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Volunii  1
North Vatoouvm, B.C., July 19, l'JlO
Number 17
Second Narrows Bridge Matter
To Be Discussed Wednesday Night
Ai last evening'! meeting  oi
lhe iiti round! ll ivhich all llie
a lilt Iliuli wett plesiiil  the M it
Or   staled that     he had     tutir
vicwed the director! oi the Bur
rurd Inlei, Tunnel and Bridge
Company in reference i" hold
in;; a public meeting in the city
and was pleased to repoi 1 th.it
llii'i    hail   expressed   tlnir will
Ingnete to meet lhe ratepayi ri
in Larson's Pavilion on Uul
llcsday IVening,     This dale lias
trrangtd   bj   the council   and
itiit ph,ise ni the Sen.iiii Nar-
roum bridge project will be fully
elucidated tomorrow evening by
the directors.
A sensation ttas produced
during thc latter part of laat
evening't sitting when Aldei
man Schuli/ declared llial In*
could imi agree with the method iiliich Cm Engineer Hams
propoaed to adopt bv Hat i em h
ill"    the east  and  it isl    strict*.
between the Intersecting north
and  saiinh slreets ami in muse
queace would hand m bis reai |
. n.n ii m to the mavor. The matter   arose   in   deciding    tht
gradi lo be adopted "ll
llth slreet for lhe Tile
phone block which sin iiul
in   lhe engineer's prolll   to   b.'
an   absolute   laclith   .uruss   the
itreet,    At tins nocture   .Ud.
Sihult/ asked tin- engineer ii it
uas ins Intention to bench |lh,
sth and hth slie, ts an absolute
bench between ihe interaei un
north ami s.uih streets the
same as ird strict had been
done       lie stated  lllal  he   u 's
not in lavor ol this method oi
benching ami the engineei 'i aa
siier wonld determine wh.ibu
he iiouhl still remain a member
of the council,     Tin- engineer
ansuiTcil thai his pruliles i ili
ed   for   this and Aid.   Si hull/
forthwith    declared   ihat   ha
Waa not in   si iiipalhv   ii lib llic
engineer and would band in his
resignation No action iiaslak
ell on lhe 111.Illel  lil  lllc COnmHI
The following communication!
were read      Letter iroin ihs
0, I   Mann. Ilotie strut. Van
louiil, complaining ih ii r,fuse
waa being dumped m in nl   11
h.is 7 ami s, block I, I) I. i' I-
Referred to health coinmitlei
\Y. C, Gladwin, chiel lire uar
dell, advised council ol lhe   nil
port.ml   lieid   ol   lhe   iitv   ami
disiriu of North Vancouvei tnd
ami iiu (liferent municipaliti
getting control "i all ihe ninl
in-; timber limita on iln- lowei
and upl'ei ie,iihes of lhe Capil
alio.  Seminar alld  Llllll i reeks
ami forming  them  into a  n
stlte lor lhe piesiiiatii ii ,.l the
water .appli      He emphatin.il
oil  the lleussiti   ol prompt    a
ti.m  iii ..i.lei that tin   limber
mighl b. sated Iiiiiii lllllllll
desi llli tion. lie [llllllll adus
ed regulation similar I" lliost
adopled in YeUowatouc I'.il'k *ll
llie si'U't.ll poillls ol .ipploitll
to the (uresis alld t.llllotls With
campen ami others during tin*
summer monthi
ii..it,ild Cameron, C R , wroti
achttowledging letter Irmn
council adviaing ni   retolntion
passed bi i,,iiiii ll ill li -aid to
grade! and also lhe mayor's
Idler in that i..iiiiuii.ai piled,
Letter liom Uayoi M.n to
Citv Clerk Thos Slu pin id ad
ViaUg thai  he intended lo Veto
t ninii ils reaolution calling  In
Donald Cameron tnd Trace] as
conaalting engineer!   Piled
Letter   (rom    Davii,    M.n
shall, ,St MiNiill, .nli ism*:
that the Hank of Ham
illon ami Mr Keith had innih
estimates and celled lot' tendt i
..ii ihe ttrength "f ilu- grade mi
Lonsdale Ave at the COTM 0
l'irst bting given and tin •   p
posed  to proceed Wltll  the n. I
■il miu  ami tiniild hold the uli
i.   |" llsibb    ll   ,i   Chattgl   111    the
,i i.l.    ttas   made and  lor   am
damage ihat mighl result to
Ihein    Filed.
A iy Foremen asked ii then
"is am probability of him n-
ctiving a gradi on ial   strut
Weil ..I Lonsdale Ave. It lias
laken  ap ill  the bt laws
Tbe engineei reported on I"
.al Improvement ..l nd itrwl
Iioin St. Dat id's Ave. tii the
citv limits as lollotts : Work,
permanent, eatimated coat S,|
ooo, lile ol Work,  Jo years ; pri-1
rati   frontagi   tap feet,   i
mount chargeable  to city,  50
per cent., being $17,000, amount j
chargeable to frontage, 137,000,
cosl   pel    loot, S|, |i.     He     11-1
|"'i ted liiilhei  that  lhe cost   ol
Wooden walks and curbs would '
In   S.',-'i;.aSo of which ih,.   eity
WOUld     bear     S.'lj.aSo, and llu*
fronting   property,   $3,000,   the!
frontage in feet being, citv 16n
and privati property (1040. The
engineer reputed on the local
improvement mi Lonsdale Ave,
fr     IN lo the city limits   as
lollowi : nature of work, crad
in;: and macadamizing, eatimat
ed cost S.i"o"o, life of  work 20
years,   private    frontage   6,770
lut, city frontage 830, city't
share 40 per cent, being $15,800
[routing property $33,700, cost
per fool $3.50, Both matters
tuie bud over lot' further consideration.
Another letter Irmn ihe engineer em toting a COpJ of seller ipedficationa as requested bv
the Council lias nail.  He Stated
ihal  lhe specilicatiolis tide adopted bv the COttncil last   vi r
It   ttas  laid over.
A petition signed by 1 |h cil-
itettl   lias lead  taking  ior   tllc
North Vancouver's First Annual
Horse Show A Great Success
North Vancouver's lirsl annual Hurse Show held lasl Sat
unl 11  uas a decided sUicess aiid auguri iiell lor similar evciils
in the future.   The enterprise displayed by the management   of
lhc N. V. Horticultural Society and Farmers' Institute desert
es the hi'dicsl success.
The linance couiniittee rccoin-
memled that the tax sale be
held oil All-just 17th. The report  uas adopted.
The    waterworks    committee
utt to provide a team of hor- recommended ihe payment of
sis aiiil live paid liremi-n to a
sist ihe volunteer brigade. Thev
submitted lhat the uly was  iu
contant danger from nm and
immediate action wet asked.
Aid. fc)Wler said lllal lllc
hose WagOU aiiil 1 heiiin al now
ordered would be here in 30
dais and llial ii 11 as the intention lo have a team and paid
hrenirn   as  soon   as the appar
aius arrived,     lie muted that
ill the nteallliliie lhe lire 10111-
mlllee be cliipoweied lo employ
live lllell and bile a team ol
bona ai times a,I ims. The
motion "as passed.
Aid   Sihult/ moved thai   lhe
im committee tnfanit an estimate ill tile tost   to ptlt   tile llli
department on an efficient 1 asis
and that a In-law for this pur
pose   be   submitted  lo  tile pen
pie     I'lie motion uas adopted
A   (',   l'i rty submitted a pi 1
ii bridge t" be erected bv thill. C. Klectric Ky. Co. on loth
street old   MiKa.  uuk        Hi
wanted council'! mux llou as t..
location oi bridge Referred lo
W. L. BoUlt asked if lhc pur-
,ha*.t    ,.|     a     slreel     sptillklci
could not bc Incorporated in tin
motion re iln- preparation ol a
bt I.m lol the pllli base of lire
apparatus.     Referred     to    tin
committee of the whole.
A B, Crickmay and Mr. Pollock complained ol indl ci irnin
aie blaating in ih, vicinity ol
15th, ll'lh and i;th slreets tasl
ol bmisil.ilc .\u. Tluy said
ihai  tl a  11 .nil  a.l nu III blast
inj; large chunki "i rock  ami
stumps ituc lodged in tlnn
t.nils in th,* danger ol Iheii
laiinlies.    it was reaolved th
the Chid ol I'aalii, look into lhe
mallei 1. ii 11, il 1,1 and lhat hi
In tiiipoiu nd in this 111 .tarn,
ami   inline ias,s lo iall    ill tile
permit!   il  good   cauae    "as
sliotui Tin clert was itistnici-
ed to notify the Council ol ant
permits withdrawn,
V.. C. I'errt complained that
certain ulumben wi n opi rutin
in the utt uithmii living up '"
the ploiisiolis of the Inl.m    lb
dnw attention to the necenl
,.i thi appointmtnl "I •' plumb
in;: inspector and the enforci
ment oi ihe provitioni "I the
In bin.     11  uas 1, letnd to tll.
health committee    Kt inquire)
asked il lhe COUttcfl """bl   ' v
innl \\u.iiiii At. .md another
ratepayer asked fur the exten
account of .1. Kirkland, cai'i-
taker of the intake (or damage
done to his household furniture
as   a result of the recent   bush
lire.    Payment of $46 Bo was
The   mgittttr   ivas   .attracted
to give Contractor Martinaon a
location  on  which to  erect a
band stand al  Victoria Talk
The Hoard of Works were instructed to clear ihe city's pn>-
peiii at the corner of st. Geo*
rge't Ave. and 1 ith street.
A In lan establishing a general grade and levels 011 Lonsdale Am-, from 1 uh lo 1 sth
streets uas paaaed three readings.
A bi I.m catabiiahing a general grade mi 1 uh itreet be
tween Lonsdale Ave, and S
George'i was passed three read
ingt, The "lade submitted in
the engineer's profile in this
case followed ncirli lhe natur
al gndl ol the slreet and profile! f"f an absolute bench mi
lllll   street    belli tell     LoUsdaic
and Si. George'i Ave
A reaolution was paaaed au*
thorixing the engineer to give
iln- gram in tin- morning.
Aid. Sihult/, Irwin, l'oiibi
and Smith went oil record as
bun'; 111 favor of a .' per cent,
beiiih between curbt between
L'.nsdale Ate. and St George'i
on 1 uh sit. 11
The profile of ilu grade on tat
itreet   between  Lonsdale  Ati
alld    pnl his   Ate   as per a    it
queat oi Mi Foreman, ims rabmitted The plan provided [or
a un ol .ili'.ui ti iui at   Uahon
The 1111 rabtri ..1 the liii/ui*.
committee nh" wen picseni.
Missis   A   I   III mb rs.ai, A  I
Sal I Hit   illd \\ ,  I,    llollll,    lien
invited   In   inspect    the    plan
iced with  the prolih
Iiii motion ol Aid. Smith ami
I,,uli 1, the gndl as ejicll in
the profile lias auepled nil.tlli
III,, usit
A In-law   fur lhe grade   it a
glveu three rending! and  pass
Ill iward lo lixinj* a gndl "ii
the    Ksplanadc    Aid      Fowlei
thought  it  uas daagerotu   to
dn   sn iiim   in  iiiii   of  future
1,nltt.11    ami   waterfront   '''
■lOtt   of   the siili n.ill.   mi
imi  fi.nn   Oineiisliiiri   ti
dty limiis    w.(111..1   t"
board of worki
The   following linancial   ti
1.units tteii   pi  "I    Finance,
a   j poller ,13-43;   ""ml o|
U'lks,   $1,804.09,     'ii'l    "alii
works committee, $1,151 '"•
The weekly dinghy raic   was
sailed over the Gravely unirse
last Saturday, There ner.'
four entries and the start pic
tented a very ptetty pii line as
the four boats passed tllc Uoss
inj,' line almost together vith
the   Klhcl sliedilly in the   lead
to windward,   On tin* ran down
to the lirst mark Wc Two look
tilt lead, but very soon altei
rodUdittg the lee mark the local
ll  designed .lllllibo slnniul   hei
11 underfill   windward  qualiliet
bv passing We Two, Slu mil
lintied t" increase h-r lead
throughout tin- lirsi round, In
the   second round going    down
lo the lee 111.Ilk  We Tlio   again
gained Brit poiition having
taken advantage of the stroiic.
running tide.   She rounded tin
lee mark a couple of boat
length! ahead of .I umbo Ethel
followed  1 minutes later.
(in ihe last leg 10 windward
.luiiibo again took hrsi pin-
fininhing a most exciting   ran
with four scu aids lead over Wi
Two. Rthel linished 1 minute*
and 10 seioinls after We Tii"
1 li.1   .ne up earlj ni the race
Sinn   lhe ol':.'.mi/.iti.11 of   lhe
Dinghi  limine, Assouatioii tin
dinghy I,lies have bet "tile lln .11
aiid more popular, the nea be
fog   close   and   cxllcincli Inter
eating, li is hoped by tne man
agement that the two othei
boats now being built will noon
be   read)    1" lake part    ill lln
S.lllllll,ll   Mies
The   mii   landing   i"i    tin
North  Vancouvei Vacht   Club
is now teadi ami the i bib -
boat In ills, will be ninicd thii
uuk to the loot ..I Sl Gen
i . '. \ic. I-Aluisitc prtp.ira
timis ale mitt   Illuh I tt.il lol lln
Improvement "I the rlnb'i
euuipmenta and uuh  thl    In
view several rai iii;; ikill
fend for sab- at ani Ion prki
I hei uill be lepl.ned bj newel
.and Inllil boats uhnh hati
in m been ordered.
cin of
A meeting of  Ratrpayi H  will
lie held
Pavilion on
On motion o| Aid  Smith ..ml.Wednesday, the 20th insl., at 8
Fowler the matt,i
to   the    ralcpatcls'    colillllittii
■ ■I .in  i vpiessioii of   opinion
Uli Thei    nue albnud the si-rib
of the engineer,     The motion
p.issed    with    Aid     Fowler,
Smith,   Ini in and McNeill,  lor
and kid McRai and Bchulti i
p. m„ to discuss Second Nation
Bridge Project.
WM. H. MAY. Mayor.
fj  \i n.n has removed Inli
Ins in-w house on Queen  ttrcel
N B.-Tlii« riMtlBI i* enlli'il III
Uttol n*,|ni..l in el" In I;
• I llie ,|...jr„ ,,f ||„. pr,,,,.j : I*
nl lh.. Itiirr.-ird Inlet Tninnl ani
N'orih   Vancouver'! first an
nual hone slum which was held
under the allspices ol  the    Ilm
liuiltinal   Socicti    al the   tl
hibition groundl lasl Saturday
uas a crowning lucceti  mon
particularly    (rom   the   Ugh
standard o| tin* exhibits llllllll
included smne uf the best bred
and the cream oi the North I'a
cilic coast stables. The lliost
of the hoists iurc from tile
south   side   of   the   Inlet     and
while competing with thtte local horses carried ofl i number
o| blm- ribbons. Among the
visiting horses was tin* Inn  $|,
joo Kentucky thoroughbred ol
lv s. Knowlton, nh ch was
shown iu i numl er of event a
The feature of lhe i lasses na-
lhe    saddle   horses,   ladi     ami
gentlemen riders. Most ol the
mounts were spiritul annuals
and the held of planum an 1
daahing steeds preacntcd ■ very
fatcinating scene.   The weatlur
uas ideal and It" accident ol
.nn ronaeqtteuct occurred to
mar the dai s I nuts.
The judging of the lirsl exhibit of heavy dranghti was commenced at 10 a in   and the litlal
event, the hurdle jumping, did
not conclude till ibout 7 oi lock
and only a short in'ermission
ttas laken al  num.
Tin attendance was hi rdlj ■
to   thl stand.ml and the   torn
Ulittee   (ell  lllci   were   iin|llstlv
neglected by b cal' patronage,
and  thii  I." I   "as all  lhe mole
apparent when the inn- array "i
outside exhibits was seen.
The   line   display of   IS   clips
was  on exhibition Iii  front   ol
the er.ind   stand   and some   oi
the   t holiest   of these m re   se
nnd bt   lotal slahlc.i
The result   ,,f the judging WU
as follow!
CLASS 1     llcat't  Draught
Hi I  Man, Cup In   .1.  II
Broolu   i, I I.n iy Fogg.
Hest Pair Horses, NY. Citi
and Districi Cup by C. F Jack
soil,   and hallers by  Valient ci
Harness Co., :nd ami ml,   rib
luais-   i  aiid  2,  II.  Fogg,
Hest pair bursts, open to all.
up In C   Nilsoii, .'ml and jrd,
iihl>..iis- i, McDonald and M.n
pah : l .md i, II  ■■"guilts! loin hoi se team, cup bv
c,   \   UcRdin   i. II  Fogg,
CLASS i  General Purpose
liesi team,  Korth Vancouvei
and  district  cup by .1. A
Nair,   .-ml and  ml. itlilmiis    i.
.las. Gioiinilnilii :  ', II   1
Hest  sinele holse,  N.  V.  Oil
and Diitrict Cup bi ,1. M.
Frommc, ind and ird. ribbon
I, .1. I), l-'iasel ; .', Siuiioiii
Lumber Co  j -,, C   K   lli. kiiian
It. sl loal nl l',|a,, opi ll to all,
silver uip   i, \\. A   i.il- "ii
Iiest mie icat old, "pen to
ill,   i up bv  Missis    I'd.im bin bl
Itt a .S       I,   W,   A.   Glbsill
Ibst brood mar., open i" all,
iup In A R l.nhlle. .-ml ami
tnl, ribbons i, III.nn lln Id and
Laiitoli ;   I,   I    A   Gibson ;   I,
i   i   Blancfafield,
I'.ni trotting mart",  iiiidu is
li,nub.,  open i" all. uip In A
I.iilill.    i, Joo, Lawson
Pail lliares. IJ hands .illd
..ttt, CUp bi   Ml    S,mi a!
ami ml, ribbona  I, Di B*»vl«
j,  I.   .1    KoU-rts;   i,   I.   .1
Single trotting hone,  undei
I*, hands, uip bv \\   A   Gil.son.
i.   lohn Lawson
Bingle    trotting   horse,     is
hands   and over, Uip K\   I      I'
Robson, -'ml and nd, liblvns
i.   i    .1.   Blanchfield;   2   Dr
. *. Dr Boyle,
Pair   pacers, open In all, sii
cup   1, L, Ilodi'ins
Single   paiinc;   Imrse,    lilvci
cup, 'tnl ami ml  1 ibbon    1, .1
I    Wain bin Id ]  J,   A   lb
'*   1'   Thoiup'.'.ti
Pair  roadsters,  driven  bv  a
ladv. (Up bv   Missis   Thacker |
Thornton--1,Dr Hmlr ; 2, T
I   K"'
Runabout,  nte  1-   bunds.
cup bi N t'.itu ouver "Bept
ribbon   1, r   Mallni
I   I 1.unlet
Runabout, i^ hands nnd
1,arson    I,    .1.   C.
1 up by  P
Bingle driver, under is hands
1 up iii \l Ginttburger, :nd and
ml, ribbons -1, Mi Intoeh and
lb 11..use; j, R, C, Boyle; J,
J, l-'iander.
Single driver, Ij hands ami
over, cup bt A. .1. McMillan,
jnd and jrd, ribbona—I, .1. A.
Russell ; .', .1. A Caldwell ; .,,
.1. C,  Kloeplci
Team, open to all, clip bv .1.
Alexander--i, II  E Tregent.
Tandem, opra to ail, cup l> ■
0, ll Allan—i, II. 8. Tregent.
Saddle punt, under IJ hands
cup In II M. Hums, jnd ani
.tnl, ribbona I, Rric Fotuufell;
i, J, Fiandtr : J, J, A  Russell
Shetland saddle pottt, uip by
Mayor Hay, ind and *rd,  rib-
boUl t and 2, Coll. .loi.es ; j,
Si tinoilr Lumber Co.
I'"in   junipers,   silver cul)—I,
Miss MiCorinick.
best bolt ruler, i up by A   lv
Liddle, :nd and ml, ribbon! —
i, Miss Cowderoy ; 2, Miss M
Cormick ;  \, Mrs. Heard.
