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 ■s? *s
®lje fcxpma
Volutin 1
Nortii VahooUVIB, B.C., .Irt.v 12, li'K'
the committee ol
The  citv   Council   I ult   cV"inil
took   I    Veil   illllllll.    IP"   I!    tO
ward   musl nn t imi   .a iln     I
und Narrows Lrul, .' attd   iv hill
lhe election for volin | i" ihi i
tilted       I L   alt a Liled In  was   as
line a  young man as ever  -lc|i
pnl    into   slims.    The Mayor
then s.iitl lhat the engineer had
L-reeuient and miinc, hvl«« will il  he
tin statement and
present    he   could
not lake place mi .lulv .' ird, lhi
dale   sel   in  the ill 1:1 I,   it    ls
very  probable th >' ii will   be
held oue week  latt!
Onlv   the   agreement   liylaw
io   authorise  the iitv to pm
chase  shares   In  the   capital
stock of the Burrard lnhi Tun
speak [or himsell,
Aid Siiiiiii/ and It win i eliev
nl  that it  was the engineers'
,i w rlion  and lhat it was   his
intention io Hat bench l alween
The   Uayoi   contended  llu
th, engineer's relerence was  i
ind and Bridge Company tu lhc intersections only where hc had
amount ol Jioo,ooo was ennsid- ollered to give over a ) per cent
ered last evening and this was bench,
passed   nm readings and  lhe in   regard  to expenai  ALL
third    reading  will  be   given Sihult/    said    ii    hail    , s
sonic iiim* lliis week al a   spe ihe    cit)     between      ivvnttv
cial meeting to Le called lv and thirty thousand dollars lo
Mavur.     A slight change  was straight grade  Lonsdale
made in the agreement In con and was a lew hundrec
me i ii in with the conalruction > I to be considered in settling ihis
two  miles ol railroad   within important question.    He   said
three  vear-..    The   o'.incil   cut he  was convinced  that    il   a
out the distance part ul the a grade was put  down   freatci
grecment   and inserled  instead than U Der cenl  il would Is   n
within important question
he   was   com nuei
grade was pm   i
than ii pel mil   it  ^^^^^^^
Aid   M. Nci-.h stated lo   ALL
Sihult/ lhat he had stated once
at  a publii meeting wlnn .1   -
pi 1 ■ 1 ni   grade w.is   su ■■ ste
that    hc   (Aid    SchulU]   had
Ul tdi   lln    t iliiii.nl  tlial In* had
learned more about gradt 1 lhat
'will  build a connecting  rail
roatl with lln tin  ufl llu sll  '*
line within three yeai
ALL Irwin si,nul that it vu *
recognised that lhi settlement
of grades was an urgent nices
sltv ,   llll li   Wele  su   iu,illv   I llllll
ings   rcquirine,   grades and    i ^^^^^^^^^^^
was with this iu view that   Iii   evening lhan on before,
moved lhe following resolution   SchulU  answered that he
"Thai Knginecr Donald Catuer stated lhat lhc facts and argu
on  and Col.  T   II   Trace)   Is uuiiis were worth) ol con idei
railed  in   lo act as ronsultini ation but be had not agreed  lo
engineers lo determine and   lis iln **i idi               Led
mi profile plans ..1   iini grad $ ins  Worship staled lhat   he
whiih  thev   would  recommend would gin- the council warnini
Ior   thai   portion ol   lhc  nn lhat il the)  passu! the reaolu
area from waterfront lo Kightll lion In   Would i,,,ni   In
street   alld Mahon Ave   lo   Si lo uio ii.
David's  are inclusive .nul   that ALL   Irwin
would   tlo so
i'n    Knginecr Hams Ie dirti 1
ed to prepare and furuisli such
profiles, maps aliil othei    ml  1
illation as 11*.11   lie ncics-nii   In
connection therewith and
the work  in connection Ihen
with   be   proceeded   wnh   as
ipiicklv as possible, in--t consi
deration to be given lo il ise in
streets   wilt It    I lliliLll; s   yen     i
Lout io In- erected."
Aid. Silnili/ seconded tin,
ALL UcNeish said hc could
not understand what   lhc  ma
lion w.is dm ing .,1 ..11 I liom a
ratepavers' point "I irii» he lib
jectcd to the spending ol pul lii
motiev in ihis wav. lit s,i
he would tlo all he could to
have   tin  iili/eils slop lhe    a
I i< ui
Aid. Mt Itae said he was cer
lainly opposed to it.
Aid Irwin asked the question
il ii was not time the   mallei
was setlled
Al«l    Mcltai   answered    lhat
II uas known vei v  wi II that I'
and Aid   Mi Nci-di «e 1    nxi< n
to   have   the  matter   settled
'pug ago,
Aid. Irwin and Kowlei aski I
il it was to Le supposed lhat
lhe    inilioiitv    in   ilu    council
should rule the mujoril)
Aid   III Kai   mid ll  was nevei
intended to bt such but what
had ilu- tnajorit) done ?
Aid    howler   „iiil   iiiiii    li.i '
been  two reports brought   in
ami iitiiln 1 was a. it pud IL
thought now thai ihis was a
lair wav to negotiate 1 settle
Aid,   Sihult/   said   Irnin    in
formation  he  had received  he
had resolved to abide Lv the resolution as moved Lv ALL    li
vvill,   and   (itrlher, he   believed
that the aldermen who 1 nppoi-
ed the adoption ol the nito  report could not gel the su| poi
now thai thev did al III   b   1
niiii;.     ALL   Schult;   1   cried
Ihal   the  nno   re| ..it  wenl   in
the limit in bench gradea.
The mavor and Aid Mi \ci !l
declared lint ALL Sih ll -
was   nol  slit kin-; lo the   !
Aid.   Silnili/   maintained that
he was righl     IL claimed tlm
tin-   engineer had  objected  t
giving oilier than 1 il.'i   im' h
l etwei n Internet lions,
His Worship sml lhe , u in 1
was nut pn "i nl ,md in u.e 11 1
goinjj I.. all..u Iiiiii I., he 11 ii'
askeil  him  ll    In
 lllal  e\t lllll   .    to
wlinli  liis   Worship aaawered
' that that was ins bt&inih
The   motion   was   tlnn     put
.m.l  passed  wnh ALL    Irwin
Kowler  SchulU and Smith lot
'.nul  Ai.l   McNeish .nnl   UtEai
i" illlst
III-    Um ship    lell  lhe 1 hail
ami  Altl    Uckae   uccnplcd  il
while ilu  \l nal laaok occasion
a lo snv ihat In was ashamed  1
sn so man) n solutions pui on
tin* Looks iu regard lo gradea
lie vv,iniul to know whv it was
not  hit  |o lhe people lo nettle,
ALL li tt in saiil he had offered
.1   plebiscite     to   the   ninn  n
',. recentl) .nnl the) h id refui
..I it
The Maiol   alisvvilttl that   tll
cotiiiuiitee had no Inairuclioni
laa     Olil     lo    lh,a|
The lollowing correapondenci
w^s read I* 1 • 1111 \\. C, Green
secretary ul tin- Dominion L's
Celebration Committee lol
warding reaolution 1 aastd al a
in.in meeting ashin ile tin
coumil io enforo iln transient
11.nhl .   Inlaw  and thai  lhc In
In  nn reused to s *   1,,
tin local iradesmen,
Tin*   clerk   stated  tlm   the
Liiitl o|   I'.diti ditl imt • think
it   was in ,.i.hl       ll   ua, nin
nil   lo the illv   soli.il.i
Aliollut hllil was nulled
liom \\ ( (,1,111, ,1 1),,llllll
ioll Dav    lei   Com , sllliliiitti'i'
another reaolution <" the tin. 1
thai  nn.nn  (-ambling  devici
had Lun allowed lo run tlm ii
the it nni celebraUon and   re
spttllllllv     le ,11 slnl    ill it     Lt
Lt   discontinued  at   all   lutmi
In,Inl,iv celebrations As iln
matter w.i-. alreadi undei iln
...ii idi 1 iliou ..1 iln pole'
on motion oi all Sthuli/ a'"'
Low ler ii was n Ii md h 1 k to
the committee nu particul irs
Tin enginci i   adi 1 ted  that he
had laki n SOUIldlt.      "Ul     from
lot    -.  I loch   171 "li  lhe   vv tin
11..111 and found lhi aratei
a [eel ,!,, p ton fi 1 "tn      Tin
mi"iinatii>n vi,is 1,1,ii,■! io iln
iiii  solii inn
Another lelli-i was received
from the engineei advising that
he bad usiii.i ih. un sollcitm
in   hiuiiii li'ali   with    the   111,iin
., nil.ne   Lv law    mil    ll.nl
■ d   that   il"   pi. "ni ■ in
1 a,n|,|  have  I" Le alt. 11 I  ainl ,1
111 u       SUlllU Hid  ill  lis si* ad
Keletretl <-0^^^^^^^^^^
the whole.
The N. V. Land lo. wrote
stating that they were desirous
of obtaining a grade at once Ior
a building which thev proposed
io eieii on ihe Esplanade too
leel west of Lonsdale Aie T,
Idler was I nd oil lhe table,
A    IL  Diplock WTOte surest
ni}; iii view of ,1 settlement of
the grade eontroveraj that Aid.
Irwin, Smith, Sihult/ and
Kowler appoint an engineer to
represent them "" the straigh.
grade question and that ilu-
Mavor   anil   ALL  McNeish   alld
McKae appoint an engineei to
represenl iluiii on the bench
grade queation and these twi
engineers to appoint a third in
gineer atul the decision ol the
majority oi the three engineers
shall Le accepted Ly the council as final. In ihr event of the
two appointed engineers [ailing
to agree within one weeh on tin
third engineer then the mayoi
Vancouver and New Misi
minster or the Lieutenant Gov*
11 uol he asked to appoint thl
ihirtl or ,iilutt.time engineei
The letter .vas laid on tin tabli
lor iiiusiileiatioti.
Altl. Sthuli/ inquired il the
Hoard ol Works were clearing
the sides ol the stints from
Urns Ile slatetl In had in
quiries [rum residents on l.mts*
dale Ave Letween idth and 17th
sliii ts Aid McNiish promised
attention in that diatrict.
Aid   Smith asked il lite Hoard
ol Works uiie attending in tin
ditch mi 1 nh streei near Sl.
John's ihuiili    li was referred
to   the   board   ol   works   with
power lo ait
ALL   Irwin   inquired il    it 11
this hail heen lulhd  lor tllc lo
ial    Improvement   work    mt
Lolisd.ile Ave   liclweill  llth .111(1
I Stit    street.       Ile was     told
that  lln ic had not  I ten.
A    plan   ol   hU s ,-mi,    was
paaaed subjei t lo tin engineer's
The   lollowing   linancial ai
i.amis   well*   passed      Fill,lilt c
f 1,719 aSi ;   Hoard   of   Worha,
Vn to . l-'tic and Ught, Mail |.
The   waterworhi   committee
recommended   that   tin*   tele
phone line lo the intake win I
had been destroyed I v the bual
ini-s in- reconstructed   The  re
pnfl  was passed.
lhe linance colilinillee ic.oin
11,ended ihal the salarv ul Miss
bring lu- increased i\ \s a
Thc Hoard ol Woiks icmui
niiiul,il Ihal .tones Ave. Ic
tween  t'th  aiul   IMli  streets   lit
cleared  and  graded and  thai
\|t     Dm sst n   Le   advised   lhat
sth stin t  iiuiild Mi; 11 li  1 p.n
nl up lo his propertv    llu  n
poii was accepted
Aid   Smith mad lhe   iueilii.il
health officer's report Ior   di
months ending   lune mth.
Tin   report   numerated iln
1..mi tiiseasis reported in th.
titv  during that period      He
slatetl thai tin present slate ol
*-t vii ta 1 disposal III lllc illv
allil   lhe   Muslim,     ..lit     ,,1     llu
street  ditches was unsaiisi.it
tolv    .ind   advised  ihal  .,    verv
1.neiul   Inspection   ihotld   )■
protei 1   made "I  .mv   new   eptil tank-
in ilu tin     Received
Ahl Irwin stated that ilu
special committee appointed li
Link ml 1 Di Vl tin is ofli 1 loi
im     111   \ ii 1 aai 1,1 I'nrk rei out
llll Illlui   llli   III   s    ollt I     |o  I I   .1,
cepted Tin reporl was ad
Aid liwiii reported ihal ilu
N   V   Land 1 Improvement
vn It*   imi    disposed    to ,ii*|
Tin* adjourned meeting ol the
utv iiaiinul and representatives
oi iln ratepayers was held on
Friday evening, Tin re were
present Mayoi Ma) presiding,
ALL UcNeish. Irwin, Kowltl
Uckae and Schult/.
Committeemen Jacks n, link,
Henderson, Hoiilt, Sargent ind
Ilay. The Mayoi said llu
meeting was an adjourned one
and   called lor the purpose    ol
submitting   to tin* tommiiUi
the council's teaisons lor n..1 at
cepting their proposals loi
benching l/msdab Ave.  with a
I    per   cent,    at    the    illl ,i sti
lion ol east and ureal   it i i i
The ilerk then re id lhe 1' ..
sons   which   wen  addrc    d   1 .
11 ■
1   "iiunii.d on lasl p. >
Ihr   rommilli c upppirlrH   I     'I
r»l-.|i*y.ra  lo   cteftr wilh llif Ci'v
'      ,1 ''. refr*d-a on rily .trrrla. .ail'
,u!-n,|. ihf'r r-poll **al *-t l.aa-rti
held in l.ir.nn'. Pnailmn H
Wrdnr.ttuji)   -vtnine     Tl,
nl Iht Cmitiilttf will bt  llu.lr.l-.l
by  lnt§. drawing,  .hnwini  ii'  - I
"( iht itvtrtl nUm aal.,. I' I*
hp-11 pro-n. .1.    Thi-- n-rrl I
is"l lo b<- r it 0( nnu ia.1 i   ll
llic   chairman, t^^^^^
of (he committee and 11 1..1
The)   were as lollows .
1.    Me ate opposnl  to lh'! *i '
Dpllt m ol a   I per cenl    le.it I*   il
Lirst  si", el ,uul  Loiisilai.
much    as   .'  previous    10r.mil
passed     plalls     for   the    kl i'h
building and fixed i ;radi    i n
the Lasts ol ,1 5.J pel lit
bench at tin* inn *i lion, a
grade at the same lime hai in;
lieen determined from tlu- north
side oi the Kaplanadi u 'hi
north -nli  ..! hii.si *ti . I
.'.   M ilhotit a mt ol • ousli   ;
aide depth the adoption ..I a   |
per  cent   I'inh loi the   entile
w uilh ..I all intersections   In in
lllc   w.itetllolll   lo Sixth
woultl necessitate an increase i
approximate!)   .-" per cent, lo
lhe pit sent  steep "lades 1.11    til
uoiih anil south strei Is lln 'i
Involving locreaacd danger in
street mi transportation ani1
adding materially to tin diffi*
inliics oi learning.
t.   Smh   niiieasid   grade   01
tletessllv   impairs  tilt   lllllitv   ol
main thoroughfares ailordini
direct means ol commuukation
between business .nul residential
Sllliotls,    allll   tt a .lllll   HI   , III     is
timaitoii   niinii.iteh .prove  to
In* a  st inais mistake.    Mould il
in advisable to repeat tin   n
perience ol the Cit) ol Vane, u
vn   iii hrst adopting   a   I niii
gradi   and subsequentl) revert
Ing  to a straight grade as in
the case ,,l Westminster Avitiiie
souih  oi   L.iise Creek,   which
presents a lan  Lasis oi 11 mp.ii
[son iii the  following particu
lars     Westminster   Avenue  like
I.oiisdnlc Avenue, ll i main
linn..illitl.nt  with car Inns, sj.
iiiii,11 nul constituting
the  pi im ipal  channel oi com
municalion  [mm tie lusnttss
si. lion oi Vancouver to a real
di nn.il   area   "i   great   and
growing Importance
I It is t'n.uiv ncogni/cd
ihat il Westminstei Ave
iimi in.mn.until uii tlu I ttiili
, incipal without a cutting
oi ,,.11.11,1.ilii, depth that il*.
development ..i il.a    real   area
d    Lv   it   WOUld  havi    I" 111
11 i.iiilnl ami Hns consideration
is Hi, doubt   llu   ; I   llll'l  [1
1.iinin in oi Mi   Cl in
. 111  ,n_ in. ,1  ..i \ .in,,,nvel
"That in  1 xtahlishing gradi -
..ii tin wide in.nn iln.nui In tits
smh  a   Westminstei   Avi
Granville    itreet,   where   lit
I.oh       alt     '.In p .nul  lhe    dis
lance between inlet *< Iini
nn is shoit 1 have ai -regard
nl tin Lt in Inu;: pun n ' **n*
made ihe gradea as straight
as  possibli .md am colt inu n
to do  ■*.,       \li   I, .1 ...11    [ol       'I
opting tim. min ,1 -n * I
am oi ih« opinion lhat i>  tht
vas,* 01   mam  111.. 1 - 1 a - i.l a 1  s   .*i
arteries ol  travel  wnh  sleep
li ■    sin Ii    .is   Wi stuiiiisiei
Avi   ami  Qrenvilli
V ancouver, when   . ars "i  nin
h.is   Lil    properlv    ..uini
considt 1 the gradi ai i lal
"I     ll   1     no.Iih.ll.l.   I
llll*   lllll |s, , lm*.      id,       ' a, , I
I       lllll I     a||    I   ,||. , , 1 ■■   II
1.11 a Mii,, 1  than iti
ilrs   lia ^^^^^^
nni   mil  reccivt "ii Wedncs
'lav    ainl   Tlllllsilav   liitt.    Jul)
• nd   1 11 ll  and  on  th*
ond    Meillltsil.il    ol   linlili 1. .iiti 1
liom .Vii to in being in som
Llocks approximately a jo pei
cent,  increase)  Lut   thai    you
vioiiial agree lu an alleged nun
promise ol a i pel o nt    I em li
Kit  the  lllll   widlh  ol  all    Intel
sell lolls    whiih    IV ollld     IIHle as
the  grade   liom  8,7   to
wlm li   nn lease   had  I ecu     | r,
\ li'llsh    rejei lid    liv   lhi'.  I 01111
t il .nnl therefore cannot 1 e  p
garded by ns as .1 compromisi
Aid.    UcNeish  'iul  he wished
it   understood that   it dul n, 1
come irom iln- wholi 1 u n -.1
The   M.ivm   deal,llnl   that   lh
i.ui should Le nnderstoi tl Ihal
iln foregoing reisons were ii>.
the opinions ol ihe w 11 le 1'
as some had objected lo it.
