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 NOV 13 lflOS    Si
SI)? Ixprraa
The mass meeting held on Wednesday in the nuuiieipal hall to discuss the advisability of incorporating into a city was well attcndeit.
Reeve Kealy occupied the chair
and in a few well chosen words
stated the objects of the meeting.
Alexander Philip, municipal
clerk, then read the report of the
committee selected to prepare
data as follows:
, Report of the area and valuation
and financial prospects of part of
Nortli Vancouver, proposed to be
embraced in the city to be incorporated:
i. The area marked off on the
map for separation, including lots
27a and 273, extends to 8067 acres.
a. The total valuation of the
area marked off, so (ar as it is in
the municipality, according to last
year's assessment roll is $720,152
for land, and ft 01,065 for imrove
intuits, leaving iu the rural area a
total valuation of (402,583. It
may be assumed that the new
valuation will add at least 50 per
cent, to the city area, and give a total of, say, 11,274,202, and Moody
ville should give an addition ol
,1250,000 to bring the total assessed
value of the new city up to, say,
j. If the ,< 1 oo.noo loan is allocated, according 10 last year's as
sissmeiit, thu city would have to
Undertake (70,000, and the rural
district $30,000, approximately.
The city would alsu have the local
improvement loan, Jj.ooo; lb
water loan of $50,000, the last
sueet improvement loan of tiy-
000, and the street ends loan ol
(13,000—making a gross total
debt 011 the city of (160,000.
Tlie assets lo be considered and
allocated would be: (1) the ss.
North Vancouver, valued at (10,•
0011; (2) the municipal building,
valued at, say, (7,000; (3) the tax
lands, worth say, (3,500; (4) the
arrears of taxes, worth say, (10,-
010. and (5) the sinking funds, (2,-
300: total 32,800- -of which assets
the rural district would be entitled
according to the same distribution
as made of the debt—to (10,000,
and the city to (12,Son, and the
whole waterworks system.
The cost of incorporation ol the
city by a private act of parliment
will be, approximately, $1,000, if
there is no opposition. The
further expenses involved will be:
(ij for a commission to allocate
the debt and assets, say, (1,000;
(2)Q(or paying oil the present debt
and placing new loans, say, (20,-
000; but against this expense it
should he possible to place the
city's new loan at 4 per cent, interest, or at most iM per cent,
next year, when this class of
securities will be more in demand
and the margin of credit will be
much larger.
6. II the city can place a loan
of (200,000 al 4 per cent, the
annual levy on the city will only
be 6 mills on the dollar, as compared with 7 mills lor water loan
and 6 mills lor consolidated loan
at present.
Councillor Bell at length pointed
out the advantages that would be
derived from incorporating as a
city. The street railway, and an
electric lighting system were
already within sight, and in future
they might look for shipping and
wharves, This was destined to be
a great shipping port. The commission oil transportation agreed
to this. They wanted a compact
municipality, a city with a character, that could act quickly and
effectively to secure the advantages
which in the very near future
would be much required. At
l'i' nit in llie municipality they
hud some iH square miles 10 administrate, and it was not tu the
advantage of the townsite to be
joined to such large, unproductive
areas. He thought they should
take all these things into consideration, and not be interested
or deterred by the question as to
whether they should pay 90 cents
or a dollar more in taxes than they
did at present, "Let us take a
broader view," said Mr. Bell, "and
try to make this place what it
should he, what it will be. We
arc laying the foundations of a
great city here and no petty considerations should be allowed to
interfere with it." He closed by
suggesting that a committee
should be appointed to look into
the question and report at a mass
meeting to be held later.
H. C. Wright favored incorporation, and a smaller area than
that outlined on the map. Vancouver suffered in having too much
territory. He wanted all tlie
waterfront possible to get in the
new city.    (Applause.)
Mr. Wood said that the area of
Vancouver city was t'/ixsYi
miles, or 9,400,acres.
Mr. Bell—Was Vancouver contemplating a greater Vancouver?
Mr. Wright-The city extends
to Jerico now.
Mr. Bell—I suppose it will soon
extend itself to Jerusalem.
Mr. Hope said that the meeting
was pretty well of one opinion regarding incorporation. There was
no doubt as to the future of the
city. It would be a great deal
larger ger, but don't make the area
too large. Vancouver s uffcred
leverly for this in the past. For
instance Cedar Cottage, outside the
city limits, there were many cleared (anus, while on the city side
dense lorests prevailed. Taxation
was the cause of this. Mr. Hope
spoke for Ur. Carroll. This
property was all farming lands
aud would so remain for many
years, and suggested that it not be
taken into the corporation. What
would make North Vancouver was
the railway, consequently the
matter of incorporation might be
deferred for a year.
What are known as lots 272 and
273, the old townsite of Moodyville,
caused considerable discussion. It
seemed to be the opinion, although
the matter was not put to a vote,
that it would be a mistake to take
in Moodyville at the present time,
as the city would be then under
the necessity of making a very large
outlay there for streets, water-
mains, etc.
Reeve Kealy, who occupied the
chair, pointed out that they were
not there to lay down the lines on
which incorporation should be carried out, but rather to Iind out
whether the concensus ol opinion
was favorable to incorporation or
not. Witli this idea, he suggested
a motion. Acting on this suggestion, Mr. Dick submitted his motion,
which carried unanimously.
Mr. Cave, of Robert Ward & Co.,
who did dot vote, stated that he
was there to represent the Lonsdale
estate, and that his principals, while
not opposed to incorporation, were
of the opinion that the time was
not yet ripe.
Following resolution was moved
by R. H. Dick and seconded by J.
G. I'hillippo:
That a committee of 15 be
appointed, which committee shall
consist ol reeve, nuuiieipal council
and tun other members, to be
elected by popular vote at this
meeting; that the duties ol this
SOmmittee shall be to consider the
boundaries ol proposed city; that
their report be submitted (0 a mass
meeting of ibe ratepayers to be
called by the chairman of this
meeting before being submitted In
Importance of This Rapidly
Growing Town Is Fully
Realized by the Manager
of Vancouver Branch-
Facilitates Business for
North Vancouveritus.
Suitable apartments have been
secured in the new office building:
recently erected by the North Van
couver Improvement Company, at
the corner of Lonsdale avenue and
the Esplanade, for a branch of the
Bank of British North America,
which will be opened here in a
week or so.
This addition to the rapidly-
increasing business of the town
will be a boon to merchants and
citizens in general and much valuable time will be saved thereby, as
obviating the necessity of going
across the inlet to transact business.
Tlie stability ol North Vancouver
has been assured, and no greater
confidence can be placed in tlie
town than the opening up of so
important an enterprise. The bank
handles the account of tbe municipality and hopes to contribute its
share towards tbe upbuilding of
this new city. Tlie Haul; ol B. X,
A. is the pioneer institution of thu
Pacific Northwest, being the lirst
to locate at Victoria, Dawson,
Rossland and other places in the
province. It has the reputation ol
being one of llie mosl conservative
in Canada, and wherever it establishes itself may be considered as
a safe place lor investments.
the local legislature (or approval."
Unanimously carried.
In pursuance of the resolution, a
ballot was taken for tl.* committee
of ten, and the following selected 10
act in conjunction with the municipal council to inaugurate the crusade: B. J. Cornish, J. C. Keith, Ci.
Bartley, J. J. Woods, R. H. Dick,
J. G. Phillippo, A. B. Diplock, E,
W. Thompson, James McNair, C.
E. Hope and E, Mahon.
The committee will meet on
Monday night in the municipal hall.
Sister St. Dominick's Demise.
The death occured on Sunday at
St. Paul's Hospital, of Sister St.
Doniinick, a teacher iu tlie Indian
school at the Mission. Tlie deceased had lived on the Coast lor
a number of years and was widely
known. The funeral look place
from tin: Mission church on Tuesday morning aud was largely attended.
The pile-driver, owned by Capt.
Cates, and which was tied up at
his slip here, turned turtle in English bay ou Sunday afternoon while
in tow ol the tug Superior, enroute
from Britannia Beach to False
creek. The leads ol the diiver are
very long, which caused lllttcll
difficulty in towing the scow lo
Cate's ship yard, where, it is
thought, the that can be successfully righted without the loss of
any machinery, other than the tools
which were lying promiscuously
about the scow.
What would Emerson,   tli"   lull
ger, do, il there were no newspapers to give vent in his hot air?
There was a fair turnout at the
open meeting ol the Horticultural
Society, in the municipal hall, on
Monday night. As announced in
The Express, the subject under
discussion    was—"Co-operation.'
in a lew well chosen remarks, open
ed proceedings, and said that it was
the first of a course of winter
meetings. People were wanted
to take an interest in them and the
membership thereby doubled
North Vancouver would be a city
soon, and co-operation would he
needed. In the Uld Country it
was a great success—one co-oper
ative institution being now worth
/, }oo,ooo,ooo which grew Irom
practically nothing. The same
thing obtained in other parts ol the
world, though not on such a large
scale. The members and others
could start by buying fruit trees,
(applause.) After introducing the
speaker of the evening, Alex.
Pllllip, Esq., President Bell who
was called away, left the chair, and
Mr. Nye took his place (or the
evening. Mr. Philip, on rising got
a good reception,    lie was
as bis exhaustive remarks showed.
He left out of view entirely the cooperation of capital aud energy to
e found iu the limited companies
and railway and tramway corporations. He wanted lu be practical
and consider some of the local
possibilities of co-operation. An
admirable example ol the value ol
joint operation was the successful
exhibition recently held here. Un
the other hand, cooperation in
merchandise as a business had net
been a success, particularly in the
provision line and among arti/.ans.