Hest   ladv  inlei.    N    V.    Citv
and District Cup by Keeve lb
Naught   I, Miss Kinder.
Hest saddle horse, open to all,
saddle bl 1). Spinier. Ltd., 2nd
and    ird,   ribbons   i,    A.    M.
lolinsi ii ; :.  C   S   Knowlton ;
i, M C  Hamilton.
Hest  saddle horse,  N    V. iill
aiid district .diver cup, ind and
ud, rib! oni   i tnd I, J. Law-
saaii ;  ;, A    11. Diplock,
Ladi s saddle horse, under l.s
hands, saddle by H C. Leather
Co. :nd, hand baj; by lv S
Knowlton, ml, ribbon i, A.
G Kittson ; :, .1. A. Russ.ll .
t, .1. Fiander
Lad' \ saddle horse, under 13'
hands, N. V. City and District
Cup, bv II. Hirks'\ Son-1, .1.
Lady's saddle holse, li hands
ami over, cup bv Mahon,  Mi
Farland ft Proctor, ud and .trd
ribbons i. Mrs Ceiil Smith,
hotse owned In Gnenfront sta
bhs;   :,   Miss  Dalton,   mine I
In I C. Kloepfer 1, Miss
Cowderoy, oiinul In Miss Cow-
Ladi s saddle horse, I =, lund
alld otel.  N.  V. I ill   and   Ills
tii,i  i up in   C, Lewnon  l,
Miss ; 2, Miss Mi
Corinick,   horte   owned   by .'
Hi si jumper, open to all en*
uns    silur tup, 2nd aiid  ,trd,
riblHiiis   i,   .1.  A.   Russell
Weald   aiid   Drown ;   *,   W    I
Holland.    Height   of   jump  a-
Imttl   | tui ti im Ins
The Mmi wen n 0 tt—ttk
iniil. i- ^i. Logan, Capt sim
all and II   F   Rolst.ati
\l III, i lose ol the show Mis
\t I. Kietie ples.iitul tin Uip*
tO lln  niiitn is
The stiii.mis in ihal.t MUi
I l.atisoii. C I-'. Rol.s.n, I
l-.at.iti. II Kll»hill alld I II
Hi .oks
l.aui.ss, ,,t \,w Weititiinater
|..i Minio Cup Nui Westmin
ster 10, Montreal 4
Haseball at V.m, ,*iin r. Ta-
...111.1 l, \'. nn "imr 1
Villain-;,    lulian  Cup   1
..  Hiiir.itd 1.airs,, Ind]
winner. Miss Marion, dhoW --ail-
in.'  Ml    A    lv  l.lllas   II b
Tilln um
11    C,   dingh over
Clan bv   Cmirse,   1st,   .lllllibo .
.'ml. Wi Two , jrd, Bthd
111,kit at Hroiktmi Point
Vain, nur C   C   1 ■•   l'lirrards
s,,,i.   is, I,, ss ,„ 1 ,,,,,  ,.j   tin
lormer Humrds ve. Cednt
I'uita.i. .'-it ■ Ul " m favor ol the former,
The Walla,.   Shipyard! havr
been neeeeaitated on teo um "t
the   growth "f  lh'   l.llsltirss   t..
1 iiim wharfi ' '" !
plh     lot   uhnh   In■ r  alri idi
Buy at the
And Save Money
We positively guarantee all our groceries to be the highest
in quality anil lowest in price.
You may do well elsewhere hut you will do belter by buying
I larger loal of heller bread from us.
.Mm i by buying
ait our parlor
DEATH OV A PIONEER In   the northern waten   ihis
vear   aiid   the  promise  is that
Tin- death occurred un Tlnnv the run  will be large,   That is
dav lasl t>| Mi     H. Walker   at thu news brought liy the ste.uii
tin* home .-I bn daughter, Mrs. er Vadao uhiih arrived Irom
,1. (;. Bain, Mahon Ave., ihis the north this week. Accord-
city. Un. IValkei was the ral- Ing to the Information brought
let ol the late Wm. Walker who by ber, the Skeena fishing has
with his wile came lo this pro- been unusually good,
vim e over |" 11 ars ago.   Alter
the result of stepping "U
sharp coiner oi a broken
e partly   submerged   be-
carry a large supply ot all kinds at the lowest prices.
Highlands Potatoes $1.00 per sack.
New Potatoes, 9 lbs. 25 cents.
Best J. & M. Coffee, fresh roasted and ground, 3 lbs. $1.00
also a grade al 23 cents.
Indian ami Ceylon Tea, 3 lbs. $ I .(X), also all standard grades.
Best Creamery Butter, 3 lbs. $1,00, also cheaper grade.
Fancy Apples.
Oranges all net Imm 20c. up to 50c. per doz., guaranteed
not touched by (rost, and sweet and juicy.
Large assortment ol English Candies imported and domestic
(rom 15c. up Io 50c.
New Laid Eggs daily, 40c. |M*r dozen.
Fresh Biscuits, large assortment, 10c. to 25c. pet pound.
slat ill"    oil    lhe inasl   [or    a
short lime thei went inlo   the
interior   and   evidently   settled j    As
on ilu- Carib"" road where ihey the
pioneered it up i" An- tiun- ol botl
Mr. Walker's death    The  1. te neath the water on the  beach
\lr. and Mis   Walker came out near llu* whari "ii Friday lillle
(loin St. i,iiii.nines, (int., in Reggie   Turner,   son   "i   Mr
compani  with 'he parents oi Turner, the eecond-hand man on
.Judge lloti.t "i Nt« Weatmin- l.onadale Ave., had tohavetev
stir and  Mis.  Walker,  prciious er.il   stitches   put   iu his   loot,
to   her   death ..Hell  told    littK* The   little   lelloiv,   along   with
ilii idellts tthiill liappilled  in the others,     tins    in    bathing     Bttd
Judge iiinn hm as a little tot
Deceased leans two sons and
iiiui* daughters all resident "i
ll. C. i" mourn lur loss. Ar
rangements are being in nb- to
ship the Imdi to Clint.m, 11. 1 .,
Iilllle mu nm in \till le in,uli
beside lhe remains ol the bus
baud  .nul  "tn-  sou    Deceased
ivas -- i ears ol age
1'll'iM   u6
bmi' Dn in ky
We operate the only padded furnilure and piano
moving var -n lli: civ. . .
N. v. Carlcqc Co.
J I atll.il.ill-  III'.
PtlOM - IH
We beg to ainiaaiiiii e tii tbe public, and i HMI tally to lln
h.MiM tin. •-. ol North Vtncouvti thei tin Cipilauo \Wt
Wash Ltundry, cornet Pii tad Wolfe Streett, it nun ready
(or business You mil Imd the GRADE ol work done at tbe
Wet With Laundry to be tbt Insl that's the GRADE you
trtnt    Discard thtt wash lab, let inailiiiint do your work.
It's tin modem nay.
Prices Inr Family Wash per week, Wel With 75 out*-.
KourIi Dry $1.25
Drop a c.id to Pnal Oflic. .nd nur m.n aaiil . .11 (or your order    Civ. la. at 1 n.i
We Sell Anything, Everywhere,
Life, Fire and Accident Insurance.
Howard & Mathei*o»
16 Lonsdale Ave.        Phone 220
Vancouver's Initial
uti will be bcld nexl
Wednesday evening at Victoria
I'.nk In the North Vancouver
citv band, pursuant i" overture! made i" the litv council
the band  boys expressed their
Iwillingneai to contribute at
Kasi om- band concert t  week
iiu the liii il suitable places
were constructed in ivhich
io hold ihem    These are ii"i
ill shape vel, but with lhc band
making the first move ii will
certainly be up to the council to
inllil their end "i the negotia
lions in a speedy manner. The
I concert Wednetdaj evening will
be the commencement "I weekly
concerts ninth mil be held
niost probably on the same
evening during each week while
the teuton lasts Thej will
commence at eight o'clock and
.is sunn as the stand is efet led
.nnl clitiru lights installed \iill
likely continue till about in o'
dock      This lleekll   llillsli.ll ell
tertainiiii-ni will be greatlj ap
predated bv the citiseaaand ib,
opening nighl is being l< oked
(or to be heralded by t Inrge
and enthusiast*) audience,
.lot* limb i. a white man  and
AugUlt   Belle)   were   lined   Sl.s
.lllll   Lists   aal    I .lit    IllOlllll   UA  a2S
and ."sis or one month, respei
lively in the police court Hon
d.n morning. Both wen- char
gee with being drunk and itn.ip
abb* Magistrate Kealv preald
Taking our the water record
oil   Sei im mr    Creek    held    by
Point tiraj and South Vancou
ut, damming iln watertall on
Seiiiioiii neck to Imlil back llu
siieaiu (or a dittance of ban
miles ,ii ,i mst o| between Ibo,
um and S7 s,i h «i and conetruct
Ing t ihitd water mam lyitem
.moss ilu* inlei and through the
suiiili bs, ar, the steps whl.h
Maiol Tailor thinks will s""ti
lie neitss.iii m older tO keep
up tilth  tin   WatCI   llieds   of   a
Greater Vancouver
while paddling along In the
shallow water bis loot came in
contact with lhe broken bottle
with disastrous ellect, lunnc
diatclv after the accident lu'
it as conveved i" the office ol
Dr, Newcombe where the wound
was stitched ami bandaged, No
large blood vesselt were tever
ed and no serious nsuits are
At the general meeting "[ tin
Dominion Day Celebration
Committee held in the office ol
G, C, Walker, Lonidale Ave ,
all the accounts i..i tht 1910 ci
lebration were passed with ibe
exception oi one b.r about S.s.s
[ot tbc construction ol the
judges' stand on jrd street and
slriiijiinji iln- ropes along the
sides 01 that strut at ,i means
aai protection during the time
the horse racing events were
being pulled oil. This account
was relerred to the comuittei
under whose jurisdiction ii
tame. Aii Inspection "I thi
treasury n-vealcd the [act th.:
n uas iii good standing an l
there is little doubt bill .ill the
expenses uill be tqUaTtd lip
despite the I.lit  that   theie lien
extras which were ti"t provided
lieves   Stomach  Misery
most Immediately
m§& m.
I I Doll il     ih potill d    III     ll
Bink "i Hamilton mighl mean 1
lirst st"., towtrd tin tccnmulttion
oi 1 lor!
I In   man who senilis the ||g|
1 ions invtttmi nts ol Ins *.,
■ 1 ic It nn the nm prim ipli 1
nl Irugtlitj ami thrift
Di pnsii ..in- a), 11 at in di)   be
i;m to proi id< igtinil old igi mil
lin.iin nil H ti ises
C. G. HEAVEN. Agent,
Nnr.li Vani ouvi 1
Hearl Office:
Mi Moore
I the Ontario
egc 11 hen- he
up spti ill work 111 ilain
lb* had already laken up
liis new poiition .md is making
,1 imir ol the various reamer-
let in the province,
p ll Moore, P.8.A.,
bun appointed creamery
sum im im the province
liriiish Columbia,
is .1 graduali
The Hiking commenced early
II the food mil .ile .it vour
last meal did Bol dr est, bill
laid lor a long lillle like lead on
your itomach, then you hnve
indigestion and tpiick action
should be taken.
Of count then .ite many oth
er symptoms ol indirection,
smli as belching up ol sum
io.,,!,     heartburn,    dizdneas,
slioilncss ol breath and foul
breath, aiid if you have any ol
them,  vour   itomach   is ont
ol order alld should be colic I
Mi-o-na tablets have cured
thousands   of   1.ises oi IndigCS
Hon mid itomach trouble. ll
vou have anv itomach distress,
Mi-o U will relieve instantly.
Hut Mi-o-na unlike most totalled dvspi-psia reiiiidiis, dues
more than relieve; it permanently cures dvspi'psia or any
itomach trouble by putting
energy and itrength Into the
walls of the itomach, where the
gastric juices are produced.
A large box of Ml 0 na tablets 1 osts lml 5" edits .11 Tin
l.uiisilale Pharmacy, tad   in
.an.11.iiiieed to mrc or 11,01111
back, When other! fail, Mi 0-
M nir.s. ll is a producer oi
llesh ninn tht l»'dv is tlnn : it
cleanses the stomach alld bowels ; pm ilns the bh add and
inaki s  iiih  led blood.
Bronchilu, Croup. Coughs and Coldi, or
Booty back.   Sold and giu'int-ed by
The I.ousdale l'liarmacv
LONSDALE AVENUE, Netr 23rd Street,   111
North Vancouver. Telephone     L J J
Beautiful thiegt are tlwtyi attractive, ilwtjn
luhioniblt, always tpprecitted,
A beauty that never hubs is poiieutd by line
CUT GLASS, inch as you will find iu our crj'tUl
iiinni Have you ever noticed those myriad heimi
of light, thtt Iik'- ii't'stal ipetri dun bum thtglm
in our window and show room? Thii ridiinct is ■
sun- indication ol perfection. It lelli "I deep tun
regular cutting and Aawleitnen,
We are slumini: .1 ttock  "I  Ihl  BlOil  inassive,
evipiisitely mi ratti ind hindtomt eltctrolieri
tvi 1 brought mt" Vaiiu ouver.
In all lines ol this win we itrive to obtain tht
beat bir onr pttront, therefore, when you buy
gliaa it Birka'you may real aatured you btw tbt
v.-ty tiiiesl niaiinla. lined.
Hastings cv Granville Sts.     J-
I,,*,,. I'.. Trorey.
Ilatagini Director
AND IV  I.   165
We have cmiusm ule ol the belt propertiet in the
.ilnn,.    Call and inquire.
11 la-ontdale Avenue
Hn 1—Office 84      11.ms.. 11      P.O. Boi 60
Look Here!
Wa* li.i vi- juit received i lirgt
The pines me tueedingly lew.
Lace  Curtains
in Swita and Nottinghtm, Irom
751' to |6.00 pel pair.
CON ERS   Excellent Values
12ft I onvl.ilf Vvr.
Lot 4,  Blk,  6j, D.L.  548, 60l 140 Ieet, $1300; J500 cash,
0, 12 and iH months	
Lot id, Blk. 101, DL* 550, 5 uoo; $500 cash, d and 12 nio's.
Lot 5, Blk 117, D.L 274, *i2oo; $750 cash, bal. to trrtngt,
Lot 24, Blk. 49, D.L 548. *"00 cash' 6o x '4° ,tet- • •
A Lot on Nineteenth St.. two blot ks Irom the car line, t.425;
$50 cash, btlim 1 monthly 1
120 Meted Mfeeti Norlh Vancouver
LOANS NEGOTIATED     Cell on et lor Inli Perticulen.
CLAVERIE &  ARCAND hm just opened on First
Street, EM, an up-to-date
where the public will be sure to find a good and (resh assortment of Gtoceries and Provisions, bints and Vegetables in
season. <J Mr. Arcand was with !'. Filion o( Vancouver
(or the last eight years.
district of
NortH Vancouver
A HY-LAW to authorize the
Corporation of the District of
Nortli Yancouver to enter into and execute an agreement willi the Burrard Inlet
Tunnel and Bridge Compuy
for the purchase of shares iu
the capital stock of said company.
He il enacted by the Keeve
and Council of llic Corporation
of the District of North Van
i ouver in council assembled
(with the assent of the ebclors
of the district dulv had and obtained I as lollows,  Via. :
1. Authority is hereby given
lo lhe Reeve alld Clerk of the
Corporation to si-;n on behall
ol lhe Corporation and to seal
with the Corporate seal an Indenture ol Agreement between
the Hurrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge    Coinpanv    of   the   one
part and the Corporation of the
other part in the terms of the
schedule appended to this Hy-
law, and authority is hereby
given l" the corporation lo enter into and to agTCt to all the
provisions ol said agreement,
2. This Hi.I,aw mav be cited
[or all purposes a.s "The Hurrard   Inlet   Tunnel  and   Bridge
Company Aid Bylaw, 1910."
3. This HvLaiv shall conic into operation mi the date of its
receiving lhe assent of the Luu
tciianl-Govcrnor-in-Ctiiincil    by
order iu council lo that ellect.
Paaaed by the Council mi   tin
Seventh dav of .lulv, 1910.
Received the assent of the
Blecton at an election held mt
the day of
Reconsidered alld linally adopted by the Council on the
day of 1910.
This Indenture dated this
Eighth day of July, 1910, between THE HI'RRARD INLET
I'ANY incorporated as a Railwai Company bv charter ol tin
parliament of Canada | In run
a I Ur referred to as "The Company") of the one part and The
CORPORATION OK Till-; DISTRICT (>K NORTH VANCOUVER (hereinafter referred to as
"The Corporation" l of the other part :
WHEREAS the Compan lus
been incorporated inter alia for
iln- purpoae ol undertahing the
erection ol a joint traffic ami
railway bridge auoss tllc Sec-
mid Narrows ol Hun.ml Inui
Irom a poinl iu lhe Municipal
iiv ol Burnaby and Has
lilies Townsiit to a point in
Ibe District of North \ an * a
ver and lhe CoaatTOt li"'l "1
suitable railway works I ■   ..lie
connection   with   railway tvi*
leins   oii the Smith Slime   a d
lor the opening up and develop
meill   of  the   Nortli   Shore  .a
Burrard Inlet i
AND WHEREA8 the iihole
ol said works arc so situated as
to be ol gnat value to the Municipality or District of Nm th
Vancouver and lhe Corporation
has agreed to aid the said Company   by ■nbecriUng fur two
thousand live hundred (JJOO)
shares of One Hundred Dollars
(fioo) each in the capital
stock of said Company :
ANI) WHEREAS ih. price or
value   i.l   s.'id   sharts   is Two
hundred ami Bfty 1 ho—and dollars ({350.000), therefore the
Company hereby agree! to sell
to the Corporation and the
Corporation agnei to purilusi
of and from the Compani
Twenty Kin Hundred 12500.
shares ol One lluiulied Don.irs
1 Sl""' each of lhe Capital] sttak
o' the Company at and ior tne
said price of Two Hundred and
Fifty Thousand Dollars (|JJ0,-
iiimi)    subject    always     lo   the
terms of the Aci of Incorporation of the Company and to tllc
following conditions, vi/  .
KIRST   The said price   shall
be due alld pai able to lhe Com
pant within two months of the
date   of the assent of the Lieutenant Giivcnior-itiCotiticil     to
the  Bylaw incorporating this
Indenture aiid upon payment o[
the said price and in 1 \ibailee
therefor the Compani shall is
sue and make dcliu 11 to the
1 "i poration "f the share certiin ales for said shales in the
capital stmk 111 valid (onu :
SECOND-In respect of Unsaid Corporation noMing the
s.iiil shares in the capital stock
"I the Compani and while the
same are so held the Rieve "1
the Corporation shall be and
.111   as one nf the din I ton   "I
iln Company *
THIRD   Tin  Company agn I
within   ten   1 ini monthi   from
date ol the assent of the Lieutenant -Govci'iior-in-Council as
aforesaid to commence and proceed with the work of the construction of the said Bridge .uul
to have duly Completed and
ready for traffic the said bridge
and at least four (4) miles ol
connecting railways before the
lapse of three (J) years from
the date of the said assent of
this Lieutenant-Governor-in-
Cmincil :
KOCRTH-As regardi the
Corporation this agreement is
provisional on the assent being
had of the electors of the District and the passinj* of the
la uu    Hvlaw   lo   providi    the
funds and also mi this agreement receiving the assent of the
Lieutenant- Govcrnor-iti-Coiiticil
.ind    [ailing    either    of    these
eventi    then   this   agreement
shall bc ipso facto null and
the Company and the Corporation have caused their respective corporate seals to be hereunto allixed, the day and year
lirst above written.
The Corporate Seal ol the
Hurrard Inlet Tunnel & Hridgc
Company was hereto allixed in
the presence of
The   Corporate   Seal  ol  the
Corporation of the District   of
Nortli Vancouver was hereto a-
llixcd in the presence of
Acting Reeve.
