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Volume 1
North Vanuouvek, B.C., .Iti.v 20, 1910
Number 18
Election on Second Narrows Bridge
By-Laws Fixed For Saturday,
August the 13th, in City
Referred   to  Board
Saturday,  Aug.   13th is the
date   sel   bv   the   city   council
for the election oa the   two
bridge Itv laws ii.iuiil\, Bv I,aw
No. 114, a bv-law to authorize
the city lo etiler into ami ue
cute aii agreement with th.
Hurrard Inlei Tunnel \- Hridgc
Company lor the purchase ol
shares in the capital stock ol
the said Company, and By-lau
No,  115, a by-law to enable lb
coi poration to borrow fioo,ooo
lur the purihusc ol shares in
lhe capilal stock oi the B, I. T.
and B. Co.
Thc    bylaws     were    passed
a   third reading.   Along    with |
ihese   to In-   voted   nil   al     tin |
date will be the Fire IU
' purpoie,
ol Wurks.
A recommendation was made
by   ihe engineer thai watei
wurks Foreman Foi be Initruc
tei in inspect the private house
plumbing throughout  tin- cit
.nul tu enforce the provisions a
iln- plumbing by-law. The   recommendation was adopted.
other recommendation! fiom
lhc engineer were that the fjo,
the    portion ol   Mr.   Cribble's
salary now charged to the waterworhi committee (ur work
dntie un ihat accuunt l e discontinued as the waterworks
foreman was doing the work
himself, thut the lire committee
pay tin- waterworhi committee
S20 per hydrant tur Ro hydrant!
law ot lio, which-wai intra ,f"r "" P™}*41? ''"' T yW?
duced.    This is lur the purp,,..   ''""   toUUi»8   >»'"   !<*   l»"
The member! yt St. Andrew's
choir held their annual picnic to
Indian Kiver on Saturdav. The
party including the choir am',
'llieir Iriends numbered about 411
and the trip was made aboa-i'
the "Ne/ko" leaving the city ul
110.30 and arriving at the parK
Lit 1 p.m. Dinner was servul
iiu the best picnic style by the
latlies after which the party inspected the canyon and other
interesting places in the vicin-
ity. Supper was on at h o'clock
aud al 9.30 the launch was approaching the North Vancnuver
slip after having made a remarkably last and pleasant tri,
own the Arm.   Thc return trip
was brightened with a number
ol selections ut snug and coli-
1 eluded with the National Anthem.
dressed bv Dr. Newcomlc win,
pronounced lliem lint ut a serious nature barring later com-
plication! which there is lilt,.
fear of,
,,l  maintenance uf the hit-  di
pall nuill.
Mavur Mav presided, all th.
.ildeinun being presenl with the
1 tceptioa "I Abb Sihult/..
The lollowing  correspond nu
was nail :
A.   .1.  Henderson,  chairman
pin tern oi tbe Mi,p.ivira' uur.
mittee,   acknowledged    receipt
nt city's letter nil the inaltc
ot glades 'I he wilier sl.itc
lli.it Ile bul Uol Ii.n! an ..p|*< I
t unity ol intu view iii'- all tin
members ut the committee bul
stated that while apprcii.il in
the lotiilesv   ol   the   Council  ill
conmlting   ihe committee,   be
and soine ol Ins colleague! (eli
somewhat diib.leiit in making
smh a recommendation as ask
etl   to the 11 innil as liny   ilh.
committee) had no mandate or
iiislimturns liom llu* ralcpav
ers  to adjudicate  on   in..iters
lhat  could only  be legallv    sel
tied  by  the COUadl,   lie  stated.
however,   that   he  had   sin.In
profile, interviewed ih
bn in regard tu the grade oa
Esplanade and his commit
}\t ul ion. ludcd lhat   in    all
n«lc& bu   streets ol the  Cv\
Ith Vaiiiuiiver the   inter
l&te DOintl sliuiild be   111.id
crv lent    In  tllc  wliule     ami
(Mai     sllill    matters shnllld     bc
bn   to tlic skill and judgment
'nl the citv engineer,
A    petition   signed    by    ten
names was received recreating
the installation nl an   electrii
light at lhc collier nt Rid^.wav
Ave and Keilh mail, ami also
lhe curlier nt Mn.iilv and Kill I'
Referred in the Fire and  Lighl
vear, and that a suitable location be obtained lur the Water
wnrks department,   Relerted li
the waterworks and lire cm
From the terry director! ,s'
ing il lhc Council WOUld I e Will
illg tu lease thelll the ionl .
St.  Patrick's Ave,   The   inavut
volunteered    the   information
'lm iluv w re required lor ui:
tanks.  Tin- mattei w..s r.ftrr.i'
in a joint committee lo 1 e
From  ih.  .itv   solicitor in
connection with application loi
.1 water bit, lul :, block   175,
statin*.'  tliat In* noted lha'    ll
water   was   about   Jo bet ,1 1
.11 luw  tub- al a point 60O   lie
nut Iroin high water mail.,   lb
was    ol the   nnilli  11  tliat     ll'
COtmcil  bail  lhe right   tO dee tl.
whether  thev  objected in t.*t
tn  ih.- granting ul  ,,nv .rnvvn
grant   lur   water   frontage    ol
whether  they  were willing   t>
accept    thelll   as   long   as    tie
en-|Kru>t did ii"t encroach  npon
iln* limits ,,i pr,,p.r navigation
The matter was laid over.
brum Solicitor Reid adviainj
re the damages alleged In lia* <
been   done to a team oi In rs
belonging in C. Qolluuan, thai
ihe responsibility rested  eithei
will, the B, C, Rl   Kv    Cu.   ni
the builders   wlm lelt  the   lairds nt hut pilch where tin  am
nulls 1.11 ini" them. Received,
\\    .1    link asked   whal   the
COUncil was going  tu ilu III toll
nection with a petition (run
Isl .street sent iu about ivva
vear-* agn |or local improve
ment work, lie coIllelul.il tl a
the   petition,rs    had   guile    1,
Lonidale Garden services were
lol special interest last Sunday,
1 the crowd of adherents bring
I greatly increased over previous
[meetings. Rev. Mr. Gillain conducted a special baptismal sir
I vice tor the callipers, taking his
Ilesion [com Matt. 11:20. His
: address was much appreciated
by all while the singing was as
sisted totisitlt-rably bv the all i
eme and added greatly to tli
success of the meeting, Thi re
Will be a special speaker and so
bust next Sunday afternoon at
4 o'clock.
OiitnJXt/f<><U. l/a^tt-a—jajt   JtStt.oirz
ArtUc^Wwit^    -4.5~0.oorj
(Xtf <r_< MerVd. ^avtcavru/vt* -   -   — f
City    tret-      VH^-zyt-tUftA. - -  —     •.  — P
TIME V li i    im
From   Councillor   Bridgman, great expense in circulating tIn
through the ciiv engineer ask  petition ami he cottidercd that
Illg   (ur   a grade nil the    solllll lliusc whu had guile In the ix
side nl the Ksplanadc  i.'n   leel pcn.se   ul   gelling   the   petition
west  n( Lonidale Ave   He   saiil signed   sliuiild   be   r.i "lupins, d
his   luinpaiiv   w.i.   Idling    lln by the lutincil.
ilitrael t,.r a tWO-etOtt) build- Aid   Irwin thought  lhc 0U s
he lollowing dav   Consul iimi was a .had otic BOW, li..v
later   when   the   bv laws hjg Inin disponed ut as per the
Introduced. solicitor1! advice   a  year ago
From .las   I'hilip and Arthur when all petition! vv.ic ordered
W.iiing,   members  nf the   cilv returned.
vvurk gang, making app
(ur a raise in wages Ir	
a a
vv 111
At  the special liiccling nf the
boanl ui works committal ol
llu- district cuiiiicil, Mr. .1. K.
Cusgrnve   tii   New  U cstiiiiiister
was recommended in idl the vacant v as head engineer ul the
district anil Mr. II. I, Mil'hcr-
son, ut this city, ait cx-assisl-
atll    cligillcci    nl   lhe  , Itv,   was
recommended lur the poaition oi
assistant.     These twu apputnl
limits   weie   confirmed nt    the
pUblk   meeting   held   later   the
same evening.   The r.eve    was
appointed a committal to interview Mr. Cusgiiive ulk-ring
lum the pnsitiiiti aiid in the
event nf him imt accepting it
vvill   then be ollered lo another
applicant, Mr. .1. Jamicaoa <>f
Wim,,uv.-r. The salaries of the
tWO appointments are to be
Sl.Su alld Si:,s 1 cspci tiv.lv
There Wile t Weill v  tWO appli.a
tiuiis considered,
Large t low ils look advalt
lage ul the line ibar da;, ull
Sllllilav    In  visit  tllc  nuw   i.ui:
ous 1,vim Canyon and othi 1 - .>
see lhe elleils ol lhe leulll III  s
The building ol lhe I'r.sl y
l.-riati .hiir.li on lhe bus by tin
I.vnn Valley bridge m-iii.i.in. -I
this  week.    The ihiitcli 1*.    IX-
pected 10 be completed within
twu niunlhs.
frum  it
tn JJ tcllls all llultr,   lllc  latter
being  the prevailing wage else
Ki Aid  Diik contended thai
il the ratepayer! bad complied
with   the by-law  anil lhat   I v
law    nail  "shall  be done '  and
where, lliev alleged   Relerred to lhe council changed lllc bv law,
ih. committee ,,( the whole,      the   rcsponsibilitv  was ihelr*.
An account totalling f 141 waii aad nut  the petitioner!,   Tin
submit ltd   bv   1). Diiliaghv   lut  matter was linally Kit in tU\
his client, R   Button, h,r  dam   am,*
resulting tn his   express     Aid.   Irwin spuke   in
The litis whiih have let 11
quite a menace In I,villi Vulh )
ll.l vi ||"W subsided, bill ill the
Km     bake   tlislrlcl   th.v     .m
still mouldering
tii    Thos    C.aio.lall has   had
lu   lighl   the   lire lime and    1
gain,   but   is  nuw   resting    ll
comparative i>cacc.
Mrs Young aliil Inns whu
liave been visiting with hi ;
Wagon   thrniigh his team   run   ti,m with permanent block pav   1.1 in law,   Mis   Sugden
ning awav   nwing  t,, tin- bad Ing, He believed that th. 1 uiu  returned houn to Victoria
condition ol Lonidale Ave. near dl shnul.l imt be expected t"|   The Lvan Valley general itore
the   .oilier   of   mh slieel      lie do block paving on  theit   ■■»! has   liiiished   nmlillilig   and   is
gave    notice    Ihal   In     would initiative                                         """    lesplendatit   in new  paint
bring     uiti.,11     lor      personal W.   .1. Dick    emended   that and    leatlnrs   which   givel    I
damagei should  lu-  be lotted block paving   would i,,st   lejilqnite a phasing appeargnci  lo
lo bring suit    The run.iw.iv  a„ annti.illv    than    ma, adami-n-   visitors   to   the Vallcv   and     I
turr.'il mi July 7II1. Relerred t" and   would place tin  dtj  itt  I practical     illustration   .1
tin  utv solicitor, bitter position in lhe   linancial
From W,   s. Compton   re- markets ,.s permanent w.i'.
questing that  tin   iltv's   DOUld     Aid    FoWta  said thai    build
bv-law   be  llunie,batch   ctlfnitetl  [ttgl  and   population  «*!! .1 IH
iii tin   l.aisoii road distriit ow    .ssilv     before    iiuie.ising    tin
ill;;    tu    the  destriution   "|    bis cilv's debt   ill  this  wav,
11    l,v    uaws    limning   at     Aid   M.Rae was n, 11 . "iiuiiii
large in lhat  vi.initv    Kclcrred ial until In* had |OM in'"   lb'
tu thc puiitui keepii natter,
The  .itv engineer   reported    ai.i
thai   *1 ibb   ami storage quar queition of a hathing beich tof |   Mr   ami   Mrs
iei*. win required by the Board wa-. aai tlu- opinion that It  ■
nl  Woiks alld  asketl  10111111',  tu  — —	
provide   soine   plate   |..r    that        iConiinued on page m)
Fire Warden Smiili. wins
district extends tn the nurth
and west ol the Utv, report!
I lml lhc lues whkh have I e. 11
springing up in many places
during the lasl (ew w.eks are
pretty well in hand and danger
frum that suiir.c is practically
lUlllilicd lur the present The
big bla/e and vultmiiiiniis ills
plav ul a lew davs agn Ileal' the
uunci  nl  Uahon Ave   alld ::ud
street has nearlj died awav ami
the I,villi V.illev lite keeps well
out ol distninc an.l round the
lu 1    .md up the suli- td Chin.1
llai mountain, bm nol m anv
wav   ineiiaiing     Niiini'ioiis ..lh
cr small bush lues havi lun n
ported, bill have been sm,ess
fully extinguished bv the wai
d.its ami their gangs II is un
detstooil thai the palll.s win.
Started tin lile al llu vv.-i clu!
"I the Slisptiision bridge will be
111.ule all 1 Umptc ol ll lhi ta*-'
can be proven against thnn
Take the Lynn Vallcv car 1,11
Thursday lor the Illuminated
Mr. Roland McMillan ul the
C.r.R. luel department retun
ed   last   week    from   a   holi.lav
irip io Edmonton,
Mr W. lv I lav vvill shortly
move into his new house which
has just been completed nn
Keilh mad between Cheaterfield
Ave   and Malum Ave.
II M. b'.llis has about completed his handsome new lunise
un the Grand Boulevard ami
will move in at an earlv date.
F.  Booth  is completing  the
erection "I a small house oil
loth street one block cast ol the
Grand Bonlevard
R, s. Dun oi Vancouver has
moved t" this ride ot the Inlet
ami has rented a cottage on isi
street    east    ut   St.   Andrew's
.1. M Gognen has commenced
the Construction "I a line two
simv   house  uii   liilll  site. 1   11
tween  Chesterfield  and    I,uns
dale Ave.
Mr. Wallel  1'. Abban    arril
ed   111   the   Utv    vesle'o.'V     Inu,1
Or.nmnk,  Scotland    Mi    S.i
l.al, II Is a  111 phi vv  1 I   Ur    .  1  v
aiuler Philip ul this ciiv  , ml ,s
a   lusi   cla-s   inal 11,e   ill  il.eel'
having been secullil 1 ll.'lll 11    III
S.    S.    Italllliickblllii    when    silt
berthed al Vanconver  laat aa
tuinn. Mr. M.I..1.11 purpoatl
making his home in Norih V„n
Mr   Wm   Barclay, iditof  ol
tin- Suiiiis , Han ' I'laindaaler,
ami  lus mother,   Mts.   1,1,1.c
ltar.lav, arrived in lhe dtj Sa
ninl,tv morning irum ihe pi.u
ries ami will lie lhe gil.sls ol
Mr. and Mrs Tims Ilulihisuti
n| Keilh Ro.id during then
-.lav   in  the  west    Mis    Illllilli
son is Mrs liaiilav s youngest
daughter and the family reunion all.I veals ol separat loll
was ,a|  a  niosl   pleasant  natllle
I, u 1. sse, Minto Cup sirus at
Ntw    Wcsttlillister     New    Wt-1
miniter 11, Montreal -
llasel all,   at   Spukalle,      Spo
k.iiu ,, Vanconver ".
Yachting, dillghv   ra.es al  N
Vancouver,   Jnmwi inst,   We
Tw,, second aiul b'.lhel third,
Crick) 1.  V.nia ,,m,r C. C   .iini
II   C   Bl  Club, score 1M to ;•
ill lav.,1  n| lh.  lariner.
The   1 uii   annual upcii   tutu-
lla'llellt.    .hallipl.allsliip nl   lint
ish Ci'liiinbi.i. ..pen 111 X in,  11
Vel   loilav
I,vnn   VALLEY
The concert nil Mr. l-'iuiiiine's
lawn next Thurs.l i\ evening
promises to be .mc ol exceptional merit, E/ery iliu itt
the program is Irmi \*.v, uuvr
.unl among the «ju>u • ti ■» imi
ot Vancouver1! leading musicians. These have bun persuaded tu contribute tu the concert,
so that the Ladies' Aid ol the
l'li'sbv tei ian church 111 iv 1 e 1:1
aided tu give inure than value
tur niuiiev. The prui- ut admission .ni would only pay
,t p.ul ul lhc lees, if these artists were remunerated as is usual, but all have tillered tin ir
services free tn help in the
building lund ul the new church
which is now being erected, The
decoration! and illuminations
will   be   well   Worth seeing and
when ii is known ihat added t"
ihis, the ladies have sp.nl a
greal deal oi time in preparing
all snrts nl rilrcshiuitits, no
further Inducement! need to be
given to ensure a record attendance, be cream is un the I ill
uf (are als...
Arrangement! are in hand 1
provide against rain   should  r
come  ainl   now  that   visitors
.all ret all the wav mi llir II
C. bl, Rv. ...rs, iln* weather
need nut keep anv (rum coming.
Alight at Rus, Road,
A pieaaing announameat  to
the members ul the Nurlli \ n
u,uur Baptill ihurih is made
in connection with th. c! * n ,e
in their regular SUuday serines. Commencing nn Sundaj
.Inly jint, regular servms v i.,
Ih established with Mr. G, 11.
Caih..un in charge Mi C.illiuun
has undertaken the wurk (or I
limited linn when it is ixpe.l
ul thai he will be repbued bv ,.
regular pastor Mr. Calhotiii
tollies well recommended,  hav
in;- had 1 barge o[ the baptist
mission ,.i Salmon Arm fur a
considerable period and later at
Kamloops and at both those
points acquitted himself with
.relit und lo lhe entire   satis
[action "I the congregationan>
thr his supi 1 visum He is an
energetic ilinrch w.irk.r
lllllibo, Cap!   .1. H   Wriglejr,
won  an  cx.iting   dinghv  race
last   Saturdav  OVeT lllc   Norlh
\.nn ouver .nurse carrying oil
the dav bv a margin ul onlv |
seeniids over We Twu The bn
ish was spet lattilar lo a marked degree and the crowd nl in
thusiasts nn Larson's slip
cheered lustily- as the victor
skimmed   over   ihe   linish   line
with   lhe  We  Two ilosin:'   111 as
a daiii'iions competitor   Ethel
...ine in a good third   I-l...   did
imt  sail at all
pTosperitj   nl  the Vallcv
Rev.    \V     C.    S.l'l- tn     >   'i
dm nd the Methodisl servlc*
lure last Suiulav tnmiim, ind
I at the tlnse oi the -tivne III bl
tile lirst Methodist .,.lulillllll""
s.iviu III lhe Vallcv III
illess vv as ninth appret lain!   I'V |
tin congregation and an '*i;iv
VIcRai brought   up th 'return visit is deaireil
It    ■ spell    lhe   week.I'd   wiib    Ml
Westover'i brothu   it   I entral
Mr. Ralph Hen.l.i-oii      11
A     I   lli-ndersun ..( |ili str.ei
was  badlv   tilt   almllt  the   head
and link mi  Kridav   l.i-l  as th
result of a fall Irutn a
ing on   whnh he was workili
Ile   was waiged on 1   tm
building    and  w.i . doing   MMW
Work   ill inline, lion   oil a    I'■'*'
scaffolding railed  about
Irom the ground uh.-n In l'u'
1 .,11 ,, loos,* board md
loal lus bal,nn, 11, nil ia,k
wanl ..ml ih.* back 1 -i hii head
struck against the sharp " '
ner oi some cement v* tk ahhh
'iii'iii   a    n.'stv    ICalf   vvolllnl
lie was ,,1 o ,111  .ibotit the   eat
and nose    His Injnrii     win
The lal. p.iv.rs ol  the distriit
ai Nnrlh   Vaacoavei  wnh ,.i
mosi a unanimous v,n  dedal
ul   ihciiis.lvcs  iii   ,1.1 <.r.l   wilh
llu- projnts o| the Iluii,ml   In
hi  Tuninl and Hri.lge Co    i*
lhe    ...list tn. lion  l,|   ..   I,||a
iross the Second Narrowi "i
llllll.,1(1    Inlei  ..ml   thus .ill'.1 '1
ing communication betwei n tin
N'otih Shore and ih. commei
dai central rd tin world   wiul,
the vole Conld lml  In  ia nsidii
ed i" be a laige ..ne ii might I"
a    that   the    pOpnlaritl     "I
the propoartion as demon
ul at   tin   nuill  pUblil
hi    i* 'a        .illla*ll)     lli,    I  il.
payer! and whii. th. 1 xpi*
ui ilu* .uv  wronght  .1  -t,ii.
