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 —   ■«&
S^>Ria, b. C^>
Aldermen Irwin, May, Wheeler,
Crickmay, Braim and Smith were
present at the session ol the city
council held on Monday evening.
Mayor Kealy presided.
Minutes of a meeting ol the
board of works was read, recommending as follows: I, that R* B.
Smith, ol North Vancouver, be
ippointed apprentice in the city
engineer's department, at a salary
ol h$ per month; 3,lhat Lonsdale
ave, Irom 3ist to 33rd street, be
improved; 3, that tenders be called
for (or supplying requisite merchantable lumber lor city purposes
lor a period of six months; 4, that
work trail be opened to the property of I. Walden, on 6th street;
5, that the apartment at the city
hall, lorincih used as a tire hall.he
put intu pioper shape and used as
the cilv engineer's office- report
Minutes of a meeting ol the wa
terworks committee were read, recommending: 1, that Mr. Germain
be temporarily appointed caretaker at the intake, vice the present
caretaker resigned, and that applications be called for lor a permanent appointment; I, that the (erry
compiny i'i' notified that the water
pipe on tin wharl must be repaired
at once; 3. ihat water be supplied
the new Iv ilh block at a flat rate
ol Moo pet year, payable quarterly-report adopted.
Aid. May, chairman, read a report ol the finance committee, recommending payment of Jliooo on
contract price (or the improvements to (he public school building.
Report adopted.
A supplementary report ol the
boird ol works was read, making
provision lor the lollowing street
improvements under clauses 33
and 13: Lonsdale ave, on the west
side oi the B.C. Klectric Railway
track, (rom 6th to 3i«t street, to be
imt lo grade, drained and surlaced
with gravel or crushed rock; that
Ihe slumps on the east side ol
Lonsdale ave, between 33rd street
and the city limiis, be burned and
the boulevard levelled; that the
culvert on Lonsdale ave, at 4th
itreet, lie filled in, to allow the
passing of teams: that under the I
maintenance ol public ways.neces-
,'iry repairs be made on the Es-
p| \nade, from Sl. George's ave to
Lon dale  Gardens;  that  certain
stumi *• l,r"sl1' etc'' D0W lvinf! "n
lh   sti "*•   ,,e,wet'n  Chesterfield
and St i.""or(Se'8 Rvenues,be ''urn'
edtoprev.*n*fires-reP°rt ^opt
C The special committee, appoint
ed with reference to the selection
olapoundkeepe'. caretaker, etc.
recommended: 1>t the duties of
poundkeepe.be pttlor-ned (or the
present by tk polic '■ department,
all fees to be paid tl.e city treasurer and ■mount of M "dkceper s
talary to be credited to .*• P°>'C1'
department; that Mrs-Brim1"™*
be employed as caretaker »• 'he
city hall. This report created nome
discussion is to caretaker's »»'*ry'
and the committee was instructed
lo call for applications tor the position, to be in by Auguit 3rd.
Tenders for clearing three and
one fifth acres on the city cemetery
site were read as follows: A.
Rhodes, $318 per acre; Davii St
McCallum, »3oo; A. Farrell, ti";
John Bemon and Jas. Armstrong,
I330; Pioneer Contract Co. ,Moody-
ville,$34o; Alexander Wright,*39Ji
I. D. Sinclair, Moo. On motion
ol Aid. Irwin and May, the loweit
tender, thit ol J. I>* Sinclair, was
Aid. Wheeler and Braim moved
that ipplications be called Ior for
the position ol plumbing inspector,
ipplicatiom to be in within one
week.   Cirried.
City Clerk Shepherd submitted
the agreement Iietween  Haywood '
Lonidale and   James P. Fell on j
•the one part and the city on the *
other, with reference to Haywood j
I'ark.   Agreement   had been ap- j
proved by the city solicitors.   The
mayor and clerk were authorized
to sign thc agreement on behalf ol
the city.
Aid. Braim inquired what action
had been taken with reference to a
renewal of the lease of the ferry
landing to thc ferry company.
Miyor Kealy replied that opera*
iiom were being carried on under
a temporary arrangement lor the
A. F. Beasley and J. R. J. Mur
ray appeared before the council
with the report of the citizens'
committee in the matter of the
special audit.
On motion the report was ordered paid. Mr. Murray, secretary
ol the committee, read the report
ol tlie citizens' committee, which
was based upon the financial report of the auditors, to which it
made repeated reference. It recommended that as the public
school property has not yet been
formally deeded to the city by the
government, this conveyance be
secured at once; that certain changes be made as to city hall records;
that the sjx days allowed by statute
for preparing and printing an audited report of city finances at the
end of the year to be made longer.
The financial report of the audi
tors was afterward read in couiniittee of the whole, and the two re
ports were referred to the finance
committee to report.
Seymour Creek Road
To inr. Editor or Tur. Extrkss:
Sir,—It seems to me, that while
we are waiting for the construction
of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, or the V.W.& Y. Railway,we
might bc spending our leisure time
in doing something which would
be ol great benefit to the citizens
of this most enterprising and beautiful young city, and which would
add fame, commerce, and attract
iveness to its already well known
There is no place in the vicinity
ol North Vancouver where so
much good can be done with the
same amount of money as Unbuilding ol a road up through the
Seymour valley. A road would be
a great convenience to a vast number ol prospectors and miners who
are endeavoring to open up the
wonderful natural resources of that
region. It would reduce by over
one-hall the cost ol transportation
of supplies to nearly all those operating in the vicinity ol the water
shed ol the Seymour creek,besides
adding many more willing hands
and sturdy hearts to the already
large army who are now prospecting in the mountains. ,
The construction ol a road would
bring prosperity within reach ol
men nf limited capital. Besides,
it would place the hunter's paradise, which is the Seymour valley
and adjacent country, within easy
reach ol all, and the large numbers of bears that now inlest the
region would soon be Compelled
to seek shelter in some more re
mote and secluded valley.
Let us unite our efforts and our
purses in one grand eflort and see
that this wagon road or packtrail
is attended to without delay. A
fairly good wagon road could be
built at a cost of about >-,.... per
mile, or a good trail at ti00 per
mile. Let us all stop using that
dirty weed called tobacco for one
year and wc will be completely reimbursed for thc full cosl ol this
molt worthy and necessary undertaking.    Respectfully yours,
D. G. Dn I
July 38th, 1908.
Police Protection Needed
To thr Editor or Tin Exr-rass:
Sir,—Will you kindly give ipace
in your esteemed paper for a lew
lines, calling thc attention of the
gentlemen at the municipal ball to
the fact that adequate police protection lor this district is urgently
needed,if the valley is to be known
as a place where people (especially ladies and children ( can reside,
at least with as great a degree ol
salety as is assured to them in tin-
city. There is nothing calculated
to unnerve ladies and children so
much as the presence tl drunken
men, who are to be met on the
pipe line road all too frequently,
staggering towards their destination, which is usually thc woods.
Tha! il bid enough,ind sensible
people will admit tint it is going
the limit when Sundays are made
intolerable by lhe presence of
drunks,  sleeping ofl their stupor
on the roadside, in close proximity
to a dwelling house. As this lias
occurred twice against my place
during the past week, and having
been subjected to annoyance repeatedly by this class of people
using indecent language, I have,
as others must have done, come to
the conclusion that if this very de-
sirai.le part of the country is to be
still favorably known and the female residents assured ol safety
from the possible attacks o( those
who have no control over themselves, a patrolman or resident
policeman is necessary at once,
lie could be called upon to take
charge ol such persons as the man
who, last Sunday afternoon, was
so drunk that he slept lor three
hours on the bridge crossilg the
Rice lake flume; afterwards, loi
reasons easily surmised, giving an
exhibition of how long he could
hold his head in the water running
in the flume. Thanking you in anticipation of publication, which
may result in something being
lone to remedy this neglect of police protection.
Lynn Valley, July 38.
