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It is to lie hoped thai the nmni-
-cipal council will move it*, the
matter regarding th" proposed rail -
way and veheculanand passenger
bridge across the Second narrows.
It will In' remembered that Mr. \V.
McNeil, ol the V., W. & V. Rail-
way Company, stated at the recent
banquet of the Western Corporation thai in December hist he re.
turned Irom Ottawa with an order*
lin-council in his pocket approving
the plana ior the proposed "rail'
'Way" bridge. This means that
,»t least co iw as .tlie company is
concerned, wtUy t railway bridge
will bt: built ,Mr. McNeil also
pointed out that if North Vancoti'
ver and Vancouver wished for a
•' irallic " bridge lhat the plans
cniilil be altered, either to widen it
ii make it ;• double-decker, similar
to the one across the Fraser rivi
at New Westminster, If this
were done, all parties would he
accoillll ' 'd. And now that
tha- cotnpi it is preparing i'-s plans
(or a l'i'i.i a' bridge or'v we hold
(hat it mgent and foatmbent on'
the tow.n ativw< (to late this
matter up \ fa {til atlw munii
palities wit.'-i'ut tWay, and press
lot .t comliiued railway and ti if! t
Jlrtdge. The very lilc of .this
•municipality depends upon the
The municipal .council h( Id t
special meeting on Tuesday night
to discuss, with representatives of
Vancouver council, the building ol
a pipe line and road and bridges
tn the proposed intake of the city
waterworks on Seymour creek,
crossing and recrossing that stream
The representatives of Vancou>
ver were I His Worship Mayor
Bethune, Aid. Stewart, City Clerk
McEvoy, Engineer Burwell ami
Superintendent S, Madison.
Councillors Irwin, Dr. Jordan,
Emery, May and Clerk Philip were
present for North Vancouver.
"Steve' Madisou's dog and The
Exi'RUSS reporter were the only
spectators present.
Acting Reeve May welcomed
the deputation, regretting the
absence of Keeve Kealy, on account of his very severe illness,
lie said,  although snme conlro-
I'l'.ni. a Letter Written  hy Chas. E,
Ilai|ii'vmi '"aal ai tin- Western
Corporation Banquet.]
Th remarks of a comparative
stranger shows better, pi rhaps,
than anything else how the possibilities ol North Vancouver are
looked upon by outsiders Three
or four of us were talking over the
situation "I tli' oast generally,
and the question cropped up as to
where would be a g 1 place for a
young m it ii to start in anv business,
ami, so to speak, grow up with thc
country. All thoughts turned al
once to Prince Rupertas being the
future Vancouver of the north, and
whose history would probably re-
peat Vancouver's during the last
eighteen years, except that it is
generally expected it will have a
more rapid growth in its earliei
stages. The concensus ol opinion
seemed to be among lhe men who
were discussing this, that Prinoe
Rupert would undoubtedly be the
place,    Somewhat to our.istonish-
versjalpoints may come up, so farlmcnt one of our number said,
is the councillors were concerned, j •• No! My choke would he North
^^^^^^^^^^^^        " Vancouver"   The gentleman who
There was a large atten land ol
mem hers at the general half-
yearly meeting "f thi N nth Van-
co iver Ail'- ti* i :i v, ,-a h .'..tils Id  iu .Vtiucti.- ball ..: i\|    , i
aSVI t.i'   '
I'lisiili'iit Mi.'Krtt-ic it, a p ":i.:
compliment! '1 th : assoi iation on
llu- progress it had madi sinci ii-
im. i lion, six months ago, lt
statli il with alioul ja' members,
and now the roaster stood at 75.
Mayo:  lii 'I ."'a    ..iiii ihal if lit-'
ui.t I was us'.' .'"• Ln ■■. i tfuftii
llien    ihr    i'a'. ositioi    "i    iln
.      ' I lip :       •   be   .;i'lie  r.ti'i.
r,i. City ol Vancouvei should no;
ll.'    ' Xpi Ctetl    10       j"  tl  !    •  I   '..1 1.;
.-, ■ too iur a heavy Irallic roa I.
ll ilu- I.i.nls 11'. tt ams . "'• ui be
regulated in wi ight ii would re.
pit" i greal deal ol uutu cessarj
i.\|i use,
1   11111 illor    Emi ry    said    he
thou :1k ili.it 1 'mi lool .aiaiil should
ihe gymnasium  had  been coin-l^' gretted,  aui  later on   the
, .  ,'     , ., -i   municipality may improve it.
jili-vl. ami  was weil patronized.      ,.    ■'       ,,       ,,     -. .,      ,
           ' , ,|   Engineer Hurwell said that the
tunnels would be an obstruction.
the friendliest ol feeling would
The legal asp; cl of the proposed
right . wai' as a private or public
structure was thoroughly nmu' injo
Ch rk McEvoy s:. d that In
thought it should In' a private
one, hut sliould be suitable loi
buggy driving, such as ilie one
around Simile; park.
Councillor Emery thought one
like that would only be a tourist
road, and would deprive a goo 1
many settlers ingress and egress
to their respective properties.
Aid. Stewan   sai.I  that a small
be shipped by way of Panama,
but also goods from the Eastern
States, lie mentioned incidentally the car shortage, and the in-
tap,n in ul the present transcontinental lines, either in the States or
Canada, to properly cope with the
constantly increasing irallic, and
that in any case
would probably be smaller to
North Vancouver, by way of
Panama, than the rail rati s would
he across the continent direct,
Summing up, he said. North
Vancouvei would be the salt water
supply point for the new North
w. si both for lumber, lish and general merchandise, and a shipping
point (or wheat, heel, etc., the products uf the prairie. In .other
words, that this port would have
buth an inward and outward trade.
whereas Prince Rupert would have
an outward trade only, and would
have to divide it with Kitiinat.
Lights Off.
made this tmpresaion is a man ol
middle age, bas '.. ad a wide ex-
I   ience on  this toast  and thei
middle west ol uew towus, as he j
travels about -i   » iod   deal,  audi
whose   opin   -   would certainly
be oi value tu an; one on a subject
oi this kind.   He said that Prince
Rupert would undoubtedly be
to China and Japan oi the products
of that part.i'l the new Northwest,
that is, the northern portions ol
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sa-katchcw.in and Alberta, which
rancher would not need heavy]would be tapped by the line ol
trsllic like the lumber mills. -tin- Grand Tutuk Pacific, and that
account ol changing the
voltage Irom 1,000 to 3,000, tin
electric lights will be turned ofl
tomorrow (Saturday).
J'he   club    held    two   successful
■.nioking   conceits,   which   had
in tied tin- satisfactory sum ol $50,
cesses and were among the t«ios-
popular held during the season.
•Regarding the procuring of a suitable athletic grounds fur the Coming season, the club had applied
to the nuuiieipal council to put the
Western portion of Victoria .path
tn shape, and it was anticipated
lhat the council would shortly
lliove in the matter. Also a com-
tuitti e had been appointed to see
what might be done with the horticultural grounds, The president
(hanked thi officers and members
ior their good work. (Applause
. Secretary-Treasurer Waiter C
Green reported thai there v.a.. a
-ash balance, after everything had
been paid, il $48 ot, of which
$3t.O! was in the bank. (Applause. )
The  election ol nllicers.   which      __________________
was a spirited contest, resulted as than Vancouver, especially il small
(ollows: C. McKenzie, re-elected holdings were to be encouraged,
president; T. K. Clark, vice prcsi- The traffic ovei roads ol this kind
dent; Birt Campbell, secretary- was generallj clewed differently
treasurer,    Executive Committee by different councils.
Hex Dawson, II. I.urns, M. S. Engineer Burwell said that
McDowell. Auditors M. S. Mc- heavy waggons were liable to
Dowell and Geo. Hartley. damage the pipi -, whii ll must be
Theretitingolliccrswt re thanked laid under a fairl- hard road, no as
Clerk McEvoy pointed out that
^^^^^^^^^^^^ it was really only a teii-lon: right-
four .lances proved greal sne-1of-way lor the pipe lim th il was
■»iked (or. tho igh the roa I :tsc;(
would be twenty feet wide from
ditch IO dili li.
Acting Keeve May said that
the council did not want to
b" obstructionists, but wanted
the road constructed for the
mutual advantages of both corporations.
Councillor Irwin said bethought
that North Vancouver should not
keep the ruad in repair.
Clerk McEvoy said that the
municipality would have an interest in same aud could regulate
tin irallic
Councillor Irwin said ihat in
case ni landslides or wai; ul il
would be very costly.
Ch rk Mi Evoj We would nuke
exceptions in cases like that The
iratiic over the ruad would be ol
more interest to North  Vancouver
ior their services during the term,
as was also L. Reda lor a Imx ol
"Terminus"smokes, which were
enjoyed by those present,
A vote of thanks was passed to
V. Larson for his activity in the
smoking concert ami generous donation of his prise lor selling the
most tickets.
ll was decided to have a basket
ball t'l'iie one night each week,
'ihe li. st started yestorda) i vening.
i'he players in ihe proposed
whist tournament will be as (ol
lows I Mi Kenzie, liin Camp
inil I'. Keeley, G. 11. Howies,
R. Dauson. T. Clark, W, Gn en,
M. S. McDowell, j. C, Williams,
J Ki iincdv, Ij. Anson, P Bren
to lie protected from [alii
rolling boulders, 1 tc.
Superintendent   Madison    ai I
that the city would use till road
Oil an average allei ll WIS built
about twice a week—onlj liv sup
plies (or the men.
Mayor Bethune said in thai 1 aai
the municipality should maintain
the road lor small rani hers.
A long discussion then ensued
ou what kind i'1 ri ad was the
most desirable and practical (or
il.a • lunicipality, and whither land
. . A unit road should be ex-
propriated or not
I:; Ihr ali'.i ni ,   ul    ReeVI    1.' .li .'
it was con lercd thai il was de
sirable lo hold anothi 1 11111 ting to
lurther discuss the matter.
Kitiwai it all probability, would
be the shipping point foi tlie products ii ilie neM Northwest, which
>. ' 1 Id 1" ;.•!';! a' la\ ih,- hue of tl ■
11 JVi 1 i.'.i'n Railway, Tl is
i' uuld  io " /. at, in ■ 1. dairy
lets, etc.
But, as Imllt tie se railways
would, in all probability 1 iliu 1
hn .e running powi rs uvi r the line
ul the Vam ouver, Westminsti 1 &
Yukon Railway between North
Vancouver 1 d Fort G, irge,
would themselves build inde-
p. mie it lines, chat North Vancouver would consequently be the
shipping point loi all the produi ts
ul the new Northwest, which
would be shipped tii Europe and
tin old country, over all that ti ui
toi tappi d bj both the I ii a id
fru ill Pacific and Canadian
Ni ti era Railways, He pointed
out that the Panama canal would
probably be finished about the
same lime tl at the Grand Trunk
pacifu 1 an 'ban Northern and
Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon
Railways were finished : that this
would consequently .shorten and
cheapen the route front N trth
Vancouver to Europe, and that
this will mean in all probability
that a verj mm h larger amount oi
the products of the new Northwest
will be sent to Europe
I'.  MM   a 1   thi    PANAMA  ' ASM
than will I" sent tii China and
)apan In way ol the Fort Simpson
ami Kiiitea* routes combined.
He lurther pointi -1 out that as
the distance from Nurtli \ a      1
vi 1 in l'i a in orge wa ■ tin
ur possibly a little shorter than
Porl Simpson or Kitiinat to Fori
George, that tins would n 1
.ill .11.a Iiii.iikI. that the liith
plies lor the new Northwi sl •■■ il
verj largely be drawn (rout Norl 1
Less than a year ago Mr. Dan
Amskold purchased propcrt) al
tht comer of First street and
Clu aterl 'til avenue. On [uesdaj
he sold it lor ^4,500—doubling his
Tini'i. are dull for the reform* 1
■.hen ihei .iu- good loi uverybod-
and craft,   by W.
Larson's wharl.
D.   Duke,   at
lu out   :  ■ ol   thers. we,
tin    ;   , ill     11 tlailj   ' el)   1111
K  II. liijxe. ol N •'    '.
■   1.   iicnl   down   to   Victoria   Oll
'    ■     a..
! a.   man who has a mania for
ii, to hi pitied.
1 ut. Express has purchased a
- e power pi . liius 1 nabling a
: 1 in ream it* siii to eight pages
It has :.' 1 yel hei a definitt . 1I1
cided wlii ue i 11 will issue twice 11
week or contiuue thc regnlai
weekly issue. The change, how
ever, will be made the Iir-,! week
in Man li.
I 1. is of Till    I'll
II I . in, Ellg., ma) see same
on Iiie at The CM;-, 30 Outer
11111 pie, Strand.
R. II. Slum \. ol tin New Wesl
unfit11, and Mra.Stonej
spent Sundaj hi re wilh friends,
J. F. Napier,
on Tuesday.
law sun, was here
W.   II    Stoney,
laper-hanger,    has
painter   ami
rei ived   his
A wharf has been procured
which will bu used for all kinds
ol building material, including
lime, cement, sand, tiling, brick,
etc.    Coal will also be handled.
