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 tf'     e^r
Is thai which goes into peoples'
homes, lo reach the people of
North   Vancouver  advertise in
Phone 80
./*    —
U\\t lExprfH-Ccj
— job Minting
iesr£2ttcutea*\in l style that pleases
rind al pjfices that are right at
fjonl*^ ' The Express
The last regular session of
the city council for 1908 was
held on Monday evening. There
were present Aldermen Irwin,
Crickmay, Wheeler, Smith and
Hraim.   Mayor Kealy presided.
A letter was read from H. V.
Smith, secretary of the ratepayers' association,advising the
council of the meeting under
the uitspices of the association
that evening, and asking thai
iTuncil arrange its business to
allow aldermen who were candidates to attend the meeting.
Received and filed.
The delaved letter from Manager A. G. Terry, of the B.C. Kl.
Ry. Co., relerred to last week,
was read.
A letter from Postmastir J.
A. McMillan, in explanation of
the delay in delivery of the a-
bove letter, stated that there
had been an extra amount of
mail matter that day, and as
local and outside mail matter
had been deposited in the same
box, some of this mail had not
been sorted until the next morning, among which was the letter referretl to. Since that time
a separate box for local mail
has been installed, which will
greatly facilitate delivery. Letter received.
The N. V. Land & Improvement Company wrote, advising
the council that they had tleui-
i.iteil as a lane the lot described as lot "A" block hb, miIkIi-
vision 271. Referred to the solicitor lor completion.
Manager A. 0. l'erry wrote,
advising the council thai the
railway crossing requested al
the corner of 4th streei and
yueensbury avenue, had heen
put in the lollowing day. To
In acknowledged with thanks.
The lirst annual report of the
Xorth Vancouver general hospital was submitted, showing
that during eight months tin
hospital had cared Ior eighteen
patients, ol whom ten were inside and eight outside patients,
while three were cases ol bad
accident.   Received,
Mayor Kealy gave a verbal
report of the delegation lo the
convention ol the union of B.C.
municipalities, with special relerence to a uniform system of
municipal accounting, the definition ol a householder under
the municipal clauses act, and
the choice of this city as the
place ol meeting for the next
Aid. Irwin supplemented the
mayor's report, by relerence to
the plan considered by the convention, to have the provincial
government establish a government bureau ot information in
Vancouver, where those districts which so chose might
maintain permanent exhibits ol
their products, with such olher
means of advertisement as they
might wish, and where government maps, pamphlets, etc.,and
general information concerning
the province, might readily be
obtained al any time.
The report was received and
a vote of thanks accorded the
Aid. Crickmay, chairman ol
the lire and light couiniittee, reported thai in consultation
wilh lhe architect, it had been
decided inadvisable lo put in an
additional healing pipe from
lhe lurnace Ior the dormitory,
imt lo recommend ihai a Hue bt
cut in lhe chimney and a stove
installed. Recommendation a-
Aid. Sinilh, chairman ol the
waterworks committee, explained the recent difficulty at  the
intake. Between the stream antl
the intake, a part of the line
runs under a ceinenl protective
surface. Anchor ice had found
its wav under this cement, with
the result that the passage had
lie, mm fni/i*li and stopped the
walcr It had become necessary to break through this solid
cement and to clear out lhe pas
sage underneath.
Aid. Irwin was of opinion
that now that a plumbing inspector has been appointed, it
would be well to re-inspect tl
connections already made, in
order to make improvements
for the protection of service
Aid.Smith thought that house
j taps should not be allowed to
run in order to prevent Iree/
ing. Householders should use
. the stop and waste for.this pu
j pose. There was more watei
going through the pipes at pri -
I sent than during the hottest
, summer season.
Aid. Wheeler  did   not   agree
I with this position.   Because the
mains and the pipes therefrom
to the houses are so near   the
surface, users should be allowed  to  keep the taps  running.
The stop and waste would  empty the pipes within the house,
but that was not where the difficulty arose,   but in the pipes
! in the street, and the only way
! to prevent these freezing wa.s lo
allow the taps lo run.
I   Aid. Crickmay declared   that
, there was one place at any rate
1 where city workmen had dug  I
| ditch and actually left the main
,exposed.     The  main  on   17th
street is frown practically solid
! The difficulty is chielly iu the
I pipes in the streets.
Aid. Braim agreed with   this
position, and evidenced his per
I sonal experience  in  trying   to
\ keep the water running in linns
es owned by him.
Aid. Smith, as chairman    ol
the city waterworks committi(
brought in lhe lollowing recommendation,   "That    the   water
a mains and service pipes be laid
I at a depth of not less than two
, feet beneath the surface;   that
pipes running into a basement
lie properly Ixixed, and packed
with sawdust or other suitabli
material; that service pipes   in
every case tie litted with a stop
and waste, and that no taps in
1 allowed to run continuously."
The   recommendation   was ,i
dopted and ordered on to next
year's council,
Bylaw No. 53, to grant a
franchise to the North Vancouver Heat, Light oi Oca Company, was reconsidered and li-
jnally passed, subject lo the ap-
; proval of the city solicitor. The
mayor and clerk to sign the bylaw should the solicitor not require any important changes,
otherwise a special meeting ol
the council to lie called.
A recommendation was pass
ed to thc new council, lhat they
consider (avorablv the request
of City Engineer Hanes, that
he be permitted to study conditions in Seattle and Tacoma,
before proceeding to draw plans
for local street intersections.
City Treasurer Woods read a
preliminary report, showing
that the ex|>enditiircs lor the
year by the respective depart
incuts li.nl been kept on the
whole well within the appropriations.
On motion, Mavor Keah was
requested to vacalc lhe chair
iind Aid. Smith was appointed
chairman. Aid. lrwiu, in a
(ew well chosen senlelices moved a hearty vote ol thanks Inllie Mayor lor his efficiency and
uniform efficiency in presiding
during the year. The motion
was seciiltded by AM. Wheeler,
supported by Aid. Crickuiai,
and passed unanimously. Minor Kealv thanked the council
for Iheir lltmigliUtil consider,1
II. R. Hellell, local manager
ol the Bank of B.N.A . is in
nceipt ol advices, to the ellect
that counterfeit hills have been
uttered at certain places. One
is a Bank of Toronto Ive dollat
note, which has been raised In
a ten, by cutting oul where the
"5" appears and inserting a
similar corner cut from a ten
dollar note. The Bank of Toronto has therefore issued advices that it will nol redeem at
llieir face value notes from
which the corner has been removed. The other is a straight
counterfeit ol iln- Bank of Montreal live dollar note. In this
the photos are poor, the paper
is pour, lite engraving ami the
coloring are both feint. The
whole elicit is much lighter in
appearance than is lhe genuine;
the numbering is done in black,
whereas the official numbering
of that particular issue was
done in red. The picture ol
the bank is crude and defective
in lhe louulerfeit. While it is
perhaps improbable that litis
spurious money will bl circulated in the west, it is nevertheless
just as well lhat the facts
sliould be made public.
W. II Mav, ths newly elected
mayor of the city of North
Vancouver, is I native of the
parish of lVrr.m Zalutloe, near
Truro, Cornwall, Kngland,
ivhcic lie 11.1s born 111 the year
1841s, and where lie resided until
thirty-one years of age. For
scveial vears previous to his removal to Aliiciiia, he was employed in iiintiiiliiiu with the
inal mines nl his native ^utility,
having lallcrlv been in charge
ol the great Kelallock inllie.
In lite ml lift, Mr. May
left his Dative land and came to
America, eeltling in California,
w lute   he   remained    lor    three
yens, removing in 1880 to
Norlli Dakota. Alter residing
in Dak..1,1 lm .ilinut seven liars
he 1,nne in British Cnliimbia,in
the autumn of |M6, locating in
Vancouver and tdenttli tag hint-
sell with lhe iiiiii.iiittlc interests nl that cilv as a meal merchant, Which ncitl pat loll Ile lol-
I.lived colitinilniish until about
lour years ago.