The Gas Company
The British Canadian Wood
Pulp St Paper Co., ltd., as announced iu 1 hk Exrktss last week
has opened negotiations with the
city council lor a tranchise.to profile gas throughout the city. The
company is a Vancouver institution and the directorate is composed ol local men, whose Identification with the company is in itstlla
strong recommendation to public
The company owns the townsite
ol Port Mellon, 011 Howe Sound,
and also extensive timber limits in
that vicinity. They are now building a pulp and paper mill 011 the
townsite. The engineer ol the
Company is J. C. VV. Stanley, lor
merly general manager ol the \\ est
London Paper Mills, London,
Eng. ln the course of the Heat
ment ol the residue Irmn the wood
pulp, the attention ol Mr. Mauley
was arrested by the potasibilily ul
the lecovery of gas dining ilns
ptocess. At Ins luggettioi tin
company luted up a deuonetrnting
plant ior the prosecution ol exper
iments along this line. 1 Tie results
have lar exceeded expectations.
Repeated tests made bj the chemist ol the company have shown
lhat 30,000 leet ol uifiilianiablt
gas is ptodiiced Irom oue cold ol
hr and cedar refuse. The quality
ol the gas is the very beat, being
fully equal to the best coal gas lui
illuminating and power purposes
The process which has Nenlted
ftotn these experiments is known
as the Stanley process, and is considered ol prime importance by
gas experts. The commercial
value ol the invention is hinted at
in the lact that the company has
already received and has leluied
an oiler ol 1150,0110 rash lor the
process lor Hritish Columbia.
The company has evolved a
scheme lor making practical use
of the discovery in coujuction with
the operation ol their papet nulls
a* Port Mellon. They propose to
secure gas franchises from lateral
communities, to erect a pulp mill
locally in each instance, to niaiiii
failure the gas at each mill and to
ship the pulp lo Poit Mellon lor
111au11i.iltine into paper. Ihis
will enable the company to NeVao
large revenue Irom the sale ol gas
williout increasing the cost of the
pulp as the freight will be M niial
I/I'd by the saving of the insl
which otherwise would be MOM
Lynn Creek Tram
A conference between the dis
trict council anil II. li  Swayne,
president ol   thc Swayne  I "|>|" 1
Mining Co., was held at the mini
icipal  ball  Wedin ida] evening.
Ily invitation ol the luiiiii il, I    li
(ilover, assistant   manager   Ot llu
B.C. Electric  Co., was   pics, m
The progresi male   was not such
as to advance the  project to any
matrrial extent    It transpinil thai
thc Swayne  Mining   Co aie nol
prepared to  proceed at ome Willi
the  1 nnsiini imu  ol  Ihe line, the
development ol the propi rlus nni
being su Iln nully advanced to call
lor immediate action.
Mr. (ilover stated the B. C
Electric Co.il prepared to proceed
with the construction and equipment ol the line just as soon as
they are assured of a sufficient
monthly earning to warrant the
expenditure. The cost of building
and equipping the line would be
1350,000, and the Electric Co. are
prepared to carry out the work if
lli. 1 aie guaranteed an income ol
$1350 a menth. This would mean
thai the line would have to be
operated at a loss for a time, but
the company is willing to assume
that charge in view of the present
advantages to the valley and the
future prospects as to business.
. The B. C. Electric Co. was approached early this year by a
wealthy timber company and negotiations for the immediate construction ol the line were practically completed, but owing to the
slowness of the lumber m.irkut.tin
timber company decided to lay the
matter over lor a time. This postponement took place in April and
a revival in the lumber trade will
in all likelihood lead to the resumption ol negotiations, with l.i
vorable results.
I lie information that the attitude ol the B. C. Electric Co. toward the building of the tramline
ll so favorable, gives positive assurance that construction will be
proceeded with at the earliest date
compatible with reasonable business precautions.
Sons of England
Tuesday evening a large and en
tliuslastic meeting ol the Sons of
England and their friends was held
in the Orange Hall, for the purpose ol anangiug thc preliminaries
towards organizing a lodge here.
District Deputy Hortin, of Vancouver, presided, and there wai
pteeeot also a numerous contingent of brethren Irom over the Inlet. Several Addresses were given,
explanatory ol the aims and objects ol the society.
It was decided to organize a
lodge as soon as possible,the name
Western Rose being chosen (or the
new organization. Immediate application for the charter will be
made and on iti. receipt, about a
minith hence, Ihe first initiation ol
members will bo held. Thc new
lodge will start off with a membership ol about 5o,with the certainty
of a rapid increase. Dr. Verner
has been chosen lodge physician
and he will make all examinations
of candidates. Western Rose will
meet the first and third Tuesdays
in each month.
Horticultural Society
The board ol directors ol the
Horticultural Society mel Tuesday
evening. A proposition Irom the
city council, to the effect that a
I'aaiii,in ol the Alexandra Gardens
lie set aside for thc propagation of
ornamental trees lor use in tin
patks and Itoulcvaf's of the city,
was favorably received,and Messrs.
Dutton, buodgrass and Nye were
appointed a committee to confer
with thc city council in the milter.
I he net profits from the First of
I nly 1 elcbuticn were found to be
{166.60 The nresent liabilities of
lhe -iiciety are t'jto ind the funds
on hand $345.73, having a deficit
of I.674.37, which it il hoped will
soon be wiped off. A committee
was appointed to endeavor to ar-
taiigc an entertainment early in
September from Pauline Johnson,
who ii now in Vancouver. A gen
'■ral meeting of the society was oral* ml lor Tuesday, August nth,
when business ol importance will
he transacted.
Horticultural Society
A concert, under the auspices ol
the Horticultural Society, is lo be
given in the Horticultural hall,
corner 3ist street and Lonidilc
ave, on Tuesday evening next
lhc programme is as lollowi:—
Piano snlo, Misa Stcveni; song.A.
E. Crickmay; quartette; recitation,
Mi. Mid lull, song, Misi Cime-
ron; sketch, Mr. Ruder; violin selection, Misi Taylor, accompanied
by Miss Stevens; duelogne, Mt.
and Mrs A Stevenson; song, F.
sti uns. dam e, Miss Isedale*. song,
C. E. Smillieringale, quirtrlte. A
dance will be held at the close oi
Robert Ward It Co. are Hearing
ofl 19 acres ol land back ol the In
dian Minion.
The local real estate market is
P. Larson is applying lor a hotel license for Canyon View town
site, on the Capilano.
The choir of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church held a pleasant
picnic to Brighton Beach on Saturday.
Advertisers must positively have
their copy lor changes in to this
office by Wednesday afternoon ol
each week.
R. Magennis opens his butcher
shop at Lynn Creek tomorrow, affording the settlers a much-desired
Mrs. W. C. Gribble is prepared
to do all kinds ol plain sewing and
mending at her residence, 6th St.,
between Lonsdale and Chesterfield
Mr. Christie removed to the city
this week (rom 17th ave, Vancou*
er, and has taken up his residence
at thc corner ol Jones ave and 14th
The juice was off for several
hums last Friday night, tying up
the street cars and knocking out
the lights. Something went wrong
with the works.
Mrs.W.Owen and children have
gone to Mission City to complete
their holiday, which had been interrupted by a plague of mos*
quitos two weeks ago.
Mr. Hewitt, who (ormerly resided on Nelson street, Vancouver,
removed his effects to the corner
of Lonsdale and 6th and will in
future reside in this city.
In this issue the city council is
asking for applications for the positions of plumbing inspector.care-
taker at the waterworks intake and
caretaker lor thc city hall.
C. M. Chislett.lhe genial cashier
and accountant at the local offices
ol the B. C. Electric Ca, has taken up his residence on 3rd street,
opposite the public school, with
his family.
An incipient blaze in a row ol
cabins on 3nd street west, at six
o'clock Wednesday morning, gave
the fire brigade a short run. The
fire was extinguished before much
damage was done.
The landing stage with approaches, which has been anchored to
the east ol the lerry wharl for some
days past, is to lie towed up the
North Arm, where it will find a
permanent position as a port of
call (or steamers on the Arm.
WANir.n— A teacher for the
Fifth Division, North Vancouver
Public School; also a teacher for
Moodyville school. Applications,
slating qualifications, tli., to be
sent to the secretary, W. P. Pea
cey, on or before Monday, August
3rd, ]Q08.
A party ol members of thc Vancouver Mountaineering Cluh took
a run up to Indian River in a
launch Saturday and climbed the
neighl-oring hills. The part) numbered about 30 ladies and gentlemen and was under the leadership
ol Fred Mills.
The prospect of hearing Miss
Pauline Johnson, Canada's gifted
poetess, in a rnii.itne entertain
ment will bl peeled with pleasure
by North Vancouverites. The
Horticultural Society is taking
steps to stcure inch 1 fixture eirly
in September.