It is reported thai an important
ileal in real estate h::s been pul
through on the water front, near
Lonsdale gardens, three lots having been sold lo a syndicate.
Some mon have luck,
111 iiie lliul can't he said ;
ll luck struck mo
I'm sure 'twould strike mo dead !
ihis is Lenten season.
The school board has asked (or
an extraordinary expenditure 1 f
Jj.ooo by the municipal council
tur a proposed school site ill the
east end. This is lar-sighledness
un the part ol the school board,
and should be reciprocated by the
municipal council.
The many friends and acquaintances of Mis. A. K. Stacey, who
iias bell ill for several months,
will he pleased to learn thai sll
has so lar recov. led as to be out
The school board has decided to
expend $4,500 in building two additional rooms to the school house,
as well as putting in a modern
lavatory. These will In: ready foi
use after the midsummer vacation.
At a recent tm cling uf the school
board it was decided to increa
tin salaries ol lhe teachers.   The
principal's pie: ut stipend of S75
a month was raised im, anil alter
midsummer it will be J to 1  per
month.    His assistant's salary v. a
Sin,  now  it  is Sou, ami alti t tll
vacation veil be 1*115.   The teaclu
at Moodyville had hers advanci 1
iu $50, ami after the holidays ii will
In- increased to (55.   The tutor at
!.x nn  Valley  will get   a  similar
1 lie social hop of the Athletic
Clul  Tuesdaj  night was en
luii i| by some twenty couples. It
• .1 ■ ii at midnight; all bung delighted with the evening's amuse
mi tu. The committee responsible
for this popular and successful
event comprised Roy Win Ger
Rex Dawson and W. Green.
Nuiii ■ s arc being served on a
number ol owners and tenants
having unsanitary premises in t
Spring is here. Clean up your
back yards.
call pap. 1  samples  and  is  ready
for business.
Since Ihe lirst ol the month
1 u un . in niiii antili 1 in li s,
In 1. al "'tis, has 111 n ta ported
quiet, This is no doubt owing in
a measure to the ulei lion an 1 greal
.11 in ity in real estate.
I wn mon tugs will 1"  built al
Wallai ■ -   iii|'  :.u I     ■-. rk  a a:
wlm Ii Will I"
Spring Brai I n an Ki 1
'.'        > 1 ived .1
1 mem ol *!■ -' 1   in I
vi gi tabli gardt n boi ds.
Tenth is are I" ing 1 ailed for tin
1 instruction ol a hie hall and jail
iur thc municipality.
F. L. Ni sl eii. Spokane, ar
rived on Wednesday,   lie is look-
1 .- 1 thc plan, with a vii w  ol
a 11 ai.- '  Iii 11  and going into Ihe
brush and broom business.
The other day Mr. A. K. Stacey,
chairman oi the school board, was
talking   with   Mr. S. Martin, fote-
man of the Wi iti rn C rporation,
aboui iln Iati lortagi ol fuel and
"i the si.houl houses,
when the latt< r gentleman related
:, experience. He said that,
owing 10 the cold weather, he
could not work, su hi n solvi d to
l*o loi .1 week's hunting tup and
outing in llu- 1 tains, jllBt bai k
u| the munii ip.dill,  and  took his
faithful due along with liim,   On
ii   his   di stination,   he
tarti il t   lo     in und fi 1 lhe hol
1       whii h  hi   Km v.   a, wi II,
ild   nol   find  it.     Alter
wand.ring foi  several  I a.::   tin
Iti mptcd   iu   run
■ 1   ice,   bm  broke
through and was lust     ll was the
int    spiing    li   .1 II    OVI 1.       Ml
lllll     Ull
Comment in
g Nov. 1, 1906.
•0.00 A. M.
•0.20 A. M,
•7.00   "
•7.20   "
8.16   "
8 :i5   "
0,00   "
9.20   "
lllllll   "
10.20   "
lll.l.-l  "
11.05    "
11.80   "
11.50   "
12.16 1'. M.
12.86 P. M.
1,00   "
1.20   "
1.15    "
2.06   "
2.80   "
2.50    "
8.18   "
8.86   "
4.111)    "
■1.20    "
4.15    "
5.05    "
6.80   "
5.50    "
11.15    "
0.86   "
7.no   "
7.20   "
8.15    "
8.86   "
9.16    "
0.45    "
10.15    "
10 45    "
•11.16   "
"11,15    "
* Net   ..11
^' the Court ni Revision, lo hear com-
plalntu nml appeals agalnat the assess-
ment nf lands aad Improvements by tliu
usii'ssnr "I llie district, and for other
purposes, aa provided liy the statutes,
iilil he lielil in the Municipal Hull,
North Vancouver, on Monday, tlie 18th
day oi March, A. D. 1907. ui " o'clock
p. 111. Ten days imi ice must he given
nn- iif all ;i|i|H-als bolore the suid date.
Ai.kx. Piiu.ir,
0. M. C.
' Council fur the erection of 11 lire
Hull uml iimil in Nnrth Vancouver,
Plans nml specifications enn be lean
at the Municipal Hull, when* sealed
tenders, with aiiarantee di-iiositH, nnut
i»e lmi(-e.l int inter than 8'ocloclt on
lhe Isili insl.
Aux. P1111.1i', C. M. 0.
''V    f.,r till
ition of limiil Tux Col
lector. Applicant* in -tnto commission
wanted fnr the work,and lo he prepared
to give bond mr (300,  Applications ra
lie in ut tin- Municipal Hull iia-t'Ta' eight
o'clock nil the IHih lust,
ALIX. Pllll.ll'.
C. M. C.
" ilie Council nf Norih Vancou*
vor for the position ol Medical Health
Olllcer ol thu District. Salary, (800 net
annum.   Application!, giving suitnlilo
refercniTf nnil testimonials, must hu in
Dl tlie Municipal Hull imt later lliun
Monday, 18th lust.
Ai ax. Philip,
'|'l'.Nlti:i:s WANTED FOR CLEAR-
' INII Lota one und two. ro-autv
lid.imi ihe, -Hock 19,cornor Lonsdale
ai,i'ini" mnl Seventeenth street.
Tliu lowest or any tender nol necei*
-mill accented.
Address N. V., Kxprism (illifo.
\,lt|.laaUa|,      ,111-1     till       ill-tllll        ____________________
i, i taa it, in preference lo Port     A tli"   t   annex has heen
Simpson ant) Kitiinat, whin  tin   itartetl al thu North   Vancouvei Vi' ,■'','"*,,.,"i""v
'    , , ,       . Martin hunks   his   i' iiiita:
Inn " r is iiiui'h inh imr in <tu I '     In ti a ,i i   .
,...        ., ' tins aa a I,n i
I his Uullll lellil    111   give   I lii,tin I ,     ,. ,,        ■■
'     1 he Nortli   \ am OUVI i   L00|)ci
age is very I    ,■ Ihcsi  da] -. In
auenl    hipin nli   11   harrela   io
i am ouvei being made.
freight Mies into North v
vet than inlo Prince Rupi rl
Kitamat on account "I tin n being
uo empty earn to haul. He
pointed out thai as the sea vot age,
hy way of i ither Caps Horn w
Panama, waa much Bhortei to
North Vancouver than Prince
llupert, that all the supplies from
Europe ler the new Northwi -t
would be sluppa <i through North
Vancouver,  and   that   wi   lillle
n ali/eil whal an enon    .11
thi ■ was going to be in the future,
Ih   et me I iii think it «
likely that imt only would ■ 0
innil the old country and liui ,
iin Tm I.e. evening birthdaj
ro clings were 0 ndi oal Miss 1 llga
Larson al the home nl In 1 parents
      al   the   lintel    Villi    lemuiiii
A bob-tailed dog not only looks'Hr    pti n room was buauti
bad, hut 1: 1si1anll.il linn tn o> ',"1 ' oecoraied Im tin   occasion
Juiin.' tin   evening dinner  was
*' 'aii.l.iv- .liter dule I Intend I" apply
tn ihe Hen. Chief Cotnmlsslonor t'f
l n f iiiiiI U'nrks  ia>  purcliase the
lollotrlllg deaiTtlieil trail rn' hind Inr
llslilna jiuriKMCa    Cot icing nt  s
|MSl    pUlllial    llll     Hie    Nortli    Sll"r.'    "I
aiross a.iiai, Iner Canal, ten chains Wesl "I ■
a t''.'1, tm,i,int into i hay, between
Barker und Low Points, marks I A.
Nye * I..; thence running Snrlli -JO
clialns; thence IVeil SO iinons; thence
'"niii 20chains to the shore ol Gardner
|Canal; llienco mst along the shore to
paaini ..I commor.c ant; containing 40
a. r>-, more cr le..-.
Dated this 20th day ..I January, 1007,
I       learoi gratitude.
1     B    Cudney,   the   pioneer
paintej ami >wa   ,   ,'      an, Ins
pring  amples on hand.
I • i-iai li p. i api ano, It i   itari
m! Ituihling a residi in c,   Cemi ill
' '.
A new enn ipii-e mii be itarti I
:li n . tn Imil'j   L.tj'.tll   boats
served,   and   instrumental   and
vni al     imi -n      ami      m tt.ili -ns
.'.. !•       ind ll| ' 'I      in,     tn      thi
•,:rt at   pie i   all.   Among
■ ,' -1      Mi   Nt' on,
M: - Li wilt, 'I      Cai     i. Miss
Mi I. i. Mr, .ii'l Mi i. U
Mrs, and Mts^ 1        in, Mi   and
Mi     \ i' kold, Ml   l<    11.   Hr.-.
Mi. ') iiiiii i, Mi Duke, Mi. Shaw,
Alplinnse Mi Yi t\, til Vancouver, has pun haled lour lots on
lliiiil stint, mar St. Patrick's
road, ami mil build a iwn itorey
reaidem e as soon as the weather is
We iall attention to M J.
Henry's  advi rtiscuicnt  in seeds.
In . I ami plants.   This well kininti
mrsi ryman guarantees Ins ito k
.is being tested, Reliable stoi \t
llll an   ,i gn al ileal Im   gardt inert, THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
u t;
Weekly Newspaper      Published by
Subscription      one Mini pei Vcur
I   l; WILLIAMS,              Mm
GEORGI': IURT1 n Editor
ii ;'   /, ,'ai
[ink's: ;.
aa|     -,li-
-   -Hull.
■it. Join
il'esi   Wel     I Count M
I hiahead
. '    i small  red    pnl
I triples      I  npplii tl  Ham-link  nnd
IV 'I del -' '' d  ivi h tie re nit."
Mi-    '    ■ ■   .    ol    I   :..:  a i   Milla
•II a wonderful
I tried i very-
ng I   ■.'   Id be thouglit of, bul
ile '     in  ui til Zmn-
ll i- a lino n 11 -1'
Mi     II   :       'i South ■ at'   s.i-l; .
i      i Zam llu   ■ ■, h■!..'•
■■a.".   ■ ■ I   -, ■■
,.:■ !'   a     ' :     I
,      I   '       I     !'-;      lilin al.a]     -llllll
■ a pZnm-Bult in the
Zain-Iluk  is particularly   adapted
■ I tender "kin      ll   -
m all :n ner il   ■ 1 ring mnl
et an I Iro   nn m il Int, I eing pure*
.  :   .
, ulcers, chnpp tl
alii :'
*-   an   ■
m   k
: nihil.. I ivell     .
i'i        ll
i il ne Ing,
Ul druggist"   an I   lores sell   nt
line a box, or post I
inm-Huk  Co.,    foron      loi    pi
l box      - :.'   : il   i- -a"
The  HclKht  mill  the   l.a'nBth  of  (li«
Deep Wilier vliiiintiilii..
now long iiiiii how high are tho great
waves of the ocean? The longest wave
In the records of M. Bortln, n  well
known naval architect who has been
making n careful Investigation of tho
matter, measured 2,500 feet from crest
hi crest, and lis "period" was twenty-
three seconds,  The long waves, however, nre not unusuully high, and In
1 deep waiter the height of a wavo of
2,500 I'av t Iii length would he not more
The Mark
That Tells
lliun oue fiftieth ol its length, or ubout
tiny (eel  Observers, particularly those
j who wero situated on small vessels,
•   .ii"   en waves much higher
j th.ni tii -, inn their observations nre
not of much value (or the reason thai
the Jet , o( -n.-h a vessel floats parallel i ■ the ss in-1., r ii„. wavea in-
purullel lo ihe piano ot the
horliiou, -unl the Inclination of tho fleck
will thus Ki*e tbo observers au oxng*
gcrutcd Impression ol the bolght of an
wave, Itecorda taken where
Ibis m '■ "i error was carefully elltn-
Inatofl show lhc highest waves in open
water to bavo measured llfty (eel from
trough t' ere.i, nlthougb M, Bortln is
aa: thi ' pinion thnt lu Iho southern
sens waves of even greater height than
this may inslonally I"' met,
As tin- waves enter shmil water their
"period" decreases and they become
higher, bo that ou striking a Bhoul a
forty foot wave will climb to a height
of lifiy feet nr more, Should it meat
an obstacle that approaches the vertical it may easily ba thrown up to a
height ol I1*' (eel or more, as at the
celebrated Eddystoue liitht ofr Plymouth, England, where suli.l green waiter has nt times heen known to reach
u height nf I"" feet,
Although the period of tha longest
wave mny occasionally reach twenty-
three * mis and ils length 2,500 feet,
sneli waves are exc Ilugly rare, the
eomiiiaiii length "f ii long wave uelug
something nver 500 feot und the period
ten Becouds.   The average period is
from sis to eight b mis nml lhe
length frnin 100 to 820 feet. It Is rarely that the bclgbi exceeds thirty-three
leet—Chicago News,
w White       ' a     '
■■'  ■    provide    ihnsl nnd
,ii-    ;,     th '   u" 1 I    '
31 '.l V Clen
',     .
a '    'I     '.■   '   '
,     ' ' ■    up -     '■
'       ' :'
•,- onfy by tl irentmenl
. | re able tn keep Ihemsol-
t and active vnriou
\t ii     i| |        know  the
I Pari *     '•
in rcgul iting tl     toinni
■     ping    III'-    la,-hi    il.'llf.
