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 i '
R, II. Alexander Stated to
the Transportation Com-
missionor that New
Companies Requiring
Locations for Wharves
and Storage Might Go
Across tlie Inlet.
On Tuesday evening, during the
meeting of the Transportation
Commission at Vancouver, the
commissioners questioned Mr.
Alexander, al the Hastings Mill
Company, concerning the condition ol the harbor. Mr. Alexander said that it was in excellent
condition and had ail the lighthouses, huuys.etc, that was needed, ll was perfectly safe, as there
had lieeu no urocks in il lor yeais-
"Von say thai your harlior is all
right. Are you sun: that you have
all the harbor facilities you require
for the luturi? A-sLed Cooi-
jiiissiniioj' Ashdowu,
'•Why, wc have all Burrard inlet
with its deep water," was the response.
"V'eR, but bow much ol that
IVKiei'liont h, coutrulli!<l by one
corporation?" r-outiitued Mr. .Uh-
sJoiML "lb.- lime will come vvlti-n
von will want more railways, ami
vb.it inuhtiiM hav't; you to ofler
Mr. .ih ".sudcf aibrjlted that the
flUe.st.ioU was suuiewbat of ti poser.
•• The poiet. to he COflRidered is
what you have tn tiliitt, any other
line oi steamers than the C I'. Ii,"
"Saul Commissioner Kelord.
"Oilier hues will require locations
rtor wharvuS and storage, aud it
would set i.i that all the available
spaces have been taken."
Mr. Alexander replied thai the
new companies might go across
the inlet to North Vancouver.
In the competition for honors for
stock at the Portland fair, British
Columbia was fairly well reprcsen
ted among the winners of prizes
For Oxford Down sheep, Shannon
Bros., of Cloverdale, took six lirst
awards, five seconds and two
thirds, while H. M. Vasey, of Lad
tier, took four firsts, four seconds
and two thirds. Shannon Bros,
exhibited the champion ram, and
Vasey got the prize for champion
ewe. Special prizes were awarded
in accordance with the official re
by turns. Theseprizeswere offered
the American Oxford Down association. In Ihe draft horse class lor
team ol mares or geldings, weighing not less than 2800 pounds,
hitched, second prize was awarded
to Royal Clara, exhibited by H
M. Vasey, of Ladner, B. C.
For the bost mare, two years or
under three, first prize was awarded
to Fashion, exhibited by H. M
Since the Naniamo strike was
•tatted, niaey members ol the
.comunit!ity have been forced to replenish their fres whenever thi
Opportunity to gather luel presented itself, and some tuned their
attention loihc piles of dross along
the old track leadimt to the abandoned SuuthrJeJd mine. Here
during (fa past few weeks could
be teem many iudustrious hands
screening out tlic nut coal Irom
the pile'. (.'I dross at baud and
sacking it up. and when a party ol
men had made up a load along
came a company official and said.
"You can only take twenty ol
these sacks; we will take all over."
Iliiving forty sacks aboard the
men did not like the idea of seeing
twenty go in this manner, so accordingly they returned to town and
asked pel mission to take away the
twenty sacks lhat tbey had already
put up. This was refused and a
company team was sent out lo the
mine to haul the twenty sacks ol
coal to town and the parties who
bad lackl d the coal were not even
given back their sacks which they
had secured at their owu expense.
Naturally, enough the victims ol
the case tei I sore over the small
at linn ol s ,,'iiig Uie paltry amount
of twenty sacks ol cosl after tbey
had been secured with much hard
Old Mr. Bullion-And are you
sure, my dear, that as my wife you
will be happy?
Miss Youngthtng—Olt, perfectly,
1 think it's ..imply heavenly to pay
,'or things by check,
Mi  Citiman -Whal lim   oada
Mi Sul   ■    '" • tin ' il   ' 011
'i jot this 1.11 i'cl
One Hundred Cars to Be Allotted to
Each Locomotive.
A recent Crookston dispatch say
that a railroad freight engine of so
biige and powerful a type that a
siring of wheat cars which it is abl
to pull will not keep together, hut will
part, sinus an Impossibility, but
the style of engine which is being
adopted by the Great Northern rail
road in ibis section to handle the crop
tbi« fall. With a total weight of tender and eu-giue oi .liS.ooo pounds, the
new style Willis will have a pulling
cnpliifitj greater than any engine in
iln country »t the present time. Six
oi the new lacutuntives ordered for
the noftluTti divifiou for tbc fall trade
from- the Roger* locomotive works
have- »rri«d\ and officials of the coin-
piuif .stale thai Ac load to Iw allotted
cadi emritv Atring the heavy fa!'
movement of wheal to Minneapolis
and Dtilntt, will be 100 cars. "The
engines w.wld pull a larger number of
cars than that," said Master Mechanic
llreckrtuidge of the northern division. 'W il a larger number were included ia the trains the couplings
would part and «rio«s wrsieks occur
HeiMJc «< limit the number ol loaded
wheat cars to 100, urn because the
cngiw will iv« pull a greater number
but because it is not safe to move
more thin a hundred loads in one
train. Tlic car,s would pull apart with
the strain."
Eight monster drive wheel* as high
as an ordinary man's head form the
principal running gear. 'Flic total
weight of llie engine and tender unloaded is jiHooo pmmd>. The total
weight d 11 train pulled by the minister engine would be approximately
(i,,ll8,ooo pounds,     Eldl cur on  an
average carries 40.000 pounds and its
weight added te thai would make llie
total about on.oon. One linndred cars
would make a pile weighing 6.ooo,nnn
pounds, and the weight el tile engine
added would bring the total weight ol
the train exclusive of five cabooie I"
(>,,ii.s,ooo piitinils.   Between 80.000and
100,000 bushels of grain will be liauli I
into the big wheat centres with every
trip of the hig moguls, and just a few
days of constant work from flic wilt it
Fields eastward with loaded eats
would make a decided ImpriiStOn Oil
the wheat markets nf llie country
Two fire boles have to be H on Ih i
new engines and work lot the cugin-
>f is provided right alotljji'de die
big boiler out nf sight of llll :,-..'it-
The Cause was Faulty Construction—It Never was
Used—The Structure
Broke in the Centre,
It is a $3,000 Loss to
jNorth Vancouver.
Between Sunday and Monday
the Seymour creek bridge, on the
Keith road, collapsed. Fortunately nobody was hurt. The bridge
is a total wreck, and never was
used. It was built last year at a
cost of $3,000. The immediate
cause was faulty construction, the
eastern abutment not being properly built, tbc bridge broke in the
centre, The length of the span
was 180 [eet,
Engineer J. W. Balmain submitted to the council on Tuesday
night the following report regarding the bridge in tpiestion, as well
as those on Seymour Creek. It
was as follows:
"As requested. I examined these
and find with regard to the one
over Seymour crei k that it has totally cullupsed, the catastrophe
occurring sometime on Monday,
"The. cause lies, undoubtedly, ill
the failure ol the liast abutment,
and Iioiii the fact that the debris
ol the eastern half of the bridge
lies up-stream, it is evident that
the structure lirst gave way at the
north-east corner, tilting at that
point towards the north and falling
several (eel till it struck the solid
bank ol the river, and tbe whole
turning on the west abutment -s a
pivit. By the loice ul the fall of
the east end the bottom chords
broke in the centre of the span,
the western half dropping easily
to the bottom in the middle of the
stream and remaining nearly intact, while the eastern half broke
into splinters, except the top
chords, which still hold together.