Architect W Nicholson Lailcy it
executing plans (or two new dwell
ings, to be erected by R II Mac
Phcrson, on his lots, on the cast
sul, nl Lonsdale ave.between 15th
and 17th streets. Each house will
contain lix rooms and will be
strictly modern throughout.
The Lynn Valley Lumber Co is
constructing a logging road around
a spur ol the mountain. Winn
ready lor operations this road will
give access to fir and cerlar tunbei
ol thr highest gtade. Manager J.
M. Frommc is anticipating cutting
some choice lumber out ol that
The Swayne Copper Mining Co
has been duly registered as a foreign company authorized to do
business in British Columbia The
company is capitali *ed at (60,000,
in 6000 shares of (100 eich.   Thc
head offices are in Spokane and
the local offices in Vancouver. Dr.
H. R. Swayne is managing director and attorney for the company.
The concert and assembly to be
held by the Horticultural Society
on Tuesday evening next,promises
to be a popular and pleasing entertainment. The concert programme comprises numbers Irom
some performers well and favorably known in Vancouver, as well as
in this city. The pavilion should
be well filled in response to thii
effort on the part ol the board of
D. H. McColl has sold the printing business, owned and operated
by him here for some time past, to
C. S. Young. Mr. Young has been
in Vancouver about ten months,
having Iiuiiii ilt resided in London
and Winnipeg. The many friends
of Mr. McColl will be sorry to note
his retirement from local business
circles and will hope for pronounced success for him in whatever
way his future plans may develop.
The city engineer's department
is busy these days in office and
in held facilitating the work in
connection with local improvement
plans. A line is at present being
run on Dclbruck ave, and grade
stakes are also being placed on 3rd,
15th and ldtli avenues. Plans are
also being executed and estimates
prepared lor several additional local improvement schemes, for
which petitions have been presented.
A valuable piece of Capilano
acreage changed hands thia week.
It comprises 32* acret, which includes the gore at the meeting of
the Iwo roads at the gorge. The
property was bought by a local
hotel man and it constitutes a fine
site lor a large and up-to-date hotel and summer resort. The erection ol this building will probably
mean thc extension ol the tramline
to the vicinity. May & Burnt negotiated the sale.
Alexander Gibson paid a welcome visit to Tur. Express office
Wednesday, leaving on the editorial table a beautiful sample of 1
local grown peach. The tree from
which this peach was taken grows
on Mr. Gibson's property, it the
corner of Lonsdile ive ind 3rd
street. The petch was of large
size, excellent in coloring, juicy
and well flavored The tree ii just
two years old and yielded upwards
of two dozen peaches this year.
Score another point (or the incomparable climate on the north shore
ol the Inlet.
The Union Sabbath school it
Lynn Valley held a successful picnic on 1 uesday last The outing
was held on the grounds at Adams
road, which have been used for
picnic purposes for some yein
past. The gathering was a large
and representative one ind really
constituted a community affair. An
excellent programme of games,
sports, etc., was provided and
everyone participated heartily in
the proceedings. Councillors McNaught and Davidson were present
and addressed the gathering.
Great credit is due Miss McDonald, who is in charge ol the Sabbath school, because of the excellent arrangements and the succesi
of the diy.
The local auxiliary of the W.C.
TU it arranging lor a grand elocutionary contest, to be held about
the middle or the last ol September. The contests are a (cattire of
the methods of thc Union throughout the world. The selections are
chosen Irom volumes denoted by
the Union. The prize it 1 silver
medal and when five contestants
have been awarded the emblem,
they are permitted to enter a class
lo compete lor a gold one. The
local Union hopes to create a great
deal ol interest in the movement,
so that a goodly number ol contestants will be lniibiouiing In
order to encourage the girls ol the
city to mike in eflort, it Ins been
decided tint eich contestant shall
receive some token in recognition
ol the work done, irrespective of
winning or not winning the miin
prize. The medal will be awarded
by judgei chosen locally. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
North Vani oi a er, h. C.
I'. I*: Smrimrv tl I,  Q, H, MoaiMM,
Manager.     Burineti Mgr,
The Exprei *',: delivi red in North
Vancouvei within i radiui ol i i
l,1,, I,*, d|   tin*   ollli'i'.     All   nnt**ulr
tins distrii i is placed in tha poil
Rati s ni Snbicription i
One yen -      fi.oo
Six iiiDiiilis .50
Three tnoathi       -        -25
United Statsa »ad Foreign, |i 50
ihi \'*n
Ail whu riptioni mull be paid in
Am ]n 1-.1111 nut 111 eiving tins
pipei regularly will pleaie notify
iln offio No papei Mopped an
leu notified either by lettei 011 ird
Koai 11 \'.\mhi vi r, Jui.v 31, ni"s
The application for a gas Iran
chisc lor the city by the Britiil
Canadian Wo "I Pulp A Papei Ca,
information concerning which wai
first given tin  public bj Thi Ex
nUI 111 last ueek's issue, lias been
* I with 1 niisideral'le inti n si
In the lal' pavers.     I Iiei      Ha   s
main advantafu and conveniem 11
attached to an available lupply "I
I is for Iniiiseliolil and inaiiiifai luring purpon s. ihal there 1 an In oa
li nm 1 pinion as to the deiirabil
1 sm lifaiiliiiis being procured
bi tin uu as 1 irlj .is possible,
having dot regard tn all the pointi
invnl*,. 'I in the granting ol M Vai
Ulbli .1 Irani lose.
Tin d iminstratioii made at the
letting plant of the company, in
the pi 1: a      ,, a*   r   aiiil
come Ij. pioves In nuill
all doubt f' ■ '■' tii' neti ol the
svsii in employed for thei \n,i* tion
of gas from in'" 1. 11 in II .is ti..
1 tu Ileal (jollityol the gasprodui •
ed     III tin  |*n -. in .   ul tin alib I
nun.   . ol liquid 1 ttrai t< .1
from a turpi
wood bj 1!"  Sl
dl used to 1 ii' q ..nt and then
converted into gas in mffii ienl
quantity tn run a li 1 horn power
engine lor ten minutes, li ss a lee
seconds. K jet ol thi
lighted and ' ii'it' 'l powen ol 1
luiniiiiiinn 1 qu il t'a tii. best gas
produced b\ Ihe old tin 1 pi
The  pi. 1 * iiiui in
outline b] il" ii' in*
platis the en 1 ii "i I |' lip 'mil
adjacent to the 1 itj and in
proximity to quai titii ol 11 dai nr
in. liom eithet ol whu h tl*' gaa
can be prodm 1 d li ii 1 itimated
that the ii.i., : twi nty liv
ims of pulp |" 1 daj iiuiilil pro
dme luficient gi to 1 upply iln
du'iiestii in r.i* ,; .1 1 itj ni 511a.11
inhabitant 1 In * itabliihment
ol this niiii iiunl,I nicci litati   tin
1 lliplnMlli'llt ul    Iiiilu     IOO    1"    " '
men ind a I     I   ' " 1   dctin
hie institutine to   the 111.In .Illes nl
tl,* cih, with llii   iii' ndsnl bene-
tits 111 Hung ile 1 Irom
Publii iii.ni ■■    ■ .  lain tt ami
llridi 111 11I nl I.ili-
years in tlic 11 ui' 1 dI il * granting
ol valuabl'   p a'     Irani bin    i<
11,..ite cut' rpri *     ind it is d< iii
able, that thii ll
ed, shall end '"I         '■ thli
(ul publii   nil, 1    ;
Ever) piecaul      mid Ik i ik. 1
|0 rllMir.     lie     I*    *   ailing   (il   1 nil
striictinu. tht la; in ■ d| pipes, and
the lupplying  ' 1   [at Miiliin tin
Shortest tilll'   lllil   ll *  1:1 i'   I \.l( till
in lainuss 10 ll m| in}    1 Ikm
clauses ahotthJ rifled   by
means nl ifoli
The life ol tbl  Iran, In
bc 1 niiiui' d to 1 i' atonable term
n( years.    It is lun righl that thi
company whu li  | rovidi    tht I il .