I   opinion   was   almost   uu tin
moils,       niiinberd      did       lot
Use     thill     il.ill.his.      ,,n     llu
Ull      'I In   lal, r.l   v,,|e   w.ts
polled ,tt North Lonsdah* at 11n
tint     whlth    was ercil.d     |ilsl
ih. boundary ol tin utv
Following was the result  ,,( tin
Thn in Iai I,, authorial
1 In   1 vu ution   .*i   ui
I,,   piinhasi   '.hu,    m th.  II   I
f   uid II  Coinpanv
Ninth Lot
Lvnn Vallej
•3»     3    ^     7
Tlu   bv law   lo  ..utIn.i 1/1    lh.
loan   ol    JjJO.OOil   to   ptitilias.
h.ilis in lh,  Coinpanv
N and Loaidili
Lvnn \
llollvburn '
Tin   lend, lul ballots in It no'
1 ilui into anoint!
Ill llu   I Villi  aal  iln   ollui   mu
nnipuliiics Interested   pn
1 li.it   by laws lot ih. purliis
iree in the Company there
otilv r. mains to bi received  the
approial ol ih.- department "I
Marine and Fisberiel thi Hoard
01    Work*    and    the     Railwav
Committee ol the federal ■
allll llu   IpprOVal ol 'he   bv law
|,v    lh,    pi   vm, 1 || '1..11 1    whin
brid*, u*n >truction will 11 com
unn.bu forthwith TWO
$50 S $50
From Monday, July 25th
until Saturday, July 30th
we will give purchasers a
discount of $50 off the
regular price of ANY
v t -—m ■**■*.*■-■■ ->rvMWMrNBnBHnBMmmM>a.*w*.^B.aaaMaHHHHHm
Phone 114.
443 Lonsdale Avenue
Buy at the
And Save Money
Wc positively guarantee all our groceries to be the highest
in quality and lowest in price.
Provincial Happenings
The coyotes are killing tniitiy
| Iambi at Pruitvale,
Summer   trallic  is exception-
alb. heavy ou Okanagan bake.
Abbotts!.ml is agitating lot i
good water supply,
A bumper ba) crop is looked
loi in tin* lower Kraaer,
The    Hew      Kesll.T     lintel     is
opened al fjueincl.
There are liftj phonei in ihe
new Merrill exchange.
Haying is in progren in iln
Nicola- .i record crop.
I.illie   kiln--   bavi   been cstnli
lislnil mi tin* site ill ihe  gnat
Prank slide.
Permanent sidewalki an be
Ing laid in Mii iit i
Prink  Bailey is survey in-;  ■
new publii road ai Merritt.
Silvellips are   VcI'V  lllllllerulls
ill ihe viiinitv  uf Albert   Can
You may do well elsewhere Imt you will do better by buying
a larger loaf ol beller broad (rom us.
Also by buying
at our parlor
carry a targe supply ol all kinds at the lowest prices.
Highlands Potatoes $1.00 |>or sack.
New Potatoes,') lbs. 23 cents.
IVst J. i\ M. Coffee, fresh roasted and ground, 3 lbs. $1.00
also a grade at 23 cents.
Indian and Ceylon 1 ea, 3 lbs. $1.00, also all slandard grades.
Iiest Creamery Butter, 3 lbs. $1.00, also cheaper grade.
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New Laid Eggs daily, 40c. per dozen.
Fresh Biscuits, large assortment, 10c. to 23c. pet pound.
♦    Pram  116 I'm ■ Df.i ivk.kv
Coal laml oi promise has been
slaked    in  the  lovvll  ol   Abbots
There is talk ol the establishment of | rival townsite near
The Dominion geological mr
vev party has completed iis
wurk mi Kootenai bake*
l'tirt ll.itiev and Port Hani
lliull.l are lakili-j, action 10 secure electric lighting.
lleiulerstiti's Directory givei
Vancoaver i white population
ul one hundred and ten thou
The Coal Hill Syndicate will
sunn be shipping coal. The
plant will be installed shortly,
The government will have
twu demonstration orchard! In
Vale   nm* ol theni piol ably   iu
the Nicola  Vallev.
Salmon Arm has a musl tinl
liable Iniil exhibit al the Cal
gary exhibition
Kooteliav s   Board   ul    Trail.
will co-operate the sue.ess ul
the iirst Canadian National Ap
ph* Show,
Mike Miehel, a bail Indian, i-*
umler arrest at Cranbrook, I'll
,.i charge ul Imrse Bleating.
Premier Mt Bride ami ib u
Thus. Taylor will attend tin ir
ligation congress at Kamiinip
The Okanagaa Telephone
lu's. svslein   has been sold   lo
F. .1. Hart .\ Co. nl New Weit
minster, tur a iash considers
tiun ul Jvs,ooo.
411 Kinds of 111 sh Vegetable*
and I mils in .Season.
LONSDAH AVENUE, Near 23rd Street,
Nortli Vancnuver. 1 elephone
A depoiil "I (i.e liolbir maj i"
tb. foundation <>i ■ i onfpi h nee   if
vnn iommi m i now, to plai •
lavingi in tie Bank "I Hamilton
Smalliumi, u m II u I irgi
lol ii ited ind • itin i ii cepted with
out any unneceiMry lonnility.
Interest piid mi depoiitl "I ll
md upwarui
C. G. HEAVEN, Agent,
North Vancouver.
a   S%H"
Heart Office:
Ii is reported ihai the opera
tioiis ui farmeri and vegetabli
groweri In the MaryiviUe dis
ericl    are entirely nullified    by
the depredation* ol gophers.
All   expensive   futesl  lire   OC-
curred mar Uoyle laat week as
a result oi iparhl lt"<>liJ a luen
motive innitini: dr. graaa,
William Henry Kenyon, a
pioneer resident rd Nanaimo, is
A record hav crop is looked
[or   throughout   Langley   dii
| trict,
Mr. Austin is spoken ul as
ihe new  manager ol the Bank
..I HS A   at Ash,i,all
The annual uieeting <>(   the
Ki.val   Cariboo   llnspilal    was
held lasl week at Harkerville.
The C.P.R, is this vear paying b'.al laves [or the hist lillli-
in Nelson
A lire Inqucsl at Fernie  has
[ailed to hx lhe . ause ..I the relent tire in tin loluis. n Falcon
ler hloch,
The new minion ship Columbia 11. has been launched ami
formerly coniecrated   at   New
Morniuii mission,iti,s are mii-
ductlng an energetic campaign
(ur convert! at New Westminster,
The. mills ol the North I'm If"
Lumber Co. .it Haunt are now
entirely operated i let U icallv.
The Palawan group ol plan r
claim!  near Kitselas  is to  be
the   seene   ol active an I • Men
sive development,
A  lowiisile h.is bei n 'in vevei!
ai the mouth ol Salmon River
In be known as l'tml d'Oreille
Grand Forki will ship upward! "I sixiv carloads nl lush
Iruit this season.
Princeton is taking steps to
senile recreation ground! and a
r.ne l rai k.
Penticton holds its Brit hor
tii'iiltiiial exhibition in early
Tin corner itone >>( a Fin
Swedish tjvangelica, Lutheran
church was dulv laid at Van
couver recently,
During Mav iu Britiih Columbii there were t,-i,non, I leet
ol log! sealed by lhe   provincial
The bottom lands near Fernie will prudiiie three toni ol
limolhv    hav    to lhe .me   \"1
alter year
The C P B   mit mis lo expend
a million doll,us in ilu* iinpiov
.imni oi iis Iiiiis iu the Kootenai dislriel.
The new 1 r.iiii serviee to
Langley on the Fraier is prol
i ll jj; a complete stln est.
l-'isheties Inipector N'orih is
investigation reported robber
bs ol Sluing neis mi ihe International boundary,
Roy Bennett, alias Stoddart,
is iu gaol at Nelsuti im forging
Dominion Express Co, money
orders and caihing them.
Cattle in the vicinity ol Caa-
gar    are    bring   .poisoned    by
eating powder designed lur the
stumps Ud bit carelessly a
A branch ol the St. John'i
Ambulance Sodety'i toil aid
work has been formed at Cran
brook among the railwav men.
W, King "I Kcv.-lsinke is preparing plans [or the new pru
viiiiial    public    buildingi   it
i'.i.nul bulks and Kalso.
tirand   hoiks   has amended
lis   byUWI    Saa  ,1S  to  impose    .1
semi annual turn licenie tax on
transient realtj agent!
blxitIhnt bituminous coal has
been itTOck at Unlvvnv and th.
extent   ol the measures is   llow
being Investigated
Ten miles ol the Kettle Rivei
Valley railwav iu the UauLu
.11 \ C/owski se.tiaaii vvill b.
completed this vear.
Superintendent .Tenkini id the
CT K* telegraph now viiitlnj
British Columbii ollirialty,
came all the wav wesi by mo
ior and without a mishap.
Frull growers throughout ihe
Crest.ui distri.t report *i In aw
Iuss ill ellellies through llie ni
bins, whieh believes in workinr.
un tin* co-operative piinciple
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anp n l 163
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the hum.ui population
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Ghe Pori of
By Meredith jSichohon,
Author ol  "The  House ol %
Tt.ou.tnd C.ndle.."
Copyright, UUI, liy tlm Hobbs-Merrlll
ami Fr.mels would rule the empire, rtent 0f foreign birth he might he-
Karl wus | |UlU! therefore he could ,.„„„, president of the bulled States,
not he hhij*.   Bl threw away about As ,t _ there are HioiisuihIb of other
400 years of work that had heen dona t9m H'or(1, Kettlug-why not?"
for liim hy other people, aud he ca- i   „, wn you uot to be a fool.   You are
• ->00B| iiiiiI fairly clever."
Armltiige laughed at the reluctance
| of the count's praise.
"Think you. with all my heart."
With the spirits 0/ dead and
missing royalties and statesmen
for speettttors and in a mate of
mediaend intrigue and romanee,
the love affair uf Shirley Clui-
borne and John Armilage was
brought lo ils happy conclusion—
mediaeval, we say, and advisedly, since, although the scenes 0/
our lill ore luid in up to dale
Europe and Virginia, it is rice-
1 ,-iiry to hark back to the ijuainl
tales of the old time romancers
for such stirring adventures as
befell Shirley Claiborne of Virginia and John Armilage of—
where ? Beautiful in the manner of southern maidens of high
lineage, fine spirit and daring
devotion was Shirley Claiborne,
daughter of a famous diplomat
and sister of Captain Dick Claiborne, the best rider in thc
American army. Boldly she believed in her lover, confident in
her faith in him even when all
her world had turned againsl
him. And who was John Artni-
tagc, to whom so much love was
given and around whom so many
great affairs revolved? Read,
and you shall learn from his
ttory and his deeds of knightly
bravery that the spirit of chivalry and loyalty still abides in
the prosaic, workuday, modern
world, ready at tho call of duly
to fight ugainst intrigue, chicanery, falsehood and crime.
UK knowledge that you
are alive gives me no |
pleuaure." growled the
grim old Austrian pre* I
"Thank yuu!" laugh '
ed Juiin Ariultagi', to whiuii he had
spoken    "Vou have lost tiouo of your 1
old amiability, hut fur a renowned dlplo*
mat you are remarkably frank.   When
1 called on you lu Paris a year ago 1
Ivas able to render you—I believe you
admitted It-a alight service."
Couut Ferdinand von Stroebcl bowed
■lightly, but did not take his eyes from
the young inau who sat opposite blm
Id his rooms al lhe Hotel Ma.ule llosa
ln Cleocin. On Ihe table Iietween them
stood 1111 open dispatch lioi, and about
It lay a munln-r of packets of papers
which the old gi'iillt-uian, with All
aeterlstlc caution, had removed to his
own side of the table liefore admitting
bis caller. 11.- was a burly old man,
with massive shoulders nud a great
head thickly covered witli Iron gnu
lie trusted uo oue, aud this accounted
for his presence iu Geneva In March
of the year IWA, whither he had gone
to receive the report of the si'rei
agents whom he had lately dispatched
to Paris on an errand of peculiar delicacy. The agents had failed In their
mission, and Von Stroebcl was not
tolerant of failure.
It was not often that the light lu tin-
old man's eyes was as gentle as now
He had sent his secret agents awav
and was lo return to Vlcuua on lhe
following day. The young Ml whuai
be uow entertained lu bis apartnii-nls
received his whole attention. Ile picked up tin- card whieh lay on the taMl
and scrutinized It critically, while his
eyes lighted with sudden humor.
The card was a gentleman's carte th*
visile and bore the name John Arml
"I believe this Is the same alias you
were using wheu I saw you lu Paris
Where did you get lt?" demanded the
"1 rather liked thc sound of lt, so 1
bad thc cards made," replied thc young
man. "Besides, It's English, and I
pass readily for au Englishman. I
have quite got used to lt"
"Which Is not particularly creditable,
but It's probably Just as well so."
"I hope you aro well," said Armltnge
"I am not I am anything but well. 1
am an old imiu, and I hnve had no
' rest tor twenty years,"
"It Is lhe pennlty of greatness. It Is
Austria's good fortune that you klTl
devoted yourself tn the affairs of government. I have read-only today In
the Contemporary lievlew-nii atlinlr.i
blc tribute to your sagacity In handling the Servian affair. Vmir work
was ninsterly. 1 followed It from the
beginning with deepest lotunsi "
The old gentleman bowed half unconsciously, for his thoughts were far
away, as thc vngue stare In his small,
shrewd eyes Indicated.
"Rill ynu are here for ret. Olio
comes to Oenevn at this NUN for
nothing else,"
"What brlnjf* ynu henT' liked lhe
old mini, with sudden enemy,   "li the
threw nway your life for him.   Bahl
But you seem sane enoughl"
Tlie prime minister concluded with
bis rough bur, aud Armltage laughed
"Why the devil doa't you go to Vienna aud set yourself up like 11 gentleman?" demanded the premier.
"Like a gentleman?" repeated Anut-
tage. "lt ls too late. I should die lu
Vienna Iii a week. Moreover, 1 aui
.liad, nud lt ls well when oue bus attained that beatlUc advantage to slay
"Francis Is a troublesome blackguard." declared the old man. "I wish
I" il'ial lie would form the dying habit,
so tlmt I might have I few years lu
PMee, but be Is forever turulug up lu
muiii* mischief. And what cau you do
al'..iit li': Can we kick blm out of tha
army without a scandal? Hon't you
tuppoM lie could go to Budapest to
in an,a« aiiiil make things Interesting
for us If he pleased? He's as full of
Ireasiui as lie can slick, I tell you."
Armilage uodded and smiled.
"I dine say," he snld In English, and
when Ihe old slntesinnu glared at blm
In- said hi Herman, "No doubt you are
speaking lhe truth."
"Of course 1 speak the truth, but
Ihls Is a matter for action aud not for
dlsciissiiiii. That pucket was stolen by
hilentlnii and not by chance, John Ar
There was a slight Immaterial sound
in the liall, ami ihe nld prime nilnistci
dipped fi'nni (lerinan to French without changing countenance as he eon
"We liave enough troubles In Austria
williout I'liciiiiraging treason.  If Hum-
hnnd and Ids cliicf, Wlnkelrled, cmil.l
make a king of Francis, the brokerage
- lhe I'liininlsslon-vvoiild be sniiiethlni;
haii.ls.iine, and Wlnkelrled nnd Ham
bund are clever men."
"1 knnvv of Wlnkelrled.   Thc conll
1 n.-iilal press lias given much space to
I hltn of late, but Uniubaud Is a new
'• mime."
"He I. a skilled band. He is Ihe
most daiing scoundrel In Europe."
I'iiiint vmi Slroebel poured a glass of
brandy friun n silver flask and sipped
It slow ly.
"1   will  show  you the gentleman's
pleasant ciiiiiitciiance," said the minis
* ter, and he threw opeu a leather portfolio and drew from it a small photo
i graph, which ho extended to Annltu-.'.
who danced ut It carelessly and then
Willi suddeu Interest
"ltamlmtid!" he exclaimed.
"That's  his  namo  Id  Vicuna.    In
Paris he Is something else.   I will furnish you a list of Ids noma de guerre."
1    "Thnnli you.   1 should like all (he
Information you care to give uie.   But
It may amuse you to know that 1
have seen the'gentleman before."
"That   Is  possible,"   remarkiil   the
1 old man, who never evinced nrpriM
In any tin iinislances.
"I expect to.see him here within I
lew days."
Count von Stroebcl bold up Ids emp
ty   glass   and   slinlicl   It   altentivclv
■'liiiiiilniudt" he ctclatmctl.
while he waited for Axmltage to explain why he expected to Bee Bam
baud lu QaMWa
"Hc Is Interested lu X certain young
vv unin 11 She reached ihere yesterday,
and Kaiiibaiid, alias Chanvdiet, Is
qulle likely lo arrive .-wilhlu a day or
so." 1
"Jules Chauvi'iiet li the correct
name. 1 must hum in mi men," said
the minister.
"Vou wish to arrestihlm?"
"You ought to kJiow me hotter than
that, Mr. Juhn .'AniilUyel Of course 1
shall not mat him. But I .must get
that packet. I cuu't have It' peddled
ail over Europe, ainl I eau't tr.lv .-111N
my business by having lilin nuresteil
here, if 1 could catch, hto * once In
Vieumi 1 should know Illlt Italia with
him. He and Wlnkelrlwl got-bold of
our plans In that Bulgarian.affair last
year and checkmated me. lie carries
his wures to the best buy "en—Berlin
nnd S,t Petersburg. So there's s woman, Is there? I've round; that there
usually Isl"
"There's a very charming young
American girl, to beTiiorc-exactS"
Thc ohl uian growled and eyed-Armltage sharply, while .AriMltage studied
tho photograph.
"I hope you are not 'meditating I
preposterous marriage. Oo back where
you belong, make a proper ueirrlage
un.l walt"-
'•Kvcnis:" And John ArmllagClaugh-
cd. "1 tell ptt, sir, that vialtlng?ls not
my forte. Tim l's what .T llko ;abont
America. They're up aal at It over
there.   Tlie man wlio wa>3 Is.lost"
"They're a lot of swli.el" rumbled
Vnn Sirnebel's heavy bass
"1 BtIII owe allegiance b > the Suborn-
ber| ernwn. sn don't Una glne you" are
IdtiIng me. Hut the swl 10 are industrious and energetic. Wl 10 knows \but
Hint .lohn Armltage mlgi t become .fa-
inntis among thcm-ln. politics, * ln
Balneal   l!l" 'or the ise ilonble wd-
"Go back where yon beloug and you
will hnve uo regrets. Something may
happen-who can tell? Events-events
if ■ man will watch and wait aud
study events. But"-he gulped down
mane of the brandy-"where and how
do you live?"
"Where? I own a cattle ranch In
Montana, nnd since tbe archduke's
death I have lived there. He cnrrled
iili.mt 140,000 to America wilh him
lie tnnk care that I should get whut
mis left when he died, and 1 om al*
must nrrald to tell you that I bave iictu*
nlly augmented my Inheritance Just
|.. fa.re 1 left I bought a place In Virginia to lie near Washington when 1
got tired of Ihe rnnch."
"Washington!" snorted the count.
"In due course it will be the storm
center of the world."
"Vou read the wrong American newspapers," laughed Armltage.
They were silent for a moment, In
iihi.li ench was busy with his own
ihnin-lils. Then thc count remarked
in ns amiable I tone as he ever used:
"Tew French is firat rate. Do you
speak English as well?"
"As readily as German, I think. Von
may recall that I had an English tutor,
ami maytie I did not tell you In thnt
Interview nt Paris that I had spent a
yenr nt Harvard university."
"Wlmt tin- devil did you do thnt for?"
growled Vmi atroebel.
"From curiosity or ambition, as you
like. I was In Cambridge at the law
school for n year liefore the archduke
died. That was three years ago. I am
twenty eight, as you may rcinemlier.
I am detaining you; I have no wish tn
rnke over the past, but I nm sorry-I
am very sorry-we can't meet on some
common ground."
"I ask you to abandon this democrat
Ic nonsense and come back and naif
n man of yourself.  Vou might go far
very fnr -but this democracy has hold
: of you like ■ disease."
"What you ask Is impossible. It Is
Just us Impossible now as it was when
we discussed It in Paris last year. Tn
1 sit dnwn In Vienna and learn how lo
keep lhat leaning tower of nn empire
from tumbling down like a stack of
hrii l,s it does not appeal to mc."