I Seal)
C. M. C.
Take nolice that the above is
a true copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which lhe vole of the
.Municipality will be taken within the following polling sta-
lioiis, via. : In the Lynn Valley
Institute Hall ; in lent at corner of Lonsdale Avenue and
Linn Creek Rd ; and ill lent at
appro.nh io Hollyburn wharf,
all in the Distriii of North
Vancouver, mi Saturday, the
Ijrd dav "I .lulv, nil", between
the hours of 4 o'clock a.m. and
- o'clock p.in.
C.M.C. and Returning Officer.
l'llblic notice is hereby given
that the vote of the electors of
the District of North Vancouver will be taken mi The Hurrard lnlcl Tunnel and Bridge
Coinpanv Aid Hvlaw, 19I0. on
Saturday, the :,ud day ol .lulv
1410, between the hours of u
o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.111.
within the following polling
plan s, vii. I In the Lynn Vallu Institute Hall ; in lent at
lhe corner of Lonsdale Avenue
and Lvnn Creek Road ; and in
lent at approach to Hollyburn
wharf, all in the distriit of
North Vancouver, and that
.lohn G. Farmer has been appointed returning oflicer to take
lhe votes of such electors with
the usual powers iu that behalf.
Hv order of the Council,
Acting Reeve.
district of
NortH Vancouver
A HVLAW to enable the Corporation of the Distriit ol
North Vancouver to raise bt
wav of loan, the sum ol
flJO,ooo to purchase stock in
lhc Hurrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Coinpanv.
WHEREAS a Petition dated
as lo each signature and signed
by the owners of more than
one-half of the real property
in the District of Xortli Vancouver, a.s .shown bv the last
revised Assessment Roll, has
been presented to the Council
of the said District, nqUeeting
them to illtrodllie and p.iss a
Hi law lo tUthorUc them to
borrow the sum of (450,000 to
be expended in lhe purchase of
slock of shares in the Hurrard
Inlet   Tunnel and Hridgc   Com
pain Incorporated by act of
Parliament ol Cnnnda
AND WHEREAS it will be
llciessari lo raise alinualli bv
special rate the sum of Sl 1,140
for the term of hilt vent's for
the repayment "f the said loan
and for interest thereon al the
tale of live per it-nt. as hereinafter provided
and WHEREAS iln value oi
lhe whole rateable properti in
lhe said Distriit, according   to
the    last   revised    Assessment
Koll amount! to 11,143,646,
AND WHEREAS   the aggre-
gatl of the Debenture Debt of
the Municipality (except for
works of local improvement)
including the loan hereby authorized, amounts to (.325,000,
THEREFORE thl Reeve  and
Council of the Corporation of
the District of Nortii Vancouver in council assembled (with
the assent of the electors oi the
District duly obtained) do hereby enact as follows, viz. :
1. It shall be lawful for the
Council for the purpose aforesaid to borrow or raise by way
of loan from any person or pei-
soiis, body or bodies corporate,
who may be willing to advance
the same upon the credit of the
Debentures hereinafter provided
for of this Corporation a sum
or sums of money not exceeding
in the whole the sum of $2,-.o,-
000 and to cause the same to be
placed in the Hank of Hritish
North America in Nortii Vancouvei', to the credit of the Corporation for the purpose herein*
liefore narrated.
2. Debenture bonds of thu
Corporation to the amount ol
(250,000 in the whole may be
issued by the Reeve and Clerk
of the Corporation in terms of
the Municipal Clauses Act in
sums as may be desired, but
not exceeding pi,000 each. Each
of said debenture bonds shall
be signed by the said Reeve and
Clerk and shall be sealed with
the Seal of the Corporation.
3. The said Debenture Bonds
shall bear interest at a rate not
exceeding live per cent, per annum, payable half-yearly mi the
ist day ol February and the HI
tlay of Angnat iii each and
every year during the cunviM
of said Debentures or any ol
them. There shall be attached
to the Debenture Honds coupons
ligned by the Reeve only for
e.uh aiid every payment of interest that shall become due,
and such signature may be either written or stamped.
4. The said Debenture Bonds
as lo principal and interest
shall be payable at the District
Municipal ollice, North Vancouver, H. Ca. and the said principal sinii shall bc made payable
liy the Corporation at a date
not later than 50 years from
1st day of August,  14Io.
5. There shall be raised and
levied annually by a special
rale on all rateable land or real
property in the district the
sum of |l,640 for the purpose of
forming a sinking fund for the
payment of said Debentures
when they become due, and the
sunt of $12,500 for the payment
of the interest at the rale
aforesaid to become due on
such Debentures during the currency thereof, and that in addition lo all other rates to be levied and collected in the said
District during the whole currency of the said Debentures or
any of them.
ft. The Council of the Corporation for the time being may
at any lime purchase lhc whole
or any of the Debentures to be
issued under this Bylaw provided they give to the holder or
holders tliereof at least six
montha' notice of their intention to purchase the same,
and pay in addition to the par
value thereof and the accrued
Internet thereon to the date of
purchase, a premium or bonus
of one year's interest on such
par value or such less sum as
may be agreed upon with the
holder or holders thereof, and
all such Debentures so purchas
ed shall bc lorlhwilli mm die '
and daatroyed, and no re issue
of Debenture! shall lake plan*
or bc made in ioiisu|iicnce of
siltji puii Inise and the said De
benturei shall contain on  thei'
(aie a  provision authorizing Ie
piiiih.ise as herein proiided for.
-. This Hi law mav be cited
|,.i all purposes as "The Bur
raid Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
Company Loan Bylaw, 1910."
S. This Bylaw shall come into ellect on the ist day of August,   ls)I0.
l'assed by the Council on tl"
Seventh Day of ,lulv,  1910,
Received the assent of th''
Blecton at an election held on
the day of
Reconsidered and linally ad
opted by the Council and sign
cd by the Reeve and Cluk ami
sealed with the Corporate seal
mi the day "f
Take notice that the above is
a true copy of the propottfl bj
,law upon whiih the vote of the
We have a good list in 265.   A House and Lot on
17th for $2000.    Good Buys in 273 and 274.
A Good Lot on 4th Street for $3100.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
MAIN   01FICE.-264  Hastings St.  E.,  near Impress   Iheatre
.Muiiicipalily will be taken
I within the following polling
stations, vi/.. : In the Linn
Valid lnslitule Hall ; in tent
al corner ol Lonsdale Ave. and
Lynn Creek road ; and in a lent
at approach to Hollyburn
wharf, all in the District ul
North Vancouver, mi Salurd.ii,
the 23rd dav of duly, lyio, between the hours of y o'clock a.
in. and " o'clock p.m.
C.M.C. and Returning Ollue:'.
l'llblic notice is hereby given
that   the   vote of the Klectois
of  the  District of   North Vancouver   will   be   taken   on   iin-
Burtard   lnlcl Tunnel \ Bridge
J Company Loan Bylaw, 1910. .-a
Saturday, the 2jid day of July
1410, between the hours of 4 o'-
dock a.m. aiid 7 o'clock p.m.,
within   the   following    polling
stations,  vi/.. :     In the   Lynn
Valley   Institute Hall ; in lent
al corner ol Lonsdale Aie. and
' Lynn Creek Road ; and in tettt
al     approach    to    Holly burn
wharf,   all   iu the District    ol
Nortli    Vancouver,    and    thai
John  G.   Farmer has been   ap-
poinlcd returning officer to take
the voles of such electors with
the usual  powers  in that    behalf.
By order of the Council.
Acting Reeve.
C. M. C.
first street West
Entire Change of Programme Monday, Wednesday
and Friday
\\'e cater to ladies and 1 Inhln 11, .nul titan mu palilalia,
that nothing offensive or objectionable will In  shown.
Performances at 7.30 tnd S.45 p.m.
Salurdai     Matinee    at     j |a    p.m.
Admission  KN
Children 5c
Kill-- :
$2.00 per and up.
Special rates to families and   tn  mgullf
RM 11 Garden on Goosi
S8COMD SttttT,
City  Knginecr  A.  Smith  "f
Victoria   has   recommended   to
the citv council that a civic as
phalt  plant, costing approxitn-1
ately 9100,000 for production ol
the  city's    pavement   material '.
would be a successlul municipal 1
.Mayor Jlorley of Victoria has
(recommended to the city conn-,
1 cil to reconsider the liquor   li-
'cense   by-law   bv which it   uas
proposed to make all tin licenses   in   lhe city a Uniform   bl)
per annum.
The   license of   the Hall tt.n
1 House   just outside of Vii t«■ t i.i
1 has    been   cancelled   in   coiise-
qUenct  "I   disorderly scciiis   ol
j frequent incurrence there.
Argument! were heard in the
police court Friday morning at
considerable   length   by   Magis
trate   Jay frmu K. A. McDiar
mid, citv solicitor, and   J.   A
Aikiuati, for lhe defence, in connection mill a prosecution test
1,ise launched  ny  the citv a
gainst  Jatnes  Richards,     Kcin
i wood road, who is charged lhat
j contrary   to the iitv Inlaw   he
j is keeping more than four  bar*
sis slablcd mi his premises ^il
11,iiul within the city limits
The defendant has nvtnteen
, horses   st,ibled     on   his   pu-iii
ims uhiih is, according to the
1 arguments  of  the  proetcution,
* liinle under MCtion 2 of lllc
nuisance In bin, Illegal Ur
Aikiuan   held   that   the   bv-law
| uas bad, and argued al length.
A Modern Range at a  Modest Price
Il is made on the mosl up-lo-
dati  pi.iii-- vith --i"'ial lea-
tnn   point**.,  one nl libit h is
DIVIDED   I I.l* I - sritll'
nhn h inaki".  I'.iking  i  real
ph HMlll
I ins i, itnrt pr. i' nts the
pottibilit) ol ilu- back ol
the oteii heme hotter
than n. .in r the door,
uhnh   is   the  i,isi   uill,
■eel raagte.
I.. I us -.hin* -nn llus little
wiuikh . ll diiii'l mst you
,nn more iu cash, but it
wm tli uiniii in result*'
Phone 58,
J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
133 Lonsdale Avenue
Double Corner, 13th nml Hendry Avenue, size
1001 117 feet Priee $1300, Terma $400 eaah,
balance $300 io Augutt, 6 ami 12 montha,
Double Corner 6th ami Bt. Georgi Avenue. Bin
100x140 ieet.   Prion$4760,  farm | oaah, Ul-
iiin-i- ' in Aug. then 6 nnis.   This i« u good huy.
Kirst Street, lot  l-U'.T-'.'Tl      I'ri.v $6000.    f2<KKI
r.i-li. baladoe •;, IS and lH montha,
Real I   iii. mnl Financial Agents
    *.H4-l-K-H-l-H-H"l"l-I"l-M"l"l-l"l"l-ilW-H     ^^^^^^^^^^^
Lots fronting on the "Boulevard Extension"
Chesterfield Avenue, Mahon Avenue
and Intersecting Streets.
Subdivision ot Blocks 203"A", 204, 204"A", 213, 213 "A", 226 "A"
24U and 241, in District Lots 544 and 545, City of North Vancouver.
Foi Plans, Price Lislt tnd Particulars, apply lo
Mahon, McFarland 6 Procter, Ltd.
I Phone ('■•>■! i a,ii„.r I'i'ihIit anil Seymour Streeta, Vancouver, B. C   I
II 11111U11H111 III 1111M "''''' ■•vi*************aAiA***fc**J THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Norih Vancouvii
Published Tuesdays and Fridays hy
Na'KIU  SHO!!   Pllli,   LlMll'EI'
H»TBI nr miwCHimi'S
line year, fl.lHI Bit inniitln. Mc. Thmmonth*, Mt,
(Jolted Sin iwi nml Foreign, |1.S0 per year
Adrtrtlllng Haten will be quoted un ippllottloB.
Tht Express ii devilled to the lattmtl "I lhe iierth Slmre nf Hurrard Inlet
i ii'liiaively. ll NBMltatM an ailurti-iiK iiii-diinii "f KMDttotll Taint- Iaar
reaelnn* in a thorough and effective, manner the popalttiot "f North Vancouver
City and District.   Kvery effert ll mnde 10 -five adverlisi-rs the innni aatislaetiiry
-.•riii-e. ,
All i-hnniii's ininiitract idvertliMnentl "I Id bl in the printera  liaudl lint
I mr than lUiinn   Mamlm  un.l *'> pan. Wt-dimrit* to MNN inm-rlioii in the application    lor   a   record
To be notaries' public : Walter
II. Spalding ol tne City of Victoria ; Angus Frederick Koss
Mackintosh, ainl Leslie Clelaud
Ford, both oi the city oi Vancouver, tolicitori,
Approval is given under the
Watei' Clauses Consolidation
Ait aiiil Water Act lo an undertaking "I the Stave I.ake Tower tor the erection ot a general
electrical plant near the town
ol Westminster Junction.
Application is made for a water record mi Hin Creek by Norman Lee,
Jonathan Rogeri is making
Nelson Manf'g Co.
KSl'l.AN IDE,   Ka.t or
N. \ .1.1 inu.ii  Co.'i Mill
N. NELSON. Proprietor
Cheapest Home Buy in the City
Six room Modern Home on 3rd Street West,
Price $3,660; third easl:, balance 6 ami 12.
THIRD STREET EAST—60 ft. lot, |2200, 1-3 eaeh, 6*12
I' ie II Sinlii Vmir.illu*!* C'"""' NM Vhiii'mi!
Othi-e Hours !i nan. 10*6.30 p.m.   Open Rvtwlnei hv ippolnttMn!
Alter offlce hour*, phoat Lil'.'
followlni imue.
'a**, iis**'
NoRllt  V.VNCOl'VtR,     H. C.
The rapid progTell   ithiill   is
now being made iu lln  develop
, , , , cupatlon ; the total earning*
nieiii ol ihe natural resources r|
Canada,    the iremendona   in*
.i..1 '.- ill population, the i.ieat
i \telision iu the territory under settlement, the phenomenal made Ior each penon Showing
Sheep Creek
Notice is given of the assicji-
iiunl iii Doyle and Allum, nur
chants "i the city oi Revelatoke
and Harry S. Ives, produce
Juu ig, 191a I merchant ol the dty ol Prince
Certificatei  ol   Improvement
hate lieen issued to the   [olloVt
Ing compaaiet, Bagnal Box i*,n
hours   oi   working time
week at chiel occupation, or al
other occupation il anj ; the to  ton, Beaver Oil Company, I
ial earning! in 19m at chiei o   iish California nil Companj
Burrard Sash and Door Co
Caledonian Hall Co. ol Nort
Vancouver,   Culuinbiu  Proper
growth "i our industries, in (.nt
the tasl and universal expUH
sioli oi nation.il uileiesls along
all lines i.uisis an iiiiii-.ii..I
,1111,uini ol Interetl tai  attain I'
the approaching ceniut ot the
Dominion which will he taken
under dale ol .'line Isl, I'll I.
In order that the work involved
iu the ,11 tual gatheridg "( the
data     mat    lie     laiilil.it, il   11
greatly as potiible, ii is well
that    the   I'llldli   should   lie   in
formed   o|   the   details   of     the
The plan ol the ulisus will lie
\ei\ comprthentivc In iis st.,pc
and win Include matleri cover
Ing a iiiiiili wider range than
tlic tabulation id the mere ninn
ben "I population, lhe tub
jet is embraced will Include
population, mortality. manulai
lures, minerals, (ishcrii s and
dairj products
Population   will   I.e   reiolilcil
under the beads of reaidence and
personal description ; Citizen
ship, aationalitj and religion ;
profaeaion,    occupation     and
trade ot means "I living : Wege-
earningi and luauranct   educe
tion ani language ipohcn, and
Even  pei son living oo  tat
.llllll- Will he entiled on lh' s.h
idtih- ol population l'\   name,
as inc..llnr ol a lal.nh, institution or lmiisi linlil. together
wiih place ..( habitation, tea,
rclatioathip t" head ..i the lam
ll\   or household,  and   whether
single, married  widowed,  dn
oncd  . I   legtll]   separated.   The
month of birth, year ..( birth
and age at last birthday  will
also lie In .*liltil
Batriei will he made [or each
person to -.how  the country   or
place oi 1.inli. year "i immigri
tn... io i tnada if bora dai
where, viai "I n.ilur.1I1/.illon il
[ortnerl) an alien, and also At
iial ,1 tribal origin, national
ttt. ami religion Rverj i"iron
aai alien Innil who has becoilli
a naturalited cltlttn is a Cant
dian i>v tationalltj . and nut
Hritish tubject with reeidenci
in Canada, *is wi ll •> • everj na
i ll.   ... Canada  who has acquil
ed   -tti/cliship Iii  birth "i    na
turalitation, is tlm., Canadian
lit natlotialllt Uui there |s II ,
Canadian bj la. ial ..t   tribal or
'inli.s lh,   Iinli uis   are s,,
Rverj pn-"ii h.n iu   .oi • t."
patlon .a iia-i. mil i.e entered
The i«'i'|ili- imv*
(.ulliil il  nnl   all
ther  than   chiei  occupation
and the rale p.r li.nif when em L'-^Corp., Fidelity Trust and
ployed hv the hour. Saving Co.,  General  Truttees
l-'.mries me required   to in- Trustees Corp., Grand   trunk
Lands Companj,   Island Mines.
Kootenay  Silver  Lead   Mines,
the aim milt of insurance held at lmK.v   ,,„„     \i,im|,,m|   Slock
date ol the census upon lile as Exchange, Merchants Trust ami
well at againit accident or aick Trading Co., Okanagan Realty
Beta, together with the coat ol Co., Pacific Ume Co., Portland
sum   insurance in the   „,,* Consolidated Mining Co . I'm,
cetoti    tolleiics,     Progressive
Vl'ar' Towing Co ,   Revelstoke  Meat
Under lite heading of educa- Market,   Standard  Milk   Co.,
Hon and language recordi will Stewart Township Co., Unite
In- taken for evvrv penon ol five Trust and Inveatmeut Co., Van
vers oi age and ovei Aowing «■*■, $""i"2 l^Jj^?
,    ^  . ., .     ,  ver Oil   <,"*. Westminster l'res-
Ihenumlicrol months at sih,,,*, livUr.|in    g^    ^    ^
in   191a and il the person   can Vm,t   ..,,,,,1 I..tK<- Water Co.
read  and  write,   and  the  lan-,    Yhe dissolution oi pailiinvlup
guage loiiiiuoiiK ipokea by each is noted of J, G, Davidson,  1-
person     The cost ol education I,. Clarke and A   G   llusliaial
in   mi,,   for   persons   over   ih hitteto  known   as
teals ,,| agC al Colkgt, iiillVtllt N	
or unit ti sit \ is also called lor
The last qttettioa on the sch   mm I Aff
edllle   "I population relates   to  I1LLLU»»
Infirmities li calls (or a ro-
ord »l each person having au m-
iiruiitt     ii   Mind, leal   .ml
duiiih, iia't r i.inali , l.'.. tit
,,r sillv a retold liter."! uill
he made ill lhe proper Ctiluuitt,
and the age at which the infirm-
ilt appeared is rci|llired to be
It is intimated in ollicial
quarteri that lhe total population iii iln Dominion will null
eight millions    To the average
iiti/ell tills wollld appear to lie
an oiitstdi rather than an inside estimate, lml al the same
liiiie tin bureau ol itatiatka at
Ottawa is in possession ol data
that sliould reader poetible a
[airly accurate lorecaat of ihe,
population "I the counlry |
Whatever the actual intuit limy
piaate t., Ik' it is certain that
the records will show lhe pasl
■ li, ade has    luili   one   of   most
gratifying and unprecedented
progreei throughout Canada,
imi alone ia population ian in
all lhat eaies to make a pr.i-
^ressiti    .Hid  a  plospeiotls   Ila
tiie immm
!i {{),. Ltd.
Lontdtle /tvenut,
at l'liiv Lending
\\B IttttiW
Ai.l,   KINDS   l ll
l'l-: I'.U   ,\t   iui';
e aim handle ihe tullaaniia'.. In
B ,t K.riii.k t 1*
It.,1  K  f hick.*n t'h.i|i.
Sit 111.'  H.lt   S|Tlt|...
Mter'rt I'aanllry gplee
heen' l.tei' Killer.
Wheal in Inn armies
Roid in en iiiuiiititii'".
The lli-.t Sn iii ina-r Sprat-
mi tin- ntrktt.