\h    Dili,  said   lu   -..ii.11 a
that llic committee v. is nnui
etl lo a motion ol the coum >1
Aid McRae regi lered l.i
objection to such a di 1 uiuent
ami he miilil not sul mil lo 1
as ^,.iliji down lor the wind
council when he 1 ie had 1..
ihiti1; to tlo with tin [rami
ihose reasons
Aid. Inun ..nn ml d lhat I1'..
meeting was called ior the pm
pose oi [ormulating ah , uw
ill's u is',ns p.1 not .11 1'iiu ■
ihe committee's su ;*.slion 1 i
\ pel cent, He had no 1 bjei
lion limit vi r, having n iiiiiiiii
id  as coming from ilu* niajot
ill   ,.|   lhe  ,,illllill.
Tin* Uayoi asserte : lhat   lh
reasons  us read  by ihe  clerk
should   either Le   siiLiniltetl 1 1
iln   committee as a resolution
ol    the   1..111.1 ll   01    tk. V       llollhl
Ik- submitted as a ricoinun nda
lion to the laiiiinii .nnl tignei
Tin   three  aldermeu   present
win. in ie   in   1,noi   .,1 iiii  1,
.,11    ,is   given intimated   thai
thev  had   no illitl lion  to
in;, u ,.   iiii 11 11. ndat* n. 1
the majority of the council.
On request ol the mayoi iln
document was si^tnd Lv Aid
Irwin. Sthuli. and Kowli 1
The Mavor ;. Vlng the si md
document stated to the mm
mittee thai the ren * ns whiih
appeared above tin tignatun -
a., Aid Sihulis, irwln
Kowlei was ilu* replj to tin*
commillee Irom tht majorit)
,,i th, council.
ALL Mi Ncish linn,.! ,1 u.m
Hi  it port  that  lln   v iiiinui ,ul
opt ihe suggestions of 1 1  pi 1
nin   grade Lv ilu- commitle
Aid. MiUae was in aCCOTd
ih.it he     ^^^^^^^^^^
a minster   Avi    was  similar  lo
Lonsdale Ave.     The 1 it'ir   u,
not an old established situ'
C   .1   lackson was pleased lo
know that two ol 11 ■
had agreed  to iln mi,.miitie'.
tn.ns     IL    said    '•
vmi it w glimmi rs ol hopi sbii •
ni;;  ihroii^h  ilu   ni.'..uiv   i.
lepol I
III Lt, ksoii il.il i.i .1
had been ll" vt.ils . i lis,
as   ill  the  tase  ol   Wtstli.i
Aviiiin      ' \ ou sa) mu du i** '
want   lo    -.,i,nin, ins
Lut ion quote Ui   i ■    tin wh*.
sialt 'I in In* repoi i hat it
II!*.'       a   I.a Uti lU        I
certain  extent • n '." am,
An   and Ci.niiilh   ti   ■
\h Henderson (ull; i.-ncui
ml ni \ir Jackson * rvu arks
Ii vou mt out qu ilil   itions i i
I it    Clement's rep rt i
Imd lhat he is in lavol
i adi . asserted lh
IL t l.i iim .1 the ton      ■ i'     in
Vancouvii win In -     i i sim
Iial i"   \..>ih   Van nuit*i   and
II was mn  ol  lln   m« ilioil   1'
mnstdt i    conditions  v. In* ll  d '
nol exist iii North Y .
Ii    Diik  s.iid he was in
[Ct    I .HI. 'Hi Willi Ml I
..ml Mr. Hi inli i mi
Mr   W, L. Hotili wa-   in   lln
a    position a,   ,\li    l.n ksoii
and Mi    IL ndi I
llr A. W, Sargent .Inl nol
iinilnr arguments that
ilu- committee might put Lath,
lie had given ihe queation an
., ipai n.il consideration anil he
asserted   that   the  committee
i,aii ni anv   wav debarred,
The Maiaii  said he   hoped the
ratepayers would still keep the
ame committee standing, to
keep an eye on public matters,
lie further asserted thai if the
...uu,il had accepted his Mg
(jestion *ii first work could h.ive
aim .'ii wiih long .in" He
I Lai* 111   ii   lhe n.il! ril  uas coll-
.i :* mi.,us ni tlnn stand   lor  a
a In   grade thi v should   eat
.md    ,uloit    straight
Tin* resolution was then put
.nul the enumerated reasons
..'.tu passed wnh Alderman Irwin, Kowler and Sihult/ lor,
and Aid. McRae and McNeish
Altl. Schult/ said ihat \lt.
v uiu ion hail a proposition lo
..liti :..! a o pel .tiii  grade.
\Ti   Jackson said ihat   since
llie  ' "llllllil lie   had   Ill'll  llispos-
ed ol iln v could not become a
put io iin\ proposition which
ALL Sthuli/ -aiil Mi. I).   Cam
tl, .11  ll.nl  lo ollil,  Lut   would lie
pleased  io listen to the propo
ne ii
Kngineei Cami rou was mile I
and   eave his proposal   as   (ol
Heiich    L'.splanade   Iroin
lie  till.nl up.   ad .pi the   gratle
aii to the  Keith io.nl   al
1st     slleet       I-I mil     Ist    slleet
:i ulh   he slli'^islnl  ihal    there
In  a   | per nut. bench Letween
curbs  oil  tast   and   Wist   streets
ll   lllell   internet Hon  with  I.ollS-
dale    Aveiiiie.    This, he  slated
„,,nhl necessitate a cut at   nth
-luel,   l  Inl  .it   the solllll side
.nu! i In t .ii ilu north side ami
at   ilu   park  tin   ti  per cent.
would   Le   maintained
This would, he statetl, lonsti-
tutc a >i per nut grade from
the uoiih   sidi  ol  Kirst   street
(Continued i n page I]
loial ikiksl: siiom
Tin* insi ,iiiiiii,tl hone show
undir iln auspices ol iln North
Vancouver Horticultural Asso-
ciation  and Partners' Institute
will   he   lnhl   on the   Society's
grounds on Saturday, lulv
16th,       The   soiih  has main
'I commendable enterprlai
.md in undertaking a project of thia
nature and once permanently
established, it will accompliah
much in the wav of extend
inj; the popularity of North
Vancouvei   in  a veiv desirable
sphere.     Then  alt   in.inv    lovers
oi horses in ihe scores of thou-
| sands ol people about   Hurrard
McNeish   pointed   out  Inlet   a large number ol whom
did imt consider Weal -I""1* much lime ami motiev in
procuring the Lest that llie
market odefl and many thousands iii whom, outside ol actual owners ar, mr ready to
patronise anv movement which
encourages iln plan unn-; ami
training ..t the higheat type of
,ii thei] I.sp.,in, , 1.,
The annual show   at \ Itt ouver
creates nul maintains a   high
pitch   .a   enthusiasm   amongst
■ rm are horsewomen   and
■. everj uncouragcmaM to
11 In ve   thai   in l.ti; i  measure.
iln si togethei wnh *i large ("1
lolllll*'    lllll     la,. llllll   A     '11   .11 1 It i-
nn, ii ■*! in a NCOnd show lo l.t
lnhl in ilu- utv This worth)
i inal upaaii Iiii pal I ol the so
• n iv will, doubtless, meet with
ilu w idi pn ill mien st ami p ii
i..n.i;.e wnich ii so highly merits up,.11  lhe  pall   ol  the   lo al
„ „,n  publii      Entries  are open  nn
,, |„„, I, lil Thursday, July i |th,   Prta
Lsis,   eii ,  mav   Le obtained
Iiiiiii Mi II. Snow, sciiet.irv
,.| iln* sotietv, from Mr .1' T
Pollok, Biplanade went or from
tlif   Officials   "I    Hie    SaailllV
I',,is of -is ilh  Ike grade ol the main street."   masirier it tu.ess.irv to d
Vou,    commute,    Intimated ""'";'"",   » tntmut rd
ih.,. ion were thomu ""' Ul   'n| ""
cord  with  tin   report    I m -    \|'1  ''"ni '■'"l " »houW   ''
cnmiiiission ..I ti.  I • hiell  »ain   be   "'"hi tood th.,I
involved ii„ adoption oi  i idi      indl tnt willinj to listen tn
I10R8E   SIIOM   THOl'lIll'.S
The   i .dl, i lion of pr. i *.  'i.
phn"*,   .i.    io ic awarded at
tin   |... ,1 la,,is,  -how  ,,n Satui
,| ll        Will      ll,     dl    I 1  IVCal    llllll'lf
nul  uniil 'In  day nl  the
show    in   ihe   window     ,,i   t|i,
Bank ..f Britiah \"iih Ana i
'I'ln trophies arc numerous aid
le . i tit I  vi ill  in.il.e .ill   ar*
l.n     iihuh   the   | lll'lll   Ml'l      III
uuh nn ei ist and plea
•-ill e TWO
119 First Street, E.
Phone 80
The Express
$1.00 per year
Foreign $1.50
119 First Street, E Phone 80
Fine Printing'
A BY-LAW i" authorise iln*
Corporation ol lhe District ol
\aanil Vancouver lo enter In
to and execute an agree
imnl with lh, Burrard Inlet
Tunnel un.l Bridge Compani
[or lhe purchase ol shares In
the capital stock ol said company,
Be it enacted In lhe Reevi
.md Council "i tlu Corporation
,,| the District nl North Van
couver in COttncil assembled
i with tin- assent oi the electors
ol the distri, i dull had and oh
tained) .is lollowa, via
i Am ha .1 iii In hereby given
I,,   tin* Kn i,  .md Clerk of   tllc
Corporation lo sign on behall
ol iln- Corporation and to seal
w iiii tin* i nrporate seal an In
denture nl Agreement between
ilu* Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Compani ol lhe one
part and lh, Corporation ol th,
other pal i iu lhe terms ol the
s>lii tluli' appended to lliis Bj
law, and authority is hereb}
given t" tlu- cot poration lo en-
in into unl io agree lo all the
provisions ol said agreement
j,   This By.Last ma\ be cited
tor all purposes us "The   Bui
r,inl  Inlet  Tunnel  and   Bridge
Company Aid B\law, mm."
t. This lt\ l,.iw sh.ill toiiii iu
lo operation on lhe date ol iis
receiving the assent oi lhe Lieu
tenant-Governor In Council bj
order in council lo lhat ellect
Paaaed by the Council on lhe
Seventh dai ol Jttlj, luto.
Received the assent ol the
{lectors .it .nt election held on
tlu- daj ol
Reconsidered  and linalli   ad
opted In tin- Council on tne
day ol min
This   Indenture   dated   litis
Kighth day ol  Julv, mn..   Is
1'ANY incorporated .is ,i Rail
wt) Company m charter ol tin
parliament  oi Canada   herein
alter relerred lo .is "The Coin
pan} " i oi iln one pat t .ind Tin
TRtCT ill1  NORTII  \ Wm'
VKR (hereinafter relerred lo •<*
"The Corporation" i "l the oth
er part ;
WHKRKAS lhe Compani
beea Incorporated Int, i alia fm
the purpose ol undertaking the
erection  ol a joint traffii   and
railway bridge across the  Second Narrows nl Bun.ird   Inui
Iroin ,i point  in lln   Mum. ip il
itv   ol    Burnabj    and    Has
linos Townsite   lo a  point   iu
the District a,i  North Van-,»u
ver and  ilu   construction
■-mt,ildc railwai works t *    In
. nnectioit   with   rail***) svi
tcius  iiii llii  South Slioic   ,i tl
Ior tin- opening up and develop
incut   ol   iln   North  Shore  ol
Burrard Inlet
AND WHKRKAS tin whole
oi s.ml works are so situated .is
to In* n| greal value to ilu Uu
nicipalit} or Distiict nl Nortl
Vancouver and lhe Corporation
has agreed lo aid the saiil Con
pan} in subscribing for two
thousand in, hundred
shares ol One Hundred Dollai *
Siotn   caih    iii   iiic  capital
simk ol saitl Compan]
AND WHKRKAS thi pria oi
value oi s,,id sh.ins is Two
hundred and lilt} thousand lol
l.ns is.i,i,  ,   ii,,i,[ore   the
Compan] hen b;   igrees to si ll
to tin   Corporation and   tht
Corporation agrees lo purehaa,
ol    ami    Iioin    iln     I .iiiip.itii
Twcitiv   Int   Hundred
shares oi One   lliinili il Doii il
tSiiKii each ul lh, i ipilal stock
oi tin* t oiii|i,iiii   ai and loi hi.
saiil pint  ,,| Two lliinili d .uul
Tillv   Thousand Dollars   '
a,oo|    subject    .tin.ns     io   il.i*
terms ol tin A. i ol liu..i pors
iimi ol the Companj and lo Un
lollowing conditions, vU
P1R8T  The said pin.   shall
lie due and payable I" tin I "ill
|t,in\ within two months i,| iln*
date ol the assent "I Iiii 1.nil
tclialil-tiovcrii'.i iii l nuncil lo
tin* Bylaw nmup..iiim; ilus
Indenture and upon pai • nt a.i
tin* saitl priu- and in . hangi
Iherelor the Compani shall  is
slie  atul   make  di lm I *   lu    lhe
Corporation ol lh,   har,   icrti
lit ales    lor  said    sli.n,      ||    lh,*
capital stock in valid lorm :
SKCOND In reapect nl ihe
■ .n.i  Corporation  holding  lh,
said shales in  llu  capilal   lock
,,i ihe Compani and ivltil   ihe
same   ale   so held  tin   Re, l a   „|
die  Corporation shall ' a   and
a, |   as one III  llli   ilir,   I   ■      o|
the Compani
THIRD  Tin- Compan;
ujtliin   tm   i nn month
d.iit   ..I the i  ■• in ■
tenant tjovernoi m ■   unt
aloresaid to commence and pm
iced willi iln work "i th, a"11
struction ol lhe said Bridge and
laa have dull completed and
ready lor irailit thc said bridge
and at hast [mii (41 miles ol
connecting railwai h i elore  lhi
lapse o|    three vears   llolli
ilu* date "l the said assent ol
tha Lieutenant Governor in-
Coum il :
1-'0I'U'TI1 As regards the
Corporation this agreeuu nt is
provisional on lh, assent being
had ol the electors nl tin "is
nnt and the passing ol lhe
l.oan Bil,iw laa provide ilu
Iunds  .mil  also on ihis agree
lllfllt    llllll III"    i'a,    .IS' I III    a.|   llic
Lieutenant liov, rnoi in Council
.uul [ailing eilhet nl Ihiiie
events then this agreement
shall In ipso Liil" mill and
IN W1TNKSS WIll'.K l.ul'
ihe Compani and lhi Corpora
inui hau- caused ilnn respect
in* cmporalv seals to he hen
mil" allixed, lhe rial and yeai
lirsl above written.