The men in charge ol these businesses, who were giving up valuable
time to the work, could aol be coi.-
vinced that they were not public
benefactors, Yet articles as good
as they sold could be bought from
individual trades for the same
price. To maintain a store, in
spite of all the hard voluntary
work of the directors, there must
be a stall of hired employees, and
one ol the greatest bugbears has
been the
Merchants can always hold their
own with co-operators. The
peaker sometimes thought that
there was an opening for cooper
ation in farming. Vet what a
splendid sphere this vocation, is
for individual energy, ingenuity
md skill   Of course,   managers
do often make their marks as Well
as individual farmers, But olten
arms, yielding wood livelihoods to
individual larmeis, would nol pay
the salaries of managers, and yield
_ rofits, The co-operative system
in every Instance, must resolve it-
sell into work under individual
managers. And as a rule hind
managers have not the incentive
or economy which is the natural
possession ol every farmer in their
own accounts. These two lines
sufficiently illustrate some of the
clut'i difficulties in tlie way of cooperation, Where success is depended on individual enterprise
private concerns stand the best
chances to succeed. Some ol the
conditions for
USEI Ut. CO iii'HtllluN
arc: 11) Insurance  ami  banking;
(a)canneriesfor fruit growers, and
fish canneries for fishermen; (3)
ordering in bulk, seeds, plants,
manures, stumping powder, etc.;
(4) securing the services o( an expert, as in large works retaining a
doctor and maintaining a hospital.
The Horticultural Society cannot
as yet start in lile assurance or fire
insurance, though the princical is
good. Those who are 1 larmeis,
however, can join the Partners'
Mutual Insurance Company ol
Britisli Columbia. This compaay
is a young concern, and has over
Ji,ooo,ooo in risks. The cost so
far to the farmers has been from
40 to So cents per $100 a year.
Insurance is given at cost. In
Eastern Canada the rates have
been under *J2 per J 1.000, or 20
cents per $100. We cannot start
a bank yet, but one will be started
here before very long. However,
a building society could be started.
The time is not ripe for a co-operative creamery or fruit cannery.
Along the line of finding
however, for butter, milk and fruit,
wc can co-operate. A site for a
market should be early secured.
The speaker referred to the purchasing of clean seeds and how
concoctions have been palmed off
on farmers. Were they bought in
bulk, however, and not as represented by the nurserymen, Ihe
large consignments thrown back
on their bauds would be serious
losses to them. Powder (or blasting stumps could also be purchased
jointly. While not advocating the
ingageniaiit ol a doctor to attend
10 us all, nor yet the erection
of a hospital, yet great benefit
would accrue, and in many cases
lives might be saved, by the opening of a cottage hospital with a
lew rooms. We are in the days of
will be the most important industry
in this district; then dairying.
Within the next lew years a very
large number ol fruit trees, shade
trees, shrubs, etc., will be planted
out in this district. A million tree
plants arc imported annually into
this province. Are farmers and
others doing justice to themselves
in sending away as much money as
tbey do (or them, when by cooperating they could grow them at
home? Besides buyers would know
what they were getting, and freight
ami agents' commissions would he
saved. An expert could also be
retained lor the work, say 10 acres
cleared and seed acquired. This
needs a large outlay. There arc
70 acres available for cemetery
purposes. This ground, all hut
say ao acres, is suitable lor the
purpose of a nursery. The nurseryman could pay the rent by
looking aller the graveyard. Seeds
of different hardwoods could be
sown and the plants distributed,
The expert could conduct spraying
ami pruning operations and advise
in selecting plants.    From a
SCr.Hli   COIN I  01   I'll*
our district already has lew equals
But were our bare hillsides
adorned, not with charred stumps,
but with the oak, tbe ash and the
elm, interspersed with birch,
beech, mulberry, maple, sycamore,
hickory, walnut and rowan ti< CS,
in a lew years the change would
be marvellous, The government
should In interested in the hardwood proposition. It may not be
possible to bring about this proposed change in its entirety, but
can the Beautifying Association,
tlif Horticultural Society, ami
the ' iti ■ 11 well, appl' tin 1
energies and efforts to a li' tlei
purpose than to prepare tli'' waj
for work along the.- lines? Another suggestion the speaker made
was the organization of a local
Board of Trade, to give attention
to the development of industries,
and to watch over the interests that
are of vital importance to a city
that hopes to become a centre of
commercial life.    (Applause.)
Pete Larson thought the growing ol hardwood might be a good
idea, but he did not feel like waiting 150 years for them to grow.
Reeve Kealy said that he considered co-operation ahead of its
time. Mr. Philip had said, the
two greatest industries of this district were, Iruit-growing and dairying. The speaker agreed with the
one ol fruit, but took exception to
dairying, excepting in the outlying
One thing lelt out was the matter
of small holdings. These would
be a big source of revenue to the
community. The possibilities ot
poultry-raising were enormous,
and North Vancouver offered every
inducement to this industry.
Fruit-growing and poultry-raising
go hand in hand on small holdings.
Some ol our people prefer to go to
Vancouver to buy their supplies
rather than get them at home.
North Vancouver was not an agricultural, but rather a horticultural
municipality. We should at
present confine ourselves to fruitgrowing.
B. J.Cornish said that some of
the subjects discussed were not
horticultural. The first steps taken
should he in buying. At present
the place was too sparsely settled
lor any other kind ol co-operation.
Chemicals and machines for spraying could Iw purchased jointly.
"It is a nice thing to have our own
orchards sprayed and to see those ol
our neighbors' done also," he said.
Among the others who took part
in the discussion were Rev. J. D.
Gillam, Geo. Bartley, F. W. Templar, J. D. Livingstone, Chairman
Nye, A. Gibson and others.
Alter Mr. Philip's reply, the proceedings ol a very profitable and
pleasant meeting terminated.
Murray's tea rooms presented a
busy scene on Tuesday afternoon,
the occasion being the marriage
of Mr. Murray's sister, Isabella
Darling, youngest daughter of
James Murray, J. P., late ol
Stewart Brae, Bcarsden, Scotland,
to Mr. David Waddcll Elder,
ol this place. Thf ceremony was
performed by the Rev. Dr. Fraser,
ami was attended only hy the intimate friends of the contracting
parties    A sumptuous repast was
slterwards Indulged In, alter which
thf happy couple lelt bv the 6:40
lerry lor Vancouver and Ihe Sound
1 Itiei mi their honeymoon.
A word to the wise is sufficient;
advertise in the Christmas Edition
ol THI Express.
x     'Xmas
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MIL,   L.Ari\L,0»3       Lanark, Oxford, Lincoln and Hastings, I UI   JJ   I Cul 3
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SUok'l Ciuuuuption Cure, the Luna
To-ic, hit been before the public, and
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have ileadily itiueaied yea, by year, ii the
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The donn'l cure yoo, (he dealer will relund
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Kaien Island to be Terminus,
An Ottawa special says;—Tho car
service depart nienl f the Canadian
Atlanta railway office has been closed.
This Is tin* first tillloe outside that ot
the general manager in lie closed under thai nr the Grand Trunk railway
system. All the start have been look-
t'lliifii'i'. Musi nl tlie clerks will be
transferred to Montreal, The report
from Dotrol Ihal Vancouver is lo be
ilif terminus of the liriuul Trunk Pa-
citic railway is, ii is understood, made
nut of whole titiili. Knli'ii Island, in
i Im Slieenn i Iver, has been chosen, and
the company will nol swerve from ils
decision i" make a groat porl al that
polnl in the illt'iiiilun nl' a few men
who nmy dm Ire to speculate In Vancouver 'ii* lots. Tin' company holds
Hun us tivimis trade with iho (ar
east, Knii'ii i:.liiiui has an advantage
ni i'1'i ml hundred nillos over the
moi'i "'iii' rly route, The name o(
the now lei'inlnnls for the city has nol
in i ti determined, und thu Ciiiiudlun
public uill In' Invited to assisi n so-
A prize ul' J'J.Mi will bo
paid by Hu' directors to Iho Individual who suggests the nmsi appiiipii-
ale iiuino, ii is nol to exceed ''ie,iu or
nine letters, and must bo Borne euphonious liiiiiiiu mi tut, ut tho llillish
Columbia tribes.
CEYLON TEA is equalled by no other tea on
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a>!**d Packets Only. Black, mixed or Groan.
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Lord und I...dy Alifi'il i were spoken
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in which tbe work has been done In they have 111   l. D. Kollog's Dysent'
'    i the various r-ounlles under Ihe County ,.,-y Cordial nnd lake a few drops In
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While making an nrresl nl Crystal
City mi Wednesday  Inst,   Constable
\ oi . I'liuii v J Dram i. Ctrl, i"', ni
IS, I ■ ■ ' I. :,|, Leeds . ml Qren
i   Nimbi 111   n    .Mi.I.i tw'X   10
N'i.i itiiliiil" I'lltl .1   i.i Mull   in   l'i,   I'l'i'fl-
11,1  '■  :l ,U ,   ,   dagger, Mr. McPnrliuio snee led in
'"' "'   secnrliig  Iho  k.i.ii'  and   landed Ins
McFnrlnno wns attacked by the man
wliH wns under tho Influence ot llqu-
The weapon used  wns a clasp
mtlful and tall
i      . in, •   i"
maple   ,
ll'.'l ....        m
,    I ol I    lu ■   ill u
I .