"The bridge approaches on
both sides are not affected but,
otherwise, the bridge is a total
"Lynn creek bridge is in want
ol attention. The logs composing the eastern abutment arc, to a
very considerable extent, rotten,
and 1 suggest that the cribbing in
front be filled up with boulders
and a fresh abutment formed inside the old one (there is room to
do this), and alter that, the old
logs removed and replaced by
sound timber.
"The pier in river between the
spans, has, 1 think been recently
repaired, but the cut-water should
be fixed up with boulders and any
delects made good.
"The timber ol trusses appears
sound, unless, perhaps, round the
boltdioloe, and there may be danger that the bolts "pull through."
A thorough examination ol this
should be made win 11 the bridge
ii being repaired] ami'bonis, nol
perfectly sounds removed, and
good material substituted,
■"1 do not I* ar any immediate
danger in the case of this bridge,
but think there should be no delay
in having it attended to."
Last Saturday the North Vancouver
Aquatic club held ils postponed regatta on tlie Inlet. The weather was
all thai could be desired, and large
numbers of spectators, both on terra
lirma and in boats, were presenl,
The course was from a point near the
Mission village to the landing in
from of tin- hotel. Everything
passed off without 11 hitch Much
credit 1- due the energetic committee who worked the previous two or
three weeks to make it the success it
was. The committee comprised the
folowingi 11. C. Wright (chairman),
J. S. C. Eagan (secretary), T. Nye,
II. Dick, R. Wheeler, 1'. Diplock, C.
Diirsl.iii, D. S. Martin.
Following is the list of events and
Junior Double Sculls—1. VV. Parker, 11, Larsen. 2. F, Diplock, II.
Jnioru Four-Oar—t. Kings College
School: P. Jennings, I.. Townley, J.
Wallace, 11. Roiltlcdge, 2. North
Vancouver Hoys: R, Wheeler, I". Dip-
lock, R. Burns, li. Woods, T. Dip-
lock (coxswain).
Single Scull Championship—t, J. N'.
Brown; ; W. J- Bannister; ,1 William
H "Kg.
Pour-Oar Challenge Race—I. North
Vancouver Ferry Co.: dipt. Gosse,
(stroke). II. Hudson, M. Russell, It.
March, Vincent Ramsay (coxswainI.
2. Western Corporation; A. II.
Diplock, I-I, young, II. C. Wright.
C. Durston, T. Diplock (coxswain).
Ladies' Single Sculls—1, Miss
Brown; 2. Miss Flivyii; ,(, Miss Mee.
Senior Double Sculls—1, R. Ren-
Shaw, R. Page; a, G. Nye, R. Wheeler.
Greasy Pole—I, R. Reiishaw. 1, T.
Page; J, C. Illusion.
Starter—J. J. Woods. Judge— T,
Foil,iwing amongst others contributed generously to the prize list:
G. E. Trorey, Woodward Depart*
nieiit Siores. T. 11. Cutlibertson &
Co., R. E, Broadhead, J. Decker, A.
UlTord. Geo. Hunter. Stark's Glasgow House, McLennan, McFeely &
Co.. Arlington Hotel, R. P. McLennan, Hatch, Maltese Cross Rubber
1 •
1 engineer regarding the Lynn creek
It was resolved that suitable
equipment be obtained lor the
volunteer hire brigade   and    the
  . chairman of the Hoard of Works
TELEPHONE    COM PANY was authorized to obtain same.
It was resolved to call for ten-
Mors for supplying cordwood for
Exemption   from Taxation *« municipal hail to be In by
Wednesday, October 4th.
and License Fee for Five    On motion it was resolved that
v . ,-,,,-, ,iMr- J- w' Balma'»* C. K., be
1 ears for IhStabllShmont engaged as municipal engineer lor
.., 1 ., I I six months at a salary of fjioo per
Mr. J. tJtu-1month, bis appointment to date
Muiii-''r'"" September 15th, it being
j understood that he may do private
main Appoints)
cipal Enginoor—Important Resolutions re tlic
School Act.
Reeve Kealy presided at a
special meeting of the Municipal
Council on Tuesday evening.
Councillors Bell, Morden and May
were also present.
On motion Reeve Kealy and
Councillors Hell and Morden were
appointed delegates to the municipal convention, which will be
held at New Westminster on Friday next.
The council decided to submit
for the consideration of the convention the following resolutions
referring to   the   Public   Schools
The   telephone   question   was | Act, and if approved ask for their
thoroughly gone into, when it was 1 adoption;
resolved on motion of Councillors I , Resolved, that, in the opinion of
,. ,,      ,  ,,       ,      .,     ,.       ■, this convention, the Public Schools
!c    am   May that the   Counci    .„, .„„, ■;„.. -,  , . ■ ,
' Act, 1905, is ill-suiteil to provincial
express its willingness to  agree requirements and defective, among
to exemption Irom license lee and ' others, in the following particulars:
taxes lor a period ol five years if U) It casts onerous and unwar-
the telephone service is now intro-irantcd responsibility upon school
Communications were
from the following:
From the Department of Marine
and Fisheries, regarding the application ol Mrs. Hamersley for
waterfront of block 171, Lonsdale.
"t was resolved to reply stating
(3) It duplicates and complicates
municipal administration by neces-
:,.,.,,   ,tj sitating a separate  and   distinct
assessment from that upon which
municipal taxation is now levied.
13) The cosl ol assessment will
be out of all proportion to the
amount required lor its collection.
Resolved, that in incorporated
municipal districts, the school dis-
that the council objected" to a grant ItrictB sllu"M '"-' uniform with the
of foreshore at the end ol St.  Fat- j municipality.