Willi   tll'SI*     i*'
given sufficient time and opportunity to establish itself upon   1
that will inalin it I" MUtam ilsell
■  slully   against any po
1 itnrt competitort, I 'it il it aol in
the public interests that a monop*
oii ni valuable pui ilegei should
In* given .1 company for in extended term ol yi tri,
Tin* i.ili* st which (be gas is to
be lurnithed com lumen inr various
purpoiei ihould be explicitly stated, li is 1 liimed thai becaute of
cheapneit ol production as compared with Hiiiii methodi, this
iompan* is in poeitioa to sill gas
at 1 i omiderable tedui tioa upon
iiu* i.ii. s prevailing in other 1 itiea,
I In iiiliilnient ol this assertion will
North Vincouver manifest
advantages, whether the gas be required Ior domestic 01 lor manufacturing purposes, ind the best
uti possible ihould be procured,
Inasmiii li as  ibe British Cana
1I1.111   Wood Pulp &    Paper   Co.,
Ltd . it the inst i" proffer these
In iielii** to the iiii. it is but lair
ili.at iin Irani hiie, il issued at all,
should be ittued to ihem,all tilings
being 1 quel.   At thi itmt time, it
si lil be borne in  id that tl
real value ol tht concetaioni
iought,ii not to be guaged by what
Nm th Vancouvei ii today, bnt by
uli,a she will become in future.
Thit Irani hist. although of comparatively mod. rat* value at present, Mould ultimately confer upon
llinsi  liim min it I business whott
profit-producing capacity it is difficult to compute. I he U ims of the
Irani insl ihould therefore be at
nnu lavorable to the city and fair
in tin compan) in all reipt eti*
Tbe  sctioo nf   the   mayor and
-I at   last   MOO 1 u's KttiOO,
in directing that the n port ol the
. in a ns' committee ou thc ipecii
aiidil In read ii) opt 11 council, is
iimilii nt public commendation
Tin* committee ol the whole is a
* -in ni institution, whii h is
[reel) used b) many botrdl of aid
' rmi n, I he referring ol matter!
ni public business to iln committee
ol the whole is a habit that grows
nu mi a ioutly upon lidi rmen,with
tin result thai there is 1 tendencj
to needlessl) refer to the committi * : .uiiis nl public moment for
nhn h the ratepayer! are seeking
information, with the result that
the din ustion nl the matter is 1 a
ilia li  lost,   and tbe  public   must
11,ni. nl themselves with i« rhapt 1
notion (ormallj made aad pitted
iviiliaaiit 1 ment at a later session
nf npi 11 council, if  indeed  it ever
di in re-appearing, Tli
: thi ' in council in reading
and coniidi ring the Cltiieni' re
port in open council, reveals 1 dis
position to 11 legale the committee
ni ile* whole to its propel plan*
ami (*i"]" nly deei with all |w.
linns nl   public  import, wliii. \< 1
sm Ii open discussion will not pre-
jiulli 1  ilia i ilj's inlelests.ni in ,iii\*
waj prove detrimental to anv part]
111, il The ratepayers mil
i',iiiili||. li appreciate* iln contiou-
.in., ni tins polii v upon tbe pari
nl the ' iii ' 'iiiiicil.
II Hill I
I'liiisi    Fi     \ inu V i\i"i via:
"    MM,   V im "ivi 11
llll   AM) IHN  INMimn
House in City
1 nc 11111111 Bungalooa 13th St.,
ijo let 1 liom Lonsdale Avenue.
I.m 1.1.\ 1 (.i.    Price|t,SOO. Terms.
iiri'iiiliir fm' litorwrki litakf.
IPPLICATIOS8 marked, "Caretaker
Ini iki." mil be received bt the tin*
lenlgneii up lo '. 0 clock p m*. mi Mon-
Jay, 3rd Anguit, 1901, fur the poiltluii
i.lC.iri'liik. 1 al   the  Water  Wnrku Intake*
The salary offered i'lmuKi per month
citv Clerk.
City llall, North Vancouver,B.C,
.'Sll, .Inly, KHJS.
shoes   5HOES   SH0ES
(ictthem from thu Practical Bboemen who meddle with
no Other trades.
Prices are Lower than Vancouver
and wt stork shoes lor every kind nf wear, an inspection will prove it
All our goods are by makers who stand by them.     Agents for
Leckie Hoots,   McCready,   Minister, Myles,    The Williams,    The
Beretford,  Old Country and The K Moots.
ADDRESS     "OOD O* cHJIN      RcHablc Shoe Store
Se.il di nr lo Steacrti't Ur. rerii Slnre
Ki'pairing    Hest of leather and workmanship.    COR. Lonsdale .V tad
ituiiKUT Mauksnis, Prep,
I'llll stnrk nl rresb ami Cnreil Meet!
nml I'isli kept, Alwi Hairy Prodoctl
ami I're.li Vegetable!.
nf the valley.
Dr. A. McKay Jordan
Cm be. consulted about Eije
Troubles at thc old stand
iNii ROTARY I'lT.l.K'
Imi Mates: in .11 it. busily.
MlSim.:   I'liui'i .nal llyilr.lllir,
IIHHKH:   lliiri'.*.*ia,nl, • i*,l r .ml Kir.
Miniiet fia lbs Ooeinienia]
Protective SiK'iely.
niliee;-  I'iiim Sr., M. or  I nN'Mi.il.r
:i;i4   lliasiinn*. St.      Vincouvtr
piom mv wm mu
Cor. 2nd and Limwlale.
Everthing of the  Host iiiiiI
Cheapest fur Ladies anil
Bl 1 ns baton ^imnc (n Vancouver la nuy
vastest be bed in Nurtli Vaaconver.
The Seymour Hotel
Pioneer Bakery
between Esplanade & Kirst St.
S. W. Walker,  •   Proprietor
Fresh   Bread   daily, 16
loaves for |1; 4 for 26c.
Cake, 1'iisirv, etc
Dailv Delivery to All  Parts ol City
iiiiiNK S.        yi Lonsdale Ave
Perhaps Experience
With Their Own
Por 11 tiinriiiiiMilv iiuiiii, reliable ttbeel riwe
(air girls uml iiii-ses lie are enrryini! n full linn
"le I h. a| ia I  leather slmes in  Ims enll uml
dottfols wltll 1'iiiiiniun msetOSS iiiiiI  liei'll" #   0
ALL Milt,
From H to 10 $l.ts
"   II In   I  -2.il
"    III   5  LIS
They Will Pleaie You in Style and
Satisfy Vou in Wear.
516 Kitting! Street
Esplanade,  North Vancouver
JOHN MclNNlS, Prop.
located on Si*i)nioiii- Pipe  line,
quartcr-mlle from wharl.
This is a first-class hotel,
and is nnw open to the
general puldic. Good
service guaranteed
Koad connections from North
VailCOUeet for Vehicles.
OWIRQte the bMnwd east-betel
Monthly Ticket* snlil.anil u> cfcassN
that nun m'l-ur In the ticket collectini!
►tuff (ruin Iinie tn time, makini! it an
ItnpoS-ibillt) dirtlie I'lillei'tnr- In kium
ull the persona usini! these tickets, il
.Imll lie the rule after Aii|2ii"t I-l tlmi
.ill persona in-in*; Monthlr Ticket-, tu
■ho*, their ticket to UweoUertor whenever   I'lii-ini! thriuinh lhe ticket gatt'U
Thi. ruin nliall alao apply In nil |*er-
loni lnilili„K passe**
The suit* ..I Monthly Tickets uill coni-
ineni-e mi llu* last three .lui sol each
111.mill, ami nfler the 1st ol ein'li month
ill  psrsoBI   who  have  not «i-i'iireil  a
Monthly Ticket will bt rtqnlnd t" ptf
the nsiiiil (ure.
Ily onler,
ANHrOWK.lt Co., LTD.
Pianos Caused
a  Blunder
We refer to rival talesmen, who
last month ettesaively idvsrtited
lor sale, al 11 m i*.it bargain, ta m p
DltCABDBS mrtl   "Nell Art,"  Bell
Plant), ,1S "ll'.ul 1   lllll VK.ARS OLD,"
when in fact it is much older.
BUL PIANOS nnl.uilt in Canada
by the largeet concern of its kind
in the whole Hritish Knipireof such
Hooil material, and in such workmanlike manner, that even people
claiming to lie piano experts an*
deceived into believing that old
discarded styles are almost new,
and offer theni for sale accordingly.