II     '..a-'    Iho
| Isaac H ■""-  M dl"
il   Halifax,  N.
a I.I    III   lhe .-lllllll- a iiii mission
Or »-n.w's C.ili-i'K.il Pnwiitr. - licv
iV ll Mum i'.i-'-t ol ilie Ilai ■ ' Era
mini Churt-h,  llutTaln  jlvi - itroni f-
,in. n-.- fi ' 'a in lnlii'iir in Hr.
u.,,„'. - . |cr   H" Im- tried
■a I    il  t- n ■ i ■■   ' III '  avail.
Ini Hr   iiin'K - Catarrhal I'ow*
.....I  ii   ...     are   nls
■ i.     |i    i    i v. ,ii i i'-il    . an I-    -•
I nil
t i  guilty  in  To-
■ liary.
Minard's Linimcni Cures Cold*, Etc.
pul," ,':i.'   i'..i-
,1 ....
■   '
I cm
», in ninl a  trantnent.
"Tl -■ t of mj
life," ■
. to me
I.. t nt that tlmo
I was a i
wroto ut ad
dress ng made l " feci
dlsplo   ■ :
full of rem I ii        ,\mong
oil,, r tIiiui a lil grow
•„.....        I llnliiltll
od atul
•nli'iii  "., .  . if a nni
poror ol and tli
Imt to
your        ■■ '
wn;, i nppenr ir Innn-
nnpai pored ■ d1 i -
when :
and worshli •■
era, i world
cam .' h iw 'i" i:. •'
J'aill.     bUt    11
Will     I
t thai
.in ne. Thunder,
.    . ' ',.'''
days of l
Trade mailed tliu l In .
.aia-'a    ' ■ a'-i, I A aa  ..tat
""-iceiha-wum-n, men .nil
children. I'oim filled.
Dr.lrra are aulKniiied ta
replace initamly ami al nui
•cat, any Pen-Angle gar
meat laully in material
tr   m a k i n g.        -a*e
Pen-Angle trade*
mark (in red) on
every Pen-Angla
garment, tells you
it will fit and won't
shrink, —your
own dealer so
punrantees it.
Underwear thua
trademarked ia
softer, warmer,
ni om flexible,
hotter wearing.
lliil'lor. uml   Mi-ill.-llll'..
Accordlug i» a Philadelphia druggist,
trade In Ws line Is now undergoing
some radical changes. "Doctors used
to give tholr patients prescript! ms for
everything," he says, "and of course
the druggist Ailed them. Nowadays,
however, most doctors keep a consld
entile quantity ol remedies in Ihelr
ollice inui nive them to the patient direct Tin-" remedies, mostly In tho
form "f pills ntnl powders, aro of
coursa nil right In themselves, but tha
practice Is kuocklng tho proscription
business bard, Doctors siill give snme
prescriptions, however, and bo wo bave
m maintain a prescription department
in nf nhl, but it Is getting t ' be a
smaller nnd smaller part uf the business, Many "f the remedies given out
by the doctors In this way aro pr tprle-
tary medicines, but ns long us the patient doesn't learn the namo of theni
he bns to go hack to the doctor for a
fresh supply."
\ I'niriiu With nn Appetite,
.V reporl recently reached Tokyo that
In ti village of tho provinco of Echlgo
thero was  a i old man who lived on
worms picked up from tho ground.
The rumor reached the ears "f the null orlth . ind n police olllcer was stout
to the villain where the strange gor-
initiiil lives tn Investigate,   Ho found
thnl the rumor was true and that the
■   not only worms, but also
-mikes, centlpcds and other Insects,
lie reported to his superior, asklug (ot
Instructions,  The latter, after con ult-
Ing In vain the laws of Japan for a
. forbidding tl atlng of Insects, replied, "Schlkntn gn nal," which
menus "Nothing enn bo done."   The
old man  wilh  His  rare  nppetlto  Is
■ -ays, lay htininnltitrlnn con-
■ - ug desirous of deliver-
ng I        ii try from those Insei ts by
eating them.   All Japan wishes him u
long llfo and a a tod appetite,
r.viiiniiiiii ni in- Hume,
Tlio Pcubody museum at Vale Is s ton
in line i exhlhltlou a series ol fos
..U upon which I'rofessor Lull has
been at work for nc i ral months, They
i.-jii'.-.i'iit :i - -:. mges la tbe
evolution "f Iho horse covering six
period      l •;■'   .-• the animal froi; ih" period when It was a
.  up 11 tho pn -"it horse,
these cl ad t itod by tho
bead tei th and fci t, tho last named
originally showing n three and lour
i 1 horse, l ho collection was originally m a ■ , l'i tfl tor O. C. Marsh,
who red t to tha Into Professor
Huxley svbon ho c nno to lecture In
Al lea thirty years ngo and who ns il
result ol his Investigation changed his
- 11 ti rlgln of the horse
from Europe to America, The series
Includes nearly a hundred specimens,
iniil I.. For thILIiik Unchlnea,
An unexpected use baa heen found
(or the talking i hlno In the Pacific
Islands. Tho nnt ve* have shown a rt-
Itietanco to cngngo tbomaolvea for tho
Australian labor market. Somo of
those already employed thero have been
Induced to speak Into a recorder about
the high ' ca tliey ( irn nml the other
ittracl ■ the plantations,
e been reproduced to
: Islanders with
highly bui ccssful rosulta.
Una. Mlii'h   Ire ItKtr. I
Wli '        ■    .     dozen todny?" n
1      ed nt tho gi r'fl,
a for 24 cents," aald the
grocoi ' ild mak tht rn !! ccnta per
down less"
"Then," snld tho lady, "I will tako
.'i a onl ' worth,
How i did ibl 'iuy?-t'-h>
eiwiut! Enqulror,
The Awful Oil-Ill Flak.
A traveler In Venezuela gives an In-
tcreatliiB description of the lish of lhe
j Orinoco country,   lie says tho party
several limes caiuc 111 contact Willi the
cnrlh fish,which are tho most ferocious
' inhabitants of tho water known, The
lish ure not over fourteen Inches long,
' but they travel In sebools. Their teeth
are throe cornered,  Any living object
I which attracts their attention Ib attacked with fury.  Mr. Thompson tells
: of nn Indian woman who entered tlio
waier In lill ii bucket. Sho was attacked by the fish and reached shore
' only to die In fifteen minutes. The
flesh wns literally turn from her body,
Mr. Dart, who was with Mr. Thompson, caught nne of the lish and pulled
It upon the bank, Ile held the earlli
under his foot while he pointed at tbo
peculiar teeth with his linger. With n
quick movement tho carib flopped out
(run: under Mr. Hart's font and seized
him by the finger, cutting that member
tn tho hon'. The lish frequently hnvo
been Ui.o.-n to bite ordinary fishhooks
In two,
lal    I.     Vaa.tn.1
"l made this potato salad for you
myself," smiied she. "Isn't It dell-
"It would be." assented her husband,
"If you bad put n little more oll and
vinegar and pepper mid mustard seed
and horseradish In the dressing ami
Introduced a sliced egg or two and a
f."v while onions nnd left half of the
potatoes out."
Wicked men cannot he friends either
n inline themselves or with the good.-
Something Thai SI mid b Rubbed
In Wliciievei pain is loll in the
liml,- ot back, lake Dr. Thomas'
ll.itrii- Oil; poui u little in the
band, and applying it to the surface
',.,'!.  which   the   pain lies,  rub
li the lit-i application(Ioob
id relief, which is not usual*
,   ihe case, kei p rubh ng.   The Oil
will gradu illy  pent trnh   I t tin   al*
:   ■  | pari and relief nil! come.
A Gentleman ul (lie Olil School.
Lady Dorothy Nevlll In ber reminiscences tells u stay of her father, a
gentleman of tbo old school, "In nankeen shorts, wiib white stockings nnd j
a brass buttoned blue eoat, with big
collar, nver ti beautifully embroidered
waistcoat."   Hut he swore, after tbo i
manner of the age. "He was traveling
nt night mi the continent alone In a
post chaise when the postboy, while :
passing  through  a  forest,  begun  to j
drive like a man nnythlng but certain
of his wuy.   My father's wrath soon
rose, and the explosion ef strong language which Issued (rum tbo carriage
sn alarmed the driver that, murmuring, j
'Jo ne veus pas condulre le dlnble' (I ,
will not drive the devil), he pulled up
nnd, having expeditiously unfastened
the traces, made off with his horses at
a gallop.  My father, I believe, passed
tho wbule night alone In the woods."
Th.   Wrong Jam.
nasltell-What's Bobby crying for?
Jim Haskell--Oh. the poor boy entight
bis dnger lu the pantry door. Haskell
-H'm! Ha evidently didn't get tha
Jam he was looking for thut time.
a o-ikit   -< P-nrli-br    ■
1  '"':■"• K8J3
' ' ' ,'
'Maria' l,! • '"'v' :'"' ' '
,'„;.    i-.,.„.„i„.ii.l.il   by   nf »•'"
l.liv-n lain-     Id
The   I .nil mill  II. Skin.
Tho toad Bhcds iis skin ut certain
periods, the old  I Coming nlf nnd
leaving a uew ono, which h a   I a
i irmod underneath. In its Bt a | it
does imt uive iis ensl off cool nwny te
nny poorer load, atul thoro nre no leads
dealing In second baud raiment. Nol-
ll or does II lonvo Its i nst ofl jacket on
the ground nfter the fashion of tbo
•iiifth'ss snake, it swallows its overcoat at i'lie mouthful, converting Its
stomach inin a portmanteau.
X  Unl  nl .Inlnl.
When 1 was n girl, llie aristocratic
noso was high, beautifully modeled,
rising In n delicately waving rldgo und
at the tip standing well nut from the
lace nnd nnt turned up. Hut now the
fashion Ims completely cbnnged. The
pretty women ono Bees portrayed In Illustrated papers nnd magazines vory
eiiliim have much to spook a'f In the
I'.-uy nf noses.—Dowagor lu London
i lironlolo,
in. Difficult** Ainiiii nur Composers,
"Who Is your favorite composer?" Inquired the nrlislic p> rsotl. "I can't say
'ist nt this moment," answered Mr.
I'timrnx, with uu appealing glance at
ids wife, "hut It's somebody whoso mu-
lie I enn't remember nnd whose name
i can't proni'ini'"i."
j First In Canada Will Be Prince Rupert,  Which  Will  Be  Built by
the Grand Trunk Pacific.
A tow generations hence the Arabian   Mjglild   mil   have   lost   their
charm, lhe llctitious marvels in tnui
iiuudorlul   chaplet   uf   astonishing
lilies will appcur quite commonplace
.u.l lhc Dying carpet and Aiauuins
' Lump will create only a feeling tnut
.nc  ngo  vsii,in  enjoyed them  inuol
1 l.uve  nccn a  period oi dan.i.e.-   in
au lhat relates iu science and mo*
ii is not mil., in ancient Arabian
tli that '.'ilea, magically appeal ou
.:. deserU. Now towns are bloi om-
iug "ii this laaiitiiciii almost overy
day, 'muii.- which in a decade aro
can.-. I he i iiiiudittli west has been
I ... o in priukling towns along tlic
....'.. ol leu ruilwuys. Ma''" iuteroste
iug lhan hasty town building i.s the
l. p isi 'I building tu order oi a great
commercial city on the llritisli Col-
com i I'; ti.c Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, I'rincc Unpen will bo
tliu lirst "built ni order" city In Canada, hut iwi lhc lirsl ono uii this ciii-
litienl. Tho United States Steel Cor-
, - uti -ti has in the pr.'.-ctil lillle 15,-
aaiii men engaged in building the city
il ii.uy, lml,una destined soma day
lo becomi a second Pittsburg. The
site chu.-a'ti inr tha new city ut Gary,
is in the north weal ol Indiana, just
where Lake Micliignu touches the
Hoosier t lute, A youi ago it waa ai
in,im n.-' tract of land ■-'> idded will
a  lew  spruce I .- und some rank
undergrowth, To-day 15,000 men are
working uvcr this desert, nnd in three
yoars it will ha' nut mily a place un
the map, but the thriving city "I
Gary, an Infant phenomenon, with a
population uol iai iiinn 100,000.
i'he story ol the building ol Gary
is ono ni the romances aai industry,
and i.i hi to inspire tho writing ui
an epic OU tho arc aai steel, Pot liar*
i- lo he a steel city, That Is what
1'. U being built fur.