A.LL KiNds op
Tin1 cars are now running pail our new sub-division,
located across the itreel from tba I.vnn Valley itore.
A lew lots still telling at tl riginal priee,
We liave a'so a remarkable line sub*
diviiion, facing on llie extrusion of the
which are are offering now at rear-on-
alile pricee,
9 Lonsdale Avenue. Phone 155.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Nnrlh Viiiiei.iiti r ltd VincoovM
t'in .e I Buburbui Proptrtjr,
kettaft, s..li-li\>i' i.-.
K.tllti - .ii.lllai|leil.  Rent. Both ' I"!
Bu.lneM I'lniiie. i
Afrccmeuti ..( Wat dtteantit-tl
Fool ol Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, B. C.
TELEPHONE --a,. P. 0. lu'N hi
I. O. O   V.
Un.lrr New Matiancini'iit.
The ehe:i|,i'.l nml hen! place in laat
Ior all Undi n( Ire.li nml ItnoW Ml.
|ioiillry, i-iil", leni-tuble. innl Iruit*
WE si-l.I. ICE
JOHN       I! iN
Nortii Vaacoavei Lodge, No.
35, meets every Thursday evi-n-
iB|, conu-r Lonsdale avt-nik- and
First itreet, at 8 o'eloik. Visiting brethren cordially invited to
attend, lia 1-'.. l'u is. N.G , :
Ik. K. Donaldson, Ree, Set. ; .1
II. Pilling, P.G . liu  see.
Ql ll'll      0    net .ooxi i;
ueensbury Heights h > -
to cariine    V000    >S e.e-h, InUnci 6 and U month*
e.irlin*     SU50.
Sixth Street
SI 1)11.       *,iaal  1   I
ill,    h l'i 1!!.  1*   !•       1 .'    .Hill    I"-     .11   '   all**-.
U   - .     |rOm     filial*  .      '
lootl |".    A | up ii S2KI0.     , i i-h. halance 0. i j ind id monthi,
Chas. £• Lawson &> Co.
a, *. latraitD
Heal Etttte Spei itliiti
,      |     |   lll.aal
II  l   t'.A/KT,'
The ..lilt iit   issue ..(  lhe Brit"
ish   t'oluinliia Ca/ilte IU   ll.ind
i....lain-- tin   [oHowiBg  aja|'.,li,i
1-t.uuis !•'.  Iimkitill rn   Trail,
to lie a clerk ni tin oilne oi tht
, otellllln lit  |**eal  at   Nels"ll
Slalllit  It   Hevts, ol 1,illo.nl,
provincial mutable, to he dee
ut\ gold loiuiiiissioiier mr the
Lillooet iiiiiiiii^ dlvitloa, ilepillv
tltellOl .iini lolleitoi i 'i llu
1,ill".at AmtBement Distriet
depot)   regi itrai ..f tin* coantv
toii.t ..I tai.lm,, hohlell at l.il-
ooi i     deputl   iij-istrar  under
Offers you the beat
Quality and prii'''
on all
hhiis for
ami reootntnend the
to givei"-t Mtiefao
t imi.
Give u- a trial.
Grocer and Butcher
Phone 411     Meat Phone 225
111 Lnn-.il.ile At* nue
1. K. Bennet,     <> 11 o.-.mIiiIi-
M.init.rtiiN r ul
«■   .Ilil.   ul   Mi.al. II   iai    tlala      laillnlliri'
lion niiii'., n-.ni, .nil ii., 1 1 itn   ii,*|.*nr*
lilt 111 ill Ila  > '<
l'litnri. pruning,     Parnltura W nge,
IDI ll fltae ttt 1 ,
Hot Points
For the Man
lj. 11 '1 1 . htm 1 to 1'1'mm the
Ql h 1   .11  um ,   .1   i'io,  " IK. I
Ti n dtyl trill, ti"' lm ash.ni;
Plelturt ami ii'tnliiit on IrOfl
b| il.il
Qnly iron 01 nurki 1 gv irin< two -..ars.
Invest BOW, ll   will pi' •''*'   l"'i
^. al.   ih all  ,m,l   , 1 "ii 'in11.1l.
^*it nn, notv ami bt convinced
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
t ::
::  B*lii%io \i\gM *ecn oar m" Subdivi   *J ::
::  I iClVt:   1UU     sion in Lynn Valley     •   ::
lln      Ii.n 1 i.n,    \,t   ' ami dm-
(or it, luu 11  employed In   tin uU ,,,,,,,,, ,,, v,lU.rs (or  fa
stum yeai it      *■ othei ocefl Lillooel electoral dittricl in the
n  lot pari "t whole tiini placi nl Ailn.l Charlet Dnloti.
h, will I..    ■ recorded alto    li iwlgned
the person i> workini oa own ' ilin L'«"»»J "I ftiwn Ku-
 ,,    „,,, „,o  ,,. . peri   to be mining recorder tor
auolt.    lie illtt-   wlll    lie   Ml ,,,,,,,                '    u
,      , the  r.altlatu!  I alial  minttl','   di*
madt    An entr) .  alto reqnli
,,|   to lie   li.aile  ihoWlBg    W ll. ti u ,,,,,    ,,,,  , ^     oj    ,((huiv
tin* lutsiiti li employed  it on provincial   contttble, to ht ■
latin, in woolen mill, al loon deputi mining recorder lor th*'
dn shop, in drag itore, rti '*)m'"'  Charlotte mininf M
Wagt-earneri an  catered ... M"", *,th «Hw**«l ■*■
ll   ,li*i|w,l\
Auilnti   llenderton "I Pom '
show tin 1111...her ol weeki nn
ployed in i'.i" al ilnn ocenpe ,.,\",V"u n   ,„ i„ „M.li.al lual-
11* n or tradi    al other than u, udicer lor ihi Powell rleei
chiel oiiupatioii tl it)     th. dlstricl
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealets in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cemenl   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All   Orden   Promptly
Pilled ami S 11 isl 11111111
at. ll     I I
QiTUATED righl at the <':.r Terrainnt, Thli li tba greatoet op-
"^ portunity for Inveetment ever offered on tins side ol tha Inlet,
Alreadv, lots purohaeed of ns Inst week have been sold nt a profit
ol |250 par lot, and the original purchaanr aold too loon it tliat.
There must of neoeetity be i buey buiineai oentre in Lynn Valley
and of necessity it will be located ut this point,   V"i. know vv Imt
that will mean. Lal us ihow yon over the property before they
■re ill gone. PHONE 215 fur Appointment, Offloeon tha gravida.
14 Lonsdflk Avenue
HKAI» 01'FICE fi32 Granville 81
THOM1'80N, lioeal M
magrr,   ;
Office: Lon*dale. mai ( itv Wharf  ■■
Wttchousc:      Formtn'i Wharl 44-Hl H44»W4H#*»HW»HH»fH»H44»HHH-HH4l<4H»»Hf44^-H II11 y THR EXPRESS, NORTII VANCOUVER, B- c-
Important Juncture Now at Hand - Polling on Saturday
By-law to Contribute $250,000-Meeting of Rate-
payers To-morrow Night
As tlio day approaches for tho vote
mi the By-laws put forward hy the
District to authorize the purchase of
1250,000otltoe). in the B, ('.Tunnel
and Bridge Company, the desire to
further lhat undertaking prows in intensity. The signatures obtained to
this initial petition were freely given
and represent a large majority
of vai tie interests. This i n
itself fully assure the passing of the
lly-law as a large proportion of these
signers will he out mi Saturday to
vote. Hut tin- owner of a Lot no
matter how until, if Ids name appoari
mi the Assessment Boll, will have a
vote on Saturday that will count as
much II the vote iif tin- owner of 100
acres, and in this case the Lot owners
an- U enthusiastic as the acreage owners. And well they may—We have
waited long and patiently for the
llridge Kailway connection. It has
often seemed to come near hut only
like the mirage which had no reality
In it. Now an ideal Charter has heen
ohtained hy the promoters of the H.
C. Tunnel 4 llridge Company which
provides for the building of the Second
Narrows Bridge and the First Narrows Tunnel Bridge and also for the
construction of a Railway along the
foreshore from Deep Cove to White
Cliff City as well as ten miles of Railway on the South side of the Inlet
between Eburne, this bridge to connect the Bridge with Railway Systems
within that area.
The Charter is ideal on account of
its completeness for the purpose of
opening up the whole of North Vancouver and also for the purpose of
preparing the way for forming Burrard Inlet into a great National Harbour for shipping and commerce.
It is ideal also in that it is to be
held and operated in the Public Interest. It is seldom that the public
interests gets in on the ground lloor in
an enterprise of this character.   This
has been well assured under this
Charter, if the different Corporations
come forward and each take up its
part in the stock. It is right that the
District of .North Vancouver lead the
way and that they do it in a substantial manner. Their Council and particularly their Reeve made this work
tlieir own in a very special manner and all honour to theni for it.
It is not to be conceived as possible
that the District electors will to any
appreciable extent go bae-k on the
work the Council has so well done.
It was hoped that the City by-law
would also have gone forward at once,
but it will doubtless not be long delayed. It is understood that some in
the city desire assurances as to the
route to be followed by the railway
through the city. By the charter as
it stands this must be near the foreshore. If any deviation from that is
tlesired it must be sanctioned by
amending legislation, and of nece-sity
the city in any case must and will be
fully considered as to the exact route
to be followed. The railway is being
promoted for the public good and in
tht public interest: from the beginning of the movement there has not
appeared any desire to divert it in
any way from that intention.
On Saturday the District voters will
have an opportunity to record their
votes, between the hours ol 9 o'clock
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m., at either of
the following stations: at Lynn Valley Institute llall; at the In ad of
Lonsdale Avenue; and at llollvburn
Wharf. Doubtful I large number
will go out to the Institute Hall, ns
the train line is now so near to that
polling station.
To-morrow evening the district
electors are t" meet in Larson's Pavilion tu diteuse bridge matters and
there will doubtless be a large at-
tendence to lake part in the diseue-
llon of a proposition which is truly
vital to tin- welfare and progress of
the north shore.
VANfOl'VI'N       CITY    \k; i
a 4 -f»- - —— -r*"««7 —I—^ -p""'
■j^aJtifi— _^
in Ha by
The above is all exact COM ol tl.e plat, bled uill. the Department at Ottawa il. connection wHb tbt .'I'l'b'-' !« for m."i| »  <" -     '     » "•■■' *      "
Tunnel a.,,1 Bridge Comp.mv      A detailed plan .(lowing eail, lot tin-,,,,,!, it lml,   the line will pass -till, elUtillg lnuh n^'.-   Jl...    in count .. I p..   ...      -
to be snbiini.cl to tbc Etfwe) Commissi,!,,     Tins detailed plan ...av'thon i .kviation "> i lee I* .*way ol .1..- oth« wm the pitctaMieUM dome
oa ih,* general pi.,., shown above, bm ,„■ changet..(i ...dual ,,r Important „,, u.re .uv l„i.tei„pi..i.-i   Shonfl aa) material ekaafi in s„,„hi, an i,
tiun wuniil be necessarv atul all p.n lies tntereitcd would have ample notification! ill tlic same
Thc   opening   dav ol  Vancouver's lirst exlubitiiiii is last  ap
proachiag,    Bntrlas   lur   the
various coinpctilinlis are al-
teaiK rolling in Iroin all ovei
the province and I ,ni.id...     S"
inanj   applicationi hate bun
made    for   span*   bv    dilkrclil
iii.nitilaiinters  and iaistness ol
ganiiatioai tkat  Manager   N.i\
is  al   bis  wits'   end   to    prm lib
tdeqnatt  accommodations   loi
Ihem all The exliibilinli will
be   thrown    open tO the   public
..ii Monday, Angul istk, but
lonnal opening will take plan
tin* Beit dai when Sir Willi id
I,atimt will dedicate the build
Ingl and the grounds to the
people   ol   llritisli   I'nlnmbia ill
perpetuity,    The burse   -hoe
will be one ul  the greatest ever
held in the Dominion and will
be in charge ol Messrs II S
Nolstoii aiid J, Ii. Tilbn. Theft
will be rates etut .ilteriloi.il
and band concert* galore, There
wlll alsu lu .i p.ii.nlc ..I the live
stmk  even   tltl•lllnoll  nt   2    n'-
ibuk. There will be a gtea,
jumping contest, over six
jumps open to both lad] and
gentlemen ml. n    Tin due unn
wiii lie tt tin exhibition with
their canines Tin Vancouver
Kennel Club. nml. r the efficient
management "I Bei retarj B I
I'aaweli.  hai takes chargt   oi
tins department, and that spells
"sn, CtH The parade oi     all
led dn-;s in the evening tit i
tea   will   nut   be   the   least  it
n.n tmn on the grounds.
This is the- [Teat year in Can*
ad.i (or wheat which in in-
creatt exceeds everv other
licld crop. The ana uti.Icr
(all wheat as redineil bt winter
killing Is |iut down at 7";.-'""
acres This is 15,100 aires (
more lhan last year, and Its
|»i unt. ol a standard condition   is niven  as  87.63, OT 5 5"
higher than last war    Spring
wheat is given all area of N-
$87,600 acres, being 1,499,300
acres more than last vear, ,ind
Hs mnditioli as u'tiipared with
tin end nl Mat last vear is 'lll'l I" 93.15, OatS has .in ties
oi 9,864,100 aires, being y>f,-,
JIIO aires ninii than last VaSSr
and its condition at the end utj
M.tv was 93.95. A i.'.n tgO its
CO l<liti"ll was t)3.32.     Thl an.'
ot barley is 1,834.000 icrte, Ol
lo. ijoii aires less lhan last w •"
an 1 its coiiditioii is reported
<I2. 11  compand with -n W '"
vei ir.     The rve CTOp .outturn
io   decrease, but its Conditiofl I*
alu ilil ll.e same as a war   t| '
l'e, li willl )86,IOO ."ris st   b
tha n  lasl  vear by 7,300    ■'"'
and'  its  condition is 93 nl    I
mn ipwrcd with c/" M ''isl.
Tin 1 area ol mixed graint   '
s:s ,;<" acres, or 6,400 ten
the n last teat, and   th'" " "
'lit   ".n   al the end of Ua] «•'*
■J4. *2 ,iiin|iared with "I ,! ■•|M
yea J    The area in ha; ■'
ver   is -given as S,;i , ;* ,r' s
Tb Is is (05,100 .in. 1* 1 than
las 1 ve. 11, aiiil ilu condition ii
97, frig or 7.2s Ughtr*
The    area of   all these    licid
iinps is reported at 10,334 :••i
ailes, or 3,339,300 .lll'S llli'le
than last vear and 1
cm more lhan in oi.s 'I'ln*
largest 1ll1lea.se has lakni pi*lulll wheal, whiih has now icaili
ed 9,:'U.S"" .ores. In I'ji.i 11
tt.is 7,7)0,400 aires and 111  I'l.'t
6,610, :■"■ II 11 '.    B
111 tWO vears   is,   then-Inn .
00 acies or more than   |o
per   cent      The provinci s   ,,i
ii.mitoiia. Saskatchewan and
Alberta iiiinascd their area in
wheat from 1,493, l''1' ■"""- 'n
.'ion to l,'i|l,,0.'i ,11 ns 111
and to 1,393,400 acres in 1 ■ * I • -
In Saskatihewan alone lhi 11
.n.ise of this vear n\u last
teat is 1,163,000 aires In I900
iln* area ol the three provinci
sown to wheat, oats nnd barb t
was l,|.il.|i I atns. in   I
mireas, ,1  •* | a. les and
tins vear il is 13,809,300 acm
eo vesar
Th-oi MtMi
_^.^^^^_ COFYfHOHTt SO.
« -a Pull Ml'ttV| • al*.*! WH. fl-aVTlfUD« MT
,«t'llt M-Wl.ln rir . r<    11 rrM«b«*i« III
r f* f .•'.injiaUMa'a.
Iiiiii a ci. matta
*mt aj"
14 Ukrt) I * r*rtif h
Scientific Jfmc
tthmimmoif Uli"ral*l weMlf. _
MlftUo* of are p*oi \.*e )"«nukL    'l«rma f"»
•Avn\A9JjLn i pMf,poott9t*i HM»'i   Ml W THK EXPRESS, NORTII  VANCOUVER, B, C.
'11111111111IIIIH11111111111H llll 11111H1111II11111 HI 11111 I'M HI It T11
A stirring romance. A story of intrigue
in court circles beginning in Europe and
transferred to America. Will be begun in
the Express
Tuesday, July 26th
This absorbing story arouses the keenest
interest which is sustained to the very end
because the problem deepens and baffles
the reader to the closing pages of the book.
Subscribe now and begin at the beginning.
The Exp
•^^♦•^♦•^♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦o"*"" •♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•
At the Irrigation convention
lhat will lie lieiii at Kamloops
.it the beginning Oi August
there will he gathered together
inanv men to whom llie stili-
jeit ol irrigation has a keen interest. Hon, Clifford Siltoti,
chairman oi tin* Canadian conservation commission, has lieen
Invited to attend. R, II.
11 Camphell, superintendent ol tor-
esttv, Ottawa, will he preaent
I'lemiiT Mellrii.e ami 11 .11. 'I'll"
mas Taylor, will he in attendance, as will also Mai nn Burrell   M.l'.,   R, B, Hennett,   K
C .   .Iiul   Wlll.   l'i,llie   ill   the  C,
r R,   serviee,  Calgary,   I'rof,
Klti.itell v,   ill    lhe ih |i,il tinelll
"i agriculture, university ol
California, will read a paper on
,i  pi.n liinl  siili|et i  ami Wlll ile
liver a lecture in ilu evening,
illustrated h) lantern slides,
i li.ii les Wilson, K.C, has been
aaked I" nail a paper ou the
new watei legislation ami there
is promise that in point ol   iu
teiest ihe convention tins vear
will lie most siiii'issful. There
is a marked interest manifested
ill   the  event   and most   ol   the
1.ni'i Irrigation companies will
send delegates to the gathering
and ihe various otlni bodlei entitled to representation will
semi delegates,
Although ihe lint convention
ol lhe association was held at
lal;-,Ilv olilv llllee tears BgO,
the work ol the convention! has
shown reltlltt and much has
hnu done io advance tlu- pun
liple of Irrigation and a doseh
allied subject, the conservation
of waler. Wilh reipect to tin*
latter, il mav lie pointed a u
lhat  nl   lhe convention at l.eill
bridge laat year a   resolution
was adopled tovel'ilie; lile ensl
sl"|'e   ol   lile   Rocky  .lloUlll.ii.is
iii order io prevent ilu- defon-tt-
ration oi thai area and the cob*
seipiellt rapid melting oi sllow
at the headwaters ol the liiotin
lain stieams, tallsine; destructive Hoods and watei watte The
government hat done as it
quested in this Instance aad the
retail   will he   ilu- permanent
innervation ol ilu- natural water siipplv  ill lhat .ilia.
Ai previa,us conventions certain legislation has been asked
lor and otlur steps taken I" se
uie the advancement "I irrigation and a [ail apportionment
ol water to users, with tin n
stilt that -ould ha-* collie "I the
recommendations, i"i ihe pro-
tniii.il and federal   overnments
have   given evi'dellie lll.il    tlli'V
recognise tlmt when a numbei
<.i practical Irrigationists, re-
presenting three important provinces, ^ei together .md dei idi
that ,i nil,iin inin si i* advis.i
ble, what is in eflccl expert
counsel is bein-i ollered and ilu
recommendations earn weight,
j* This yeai the convention will
V. have   lhe   wotkin     ol tin    neu
•■ water acl  nadtr consideration
','. and the work ol lln convention
•• willi ilie board ol water eoin
II livissioliets who ait ' an vili;'.
•• out llie provisions ol llu- meat*
!: ure. Mtogether, Ihere is pro-
■■ mine "f ilu- sessioni ..I ilu- con-
'.'. v-eiitioti bring replete with is-
•• litest, imt only t" liriiish l'ol
I) iiiiil.ians, lml i" Irrigationists
• • in Mini ia .md Saakatchewan.