"Don't talk to me like that It is not
"No; It Is not funny. To sec men like
you fetching and carrying for a dull
king, who would drop through the
gallons or go to planting turnips vv Ilh
out your brains-It docs not appeal to
my sense of humor or to my Iniaglna
Hon. If I were going to furnish lhe
brains for nn empire I should ride In
the state carriage myself and not lie
merely the driver on the boj, who
l,,v|is lhe middle of the road aud looks
out for sharp corners. Here Is n plan
ready to my hand. Let me find that
lost document, nppear In Vienna and
announce myself Frederick Augustus,
the son of the Archduke Karl! I knew
both men Intimately. Vou may rcinemlier that Frederick and 1 were born In
llic same month. I, loo, am Frederick
Augustus! We passed commonly in
America as brothers. Many of tlic |ver
sonal effects of Karl nnd Augustus nre
In my keeping -by the archduke's own
wish. Vou have s|icnt your life study
ing humnn iiuture, nnd you know as
well as I do Ihnt half the world would
liellcvc my story If I said I was llie
emperor's nephew, ln thc uneasy and
unstable condition of your absurd em
plre I should lie hailed as a diversion,
and then -events, events!"
Count von Stroebel listened with narrowing eyes, and his lips moved In an
effort to find words with which to
break In upon this Impious declaration. When Armitago ceasedspinklnc,
the old man sank back and glared at
"Karl did his work well. Vou are
quite mad. You will do well to go back
to America before the police discover
Armltage rose, and his manner
changed abruptly.
"1 dn not moan to trooblc or annoy
you. lleasc pardun ine! Let us be
friends If we can be nothing MU."
"It ls too late. Theehasm ls tno deep.
1 have given my ltfe-my whole life, as
you have sald-to one service, l" u|.
bokl one Idea. You have spoken of that
work with contempt History, I believe, wlll reckon It Justly."
"Your place Is secure. No one can
gainsay that," broke ln Armltage.
"If you would do something fnr me—
f,,r me-do sonifllhlng for Austria, tin
something for my country aud yours!
Vou have wits. I dare say you have
courage. I don't-cire what that service mny bc. I doa't care where or
how you perform lt I am not so near
gone as you may think. I know well
enough that Ihey are wilting tor me
to die. But I am In no harry to afford my enemies, that pk*asure. But
atop tills babble of yours aliont democracy. Do something for Austria -
for the empire Uiat 1 have held here
under my hand :lhesc dlmcull yean-
then tnke your 'name ngaln. and you
will find that kitngs can tie as just and
Wise as mule* "
"For iho empire-nomethlng for the
empire?" munrain*d the young man,
Cinint Ferillmmd von Btroehcl row.
"You will accept the commission. I
am quite Biire you will accept I leave
on an early train, and I shall not see
you again." Aa he took Arinltage's
hand hi m-nitinlzwl him once more
with particular cars. There was a lingering caret*** In hii touch as be detained thc young man for «n inatant
Then he sighed heavily.
"Good night! Good.*)'!" he ssid abruptly, and waved his ct-'»r tow»rl
the door.
(To be -.nuiinmil
We have a good list in 265.   A House and Lot on
17th for $2000.   Good Buys in 276 and 274.
A Good Lot on 4th Street for $3100.
64 Lonsdale Avenue,
OfllCt:—2t»4 llnslinqs St.
North Vancouver
E.,  near  Impress   theatre
IJ    Ml.   1'.  V.
i   Cianilvievv
v.  He,.v. r
1   V Vuli. v.
ii \i. r. v. n
. Vnn.
IJ    l''.iiivievv \
. Grand,
14—N.  Villi, v
gamei  to lu
plav cil   a an
the   1
ll minis nf the
lul  miinetl
Ii is reported thai .t deal is
pending     [or   tile   sale   of     tilt
Siiiiiii Nicola Co'i. property to
,ui  American lyndicate.    Tlu
price is  st.iietl io lie S.\s",''"o,
.mil il lln* s.ile eoes liuollvll tin
new   ovv net's  will develop   aad
operate on an enornioai s, .ile.
Lntire Change ol Programme Monday, Wednesday
and Iriday
We a iii im lidiai ind i hildren, ami mure oui patrons
thii nothing oHenaiv.   i   ojecti ible will be ihown.
P. rforniancei it 7.30 ind s -15 p.m.
S.iliinlav     M.ilniee    at     2.30    p.in.
aldmivi ion 10c
Children 5c
Catarrh Must Go
Hawking, Spitting,
Must Go To...
Ivoinii 'pronounced High-o*
niei will give the mHeret tnnu
catarrh Joyful reliel In live miii-
11 les.
li is smli ii remarkable .ure.
anil   so  positive   in ils  action,
that   The    I.oiis.lale   l'li.u imu'
eo.s so far as to guarantee it
tn cure catarrh or money bad
A complete outfit, whiih con
sists  ol   a   hard   rabbet pockat
inhaler,   I  bottle "f Hyomel,
.m.l a unique dropper (or fillin
the inhaler, only coat! OW dol
lar,   and il an   exirn   bottle is
an,iu,ml*, needed lhi prto    I
a allll     JO   .THIS.
Hyomel is i healing, anllncp
ii,   ii.iis.im,   t..Ken Irmn   lb<
mighty iiualvpius  treei in il"
health  [Ivlng I aiisi** ...  A'.'.ra
ll.,,   vvlli-e .lit*. *e    Ol   thl  '
rator trad are unknown
All  the   slilleler  hai    '    ''''  i
lo inhale the uiiti'.Ti     .iir   nl
Hvmnel over the inhaiued pari
when* lln- .'i-rins ■ n ciittimlied,
three or lour liim i i
H tun*'* cough , cold     i itk
m.i,   hav   f.vii  ami    : lUp vv -li
..in • I,.in.uh doling
Cures Dyspepsia.
Youf moni-v back if il don'l. Givo lm-
rmiiite r*l«l hm hurtburn, iour stom-
-.-h.-tomicli dUt-eo and lick h-idicht.
50 cents a large box at
The I.olistlale l'liar III  *
Sr.co-n. Simi.   •   •   •   -   NORTH   VANCOUVEI
I',. C.
A Modem Range <
it a Modest Price
1         IT1
li is mide on lhe must up to
■ ii
tm.  point!, one ol vvlm h is
iv lm Ii in., k • s biking t i> il
s             II
1 Ins feature pit v. nil the
potaibility ol tl" bai 1. "f
lhe   oven   being   ln'tiii
lhan    ni in i   the   .1
wlinli   is  the .as.   will.
v—" '         '"
um t ringi s.
hot!  vmi  this  little
•*■'"           i ■
vviinkl..   It don'l ' "si vmi
r   *
any   BON   in   cull,   Imt   is
worth much in reiulte
The I. D. Fraser
Hardware Co.
iw 58.          z.:_
" 133 Lomdalc Avenue
60  VEARS'
Traoc M*ra»
Copyrights &&
Im-iiV -: :"Tirr!T
ii in fitfi' wbtdinr m
HRN0D00K < nlUlrriU
.. i acuta.
> ni 'i X i .hrtjcalvt
i. lu tli«
Scientific American.
Ab»tnli">niiilr Uill*
nil. tlnn i'l .''V a
ia a,', I ." h aval,**    MP l'i' i *
a     .   f**l
I   1*1 1 |
MUNN «Co*6,c™-^ New York
ttriui' ii Udk*, 6ft ¥ M. W: «h.ui.-n. V C
lie   nil
tram linn, lii'tvvi'i'ii General Store
Sidewalk ind Une water n rvk» on
: eloaa
to Church, School, Hall, Butchar sh
ip an
1 Mill.
Siiint' lot* fit and ready t" baild on.
I., lit ve with the comtruction nf
-i .-niiii
Narrow- Bridge ilii- property ihould
in value in one year.
lv'. all Eltlli .iii'l l-inaiu ill
III 1 1 I I I I 1 I 1 1 I I 1 1 I H I """ ' *Af»--}-*-*-~
Lots fronting on the "Boulevard Extension
Chesterfield Avenue, Mahon Avenue
and Intersecting Streets.
Subdivision of Blocks 203 "A", 204, 204 "A", 213, 213 "A". 226 "A"
240 and 241, In District Lots 544 and 545, City ol North Vancouver
11  ••
I oi Plans, I'ncc Lists and Particulars, apply to
Mahon, McFarland 6 Procter, Ltd.
Ph«>ne 6'28fi Corner Pander and Seymour Streeta, Vancouver, B.C
Tun mini ii ii ii"Mmmmmmmimmimi Font
Nokiii  Vancoi vi i*
H. C,
Published Tuisalavs and Fridays by
JvioKTH S..OKI   I'm ss,  LlHITID
mies '.i M imirrioi
Hu.• ie.tr, fl.ll'l Sin llllll   8HB, Tlirer month*, L';V
United Si..'. - .111*1 K..i e.'ii. fl JO per year
Ailvertlilng Ii.ii"* uill i*e i]iini.'il tm ii|i|ilii'itii'iii.
I 'I *  Kv|.r,*-- 1-
,*V* .il-in-lv I
re.., libit Iii .1 M< <
Chi .il.i Putrid,
/tllI'haii-p-i Iiii
!.,!, r Ili.u,   III.I  I a
fullllaVlllg l-'l''
I, i..i.*.l inllie lulerelll ..1 id ril. SI...re ol Hnrrunl Inlet
iill.lllutl-a tin  i.,lti*ri„>ii.K  iiieibiiiii ni exi'i'i'li'iinil  T»llie fur
ni.' i innl I'l'feelive manner tl.e Dopulllion ni Nurlli Villll-.iiiver
Kvery ifi'-n '- nu iln io uiv.- lavirtln-ri the noil tmtin(a.*t..ri
uilrnct  llilverlisellielils sln.lllil  lie  in tin' ] -ri tl I .TM* hllll.ll Il.it
VI,all.llll      llaal   ."l    |,.ll,       B/l 11111« 111 I   I"   I'tlMI!*.*    111 -1'Tl 1 <«11    ill   ill''
Nokiii VaMi hi vik,    H. C
Jn v ib,   i-j10
KATKPAYKRS'    b'.Ml'IIATIC  rolled up  in lavor ol the  con
Hv a vote .a iwo hundred and
forty-one In lavor and two a-
^.unst, the ratepayers ol the
diitrict oi North Vanci uver un
Saturday last sanctioned the
expenditure ul lhe sum ol two
hundred ami uuv thouaand dol*
bus lor the pui'i h.ise ol shall ,
lor the construction oi Second
Narrows bridge The vole was
nol .ibs..luu h unanimous, it i*.
true, bill it was, il possible
even more etnphatii thai a unanimous vole wollld have beetl.
inasmuch as iln military   two,
Minplv   serve  to bring out   ill
bold   ninl   lh.   llll'l   absent.     :
opposition    and   lh
nni,.u   ul   lln   propert)  owners
upon this uioiiientoui queition
John H Cough nils in his [am
..us lectures ol a deacon  wh,
voice, "Brethren, 1 a***'!
It is probabli Ihal lhe caitin
of th. iw.. h'lulv lialloll a
o.ill|s.t llii bv law was dm lo
sotiiewhat    similar   elt Iin Ills   ol
Iiiiiii.iii nature t" ihon   which
a, HI.ited     lhc     di at "II    ill     his
itrenuoui objection to going l<
'I'he i.ui ihai there is llow a
Kncouraged bv this deciiivi
action upon the part "1 the districi most Intimately mociai
nl wiih ilu- bridge, there is n
iloiibi   thai   ihose neighboring
lniiniiipalllics   whiih have   ma
leiial   interest   in   tin   benehts
lo In*   derived   from   lhe sttin
lure Will be heard 11*111 to JoOti
purpoie, within tin near future.
Next in order vvill come th.
.itv ol North Vancouver wh s,
Hoard nl Aldermen has already
Ifiven two reading! to a by law
lo authorise the railing 1.1 "IH
hundred thousand .1. dial's bu
the pur. base of shares lm
complete |,ri(|,,(. coBatructioa. The lv
law is onl) aw,unn;; the preparation ol other by-laWS which
musl go to the people  ami  as
s.inll   as   lluse   .all   be   got   ill
the property owneri
a.l  the .itv  will have opportUU-
uv  io emulate ihe good exam
pit set hy their ii'lllrilis ol  ill
.listrnt ami there ii ao doul i
that the) will improve lhat i p
poitiinitv with alacrity. Then
is likewise gratifying encour
agvmeal   i" the eflect that the
iitv      iit    \ allialivtl      and      ill.
of   Bur
n.ibv,   Saainh   Vancouver   and
habitual!)    cuibarraaaed     tin )Vil(|jm.ss
meeting! uuh his \,i\ luieihv
pravel's and a brothel .1. i" n
undertook to ia>inn a gentle
hint bv pravin^ ihal il hii ."ii-
lieic could m.i ..I hi-, a.ini volj
iion overcome tin ubjiilii.nalile
halm then In might In laken lo
heaven as , \p, ilunm-h  as Pro
vidciiic could arrange,   wlnn
upon  tin   obsinpuoiis deacon ,i,sl,*u. municipalitii
bawled   mil   ,.1    lhe   lop  ol    Ills  „  ||V      Saiilh     \
l'oint Ore) will be haard  [nan
iavoiablv   iii iliii  iiiiirsc.    ll   l>
iiiiiiiist 1 that these conitil'ti
lions o| iiiiiiinipal monies nn
del available the provim I.il
eminent subsidy of twu
hundred and Blty thonaaml
doll..is up..ii the sole condition
thai the bridge bc i combined
railwav and traffii bridge ail-
iimt it in nu to pedcatrian
1 and to vehicular traffic, Owia,
to the [act thai siihsiilns could
not lu- granted to two compan
h . [oi ,t bridge al this point,
tin* Dominion government  hai
Ilol been in paisiti.aii lo take positive  aa lion   ill   aid   ..(   llie  lllll
nn ip.illv   owned slim int.,   but
Willi    thl   progressive
Otlt     III
lubmitted for government approval, detailed plani complel
ed, tenders called [or and contracts let, eli * etc Meantime,
however, N'orih Shore property
owners and resident! can well
aflord   to content   themaelves
with   the   knowledge   Ihal    tllc
bridge is n"W *n allured but
ami that ever) eflort will be
made to hasten the da)   npon
uhiih ,iiiii.il construction will
Th,* iniaaii Hank of Canada
has opened lor business at Ha/
ell on.
Nelson Manf'g Co.
I'.SI'I.ANVI'I.,   I'.M   "I
N. V.l.c.viitiat  L'O.'l MlU
N.NELSON. Pruurial'i'
Cheapest Home Buy in the City
six room Modern Home on -inl Btreel West,
Prioe 13,650; third oaah, balanee 8 and 12.
THIRD STREET EA8T-50ft.lot,$S300, 1*3ouh, (1-12
I'l .' ::T Saaall, Vmii i,*i l'i'"'.,' -UIU V am,,11
tllll.e Hours II il.lll. lo6J0p.ni.     Hi"'" Kv'l'llllll!»ll.VH|l|K,illtlll,*lil
After nlliee liiiuri-, dIiiiiic Llll
New Westminster I,and Dis
triit, diitrict of New Westminster. Take notice that Thomas
Tod I.iuh ol Vancouver, H. C,
occupation, rancher, intends t"
a|i|dv na permianoa t" purchaae lh'' lollowing described
lands : About 100 acres i"in
uu in inj; at a posi planted on
llic northeast loliur of lol 2,
630, thence south Ho chains,
theme    east     dl.;;    chains   to
shore of Hone Shoe Lake,
thence along shore of lake in a
northwestern direction to p im
of commencement,
I'.r William Dal/iel Duke,
.lune ind, i>iio. :h
North Vancoaver
We supply SI OVI WOOD anv
length required.
16 inch lenglh, $2.75. per load
Cordwood, $4.50 per cord
Prompt Delivi rj
l'lione  |nil P.  0.   BO*  IV'
the imui-kb
.1111,1,1 \U   I"..   I.IU.
Lontdlll    An nue,
at b'anv  Landing
V.. il'oi  llllll.lli' III ■   f'lilauiilit' ill
it a i< fiii, k p i,
Ba iV K Chicken Clio|i,
sum.' i;*i*i tktepe.
Hyat't I'aiiiin S|,ii*.*
I..-' I'.. Killer,
ivii.'iit ia, two imbi
Bold in inv iiuiiiiiiii.'.
Thr Bert Hammer April
mi ihr marki'l.
\H K-Nds of
The furs ni'i' now running pail our new lulxliviiion.
located aoroM lhe itreel from tlm Lynn Valley stori*.
A few lots siill telling itt the original prioe,
We have a'eo i femarkable line iub-
diviiion, facing on the extemion ol tha
which we are offering hum' at reaaon-
nidi- prion,
9 Lonsdale Avenue.
Phone 155.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Nurlli Vineootrrl ind Vinroavtl
lily iii-.l Siiliiirliain Pri.|*.-rt;.
AeretiL'i' Sul -I i' -
I -i.ili s mlM**-*i, Keiil" i-nllei'tnl
1'aiiainn". ChlMM
Aunt ii.eiiti. el  Sale.  ili...united
Foot o( Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouvei, B. C.
J.PH0NE -'i !'■ 0. BOX 114
'I'll.' |»"|'|e I.lll *.
f..llnil il mil ail
I'iiI.t New Mtlll»i.'eliielit.
I'lie ,*li-al|.i-l  1111,1  l«-st  phlee ill lO»H
fa ar it i I kiwi. ■•( (mh uml imoked tUh,
|*.,lllln*. . Ip, " .a I.llll.** Ullal iniit.
l3i 1-lKSl STREET, WEST,
I. (). O   I'
N'urili Vancou vii Lodge,  No,
55, meets rvciv   Tlmisil.iv   ivui
ing, corner Lonidale avenue and
l'Ust slreet, at B o'clock, Visiting brethren cordially Invited to
attend. In B Peeri, v; 0 * *
K K. Donaldson, Ree, Sec.; J
II. Pilling, P.G , Fin. kc,
Queensbury Heights
ia,, ninn   yooo   ! ..ii.. i'lio"
Doul W47
Iliuli nutl iln    t '."--I
|.||,   |a li (111 a    la  ,Ula|   12   ni'UltllV
Qi         m ili. Dxihli'corner 1001117.   Ilutli
ueensbury Heights , .,„„,   , ,&vt irom
a  llllll'
si no.
I,.Lune 'i  ij ind i* montha,
Sixth Street
nmi* ii. i j .in 1 is monthi
ii*,,* block liom i i'Iin--.
,\ imp it SilOO.
.luiil.l.' ei ri. i
li. lul-
Chas. C. Lawson & Co.
* -.in em in.
Km ite Speciiliiti
L.iniJi    ^vt
I    1   I v vv -,»\
ilnil .uul nin tli.uis,.ii.i dollan
with wlinli i" proceed with u
Inal toiiMiu.iia.ii npcratinni,
liim s ih, Second Sarri wi
Wide..- project ap»B .1 baaii tn
tin-lv iluii nni ir..in .iin which
it had pmM**M'I until tin uin
IIV  "I  tin- liv  laW     IU   ll"'* 'iv
..( tin- ratepayer!  iimt  ahich
vv.is  ,1   vision  ll.is  I.e..Uin     Mlli-
sIhiumI, iiiit uiniii esiitid In
ili.,.rv hai heen reduced lu lact,
tile lilt.le,- potential ll.is I.e...nn
,. bridfe in I.iu..liu    li li p.
iiili.ulv in keeping wiili ilu ia
nen oi ilnn.- iimi ih' diitricl
.,1 N,,iili Van "Uvei •.lioiilil   lie
th. pioneei in |iuiitii': up actual
,.,sli   i*.i tin   building   "I   ih.
bri.li;e.   Tin diatrict ll iln
. iu..;    uiiiniiip.iinv    ,,11   tlu
Nottli Short and trill i.. lhi , *
nnt municlpallti ..1 .ill lutun
UVU    . o||.o|   ttlollS   tll.lt    Ul.,
v.|,.|i ilntiin   Tin bridgi  will
meet    III.    V.tili   Bhi*     upon
land within tin 1 nl nt 1 tin
diitricl .nul ilu- ..nin,tui" mil
wa) Inn will run [m .ill l.iu ,1
sin.ill portion oi us i.n iii
through diitricl lerriton The
iii.niv nnl.-. a.1 i,,i.slia.i. which
will In -.. :ii.iilv benefitted l>v
iln hridgc .iiul ihe railwai In
wnii tl.. i iceptinn "i tin w.i
imt..tu within the uiv bona
il.iin **. in ilu ili-'iii 1 li i-
appropriati. therelon . ili.it llu
diltriCl "I Nortli V,llltaa||V,   1
ihould  It.i'l  lln   w.iv   III   nn tn v
c--ulributioni 1.. thi bridgi ami
lllis   till      |U'.|ll ttV    "VV Ilt t-.     ll.lV.