City ol   10,000 Acres.
About 0,000 acres have been acquired hy the big Bteel corporation
ai a cust' ol about $3, .imu, and it
is oxpectod  that eventually  10,	
acres will pass into tho hands ol
these new city builders. Three thousand acres, air nearly five square miles,
ni Iniul will be Bet part fur the steel
mills, furnaces, docks mid railwaj
terminaU. the mills occupying the
northeast corner of the tract on lhe
lake and the railway centra tho northwest division. All the land south ui
the river is to be reserved fur mercantile and municipal buildings nud
for tbe liuines ut the emploj'68,
liary, which Is designed to bo the
greatest steel plant in the world, Is
iilmtit 20 null's fruin Chicago, Why
the particular site on Luke Michigan
sliould have been clmsen for the establishment that is to help meet ihe
demands fur Iron and steel is rather
obvious to a person acquainted with
the steel Industry in the United
States. The least Important consideration ol all, perhaps, i-s that it will
ha' i-lu.-e to tho second largest city
nml one "I the greateat Industrial
cities in the country. Chicago is a
centre of skilled and unskilled labor.
Upon it the Steel Corporation will bo
able to draw lor men iii emergencies.
liary will have the benefit of the superior railway connection ol the West-
cm metropolis. That is a vital consideration in a business ago thnt
makes every minute, every Inch nnd
every cent count. Outweighing every
other arguine-it in Incur ol the site
which Gary is to occupy,Is the Inen-
tia.n aaf the wonderful iron "re ranges
[torn winch raw rmk will be
drawn. Ii one were to stand with a
mpn in what is Boon to be tho
middle aal Broadway In Gary the .i',x-
dio w nd 1 polnl aoross lhc waters ol
hake Michigan almost directly toward
the deposit., nf red homatlte In the
Mesnba, tho Marquette, the Qogi bio,
tho Vermillion and the Menominee
tangos, which furnish .*" per cent, ol
oil the iron used In tho United Males.
Six Railways Meet.
Six great railways trill be connected
«ilh Gary. A harbor Uvcnty-liv.: leet
deep is being eulbtniclcd, and tha'
f.anr or live iiiiii.v ul lake front wni
be provided with immense :
ago docks, Prom a residence and social viewp'iiiit Gnry is to be aa ate
tractive as its creators can make iu
The street,* will run til right angles
ninl will be 100 leet wide, ihey nro
tu bo macadamized or paved with
brick. The sidewalks will be ol cotv
crote, twenty leet wide. The main
thoroughfare, running nortli and
nuuiii, will be called Broadway, a*
cording u* tentative plans, i'- mala,
running eai t and west, may be named liilh avenue, the two name* being in compliment to New Vork city,
where the steel lings live.
In disposing ol the lots the Gary
I,and Co. will see that none ol It
lulls into tho hands "I more    | u
latoru. llills uf sale and deeds will
carry the provision tb.it the purchas-
er is tu bc n bona hde settler, and
that ho Ls to erect n building Inr business or residence purposes. Lots sold
lot mercantile purposes will hnve a
Irontago ol 20 leel and a depth I'l
150 leet. Those lor residences will In-
30 foot wide and IDS feet deep. The
cultivation ol gardens, flowers and
shrubbery, and tho tasteful adornment of homes will bc SUCOi al il
every possible way.
Lata t figures on the oxti I u I
capacity oi the mills Indlcab '
puny trill handle 6,000,000 It I i Oro
annually and will produce 3,500,000
to 2,700,000 tan. nf iteel, There nro
to b" Ifi blast lurnaces, 34 op n hearth
junto -iv  rolling i In
steel rails the prospectlvu pri ductlon
- ',,,. ions per month, oi     i 01 ni
annually i'i" portion ol the plant
equipped lor the manufacture a,I steel
ranis   Will   ''"'I   ^-'i'1".	
V 'il': :' to pi ' 111 ; I Hie company cat.!' mpl ■ tho i ploymonl
oi •.;., iiiiii men and n ciiy I " ■ enough ,
ta, nccomtno i ile  100  ib lanls
I'horo I   to be  wc iwding, no
stuffy toncmenl hou es, I ul plenty ol
trunh air, light uud ulLu.v riruia.
Too Frequent These Days-Prevented by use
of the Great Restorative
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
The keen competition of life is now
felt In all grades of society, nnd us
lhe re-nil prostration, paralysis and
Insanity aro becoming moro nnd
iiuiic common ns tlie natural outcomo
of exhausted nerves.
Sleeplessness, Irritability, IndigcB.
linn, headache and a general lack ol
energy and ambition are among the
early indications of nervous troubles,
and'with women the result Is nol Infrequently derangements nnd Irregularities of the feminine organism,
li a i.iiiimi't il experts on diseases rn' Hie norves wero lo prcBcribo
(or you they would give you |u ; inch
a formula its thnt ol Dr, Clinso's
\,aw Food, lor 'hi* nt'il cine i a'"'"
posed of the most powerful ri tora
livi s known in modi tal Bcicnco.
This is tl" idle beast, as wo shnll
I,, pleased lo prove to vmi ii you will
have your physician call nl these offices nnd examine tho formula.
What we consider ns heller proof
of whal Dr. Chase's Nerve V I will
llll    (  I]'   Valll    1-    taa    |lC    fll 1    III    UlO    let-
tcis ni   recommendation   published
from time lo time In Dr. chase's Almanac and iu the newspapers ol this
Mr. Albert Saanier, Willow Hunch.
Sask,, writes: "I received the two
bnxea nf Dr. Chase's Nervo Food
which I ordered Irom vou and have
fiiiiinl It to he nn I'M'client medicine.
It has proven a splendid treatment
| for hciiihiche and a run down system ami I have recommended it to
many peoplo."
Mi. Alexander Honsburger, 10
Moore Btreet, st. Catharines, Ont.,
ui ta "For Borne yenra I was much
aiili.'nd with nervousness, which
grew uu nn' nnd developed into paralysis ol the limbs bo thai I became
helpless.     The   Insl   eli'el'l-     "I   three
doctors failed I" even relievo me,
' nnd, though I ind ii Huffalo specialist, ho, too, was baffled in my case
I gradually grew worse and was in
i such n had condition thut 1 despaired ol lacing well again.
After taking Boveral boxes "f Dr,
Chase's Nerve Food I was able to re-
-iim,- work nnd am now feeling boiler than I dill ler twenty years. I
consider Dr. Chase's Nerve Fund thn
king "i nil mcdicfnoB, lor through ils
use I recovered health alter long suffering."
Dr, Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a
box, ii boxes lor $3.S0, al all dealers,
or Kiliuansuii, Hates .V Cu„ Toronto.
At a meeting ol representatives oi
U .-   I   ' |gh   Valley    railway    track-,
men. switchmen and gate tenders,
it was resolved to make a demand
upon the company lor an Increase! I
in per cent,
The Harrlman railroads are buying coal in Australia and shipping
it to the United StntoB tor uso In
locomotives on lines ol the Bystem.
Worms derange tho wl t'
Mother Graves' Worm Kxtermlnatoi
deranges worms and gives rcsl tothe
sufferer.   It only costs -a cents to
d i c convince I,
Furthei   serious  consequi
txpected in the Chinese [amine district- uiilei-s Immediate aid is forth-
i Ing, nccording tu elate department advices,
■I-- .'ph Deary, aged about 30
years, was killed by n G.T, li. expi ■- iiciir Chatham. Chicken.-..-aid
taa have  been  stolen, ntnl .1
bottle, wetc found beside hia body.
Some   (!t,t   Till Inula.
Gnjanns, n Swedish glnnt who was
nine feet high, was on exhibition In
London In 1"4". and several nhl hnnd-
bills still exist which set forth the
measurements ef this freak of nature.
Thirty yenra Inter ive have Charles
Byrne, who was eight feot f"iir Inches
In bolght In bis stockinged feet Re,
however, died young, at the nge ot
twenty two, from hard drinking, Cotter O'Byrne, anotbor Irish glnnt, followed n few years Inter. Ho wns
burn nt KInsult' in 1701 mnl at the ago
of lifteen was eight feet high. This
by the time he was twenty-three bad
Increased to nine feel fmir inches, and
then he cbnuged his inline In (I'llrliin
Iii order to make people think thnt ho
was iii'sci'inicii fraim King Brian Hai-
rniliiue iiiiiI went on exhibition, At
thai business he, of course, soon real-
l?.ed 11 very comfortable fortune nnd retired, dying ut Cllfl n Sept \ 1804,
Ills will especially provided thut his
Inidv sliinilil he thrown Into tho sen in
order lu prevent the BUrgoOUB from cutting it up.
Klilnev Experiment. - There's 110 time
ter t-sperfiuenltntt when jrou'w discovered
Illilt   \aait  an-  a   111 lun  ol -"tne  "tie ("(in
aar another "t kidney disease. Lay held
"f Hie treatment thai thousands hnve
pinned their fniili in ami Im. oared
quickly snd permanently, South Amcrl
mu Kidney Cure -'mnl- pre-fmlnenl in
'he world nf medicine as the kidney sufferer's truest fiieiul  -Ja
in Montreal during 1009 lour and
three quarter millions of dollnrs wns
expended on buildings, as compared
lo -T.Ti-.nj.'i In 1006,
Flattery Is tclline 11 man to bis face
thnt Which was intended only for hie
tonibstouc.-llah-is News.
Dr    A(n.i'/i   Olnlment   Cure!   Pllei    -
Itching, hlniliin: ami li:m.i Pile.. Cum-
1 n ui ..in' application.  It cures in three.
to   -11   infill-      ll   curia   all   -1.111   ill*enaf«
iii young nml i'lil A remedy ln-i-und
comparei uud it aevsr (ails, ib oeots.-
iha' Kova Scotia "Lumber   King"
1       ai,-, min Mill's LINIMENT
111 8T liniment In use.
I gol mv f- et hadlv lammed lately,
1 bal    1  t   well   with   MINARD'S
I [N'lMF.N I' mi 1 II was as well   n-
evei nexl day."
'1   irs vory truly,
T. Ii. McMl'l.l.l'.N.
*.|. IN'- llrln.nil..
How stroug Is the Influence of ths
brigand In Sicily Is shown In recent
proeeedlngs at the Caltnulsettn nssl?.es,
where four of the blind of tbe notorious chief Pallia Molone were to bs
tried. 'Ibe Jurymen nnd Witnesses In-
Head of appealing sent a Joint petl*
Hon to the court praying to be excused
to long in the chieftain, who bus already n 1lu7.cn assassinations to answer for, remains uueapturcd.
Minsrd'i Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
William Ma'lvci nail, aged :'- yi ni 1,
dii 1 al 11".-n.i He was one ol Ihe
early settlers 111 the Ontario district, going there in IMS,
Mild In Their Action, Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are v- ry mild In theh
action,  They d t cause griping In
ll    01   a nil •'    ili-'ntli: ■-
Ihe - -" many pills do,   There*
.      ■  1 delicate can lal
tvifl ml (ear ol uii|
They can   '       I     - tlminlslorod    lo
children wlthoul Imposing the penal*
ties winch 'ollow Iho use ui pills nut
illy prepared
'lii-tliTcr. In I'rfince.
Once n murderer is captured In thli
country he may be tried fur his crime,
no mailer bow long he has escaped
the arm of Justice, liiit Iii France Ihl*
is not IO, There if 11 murderer Is mil
discovered and brought to trial within
lifteen years he may gu free ns tb(
most crimeless cltlien,
1          Kntzomnyi r, ten yeiu   11
nge, while trying to crawl undei a
innn ni a erossiui neai 31
hnd both his legs   nil
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scrntrhii and
Bvtry lorm ol contagious Itch on human or nnlmnls cured in 30 minutes by
Wollord's SaniUry Lotion.
\,-,at,line lo ndvlci   ie '."I Irom
Caracas, Gove r Mala   urpi sad n I
■ political meeting.    Govarno*
Main iini  a-., ial others ware killed.,
Minard's  Liniment Curei Garget  In
a Blslorle Cypress,
Thero Is a cypress In the vicinity ol 1
Padua which is looked upon us having
been a contemporary of Jnllui Caesar,
and, according to another and raon
plausible legend, it was against tin
trunk nf this tree that Francis 1, sec
Ing "nil lost J8M Inui"!'," einleavurcd
to break bis sword.
