll will be opcnid on Thiirsd.iy, tho
l.'tli day ol alunuuiy, IUI, b tween
tho hours of NINE o'clock a.m. anl
ati'A IIN o'clock p.m. ol lha mid day
at the City Hail, North Vancouver,
B. C, in the snid Municipality ol lbi
Cily ul North Vamouvur, ul whi li
oviry person ii l.erely lequirad tu
take niiii'i: apd govern hin nil ac
"The qiiiiliiicjliou for  Muyor   sh II
lie bis being a ninh: British s lij cl ul
the full ago of twentymo ye. a  an
having been, lur the sii imm I lia ue-i
preceding  the duy uf liis  n. minnii
tt e registered nwner, in lho 11: d Bo
gistry Olhce, ul bml ur ieul propir .,
in Ibo City, nf the useiej v.In,   un
the lusi Muni'ipul A Me snn'iil  Koll
One   'Ihouiund   I$I00)   D I an    or
nun i',  over uml at a ■■ any re ,-itcn
judgment or charge, and who ii   tli r
wi c quiil.Red in a Municipal vi Ur,'
"The qunhliai.tiani fur Al irmai
shnll bc his Iwing a male Br ti b s ill
Jed nf ibe full uc.e if twenly-i ncy<a<s
and having been f r the iis innni..
nexl 11 a, aii,, t! c d: y i ( unn i aiiou
lhc regi i.-nd uwiir in the Li.id He
glairy Ollic.., nf lund or rr I |io eny
n ihe Cily, ti ttie easearn) vol a, on
Ihe last Mnnui,ml Aisnisma t B l',o
tint Hundred it-W) 1), Ham ur mme,
uver and ahuve my m iser d j ■ g
menl ur .hug, i nd who ia nth r
wiie . | isnl' tie I ui u Mini, p I v ler."
"In every M.ncpiil S bn I Dstrii
nny pern n Is ing u h ll se m ihr iu 'h
.School lli ni I mid ten: a Br li li
lubjcct ol lie lull nge i-l t«en f "
years, nud ntherwise qunliBad lo vute
at an elcctinn ■( Sih ul 'lruin i
iheir Dislriel, shall In ell i la ■„ 't
■ l.a t.al no a School lm tn ill fie
Municipal Schuol lliiircl.
Civen   under   my   Iiunl   at    No lh
Vanrouver, thii 3tlb day   I 1 . . ni .
1911.  '
It turning Officei.
"H lil OP BEV18I0N
NOTICE ii hereby given (hit tho
Council ol the City ol North Yam on-
ver have iippuiiii-,1 'lImiMlav tba 'ind
day of I'cliiiiniv, I'.HI, at lha hour of
1 o'clock in the iltaruuon tt the city
ball, Nm lb \ nm milei, B. Ci U the
lima tml plan fur hearing ci»; Iain's
againit tbc asseniunt for llu ye.ir
I'Jll as made by llu alienor.
Any pn son louiplulniag ngtimt the
tucument muit give noiin in willing
Ui lho toaessor ol lbi gmund nl hh
complaint at hail tea daya biloretlu
data ol Uu Ant lining of lha Court
of llevisioii.
Dttad at North Vancouver, B. C,
Dec. 'Jib, W10.
, Cily i'l.il.
Phope   198
North Vancouver
Coal ani Supply Co.
Dealer* m Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime.
Cement   and   General
Builder*' Supplies.
All   Orders   I'roinplly
Filled and Salinfactiun
liiiaranleil.    1'iins on
Office: Lonidale, near City Whad
Waiehouie:      Fwman'a Wharf
Hi THK BXtra*, HM'ttf \ANKUUVSH, I* $
' pay WWitKI lor rough wwbwid ?<At» whan wa aan j«ll m
mrl pnl, cleared wa wWinnt a atppp op thapi, level pt a Kw»
pRm*"* Been fultivfttud Inr ten ytm, lituated on Cenirs
I, bow the bout Boai) on tba Norlb shir" #pd flbP blpok (rom
Car tonpi Sc||flp|i cbuich and PtPF'i btvi oty w»lar( eUctric
tn WHO euc),. Termi $100 cash, balance 8, 13 and' IS
i Ion will bring at' least  in onr estimation 100  per
' i mouths, Bay -quieltr
and telephone.