.1* in in ,1 handnotuc manni 1 mil
oali ,is io tin imnuni author
u.ii   l.iii alio in lhe unit'' 1
ilie  nunicipal  icheme
there is no doubt thai  .11 the
e.iili.st |.ossilile date ihe Doiu
niinii government will .is nm.
Its  lull shale ,,|  tin  mst  ol  llii
bridge.     Tins.*   coniiderationi
poinl ion, IumviIv lo tin lacl
that li"iii iln preient nine t.
tin completion oi iln iitul^t
iluii will In no lavla .I read)
money i"i tin aaiaterrapted
proMcution oi actual building
p. ratioai
While    lilt
r.i 1.1   lnhl
1 o   havi 1.1
Individual n
unl   to 1
director! "I   Uur
ninii I .iiul    Bridge
111 enabled through
'iitriliutions tn pro
11 nh 1.ilale   extent
wiih ilu pn ■* inn..ti. v 1.• bridgi
building, ilm. v.t remain 1
v..si  amount   "t  wort  to lie
.loin lion -in*. Inn .in.l now
th.it .imi*:. funds .ii. available
then is no .louiil tlmi work
upon 'ii' ■ pi. Innni.irn- will te
vi-oi.u-.lv punned At the
s.Hiat Mm, although them wal
mi) I., handled with tl"
nun...I .1. .patch compatible
with sound melhodi in .1 work
ol ilns magnitude, it is reai
unable  lo   luppo 1   1l1.it   some
III   '•!   lillle must   el.lpse    lllln      I'.iil',. ill..1     Ivpe     ..I
hi I'l,''      I"     111      a   *,  ,   I, ,|    ,  ,|||     1   I        l|
tin plunoiiiin,i 1 vol. which wai tided upon, plmi drawn   aad
Often ymi the beal
Quality and price
oil   llll
ami recommend tin-
ti) give heal wtiifac-
Give 11- a trial.
Grocer and Butiher
PI10IU' ',"       Ml 't I'l,  :..   JJ5
111 Lonidale Avenue
I  ,,f   Ma-.'.la  l|
a   11 1  ll.l I*.
III*. 111 ill 11* It.11. a*.
Picture framing.     Farultm
M ill ORDIU ni.* 11
Hot Points
For the Man
Ll  u's a rli.-inie to pi. W   llu
1   ,ii 11:11 ■  .1  i'lio •• IIO'I
■T, n dayi liml. (t'''' lm* asking
isuie and COtnforl on inin-
1111; 1l.11
Qnlv   non nn  nniik't
t.e.l Inr two v. .iis
I in. st go*, it  will nil .1-'   lu t
|^. ,,1.   111 in  ind   " "iiomicil.
Tiv mu now nntl In umviiiii 'I
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
Lhonr    198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dcalets in C oal, Brick,
Sand, C.i.ivel, Lime,
Cement   and   General
Duiklit?' Suppli.v.
t li
'^>  \h{\aw )*> V/\#i *een (Mir lWss Sabdivi- *J ::
]!  HaVx   lllll     sion in Lynn Valley     •   :
C1TUATED righl al th«t Car Terminue.  Thia it the graataat op-
portnnity fur Inveatmanl ever offered on this ikla ol the Inlet.
Already, Iota purchaeed oi ui laai weak haw been told al n prolll
"i |2S0 per lot, ninl tl riiiinal purchaaar aold t<»c» stum at that.
There rami of ueoneiity be ■ buay buiiueai oenlre in Lvnn Vallcv
uml nf neoeiiitv it will h<' looated i1 thii point. Vmi koot what
that will mean. Let ai iltow you orer the property befon thay
all '.'on,', PHONE '.!!■"' br appointment. OfRoeon the jronndi,
All  Orden   Pi
I      I ind Siti
Cuirioti 'I    li
Appli   il
Office: Lefl 'lul'
14 lonsdfllr Avenue
IILAIHH TH L.'.a.'iinnvill.M R. 8 THOM IWN, l/ocal Manager.  ;
"■ iM  1} W'Lif +
A BYLAW tn enable the Corporation ol the City of North
Vancouver to rain by wny ol
I.oail tile slllll ol Sll  [30   for
the purpoae ol acquiring land
lor Parks ,niii othet Corpora-
lion purposes.
WHEREAS the North Vaa
couver  1..uk1 .m.l Improvement
Company Limited l,i.u,ility has
ollered   lo   sell to the Cily   ol
North Vancouver lor parks ami
other Corporation purpoi s tin
iiiisiil.tlivitliil portion! of District i.ois 5,7 and 171, 1 ting
all that area "I land ioiii;ris-
iiijj .ts.40 aci is, more or less,
aiul bounded .'s lollowi, vii, :
On the n.iitli by tin- south
boundary liu nl 19th itie 1.
mi tlie Siiiiiii hy thi North
Boundary line ol Block 15;
on the l'.,isi by ihe Wis- I oun
ilalV   line of  .lotles Avenue,  tllc
North  Boundary line of   ihtli
street,  and  the  vvtst   hound,uv
lun aai l'.aiiits Avenue; and on
the West hv the lust I ouudary
lun ul the robdiviiii 11 ol Lot
"F" in Hltnk -', anil the Wc l
In 1i1ntl.11 \ line if I). 1' Uuk Ave
nne, lor the sum i ( 1,31,130.1 o,
AND WHEREAS a petition
ligned hv ihe ownen ol  mon
than one tenth I 1 10) the value
of real propert! ia iht 11 j lie
been prewnted to the Council
requeating ihem to introdaee t
i,v i.aw lo authorise them to
borrow  the sum ol $31,120.10
lo.   ll.e pnt'i OM    ( a   lUiling ll.C
unaubdivided   portions   ,,1   1),-
tricl  I.ois 54J ami 171 tor Park
. ml   othei    Coi poration   pur-
I uses
AM) WHEREAS n is deemed e\| edient in the 1 ul lie inti rest to acquire 1' .• uid lauds
im p.uis ami othei c rporation
pit .poses.
AND    WHEREAS   lor    the
payment ..I Intereal 1 n tin- .i.
I,' nnils, prop -eii to in   issue i
Under ihl! Hv l.avv, and lor
ili .tliii1; a  linking  lUl tl  UT  lile
payment of the s.il d b ntun
vv1 ,11 eiie, it will I e 1.11, s alia, iai-,.* l*v ipecial rate in ad
dition i" all 1 ther ratei 1 1
year daring the currency * i
inch del 1 ntun r, the sum ol ii,
75 S^, whereof $1,556.00 li t.
; e raised annually lor payment
. 1 Intereal during the .iur. n y
II s.ii.l tie' enturei, ..nil ' :*.- *v
is to i.e railed annually 1
pnrpoM  of  creating  a sinki
mini  bar payment 1I ihe  >1<
s iiiiiii by the -aui deb u
the lame I cine made paya l<
ia   fifty   yean  Irom  ihe dat
ll     Ha.I
AND WHEREAS iu order  t"
i.iis.*   lhe   siid v.at'iy   s**mi   "I
Ji,; 59.84 I..r Intereit an I dak
iniul, all e.pial s; .*, ial rate
.ui the .loll.tr will lc re aiir.d to
be levied , 11 all the l',,t.aide nal
property in the s.iid City.
AM) WHEREAS lhc wfcot
rateable real  pro] er.y in  ihe
s.ii.l Cm, according to ih lait
I, ,1 id assessli.ellt loll, Ss $7,-
oa5.534.OO ;
AND WHEREA8 tl.e aggm
e.ue iif tin- uiatiag debiBaUre
debt of the Cm poration (escep
|*a|     VVaalks   III    llll.ll    1 111 ]ll ■ . V .lllal. I
and    lot    Khool    piupos Ij   is
$j 11, i-i | oo i.[ whiih none of lln
I rincipal ind Intereit is in ai
rear :
THEREFORE  'he Municipal
Council ol the Corporation u
lhe Cilv ol North VaBCOUVet
. with  the as-elil   ol   lhe i ItCtori
ol (he City of North Van oUVel
duly obtained) enact! as  (ol
lows :
II)   ll shall le lawful for tne
Uayoi "i the Ciiv ,.| North
Vancouver and ihe Ciiy Clerk,
(or   llu-   purpose   aforesaid    I
i orroa a.r mis * bj w.iv ol loan
front   anv   person   or   petKl
body or bodies corporate, who
in.iv   he willing  1" 'i'l" ■ '
s.iim* upon tin* credit of the debenture! herein,illii in nin ml
ol the Corporation, a sum ol
mon. v not . ice 'Imi; in the
whole the sum if fjl,12o,   .in I
iaa i ins. the ume tii I e | laced
in   tin* Hank of liriiish
America  at  North  Vancouvei
to the CNdit "f the Citv |..| the
purpose above r.a[ted, * n I sue'
lilaaiiies hall le ll ed I r tll il
purpose onlv.
(j) Debenture! <>i the City
not exceeding in amount thi
sum "I v ;i, i '" may le i ui A
l.v tie said Mayor .md Citi
Clerk m termi r»l thi Munki
pal    I hiiises   A'l,   in   sinus as
mav be desired, hut not less
lhan One Thousand Dollar!
(11,000.00)   each,   except   o ie
which mav  Ic lor M.'o.      Each
of the said debenture! iha 1 11
ligned by lhe | id Miyor all.
City Clerk, and lhe City CLi„
shall affix thereto ,i,e Corporate   Seal   iif  the  s.iid  Cily • i
North Vancouver.
(3) 'I'he debenture! shall hear
date ihe First day of August,
lyio, and shall hear iuleresi at
th. rati of live per cent, pei
annum payable half yearly or.
the Firit D.i) ol 1-1binary ami
the First dav ol Auetisl in eacli
and every year during lllc cur
nm v of lhe s.iid debentures or
anv   ol   them,     there sliall   be
attached to the debentures,
Coupons signed by ihe Mayor
only, loi' each and eery pay
ment ol interest that may become due, ami siuh signature
may be either written, stamped, printed or lithograj h.d.
(A)   The   said   debenlurcs   as
to principal ami Intereit may
he made payable at the Hank ol
lbnish North America, ,u
North  Vancouver, foronto  or
Montreal, Can,tthi, m al lln
saul Hank in lhe City ol Loudon, England, at par ol exchange, and lhe said principal
sum shall be made pay aide Ly
the City at a dale nol latei
lhan fifty years from the dale
upon whieii lllis By-Law lake.
. ii During the whole term i I
lhe currency ol tlic said deben
lures a spetial rate mi the dol
lar   shall   be levied alld   l.iis'il
eaeh year iii addition lo all
oilier rales on all the rateable
real property m the City sullicient to pay the interest   upon
Uu- said debentures atul to cri
ale a sinking fund I' i th*' paj
iiunl  of  ihe  prim ipal  thereol
When   due,   silbjei.   ," anv    a, i
,r   enactment   reipecting   the
.ami.     Sttch special r.tte   shall
aie inserted in ilu- Collector i
koll or Molls and llii 11 be pay-
ible t" and coll .t d ly the
sai.l Corporation ia the Mine
wav   as other l.tUs Ul  lhe    sa   ,
roll   or rolls, save „s   hiicin.if-
ter provided,
ihi   Iii order t.i provide  loi
the   l'alfs set olil   ill  p.na   lap i
j)    iind   saibjcil   as afore aid,
lime   shall   le raised . linu.illv
bv   spi i ill late dialing  Ull   CU
rein v ot the saitl debentures the
sum oi M,556.1 a. to providi tor
lhe j... \ uis ill . i ml real ihercoii
alld lhe slllll ol Jloj v|  10 | ft
Vide  lm   llie  up 1 \ 111 111    01    the
principal ihen I
17) The proceed! ol lhe sai'l
debentures shall be applied as
lollows, aad H"l nihil Wise
a lu pav un lit ol lhe C"St
,1  ilu- petting ' I this By-law
nul   l'u  issue   alld sale   1 1   the
hi enlnres therein refemd   to
.11.1 all expenses i< lllicclul willl
ill,   said  loan ;
iln   Iii   recouping   the   said
Corporal I'all   1 ■ 1  smli sums   as
have 1 tm expended  hereunder
mii I the proceeds of the sale ol
lhe said del cull.res 1 eeoliie a-
vailalile ;
ui  To carr) out the purpose
ail this Hv law as a' OVI sit
(Si All monies arising out of
iln* annual spe, ial rale In rein
before   provided    lm'   sinking
lund   shall   be invested   liy   the
Council   o(   saitl  Corporation
ir.ilil   time laa time as the   law
(o)   No rebate shall 1 e alloW-
etl   oil   the   spei ial rates to   I e
1 vied under this Hv-lavv.
I*..   This Ilv law  shall   take
licit mi the First da] ti  Au
oisl  A.D,,  inlo.
1111 This By-law may be cit
ad    lol    all    pill poses     as  "The
i'.n;.*.. etc., Purchaae 1.0.111 By-
lea , I'll'. '
l'ass.d by the Council on the
fourteenth day ol dulv, A. D ,
Received  the as-cut   ol  th
hi,.!, is ol tin City "f  North
Vancouver at aa election b r the
purpose on ihe daj
f A.l). iui"
Reconsidered  l.v   the Council
and  bn. Ily adoi tn', nlgn d by
the Mayor and Citv Clerk and
Sealed with the Corp- rale Seal
on the 'l'lv
of A D   1910.
PUBLIC  NOTICK is herein/
given that the vote of the   Kl
jcton „(  the  City  of  North
Vancouver   will   be taken oa
Saturdav lhe Thirtieth day   ol
duly, A, D., 1910, between the
houn "I 4 o'clock a, in.
and ; o'clock,, p. m* on
"The l'arks, etc. I'lirdi ,s, l.o.ui
Hvlaw I'd"," urn' th.il v. i In
tlie Citv Hall, North Vancouver, B. C, a»d that 'llioinas
Shepherd   has In en     ,ippointed
Returning Officei to take tbi
vote of smh Elector! with the
usual powers in that 1 chnlf.
Hv order of the C line il,
Citv Clerk.
TAKI- NOTICE thit 'he I
lion is .1 true copy "I ih pi"
posed Hv Lew, up 11 v. lii*. li tht
v ,ie a 1 ihe Electon ' f the Municipality of ihe Ciiv of North
Vancouvei will he taken within
the Ciiv Hall, North Van...11
ver, 11. C, on S.itni'l iy tbt
Thirtieth day nl 'uiv, \.D.,
mm, between the hours . f 9
,,'1 lo. 1. .. in .nnl 7 o'clt il- p in
1 in    link   and    Keiuiniii'
A BY-LAW to enable the Corporation of the City of North
Wunmiver to rain I v wav oi
I.oaii     the     sum     of    Ia6,-
imu lor the purpose oi acquiring by purchase an additional
School Site vv lliun the uly.
WHEREAS the Hoard ol
School Trustees ol the City 1
Norlli Vancouvei has r..|UcsUd
the Council ol the saitl Lily to
submit lor the ass.nl ol the
BlectOTI a Hv law lo alithoiise
the City Council to borrow upon the" credit of lllc City at
large, the sum oi Twenty si\
Thouiand Six Hundred i$2b,-
trnoi Dollars bv deb, mures, for
the purpose ol purshasing lhc
property known and described
as block one hundred 1 i""i subdivision oi Diitrict Lot Fivi
Hundred and 1-iitv (550) for a
school sih.
AND WHEREAS ihe mid debenture! shall bear inlelisl at
the rate   ol   live net Mit    pel
annum,  and na   Debenture!
shall he issiiul under the formalities contained in the "Mu-
lliiip.il Clauses Act" l"I' 11 pell
.id   ol   fifty   years   fn.iii   their
AND WIIKKKAS [of the pa]
meat "I interest on tin* d.i enturei t" lc issued ruder thii
By law, aiid ior creating .1 link
iug fund for the payment ..f ilu
said debenture!  when  due,  il
vvill be llcuss.iiy lo 1.11 si* i v
spei ial rale 111 addition lo ..11
oihei rales e.uh year during the
iiiiietuv 1*1 siiiii debenture!, the
sum oi (1,504.33 whereof Ji.-
530.00 is to be raised annually
loi payment ol Intereit daring
the currency ol said debentnrei
Blld (174.23 is lo be raised all
linallv for lhe purpose of crcal-
111 ■ sinking lund lm pay 111 nt
ol the debt seelirnl I y tllc sii
debentures, the same being
made pavable in lillv yeai ■
from the dale hereof ;
ANI) WHEREAS in order to
raise the sai.l vcarlv sum ol Ji,-
S"\.2\ ior iinin si ami -dBking
fluid   all equal   special rate   M
ihe dollar will be required lu In
levied on all the 1 alcalde    reel
property in the laid i iu ,
AND  WHEREAS ihe  whole
rateable real propertv  ia th
said Citv, according 1" the last
reviled assewnent  roll is S;,
025,524 "" ;
AND   WHEREAS   tie a    "
,*at,    a,I    lile  1 listing   I'ull.ntll].
uYlit   ,,1   ilu*  Corporation    i
s^|,i, |a,|   (except   b.r works
local   Improvement   ami    '"■
gel 1 purposes 1 01  whiih noi"
,,i ilu- prim ipal and inter, sl   I
in arrear ;
THEREFORE ihe rfuakipel
Council of the Corporation ■ I
the   Citv   ol   North V. in* Uvei
a wiih the anient "I thi el '
ol the Ciiv ol North Vancouvei
dulv obtained) enact!   .is ("1
lows ;
Ul    It shall Ic lawlul lm lh
Mayor ..i tbe Ciiv oi North
Vancouver and the Ciiv I lerk
for   the  purpose  afor.said    l"
bon..w oi i .1 it- bv w.i\ "f loin
from  any   person   ol   |" '"
body or bodies corporate, who
mav be willing io advance  tl i
--.mn up..u the credit "f tl'
benturei hereinafter men!
of thl Corporation, a sum "I
liionev   not   exceeding    in
wh.de (he sum . I  * II  I "  *     ''
lo   , .ill* a*     llll      ,1"       tO   I'    pi   I'rd
ill   Ule Hank "I Britldi
America at  North Vancouver,
to the credit of the City for the
purpoie above recited, aad web
liioiiics   sliall   he used for   lllal
purpoie only,
(-') Debenture! ol the Ci.y
not exceeding in amount tu«
suin oi (36,600 may I.e issued'
by the said .Mavor and I ilv'
Clerk 111 terms of the Municipal
Clauses Acl, in sums a.s may be
desired, bm not less than t.nc
Thousand Dollars (fi,ooo) each,
except one which mav I e lol
Sho.i. Bach of the saitl del en
Hires sliall he sign.d by the said
-Mavor and Citv Clerk, and the
City Chrk sh.ill affix thereto
the Corporate Seal of the said
Cilv nl North Vancouver.
U) The debenlurcs shall 1 Ml
date the Fiisi dav of Augusl,
i'lio, and shall bear interest al
the 1 aie ol live per nnl. pel
annum payable half yearly a an
llie Fust day of February ami
the Fust dav ol AllgUsl in
cell ami e' civ vear during llic
current v ol ihe said del clilui. s
of any ol them,    Theie shali bl
attached to the dcbenluiei Coupons signed b) the Mavor oul),
ior ..uh and every   payment aai
Intereit thai may become dna,
and such signature may ic   ii
ther  written, stamped, printed
or lithographed.
(A)  The saitl debenture! u ta
prim ipal and interest may be
made   payable   at  lhc  H.illk   0.
Hritish North America, at
North  Vancoaver, Tt route <*i
Montreal, Camilla, t r at li.c
said Hank in the City ci I.oii
d.ui, Kngland. at par of exchange, and the said priinip.,1
, um shall be made pay able I y
th, City al a dale nit laur
lhan Mty yeara from the ian
upon which this Hv law la,, s
ellu I.