Mr May had not been long ill
V. inn .uui imlil Ins natural
foresight enabled Inin to jh-i-
ceive that there was .111 assured
lutuie lm the nnrth shnre ol
Burrard Inlet, .nnl Ins lirsl investment in Nnrlh Vancouver,
w.is 111.ule 111 l'cbitiurv, 1KH7,
within ,1 bu mouths ol Ins arrival in Vaiui'incr, when he became mi Iter nl the n.iw lain..lis
second canyon al Capilaim,
where a large summer holel
is 111111-; built. Slllie Ihal
lime Mr. Mav has steadily in
creased Ins biddings nf local realty . and has .it all times retained all llllsll.ikeable c.infi-
ilinu in the splendid future Inline the north shore. He was
elected a member of lhe third
districi council ill 1N93, and has
served contltlllolislv at the council board since that tune, with
tin* inception "I nm* vear During liis term nf fifteen years, he
has three times had the honor
of being elected neve ol ihe district, iiiiiI during lhe past uar
Occupied   the  dual   pnsttinti     of
diitrict  reeve .md dty alder-.
inan, being chairman of fin.m.i
(or the litv.
Throughout his long public
career Mr. May has ul all limes
lieen in favor of a progressive
policy, and has -been closely and
actively identified with all important developments in the
city and district. He brings to
the mayoralty a ripe experience
and very many personal qualities, which will go to make his
term in the chiel magistracy ol
the city one of pronounced success.
The ticket ol thc ratepayers'
association fared well at the
hands of thc electors at thc poll
yesterday, as the association e-
lected their candidate for mayor and five out of six aldermen.
The one candidate to break in
on the solid six was W. .1. Dick,
who lead W. J. Kowler (association candidate), by four votes.
The detailed results are as follows: «
Total votes cast  588
W. H. May 3«9
A. B, Kealy 183
Majority lor W. H. May 206
Spoiled     k
Tendered     h
Total number of ballots cast393
Win. McNeish     349
S. D. SchulU 316
0. W. McRae 288
W. H. Braim 273
II  tf, Voung 2th
W. J. Dick 231
F. W. Kowler  227
K. Wheeler    212
A. K. Crickmay tut
Alexander Smith     16b
Tendered .ballots     8
Spoiled ballots      4
The board ol aldenuen lor
1909 therefore stands as follows: Mayoi, W. H. May; Ud
erinen, Win. McNeish, S. D.
SchulU, G. W. McRae, W. H.
Braim, II. W. Voung, \\. J.
Dick. From the above it will
lie noted that only two members of the lioard of 190N will
sit on the Until for this vear,
11.niii'lv, Mavor Mav and A.o.
W. H   Braim.
The vote yesterday vas a
large one, there being a total
ballot ol S-Hft, as against 44(1
last year. There was a largi
poll of voters from Vancouvei
this year. A comparison of thi
voles cast lor those who weri
candidates both last year and
this shows the following:
1908 1909
F. Wheeler     302   21
Alexander Smith     223   ihh
A   Iv Crickmay  214   20.'
W. H. Braim  207   173
W. .1. Dick 183   231
The average vole polled I \
each alderman last year was
235, and this year 250.
The vole on the bylaws re
suited in the passing ol the bylaw for borrowing $22,200 and
the liylaw for the purchase of a
school site, and in the defeat of
the horticultural aid bylaw, lhe
detailed vote was as follows:
Bylaw No. S4, to raise f(S,-
700 for the purchase of a school
site, for 414, against 96, spoiled
ballots 63.
Bylaw No. JJ, lo raise Jhooo
Ior a loan to the Horticultural
Association, for 242, against
:''(. spoiled ballots 71.
Bylaw No. 38, to authorize
the sale ol J.22,200 debentures
to complete statutory loan, for
414, against <>J>, spoiled ballots
The extended reputation enjoyed in his prolession bv .IW
Balmain, local quantity surveyor and archil wt, is evidenced hv
such items as that appearing in
the l'eiilicton Press of Salur*
dav last, which speaks in highest terms of the satisfactory result ol alterations and enlargements, recently completed, lo
the building of the Church ol
Kngland at that place, and
adds, "The architect, ,T. W.
Balmain, C.K , ol North Vancouver, is deserving ol greit
credit for the rxicllcnir nl the
plans which he submitted, and
which wen- used in llu mn
struction ol the building.
A chinook wind struck the
city this morning, and the snow
has disappeared.
The statutory meeting ol the
new city council will Ih- held on
Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
The appeal to the lull court
by lhe N.V. Kerry Co., against
the Motor Boat Transportation
Co. was dismissed yesterday.
Kor sale.—Two choke white
Wyandotte and one bull Orpington cockerels. Corner loin ana
Kidgway ave.
Call on Thacker & Thornton
if you arc in lhe market ior
North Vancouver real estate.
Ollice 144 2nd slreet.
Tbe regular meeting ol lhc W.
C.T.V. will be held ul the home
ol Mrs. I'hilip, 2nd slreel, on
rtedncsday, 20th inst., at 3 p.m.
when a subject ol interest to
ladies will be discusseu.
T. A. Martin, Percy King,
John Duval and A. R. Sicacy
are gazetted in the lasl issue ot
lhe M. C. Gazelle, as commissioners lor taking allidavils under the provincial elections act.
We are dealers in North Vancouver real estate and British
Columbia timlH-r. Our ollice is
al 144 2nd street,where wc shall
in pleased to make your acquaintance. Thacker & Thornton, brokers.
Miss Laura B. McMillan, who
has resided in Boston, Mass.,
Ior the past lew years, arrived
in the city on Saturday last,
and will remain wilh her
parcntd, Mr. and Mrs. R. McMillan, Hspl.iti.ulc east.
An incipient lire did some
[damage at lhe residence oi Mayor Kealy on Wednesday. The
lire had a fair start, but by the
prompt and ellective services of
lhe lire department, was conlin
eii to the woodshed, where il
Postmaster A. .1* McMillan
has put in a separate letter Imx
lor mail matter posted in this
city Ior local delivery. By depositing all local mail matter
in this box, a more prompt and
satisiaclory local service will
lie received.
A heavy shock ol earthquake
was experienced 011 this side ol
the Inlet on Monday lasl. The
disturbance was sufficiently pronounced to cause temporary uneasiness, Uml il is evident from
newspaper reports lhat the
earthquake was much more severely lell in other localities
Krnest Townsley, of Alexander & Townsley, calls the attention of The Kxprcss to a remarkable record at Taunton,
Kngland, a city ol 23,000 people, where, in one week recently
there were but (our deaths, the
deceased ranging from Ho lo KK
years of age and averaging 85
Benjamin Metcalf and Bertha
k.nigliill Overgard were married on Thursday, .Ian. 14th, at
the home ol Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Smith, 1st street, Rev. 11. 11
Balderstone living the nllnialing
minister. The happy couple
will make a tour of the Sound
ulies and return lo make their
home in Vancouver.
C. Weigand, ol Vancouver,
who is the owner ot extensive
properly interests in North
Vancouver, made a Iriendlv call
at the oflice ol The Kxpress mt
Thursday. Mr. Weigand is a-
liout to take a trip to Rurofe,
and upon his return will erect a
building Ior store puri-oscs, ,.11
the lot immediately opposite
Tbe Kxpress office, 1st street.
Thc general public are muled
to attend the regular meeting
•I the hoard of trade on Tins
day evening The matter ol
septic tanks will be disitissed
It is cx|***cted lhat Distrii 1 bit
gineer Cameron, City Engineer
Hanes, and Medical Health Officer Dr.Campbell will take part
in the discussion, All present
will have opportunity to participate in the debate on this
important issue.
The several nominees lor district council and Khool board,
for whom balloting will be held
tomorrow, are as lollows: For
reeve, W. J. Irwin, nominated
by G. A. Mi Bam and Charles
Nelson; J. Y. McNaught, nominated by Thos. A. Allan and J.
M. Froiiiine, supported by R.
Magennis, F. Dutlon, D. \\. 1..
der, R. Fawcett and J. S. Barrow; T. S. Nye, nominated by
J. A. McMillan and Alexander
Smith. For councillors: Chas.
Iv Robson and G. A. Gordon,
eleiled lor ward one liy acclamation; for ward two, Walter
H. Davidson, by llios. A. Allan
and J. M. Frommc, supported
by R. Magennis, F. DtiUou and
J. S. Barrow; Percy King, by
Lambert Bond and B. R. Gillam; Peter Westover, by J. M.
Froinnie, John M. Duval, Jas.
A. McNair and Thos. A. Allan.
For school trustees (two to be
elected), J. Y. McNaught, Thos.
S. Nye, and G. W. Sugden.
Kleilion Ior reeve, councillors
anil school trustees lakes place-
on Saturday, January lbth,
Irom 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Thc two polling places are;—
Lonsdale avenue, corner yueen
street, connections by Lmisdale
avenue car and vehicles to polling place; and Lynn valley institute, connection* by Queensbury avenue car and automobiles to polling place.