There ins been no nation, no matter how uncivilised, thut nt one tlmi
air another has not made nnd used In-
toiioatlng liquors, The nrt of brew*
Ing was practiced by the anclenl Eg7p
tiains and later by tha Greeks, Romani
■l Gauls,
Sill..  InalliK.  Illt'llta.
SivltOTlatuI has."..'.? savings hanks, In
which t,r,u'..rii:i pet suns, ur mure than
a third of the total population, are ile
Ktililn-r Ihoesi
To make ruubor si s wear longer
from the lies of old rubber shoos cul
pieces   tin'   shape   "I    U    heel.     Sllll'lll'
these pleeaa on Iho lining side with
thick mucilage or any sticky lubstnnco
nml plnco in the heels nf rubbers,
pressing down firmly, Th protci t>
nrs prevent the rubber from receiving
the direct pressure of <be boot heels
mi'i can im renewed when th")' show
the least tljus oj,* ajj,
1 M«r • omt 'trnn ft utraln. 1nmb«|rn. kM- '
iiK-rtroutil. orIndlaSMtlon wUtmr
tha ciitMt thtirhlng nthpi*; i dull,
until )ini: nr i'ir" mt: fc.'i'i- tut iukn
v.ju Of mit willi i'ini.   To cut* um
!/>t IQmt on* Imthn yotif Vmrfc wit li l,"t
w»W, wiiw ilir. tlifn %w\j Irwh Um
Ani"lyut. ruti Kent If. Tlnn nwl yi»i
a»teii[il,iiiiineMt»nd'lniil'>ll,. ,fl,il
■'.'■"■   .1 et ». I s
l  " JOltNHOaV A CU, li-■' .1,, M.u.
Misstatements Corrected.
following articles are sell explanatory, and we hold ili.u it is
unl) Ian that iini --liiiiilil lie reprinted in Tui. i'.\a 11 ss, seeing
that llie millets tin leill i'lil I' i'
in mill. t iiiiiii iiii a private enterprise thai) they do cu public mailers :
IIIE    WESTERN    i onriiki I Ins.    in,
AMI  NORTH   v IM',11 VER,
The World published in ils issiu
at a greatly enl anced value. Also,
in the construction of mails in
Waul .(, which are equally un-
mi ess,m in,in ih,, public standpoint as tin y wen not required,
Imt which lorined a concession in
return loi the support ol tin
Western Corp tralion pnliey.
Who can direct when all prett nd
to know ?
Two robins were seen here mi
Surveyor Brown, ol Vancouver,
'■'"■' 3-.   n.e populated part »I m 0V(J|      ., „,
the townsite   has In .n  neglei ted
and urgent works left undone to lhe trees are budding and
tin- nu -iiiui,i, an and disgust ol sprouting, and the sietis ol an
residents, a ally spring have appeared.
.,,.'.     Tin; iveve has I,,,:, largely re      The UlingS you don'l sa-
ui jantiar- totu, a  lettei  entitleu sponsible for this state ol all.his
"Some Cogent Nortli Vancouver by reason ol his dual capacity as a
1*.nts,' received  Iroiu  a  corres-lSecreta|.v   „|
ul   a
interests  ol
iii.tinleil    his
a   corporation
Ins   employers
assistance   and
you less Uriel in this
almost anything else
1   IllSe
W.   D.   Mi
.le'   D.,  has
aiiainl,   llciicd,   S.
taseil the  Redding
street,  coin*
reckless  expenditure
wards ol the rural constituencies. I of the road, and will take up Ins
In view ol the above there seems resilience here.
pondent signing himsell " Veritas"] reeV|
which i'il dial upon tin* Western
Corporation and its officers. |„ianded   Ins   assistance   and   to'propert)   on   1
lhe  statements   made   therein f.,rli,er t|le,n |le launched a policy) prising iwo lots and a house.   Mr,
wei., as we now find, unfounded. M,  ,,,|,lrss  expenditure   iu   the McFarland is a well-known knight
A  small proportion only ol  the
moneys expended lasl year in lhe
construction  ol  mails  in   North
Vancouver    was   thidiigh   lands
owned bj  the Western  Corpora
nnu. and there is no foundation fori
lhe  statement  that the Western
Corporation wrongfully influenced
iha rei u and council ol tlie muni-
1 ipality  in   the   expenditure   ol
III 'tieys.
Although we dn not hold our-
st Ivi s responsible lor the statements ol correspondents, we an
. 1 iw. 1 \ s ph used to correct any misstatements, when the same arc
drawn to our attention, and we
nre glad to sue this statement tlie
same publii ity as the letter in
question.-  The World.
I lu- lettei referred to is as Inl
lows :
.1 SI     NORTH    * INI OL'VER
I Al  I S.
Editor World; Before n gislei
ing tlnir votes to-morrow ratepayers should carefully consider Ihe
lollowing lacis ami decide foi
themsi Ives tl tlu-y desire a change
iu the matiagemeut ol Norlh Van*
inuvct municipal affair?.   Let it
In- home in 11 1 thai these huts
liave nevei been n In. d. but the
reeve, iii the absence ol the late 1
councillors Inr Ward j and 4, was
quite able himsell lo draw a red
herring across the scent ol the bin
prize hone nf contention.
Fact I,—The Western Corporation have three officers, viz., lie
secretary, legal advisei and Buditoi
holding the positions respectively
ol reeve, legal adviser and auditor
nl the municipality,
Fact a.—The greater portion ol
llie public money expended Inst
year went 111 the construction of
ro.ids through wild lands owned
bv ihe Western Corporation for
lhe purpose aai enabling that con*
,, r 11 to -'11 tin n nib-divided at n s
t    itrai tm W.  Suiilei  he
ovei three horses and wagons it- m
Victoria on i ueaday
lia'       (  III li.llis     liial     w , I
joiirned al Vani ouvei on Monday,
and i mies up al Vii toria todaj
W" until.I rcspi iliu,li draw al
lentiiiti in Mi   Chas   K. II"]" s
valuable letter nndei ihe he i
ol " Our town's Future " in tins
issue, on iln- greal prospi ■ tt  in i
possibilities  in   store  ! i   North
V.a'n ouver,
I 'iei at V.im 'iiv i tin
"I " i ivic, gi ie ral enl
provenn nl laxes is 1 .msine, a
great deal nl 'lisi iissi ;i .ri 1
im tion, and a similai su|,|ei 1 will.
en- hm:;. lu eds III   I iketl  tip  le !•■
i'he bu al lin.it I ol tradi is dive in
this fact and Ii is 'imi a , ommitti •
at wnrk gathering 'i 1; 1, etc.,       1
tn |M! into tile  wlioll    111 llli I   III   ,1:1
intelligent an,I    .   I iva-
local  un
The North Vancouver Horticultural  Assoc i.i iii ni and
Farmers' Institute.
I.-ns Cri 1K Damns
ample n ason
lor a
' hange in ilu
personnel of
council,  more
es|ii a ially llie
\ 1 RITAS,
Nn h ss than llirei b k audits
and two newspapi r a in.,1 ,si is
visited North Vai vi 1 '!,;   ,ve< k.
We jump Ira un twelve td eighty.
Anil I lllll I.'Te tii state
Iii accentsstrona and weighty
I like inv u inter straight.
1 here are  now  127 pupils attending Ninth Vancouver school.
Sister  creek  bridge  is   about
nl III
doing a gooi
liliial sensational  scribe
real " dailies is just now
of development
The McNair Lumber Company
will build a wharf on English bay,
west ol the Capilano river. Also
a tram line will be built from thc
water to the mill.
The adjourm '1
d the North   v, 1   llr.
ultiiral Assiu mi
nstitule was held
cipal hall 011 Wi tl
a good att' ndani 1 ,
Mi  in" A  Mi Uain
the 1 hair in the
president,   iin   ■
iresidi m's report on   tin
progress made  during  tl
year, and although there I 1
a falling nil in it • ■ '' ■
.in iet\   was   in   a   good    1
position,   as  llf   liiiam ial    :
showed, wlm Ii was al 10 n 1'
Considi rablc lisi in    in loll
as in the advisability ol clu
tin   Wording  "I   the   na: I lie
boi i' ty,
I he |>t'i|ins:il In eld I ,1
pavilion   hu   lhe   li  Mm:'   nl    llu
annual show was [tally di    isscd
j.in ami imt, and tt v.
, eh i in 1' ave it in ilm ha
lie   directors   t"   ascertain   Ihe
i' ,1 ability "i sm h a propi ■ I   1
I lie 1 lllllllll id   uilli 1 |s    |ii|    ||;e
ensuing \' .11 ri sulti I      :
Presidi ni. Geo A  Mt I'   11   \ i 1
Messrs. Mi Kay, |ancs and lies- president, Alcxandci Smith 1 Sea
ink,  Portland, were in town mi retary, Kobt, I.   D01  cri   .   Dii
Wednesday,   Mr,   Mi Kay    has eclors, A.  li   Cri      1      W   L,
been   a  well-known   commercial  Keene, K   I..  Uottli,   ll   Chance
traveller in the Western States for nnd  i    S   Nye,   Mi    W    I..
several years.   These  gcntlomon Keeni  , 1   ippointed as
intend to branch out in a general 1    tin   meeting  "I  llu   I    Iral
store business, and il was wai'   |   -     1 'Institute, which< nveni
that object in view that thej eai 1      Victoria on March 5 nexl    Thc
nver. im' ling llien a      med
A safely switch is In ing put
on the   tram   line, nn
avenue,   between Si a
i liini avenues.
ml     ami
How lar 1 an ynu atloi
crankiness ?   Can   you
carry it to the extcnl ol
polite ?   That sort nl thing hurts
your business, no doubl about that,
to carry
ilmil  in
In iug iill
(-v I /
•    ■
I  '
Mrs, (iruiiilv.
ll I
Mai     lii"    di
 I '
: :
I   '
Now He has Dyspepsia no Mon.
Slrango why people should n it
try Iho very thing which would Jo
them good until last! Mr. (Jeu. La
1'oi'l.wiii, i.f 30 St. Paul St.. Toron-
t.i, tried six different remedies for
dyspopsla, 1 eiihichi', und heartburn
before be tried llileans. The six
diil blm no good, llileans hnvo
enroll him! He sny-: "I had
lam mum, dyspepsia ond wind idler fm il.   Tlu iiti-hiui'iil I   took
Bin iced tii iiii ll i c I, nnd the
pnln 1 suffered wns very aoute.   I
tnc.l six  different remedial belore
ililouns, Imi ihey 'Ii'l un  g°°d'
Willi Uil a it 'wns quite different,
I   lllllllll   thev     relieved     the     UniU*
.Blue   nnd   the pain   within n law
hours, and n shnrl cuius:   rer"'
in a complete euro"
ln   Bvery    country   where
hnvo I n   introduced, llileans
quickly taken lirst- plnco no
of ihcii rapid and lasting cures
ul inili'." slieii, liver nnd kidney
complaints, anemia, headache, debility, constipation, pies, female ail*
menu ninl irregularities, rheumatism, liver chill, etc, Purely herbal
nnd containing no alcohol tbey are
an ideal family medic i e. M stores
„„,! druggists sell at 50o a b»x, _or
fruin lhe I'.iloun Co., toronto,
pries,   li buses foiiI ior $11.59.
IllnllnK lli'larrrn  Ma-nil.
Sating between meals, nays a doctor,
Is a bad habit for ono to acquire. II
will certainly Injure tbo dlgestlvs
process and soon upset a natural,
healthy oppotlto for regular meals. II
Is a very easy habit to get Into and is
rather dllllcult to break up. K nny
eating Is Indulged In between meals,
perfectly ripe, fresh fruit Is tbs least
harmful kind of refreshment.
*"~ Promise, tu (tie Hylnff.
A clergyman, discussing unhappy
toft affiles, said:
"Many n love tragedy Is caused by
■ husband's promise to a dying wlfo
thnt he will noi marry again, Ho
thinks when he makes ihls promise
that lt will be easy to keep. Whether
It Is easy or hard lo keep, it is n
promise rnrelv If ever broken, Time
and time again widowers havo sought
mo out for advice on this subject
They nro In love, but they promised
their dead wives not to marry again.
Khali they break or keep this promise1
I can only advise them to do ns their
conscience dictates, At tho snme tlmo
I think It Is sellish of (lying wives to
extract such promises from their broken lit'iirled liiislianils. Such promisee, hy thc way, are rarely extracted
hy dying husbands from broken hearted wives.    But, then, when the dead
husband's will is read it is usually
iiiiiiid that If the widow marries ngnln
the money Is nil taken from her. So
tl comes to the same tiling in the end.
doesn't It?"
A molhor's greatest pleasure is in
Bei Ing her little "ties bright,
playful nud healthy. The u-ll child
is ii blessing lo the home, but the
sick child is a regular little tyrant.