rice BUI
iitlis.  These
ley are going (ait
-^4* and IHJHNI
P. 0. Iim I?1m^^ Narth Vflnwuyer
Pnll.il O.iig WlH'le Wheat Floiir    Rice Flour
il.iiuii'iil      I lliii'liwlii'iii l'lnm I'ntiil Barley
Cracked VVbi-at (irn I mm Flour Split pegs
Railed Win at Kyi: I-lour Canadian Wheat Makes
Allf your Grocer ftf B. £e k  Uflind. IM Steward of Quality
Wholesale frnin
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSpALB AVIiNUIC.       At Ferry Landing.^
xn Lu»aa
lo   nilllei)
what ceuiod
ami other nmlla-
nsnt growth.
Celablated Rlectlie
halt Ovsu Vi'eataicnt
i'.'li'. li i ni.;' the niaai
nii.iilini'ii cam nf
Hli nniatlsni.
IU una. im-
hei aad MA»-
ninl   lliill'
Our riidiiK iie tbi (inert rAUCNIT/ Tlrtll I'DPF'" imi mi-1 *~A *-<>
mila ii.pulutiiiii VrUnaUL IKI IUII iKLL tKitme Is lit glvta to
part of written. Only la- -*- •' "''iS <m. „-S*i>»*'«■ '»canaauiiallpw
sUUit.ul&g. Llnultbcnpy.    IF YOU CAN'T COME—WRIiCI are strictly confldeoUaL
noun an iaa oa. ob i* vwimt to so io, wbitb fob oub biab-
aoaia ur,*»K.. ws ass oomioisbxiods. awd tr we don't tkiwic
wa cab ouaa vou, wa wut iar so, aan sot tam yodb hobbt
Cenw Sami AfMU sit W«hl»rtoo Strut Private MituK J. QUEST
ttkWt, WASHWGTCH >     123 Second Avenut, ScitUl, Waiblngtim
Kins:   (i.nn   per   and   up,   Special rales to families
ami   tu regular   liu-uik-m. *.   ,
Mii.iNli Hiukkt.   •   ••   •   NORTH   VANCOUVIiK. H. C.
Wesl Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "Weal Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
——.————————————— __^_______
la«»«» Unci Viocourei
H.-Hfl.iiru Wl.nl Citj r«i|ei' Win/   •
fverr Den rtce|il ftunJay
7. jo 11.111. 8.00 a.m.
i) 1111 a,111, 10.00 a.m.
11.uo a.ui. \                               ii.ooa.m.
13.00 p.iii. 14.00 p.m.
15.uop.111. 16.00 p.m,
17.111 p.lll. I.S.un p.m
19 <") pm Saturday* Only  .......28.00 p.m.
yjoa.lll  Sundiy Schedule IfOO p.m. ,
i7.111p.1n        "  aa.oop.m.
Single fin 16c.       Two Tlcketa 26c.
ijnn tin si muli lumi  Nanili Vancouver lo llie district beyibid
J'■.' _______________________ Vaiicuiiver" makes conncc-
tijiiiiis (rom Nortli Van-
Tlia regular nwtjng ol the pj iijpt
Oohucji wai, Md pr Tbiwlw saw?
ing last witl) lh»ip|.| pralijfflg epi)
all the ppunciilpri prassnt.
Thi: meeting wai laaturelma iflflm
ly the rootini j»f4«f pf r-v Imn r*w
Under niinsideriitiun.  -
pori?ipondpino  wai  Wff  ill   fll
Inwi •     l   ■ a.'
FrflRi p. HpPIWi Raking If* tliirww
itrnctiop ol a rped tp Iota 7 nyl 8,
block \t, D-ji. fiflO wfiaro bo  innum
plated linihlitiK- llelnrii'il tii the en
gine»r tp report.
I'Vniii Sydney Alluiun, asking payment Ior the rPWova) ol dangerni|s
trees in the vicinity pl bis borne
on Ipt ii block 18, 11.1,. 2033 in Lynn
llo asked that payment be lecured
Irpm tho owners'' pf these lots on
wliiili tlio liven wire situated! 'rim
elerk was instructed to net.
From K. S- Orovci, asking tb 4 cw
tain ilnnueioiifl trees in Ibe vicinity of
his proporty be removed, '[be engin
cor was instructed to remove tbo lue
il on tho road allowance aa well a
in Hr. T. Qriggie's esse, who claimed that there were dangerous trees if)
the vicinity ol his property lot 13,
block 35,  D. Ia. 2037.