The electors are Iree to choose
either ol the two polling places,
regardless of the ward to which
they may belong, which arrangement will prevent any
possibility of error or loss of
time in this respect.
The excellent transjiortation
facilities assured lor that dale,
should bring out a large vote.
The new (erry company has
promised a 15 minute service
Irom 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The political meeting held in
Lynn valley last night was well
attended. Charles Nelson occupied the chair. The meeting
was addressed by W. J. Irwin,
J. V. McNaught and T. S. Nye
candidates Ior reeve. Percy
King candidate ior councillor,
reiterated his charges ol letting
ol contracts without tenders al
exorbitant prices, and also
1 unused the laxity maniicsl 111
the approval ol plans of sub-
iliusion. Peter Westover, candidate for councillor, had resided twelve years in the district, was conversant Willi Its
needs, and had leisure lime to
ttevotl to lhe interests of the
dislriel. He also referred to
roads, lianilnn. telephone, etc.
throughout the disttiil.
At the meeting of ulv ratepayers Wednesday evening, Aid.
W. H. May submitted a rctmrt
of the estimated and the aitu.il
expenditure ol the social departments for the yeai as Inl-
Battel ilcd      Actual
Finance    $42,10,4.7^   $41,33*1.ihi
Schools 11,991.(0 ll,,S<Kl.tKI
B. works |},a)$ado 13,0011.10
F   and  I,.    2,097.311        I,.Kim,nn
Police i, un.nn 3,340.00
St Light 2,102.49 2,000.00
Health 515.1x1 .       500.ihi
Water W. 4,4(11.43 h, ibn.ihi
The estimated revenue (nr thc
m*ii was 179,700, nf niinii J;H,-
197, has been collected,and there
remains unpaid about 58poo. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
Noma Vahi oi ikk. II. C.
C. Ba SMirilKlllM.il K.   li. 11
Malinger.       I'ii
Hath, oe Roan liii i
One year
Sin im mt tin   ■
Thri'i* i Ithi
t'inle-1 BtltM mi'i 1..reign.I
tl en
'.'   '
jmt \. nr
luntm  I'l-i-i ii   Am i a n.i ■*
Umil pel in. ii .'.i.'i. in-.Tiii'ii.
I,iiii.i> Ninn I-, in    |i "" i" r Inch *M
I.avii un Train Noi ii m ;." isi)   I *
mi.Ui'.. t;
I.i.u. iiriiruma   hr-i innrtlon, l"
ei'iit. |n*r lm* . , .i. i. mii*-  |ii* nl 11.-.-r-
tion. 6c. per line
Riiiu.s., Nom ii ii ''in Uwi i'"i*
i iivs—10 il- |.i*rlin.*..*:i.li in., rtlon.
I'.llll.M'l    An I Kla-l'-tl M-      lill."    HI
r.all^.-al :., . ***.lll.^' I" -I'aia*.' Liken,
lllebaufetln contract wl». rti« tni nil
ncil b' in Hi.' I.llll'l" ,.| il..  |.nn.' r I.i
\Vednt«lai a ninii |toiini n publication
lathe ii,'xi Inui
North Vincouvea, J is* 15. iy g
From Independent Mureee  "i
inloriiiatiou.and npon inthority
ol the most lllii|lieslinti.ililc nature, The  Kxpress   is   aide    to
state thnt active negotiations
Ufa nnu  in pnijrress. llhnse sin
cessflll   let lillli.it mu   will   assure
to  North   Vancouver the Imi};
wishcd-fiir I n   ot   U.insiniiti-
nciital railway connection,
The preliminary negotiationi
have   altcaih    luctl   slluesslully
carried througk, and Decenary
steps liau   been   taken  pnp.il.i-
inti I., tin farther program "i
the satin* 1 . completion,    Ap*
|ilicati.iu his already lieen   lnr-
vvardid tn tin* Dominion govern.
meill, Ior the amalgamation, .is
provided under the railwaj act,
of the Vancouver, Westminster
I Yiiki.n Railway, ilu Burrard,
Westminster. Iliiiiiul.m K.11I-
u.11  ,\*  Navigation Company,
.nnl    the    Slave    l.aki     I'l.uer
The     eastelTi     iipiisiiil.iliu
of these companiei has intereit
ed Toronto .unl N.w \"il capt
i.il. ni .iinide proportion   lo
lln.it anv silicon, I1..H. u 1 . \
lenslic, llial may ultimate!) In
•inniiii upon, Tin expert engineer representing Iheae fata
csts, is nmi i.n ins era) »eet
and iiill arrive earl) m \t week,
uliiii he will inspeil lh,   ..p. 1.1
ttniis .ih 1.1.1 \ carried nn 1 >\ iln
Male    Lake    1'nmr   Ininp.iiii ,
and mil als., examine on  the
ground lhe incuts 1,1 tin* nihil
Tin . \p. 11 engineer mil be
followed, in .1 i» 11 dayi, l.v the
lin.niii.il representative nl ihis
lantern capital, uin. is bimiell
nne   n|   lh.    principall   "i    tin*
compan). and wlm cornea In**
veeted aritn  all neccnar)   an
thorili   In  l,.ke  sllill ,iiii.ill    as
iiiay I.e ihougbt advisable Tin
pcrsi,nm I ,.i thou inonied intei
esls   llllllll     be     lipris.nls.    is
ni.iitii ol pure conjeilun     ■
he has lliil 11 I 'liiliinl ll iiisc
lo divulge the 11.inns ,.| Ins
ass... 1,.1. s, even to first parties
Tin* plan as at   |.|i M lit  ' Iilil
l,unci  In   tin   partiei  tO    these
negotiationi, ii to build several
Inns ni railway .about Buirard
luii 1 and s.iiiiini.mi.   .Ud   ■
tnOUg llllllll  IS  the I'.llslllli II.,11
nl tin- Seiniiil Ki ni" «s bridge,
and the building ol siui.il
miles  nf  railway  along    the
null',  iii   ruilwa)   along   the
iinnli ihore "1 Burrard Intel
This railwa)   would ol .a.ins.
handle care lor all traneconti
neiit.il    lines,   thus   providing
North Vancouver with compc
titiVC  Iransi..liiini-lllal   lallwav
ciiiniiiliom, ihe idvaatagea "I
nhiiii ii..■ 1 long ''iin i"" well
recognited by local propert)
owneri to ri nder 11 tieceisan io
dilate upon them .it the prreient' this august  hotly, is a signal ensuring to Nurtli Vancouver in
iiiui*. J distinction iuch as seldom falls even   municipality   throughout
The plans likewise include the I to the lot of any city from her tin- province I corpi oi warm
construction ol lines, and the
distribution "i electric power,
over an extended area ill the
southern mainland, lor commercial and Industrial purpome.
The final completion ol negotiations is, ol course, subject to
tli .si contingencies which Invar-
i ii.ii attend iuch processes, hut
tin* 1 \uleiii proof ol bona luli-s
given b) ill parties tii the proceedings, jjiics good ground (or
tin* hope Ihal an agreement,
iiuiiii.illi satisfactory, will be
Sinn writing iln above, The
I'Apress is further informed, iipnn equally as good authority,
thai work upon tbe detailed
pl.uis int .1 1,uin,11 bridge at
Second Narrows, will be begun
in the earlv spring. Their preparation will occupy aimiii two
niotiilis .unl, iiinn completed,
building operation! will at once
lie stalled. .Meantime, lhe promoters of this undertaking are
desirous ol making the bridge
a structure ihat will be ol the
greatest benefit to tin public in
ever) way, nnd uiih ihat pur-
pom in  noi,  thev are willing
to co-operate with the munici*
palilies Concerned,  tO secure   a
combined railway and traffic
bridge     In view of these facts,
the urgency of this matter become! patent to all.
In order to lie strictly accur
ate. siilisei|Uciit information
somewhat modifies oilier statement! made above,   H is learn-
id  lliat  the Stave  Lake  Power
Compan) is uot actually included in the amalgamation icfaeme
outlined, imt that it will be
brought under comma control
with the other projects,   the
pr.11 llial result of which is
muiii the satin*. Further, ii
his not yet lieen definitely decided whether the new lines of
railwaj   will   be   electric,  or
steam, nr lioth.