;; | Tin- viritlflg dclegata will lie
ii shown oieli.iids and I.nm iu
;;  the    vicinity   where   im; ItloH
!! ii i   ion..; lieen  practised    tad
••others ill the earlv stages of deli velopiiielll All lhat is n."led
•• to make the ioiivilili"ii ll" UC
][ uss ii should In- is a largi and
.. representative tttaadaare »od
;; tin   indlcatioai point  i" 1M1
!!  want Iiiiiii. liiini      Al'.it'l   li"1"
•'   the Woik  ,,|   the sessions,  visit
ors will Imd Kamloops   an at
tractive iitv, with the  rolling
T hills, tin u.ii iiavi;.,alile Wl
.. teivtail* .uul the llioiisallds ol
i,its ol \ .ill, \ lands ill tin
ii  hands   ol   mi;.ilnm loinpaliies
■ • It is hoped tli.it everybody cu
!|   tilled to send dele;ales will BOl
.. (ail to participate in this,  the
"  (nurtli annual loiiveiition of llie
'.'. Western Canadi irrigatloa aaao-
]|   $1.00 per year in Canada.
Appliiatioiis  aie Invited   lol
the positions ol engineer   and
assistant engineer to the Distriit Muniiipaliiv ol North
Vain ouver.    Appli. all.mis lo he
in before Thursday, tin-  21 st
.lull ,   I9I0,   alld  must   state e\
perlenci, talary requlrtd nul rt
$2.00 per year Foreign
milN Q  FARMER, C M 1
Diitrict Office,
HttMttMHMtM+44HHMHH44H444+ttMHHHHM+Mtt44HttH'H4 xyt _     Worth Vaacoavei
119 First Street, E.
Phone 80
The Express
$1.00 per year
Foreign $1.50
Fine Printing;
1111,1. HEAD8
119 First Street, E
Phone 80
»♦•♦•♦•♦•♦#♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•'♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦ 1 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
nvr.AW no mas
A BYLAW to enable the Corporation of the City of North
Vancouver lo raise by way of
boali the sum of 5.U,l2o lor
the purpose of acquiring land
for Parks and other Corporation purposes.
may be desired, but not less
than One Thousand Dollars
(ll.000.00) each, except one
which may be lor fl3o, l-',„cli
of the said debentures shall be
signed by the said Mayor and
City Clerk, and the Ciiy   Clerk
shall aibx thereto the Corporate Seal ol the said Cily '.[
North Vancouver,
(,t) The debentures shall bear
date the Kirst day of August,
l')lo, and shall bear interest at
the rale of live per cent, per
annum payable half yearly on
the First Day of February und
lhe First day of August in each
and every year during the currency of the said debentures or
attv   ol   them.    Then- shall   bc
launched   to   the   debentures,
WHEREAS the North Van- Coupons signed by the Mayor
corner band and Improvement!only, lor each iiiiii every pay
Company Limited Liability hat meat oi interest that may bc-
ollered lo sell to the City ol jcome due, and such signature
North Vaneouver for parks and may   be  either written, stamp-
other Corporation purpoaei the ed, printed or lithographed,
uilsiihdividcd portions of Dis- (4) The said debentures as
trict I.ots 517 and 171, being!to principal and interest may
all that area ol land minpris- bn made pavable at the Hank iif
ing 38.9a acres, more or leet, llritisli North America, al
and bounded as follows, vi/.. : ! North Vancouver, Toronto or
Ou the north by the south Montreal, Canada, or at llu
boundary line ol mth stie.l ; said Hank in the City of I.on-
on the South by the Korth don, England, at par of ex
Boundary line of Hlock 15 ; change, and the said principal
on the b.asl by the West holm-jsuiii shall bc made payable by
dan  line of Jones Avenue, the the   Citv   at a date   not   lalei
North Boundary line of lhth
sti eet, and the west boundary
line ..I Forbes Avenue ; and on
the West by llic blast boundary
line   of   the- subdivision   of J,ol
than   lilly years from the   dale
upon which this By-Law take.
(5)   During the whole term if
ihe currency of the said deben*
"F" in Block   .', and the Wtst tines a special rate oil lhe dol
boiindan line of Delbruck Ave
nue, (or the sum of f31,130.00,
AND WHEREAS a petition .
lar   shall   be levied and   raised
each   ye;.r   in   addition   to  all
ther rates oii all the rateable
PUBLIC  NOTICE is herein
given thai the vote of thc b.i
ICtOH of the City of North
Vancouver will be taken on
Saturday ihe Thirtieth day of
July, A, 1)., nno, between tin-
hours of 0, o'clock a. 111.
and 7 o'clock, p. 111. 1.11
"The Talks, etc. I'unliaisc Loan
Bylaw mm," and that within
the City Hall, Nortii Vancouver, B. C. and that Thomas
Shepherd has been appointed
Returning Officer to take tbc
vote of snch Blecton with the
usual powers in that behalf.
Bv order of the Council,
Citv Clerk,
t" the credit of the City for tin Vancouver  at  in election  lor
pn pose above recited, and iuch lln- purpose mi the
monies  shall   be used for   that dtj of
purpott only. A. 1). 1910.
12) Debentures of the Ciiy Reconsidered by the Council
not exceeding ill amount tin ami finally adopled, signed I v
sum ol I36.600 may be IciUed the Mayor" alld City Chrk and
by the said Mayor and City Sealed with the Corporate Seal
Clerk in terms of the municipal on the dat   oi
:'f .Inly, A. 1).,
Clauses Act, ill sums as mat lie
desired,  bul not less than  One*
Thousand Dollars (f 1,000) each,
except one which may I e loi
Shun. Qach of the said deben
Hires shall be signed by the said
A 1).  1410.
HV-I.AW NO. 1119
ARE   NOTICE Ihal tin    a
M.itor and City Clerk, alld llu- hot,* ,s R une copy of the pro-
Cut Clerk shall aib.x thereto poied By-law upon which the
llu- Corporate Seal of the laid vote "f the Electors of the Mil
an ipality "f tlic City of Nortii
signed by the owner's of   more nal properly in the Cily   sulli-
than me-tenth 11 Wl the   value cielil  to pay the interest   upon
of real propert) in the City has
been presented to iln- Council
requesting them to introduce a
the said debentures alld lo create a sinking Innil for Uu- payment  ol the principal  thereof
By-Law   to  authorise them   I" when   due,   subject to any   act
borrow the sum of $31,130.00 ,,r   enactment   respecting   the
lor the purpose of aci|llirillg the same. Sin li spinal rale shall
inisiibdivided   portions   of   Dis- |H*   inserted    in lhe Collector's
trict Lota 517 end :;t lor Park Roll or Rolls ami shall in- pay-
tad olher Corporation pur- able to and lollcctid by the
poses. s.ml Corporation in the same
AND WHEREAS il is ilcciu «ai  ,ls otlm  rates ill the   said
ed  expedient   in the public   in- roll   or rolls, save as   lur-.-iii.if-
lerest to acquire tie laid lands ter provided,
lor l'ark and other Corporation |h)   In   order to provide   for
purposes. the   rates set out  in paragraph
ANI)    WHEREAS   for    ike (t)    and   subject   as aforesaid,
payment ..i Interest oa ihe de- there shall be raised annually
benturei propoied to be   issued by special rate dining the   cur-
utider   this   By-Law,   aiid    for 1 eticv iif the said debentures the
creating a sinking lund lor tne sum ol $1,556.00to provide for
payment of ihe siid debentanu the payment of interest thereon
when   due, it will Ic ncci*s*.ai\ and the siiiii ..1 $303.84 t" pi"
to raise bv spcual  late ill ad vide for lhe icpavlliilil   of   the
dition   lo  all other rates   each principal thereof,
teat    during    the  currency  ol (-)   The proceeds of the said
such debentures, the sum of il,- debentures  shall be applied   as
754.H|, whereof $1,336.00 is   to lollows, and not otherwise:
be raised annually for payment (U)   in pavment   of tl.e   cost
of interest during the cumncy ,,[  the  passing  of this By-law
ol said debentures, and $2oV<M and   the issue   and sale   of   the
is lo be raised aiinuallv [or the debentures   therein referred    to
purpose   of   creating   a sinkia and all expenses connected wilh
lund   for payment of lhe   Jtbt t|u. s,,id loan ;
secured bv  the said deb.ntlins, (|,|    J,,     recouping    lhc    saiil
lhe  same   being made   payable Corporation   for such slims   as
111   lilty   years   from   the dat QAVf   been   expended   hereunder
hereof. until the proceeds of the sale of
AND WHEREAS in order   to the   said   debentures become a-
raise   tin-   said t early   sum   of vailablc ;
$1,799.84 for interest and sink (c)  To carry out ihe purpose
ing fund, an equal special rate ,,[   -|,is   Hvlaw   as   above   sit
on tin- dollar will be required to 0ut.
be levied mi all the rateable real (S)   All monies arising out of
properly in the said Cilv. the   annual   special rate herein
1 via   ii,no I-1 c .1        1, 1 before    provided     for    sinking
AND   WIIKKKAS the   whole r                     ,   ,       ,
_         ,            ..    •     .,,, und   shall   bc invested   li\   the
1.ile,ibe   real   properlv 111   the .,   ,•_,*,,..„
...                 r      .    ,1.   1    i Coiinci     of    said   Corporation
said City, according to the last ,     -
, ■ '             .      n   ;    >:■. from   tune lo time 11 tlie   law
revised  assessment  roll,  is YI,- ,■   ...
"ya,y-s-"" i ,u)   N,, rebate shall be allow-
AND   WIIKKKAS   lie IggN ed   oa   the   spciia! talcs to   bc
gate  of   the existing  debenture levied under this Hv law
debt ol the Corporation (execp.. *    (Io)   This H\ law  shall   lake
lm- works ol local Improvement effect  on the Pint day ol  Au
and   for   sihool   purposes!   is gust AD, 1010,
$549,494.00 of whiih none of the (it)   This B) law mav be.it
principal atul interest is in  ar- ed   lor   all   pm poses    as "The
rear : Parks, etc., l'iirchase Loan Hy
THEREFORE   thl  Municipal law,   mm"
louncil  of  ihe  Corporation  .1 i>,*SScd bv lhe Council on the
the Citv of  North Vancouver fourteenth day of .lulv, A. D.,
(with the assent of lhe clectois [o|0i
of the Citv o| North Vanuatu,1 Received   the   assent    of   the
duly   obtained)   eii.uls as   lol- (.'.lectors   of the City of   Ninth
lows : Vain outer .,1 an election [1 r the
ii)  It shall be lawful (or the purpose oa the                 day
Mavor of the City of North
Vancoaver and the City Clerk,
for   the   purpose   aforesaid    b
of AD   1910.
Reconsidered   by   the Council
and   linallv adopted,  sigllid b*
borrow or raise by wav ol loan'd,,. Mayor and Citv Clerk   an
from   Wt)    peraol   or   persons,  Sealed with the Corporate Seal
body   or   bodies corporate, who ,,,,  -jg dav
may be willing lo advainc   the ,,[                               A.D.  lc-I<>
same upon the credit of tin de	
benturei hereinafter union tnd ,      ..,,.,-.,.,,,,c;
of the Corporation, i mm  ol NOTICE TO ELECTORS
money   not   exceeding   in   the ..   ,   ,  .,
whole the sum eff31.no.  and TAKE NOTICE that the 1
tO .ause the same lo Ic placed   ,,l,Vl' is ;l  ,r,U' «*   "l,"';   '' ."
,„  ihe Bank of Hritish  North I'"*'1 By-Law. upon arhkh the
America   at    Norlh   Van, „„te,   vole of the Kb, l"is of   he M
to the credit ..f the Citj Ior tht "tonality „f the City ol leona
purpose above recited, Ud such Vancouver Wlll be taken within
monies shall be ued loC that *»" City Hall, North \ ancouvei, B. C, "n Saturdav, tlu
Thirtieth  dav   of   dulv,   AD*,
between    tht   hours  of    A
sll...   ol   $31,120 ...av 1 e   issued  " >'
purpose only.
(J)   Debentures of the   City
tn.t exceeding In imount  the '''"i
('clock a 111   and 7 "clock p.m.
In    lhe   said   llayOT   and   Cilv
Clerk  in terms of the  Munii i
Citv   Clerk   and   Returning
pal   Clauses Act,   in  sums as Olhcer.
A BY-LAW to enable the Corporation of the City of Nortli
\'ani ouver to raise bv way of
Loan the sum of $26,-
hoo for the purpose of acquiring by purchase au additional
School Site within lhe city.
WHKRKAS the Hoard of
Sihool Trustees of the Ciiy 11
North Vancouver has requested
the Council ol the said Citv lo
submit for the assent of the
Blecton I Hy-law lo authorise
the City Council to borrow Upon ll.e credit of the City at-
large, the sum of Twenty-six
Thousand Six Hundred lj:ti,-
hoo| Dollars by debentures, for
the purpose ol purchasing the
propelt\ known and described
as block one hundred (too) subdivision of District Lot tin
Hundred and Kiln 1550) for a
school site.
AND WHEREAS ihe midde-
beattirei shall bear interest at
the rate of live per cent, per
annum, and such Debentures
shall be issued under the formalities contained in the "Municipal Clauses Act" for a period of lifiy years from tlieir
AND WHEREAS lor the payment of interest on the debentures to be issued under this
By-law, and for creating a sinking fund for tin- payment of the
said debentures when due, it
will be net essary lo raise by
special rate ill addition to all
other rates caih vear during the
CUtrtacy of such debentures, the
sum of $1,504.23 whereof $1,-
UO.00 i.s to be raised annually
for payment of interest during
the currency of said debentines
and $174.23 is lo be raised annually for the purpose of creating a sinking fund lor payment
of the debt secured by the said
debentures, the same being
made payable ill fifty yeai I
friilll lllc date hereof :
ANI) WHEREAS in order lo
raise the said yearly sum of fl,-
504.23 lor intereit and linking
fund an equal special rale on
the dollar will be required lo bc
levied on all lhe rateable .'cul
properlv in the said Cily ,
AND WHEREAS the wiiol,
rateable ic-.il propertv in th'
said City, according to the last
revised assessment roll is $7,-
025,324.00 ;
AND  WHEREAS  the aggn
(..ite ol lhe existing debclltllli
debt ol the Corporation is
$549,494   (except   for works   ol
local   Improvement  and    ha
sel 1 purposes) of which none
ol the principal and inlerist is
in arrear ;
THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation ..I
the Ciiy ol  North Vancouver
iwith the assent of the ehctors
of the City of Korth Vancouver
dulv obtained) enacts as follows :
II) It shall be lawful lm the
Mayor "f the Citv of North
Vancouver aiid the Citv Chrk
for the purpose aloresaid tO
borrow or raise bv way aaf Iota
from any person or pertout,
body or bodies corpor.ite, who
111.1t he willing to advainc the
same upon the credit of lhe ale
beiitiires hereinafter mentioned
of the Corporation, a sum "I
motiev   not    exceeding     iu   'he
whole  the Slllll of S.''',* *   a"'1
lii i.nise the same l" be placed
ill tii. Hank ol Hritish North
America   at   North Vamouver,
Citv of Norlli Vancouver,
(3) The debentures shall I ear Vancouver will I e takiii within
date the hirst day nl August, ,111c CitJ Ilalb North Van.mi
111", and shall bear interest at ver, 11. C. , OU 'he Thirtieth
the rate of live per cent, per dat of .Inly, A.l)., ,910,
annum payable half yearly on between the hours of c/ o'clock
lhe First day of bebruati   and a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m,
llu   Pint   day   of   August    111       THOMAS SHEPHERD,
each and every tear during the City Chrk and  Returning Offi
cm it in \  ol the said dclentuns     uf.
or any ol them.    There shall be 	
attached to the debenture! Con PUBLIC NOTICI-: is hereby git
pons signed by lhe Mayor only, en that the vole ol the Kleclnrs
for each and evert payment ol I of the Cilv of North Vatuoiive.
interest that mav become due, will be taken ou lhe Thirl'.cia
and such signature may I.e ei* day of July, A. 1)., 1910, hither written, stamped, printed tween the hours of 11 o'clock I
or lithographed. in. and 7 o'clock p.m. "ii 'T.i
(4) ne said debentures as to School Site Parchaae Unt By-
principal and Interest   mav   be I.aw   No.   I,   1910," aiid    that
made   pavable   at lhe Hank   o   within   the   Cit)    llall,   Nortli
Hritish   Nortli   America,   at Vancouver, B. C. and that Tho-
North   Vancouver,   Toronto   orImat   Shepherd   has   been    ap-
Moiilreal,   Canada,   oral    ti.e'pointed    Returning    Officer   ti
said Hank in the City of I,mi
don, Rngland, at par ol exchange, and the said princip.,1
Sinn shall be made payable l.y
the Cily at a date not lain
than fifty years from the dati
upon which this Hv law taki s
15) During the whole term ol
the currency of the s.iid debentures a special rate on the dollar shall be levied ami raised
each year in addition to all
other tates 011 all the rateable
real property in llie City sul!,-
1 iiiit lo pay the iutcnsl upon
the said delieiiltli'es and 10 c:i*
ale a sinking lund for the   pav*
ment oi the principal   therwl
when   due,   subject   to all)  ad
or enactment   reepecting   thi
same. Such special rate shah
be inserted ill the Collector's
Roll or Rolls and shall Ic pavable to and collected by tin
said Corporation in the same
wax as other rates in the said
roll or rolls, save a> hereinafter provided.
(h) In order to provide lor
the rates set out in paragraph
(3) and subject as nf i'e..,ui',
there shall be rais d ,n;,u.ill\
bv special rate during the currency of the said debe .'.un- the
sum of Si,,*t,t".iHi to provide tor
the payment "I interest tUrtou
and lhe sum of S174.2.1. to pro
i,ike ihe vote of such Elector:
with the usual powetl in that
Hv Order of the Council,
Citv Chrk.
A BY-LAW l" alllhaaii e the
Corporation of the City ot
North Vancouver to sell and
dispose of property held 11
trust b] the Corporation (or
Sii 1 purposes,
WHERBA8 under authority
ol By-Law N". sa passed oil tin*
Hth day ol June, 14119, lhe
Council ot the Citv ol North
Vancoaver punhased Lota
Nine nil, Ten (10), Eleven (it),
Twche   n:i,   Thirteen
Fourteen   imi,    Fifteen   (is),
vide   for the repayment ol   the and Sixteen (16), in  Hl.uk Kb
principal thereof,    If the man- ven (ll) subdivision of District
cil of the siid   Corporation Lot Two Hundred .md tevent]
prior to the issue of the deben- thnt (273) for the putpose of a
tlires   herein  have (iispo.aid     rl School Site,
loti 9, lo, 11, 13, 13, i-l, Ijand AN|, WHEREAS It has since
ih, 111 block  it, subdivision   of (ll,ul|m.   t.vj|1(I1,   ,|Ml   ,|u.   1U,,
District   I.ot   »3, pursuant  to ilu^.j in fe s,li(i i„ls ,s  j,,.
"The City of Norih Vancouver M1||K,(.,„ |,„* -Jw pupoam ••( a
School  Site  Disposal   By-law, School Site:
li)lo"   and   received   the    purchase liionev therefor, ih 1 tad
in such 1.ise the amount received therefor shall bc applied mi
account of the purchase of   the
AND WHEREAS in iln opia
ion ot the Co—dl and oil the
Petition ol ilu* Hoard ,.l Cu.