I     •   I
vmi :  lion i<
I'oilll :
i r
'       ■ ■ ii    i
... ■    -
.     :
mil n
1,1    . ii   ..ni It.I.I
10', i'n
■    ■ '
Slto.-.n   By   Ninth   An -
Comm.ssntt  u.<   Hlfll
li. I' .,
■ i
i   a il
i   i
i   .
'.        '      .■
i.   lli p
■.,        i
i Ihe i'inli
i     '   ,|.   ill
"f   Instl'lll'll "I"   to   r I   lull."
nnd  Infoi inuilon of  ' ti   ..  ■
I i .
liut'tl   ?jr,  and  costs.—I'llol   Mound
iii"y   Cleanse  the   System   Thor
  ouglily. •I'.u-ini'l."'.i  I'ogeutble  PIIKs
The most cos.lv lialh-t In tin world   f!?!"'   ""'   s""";"' '   l,owo18   "'
Is I,."" l.ilit.us  ninn,,'.   call     Iho excretory
vessla in   throw ml Impurities from
,,               ,,  ,, the liloiiil inui Hi.' bowels nnd expe
iiiiiiiinit t, iiuii. ,i,i                               ,    ,   ,
,,                                 .       i . ., ""' deleterious mass limn i i.- bin v
v"'"rl11" Tli'y do                     pal,, or Incon
t""1 »' "litlilf      '   I Ihe Inqiilslllve   vonlciice lo Hie pal lent, who s Illy
gentleman whoso belter liulf wns very realises ihcli     nil oil ces as soon ns
'l thoy begin to lal o effect.   They jmvi
"Oh, yes," replied his friend, "ever "long    i cninmeiidiitlons   from    all
since I tried lo hide my vesl uuiler   l"li'1   "' i"'"''1''-	
■!' re one night"   Delmll Trlliilili*.
* ii-iiinr. I'iiiiI". The hnlr grows heller 111 light thai
Mi    crnlishiiM     Tom was awfiillj In darkness because of the stimulating
en It. tuir* Hi  four ii.-'ii'i'H effeit of light nnd sunshine.    It bti
..ti Hu. in. i,| n ', n.-I gown been oflen noticed In the case of men
Mrs ' i.i.M'.t'.l   tit.11, i he l " they who sit In offices with one side nhvaji
,,i", ,.„!„i th..number; turned toward the light that tha mm-
Mt.   i 1.1'.-I:.i.i   No    The i r hoy tache or heard of Unit side grows Ion-
|,.P    I'n, I;. ger thuu that on the oilier.
tun I'l-vllilr l.iiimiiiim- Vf,i.«„el-i. ^
"I'a, what d,«'s II nn when yon sny     Venesnels   means   "Little  "enlce.
Hint ..ne im ompletely overshadows   The early explorers found th. natives
'.  '.   It melius llnil  he
I. in"
■ nli"  Cleveland Uader.
'ih- oui) Way.
living In houses placed on piles In the
outshines   marshes,
Formign   Cnn.idian   Starch   Combine.
A  Montreal bi eclul Bays:- A ninn-
  lending financiers nro hard al .
work in nn ondenvor lo "orm a Btnrch
eoinhlne in the Dominion, li is stntod
llin projecl  Is well   underway,
nml Hint ilie four starch companies
now tluln: hiislnt bs In Canada have j
m ' un i : in   in    They arc the
Edwaidsburg Starch company, cupltul
?■  Imperial, capital not slnted;
Irnntford, $100,0011 1 St, Lnwrence,
Port Credit, }260,000.
i li LED
T.F.«:;3U!SAW l; Go.
Re.tl Estate- liisuranca
nntl General Oommlsslon
i',.   ■ . i   i, in,,
V:in uuvir. 0. C.
The Silver  Mnjile.
The hlgheit pinnacle of tree develop-
until seems tchave been reached when
the silver maple wits formed In nn
tore's crucible, Think of all the good
points in a physlcnlly perfect, high
Strung, blooded horse, apply these
points to tree life and we have the sll-
  ver maple.  From tin ground up to the
Jack   Wh ti tin yon do when iii ilmilit  topmost leaflet wc Hint expressed In every atom of the in'e strength, vitality, i
■   ■ ;■   i      :  ilie h nniit nf rtiu parity, bcauiy and usefulness,   The I
r       '    , i     ntpii trunk of this tree Is ns sleek snd clean
cut ns nn- tine could Imagine u tree to
ll- Kite*,  l'i. linn, '"'    ""' ''',l' '• bi'illlllflll In ils shape
■ml i nli'i', Ihl uinli'i ildc being n sll   (
Depends  .Upon  .the  .Richness  .and
Regularity of Her Blood
A woman needs n liltmil medicine
regularly just lieinusi' she is n woman. From maturity to middle life Ihe
health nnd happiness of every woman depends upon her blood, iis richness nml iis regularity. If her blood
is poor nml watery, she is weak and
languid, pale and nervous. If her
blood is Irregular she Buffers untold
torture from headaches, backaches
and sidcnclies, nnd other unspeakable
distress which only women know.
Some women have grown lo expocl
this suffering it I regular Intervals,
nml bear ii in hopeless silence, Dill
they would escape tbo greater pari of
it if they took n Imx or two of Dr.
Williams' l'ink Pills each time lo
help them over tho crltlcnl period,
Hr. Williams' Pink Pills actually
make new blood, They help n wo-
inanjiisi when nature mnkosthe greatest demand upon her blood supply.
They have done this for thousands
of women throughout Canada—why.
shouldn't ihey tin thai much for you?
Mrs. .lames Cnndy, 25 Edith avenue,
Toronto, says: "I think Hr. Williams'
Pink Pills n medicine Ihal should be
taken regularly by every woman In
the land. I suffered greatly from
those ailments thai oniy n woman
knows, l had backaches and headaches, mnl a weary bearing down
pain. I wns very Irrcgulnr. nnd was
often forced to en to bed for two or
three days al n time. I Irlod ninny
medicines, bill cm nolhlng in li.ln
me until I hegnii Dr, Williams' Pink
Pills, nml ihey have given me new
health nml relief from pnlit. nml
made me regular, I cnnnol sny how
thankful l am for whal the medicine
has done for me, and I would urge nil
women who suiter ns l did lo irv Dr.
Williams'   l'ink   Tills"
in. Williams' Pink Pills are Ihe
grciitesl cure in all the wide world
for nil Ihe weakness nnd backaches
nf anaemia, all (he heaviness and ills-
ii'ess nf Indigestion, all the sharp
Blabbing pubis of neuralgia, rheum-
ntlsiii, iumbngo nml BClntlcu, nnd nil
the other ills Ihal come from poor,
weak, watery blood, Dr, Williams'
Plilk Tills make new blood Willi every dose, nnd llius strikes rlglil nl
the rool of nearly every disease Ihul
nlHlcIs humanity, Dm remember Ihal
Ihe "in:-' ns good medicines" Ihal
stmie drugglsls offer never cured anyone ur anything, Insist upon Iho
genuine pills with the full name Dr.
Williams' l'ink Pills for Pnle People
nn llio wrapper around every box. if
in dmilil send to Ihe Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Drockvlllo, Out., and
the pills will be son! hy mall al 50
eeiils n imx or six boxes for $2.50,
llo,- (he Keeper Muimired tbeCliarsli
mnl Toivu Hull Clocks,
Tho old watchmaker of u small town
i in the west nf Dngliind rccontly re-
tired, mnl the contract tor keeping the
church nml town hull clocks in order
wns given to his successor. Unfortunately from the start the new man experienced a dlllii'itlly in getting tho
clocks to strlko ni the sunn' time. At
Inst tho district council requested un
Interview with tho watchmaker,
"You nre not su successful with tho
clocks as your predecessor," he was
told. "It Is very misleading w have one
clock strike throe or tour minutes after
tho other. Why, before yuu took them
in hand we could hardly tell the two
were striking. Surely you i..e us com.
petcnt ns Mr. li."
"livery workman bus his own methods, gentlemen," replied the watch-
maker, "and mine ain't the same as
11.'s were."
"I'm decidedly of the opinion that it
would be for the general good it tbey
were," remarked one of tho councilors.
"Very well, sir; iu tlie future they
shall be," came the reply, "1 happened
to write lo Mr. 11. Inst week about the
trouble I had with tho clocks, nnd—
luit perhaps," he added ns he produced
n letter and banded It to tbe chairman,
"you'd like to see what he said."
"Dear Sir (ran the letter)-About
them clocks. When yon get to know
what 0 cantankerous lot of Inisylntdies
the council consists »f you'll do the
same as 1 did for fifteen yenrs-forget
tn wind up tho striker of tbo town hull
Clock, nml the silly owls won't be able
to toll that both el'ii'ks ain't striking
I's fnilicr
very white from which it takes 'its
nun,i'  nnil ns one stands under It nnd
lnf.1, The stern   lonkK "P 1|P "'''" • "I|VI'' ll"""'' "'• "
a breeze Is blowing, llie green nnd sll-
4 father
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ver leaves shimmer ami * il.rnle like an
i'i i'i ii   " >'■"■ Blvlnaj Ihe appearance of pals
,H        ,  , , ,|      ,  iiiiniy,"      green lire, which Is especially notlcf
side on ille approach of n itorm. The
leaf N lire pointed ami the entire edge
is union Indented with well defined
I., uu   -i'i, mil   i-lrl.. ,     ,,      „„ ,    ,    ., ,     ,     .
.   I'ltli    I Ins Is the common slitule tree
A  p". ... ne   ■    i
i'I'UI p   iletl   enell
A  tin.In I of Mill,,'.
