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 VOLuMfi II.
The Earthquake.
All that now remains of the
once great city ol San Francisco
is a bed o( raging fire and desolation. The earthquake, which
took place on Wednesday morning, at 6:13 o'clock, shook the
stately piles (or three minutes like
so many grains in a hopper.
When they fell the devouring ele*
mente completed the awful work
ol devastation anil ruin. The unfortunate people ol the Golden
Gate city in their hour of frightful
losses, have the sympathy of the
whole civilized world. Messages
ol condolence will be sent them,
as well as money and aid of any
kind which it is possible for
generous humanity to bestow.
St. George's Day.
April the 23rd turns the thoughts
of Englishmen to our patron saint,
though we cannot get our national
rose quite as easily as our brothers
do their St. Patrick's shamrock.
Ol two men, who, in early
Christian times, bore the name ol
George, one was an infamous opponent of the Catholic faith, the
other was a soldier ol the Roman
arflty, towards the end oi the third
century. Confusion between the
two, and the usual crop of legends,
make it particularly difficult to
.speak with certainty ol his history.
What is probably true is that he
tore down the Emperor Diocletian's edict ol persecutian. and, iu
consequence ol his refusal to deny
bis Lord, Buffered imprisonment,
torture and death. At any rale we
iind churches dedicated in his
honor as early as tne first Christian
emperor, and his day is already
o sesved in the eailiest service-
It was in King Henry the Third's
reign that the Synod ol Oxford
(A. D 1220) achuowledged lnm as
patron of England, partly, no
doubt, on account of the manly
virtues associated with his name,
partly on account ol his alleged
appearance to King Richard Cueur-
de-Lion during the crusade.
His name recalls to us the Order
of the Garler with its famous
chapel at Windsor and the battle
cry of its knights "St. George for
The legend of his combat with
the dragon on behalf of a king's
daughter, which we see on sovereigns, is, doubtless au allegory ol
the Christian soldier's coullict with
Satan on behalf of the Church.
Hence, too, the blood-red cross
on the white ground of holiness
which is ever the emblem of our
Church and Nation.
Hotel North Vancouver.
The following  are the   guests
registered at the hotel  this week:
W. A. Roche, Nanaimo
Geo. Donlay,      "
A. Inni's and family, Kamloops.
W. A. Iiauer, Vancouver,
II. Rhodes,
T. C. Haines "
Mrs. Cobourn,        "
John Decker,        "
Rev. Rodrick  Fay, "
W. II. Walton,
Miss M. Walton,    "
Miss li. Knotilinn, "
M. Knowltiui, "
M. G. Iloare, "
J. Waldnian, "
W. li. Smith, Seattle.
Chas. Kemp, I). G. S.
Mrs.  A. A.  lloak anil
Mr. and   Mrs.   Mimroe,
S. S. Waggoner, London.
On Good Friday the Hotel Nor-
den, of Vancouver, belonging to
Pete Larson, was partially burned.
About four o'clock lire was noticed
on'llie roof of thc hotel which was
not extinguished before tho build
ing and contents were gutted.
The loss is about $500 with no in
Municipal Council.
The regular meeting of the municipal council was held al tin
municipal hall on Wednesday
evening. Reeve A. E, Kealy presided, and Councillors Cornish,
Allen and Morden were present,
Councillor May being absent.
Clerk Philip was also in his place.
|, W. Keller, Victoria, wrote
stating that tho location ol his proposed works at North Vancouver
shall require from lour to six at res
to place works on, which should be
on the waterfrout, Tho building
would lie 100x511 feet and would
be two storeys high, to dry pipe
in, the same to be heated with
steam or hot air. Three kilns will
be required (or Bewer pipe, Bower
pots, drain tile and fancy brick,
All the clay required can be got
in two locations within in and 30
miles of the city. The clerk was
instructed to reply to the same.
W. J. McGuigan, M. D., wrote re
purchasing of the property ol the
municipality al Grousi mountain.
The clerk was instructed to say
that the presenl council could noi
deal with the matter.
A. McKay Jordon wrote for
terms re supply of water for his
gardens. Referred to Water committee to report,
The Express Printing Company
wrote asking lor a contribution inwards defraying tlie expenses in
connection with a souvenir pamphlet setting forth the advantages ol
North Vancouver, Referred 10
Finance committee to report.
Win. Snider wrote that the
engineer had changed the slakes
on his First street work and raised
the grade, and asked for S600.