(5) During tin whole term ol
the currency .>[ the laid debenture! a special rate oil lhe dollar shall be levied and r,.i.,l
..nh vear in addition to all
oihir rales on all ihe rateable
real property in the t, itv
.i.iil lo pay the inter,sl upon
the said delictum'..s and  Ul Cil
ate ■! linking land b.r ihe pn)
meat ol Uu principal   iln ** I
when   due,   suhj.ct   to It) ■ i'
or  cn.uliiicnt    respeiiin;    tb
same.    Sllill speilal i.il
he inserted  in  the  Colle^or'n
Koll or Rolls aud shall Ll pav
aide   In   and   collt'ilc.i   by   ila
said Corporation tu llu
wav as olher rates m   h
toll   or rolls, save a - hi:c*inl
ler provided.
it,)  in order to pruviik   i"
the rales set out in pal igrapl.
(5)  and  subject  as   . I r
ilnn*  shall   Ic r„is tl    tt. u.Ilv
by ipecial rate during  lhi
it in \ ol the s.ii I dchc .'i"c. the
Slllll  of >l,a.ao,o*> to  I h V ia.
ihe payment of Inlereai il.ir.on
and the sum ol M7I.33 t" pn.
vide  for thc repayment id iht
prim ipal thereof,    H i.a co I
ul   ol   lhe   said     Ci.roi.it'.ill
prior lo lhe issue .( the deben
lures herein have di p ■* il I I
lnls 4,  |0,  II,   I.',  IJ,   I 1,  l.i nii'l
If,,   111  bbnk   11,  subdivision   ol
Disirut l.ol 2-\, pursuant to
"The Cilv of North Y..n,oiiv.i
Sti l Site Disposal By-law,
lyio"   and   received   the    put
.has.- money therefor, th a ud
in sitth ..ise the amount ieiti>-
cd   therefor shall le applied   oil
.ma.iinl of the purchase of   llu
property  described   in iln    pn
amble In r.i .1 and the debenture!
lo be issued hereunder and tin
spe. ial   rales hereby altthon/e I
shall be reduced accordingly,   '
(7 |   The  prOCMdl of the said
debentnrei shall be epplii
follows and not otherwin
.a i   ln pavmctii ol ihi
of  lln-  passing  oi ilus Bj laa
alld    ill.*  issue ami   sale  I (    tllc
debentnrei therein referred  to
and all expenses Connected
wilh  the saitl  loan
in    it i unpin;;   lhc     lid
i orporatioa lor smh sums as
have   been   expended   heiiinidtt
uniil the pnxeedf i I lhi
a I the said dcbct^lllcs I CComi
a. I   To .airy out tin pulp" I
..( lhe Hv btw  as above s> I ..Ut
Bl   All   ninnies   arising   0U1
..[ the annua] special rati ben
lebefore provided lor
(uml shall be entreated by  lha
Council   oi   said  Corporation
Irom  lime   tn time as the   law
\a,    ii laat.*   sli,,||   I,*   al
lowed    oil the spe. ial  la'
be levied under lliis I'a 1 ll
rn.   This   Hv law shall las'
diet oii ihe Fitst day ■ f A"
.nst  A II ,  min.
'll'.   This Ilv law ma)
id (or all  purpoaei
St Imnl Sile l'linhase 1/ .m b'
law   No    j"   | |J0
l'assed by  th,   Council
Fourteenth da) ol Jnly, A d
Received   Um  ai eai
Electon of thii City "I North
Valiiouver   at   an election   loi
the purpose on the
dav   a,I
A.   1),   I no.
Reconsidered  bv the Council
and  finally adopted, signed I y
'the Mayor and City Chrk  and
Staled wilh the Corporate Sea)
on the dav    oi
A.D. lyio.
TAKE NOTICI-; th.it th.   a
hove i.s a irue copy ol iln pro
posed By-law upon winch the
vote oi thi Electon oi the Municipality of ihe Cilv of Norlli
Vancouver will be taken wilhi
the City Hall, Norlh Vancou
ver, B. C., on the Thirtieth
day of duly, A.D., ,'ii",
between the hours of 't o'clock
a in.  ami ; o'clock p.m.
City Clerk ami Returning on
PUBLIC NOTICI-; la hereby gil
en that the vote ol lln Elector!
of the Citv of Nortli Valicouve
will  be laken  oil  the Thltticl l
dav    o!    .lulv,    A. 1).,  1910, I 1
tween the hours of 11 o'clock   I.
in. and ; o'clock p.m. on "T 1
School Site l'iirchase 1,0,111 I'.v
I.aiw  No.   :,   nno," and   that
within   the   Cily   Hall,   Norlh
Vancouver. B. C, ami that Thomas   Shepherd   h.is   I cen    ap
pointed   Returning   Officer  t •
take lhe vote of such   l-'.lut  1
with   the usual p..weis iu th at
Hv Onler of ihe Council,
Citv Chrk.
BY-LAW NO. 11:
Fourteenth day of duly, A. D.,
Received    the   assent   of   lhe
Electon at an election for the
purpose 011 Outlay of A.D.  mm
Hecoiisidired, adopted and linally   passed   by ihe    Council,
ligned by the Mayor ami Ciiy
Clerk .mil Stahd wilh the Cily
Seal ou the
day of A.l)., lulo.
TAKE NOTICE that tha a-
bove i-- a true copy of the propositi Hv -l.aw, uiioti vv ilis li lhe
vote of the Electon ol the Municipality of tin- City of Norih
Vancoaver will be taken within
lhe City Hall, North Van.ou-
vtr, B.C, a an Saturday the Thir-
liith da) oi .lulv, A.I)., [910,
between tin- bonis of y o'clock
1.111.  anil 1 o'eloik p.m.
Citv Cl.rk and Returning
given that tin- v,,te of the Elector! of lhe Citv of North Vancouver    will be   taken 011   llie
loth dav oi dulv, i'iii, between
lhe hours of 9 o'clock a.m antl
7  o'clock p.m. oll "The Cily of
North Vancouver School Site
Disposal  By-Law,   1910,"  and
lhat    within    lhe   City    llall,
North Vancouver, B, C, .nul
that Tin111.is Shepherd has len
appointed Returning Officer  to
lake   llu   vote ..f smh  Klectors
wilh   lhe usual powers in   th.it
By Order ol the Council,
Citv Clerk.
HV-I.AW   NO,  ill
A   BV-I.AW   to   .uuh..ii_   th.*
I otpoiatioii   of   the   City   of
Korth Vancoaver to sell ani
dispose "f property held in
trust   lav   the   Corporation (or
Sihool purposes.
WHEREA8 uiiiltr antli.il 11 \
of Hv-I,aw  No. s\ passed oil the
Sth   dav    ol    .lillle,    I909,    tin
Council   oi   the   Citv    a,I North
Vaacouver    purchaaed     Lota
Nine (9)1 Tu.   '01, Eleven (III,
Twelve   (ia),   TUrtnea    1
Fourteen    11 ,    * .fteea    15 .
ami Sixteen   16), in Block hj
ven .in subdivision nf Disiri.i
Lot Two Hundred .md vt\ at)
three I .•;,' I'*r the purpose of a
School  Site.
ANI) WHBREA8 it has since
become evident  that the area
111, Iiuiul 111 tin  said l"ls ;s   i'i
siilht iiiit b.r lhe pin p. .sis I I a
S.lin.d Site :
and WHEREAS iii tin "piii'
ion of tlie C.minii ami .ii   thl
Petition of th« Board * 1  I it *
St hool Trustees it has BOW lc
COUM advisable to sell Iti dis
paasi  of the said lols
ACTED   HV    Till'.    MAN OK
,,1   North   Vaniouver   in   open
Hinting assembled as |,*lb w
111 Authority is hereb]
--ranted tin Covad! . f .In lor
p.,1.tin.11 ol the City of  North
\ all, a.uvei    to   sell   alld dispose
ol   Loti Nine "I , Till b*h
v. 11    II.,  Twelve    I.'i,  'I hilt.. 11
FoilH.cn      I i  ,     I'lll.en
md   Sixtcin I I''    in  Hbnk
11,   subdivision ol Distri, l Lot
Iw..     Hundred     alld   Seveulv
three i J7J) hitherto held bv tin
Corporation ia trust (01 Scln ol
purpoaei l"t smh pi in* in mat
1 v 11 tin* Council shal; approvi
Authority    is   hereb)
-I iln   ilavor o[ iln   lit'
ami   the   Citv Clerk, and   liny
an herein directed ior aad oa
behall   "f   lln   Citv   *,1   Norih
Vancouver t" 1 ucuti ainl affii
iht Corporate Seal ..( the t .tv
,,[ Naaiih Vaacoavei to all men
,!,,ds 'and iiisininiints as ahall
I*.   n.iiss.uv    01   rei|uisite   loi
lln    purpose   "f la.iiveving   the
said   Lot! to the pui. ha I
purchasers thereol
u   This   Hv law   sh.,11
into i..t. e ..ml take 1 lie, t ..11 tin
day o| ihe approval Ihete.'f   Lv
ih,   1.unlet!.mt   Governor   in
l        *Ul|a    ll
Tin   n  laa may hi cited for
all pill poses   as   "The   Cilv   III
North  Vaacoavei School  Siti
It!  |.aasal  Hv  law   lain "
Passed by the Coiui.il "ii th.
A BY-LAW to enable the Cor-
pnr.1ii.1n nf the Citv nf Nortii
Vaacoavei in raise by way ni
I,nan the siiiii ol Si:,iio lor
lhe purpose ol ac'.|Uiriug hy
pun has, all additional School
Site within lhe cily.
WHEREAS the Hoard of
Si Iiiii il Trustees of lhe Cily   ol
North Vaacoavei has reuaeated
the Council i.l the said Cily In
silbinil   Inr   lhc   assent   ill   the
Electori a Hv law 10 authorial
ihe Ciiy Council to borrow upon the .ruin ill the City at
lhe -11111 ot Sl.'.llo hy dc-
benliitis ior the purposi  of pur-
chaaing   the property   known
aiiil ties.ribed as Hlock Two
Hundred    alld    Seventeen    (217)
in the subdivision oi District
Lot Fiv. Hinulred ,.nd forty-six
(546) for a School Silc.
AND WHEREAS the said de-
bciuuiis shall bear inter.sl at
the rat. ol live pei 1.cut. pc-r
annum, and siuh debentures
shall be issiiul under the formalities colli,imnl in the 'Muniiipal Claiisis Aa" lor a period
ot fifty v.,us from ihen .late.
ANI) WHEREA8 bn the pav
until oi lateral on the deben-
tlll. S   p|aa|„,S.l|   to   l-e   1   slletl   llll
thr this Hv law, and (ot creatine; a sinking lund lor tin pa]
incut ni the said debentures
when due, ll will be necessarv
tn tats, bv spi 1 ial rate in ad
diiioii to all other talis e.uh
vc.it tetaf the niriemy ol
smh  debentarea the   sum   of
Sl   wbeie.d   >'o> o   l.s   tO
i.e rained umually i* r paymeat
ol   interest during the iiirreiuy
of said debellltiles, and M.14.8J
is lo be raised ntmtialiy for the
pm pose ni creating .1 linking
lund b,r paymeat nf the debt
11 Hied bv lhe said ah lutitiiiis.
ihe   same   I cm,', made  payable
in   liltv   veils   Imm the   date
In rei if ;
AM) WHEREAS in "i,hr laa
rain th.- said yearly iaa "i
,1    in ml   sltlkin-;
lund, an equal spui il rate oa
the dollar vvill be tci|iiind to Ic
levied 011 all ihe i.iteablc real
property la ihe said Citv
AND WHEREAS the wind,
rateable real property in iln
-.aid (iiv, according i" ihe lul
* d   ass. ssliutil     11 II is *
015,5] I
AND WHEREAS tin- aggre
Ol    tin    ivi-.lili*    debenllil.
,1,1,'   ,.i  iii,    Corporation   1
14.00        1  Va a*|al      l*al       V*
1 * ui iiiiiiiI nn mxl pa 1)
f< SIX
r,\ I,,\\\ So. hi   (Continued)  guit, A.D,, [910. AND  ft'HEKl'.AS the aggre-,lowed "ii the special rates lo
  mh   iins Hv law nm) Le cit- gate oi the exi litij! deLeniure be levied under ihis By.law.
u(   local 1111, ro.eiiielil alld   tor Oil    l"i"    all    purposes  as   "The delit    oi   the   Corporation     is     ilm   This By-law shall   1*1 *'
school purposes , 'i which none bthool Site I'urchai   Loan IU J54v.fy4.oo I exi pi foi tvi.rnnij ellect  on the Kirst day il  A
nil  lue
A. li..
al llic principal and interest  is law No. |, lyio,
in arrear . 1 anted by the Couneil
THEREFORE lhi   M nicipal Fourteenth da) ol July,
Council   oi lln- Corj or.tiia u   1 I  luto,
the Cnv  ol  Sorth  Y.iiii.'iivci    iviicivcd  the asstut  ol   the
iwitli ilu- as cut ol the electors Klectott oi  the Ciiy  ul Nortii
ot   tin* City  oi   Sorth   Van   Vaneonvet at  an ehciion  lot
1.auul dulv o'.taitii-.l* eiiacis ai the purpose "ti lhe
follows : day ol A.D.   I'll"
1 It shall I* lawful {or the neconaidered iv iht Council
M..\ni ai ilu* Citj "1 Nortli and linally adopted, signed t.y
Vancouver and lhe Citj Clerk, lhe Mayor and Citj Cleik, anu
i.,1   the pm." se  .iimis.ml   ii) Sealed with the Corporate Se 1
y- .\s|i/"
local* :
school purposes
oi the printipal
iu arrear ;
I'll VAI h.l'Ok
uul    aiul    ior gust, A.I)., 1910.
. * 1 wlii.h 11 in*     a 11     This By-law 111.iv I.
and mteieii is ed  for all  purposes ai  '
School Site i'lmh.isc Loan
the  Munici] a, law So, 1, 1910."
Council on lh*
,,( .lulv, A. D.
borrow oi iii e iv v.iv 1.1 loan
troin  anj  i * r»on oi    persona
hodj Ot l".'i e ■ 1 "I poI.iti , VV1,!,'
111.IV I e vv lilim; to .nivalin* llu
s.iine up. 11 lhe 1 lulll  i*l  llie .1.■-
benturei bereinaitir mentioned
ul iln Corporation, a sum ol
inoiHv not exceeding iu ih*
K-hole the  tuui 11 Hu,l 10 in i
lu ..nisi ihe same io ba placid
ui  tin*  Ban . aai Britiih  liori.li
An.ni,.1 .11 North \ .ilka'i.vii
io the credit ol the 1 itj for tm
purpose above recited, .in.l Mich
monies shall be used (oi
purpoae ottly,
J.    Dc-lielltur.s  of   tin
not exceeding in .mi"un 1
Slllll      |,f    >IJ,1 laa    Uiaj     I I       IS-U      I
by ilu- said M ayot and Citj
Clerk in terms ol lhe Municipal
Clauses Act, ill sums as may
1 e deiired,* but not 1 ss than
tine Thouiand Dollar $1,00
..uh, except one whii li 111 iv I c
(or m i-a. I,.uli .I th. s.ii.l ii.
benturei shall I.- si-, ned uj l .,
saitl ,\i.iv..r .m.l Ciiv I krk, and
the Citv Chrk sliall allix theie
la tin* Corporate Stal ol llu
s.ml i itv .*! Sorth V,.im uv.r
, The del ciimi'is sh.ill it* 1
dale the I'll'1 daj ol tu 11
iui.., .uul shall lac.it interest al
tin* rate id live pel cent, pn
annum paj tide hall yi-arlj 1 n
ihe Kitst d.iv ill Pel maiv, and
ilu* Kiril daj ..I An; usi ,11 each
and evil, tear during the «-ur
ii n, v 11 ih. said di' enturea oi
anj "( 1 lii-iii. Thiii hill b
attached to the del entur 1,
Coupons signed  kv the   Mayo
• onlv.   lm   I ,1.I1   .lllll  I'll v      ;•   V
ment "I Intereal that luuj   I e
1 nine   due,    ami  S I'll   si   11 ilUlt
mav be t iilai a 1 it len, s nu p •
printed • 1 lit.li gi i| h d.
. |)   The  said   d   cnlurii   . 1
io  principal .onl n 1 it *t   in'
i.e  in.i.l. p.,1 .tl k . 1 tin   Ban
ol  British   v, rth Ai   1
Sorth  \ *.ti* nvi 1    fi r. nto 01
Montreal,  t .ni*nia,  or at   111
said It.mk 111 the Citj .1   I,' n
Kngland,  at   par • 1  cm ban .
and the siid | tia.ip 1 -1 in
shall be 11.ade I av..I.!. 1 v tllc
Citv at a date ii"l lain than
iiltv   v.,.is ii,*iu the date   n, "
which this Bj la« takm .11 .i
isi  During  tin.   whole  t.r.n
,,i th.* current 1 id the said  dc
benturei 1 special rate on  ilu
dollar shall be I.vied and nil ..I
caih     veal' ill addition   1"     all
..ilm ratei on ill the rateable
leal  propertj   IU   the Cilv   slllll
on the
A. 1)
Council oi  the loipi ration oi   _l'i
the Citv   ot  Sorlli  Vancouver Fourteenth
nuili iln assent "i ihe elector! ll)|(l-
of the City of North Vancouver    Received  the assent . 1   the
dulj   obtained    enacts  as  Jul-Elector! of the Citj   l! North
plU., Vancouver at  .111 eleiii n  1 if
ill   lt shall le lawful [or the llif purpose ,.11
ilayor  ol   tin   Cit)   "l  North day ol A.D. 1910,
Vancouvei und lln uty  Clerk,    Reconsidered by the  Council
[ol   tiie  purpo.si   afor.iaid   to|and linally adopted, signed   b)
l w 01 rai ' bj aaj 11 loan tbe Mayoi .nnl Citj Chrk.  and
ii,,11,  .mv   peis n  or per.on ,|Sealed with the Corporate Seal
ill the
A 1)
i'l HI,IC   NOTICI-', is herein
B1vea ihat tl'e vote '
ims ol the City ol N,iiih \aii   ' Krk
-.es All in sinus as may 11
desired, km not le 9 than Out
Thousund Dollurs m,* uo) .a* '■
except  on, whuh  in,'V 1 c  pi
hotlv ta laoilies corporate, wlu
in,iv l.c tvilling i" ...lv,,m,   I,,,
same upon   llie credit  1 I  lil,  th
It'iiiiiHs  hereinafter  mint oi.e.1
oi the 1 orporation, 1 -i.ui   0
in. an, v   not    excecdin-j   in   ihe
« ,oie  ihe sum oi >„...,',1 and    TAKK N0TItl* ,|,,, lh,  ;1
10 cause ilu same im. placed ,)0V( ■_ _ ,,*„,,, „, ,,, ,,,.
'"  ,lu'  r""lk "' tosUn   N"11   po(tcd liv-l.iw   upon v.liih  th.
Amen..,,  at Nonh Vancouver, ,,,,,,,,„. Klnctmn i.l tta  Hi
1,1 llu ""hl "' lluUU '',"'u'; iii.ip.ilitv <>i the City '( Sorth
11 Yam inner vvill be laken wilhii
the Citv Hall, North Vancou
v.r, B, C. on tb- 'llit- it'll
ilay ol July, A. I), 19I0,
between the hours of q o'clock
TAKk. NOTICE iliai lhe  1
bove is a line top.  . I the   pi
posed By-haw, upon whi h  1 •*
vote oi ilu* Electors d| the Air
nicipalitj ol the l itj ol  Si nh
Vancouver will be taken within
the Ciiy Hall,   Norlh \ ancouver, B.t . "ii Satunlav  llu   Ihn
tieih daj ot duly, A.D.,   i'ii",
between  lhe hours oi 9 o\l ■
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
THOMAS SHEPHERD,       n„,|'u,*s shall be used lor   that
Ciiv   Chrk   and   Returning purpose onlj.