The coiitonti, of n bushel of ordinary
nuiize tilfiy six pounds) is four and o
half pounds of cei'iii. Ihli'iy-sls pounds
of dry starch, seven puunds of gluten
snd Ave poiiiuli "i hm ' hull, the
ri'iiiiiiiiiler uf the weight being .'hlell.i
i "ni i nlues in Hnlr,
In llul) the I'nlile of In ml is eonslil
I'l'ctl In lie Hull Inui' llli'— Hie allUlllll I
A Vnlnnlitv lule...
Tii IT mill   Ihoughl   -ii iniieh   of his
voice I Im I  mi'i'  "ben elinlleiigeil  la
Ighl n duel he refused nn Ilu* gruilbil,
hut in- Iind im i gbl i i '" i"ts" i.i nny
lisle the hie of -ii greiil u singer.
o„a of Then Clnlmi (o Henri, lim-u
lleviinil  Hip flood.
The most ancient family In France,
In so fur as the Inning back of the ancestry In an unbroken line Is concerned, Is the royal house of Bourbon,
which goes back to Robert le Fort, lu
the year 801. Next In point of antlqul'
ty comes the Hobno family, which for
tho hist century, however, has I n settled in Austria, the so called Rohans
in France being not really Rohans, but
merely Chaliols, their only connection
with llio house of ltolian being by marriage.
Then comes the house of Nni'lioinie-
I'clet, the head of which Is Ihe Hue de
Niirlioiuie, who can Irnee bis llnengo
buck without Interruption to the year
llio. of course, in making ibis asser-
Hon, 1 do not lake luto consideration
tho somewhat mythical claim of the
Duke of Levis Miropols to uo descended in a dint't and unbroken line from
Jacob's sun, Levi, lie bus among his
family pictures one old painting lu
which the Holy Virgin is represented
ns  requesting Hie former  Duko of
I.ovis-Miri'p'iix I.i pm "ii his lull, which
lie had doffed In Biilutatlou, she being
depleted as altering the words
"Couvres vous, mou cousin," Another
picture represents an ancestor of
Iho Duke of Levis Mircpiilx n.ivl-
gtitiitg n small bunt on Ihe waters
of tho deluge, ho being too exclusive
mnl high toned to sbaro Iho ink with
the Noah family nml its belongings,—
London Chronicle.
IIIkIht I liiii,-... Ililtienllon.
Many of our peoplo think of t'hlna
us u land uf Ignorant coolies who nre
so Interior lo oursolvos us to rise
scarcely tn tiie piano of human beings,
The fact Is Hint rhin.'i cumulus a great'
cr number of educated and cultivated
people than nny other country In the
world.   Their culture Is not like ours,
inn it is based ui loug suniy of lit-
ei'iilure, ethics nml philosophy, mid It
has been trilUSIlllltcd  through iiuiny
generational   The Chinese have not
well lennietl hmi lu ml together, Otherwise WO should never bavo dared to
treat Iheiii i klessly nml unfairly.—
Review of Reviews,
- if -j:.virr7*niitmM
$5.00 =
|| Cut Glass
Berry Bowl
The best five dollars'
worth of Cut Class in
Cannda is what we are
able to say of this Berry
And its exceptional
value is another proof
ofhow customers benefit ttv Diamond Hall's
Increased manufacturing facilities.
This special bowl is of
clearest glass, brilliantly
cut, and of full S-inch diameter. We pay express,
134-130 YONOB ST.
■3! cfVfe 5f*
jf*0 "'it*-, tT^*s. —"* f*099»
Made to Fit
Made inWear
You will never have Comfort and Satisfaction and Wearing Qualities In
your Working Clothes until you weir
"King of the Road" Brand
The Kccley Cure
offers in the self respecting
the   caalest   and   simplest
method of snapping Hie chains
Tho remedies build   up   Ihe
whole system and remove nil
craving for drink nr drugs,
Wilic us  for  the plain tacts.
133 Oslioinii St.,  Fort  Hourjo,
II ,i.Una.
Rushlns were high boots mnds of
Velvet or oilier clolll nnd lvurn by ladle* nml lo ecclesiastics when calibrating ihe tin- i>r ihe church,
iier.i'iii-i'n Mentor*/,
John Ilerschi'l ''"Hid n itieiiilier every
flume of the long mnl nli-Hiive mnthe
iiiiilli'.il mlclllnlliilis in."1» In his astronomical w.nl. He ,.|ivu iiuida a long
calculation, then railed his amanuensis
and dictated the whole from memory,
of our cities   St. Nicholas.
i ieli every sen mil     I
The - p    .i
'   lief   ii hll'i'i.    ri.im. ed   hy
I the gill '.-i'i ill llll
' i.i  the ciii'i'i'iiiiiciit, nr
■ii until she Is ..1,1, j i,„nn
vh.'ii ' ■ fill pays iliei  face
i Hue
AtlMntnii'lim   It.
Pauline Nrcasilcnllyt .lack units
along at if he iiwnc'i Hie enrih Klvira
(siveellyl No wnndei' l.n-l eieiilng I
promised lo lei Iiiui become my bus-
aSnior Beer
aolfio  Bottling Works
Vancouver- B, C.
Snell  I.   I.lie.
"It's a hard struggle t" cnndnel one's
business wiiliiiiii plenty of capllal,"
observed Iho mini Willi Ihe liigi'iiwlng
"Yoii'ro right." ngreed Ilu n with
tho mango nose, "if a fell i \ hasn't
gol plriilj i.i' In ■ li ng Ie Inl) 1" .i'i il
hu "i sidestepping."
Women's * inn..
'I ii" Hellish im  mud ri gi his women's ' III .    '.'  '      I'   ' 'li I'lll Hi  places
v.    ii I'lll       Hit!    ineaN nml
I'.l Villi Ills   Willi ll   l' "Illil
not !"■' ill rated i"i' .in liuiii In a man's
'i He   lllu trilled   London
New, i
Sunlight Soap is better than other sotpt,
but is best when used in the Sunlight wavy.
To appreciate the simplicity and esum or*
washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight
way you should follow directions.
After rubbing on the soap, roll up each
Ij-J—' piece, immerse in the water, and go away.
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed
in the old-fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbing.
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Levor nr.iiii.r. Limited, Torente THE EXPRESS
Wallace Irwin, Urn writer of humorous poetry, Is thirty years old. He
was born lu Oneida, .Now York. This
is whal happened in him in his early
days according lo bis own slory:
"My father, who was in the lumber
business, removed to the booming
mining cnrnp of Leadvllle, Colorado,
in 1880., The schools of Leadvllle, al
thnt time, were struggling fitfully
along, oloslng with every strike, smallpox epidemic, ur si|iialilile in the
hoard of education, so my early training was in- ills ami starts—mostly
tits, a little Inlor on my father
boilghl a cattlo ranch in n small way.
and I was pul to honing cows, tiRiiin
tu ih.' deli'lnienl of my education, I
was, however, an enthusiastic render
of 'grown folks' books,' and swallowed a ureal ileal nf sluiT loo heavy for
my young dlgoslloii, ConBonuently,
when iu my fourteenth year, wa removed in Denvor and I was allowed
tn im In a civilized school, I found, 10
ray surprise, Hint, although I was
rather long on the English poets, I
was est ilngly shorl on spelling, pronunciation and iii'lihniclic. 1 was
given a brief examination nnd humll-
latlngly roiegated to Iho third grade
amoug babies half my age. I remein-
mer thai the flrsi day wo were given
a Blnglhg lesson. The ljttlo shavers
In the class were raising their child'
Ish voices In souk when the teacher
held up her ruler severely. 'There Is
some one singing base In iliis class,'
-the said. I plead guilty, and Ihe next
day was recommended tor promotion,
Tbe pi'iidenl mother will never give
her chihl a Bleeping draught, soothing medicine or opiate of any kind
except by order of a competent doctor who has seen the child. All
soothing medicines and sleeping.
draughtB contain deadly poison, an
overdose will kill u child, and Ihey
never do good, ns Ihey only stupefy
and do not cure. Sleeplessness in
Utile ones usually come from teething troubles or derangements of the
stomach or bowels, thai can be
speedily cured by Baby's Own Tablets. And the mother should remember that Ihls is the only medicine for
children thai gives n solemn guarantee that Ihere Is not a particle of
opiate ur harmful drug In Its com-
pnsiiiim. Mrs. a. Scotl. Bradwar-
dine, Man., says: "I have used
Baby's Own Tablets for diarrhoea,
teething troubles and constipation,
nnd find them just the thing to make
little ones well and keep them well."
Sold by all druggists or by mail nt
25  cents    liy    writing the Dr,   Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Archbishop Qaiithter dedicated the
new St. Michael's Church al Belvllle..
and play the game, and lhat no effort,
however great, on bis part could materially change the result. But, my
young friend, the Fuie that doals
I your curds Is In the main your own
resolution. The result of Hie game
does not rest with fate or destiny, hut
Willi you. You will take tho trick It
nnd determinate requisite to tnlte It,
10 change the value of the cards
I which, you say, fate has dealt you.
; The game depends upon your train-
i ing, upon the way you are disciplined
| lo seize and use your opportunities,
ami upuii your ability to put grit In
the place of superior advantages.
Just liucauso clrcuinslaaces do
sometimes give clients to lawyers ami
patients lo physicians, pul common-
! place clergymen In uncommon pulpits, and place Hie sons uf the rich
,u ihe head of great corporations oven
when Ihey have only average ability
ami scarcely any experience, while
poor youths with greater ability and
nunc experience, ofton have to tight
ilteir way for years to obtain ordinary  slluuliuns, are  ynu jiislilled    111
starting mil without a chnrl ur in
■ leaving a place tor luck in your programme? Whal would you think of
the captain of a great liner who would
atari oui in. sea without any port lu
view, ami trust to iucll to kind his
precious cargo safely?