The Corporate Seal ol lhe
Bin rani Inlet Tunnel A Bridge
Compan} was hereto affixed In
lhe pn sim e ol
lh,   Corporali   Seal  ol  the
i orporation ul lhe Distiitt   ol
Nortii Vancouvei was hireto i
llixed in the pres, tu
Acting Reevi
c w, c
llt'll T (II1  NOKTH \ ANCOI
\ KI
Take notice lhat the sIkiv, is
a Inn   nipl   ol tile propositi Kl
l.ut upon which lhe vote "I lhe
Municipality will he taken wnh
in the following polling sla
lions, \i- In ihe Lynn Vallej
Institute Hall ; In in i at cm
mt nl Lonsdah Avi-nut and
Lum Creek Rd . and in tent at
approach lo Hollyburn wharl,
all in the Districi nl North
Vancouver, un Saturday, the
■ i.l ,la\ o| July, i'11 between
iln hours oi 'i t.'il..il- i m   and
7  o'lloik   p III
JOHN 11  I- VH dl-.li,
i  M i   and Kelumiti   Officei
I'uldit noli' e is hei 111 mu
ihal lhe vol. i.l ih, electors ol
tin Distriit ol N'orih Vancou
i,r will be laken mt The Bur
innl Inlei Tunnel and Bridge
Compani Aid Bylaw, win. nn
Saturday, the ijrd dai ul Jnl\
I'llil,     lielMCCll      lIlC      llolli S    a,I      ,|
o'clock a iu and ; o'clock p.m
within   the  lollowini    polling
plan -.11/ 111   lilt   I I llll  \ al
hi Institute Hall . in lent at
the corner ol Lonsdah Avenue
ami I.um Creek Road and In
tent at approach to Hollyburn
wharf,  all  ni  'lit   tlisinti   ot
North Vancouver, and that
■'"lm 0, Partner has I ei n ap
pointed returning officer lo lake
the \otes ol sliell electors with
the usual  powers  in  lhat be
By order ol ihe Council,
Atlin;. Reeve.
Continued Irom |»ge
northward    There would   nol
be, In affirmed, am trouble  in
developing   tin   east and   west
iitei'. .nnl    nh walks illlo   lilt'
■a    |" i   n nl    ■ 1 tne   a il   Lonsdale
Spi,ikui:' *.n Hie.'iiuii Camer
oil's   SllggCStil ll        I'l'        11.lilt".
saitl In did not think the proposals propel and he could not
recommend or s.nu 11> >m them
[or lhe business poi lion ol the
ni\     l1' i lhc standpoint  ol
pi i "iul    -..iia ii     IL   i laimed
that   il  Wollld  In   i Munich dall
gerous lo pedestrians on First
atul  Second   slreets  at limes
Illlt II   lllc   -.lilt Walks   were   llosli
He lurther said lhat sloping the
silll'W.llks     llll*.     a|aa,,|       \\ . | \ *.       \, , | *,
bad engin,. i ing pru, lice especi
all\ on iln- Anient,ni continent
Mi   Henderson asked lhe  i n
■111, a I il In enl saw altl sllill
plai Use ill Use in Bill lliodt 1:1
t il i His answer was "no."
Mi Uiniii rs, i1 affirmed lhat In
would r.iihei see straight
adopted and dished interne,
lions than iln adoptit n ..i \li
Cam, la'ii' • scln mc*
Mr  .laiksa.n uid Ut   Camel
..u's suggestions w..uhl ni.iki   ii
easier and sulci lot Iraffi,   at
tin-   intersections   but   would
ni.iki ii un.it* dangerous to p,
ihsiiiaiis and un-i'-liili io  ilie
ry,      IB  consldi red iliat   \li
Cameron's plans Mould not  Ie
prat iimi to lhe lower  streets
Ui Nil; i lit wanted lo know
win Mi. Cameron's proposals
win* noi in use in othei i ilies,
h> had never seen lln m and he
n 11,mi'i a,l.n, ted III ihein.
The iii.ii,a   said il  stiianl   lo
liim that liletiiiti was always
in,nh io l.onsdalc Ave The lit-i
business sunt*. ..[ the , ii\ a 111
la, , ist .md west ii"iu iln wa
tnn.mt up. In- thought.
ALL Siluilt- said ii was only
oii iln* stmi car Inns lhat ilm
wit, asking ior straight grades
and tin m.i j. it it \ of the council
li.ul made a concession ol - |s i
nni on Si George and St. An
ah, ws ami iln* other stints
The engineer saitl lhat was
adopted on the 1907 reporl
which  allowed  for streei  eat
lilies OU e.isl  and  Mist   sl nets.
Mi Cameron saitl the great
object mt Lonsdale Ave was
io  maintain the preaent grad,
o|  the slieel  Ml that   till- llallic
wouhl   imt  in interfered  with
any more than at present,
He staled lliul cement sidewalks on Lonsdale Ave, would
always    be   dangerous,   they
were now  and bars would have
ia. Le put down, uis contentions were nol shared by the
Ur, Dick affirmed that the
aldermen are agreed to abide by
iln* commission oi engineers'
report ol nno.
Aid, Irwin declared there was
no resolution lo that ellecl on
the minutes.
Tin* Mayor said be distinctly
asked the aldermen il tlu-\
wuuld abide by lhe decision ol
the engineers' report alter Aid
Sihult/ had lust moved tin
motion calling In tin- coinmis
Aid  Sthuli/ claimed that he
had   said  "ill accordance   wilh
the io"; report."
ihs Worship declared lhat
suggestion came later (nnu
Aid,   Irwin
,\li Jackson stated that the
correct version oi the matter
was that the mayor stated he
would not pul the resolution
until In had the assurance Ironi
in 11 alderman that ihey wuuld
abide bj their report ami Mr.
Jackson believed that Ihere was
not a dissenting voice,
Altl. Sthuli/, Irwin and Fowler, however, stuck to their
1 Luu, lhat it was In accordance
with tlu 190J report
. Mr, link then suggested that
as the committee could tlo nothing further lhat tin- mayor
call a  meeting ol the ratepa*
els   lm    tin    purpose   ol   giving
tin committee an opportuni j
"i n porting hack.
Unlm -.il.i\. .1 nl\ 1 ith, iu I.ai
son's Pavilion was liv ,l
At lhe regular meeting ol
N..iih Vancouver lodge, No. s.s,
I. 0 0 I- . held 011 Thursdai
evening lhe 71I1 insl., Bro. John
Carver, I) DC U., made his
lirst ollicial \isit, accompanied
in the lollowing brethren Irom
Vancouvei     Bios. Wallace I.aw,
I' li.ll .  Ales    M. Km, Grand
Marahall, Col J, A. UcKay, A
,1 Laitllaw. The following III
weie installed lor the in
suing lellil : Bros, .'llu Kcllcv,
1 re, ; Ira K l*eers, N.G, ; A.
T Kennedy, V.O, . R. K. Donaldson, In sec. ; ,1 II. Pilling,
1' 11     I'm  sn. ;   (.'has.    -1.  N'e
111.1- , I-1,111k Harrow, P.O., L.
S.N.ti      Uus    II.  Sloltellollse.
L.S.N.IS  .   II   f, lnllir. warden ;    I1!     l„    l-'leinitits,    P.O ,
a   a a|, |) \ \|,   l.t .ill.     R     S    V .0    j
P:,l Oroleau, LS.V.C. ; Dr. II
Dver, R ss II I'roU'.i, I, S.
S ; R W liiuis, 1.0 , Robert
Phillips, o.('.. ; v B, Cummer,
P.O . chap,
The several semi annual reports submitted lor ihe consideration of the lodge were liinli-
h satisfactory, both in regard
to increase in membership and
the  financial standing ol   the
—m      i    ■     ——am—_—^—m^—__—^_^m^m~a.^^—am—aam——m—^^~—m—a
And Remember
The Morse Show
Horticultural Grounds
' ■>
' ■
' li
Attractive Gold Jewellery in Many
—Designs =
Ni in aim in*; the lill ol the lirm iu V.iiuoiucr,
hue ue nil' ud it) the pulilie such a magnificent
■election "l gold ami {em set jewellery as we am
showing this season
From Englsnd, France, Germany, Italy ami
the ciiies ol the Hague, Ims come ilns enormous
collection ol fashion snd value, which blended with
the   home   product  and that of the United States
nukes one of the finest displays in tlie world
Onr showing ol Brooches, Bracelets, Necklets,
Dun Collars and pendants, set with pearls, *	
thysts, tiinpiois peridots, tourmalines, topes, pi
neis ud every leuii pinions itooi known to lha
world, aie all of the latest design ami finest work
msnship, whii, our dismond settings ire unexc llnl
III tile llllllll.
(•in aim has ilwsyi bean 10 give tin- public the
Iiest quality iu all Inns ul goodi as well as lhe ad
lantane of   model,ile   prices,   while we  guanate,
s.itisl.u tion 111 ,-vi iv case.
TION   Ml'.l'.TING
I'.'wcllers and Diamond Merchants
Hastings ft- Granville Sts.
J5       Hei,. )•',. Trorey,
!S kltnsgisi Director
north > iM-oiiiR
anu D. I. i6j
Ws bave exclusiv,  ssleol lha best properties in Iba
,d'i,',.    Call and inquire.
11 laonadale Avenue
Phonea—Office 24      Houae 22       P.O. Boi ISO
CLAVERIE   c\   ARCAND have jusi opened on First
Street, East, an up-to-date
where the public will lie sine to find a good and Iresh assortment ol Groceries and Provisions, Iruits and Vegetables in
season, IJ Mr. Arcane! was with K Rlion of Vancouver
fnr the last eight years.
The Dominion Dty celebration
committee held a meeting on
Wedncaday evening last for the
purpose of straightening up the
finances for the recent celebration, 11 was found lhat the
expenses   in   mane   cases were
somewhat higher than anticipated, however, it Was lelt that
everything woultl turn mil in
order when llie final settlement
tame to lie made. While there
will not lie very much Iunds
over the city will have an asset
that will long remain to lief
credit and that i.s the mm re
cord celebration in the history
of the Nortli Shore, cily and
The      lollowing     resolutions
were      passed      unanimously :
First,   Resolved   "lhat the Dominion Dav Celebration Com
mittee   regrets   that   certain
dei ices wele piTliiitlcd lo operate dining lhe recent cclcliiu
iion and respectfully   request
that smli practices lie prevented in all future holiday celebrations in this city and lhat copies of ibis resolution be forwarded to the dty council and
board of police commissioners."
Second I "Resolved "that the
Dominion Day celebration committee respectfully suggeat to
ihe city council that the Transient Trailers bylaw be enforced
feeling that the revenue oi the
cily wolild la- increased by the
enforcement ol said i>\ Im  and
respect Inllv suggest that the license Ice be increased to S:s   to
protect the local tradesmen "
ll was regularly moved    atu'
seconded aid named that the
accounts bc paid as preacnted,
It was then resolved that a
uieeting be called oil M.iv   loth,
niii, io arrange lor the Lirst
ol Jnlj celebration for nni,
and thai ihis meeting adjourn
to lhe call ol the treasurer.
We have a good list in 265.   A House and Lot on
17th for $2000.    Good Buys in 273 and 274.
A Good Lot on 4th Street for $3100.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
MAIN  OFFICE:—264 Hastings St. L, near Empress  Iheatre
Look. Here!
\\ a hm  pist re, i ived •' Isigi
iln* pm is .in es, eedingli los
Lace  Curtains
iu Swiss ,in,| Nottingham, Inun
;a,a    III   |6 OO  |la r   |l III
i OVERS   Excellent Vslues
I2A Lonsdale Ave.
The regular iimnthh -neeting
HI    the    police    commissioners
was held in the citv bal!  last
week.     The    Maun      presided
willi I'oiiitiiissioiui lackson
preaent The huslntss un the
.taa.lui was ol minor importance ami what was brought lip
uas r.i pull \ disposed of.
The Chiel of Police report (nr
tile Utonth was presented as |,,|
Ions ami adopted   Complaints
received  and  attended to, is;
plaits   ol   business   loilltd open
after hours, | ; persons reported
missing and  located,   i; articles  reported   lost,   ; ; articles
I,,inui    In   police, ii, ami   sum
nu'lls set led   ,.      The Illitl lm
llnr reported that mi   Sundav,
dull -., liis attention was call
ed to an automobile accident al
tin   cornet   ol   Ud   street   and
I.ousdale Ave.     Prom information received  il appeals   lhat
sollie   persons wete driving    H-1
long  trd street at an excessive'
rale   ol   speed   wilh the   result
lhat one ti[ the ortipants   was
thrown Iroin his seal when llu
nnu Iinie   Jumped across lhe car
li.uks on I.ousdale Ave. and re
ceived injuries to his (ace.   The
chiel statetl in ihat connectionI
It   uas lus intention  lo   pTOM
title hill  he lollld Hot  lliul  am
iluiisc in  the inlaw   covering
the speed  ol   aillos  and   lie    re-1
commended tlmt the dtj con
iil Ke naked to insert the wonls
"also automobiles" In section
three ol Inlaw No 11, which
lu    was   sure  would   COVCC    the
regulation ol same,
The reqneat ol lhe Chid   lor
a two weeks' leave o| alist in I
was granted and he was atitlto
riied In attend the convention
ol polite tlnels arhkh will   be
held in Vntiioincr limine. An
I'eins until  the increased    speed
necessitated him letting go, The
animals then careered down tin
avenue al a lerillic rate and
near lhe confer "I Second street
leeitd oil toward thc west  side
walk.   The Inuses managed  to
clear lhe pole lint lhe wagon
was caught head oil and al once
piled up in a tangled mass with
OU ol the front wheels completely demolished and the front
of the ri-; stove in. The animals cleared the ri-; and raced
down onto the Esplanade where
lliev were later CBUght, One of
the horses preferred to lake llic
sidewalk down to the ESaplai,
ade and in so doing Impelled
tear Into the hearts oi the pc
deslrians and simp keepers ivhu
cleared the way Ior the mu
auai sleed. Mr. llttrtoli se.ui
ed an express rig from a local
lirm .ind took his load of household ellects during the evening
and    came   over   the lollowin;;
morning to gather up Ike n-
in.tins o| his express wagon,
Man Wing, a Chinaman, was
lined Sio aiiil iosIs m tin police
court on Wedncaday morning
lot- bleating without a  permit
The case was up a week ago,
lull on aitoiuil of lhe owner ol
the laud mil lain-; present ii
was adjourned. Mr. Tarn, the
owner, was present at the ad
jouriied hearing and staled as
the Chinks were niuler contrail
wilh him he considered the re
spoiisiliililv in connection with
obtaining the permit rested
wiih tin Chinamen ami inudes
they had lieen doing blasting in
that viciuiti lm some time and
he was under the impression
that thei were doing so having
obtained the proper .niiln utt
The Inlaw was reviewed and
under tin- circumstances as es
pl.innil a minimum line ol yn>
was imposed upon the I hina-
intii ami a learning not lo d<>
.un more bleating without first
obtaining  a  permit   Irom  lhe
ilcl'k   '
Entire Change of Programme Monday, Wednesday
and Friday
Wc cater to ladies and children, anil i|ssure our patrons
ihat nothing offensive or objectionable will be shown.
Performances at 7.30 ami .s.45 p.m.
Saturday   Matinee   at   j.311   p.m.
Admission  10c
Children 3c
Kaies :
t2.oo   per   and   up.
Spi t ial rates to fain
dies and   to regular
finest Root Garden on oil
SutiMi Sikh:i.   ....   NOKTH   VANCOUVER. 13. C.
PICIAL I OK \ IIW ims \l llll SI l|(,l III s
Lot .), lilk. 6j, MI. 548, fox 1 |o leel, |i joo; I500 caah,
61 12 ami is months	
Lot 16, Blk. lot, D.L 550, .si.'oo; Ijoocssh, 6and iimo'a
Lot 5, Lil,  ii,, 11 l. ij |. >i mo; <;,.. 1 nh, bal, to strange.