From Thos. Leslie, asking for a
:iiiiiI to be opened up to luts 18 and
M-17-20'8 wbere'lic wus going to build.
l-'i I.-. 11 al to the engineer.
From P. Purdic, complaining thai
heavy iniul a were being hauled over
(lie Hoss road and nnt i.nly dumaiing
it but ''luiiiii "'iini: lhe water pipen.
Referred to. the engineei: tn report on.
From Hum* and Wnlltem, advin-
ing tliat Ihn cuuncil wuuld nnl I e nlilo
tn uid the Lynn Valley Institute unless it was a I'liiii'iinlili. institution.
lli i.i wns in connection wiih a petition fnr suppurt towards creeling a
new building.
From Q, A. Hui'i'elt usking for final
m.tllcmcnt in the construction of the
Himlyii rpad. The lialiuiac due was
aliniit KKK). Heferred to tbe ckrk tn
tret an itemiud stuteminl with a
view to settlement.
From   Nurlh  l-onmlnlc   Bnlcpaycrs'
Aa:aall illllllll,        lla:|,ill|;       llllll       ||        W 11 I'.' t
light tic in. inllil ut tlio corner ol Nye
street nnd Chesterfield Avenue. Be-
ferrid lu the engineer.
Nolii™ was served by the City ol
Nurtli. Vuncuuver ol intention to apply to tbe water commissioner for a-
mcndmi-nt of their liccmc tn move
their intake farther up Lynn ('roek in
or near luts mill nnd 13(19. The date
of the bearing wus set ot New Westminster ulinut M in ili Ist. It wus laid
over to thc incoming cuuncil to take
cognizance of.
From the secretary of school triis-
tecs asking tor a sidewalk on King
street west from Lonsdale Avenue to
the new school. Laid over lor tho now
Hr. Cripps asked for a road to lots
5 and 6, block 31, D. L. 666, where he
was building. Kclcrred lo Ihe engineer.
II. Hums asked wticn the engineer
was prepared tu gn over u part uf I).
I-. 861 in respect tu lhe parsing   of
lllll llll'll'   I'l.a,      pbllS. Il'lfa'llall (ll
the Iiiinui ol Willis nnd Hugino.r.
K. p. Perry made a persunul applicalion fur a ruad tn lul 32, blifck 13,
I). !„ li'll nnd 607. The cniincer Was
inslriiatail tu bring ill -> repnrt.
•I. H. Frumuie wns present and re-
ijueslod tha/fepnir uf llempscy rued
from I'l'iilerVlu the plunk roud tu
permit if leaking, ll pea referrel
In the trttuii/i' lo "'|'"i'( un.
A special meeting was called for
Hominy evening lo pass some Iih.uk ml
The following plans were pnsicd I W
1-3 block 26 and 28, I). L. 7M con-
ililionully : luls 3 and 4, hluck 6, 11.
I„ 786 cunditiunully, lut 311, 1). I,.
■-'inn iiindiliiiniilly, luts 13, It, 16,16,
S I'l portion uf I). L. U60 uinilitioii.il
ly, ii plun of I). L. 2002 und a portion uf I).. L. 813 win laid ovor.
The engineer reported that heavy
loads in excess o| the regulation! of
the byluw weie being hauled over
Knss ll"."I and culling up Ihe  road
Appli' nt Ion wus mude by Hr. Hieiii
for a road tu hii prupcrty.   TlaOcn-
l.'IIK'll        aal   llall       Ibut      a       I'll  Inlal llllial
would cost HOU, and a 21-foot ib"ib
It was resolved to construct tbc latter.
Councillor Thumps, n i icpui ted on
the Tier road. With the esoeptlon of a
lew details the rond wai complete.
I'oymcnl lor Ibe wurk wai autburiiad.
The temporary loan bylaw to ni^th-
'prill the Imn owing, of 160,0 0 againft
next year's revenue wai introduced
and passed three reading!.
A letter wai read at Friday oven-
ling's adjourned meeting of tha diy
I council Irom Wm. liodfroy, manager of
Jibe Batik ol B. N. A,, advising that
I the Bonk'i clienls, Hewn. Hrouse,
| tyitchell * dn., of Toronto, bad wirod
llo done purchaie of Uia dty of
I Norlh Voiicuuvcr lerry debenture
|bo;tdi, 180,000, on safe at Iba saw
jm that they paid h>f the former
oek of tB/m, mmely W0,«. The
l waa aulhuriiod^by roeolulion.