\ ten doses of Baby's Own Tablets
..ill mnke the sickly child well, or
nn occasional dose will prevent sickness. There is nothing to equal
these tablets as a cure for stomach
and bowel troubles. They innke
lei Hung easy, break up elds, expel
worms and cute simple fevers.
Baby's Own Tablets arc sold under
the guarauteo of a government analyst not tu contain one particle Ol
opiate—they never do harm- always good. Mrs, tl. M, Kemp,
Carleton Place, Ont., says: "I have
given Baby's Own Tablets to my
little one since ho was a week old,
and have lound them a splendid
medicino, At eleven months he
weighed over twenty-six pounds,
The Tablets are mid by druggists
hi by mail at '25 cents a Imx Irom
The' in. Williams Medicine L'u„
lliuekviUe, Out.
Kin llliriue For Tlppernrr,
A poet once Jumped tn the (-delusion
that thero wns nn rhyme to iippcrury
nml snld sn, whereupon nn Indignant
Irishman, who chanced also to lie a hit
of a versifier, pounced upon him iiiiii
I"),i'iI fun ut him lu n lengthy poem,
every other line of which rhymed or
was supposed to rhyme with the place
hi question.   Tims:
,\ Iiunl there wus In .ail qiir.tnl.iry
To Ihnt n rhyme fur Tlppsrary,
Liml? labored tn, iiiiiiiiiiii January.
Vet rmitiil no rliyino fur Tlpptrnryi
Tolled .very day |n I'YIiruary,
Iiiit tolled hi vain rur Tluiirrarv:
S'-.u .-b+-.i llohrew text snd co-nmtnler**,
Inn stfuri'iicii iii vain fur Tlppsrary,
And so on llirougli iiiiiny seures of
staining, ending up with:
He paced about Ills avl.irv.
Hiirnt In despair liis dictionary,
lllew up sky blah hli .*■■ ii-iauy,
Anil then In wrath ntnl anger nivnre lil
There was no rhyme for Tlppsrary,
the Chest
Ask your doctor tbe medical
name for a cold oa the chest.
He will ssy, "Bronchitis."
Ask him if lt li ever serious.
Lastly, iik him if he pre*
icribei Ayer'i Cherry Pec-
toril for thli disease. Keep
In close touch with your
family physician.
W. ..ailaa m, r.m.tt.
.   W. Wal.t ala-at.1
W. . t-t.' /v. a.
▼hen yeu tell your docttr skeut the ksd
tsttt in roar mouth, loss ol spttetlt* ler
brtsklsst, and frequent hesdscbee, aad
when ho sees your coated tongs*, he wlU
asy. " Tou an bilious." Ayer's Pills
work -rtll In uteri cssts,
—sua. tv i»e *. a. kttt 0*. Una,
Women uf Am-lent Err**-*!.
In addition to sandals of elegant
form tho Egyptian ladles woro gold
anklets enameled In various colors.
Tho legend ns to how Nltokrls reached
tho throne of Egypt through tho possession of the smallest and prettiest
foot recalls our story of Cinderella.
Tu  Hi-mi  ii  t'lpe.
When n smooth nppenrnnce lias to hs
kept on a pipe Hint Is nhout to he bent,
n number of wooden hulls which nm
us wldo In diameter us the Interior ol
the plpo are placed Inside. A string
rnns through nil the hulls, and when
tliey are In position the pipe can bs
bent qulto evenly nud without damage,
(up.- Horn.
Tho greatest cape In thc world Is
Capo Horn, n precipitous mountain
over 3,000 feet high.
Women Criiultinla In Rnaila.
Russia's penal statistics show that In
the dominion of the czar tlio women
criminals outnumber the men by nearly DO per cent, just tho contrary being
tho case ln other countries. Most ol
tho women criminals aro unmarried,
nnd tbe majority como from tbe labor
Ing classes In the cities.
Iloiv   I'l.lir.   TuM;.
It Is claimed that llshes talk to one
another liy actual sounds. Theso
sounds are mado In vnrlous ways, one
of which Is to grate a movable bono
against the air bladder ur against a
lough part of the flesh,
I'miii-i in-, of Ilenxlne.
It Is n colorless liquid and very volatile. For this reason tiie bottles lu
which It Is kept must be tightly corked
to prevent evaporation. It Is lullum*
limbic and should never be used lu 0
room with a lire or light. It dissolves
gutta perclia, wax and fatty sub*
Btnnces and consequently Is largely
used for removing certain stains nud
dirt from clothing.
sii,i-lli„k- Unit..
Smelling sails are n prolific cnutie ol
I'lipir Whloh l-'ull. to I'leeei.
Disappearing paper Is a novelty for
use by those whose correspondents forget to burn tho letters after their utility has ceased. It Is steeped In sulphuric add, dried nnd glazed, the acid
being partly neutralised by nmmnnla
vapor. It falls to pieces after n given
The   In.II.-ii.1- Vote..
At the theater at N'aiiiur the per*
formers malting their debut are accepted or rejected for further performances by the votes of tho audience, ths
artists usually appearing In three different works before their fato Is Bealcd.
Nnt. Are Plentiful.
Tlie nut trees of the world could, II
Is   calculated,   provide   food   all   the
yenr around for the population of ths
globe. Ilrnzll nuts grow In such profusion Hint thousniuls of tons of thcui
are wasted every year.
riniii. Prom Uini.,
There nre certain varieties of mourn
lain plants which have n singular provision of nature for perpetuating their
species. The duration of summer in
those elevated regions Is too short to
permit of tho ripening ot seeds, and
the top buds fall mt and lake roct as
would the seeds.
Tho I'liulc-. i iiniii.
An eagle has been observed to rlso
from Hie ground and completely disappear Into the sky within three mln*
utcs. Eagles sometimes sum- to heights
of 13,000 feet or more.
Your Doctor-
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no question about that, hut-
why go to all thc trouble tu.d
inconvenience of looking him up,
filled, when you can ntep into any
drug store in Canadu and obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'S CUEK
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-live cent.*,
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly ?
Why not de as hundreds of
* thousands of Canadians have
done for the paBt thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggists back up this statement
with a pnsitive guoramee.
Tho next  time you havo  S,
Cough or Cold cure it with
Famous Cnlleellon of Antler*.
Of tlie famous collections of antlers
formed In tbo seventeenth century only
two or three hnve escaped the general
fato of conflagrations, sieges nnd pillage. Ono of these Is In Morllzhurg,
tho king of Saxony'a historical bunting
ensile, near Dresden, while In the celebrated guii gallery In Dresden Itself
nro to bo seen In nn unrivaled show
tbo wonderfully Inlaid arms used by
the elector. The great banqueting Kill
of the castle of Morltzhurg Is one .if
the sights with which no doubt many
a traveled render has lieen charmed,
It is a chamber of noble proportions,
sixty-six: feet long by thirty-four wldo
nml thirty-eight feet high, On Its otherwise unadorned while walls hang
seventy-one pairs nf magnificent antlers, which nne mav describe as the
must famous of their kind In the world.
Not a single one carries less than
twenty-four tines or Is less than 200
yours old, whllo somo aro probably
double Hint age,
Colonial   li-nr   ot   I.law } er..
In tho columns of Iho New York
Gazetteer of Sept. 8, 1TS0, thero wns
u paragraph lamenting tho Increase of
lawyers ns threatening to tho futuro
prosperity of the community nnd degrading to freemen. "An honest trndo
in former days." said tho writer, "was
all Unit people of common ability nud
education were ambitious of, but now
uo profession Is genteel but the lawyer nnd the merchant 'Tho lawyers
are now creeping Into every post of
Importance aud thrusting themselves
wherever there Is a vacancy. Our congress, our assembly, are crowded with
them, and cveu In our great eommci*-
clnl convention there nre live Itiwyers
to oue merchant"
A  ( i-lcliruli-il  (lock,
Tbo art of tlio elockmuker has
achieved ninny remarkable triumphs
iiurliig many centuries, Sometimes it
is n cluck wonderful fur the complexity nf lis movements and Its busy population of automatons that attracts our
'uliniruiinn, like that lu the Cathedra'
of Sstraeaburg, At oilier times the Immense size nf the machinery and the
dials excites astonishment. This is lhe
case with tlio celebrated cluck In the
tower of the Church of St. Ilouibnut nt
Mechlin, A. writer in l.n Nature thinks
this clock possesses the largest dials
that exist in the world, There nro four
of them, one on each side of the great
square tOWW, and their extreme diameter Is n.iarly thirty-seven nnd one-half
feet. Tlie figures showing the hours
are nearly six nnd one-half feet Infh
and tlic hands have a length of UOIirij
twelvo feet.
«e erarnea (he Bnt.
Barty Milliard, who mnny years ago
lived in a small town In northern Vermont, was noted for his careless vagn,
bond habits, ready wit and remarkable
facility for extempore rhyming. While
ho was silting one dny In tho village
Btoro of what Is now a part of Mont-
peller among u group of idlers the genial merchant asked him why ho woro
such n shockingly bud lint. Barty replied Unit he could not afford a better
"Como   now,"   said   the   merchant,
"make me a thyme on a had hat, and I
Will give ynu the best I hnve lu my
store."   Instantly Barty threw the old
one ou lite floor and began:
Here lies mv old lint,
Anal pray what ot that?
It's ns gimil ns Hut rost of my raiment!
If I buy ine a better
You'll make mo your debtor
And send inu to Jail fur the payment     j
Tlie new lint wns voted to bc fairly |
won, nnd Barty boro It off in triumph,
saying. "It's a poor head that enn't
take care nf Itself."
Turing the llml Hor.
You remember tho old fashioned wo*
mnn who when she heard her young
son swearing or using unuglity words
washed his month In soapsuds. There
Is an Atchison hoy who could not be reformed In Ihis way, so his father took
him In hand. Every day his father
called blm lu and said: "Now, your
mother objects to thoso nnughty words
yuu use, hut I, being a man, like them.
Oo over tho list for me." The boy
promptly compiled at lirst, but In n few
days he tired of tlie words nnd has now
given up his list entirely.
Dr. Leonard's Ram-Bold cures nny
lertn nl piles, Internal, External,
Bleeding, Blind, Itching, Buppurat-
inir. etc., mo simply names ol the
Stages through which every cose will
pass if it continues.
I'iles nre caused by congestion of
blood In the Inner bnwcl, und it
takes an internal remedy ta reniuve
the cause.
Dr. l.i'iiiihnrdt's Hem-Bold is a tablet taken internally, and nn case ol
Piles lias ever been found it failed
In cure.   Money back il it docs fail.
11.00 at nny dealers, or The Wilson-Kyle Co., Limited, Niagara Falls,
Out.   14.
Illa.ne. nml lite i'.ytn.
Every ono knows lhat In using n
field glass It Is necessary to adjust It
to a proper focus. Suppose that ynu
put one of the tubes at your focus ninl
the other tube ut a focus Hint suited
some one else and then you looked
through both lubes. You would have
a more or less blurred vision, nml If
j ovi kept on louklng (he chances are
that ynu would feel giddy and get n
headache. Now, the ti*u eyes ure supposed to have an equal natural focus,
nnd when liy nny chance (but focus Is
unequal a headache result* The rem
rdy Is a pulr of glasses ur u sluglt
gluss lu make the eyes equal In power
Not'iing Reached the Root of the
Trouble Until Dr. Will'ims1 Pink
Pills Were Used.
"I suffered utmost untold agony
from rheumatism. For several
weary months I was confined to bed.
I hnd the best ot medical treatment,
but nothing seemed to reach the root
i.f Iht dlseaso until I used Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills. These have completely restored my health." This
strong emphatic statement is i.sde
hy Mrs. Edna Morrill, Woodstock, N.
S., u lady who had practically been
given up ns incurable by doctors.
She further says: "I suffered for over
iuu year, and rheumatism seemed tn
be litmly Implanted is my system. At
the niitset I was able to attend to
my household duties, but at night I
Buttered the greatest pain. t at
once begun to take medicine but my
condition actually grew worse. I was
attended by a skiliul doctor but was
ultimately forced to remain in bed,
suffering untold agony with every
movement Finally the doctors told
me the trouble waa incurable. One
day 1 was advised to try Dr. Wil-
iiams' l'ink l'ills and I decided to do
so. Presently the pains were not so
severe, nnd I begun to feel myself
gaining. Shortly nfter I was able
to go about, nnd in less than three
months I nns perfectly well. For
this conditio!, my thanks are gratefully due to Dr. Williams' Pink
Dr.  Williams'   Pink    Pills cured
Mrs.   Morrill   hy  driving  the   rheumatic poison nut of her blond. Tbey
actually make   new   blood.    They
don't  blither   with   more  symptoms.
They po right to   tlie rout of the
, trouble in tne blond.   That is   why
' they have cured the   worst cases of
i anaemia, (blobdlessness)   headaches,
j mul  baekaohee, kidney trouble,   indigestion, neuralgia nervousness nnd
ihe special ailments nf girls and
women whose blood supply becomes
' weak, scanty or Irregular.   Sold bj
i all medicine dealers nr by mail ui
BOo a box nr six boxes (ur $2.50from
j the Dr.   Williams   Medicine   Co.,
i Brookville, out.