I*..! *'.|, Dlk. .pi. h I. si*\ li sup cash, fo a 140 (act
A l.ol mi N1 niti-< nth St., Itin bio. Is Irom tin  1,11 lun , it.1)
Ijo cash, balancc monthi)	
120 fi-cond Mreel, Norlh \nm-oiivfr
LOANS NEGOTIATED      < sll on us [« lull Particulars.
An eSCitittg luminal u.is un
Hissed    last   iieek   tl hell   the   ex-
press   team   of   R     Hurtou   of
Vancouver ran awai on l/nu,
dale  Aif  ami collided with  s
telephone pole in Imnl ol Wt" .1
I   Son's store wilh disasir itts
results to the wagon, Ul   Unl
ton is sullering inun .1  bruised
leg  .is ,1  result  u|  the  lis
Ing over il, bill he is aide I ■ bt
aiioui again
Mr. Barton had 1 large h«d
ol liirniliin- on his express rig
and was coming down Lonndnk
Ale. towards the let 11     B08M
wiiei.   m.n   Victoria l'ark  i'n
S/agon passed out .1 kindl 1111
lhe road, .nul Ml Pinion was
thrown Irom the 1 ehiili■. The
horan Immediately bolted,
dragging the driver underneath
the wheels which passed nVSI
his lell leg,    He hunt; "» '" ,llr
Notitcs have luen SCttt I id
1.ist  ol the (nlli111 annual   toll
vetiiioii ol tin- Western Canada
Irrigation Association whiih is
lo Ik- held in Kamloops on August   ird,  |th anil   sth  ol this
n.n     The conventions ol this
association have now become   I
recognised Iactor In the bh>
gresaive development oi ini
gatioa in western Can,uia   and
this fourth annual convention
promises to In* lln mark ol a
sllll  lurtlier slep Moiie,   lilies of
advancement iu the art and
•dence ol Irrigation, Arrnn
gemeuts arc being ni.ul. lo
hau tin- recognised experts In
irrigation and allied suhjei ts
iddress the convention and
1 uii opportunit) will bc given
(or the interchange ol Ideas and
dist ussioiis 1 lun 1,11 that will
lead to tlnir vcp ln-si develop
A Modern Range at a Modest Price
11 is made 00 the moal up-to-
date plans uilh special lea-
tun points, one 0] which is
winch makes bakui-; a real
This feature prevents the
possibility of ilu- hack ol
the nun In int; hotter
than nearer the door,
uliuh  is  the casr with
most magna
Let us show you this little
wrinkle. Il don't cost you
any more in cash, hut ii
worth much in results.
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58. 133 Lonsdale Avenue
fliiiilile Comer, ISth ind Hendry Avenue. Size
luo x 117 font, Prioe$l300. terms $400 cash,
balinoe |300 in August, ■> ind 12 months.
Iiiiiiiii,. CiiitHT i.ili iiiiii St. Qeom Avenue    Sir.e
100x140 fesl   Prion 14760,  firms | ndi, bal-
iiin-t' | iii An:. tliiMi li inns.   Tli is is a good buy.
KirM Slreel. lol   H67-274,     Price |5000.     13000
uih, liiilnnca* ii, 12 ind IB monthi.
Real Kttate and Financial Agents
Lots fronting on the "Boulevard Extension"
Chesterfield Avenue, Mahon Avenue
and Intersecting Streets.
Subdivision of Blocks 203 "A", 204, 204 "A", 213, 213 "A", 226 "A"
24U and 241, in District Lots 544 and 545, City of North Vancouver.
::   i
I oi flans, Price Lists and Particulars, apply to
Mahon, McFarland 6 Procter, Ltd.
'!   PtlQQl6286 I'onn-r I't'tnler :unl Sevinutir Streets. Vancouver, B. 0.  !!
,$4t44+44''WH*4H**H*Ht*W44'N4*^ FOUR
SoKl ii   \'i\t orvi i ...
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
\ irth Shuki Paass, LtMiTsn
li. C.
i year, II IK1
i, u u ol  >i mcsiftion
Sin  an.iillas   Wc,
I'uii,-al Stutea ninl Foreign, |1,K pet year
,\.n, rii-ni*.' ii.iti- mil lie i|iuitfil mi application,
Tlmt1 monthi, Hoc
_ irdshire, Kngland, and came
io America onli a short time
,,**,,    Aitii ,i a'isit with Iriends
j„    (he    I'    S    Metropolis,    sue
left [oi lit, west, arriving
in North Vancuuver where she
mil make lm permanent resi
dence.   For thc present  she is
the gUCSt nl  til    *ni'l  Miss S,i!.*
.on Mth streeta
New  Westminster l.atul Dis
Tin l*;-|..'a*-liilevoietl la. ilic intenfti nl llif n.irtli Sli..n* ol Burrard Inlet . * .   ,|jsUUl ,,( Sen Westmin
. v* i.i-iolt        ll -uui"* mi ntli.'rliHi.K iiietliiuii nl FKCe.nUoi.nl Talllf L.i' I .        ,        w.   ,
r,,,!,,,, n,.,il,*,r„„,i, .,„*! fllei'liie niitiiiicr lln- populal ,i Nurlli Vant-tniiiT ster.    fake nolki  that   lliolua-.
i     iiiii hitiriet,   Kvery, ffort U matlo 10 glue sdwrttwi the wart asiUafaeturi Tod Leith ul \ ancouver, B. C,
, , occupation, rancher, Intends to
All I'l :'*  Illl.l   1   iaall.'llla..'lli.*llls   .lll.lllll   lie   111   llie lirillllTS    llllll,ll   llllll ._ iHllllissioll     tll     lllll
a  ,,„|  . a.m. \\',*,li„*i-.lii.  i.i-nr.- ni-.TliMi. uilh.' aPP'J    ' ''    I"    "IN ,l"  ]"'
Nelson Manf g Co.
KSI'I.AN IM ,   lat-i   ' i
X. V.l.i iiiii ii  I " 's Min
N. NELSON. Propnlar
Cheapest Home Buy in the City
'Six room Modern House on 3rd Streei West,
Price $.1,650; third cash, balinoe 8 and 12.
III> HTRKKT EA8T—IW ft. lot, $2200, 1-3ouh, 6-12
* .in in
laill.,uini: i--i;.*.
Vila Ol t| I,.      |;    (
llll. M'.liin   AM)  llll-,
hase tlu following described
lands: About ioo acres coo
mencing at s post planted on
the northeast corner ol lot 2,
620, thence south Ho chains
llunie   1,1st   iii.77 chaiaa to
Jrn   '»■    """shore     ol     Horst   Shoe     I.ali'
thence along shore ol lake in tt
Tlic Influence which eatensivi northwestern direction top In
.    , 1,1 "i commencement.
klDiil'. developments of   ilus   natur,
would   1 \ei t   upon the nopula-
rHOJIAS TOI) I.l'.llil
l'u William Dalziel Duke,
While .1 superficial view ol lhe lion as well as upon the met Agent.
M,u.,.,*,n„ii,l,l led la   the 1 mi .'■'"I'11'     '""l     "lh"     -I****   'line .■■u.l,  fil-. ft
ol    North   Vancouver   would 1
had     to     the     realization    New  Westminstei Land  Pis
ol      the      moat     sangnim trict, district ol Nea Weatmin
exert   a  detrimental   nillu.nie |1(ipi.s lhat have been expressed sU'r-    'l/'U  l"','a' ,l,al   1Vl:,'
Wood Slater, of Vancouver,   it
, lusion Una the 1 "in isiiitii.n ..
Second   Narrows hridce   n'oult
iu all particular*!
upon   ilu    business ol   North|with regard to the North Shon
Vancouvei Citi Kerries, a more
a.iieliil   consideration   nl    thc
m.ittcr will convince inn tea
son,ihl. 11,imi that iis actual
tileit woultl be quite the oppo
site. In point "i i.nt iimt is
pro!,.ilili tm nlngle event that
a a,uid transpire which would result in smh great additions to
lhe   ii in    tl.tliu   .is would    llli
bridge. Directly, o| course,
ihe bridge would not provi s
leedi 1 a,1 tin* iei ri service, but
indirectly its beneficial Influence
would bc nn,tliiil.tl.,1      This is
Hot    III  lose sl-lit    ol   the     l.ul
ihat .1   railwav, vehicular  and
C, occupation, shipping  clerk
[intends lo applv Ior permission
lmler   tlic conditions which to purchase thi foil .wing de
would then exist, n will reedili acrlbed lands Ab, ut 180 .1 1
l,e seen that the business ol the commencing  it 1 post   plau.i
Perry Companj would develop
with the -realist rapidity and
would assume proportions al
together impossible it Norih
Vancouver were io remain
merely a residential suburb ol
Vancouver,    In [act ins along
smli lilies as lliesf alone lh..
tlie lerrv business will reall)
eoiiie. lo iis own, hut uace Ihes
influences are allowed to  wor
olil llteit deslilii, llit  lein Iru
011 the southeast corner ol lot
1238 thence west  17 7s chains
lu cast liiuuul.il'i ol lot sts,
Ihenee south So chains to north
boundarj  ol lol  ."■".   thenci
e.isl   JI.72 ih.iins lo nest linlili
dan ol hu .-.I,.-,,, ih*me north
ii.70 chaina, thence utsi |,
chains to northeast corner ol
hu j6jo, thenee northerly al n
shore "i Horse Bhoi Wm   t,
point uf ctiiiiiniiiii'ini rn
l'l'.Tl'.K wool) KI.ATKK,
Per William Dal/hi   link,.
\ mt
lhe across Burr,ml lnlcl will Ir-Lit
ml.  mn.
the umwm
MUM IK., lid.
I.on*, l.l*    lvi-i
.il   I ' in   1, aaa '
I.hUT.-T  I'Kli KS
IVi   ., -a IihihIIi' tlm I" limllltl in
POULTRY .m ci'i.ir.s:
1! A K  fill
H .1 K 1 lilt I** *. t
>ll III.-'   II *t*l    -a  r a|a-
M in . r 01 Spi,
I.*,**.' I...* Killer.
Win* .1 111 ui
S 1*1 in .mt ', 1,iniin,»
n VTK iik i.i-: \n
Th,* Ik -i **in*ini-*i *|>r»)
iall   ||,,'   III,Ilk,'I,
87 Ninth  V„li,*,,in.i I'lH'llu ■U'.lt V.Ill'iilll'tT
mi!,*.* 11*.111.... 11* 1.1 *'..:in p.m.   Open Eveningi by ippulnttnenl
ii'iri'.'ii liiiuM.pl sLlli
Tin' car- lire now ninnin'j nasi mir new sub-division,
located across iln -ttre, t from the I.vnn Valley sion..
A few lot- -till selling ul lhe original price.
\\ a* have a'so r remarkable fine subdivision, dicing mi 1 be extension of tlm
whieh uf nnt oi'lt'i ing now ,-ii reason-
able prices,
9 Lonidale Annua'. Phone 155.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
y.nl   V 'in .in r mnl Vancouver
lit) .a: I Suburbim Properti.
. -
looi o| Lonidale Ave,
II.I ITl!"\l
I -'.in - mtnifed, Hvni. eollect*-]
r.ii-in. -- ChSBDM
t.'l.al ||      llf       SlIlS       lliM-llllllll'll
Nuiih \ ancuuvrr, B. C.
1. 0  BOX 114
second to none upon lhc l'acilic
.„,|,s,,,.„,     brit,B«     ''l    Sn'""1  ettast.  to sat   the least.
Nan,ms   would tarn    a   vast      .^   in,ls,,.m ,„„,   „,   S(um,|
'""""",   '»' l''"1"  beU'K»   "" Narrous  bridge  means,   there
***   and     the   South   shores   ol   .^      ^     ^      y^^^
,IU i„i,i. mn ,1 i.Hto make due 1,l,,,,(,s Ull, ll( ,„,,,,*„- l(1 ,„„,,,
»»"*»»" 1"Ml" ''M ,lMl  « ,,,,., i„l„„„ *ai i.itMticss which
l™n'»   l'lUUl" "" ,vv"   citiw iiouhl l„ absolutely Impossibl
»hifh   »"nW   UUuh ">'   "" „l .il.ainiiitn.  under conditions
""■ which would exist iMthont   lh.
liml, 1 iiiuld l.c so mani limes
greatei than lhat which conld
|i,,ssiii|i develop without the
llridge that alter tin most lib
eral dedm ii"tts bave liven made
loi the iraflii lhat would |iro- fl,, urtkh with tenpecl
md ua iln bridge the propor-Uq s-reci erades from the pen
tion niinii in 'ithi remain Ior Lj m,- j, Balloar Ker, which
iln nm would in- a un largi tppeara elsewhere in ihr- tssm.
iinilii|ili indeed ol ilu largest ,s well worth) and will doubt
possible development ol 'he less receiv.* the Iboaghtlnl perusal o| all those iiiiii arc Intel
eated in this Important issue
The   anu li    bears   iht  hall
I. (>. ()   I'.
■ a.l,* imi.*
1 "til   .11 	
Korth Vancouvei Lodge,  N..
ss, mills t iei i  Thn:'. I.u  even
ing, cornel Lonsdah avenue and
I atreet, at B 0 clock, Visit
IHI   N.N. IIMI M\KKI 1     ing brethren cordially invited to
.niln.i    Ira K   l'u 1', \ G ,
\   K   Donaldson, Ro   su  *, ,1
ih,. ,i,M|*,-t .,11.11.,-1 !■■  '.  •-'  11   pilling, P.O., Fin sec.
f,.r all lui !- ill ir.-li iind -iii..|. ___________________
l«.iiliri. ..-.*-   * ..'..ii'l.- snd Iruit,
|'ii.l,*r \, ti Mm 11., in. ei.
Wl    SKI  I.   II  I
D. L. 204
: tr.— — i
ie     ^|ti 1 I il    It* s   In 1,
to WAI EKFKON I. i'i"i'"-..l
UKIIK,!* and KAH W \.     •   •   •
BLOCK 1     I if. lot- in iln- I'l". I- .11 M73-0 ch, 1 }' «•-".
ll    a   a, ,    I,  HI   I   IJ    la  OIllllB
1 l   .  a i"H ULE 1 OKNER, price
'a   in   I    I   •   II., HllllS.
|i| 1 1 K hj   l\n loin in Ihii, Mai* k, IscinK | mpo    1 CAM
LINK,   • • irsch,      , ''li. hslsnce b snd 11 iwi's
111 ni I ii:- block li  Maj a
■ .11 h, 1* ■
Chas. C. Lawson 6 Co.