We be idvertiiing e^emively prp«
m listed with us at saleable prices, and
any «uch p|»cpj with us h ill reptrive this earnest attention pf pw
adyertiiing department ai« large fprce of saleimen. W# WrficH'
larly invite exclusive listings.	
Real Estate Agents.       Financial Broken
Hwd Office? 405 Hastings St. W„ Vancouver, B. C.
Pritiali Oulwmb^ HrflH«!t Offices: Brand) Offices in Kurnpp:
4 l^iisdala Aye., N'lrtli Vancouver   (
UU Oiivernment Bt., Victoria
Berlin, Oerniftliy
London, England
Paris, France
a. a ____)   a a  t  a  i   i   ■
1"Tl,1i"l,Ti"l.l'l  I
Canadian Financiers, Ltd.
LARGE LOTS     50x193
Gentle slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
front of each lot.  Three blocks from
I .,-- VrtlL,,  ~~,  V.-r. •,R'CES REASONABLE
Lynn Valley car line. TERMS EASV
|; 14 Lonidale Avenue:      -      J. P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr.
Telephone 215
;;    Branch Office:
Mail. Office:
End of Lynn Valley Cariine
(-32 Granville St. Vancouver .
Foreign Office:   Glaigow, Scotland.
I..I..I .,..,   ...   I   I   I  I   I   I J-UJ-l-J-U-l.l^l-a
minimum! vn 111 n i in 11111 •i-i-i-t-t-i-t-i-i-i-i-i-i tii-i-t-i nun 11111111>
50 ft. lot near Lonsdale Ave.   Price $2100
Cash $800.       :-:        Balance reasonable.
Martinson & Co.
mmm vancouvkh, ho.
Plume irj. P.O. Rex jl
"* ,-...
l   Mayor Taylor's Campaign Committee haa arranged
oe follows
JJITSIUNO - Thuraday,   Dec.   8,  Presbyterian
Church, Fourth Avenue.
GRANDVIEW-Monday, Dec. 12, GraudView Hall,
Park Drive.
CEDAR COVK-Monday, Dec. u, Basement (,f All
, Saints' Church, Victopa Drive.
MOUNT PIYEASANT-Tue8day,    Dec.   13,   Oddfellows' Hall, Westminster Avenue.
', >    CITY-Wednesday, Dec. 14, Orange Hall.
Other meetings will he announced as arranged.
A cordial invitation is extended to Mayoralty and
other candidates to take the platform. Chair taken at 8 p.m.
Vote for Taylor
And Progress
Vote for
illNAMli OF TBI ElflHT-
IHIIIK HAY, tod enlurcanuet al
penally allium... agaiuit ooDli.cl-
Ki ilii Hour Day eatoteei.
lain Creak QuatUon brought la
ua mm..
..'.»nii|ilioii ol lm|irovunenli lion
Bomoval ul Iiiilolion Umpilal.
Anncjoliiin ol I). I.. 801 aaiarcd.
KulutavcBiapt ol laiquor aad olliir
law. rclaliag lo good yovtrn-
Creating to Cily by I-agWatun
ol right to Miabliab a atunid-
pel TelephoM ByiUm.
KaorgauiiatloB ol tlnal iytUta
wilh ttletenn to aali el
bOndT; bjgbeat piioa arer gi»«
tiorcbjr aacurad.
KaorgaoliaUoa ol Ugal Dafart
Common Sense and Intelligence u
Will guide your vote for
and decide you for
who stands for
Improved Ferry Service
A Sound Business Administration
locus the areata awl llie offering,   o,'
mrrent local advertieiog.
Siagle Ineerl. 10c |ier Hue
Oae We.li, 71o per Hue jwr ineorlinu
#ae Honlii, fie in'i line i* i iiieerllou
WANTKll—An   i*|iiiloured   liroccry
I'lnl-.     Apply,  Ilui  '.'Jl Nurth Van-
tunt,    > i3-i
WANTED  Nureiag ur haninwork, liy
Cage, cheap. V. M. II., Knpn*. (Utile.
WANTED  'imnl liii' I... nl a.(j. nt lan
leading In., Insurance nimpaiiy.      A|.