No Duplicate Chnndellera,
"Did yuu ever niillce." said the observing man, "that every public building has chandeliers unlike ihose of any
olher public building? There nro no
duplicates, You go into one church
and you seo n handsome chandelier
thut It would seem wortii while to duplicate for another church, but you
never find It ln another church. You
go Into n big ball, and you'll observe
some stunning globes and chandelier
llxtiires und look for 'cm In somo oilier
big hull, bill they're not there. I don't
know wlmt principle llio makers of
chandcllera go on, whether It Is a matter of pride with them not to tit out
two buildings alike or whether contractors for such buildings insist on
exclusive designs, but the chandelier
people must employ some remarkably
versatile artists t'i think up so many
different designs. It seems like a waste
of money to mnke only one of a kind,
but It Is a pleasure to know that hall
or home may be exclusive hi its chandeliers."
A Horse with a
Strained Shoulder
Is sound as a dollar in 14 hours
after you rub the sore spot with
Fellows' Leeming's Essence.
It gives instant reliel In aU
cases of .Strains, Bruises and
Swellings — draws the pain
right out — strengthens the
weak back, shoulder or knee. U
Whether you have one horse
or twenty, accidents are liable
to happen any time. Keep 1
bottle of
handy so yon can have it vhen
joe. a bottle.   At dealet--.
Harry llallell, aged 15 years, wns
Hilled by the overturning of a
wagon ul SI. Cnthnrincs.
The Concertina.
Tlie threatened revival of llie concertina as a serious musical Instrument
in England would be 11 return to uu
old faslilou no doubt but not to a very
old one, since the concertina dates from
the early part of the last century. Its
Invention was an early Indiscretion of
Sir Charles Wbentstono of telegraph
fnine, who took out a patent for it In
lSL'i). the very year lu which somebody lu Vienna Invented that slmllnr
Instrument, tbe accordion. The (.-oncer-
tlua was popularized by Slg. Itegondl,
who had conic before the public ns a
Juvenile prodigy wltll tho guitar. At
one time no London concert was really complete williout him and his concertina, ami he astounded the Germans
with the music he could get put of It.
Inspector Hughes of Toronto, has
received a letter from Alfred Mose*
ly, stating that lie has nearly completed arrangements for a return
visit ol tlie lTnit«l gtntes nnd C'a-
nadlan teachers to British schools.
It wns aaserled   in well informed
circles that the pope had made his
last sacrifices in the mutter of the
eiiiiilict witli Prance.
A lady writes: "I wns enabled to
remove the corns, root and branch,
by the use of llollnwuy's Com Cure."
Others who have tried it have the
same experience.
Hubert Ferguson ol Port Hope,
was ("iiiui frozen to death in his
bed ill a miserable shack which wns
shared by a companion named Hill.
The Manchester Guardian snys:
"Canada prospers greatly under or
in spite nl protection."
M. Quidema,governor ol the political piison on Vaaili Ustron (litisil
Islniul), was lilli"! In the main
street of the Island,
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Fehtnl  I'ashu, chief of the secret
police "I the palai ( the sultan ol
Turkey, has come into serious con-
lliet with the German embassy.
Qladatona na 1,11  niiiinr.
It was a budget last night—about a
page of a morning paper spoken in two
hours by Mr. Gladstone, and be hardly referred to a note, never paused n
moment, broke Ihrniigh cheers, dashed
over Interpellations—logic, llgiires, Illustrations, extracts-all pellmell, with
n whirl nnd fury that took the breath
away. And he illil It iill wltll the utmost ease and got to the end williout
turning n hnlr. Mr. Gladstone took It
nil quietly uud did it quietly and left
the house iiiiiI went borne quietly,
probably mentioning to Mrs. Gladstone
ns n reason fur being rntlier tired that
he  had  been saying 11 "few words"
tlmt evening,—From Whiity's "Parliamentary Retrospect."
The Greek steamer (Initios Coup-
pus, which bus arrived in Barcelona,
i.'l >  having  taken    in  tow  the
British steamer Holtun llnil, which
had lost her propeller,
\ mouse scurried across the audi.
l"iiuiii of the Royal theatre in the
Josofstadt, Austria, during n per-
tormance uml caused a great deal of
Hlltlilrn inmlia.
Ono sudden death occurs among women to eight among men.
Illlllllal     |l|     llllllllll,     M.lll.
' In tho museum at F.ietor, England,
Is n hunk bound In Ihe skin of a man
who was hanged In ISIIO for poisoning
his wlfo.
Dona nnil Solid l.nke..
Near Ashcroft, In British Collirnbll,
are a number of small lakes whose
shores and bottoms nro covered with s
crust containing borax and soda la
such qoantltlei and proportions thai
when cut out It serves ns a washing
compound. The crust Is cut luto blocks
nnd handled In the same manner as
lee, and It Is estimated that one of tbe
lakes caotalns 2(1,000 tons of this mats-
W. .S..   Ol.  II..U.1 D.II.I. Il...rl lor   aa,
L .1Clank  U.l  aania'.l  la .uia-1 a, II.U'. Cl
' a,,, cr* r. j. cnasar t nu.. Toi*ie, 0.
I Ha, IS. - '*'■ aaa.l. t>... know. F. J. ''h.aar
I tor 111. lul 11 J.ftl-a. ..I I allaa a him raifa. It, ."»•
' or.bl. IB .11 haaln-a-. tr.na.cllo.. .nd Sa..o!.!lr
.t'i. to .in o.t tnr  ' :..:.• a., nil, b- bl. Sim.
U.l  I   I*  I       lalNSia    A    ll..*I".
H I..I...I.  I 'inutata. T.I.I.. O.
Italia lala.ik   I'ii. I. talaa   I.KI..II-.  a-lla.
. 1. tl, al-o.   |h. blOOd ..d  -A.M.. nifACM «t ik.
.,.!•'.    TaWlmonl.'.   Mnl   Im.   Prlo.   Ih. ' »
I. all.     Sold   b|  .11   T'lail.-.la.
T.k. Hal 'a  ' a-  It,  III, I.I *o..t'l.l'.a
llll'    lllllll'..
The Danes, or Northmen, first 00
rn nn' prominent In Ihiropciiii history
lu Ttt, wbcii tliey begun tu ravage
1 the north coaet of Franco and southern shores of Ureal llrltaln. Tho dar
Ing of these hardy seamen was re*
111,11 '.1.ible, for In their small ships tiny
even penetrated tlie Mediterranean und
, became terrors to tbe seiiboard population of Italy, Sicily and Greece. The
tlrst king of Denmark Is said to have
been Skiold, 00 B. 0.
Rare (.emi,
Tho rarest nml costliest gems, though
not always esteemed the most beautiful, nro pigeon's blood rubles, fire
opnls nnd diamonds thnt nro pure, hut
sheil n distinct glow of blue or pink.
Teinnrruliiri'. of I'lnnii'..
According to tho results ol expert*
moots, the flame Of acetylene Is perhaps the hottest known except that of
the electric are.  The lollowing figures
have I n given: lliuisen burner, 1.S71
degrees; acetylene ilaine. 2,648 degrees;
alcohol flame, 1,706 degrees; Denny-
ruit/.e burner half alcohol, half petroleum—2,063 degrees; hydrogen flame In
air, 1,000 degrees; gas Jet flume with
>xygen,  2,2 legrees;  oxybydrogen
flame, 2,420 degrees, These are all
Contlgrade degrees. Ono degree centigrade equals 1.8 degrees !■'.
Thfl   I iiiin-illr   I  rniHiil.i-
it is said that the Comedle Francalas
Is the only theater In tho world thai
pensions Its 111 tors ami actresses, Aft'
cr twenty years' service at Ihls famous institution the faithful players
nro entitled to 11,000 a year—a prnvi
sion exceedingly wise and nndoubtedlj
Aruienlnn   Wnnirii.
Armenian women envelop tkomselvei
ill gr.ilt sheets of Cotton Cloth wleli
they go abroad, The sheets arc to roll
Ton  I il.I.
1    "The lirst day be went "tit with his
new auto he gut pulled."
"For going fait?"
"No; quite the opposite."
"I don't see"—
"Por stopping last  Ho had tu hire
n farmer to haul blm hmiie."
A ll.l.i.K none.
Inside overy rabbit Is a boue which
hears n grent resemblance to a fox's
bead. It Is shunted .lust at the base ot
Iho animal's tall. The bone Is nn Interesting curiosity.
A tlneer I'lant.
"Nature's whisky factory" Is an Insectivorous plant, Its blossom being a
small pitcher filled with a fluid which.
Inloxlcutes flies, gnats snd other In.
sects. They sip and sip ngnln, become
intoxicated and fall Inlo the fluid,
where tholr bodies are dissolved and
Ilnj.   Of   T.an.pitn
Hoys of Tenqnln wear a long red'
sash, to which a purse, embroidered'
with glass boat's aud gold thread, li
llillL'll.-l        ,
The short life of Frans Bchubcri
probably contained us much artistic la
Imr iis nny man has ever I n nblo to
crowd in the same number of years
Ile was horn lu ITU" ami died In IS2S
Ills artistic enreer extended mer abuul
twenty yeara, during which tlmo In
produced more Uiaii 1,200 songs. Ic
say nothing of symphonies, pianoforte
sonatas ami concorted music.
Tbe Iln...
"There's a ni'.n at lite aluur. pa," called lillle Willie frnin the lower boll,
"Who wants to seo (ho boss ot the
"Tell yunr mother," '•nihil pa.
"Tell llie cook," promptly called bis
The budget bus passed the elmin-
her of deputies ol France after a
stormy debute.
Dr. Slocum'i Qnat Tonlo
and Disease Destroyer
,    •     iritoNouNCEO itr.UK   *
Used in Thousands
of Homes in Canada
THOSE WHO don'l know -chat l'syehlne
is and what it doei are inking alsout It
THOSE WHO do know what l'syehlne
Is and what it doei are using it- They
regard it as their host physician and
Tllti.SE WHO gas It are being milckly
anal |ieruuiiienilv curf'l ol all forma J
throat, chest, 1un| in'i stnmaoh
troubles, lt Is a I'ietilillo preparation, destroying all disease jenni In the
blood and System, It is a wonderful
tunic and eyi'tem building remedy, aad
ll a certain cure lur
C0UCH3, Ironchlal Coagfcs,
Chills and Fever,
Di.iiiiiii SreatklBLi
General Weakness
Female Troubles,
Fickle Appetite.
Night Sweats,
I'onsuupllon,  >
Catarrh of ihe
-till   llinl  llnlll.
"There was n slriitigo man here te
seo you today, papa," suld little Ethel,
who met her lather In tho ball as he
camo lioinc.
"Hid be have nbllir
"No, pupa. Ho bad Just a plain
Mr ( lirl.loiiliir Wren.
Sir Christopher Wren, tbo nrcbltccl
of st. Paul's cathedral, London, wni
burled In that majestic pllo, nnd Iln
is enPgbtoned by hi* epitaph
tints:   "SI   rn.>iii:ini*iiInmi  ui '"
'■iim-pice" (if ymi ash for hi.  mono
ment, look round).
Window l'u I in..
If you stand a piilin In tho    itidini
be careful thai you turn lhc pot around
every dny, so that one side of the plant
does not get the suit benefit of th*
su-. < rays,
A. a Slflrter.
Doctor-Madam, your husband must
hove nbsoltito rest. Madam — Well,
doctor, ho won't listen to me— Doc-
tor-A very good beginning, nindum-
s very good  beginning,
He   Wli.   llie   Lllllll.
, lie Oo you think it would ho foolish
If me to marry a clrl who was my In
,'erlor Intellectually! She More than
fooll-h   Impossible.   An-'.vers.
Colds, ,
Weak Velce,
All these diseases are lerioai in Ihenv
selvea, and il not promptly cured la the
early stages are tha certain lorerunna-s oi
Consumption In its moet terrible tormt
I'syohlae conquers and cures Conaum">>
tion, bul II Is much easier and sties W
prevent Its development hy using Psychine, Here ia a sample of thousands ol
Tolaiitart and unsolicited -lalemtntsfrca
all over Canada I
Dr, T. A. fllocum, t.lnllralt
.. .' nr. ii : ft.) It mj tut* tO a***". *-.■
.1 III. i.Tia-lal-'a mr. >ff-*-|-*l by foul fa-ahM
tad Oionulilon. which It.*, ram. undM mi
p-flenal oS-erf.tlon. I' -.a ir.n .all kno-ra ■
tn* Albert Towsi-nil, H«i.l UI**job aad /OM
Mai.7.   tll   Cl   ■'.' t'a ia-       'Illlt,   w«   S**
nounreil by Ih. bMt >" ' .: mm lo b.-1
eonaiimi'tton .lal to bo Ini-nr.bl. .nil born-ad tha
rMch of tnodliml .14. .'-- a..-i c, I, >t. u4
Olomulili'i .nd iher are now tn -oed h-aallk
I laol It. dm. 1 owt to . "' ei i tium.irr* t*
■Uio '.-■* l.a'U Inr Um benoSI (J olhu auSmS
li. r.'j. j ia'ni-'■ ::.***-* m
Your. ..ry truly, *
UANpaa Mrirmta it,
t <,'.an Buboa, KX
Prrrhlne, pronounced W-kiain, le (*e
sals at all up-to-date dealers. If yoxn
druggist or general store cannot WMill
tou, write Or T. A. Blocnm, limited, 111
l.lni Street West, Toronto,
I   Want of care decs  ns  mum harm
'hau rout of liii'vvladKe.-i'ranUlu.