Olhcer. i.m  Debentures "( lie  Cilv
not  exceeding  in amount  lhi
sum   ol   Mo,1.Jo  may I e is. ned
ilu Kin   i,v   the laid  Mayor ind  Cry
in terms ol ihe municipal
couver will  be takm   on tta Clauses Act in sun
loth     dav    ol   July,   I'll",
tween lhc luniis oi 9 o'clock
in. and ; o'clock p.m. on  'The ,All|,i   ,,iK whnh  ui..y l.c Ior    PUBLIC   NOTICE is her Ij
School Sii. Purchase Loan Bj   -t.-a.    Kach "I the said ue en  given lhat lhe vote ,1 th, Bin
iw   No.   i,   i'ii","  and   ti at mi s  sh.ill  be si„:i
within   the   Citj   Hall,   North   ,,,,1 Mayoi and Cilv
Vancouver, B.C. am
Dial   Slu pin nl   has
pointed    Returning   Officer  to said Uiv ol North Van
take the voie ..I smh  i'.l..t"is      -,   Tht deheatu.esshallle.tr o'clock     p.    m.    on    "lhe
with the usual powers in  that dun the first daj ol  \uguai, Sihool sin- I'urchpie l."an Bj
1 no, .uul shall lie .1' inti r it .at laa   No,   t,   1 ,"  and   that
the rati oi live p.; cenl ;hi within the Citj Halt, Ni.rll
annum payable hull le.irfi mi Vancouver, B. C., nnd that
the l*it -1 a,iv ,1 l'lkri 1 , , ,11 Thomas Shepherd bus hen ap
the hn 1 .liv .1 Augflii iinai a pointed Returning Ollicei 1
and evil, vear during   ha iui   take the  vote .1 such Kl cton
1   I oWils  .11    ill..1
Hall,   North
lhat Tim
keen    ap
V    llll
ik .ul
the City Chrk sh.ill'  n.\ Iher.
io ih.- Corporate Seal ol    ii"'
",' c
a.m. and r o'clock p.m.
Ciiv   I Irk   ami Returning Oi
t.als   ,   1    llif    I 11V     a   I    Na   1 1 ll    Vl  U
laaiiv. r will  I e taken i n lb ■
Thirtieth    dav    oi    .ink*, A
D.     Let wun     the     In ITS "|
o      o'clock       ant*      and ;
. until
usual powers in
liv Oidii o| lhe C
\\\I   11. MAY,
Cuv Clerk.
'Ill KD
I'A  1 \\\  NO
li ie \   , |   lhe s.iid de CttlUI'l
,u,   of tlieni     There »h li   • •*■
attached t , ah, del en tuns I
pons m in il   *, the M     '*.*'.*
i .a.li .md every payment ol
inti re t thut ms   I ecome  du ,
ami - uh si  ii iinie mav  i e   S
ther written, staui|ed, |ri It
a.i  lithographed.
I le   siid del futures
lo   |*1 ,11* I, al   ainl  in ele i    uu J
. .1. payal i al i e Bank , i
Biitish Nonh Am u.a. * i
loi ih   Vancouver, Inr i to  "
A  I'A I.AW   i„ enable ihe Col    UV»t£faI'  ''■,"1"l'\ '"'  ;l ,U"
.       . .   '. ul Dank in lhe litv . [    1.. n
P°raUon "f llu uu "' Vl"h don,   I'm-kU'l.  ai  par ,1
Vancouvei lo raise l.y w.ii    I ,;,.„,.,*   ,,,,,1   ih.* s.i.l pi c pal
I....ill    the      1:111    *   I    'I-',    .'aa     ;  .i    mm   ^\,,,\\   \_   _&_,   \l,,\,,\,\,
llu*   purpose . I   ...,1111.11,;     i V   tin    Cilv    al    a   date   tu 1   ,|i  I
purchase an udtii ion I   .hod ll"» llin u ls l,"m lh«  ,l'1'
*.,      ,,    ,* , upon whiih this Hv law    takes
slie iv lllllll  ih,   I ilv. '
i liu 1.
I        ,     Dm mi     ilu*   wholi    tl
o    ,,|  ih,   iiniii,i ,   ol  lhe said   tie
North Vancouvei h.is n ,u -t*d benturvs a special rah   mi  the
ie Council "I llu  said < ll)  I I dollar shall le levitd atul rail d
I'll'  each veaf 111 .iilillli. 11  to all
lake 111.
with th
liv Onler ol the Council,
UM. 11   MAV,
lii.  Clerk.
Wlll-kl-.AS   tin*    Board
Si hool  'I lllsl.es ol  the    Cr '
Slllilllll    lol    lhe   assclil   .
Klectors a   i'.v lan io
i-.nit I., pai  ihe inieii i   up"ii
the laid debenture! and to crc Klectors  a   By-law tu  ..nth. a   fr rates on all the rateable nal
ate a sinking iniul i "i il" pai   itethe Citj Council io boi  propertj   in the Cin sullicient
mint  .iiiii.   piinnp.il   thereol upon the credit of the Citj   *.i i,, p,,v   the  intemit  npon the
when till..    sill.jc, l    lo ,,nv    a t l,,,.,,. i|u.
..'  la,   pav    llic
sum ,| sio,i.j.. 11* il.   S1j,| iiclaciiiuics and to create a
reipectinji    tli' Unitu.s   ior  ilu*  putp   .    ofIlinking lund for the payment ol
pm,li.i-.iu;-. Uu* pi..p. if,   ki. ui  the principal thenoi wlnn .lm,
and    di.t ill.id   *,s  bl. i'   1 i* veil   ..ulije, I    lo    anv   ail
iiii ill the Siilnli. is.oii * I  Dis
sain..   Sii.h special rale  shall
lie   inserted   in  ihe I "II" Li  -
Koll "I"  Rolls .Hid    hail   ke p.iv
aide   lo   aiiil   collected Lv   llii
said Corporation In ita   'am<
vvav   as ..Ihn   I.ilt - in  the   said
roll ol' lolls, save   is hei elli.i 11' 1
iu ordei   I** pro* Idi   i* i  ,
iln* ratei iei out kn paragraph ihall i*.* Issued  under  Un   i
(J)     and    sula|,.l     as    ala.lesail,   m,||iti, ,   , olil alln ,|   ||,   ill,
A I1V-1.AW    io malic ill
I'iiiioti     ol    lln     Cilv     •■(
Norlh  Vam iuwi to i ise I \
wav  oI loan lln  slain a | $2lS,
ooo.iKi ior ihe purpose i f toi:
itructing a drain [oi , n rj in i
aw,iv    siill ue and . llnr   .va
la I * OH   I.' Ilsllalt  Avi nn,   ii* ,||
ilu* North I.iiic ai [Htfa s.r.-.t
south to the waterfront.
ttill    l.ol    1-lVC    11.lii,1     ll      IH
'    l"l   a  Sti I M a
AND WHKRKAS iln s.nd
llltllllll*,    hall   liil   Inti
iln   tale  oi live  pel i'in,   |
.illlitlIII,     allil   -iu ll     .1.1,culm
lli. Ipal  t l.ilis.s Ail'
ml    o|    IlilV     Vi..Is
or .navi IVHEKEAS  lhi Council   ol
ment respecting the wme, Sue i tin* Citv  oi  North Van
pa.iai L.t,* shall be inserted ii has adopted a wparati   vsi m
ihe Collector's  Roll or  Rolls oi  sewerage  and drai  igi      i
ami shall be payable  lo   and thc  Cuv ul  North   »'anc«ii *
,      ,||a.  ltd        kV       llll ,11.1      I    a   I' |   Ofl        It      pl'aV|a|t*l|        |.a|      I   V      Ml' 'I*
lion in lhc same wav as   othif  11 aa* aalStilioll 1)6 ot thl M
!'■ ratei   in   ihe   said   roll   "i nicipal  ilaii-.es  Act,    md   i
rolls,  save  as In l.iu.,lia i   pro   therebj    estcd   with lhe
Uu   vid.-d. powei       ii'l I. .ill,,In ns   U   lo
pell      i,i   in ..nl,i i" ji ,',i,l.   p.i drains i"i . iimn   awav   mm
liom  ih.ii the  i,,i,s set .-in in paragraph laci   .md othei waten is  ihey
,,ii.l     UbleCt .la s-i'l,  ale  ill  reaped   lo    i wc s i.itiv
ANI) IVHKRKAS lor thi p. ilnn   -hall  be rai nl annually iu;: »waj    wi .
mini   ,.i iniui.i mi ilu dcl.cn b) ipecial rate during lhi   mr AND M'HKRKAS the l nuin'!
proposed to be innl un rencj "i iln   ail debenturt   lhc hai alii ruled lv uiianiinoui vote
.hi ilns liv law, .md lor en             "i >5.ti "" lo provide  lor thai   the   construct.!n   of   a
III     a     iiikill:*   fund   lor  tlic pav llie  pavlllilll   *,|   ml  I   sl     .lane ill .1 ill    l"l    a.iil.ali;'     awav   Al'
ia in   o!   ih.       id    debentures on and   the  siuji "i - | , ,..,,  ,mi| ollui  wal,,    ,nl..n-
wlnn   dm. u will bc neceisari provide  Irt  il" .repaymenl   id dale  Avtuue  u* m  ihe   N'orih
i,, i,,i , I.*, *|*  mi rate in ad the principal ilm. i line "i i8t.li street south lo the
dition   io all othei rates   uuh    i;    The proceeds   ■ t tli.  said waterfront,  benefits  ilu  Muni
veai   .Inline,   llu   ainiaiiiv    oi debentnrei shall le applied   as .ipality ai large and ihat  the
MCh   dehentlll lhe   sum   o| lolla.vvs, and nol  ■ 'Iiu-i u is.- : Municipality    at lar.e    should
i, ,   wh i, ,   laa       a a    Iii   p,iviiieiii   o(   ih   lost pav lhc lolal cost ol ihewovk,
I,, raised annualli [or payminl "I H"' panning "I ihis Bj law, AND WHEREAS ilu* Citv
,,i nn, *' mirencj and the Imui ind s.,li **; tin Knginecr bsi estimated the tool   ,,ui   ;                    v,, ^[debentures therein rehr.ed   lo tai eont "I Uu- work al  lib,-
Corporation  loi  mcli In to be tnuiall    or the land all expaffltes conneitel with ,oo :
hav.   luen  cxpendei            lei purposi                            'm   the said loan : ANI)  WHEREAS  » petition
[und  i.'t !'. n.mi' .i ih.    di-1    (b)   In    leiaaiipm    th    * ,,', nigncd bj   ihe ownen .( mon
, , t„ ,* , Corporation  loi           i      * than one-tenth the valm ■
ih,                        ,,   |,ay,i h have  lien  expended        undei piop.iiy in ihe i iiv (as shown
III   IU'' ,      |i    thl    dati   mi'll   I'"    k'  '.ile by  lhe  List   lev is ■ .1  SI * .*• siucut
.' "in |. ,,i thi -ii'l debentui m, roll) has Inin preiented to the
ANI) wn, K ii oi i.i in ..- .iii'l''; . i "Hi"il reoj itlng thin to in
raist   ilu    ,:*i earl;    um ol    (c)  To earn  mil  the   pm troduci a By-Uw to authorise
provided  loi                           inti * md   inking pom "I thli Bj 1 -       i'ovi them  to borron   Uw sum  ol
ti i   luii'l.  an  ..,u .1    pui.ll  la'e   oil  set  "'it   I"r ll"' fs\~sOH "I   " B
Council   "i  nld   Corporation the 'lolin   will In n nr.d to    ;S|   All M'nd*     '   «    mil itructing iuch drain
la.v  he   levied    u eai Ic nf the annual special rati   h
th, re sh.,11 li raised .,nnu,illv
i,'. pedal tati during ll i cui
um v ,,i the saul debentures tin
■.um "i M ■ i" proi .de i'iii. pnymenl ol Inti rest ihen n
end iin   m*i ul *,.*•*' to pn
V|,|,     |o|    tin      lip.lVlllilll    "I    llii
principal 'I"i' i
i-1   The proceed    I tin
debenture! shall he applied  si
follows, .md not "ii"n  I
a 111 pav lm 111 "1 lln , o t
of the passim; ol till Uv law
aiul   the issue  alld   sale    i I    lia
debenture!  therein  rei rred  i"
aiul  all  CX| eiists i ■ .nin ■ led v.'.t'i
the said loal
ia.   in   reci upin;:  iln
imlil   tk.    pi  sih
1 di' entun ■   wcomc!
av all.ll.l.
, i   To , ill ■   *,ui    In   I I
o| lliis Hv law  as ,,l, ,v,
s All iieiii"* ni i'i' "Hi
nt the annual itwlal • .'' hoc
Inbefon   pi-.Md.d  [or
llllld    'hall   I e   11
it.HII   llllll   I"   lilllt   as  tin
dill I ts
So rei iti     hall lc   lIloW-
i,|   a.|,  llu     ]',. i,,|   'ah '*   t"  In   i'
I'.v law,
lln      I'.v  law     ll >ll   t ike
uini  on tin   i nt day . I Aii  025,524.00,
I,,,I properti hi iln     1*1 i uv   Inbefon provided
WD  WHKRKAN  iia.   whnle (und  sh.ill lc im sl d   |>-
nperi    iii ih   Council   "(   Sli''   '
, last limn i"i"' '"  ";
revised   .. elil   t.dl is ^7,   dlro I-
"i    ,111 in ' i»f,     — - -
\ND WHEREAS lor ihepay.
' 1 a    U|,.„i , f inter st . n ft-  d.-l en
in, *. propoied t" 11 li sued uii
ii 11 .hr ihis Bv-law, .md I 1 . . il
law   111     a   'iul.I" '   I'l"1'   *"r  'I"'  P»J
I,., ut    ol      llli     'aid    (Id illlui
No I*; *ni     .1    *    1 whcn tlue, ii will i'v i"
to raise by special rate in id
dition to all other rates uuh
vear during the uilTiluy ol
such debenture!, the sum of .S-V
i73.Il, wheteol .M„loti is to le
raised annual.) lor payment "'
Interest during the currencj .
saitl debentures, .md 11873.12 i*-*
to he raised annually [ot 1. .
purpose of cmtiug a s.n.i
lund for payment of the debt
secured hy Uie said debentutei,
lhe same being made payable
ill twenty vears fiom the date
hereof :
AND WHEREAS iii order lo
raise lhe said yearly slllll oi
$2,1/3.12 hn- iiUciest an.l sink-
in^ lund, ,111 equal epeci il late
ou ihe dollar vvill he required 1 '
lie levied mi all lhe 1 .ileal 1.
leal propertj  111 lhe sai'l   Cilv   .
ANI) WllKlvM-.AS the wholi
rateable teal propertj in int
saitl City, according to lhe last
revised assessment ndi, is >;,
025,524.00 :
and WHEREAS the aggre
gate ol ilu- existing de* entur.
debt ol ilu- Corporation is
$549, (94.00 (except lot' w. rki 01
local improvement and ioi
school purposes) ol which none
oi the piiiuip.il and Interest 1
111 arrear :
IHEREFORK   lhe Muniiipal
i"iiniii 11 ihe Cui)01 ation oi
the   Cilv ol   Norih    \ alitollvci'
Willi lhe assenl of the ele.tois
of tlic Citv oi Korth Vancouvei
dulv   obtained)  el.a. is  as  I 1
lows :
III    II   shall   le    law lul    lm
the Mayor ol ilu- Cit) "> NortL
Vancouver .md the Citj   1 ier,.
for   lhe   purpose    au ii-.iid to
borrow or rain i.\ way . I loan
from  any peraon or   persons,
body or hodiis toip.ai.il , v....
in.iv he willing t" advance tlu
sann upa n iln* credit ol lhc tie
lientiiies hereinafter mentioned
ol the 1 orporation, a sim, .,i
tiioiiev not exceeding in ah.
whole ihe siiiii ol Twenty '.■ iv
Thousand Doll.tis .; 1 om, 0 1,
and lo cause lln* sann lo 11
placed ill lhe Bank ol liriiish
North All.tilei ai N. it 1 X. II
cotivif, tii the credit "I 1 n Ci.v
|,,| lln purposi a o.c ictiiiti,
and sinh 111 lu vs all e 11 11,
lol' lhat  purpose onlv.
*.'1 Dciiiiliir.s ol I'he iitv
not exceeilin-j in * un ui t ll e
sum   ,,|   Tw.utv J i\   Th"iis.n
D* ll..1.  vi,   maj 1 e .s
sued   hi ihe  saul May 1    and
Cilv  Clelk iu t.i in* '1 the Mu
n   ipal l kiiisis At l, ;u -uiu   ,r
ma}   11   desired,   lul   not  les
ili n   iiu.    Thousand   Dollar
(Si, o  iuch,   Kath  oi   ih.
saitl debentures shall le si^neil
Uv   lhe   saitl   Mavol'   .md   litv
I Itll,  alld  lilt* I Ilv   Clelk    -lal
lhe Cl ip' laic Seal .1 ll e
sml Ciiv ol North Van nvit,
llu de'illlui as sh. II ; I .1
dat. the l'llst dav ul iVugUat,
I9I0, and sliall lear inltres'. .1
the talc ol hv,   pu  nlli. pel *m
iiiiiii payable h • 11 yearly a n the
l'llst dav  of  l-cl'lll.irv, and the
Kirst  1l.1v  oi  August in   t.ivh
alld cv.lv vear dnrfttg tht un
nin v 1 I lhe saitl de' etlilllt.i 01
any of them. Then shall 1 e
attached i" lha debenture*,
Couponi sieind l.y tlu* Uayor
only lot 1 nch and every puy-
111. Ill ol inkiest thai may hV
iniui due, ami siuh si. nature
may he either win Un, stamped, printed or lithagTapsed
. |i The s.iitl del dilutes ,,s
lo priu. ipal and inteiest mav
be mail, pav aide at the It.mk ,.(
Britiih North America at
North Vanconver, Toronto or
,l*.niii.il, l aiiatla, or al lhe
-..ml Bank In the City "1 1,'H
don, England, nt par of c\
change, and ilu saul  principal
slllll sliall Ic made pav tiilc Ly
the   Cilv    al    ,i   dale not  lal t
than   twentj   vuts Iron  At
dalt Upon will, ll llus Dv l.ivv
lakes ,
I,Sl During the whole term ol
the CUrnncJ ol the s.itd del en
lilies a spetial rati on the dollar   shall   I e levied ami   laiscd
ca.h  veai   in addition  to   all
ollui   talis ,11 all  lhe   MlcaM,
nal property in the City ami
sullicient to pay the inleiest
upon lhe n.i ill dciictitiin s antl to
.icite a sinking lund lor lln
paviniiii oi tin principal theji
ol when due, 'iilijiit to anj . i l
ei   1*11,ut ment  respecting    the
same      Slltll spei ial rate   shall
he  inserted  in   the  Collcclor's
Roll or Rolls allil shall Ir pay
aide io and collected hy the
saitl I iiipoi.ilioii in '.he same
wav .is other rates in lhe said
roll   or lolls,  save as Internal
i'i provided.
■ hi iii ordei i" providi loi
lhi rates sit .in in parsgraph
,iiul suhjiii  as sforei
then   shall   1 e raised   annual •*
ii\ speeinl Kite during Utt
it in v .af the saul dt i enturei lhe
'UIU    o|     ||{  .IK.  .   O    |l,    |  I ■ A.l'.-    llll
tin* payment ol mien .t theri i n
• md  lhe sum ol |8;    i.' lo pro
vide for the repayment oi  the
principa] thereol.
(;;■ The proceeds of the saitl
dclicntnits   sliall le applied   as
follows, aiid not otherwin :
(a)   Iii payment of the  ci sl
ol the passni;; of lh s , y-law
and the issue and sail of the
debentures therein  rifeir.d  to
and all expenses collnei led vv illl
the said loan :
(li) In recouping tl.e said
Corporation lor such sums . s
have been expended hcrciiudi t
until the proceeds of the sale of
ihe saitl debenturei becotnti a-
vailalde :
i.) To carry out the pur
pose ol this By law ,is tbOVe
sel mil :
i,S)    All   inolievs arisilie    mil
ol   lhe annual  special  ititi* her,
iiii uii ne   proviilul   ior  sinkiu-;
Illlitl   shall   bl   invested   1 y the
Council   oi said   Corporation
from time lo lime as the law
(ti) No rebate shall I e allowed  ..ll   the spei ial  rales  to    1 e
levied under this By-law,
( lo)   This By law shall   tak I
eflect mi the l'irst Day ol   An
jmst A.l). njio.
illl This Ilv law mav licit
til tor all purposes iis "'llic
I.otisilale Avenue 1J r.i iiiii-. e !■ c
w.r Contraction L-oan By-Uw
l'assed by lhe Council on   lhe
Fourteenth dav of July, A. 1).,
Received the ass.ni . f tin- El
elms of the City of North
Vancouver .ii an etactl n   for
the purpose ill the
day of A 1) ,  1  lo.
Reconsidered lv the Council
aiul finally adopted, si ned i v
the Mayor and Citv I hi* , . ml
Sealed wiih iiic Corporate S.  1
on the .'ax ol
A.D., mi''.