Whitney Tells Deputation That Nc
More Will le Made,
r   '. il vliiiitc'T fire brigade will
,i,l in first smoking conccri at llie
Pavilion mi Tue-'l.i) evening, Ocl 3
I'he invitations i" the allaii are now
in ih,. hand* nl ihe members, ivbn ire
11 |ii H ti -in .. 11 nn 1   1 ■ ■
the' iiii'i'il- inui  upp Tiers.   \ ibor i,„ v, ,\
"uublv enjoyable, evening i- promised Idian \n
The lot oi the "Man with the Hoc"
may be hard, but that of the   man
with the shovel has   its alleviations
Sir Wilfrid Laurier was in Fori Wii
Ham, Out., on Saturday last, and lie
milled the first sod ol the 1
pcrior section of the   Grand   Trunk
1' 1  ■    v. t ,   sold* n shovel.    We
should like lo ki   1 ll 1     ■   of thai
sod, an I wl   lier I    kcej
honsc    ' .   ■      ;.■"■•
work    Talk ah   1 thi     nnd lim* -
in Canada!    Tli ngs iiinsi he fail .
boomiiiB    li 1 hi  Grand Trunk I'm 1
in- inn it ■ like thai ii
need Iv
ki i-|i   \i ■
A recent Toronto dispatch ssyi lint
Premier Whitney, replying in a deputation »i :ili"iu '00 members cl the
Northwest field lore, who asked thai
land grants similar lo the other v :,r
11s be allowed ib.'.n, said em; an
ally lhat they ciild link: li], Inui
iiiinils that there woit'.d he no im re
nd grants, The gra us already ui'de
under the veterans laii.l gram 1 r :t,
had lied up all Ihe available land In
New Ontario, and t wo,i'd lakj lc*i
years to limsli wrv ■ •>; loi tbc appl'
tali    HOW   ill      l.e'd   gl ml.   and
inv.r di.in anyone any gn "i e*ti,,>i
ilie ipcctilatori in ihe case of the
scrip In the North n '. I'i I sih.ii lawn alone not any ,1 Ivantaitc, and the
lame thing prevailed in New 1 In'.arii.
loi .'.'"I' ii'iv gelling leases
nf tlie New (tularin I"-i'Ioih 111 ihe
puri isi ol going ci and stealing the
The Wc tern O rp irali 11, limited.
In.  set .1 .    d example I
■   '  I.;, paying tl e v
11 ;.' iyi 1 - weekly    'r    1 1
for .1 ncv, and entci pi     ■
town, mi I il   " ' :";■' iyi I   would dn
.'  merchant! nnd bu inc 1
11    would   greatly   benefit
ill   li    ll ■      ."■  ■
miliei    'I lie) . in then
' .   th 1 1.,,  1    , 1 . , 1, .■■ ■    11
f b
rick's road, which it bad arranged
to acquire for the corporation.
From Messrs Ingrain ft Edwards,
offering to supply 16 lamps ol
the best light ol 6011 candle power
for street lighting for $15 each with
a rebate of Sd for each lamp returned in good condition before
September ol next year. The
Light Committee recommended the
acceptance ol this ofier and the
Council resolved accordingly.
The Board of Works will report on
the best locations for lamps and
the firm expects to have them installed in about three weeks.
Councillor May reported as to
the estimated cost ol opening 11
Resolved, that the amount required under the act to be contributed locally should be included
in the municipal assessment, and
handed over to the school trustees,
instead of its being remitted to the
Department of Education.
Resolved, that in the public interest, the school trustees should
be elected at the same time and on
the same voters' list as the municipal council.
Resolved, that in order to secure
economy and efficiency in the collection of the per capita school tax,
the collection ol same should be
vested in the municipality.
Councillors'   Indemnity  by-law
Bewick avenue Irom Keith road to was introduced and passed, after
the waterfront.   The Engineer was jw,llch th<: c01llll;i1 adjourned.
instructed to prepare a specification | 	
with a view to calling lor tenders. | CAMERA OBSCURA.
J. W. Balmain, engineer, submitted bis report re the collapse ol!   A l"1'^ "' enterprising young mca
the bridge over Seymour creek on "' New Westminster have   arranged
Monday which was accepted. iwhal they term it, a camera obicura,
lu answer to a question from the and located il 011 the grounds for the
Reeve, the engineer stated that it exhibition,   ll is an elevated building,
was not possible to repair the
Seymour bridge. It was resolved
that the Hoard of Works take steps
to secure the available materials
nun tin bridge to prevent their
ning carried away.
It was further resolved that the
engineer be requested to thorough
ly examine the Capilano bridge and
report to the Council as to ils
pi' '■ ii condition and safety loi
future traffii and thai in tho mi an
nine traffic iipoe it be ptohihiti tl
It was also resolved that thi 11 IBI I
ol Works be authorised to carry
out the recommendation ol   the   m at .ill
almost -» feet diameter, ortagon in
ihape, In it is 1 round table of can-
v.iv A long revolving telescope, or
lent, is attached to (be lop of the
•.inn ture, win, ii ri Recti on this canvas aii exact mming picture of  the
Whole ol tile -how groundl and the
movcmenli ol the people Under iln.
building will I" 1 it li phone and par-
Two   |n 1  in    ne   bound   to be
unuii ,1 when ihi.  find  ihctnselvei
•., || I. .,1 ni, nl the oilier loi ii" n !■
It is ib sired that North Vancouver should be re-named.   The
question now is   What shall we call the new city?
Fill in tile following coupon and send or Kaie it at '1111   liXI 1 1  I
office :
M* choice oi ii new niune lor North Vancouver i*.
1/, \,,,. •
' nil; i '.i'i > ■■
North Vancouver, B, C,
A Weekly New papet    Pnbli'lic! by
Subscription, $1 a year,
Managing Editor.
Advertising Manager
Are you building nr buying?
A foolish grouse and Ids wish-bone
are soon parted.
I down in history as a religionist, the
peer of whom none ever lived.    In
I recognition of his greal work for the
H".' I   "• I social   elevation    of the
'ration  of the  city
lot' London has unanimously resolved
to confer upon him the freedom of
that historic city. This is regarded
in official England as a unique recng
nition of the iiiiin.   This fr loin, as
.■ is termed, is mil) bestowed upon
members of rival families, military
and naval heroes, or statesmen of
marked pre-eminence, The field ol
operations ol the Salvation Army is
world-wide and lias reached ;i class
that other philanthropic and religious
institutions had failed lo approach.
Ynung mini, now is the time to go
to nighl school,
Mow's ilie tunc tn can your large
fruit if you can can them.
The   rainy   season and the New
Westminster   fair   generally   arrive
alu.iit the same time.
The oyster is now in the soup,
The reed bird season's here;
Cum mi the cob still makes us whoop
Anil smile from ear to ear,
It must have been a thrill ng ci ne
- when the "solid sevi n" of II, C,
walked up to the wicket of the paying idler .ii Ottawa, ami whispered
together: "Wc hate to take the
If you see anything move in the
bushes, why, shoot at it. If it flies
away, its a grouse or maybe a pheasant. If it run-, it's a deer, If it
swears it's sure to be a man,   And
till ie ymi are'
it :. .'■• mati I that Ru      lost in
during the lati i\ i $11.1,
i '.'."   t     pity to si
•: IH    v mid    have
I. ;.•,  tl,   Pi ivii rnmenl  in
;.  ver for   I lc   I    . ■  .-. an
The startl
B       'est   that tin    m   ■
back by the
nnd ed l re and olhei
stuff.      Whoever h ird
having furniture or anythinf else to
i'n   ■. .".'. iy?