in*.il Esi
K I.lll-*
,    I   l.ltisilN
\ie l'lione
nin   11.1iiu.  wen   Hn   bridge
noi constructed
Sa.iih Vancouvei is  destined
to bt "in ol ni" things, name- mark  ol  deep luright  and   ul
lv, .iiiui .1 residential  sulutrli ,,,i,m| attention to deUil    It
a.l   iln   .in   on ill.   -..iitli sli,a, shoiis |,,i iisell ihal it has not
aai iiii Iiiiii   "i ,t large, pope been written hi hand ot   «nh
hais,    wealth)    tiiaiiiilai tin in- |jui,.   -Jtoughl,   but it is mum
ami commercial centre  arhosi tls||i iht product ol earnest la
niinii.ttt    .iiiaiiiiiutits    iionid i„„   (ll  [tithlul  Investigation
iiuiiii lui ii.* ii..ni rival ..I iln ihe article will readil) hi ■ I
till     uhlili   OUUp.es   lilt   solllh    ,,,,|e,| t,, Ik   "tit  olllli  lllusl aide
en, litoral "i il" li.iiliut     'llu nnd comprehensive deliverances
s,,li   u,uu..ilm    ii.i"i   niinii uhnh  has  linn  produced tlm
mil open th,   aai   lot   Sorth [gg thia cunlrowrst     That its
\.III.   a,III.   |      Ul    Ita    li,     aa||l     l|t|     '|lS        Sl|l; ^ l'S| |l I |l S     lllll     ll"l     llllll        WiUl
um  .ai Mn   limi  plan is the unqualified approval from   s
|l|"l  tdlll, ll| l'|l|llllt Hit.IHS      M,UrVCH     |S,     *,l     lOlllsl,      lO     Kt IV
llllll. *      a III |„,   |,,| ||U,       ,,t       ,|„ ..HH, 1,||„
ublishcd I., ninn ..ui uiiiv.'ll   I,, ,,intu,|,   In smh ,is to nu
■ I' aatei ImnUgi and lh,  |„,ss ,,n p-ntka mill lh    but
ntinental   rail   tbsal   it   is i  slncen eflort   to
ii.n Cu,      n*.mi,    |,|,,|„,M. ,, |„,,ssilih  soluinai "I ■■
lion ol Second Narroa    bridge  ,-   difficult proUem,  arhich
witl pnividi ilnsi lacilities es   nlus |,ni ,,,n,id, laimu lo  ilu
peditiouslt .nnl in '■■■ ,,,idin.il points ,,| Uu   position
Is very im " inpared ,,,  ,,„!,  ,,, ,|u parties m  tin*
uuh that ..I simil.il iindeti ik  controvers)     There are doubt*
ings tlseitiiiii l,,ss    ,,1,,,,in,us  whkh   nun
Thi .-ii uu.tn*ii i ilns „,„ ,„,,, ,,,,1 ,!„.,,. ,,,, ,|,||,
bridg, .."illd Iherelore, ninue- mltiesi uhnh BOH, mil dtin,
diateli insk, ol lh, Sorth I bui ani solutii* which mil ell
Slmn .valerliM lh, most vale ,„,„,,,, „bjecilons snd difllcul
.il.i. ii'i'h ..i ,, i.ui, ild,- water ,us ,s .„, ii„p,,itallj4IIii and 111
in,in in iha provinci nl British _,.,\ i,,,,, w_\ wv\\ ,,|Mt
ColuiiiWa    Tin ci   ol feadini    and ihen cen   carelnl
'  l"»«d in lhc ,„„| ,1,,,,, .|,n,ii re-rvailini   ba*
"'"-ii  ihis  »i    [0R |mpn#«kms are sllowed >"
'■'   ••••ttld then    .nn,  id cryslalHia  themselves Into   n\
in the 111.nk. i l.iii 111 'In acti .  opinions
nd   whi, li would st   un.i
di tt lop loi siti * upon thi part
npaniei whi, li would  pro     ^[-'-   Is*!11' Vnn,  sistei    "I
'• on  tabll h ther,   \   |v'''''' ■ n,"","l m| ,i" '""
I ■ l.,;.i   In 111  i,| I'.i.   * i i     l'i i I     a
i Hfi,- you the l"-i
iiiiiiiii   nml [irlce
and ii',"iii,in, ml lln-
lo (jive In -t -,iti*i.H--
liivc us a l
C. R. Hl( KMAN
Groirr ,mil llulihrr
i'lmili p.
I. h. Hi'inii't.      d 1 lonvliilr
I.!. lilt EM Hfl I ' k
Hot Points
For the Man
i, 's .i i h.ime lo pleat'   tb,
Qui, i  ,ii once .i I'ji" " HO I
T"i n d,ns trial, In.* lm ssking,
q im oa iron
ing d,ii.
pi      iron on in.iii*. t jjii.ii.in
l.ul (of tWO VI 'TS.
Invt -t now, it siill ph sse bei
N.at   ■■'■•■■■■■■ sad
Xi   inn now .unl DS i om lined
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Lid.
'id I .oii-ilale Avenue.
?   Ma.,A \r_M_  vin our new Sabdivi   *J :
::   I 3dVI:   « UU     sion in Lynn Valley      •   ::
l'lione      |%
North Vancouver ::
Coal and Suppl) Co.::
Dralw in Coal, Brick,
Saiiul.   Gravel,   I nin,
Cement   aiml   i,    ,„|
Biiilili-i*   Su|iplic«,
All   Oi
■ ■
Apph ■
i"ln  uu
 '"■ ■"! ""«■'« '" ""  •'"       Old,,   I ...n ilali
" " k    tlli.il    ll "in    Nm    \orh
Mis peers is *. natln "I St.ii   ntmm
Boult, arrived in lhi citi   last /\-t     i ,„ _x , u ,.
»*W  ""  uuk  direst   Iron,  n,„   Vnrh    .,"  , "   "
SI'H' \ I RU righl al tli- Car Terminus, Thli i- tbe |mtUal op-
|. irtunity for [nvmtment ever offered un thii lida ol tlie Inlet,
Aire.i.it. bui iitirohaatHl of ns lasl week liave been wld if I profit
it lot, and the iriginal purchawr loldtooaooti at that.'
'llnr' must nf neoessitv Ihj a busy busineas centre in l.vnn \alley
and nl necessity it will I"' hwated al thii point, You know whal
tlmi will mean. I#l n- ahow you uver the property before they
are ,     * *   PHONE 215 for appointment, Offlce on the grounds,
14 lon.Mlflle Avfnue
HI \i'Mi I 'a l". '-'t.i iniilleM H 8. THOMPSON, Local Manager,   J
Will Held Be In
Wednesday, July the 13th
AT 8 P.M.
To Receive Report of Conference had by
Ratepayers' Committee wim Council in re
Grades.    Lady Ratepayers are specially invited to be present.
Mid-summer Clearing Specials
All through this month we will clear
out odd lines of summer goods at greatly
reduced prices.
Only i leu' laities' wasli suita left, to clear
25 pr cent, ol
L'*H' t'olton llnM'. tun or
black, o pain for           50c.
Girls' Wii«h Dream
25 por cenl off.
95c l'renin fonj-Tf >ilk.
s|.tfi:il pi r ul.            75c.
Yuli-tit'ciiiiii's l.ui'i a, |u-r
tin/I n \<U.             -   -    10c.
Extra \ ;iliks in all lines ni White-wear ami Blutiai i,
ream n
VI e operate llie only pad-
ilcil   futnitu'r   and  piano
in .t nj( van in llir city. . .
* -'*   1>.
N. V. Ciirlaqe Co.
7 i ■ *i- 1.-I- 4vr,
PHUNt          .                    Ml
.a\f~'       ■   _
Shipyards, Ltd.
ship io.dkr.
Ifarin,   ini Stationari  Ba
|ini .m.l Boil, i Work prompt'
ll'    IMI III, *l
I di    |Oj
North Vancouver
AUGUST 15th io 20th. 1910
British  Columbia
in Prizes and Premiums
North Yaneo(Jver
We supply SI0VLW00I) mv
length required.
16 inch length, $2.75. per load
Cordwood, M-90 per cord
Prompt lieiii, i.
Phoii, iijai p, ii Boi ijG
S|h', iniii ],,« rn,.- Irom ill i«'iiiti"
..ii r.ill.ini - i.iial bnltl
I ibllllll -nl I. Ir.*l.*l,l ..li ('•llll.lllll line, ttill I., r. Iiiini'l Iree.
SHM*rll iiiid tini,|il'' ut I rn. llolli ill
S|a ..In,*.' jtvilili iiimI I'un slmw
Sprctlcnln   l'i."'iiunii.. I *ni*.'- "
Iir..niiii,llii.lini.', ..in|»'lil  Wood
Clinpplm Contest,   Tri.tluit!   mil
I'a.lllfc. Nl.       I- .lllal        lllllll I'llll'
Entries Clone Augimt 1st.
tt ril  loi priu 11*1 nnd inl'irnuti'.ii
lit ROY,
M ,|   a   a '     la I Sl'a ri'l.irt.
Viiiii,niter  Kdllblllnn   1 -*. Iltion.
Sir, — Al the decision mi
grade! may involve either success or ilis.isli.-r, the 11iiisi-qlli-ll-
ees ol pursuine, tilth ol the
eoiirses open to the cilv cannot
In* too i.irelull neighed while
vet there is time* Presumably
the entire population now
knows that benching our norlh
and sottili thoroughfare! at the
croaaiofi   of   eaat  and   wesl
streets increases the aseuuliii ;
gradea. I.oltsdale's grade i*t at
presenl over 8 pel uill Benching inlerseetioiis .t per cenl.
wollld increase the average
grade liv 1.3 to 1.4 per nut. «e-
cordiag to street ivitl'h ar.t!
depth ol block ; that is, wuuld
in. 1 tase it to over a.b |- : nnt.
As the c,insc(|Uciiic "I m;i li la-
tlea.se woultl  lie too seriolls   to
incur, it in ant wav avoidable,
remedial expedients liv * i.i 1,
benching could In- elected without   Increaaing  present   grade
have heen soiieht out alld examined. Thus, [or illustration
sake, oil the supposition of J
per nut benchea at intersections there arc- lhe Following :
1. All intersections Iroin
shore io 8th streei conld he benched and grade kept as low as
al presenl In cutting down
Lonsdale [or soincivli.il over
hall a mile, the maximum cut
being alioul |o (eet deep Hear
Sih slreet or other point. As
such a cure would lie worse
than the evil agaitut which ii
Has dint tell it is ol la.urse ills
missed Iroiii consideration.
j. The Imir inlei set lions
nearc-sl lhe shore (that is up to
jrd street imliisive) could In
luilih'tl anil grade kepi as Imi
as at present liv ratting (lown
I.ousdale, the in,milium ail iu
thai instance being sav ih'.. (eel
deep near Sih slreel.
J, Inlei'scilions al the Er
plaliatle ,niil Isl sll'cct collld lie
Intu lml and gratle kept as low
as ,,t preaent by siunlarli ratting down l.olisdale, the uinxi
mum mt in this cane being  a-
bMt 10 (eel near Mill slreel
4, The ratting! on l.on-ailale
might lu- redmed in extending
I.ousdale 011 to the [oleshole,
nin re the wharf now is and dis-
tribnting part ol the grade over
sinii foreshore extension litli
this has heen (ell a precarious
expedient, as the citi is still
without actual -jratlin^' i.f
shoreline railwav, and ,,s ti.'iul
oi 11.11 and track lml record,tl
in lhc name of the V \V. .Sc Y.
railwaj north of high water
mark would iif linallv adhered
toi Interfere with inch graded
extension of the aiettUe lo
south of lnj.ji water mark.
5. While   benching   internee*
tiolts o| preaent tnaiu trallic
sllet ts loiihl he elicited now  OT
anv rate arranged (or, interaction! o| thoroughlares which al
pitsetu arc less Important
illicit have 1 central brack or
i.isiiiunt varying iii width
Irom s.ti   i.s lo ui del.
h.   Lonsdale   might    Ic    ml
down   so   as lo bench   the   Ea-1
planade and   1st slreet and   al
llu  HUM   time so as to icdtlic
io > pn uin   the grade  irom
tlu   ninn 1  to ist   itreet  l'i *t j
maximum cut ol mi   16 feet
near Mh stint ot other point |
The grade  irom wharl i"   Ex
pl.iiMili might, lujiiiii 1, in l.it
i*r  iiii reused   hv  railroad  i<>n-
stnu tion
7.  Should the railroad lie ,
veiniialli conatrncted on righl
aa|    U,|l ,ll ptlStlll Ilia,111, ,1,
leaving onh loo Id between
ihe righl "i ani   and the Bi
pi.ill.ult III Which loo lul some
I ) let I  ,isi ml might have   lo lie
made, ilu remedy wonld sum
to  Iit   a  narrow   thomughlari
|or he.it 1 haulage (sai 170 lo
joo In 1 loii^i starting 011 l.otis
,|,il,   ,il  llit   railwai  .iliil iiUIni,
diagonal!} through the shoreline block either i" eaat or west
ol I.ousdale until the Ksplanadc was reached This remedy
was thought of In Mr. Uahon,
ian would great!} depreciate
the properti through whiih 1'
passed, ,is il would cut il Into
let 1  narrow sections.    I    sup
pose  the till   might   he aldt    I'
gel (or a nominal figure an op
tion irom tin* company mi the
rctpiisiie strip ol ground  an 1
"(   I.ousdale    al    possildi    llall
market value, .tnd it woultl cet
tainly seem prudent t" tli I"
secure suih option WW to
I'll.ml  againat  eventualities
As to cutting down it is ,1 fl
iiiedv recognitad and applied bj
■ill lities requiring and fmana 1
■ ilh    aide   lo   ,iilopl  it        It     Is
Mi   Thompson's method, win n
he   has   ,,   Iret    hand and   ade
QUatc means, and there can be
little doubt that as om uu
grows in wealth many ol out
uphill gradea will be decreased
h\ .uis \ ih feel cut is man}
Icct less than that which   Vail
coimi  is now   making on lias
tit^s street ami is inaignilicaui
as compared with Beattie "i>
craliaiis. Were I.ousdale liin*
fill*ill.   Hit  dollll   llllllll    ol    ll„
deeper uu would lie at Victoria
Park where values would nut
therein he inllueliced, anil il is
lo  lii   noted  lhat   lllc  elicit     .1
cuts is frequently not deprecia
tion Inu  enhancement ol  Und
values, ,is mav lie seen on Nit
ol,i and Davie stieeis iu Vancouver,   where  the  properties
lllllll mi In   Messrs. I'.oilliei   .x*
M.I'd..iniill are among the
moat deairab,! reaidence locations in thai city.
Ground removed irom the
cutting! could he applied to lill
in I.otisd.iie Avenue under the
whari ami to convert adjoining
loreshore into business ground
willi resulting tax revenue
therefrom  to the  city,    Eaat
anil iiest cutting! retpiisile to
connect with the lowered sulfate ol I.olistlale COUld i.uitcui
cully disappear in a hundred
yards ; and, as tne protection
of gradea effected In the cuts
would benefit ilu- entire residence dist ruts, the expense
would equitably attach to the
cily as a whole. The null,it
would, however, In- so consider
aide lor a iitv at OUT sta^e
thai moderate cuts to inui
present needs w,,uld he iimre acceptable to the ratepayer! than
stith larger operation! as will
from time to time he deemed
requisite as traffic and popllla
tion grow Vancouver'! history shows moderate tuts at
insi, later on deepening uf .such
cuts when citv progress called
for increased lacilities.
Ii i.s ol vital importance in
making the gradea decision to
keep   before   our   minds  that
As this irulll haa I tin
ouasionalli overlooked tlu
prool     is    submitted.       Be*
sides the heavy shipping trallic oil the low   levels   near   tin*
shore arhkh will largely con-
list ol tan and   manufactured
joods iii transit to and from
on*.in vessels and trains,
there will In- the loial, home or
domestic trallic, consisting ol
paaacagcia, building materials,
furniture atul utensils, food,
clothing and [uel, both lot tin
lopul,ition o| the iiti ,uid ol
some iribuUn neighborhood! ;
to which will l.iiei be added
raw   and manufactured materi
als I., and  Irolll  ili'I:
ii : .ii ,i distance fr in tin
shore, The bulk 11 such home
ii'i l'i «ill li.ive to ascend  the
cit} i 1. \ .ill, ills to till' le I'lellu
di  'li.l*,.       While the   *h;| [mi
Imsiness nhat is tin* world In
Hit i   wil]  In- the leas,,n  I   i   alia
advent ul much "i the port'i
population, it musl I c ren
liiittl     that    tile world     ll hi .
cannot In* i.mii,.1 ue «ithout a
population t" handle it, .u.a!
this population cannol i lisi un
less housed aiul lul Ili,i' lore,
the transport required i" housi
and Unl ihis population i *i
netess.ii i I,, ih, rxixtenc, n
tin world ti,iiin. .is  ih, noil,'
tr.illn  is iieussan   lo Iht  p'.pi
I.iin.a uliuh attends lu ll     lu
Olllel' Uollls       Ul,*       lltaa     ||. ,|||,',
(the tlt'ild 11,iliu and lhe In lilt
llailln .He iniiiili p, iiilelit, and
t.n ll lleiess.u i   !,, ili,    Iih ,,| lh
other,   win in e prat tical   Iran
poll   lollies  lol   I olil  ,,le ,,pi   ',
li   necessary    Tin hiavj wml
transport Is nc, asional   bul
lighter local transport ii   *
oitli   (requi nl   I nt   continu , i
proceeding , verj hour "I  i * * i
secular day lo maintain m an
of subsistence
To increase lhe grades ..t ti:e
reaidence district! till unpra -i i
cal  ll "lll'l    lie  ,1  sel ere I low     il
not a deathblow to llu |i ■
residence titi.    Let v. *   u
staml clearly thai while  ll pi
must and alwats will      .'* ir
portent citj on the Km Lli ' an
couver   side, it in    i" i   .r.iU.a
from our residence dis ticls  by
increaaing grades   be ond   lhi
pracUcal, the realdcu-e i it
tin- luture will l   lb, pn-
ini iiiy.      1 am  : I,    lill |   l
our preaent cily «ith ils i are
mount stains, whiili
never allow    i"  't   en lull '.ied
with  its  natural i
siiiiatioii (rom whu h wi ■ um! I
never consent to * e il   iu - e I
We i.no)u I,, I,, !1U] pn in
natural advantage! hy de,
lag  our  grades   nol   tn
drawbacks  bi   increasing  gradea,
I'linhir in aaii Iii io have a
basis o( common justice loi all
ou  proceedure     Diatrict    I.ot
hlh extends within lhe iin to
alioul l lllile and a hall east ol
I.otisdalt  Ave. This lot, and   in
[act that entire hall ol ilu reai
lllllll* till lO east ol l.i It'll,ll'
Ave,   hate lo he dd i ia    1. ai
dale Ave , and ll Lonsdale
grade Hire increaaed until
freight (ot theae localiti, - wen
driven lo a cir, numis i aim* via
hollies Ave., thus entailing
nearly three quarters a i ., mile
extra haulai t hall tin* residence
iiu would le unnecesiarily miIi-
jeiietl to grave disadvantage
and to unjust depreciation,
Russia has hitherto l ecu financially unable to underlain
tin grand Duke Constanline's
scheme to I, rtiliic lhe country
round the Caspian Sea bj can
ailing the Black Sea into il ll
required lhe wealth t-l   Paris to
Wm i
|io um  i ipein ni.   dilh* uill   in
hindlinf) j om own periott il (inin
lio ion Koinetini, - wi I* hit 11 **
bid i li u doll.ii ■ in ih<  Bank to
llll la.n k upon '
I ii | osit one dolln in lis  Bink
..I 11 doui to di)    ' n di sum,
l*ui lirgi i nough i" beat mi' r, I
anal   it   will  speedil)   I, i Ul
iimie. on, e toil hav,  ' on ie*
laa    ,, l ,
C. G. HEAVEN, /Vm,
N ui ili Y.ii.i ouver.