School Trustees it has boi 11
ionic aihisable to sell and dis
pose of the said lols
AND ALDERMEN   of ihe Cilv
a.i North Vancouvei  la open
meeting assembled as lollowi 1
111  Authority    is    hereby
, payment of tin   coal *unl111 *>1S?MKP "' 'V'"
rn the passing rn tins iu law l""-""»> "( "»' Cit) ..I North
and   lhe issue and  sab*    I    lln   V.n.,,„itt.    to   sell and dispose
debentures therein referred  to "> LotiSine(9), lui  m), Kb
ami all expenses Connected tn 'II', Iwehe II Ihl.t,,..
will,  lhe said loan '    -      f««*««   ">■     *"}••»
ib, i„ recouping iln- -aid l>5) •""' s.xt.-.n (ift In Block
Corpora.,,...   bu- smh sums   ,,s 11,   sul,l.tis,„n ,,l Diatrict Lot
have   been   expended   Inn und, r   <«"     »'"""''      '""     ,^'"7
until tl.e proceeds ol ihi u\ ,h'"' »73) h..l.,ri„ lnhl bv .h,*
of the said debentures itcnn Corporation ... truitioi School
ivallabli purposes [or smh pun- in man
in To carry oat thepurpon e> m Uw ConncU ahall approve
of tne By-law aa abovetetoal      -''     Authority    is   hereby
i.S) Ail monies arising ..nl -tallied the Mavor of tin Cit)
of the annual ipeclal rate hen ami the Citv Clerk, and they
Inbntorc provided b.r   tinklnc are herebv directed lor ami  on
(und shall be invested   bv   lhe behalf   of   lhe   Cilv   ol   North
Council   of   said   Corporation Vancouver to execute and aSi
tr nn lime  to lime tl the  law lhe Corporate Seal of lhe C
propertv described in Un preamble hereof and the debcntuiis
to be issued hereunder alld llic
special   rates hereby anthori/el
shall in* reduced accordingly,   *
i~\    The  prOCItdl of lhe said
debenture! shall he applied as
follows and nol otln rw ite
Fourteenth day
Received     the   assent
Blectori at an election (or
pill pose oil  tllc
dat  ol A.D,  I'lio
Reconsidered,  adopled and li
nally paaaed  by tin'   Council,
signed by the .Mavor and   Ciiy
Clerk and Sealed wilh the City
Seal on the
day of A.D., 14I0.
TAKI-; NOTICE lhat lhc a-
bote is a true copy of the proposed By-Law, upon which ihe
vote oi the Electon ol the Milan ip.ility of the City of Nortli
Vancouver will be taken within
the Cut Hall, North VattCOl
ver, B.C, on Satunlav the Thirtieth dav of ,lul\, A.D , 1910,
between the hours ol t| o'clock
11.111. and 7 o'clock p.m.
Citj Chrk and Returning
given that the vote of the lvle-
ito.s ol ihe Citi oi Nortli Van-
couver    will be   taken oll   the
30th day ot .lulv, in,, 1 etween
the hours of u o'clock a in. and
7 o'clock p.m. on "The City of
North Vancouver Sihool Site
Disposal H\ Law, 1910," and
that    within    the   Cilv    llall,
North Vancoaver, I)   C, and
that Thomas Shepherd has I e.n
appointed Returning Officer to
take lhe vote ol stub Klcitors
with   the usual poweTI ill   that
By Order of the Council,
Citv Clerk.
HV LAW   NO   111
(4)   No   rebate   --hall
lowed   on tlic spi 1 i.il ratei to
be levied under this IU l.iw
no)   This   Hv law shall liki
clleil   mi lhe First day of   August A.D.,  mi,,.
(11) This Hy-law may b< "!
ed for all purpose 11 ' 'lh
School Site l'iirchase I. an IU
law No. 2"  1910.
l'assed bv the Council oil llu
Fourteenth dav of July, A D ,
Received   the   assent   "f   tin-
ol North Vancouvei to all smh
,. ,,i .Lnls and instrument! u sh.ill
in* iie, essai'v   01   requisite  loi
the   purpose   of conveying   the
said   Lota I" lhe pilnhaser   .a
purchasers thereol,
11 This Hi law shall come
inlo force and take elicit on tlic
ii.n ol the approval thereof   by
ihe   Lieutenant   Qovarnot   in
This By-law mav be cited for
all purposes   as   "The  City   ol
N■ rth Vancouver School Site
Disposal  Rj  law   I'lio"
Klcitors  of tlic City  of   Sorth     l'assed by the Couuiil 1 n Hn
A HV I,AW io enable lhe Cor-
p'aratioii iif lhe Citv of Nortii
Vancouver lo raise by way ol
Loan llu- sum of 512,110 tor
the purpose of acquiring by
pm 1 hast an additional School
Sin- within the city.
WHEREAS the Hoard of
Sihool Trustees of the City ni
North Vancouver has requested
the Council of the said Clly lo
■minim fnr the assent of the
Electon a By-law to authorise
lhc City Council to borrow upon the credit o| the City at
large, the sum ot fli,I10 by debentures loi ihe purpose of purchasing the property known
and described as Hlock Two
linndred and Seventeen (317)
in the subdivision of Districi
Lot b'ive llundnd and lorly-six
(S2,b) (or a School Site.
ANI) WHEREAS the said de-
bcntiiics shall bear interest at
the rate of live per cent, per
annum, and such debentures
shall Ik- issued under lhe formalities contained m the "Muni-
ipal Clai.sis Act" for a period
ol Iiiit  \c.11s fro... ihen date
\NI) WHEREAS b'l the payment ol Interest on the delientures pi.aposed to be issued under this II) law, aiiil lor creating a sinking luml lor lhe payment of tin said debentures
when   dm, it   will be nccessart
to rain bj noetol rats in aa-
dlllaati to all other rates caih
nal dining lhe iiirieiny ol
smh  debentures  ths   sum   ol
I w hei col $ho5..S0 it to
be I.Usui annually [oT pnvlilcnt
..1 nii.ii ,1 .luring the currency
of said debentures, and Sl.-4.82
is to |,e 1,11.ed annually for the
purpose ol 11 eat ing a sinking
fund lor payment of the debt
■scared bv the said debentarea,
ihe same being made payable
in   lillt    tens   inun the   date
hereof ;
ANI) WHEREA8 111 onhr to
laise the said yeailv sum oj
<75o.M2 lor Inttreet and sinking
fund, an ei|it.il special rate on
the dollar will be required to bc
levied on all the i.itcable real
properlv in thc s.iid Citv.
AND   WHEREAS the   whol,
1,ill.dale    leal   |>r..pcily   in   the
said Cilv, a,,,,rding t" the last
n-vtsid   asscssineiil    toll is >;,
AM) WHEREAS ihe aggrc
gate oi the 1 littini debenture
debt of the Corp..ration is
Ssi'i.I'M 00 (excepl  f"'   works
(Continued mi next pa -cj THE EXPRESS, NORTII VANCOUVER, B. C.
BY-LAW Nn. in   iContinued)  gut, Al)*, 1910,
 :   (it)   This lly-law mav be cit-
nt  local Improvement and  tor ed   tor   all   purposes as "The
ichool purposes), i,t which none j School Site l'linhase I.oan By-
AN1) WHEREAS the aggregate of tin existing debenture
debt nl the Corporation is
■Vil'i, Wl*"" (except (nr works ol
Imnl   Improvement    and   tor
lowed   011   the special rates   I
be levied under thit liv.law.
ito raise by ipedal rate in   ad   vide   for the repayment nf   the
dition Ui all other rates    each principal thereol.
nc levied uuilei   uns  ny.iaw, ian..u.i  in .ill  ocnei   lilies     emu  *,i nia-i*'.a a  a,,..-.,,..
(io) This llv-law siiaii take year during lhe currency of (7> The proceeds of the said
ellect on the l'irst dav n( All- such delientures, the stun ol Ur debenture! shall lie applied as
gust, A.l)., 1910, 17A'12, wlieieol $1,300 i.s I"  be followi, and not otherwise .
,..,       'l-l.l       I,.     I      ......    l„.,*il.    .aluJ     11..     I      .,,     ..I1        I .» 1       1,1      IlllVlll.Hll        .1     ll,,,      „„.<l
of the principal and intereit It I law No. 1, 1910."
in arrcar;                                 Patted by the Council on the ichool purposes), ul which none    iid  Thit By-law may be cit-raited annually lor payment ot (a)  In payment of the cost
THKRKF0KK tht   Municipal Fourteenth da} ol July, A. D.,|ol the principal and interest is ed  for all purposes as "The interest during the currency  < ol  the passing of thit  By-law
Council  ul the Corporation  "1 [910,                                      Iin arreal ;                               School Site Ihirchaae l,",m By- said delientures, ami $873.u  is and the issue  and sale  01 the
the  City   ol   Ninth   Vauiuiivn      Received   the   assuit   nl   the!   THEREFORK the   Municipal law No. A, l')lo."                        to he raised   annually   tor   thl debenture!   therein   referred   to
1 with the assent of the clcii"is Klectors nf  the City  oi North Council  ol   the Corporation oi     Patted by the Councii on the  purpose of creating'a ilnkiu; and all expenses connected with
nf   the City ol  North   Van-1 Vancouver at an election tor the City ol North Vancoaver Fourteenth day oi July, A. D., fund tor payment ot the debt the taid wan 1
coiiver dulv'nlilailieil' tiiacts,is the purpose mi the                      '-with the assent nf llie electors 1910.                                             secured by the said delientures, (b)   In    recouping   the    said
day of                     A.i). 1910 ot the City,uf Notth Vancouver    Received the attent  oi   the the same being madt payable Corporation lo* inch  sums ,.s
the Council;duly obtained) enacts as foi-Elector! ol the City  ol  North Iin twenty yeara irom the date have  been expended hereunder
low's:                                           .Vancouver   at   au  election   (or hereof : uniil the proceeds of the sale ol
III   ll sh.ill be lawful for the the purpose on                             :    AND WHEREAS In older to the said delientures  becuiucs   I
i   North day oi                        A.l).  19I0. raise   the   said   yearly stun   "1 vailalile :
Reconsidered bv the  Council $3,173,11 tor intereit tnd link (c)  To cam ont the   pur*
in and linallv adopted, signed  by|ing lund, an equal special  rale pose ot  this Hvlaw as  above
ll)   lt shall be lawlul lor lhe,    Reconsidered   b}
Mayor  ot the  City  "I North ami finally adopted, signul  by
Vancouver and the City Clerk, the Mayor and Citv Clerk,  and
lm   the purpoae  aloreaaid   lu Sealed with the Corporate Seal Mayor 0|  ihe City
day  11   Vancouver and the City  Clerk
A. 1)., i'ii". f,,i* the purpose afortiaid
borrow or raise bv way of loan [on the
liom   anv   person   or    persons
body nr bodiei corporate, vi in
mat be u iilllle, lu adv.nice lllc
same upon lhe credit of lhe d,
benturei hereinafter mentioned
aai tin- Corporation, a sum ol
un,mv   nut   exceeding   in   ilu
it huh* the sum "I Su, No ,111 i
tn cause the same lo be placed
in the Hank ol Hritish North
America ai North Vancouver,
to the credit ui the Cilv lor the
purpoie above rei ited, allil such
monies shall be a ed lm that
purpose mill.
a: 1  Debenture! "[ ihe   Citi
lint exceeding in amount tile
sum ol Su,1 lo max be issued
bv   lhe   said   \l ami   .nul   lit',
Clerk in terms "I ilu- Municipal
Clauses Ait, m sums as may
be desired, Inn nut liss than
Om- Thouaand Dullars (fi,ot»!
each, except one uhiih mav  I c
(or Silo.     K.nh a 1  lhe said lit
benturei shall 1 e tinned .>\ the
said Mayor an.l I Ilt  Clelk. and
the Cin Cieik shall affix there
in the Corporate Seal "f lhe
s.ud uu ..I North Vancouver
111   The debentures shall bear
date   the Firit dav .,(   Aligllsl,
1910, aiid shall bear interetl al
lhe rale ul lile pel edit, pel
.llltllllll    pavable llall   ve.ll'lv    oil
ilu- First day "I February, md
the l'lisl dav ul August ill ea.h
and eveT) vear during the tin
rem v 1.1 Un* s.ud debenture! or
anv ul them. There shall be
all.iiiiiii lo the debentures,
Couponi signed bv tin Uayoi
only, i"f taih and every pay
11,tin .a Intereit thai may  be
Come dite, alld silt ll si^naUile
ill.-\   be either will ten, stamped
printed ur lithographed.
1 11    The    said    del ellllll'is    .is
in  principal and Intereit  may
be   made  pavable  at   the    Hall'-
ui Britiih North America, at
North  Vancouver,  Toronto "i
Montreal,    Canada,    01   at     lhe
said  Hank Hi tin   Citi  ol   l."ll-
Bnglaad, al  par ol exchange,
ami the said prim ipal sum
shall be made pavable hv tllc
Cilv at a dale not later lhan
lifiy   veils  llnlll  the date    ll| nil
which this By-law take! ellect
151   During   tin*   whole   teftn
ul lhe iinreliiv ul llu saitl de
hellUms   a  spe. lal  laic ull    the
dollar shall be levied .md raited
each   year In addition to   all
nther  rates ull  all  llie  rateable
buirnw ul   raise bv VV av u
•I loan the Mayor ami Cit) Chrk, ami mi the dollar will he required I 1 set nut
liudv nr bndies corporate, wh
TAKK  N0T1CI-:  lhat  lhe   .1   ■ „,..,  |,e willing 10 advance   iln
hnve is a true tupv  1 I the   pi'•'-  s,*ine n|>un  the credit ul lhe d.
posed By-law. upon whiih the benturei hereinafter mentioned
vuie u( the Kleclnrs ut the Mu-L| ih(* Corporation, a sum ol
nicipality ul tin- City "i North money not exceeding in the
Vancouver will I.e taken within whole the sum ui {.10,630 ami
lhe  Cilv   Hall,    North   VanCllU-  t„ cause the same lu hiver, ll.C, uii Saturday the Thii |-„
ant    I'eisuli   ot   persons,  Sealed with the Corporate Seal be   levied    nil   all the late,ill
ui the
dav oi
real property in the sai,l   Cit)
A.D.     AM)   WHEREAS
is hereb!
nl the Elec
av nf July, AD.,   lit", 'America,   at  Nurth Vancntivc
letween  the lu.iir*. ol 11 o'clock i,, the credit oi the City lur liu*
('cluck p.m. purpoie above recited, and such
niuiiies  shall be  used fur   lhat
purpoae only.
(J)   Debentures   uf   lhe   Cilv
imt exceeding in amount the
sum  ul  Sio,tijo  may I.e lamed
bv   lhe   said   Mayor  and  Cilv
lurs uf the City uf Nurth Van   -;i,..*k jn termi oi the Municipal
CoUVer   will   be   takilt    I'll   tlu   Clauses Act ill sums as mav   Iiiulli    dav   of .lulv,   I'lio,     le   deiired, but 1101  le-s than' One
tween ihe hours ol u o'clock h Thouiand Dullars (Ji,ooo) t-ath
111. and ; o'clock pin- "ii "The except   mie which  may lie  for
Sthuul Site l'iirchase I.nan Hv -.,,_,,,      |,;iU|, ,,( the said del en*
law   Nu.    I,    I'H","   and    that u*r,.s   s|u||   |,t.   si^Tl- -l   hv   tin
within  the Cilv  llall,   North\,,u\ Mavor and City Clerit und
Vaiuuuver, ll.C. alld lhat Thu- tjw Cilv  Clerk shall' all.\ there
TAKI-: NOTICI-   thai  the   a
i.iilsc the same lu he plated  ,   ,.  ,.    r .-,     , ,.
,,     ,      .   ,. *.* 1    V       ,   ,buve IS I trite mit   nl the     In
the     ,111k u     nils 1   Nurlh ',       , ,,, ,
a 111. and
City    Clelk    and
given that the vote
pused By-Law upmi which tht
vute ill the Blecton oi tiie Municipality uf ihe Citv ol Nortii
rateable   real property   in   the
said Cilv, according to the last
revised assessment mil, is S;,
013,534.00 :
AND WHEREAS the aggri
gale ol the existing debenture
debt oi the Corporation is
$549,194,00 (except tor worki ni
local    improvement   .md   toi
|S) All mutiny's arising out
ul lhe annual special rate here
Inbeiore   provided (or linking
Iiunl shall be invented by the
Council   ui said   Corporation
from time to lime as the law
(i|) No rebate shall 1 e allotted on the speiial rales tu 1 e
levied under this Hv-law,
I mi This By law shall lake
ellect mi lhe Writ DaV uf   Au
mcipalilv ul lite Utv ul  .Xullli  ■"•••■     uii.i.u-.iii.ini    a,...    nn
Vancouver will be taken within schuul purpoaei) ol which none >*"   '    ;. '   '
i  iL !.     t    ..   i   :..a   ..     a   : (lit ni*.   Uv
tlu- Cilv llall, North Vancou- oi tl" principa
ver,   B. C.  mi  the Thirtieth I" "rear i
md Interest i
dav   oi   duly,   A.   I).,
between tht houn ui i» o'i
a.in, and ; o'clock p.m.
City  Chrk and Returning
i luck
(in  This By-law mav 11cit
nl    [or   all   purposes   as   "The
mas   Shepherd   has    been   ap
pointed   Returning   Officer to
take the vole ol such   Klectors
PUBLIC NOTICI-; is hereby
given that the vote ui the Elic
ims nf the Ciiy ui Nurth Vancouver will be taken un lhe
Thirtieth   dav    oi   July,  A.
D.     between     lhe     hmirs     ol
ii     o'clock     a in.     and     ?
rHEREFORE   the Muniiipal I.ousdale Avenue Drainage
Council oi the Corporation oi tnt Conatruction Loan Hv
the   City  oi   North    Vancuuver   I'M"*"
(with the assent u[ the electors l'assed by the Council nn
uf the City ol North Vancouvei Fourteenth dav oi July, A
dulv obtained) enact! as lol 1910
lowi ;
ll)   It   shall  be    lawful    bli
Received tile assilit 1 f lhe Bl
ecliiis   oi   the   Cilv   nf    Nnrlh
to the Corporate Seal id   lh
said Citv ul North Vancouver
iu  The debentures shall l-eari o'clock     p.    m.    on    "The
with lhe usual power! ill   lllal date the   l-'iist dav nl   Augilsl, School Sile Purchase l.uatt Hv
I9I0, and shall be ir inK-lvs' al law   No,   ,-,,    I'll","   and   that
the   rale ol live pel  tent      pi' within   lhe  Cilv   II,ill,    North
annum   pavable hall  vcai',    mi Vam mil el,     B.   C,   and    Ihal
the Firat dav nl February  uu.l Thomu Shepherd has
lhe First dav ul Augusl in inch pointed   Returning    Oflicer
and even vear during lh: cut take ihe vote ul such Rl
the Mayor ol the City oi North Vancouver at aa election   Ior
Vancouver and the City  Clerk, the purpoae on the
lut   the  purpoie   aloresaid to ,1,,*, qj \ _   -1 *o
borrow or raite by waj ufloai    Recotuidered bv  thi Council
from am  perioa ur   penou, and finally adopted, ligned   I)
the Mayor and Citv Clerk, . nd
a   lllllll
Hv Order ol the C
Cilv Clelk.
body or bodies corporate, wh
in.iv In willing tu advance the
same upull lhe credit ul lhe de
benturei hereinafter mentioned
ul the Corporation, a sum nl
money  not  exceeding   iu   tin
wliule   the   sum ol Tweiilv Sit
iceii   ap   Thouaand   D"llals i'-.>r, imu um,
and   tu   cause lhe same lu   Ie
aim ever)  yeai nming cu:  1-111    cue me   um- m nn.ii ■■.leclms placed in the Hank ul    Hritish
reitiv nl lhe said dchcliuucs m   with lhe usual powers ill   thai   _,„-,],   America at  North   Van-
■■"  "' ''".in     riiai.. ^h.ii  i...i,..ii,i[ couver, to the credit uf the City
A V'\ l.AW tn ,uable ilu- Corporation oi the City ol Norih
Vancouvi 1 to raite by wa\  a
am    ill   lliem       There shall   be
attached lu ihe debentures Con-
pom signed bv the Mavor nnl),
lur etch and even pav lllelll ol
interest llial mat I eminc du ,
and such signal Ule may I e el
llnr written, stamped, printed
nr lithographed.
a 11 The said debenture! as
in |iruiiipal and interest may
be iii.idi pavable al the Hank ul
Hritish North America, at
North  Vancouver, Toronto  or
Montreal, Canada, ui al lhe
said Hank 111 ilu- Cily . I Luii
iimi.  England,  at  par ul   ex
change,   and   the said principa'
Hv Order nl the Council,
Citv  Clerk.
Sealed with the Corporate Seal
ill  lile dav  "I
A.l).,  I'll".