If you'vi   t•"!   i  .    il lllil      push it,
don't lei business l,i i I
I'm the •'. ■'   '      tile i ftnrl ol the
Wc can show you how to do it. it may
take you by surprise,
T , sec ilie money roll your way, Why
don't you advertise?
The talk 'way back Ra*M  il drj ing
up Niagara falls so it'll i
i      ■'( go tn in the good old summer
tunc, has started a new craze    It is
hn! for the    real I across the
Zambesi  river,  lusi  In   .■.   \
•;  ,( I,  '     ."     nn
a summer n   rl
I'.'i the p.tsi two mon'tlis the papers
have been priming daily yellow fever
reports 'rom Louisiana, Mississippi
and Florida. It is difficult for any
body in this far-away favored country
where the dire effects of plague art
unknown, to understand the terror of
the inhabitants of the stales named.
Tli msands of men, women and children have left their homes and gone
northward and eisewhere to escape
this dread infectious disease. Those
•,vb ' are nol so fortiu ate tn be in a
po< tion tn migrate must needs lace
the dangers of the sc iiirgc. But
only a handful of our people ever
laced "yellow jack." And ill the face
nf such a menace only a few nf lofty
moral courage call retain their nerve.
It is a blessing that we are not subjected to the test.
Lois for Se!e
John Burns., M. I'., Explains
How tlie English Place
(lot It's Name—Usod to
Bo Patrick's See.
S v. th j . ■' ; ... ithcr i 'i ;
in.' ii may he in ni Ivi     lie
,,,   |. . heir hou
■ ■   tiglitl)       that Hi
tic fresh pure air c
Do not keep llv    ' ltd i
and a   faded   carpet  I        i dirk.
damp, fi nl
y it
I iln 11 I—a   lil not
The A. P lay stated I   • thi
' I ' .■ ind in
inn!.. ii   tint  Hague peace
, . ■ i
• i.i t the an
•    .       •   ■        ,■■ i
imw he I thei     o that
the) M        I attack C«i
M i ■ vile   ntcresl   In hi    i rved,
. -i thousand mei    (I
In a great J
■   •
where a great i
Ever since the advent of The Express the topic of re-naming Nortli
Vane mver has been alive. The pci pie
ivant i separate and tli tinct ni me
oilier than Vaiicottvi r, and as the
place grows tins matter grows in
mp irtancc It must hi realized,
wi vi:. tli it in nrdi i to do thi,
■ '   I    Iln      : run
 st'.' p    ed by tl   logisl itnn
i miiiiicip lily i- . i pre i nl   h tu
ng bj      .- ■'. .   and ,•  i
I mui    pali        PI    11   si,iln
■ ■ ''.     ■ ■   herd   .   thi ,;..   ■■ nil'
ll.-.t I ll ;■■,'.'
■ IjttsiC'l and Inly in: n
rated    This il noi at al      prol
tblc ere long.   W  havi di cided ili.it
popular voting cnntcsi .  .
new name lake plice in tli i columns
II:    Expl       forthwith.
At Tuesday night's session of the
municipal council the questionn nl a
tclepltni     v ti ni '.    bi mgl' up, dis
'. ind a resolution passed there'll.    \pparcntly tin members   i the
council took the "bull by the horns"
and forthwith made a proposition tn
. : the ti' pii me i om-
puny without any negotiations what-
cv* r.   The rei ve and councillors h ivc
the repiilalinn   nf   hi i
men, and   tin
lelephoi      ■■■ ■   ■       " ' ded,
■ • di ubl urged ll i m to id at once.
Mow, in view nf this, it i. to be hoped
■ ''■'   B   r  Teli pii me company
. '■   vi'li the municipality
To virtually pay or bonus corpora-
.   I iy   to extend their field
'    ''" '   ' IflOl •' ! |||   III
ant I legil i itc business,   and   c.vi. ri i  tn nn end ol
'     ' II      In  most placi
i •   ...    ,   :
- .,. .■  '.' ■•
give free I foi      ti    (rears'
. •-.-   •    ";    .     Ill    .    • i|        $J00,  10
il' telephone company
M ii ■. In re tl i nt'. will learn with
rrow   : tl ■   li   ll   of Mi   el, tin
eight ■   n:;' Icrol Capl,
and Mrs Cl is < tte i, who |in   nd
away at h a. in. on Wednesday,
In I" loved little i hild w 11 as a
d( In nt- i! wi i 1. ouid nol   tan i
its severe ti i thing time. The
[tint nil ci remouy look place on
Thursday morning at the church "f
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary,
Hi i 1111 mot) will be churi hod ai
that nl uu wli ' n id lil
to ii    c nrou , I im
How many people hereabouts
have enjoyed the beautiful scenery
and ideal fishing at Battersea during the summer months just passed,
Did tbey ever pause to consider
where the place derived its name?
Perhaps they did and then dismissed the subject content in Unsure and certain fact that the village derived ils name fiom the
English Battersea. But the word
is no ordinary one and why not
probe further in an endeavor to
discover how the English Battersea came to be called such. It is
doubtful if many natives of that
bsrengh could suggest an answer,
and thi- subject has become more
interesting during tho past few
days owing to the fact that John
Bums, M. P,, the great English
labor leader at present touring
Canada, represents the constituency of Battersea in the British
House of Commons. To him the
question was addressed and an
interesting tale revolves upon his
The word  Batti rsea originate !
from  the time St.   Patrick came
from Ireland on bis way to  revisit
l\ mi i,   'I In:   saints   stoppe I   in
Loudon for some two years anil
dn ii : th it;., ie ived on an 1 I md
ii hi  fi  nn ,  los  by thu Bug-
li h m ti ipi,:-,.   Tl al island lias
long   ,      passi d away with ad
aii .m :;:'''. in lus
try,    I'h    great   w 'terway   was
ijr* Iged to i'"i inimoilati l     hulls
that mad. Engia..; niistii ■-   I th
it i it'.l -.'..ih the u ,ln n Iin .  pro
gri s ul iii in .-- onward march St,
Patrick's island went thi   » iy 11
ill goo i   things.   However,   th
i'. i.i.  ri ...i I aboui had in the
■i  .in' me taken tin nam*  tud   ..■ ■
known us St. Batrii   ■ .-■ e, mean
ing,  of course, tin   ei le.si wtic.tl
district in which St. Patrick ruled.
From this the name became twisted ami contorted   until   it   has
reached the present generation as
50,60.66M 32 FT.
from $80 Id 5.15(1 per lot,
2 Ar,r,» Modi on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave,
$700 Cash,
Qwcnr, & 1 onsdale
For Ileal Estate
"   ;    fall end sec    :   ::
Lonsdale Avenue.
He is rijjbt on Ihe ground and
makes   a   specialty of Nortli
Vancouver properties,
MIT. 4fl?NT
for some nf llie liiiesi Innillcss
properly In tin Tnunsibi, also
rosiiloni'u propenv and ncreago
In all purls of the suburbs.