Did you ever know ur a Bll'ong
young ninn ninklng mil his life programme und depending upon chance
in carry out any pari of It? Men who
depend upon "luck" do nol think H
worth while to make a thorough
preparation lor success.
Power gravitates to the man who
knows bow. "Luck Is the tide, nothing more.   The strong man vows with
11 If it rows toward bis purl; he rows
against it if il llnws the oilier way."
Itch, Mange, Prairie scratches, Cu
ban I'ch on human or animals, cured
in 30' minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists.
Saxony wss so called I ause tt lvns
Inhabited by Hie Saxons, who took
their name from the sen nx, u Biuull
battleax or knife which they bore In
their girdles.
Henry Clap's Voice.
Henry Clay had a voice of medium
strength, but of singular purity, lie
spoke wiili o strong southern accent
and In a pleasant, sympathetic tone
that carried the audience with him
from the start.
Sad Shooting.
A Fori William, Ont., dispatch says:
-The lirst shnnlliig fatality of the son-
son occurred, when Edward Smith,
Jr., the ilfieetiyi'itr-iiiii sun of Edward
Smith, proprietor of the Manitoba
hotel at ibis place, wns accidentally
shot In the thigh, sustaining Injuries
frin which lie expired a few hours
later, young Smith was hunting nenr
Fun William with one of the hoarders
at his father's hostelry, when the man
fell, discharging his gun. The boy
was brought to ihe McKellar hospital,
where ho died u few hours attar his
Nothing looks mure ugly than to
nee n person whose hands nre covered over wlih warts, Why have |
these disfigurements on your person
when u sure remover of all warts,
coins, etc., can he found in Hollo
way's Corn Cure,
State of Ohln, City of Toledo,
Lucas County, ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes nnlb Hint
he Is senior partner of Uie firm nt F.
1,1, Cheney & Co., doing business In
Hie city nf Tuleiln, County nnd Slate
afnrosaid, and lhat said Arm will pay
Ihe sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS fur each and every case offal-
arrh that cannot be cured by the use
I of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn In before me anil subscribed
In my presence. Ihls fith day nf December, A.D., 1880.
(Seal.)       A. w.  OLEASON,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, nnd acta directly on tha blond
mid mUCOUS surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENE? M- Co, Toledo, 0.
Snld hv all Druggists, "lie,
Take Hall's Family Pills for Constipation.
Mrs. llannh Porter, mother nf Mr. K
(lus Porter, M.P., dl-d nl Consecon.
Te> "Pile on A-ranf."
To "pile on agon*/" Is popularly sup
posed to be nn Americanism, it Is,
however, found In one of the letters of
rlinrlotte Bronte und was used In English popular literature before tlie begin-
uiug of the last ceiilury.
Minnrd's  Liniment   Cures  Distemper.
(Orison Swell    Mnrdcn In    "Sucesss
Many a ninn hus tried to Jusllfv his
failure nn the ground thai be was
doomed by the cards which fate
dealt him, that ha must pick them up
—Don't neglsct tha first symptoms. Oftentimes tho irritaliog
cou;;h, the insipid cold, the listless
and languid feeling, are due to a
weak state of Ihe system. It is a
sure sigo of breakdown. Nothing
else will put you right so quickly and
effectively as "Psvrmm." If you
feel "worn out," it is lime for a
tonic, a real tonic There is only
one really good tonic. It is
"Psvi'lliNK." Keep n bottle bandy
—never be without it. It tones up
the system and restores yoor old
time vitality. Ask your druggist
about It.
llril Soi-pe.
Bed sores are sores Hist form on
those parts of the body that are undermost In the position taken up by the
bed ocenpant. As a rule they oever
form unless the sufferer Is confined to
one poslllon. When set up they ore
most distressing. Whisky or brandy
used as a lotion to the healthy skin
once dally will prevent them, When
there nro commencing sores tbey sliould
be (rested with white of egg miied
with powdered alum. Tin two sliould
he well rubbed up together. If one has
not a mortar ami pestle It Is s good
plan to mix Hie things tn a basin with
a hiine kuife handle,
lll'llllllilllil.   ,lf  I lull.
The first club uf modem r.nghind
seems io have boon Iho circle nt the
Mermaid thai sir Walter rtalolgh
founded mnl Bhiikosponrc Joined, Hut
lu the seventeenth century clubs begin   In   spring   up   like   lllllll IUS,
There   wns   llie   I'nlies'   Head   cltll),
whose members met and dlued off
calves' heads to show their contempt
fur the decapitated Charles I. Then
came the Kit Km club, which, accord'
lug lo Addison, took lis Usui" from a
mutton pie. im*' Christopher Kat, a
pastry coos of shire lane, wns a dis*
tlngiilshod constructor of mutton pii"*.
and lii< productions were called Kit*
Knts, The club meeting In his bouse
mul eating his pies acquired tho pies'
name fur Iis own.  Loudon Telegraphi
DRT. A. SLOOUM, Limited
til Kint 8t W.   Toronto, Canada
Travels *»r ihr Caekoo,
A feature in bird travels Is the de-
piiriuic south nf Ihe old nnd .voting
cuckoos at u different time, The old
citelto i- act oul lirst, leaving the young
birds of the year to follow, The adult
cuckoos one might pin ll by o stretch
of i glnnllon so much dislike Hie
fuss nml anxiety of traveling eu
fiuullle that Ihey tnko caro iu go en
Ural I by themselves,  Whether thu j
old cuckoos over know their progeny
hy sight <-nnii.it be said for ecu	
probably not, nllhoiigh on old cuckoo
is constantly to be hoard nnd noi n In
the coppice or hedgerow or tiboil lis
garden when' s young one is being
retired by n bodge sparrow, pipit or
wagtail  London i in,iiii.ii
What Dodd's Kidney Pills   did
for H. M. Spears.
Thought he Would have to Step Work
but tho Great Canadian Kidnoy Remedy Made him Strong and Active,
Aiillgiinlsh, N, S„ Oct. 30.-(Spec
ciu-.-Mr. H. M. Spears, a well-known
farmer living near here, is shouting
tho praises of Dodd's Kidney Pills,
When 1 came to Nova Scotia about
six years ago," stiys  Mr, Spear, "I
was so troubled with Backache I began  iu tliini* I could  nol attend to
iiiisiucss.  However,  l got a imx of
Dodd's Kidney Pills and was able to
attend to work.
"I had not taken enough to rool
llie Kidney disease oul entirely, however nnd the following winter i was
troubled with pains In my hack and
limbs, Then I got more of Dodd's
Kidney Pills nnd alter using three
boxes all my pains and lameness had
left me.
"I can't sny too much In favor or
Dodd's Kidnoy Pills. They put me
in ii way to attend to business after
two dtiinrs hud fulled. I was a
clici'sciunkei- for years, but now 1
am a farmer with a gootl Strang
I.iiino back is the lirsl symptom nf
Kidney disease. Cure It with Dodd's
Kidney l'llls and you will never have
Brlght's Disease.
James Whltcnnih Riley was looking over a fence on his farm at a
Held Of rye, whon a neighbor who was
driving by stopped his horse and asked:
"llulli). Mr, Riley, how's your rye
"Pine, line," replied the poet.
"How much do yuu expect to clear
to the acre?"
"uu, about four gallons," answered Mr. Riley, soberly,
Keep Your Grip
on Health
When Physical Bankruptcy Threatens Build
up with
Value nt Walking- and lll.lln-r.
A brisk dally walk nr a ride on horseback beats any more elaborate forms
of physical exercise fur simplicity combined with efficiency. In walking, especially if ihe ground is somewhat undulating, a very large number of muscles
are brought in'o natural and easy play,
sufficient, nt miy ruto, lo stimulate the
Circulation, which In Its turn compels
full expansion of the lungs and duo
aeration of the blood. The professional
or business men requires no mora than
this lo keep him lit for his duties, provided he follows the ordinary rules of
health In respect of bulbing, eating,
drinking nnd clothing, If ho Is afflicted wllh a sluggish liver, Indigestion or
Inactivity of the alimentary canal as o
whole, a uiaii limy derive more benefit
to health on horseback. But that Is
really a curatlro form of excrclse.-
i.ondoii Chronicle.
Psvviibrokers i„ China.
Pawnbrokers in China nre the hankers ol the people nnd could not be dispensed with. The poor Chinaman, unlike the poor European, does not wear
his winter clothes until Ihey are fit only to liu discarded. When the Chinese
ollicials order that summer clothing
shall be donned, ihe poor Chinaman
pawns bis winter's suit, sail with the
proceeds, supple nted by a little cash,
lie redeems his previous summer garb
or buys new attire, l'aivnliroklug,
writes Mr. Cunningham In the Chinese
Soldier, Is lo the respectable China-
man of llmlled means a weekly round.
Hi.- I'ulitlr Di'i.I.Iiil I'tip.
When It is necessary to relieve one's
thirst abroad, If the CUP bo tilled quite
full ami placed lo tbe mouth In such
a way that the rlm will be about half
an Inch below tbe under lip, one eau
drink from the surface of the water.
In this way no part of the vessel, lo
which some particle* of poisonous matter may still he clinging, will touch tho
delicate skin of He lip.    It Is hardly
accessary to add thai tho water which
adheres io iho mouth and below ihe
lips should be removed by a handker
chief nml nol i.* ihe tongue,
Candles -• Ballcta,
Concerning llie shooting of a candle
through   a   board   a   correspondent
writes: "We selected tl wenlher beaten
pine fence board ns n target nnd loaded Iho gnu with 'lii'ec drams ot black
powder, followed by mi ordinary
'stearin' candle, which titled tightly.