Referred to Finance Committee.
In reference to the new liuri tl
plot at llie Mission, to tlie iv st "1
the lown, iln clerk was instructed
to communicate with the snld loi
re the municipality's power in the
matter of regulating burial pi 11
within the corporation limits.
Mr. Steacy, the chairman of the
school board, appean .1 In fore tin
c mncil rela ive in  ilu   it ■ In
and janitor's salaries   not   In
paid, and asked lhat the 1 unit il
settle the   matter.    I'he   1 m iti
advanced   .A;3    for    temporarj
Church Notices.
, ll' Rl II, 1 OBNF.R
Sunday after Easter Day (April
sand)—Holy conmunion at 8 a. m.
Second Sunday after Eastei
(April ayili)—llm.v communion al
11:30 a. 111.
St.   Mark's   Day   (Wednesday
April 25th) - -Evensong andaildrcss,
4:311 p. in.
Every Sunday—Mattins, n;
Evensong, 7:30.
The annual Easter vestry meel
ing i* to ba' held  in  the church
(there being as yel no   suitable
plate) on Thursday, April 26th, at
ST. ANIIIII '*'- im   1*11 MAS I ' I,
Services will bo conducted on
Sunday as usual at 1 1   a.   in.   1 ul
7:30  p.   in.   Morning   a
"Jesus Nnu". evening   ul i-11
"llu' Three Veriti sol Life."
Sun,I,n .. iniul at 11:30 p, in.
Christian Endeavor an Wedncs
day al 8 p. m,
Servii e ai Mo itlyvilh
house on Sttndaj ■ Mining at 7 p. in.
Pastori Rev. J, D, Gillam, M.A,
Sherlock Holmes' Rival.
Superintendent Steve Madison,
oi ihe Vancouver water works, is
a studi in i-i : luii' ck Holmes,
lie believes that Dr, Conan Doyle,
in his stories aboui that gri al 1 x-
ponent ol thi il" "it of deduction,
was simply gh in tin d li 1 ti\ ■ 1
nl   the   English speaking   world
:, Ig 11 1 .'i'l'  I   in ... 11. ii 'i,    ol   llOW
in und oul ihiii [s,
IA' 1 vliuilv knows about the wai
ih.it is on between out sistei 1 it'
and Dr, Carroll regarding righl
the 1 apilano, The Carroll army
ilu, a. 11* the dam everj few days
and a thrill ol fear goes through
our neighbors, who are all water-
drinkers, lot fear that the whole
limn business may end in a swear-
ing-ofl on the matutinal bath and
a stomachic treatment of water
Carroll's right-hand man is
Farrell, Recently tho troops
working on the Carroll canal were
to be stopped, because bclore Mr.
Justice Dull an agreemi nt had
been reached to cea ie work while
expropriation proceedings were
ran led nut.
.inell had to inform his regiment that work on entrenchments
in re in lie stopped, li was a
risky and dangi rotis job, The
city's Scotch troops, under Briga-
dit r-general Mi Kinnon, were in a
favored position. Tint' had water
on tap and loud for three whole
days ahead, To ''iisure further
safety Chief Scott Kennedy took
wilh him an unknown. His
nationality, according to smoking
concert records, is Scotch-Irish-
Canadian-Freiich-German, with a
a little touch of polyglot Western-
American combination. Tliey
carrii.. out their work fairly w'eli,
even tai the getting of seven All-ups
on iiaiiiliin .a r st ''., roast turkey,
. ie., without a .; recognized,
Mm 11 in this was due to tho ■ 0
operation ul Mr. A. VV. llawkin-
I son, ol th ■ tiotel North Vancouver,
who In:;;,1 a. iln. disguisi to Mr.
Fan , ■ e pari 1,1 li was all
trained in .1 coat tliat would b 11.
1. ... rk in its \. I;.mini> 1 • foi : ,
and coi-i' Goliaih liom top   to
Imt;,ui..   It had   i Idition   a
i'..!i,11 tii.it would 1 q in.' a sti ;■
1 nub r a look ".. 1. 111.1t was uie
gr. ,iti .*; pan ul tin dis|  list',
Tim Fain il-l arrod un 11 ha:
i theii worn without I" iug
rei lized and were quietly l'i turning, hut they were nol to est .ij"1
without being spotted. Superintend) ui Madison had a dedui tion d
bunch with him. Though it was
late in iln ,il'.i tu 1 in, ii ■ i-taiti d
[or the I. id of action. With him
he look lhat hern of a thousand
Indian actions. Major Evans, lhe
veteran cobra cati her and tic,er
slayer, lu the darkness, on the
trail, they passed two men in a
rig. Farrell, though he spoke,
pa i n I on nnu • ogni led. The
said: "All snake signs fail
me, 1 know them not,"
"P ih i.A' aid Siat'-. "don't you
sec thai bum h ol matti    -   I ilfin
,il...\  that coat collar   that is Sam
lt rained yesterday for a wonder.