I'lj H....rn 111 Loo lllairli, Vnncaiuver.
Sleuogiuphtir, enperionccd, would
atleml ailli"'. ilny ur eVeuing. Trans-
iTJplioin. nml copying lluni' el Iihuh'
Naig.ii.l lliiyirult, lltli Hl„ W.
• 311-1
A    ).,Nlla.     .S.'litl'll     H.Hll.lll    WO'lId      III"'
employment, ail In t u« goncral with «
lady awl gonlleinen ui wcoud girl
whore two ure kept. Guud n-f.-«.-i.. • -■
Apply Hoi 'Oil, Nurtli Vaneoatn.
WANTED- We bate uumeroue inquir
lae (or Nurlli Vencouvur property. Ae
•e bave decided to give Nortb Vaa
couver epeciel atteotioa Hat your property with ua end get reeulle. Brilieb
American Treei Co. Ltd., Carter Cut-
• ton Building.
AeoouaUnt wltb bigbeet rtimtum
tai practical experience deeirce new
al aete ul booke in Nortb Vancouver.
Special ettention gives to .y.lemiring
> aad teking ol eUteoente. BeUncc
abeete and prolit and toe. eccount.
Collection, ol any deeniplion baa
liled. Apply Box al. J., Eipiee.
0fltf. iHAI
**•*•••• '«■ 2*,i"i        i 1
fernimai boueekeeptng rooms, 218
^mj___*___ _    «
Mewly lur—iui room lo rent Irom
' fi pet wmk aai ap, alio board   ll
4eeu*d or peala without room.,  kp-
Mr«. Cwalab, Vri tint Stmt.
RALL   VO%   KENT Eur   privet.
iemnt   ia  itptamt Taa   Cardans,
li   Veoawver.    *m»   beaied.
ipytf, Hen. Phillip., IM. et. eaat.
Vm (noi Wood lor §aM» fn
tut,   0. Wait, lm Valley f. 0.
('nulling Appli'., IW puunde (or 11.00
In clear.' C E. Iniui.., 1Mb   elreet.
inn mi.!■: |.'„i,i i„„i w„i,.i, Um
Iin coitl. I'hone 110 office or SIKbouae
(iuinan nml .S.Hin. 3 3
Good .l.i>..'> i'„» lur huh' cheap.
Hr. A. E. Crickmay, Ifan Mirel,
Norlb Venrouver. In I
Edit .SAI.E-Aiwlriilinn I'urnit  and
.Nl".'. a lu'iii).   V. H. II., I >|'l. *  nun.-
Milt HALE-Suep in Iruit .nd poultry nimli, two mile, (rom langley,
niu. uere. partly cleered end planted
iu (ruit, good house, lunn am) chicken
hiiuw'.. II. .1. Smylb, l-ongley, B, 0,
«nw«ww»f3K8Bgaaat;-iS^?ta-.' a_—_trs'^^S-^J-^fiBgr. ■
UIH'l'—Voiding pocket liouk contain
ing a li'ii i'IiiIIiu |>il| and eome liokel..
Ii.n a, nl at lhi. uHiie. 10 I
MISI 'In lloaa lined, Lyne Valley,
I ml) V puree wiib two gold pio-a* and
money. Newer)!, Ksprge. Offiie or
Lynn Valley general et/irr.
l/lST lllin'li Spaniel I'up, about 4
monthi old, wltb miliar and name nl
U.1...I.    Notify Dm 142. 10-1
MIST Monday, .lun. 'And, en Eng
Ii.ii utter dog, black end wbile. No-
lily J. M Keilh, Ml Seymour street.
Keward.     Ebone IA«N. 10-1
I. Uuut aad Norlb hetm-fa
Elder Murray Co. In
Saw Filing aai Qenetel Grinding,
Tbe Bed Cerevaa fortebop, Eeplea
ade. tyi
SEALED TENDEKH will be reneved
ll)      llaa.   Iiiiiini aaiajlaavi    IJ JJ 111     f|   |, m.     on
Tburedey, .January HHb, 1911, (or Ibe
cleering and grubbing ol Fromme
Road, nortbwerds (rom Doras Uoad
on Ibe eeet boundary ot D. I. BU,
and ol a road ia D L BU, is accordance willi the efrerifleelloa and
plan W> be eeen at Ible oftos.