The candle passed through, making a
clear cut bole, and burled llself In the
sand buck of the target.   The candle,
while somewhat lorn, was urn far
from shapeless."
Saved ii. i l.lle,
•lack Ford Did you see thai girl nil
me then 1 Frank Wilcox I noticed she
didn't bow. Jack I'mil And yet I
saved her life! Frank Wilcox How?
Jack Ford B'a wera engaged, ami
finally she said -.he'ii rattier die than
iiiui 11  BO I lol her on*
a galaral o**er-
flrowcll iln i In p restaurant) Here,
waller: Ar*' these mutton **r park
cliiips? Walter t'nn'l you loll by the
lastel flrowell So Wallor Then
»lint difference does it make what they
*   l i.i it  Ill-take.
Charitable l.tldj llul n man Inst
week told me exactly Ihe smite story.
Tramp Yes, lady, Ver see. I made s
final mistake In nol havln' tin history
of me life copyrighted,
Piles cured In 3 to 8 nights. — One
apiiliiiiiiiiii gives relief. Ur. Agnow'B
ointment is n Initio for Itching Piles, or -
liliiul Bleeding Piles. It relieves quickly
and permanently, in skin eruptions u I
"'"nils willtgiil n rival. Thousands of
liiuciiials it ynu want evidence,    116
A Salt l.uko city, Utah, dlBpatoh
Bays:—At the semiannual conference
of ih*. Mormon church, all the offloers
nf ihe church were sustained without
u dissenting vote, Because of the
chaw made during the senate investigation thai Senator Smoot had sustained Prealdent Smith In polygamous
1'iaciiccs, mini lateresi was taken
on Ills vote, Tho voting was done by
Urn lifting of liaiitls. Observers Bay
Hint the apostle-senator did not raise
his hand with the others ot the quorum, He did not, however, glvu any
sign in the negative,
lo starve Is a Fallacy. — Tlie dictum
i" ftiip eating because you have tndl-
geBtlon has lung since been exploded.
in. Von Stan's Plneappia Tablet! introduced u now eta iu Un- treatment ul
si"iiiiicli iioiililt's. It has proved thai
ono limy cm lils till nf anything and
'iciyihlng ho relishes, nml one tablet
inicii after Iho meal will aid iho sio-
iiiiiili In doing iu work, lie iu u box,
it:, cants.—14
Olooiny forebodings, four of tho future, apprehension of something
droadful to befall you, worry over little things, restlessness, Insomnia, Irritability—these are llie Indications
ot an exhausted aervoua system,
Thoy tell mnro plainly than words
more plainly than pains and aches,
that, gradually but certainly, the
nervo force Ol llio body Is being consumed mure rapidly than it is liulng
created. Thoy point to physical
bankruptcy—to helplossuess of mind
and) body—to proSfJ-atlOD' paralysis
or locomotor ataxia'.
There are certain elements nf nature which go to form new blood and
new nerve cells—to create now nerve
force, tho foundation of life, energy i
and Vitality. These elements are 101
combined In Dr. Choso's Nervo Food
as to be easily asslmalated by the
most weakenod human body.
Being aomposed of such ingedietiti
Dr. ChaBe's Nerve Food cannot possibly fall to be of beneft to you, and
Its regular and persistent use will
build up and revitalize the most exhausted and discouraged sufferer.
Yuu cannot compare Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food with any medicine you
ever used, fr It cures by the buildup procoss, wheroas most norve treatments merely sooths and deaden the
nerves.   Teat this treatment by not
ing your Increase In weight.
Miss Lena Hlebert, Lowe Farm,
Man., writes:—"I hud suffered for
two years with dizzy spells, pains tn
the back, cold hands and feet, nervousness, jerking of tho limbs, sore ton-
guo, soreness of arms and shoulders,
and general exhaustion. About seven
muutiis ago I became so nervous that
1 could not rest or Blo"op, Mid oouid
not do the loast lilt of work without
suffering dreadfully from pains la
the back. I could hardly walk, ooutl
oat vory little, and felt that people
[were always watching my boa>
i "I Hied several medicines with 11V
He otfiii'i, and was a mere skoletoa ol
I skin and bone ubout to give up IB
| despair whon 1 heard about Or.
i hiise'i. Nerve Fond, nnd began using
It. 1 have used In all fourteen boxes
of this 'preparation, and It hu built
ine up until I am now strong sad
I well again. Dr. Chaso's Nrrve Fool
[has done me a world of good, sag 1
fool that I caiiunl I'liiiiiiiiiend It toe
I highly to parsons who sultsr aa 1
I Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, SO cents a
box, at all dealers, or BMmaaaoa,
Bates & Co., Toronto. Portrait Ul
signature of Dr. A.W.Chase, the fast-
mis receipt book author, are on every
A prominent member of the Frank-
Iln Iuu Club, Philadelphia's foremost
lllcrary organisation, at a gathering i
nf book-writers recently, told a new:
anecdote of F. Marlon Crawford, tho
novelist A certain young lady, so the
Story runs, wrote to Mr. Crawford re-
questing that he send her a bit nf sentiment and his autograph. The reply was:—"Dear Miss A :    When1
you request a favor that Is of Interest l
only lo yourself, please enclose n two-
cent slump.   There's your sentiment'
mi'i here's your autograp.—F. Marlon
If it is a Question of Warmth use
booth American Kidney Core is tli"
only kidney treatment that has proven
eiiinii in correct all the evils  thai  are
Hk'l.v  fall these physical regulators.
Hundreds ol teBtlmonlsls to prove the
dilative merits nf ihls iii|tiiii kidnoy
ipeelllc In cases "I llilgltl's discus.',
diuiietos, iiiitiitiiiti of the bladder, Inflammation, dropsical tendency, Don't
• TECS & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg. :
!•••»■ »6jaiaaa«n»aaaaiiaii»»»»a»»ataa»aaaoaaa»aaaaaaa«i
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
"Oh, John!" sho exclaimed, "now1
that you've seen my new bonnet you
simply cun't regret that I got It. Isn't
It Just a pnem?" "Well, if It Is," ro-
piled John, "I guess a proper title for
It would be 'Owed to n Milliner.'"
Sunlight Soap li better than other loips,
bat il belt whon met! in the Banlif-bl way.
Buy on.':.,'),i Coip and follow di-ecUona.
.lust ilie Thing Thai's Wanted.—
A pin that acta upon the Btomnch and
yet is so compounded thai certain Ingredients of ll preserve their powei
to act upon tho Intestinal canals, so
as in clear them of excreta the retention of which cannot but h" hurtful,
linn nf which eaiMiul  hut  lie hurtful'
profession, ii wns found In Parm-
elee'a Vogetablo Pills, which are the
result nf much oxperl study, ami are
scientifically prepared as s laxative
ami an alterative in one.
Canadian Co-oporative Co. Ltd.
Johu McYlcar, Mgr.
WrIU pioal or -u. til I-i i ..i tu ■il.iti.
Ottlas, SOB Molntyra Ulook, Winnipeg
C*»ni:..iru   Mil. 1 .i.i. ml   1, .1 i.   n .
kfaei of OlUlN.  r<ii.!|Mii.i.t- Killolta
Writ* pkoal or wire ul far inrtlculii
llllHiril   , n ml Ira.
nipped candles—that Is, candles
whose wicks were dipped In melted
grease time after time until they look
np enough to form s cylinder of respectable size-were made in Germany A. D. I""".
Saskatoon Busy.
\ S.i ikntoon dlspstch says: -Last
week was a busy week in Saskatoon
wheat nnd grain nf nil kinds pouring
In, Inxlng tho powers nf iho Canadian
Northern yards to iiiui places for llie
'iirs.  The farmers' I ns have I n
■ lieered hy ihe splondld harvest woatti-
■•I.   The rains havi mnde  iho  fall
plowln good, mul quite a lol has i n
Nip Disease In tho Bud.—11 is dlf-
lleuli to eradicate a disease after it
lias become seated, therefore ii  Is
wise in lake any ailment in its initial siays and by such remedies as
are sufficient, stop It In Its conrsi
Cold Is the commonosl complain! of
man, and when neglected lends to
serious results Dr, Thmnns' Eclec-
trie (HI will cure iho severest cold
nr mosl violent cough.
Death or lunacy ieemed the only
alternative for a well-known and highly
respected lady of Wlngham, Ont., whn
had travelled over two eontlnrnta In a
vain search for s cure for nervous do-
Wllly und dyspepsia. A friend recommended South American Nervine. Ono
bottle helped, all bottles cured, and hor
own written testimony closes with these
words;   "It lias uvcil my llfo."—JO
Umbrella Failure.
A Montreal dispatch says:—-Markus
A,- Mnrkus ami Charter Blsenweln,
ding business us Mnrkus At Blsenweln
nil Ihe Btandanl Umbrella company,
have made an abandonment nf their
property for tho bonolll of thoh credl
inrs. Their liabilities amount to 1108,
DM, inui iho assots are oatlmated al
between 136,000 nnd 110,000, Tin*
firm was ongngoil in the Importation
ni Herman novelties ami cloths, ami
also the mnnufnctnro ol umbrollas
The business has I n carried nn for
eighteen yoara, Tha failure was prob
ably due In hail doblB,
rlrrinaiiY'a nluli Hilda".