With relerence to lhe extension nl the railway from Nortli
Vancouvei northward to Fort
George, assurances bave been
received that lhe subsidy el-
read) granted ior that purpose,
mil be supplemented (run time
to linn- l.y similar grants for
additional sections, when the
construction ol thc same is in
on temple tion,
compeers,     lt is a manifests- and loyal Iriends, who will not
tion   of   universal   friendliness,  lose  ,111   opportunity   lu   exert
which any city might well prize  tlieir   influence   iu   her   lu-hall
in the highest   degree,   and   to' whenever opportunity  may of-
ivluili North Vancouver will not fer.
he slow lu respuud.   While this
cordial goodwill  is doubtless I
immediately  due to  the t-ni-'m N"rl
About six inches of mow lell
Vancouver on Wednes-
North Vancouver is to be congratulated On having lieen chos-
111 .11 tin place nf meeting fnr
the nexi annual convention oi
tin union "i B, C, municipalities, Whose sessi.nis for lhe ittr-
nnt yeai erere com faded nt
Vernon fail week
That tins , ii\ sin.uld have secured ilns coveted prize su earlv
111 iiii lust.'ti ..I tin* union is,
. ll, aii honor ol which she
iiiai justly be proud; bul thai
all ntlii t cities, sluing competitors an.I all desirable ol securing iln pn -iiiii 1.1 tin- convention, should voluntarily retire
irmn iln in-ill, thus conferring
upon this citj ih ■ honor ol receiving the unanimous vute  "1
Your Life
in tbe
Insurance Co.
I llll tl
111 iu v aiiil the personal popularity of tin- delegation sent to the
convention, it may likewise be
salelv taken as an Indication of
the enviable reputation enjoyed
abroad by this cilv as to   her
piugressive spirit, present attainment, and advantages and
assured luliire prospects.
This is certainly very grati-
Iving, lml the fact sliould   not
be lost sight of, that thereby
nre raised certain anticipations
upon the part of the convention
in coming to this citv which
expectation! it is highly important should not be disappointed. Certain standards are created in tlie way ol accuinmoda-
iinii fur the convention, and ar-
rangementi fur the entertainment nf the visiting iiictnlieis,
for the attainment ul which,
careful and liberal plans sliould
In- devised.
Viewed   from the standpoint
of commercial advantage, it is
clearly evident lhat the presence of the convention will afford a most excellent Opportunity for making known and for
disseminating   throughout   the
province the excellencies and
advantages oi North Vancouver
citv and district. Thc convention is so constituted llial all
the member! Will be representative 111111 in their respective
lilies or districts They are
men who will readily become
mixed of a situation, and who,
when once coaviaced ol merit in
a propnsiliuti, will not be easily
moved from their itmchwionc
Thev arc men ol inlliiencc- in
their home communities, and,
likewise men liroadminded to a
degree, who will not ba deterred
by any si-clinii.il leelillg Irom
Irecli voicing the desirable features as they have learned them,
ol this or any city or district.
Tin- holding ul the convention
in this ,ily will allurd a splendid opportunity of confirming
the   delegates    iu    their    good
opinion! concerning thn   north
shore oi Hurrard Inlet,   and   of
dav last.
Ingmrrr   Md   I.  f. Iind   Sura.llH
>n..*i« tata
K.IH.all. tl"al|('*a   ll.ll-t   I'"*.,*...   I'.I I 111 " I' -
iiit*.,*r',iMi'l.'H I I'nl.trnellM laa*, Town
al'P», Mining l'l«lll".«*ll.*tHvl>l no
111 ll.allll,-81. W .   •   ■   VANCIU'VKK.  B  P
North Vancouver
(HUM.  iuksos
Pr -thrift i,r
Cartage, Removal*
Parcel Delivery,
ON      HKAHHNA.HI.***     TKHMH
■MtHMttHftH. If
Telephone 70,       Nifhi .'alls 13.
For Furniture
House Fiiriiisliiiiirs ;mil
at Rewoneble Pricei, 12,0 10
Ihe North Vancoimr
Home Furnishers
11 rm: bi.iu'K Lome U 1 ■
$250.00 IN
iiii'ii l.\,\ lii crv U'liiih Absolutely Free Wilh
Royal Standard Flour
Kvery 44 Hi sack of Royal Standard Flour leaving our
mills cunlains a numbered coupon. On the last day of each
month iu numbers will lie ■drawn and published in the first
issue oi this paper following. To each nne holding the duplicates oi these numbers, we will, upon return to us of coupon,
deliver free of all charges to anv address, a HANDSOMK
CHINA D1NNKH SKT of 109 pieces, value $25.
Full particulars on the back ol each coupon. BEGIN
REMEMBBI we guarantee every sack ol Royal Standard
lo he the purest, sweetest and most wholesome bread flour
on the market.
Manufactured only by
North v^-joiWer
ineiouee uv
Till: Misshs DAW80S
C'i*riifii-i,ii*.l surgical, M.-.bciil md
Mati-miiv Nun, a
NwiM Suit Out (Hi Application
lur  t.-rini.  apply   nt   ll.   ll"i*pit«l
Cor. IMIi Street A St. Andrew'*- Ave.
Christina* f rait*, etc.
Only Ihe very besl should satisfy you
f,n tour Chrislmat Cake and Puddings.
He kn 'w givd xoods and won't handle
low grade stuff.	
Our p, ices are rifkl, tnd you are sure
to be pleased if vou buy at	
lor Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go tu THOS. O Mills
1'ioii.Tl   Resident Boot Maik. I
Lonsdale Ave , abuu  ind Strei t
at the A   M. lioss Sli, I Store.
General Contractor
I .mnl I'li'iirniK, Stump tnd Rock
HI.1-1 ii**-. Kxiru .-art- near limiiw,
All damagea made gnnd.
KMPI. IIYMKNT     A 11 It N 0 Y
and HI.   W'Mt of l.*..,..l . laa
I'.I.    I la a.    ||
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
Fresh Bleed daily delivered
In .iii parts uf the 1 ity.
20 loaves (or > :
5c. per loaf.
moxi* N      71 Lonedeli Ave
When you Intern
111 11
J. il. FROSMK. mm
Ilranrh Opce, l.oniitile Are..l'ily. Phone
Sn. 36
i //ia.! Office and Hill, l.ynn Creek, H 0
STONEY 6 CO »«'klers and
Saturday, January 16th, 1909
Eor Councillor
In Ward Two
Wallpapers,    Paints,    Varnishes,
etc., etc., etc.
117 Lonadale Avenue
Thursday, January I4tb, 1909
Tht City of Sortlt  Yniii-o'iiif littlefOlftri Ansofittllov
.iitlifitu ijmr oott: nnd InkreM for Ihr fnlUitnwj ttVO-
tot Mayor:
Kur Aldermen:
F. w, rowiBi
For Schnnl Trustee:      \V
s. i). schultz
r. LAR80N is prepared
Lime, Brick.
Sand, Cement
And all kinils of Building
Material iiii|iiai)titii'ito unit
.unl nl reasonable prices.
TKI.I'.NIUM   Re   :•,
Removal Sale
is removing to the itore
next to the  I'OBtofHw.
Specie! stock  reilucing  prices on
r.\lMs. OILS, BTC.
I'llilir   HEALTH   \mmni
mam ummm
IM HI.IC NOTICK ia hfrehjr-riwB that
' in aiTnrilain'p with tlm pruviaioni ol
the I'nlilir llraltli Hi-Law, ol th* City
I North Vaiii'uiiier, tha Municipal
Council Imu* eontraittd with ths Mimical lla-Bltli officer tn attend at the City
llall. North \am, nur, ou the Firit
Monday nl each mouth, at the hour ol
11 o'clock In tlie forenoon, lor the pur-
lure* nl  vaccinating at the expend* ol
all o
at their own expcni-).
Ihe city, all poor peraona;and all othen
The lather, mother, or penmn having
the care, nurture, or cnitody ol everv
child born in the city, ahall, within
lliree montha alter the birth ol iuch
child, take or rauie to betaken, tha
child, to the Medical Practitioner, in it-
tendance at the above appointed plica
lor the purpoae ol being vaccinated; un-
i leaa the child haa been previoualy vaccinated by eome legally qualified Practitioner, and the vaccination duly
City Clark.
.North Vancouver, B.C.,
9th .liilv. inns. 31-tf
Vote the Full Ticket
^0^^0^o4<>f><>^>f<>><H<)-f ♦ o*fo*fo4o^>*f4<>+<>+<>f<>f<H-
Norlli Vanronvor Hard ware
i'olll|iilll). liil.