Now is the lime to buy and
is the man to Imv irom.
W! L
50 x a
16.} Cordova Street.
..,..,■... 1
North Vancouver Specialist
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Itay, Cattle and Chicken
Accountant*, Auditor*,     Plumbtoq and Tinsmith
Real Estate Agents. Infl.
Lumber and nil Kinds of Building Material.
lands I'll ti,,I and Buildings treeled.
Contractors and Valuators
Wr tirti moling ,< situ i, I itra, of i md Wood Otis' "in suppl, so, quootllv.
4 52 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B. C.
Phone ft1113
[mil Guenthc
[,.• a ,,',.,••', ,'v summer lever-
./;/• quenching and satisfying, Remember there's no
oilier "just as good"—insist
on getting Rainier : : : ■ :
» j i.. MmBamnixnmau' i
%^ Pacific Bottling Works
Information Wanted.
call on We P. Hogg
T'.VO lllli'SS  WEST Till:  I'.XI'llHSS.
1  Sec Me iii fiirt1 nityiiijLT.
No'cvv Piihlis, General \ucticpcer
ir>7 ftiniovrt greet   Vancouver, B. t.
Support   tlic   town end   3ub3cribe
lie looked like n man who might
lie entity ol having common since
us he entered  the   police station 'nr Its paper, The E.iprcso.
and saunti red up to thu desh—but
ni'i   . ,i,,'t always judge   by   appearance.
"Say," he began, in a stage
ivhispi r, "suppose 1 was to send
,syt in New York lor a package ol
green goods and a fellow sent me
a few slips u( brown wrapping
paper instead; could I havo him
pint lied?"
"Possibly," answered thi man
behind thu di sk.
"And would I have to let the
I" li." l,:i ■ that I had sent Uu
gn en '.'.nods?"
"Sure thi -
"Hut wouldn't that !>e giving
mysi II away?"
"That's right."
"And I might get in bad, eh?"
"I'm afraid so."
"Well, I'm much obliged for the
information. A friend ol mine in
Seattle wrote me and asked me to
litul   a (or him."
"Then yi n didn't wnnl to know
l"i   " ir own '..iti'-l.it i ''
"i il com not. What I want
in km.iv is il a dog that lias just
celebrated his twenty-first birthday
isn't to old in requin a licensi
"lie is il tli" hi i ' iii in li til-
pen  i" ui'il.i his acquaint un i
"Thank you.   Good morning."
Bistnark Tried  His  Humor.
0     irk had to i ml i tin   Iroi
Ci I ii. to
lay, and, I i      i humor,
ail        '..■ .   phaniim
mil i on 'i '■ nn i   In    '.I:
■■I am nuthori ed ti     [or you
ol ilu en    ,on   hundred
;i . Vhal i say?"
"Whal  i'   Iln   . rosa   worth?"
'I iii Iy asked the man,
"About three thalers,"
"Vet      II, then, '
.i I'll take the cri
'i ' I"   In iii
in    St.     \ndi v.-' I
Church,   Noi on
treel al it a. m, ati I     jo
;t.   m.    Mori n ■ il ji  ■   "The
Paral Ie  of loans,  I rtm I ■
lloii'lliul rooms ur pilvatu home or litiyi* outright nil
elaaaea "i lioitneliold goodi i r bankrupt storks (or rath.
lie Iin* ^oiiii* ol tho Uncat liuidneM ami watorlront property in North
Vancouver. Pee. Mm nt once If you think n( picking up properly In
this section,  lie wise. BUY NOW, ami you *lll nmko money. :: ::
*ms *
?„ i. :j:v.ii;r.t;j;v .&s+i*\OK<&-u*iitrmmKt
i-..nm   *■!-**. .*■■»>•» * -—■*.— t-m,jr*r*-^^mfwmm^m~*^mr^mit^ lumm^mmtm^t^twm^^t^mmw^mm
T is the only strictly bona fide weekly published in the Twin City on
Burrard Met,   It it owned and controlled by no clique of poll-
ti ;..' is lo further their own ambitious aims; nor by a combination of
■'• '   r land hoomcrstobt used as a means of lauding their own
.  or si  'y else's property to the detriment of their rivals,
•   inl '  I.
It is printed in the interests of Sorth Vancouver and\dislricl. When
ils Editor thinks he is right he heirs to the line, letting the eltijis drop
nay,   ll ■      wt have lo consult half a dozen different
|i ■,-'■'.   ..   id  'hat ',   'nl        ■ ay,
i I er reads Fbc Ixprcft* each week,
l:. out  ■' h i circulali ai is growing,
rr' therefor • nu BEST advertising \iedivm
\ It
Favorite looth Ppwder
Cleanses and Beautifies the Teeth.
Imparts nice odor to Breath.
I'at 11/1 inui fold only al
McDowell's Drug Store
North Vancouver.
and tbe
for $1.50 a year.
"Yes, mum."
"Yes, nium."
"Doesn't he ever steal ftom the
market baskets of the tenants?"
"Never, mum."
"He's a good Christian man, is
"Yes, mum. A politer, more
attentive, honestcr, or more Christian man, never he?"
"I am delighted to hear that.
Where is he then?"
"I'm him, mum."
A Startling   Announcement.
Slowpay—The Old Time Bank
must he short ol money.
Depositor—Great Cusarl Why
do you think so?
Slowpay—I asked them to lend
me some and they said they
couldn't possibly.
on 14th St., near Lonsdale Avenue.
Waler Connections, A Good Buy
$1000.00 ON EASY TERMS
The Old Cider Mill.
m\n the rich  mine of memory oft
we uncover
Itari   gems ol   remliurnnce  ol
youth's merry days:,
An, loii.lli the thoughts lound the
o'detl seen > lluvi:   -
The scenes of our how,und, our
labors and plays.
On sweet recollection oft Bashes
l.ellili us,
Tiiu'orchard spread out at the
lout ul the hill,
An,I conies to our ears   a   low,
musical chorus -
The hum "1 the bees 'round the
old culiir mill.
Ol fragrant the breath of the juice
lhat came dripping
From oui ol the maw ol  the
straw-colored press,
And hearl\ the smacks ol the boys
lips while sipping
The   mm et   rural   nectar,   oft
times to exd.SS.
The butterflies came   from   their
play inid the flowers
Ami fluttered away after drinking
their fill,
The humming birds winged from
their deep woodland bowers
To taste ol the sweets al the old
cider mill.
Throuu.li long,  golden straws we
would pipe thorare sweetness
' liy power ol suction from catch-
tub to lips
Until, our pig stomachs filled up
to replentness.
We'd gasp in our fullness like
chicks with the pips,
Then oil wc would scamper in mad,
merry racing,
And worry the echoes with shunts
loud and shrill;
Ah! never such pleasure as that
wc went chasing
In barefooted play 'round the
old cider mill.