THE   •• MM ART"  Hill   PIANOS
are the* only Canadian l'ianos that
have been ndiitinctly honored.
tee tbe I hrrr  Ctrl. „|K  ol Hea. SIvlH M
•re Ififiaiot) Ui. n,*..
ly I.M-Miq.linl)  .il.  *,ill   IimI   Ih.l  |„„\I ol Ihr
Pi.bo. in Sorth lamouarr .in* HI 11S
IIKMS: $10 I'lH MllMII
July Bargains *
Until tl liiini Jnls  ue mil mil ,,ur -1..1 k *,(
Ai 11 Iliu mluctiiin in price,    Alwi f,,r nil papal
iianiK'ni; in* will nilini 11 tpeeial tttennnl <>f lu pet
rent, "ii |irniii|i| paiiiiiial mi i-niiiplelinn of imrk.
HI tin \n\li) PAINTS AI Mi I'lK GAIION
lliii.I 1'nint hikI Iiih.I Inlurn      t'niiie enrlv nml
Kit iln* hist pick.        MV li.' iiiH.1 Work Only,
Painters   and   Dacoralori
Pioneer Hardware
I'hi.iR' 12 I. WAIDFN   LomdaUinnl BtE
Sole Agents for Mi (laiv's Stores, Rangea, Panacea!
Sherwin  ,V   Williams' lainous Paints.
Just arrivi'tl—Our WMOD'i ilt'liviTV of l'nints, Vnr-
nislii's, etc, from JI ."i0 por ■.'allon up.
l.'i'.i-iil Battiog Btreet
Vaiirniirrr'l l.nnteil Piann llnnir
New Wellington
Coal ilircct from lhe mines.
Place your orders now and
secure your winter's lupply.
Lar'r<> shipments will ar-!
rive in a few days.
I .urge supply of Wood al-i
uavs on hand.
(Terminal of Keith
lluiiil fur Line. . .)
Ice Creaiit
.Soda Drinks
Etc., Etc.
"They All Trade At Home"
Although pOOpU come down the hill
it don'l say they fa to Vnncouver to
huy Qroeerlea,     They   Never   Pass
('imnliliy Surn'inr uml Anliileel        <   «
liil'KTii Strkit. 'hkvkii 1'iv-n.ii.i* Avi
tm mini
uiii.T  \,ii Ihtetpna Meek,
i.'.n-'i.ii. »\i*i 1 ii**
It.'siilinliiil werk 11 .|»ieiall)'.
P.O, BnM
Nurlli Vnnriinver, It. ('
i'mli Uilli ili'liwil Ilailv In
all |iiiiistif llir I'il}
Leave Orders at Express Office.
Hotel North Vam ouver
Telephone No. a.
Get the Habit
Virlli Vancouver llanlwari1
IHiii|iiin\. Lid.
Otinli'ii Toils
Liiini Movort
Elirlrlftil Ei/liirrs
Paints mnl oils
Builders' Hardwart
fool 01 Lonsdale ivs.
When yon intend building
J. 1. FKIlMNi:, UIMU
Branch O/lCt, Lotttitlt Att.,C0f, Phmil
.Vn ,M
Head Ofmt and Mill, £fafl Crtrk, li. V. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOIIVER, B. C.
n-11 ~
Official Report Issued by the
Mines Department, Ottawa
A preliminary report has been
issued hy the Department of Mines
at Ottawa, dealing with the mineral resources of the lower coast ol
British Columbia, but more particularly with the deposits located
in the district tributary lo North
Vancouver. The report is the
work of 0. K. Leroy of the Dominion geological survey.
Referring to the mineral resources ol Lynn creek, the report says
the camp lies eight miles north
ol North Vancouver and tl miles
by trail. It comprises an area of
five squaii: null s, in which some 35
claims have been staked up to the
present. The whole country is
extremely rugged and the narrow
valleys are hounded by precipitous
hills, rising to heights of 3000 and
4000 leet Oa the Hanker claim,
J750 feet above sea level, the ore
consists of a mixture of pyrite and
zinc blende, and occurs in a lm
ciated zone about three fett wide.
An assay ol the om gave negative
results in gold and silver. On the
Mountain Lion and Lynn claims
three tunned have been driven on
the shape ol the lull, and it was
stated ihat some of the ore carried
as much as thiee per cent copper.
The Kemptville claims ate situated up the west fork of Lynn
creek and are about 24110 feet above
sea level. Two veins of almost
pure zinc blende, two and three
feet wide respective."*, have been
discovered, but tlie amount ot development 'imk done has not
been su li' e nl I" prove tlu ir value.
Blende associated with galena 01-
curs on the evening Star claim, to
the n irlh of the Kemptville. On
Angel claim No. 3 small bodies of
yellow topper have been opened
up, and willi additional work some
ol the ore bodies may prove ol sul-
ficia nt size to make them comnier-
11 ill) important Iu any case,
h iwever, owing to the cost of milling and transportation, it will he
necessary to amalgamate the different inleiests in order to ensure
successful results.
The report deals at some length
with mini ral claims on Howe
Sound A map ol the Britannia
mineral zone is given, together
with a sketch ol the operations of
the Britannia Copper Syndicate.
In lhe seven claims owned l.y the
company, the ore consists ol fine
disseminated pyrite, chalcopyrite
in small masses and lenses, with a
lillle galena, while small amounts
of bornite and covelhle occur near
the surlacc as secondary enrichment. The ore is essentially low
grade and about Oo per cent of it
has to be concentrated before being shipped to the smelter. At
present ore is mined only on the
Jane claim, at the Jane and Mammoth bluffs. Assays show 3.84
per cent copper, 0.095 oz gold, and
0.55 oz silver per ton. Jane No. 1
gave 4 to 13 per cent copper and
Ji yi to $2 in gold and silver from
the more massive ore. The total
number oi tons shipped up to Jan.
ill, 1907, was 168,396.
Thk Bantll, ti a year.
Cor. l.onstlalo.iiiil 8th St.
I VANS (, lYlle, I'l up*.
All kinds of Fresh Fish delivered daily. Smoked Fish a specialty.
Also Butter, Eg^s, and Vegetables.
Our aim in tn pleime our eii-tomcm an
to Hoods tnd prices.      [4* ua  Ii.ii.  your
ortlei ».
\mm Ksun
'  IT KM tlmt all eases of  infection*,
c intairii'U- or epiilelllic ili-i'Hi-i*, ol a
character ilaugeroiis to iinlilir lieiiltli,
iiHiNi lie rcporliil to the Mcilical Health
City Clerk.
Citv llall, Xorth Vancouver, II.C
July llth, Me, :'l*tl
For Diarrhoea,
Cholera Infantum
Etc., use
Tliia remedy ia sold umler the
lollowing poaitive guarantee:
"Take half a bottle and if not
found satisfactory, return llie
balance lo us and gel your
money back"
25c per bottle
'The Oblining DruO'jists"
Cnr. Cnr.lovAHIi'lCainliii' Slu.
Vancouver,   B. (.'.
with t's ini;
Other companies mining claim-
in the Britannia group are thc Em-11 Tg 1 tt *      WlfXC^C*    /^/\
press Mining Co.,011 whose claims I         lltO     \ i\_        ICII^^     III
eomt development hai been done; I   I I _%_>    r\i     If It    lm\/V_JO    V»V/»
the Goldsmith Copper Co., anil
the Britannia West Copper Co.,
the latter operating on the opposite shore from the Hiilannia C op
per Syndicate,
The Bonanza mine, on Bowen
Island, is situated on the south
west slope of Mount Gardiner, 1100
feet ahovesea level. A tunnel has
heen driven into the ore body for
300 feet, but 110 further development has heen done. The ore is a
mixture of pyrite, zinc blende atul
galena, and is stated to carry $6.40
in gold, 30 oz silver, and from 25
to 40 per cent lead, Messrs. Huh
bard and Klliott, of Chicago, and
Menach, ol Seattle, are joint owners.
S1111111 prion Hint will mi rely oinvincc you Ihnt our prices urn right,
25 pairs Men's $5.1111 Shoes, a
splendid all-leather shoe, Good
Year welt t 3*75
25 pairs Men's Heavy Working
Boots, Blucher cut, sold all
over tt ft,jo, Roil price $'.90
36 pairs Ladies' line $2.50 Oxlords It 1.60
in dona  Men's am
and 35c Ties on sal
Boys'   25c
while tin
lot lasts     roc.
■s 'In an Men's $1.25 and ji 1.50
Shirts, while the lot  lasts    75c.