Foot oi Mie ive.
\!.iiiill.-* r
VOTICE in hereby liven that an ap*
' plication w ill M made to tha \_w
lativa Aaaemhly ol the Province nl Brit-
iall Columbia, at ila next aeaalon, Inr an
Act to incorporate a company with power in build, ennatmet, maintain and
..pi-rate a line ol railway ol itandard
xuage, to be operated by atearo, nlmlri-
city, or any other power, lor the carry*
ini ol (relftht. paaaenp'ra, and eipreaa:
('i.iiiiiieiiciiin at a point at or near the
City ol Vancouver; thence northerly,
tallowing the valley nl Seymour Creak
lothe water-abed north ol l/jch l.omond,
a,ml Ihenee via the valley nl the Indian
Kiver to the North Arm ol Burrard Inlet, with power to extend northerly to
nnil through the Pemberton Meadowa,
and to build n branch line via the Valley
..I Furry Creek to the ihore ol Howe
Sound, and al*... any other abort bran-
ehea that may be needed to minea in the
i i. inity nl the main line ol railway and
ii. lar.ma li,.- mill power to conatrnct
iiei operate telegraph and telephone
line* (or the |.nr|.<.-»■» of ita buaineaa,
nnil for the public; with power to own,
ine and operate waler-powera convenient lo the road for railway and oilier
-renoM, and with audi other poweri
and privilege! which are naiiallv grant-
...I I., rtllil* coinpHiii.a.
Dated at Vaiicoiiier, B.C., Dw-emlier
nth, i'i*
I' C.WtDK.
19-6t Solicitor lor the Applicant! THE KXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, R. C.
That thc advantages ollt-red
by North Vancouver for the location of industrial concerns,
are presenting tlii-iiisclvcs forcibly to the minds of manufacturers, is evidenced by the number of new institutions which
have been preparing ol late for
active operations.
The Wallace Shipyards Company represents one of the oldest linns on the Inlet in this
line, Mr. Wallace having begun
business in Vancouver some
twenty years ago. Since iSytS
the business has been conducted on False Creek, at the Granville street bridge, but owing
to the expansion of the
business anil the congested surroundings, this location has
been outgrown and the company has now practically completed the installation of a
iarge marine railway in ihis
city, where they own over three
hundred feet ol choice waterfront. The large cradle, capable of handling the heaviest
coasters that frequent the Inlet,
will be launched next week, and
it is expected that the ways
will be in readiness for operation by the end of the month.
As soon as it can conveniently
bc done, the entire interests of
the company will be concentrated on this side of lhe Jttlet.
When running at tlieir full capacity these works will allord
Aiiployinent for sixty and at
times as high as loo men.
cabinet maker and decorator,
has completed a commodious |
building for factorv purposes,at
the corner of 3rd and Chesterfield. The requisite machinery
will bc installed for the manufacture of office and store fittings, mission furniture, etc.
Upholstering in all its branches
will also be done.
The Hurrard Woodworking
Company, of which Messrs. McDonald and Houlter are proprietors,have erected a commodious
factory of two storeys, on an
excellent waterfront location,
just east ol St. George's ave.
Ten pieces of up-to-date machinery are now on the ground
and will be installed at once.
The second storey will allord
ample bench room and will he
used Ior finishing work. The
company will lie prepared to
111,iniilailure all kinds of inside
linish, tables, kitchen requisites, etc.
The North Vancouver Lumber Company, since taking over
the mill propertv adjoining the
Wallace Shipyards on thc 1 .ist
have given the plant a thorough
overhauling and by adding new
parts and new machines have
placed it in lirst-class condition
The vard has been stocked 11 ilh
all kinds ol dimension lumber,
and under lhc efficient managership of .1. Warren Hell, the
business is in first-rale condition to take advantage of the
spring revival of trade.
The Hurrard Fish Curing &
Packing Company began business in this city during the
Point Grey herring fishing, early in lhe autumn of last year.
The proprietor, A. .1. Henderson, has had extended experience in the herring and
trawl lisherics ol Great Britain
and fort-sees a great future for
the lisherics of this province,
other than the salmon and halibut lishing. This new industry
gives every promise of a sue
cessful career, especially if the
people of the province will realise the value of lish as 11 food,
for the waters abound in all
kinds of edible lish. Mr. Henderson considers the Point Grey
herring equal, if not superior,to
any in Europe, but owing to
Iheir richness he finds it rather
iiiilu uli to cure them so as lo
remain in good condition for
distant markets. The marketing of local fish is attended
with diff.cutt.ee, on account of
the distances between centres of
population, The Hurrard Fish
(iompanv pays special attention
to salting the fish, as strongly
salted fish is unpalatable to
most people. Cleanliness is a
feature of handling the lish at
their factorv. Special prices
are paid tlieir lishermen to use
gill nets onlv, which catch onlv
the larger and better fish. A
visil lo Mr. Henderson's l.n-
lory during the busy season
will prove instructive to those
who are interested in fisheries.
J,   A,   S.  Nicholis,  artistic
Mayor Kealy, Alderman Irwin and Councillor McNaught,
returned on Saturday Irom attendance at the annual convention of the union of municipalities, held at Vernon last week.
The matter of a uniform system of municipal accounting,favored bv the cilv council, received favorable action. The
matter of remedial legislation,
with regard to the qualifications of a householder under ut.
municipal clauses act, was relerred to the executive lo confer with the government.   The
North Vancouver delegation re-
leived compliments on the success which attended every matter whose interests they espoused at the convention.
Mayor Kealy was re-elected a
member of the executive committee, receiving the unanimous
vote ol the convention, being
the only member thereof to
whom this latter honor fell.
A special committee was appointed, to proceed to Victoria
to interview the government
with reference to all outstanding matters in the minutes of
the convention. This committee comprises Mayors Keary,
New Westminster; Kealy,Nortli
Vancouver; Planta, Naiiaitno;
Robinson,Kamloops; and Kccic
Hose ol Surrey (secretary of the
union.) Thc interview will pro-
'lably take place- next week.
The next annual convention
will be held in Nortli Vaiicoti-
>er,probably in November next
The honor was captured livlhis
city without the formality ol a
liailot, all competitors graci-
uisly retiring in •favor ol the
imliitiiiii.s city, thus making the
choke unanimous.
North Vancouver lodge Kl'.,
held one ol the most pleasing
tnd successlul social events ol
he season on Tuesday evening
The allair partook of lhe ti.itun
.if a combined installation of
ifliccrs, concert, supper and
dance, and was held in the Kag-
lei' hall, Esplanade. The hall
was crowded to the diors by
in enthusiastic and interested
crowd, there lieing many visit-
irs from Vancouver. Among
(he latter were the senate and
Irill team of the Mt Pleasant
lodge, the Uniform Rank com-
!>an\, and the I'vlliian Sislcrs.
The full installation ccruuiuiv
was conducted by D.D.G.C, A.
II. Ferguson, of New Westmins
ter; the concert was interspersed between the parts of the
installation service und wa.s
very pleasing; the drill and senate teams gave splendid exhibitions; and then came lhe dance,
which delighted the multitude.
At midnight supper was served,
the kitchen being stripped of
all the edibles ill light, Special
bonis anil cars were provided to
take the visitors home, lliis being done by the gencrositv of
the local Pythians. No. 40
went to no end of trouble and
expense over lhe I'lilcrtainineiit,
and complete lUCCCM was the
Half a dii/.en ferries were
ipiiiitiiin on election dav,
ind from Ihis place.
We lolii'tl ihi" HHIM of Matiiifartiirfr*,)
f*nfi:ieeri anilothet* who itt list tlieadvliaMl
.■ < I halving Ihfir Ft leal twain-**! (mulcted
fl tptrta.  rrt'ldi^nftryndv'.   1 •
al-rate. Our Inventor's Advi.-*. r   ntiifnw i---
it >:irii.n& Marlon, k-jfU, N wYori;l,iie
M..'1'rfflt   nnd Ui-ililn-l-m   UC.   V tt t
ia, as     in..I     Speeilieall i.m*.     1'ri* | ,jl rial
iViien illinium nf bnlWIni let 11. fin
hi, .-liniale.
Ill.lNK BLOCK,     L0X8DAL1   AVI'
<*r I' "   ItOI *',   ^air'lt Vim,, irt-t.