Oriel olt follows pleasure! At midnight while lying
On low trundle bed   wc  have
wrestled with pain,
As some 'prisoned fiend in   our
innards was trying
To dig Itself outward to freedom
We've gulped paregoric and herb
teas and camphor,
Have taxed   the  old  mother's
medicinal skill,
And lelt that in future we'd not
i.ire a damphor
The treacherous juice from the
old cider mill,
Grocer's Revenge.
Everybody knows how the average business man is "worked" by
themanagere of picnics, excursions,
festivals and the like, gotten up
for the purpose nf starting or In-
creasi of a si mi
charitable   nam       S    inscrtin
I I in the pi   n it
invarably printed on    ucl a ,
lions, he i • oxp :ted, at least, to |
assist in defraying the expenses of
the necessary advertising, lie is
appealed to on the ground that all
his competitors will be represented
in the program, and he cannot
afford tube left out,
A certain Mr. Skiles, a suburban
gtocer, was asked lo have his card
inserted in the program ol a picnic
to be given by a local secret su-
ciiy, at a popular resort forty or
fifty miles away.
"How much will it cost me?"
he enquired,
"Only Si." replied the advertiv
j ing manager,
j    "Hump-only $2.   How much
space i]a 1 get for that?"
"One inch."
"Hi iii|i- -the whole of an inch!
I can 1 tit any kind ol an ad. 1 want
in that space, 1 .suppose?"
The grocer took   a   scrap  0
paper, wrote his advertisement on
it, handed it to the manager, and
in due time the program appeared
with this card in it:
"Beverly Skiles, (irnccr, No.
(137 Sparkland street, pays Jj (or
the use of this space, he thinks il
is an outrageous price, inasmuch
as all the groceries for this picnic
were bought at some other store.'r
Mr. Skiles has always maintained
that be got $2 worth ol satisfaction
out of this advertisement, il nothing else.
To Satisfy His Wife
"John," exclaimed the nervous
woman, "there's a Imrgular in the
house.    I'm sun: of it."
John rubbed his eyes and protested mildly that il was imagination
"No, it isn't. I heard ,1 man
So John look a box of mutches
and went down. To his surprise
his wife's suspicions were correct.
Seeing that he was unarmed, the
burgular covered him with a revolver, and became quite sociable.
"Isn't it rather laic to be out ol
bed?" he remarked.
"A—er little bit," replied John.
"You're to Into, anyhow, because
I've dropped everything out ol the
window, and my palls have carried
them off."
"Oh, that's all right. I'd like
to ask one favor of you, though."
"What is it?"
"Stay here until my wile can
come down and sec you. She has
been looking for you every night
(or the last twelve years, ami I
don't want her to be disappointed
any longer"
Highly Endorsed.
Lady—Where is the agent (or
these flats?
Man at Door—1 can rent llie llats,
"Arc the rents reasonable?"
••What sort ol a janitor havi
"A vi ry good one n 11m "
"Is he polite and attentive?"
Doomed to Bachelorhood.
Friend—I say, Jack, why don't
you marry and settle down?
"You have a good income?"
"Am' your   aunt   lelt   you   a
charming house?"
"Then why don't you hunt up a
'Oh, a wife is easy enough to
get; that isn't the trouble."
'Then what is the matter?"
T can't find a servant girl."
It Is refreshing to turn Irom the
grafting in ilie .selling of public land!
here in New Zealand, In a paper
just received from there it is noted
thai during the past year the Government look over 100,641 acres, paying
a little over $20 nn acre, and this
land has been s lb-divided into small
holdings and rented to tenants at a
rate of about eighty cents an acre a
year, which pays more than tilt Gov
eminent pays for intension the
money and  leaves enough  to make
good macadam roads, The Government thus has n net income from tin
rent of the land and enables any (am
ily 1 1 get land without going into
hopeless debt. The Government also
improves these small holdings with
the necessary buildings, and ibis policy, pursued for years, has proven
eminently satisfactory to both the oc-
cpicrs and the state. Here wc throw
the public lands away so that speculators can collect the rent, In New
Zealand farm products are carried to
market al the -.one rate, regardless of
distance, making one piece of ground
as 6 1 to ihe workers as another.
Dominion  Exhibition
September 21 to October 7, 190S
New Westminster, B. C.
$100,000 68ft--
Enlarged Grounds, New Handsome and Spacious Building
Bliflers—How is it you have so
much trouble with your second
Differs- She wants me to regard
my first wife as a creature beneath
contempt, and I can't.
To your patrons every night by means ol the
Have  bright show windows and your goods
nicely ananged.    It will bring you increased
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Etd.
Where Prosperity Smiles
--.I,, *
Er tOUlld in your business calculations and invest in North Vancouver, the Twin City of Hurrard Inlet,
Burrard Met is the great port of
Canada on the Pacific. As
Canada's population increases
commerce will increase, and so
Watch North Vancouver Grow
Xort/i Vancouver wharfage is
mil.It neater lite main ci.anntt of
the harbor than Vancouver City.
Thi two placet are tanUisltnt
ft nn th. centre of the harbor.
North Vancouvei is tilualed on
the harbor. It is a city of homes,
on high ground, with good view,
sheltered h the mountains on
the north side, southern exposure,
milder climate, more sunshiny
,/iii( than Vancouver hat.
Lots are Proportionately less in value
The Kingston Whig alleges of Sir
Wilfrid I.mirier that there is not a
man ill Canada more unselfish and
pure-minded, Yes, there is, His
name is Siflon.—Toronto Mail.
Canada has enacted a law providing
for the payment of a salary to the
leader of the opposition. Here is an
idea which Russian bureaucrats will
find Incomprehensible.   Their plan is
to imprison those who dare oppose
the government.—Chicago Record.
A Montreal man has sold his wife
(or $.io, half cash down and the oilier
half in two months' time. A good
cow would cost more than that.—■
Hamilton Times.
According to the returns of the department of education the attendance
at the normal schools is in the proportion of twenty girls to one man,
Just like a summer resort.
Only the   rich   can afford   to be
Now is a good time—the fall of the
year—to go to your lodge meetings,
You might spend an hour or two in
a worse place.
North Vancouver
Ferry and Power
Fine ateamori St. George, Surrey and
Nurlli Vancouver available, for excursions at moderate raton.
Sunday afternoon, 3 to t.
Admission free.
88,"St George""
Commencing Auguat lat, 1005.
N. V„ 1.«.
A.m. i.m.     a u.
inm Dally. itSondan, North., «.»....
Vancouver naif.
;.n Dally, ci sumli)'., Norih.. 7.S0,...
Vanooiiver ooly.
i.m lull), s Vim..iiivif imi f.u ... i.m
01O  Dally, North Vancouver... t.K)....
i" in  Daily, North Vancouver ...M0.40....110.U
1110   linll... Ni.tlli Vsiiruuior      II. 10 ,.,
1,11 p.m.       p.m.
his  Blturday, Sundaj «n.| U.M.... )).U
nolldljl only, North Vlll*
',"!'.'mini I. (Inl'lil^
IIS   lull v. N  Vkiih.m I'ti.my      Ill ...