Vou must cull ami see our
stock to appreciate it.
We are Up-to-dite,   All Bright, New Goods at prices we
Defy Competition to Equal.
Saturday, hwh) & Tuesday SS Harbin Days r"
Worth Seeing
liisirirl iif Sorlli liiiii'iiiiicr
TKMIIIKS nre in ltd hy the liistriet
Council (or the erection ol a »t**t*l tru-«-
bridge, 140 loot span, over Seymour
liner. S|,ecillciili..iis nml lull particular, can be hmi on applical imi 10Donald
('ainoroii, IHslrict Knirineer, mnl tender! iiiii.! lie lodged ni lhc liiulricl (lll'lce,
K-plaiiiuli', Mini* H o'clock, en the Till
,lun.f Au**n-t, 11(08.
klIX   I'IIII.II'.
1141 C.M.C.
Application for Liquor License
NOTK'K in lier.l'i* uii.11, that at the
nexl mi'i linn nl (he Itonril of l.iicin-c
t'oniinissi'iiiira ("r the lU-liict Mnnii'i-
linlili "i Nurlli Vaiicoiiier, I shall applv fm a lintel license lor lhe mie nl
s|iiriluniis. leriueiileil nr olher liipior.,
lor an hotel siluatc.lini Pi-lricl LtHMt,
tiroiip 1 Vnncouver Dbtritt, iiilhin llie
riyislenil tounsile knoiui hi the t'mi-
vini Vieii Ti.iiiisiti1
July 111, IHOS
pibijc iE.ii.Tii NNimn
PrW.IC MiTICK ishcrcliycivoiilliail
in HCiiinlnnii* uilh Hie pro"rWoM of
the 1'uhlic Health lll-U», ol lhe I'm
of Norlli Vancoiiier, lhe Municipal
Council hull* I'aalllrali Ii'l uilh lhe \|,-,|j-
cnl Health i.tlicertii niliii.l ni Iln* I'm
ll.ill.  Ni.rlh \ unci nu*r, mi   tin*  11 r -1
M lay ol each month, al  lhe hour o(
II o'clock in the (oriiia-.n, Inr the |mr-
P'-eol   vaccinntiiii! nt  ll MM "i
lhe clly, nil |»'.,r poroSMiUd all nther-
at their mn upeat*,
The father, mutlier, "r |-er«a.ii IniviiiK
llieeare, uurlure, or 1 u-|a«l\ ,,l , 1, n
chihl l.irn iu the city, -hull, uilhin
ihree Iiiullih» alter the hirlhnl sili'la
chilli, lake or  cause  lo   lietiiken, the
chihl, to the Medical Pnotttlonor, in it-
ti'iiilauceal thslhtwe iip|sniitiil place
lor the pnr|s"*e "I btlS| .:i,< uuile-l, un
leaa lhe clulil has l.eii prei d] 1 in I-
nnted hy ftuiie lev-ally ipmlilii 'I I'ueii
turner, nml llu* lai-iiiiuti'iii dull
I'ity Clerk.
Norlh Vaiirnuii r. II (' .
nih.Inly, itma. '.'i-K
li'il  iHlKmr a.il  I. t. land  Sarvayw
'mum ant
R.llwaj., Hriilgi*.. 1v*i.,t fim-'-r.. E.llni.li*.,
Siii'iriiili'inli'ni'i'ul I'lin.lr'irtUiu, M.p., Town.
-ii.* ll.iiiiiii I'lainM, Hull 1
811 II..iiiii. li. «'.,  .  .   VANCOUVER, B C.
Eor Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
i'i to THOS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer Resident Boot Maker
Lonadalt Ave., above anil Street
at the A. M. KOM Shoe Store.
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7lh Street, North Vancouver
First of ail we ask tjou to
view correct styles. fit-Reform sets the fashions. . .
What ab|)ears io the fit Reform Wardrobe is accented
without question by Canada's well dressed men . ..
Let us show you some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
■•lilt I It DOlBtr till MONIY
Dimension Lumber
Finishing Lumber
etc., etc.
Our prices are right.   Let us give
you a figure on your
Lumber lull.
Builders and
P, LARSON is  prepared ti
And all kinds of Building
Mnterial inqtltntitiMtO suit
and nt reiiHoiiiilili' prices.
rAKM R0TICBthai ilieO it ..I id.-
Ciir|inrHtiiiniilllie('ili "I North Van*
ea.nver inleii'l. tu emialrmi the |..*,**n
IniiTiiveininl -el "'H in ll"- *» lnilul, .i|-
IH'nriiiat In'i"* ind ml' 'i'l- I" MMM I In
Iiunl i.»*l,.ir 11 |Kirli.iu tliirinl, ui.ui llu
real |in>|H*rli l.'iulil.-l llieplu Irooting
or iiluitlinit ilieriim  ami helil lialile lur
H.-e.-illlllll III* r< lul
ai,ent ihovlng llie  lllllil. Il.ilili*
llllal   |>r..|HH»'l| I" I.' .|N'1*1«I|V «a«'.l«'.| Int
iln* .nnl iiii|irnti'iiieiil ami thr name, nf
the in lier. Iheniil, mi lar ». the MM
inu In< .i-a. rtnin>-l IMU (In* hi'l revim-il
MMMROSl rnll ami .atlnr«i-a, i« HI
lliiil ill Iln* "ll'iiv "I lhe t-*—Iiunl
t'liiuiuiN.iuni'riiiiil ll <i|N'ii III iii-i- . Imu
ilurinn ..111. .* 1 ionr*>.
The mheilule Mot  ihoM llt
iiiatiil eu.t,,(lhe iiii|irii\i'iiii*nl  uml the
|ll llf WHm I" In* |irii\li|ei| "Ut "I the
K'lieNll lllllll. 'il lhe eity.
At'nurt nl   lieii-ii'ii  "ill In* htU "ii
the ITU, i|*r nl lufUMtMitl ll"'1 '
nPRp.m., at the uti h»ll, Nnrth Van-
nuiver. II.C. fur the |.ur|."-e ..( In-urnm
I'limpUliil. niriiin-l lh" |>rnp.'N<il mm
iiunl. nr thf uiTiimn ul fr..tilnir<-
MHSmstBll "nun "llnr ia>ui|ilaiiit
whieli the |n'r.iiiiii inleti'Mtvl ile.ire In
niakp  ami whieli in ii-ftniialil*' hy <!><'
a Oil rt.
At>.ewinnil Ciiiiiiniwiuner
Nnrth Vaneniiier, ll C .
Ii.lh.lnlv. I'KN
>i nnu in iiirt-KiiiI.
l'r,.|K..,..l .ili.l   E'liinale
lni|iriivi*iiu*nl t..|nl ,..-l . ilv topt)
Cliarinii uml tlndln|
Wil  --Ireel.  lH'1-.i'i'll
l.i.nt«liile An*, mel
llth -treei ; miilUv
Ing u(   li ft    .l'lr»illll
nn nnrlh .ule nf .aui Hi. |*i r ll
»tre«t Iruntage    f.'Til
1 ■
Priceless Asset
A |a*od Ml u( Tei'ili i*. m t ri lm 11- |NStl) In um*'. henltli anil
happlnea.   They ml.l  nuieh  tii the a|i|H'Hraine iiiiiI mure to
the ttigMtaOn.
Neulii-l Ik Ihemili'eiiii.e (nr the loasolTei'lh.   Ciime to
I1H NllU  Ih iaari* i| is t,K, lule.
full »tl of ItfIh        tJ.oo
Biiitumoi k, |K*r loolh         I.oo
01*1 l'liiaall\     S.OO
liiilil I iilnins Ion ub
I'l.ilin.i lillinn-  |.00
I all.ir llll'l     Jo
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. BAKLR, Consulting Dentin
407 flailing* St., W., Vancouver
HOURS   3 a.m to 6 p m.
Rolled Oa I s
Hai) and Teed
North Vancouver
rqimptlyTecuId] Transfer «»*^*y
Cfirtane, KeniovalB,
. I
'alii.tf. Otirln.rnl.^'.Advlfc-f-iin;	
1 rircel Delivery,
North Vancouver Hospital
u.si'l i llll   IIV
mm »i7.--<it..»*.miht«..l
War.l |..i'i. ni- II |.*r'l.n-
I'.nnrr 11 1*' ll
I' li plume 70.
Nifkl Calls 13.