'■ 4
-. i
* i
• i
11 •'in a   I I
tVAe   -1
H.Mil 01»:
We Sell Anything, Everywhere,
Life, Fire and Accident Insurance.
Howard & Matbefcon
16 Lonsdale Ave.        Phone 220
realize the boulewd schema
nl Baron Haussmann, The genius and im,une "I Prance
proved unequal to thc Panama
scheme "I De Lesscpi, which
would   bave  died   bul (or   the
I'llitttl Stales      The   lilelils   o|
Ihese great engineering schemes
Hill    .Ill.llaaUlail*   III    bUt    llllll     fl
allaations re |uired greal »*ea-
Ith.      Similarly    with     the
sthenics ol .\|r. Thompson who
is   oil   the   plane   ol  lhe   great
ivorld engineers,  and   who  is
possildi the greatest city cn-
gineei noa living Thai mav
in- evidence that he is ,, lirsl
rat, i ne im 11 (oi Paria, New
\..ik oi Berlin, but il dms not
prove ili.it Ins operation! an
adapted   lo  small populationa.
ll    in   beach   Uou   all  e.ist    and
ii, .1 ih,ii.,ii 'iii.n,s  lo his ipe*
nnis in shall liml oitrsel-
n*s Compelled lo make ill1l-.il [I
■ I, a a al, nhn h should In- left
I., iln* larg,i population! nl the
\\' .lum lli.il (.'Killer or later
"in main buainc h street! paralleling the shoii musl I e I cached suil,iii-ntli t" admit of
i.ii .....iitintioiis and s.ili tra-
iln Wt require to bench present actual traffii itreeti to
n,eet present actual needi Vt
do ti"t require at preaent to adapt to ln.it i trallic tll se
Ma,i u liiih lor iii,nn ie.iis
mai inu become i ■ Ineai
itreeti Pender itreet, Vancouver, is lhe lllllll slieel It Old
lhe short al Granville, the fourth (rom the natii some 1 locks
(.nihil easl      lt look twenty-'
one nals (or this street   to  ln-
i in. ,i business thon u b aire
to east oi Seymour Eaat "[
Seymour il has nol I ecu a bust-
lie s streei tor lour yeara although Vancouver has !i 11 a
transcontinental railway lor
nearly i quartei ol i century.
li would be a hurtful error i"
increaae the already aevere
grade "it Lonsdale, lhe uia.u
artery leading the reaidence dia
11 uis .nul ihe in,nn artery in*
netting them with the fen. kn
the unneceaaarj purpose ,,( up
plying a liberal bench tu the
fourth sirn-i  from  the   inter
ploli,ilili    a   good   main    vears
Int..re traffic "ill require  smh
a Iniiih
There can be very littk
doiiiit that the common lence
of moal   will  decide  the issue
lo   tin    city's   interests should
the final arbitrament be at tin-
polls    In the meantime   there
seems   no '.; I  ltasoii lllll   the
. ol  thc  Esplanade  and
I-'llsl    street     i pit suit    liltslttess
sections) should nol 11 rapidly
determined, and luilding hu-ls
lixed *,ii thiiu l*. tt lllllll sav 150
(ut nl Lonsdah
Vour "iith imt servant,
1 h ki:k
Relieves   St ach   Misery   Al
most  luiim di,in K
li the [ood fu ate at   vnm
1,1.1 meal  did  nol digeat,  hut
laid for 1 long time like lead oa
vour itomach,   then mui  havi
lion   aad   quick action
should In* laken.
(II   I',III   .,     I llatl a     .HI     HI,,111   (llll
, 1     i inptoms   ol  indication,
sin h ,is  lu h hing  up of   solu
t'ood,       In iitliiilti.       ili/zimss,
sh irtnem  *i   breath  aad  Uni
breath, and 11 you have any ol
1I1.in,   lout    stomach   is  "tn
,1  ..nl. 1   attd sin,uld li,   ,,,irett
\ii 11 na   taiih 1    have cured
ll.l*        aa|       a  .1 *.,   *      a,|     lll'l
in.ii and itomach trouble      li
. ..a li... any itomach distress,
Mi " a.i will uin u  insi.iiitly.
But Mi a. n i unlike moal   so
. .ilh *l   dl **p. pill   li iii.dii s    dot ,
more  than relieve    ll   pane ■
tlelltli    illlts   di ip, |. li  "I    ani
stomach   trouble  by   putting
and itrength   Into the
it .ills "i th,- stomach, where the
mitts an, produced
A  larg, boa ol   Mi o na tab
costs bul   S" cents al Tin
i/aii*.ai.iii pharmacy and art
•i'ti d i" iim or n,unci
Wlnn nthiis fail, Mi o
na iun ■ it is ,i producer of
lli ih v hen the bod) is thin ; ii
.h.insts the stomach and boa
iIs: purifit■ ili' blood anal
".il.i ■- rich  red  Id I
I frntmro HuiO'Mi)
Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs ind Colds, or
■oruy tuck.   Sold ind [luuntrrd by
Tin  Lonsdah rliaiiu.iii THK EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C
Corner Second and Lonsdale.
Phone 53
Dry Goods  and
Gents Furnishing
<w       \l, purchue ol IImTi Jtp Crop* shirts,
turiie'l-iliiivn ooltar, in itripM ind Itnoy pit-
terns ?3c
2 I'ieoM only Circular PillowCotton, vain,''.'."','   20r
IH t'OMixt; si i:k  now is Till-: TIMK Ti) BUV IKPURR
sKtrioNsof noiitii Vancouver,
One la-i ,iii Nii-utritet, 1,1,1x1:1:' tot, Inr |W;  the imii.T lim-l lune
iiiniit-f   Vie bate lhe sdjolnlDi Ini linted at |tOD,
um* I.,i ,'.ii imx nin*,*!, 100x181 tot, m      |M
We Iiiive *>n leel mi Keith Mad. Imll' a liltK'k (rum esr, ior  |1M
."ill ftvl nn Tliirieenlli slreet, t-li'iiri',1, MM block irtttii tar, «t ..      |7H,i
II mu limit uin ul the tiliovf net i,uit'klv.
I,     IV     V.llaa*
A.l   Nt.rU.
tor. aSth & lonsdale   Phone 176        Branch OfCie-l-nn Ville)
STR. .v
Leave Van.     1
cave N. Van.
Leave N
l.cave Van
*6.2o a.m.
•6.45 a.m.
*c*.2o a.m.
•b.45 »•»»•
7-30   "
7.50   "
•H.oo   "
8.30   "
8.50   "
•8.50   "
9,15   "
9-45   "
9-45   "
10.15   "
10.45   "
10.45   "
11.15   "
n.45   "
n.45   "
U.15 p.in
12.45 I1 '•■
12.15 P-m
12.45 P">
115   "
1.45  "
1-45  "
LIS   "
2.45   "
a 4)5  "
3-15   "
3-45   "
3-45   "
-4*15   "
4-45   "
4-45   "
5-1S  "
5-45   "
5 45   "
h.15  "
MS "
M5  "
7.J5  "
7-45   "
1-45  "
8.15   "
8.45   "
8*45  "
•.IS   "
9-45   '
9 45   '
10.45   "
t"45   "
•it.IS   "
•11*45   "
•    Not    oil
Time 1
Itlr -.llhjrit   to
i lunge without
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "Wi *i Vincouver," Captain Pindli)
I.ii • used lm t-, |Ms., ngan
I * „T* . I.* .,* . V II,',
ll,,liii,a,rtt Whirl I'lll  tantea' «i,»il
Km l»«,| lxci|»l HhiuIai
,  )0 .1 in s*i'" a.m.
,na, .em 10 no a.m.
11.00 h in. 1 ' "" a.m.
1 • oo p in 11 "" p.m,
15,00 p.m 16.00 |t in*
I '.00 |t In is 1111 |i m.
'   |t 111         ftiturd*ii Onli li |<*in*
. I ' .1 in      Similm Hrhidulf I 1 00 p.m.
17.011 |>.ni         "  11.00 I'.m
Single Fare 15c.       Two Tickets 2V
Ouickest route Irtnn  North Van, "iiii 1 to tin disttu 1 liitiuul
Cipilino River.    Lanaeh "Wait Vancouvei   makei coooec-
tiuiis, without liil 1 with the ferry iteamen Irom Ninth San
couver, as per abov, v b, utile
Advertise in the "Express"
The regular Hcinl-tnonthh
meetini) ol lhe district council
I wai held in lhc municipal half
last Thursil.it evening,
The reelt  pi 1 sitled and all the
councillors were preaent,
The following   I'olTcspolldcnic
was read
A    letter    frolll   Hon.    Win
I'ugiley regarding diitrict'i ap*
plication for a orant to liolh
burn wharl stating thai he had
relel'l'ed  the 111.liter  to lhe resl
dent engineer, was read. Filed,
.\   11  Diplock wrote reqneat
iny a tliei|iii  l"t Si.ooo on   as
count ol the road uhiih he was
loiistruttiiii; in the diitrict, He
staled that the ^'■•ding I1."'
heen iioin   np to  Kssex   strict
Oii motion "l Conn, Allan an I
Bridgman tin* cheque was au
Messis hosier ami l-'isln 1
wrote lubmlttlng an admits
Ing    sihellie,   nanieli  lhat   the
compani would agree to advei
tise the dislriel .Hid WOUld CUl
tribute ,,  monthly fee towards,
us maintenance mi ilu- condi i
tion  that  twenty-five or  fitly
broken  would   he  sinned  to
contribute Is iiioiithli     Ktin
red to the joint civil advertising committee
.1   E.  Roberta aaked  to  he
cotil,|)ensaleil [ol u| leit I im 1
is of bombarding in (ronl oi hli
property      Referred lo  Board
o| Works with power to ael.
I-'.   Swcclinali   uii'le in   mil
section with council'! demand
(or leases in hi- sul.dii ision.
hlock S, t, and 17, 11 I.. ;i)|.
TTu-v slated lli.il lhe Mocks in
adjoining mhdiviiioni wefenol
prol ultil ti nh lams     The plan !
was again referred hack,
II   K   I'lillciton wrote in con
ncclioii  with tlisimt   council'!'
negotiation tor appropriation
ol lols ',',,   14,  15 ami  tn, Mock j
U,   D.I..  iVIM,  (or llie extension
..I Dmllei mad lo tis required
width. It was relerred la the
clerk io conler with Ut Philip,
,\ CM C, tu regard to tne
.1.  I.olUel.    sei retail    ol    lhe j
North Lonsdale Ratepayer! As
soiialioli, wrote, st.ilill^ he has
lllell instituted to ask I"! .111
arc li^lu at the corner ol Uitccn
street  aiul  Nie street   anil   also
maki application to the cilj
council Ior aa an li^ht at —t
iilt limits lit nls,. .isketl to
be Informed what steps weri
required to he taken with it let
eiiee to lhi installation id side
walks lielorc llie net Weather
s,i 111 Ul Nve ami Ur L<>u
u-l spokt ..ii behall nl (In a**nn
ciation The lighting mallet
was referred to tie financi	
tin motion "I Conn  Bridg
man and Allan il was reaolved
io uotiit ihe North Lonsdah
Assoii.iiniii that tin council
would [oruiulatc i icheiw lot
sidewalks and lights 111 the dis
I llit t     when   the   dill. It Ul   set
nous oi the diatrict would in
1.illiil iii lo ranter with   the
a a,lllllll
T. Thompson, engineei on the
load   roller,   inane   application
|o|   ,111   uu lease  III  s.ilali      Kt
(erred t" Board of Works
\iiss Campbell, i dert m lhe
ollue.  inui    receiving   S-ts   i
111,uilh. ,,sk,il na .ni iinitase in
Milan     lt was referred ta iht
llll,UIU     ta,lllllllll,I
A ioiiiiiiiinii.,ii..n was unit
led liom l' w Tiffin, notan
publii "I Vancouver, giving no
in,    ,,|   pioltsi   ol a draft    "i
p.,i,*, 1 t .ni, 1 Compan) nr""
the dillriiI i"i 31,7117 :s      ''
uas its,,lud I.. Hplt thai
When d« In' 11 «.,s madt "I all
llu nwk tiiisluii^ plant, the
COUIM'il tt..nhI Lt pltpalttl I"
stlllt     ollt     nuaith     In 111 that
The       l.ili pin 1 itpresetl
I.lilies     lloln    Nollh    lonsdale
ilated thai *ii *> recent meeting
II uas recommended that the
disinii  in  divided into Ihree
Ward!      "II     an "lllll     ol       the
Improvement! .it North \."»-
dalc .uul ilu need ol ipeclal
attention then
It was statetl lh,it the iiholc
dislriel would Ii.n, lo In l.ike-i
iiii,1 loiisiileraiioii .it lhe same
lime,   and   the   ftevi    .isseiud
lhat ii  woultl in* much better
to divide tin d, .Un I inlo Iwo
lilllllii ipalii n s ll u.is relt ll'eil
to the spetl.il ni" 1 in;; lo he
, ailed
lit M B Marlins,,n -tahed
uhcii he 1 "iild In upplied w'th
n.iin mi Kin» aired
Tlu- engineer nlati-ri thai the
stsiein would he completed i"
about    a    week    Instruction!
were   issued    lol    .1    tiiupoi.ili
connection t" lh, applicant,
A number ..i appli, nnti wen
presenl aaking loi ilu . \,t niion
,,(   lh,    Watt 1    t'.ltin in I)    1,
150  Iroin   mh  i" 1 .Hi itreet
The clerk saiil that about 1,"""
Ieet ot 6-inch pipe would he required, The reeve promised attention,
C, 1'). Hope, represent ine, the
Good Roadl association ol l;*
C, was present it ith relerence
to an amendment lo the   Un
lulcipal    Claus. s   .\it  [ot   a
I scheme lor building roadi in
rural  diatricli b)   the money
rborrowed direct from lhc own
I ers beneftitled,
On motion 11 was resolved to
endorse lhe si lu uu- and t" 111
slritii tin- delegate! lo lhe union ol   11.  C    lilllllltipalllies   til
support the promotion ol  ibis
scheme to their utmost.
A plan ol blocki 8, 9, lo, 11
1). L. 7111 was lubmitted bj Mr,
C, R, Hope and passed.
Mr A. I). Nve was present in
relerence to an alleged deviation
it the new road licine, 1011,1111
clod along St. George'i   Ave
where  In   stated   snivel   stakes
had been luteriered with, lt was
relerred lo lhe engineer to look
A plan ol a portion of I) I,
785 was approved condition*
.ilh and also block I. D, I.