Simpson tS» Wight
Nl  PM Bl >1t N
ll*rii Stkk.it Wiut, Niihtii Vashuibh
Trees, lhtott,R***M,Flow<rlB| 1'liiiitn
Spraying, PriBlttf, Ganl.-ns lui.I nut.
Kprayinn »ud Priiiiinn ali-mld lie dime
fr. in nmi In March.   !*ce ua at once.
The HEST in
For tlm hirm
oM.ar.lrii. .
He .1., Tn",. I'l.ll'i ,1 llnil.*
lli'ine ur..-At. 111,1 lli,.r..u|l.ly
llfi I'ai/e t'alalujue Vn.
►1. J. HENRY
3010 Waitmlnstar Road
direct (nun tin- uiiuea.
Place your orders no* and
secure your ninter's ni|,|.lv.
l.uriie shipments uill arrive
in a. (.» dais.  Prices right
Urr supply ol woof
nli'.;ii!- 011 hnnd    ....
Hotel Nortli Vancouver
Telephone No. 2.
JAsk your
6ROGER for it
N.v.f ssn Co.
r. K. II II IB, Propi le In,
District Municipality
All kind...( Kn-liKi.li.lelii,ml.Uily
Sin,,k.d   ti - la   11   »|»i*inliy.   I'uiiltrv,
ElCgs and Vi*iret..la,-1
(lur aim ii In |.lea-e.'.ir l'ii-t,,n„-r. ns
U))toods uie! 1
I Air Tight     '
have a full line of the
aliove, in all sizes and at
ill privies.
Ymi cnu huy a neat little
which is plenty good enough to
see you through the cold snap.
Just use the telephone. We
do the rest.
Paine& McMillan
ijj Corner lonsdale Ave. and Firit St.      ■	
%mmmNmmm&fm mmmm
\okth mourn \\:m ft power 11, ltd., tiie table \m
inedale Ave
prion si
& Mth Sl,
60   YEARS'
Tnaoc IvUami
,^1^1^^_      CorrmoKTi 4a.
Anfoon .sndttii a .l.-*-h ant) i,*«tib'1
Blokir IMH-laYlQ cur n -al:la,B[l4tM
Rolled Oats
Mai) flnd feed
ia pruts*. If in 'tT.tftt>n
)^«hU Ukoajim j-'*» I'.ui.n f Ccr*c«lrt
■V.if j" '<nJS5'\*rn
Uoneeinctu; it.WctitU. HANDBOOK 1
»nt frM. OldMt *»<•;
iwhor tu
in ti tili-»-
m I'liwu
ur.:iir i*t*«ia.
A tMdaoatJr UluatntMi -c*ok\yt Lnnmt <«■>
nlktlita vtjjij iclMiiiic liinii1 law-tut fnr
Caudft,Jp.TS » r«v*p«f *w pnp*-'.   SuM If
I nn. healthy Tomato aud
Ciulifliimi 1 Plintt, frowi from
Sutton's Seeds, always on Innil
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale  Avenue,
al Ferry  Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
iiavim Hvoiiti
•7UO   "
8.00   "
8.40   "
0.30   "
10.15   "
ll.lt   "
lt.lt V M.
I.It  "
2.15  "
3.15   "
4.15   "
5 15   "
B.lt   "
1V>   "
815   "
».lt   "
10.15   "
I t*i|N* NMTN VANCtHiVtl
•8.20 A.M.
•7.20 "
8.20 "
9.00 "
9.46 "
10.41 "
11.45 "
Li "
24t "
8.45 "
4.45 "
t.« "
8.41 "
7.4t "
8.4t "
9.45 "
10.46 "
•U.4t "
•Nut on Similar
iim 11 iNisniD nein eN mi ce*»i
AN IT'-Tl)*Ii.lTK
TtilRlsr RI80R1
KiTia: 11.50 TER
S|ri'fi-ri! Rail's Id Familirs mid Krimlir fctardrrs
Hall-hour li*rrv i,,iiii->.'ti,,ii I,, ami (r..m Vancouver. Hot an.l cold
tiater in ev. rr r.-nm. K.'tiirn rail belli in every mom. Barber
.Imp in ,'a.i in.i)
Sii.'M   .ITIII
I.A 111 Kll   ASH Un.VTiaMBI,- III   I'a llll pii
am*.- mil. the r.*i|ii.'-I...I a largr ii.iin*
liernf Rati-paven in tl.e In.lrui M11111-
ipality ol Nortli Vannuiver, I liavu con*
..'iii.'.l to my nomination aa .an.li.late
In It...'ve at tin' f.irthenn.ing elarllol I"
In* Ii.'I'I on Sntnnlay, January llllll. IH0II
Enlly aware nl ll.e ItnporUMi nl the
luliea inv.iliril mnl alli*r tin* 1111*1 rari'-
a 11 i'uii.iilrralioII    "I   llie   .-WK-lllial   re*
pur. iu.'ii's anil iiiialiliiatinii. 1111 ..-ary
lor an efficient Eiitutivenl llit-. ureal
Municipality, llir»nln..ii. ami .*..na.ieii*
liom mirk ni-reaanry in ki-epinulnllv In*
fnriiii'il aa to llu* iiim.ici jut I r.-<ni 1 r.-im-n I *-
,il the aetllem in the varimia pirla, ami
a juat and impartial ailniiiiiatrati,.ii ron-
li'rriMK lo tbe lulleat i«*iible cxt.-nt tin-
Ix'iii-flla ol law ami onler, cniiiiled ailli
. |.rndent and progrewive policy cnlrii-
latcd tn la-at promote the weliare ami
pnjiperity tt tlie entire Municipality: I
have plcaaure in IMffol n.n that I
know ol no rea.on why I cannot elflci
.•ntly nerve your public intenntii with
nenl and inteiirity.
Mv experience gaineil iiipiiblicrviri*
in thm Municipality mnl ( ily, .Inriuu
lhe laat three term., na Councillor ol
the IM.trirl Miiiiiclnaiily and Alderman
in the City, together willi liniinl nl
Trade work fnr a loniicr linn* anil hi in*
iliapiilably hnnorable mul nuMflll bin-
luii career ol 20 vean1 .lamllii|[ .lu.ul.l
lei.il In prove iny rllneaa d.r thin iin|«ir*
imi oflice.
If .l.it.'il, I .hall aie my iitmnet en
,lemur t>. urrtufIII my iluii,*.* in a man
ner that will prnve woitby ol your Iiiiiii
eat apprecalinti.
Earn.'stlv -.nlicilingymir influence and
vote, I remain,
Ymir Ohiilient .Servant.
Pianos 0 0 0
at BrtHjflins
Sotnc at hall rial valu,
We are taking many good
in.ui'is in exihange Ior tlie
Bill    illONOI \
lli. nn nt. sl mcclianical pliyer
on earth.
borne ol this, us, al pianoa
are an good as tin* day they
lilt the factory.
To reduce this stni k w h.u,
s.i.*. ted a iiiiuili.r ol baVflint,
iii'niitilul uptight pitnn i'i
$200   $223   $230
•1..iiiiiiiii 'I lu In- good us new.
$6, $7, $S |nr month
I IMill I'
i;;:i-iii HaatiopStreei
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Street, North VMcoiivef
We lire now  |m pun-il to
Ml l.l. KIK
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cin leave the Ferry Landing (or Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
ktreet and Lonsdale, Wincli street ind Keith Road is follows : 6:15
a.m., 6:4) a. in., 7:15 a. ni., 7:45 a. ni., 8:15 1. m., 9 1. 111. 9:40 a. in.,
10:101. m., Alter 10:15 1. m, cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Ttvcuty hrst and Lonsdile aventM, and Winch streei and Keith Roid
at five minutes to llu- hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars liave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Road as follows 1
ba. m., 6:55 a. m., 7:10 a.m., 8:05 1. in, 8:45 i.m, 9:30 i.m.
After 9:30 1. m. cars leave the Ferry Landing at ten minutes put the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
JjjJ"   All boats are nut by the cars.
WOOD, rut tn 16 in. Ic*n|(lh»
already for theatove A loatl
oontaint about Inalf a oord,
Price $'2 per load on or More
delivery. Poeitivety no wood
■ lelivi-n-tl without cnili.ns wa
runout afford to paj I Mile*-
lot nl thi« price. All onlim
will ri'Ci'ivt'proinpl lUentiOD
• Do ynu want *
•a chea|)
;Building Lot?*
just in tlio Citv Limn- 1)10x132 feet,
The Seymour Hotel
11 rated M *Ki|mour PI|k   Um,
qu.rlrr mllr from wtiarf.
tinrii r: inforoal
iluwn  mnl
This is 1 first rlass hotel,
ind is now open to the
general public. Good
accommodation and
service guaranteed
Road connections from North
Vancouver for Vehicles.
lil pi-r cent.