Mrs. VV. 0. Dell and child have
arrived home.
I hing. are nol always what they
si' in when the scam tears.
W, C, Smith, "I Seattle, was a
ui 10 the lown Tuesday.
"Thev say" is the only excuse
Rome people have for lying.
Si '.Mil real estate transfers
have I" 1 n reported ihis week.
1 apt, Kent will reside in R, W.
hu k's cottage on First street.
Talk   has   revived   the   idea    nl
forming a chamber ol commerce,
J. F. Hollyhood, a Seattle contractor, was in town on Wednesday,
A four-foot sidewalk will be put
in on ilm north side oi Victoria
We have not heard of the Moody
ville nine being challenged to play
a game.
When a person buys an umbrella
something is being laid away for a
"rainy day."
fine catches, The Express en- A large amount of baled hay is
joyed a fine Dolly Varden, known being imported daily into the
by the disciples ol Izaak Walton I municipality
The ,rst "' The ferry company is nothing il
not progressive, The pursers are
colli ting 1,ms with boxes siniiliar
to those used 011 the street cars.
Coroner A.   ll
tomorrow on an
Diplock leaves
ixteuded trip to
A. Ives and family, of Kamloops
are guests at the Hotel Nortl
Not even an earthquake will
move the 'Titer 10 get out an
extra edition.
Life again will be worth living
when the season for baseball and
Iai rosso opens,
Mr, ai d Mrs, 11 irryJYouug have
h ii Moo it ,'illu und gone to Van-
1 ouvei to 1   i le,
A. Sl. G, Harm 1 dej i* expected
ni n turn Irom his round-the-world
trip early in May.
Wttte Irai.11 lasl accounts ii still
hanging am to 1 ie piemiership ol
Rusi: 1.   Goo 1 lor Wine,
tho extraordinary catch are in cold
storage—we don't think.
Sherburn Becker, 26 years old,
is mayor of Milwaukee.   "Sherbie"
for lour years has been llli Un
wonder in municipal publics in
that 1 ii\.
The old-timers ol Portagi
Prairie aud adjaci nt country are
getting up an excursion to British
Columbia nnd will spend considerable tune here.
A gang of men have stalled the
work of putting in the tramway
bridge on the Keith mad, halfwaj
betwern Bewicke and   Galbraith
avenues,    lt will be 200  leel  in
II. Brooke, the poll lax collector
lor New Westminster district,
has been busy these days calling
on men for their usual annual
donation of S3 to the government
All members interested in the
boatingjelub should come forward
with $5 before Mav 1st, alter
which date ilie fee will be Sin.
No oilier fees will be charged during the year.
The work of clearing and grudinf
St. George's road, from First ti
Third   net is, has not yet  been
The License Question,
A meeting li is been called at the
request nl   Revs,   Marsden   and
Gillam by the reeve to discuss the
license question,    Interesting addresses are promised,   The 1 hah
will be taken al 8 p.  m,,  on  I ri
dat night, at the munii ipal  hall,
by Reeve A, E. Kealy.   All ladies
and gentlemen inti n iti 1 in 1
question thai  involve!  tin
ol North \ am ouvei
be welcomed,
Boys' Rifle Brigade.
At tin a ii a ol 1 in;.ih- drill on
I ui iln . [ th brigade and
some of tin ii Irii nd - met for
busin Alex,   Philip pre-
■ I'lnl gild   -alt' 'I til     pro   l<   ..    llll )
had  mad'   tow ird    1 1 [animation
ami finances,    Rev. R, S, M.n. di n
i.iui!. 11
llu J   iu i' eeded to    1       li
was iiiitiiiiinou . 1 ih.a .1
anal on ti.