TAKK   NOTICE   that    tta
..hove is a llll. COpJ I I .he | r*
posed Hv L.ivv, up, u wh ll ,li
'vole o| lhc Ivl,,1 is , I lh .Mu
niiipalllv  ,.l the City ol      oil
Vancouver will he taken wi
lhe   Cilv    11 all,    Noll .   i . neon
ver,   li. c, on Satur.li \.     li
Thirtieth  dai   ot  July, A.l ,
ioi.., between the Imurs . I >j
o'clock a*in. .ifil : o'clock p m.
Cilv     Clerk    .mil    lUtUtni
PUBLIC  NOTICK is hotxb)
given ihal lhe vole ol lhe Klc.-
lors of the I itv o| Noith Van
coiivu will be takiti "ll lhi
lolli day ol dulv, lulo, I etvv i n
the hours ol u i,'.lock a.m. and
7 o clock p.m. "ii "The l.oi.s
dale    Avenue    Druillaec     Sewer
Comtruction    Una   By-L»w,
lulo,"   aiid   lhat   wiihili     lhe
Citv Hall, Norih Vancouver,
B. C, ami ihat Thomu Hup
herd    has heell   appointed   Ke-
turning Officer to lake the vote
,,f sttch Mhctois with the usual
powers ill lhat heh.ill,
Ity Order of the Council,
Citv Cl.-rk.
tlial rents lll'i- liif-'li ill
North \';iiif'iiivii' — W liv
not sulvi' tlic rent prob«
la'ii, l.y securing idNirable
lol, ninl geltinc u liome
See lbh-^i"'cinl on Bib
street, near St A mln u*.
jo foot lot. cii-nri'il. graded
iiiiiI facing tlu' lnlet,$1250
>|. II fll-ll. Illllillll'l', ii, l'i
llllll    laH   MlllIllllS.
Pierce £. Hall
i'i..... i in
*■*■*■■*■*■*¥**** iA\vi^>vw*^V'*nvvWvvv-.vw^
About Your
Printing Orders
No. 80
This is the
Easiest Way
^ We will design your office
stationery, or anything you need
in printing, then submit proofs
and guarantee satisfaction.
(_ Large increase in plant enables us to do this.    ::    ::   ::
Give us a chance
to make good.
<THA'ni i^ffjcOUNcL
$1.00 per year     Foreign $2.00
Tin- current issue ol thl Brit-
isl Circuit
Alberni, Sept. i| aid i.v
N.in.iilllo,  Sept.   lh and   17.
Islands, Sept. II,
CoffiOX, Sepl. II ainl 2\.
Cowichan, Sept. :,l and .'I
Victoria, Sept. 27 tti Oct, I,
N. ei S. Saanich, Oct. 7 and IJ
:nd Circitil
Coquitlam, Si-jn. 20.
Chilliwack, Sept. », it, 22.
Maple RidgC, Sept. II .unl II.
X*»»\*NM.W,»> •V.^^iWiW/
Co,,   North   Arm   Steamihip
Co., 0, I„ Knight .St Co., l'aci
iia Cast Exchange, Piertltc ol
ish Columbia Gazette to hand I British Columbia, Ltd., Pierciti
contains lhe following appoint- Ltd ,   Ph,c,r   Mining   .mil   l'lci
ineiits: Building Co.,   Pollock   Mines,
J. H. McJInllin of Prince Rn- Portland  Canal  and    Nelson
p.-rt to in- gold commiuioner Mining Coinpanv. Portland
f,.r the Portland Canal mining [Maple Leaf Mkei, Rock Creek
division. Implement Co.,    Silver   Ledge
C.. K. Richards ot Stewart to Mining Co., Standard   Trading
be medical health olhcer for the Co., Stanley Courts I,til., Ti-x-
diitrict of Stewart and F. A. ada Island Copper Co., Unit
Jackson of Vancouver, barrta- Building Association, Vancou-
ter and solicitor to le a not- ver Agenda Ltd., Victoria*
ary public, Phoenii  Briwing Co., Weitcrn
The jurisdiction of lhc- slur- l-'ish and l'miltrv Co. The .lis
ills of the province are recordtd solution ol partnership is noted
ai lollows: io[ T.  F,   Unmet  and   H.   ]|
The county of Victoria : She-
rill, Krancis C.illiart Richard),
Limits of county- As defined
hv   tin-   "Counties   Definition
The   County   <>f  Nanaimo:
Sherill, Chas. '.I. Trawford, Nanaimo.
Limits of County—As defined
hv the "Counties Definition Ail
Amendment Act iHoq."
The  County   of   Vancouver:
Sheriff, .lames Deacon Ball,
Limits of County—As defined
by tlu- "Counties Definition Act
Amendment Act, 1405.''
The County of Westminster—
Sherill, Thomas Joseph Arm-
sli'otij», New Westminster.
Limits of County—As defined
hv the "Counties Definition
1 The County of Vale—Sherill,
Herbert C. Herman, Grand
Limits of Jurisdiction-That
Iportion of Uu County of Yale
comprised within the Grand
Forks and Greenwood Electoral
District!, as defined by the "Re-
distribution Act, 1402."
Sherill, ttciitvvoith Fletcher
Wood, Kamloops
Limits of jurisdiction—All
thai portion "f llu County ol
Vale nol rompriaed within tin-
Grand Forks antl Greenwood
Electoral Districts.
1 The County of Cariboo Slur
ill, John Stevenson, llark.rville
Limits of County—As Mined
hv ilu- "Counties Definition
The   County  of  Kootana]
Sherill  of   Northeast Kootenay
Samnd B Bambty. Golden
Limits of Jurisdiction—That
portion of the County oi Kootenay, iiiilu,11 .tl in ilu- Columbia
Electoral Diatrict
Sherill of iit.itli-wcsl KooUn-
av. Will. J.  Law, Revelstoke.
Limits    of     jurisdiction—That
portion of the County of Kootenay   embraced   in thi Rivet
sloke electoral district.
Sherill of South Kootenay,
Samuel I'arker Tuck, Nelson.
Limits of jurisdiction—The remainder oi the County of Koot-
The County of Atlin—Sheriff,
John Shirley, I'rinee Rupert.
Limits of Couutv As defined
by ihe "Cotiniies Definition A.i
Amendment Act, 1905."
The sherill at Kainloops all'',
.it Nelson has not 111,id.* returns
under section 34 of the "Slu-r-
ills Acl" to the minister of li
11,une during lhe year ending loth June, min.
The   following water   notices
ar.- recorded
A. A. Hamilton making ap
plication for a water record on
Camp Creek.
II   V  Harding for a tw w
..li Fadt.11 Creek.
(jliesiiel llvdraulic Gold Mining   ConpUV    l"t   approval  oll
undertaking in connection with
their mining operations
The illv   of  Revelstoke [ol    .1
record on Uleclllewaet river.
Jonathan Rogers (or a record
mi Sheep Creek and \ alike
Girl Gold Mines [or a record on
Ileal   deck.
li.iv nl Galluaiih of Squamish
is making application for ton
shore righti in Lot |86,  Ken
Westminster distriit  lot wharl
a  1  purposes
Certificate!  "i   Incorporati i
have been granted to th.- lollowin-; : B, C, and Prairie Mill
ni;- .md Elevator Co,, Betn
cli.-n and  Biggiaa Co., C.ni.i'li
an Mexican  Pacific Steamship
Co, Chas, w Hills, Ltd.. Columbia   Irrigation   and  Powei
Co, Consolidated Building,
I.t'i , Enterpriw PoWtf .md Irrigation Co., Kvans, Coleman
c\ Evans, 1,1,1 , Finnish  Build
inn Coinpanv, Fort <',.*, rg( Wl
iir antl Light Coinpanv, Fox
Broi, Cereal MiUiBf .m'l I'1'"1
Coinpanv. Franklin Consolidal
"i Mines. Hallmaa nui Penl ■
ton Miuhiiieiv Co., liilain.l 1 ok
•uul Coke Co., International
Briquet Fu.l Co, K.nticK
Lake Mining Co., Kootenai
Nurseries,  l.ins Hotel I'.. ,  M<
1 1 Dunn Watson Co , Mor»lv
Island  Mines, MiirtMin   Lum''''
New Williams Sewing Machine,
in good condition, lor  -   $8.00
Beds complete Irom $5.00 up
New Matting -   -   10c a yard
All-Feathers Pillows $1.50 a pair
Furniture and
Crockery Store
70 Lonsdale Ave.
Mission, Sepl. 2,V
Agasaiz, Sept. 17 and }8,
uti Circuit
Nicola, Sept.   i.l and  11,
Vernon, Sept. 15, th and 1;.
Kelowna, Sept. lo and il,
Armstrong, Sept. a and 13.
Salmon Arm, Sept. 23 and 21
Kainloops, Sept. j8, M, Jo,
Suuiiiierlaiid, Oct. 17 and [K,
|lh Circuit
North Vancouver, Sept, 9, 10,
L,uliur, Sept, 13 and 14,
Suriev, Sept. 2~.
Languy, Sept. 28.
Kburne, Sept. 19 ami jo,
sth Circuit.
Cranbrook, Sept, 13 and 24,
Nelson, Sepl.  18,  ."I and JO,
Kossland, Oil.  17 ami  |8,
Kalso, Oct, in and .'1
A recent despatch (rom Winnipeg says there i.s no cli.in ge
to report in lhe weather condi
lions. Il continue! hot and div.
Eloping always, the tanners
have looked (or real heavv nuns
which would save ihe remainder ol the crop in the worst
damaged distrii is and Improve
lhe percentage where the ellects
ol drought have   lieen   less   a|>-
parent.   Bnt to date they have
lieen disappointed. Saskatchewan, nioit especially in tin- enter and south, appears to have
■jot oil a good di'l better than
Iter sister provinces and the
hulk of ixport wheal musl
[come (rom there,
™_ CtRBY ca.
Dry  Goods  and
Cents Furnishings
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 255
To niakf room for full Murk wo hnve decided in
clear regardleu uf cost tin- balance of nun mer goodi
in Muslins. Dreei Ginghami, etc., raluei tu .'i'i cts.
for       15cti.
.M.-tis' Shirts in fancv  itripef ninl checkl values
t<> $1 2.. 50 cti.
We Sell Anj thing, Everywhere,
Life, Fire and Accident Insurant
Howard & Matbeison
16 Lonsdale Ave.        Phone 220
MOM   VM) Hlllth
Phone 170 P.O. Bex 166
Recreation Grounds
21»t Stri-a-l. Norlli Vmi.-.i.uer.
Mnl Gn.iii.i- '■ - Read*] fohool
Pirnie., lv.lwe I'ienii*-. llllll ill k Iiuiul Atlilt-tit- Kvnil*.     Ilrniil Stunil
.Minn tn|.;t. !'•' I"' WD
Ki.r enjiii^iiii.-iil. innl rMt-*.. mul .pei*..1
r.ii* > '.ii lerrv ud .»i*. M
II. K HUABI'K, Bee., Nortli V-mcmvm
nrth   Vancouver   Hoard
Traili- meets the third Tu.sdav
oi ..nh month, ,.i | iii lo.l. p
in . in the lloaid loom, lily
Hall. Kxcciitivc metis the lirst
Tuesdav ol each month I I
i.vvm, president ; I ('. I-'arin
cr, seuetary.
The St. Andrews and Caledonian
Society will hold their PICNIC near
the Capilano Car Terminus on the
afternoon of Saturday the 30th inst.
Gentlemen's Ticketi 50c each.    Ladiei Free
Cars Leave Wharf at 2.10 p.m.
Through the kindneu of  Mr. Claude  Piert dancing will
be engaged in at THE LOUNGE from 7 till 10 p.m.
Wc have several lots lor sale in a choice seciion ol llie Cily ol Norlh Vancouvei on
terms ol one, Iwo and dm years, wilh a very small cash payment. The number is
limited and (|uick action is nccc.-saiy lo oblain one ol these lots. No inhumation (?iven
over the phone hut particulars will bc lurnished al our office.	
Branch Office: 4 Lonidlle
I   Vl'l   I.    V.l'l II .ON   M.n..a*. KIOHT
319 Pender Street.        Phone 6862
Shares in llus Corporation are still pi.ii-liasal.W' at 5.1 cents,
half Iheir par value
John N. Redmond (Pres. of the Royal Loan and Trust Co., Ltd.), President
L. D. Taylor (Mayor of Vancouver), Vice-president
Nelson G. Foster (Pres. Royal Business Exchange), Treasurer THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
is (illlN'G Tt) IIK OMK HI' I'llK l-'INKST REBtDBNTUI,
One lot on Nye str.'"t, lOUxISS leel, iur 1300;  tlie owner nuiat Imve
money.   We Imve tlm aiijoiuinn Inl Iinteil at $500.
One lol on  Kimex street,  100x182 feot. at  tllH)
We havi 5U (eel on Knitli road, half a l'l"fk from car, for  fllMO
Ii0 feet on Thirteenth street, i-lenreil, one block fruin ear, at ....   1730
If you want any of the above act quickly.
U. VV. Vain-i
A v   Mnrkle
Cor. 8th S, Lonsdale   Phone 176        Branch Office-Lynn Valley
Peers & Boult
Leave Van.
Leave N
Leave N
Leave Van
*6.2o a.m.
•6.45 a.m.
7-30   "
•8.00   "
8.30   "
•8.50   "
9-15   "
9-45   "
10.15   "
10,45   "
ii.ij "
11-45   "
12.15 p-'»
13*43 P-|U-
12.15 P»'
12.45 P-"i.
1.15 "
1-45   "
2.15 "
2-45  "
3-15   "
3*45   "
4-15   "
4-45   "
5-'5   "
5 45  "
6.15   "
645   "
7-25   "
; 45 "
8.15   "
6.45 "
9-15   "
945   '
IO.13   "
10.45   "
•11.15   "
Vot on
Table toihieil to
change without
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Liunch "West Vincouver.11 Ciptiin Pindliy
Licensed lor Jj pun llgin     I
l^-af.-a l.a-ar,-. V.tn*„ii„>r
lli,ll)liinii tV'i.arl Clli   l.rrl,--  VVIi.rl
(very 0«i| tv,i|il Siui-ilav
7.3.1 i.m. S.on a.m.
1) 1111 un. 10.00 a.m.
11.on a.111. 11,00 a.m.
IJ.OO p.lt. .                        14.00 |i.n,.
I ya.i. I'.iil. |6.00 p.m.
17.1 n |i in. |8.uo p.ill
I'l "'I I'm    ftalin tints Only  22.00 p.m.
1 I I a. in ftunday Schedule ■ 14 00 p.m.
17.00 p.m         "  22.00 p.m.
Single Fare 15c.       Two Tickets 25c.
Ouickust route from   Nortii Vancouver to the  listriel lu-voml
Cipilino River.    Liunch "Wut Vancouver" iu ikn connec-
lion-a,   with ml (lil,   vvillt  tin-  lerry steamers li,1111 Noi ill Van*
.ouver, is per aliove sell, .lule
We operate thc only padded furniture and piano
moving van in thc city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
7 lonsdale Ave.
—I      IMIIISI .        . Ml
We bag to announce to thl public, ind MMclllljf 10 thl
iiiuis. vsivt s. ni Nonii Vancouver that the Capilano Wil
Wash Laundry, corner I'ir and Wold- Streets, is now ready
I.u buiinm Vou will Ind ilu: GRADE of norli dona at the
Wet Wash Laundry to bn tin- i" it   that's thi GRADE you
want,    l'i cild lhat wash tnh, lei machinery ilo your work.
It's the modern way.
I'rins lor Family W.ish pit week, Wet Wash 75 culls.
KoukIi Dry Jt 25
limp . r.nl In Pnal Ulf,, a anil nur m.n will C.ll Inr a,,... ,„,lr,     (.,.. ua . Tri.I
Provincial News
Dental parlors have been
opened in Stewart.
A military company li being
organized in Chilliwack.
Merritt Board of Trade is
considering thc advisability   ol
A car load of lead wa.s shipped from thc Trail smelter during the, With consigned over the
Grett Northern to Kiol-e, Japan.
Wm. Henderson of Vnncouver,
government architect, was in
Grand Hoiks last week in connection with the new 1)0,000
Ipoat offict building there.
The   fanners on Dcuman    Island are oiiee more happy. The
In*.11   thai   had   been    stealing j
their   slu-i*]) was caught killing
■1 pig and was shot.
VailCOUVer'l trades and labor
council is lo petition Sir Wilfrid Laurier at his coining to
Investigate Asiatic labor conditions t 11 lhe eoasl.
The   II.   C. Packer's Asm nia
tion steamer returned to   New
Westminster    early    this   week
from the halibut banks with a
cargo of 200,000a
Salmon Arm was the only
llritisli Columbia district making a separate exhibit at the
Calgiirv (air   and in    Petidrillc
Kelowna is to have I tobacco
company iu the town which will
tract e.iinino.lioiis buildings.
The coinpanv has {50,000 to invest in the business project.
The provincial government
has voted Sio,.xki for a new
school house at Mission. A S.V
000 sell.ml   house >vill   also   be
erected al llui/ic
A bush lire is raging on the
West wood property. Kasl Wellington distriit, only about ,1
mile distant from lite mills ol
lhe I.advMiiilh I,umber Co.
The Arrowhead Lumber Coinpanv are said l.i be the losers
of ft,000,000 as a  result uf the
recent bush lires which have
been raging through their valuable limits.
Thai the shipments uf Iruil
'lur the two boundarv cilies ol
Cr. en wood and Phoenix will .1-
iiuiiint to 11 or 12 cars is the
opinion ul a  prominent Iruit
rancher ol Grand Forks.
A lliirlv acre bush lire is
raging on Gilford island in lln
slashings ul (he Scott Cove
Timber Co, The dislriel lire
warden with a lune uf men ll
lighting il well.
M.iintnctle Lake has I little
mining excitement of its own
just now owing lu lhe [aet 'hu'
the C. P. K lias expert! investigating the mint ral ol the dis-
t. lv Simpson, ihe celebrated
"Old  Man" nl the  (.raabrook
1 Iei altl, has liccollic I resident
of Kamloops, to which eity   In
has removed with Mis    Sintp
Tin- site [ur the new poatoflke
'at I'rinee Kupert has nut yet
been selected as it is necess. I \
lo rclcr the seleitin-; engineers'
report! ba.k IO the authorities
Iat Ottawa
Intituled ill the I'l.itis "I the
Canadian    Collieries   Collipativ
are steel banksri at LaAwnitn
and extensive diamond drill
prospcitin-:   in   the vicinitv   ol
Illainev s
The IL..ml iif railwav ..'in
mission.is inert .it V.itiioilvci
on the iMli of Si'i'teinbei, when
lhc application ol the V.in
COUVer, eraser Vallcv | Souih
t-rn railwav company will P
uiv, tottsideration.
I'rinee Rupert citizens eiiihu-
lasticillv ex|il('ss their upi'"
.iation of the government's It
tion in confirming their iwtoti
tit three hundred in. lies of w.i
ter which is estimated to sup
plv  | .ilv oj scvi-nlv live tb""
sand population,
WlllMIMHHfHHfllllllll I llllll llllllll IIIIHIIIHIIIMIIIHUIJ
Canyon View Hotel
Extensive (irounds. High-class bt t vie.  at moderate rates.
Family Rooms en suite with special rates.    House Greatly Enlirged,
Easy trail  to summit of   Grouse Mountain,    altitude 3000 (eet.
Scenic Delights      Fishing      Hunting     Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
Capilano Cariine
mano tarnne AT $250 a lot.
Lots only 3 minutes from this cariine, ideal location;
Good Road to Property.   $25 cash, $10 monthly.
Martinson & Co.
Plume /■?. P.O. BtS ;-'
50 Feet Wide
in Blocks Adjoining
Dislriel Lot 550
For Prices and Particulars, Apply lo
1 III   Bllll ' I 1V il:
S'llllll   VIM 01 UK
Ltd, I.i v.
Comer Pender and Seymour Slreets Official Agents
A second cuvemiiunt vvli.ul
is to lie i oust mi led ill Knh
lllolltl illstlltl
C1111.1.1 W AC K
Prlnci    RUMTt'l stint   eXpll
iliiiins lor tlie coming vear   is
The  loss iii ilu- reteiit    K.im
loi'ps   lire  is placid .il  <7>'|S'
Included   amoti  tin- buildingi
desiri.ve.i being uiu vv..nli"- Htimated al Sm,*1"
es,   one   store,   I'mir resid.ii"
six cars ,,| loadad nurthandi*
and two can "I  mast  Iiunl"'
Tlie provim ial j-ovcrtunciit
Ims ordir.-d Ironi J, T Bealhjr.