Tho highest bulge In (iermany Is
Hint crossing Ihe river Wupper, at
Mungston, The bridge Is 'llll! feet
alinve the water level of tbe river. It
was completed In 188T, and Is one of
Hu' must magnificent railroad bridges
in Europe.
Puro and Frogeanl, Direct Iron, tho Factory to
inn. Ilu - died load pack-
ago* ci i.iiiiiiii oil tho
natural fragrance nnd
Gold Standard
is"Quarantaod tho Best"
36, 40, and BOo per lb.
at all Grocoi'S.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Dipthcria
Paternal Conllilrnee.
Tlie   Young   Man   (with  some em
bnrrassnieiit)  There  Is  one  tpieHtlon
you haven't asked me yet, Mr. Ilnr
pop.   Yuu haven't wanted to know
Whether or nut I think I can make a
living for your daughter. The lilher
Man That l-n't necessary, Henry.
She'll ses Hint yuu make tbe living, llll
right, If she's at nil Ilka ber toolhcr-
Diid I think she Is.
Wo believe MINAItD'8 I.INIMI'NT
Is the boi
Matthias Foley, nil City, OnL
Joseph Bnow, Norway, Me
('has. Whoolon, Mulgrave, N, s
Rev, R. O. Armstrong, Mulgrave, N t
Pierre Landry, Br., Pokemouche, N,
Tl ins Wnssnii. Sheffield, N. II
Tlta Baralfplas Tree.
No one need die of Ihlntl if eui slyp'
im ircea sre near By cutting " sap
ling lulu sections of aboui lea feel
sml standing litem perpendicularly
wlih the small ends down half a pint
of water may be obtained iu fifteen
H|iiuiiiiK Paper.
Very often it ia worth knowing
how to split a sheet of paper. Suppose
ynu bad nn article which was primed
on both sides ami you desired lo paste
It Id your scrapbook. You would
paste it hetweon two "heel- of stout
paper and, when nearly dry, draw
these apart   Yuu will have half of the
printed sheet ou sscb, ind by the use
of  mollturi you can readily detach
I ln-ni.
Minard'i  Liniment Cures Colds,  etc.
A Dtp I'aokroarh,
A aperies of cockroath found la the
Philippine Islands uttnlhi the length of
iwi, inches, it it no omnivorous eater
and will devour calomel wiili si great
gusto as it will leather, cauvas, paper
md other similar materials,
One nl the must promising IIiIiiks
aboui nur civilisation today ib that,
side by side wlhl the greed Inr gold, Is
the ever-growing passion "i humanity
for good. The number Of ponpln who
prefer to be useful lo their fellow-
men rather Hum In make money Is
constantly   Increasing,   This passion
for good is the salt of humanity;   It
Is what makes us believe In llie fiituro
of tho rare.
Tokyo Is nni years older than Bt.
An 11,1,1 rualnra,
In New I! i.ii.mil. Inn year* ago, tt
was by no uieans nni on ii in for people in provide Ihelr colHm long before
heir death nml keep them In their
  where Ihey could «es them
every dny.
1 lie- am illlrr.
Tho mosl valuable fui In the world la
that nf l'i" Th * animal ia
,,,.-.. i.
w r* <-» r**° »tJ7
Don't Neglect A Cough *]«
Many a one of I
chronic Hron-L
directly lu "only s cough."   When the firit coldCMttSS, Start in oil|
IT CURKS COUGHS — heals Hie Inflamtnsd iitrfvfs —
strtmgthens weak throsta nuts ihe lungs In tlie strongest
punllile condition to i-ii'd llie tiying effects of s Mui a
Canadian winter, 125C. tlOti THE   i:\FKKSS
D. S. Martin
Designer and Builder of
Yachts and Launches
of iill kinds.
lug, Life mul Row Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
inui Scows
Suii-iiiiliiiii i.tniritnlei'il.
I'n it itlotts given mi application,
(iii-ioline I riunches a Specialty.
Norh Vancouver.
M. A. Russell
The Lb-to-date Grocer
Complete hue ol
Groceries, Tobaccos
1st. Ave, last Lonsdale Ave,
North Vancouver
Pacific Wood
Best Fir Cordwood, 10 and l'J in, 13.00
per load,
ik-st Aider nml Fir, lulled, 10 and l'J in.
l'J 7"t per load.
Best I'ir Cordwood, 4 It, (4,76 per load,
Bust Alder Cordwood, I ft, (4.00 per load
IS6S Westminster Ave.   Phone 1269
District of North
Householders iu the District (not
qualified fur enrolment si   Property
iiwiier-t H'ltti Itsve heeii resident in the
District for 12 mouths prior to 1st of
Januarv next, may be enrolled un the
next Municipal Voters' List, il they
make the necessary Statutory Declaration before me on or before l"t "I December next.
"UoosanoLnsas" shall extend to and.
Include every person who hold* and
occupies n ilwolling, tenamont, hotel or
boartling-huil-u, or any part ur portion
of ii dwelling, tensment, hotel nr board-
ing house within a municipality, who
has paid directly to the municipality
taxes, nr fees of not lv»» than  two
dollar" 'luring tl tirrent ye.tr.
District of North
!      i Muli'rK lor the
.- uorU
I    i   .it ng   .ticl  grading  part   of
IIOH    ••     IVOIlHi',   .nni    Iniiiilllii'    tn.i
:    ' .    i  ;  grading   sides  "I
i    ■• i   treats, well from
•  i ■ svenm i" Million SVSnile, ami
1 ■ ■■> ii,
Cleai . and  planking
pari 'i   "pliiusili
nn for whole anrkand forms
..I I. inli >' .in h ha i si Hie Municipal
li.i,        -.      i.'i tendon  musl   be
.   i Up m. on the l.'itl. ol
November current.
f M C
'.li- Mar)  Anderson, of Onto-
im un, Mi-1, . tic lires tn li am the
tvliiT* nlmllt    "I   In r    ion    Fi ink
V il    lit ...i  Iai i heard Irom in
1 ■ : i". last  Decent-
In i Information leading to his
wlierialit'iits mil lie thanklullv in-
ceivi 'i and rewarded,
Just Opened
i , uiRce ni the IiilersUtu Intro
Mdlrimonial Register- 10c,
11 Box E8W, Vancouver 11, C.
Tlic street signs at the comer of
Fourth and Fifth streets and Lonsdale avenue should In- transposed,
The roof of the new lilock, now
being erected between the Esplanade and First street on Lonsdale
aveniv      recoi ''IB its coat of lar.
What is thi' matter with the
telephone, that is to connect us
with Vancouver* (iiiess ihe water
at the Narrows is tou cold tn lav
the cable at present.
On Tuesday tbe three-year-old
dauRhter ol H. C. Wright had her
linger nail severed by being
squeezed in a deck chair. Dr.
Dyer dressed the bruised digit, and
the little tot is doing as well as can
be expected.
Mr. and Mrs. St. George Hamersley, accompanied by Miss Hamersley, leave tomorrow for England,
via San Francisco, China, Japan
and India. According to their
plans, they expect to be present with
their two sons at Xmas dinner.
Commencing with Tuesday evening next, Mr. D. S. Martin will
conduct a dancing school in Mr.
Morden's hall, corner of Lonsdale
avenue and Seventh street. All
young people interested are invited
to attend on the opening night and
learn particulars.
Householders should bear in
mind that previous enrollments on
the municipal voters' list do not
entitle them to the use of their
franchise alter December ist next,
and that they should make the
necessary statutory declaration on
or before that date. See nilvt.
Well, well, well! That there
animal you   see   yonder   always
akes my corns sore every lime
he starts a-hollerin',  and  I'll  lie
am'd if it ain't jets' the real article
to have on the wharf down here,
so lhat when the fog's thick these
ays he could jes' keep aholleiin',
just like he does in the field about
live a. m., and I'll bet four pins to
i sea biscuit, that Capt. Gosse or
("apt. Mooney will never get th'
log bonis mixed. Mr. Piers does
iretty well, considering but some
times th' wind's not blowin' in th'
right direction, and it requires
a noise like what would come from
th' infernal regions, to answer til'
purpose; then we could ask lb'
hotel keeper up hefe to lend us his
(our-footcd ark-angel lor to go
onto th' wharf, and the lerry
icople could get I'at or someone else to twist it's tail u little bit,
and then, I'll bet, there would be
enough vocal discords to lilt 1111
I'eti' .-.aid Ih' other day lu: was
■join' to kill tli* d "yackas," but
I guess he wants to keep him 'till
next summer, when there's them
I'lnon  SSCOnsioilS  goin'   to    lake
place, Yon see, Pete's a pretty
wisi guy He'll gel thai donkey
nl hi. ,inil maybe pul il oul on th'
lawn as a kind ol an annoiitii nr,
'i ih' people in Vancouvei will
know jes' when III' b'loon's goin'
to start.
While Mr Dick, til' cop, was
sleepin'tlt' otln i night,drcainin' ol
th' line times, p'raps, he's a-
goin' to have bye an' bye, when
he nets that house built; be was
awakened with an' awful start, a
noise like the creaking of a frosty
pump handle, He rose on bis
pillow, listened attentively, .mil,
when the next blast 'kinii. hr
sprang out ol bed an' run down
th' stairs to th' street, thinking
praps someone was serenading
him. Just then a belated passci
In- informed him that it waa only
Pete's asinine Iru-nd sayiu' his
Fur your Fall and Winter Suits go
lo Fongotin's, First-Class 'Jailors,
ioo Hastings St, !■'., Vancouver,
When a man undertakes to make
a y.ooo-inile trip in an automobile
it is a matter of interest to all outdoor people. Mr. Percy F. Meg-
argel, of the Buffalo Automobile
Club, is trying to do this with the
little Reo (Mountaineer), a iti
llorse-power touring car. II he
succeeds he will go through some
twenty-four states, and will have
to climb some ol the steepest
mountain ranges in America.