TAKE   N0TIC1-;   llul    ll"
above is a Irtic COO) 1 I ihe | ro
pused Hv I,aw,   inn n wlinli ll"
recited, i'
I e Ustt
vuie nl the Klectora 11 tin- Mu
nicipality oi the Ciiy "i Non
Vancouver will be taken witl i
the Citv 11,11, North Vancou
vei, B, C, 1,11 Saturday, lh
Thirtieth   dav   nl   .lulv, All ,
ls. mi.1, between the h m i f >i
'   n'clock a.m  and J o'clock p in.
lui iln- purpoie ahuvi
aiiil smh moneyi shall
iur that  purpusc unl) *
I 1)   Del minus   ill   the   I ilv
nut  exceeding  in amount   the
sum ui  Twi-nl) Six Thouaand
Dullars 1 Sab,  mav  I e i.s
sited   bv the   said  May r
Cin Clerk in terma 1*1 tht Mu
in,ipal ciaiiMs Aii, 111 nm as      THOMAS SHEPHERD,
mav   be  desired,   but   not   less     Citv     Clerk   and    Ritiiiniig
than   Om    Thouiand   Dolhr Officer.
($i,oui  each,   Each oi  lhi 	
said debenture! shall le si ned    ,„.„,.,.  ..,,.,.,,.,.  *    ,    ,
i,t   the said   Mav,..' and un    ,PUB«    NOTICE ii her.b)
Clerk and the City Clerk shad -*-,u" \h'\[ ,l"' _°u.'' «*• I'.1' '
affix the Corporate Seal .1 the lon - the CU) of Notth \
said Cit) ..l Sorth Vancouvei «*"* w,» ,l,1 ,',k"1 '"   '
rn  The debentures »h.U Vear #» ity ol My, 1910,1 etwcctt
WHEREAS   ilu-   Bonrd   ol    (5)  During the whole ten
School Titisiu-sul the Cit)  ul ,,1 the currency ul lhi taid
III    1 ue iieiieniuiis snail 1 e.ir    ,     ,     •       ,        •      ,
date the   Firit di)  id   AugUlt,  ,lu' *__ "[ " " ''"' \'* m. "'"'
,a(l„, and shall bear nil.res-  ,*t  \   »**- |-m. m.  "U.e    l.ons
l.n.in  lilt    um  nf  Sl",i..'n   lol   sum shall be made pavable     Iv
Uu- piupns, ,,( acquiring   by the I'm  at  1  dale not latu
purchaae an additional V.iod ,l1'1" lllu v,',rs lroni ,,u' daU
I,    „,,, ,,   ,-:,,. lumn whnh this Hvlaw    takes
efirt. AHV-I..WV  to enable the Cr ,
poration    ol   the   City   ol tb rate oi five per cent, per an- Jale /«■■   Otoiotn   Se«ci
North Vancouver 10 ralm bv num pavable hall yearly on the   "'^'"„.,u„ Jf"   By-Law,
w ,v ul lu.i. the sum ui fafi '•'>'-< day ul February, and the  ."'"   __•**  'l,'',1 ™   'lh
M.n  "II,,..    lh,  suinials.". ^^ (m jQit     ,,.,„     v,,      V.im,a,ic-i,
000.00 tor the purpusc of con ^       • ^ ^..     ^ ^  Bj., and that lh aa Shep
structinga d,,,,n|..rc,,riyi... ,..110 of^e taid dekenluru Ol  ___*   h"h«a'   •'IT'""'".   K|'-
awav   suilai,   and ntlnr   vv a anv  „( them.    There shall    ,v turning Olner n-lake   he inl,
ten on Lonadale Avenue (mu attached   to   the   debenture*, -( such b,lc..u,svv,,I, ihe usual
the Nortii Une „l .Ml. .tract Coupon, sigmd by the   Mayor •*>»«"
suu.i, in the aaterironi "nU  tot.,^h •** ™*1  l",'-"
iiic-ni uf intereit ihai may u--
WHEREA8   ihe  Council   nf come  due,  and  smh sign.(tunic Cuv nl  North Vancouver may be either written, stainp-
speiial  lale shall be inserted In  has   aduplcd a  separate -.vsliin ed, printed ur lithographed.
sum  corporation     1 iw     aiiie iy   sv>i   nenotn ,->nc ilu-  Collector1!   Rull   ur  RnlK ul   aewstt0   and dl*ainu|*i    n.r     i|i   The   said  debentures   a.
w.iv aa uihu r.iies in ihe  said    AND WHEREAS the laid dc   ,,n,|  shall  b, pavable  to   aiiil iln-  City nl   Norih   i'ancouver 1 to  ptiiu ipal and inlei ist   mav
mil ur rnlls. save as heielliallit   Intitules shall U\ir ilileiesl   ill  collected   bv  tile said Curpul'a    as   pluvided   toT bv sill, s, i ilh. be madt pav able .it llu  Hank nf
provided, the rate <■( fivi percent, per tion in the tame way ai othei 13 (a), of Section 1560! the Mu Hritish    Nortii    America   nt
ih)  In order i" provide loi annum,   and smh   debenture! ratei   In   the   said   mil   or nicipal Clauses Aci,    md   is North Vancomrer, Toronto nr
tin- tads Ml mil in paragraph shall U- issued under  the inr  .-uiu, save at hereinafter pru  thereby vested  with the  Kami Montreal,  Canada,   u .ii   tin
,ii'l  su'i'ii   .is  aforesaid, malities contained In the "Mu  rtioi powers ami regulation! in  to s.ud Hank in tha City "f I.nn-
tlnre shall 1,1 raised  auiiuallv iuiip.il ti.uisi-. Aii' i,,r a perl     ,1,,   in ordei lo pr..vide  im drains int carrying awav   sm duii, England, nt par ol   ix-
bv   spinal  lali   dining  the cm    ud   "I   Idlv    mils    ll'.lli   I ll* i I   the   lales set  mu  m paragraph  hue   and nihil   watels U   iht) ChUgC,   alld  lhe said    principal
renc) "I lhi laid debentnrei iln dati ,,nd whject as   tloreaaid, are in reaped i" tewen carry sum shall be made payibli by
sum ni fit . ... tii pmvide  toi     AMD WHEREAS (or the pa)   ihere  shall  It raited annually ing awaj lewagt: the City  nt  . date nut bar
tin payment ni Intereit thereon mtni ..i intereal on thi deben by ipeclal rati during the cur    and WHEREAS tha Council than   twent)   yean Irom the
atul ilu  sum "1 Si 11 s.' tn   pro   tui,s pii.p,,s,d iu In  issued iiu   leinv ul the said (lebeiiiures the has alluiiied bv iiiiaiiiinuiis vute dale   iipuii   whiih   tins   Hvlaw
\i'h i"i 'in   repayment "I the der ilns Hv law. and b.r mat   sum ol Ssi to provide lor ihat   tlu   conatructiou   ol   n lakeiellecl
principal ihen I lag ■ sinking land im the pat   ihe pnymenl nl Interval  then drain [or carrying   away tot-    (5)  During the whole term ol
171  The proceeds nl the siid llltln  *,i  ii„* said   debenture! un and tin  tuiu "l {(19.56   to lace and other ttaieis on l.utis- tbe currency ol thi saul 1dm
debentures shall he applied  as mhtn   due, 11 will be neceiaan provide (or the repaymenl  "( dale Avenm
to raite bi ipeclal rati In .ul  the principal therein
,     -•■ 1  utt lUlltlicv   ill the said   de
Nurth Vancouver has reauertcd benturei ■ fecial rale mi  the
real propert) in the Citv suih   ih, I'munil ul iln said i r,v i i -)„||ga s\x,,\\ he levied and raited
lietit tn pat the intereal  upon aubmit iur ihe assent ol the I each year in addition to all olh-
ihe said debenture! .md 10 ere I Electon a   IU law to  auihm ,., ntd on all the rateable real
ale a sinkiu- lund lm  tin  pav    i/e the   Citv  Council to imimvt propert)    in lhe   Cilv   sulhiicnl
mint  ..I the principal  thereol npon the credit "l ihe Citj   ii i,, pav   ilu- Intereit upon ilu
when din,   tubject   t" .mv   ait largi iln sum >,( Si",i>-"> by de- s,,j,| debentnrei and lu create l
,,i   enactment   renecling   the bent nits   lur ilu- pnrpoM   ol sinking (und for the payment ol
same.    Smh spinal i.u,   shall punhasing lhe property  kn.wn tlu principal thereol  when dm,
be   inserted    ill   lhe  CoUcctOT'l  and    ilesclibed  as lilmk   ldevelt nbject    I"   anv  acl    ur   ill.nt
Rull or Rnlls and shall bepav-    Ila in iln* Subdiviaio! i.l  Dis ,ui.„i respecting the same   Such the   Clly
able  tn and collected bv  ilu triit l.ut l-tve Hundred um 111
said Corporation In tlic mum ty (530) lol ■> School Site
Hv Order ol the Cmincil,
tiiomas BHEPHERD,
Citv Clerk.
,miu   Ihe    North  Hues a  spei ial rate ull lhc (Iniiiili- n( iSth strut suiith lo lhe lar   shall   be levied alld   raised
toUowa. and nut otherwiie         \„ raise bv ipeclal rati  in  ad the principal thereol                 jlinc nf iSth street south to lhe lar  shall  be levied aiid  raised
a'   in pnymenl  ..1 lhe cost dition to all other rale,   ench 17    'i'he proceed, oithi mM I waterfront, benefit! the Muni each vear In addition to   all
n|   the   passing  ol   tin* Hv law   \..,*r   ,||iiin.*    tin    iiilieinv     ul debelllllles  shall  be  applied    as lipalllv    al   large and tllilt   the "tlnr rates nil all the   rateable
aiid iln tssii,  .unl s.,|,   ul   ilu  M„|*   ,|( bent ui, ..    the   stun   ul lulluw s, and in.i uthci w ise :       Muiiicipalily    at lar^e    slimild real   property in the City  and
debenture! therein  referred '•■ si««, ^i,, whereof l<u 1.00 la to (t)   In payment ol the cant pnjr tht total coit ra tin work: sullicient   to pav tha   mtereal
allil all expenses ,*,iiiie,led with i|„. ,,MM,l .mnnallv   [ol  pavlililll ol UH passing ,,( llu*.   B) law,     AND   WHEREAS    lhe    Cilv upull the said debentures and lu
the said loan                              Inf intettsi iIiiiiii,   lh, unreuiv aiid   the i-asin   and sale ..I   lhe Kni'iiiccr has estimated the lu- create  a  sinking lund Inr   the
ib)  In   recouping  ihe
Corporation  i"'   * h sim..
interim   Innn;   lln currency and   the issm   and sal, ,,i   ih,. Engineer haa estimated thl to- male   I   sinking lund (nr   the
hi 1(1 lol    said   il.ln nllii, .   and Sta'i -ii> ihhcnluics   thueili   i,l,r.,,|    lo  lul   enst   nl   (he   wmkat   fo6,    p.iMmtH "f lhe principal   tltere-
,, . ,,s is tu I*, ral ..I mnnalli lur the and all expenaes conneclml with oowx) 1                                ol when due, rtbjecl to an) act
Ii.n,   been expeudel Lereundei pnrpoai  nl creatlnj   1  rinklng ihe said loan                            AND WHEREAS a petition lor enactmtnt  respecting    the
iiiiiii the proceedt   I the tale fund lor pavment of the   debt (h)   In    recouping  tin   siid sigmd by the owneri nf mure same.   Smh ipeclal rate  shall
of the naid debentures  heconiei secured In iln iwid del.tntwta, CorporntloB  lor iuch   nuuia nnl thnn one-tenth the value of 1 eai be inserted in tin- 1 'nlleum -.
a- . 1 liable tin       .mn   buiii:  made    pavalb   ll.l v.    been    expended   ] , i elltidel   pi npel I v   ill  the t il v   I as slluWII   Rull nr Rnlls and shall be |>.i\
fo earn oUI   he pnrpotc in  lill!   year.  Iron   thl dale until  tin proceedt ol ihi   sale by the last   reviteil titetament able to ami collectad  by  the
a,l  ihr.  Hv  law   a      hoVi     '' "Ul   h.liaal "I   lhe   -M   debelitiit,      lecomt   mill  has  beell   presetlled   tn  the  said    Culpnl.itiull   ill   the    Same
\ll   moniel    nii'l"   mil      AM) WIII-.R1-. \S in order to available ; Cuinitil ream ttUg lln m to   in   way as nlher rates in the said
.,1 iin umual ipeclal rnteheti  i.iisi   11,.   Mid yearlj   sum "l    (c)  Tn enrrj oal the   pui   irodnm 1 Hv i.aw to ,mth,.rise roll ur mils, save as ln-rcinal-
iniiiii.ia    provided  lor sinking (600.50 (or Interest tnd linking I none ul ilns Hvlaw ,,s abovi them  to borrow   the sum  of tar provided,
lund  ahall be invented  b)   lh. lund, an ei|Ual ipeclal rate on nt ott. |36, (01 the wrpoat ol con     (6j   In order to pmvide for
Councii   ul  Mid   Corporation the dollar will b, required to    (I)  All mmm    ,1   n    nut'ttructlng such drain: the rate, wt out In paragi.iph
Imm  tune lu time as lln    law   l„*   levied   ,,|iall  the   rateable nl tin  annual spei ial i ale   here-     ANI) WIIKKKAS lui lhe p.n    isi   and   subject   as   afuresaid,   U|PprF;    fo    T\_\\\
direct. real propert) In the said City Inlwlon provided [01   linking Intent of intareet ou tbi (bleu  then- shall he raised anmialiv v        %M"
\,,i,l„ii,    hall bl   1II..W-     AND  WIll-.lil-.AS  the  whole I lund   shall be inv. sl.,1   by    the lures pmpnsid m bt issued un   bv special rate during the   cm
tliat rents arc blfh in
Nurtli Vniicniivi-r -- Why
not solve tlic n-nl |iruli-
lem by MOtiring • dtjirable
lot, nnd getting n Imnic
See IW»—Spi-cinl nn '.Mh
street, nenr St Andrcii*.
60 fool lot, cleared, giadid
and facing the lnlcl,.*]'.'."!!
—*|460 cash, halnnci', 6, l'J
nnd IM inmitli-
aajl      ,>u  leu.tll    snail   in    lliun-        a..|,    w 11 I . II I-..V ra    nil     « nun nil,.,    .*,>•■*■»..   .-■•    ,,,,    ,.a       ,111     1,11a.-,   I".'I' . ,..  ^
,d ..it ilu ipeclal rate to be li   rateable real properti   In the Council   "|   Mid   Cur-xirttlon'der thi. m-law, and tor crtal   rencv of the Mid debenture, the
vied undei  tin. I'.v law said Cilv   , tiling in ilu Iasi imm linn- 1"   ll h    law  iiig a sink
•fl._ !>.    1     ...       I.  .11     .   .!._     .    I  ,,     U    ■:- all-MMlfl  .4      .,(
Ph. n.  110
III 2nrl.Mrt.-t
 '       " '   '     '   "   '        ■■,,**, '.ink,     i"     , >,.    >"       —
is Ry-lnw 'hill 'ike reviatd amriwiiienl  rull is ty,  directt
i       , ....   a ...     i    \  n.i
Mn)    Till
lia.l   "ti ihe   1-itst dty "I   tl
in;: a sinking lund lor the pav   sum "f |t,)00.a0 in provid. for
111,111   nf    the   said   del elitntes  lh,* pavmellt n( interest  tlu 11 "11
»"V   "*     ...- I-.-	
No   rtbttl   ihtll li«   .il-iwlun   (liu-, it  will In- mwHXJ mnl  ihr sum <>f frW/yUtO ptQ THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Dry Goods and
Gen ta Furnishing
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 255
Childreut' Sailor Suits; a lew sizes lelt in stiiped duck navy
I'lue,   navv and white stripe.     Grey,    Vtllttl  lip     A*l   __f_
to t) oo <pl.jU
I..lilies'   Muslin  Shiit   Waists,   txctptiontl  value,
lo clear          -
(Ine lot on Nte Mitel, IIKIxlH'.' feet, fa ar f.'IOl);  the owner must have
money.   Vie have the iiiljiiiniint hit lilted ut |.r»Otl.
tin., lot am lm "treei, IOOtlSileet.it  ftoo
We have IB leel tt Keith mail, le.i'l'n hlnek (rom ear, lor  |UM
.'HI fi'.i mi Tliirti'i'iilh slreet, i-lenre.l, nne blodl from ear, at .. .   $730
If vnn want anv nf the above net iiniekly.
I   it   tam A. V. Mnrkle
Cor. Sth & I "usit ile   Phone 176        Branch Office-Lynn Valley
Peers & Boult
Leave Van.      Leave N. Van.
Leave N. Vail.      Leave Van.
*6.2o a.ui
7-30 "
8.30 "
9.15 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 p.m
1.15 "
2.15 "
3'5 "
4-15 "
5-15 "
h.15 "
7.25 "
8.15 "
9.15 "
10.15 "
•1115 "
•b.45 a.m.
7.50 "
8.50 "
9-45 "
10.45 "
1141 "
12.45 p.m.
1 45 "
2.45 "
3-45 "
4-45 "
5 45 "
6-45 "
7-45 "
8.45 "
945 '
10.4.S "
•n.45 "
*6.2o a.m.
'7.20   "
Ijo  "
9.20 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 pm*
1*15   "
2.15 "
3-'5 "
4-15 "
6.15 "
7-25 "
8.15 "
9*15 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.45 "
* N.il nt Sundav.
Time Table sullied to change without notice
•6.45 a.m.
*8.oo "
•8.50 "
9-45 "
10.45 "
n-45 "
12.45 p.m.
1-45 "
2*45 "
3-45 "
4-45 "
5 45 "
6.45 "
J-43 "
«-45 "
945 '
10.45 "
Advertise in the "Express"
Further evidence oi the fact
that mining is on a solid basis
in the Kootenays and the Bonn-
dary and the progress that that
industry is making is afforded
by the returns of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co.
of Trail, for the month ending
May llit. During May the total product ol the company's
smelter at Trail was 573,58a,
giving a total for the it
months of the company's fiscal
year, which ends on June 30th
next, oi If, 120,737 as against
{4,876,000 for the corresponding period of last year or an
increase ol $511,73".
will In* manufactured whn the
railway is in operation to that
At a recent meeting of lhe
Vernon dty council Mavor Husband left lhe chair and moved
lhe following resolution : "That
in the opinion of lliis council,
improvements sliould be exempt
from taxation and that laxes
ihould be levied oil land values
only, and that Immediate steps
be taken to secure the opinion
of the ratepayers on the suli
A new factory for the manufacture of wooden pipe has been
lately built in New Westminster and work will be started
as soon as the installation of
the machinery is complete.
The new C, P, K. wharl at
Suiiiiiierhind is nearly finished
Another week or to will be
needed tnd the whari will then
be turned over to the owneri,
At ,1 recent uieeting oi
city  council  ol   Victoria
st.iteineiil   was  expressed
it   was   time   that   Keck   Hat
was idled in or dredged out,
The C.P.R, will build ,1 Swiss
village at Golden to accommodate the Swiss guides employed
by tin- railwai.
One ol tile biggest sinIai*
shuttings ever uncovered in llic
Sheep Creek camp has mine tO
light on the Devlin Lmle miser
•tl claim, owned bv George  P.
Wells and .lohn G Dei Hn ol
Nelson in the shape nl a ledge
1 1    lul    wide,    the   Sailliples ol
which give ,in average un} ol
{9.80 a toll. A p.ivslre.ik Iw..
leel wide ill the vein tattVI
Sl"), in gold. The ledge is desi ribed   as ,1 st 'oil!! Iiss'lic vein
The citj "i Prince Hupert bas
established a lire department,
Mr. Neil Mclnnes, I well known
resident has been appointed
chiel ,unl tenders are being called toT the equipment.
Phoenix will see the commencement of a new f. 11,000 school
this summer.
Crofton has been selected as a
site for a big saw mill. The
structure will cost (750,000 and
will be one of the biggest mi
Vancouver Island.