Tenders lor Philip Ave were
to have lieen in Iiul  the engin
ccr said that no lenders wire
in. ll was resolved to extend
the little OU week.
A complaint  was regiitered
that  water at  Xorth Lonsdale,
where it was extremely icarcc
was being used   lor watering
the wardens. ll was resolved
to send out a circular to the il-
(eet llial water would onlv lie
allowed lor garden purposes lie
tweell the hours o| !i and S p.m,
The regular monthly financial
account! were read ami paaaed,
Tin clerk was authorized 1"
pav overtime (or extra time t"
get the office work up.
II11111111111111111111111IIII11II l< IH11111 III III11111H111111II11 l.l
Canyon View Hotel
I'Atiiisiu Uroundi, tiigh-cliM s.nu. n modent, ntei,
I'm,nh liooius en suite ttiili sp. 1 i.il iai, s.     I Ions, (. 1 <-.itl\ Knlarged.
Bai]   trail  to  siiiniuil  ol    (iroiisc  Mountain,    altitude 3000  Int.
Scenic Delights      Fishing      Hunting     Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
••   K. CANCELUm,
I'. I.AIlSiiN, ;
f 11111 III 1111111U111111111111II111111111111111II111111111111111111M
Grand Boulevard
Lot adjoining Boulevard on 12th St. for $875, cash
$300.   A Long Way Below Value.   :    :   :   :
Martinson & Co.
I'/,,;,,- •-,-. P.O. fi i ;■•
50 Feet Wide
in Blocks Adjoining
Dislriel Lit WO
•or I'tiifs and farlirulars, Apply lo
un i.Risii mu i ivnn
I.m.  Lit.
Corner rCMfl ami Sevinour Slrr.-h
I HI II11111111111H1111111111 HH I Ull 11111II jl|i444HHHHlW4iK444
A stirring romance. A story of intrigue
in court circles beginning in Europe and
transferred to America. Will be begun in
the Express
Tuesday, July 26th
This absorbing story arouses the keenest
interest which is sustained to the very end
because the problem deepens and baffles
the reader to the closing pages of the book.
Subscribe now and begin at the beginning.
The Exp
;:   $ 1.00 per year in Canada.
$2.00 per year Foreign   jj
A BYLAW to enable the Cor
Poration ol the Distriit ol
North Vancouver to raise by
90)   ol    loan,    the   sum  oi
S-,vi,"oo to purchase stoik in
the Hurrard Inlet Tunnel ami
Bridge Coinpanv.
WHKRKAS a Petition dated
as to each signature and ligned
by  the  owners  of  more  than
one-hall  ol  the  real  proporty
in  the  Distriit  oi North Van
emu ei,   as shown  hy  the   last
revised   Assessment Roll,    has
heen   presented   to the Council
of the said District, reqUeiting
them to introduce ami  pan a
Bylaw    tai   authorize   them   to
borrow the sum ol s.'so.ooo to
In- expended in the purchase oi
stock or shares in the Burrard
Illlel   Tunnel and Bridge   Com
pany incorporated by act of
Parliament ol Canada ;
ANI)   WII KUKAS   it mil he
neiessart to raise annually h)
spccul rate the slllil of >'l |,l |n
fur the term of liftv vears for
the repayment of tne saiil loan
and [or interest thereon at the
rate of live per unt. as hereinafter provided :
ANI) WHEREAS the value of
the whole rateable property In
the saitl Districi, according to
the    lasl   revised    Assessment
Roll amount! to (5,243,646,
AND WHEREAS   the aggtc-
gate of the Debenture Debt of
the .Municipality 1 except for
works of local Improvement |
Including the loan hereby authorized, amount! to $325,000,
THEREFORE the Reeve   and
Council of the Corporation of
the Dislriel of Norlh Vancouver iu count ll asseinhled in ith
the assent of the electors oi the
District duly obtained) do hereby enact a.s follows, vi/.. :
1. It shall he lawful for lhc
Council for the- purpose aforesaid to bOITOW Or raise In tia\
iif loan from any person or per-
sons, body or bodies corporate,
who may he willinj; to advance
tin same upon lhc credit oi thc
Debenture! hereinafter providi 1
for of lliis Corporation a sum
or sums of money not exceeding
in the whole llie stun of   JjJO,-
000 and to cause the same lo lie
placed in the Rank of llritisli
Norlh America in North Van-
couver, to the credit of the Cor
poration for llu- purpose herein
before narrated.
:. Delielltllle hollds of the
Corporation to the amount 01
)]50,000 in lhe whole mai le
issued In llu Reeve and Chi!,
of the Corporation in linns ol
the Muniiipal Clauses Act in
sums as mav he desired, but
not exceeding Sl.ooo each. 1 vuh
of said debenture hou,Is shall
be sinned b]f the said Reeve and
Clelk alld shall he scaled uilh
ilu Seal of lhe Corporation.
,v Tin- said Debenture Bonda
shall bear interest ,,t ,, rati tt"t
ext 11 dine; lue per lent, per . n
inun, payable h.,li i early m the
isi day of February and th  t
dav of AngUat in each anil
ttt it   ic.ir diirin-; the curie".!, i
oi saul Debenture! or any of
them. Ihere shall in- attached
to tlu Debenture Bomb couponi
ligned    In   the  Rteie  iiiiii    lor
eai h .■ ri.) ever) payment ol intereal that shall lieconie mie,
and such signature mai lie ei-
tlni  written or stamped
|. The said Deheiiture Hollds
as to principal and inter.si
shall be pai,tide at the Distriit
Muni,ipal ..line, Norih Vancou
vi-r, II. C, and the saiil prilci
pal sum shall lie made paialth
in   iln   Corporation al i dat,
lml    late]    than   JO teats   Irolll
ist dai ol August, lulo.
a     Then   shall  ba raised   and
levied unnuulli by a ipeclal
mi. ..ii .ill rateable laml m t. il
propertj in tlu- distriit tin
sum ol f 1,640 for the pin pose o|
(orming a linking lund lor ilu
payment ol said Debenture!
illicit they become due, and the
sum ol (13,500 for tin payment
01 lilt llltelest ,i( the' ial,
aloresaid to Imoine due oil
lUCh Debentures during tin a 111
nutt thereol, .nul ih,u j,, add!
lion t" .,11 nther rates 1*, I., I,
tied   alld  Collected  in  the   saul
District ilnrinj- the wholi   CUl
nun of the said Debentures or
am of thein.
'      The Coll,nil of lhe Culpa,
iation for the lime bring   in.u
at  am   lilne purchase tllc ullolc
ni am o| th,* Debenture! lo !"■
issued under this Hi lan nrovid-
"I nty girt to the holder ot
holder!    thereof    iit   least   six
montha'   notioa of their   in
1. ution   lo purchase the   mat
nul pav in addition to the p.n
aim iini,,,1 and ilu- accrued
intereal ihn,,,,, t,, <\n- ,\.,u . \
purchaae, i pramlntn oi bonu
1   '""  Jttt'a Interest on   well
par value ,,r sitth less sum    ..
may he agreed   upon uilli    the
holder or holders thereof,  and
all such Debenture! so purchu
ed  shall lie forthwith cancdl,
■ni'i   ilestlovi'd,  and llo  le issue
"i Debenture! .shall take   phut
or he    111.ule  ill  itilisiipleliic    .il
iuch purchaae ami the said De
hciituies shall contain on the:
face ,1 proviiion authorizing re*
purchase as herein provided loi
7. This   BylaW may lie cited
lor all purposes as "The lim
raid    Inlet   Tunnel  ami    Bridge
Company I,nan Bylaw, 1911."
8, This Hylan shall tome in
t" illni on the ist dat  ,.l   Au
gnat, 1410,
Passed In the Council on iln
Seventh D.n of .'uh, mi".
Received   the   assent   ol     the
Kin ton .ii ,111 election lu hi on
lhc day ol
Reconsidered ami linallv .nl
opted h\ the Collin il and ligll
ed hv the Reeve ami Clelk .,n.l
sealed with the Corporate seal
on the d.n "I
electors m-' tup: dis
Take notice that the above is
a true copy "I the propoied bylaw upon Which the vote ol the
Municipality will he taken
within   the following   polling
stations,   vi/. :     In    the  i.i :vi
Vallev   Institute Hall ;  111 lent
,11 corner "f Lonidale Ave, and
Lynn C.cek road ; ami 111 .1 lent
at approach lo Hollyliiirn
Wharf, all in tlic Disti ill ol
Norih Vaacouver, on Saturda;.
the Jjrd dai of .lull, 1910, lii-
Iwecll the hours nl >t n'cloCK 1
111. and 7 o'clock p in
C.M.C. and Returning Oflicer.
Public notice is hereby given
that the vote oi tin Khitos
of the Distriii ..I North Van
couver will he taken on lhe
Barrard Inlet Tunnel \- Bin!,e
Compani l.oan llilmi, 19KI, i'.i
Saturdav, the JUd dav of .hilt
1910, lulll et 11 the hours of '1 o'
dock a.m and 7 o'eloik p.m ,
within iln* lollowing polling
stations, ii/. : In lhe Lvnn
Valid Institute Hall ; in tent
at Comer «■ t I.ousdale Ave. and
Lvnn Creek Road ; ami in tent
at    appi",uh   to   Hollyburn
wharf, all in the District of
North Vancouver, and that
John ('.. Parmer has luen ap
pointed returning officer to taki
tin* mips ..I sih li electon with
the Usual    pollers   in  tlut      l.t
Ilv order ol the Council.
Attin-; Reeve,
y  u C.
A noticeable feature in tin
i.uhi 1,ms at Vii 1..11.1 recent
it wai the l.ut that three
wall belonging I" the Norm
Vancouver Vadht Cluh were
conspicuoui through their winning lim second prize! and one
first, In the long distance race
ihe "Limit" came in second,
uhih the Alexandra landed the
lirst prize in the .") foot class
and (lie "Wide Awake" came
in sctoiul ill lhe U (ool ilass.
This deuiouitration under the
local colon clearly Indicate!
Ihal the North Vancouver
\ ,u in Cluh is ,1 reputable boating organization which promises to create a prominent poiition lm it-ell in yachting cir-
ihs al  att earlv d.ile
Catarrh Must Go
Ami Hawking, Spitting, Similes Must Cm Too.
lltoiiiei  (pronounced High-o-
nui uill give the nilferer from
catarrh joyful reliel in live minutea,
It is smh a remarkable aire,
and so positive in its action,
thai The I.oiisilale l'liaitnaci
goel s" lar as to guarantee it
laa uu,* catarrh or motiev hack.
A complete outfit, which mn*
sists of a hard rubber pocket
inhaler, a bottle of Ilvoinci,
and a unit|ilc dropper for filling
tin* inhaler, only msts MM dollar, ami if an extra Pottle is
alteni.itds needed lhc price is
o|il\  JO cents.
llvoiiiei is a healing, antiseptic balaam, taken from the
mighty eucah ptna treea in the
health-giving forests of Australia, iilllle diseases of lhe rispi
i.iioit tract are unknown,
All the sullere,- has to do is
lo inhale  the atttisepti'.' air   o|
Hyomel over the Inflamed parts
where the j;crms are ciiluiuhcd,
three or (our times a davit lines COUghl, cold;, asthma, hav lever and croup without stomach dosing.
Cures Dyspepsia.
Your morwy bick ll it don't. Givo lm-
m-diit* relief Irom h-iriburn, tour «tom-
tch, itonuch dalrm and tick hcuUchc.
50 cent- * lirge box It
The L'.nsdale 1'liar nacv
Clenernl Contrnctor
I.nn.I rliatruie. s|||„,|, am| Hock
Muting. Eltn mn NH Iioiimh.
All dimiiM niii'l,- lood.
j,,.1 Ri Otami "i UmttaOan
P.O Boa o
Buy at the
; And Save Money
j       We positively guarantee all our groceries lo bc lhc highest
in quality and lowest in price.
j    You may do well elsewhere hut you will do heller hy buying
a latgr-i loaf ol better bread from us.
t Also by Inlying
al om parlor
I    carry a large lupply of all kindi it the lowest pricei.
a ___   	
j    Highlands Potatoes $1.00 per sack.
*    New Potatoes, 9 Ihs. 25 c< nl-.
Best J. ft( M. Codec, fresh roasted and ground,   1 Ihs. $1.00
also a grade al 25 cents.
Indian and Ceylon Tea, 3 Ihs. $1.00, alio all standard grades.
licit Creamery Butler, 3 lbs. $1.00, also cheaper giade.
fancy Apples.
Oiangcs all siies from 20c. up to ">0,. pat do/., guaranteed
nol touched hy frost, and sinii ami juicy.
I^rge assortment of Knglish Candies il Jgftod and domestic
from 15c. up lo 50c.
New Laid f-.ggs daily, 40c. rwr dozen.
Ircsh Biscuits, large assoilment, 10c. lo 25c. |*i pound.
1 1 jfi l'i 11 Du in uv
I*.* us the wanl and tl.e ofl, ring!
oi i uio iii la dvi rtising.
RAT, -
K'uiijI. In* i"    I'V |.. r Iini
lllll.  Ita, '.
Ull**   Ma llll ll
(Continued from page ij
"Three Inmvu are as
Bad as a Fire"
IJ*«l gam from tht phiio'opn-r
rl t nnjiun.'i trnbKlln ujnUInu
Inl nf truth.
Mkltoon«Aov«<ln. C i ■ good
hcuM one* for kll by ■ " Houa*
V-  »IM^    *"*   %_.
I'i -!■•■ n.« M NMU but our
Wnnt Ada wlll put rou Irv toucK
with th« bait In thi> m.-rkat.
1-1 lli"   SAI
driver or saddle horse, together
w ilh  huggv   ,uul li.u iu-sn  complete    l-'"i   particular!, appl]
Box 175, Sorth Vancouver,   iu
ol granting periniiaion to the
citv lor the erection oi public
buildingi on Victoria Pant.
IU- iiiitlni reported that Mt
Bin luii u.is 111 tin 1 it 1 in rein
dice   to ,1   grade fot the   Hank
oi Hamilton building, but ai
the engineer   wai abnant  thc
111,liter It,is llnl ('one inlo lll"l
Altl   lm ill statetl lli.il he ll id
been informed bj Um watei
worki foreman lhat In- had lhi
waterworki prett) m-ll pro
in ted iioin the in 1 non raging
around the Intake, The leveral
report! were adopted.
A R, Steacy, chairman of
lhc sihool board wai preient
.nnl .isketl tin council ii it n,is
tlnir Intention lo submit lhi
in I.m to the ratepayer! foi
the purchaae ol l"t lou D, I,
.11 .111 earl) dale The mai
lot niisiicnil that il Mas the 1
j teutioii   lo   vote on ihi   s li'-o
In l.iu along tt ith the othei l.i
nvs .uul ihat the ichool Inl.in
bad paaaed t\i" reading!
Aid. Irwin moved thai   len
" .his I,,* called l... the local  lm
provement   work  on  Lonidale
An    between   Ijth   and   iHtli
streets.     The motion itas pa-s
til and tenden ale t" be in in
three weeki time
(In motion "I ADi   lruin and
Sihult/ the engineei   uas in
\n adjourned meetini* oi ih,
Board oiMho.al Trustees  m   <
held |.|i,l.ii evening last.    \n
plications  i"i   'he several   va
Plana, Specification!, Bsttmatei
P, 0. ltox -;, Korth Vancouver
—simt~ttsmi&ii4in_i ■■/.mvi-jiL
'.Hm-is^nanit.'jjmibi vat
.llll positions "11 the stall in 1.
,aa||   nlelaal      .ill'I     till'      lolloll ill;;
appointments ivere 111 de :    A-
sistaiit principal Initial ichool
Mr. \\   C   Uilehell ; lixth grade
Aliss Corbetl    Uoodyville, Mis*
Cripps,    Miss Stone uas like-!
wise added tu lhc stall, li n.i-.' f.,. J-*. im »*t»/
decided   lo erect a building  „i,, tVt 8 I DOOV
block i"" "  L. ss<i meaauring \
approxiiiialeh J|xt6 leet, divid   \_( amt.y_.n
ed mt.> tu,. room*, the 1 nilding ■llll>>V'?
to he located mi om corner "I
the   block   md   1" he ii-ei!     I"l
manual training ur other sun
able pui 11" ei altei tin 1 rectioi
nl a pi una" lit   M'llOol sttllilu
,,n  ih,     1.*     I'lani  l. •   1.1
building   in  ■    order.d   > *     '1
procured and lenders   > he, ill
id [or iliiliiuliateli upon tin 1 I
t|llt,ll|aa|l    a,I    'l||*    pl| I I 11 * I Sl    I   I    ll.'