1 Houses for Rtnt or Sale
all over the City       •
i-i ... 21
Him*' Km tt I
' KIKIl that all caaea ol inlaetioni.
.aiiitatii.il. "i epiilMnic diaeaae, ol a
< liararter dannernua le public health,
innil he r.*|»,rt.*.| to the Muliial Health
rltr Clerk.
(Uv llall, North Vancouver, B.C.
July tltli, HMH.
Tin'   ratepayers'   issoclation
meeting   im"  civil   candidates,
w.is Iii'iii in Larson' i |a.a\ilion,
un Monday evening.   President
Willi,un   Miiiil.ii   occupied   tkl
Alili'tin in   M.i'.,   i!i.   .i
tlllll's    l.llllllll.it.      L'I      Ml', aal    W    .
Inst speaker and, in tin course
..I Ins remarks, ri-li i red in  the
Ul.llll   ISSllls   III.W    1 a li.la    lil,    I ll.
torate, and hk. wise Ins ov
llllllll-   laall.llal   ill.    Ir'.lllltli'tlS   I   |
th. ..ss,hi.iu .11, .iuitinj; in., ral
.nul [requent applause.
S    I).  S.liiill/.   U     McNeish,
I',   \\   MiK.ii, II. \\. Voui
U    Kowler  .nul  u. 11   Braim
i*.u li  .iiMiissril  th,*  ,i si.ii.itii.ii,
ami llu* iln I*.is
ail;; ilu* .issiiilaliotl Ior ex-
lending iiii-. conrteiy in   him,
.nul promising a nmre extended
:i   ii   tin- regular annual
meeling mi Wedneeday evening,
II. i iii n ni in somi- ol tin-   rein .irjis nl lhc previous speaker,
i'a .'. Ilia li Air. I'hilip laler made
.nul   answered   several
queries Irom members ol   the
Aldermen Wheeler and Crick-
ni.i*. also made short ipeechee-
promising a report Irom llieir
i' s|n ,iiu* department! on Wed-
i i evening.
Tlu .ninii,il meeting oi the
ratepayers ol the district ot
North Vancouver was held in
the municipal hall on Tuesday
evening. Reeve May occupied
the chair, There was a lan at*
ucidaling his tendance "l electors, among thi
a. < nn ] i.i ii \  Imii'; a goodly representation Irom Vancouver,
Tin- financial statement oi the
diitrict lor the vear was placed
in   lhe   hands   nl those present
position on civil matters   nni
soli.King ihe hiii'H suppoii ni
Ins li'llnw  iili'iiis in Ins   i,iii
dul.ii \ .
Alexander    I'hilip    had    been	
liked ia. repl} to some nil- and adopted without discussion,
iiisins ui tin association's at The report was ■ clear and con-
tittule in ihe matter ol sewage cise\statement ol tin- afaira ol
and ro.nl wmk, under local iin-1the municipality, and was ac-
priiMiiiiiii Tin Kwagt scheme companied by i circular, which
w.is ,i large one and inns',, oil dwell upon the main points ol
aecenity, in-mu to comprehend ilu- statistical portion,
the wlmli- city Mayor Keah Reeve May, in hii opening re-
conceded that the maim had to marki, expressed his regret at
(oiin a general chargi fhis severing his connection with the
was a large concession, as there district council, bnt lie had
nnisi In a number oi mains, and yielded to the itrong and per-
these would lorm the mon lent influence ol many   city
pensive pari ol the work,   Bul  ratepayer!  to  stand  ior   the
nothing was to be gained   by mayoralty,
dividing the remainder into 1"     Councillor J, V. McNaught,
ial Improvement sections     Ai|candidate for reeve, wai in la
tin- si Ill-tin- nnisi In- one, so tbt
iniul slu.uld he .nu. Hut the
assm iaiimi believed that until
ilu- sewage system was available lm- tin UM, ol ill. iluic
should be a moderate sewage
rental charged to those who
had it, to apply
sinking nm
nn .a an equitable policy toil.n.i all parts of the districi,
.nul ni special lavor toward
none, He touched upon the iuh
mineral deposits of thc upper
I,mn and Seymour \ alleys, declaring than to be second to
..ii interest and none in the province, and den*
 H uni'ii i" .iti,n il employment  to
Regarding road work, il» ai   hundreds ol workmen.   He was
sul,iiniii mir uli rril thai i'.n  in  lavor ol the extension   pi
sittl.r sluiiil.1 have, ai general Keith i I both cast and west,
expense, t twenty lool road and creating a scenic driveway over
a lour loot side wal', ol   twuiii  miles long,    As tor the
Kealj had alleged thai 'his Second S'arrows bridge, he was
would ...si | and an al   ol lhe opinion that the problem
Herman had pnl ihi cost al Si    could be solved by the forma-
 "..    What were lhe farts.'ltion ol a joint stock company,
They had ■ total "i about hj in which all neighboring munici-
milis "i streets, ol which, ai palitiei might purchase shares.
cording lo ilu engineer'* n Ue would be in favor ol collect-
ports, 'w,nn i ilesol walk and in a small toll from heavy wa-
more lhan thai ol ■ goes, but allowing light rigs
ilready constructed, There and pedestrians to cross free.
were approximate^ |n miles He had taken nn active part in
still to construct, the total cosl promoting the proponed ferry
ni which should nol exceed $4, across the First Narrows, and
ono per mile, 01 mi,. ...,,,.. ilto   was in lavor of the project.
general Councillor Nye, candidate for
rate should provide Ibr cob reeve, had endeavored to secure
struction ol thi taking ol tome active steps
miles pei annum, il the manage*  to Induce the B.C. Bl. Rv. Co,
ment expenses 1 re kepi 1 n   to    extend    their    tramlines
able; and il more lhan Ihal throughout lhe district, and
milcagi wi [or settlers, also their electric light  wires,
the ratepayers would gladlj bul had not succeeded, tf elect-
pui through .1 in.ill loan to ed reeve, be would make a
provide the funds special endeavor to accomplish
Tin lion   thii. I   He inlisidiTcd  the local
had i" the  i'i. 1111   local   iin improvement plan the beat om
provemeni bylaw were, th 1   il to follow In opening up trunk
was inequilahli in ll  operation roadi whea required, and (or of.
Why wni                       1 ,iii [ering every Inducement to sei-
llliles  to  be  li'.* Side   mails   should    be
twenty uuh    .iln-.ul*,   luili out oi genual fund, when
constructed ai   -enei il expense?'
It      W.IS      hllllla 1 1,1',' ill,
w In le 11.. roads lu.w   exist,    as
in w    * nld   11 a
into      *     li *.,'     ililprovi Hunt
s. hi I. .    .!      on arrival       ll
a   settler   would   guarantee    a
building.   Tin- Second Narrows
. 111 Ins opinion, should he
ii.. iii'in tolls ..I even deecrip-
iiul ihould In- so managed
as 1.1 assist  in   rvi-rv   wav    111
has proved - ■;. Iding Up this sul. of Hurrard
sue 1 i. ..1 raining funds   ss Inlei    T in opening op oi Keith
ill.     |.| iei     11.1I1/1 'I   l"l    I"  VI .11
llllllll llll 11.a    111   I       ,
the city a    i" ■  .1 in    inti !• ■*i
It is doubling   lu 1 11   .1
iiuiiii.. 1 ol ilu  1 itt pawl      and
W ill     .ISSllll all'       '111 Il.i      ill .lllll
teiii.   i"  the  prejudice ol  the
.iii   .nul it ii 1 iui' 1,lm *
tin 111 - '*• 1 n dii ha pull li local
requirements   nnd  Ihal   al   .1
inn.* when Ihal cn-di
lllllsi 1 Mil   .