"i Nell on, for in.-liisioii In 'I"
prairie fain exliiliiK lortV-oW
..ises ol 'luii.illv iii'ii"' Wit,
Including .lurries, applts, pean
I'luins and .talis
Princeton will co-operati wiili
llie   C.reat  Northern K-
plan io attract capital Ao the
tniaiag distrtet ol Similhitni-m
Mt I'.mist 11 lias iitiiin.d '• ■
the Tiilain.tii to do "in* inOTi
spinal geological wmk iii con
taction wnh ih,. platinum *ad
coal tl.posits
The ..intra.i (or Chilllwack'i
invv   hospital  was  let   lasl  S.il
mai.iv    Comtruction will con
• ImtnediatelVa
Tlie hav crop throughout  Uu
Chilliwach Vallej tins jreai ims
bcefl     all   cx.cplinli.illi      lu.iw
nne   N" exii.ionlin.ttv yield is
reported  Irom ut)   particular
distriit.  Imt  llie reports   show
,.ii average \i.l.i In tin-  whole
vallev   ol  tic.illv   three  tons   to
tin* .i
The tliseovirv iif i five-tool
si.illl of haul mai while pros-
pet ling f"r oil is reported (rom
I liv liuin. near Aliliolsford.
I.al.lv there has lieen consular
.ilili .A.iteuielll 111 tile c|c;:iltv
of    Cl.nliiun   j;n(l   Abl-oUford
over   excellent  oil Indications
thai have lieen lound in s'lt...
plat ts, and quite ■ nuinbar oi
people have taha < ■ 111 Uceui ■
to ptospeit       Several   linndred
li lis    have   lieen  lease I    l>\    a
Vancouver conpan] .nul udjoin-
Ittg lands .tii  luili;: li'h' avvail-
elopnenti. TEN
T1 I E E XPR 1CSS     Election on Second Narrowi Bridge
CLASSIFIED   V>   COLUMNS       By-Laws Fixed For Saturday,
l.n us th.   want
of current local
* .1,1,1   the
I -■•rill.„• tt'ivk
Dl,     Vl,.,,  li
I'V |,er line.
August 13th, in City
(Continued from page i)
|aer Inni-rlinii
jusi as important as the
li   was  referred  t"  the chair
uian of   the lm,une and   ho,ird
ol works committee to pick nu
ii favorable location.
ri.uis oi block i-v, 1)  1.* l'i
and h.is i .md ,\ l.l..tk t.vi, 1)
I,. .'7 \, Welt* passed A plall ol
lol  (.-IN ,|'i  wus laid  over.
Th.*  Board nl Worka  reci in
linn.ltd  the  loll- will" ■  '|'h,it    a
I' I  he Hindi   I"   \lis    Mi lie i
son's,  ihat  application lor side
walk  oil  sth sim I   two   Phi, ki
i a-l  ol  lllln iisliiu v   Ave  I *
(IVlT,    lhat   a    siih vv all*,    ke i oil
hi rue ted  mi  (jucenaburi     Avi
In.iii 'ilh slieel lo Keith toad
sidewalk    ..ll    Ik'Wick    Ave     e\
leiuhil north to laiih street,
sidewalk on l.onsilale Ave, Irom
Mh itreet t" Keith road, lide
walk mi l.otisilal. Ave. [rain
i.'lh   laa   i illi  stie.ts and   load
lixed up and th.ii ii wagon trni
he built along Western Ave. to
the i*iiner ..I .'ird strut lln
report was passed.
Tin    waterworks  committee
recommended a temporary pipi
- to lots id and as, hlock :o|, |t
a Cold Slick I'm I,   M| and 545, lhat the appli
ill (nnil   "l cations   tor water rights   mad.
iu luo'i In- referred lo the cit)
solniti.r  to enquire into  and
thai     patrons    utilizing    the
mv'e want tor Fountain   pur
poses lie requested to diicontin
in same until the citv had  installed   its   new    ii, iinli main
  The iuoiiiiiieiitl.ilions were ad
WANTED        Anv    kind    aal opted,
housework h\   the day or   bi    The lire and light committie
th,* hour.   Applv   corner    iiii recommended lhat application
All Tied Up
For want of help. Our
Classified Want Ads.
will untie the knois.
We nuke this a good
paper so that intelligent people will read
it, and Ihey do.
Isn't that the kind of
help rou wanl?
diamond mounted
■word  .md  s, alii,,ml, probahl)
on   lath   street between Bouli
vard and Rid ;i w.iv Ave. Finder
reqarded on return to this office,
stl.it   ,.||l|  St
Audi, vvV
RANTED     '. or    ;  room
III     llaall-l      Ul     1*  Ul ,     l.li t IT     pit It 1
red, nnisi in 111..«l. rn. Appl) l'
(). lla,\  11 I, N,,iili Vancouvei
RANTED  To    rent,   unfurnished   two riMim cotta* e. m .i-
Lonsdale or iiiuui-.laiii \ i .1
l-..r particulars appli to ,1
Ilarvev, general di liv. rv,   Vai.
laallVl I
RANTED    Chamber    maid,
must be lusi 1 lass   Applv  Pal
ace Hotel, .unl street. iHt
RANTED       '        'HOU CVS       taa
h,irn boiler making   \pplv  Ui
Dougall     Jiiikitis     Iviiiiiinrs.
Ltd.,   Crescent   Slreel,    Nortii
be called lot the posilii n ol
chiei oi the lire hrigadt al *
salary i" start with ol "S «
month, It was also re om
mended thai alter the chiel
appointment that firemen he
appoiiiiid at ..ilai'iis to commence at So., lin.lilhlv and lh .1
a team ol boi »■■ l e sei ured.
The report  was .iila.pt. d
Tlu    waterworks   committn
recommended lhe install 1
lo additional hydrants  I'
Tin      following   l.v  |UWS    wel,*
lead alld  lill.iih   ad .p.e.l
1.   'p..    establish   a ■ 1
1 nl. .-11 Lonsdale Ave. I e « f 1
1 ilh am
'fo i   lal.lisli    a 1 e  e
V  a I ■  I
I   a     I
1 sih streets
establish   a
1 nh street    1
Ave    allll   Sl
establish   a   **eiiiral
ist  street    between
A.i   ami Forbes Ave.
I., establish a  gen-
all    the    l-'.sph.ll ill
.lack LoUtet and N. I.oiisdal
Elder Murraj Co. fire Insurance
We will lulv  o
itoved,   ranges
 is for spot
70  I.otisil.ile  Av
P. 0. Uox III,
ge'l  Ave
1    To
grade  on
A  l.v law
eral   '.rail.
[nun Ports    A*,   to Si.   Pat
ti.k's Av.*  was given tw.. read
iii;-.s and passed.
Tin* mattei ol providing elei
in.    lights   111    the   llivv    halt I
stand at Victoria l'ark was re
lund to the lire mid lieiii con
Council then went into   coin
mittee oi the whole with  the
r exchange your I Hchool hoard.   Afterwards   the
An adjourned meeting ol   tin
Board ol Sti 1 Trustee!ol tin
mv was inlil Monday evening.
l'laiis and specification! wen
submitted b) Mr, Jamenon, 11
ihileit, for a sihool 1 illilili 1 ■ -.- a,
iwo rooms in In* el'eetetl in   ih
east end "i the cit) * the exut
lacation to lie governed hv tlu
result oi ibe vote of the  rati
payer! on Saturda),  The plans
as'   adopled   show   a    mod, 111
building ol iwo rodmi with ,,
southern 1 niranci and with ade
t|lialc pi'ov ision l"i cloak rooms
etc,    Tin basement shows septi
rate plav rnoins ol large  ilr.i
fitted vv 1M1  lav,Holies and eVi 1 ■
modern b nture and also a  tui
n.ue 1 *    Phe seit«1 .itv   w 1
instructed lo .all lor undo
i,,r   the construction   . I   the
Tenders were then opened lm
the construction id the nea
s.i 1   building  on   1,. iisilai
Ileal'    .'Isl    slleet    as    follows
Young a Rright, [or brick ve 1
,,i,  J18,656,   lor  solid   brick
520,721 ; Smiiii Bros,   I.'i in
veneer, >:.s,,sS", for solid hriii
J:<l,jno ; Robt, McLean 1   Ct
for  lank   veneer, $46,550,   Ioi
solid brick, $51,050, Three ten
deis  were   received hu  inst.ill
ing   the heating plain,   munch
from the .1. I). Fraser Hard
wan Co., the Latimer and Kl
liott Hardware Co., and 1.
.lohn R. Tatev. Tin* tender *
Young & Rright for the n n
struction ..1 a buildlnf with so
lid brick walls was accepted
and Inasmuch as their lendei
iiiiludetl iln* Installation ol lhi
heating plant, no action witli
1,1. nm. to iiic three si p
lenders for this work was re
quired Ou lug lo the inert asi il
coat oi labor and ol material.
siuie ihe original estlmuti
wen made and also lo lhe In 1
that the Ho.ml had dicided t-
liuihl a thoroughly lint du
building with solid brick   «1 I'
llll'   lowest   It ll'll r   Was     a,   |    I    I
excess 1,1 the original estim 1
that tin Board lound il  new
s.irv     la.   make   provision    loi
$10,000 additional in . rder  in
iinel ihis dilld'ciui ami to pro
vith- 1 reasonable margin i"i
extras   An adjournment   was
tin l.iali . made to the illv hai
where  lln   illv   Council w.i-   volt
sailed .nul iheir anient pi* cm
,,l foi iln submitting o| a 11
I iw iii the elector! to prol idi
the amount required,  Thi   In
law   Will    go  I"  the   I'll.pav,is
011 August 1 iiii.
Villi '
vv.int   I    OUI
Ml      ".illl
If you ■-, n" we vm milt
vmi.    Jusi 1 ill luiind and select
the colon you
hii; stock.
"Can" Paints
Pm mu ul doors
doori painting our
p. iiei 1 satisfaction
1   le
(hn i.m paints mai,
look   Irish  niial   new
last and durable,
I  s
Stoney ®, Co.
If You're All For Lawn
Y 0 U P E R 1- E (.: T
Garden Tools of all Kinds are here in
Great Variety and at Motf Reasonable
Pi ices.
Our Lines ol
Ate tlie Best anil We Guarantee Them to do the Woik.
paine ck McMillan
lie Pioneer 1 l,irtl\vaie - North \ ancouver
1 i.x.. ;
I'lv'S   A
and  househol
.ash.    'Iiiiii. is
Phoat  184,
Tuidils are invited l.v Korth
Vancouvei Citj Ha.aril ul
Sihool Tin lees lor en. lion   ol
two 1 m .1   building  in   Rail
Ktld   Cent ial Works .
Plans .md specification* mav
p. ubtaim al [rom seen lary lo
Trustees, with whom tenderi
en to in* lodged not Iati r than
Ttiursda* the |th dav ..I Au
i;itst iu \i, sealed and 1 nd
•■Tender f..r Rait End School.'
The   lowest    or   aliv    ..ll.l     IIOl
in tessaiilv  at cepti d
Scut tatv.
i Street Rait,
r ti R 1
meeting again resolved itsell
Into open session when a resolution was pained lo at unci
proceed with the main and lit
til.il seWels on l'ol Ins Ave
ami    the   1,literals   oil   tin   Bl
planade, l-'itst, Second ami
Third siiteis under the local
improvement system, li is pm
posed that the .iiv at largi ai
siinia.- ihe extra cont "i ib
main sewer ovi 1 and abovi the
coat *,1 the latterals
The engineer was inatructed
I,, bring in .1 tip.*ii "ii the pro
posed woik
It is iin'dersl 1 lhat the
poinliuent  of  •'    Cmgrovi
\ivv  Wisiniinstii  as the inglu
ecr ioi   the diatrict   ol   North
Vancouvi r ut a salary 11 *
per month ami II   I,. UcPhei
son as assistant engineei ol thi
tlistl'iil at  a salalv  ul ! I2J pei
in..llth has  heell  iolliirincil   and
ihe iniui.il declaration will  be
iiiatle at  .1 spe, ial council Iliu'
ill-; to In* held  I.■ 111. ■ 11 • ■ w  (Wed
ll.stlaV     I Vi niii;
P, WII I iim h'.lv'T
The   North  Vancouvei   l 1*
I*.onl will .ni their weehlj mt
uii i.n tlu* grounds In Ironl "i
Paisoiis   Pavilion   tomorrow
Wnllli stlav     1 vi nine, lollllliill.-
ing about K o'clock. The pr..
gram a ill be nl 1 high ..rder.
lee 1 lean. ..n.i refreshments at
the 1 "ii . ' * n Mr I'Toiuiuc's
lawn Tlmi dai ev iiiui".
Kdilol   I'.vpltss
Tin* World correspondent's re
marks  ill    last   night'l issue    ill
thai paper Indicate some   [ail
me on the part ol lhe distrii 1
Council l" live lip lo tin *
iinin  in ilu iitv's .\ii , 1   In
corporation,   There is no loun
dat ion lor the idea     The  di
nni   has throughout   regarded
that agreement  as bindin
lium I*, Un  fullest extent   and
ill. v    hav,    given Hill 'llul     '"
ll \       ill. I ■    111        II ..I'l
ill;* iln  w ..li 1  11. hi . is now   in
the   .itv    loiiiu il s   hands,  iiu
bodying   not  onli   tlu    cit
right!  undi 1 lhe in< 1 poration facilitii -
agreement, bin aK.. [tu ther pri
vii. bi ■  .1 iki ' . 1 to enable   thl
That ,11 llial railwav  i"llslllic
11,,11 is at preaent under wav . n
the North Shore ul liiin.ud In
ll l   mav   he pi..veil lo a  ilv lln '11
sl ration  h)   am one who   wii.
lake a lllll Up lo the head III llli
liilel. Ai a point diui i lv op
positc    M Iv ville   a    con  IH"
tion gang under the dircctii n i
the C P.R, has heen at », i!, I
somi    iim,*  past ileum     . n
grading   I   railwav   line   ah ll
iln waterfront, Tin construi
lion Ini.i naiisisis oi a consider
aide number ol unn and is
equipped a ith *i steam sl ovi 1.
a woik train, eti . in i mam ei
ihat would appear lo indieat
extensive opi ration; .   The chai
ai ler ol  ill.   Wolk  1 i 111.*  il.'lli   ll
oi a permanent order. Light
tresllei are lieing thrown across
ihe indentations along tm
shore line and earth is Leing
liullliil   hv    means ol lhe   tl Hup
can and thrown inia' them   di
prcssioni -..' lhat  i   olid  riu.d
bed is constructed  Tin lorce I c
e.in  operations   ut   a   u-nir.il
point   and  toi   a   I iui wa.ikcl
lioih criwaid  and  westward,
hut lor the past wi ck in so the
ilmi attention appears to havi
been addressed lu hui'.din*
ward   ihe  head  ol   lhe   InUt
Wlnn  the locality was visited
hv a representative ul the   Bi
press iu the nioloi launch l.l.i
nor.  through iln  lotuiisv   .a
Air. ,l   .1. \\ Is, large .,11 .nn
ins oi siipplns wu, noieil piled
mi ih. landing whili the camp
exhibited signs "i is-rinanem
whiih gave lhi linpreaalt n th*tt
operation! were intended i"
continue i" th. compb tion 11 i
well defined plan, .lust wh
significance these operations in
Volve   as   to the HH.nil.'lis    ol
ihe C.  P,  K   rei uv,   to the
North  Shore  is alto i her   i
m, tier oi coiiiiiiui, up. n  ih.
I .rn    oi   iln-   general   public,
Tin it ait ihose who pi ilens to
have information lo lln   clliit
lhat  the railwai romp m   In
imd to extend then lit i   »lon
tin   .niiti   shoreline lo   lion
shot   P.,iv, crossing North \nu
i a short eai   Ierry
for  tin   present   and Iati i    kv
mean ol i pmnaaent bridgi
(or ih. construction  ol   which
the    i ■ indl    lying    ne.ir     llu
mouth "i Nortli Arm oner go *d
Uluilur stub is  tin
OMK .Aatmr—2m_r_w-_\r ■._—_:: „*__-—■. tx.z
W, nr,
lur S.I. kr
i,, ni'i Clothing,
I mn
Chii,In n's Booti an. Shu, s.
■11M1111 l*frH4+HHHH4il4+Hf
Our business is now practically on a cash ha
sis. This ciiablos ns to give our customers the
same Ugh class goods we have always handled
at v.iv much belter prices than can bc obtain..1
(rom stores doing a credit trade.
Trv an order and compare quality and price.
J. A. & M. McMlLLAN
Application! foi
nl   Assessor  to 'h
North   V in* nUi 11
i'lio will be recclvei
the positloi
Disti ' 1   a
a.r the  ve.■
'iv ilu un
dersigned up till - p m on the
11li d.r   "l AugUat,   ioi"     The
duties  will toiisist of prepare
tion .nul i.'iii|d. tion "i Assess
liiini   Roll  i"t   abovt   District
laainpll'.lll.' >5,U0n      ta,
parcels  "I land) In accordance
wiih thi provisions o| lln Mu
nicipal Clauses Acl Applies
ii. ,iis to si.ii. it muiii ration ex
JOHN c  PARMER, C 11 '
iiox ja,
North V incnuvei
le;' al' lilt;:  ill
aire an amicable ani
lution can ala ai   I. [ounil
a reference to a tit uti .1  auili-
oriiv   to   thi.u.   'li*    •  pectlvc
Applications will be received 'ii:llls "' I"1"1'" ,""1,i' •"'  •'•
l.v iiii imu...., in,i up till 5 "'- rangement, that ,     ,v   i
clock pm   "ii Mondav, ihe *'i'   ItMt,   verj   ill defined     There
dai ol   Au ii i   1,!..,   lor   the Bead '"' »" * ' ting
P* ition -I i* ,. Chiel   "I    the ll"' ll,'lh ',: :'
t i"  ol '*. nh I ancouver, Sal- u-rred to
l.n i   or   n  i   Is mallei   ol    i* n
jet inn    up io the present.    I 11'
utv to put down a nea   main „j,|, ,,i,:,u,, ,,, ,|u. [euabil i-
in a new location,  Thn, is no ,,[ smh  a scheme no OM   ear,
thinfi iiiiilni I'aain tin minds ol |laVe .nn doubt who has i I
the diitrict council so far as 1 f„|iv Impeded iht geographical
have heai.I n expreiscd lhan to |Mturei ol  North Arm in  the
hamper in am  wai llii   watei vicinit) ol lhi  i landi to whiih
servicei ol the citi     01 necu reference is niadi above      The
■ity    lluv    have   had lo defend gdvent   ol   Ihl   I   P R   wii    ol
diatrict interests and n uuv li ,]„. iy0rth Arm would  certain
Pi.siiiiud that tli.v will .outiii ij   add  ■ ven powerful fact i
ue 1" 'I" s"'  hUt  ll  illlui ol *„  ,|u, dt'velopin.iu  ol  the   vv a
•pinion regarding ih  .    h* uld terfront   and  ol iht  Induitr'i
wisi   so poasibilities    .*(    ihe    North
by Shore.
an "ih red ^   pu month,  Ap ■ '■
pin ants io   late i vp. rience and
ainak '   Alight   at  I'- * Ri ad
THOMAS SHKl'HKRD,      dai evening and I
Cilv Chrk. laminations.
ih il
Miss Man i» Sullivan ul \ in
COUVCI   aid   Ml    Ri  I'lkt   "I p. 1
Moodi s|uni tin* wi'■' ■ nd in
ihis ii"   thi   * in-'      I   \|i    and
Mrs. ('.lull ' I K.nh •
lii   lohn I ■''•      null ip'
Chas  11   Cates, lift
[Or     III   ill <'    "11    oil. I    lh       1'
•.ti-aim-rs IIiiiiii ■ I*, 'in hi
vvill In ilu -in-I -I tht * p'.'ii
ol ilu  ship
li yo.i want to sell your Property, fill in blank space and
Mail to
\,W    \\l-illll'l*.       It ll   ■'! i.'1
led   a   mw sti ^
inn known   is iiu   '-.i.     lm' '
.,1,     Thl light! 'is."   •.'     all
provided with Tun itn   win
h    iv.  *i inii'h :• e.itil   tl
. illation lot tin   powei Usui
than is pa . iih wnii platinum.
Kach lamp li provided wnh an
BUtoUl .tu liim CUt "lit whiih
has the illitl ill lln *vitll ol
aliv  oiu   lamp 1*'in    pu;  .Ul  'I
commission, ol guidini  tin un
rent  lo 'l i   iwnaindei   ol lhi
. tb i.t in
i,ui un


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