.' I.'.   Imily. '■'  Vancouver r.lul      Ml....   141
115. Dally, N. Vancouver only.. 3.10...
4.15 I'ally, N. Vain'ouveronlj.. 4.40.... 4.41
.'i r, I'-iilv. S. til, Vancouver . 640....
HIS. Hall,, North Vancouver,, M0,,,, III
and I...H. Isleii.tileii,.
7 15. Iiilly.X. Vancouver only..  J.10....
HIS  Daily, North Vancouver...  1.40....  Ill
and Inundate '.nrl.iu.
'J 15  Iielly. n. Vancouver only..  0.40...,
lull  Dailv,N Vancuuveronly.M0.40....
II 15   Hilly, iICt|il Sunday!  1140....
•I'l i. miii.In;.     ||iiI'n in  niiSoiiilarl.
Note—All llieetcami'Mcall at I/ma.
dale Gardena on Saturdays, except o.oo,
7 00,11.10ami II. 10a.m., 1 15,3.15,5.16,
7.15, 8.16,11.16, 10.15,11.15 p.m.; and on
l-uudayfi, all except the 9.10 and 11.10 a.
in., and 7.16, 8.15,11.15,10.15 p.ni. boati.
Railings to and from Moodvville are
in cour-e of arrangement, tor band
Concert! and ciiecial oecaaloni half-hourly millings will I"' arrange*! in recjuireil.
i.i Braxton Point for lacrosse niatclioa,
etc., sailings as advertised in Uie daily
paper". This Time- Table may hi
altered without notice, Do not fail to
villi l.'ii..'inl" ii.ii.lens, North Vancouver, Hid favorite picnic, retort,
VAMtllMK.      WISIMIfvMIR      HUM
'" that the above named Company
has this day Died in the Land
Registry Office, in the City ol
Vancouver, a plan, profile and
hook of reference for tint section
ol its railway (rom Station 1,058.-
00, lieing a point in Lot 775, in
the Municipality of North Vancouver, through the said Municipality lo Station 1,671.10, being
a point on the cast shore of Howe
Dated at Vancouver, 1). C, this
lath day ol September, 190j.
JAKE! JKFFMY, Secretary.
Re.il Estate, Mining, Insurance,
Loans, Farm:;,  Etc,
Timber Limits.
Propcaty lor Bale all over the City
Stibnrl      ' North Vancouver.
Olflci: 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B, C. THE   EXPRESS
===== BROKERS =======
"Do You Wan: s,I! ne?"
We have some of the Choicest
Lots which we offer at very low
prices.    Come and be convinced
ISO Cordova St,
1 ll
i iii..
The I
st Tom
iai iiiui: done al
iontt r
..'. n
tl North
I r\ nn ■ .  in
ne.iiev in it.
.1. D. I'n.i) n'l.k and family arrived
li'Ullc niii ■ s|ien I; ■ :i couple "I
weeks al Cliillitt'ack,
A large flock nf some 40 pheasants
wa* seen between Third street and
Mahon avenue and the convent.
Corner First ami Lonsdsle,
North Vancouver
Dealers In
General Hardware, Oils. Paints, Etc
Tinners ami I'lnnifcers.
Agents ta
(inerney'i! well known CliiMellor
Steel Raw«i.
The many friends of Mr. Mally's
family will regret to learn ih.u the
children (ire sick with scarlet lever
Miss A. Hamilton, of Moodyville,
who has been visiting her aunt in Victoria, returned home after several
months' abicncc.-
At noon on Thursday a heavy inl!
of hail t'K'li place, accompanied by
thunder, lasting only a few minutes.
Clear weather followed.
The Proposition of tbe Day
on the Northwest Pacific
Transformation Scenes
Just Be^un.
1,000 Acres of Primeval Forest to be Swebt
.Away ftij utyiniic Steam Engines.
Tho Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon Railway, sanctioned by the Dominion Authorities to connect land and
ocean highways, and make the North chore a shinning
Tin' B. C. Electric Railway Co., to supply street cars,
light and power.
Prosperity bnthes the town like sunlight-—Progress
continuous, Watch N'ortb Vancouver's advance. It will
be tho kinetiscopo of the Coast.
Official Agents for all the original townsite lands.
(1,OOU acres still left.)
Mabon, Hcfarland £» f>1ahon
541 Hastings Stent, Vancouver, B.C.
>',ll  I'ltlr  per
Mrs. J. G. Davidson, of First street,
severely sprained her inkle by a fall.
Mr. ami Mr.-. Littler were visitors
at Mr. Conway's dui ng the week
j \V. Anderson and wife, nl llrau-
don, Man. paid Nortli Vanci>nver a
'vi*ii ,*n Thursday. Tiny are contemplating locating nn the Coast
fonnd lint ''id
ni them were colines, the balaitci be-
inn soevkcyes.   The fishermen, it is
also alleged, had been informed that
iiiiiliin,! linl entities iVOllld be taken
at t'le lislt wharf. CiinscqBently many two-Hep,
nl them were   compelled   lo dump     The  "professors
tin-in overboard.    Tins   standalone
doings should be pill a strip to.
,t and adegrading romp al that, say, an
"There i» only mi, dance and one
movement in these days," he said,
"and that is a congl tin ration   ( iln
We fell «.nd deliver fowls cheaper
than VaneoaveT firnia can.
Inui and .>:.!** (i.m. twits.
^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^ a relap^- the other day -he wa
E, A. iMioki'iilielil, Muiuj."*.
3StO*JnKe 8t., VanwariTrr, B.C.
Mrs I ir Gordon, a cue-i nt Hotel
Vancouver, had been traveling in this
Owing tu
compelled !•* go tn a h'ispjlil in Vnacon-
i\ 11. fotTM
BKllffl "I
Oil. Gas and Arles.au Water
I '-,, < ta "-'in I.. ■ ,1; Hametut   All
Murk gl inn.'■""'.
Ul Granville Bt, Vaw r, li C.
Mv A. Russell
Th< tbtodak Grocer
'ii- ■ 11" 'it
Groceries, Tobaccos
Ml. A\t., t**sl tnv\il«lc Ave ,
Vorib "Vancouver
Manuhu'luri ng ./■ i/'i ;<y
hi.t,.. ." ■■' St lit" and Engrw 1
J. lUmi*. who, in the early part nf
ilie season, journeyed to AtKit, has
returned    Thougili Ire admires the
fircat I'.'.l'llii'id- ni the north, Ire says
tbe conntry lacks railway facilitiei for
the betterment ol prospectors *nd
the country al large.
The firry steamer St, George will
*oc li.iolc.1 nut on the It. C Marine
Railway Inday I" have eiy i)f her
.propelled repaired Tin- blade of
■one el la 1 prop* Hi ri was broken recently tlirough . iniinij in contact
with ,1 log, She will rcsnnw lerviot
t* '11 •, ..