I       ■ llll       laaal'i.tilll
if  I'       UN.Ill     it      Upptl       1
executive 1 ommitii 1     Recvi
I',.   Kealy,   honorary    p
A.   li.   '-. lent'  I'    V\
I einplar, pi VV,  C,
Stone, sei ri Lu . in ' ur 1 ( om
milieu j. A, Mi ilil 111, Alex,
I'hilip, W, J. Elder, Robert
. Ray Sargeant, J. R,
Hums and Artliui i
Chaplains   Ri      I D. I iillam and
li.   Is.   Mill      ll  11.       'I 11  till    I    allilllllll'l
duty ol    electin
li.i diflui    '      ers ol the brigadi,
which already has an enrolmcnl ol
Ml        M    'I     'la   II     1        ||l
1 1 nrdial invitation lo tin
1 ii oul lo Si,  John's S
-' au  arly Siiiui       I 1      |
F. j. Vi  I 1. : tu ol Toronto,
i ..     .. ■       1 open shortly
: tailor shop in North Vancouver.
A building ' ; twelve two-roomed
departnu nl ■ will shortly be ere led
:i'   ' ond siii et, neai St. George's
Tbe new steps in front of the
municipal hall, from the sidewalk,
: re being put in by Contractor
I lonovan.
There is an application before
tin license commissioners lor a
table license for a restaurant, on
iin Esplanade.
William   Donovan,   who was
here  last  week,  arrived   at San
Francisco the night   before the
The golf links at Lynn creek,
beyond Moodyville, are brim.
well patronized these fine days by
local enthusiasts,
Mr. Thompson, of Fifteenth
stri et, left i" sterday fnr his old
h mie ui I oronto, win re ho will
p nd ih" summer.
Mr. Sabine, ol  the   llrili ih  Co
liiinbia Electric Railwaj Company,
■ . ( hai, Nye'   resi
. on Third stit et, lor  the
.i.m. ei
I . 1 I'ln.'. nil valvi * have bi 1 n
■ 1,    me on 1!.' 1. plan di snd
n'lithi 1 at 'I Wi Iftli   ireel   to n
pn   aire on the main .11
.-ii .
'.'■anil.. tor Mills. Tins
work is iug "ii . tl should have
been finished ere this.
Miss May Green, ol Vancouver,
has been visiting friends here for
the past week. Miss Green has
recently returned from Boston
where sh,- has been studying
music for the past two years.
Chief Joe Capilano lias arrived
back liom the big pow-wow at
Kamloops, It has been dei ided
that he will go to England I" see
the -|i ig. A further mi eting to
appoint anothur chief to ai 1 ompanj
him will beheld shortly at Spence'i
|ules Calton, of Portland, and
|.i s Nm .. ni Tacomn, who have
I'.i'.i on an 1 xtendi d trip to tin
t'rii'nt. have been enj lying n n ih
ing trip hen ahoi ts foi the pasl
few days.   Mi.  Nile    pui has d
two lots   on   lb"   Keith   load   and
will build a bungalow thereon
J. G. Arthur has returned fron
Edmonton. While awaj he purchased an improved farm, 5 1 mill s
northwest ol Edmonton, on tin
Pembina river. He will leave foi
Ins new home shortly and stocl
his ranch with tborougbbn ds, Mr
Arthur is an old North Van-
couverite, well and favorably
known. His tinny Iriends wish
11 i 111 every success in his new
Brassey & Quinn have finished
,|nn lineal feel ill puncheon   on
Lonsdale  avium ,   betWCi 11   Nim -
teenth and Twenty-first Bin 1 ti.
and moved the mad to tho *u -I.
to allow the tramway to run on tin
east side. The work ol moving
llu old puncheon ..ill bi continued
to Fifteenth stn et by tin munici
pality, as somi as Ih
been 1 ompleted on tho hi rtii ultu
ml soi icty's grounds,
A box social will be held in the
Pavilion nexl Wi dnesday evening,
iiuda 1 th. auspices ol the local
Orange lodge, A good time is
Mr. Sioullar, contractor, and
so i, nl Sydney, Australia, were in
town loday, and called on Mr.
Alex, Philip, In all probability
in-', will locate here.
The proposed six-foot sidewalk
on Lonsdale avenue, between
Fifth and Sixth streets,  is being
:.' le i b\ the municipality,
Lumber is hard to get and consequent the work is being unavoidably held back.
The general committee on city
incorporation will meet in the
municipal hall, on Wednesday,
the ."uli instant, at 1*1:30 p, in., to
receive thc report of tlie sub-coin-
mittree, The meeting is an important one ami it is desirable that
there bi a full attendance.