BLOCK   109
Kuir 50-foot lots, one
of them a (tinier lot, faces
Park ami Inlet, with a
magnificient uninterrupted
view.        ::    ::    ::    ::    :!
Price  lur   all:   $3,500
Apply to
Rolled Oal,s
Hay and feed
ihe Brackijian Her
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local managi r,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Finn, healthy Tomato and
Cauliilower Plants, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand.
Ale and Stout
1,1 Bottltra, Ken*, nil,I JneH
Ihr Biiipil Iti- -'luii Co., lid,
TBI., .101
Uio H'Cillcss l'luins, N" I'ltless Applof
-Ho (Jobless Com—Just old relhiblc vai
utles at reasonable pricoi, Fertilizer*..
Bee Supplies, Spray l'umps, Spriiyilitc
Material, Cut Flowers, otc, Oldest es-
jabllshea nur cry mi tin- mainland uf
British Coiun  a.   Catalogue Iree
NIRSIRIIS V.ll Ml 1)1101 SIS
VANCi'l \ il:   ll C
P, S.—If your liH-ul inci
hpjldle my -eels, set ' *lln*cl   tt
nay  litv  | Basel-. .... n.
iiinlcn i li* in li>" Mill im; ■ I     ll 'ted
ptockl t" vmir 11 '»n st lur II
tajen'i prickt le lor U    a,      I'rlal t
lei lii.11
Subscribe (or The Ext'ur.ss.
The court "f n vision in- taxes)
will be held in municipal hall on
Monday, March 18th, and not thi
11 th nut., as announced.
|auiii". II. Kniftht, Dawson, was
In re on Tuesday and left on i'n-
II. (1 Sims, the well-known
a min 'iii,i'i. late nt 'Frisi o, was ben
mi Tuesday, mi bis way eastward.
lie will return in xt summer. Hu
I hi" niiii the real eslal.
inti ft '   of a Iriend.
Li op Id Grant, St. Paul, spi m
Monday  in lllis burg,     lb   is a'
pi it
tin   ■. !■ lints tliis   weeli
was Wilfred I." lilanc, ol Montreal,   lie led (or the So.tind - lii
mi   Thursday,   but   will   return
Five car loads of horses arrived
on Monday Innn Ontario [or Mc
Mair's camp, ihey were broughl
hmi by Al. Hamilton.
Mayoi Bethune believes that in
the near future some heavy mining
propositions will bc developed on
Seymoui crei k.
Count llor Dr. Jordan says that
good pi bite men are si arce and
lie    young,   Evidently   he    is
catchini "ti ". :1. "ails n| the wily
politii iai
North Vancouver sliould not
miss the ciiance to get entire con
trul of tin- proposed pipe lint road
nn Seymour creek, It ma;, ost
30 - thing to do sn new. but ii
that district is to bi opened up il
must have a road, and also tin
water pipes laid there must be
tappi <1 iai supply iiti.ei sell ei's
ur manufacturers who ma ■ ite
in that locality.
li. (1. Nm , the pioneer photo
graphei and 1 I ire it aim i". has
opened iis tndi on Second
street, west of 1 isdali avenue,
and is now 1 .     for bin ideas.
Dr. and '.' .   W,   T   I'ini-.
:- v 1 11 visil
this v.a a , . ■ ari      .■    ■ •:
\ ,1111 '-  . '  IStS
K. VY.iit-, Turin
on J 11 -■'..       li'    1   iii   in    ile
itblei ihe 1
.imi lliornu i ..   -
with you     1,-i.rll  '' inn titver.
A. II.ut .11 and v.iie Si ittli,
wen-   1      : I- I   al   tlie   l'.i.-nf
1: n I'm■-,ihii'.
\V  |. Porta 1 kikI wit . Pin • nix.
tl '       1   .a        •       I I'   tl
1111 \Vi dm -'l'i*     Mi   .    i'i" 11
>li   Iln -sei's h.ei-a  ami
:,',      1    m Seci inl atrei t, nenil;
oppi  ite tin   hotel,   for   f |
an '    .','. n side lien in (iiiiii
Church Not'ce.
I I I l"i  a IIU 1(1 I!
SIXTH  -It" 1 1.
Survici     will   is1 In Id  in  the
1 bin li n'i Sundii) .11 t.iiial  at   1:
t, 111. a        ." p. in.
Sm,d,i' si hool, 1130 p. in.
I* ly is invited lo all tins.
l'i'".  Kev. J 11. (iill.iin, M.A
I.     lull'.       . III 1 ■ 11    L'i ll SI k    nl
■   ISP I lllll 11 1 MII -11 I I I'll    -■ I i
(plain . - n'i lock : in 'im.
,11,a!   a   Onl   1      '-a'      'tl        '   I      ' ■   '   .     I  I     .1     111
Tui-stla      I
!ll|a.l|0|l"Ul      |,l HI      Will)      ■!
.       I
'I,isi yi'iT Proport) with us
for qtiic^ •*a'1'- -f prices firs
right wo cun dispose of it for
Ko«il Estate Brokers
Thompson Block,   -   •   NORTH VANCOUVER,
North Vancouver
1 believe that Nortli Vancouver has
an immense future, and thai thero
will bo more money made in land
hero than in any other section in
British Columbia. I liave IOT&
FOR SALE in all pans of the
Townsite, If you have f WIS F-H
Sfl.1.-, como to mc I will find
you pur,c)msors quickly.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B* C.
CAPITAL, $4,866,666. RESERVE, §2,141,333
lleital ollice iii Canada, Montreal.
11. Sum.man, General Manager; J. Ei *: r ,Supt. 11 Branches
Branches in lliiiisli Columbia—Ashcroft, Greenwood,
lleillev. Ka-.li'. Rossland, Trail (.Sub Branch), Vancouver,
Victoria, Duncans, and Dawson, V.T.
Snvings Dcp-irtmtnt  Dcprsils received from $1.00 upwards
Interest at huthest current ralf«-. and compounded twice a yenr
Olliii", Cora Lonsdale tore, .md Esplanade, North Voncouver, B, ('.
Tii«lil Manic.
Cot.yiiii.i-1'. ic
Anf'iii''*!""':'.' (!..•■" h -iniil    r      ■   i .
qnlrkl! a.' - rl     - ol
IftTl'I'tli'll If pi
llontMHctlri    '
„. ,a •■... indi it i   •
I'llil a a ■ Ui.    tin     ill .Mn
, ,.r   . n    ■ a "'.   i
Scientific JH»c?ican.
f tilt a, in,t.tl*' ||   ,,     t|       |. ■ t
'ffloitlbltlL Bold ii* .ii nn* ■■
S Oo,3611-'""1*"1 New Yuri
Tin' ruad work or Se I  tn 11,
west ul Lonadali .1*11111 lo Mail	
~tV«Dlie, which ii li'int; dune hy
Couirui tot  Mi Lennan,   will   he
completed in  four ot  five dnyi
Sincf Mr. McLi nintii started tl
work he ' is not had i**'1 *'■• eka ol
joo'l weather,
Uii! you iwi • lontiu 1 '
I 'tin Valley Notes.
Mi   r V,    lover,   '1 ,'iin Vai
:-. t-    tli
Mt   VVoodlmrn, ol  Iln   H   1
' ',   llll am- a I,     ll.l
t||l V\ '    '      '   I       I
1 Saturday,
I ■    .iiunl Man li 1
1 routine 3t  tl li n   in
■    ■     -1    tn up p  tin it
i     11 \
I    Mrs. I'i     te. who hn  1 • en laid
i-   v.   '       .1      -    - ;       .1" :
:      I       .,:
|. M. I
l bad the ni  lorttini
In sti 1 rusty tin        :   Wi 1 k,
1   I through    iln
■ "-I   li 1   in
■  -;
I   M   i iu lid up  v.illi an'
. "  ■ .    ■ .     1 I'pi'
Is now  right in ■ ■••■ loi .1 sharp advance,    llii-. yeal is
hound to I ■■ ti.  hai tin liisli t - ol oui • met prising
and rap        ; '1 1 ■• 1  ■ • loi 1 in
piup- rt)   will pi lil ■ ,' id ■, ti -a : i- turns than
, ■ 11
tl'K SL'IIMIT I'lll   '"' !   IVI.Mi :
1,1 I: II i.'atyl1- l'u,, twin li friani        li 15, unrar lino.   IWihi
■ In 1 . ■ mnl vi 1   1 ■
Kl.l'.Vl \ .1!   Wi- ST  liKUIilil      a' !     ;■    .  iilt.lv a-ariaer.     1'rico
i.i ; h, mi    ' ' rili 1'iirk.   l'rii'i)
tl 11 ti    l'i ■ 1   nl aa-' Hand Vi inoiillis,
SIA IN lil STIlKKI    bit. I I'  lltli'l ..- .-. - 1)1.. .ivi'leiiri.l.
I'rirc * I IMI I.  Tvl  'i I I'-' ninnllis.
|iill:lll STIIRI !'   Uu '- 11  1 IW "
I. ri - * in. mii ..    ■.,' . •• 11.. 1.iiii-
(SIXTH S'l'Itl-'Ki'*-|..:-.; Iod ow li   Ternu
fl'.'.'ien-li: litilniioc I'itiiiiilhiit over two vi 1 -
SIXTH STIIKK'I   I...1- ll.l'-'. Iilock ii   dn    M-uriii-r.   I'rlci I
1. nn- > . " 1 null; I llll  ■ (tendhlH ovi'l :it" ■-■
1 iiniiT liOiisiliilo Ave. nuil Fifth St.
TEI, 15 S0RT1I v.\;.riii \ 1,1
Rainier Beer^
Is b glorious beverage—queneliing and
satisfying. Remember there's no olher
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
We arc now cutting Cordwood. 1 Mac.: your orders
with us tor Cordwood.
British Columbia I ie* trie k ilway Co.,! id.
1 'n.n;: to 1 hangc ol  tin   leny I
ol tun):
Kn   1 Srm
Leaving Qui 1 :"-: 11    Vvimiii    ii     ■    1. tn, 1       1. tn.,
■   ininiiti    1.1 thu hour in til     :,-, |i 111.
l.i'lll  1',:.    Keitll    K1.I1I   llllai    I'l'll'.'.   Avi'l    ■     lit   fl     'l     In..
.   it.   in.,   ■■: •,.   ntnl   . ,   iniiiiii  :   past  the  li.mr
until 11.25 p. 111.
l. ■    " 1  Avi
( ars will run ever-  20 niiiiuti a.
*»-?"'   All lm.its are mel hy the rars.
Wholesale and li' tail.
Ja suari) Shoe Sale
e'S Shoe Store
lined Uli
\ low ( :!i ami I1 -
1".      IT.  1!     '                       .-'  |     11    V   LIO
M         School Bool       l.
(, 1
1   1                1.10
510 HafttlnQft m. W.
  (' ill it- and pee what you 1 nn
,,.,.,.   , ,.    , '•:'■' in youi   iia.ii town,    Vou
BILU WILLIAMS. PROP ,i;u.       ,      , , nncll
,> Pow*rll St., Vancouver. parcel-carrying you can save,
11 .'ll.   III.   In.
-IIMU     Kill-    Hi
I um IKS   IMI
limn 1 in in"
■ 1
1   .1   1
Up in date
pnd up.
Kali • im
! ainilien
ferry Service Every Hall Hour lo iind Irom Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
= l
I'M.*   0i   .. ■-. n i' 1 -■ s ,   i' 1 .1;, I      I - - I
Extra Fine DAIItl 111 lllll
Tubs or mil'  I 'at
2S (i'ill*. per I'liunil
!la„"ii llirmiglioiil uilli
l.-.l.ll        llaal llllll I'llll
Miller ill hit.
Ski "'•'' Sni 1 ■
ii ■■ in Ib
In- .1- lllll- al-  lllll
1       I, It*-tea
NORTH  VANCOUVI ll   1   1
J. A. McMillan, North Vancouver
III    1   "    i..-..'.. 11  1   1.1,. H.| 8, 11.
;  II, .1 : '   W. II1111.11, II .1.
llc('llOSX,U, Mill./!/, £ HARPER
Barristers, Solicitors, Nuturlcs, Ite,      j'
ai,,   ,    11 :.   t   Hit ' Unit,    mi      di  id :
I'llli.'l.aall   HlOl'ki   -aa'lll    Vl	


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