J. A. 8. NICH0LI8
l-'ine. bsslthjf Tomato anil
Caiilillnwrr l'lanln, Rrown from
Slittoo'l Sieils, always on hand
ih.-Brar.kmao Ker
Milling Co.
.ii   I • 11,
' .11     Miti In II. lm al  manaijrr.
c.enernl Contractor
I ml Owing,  "mini* mi'i Ro k
III11-I1111I. Kttra MN Mil I
All il.nii*u.'i*. niii'l'  K'.-l.
Klll'l.li v m 1   n 1      A 1. 1 IM <-' v
.,,.1  Kl  .   Wa-aal  ,.|  I  ..,,.,l.l»
I'  II    M *.   11
Portraiiiin. Bins Prists, Copyio|
ami I 'ilii-iii.:. 1 ■'ini**liini{ lor
Atnateiii-, lu
Studio: ItiA St., V. ol lonidale Ave.
Fur Fiirniliiiv,
at Ri ,1    nii'l'   I'ii' *  .  t;o to
Ihr \orlh \ line ouver
Homo furnishers
l.an K LD5IDAU AM.
W'luu/'iiiliii/'r  11/ MWm  'I"''    liitfjne
furniture Slim, Hfire nnd llnr h'ulurei
lt.*|'HlriliB in All llr.li.he.
IM Thlt-lt 81   **'., Ha-1. ,|,, .„. ,.,,!,! ,|„| u.,,4,1,
<>|,|N«II(  N, IIIH*l
£Sy Mm] nr.lrr.uii. 11 |in>in|il atteiiln.ii
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
lielialile mni'tii'. al reaaxnialilf |irloel.
Nn Bonn.  Ro BssJs   Ro Pomlfirties
l.a.l.iiii.ii-i -t.Nk.    NH mii,|v IBSMI Is
111 y ymi.   Iluv ilinil   ni.I (iei Tr«>*
nii'l -iii*,!. llml urim
Ka-rlili/a r-. Im-.- ->ii|.|.i:.■•.. ,--|iray Pump.,
Spraying MaUrtal, 1 m noinn, en*.
(IliV.t   i-tal.]|.|ie.|   inir-erv   un   th.
mainland u( Urm-i. C-olamMi.
'      alogM fr- e.
snio Wanoamt Ku»o.
Prominent Pythian Visitors
ar Iod     No  in.
Ki     i      '   i rn   v '1 an
\   a vsning
(rom Ca* ;**    lead
*,**  ni   ilu* pi    Grind
i I. A. Brown, ol Sii i
mom, ind Viei I irand ( li ini elloi
ouvi:     I h   vii
i |        .ii al iln* In
i ipid growth tnd
ipli ii.li.l \ itility. I luring the even
roe i indidal  i wen inititted
i ink
♦*♦¥♦*» m-m I ♦ (-♦ (■♦+-Kt--a-;-*H ♦4-*+-*+-»*i*4>44> i-*+**t*t-i-*> i-*'i-->'l**»-l**»'K.*!*«»-i**'i-*-i-#'H-<»-i-->*
All Summer
To Clear AT COST.
(let a suit before it
L'I It'S.
20 |jcr cent. Off
All Boots & Shoes
Sandals, RanningjShoei, Etc*.
For 10 Days.
Regular $1.00 and
>l.'.'."i for 76o.
75c and 85c for 50o,
* in ploy i'   ul   the I hploi ■-.
ii twitching
. a,i ii,,* imall  plinci on
Wi I ii >: '*.   wm ' sught   by  the
b      ,      wi a      ito    pti e  tnd
li i.ilile  diitam •
I tl   .
ind hi wu taken to thi
hospil il  but I .ii i it wai lound he
; * i .nm .I two large
■ ia  Wi dnesd iy
|   aa!    I .ill. \   In iDg
*.* I   I'l   llu    l'ull",-
ti i- .na ! K P.'i,
II. E Ri id returned Wednei Ity
■a* hii trip in the hili
Chesterfield House
M.in.lm..' ill 3 .i. r I .T''iiii'l
i   * Ave, nml -*"'ili st,
Hm iiiiiI l!u;iriliiii! Srliiinl lur Hou
fflll  ll.*a.|."ll'*.| N'l'l. rth.
I •   irtieulani appli i*
\  II. BCR1V KN, U.A
Vmi W'ili Save Money bv Huvini' Here,
Just lift Our Trices
W. T. Murphy,
Cur. Esplanade mnl Lonidale Ave.
N ulli Vancouver
♦' ♦ I ♦^♦♦♦»»*l(»*1^^»l»K»f.»T»]iK»l»X»I»*»ll<»<aM(»»»**»< ♦ < •♦♦♦♦*♦ !•♦+♦♦♦+♦+♦•(►♦
Imi Bil ii * groun It * it tht north
end nl I 'iu 'ii Chtrlotte Islands,
,in,l i. porti tli1, ' iperii net nf hii
i|i • Sun l*i' i'i" i;*; thara wai i
I* mii*    i.i. ii pinied by mow,
Imi nn Iiuiiii reiulted,
IPPL10ATI0N8 marked ' Cain inker
i ny llnil." mil he received hy tin*
underaigned up to "i o'rlock |. n.i mi
M Inv, :ir.l Auguit, mot, lor iln- po-J*
nan u Caretakirol tlir t'ily Hull.
kpplleanti ia, -luii* lalarv expected,
Wt) l l.-rk.
i'iii II *ll. s.i.Mi lanrnur* i.
JMIl J.. * ,!'».\
New Advertisements
I'mil—P, l.;ll.-"ii
Shties- W ! .\ S. ,ii
Shues-A. M. Rom Co
I'lunii Ing Inipeclor - Cilj
Liquor lia nn* I'. Isnoa
Caretaker d.r Intake—City
1'renli ii-.li— N. y. I i-h Cu.
I'.'ira'liikir (nr eili hull-City
lluililer-' -.ii|i|ilii'-   I'. I.ursuii
"earlier! H.inieil* Sihi.il botrd
Cheap hull.'—KhliT Murray Cu.
i.'in.-iiiiii' local lmprorem.nl  OH)
shares fur miiIi— U. 0, Wood I'lilpaiul
Papal Cn.
Opening aiiiiiiiini'einent—Teni|,ler ,V
In (iur \
L'KD.VY, \l u
Ion   mi SAT-
llllllli'il-l'llllllliilli!. Mr,, llXfWtir
APPLICATION!* marked "Plnmhing,
l ta* . Inipeclor," trill be received by the
undersigned np i" *r' o'clock p.m., on
Monday, 3rd Augnit, '-WS, iaar the nlliee
'ai Plumbing ninl Reptie Taint [iifpector
,1 Hie lily ..( Nnrth \ Ulirulller.
Applicant! iiin-i -i iia -ail.in expected,
'* i'i Hull, (ill l I. rk
X.irlli \'iiiia,,in,*r,
.Ink Sllh, I'.'i's
and instructions to sell
Cleared Lota, 50x166, in Block 52, mi Fourteenth
ami Fifteenth Street- at $500 ami $525 each: cor-
oert, $600 each.   EASY TERMS,
Two cleared lots, 50x157 naoh, touth front on
Ninth itreet, at $650 each.   Kasy terms.
Also ii few choice lot- on \'ii'(oria Park West.
lionadale Ave. lot,'Iietween 2nd and 3rd ttreeta,
only $3200,   Terms.
lots in Block 117 $560 each. Term*.
Lots iu all parti of the City, at
prices from $200 each ami up.
ii gomj. *■-,-A, l.a.i- .mil Aereogo.   rt   negntiale mlea
if lh, pri.e- ure right.
Sixth stree
A good list ot'
Wanted fmm (inn ra liib
Cor. lonsdale Avenue nnd I Ulli St., North   anrouver, H.I.