1). (1. Dick, our enterprising
local real estate broker, has
possession of the World silver
dollar. He has proposed to Hon,
[ins, "l ihe World staff, to
suction it nit to ihr highest bidder,
the proceeds to go to the   San
l'i. 1:111 .in ..iilielers.
Missis. J N Pike, manager lor
British Columbia, of the Home
Life Insurance Company, and C.
li. Haggerty, agent, were in North
Vancouver this week in the iu-
terests gf the company. They
called on Tin; Exi'Rtss and report-
id a good days' business.
Insurance investigations are
causing considerable interest,
policy holders will be loolish who
drop out on account ol the testimony sn Inr offered, the investigation has not gone lar enough to
...ni int conclusions. In the
meantime, we are glad to note that
fraternal society insurance will alio
receive attention.
Missis. Irwin tV: Billings, the
11 ai real estate dealers, report a
very busy week, having sold some
jo hall-acre hits as well as oilier
properties in various parts ol the
townsite. The aggregate prices
amounting to over $10,000. The
lirm at all times will be pleased to
iisl prop, iti. s Inr owners having
i:n> loi sale Only North Van-
1 ouvi 1 n al ■ state is being handled.
The l hiiiisi clearing lots on
First street, opposite ibe muni-
■ ipal hall, are very reckless with
dynamite, A piece ol a lame
slump was thrown a block away,
lighting on McMillan's stable.
Although no serious damage was
. ,at wi h"ld that Chinks
ihould 1, 'i 1" allowed 10 use ex-
pi > ivi •-. .it li ast, within the rorpo-
Mti' limits.
(has Mib, "1 Moodyville, the
popular pn ndi nt ol the Fraternal
1 Irder oi Ei , .V tie No. 6,
V'ai ouvcr, dropped into Tm.
Exi 11 * this morning Inr a lew
rninuti . il"   (' try.   He
ill   llllll   .1   1 1.'   |'la     Inr   >IHO
tin  San 1 rani i  0   sufferers,
llu  "nh 1   1*.   preparing   lor  a
I'   iai '   .iin!' .ii ui to the  Kaglcs
ol 'I'll ' 0
Somi im. night nl
ij la t  a horse belonging
lo Pete - ' "iini-
1I1I1   :i mm 1. li ii ami bi. ka   a-,
I     ri    Friday
.'■. a .1 ■■ h mill "I log. from till
. ri ■ rvnti in  wi n   towed
■ 11     ound Engl li
hay, in  Robert!    &   llu bit's
ill, on Fa ' cm.' , yesterday,
Rev.    Mr.    Hougton,   ol    till
English    iiniii h,    Ni w    Wi .1 |
:   .ni. was in town on Wednes
day,    lie I'll for home  with   ;<
iiiiilc nl iatisfai 1  n 1 ird      tin
progn ss "I North Vancouvi 1
A purtv of local  Nimri I . 1 om
! 1 II   Dii k, (    Mad
John Waldnian and  I     Wi   III
.■' ui mi a irip iii I.' ;lc harl n
■ ■ ■ 1   ini'     ami   .   n
■ ,  il mil'.      II'.' nnipetl  il
' iin,   near
These are bu iy linn 1 for tin
•\i How rags. '   Pii ntj  ol   1  111
brim lull nl .'nib -
news:   "Prayi 11 Failin    1 ■
to   Knife,"   "W Id Wi 1    Sh >w
l.uii ■. Um' Indian,    -I
"Dowii    Courage I : mnl
Vi  inui ■   in    Eruption, the poor In ite mi* still
i 1 Totally Destroyed ring, and unable
Earthquake,"   "Hangs   .1      II ■■ ,t   was   0X«
Fathei Di I," "B ij Hid   in I      J haiistcd 1 mal back
Sl ,'tn   and   Evadi 1   the U , Imi in vain, and on
'"in e," etc, 11| ii id     In   was plai ml boyoud
nni ry,   lhe 1 ai .1 is was afterward . I h , ll.il. ll.
\ -.I t- I'taim Ii nl business that
1      I-  1' ut thriving town
i ii M ,   mi tabid
The II'. rid Bl 1 \n
dollai has n ai In d N. rth \ n
i otiver, and 1* iu llu po 11 in ol
1 Kobi it Bryce, lhe popu 11 p irsi •
ni ih.' sn ,1:1111 1 assiar. I ha
names allai bed lo tin   I
llil'lsnli     llll    ' 1
Mava nson -'■ ' niiipii... \\    I lol
royde, S. A   llorris,  IJ   1
uroni . I .mi Ion < in" - it 1
1 >■: ■   is, Mori
Pill Box Drug Stole, li. 1   i' ' 1
1 pri cnl the first industry ol its kind ovei hi ro, Cud.
nu) and Maj an thc proprietors.