Mi  li Smith, '.ii,,; I  ' '.(..(  .,. h-
■ - I In if.
.   Illll    Mill
lie  will
r"."  1 ..: c thi
1   .1-1   'in
1 mail]
. " ■    ■    '
'•   1 1
;    ' ■     , ve fallci
n ■
'..VI. ,.   /,    ,  . J„r|
11   ij    . r, .i.i 1
'.■,.. 1
■   II
1.      ■
<   le W. II
■  '
' led t!
ip fr.'m V    '   '   ■ i,   . •
■    1 ■    '
lad I     .    ■ : ■  •
.... •   _
'.''»     lie 11       ■     ■
mil      :.
»i dancing  esc.
press little hope "i reform in the art.
a- far as adult i 1111   •
They are joined I" their ideals, and
HOTEL NORTH VANCOUVER. |may „, wM b(  ■ . ,
' the children it i. different    Thej . in
i I'" taught to dance, and with them
I there i   Imp*,
"M0-1 oi the .   I
Irom ihe fact that people have n i
learned  to dance when  they  * er<
children,"    said  Henry    boring, of
I Trey. "ll is the young mm ir
young woman who learns i" dine*
at 10, id nr 10, who goes .: m *
craiy and wain. i« dance I	
.'lit "f every week     With 1" ip!    ivh '
have learned i" dance in i
lhat spell doesn't come,
"furthermore, the person who
learns to dance after the age ol -ill
ho".l seldom acquire* llie moi , ..'.-
cull steps. Thi- accounts for the
dullness of our modern dancing and
iti lack nf variety, causing people in
t:rv of dancing after I fei* years. If
children were taught W dance in time
and taught properly, we should have
the old, graceful, beautiful di
■lead of romping
our social   Ifitiri would have interest
and variety    At least this would be
iln case in the smaller prival
\i a large public him I   n iki ih. In
■ii ball wc u
peel ."in'     Ineis, for
,,.,,„,. any. "Mrs. I     tanl '" different parti if I       tintry do
Following guests and callers were
n r steteil during the wceki (.' Miller. \V. W. Mniitelius, Vancouver;
Samuel Howlby, Inilcpeiidence, Kansas; Mr. ami Mrs, .1. Kn nt Sutherland, Vancouver! Mr. and Mrs. J. Ger-
don Thompson, Montreal: N. W.
Wright, Mis! Ella Wright, Rttderbyt|
J. C. Hunt. I.. P. Wharton, A. Beavis,
Mrs, 11 Ladds, Mr- J Morrow, Miss
P. Heaps_ William Clark. Vancouver;
Miss K'-V.:n-ii:. Seattle; Mr. William-.
Pek'm; Capt Smart, Calgary; C, It
li'vn, Calgary; Miss Vanderbilt, Seattle; Mi- M. Maclcod, Vancouver:
Joseph line, p  Wynne. V E, Crei'ti
and wile, Vancouver.
Vi, r-Ti't it ■make you weary to read
the ■ i gr and nnt liy ionic oi the
urip ,;■ ..: "■ foronto press, who
it,, repeatedly ridiculing the country
in ivspapcri on Ihcir h c ils) These
iv... by low hmch counter
;i, nl li awfnlly luiinj wl cu ■ nni
country paper announces that "Hi-
..in has -old In- llolstein cow
:    I .   Ilfipkiil! '    lid,, nl course, n
i* jn-i th, prop   > ,i" r when I
I.    tl
Comment ol Leading Dancine, T'lud's-
so.s nn Art as I'rdcti-cd Now.
: the objecl .'i   v
ciety of I"r-•:< -
■    ■ ■ ,
iter!   a Society of rt ' '
ci ■! tin   ,'"1   "'•
-..   at tit, Majestic, Xcv,  "'"» '; "
'■■..,.. : :' >' :' :t   MV
  ..'-'"       t acpartmem
■      nportai      III    irl tl I     "''r    l,uc,m'c>    '
H   Uowen, : '
, , • cvotinn.   Si
'." ■    ■
■   ■
.« a ron". ilu ..
u    ■
■ :
 s,'Ci|".vi,|;^    |,i	
,  Vi'lliH.I'SA! I    I'I'll ll!-   IN
Wines, Spirits, Liquors & Cigars
Just Arrived_^>
Large Stock of New Fall and Winter Goods
for Suits, Pants and Overcoats.
100 ll.islinijs St. W. ( urnrr llilnilt
At The Express
The Old "Cos."
IT. itUI, Pi*
'inn repairing, liaml made
springs, brnalng, brass and
copper work nnd all kind*
nf light repairing, re-boring
a specialty, .til work cnar-
antc-l    ::   ::   .■   ::    ::
Hand Loaded Shells to Order
Fishing Tackle  and Cutlery.
W.8. K0X1SHEK, 80 Cordova IV
Vancouver, B.C.
liiM.rit, Fucii.
Riitiiii.i SISIIV
Royal City Hotel
run * si:nv. hi'i's.   •
Cliulre't Hrnii,Is nl Wines, Liquor, una
Hunts  Ittiles, II per da/.
ciil.l Mlill STI1EKT WEST
NliW WB8TMIN8TKR, ll. c.
IK^-  Everything up.|e-a«te, the liouio re-
inmltlli'l. ami ai. (iiiitnin'.Htniii for ill.
Miinufnrturing leiielpr & Inyrnier
P. 0. lio. 12S.      IH Hastings Slrprl Well.
Spoclil lUtontlon (tlven to the Milclng Oier ul
Je.i'e'ry. ami UrpilrlDI nl nil dert-rtlHiuna
"iiiiti Beiia'tliif by Skilled Meclianle. n,-.
■l|Di nti'l Iitlmilei Punililictl on A|,|,|lcntlnu
Mill oroiBsiiicini raoni'i ivo CAfrtat
Hltlmil I'rtc" all.'ir. .11 ir old Bold in.l Silver
iwiMwnt hubs rsitimt tAPtatuct.
|j"lso Jweli, Mesial,, ii,,,,,,, ,.,.. „ s,*
elaliv '
An Ideal
Summer Resort
Where Mountain and SoAthorc Meet.
Splendidly situated, overlooking Hurrard Inlet,
with the City of Vancouver fifteen minutes away
by ferry. Tin hoti I embodies every convenience
with livery in connection.    Rates $2 per day,
Motel  North Vancouver
P. tarson, Proprietor.
High-Class Ladies' and Men's Tailors
100 Hastings St. [«*t, torner Columbia Ave.
We .'/'(.'■• th Finest Clothes in On CUy at th
/.ti'" ' Price*.
I'm up by Trur... S.8., Condensed Milk Co.
... SI..35 jjcr Dozen  Tins...
j. a. McMillan
WkwmkWkW$Mmsw'Mkmkwmkmmmmmmasa hh


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