If You're All For-Lawn
disastrous nrsu l IKl,
.•Til Mi      nn   Lynn    Vallev
, ,11,1      , , strm ti-il to prepare profiles  I
toad mar the hotel, a pair   ol [_,   _ .. ,__• .'...
gold brimmed spectacle!, On
er mai  procure same at  Ex-
presi "Hue in paying for this
advt. 1
ird streei improvement1 tail
St. David's Ave.
Aid    Irnin   moved,   scioltded
l,i    Aid. Smith that  lhe engin
eet prepare ipecificationi i"i
Kwerage pipes lo be laid on the
table   at   the   nexl  meeting
KOB    Kl-.N'l   Double bedded The "...iion p..s«,l   .,,,,1   Aid
laa-iu   with  1 rd  .,1 $5   pei    ""'"V,      llu'   ,nVW V
„    1       i,,i,     H       1,1    1* ,.   heen   asked   lor  --eier.il   necks
neck.     Applv    .Mrs    llnl    I'.ai ,,,,,,,,      ,    ,    ,   .   1
,,,",,, 1    ,   and  Ah    McKae had -t.iu-d  it
land,   opiosilt    llissi, 11    sihool, , , ,   .   n
,*    .'.   .,      , lias the I.mil ol too lllUill lal'-*
Keith Koad. .
011 other mailers.
Tin    matter  ol  giving   lhe
Hank ol Hamilton i grade wai
igain an
it that the resolution
TO I.KT   S'im  ined  Iioum
oii St   Andrea -  Ave    I^rge .
, , , T,1    not,",   up again and Aid    li
verandah   iwsij    Large  hath
room  Ground 100x100, Vacant
,        ,     .       ,,    ,   c  , .              t"   appoint   lMiginecr I .unn..11
Vugust  is     kent >,.'-"   in    . , ■;.'    . _ ,  .,..., .   ,,,.
nitiiiili or Si" "ii has      Appl;
I..  Jack I...uti'. .-i • I.onsdak
Telephone 1;
uui iracev m forwarded to thi
liis Worihin pleaded lor lh-
gradi mIiuIi the coiinul ' ■' •■
1.,tpoi.it,d in a byi itrhkl
had heell lead a short tune .i'i"
Kurniihed  V 1 to Lei  in "\ *"j "'V" "' ll\1,anl\    _  .
all modern bonne,  .ituated  on   LAW    '™'"explained     ha
llule  lias .1  ilillereliei    "I    OVI1
in., ieet tu ihe grade ol the bis
'_"   |'l.iliadt   i«  the  grades   alleadv
__ *l;i\in souih "I l-'irst itreel
The mayoi anawtred thai the
uini ia.nl a.iiernl io reconcile
(•    his   gradi    ::lietl   tO   the   lank
uilh that nl ilu- Keilh block,
Aid,   Sihult/   said lllc engin
Imu  and Sixih si net,
WANTED  1* 1 un pickers
I-,   Kettle,   1-lli itreet easl
jrade on Lonadak An
mavor said un tin   aick
WANTED- Route boya at lhe «*"■ tn** tttnli incren*  lh.
Kxpren Office     Applv in pa
on Th
  lull Inu ilu- gradi conld not hi
WANTED  Klderlj   man   as "v">	
watchman    Wallcee  Shipyard!    Aid,   Inun then moved,   sn
undid    In    Aid.   Sthuli/    and
passed  mill    Aid.   MiNeish   alld
WANTED    .1.uui..1   teiiipoi    M.K.ie diwenting and ilu ma)
in   [01 North Vancouver pub- or objecting that the thrk  no
in school   \pplicationa lo he tilt    Missis    Cameron    .,«'
in  bv  i-ih in 1   addreiaed  to Tracev ol thnt appointment,
Geo  I impb, II    ecrelary, l\0
Boi 178 111
LOST  On  1.tons,  Mt
Tlu   mai"!   said  he mathl 11
si".n and challenge an)   "i  tl"
aldermen to go t" lhi p, opli on
this ijUeition
Aid     It illll    asked   llllll   tl    In
« ■"""wn I"'11"1 "-111" <""'•"" would   go to the people  linta
'"- ""'I'1    "i'1 lUki-lsi    I'ltulti ■„„), ,hl, ,,,,„, ,,|,|(.,lmn   „ the
l'''-'sl l'-'u '' ''M"'  -""'"    ' Krad, mattei wai   ulurttcl ,..
a   ph Kl *t Hi
LOCAL AD8 ,,     1,      ,          u 1           ,,
  Hi   \\a,i lm. laid w  It'.uld
i.tak Loutai and N  Lonadal, \id Irwin mid ihal ■ mmoi
  had imu in circulation thai h
Kldei Murray Co, fire insurant! had itateil at a cohlereBU when
  Eng. Tli'.iiipson was ut tin cit;
WANTED   A quartil  ul   hall  thntthe St...ml N m luid-e
a, n      lop  III    l,..||Sll.|l|    III Sl   Ila .11
i.n      t nsli  [or sii.ij
A     I'.ipi.ss niiui
As lhe   Itsiill   ol ,1    Inish iir,
si uiai  iquare miles  in exunt
unl   uhnh is still 1 mn;  un
n 1 ninl   the   wholi    i«ri
[rom  Stiino ii   Creek   lo    lhe
Iiest    side    al   l.i llll  I le k    all '
north abov, lia   Not li \ ancuu
ur   waterworhi  int 'ke
suiith  into Lynn Vallev 11  en
veloped   ill  a   llll ll.l * e  ol    sll      I
ami  llallies   which   ll re r.'ll    t"
do untold damage u. less
Ullloreseell     o'-l.'.l.     s'.iis   il-
progrcx!     11     »lal d thai
large nutnbei   il ibingl
belonging lo t1" Haitingi SI in
ale Mill Co a: II I Kl" I aki
bavi luen burned up * iul Iwo it
itslinunl booth! ..u I I Hal is
late ollue at the lilininii- 1
the l.v nu Valhi UT line hi I
lieiii completely wiped uui
only the charred to,  in   ut n
s||s  and   In   ill.llll  1.1        'It   '   '
as mult evidence! "I lhi   a a
c ion   whieh raged  I enn 1 >
J and   l" " t lock Sund 11    1'   u
Th,   tii"   nliislinii nt   '
belonged lo   U .   Adams   nn
Mr.    lliiuliiiks lllal   I
est.lit   "Iiiii  tt.is a l.l 1 I lh,
Canadian Kinan,iei 1 .*
I,ai,*    Sun.I -.     1 .nm      III
Kirkland, lh, r ol th
intakt.   itatl  .    -     ring    hi
lamili  nut tin i*i|-c line r, •
bUt It*IS        I'    lU    'a ■'. I   V llll
llallies   allil   slniil.e      II      IUCCW
id, however,  In „it tap
ml  the uppel   lluiiie.
Thi im whiih - t-.tittl.ii   • 11
todav   i    ana   III"  llu   aliilltl' I
ol |" "i ^o men beaidei a num
bet ' 1 reaidenli nrij inaltd '
Uu* uoiih .md "ist ' 1 lha wa
lerworki intu ui I i*aat nl
Lum t reek 11 ii iai' *•• havi
been itarted by ninn i -is bul j
ihis cannot he v -rilul.
COMMI il   \ii"v-
Kdilm Kxprei
Deal Su Williout nulling
',,, Interfere in lhe li-aal willi
am arrangvuienn the lerrv
commission, is  iiav l avi   mi I
,1,    |,   aid    I,,    11.     1 .Uiie  "I llu
nm inn 11 a- 1 niggeal Ihal
ll she nas la 1 ..d altel • nt
mavor  In  !|,    iaiion ol  bw
seitins lo N, lh V, ,..* 1.'
so main   nals 11   inail 1  he    in
1,mldali..    tll la    In   -.ti-lics   ol
almost   all "I   lhi   1 ittp.ii'is
that 1* iiti lire 1 i-Jii in
Nm tli \ ;iti, ouvi'f - W ll)
imi  r iIvp the ri ni |in»b-
lelll    I'V   *' '   ''al 'I'-   K ' I'  ~ i I'll I ll'
lot, 111 I •' tliiij; B lo'iiH'
bH ll)i.'> Spi-cml fi 'Hli
,»tr t*\ 11* nr Sl Amir. tt>
50 ia, .■ L.t. rh'iir, il, grnd il
nml faeinj! i1 ■ Inl, i.-r.'"'
-1   11 ra *li, IllllotUV, li,  12
nml l> 1,mnl
flSFACTION.   :   :   :
Garden 1 ools of all Kinds are here in
Great Variety and at Mosl Reasonable
(>m Lm, i "I
At,- the i'liM uid Wi- Guarantee Tlwm to do tn Woik.
painl & McMillan
lhi Pion er Hi I North Vancouver
. | ■■■ mWtmtri'-...; van'muz■*
Pieree 6 ?*5al!
Phrne lift Ilt  I nl Mn '
.       ---
■    1   •-.»IM   .    -^   .   |
V|,IM  A\t» Hldlli
\ in,
I laa
'I   .,1     I'llll ..     I        a   ||'»l   ll
II   l|l,.,    ill'      I*.at      II   "I      '   \|  II
III       |    |
A. i   v
Pretty Effects
sll* •   ||      ,.|
ih. null covel
iberr an W*M IVpcrs
lo hai
15 rft!
™  -j_**
I „r *..!.* I,.
,    i I■iiiuish'ii;;*.. \1. a's,    Ladii s', an
t iiii.In n*. Hool ■ .unl Shoe!,
M'XT TO ltl'KNS' mi-;at MARKET
lllllllll     lllll      lit       I'lllll      III     tliii' >
^ppl, i.iihs    ii. pointed out ih.it lu
,,,   H.IS  '.111    ol   llll    l 'lllllllll ta llo     U
 iloitn to Victoria  i" ask   lot
provincial aid .uul had contrib
uini p, raonall) om IhW of lhe
...... ,   ,   |coit ol the Board of Trade'ad,
,Ud) Bookkeeiw   Scotch) de- ,,,,,,,    {_   0t%gn   n|1 MAgt
,,,M";'" , '''"" u'',rs,v" mattei    a„,| he iiaslu'irtiU in
I'1"'""      ;\PP>>;   "Ut.     Kian, ,    , |K,linsn.„lt„„, „„,
'"■•■■""  """■■  ''-""h street.    Mh|] t m,iii||(  uas p^   slnl
DISTRII i OJ Tlu mayoi and Aid. HtNclah
KORTH VANCOl'VKB '''"'  ,Im' "   «.'s ii"> '"  ,"'
doubted   thai   ,\hl. ltnin   « ■*
Application!  ari  Invited   lot    ,n""   ", hii  anxletv lor   the
the positions ,,l engineer   and '"''i '    hu'   slut)   bad   ha« '
in   engineei  to lhi   Dii   ll"1,   ■»•«« llu itateinent   Ihal
llunlcipalilv    "1   Sorth ' ' miRhl nol  l«-  i»' '
Vancouvei    Application! lo U- ,n  ,vv" "'   three dei i lea i id
in   hefor,   'lTaiiisilat.   the   .Ms
Our liiisitiiss is now practically on a cash ha-
lil   Thi   11' ihles us lo give our customers lhc
I high i lass goods wc have alums handle!
at vei-. uinch battel prima than eu i» obtained
Iiniii   tot s doing a credit trade.
Try au ordei and compare quality and price.
j. ,\. & m. McMillan
m i i i n i i m n i i i i n i m h i i i i i n i i i i i i i i i n i I
lii'",l    all  "1   in,    iiiti'.it'   s
,s ■,,.!• I-, nt aii i.e. i ami [Stoney (u Co.
iu i u t it ri,
lln  io uiml aU.,i.I'liii;'  I" ' 'till!   llu 1,1st Ills , '.     I      i i|'ll.
lilt  illl    all . I    .1"nl'l -Inui Inin
thai   N    \ *'ii"  "   ritl •  *i|i|'t'   i
ai. his si in,i- in tin pant ai I
III,I,I* a' .'I'lll
i oiu . :. iiii
(,\\\\    '    ||    IIK.III'.S
VOl KO I'M     I- :  .s'li I.M.
A l.n I'h all' tiun- is icing
I,,a,ki.l lorward to al the lawn
s,„ial ta. l.t ven ii lhe holm
,,l \ii   md .      0. A   McBain
oil l.oiisdah     t     ..,i   Thursda
in ning ol t -.,'*.'.   iIn *. tlal
is  undei    lhe i lhi
-■   I I        I   IllstllS      llll   .1 ll   n
i.i   iln   in.lion   oi   mu
si hi" I iu Sorth I.oiis.l.il.
■ i.,' and In iim;-'   i"  be
lml; i'l    al    lhe   "Tne    id    t'i"
Campli, II    ..iii.in, _',ul -.in, i
\ iih Vancouver, nol lal
11  ih.hi  ll..ml,n    lhe :Mh   ii.n
ol July, al   I n'i ii.i I   p nt . seal
ed .nni ei il.  s,,i  •• T.inlii    i* ■
I.Oll-.llala     S aO,
I'll,I       .all'1     .. ,|   ,,l|OllS      111., \
he id lain, .1  *     . ,t iai v s  iii
loiing   peript,        ih u '. t  . I   Si
Andrew'i    ihn ih   nho   have
made i It, i '.id -lis |..r
a  siiiicsslul .ill        md a    ' ll u
did    program      , lr< luuenti
mil   he   ..i.'.n ,11.    on   the "U'1 llls ,""1" ■ "imi"!'!"',
atll III ll .■ a,line o|  llo| e
\ Barker, ho.l  Haa
tines itreet   »-i il    Vancouver,
I'l.uli   contra,lor   tu dcpoail
.lull',   I'll",   ami   lllllll      ' ill   i■-.
i" rfenc,   milary n ijUired and ri * Inwrdal -
in i.u a ih,ni,i, ' Dank ol Can
"la    I"    tin    .oi,   ant    o[    ,  | i I
* a nl     "I   III      * I* ,   linull*  put    t"
tin Such   cheque!
\ -em ral *   In D    "'HI hi   retuan ,1 in ih, nnu,
lh, man,, s.mlit tiasinlhe.u    nin-i""   I'"'      - ','  M    ' ,"1" '      v,:lil"  ,'"'
gument ai lo the relative com  mittee aiil In   h,|,|   riinnahi dayi alter contra,li have l-etn
ilue..(eail and went eventaj -'-' "> '•""' '
and   uoiih   and   south   itreeti
thai  led Aid   Irwin lo  make
ll li Hies
iiiiin i.   KARMKk, C.M.C.Ithe statl-mcni    Aid  lm in s.ud ..ilu.   lhat  lhi       i   ,*n   i
In    . ..Iilil   nol   mall  ll   alld    lit   laXW    ' I" '     'ill    I
lln   ii".   Iiii  iindcni *  will
Nolle,  i li Ut- i  hai llnrill  In    I'laUv,
a.l     l||, 'Ill'll'  i|  ''I       I   IUI!    '
III hm Office
North Vancouvei   4 'correct
Tin  h'ttt  1 "i  *iii\  li inh 1  in.i
mint  therefore brand it as  In   i.lU     Altei ihal dat, th, 1
,.iimt vuli in 1 nee,    "il1  " 'eptcil •
ll nm wanl Iiim II \out I *!<»[ >< 11 y. llll in blank space and
Mail lo
Retreat ion Grounds
The linn lot receiving tenders 2MIHrwi,Sorth Yanetmnr,
lui lhe extension ..I I'hilip Av, i,|,.,i Qmnnili I'n, Hnn.|«t M :
1,1   imi extended bv the  dii 1 *:.t.i.- 1....i-. 1 -t, 1,1,- .,,1 >. 11 kiml--
t> *a dftil Thnrrfny, "^ ^J;;;;„/•-;,« 1
"'v    ' '"' I   ■ *      ■    in. nil ind rail* v nml .|.-.ri:il
A   V A \l KKtlN,       , lerry ind 1 an *. ttt
Engineei 11 1,. iHAKPK, Hn*., S«rth Vaatm m


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