TUKI'lloSi: ||
Bouquets lor Ladies
1. ry lady t'initing our store
mi ^aturdai h lil i-i ceive a
bandaome buui-ut t uf llowert
Choice Fruit Display
Examine our Hm display of
fri'-'u fruil ■■ il  pricei
Don't   lnri|i'l   Hie Store nl  (In,ill;,
British-Canadian Wood Pulp &
Paper Company, Limited
Owners of the Townaite of Porl Mellon. Howe Sound. 25 miles from Vancouver,
Tiki mun i      ■ . i uundlol the
■ (•.   ■ Nurlh Van-
*        ■   thi        l."'.ll
liiinr  ' * lilllea|i-
iiunl i'**' ll.m the
mil proii ■ irimting
ible lor
l ■' il ;* liable
in.*- nf
llli* nia I,, r-   '
local i
*     *      ,-lllal llaal ii ,1 the
'     a,(   |||,.
i        i        * iii lhe
it    lhe
;. i, r J .** .-a ■
nl bearing ll i >l  lhe
MliiM\- -III I'll KM),
North Van '*• r. '
a,|   I    - ], I. * *.. III k III   I
Subject to Shareholders' Preference up to and including
The Remainder of the Third l(X),<X>0 Issue of  Preferred Stock of this Corporation.
Tin itoi It is nil. nil in bloi ki ol ioo ihtrat, at pat value aai ti.oo per slum.    No boatu Mock.
PAYMENTS to per cenl on application, 15 por can) in 30 daya, balaoo in s inuntli*- .11 the i.itinl
in p. 1 cent per month.
hl\ IDBNDS   Thii itock i-1 mule.I to in innual dividend oi 7 par cant, conmt ncing Nun ubtn 1.
bul unlimited as tu lurthet dividend*.    Thai ii iiti 1 ; 1 ■ 1 a nl hu I" en paid upon iln* I'n h rrad
■ndCommonitocki,bothitocki therealterloparticipati eqn  Ij     IThen iinoqueitkm buttbatthi l'n-
[erred Stock now offered mi lun ■ ihon time will become thi Higgett I inn lend Paying Stocki in Canada.
Owing i" iln' l.n 1 thai wi ire al>li to lecure Irani 10,0001 10,000 cubic In 1 oi kih* frnin every eord ol
wood used ia tha manufacture ol wood palpal abj product, with practically no uptnae, w*
have 1!" n lore, applied lot thi (iai Pranchiie ol
lli,*, valuabli Iranchiiei, when lectin d, will belong 1    luiivel) i" tin Cum pany, ami will n-prcsent
dividend, independent of that madi bj tba 1 impanj in tha manufa.ct.in ofpapai
W, propon erecting a pulp mill at North Vancouver I  manufactun oi wood pulp, and traaaiar
it,,* ><**« in,,!, rial tu Port Mellon, wh ra at* in noa ■ 1 big mill, to I"  1 onverted into papwr, ami
-ie lie  : .   : I powi I 1*iii 1	
Uritiih Columbii to supply thi main mill il Port Mellon  with wood pulp, ami ilisirilmie ih ■ n.is lm gm
il ih. p..mis win ra the 1 ruda pulp is manulai tun.'
Ternm, niie-fnnrlli eii "li; haliini'e, 6,12 aad 18 montlil
M      l^
>    a
>      4
,'.   J
' ' a
'     3
I   "V'
161 Cordova street, Vancouver, B. C.
l'.o. mix .ihii.
Hotel North Vancouver.
fa.oo per
and up
Rates lor
Ferry Service f very Hall Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vam ouver. P. Larson, Prop.
llllll 1 Willi HI PBI1 ft NIB IU. Lit* TIME TABLE, 1J0S
iiviisi, i-.Miiim*
nnm sob I n VANCOtna
•i.lll l.\l.
•li II "
s.mi "
s III *•
Ml ••
lo.l.-, ••
11.11 "
II r. rM.
i.l'i ••
l.l.i '
.'i l'i -
IU5 "
7.1.1 "
1.11 "
10.15 "
•II..10 "
1.41 \3L
10.11   ••
ll II   "
u.t.i P.M.
1.41   "
■I I.'. "
| H "
1.45   "
Ml "
Ml  "
•7 H "
8.20 "
'AM "
Ml «
10.15 "
II H I'.M.
1 W "
I I.'i "
11.45 "
4.45 "
5.45 "
ii.45 "
7.45 •'
H.45 "
".45 "
10.4.5 "
•11.45 "
Nul un Sunday
10.15 A.M.
11.15  "
12.15 P.M.
1.1S "
2.15 "
74.15 "
4.15 '•
5.15 "
(US "
7.15   "
KiTu: 11.50 I'Kit
Spitiiil liiilrv Iii I 'iiiiiiiii'** ami llci'iiliir Boai'ilers
lliili-hniir (errr i'uiiiiitIIiiii l<> ami (nun Vanenuver. Hot and rolil
miter in every rnnm. Kelurn enll Mln In every room. Itarber
-alni|i in iiinnerliiin.
SlCOiri   .nmi,   ....   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C,
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars li ,im* ilu* li in l.,inilinu lm Om . i.slmrv Avenue, Twenty-fint
sin it .mat  Looadak, Wind) street ami Keith Koad as follows : 6:15
r parts ol " "'•' '' t.S *"• "«*. 7 (Sum, 745 »■'"■. h-'5 »• '»-, 9 »• "•• 9^4° »• <■'•.
 1  111,    Alter in ti, a. 111., cars will  leave Qurensliiiry avenue,
Twi nli Insl and l.ousil.ile aviiiue, and Wintli street and Keith Koad
,11 In. iniiiiiles in tin hour nml twenty live minutes past the hour.
Over fifty maa an no in conitructwa work at Port Halloa, and it will nm In bag baton
ti  itjon ..I tha machinery     Tins modern plant is bi ing ,irrant;e'l io as io hava ,1 capacity ol oral
100 ton -I wrapping pap i p i wei k, and tha additional noiti will Innin tha in ekli capacit) up tn 4511
11 wi ind wrapping.    Tins gnat mill, when lull; compli te, will in ana ol tht largi il papaf mills
1   ..iii.i.
-*, 1 \ l-n ip, r.vi l.KNCIl. Iliui'l. 1 nlnmbla Tru.l Corporalloa
•i  n i; .,.111-111: Hanua-r illlonIronWnrln,Vaneourtr,
HIT    vim I'ra'al'li'in Tin* 1 Imki .1 Mart Co,, Ltd .
.. ! Rtuil 1*1.i«-r Vim "a
1*01   1   II  Ilm V   M  '   - *■ .1'I . I'l. -   I'l-   ' "iii. Kn« .(.iriiiiT
*'a|||,l\,    \|,iii„||lll|.    lm.'.li.l    M   II, -I' ll'll .1   I 1,     Vii-
a  1 .        * ii 1 k*tl* ivii„i,*anii>hati
incourer, n l'
« iwi-i iikii-iiin. Prwldtni i'.,i.....,ii  rtubtrOo., m,*.* 1'i.a
|, , ,, I,,,,,!., r Cl      I' *     '"I 1 • rial 1 *.   .   I    |.,l. a '
II ,n.|o< . ..rn..ih |llk 1.. i.m....i.*i
1 1   »     IIM.KV. I,,im*r!i  i..iii*i.I  M.in, .*r IV, .1 I ..11.I..11 l',|>-t
' l.a.llalllll.  Klllll.ll.l
I Ii'l   II  .1  MKI.I.'lN  I P   llien -in I,'..i.l- l«,*iil. Kl,*
I I'llT.M I. II    HAS-. Il.rn.l.*r. .*!.  . V.11, ...in r. IH
I All I  'i'l.lUH I'll      V.llaaaai,,,
1,Ull 1 1 K nit * >l Muntt'i i'*" II   *       * 1 la 11
(II'    lal       U«\   S ■. 11 .nl 1  «    I  a,l,,ll»*(ll ,1 l'i, .   l.laiaama*.
Address /\ll Subscriptions for StocU Direct to
British Columbia Trust Corporation
Cars laava Nineteenth street ami Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
sti' 11 and Lonsdale avenue. Winch street and Keith Road as follows:
bi. in., (155 a. m., 7:20 a. 111., H;o5 a. in., 8:45 a. m., 9:30 1. nu
Alter i).y> .1 in. ears have tin Kerry Landing at ten minutes past tht-
hour ami twenty minutes to the hour.
All boats are nnt bv the cars.
Hot Air heating
Bting fnvorcil witli :i liberal jiatrtmnge from our
citi/i'iis in tlio lines we carried, Wa have ad-led to
our Imsiness by installing tll the latest appliances
for tlie placing of iMiriuiees, Cornice Work, etc.
Hii| mir estimates before doing your work.
We also cany Builders' Hardware Come and get our Prices.
fraser » McNabb mjEfliAve


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