Tin 1 redil "I tin ritj 1 ailed for
III. I    .' oil.ill.'   .   . ..llllll    I'.II'.W
ing. and loi '.nh inosl urgi-nl
needs, and lull .mil clear ai
rounting Riven Ihese, then
w.is ii" reason win 'In .in
Imiilil imi S..1111 (.et ,.|| illinium v iliei ii'i'iiii'l ..I Irom 1
lo 1'  p.r ..ni    iiiii re 1    and
lllal    was   lhe   end,    Iiii.nn 1.illi
p. aking   1 hi 1 should all   aim
to reach
Mayoi K...li. wh.. ..iim    in
llllllll"    llll     lllll,Ills   aal     1||       I'hll
ip. npon il" ii'i'i.sl ol llu pus
idelll,   III.ule   a   short   address,
 I  through Capilano woulc
n mii 1 .im .slid, .. section that
Would rival Kltsalatio. This
road -.Inatllil likewise lie exletld-
1*1 tn au eastward direction, li
had been uid that be would not
do am llliPg lm I,vnn valley,bill
I,, had supported every im-
proveim nl in the valley during
Ins terms as councillor, and
would continue to work (or the
ad. an. .Ill.lil  of the whole    dis
im i impartially,
\\ .1. it wm, i, itiiinl, lie for
new.111 a compreheniive speech
covered practically the entire
li 1 ol itemi ol importance la
ilu administration ol Ike all.nts
oi il.. .lunn 1 declaring hint-
il lavor "I a polii\ as lol-
|i 1*     An administration as ec-
oni'iiinal ,is is consistent with
ellu 11111 1 :  the efficient Illainten-
.iiu a ol trunk and branch roads;
the adequate protection of all
bridges; roads for new settlers
on guar,miee ol actual settlement;  macadamized roads  on
PHONE   93
January Sale
10-4 Flannelette Blankets, regular J1.25, Sale Price fi.oo
114 Flannelette Blankets, regular $1,50, Sale Pno $1.25
All qualities and sizes in Wool Blankets,
equally low prices.
50c. all wool  Scarlet Flannel, sale  40c.
45c Camabellford  Flannel, Sale  35c.
15c Art Muslin  10c.
loc. White Cotton, Sale  H t*2c.
Ladies' Hlack Knitted Gloves  25c.
"          "           "           "      JjC.
Men's Wool Milts, Sale Price  35c.
Men's Wool Gloves, Sale 45c. and 35c.
Penman's Underwear, suit  1.70
Men's All-Wool Sweaters, all colors, heavy, Sale 3.35
Men's All-Wool Sweaters, Sale  I.OJ
lm- -nli* in the
North Vancouver
Respectfully Solicits Your Vote
and Influence
We especially recommend
Lot -Ifi, block 166,
Lots 88, 29, 80, block 167,
Lots   6, 9, 10,11,12,
13,14, 15, 16, block 169,
at $1750 each
at $1250 each
at $1500 each
TKRMS—One-quarter rush; balance spread over
a period of three years, at 7 per cent.
li.inl   iiiipriiviuieiit    pi.111,     the
general hnd pnyin| .1 [nir proportion in lien of cosl nf inter-
sections; water supply in well
scltlcd seclions; school extension as required; hearty co-op-
eraliott ol neighboring ltninici-
palilies for | trallic Hirid-je a-
cross the Second Narrows; CO"
opt ration with the city of Vancouver, looking to harbor improvements, as lo litle Hats,
First Narrows, foreshore rights
etc., 1S0 days' notice for municipalities concerned when any
railway company is applying
for a charter, or for extension
of charter; the building oi at
least two wharves east and
west liv the Dominion government, an appropriation for $16,-
000 for one of which, it is understood, will lie included in
the estimates at the approach*
illg session; proper transportation as to ferries, etc.; the extension of the present tramlines
to l.ynn valley, Lonsdale north,
and Capilano, and the construction ol additional lines thr.iiigii-
out the tlistrict; the utilization
of local Water power for providing electric light nnd power,
when suih is required; telephone
extension throughout the distrii t; the adequate protection
of the watersheds liv preservation of forests along streams,
and other helpful expedients;
provincial assistance lo roads
anil trails through provincial
lands; the encotirageiiienl of
new industries; the attraction
if settlers of the most desirable
class; and many other importanl issues.
The meeting was likewise addressed by Percy King and
Peter Westover, candidates   [or
councillor, A resolution of appreciation   ol   the   scrviies   ol
reeve Max was adopted ind also
a million ol iliss.itisl.u lum with
the old lerry service and ol appreciation ol the ellorls of lhc
new fetrv coinpanv.
IM Cordova Mud, Vancouver, ft. C.
I'.I I. BOX 38H.
You Can't
You've got lo look at—live with—
ami be sociable with your suit. You
may as well liave the best your money
will buy
A Kit-Reform Suit has all the latest kinks of fashion,—see theni.
Our Overcoats at
Are Corker*
iuum 1 mm
Real Estate Brokers
1 ui *nd net iNMiisn
'*■  ,      »'..    !•   I".
TIE R. f, ntUKfT LMI \-
mm en.
I/nan. Granted   lur I,,.nir of Short
Peril..- nt S1. per rent.
Iti Lonsdale Avenue
■^••'•■•^••^••^••J** •*■•-•••■•**■••• *•• •*• •*••*• •*■» •*• •*♦*•■» •*• a*a
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver
Mail Ordan ami Samples on application
Milt*. Ri, Chain E. Bulls.. MA,
H'.iirjer. mi.I .lay tn,*/* received on moderate iiulii.ive
Icnii*. 'flu- -i'li".il uill r.**..|,..|i
imi Monday, Jan. Ulli, IWltl.
A li"'!".* M'li..|i...-i.i|. will Im>nfler.'.! at Kaati-r (>>r r.iiii|H*liii..ii
l.v l.'aitr.l.'r..
a*..*..*..** .*./.A.|..*..'..'. A .*./..*. /..*..*..*.,*,.*..\
*$*®*st+®*c^-t-+.4. •♦•♦•♦
1The Williams |
tMeat Markett
I t
i   (rives  away  FREE   1
f   as well aa savins vou   |
(•->   < - .1- i
*    lo par e.-nt ot your    *
|    meat bills. i
f- I
t Choicest Beef Pork, Mut J
I ton, Lamb and Poultry a
J Bargain Prices.* -> > j" |
every dav mid ■ FlH
l;irry Tulot uitb
nch joe piirehiie „
We keep bo ilelieert
wagons, 1111 lionk-
loepers. and sell fur
. hsIi only. . . .
* asi Prices ore Marked in Pan Fiourtks"
liims Mfiit lliiiki'i;
.^.H    11 HaMlnp st., in-t       *
For Sale—(The largest list to choose frim,)
Lots ami Hlocks in all parts of the city,
anil liistriet. Houses on small cash payment.   Acreage in city ami district.
Special opportunities for investment now. List
your bargains wilh us for quick sale.
Houses, Flats and Stores—a good selection at
reasonable rentals.
We have applications 101 several loans on the
best lirst mortgage security in sums of $500
to $10,000. Interest 7, 8 A il p c. per annum.
Irwin it- Billings Co.,
CM   I...I...I.I.  a,,   .ivl m Ii 1*1
S, lh V«l|.*.iil»**r   B.C.
Tvleptiont, II
(llilf   ..fan* tm-li^rt
lllU of
all kind* of MWoa and Anli.|iie I iirni-
tur.', Sl.ire, Dili.-.-, Hank ami liar Ki«*
tur,'-.   Kt'i'airiiiK in all ila Itiiii.Ii.'..
HI I laiaal HI. 11'., H, I. I h,'.t»rl.M .11.1 l.,.ll**l«l|.
I.|.|...ail.    N*ll.l..l
MAII.illlliKKS-iiveii |in„iipl atti'iilion
Quantity Surveyor and Architect
District of North Vancouver
Court of Revision _
! VOTICE i>  Ii.t,*I'V  uivnn  tint  tbt
^—_—_—^—^—^_^_^_m | A"    Court ol R«vi»ion "I tli.' ol
North Vancouver will be held in the
»8turdaU, Jan. 16, 1909 Diatrict Municipal Office E.pl.n.de
,,„.,, I Norlli Vancouver, on Monday, the 8th
day ol February, l||0|i, al 2 o'clock p.ra.,
to ri-i-i".* the Diatrict Aneaiment Roll,
and to hear complalnti and appealH
a|*aitiat thi' a-wannicnta made by tht
Aa.eaa.ir. Notice ol appeal mint be
THOMAS \ NYF ' l<xlH with me no. leu than ten dayi
inUPlAS   9.   Wit      |,,|*re the aaid date.
Hated at North Vancouver the Mil day
of January, lulln.
30—41. C. M C.
District Election*
Ymir vote nnil intliieiiee
are lolioited on behalf nf
for  lieeve nf the District of
.North Vancouver for 11)09


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