Tbe loweet or any loader sot neoee-
eeriiy accepted.
J. B. (mitim,,
Diatrict Esginew.
Dielriel Municipal Office,
Nortb Vencouver, 0. ft,
Ilk January, 1911. 17-1
200 D00R
We have just received the
above direct from the manufacturer. Thev come in
many different designs and
sizes, and we believe that
you will agree with us
when we say that a better
stock to choose from can
not be found—50c to $3
paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialist!
Throughout aaid D. L, 762.
An Opportunity Lost Is One 'Regretted gVf> ilf&m^mf *
Beet J. 4i It. Coffee, Ircli rousted 40
centi  (icr  lb.   Al.o very good st
88c per lb.
Tetley'e Tee, 3 Ib. tjn 86 eenla,   also
all slandard grade, al 20 snd 3D
centi park age
Creamery Butter 3 lli. lor tl.
Creamery Butter, 14 ib. boi 14.20.
Esetern Tub Butter, 26c Ib.
Alberta Cream Cheese 3 lbs, 86 cents
All kinds of ilonii'slic and imported
cheese ai lowest market price!
New California Figs 3 Ibe 36c
Dales, new end best .1 Hie. Me.
Baisins, Currente 8 lbs.   26c
Lily White and Maple Uai Maple Syrup, 9 lb. 6 Ib and 10 Ib. tin at
0 cents per lb.
Silver Gloss and Corn Stercb in   Ib
pack and Una ' do lb.
Case Eggs 86 and 40c dot.
Erath New Laid Eggs, me dor.
11 Bread Ticket. m,-
Large assortment ol imporleiL" 'I l
eel Candles Irom |iw- P"r»»e'l
m   I      .   raL      .   *■ M ™*   "S*    PUI ■
Walnut^,, wgt,,r t0 th,  .ppij
Ar>  Bouae   and   lo   other   point.
I'oughniit said lot 162.
(I)  The premises un which Ibe  wa
is   to be used (describe  same)-
$112.50 Cash
Bata* 6,12, IS ud 24 mo.,ik  .  .  Priu $450.00
IJ Blocki from Cat.   INSIDE THE CITY UMITS.
 *- "■     "<"    i.mmm.   ■ ...    .^.       ■     i.__._..    ....    .-—.,
Real Eslale, l-oans, Insurance
219 LoovUc Avenue      '       North Vancouver
TYI'EWIUTING-AII deaaea ot work
eteeulad wiib accuracy/ naalMse and
daayaUb. Cerrow k Campbell, 2nd
et. tl.
' i" ■ i
) (b) ll lor iiTigutia.il de.ciihe the
land to lie irrigated, giving afnaga-
[ (i) ll llie water ie to be used lor
tywer or raining purpose, describe thc
ilaee where the walejr is to lie return-
Id to some natural channel, and tbe
lifforence In altitude between |ointol
livcrrion end point n( return-
(j) Area ol Crown lend intended to
i occuiiied by the propoied worka-
l(k) Thi. nolice waa nosled on the
Bth day nl December, 1910 end eppli-
llion wjll be made to (be Commie-
liner  on the 2()tb day ol .January,
Kl) Give tbe names and address'e ol
by riparian prpprieliiri or lieenaees
bo or wboae lands ere likely lo !«•
Peeled by
iy tbe proponed works, cilber
we or jielow tbe oullel-Noilr,
Signature) HAHVeY HADDEN
/     Cere Davis/M
Care Davis/ Marshall, MacNeill «i
We will buy or eichaage your store
3" tXX'Jl^' *.MNJ Vancouv., B. 0
nrntm tn,n4m,
J. A. & M.
Our Special
For only twelve
dollars we will
supply the following list
,^idrtt'air',.,,..^ire «(/l|fe iui T'I.
tu lhe u«.cnHur nl Ibe ground nl lij.
euni|iliiint ol Iiimi ten daya bolore the
dele ol Ibe (lint fitting ol Ibe Court
ol iievieion.'
.Deled at Nortii Vancouver, B. C.,
Dec. 'HI,, lliiil.
City Clerk.
Phone   198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealera in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Ume.
Cement   and   General
Builder*' Supplies.
All  Orders   Promptly
I''illd and Satisfaction
GijHraiiii.il.    Prices on
Office: Lowdale, nedr Gty Wharf
Warehowe:      Fown'i Wlml


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