North Vancouver
Ferry and Power
Fine -leiuiici's Sl. George, Surrey mul
North Vancouver available fur exeur-
i shuts at iiinilcriiic rates,
SS."Si„ flcorgo"
Conuncnchig August 1st, 1005,
N. V.,L.O.
ii.in.     tciti,
Sunday last was an ideal summer day, and many Irom Vancouver availed themselves of the
opportunity to pass the afternoon
to the sunniest advantage. Consequently the ferryboat was well
tilled each trip, and remarks on
all sides were to the effect that
Nortli Vancouver was certainly
the place to come. The temperature was exceedingly mild, and
the sunshine softened the gentle
winds until one would think they
were in fairyland, The sportsmen
were more plentiful then the game,
and, as the day began to draw to
a close they could be seen wending their way to the boat, "some
with rags, aud some with bags,
and some with velvet tales."
Editor ok Tin; Exprkss.
Dear sir—In your issue of Nov.
3rd, 1 read with interest your report
of the doings ol the council. In
it you state thai an altercation
took place between Messrs. Wrighl
and Morden. Tu most readers ol
lour paper, it would seem a very
one-sided altercation, as Mr.
Wiighl was not allowed a proper
bearing. He made an accusation
against the chairman ol the hoard
ol works, which should have been
silted at once by the Council, as ;i
whole, aud not allowed to lay in
abeyance for two weeks, lor a re-
report to be brought Iniward by
Mr. Morden himself. As a ratepayer, I ilu'nt like to think there
is any crooked business goilli{ mi iu
our midst, but your report of
ie meeting a'.iove referred to
seems to indicate that the thin end
ol the wedge, in a system ol graft,
is being inserted, and, il nut
checked in its infancy, will probably
lead to the corruption that stains
the character ol so many public
It appears to me that a good
deal ol the ratepayers' money has
been squandered in a very loose
manner ol late, Take [or instance
the laying ol a twelve-foot side
walk up to Third street; also the
clearing of Third street to the lull
width, while Second street has
been lelt ns a wilderness. Also
the clearing ol Bewick avenue,
from Twelfth street to Fifteenth
street, in which avenue no resiliences exist.
The expenditure ol some $200 111
the lights that have been placed
on tbe main thoroughfare
may also be referred t» Wc old
residents, who have endured llie
darkness so long, were quite willing
to have gone another winter,
as we were assured that it Would
be the last, on account of the contract made with the U. (' Electric
Railway Company, 1 believe llie
count il hopes lo gut a rebate ol
some amount lor these lamps,
aftei ■ is nr twolvu months; but no
mention ia made "I the 1 "'.1 ol tin
upkeep ul suiiie in ihe mutter nl
gasoline, ami llie cutting ami fixing nl thi- poles, whit |i, I doulit;
could he placed iii position (or .111
amount much less than live dollars
These are  just  a   lew   ol    the
matters many more ol which
could be mentioned, which would
tend to show the incompetence of
the present council 10 administer
the affairs of this rising city,
Yours truly,
Pro IIunii Puiii.ico,
North Vancouver, 11. C, Nov. y, 05
Always in the hole—The grave
1 A complete line ol new I ,11 nnd
Winter Suiiinqs h,i*e just urrived ut
liinqnun,-,, luilors, 100 Hustings I.,
corner Columbia Ave, Vancouver
Always at death's dooi Tin
null rtaker.
Madam "Will the COW bite llie,
little girl?
I in! 'iti "'-.'ni unless ymi re
11 grass widow, in,iin. '
Dm iiiilly.i'xSitiiilays,North
Vhiii'hiivit nlily.
7.Ill  liitiiy, ci siuiiiuyi-, Nortli .   7,80...,
Vancouver only.
8.UU   liitlly, N. Viitirnilvt'i allll.,   Mill....   O
l.iiii.iliilit 'itirili'ie.
9.U). .Dally, Nnriit Vancutivor .. mm....
in.io Dally,North Vani ver   'in In. . lio.ir.
n in Dally, Nortli Vancouver .  il.im. ,.
1,111 p.tu.        tun.
I-AIS Saturday,Sumlay nml 11.10,... ij.ij
hoittlayst ,ily,N„rtli Van-
r<}iivi.Tatiil l„ tiiirili'iis
1,13  liitlly. N. Viiiiciiiivcninly,.   I.m    .
•j 13..bully, N. Vancouver and,   Lio.... 2'ft
Lens iiiic Gardens.
8.1.* Daily, N. Vancouver only,, inn...,
•1.1,'t   Daily, N. Vani'iiiiverollly..   1,10...,   4.15
llifl Daily, Nortli Vancouver..,  ft.40....
0,18 Dally, North Vancouver., G.io..., 0.4,1
inui LouadaleUariletie.
7.is.Dailv,N. Vancouver only,, 7.411..,.
8.1S .Dally, North Vat liver ..   8.411....   8.4.1
ami Lenidalo Gardens
0,15 .Dally,!,. Vancouver only     9.40....
10.16   Dailv, N. VHUcnlivcroiily   -10.40....
11,15   Dally, axt't'l't Stuiilay 11.40....
•lo.lti) on Sunday-     |10.B* a.rn on Sunday,.
Note.—All the steam, r.« cull at Lous-
ilnle Gardens on Saturdays, except 11,00,
7.00,11.10and ll.10a.ni., 1 1(1,3.15,MB,
7.15,8,16,11.16,10.15,11 16 p.m.; ami mi
Suinluvs, all except llie tl.lil anil 11.Ill a.
in., nnd 7.15,8,15, IU5,10.16 p.m. boats.
Real Estate, Mining, Insurance,
Loans, Farms, Etc.,
Timber Limits.
Property for sale all over tbe City
Suburbs and North Vancouver,
Office: 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C.
I louses to  Kent
call on W.P.Hogg
Tim niiuaa ti'Kii rim Kvi'inum.
§3T Kit J|c Itcfore lill) ill?.
Lots for Sale
50,60,66 x132 ft.
Irom SMI to SHO per lot.
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
Queens & Lonsdale
Phnnt Klin
Emil Guenther
In Inleil
IB Muni-Heel,
Vancouver, H.C.
a-airwaaw— -■*•—ia. ipaw.a   ■  i    . — ■ —   -   ---
Kpcliil tii:i<- ami money giiing In Van-
COtlvel   fiu BOOtlfl I'd 'Mil tret al city
in.'' - riglit here at home 1
HttS. II  \. SIUH
Dry Hood' Store,
l.iui.tiliilc ami 2nd st., North Vancouver
Roman Art
For reproducing picturca upon any
material, « 1.1 loth, -Ilk, China, etc.,
ami i"i removing ■mini from tlie cloth*
nil;,   liy mail,'.'V.   Agunta nanleil,
Mil. liiillKUTKX.M'l',
i mice, No.;, Manitoba llouaa,
V.i nver, ll. C.
It is statt .I that King Edward
has taken i|> croquet (gain
When Prin ■ i Wale In was i
devotee ol tho (jamc. However,
then  ' .'•• I 'en   ,t   e* neral   and
'.,n , c. ; ll !• ■., il nf iii- oi" - !
lite yr-ars, both hero and in
80 Acres
In North Vancouver District
tt$.oo PER ACRE.
I(i3 Cordova Street.
The   North   Vancouver Specialist
/ Sleep in the Store.
I keep the Best of Qoods,
I Meet all Boats.
My Trices are Right.
I am to be Found at All Hours.
All this nl
McDowell's Drag Store
North Vancouver.
M. s. McDowell
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Auditors,,      Plumbing and I iu-.mil ta -      II,,,, tat 11, and Chicken
Real I.--l.il' Agent*. In*]. Iced
Lumber and all kinds of Building Material. Contractors and Valuators,
Wc have en Immrnsc amount of CordwoodXon hand.   Place your orders wlih
us for Ihe winter.
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver. B.C.
i   III   RFATTIF Map I'ulilic. General Auctioneer
I(i7  Initio,,1   Sreet,   Vancouver,   II.   ('.
lie -ell- III "'mill.- nr private IlllUH* nr lillVH nlllri):llt all
ulaaemi -ti hoitfcltolil ^nmlt* ur bankrupt clocks fur iu-li.
He lia- -"ine ill tin- lineal business ami iviilerlronl property in North
Vancouver.   See hlmiit niice If yon think nf picking up property in
litis Mili'iii.   lie win*, III"V MIW, inui V',11 nill nnike ni'iiiev.  :: ::
Just Arrived _^>
Large Stud of New Tall and Winter (roods
for Suits, Pants and Overcoats.
IOO Ha-linae *>l. »  Hmi Uboll
An Ideal
Summer Resort
Where Mountain and Seashore Meet.
v,.'t id idly situated, overlooking Rurrard Inlet,
wiili tin City of Vancouver fifteen minutes away
by ferry. Tin liotel embodies every convenience
with livery in connection,    Rates f 2per day,
Hotel  North  Vancouver
P. I arson, Proprietor.
iH bUiLdiNo be sUre a,Nd HA^e THe
PLace Wired so as to be ready to
connect oN QitR Wire Next spqiHo
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
Cleaned Currants. SpoundsfoT 26c,
Ogilvir's Royal Household Flour, f 1,50per sack'
Eoceni nil. $lJ)Qphrtin,
J. A. McMillan


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