Mission City is looking for a
beet sugar factory. The soil is
said lo be very good in that district and some citizens arc
planning the erection of a big
sugar factory.
The city of Stewart has $$0,-
000 to spend on sewers. The
town is voung but the Stewart-
ites don'l believe in wailing too
ng for improvements.
Nelson expectl to have a Bah
hatchery before very long. That
cily is pretty confident about
getting the provincial university as well.
The C. C. 1 C. Coinpanv has
:o men developing its coal properties nil Granitt Creek.   Coke
♦ llllllll Nl 11111H111111111111H111111111111111 IH+tt+HMHHHtt*)
Canyon View Hotel
Bxtenilvt Groundl. High-dtii icrvice il modertti miis
Family Roomi en mite with speeinl rates.    Housi Greit.) Enlarged.
Buy trail to sn minii ui  Groan Mountain,   altitude jooo (eet.
Scenic Delights     Fishing      Hunting    Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
Ma linger.
AT $250 A LOT.  :
Lots only 3 minutes from this cariine, ideal location;
Good Road to Property.   $25 cash, $10 monthly.
Martinson & Co.
T/iinie irj. P.O H.'i ;i
Catarrh Must Go
And Hawking, Spitting, Singles Must Go Too.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "Wesl Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
I.*.T.a I..,, .  V.Il.'i.11. ■ 'I
Hnllybnrn Wlinrl III-  latitat'  II li.rl
Iu-i. nil) I aet |ll tun-**)
7.30a.m. . a.m.
a.m. 10.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m. 1 j no a.ui
13.00 p.m. 14 nil p.111.
15.00  f  HI |B  a„a   |i  111
17.00  p  111. ||   llll  p   HI
' I'm Salurd->» Only  11.00 |>.111.
9 V'«ni  -Mindar ftctitdulr M M pan*
17.00 p.m         "  22.00p.m.
fllaili Tire 15c.       Two Ticketi 26c.
(.inn ki si innii  Irom   North Vaiienuvi r to tin   diltrll I  lievnnd
Capilaini Kinr    Ltnach "Watt Vtneonvtr" ni.ik'* eonntC'
linns,  willuiiii fail,  with  the (erry steamers Irum Nnrlh Van-
waver, as pei tbovi m In dull
Ilyoinei iprolloUlieed Iligll-o-
im-1 will give the sitlierer from
.,11.11 ill joyful relief ill live minutes.
Ii is smh 1 remarkable cue,
and so positive in its actios,
thai 'I'lie I.ousdale rhaniiaev
goes so far as to gu.tr.mlee   it
to etire catarrh or moMV hack
A COtnpletl outfit, whiih eon
sists ill 1 hard ruliln-r pmkei
inhaler, .1 bottle <>( Ilvninci,
,unl .1 uique dropper for hllin !
the inhaler, only costs OM dol
|,ir, ind if an extra hot tk* is
.illii vi aids needed the price is
onlv JO cents.
Hyomel is a healing, anlisep
tn halsam, taken from the
mighty etK-alvptus trees in the
health giving forests ol .Va 'i 1
lit, white diseases nf the respi
rai.irv tract are unknown.
All the   sulleter Itas t" do It
to inhale thc antiseptic air   nl
Ilvoinci over the inflamed pari
where the germs are enii inched,
three of [our times a dat
Il cures coughs, cnhi;, astli
m.i. liav fever and <:r*>u|> w-'li
out stotnacli dosing.
Cures Dyspepsia.
Your moti-y tuck If il don't. GW*1Immediate relief from httrtburn, »u' »,o,n-
ach, itomach dlatrat and aid**, headache.
50 una a large boa al
The Lonsdale fhariiatv
50 Feet Wide
in Blocks Adjoining
- J* _mm ••
e «T ^
'. fJ
District Lot 550
Till   i.Utsl*  HOI lit'
KOITH  1 ISI "i 11 1
For Prices and Particulars, Apply to
Lin. l.n.
Corner Pender and Seymour Street* Official Agc-nti THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
locus the wants ami iln- offering!
nf current lot tl id' rrti
Siniile Insert   10c pi r aim*
Uin* Week     7' *i*    "        |aer iu-airtiut
une Month     Be   "
"Three Removes are as
Bad as a Fire"
Ih.l g<m Iras thai -.hllcaopni.
ol lt.rya-"i,. Fr-.DK.l-n coot.laa. «
Int of traaUa.
M.a. uo. ano.. de. Ct • Hood
houM onca for all 1, . ■' Hoaa.
W.BWd" ad
Hoaa... azthj a.-j ..--.re. bu, our
Won, Ad. will pul rou In louaH
wilh Ihn boil In Iho t-horlUI.
K. C, Simpson has taken a    rl" ln ' ,)Ush ''" ""rl1'  "'
hnuse uii .-ml street wesi.        Lynn Vallej   uas looming np
to siiinc exteiil during the patt
Chas, W, li.iniu-lil oj Vancou  uvu aai tlnn days and tome ap-
v.i has iiiilul .1 houae on Fifth prehension ivas lelt lest aeonthlP. 0. Uox 27
easieiit uiml should anting upIm^^****************^
ami drive ii south again in the
vicinilv  ui lllc watei Worki   in-1
take and  lhe settled portions ul
I,vnn Willet     ll  is UOW   luiiu
inn   uii ilu  suiith eaat side   ul
China   Hal   mountain   nu    lhe
easl   side   aal  1,vnn   Creek   and
nurlh ul  Kite l.ake.
riant, Bpecificatloni, Estimatei
North Vancouver
.Miss Mel,eish has rented a
cottage un .-ml slleet near Ma
lum Ave. and has uiuVeil iu.
A.   Ilemnei    has   rented   the
house recently occupied by Mr.
Watson Tavluf nn ist itreet,
l-'OR SAI.K High grade Hu
nes Bros, piano [or >: .•.-,. Writi
.Mrs. Curtis, Camp Ground,
Nurth Vancouver, 2'
FOI  SALK    Cheap,  Single
driver or saihlh imt as, together
With   bUH]    all'l harness   colll-
plete.     For     pal miliars,  apply
Ibix nt, Nuiih Vancouver,   ic-
To LET Nine roomed house
un St. Andrew'. Ave. Large
verandah }OXI3, Large '..itli-
ruuiii. Ground toosioo, v.. aui
AttgUtt   Is.      Kenl  S|-' y    per
month or S40 on leate,   Appl;
In   .laik Loutet, -'i'  l.nlisriali-
Telephone 1;.
Four roomed Home Ior reul
iur Iwn 111.,nths ur utei, llitelv
iinnished.   Cow iur sale  cheap,
appl'.    alter   5   p.m.   I"    ?,    tl
Cummer, 17th strict, Nnrth
Vancouver, md houae Imm
l.unsdale Ave. car, -'"
Yaiainv   lor iu.unci's in   pri
rate h'.iise   Appli I2J ith Si
Wesl. I ;t
WANTED Two or three furnished r us [or li^lu bonne
keeping.   Boi  177, North Vnn
couver in
WANTED  Good,  than   wo
man to cook loi private camp,
irmn  | p in. dailv,  I wages
Applv,   Solid   Comlort   Camp,
l.uiisilale dai dens, M
.lack I.milei and N. Lmtsdah
Elder Muiiaiv Co, Bre insurance
COh'inwini) WANTED in llu
bush.   N    V   U Ivalil,   V   o
MuX   ltd. Ki
We vvill but ui exchange youi
I*,te,I,    ian 1     and   huils.h.abl
 I . [ol    p"i   .ash.     'linn. 1 I
711   l.uiisilale   Ave       I'll..lit     |X|
iv 0 Bo. .-ii.
I'EDIA   .'" large columet with
index      Whole llbrarj   In  ont
set    Latetl information,    ii n
tii 11, literary  and mechanical
Published   in   1      Architecture, engineering, building, elei
iiiuiv,   ptycholo| t.    political
Miein 1. hittoi     uli ion, then
SOphy,  1 lirisl I,ill  -1 uini,    1 Vel V
thing. Cist ami worth Sinn
(iiinni ai 1.11 dayi at only
$50, Latetl and best on nil
niudiin pii.ialimt Xn publu
man up to datt without ll Ap
ply Kxpress Ollice,
C, W. Leslie, [oreman at the
Wallace Shipyards  has  rented
Ml     Seal's lioUse "11  .Sill  slr.e
Miss A, rVooater ol St
Thomas, Ontario, is the  guesl
ul Mis F  B, CiuiniiiiT nl 171I1
.1. A. Mi Millan is preparing
tu move intu his new hottse  un
lhe   miner   ul   tslll slreel    atul
St. Andrea's Ave,
Miss l-rnlliis Russell and All I
Maggie I'hilip bit yesterday mi
a twu weeks' vacation trip t i
lhe Capital
W, II. l'i an ui Vancouvei
has rented a houn lately occu
pud bv Mr. Malcolm McMillan
nil M,iliuli Ave.
Hector McRae has completed
ihe   conatruction ni a   small
hnuse mi 17th slleet between
Muhoii and .Imies.
F. tt tt.iid has moved into
the houae recently occupied bv
Mr.   E, M   Dny on Lontdah
Ave.  Ileal'   Islb  street.
The Wall,ue Shipyard, hav
iiiiilii conatruction . large pile
driver lur Leans, Coleman 1
b'.vans ul Vaiiiuiiver.
A. tt. Evan, has leased a
hoUSe   mi   1st  slreel    near     Sl.
Andrew's Ave. recently occupied; bt \\. Shakespeare.
II.  V. Cnuk has started   the
erection "t a houae in be occupied bv hiinsell nn lhth street
lm it ecu Chesterlield and Malum
tt it bus ni Vancouver has
purchased mie ul (he W. Hraim
ilullses   ull    I ppcl     Keilh    I'.i.nl
Victoria and is   lum in;;
iii sunn.
Tin- governuuttt pair* 1 I oal
Kestrel, whnh is al priseiil nl
the Walla,i   ttavs und,I', uill;.' all
overhauling, is expected in be
finished at the end nl this week
Ur.    P.    S.   Cull-  has    allllnsl
completed his line bungalow mt
,ith streei adjoining the Grand
linlili vard alld intends iiiiii in;
ill shnll lv
Miss Mi l.ai'tti, wlm has taken
a raite "i room, in the Keith
block, has been Joined by hei
sister,  Miss A.  McLaren ami
Iiiilul Mrs Barn wh" hav, jual
iiiiutlv arrived Irom Dundee.
Arrangement, an- being mad'
bv   Tern.mile Tclllutldcr nl   2nd
slieel   |nr the eRCtioU al a   lllll
twu storey reaidence mi his te
ceiitlv  punhased  property   mt
lSth itreet mar l.arsuti's ruad.
Miss Bertha Sale returned mi
Saturda]  altar having spent a
iha  ,illl   Week's holiday at   tllc
Si|U,iini.li   II..we Sound,     She
expressed hertell as grcatl}  !"■
Ilelilti.I as a  lislllt   ul lllc   "Ut
lug and a freedom Irom business
l-'iisi slreel and Third  itreet
ite scheduled lu plav  al   It'iiie
aii..ii pail, tins evening,     The
une pi'.iuisi s lu be lhe   must
l.iinlv contested ul .mi nt held
is the twu lop liul'hi is in tlu
,iiv league arc both making su
pieim eilorts In lake this garni
Several nea players will br
seen in action in ihis match
A mt i|iiiet and pretty wni
ding i.."I. place this m-iruta** ,ii
9,311 u'clock when Mr. S. Fl r
line tt 1- hi ol North Vancouvei
and Miss Annie Kindley, also
ni this eity, bui recently • it
Iinin Dundee, Scotland, were
joined iu the holv bunds ol Wid
link Iit tin Kev, .1 I), ('.ilium
Tin ,,iiinuiii was performed al
the lluiiie ul the bride's palellts
nil   I'llll slleet.     The bride, vv ll"
looked charming in white sii
overhung with . bridal veil at
wearing . wreath ..I bridal bins
sums, was attended bv her   si,
ler, Miss M.n Findlay, She
alsu carried an exquisite i.uu
Uttet "I while sweet pe is   while
the bridesmaid carried a bun
qttet  ul pink sweet  peas.       The
groom was supported bv Mr. .1
ttvlie  Donaldson,     Altar  tin
cel'elllniiv   lhe happv   couple  lell
nil lllc  I J. I.S buv   iur   Vii tui I
where thev will spilld then Inn
eiiiiiiun. Oii their return thej
vvill make their (mure home in
this cilv mi milt street,
Following is the program "i
tin* insi open-air concert tu be
given bv ilu- Nnrth Vancouver
cilv baud al Victoria park l"
morrow evening, July roth,
weather permitting ami provid
inj; llial tin- program ian be fin
islled   belore   daiklless sets   ill
ll   is  expected   that   Uic  nexl
11 iiii ei t will be given iii the iu«
band sl.iiiii vvhiili will be com
lilellced ill a dav ur su.
i.   March, LEtoile, Hughes
0. Concert Walt/, Chinese
Lanterns, Jaxone, arranged ' J
tt. ii. Hamilton,
i.  Serenade,   Sweet Dreamt,
1. Uarch, "I've got Rings
un mv Fingera," Scott Gifford
j, Song and andante, When
iln* Robins Sing Again, Ram
h. Religioto, Onward Christ
ian Soldier. (By request a Cham
7.  Concert Wall/, Aphrodit
s.  Canadian   Medley,   Map
Leal Forever, Baugh,
God Save the Km;
Special for
If You're All For-Lawn
Garden Tools of all Kinds are here in
100 Jugs 10c each _ Great Variety and at Most Reasonable
Out 1 uu 1 ul
Aie the Besl and We Guarantee 1 Ik tii iu (In the Vi oik.
150 I'.i in.a.- 20c each
50 pair Grey Blankets $2.00 pair
3 only, 6 ft. Extension Tables $8.C0
20 only, 4 fi. Veranda Screens 5Cc
15   "   6 " "    85c
10   "   8 "        "   $1.10
100 Japanese Mais   -   30c each
Furniture and
Crockery Store
70 Lonsdale Ave.
paine & McMillan
The Pioneer I lardware
' * aiili Vancouver
riUaLawKcxn: :~j_;
nan class kih ri si 1 *
Phone 170 P.O. Bjx 166
He aire H.le Iga'lltJ heft
?— t".s_"': -.. > _ r       : :
MADE '■_
Till'   nlall     III.illlifali liner
llaall |'aia*i'«.i , .1-1   .'iKil. 1 '. •
il lliei' .1.. nnl n.'.i PipH •
, ai*..ii«.
J^ M
In    |mli
An.l I.,.,*,,hmi
ill Kim
1 ,,, s.U hr
The lalling "I two t.ill  tree*
Mime nine (Inline Sunday ninl"
was ii use ul ,1 renewed onl
leak III  the hush lile III HI"   llli
corner nl   22nd *tre< 1 and   ''■■'
Imu   Am     ii-iiiiliii    in<irniun
  ''iul   afternoon  the Miioke  ton
a]' in i.aluiiies iiiiiii ihe lire- area
l-ll-Ji-, ON KEITH ROAD     nnd ihe Impression was that .1
■I. ■ .1 itatiofl "I largi proportion
,\ mh,ill blaze engaged the al   was being wrought In tnal lo
1,111,mi ,,l ., nu  aal lhe inelliliers ialll\ 'I'll,   burning area   ex
,a ih,* 1,,,.,] in. brigade yeater tenda limn ijth streei south to
day about noon at the terminus!Hnd    itreel  .nul  Iroin   .il"""
.,( tin* Capilano car line  Some Larson's Road to Uahon  Avi
campen   were   mid  to   have at presenl    Under existing cir
starii-'l   .1  iiic which   quickly cumstancea there is no apparent
pread,    Tlic firemen ii.nl   "" danger excepl  a strong well
trouble howevei  In putting ll wind springs up in whisk  i*'--1
a,ui 11 hen ilm  arrived on the the flames might spread toward
,,,„ thf  luiilrtlll^s "It  l.i.llsilale  Ave
A team H'"lii tlic Hotel North
Vancouver engaged tlu- Brock*
inn Point team iu ■ triendly
game nl  tenuis laat Saturday
tieiiiiHui mi ilu- groundl "i lhi
latter .unl tlu- result was a victory lot iln  North Y.mcuur
lies ,,( mi sanies in 99,
Tin-   party  Irom ilu- Ninth
Shore was i.ikiu ,m..ss iln- l.i
lei iu tin- launch ol Mr, r    \\
Robertaon and tbe outing  «.i
he; rtlh enjoyed by even niflii
llll     .lllll      all    .lllllll'l.UUI     111    I'l.li n
was si,iiiiilnl nn behall "1 Mi
Nil lml  who prepared an exci 1
Imt  iiunii      The members  ol
the North Vancouver team >\ n
.1. S  Rogers, !•'. W. Hnllowi1
.1. Wiin, Donaldson, A. F. Ni
ilml,  ,1    i inn. 1> and   II*  V
The Real Test
ui ,1 good p iini ii the length of
time it will last and siill look
luinlit and
Test Our Faints
by this **t a 1,111 nnl vmi will
diicovei whal n >l |i iiul ecuii
DI11V     I". FOI      ',nil       altl.      BUI
painti retain tlw ii color Ioiikct
lhan atul iln nut 11 ;ii. uv 1 i.n It
like inlerioi jradn '.-I us fm
Stoney <& Co.
117 Lonsdali Phom   1 [g
Gent's Clothing,       Furnishings.       Men's,   Lad
Children's Booti ind Shot i,
II   V. Baker, dirk at llic- II
A. Campbell returned the latter
Our Imsiiiiss is now praci ically on a cash basis. This enables us to (jive our customers the
same high class poods we have always handled
nt very much better prices than can In- obtained
from stores lining a credit trade.
Tr\ an order nntl compare quality and price.
J. A. & m. McMillan
• •   1
Ul North Vancouver  and  Ur  AUllST  |5lh to 20th. 1910
A Campbell returned the latt, 1
puii of last week [rom 1 pleai
ant week's trip lo Shawnigan
I,nke, Vancouver Island
Genenil Contractor
Laml Ctesrine,  Mump ind Reek
nisitins. Bltri inre ir lioOMS.
All -iaiii-'K'* 11iii.l11 t I
and *»l . llr.i Dl 1
I'll 11. .a .
A 11 H N C V
North Vancoaver
We.mi'i'lv SION I WOOD any
length requited.
16 inch Irniith, Sl.Tt. per load
Cordwood, $4.')0 pei cord
Prompt I ii     a
('hone io" 1'. 0, Uox 136
British   Columbia
in Prizes and Premiums
S|.i.iiiilly Imi mii - Irom nil I'liint"
mi ratlwayi tad 1 ta,
Eiblbiti -.'nt ii- Inighl on ('nn-
.laimii Ileal "ill be returned Ires,
Superb snd nniigae ittrsctloni Is
8| ling Kveiii" ud Dai Hhow
gpecUculsr A'">:[ llngtb' rlsnioi "
llri,l]i*lli'Illl*lilll.-''aallll'"|ili"ll    tt'OOd
CVipplm C"iiie-i, Tmtiing snd
Ptdng Events, ind limit iluh
Entries Close August 1st.
Write lor I'M/..' li*i iiii'l Information
.lis BOY,
Manager ind BscreUr-,
Viineoiiver Kxliiliiiimi ANociatlon.
I you want to sell your Property, fill in blank space and
Mail lo
Korth Vancouver Hoard   of
Tradi meeti lhi third Tuesday
n( each month, ill I o'clock p.
in., iii ilie board room. City
Hall, Executive meets tlu lirst
Tueiday ol met month, W J,
Irwin, president; J, 0, Farm
er, secretary,
Recreation Grounds
2l»t siriri, Nurth Vsneonvtr,
Idrll (ir ill-  d.r  -iih.lu   **,*!nM.I
Pieuie., Lodft I'ii'lii'      llllllll I.imiI.
iif .mil.aii* lieiii*.    Grand Stead
Mating . ai|i;n in lor ..'n.i
l-'ur eni;*i_*.*iii,'iii- snd mi. i, snd -1*1 eisl
nil'*, mi fi rn ninl i,iill. I*; SHABPK. Bee. Rorth Vsnooai-M


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