Ih tradi  iu orna-
in  Bigns,   paper-
rk,   1  I in (ai I
pi n.minu: to this p.u-
1 1 11 1       1
•   where
n & Lump       ■      ■ feci      prompt al
couth van • 11vmi. 11. c
\ '.',        N 'tt'|.i|i'i',   ■   Publish" I ii.
PUBSt. IMtlN'MU Cornwall)
i Iliu' II illiir |u'l' Vi'iir
lil'lillAF, lAIM'i.A
tl m ifinii lOilitor,
lllllll INS
Vilvurli .in.' M hi'
Exodus ol
11   I a isle.
t tn. i  nail      h
ui I .rl ill       -        Ul
■  '   '|| 'i   ,i
,    i,| with ll     fuel
,-t|   ,. ■    ■!.■    i      llll
.    inlo   lim-.    I ■ invli
. n„il ha.ii . 0.1 vii il .-I ' 'I A
i,. i nitoil SUil.es     Even In llio
rural liniiili'i* Hie nlil |i 1"
i,. unl l. im.' <omo roccnl
Hi. mosl in 'iin-'"'-' v"v
Mm     everj mnn i r
•  , .,,..ii'.    un""   •' I
i i,i i: .imi luts o number n
,,   sisters   'il   '' '1*1   '  '
, have in   all) left lor the
■ ,11    ,l|',"l|.'l"*   a-Xl-l    111    "■■
, , " I. llll I       I'll   'l'J    *'Ull'-''   I"!
'     l|i  i. un   i i wl  aib ii
,.,,. ... .|,- iniliicemoni I i
■       j   lllllll   IIIMl   .'Ol'l   W'llll"!'.
■    . slum Hi I* |iaj mn
■ ■,   'i,..    ,' i.imshlii   ii''' '
II, ih • if 'nl. c n ■■
..;,.., , , .   , ni ,i in .ii, nf iii- -in arc il
,.    i      ■, ihi* uaiiirs" uf :i year.   The
, i - . which Hu".' Hi""' In
nl ih ■ ,'auuia: I''"i'l" who o
. live .ml   '■ ■   mi
, ■     ne Uu* 'I' ''!' il ' H
i   |n Hi..ir   inlnils,   fnhulniis
. other snl" nf Iho Mian
■    ,.,' ihl ■  In  lllO  :r..'l'i".
nnrlno   Iho   Insl   summor
'..;,,,   I'l'V'll    'I ■'■'   ■'■      '
-,,,.     | hnvo ho ui .1 annnul iloil
■ -gill.. in 'i un nml Hat--
' ivo  li -.1   ilrlpin 1 "'  I
.    .   ,,f Hi.ui ..ll llmo  i
Till,    llllll'.nil    Wor!"    la    l't-rformi-d
'ert  Aril-tli'iilly.
Engrnviug ou tlliiiiiouils enn bo per-
loruioil in a vi'i'.t- effit'tlve manner,   lt
i.* true :i few nut very artistically en-
graved stoni's worn i nl In India,
nml a tjinmiiiul "ii ivlileli tho portrait
of iln- li ih a.: Holland ivns engraved
tm- shown m the Purls exhibition In
at*,   nm the work was Imperfectly
ex.., nloil, iiual ilu- stones lo iked us if
tliey had I" ii ilon l'iti'1 I'iiilii'r thnn
lli .   I', iii'i'iinl-
liite i" ilu' ljii'liiu'iiiiill Industrie the
oi   liordli il, Iii* produced
is of ou-
\   .     oil or
n liuvlug
i nud u
*      ll)   of iiti-
... a
. ■ Cllt llllll
: iiiii..}-
ropri "iilr'l by
llio i
ri Iho con
I Is mi in Um
I a vol   bi   itlful
eus surrounded by *..;■•
most ro ' ol       i- a ring
in  ;' of :i 'i iini iu I,   Tli.' i r Bur-
:.  e Is p illshoi] and tho outer surface
i igrnvod,   Thoro are nlso
lu' In'* in the form of Dies, lhe wings
being roprosoutod by thin ongraved
:. iads With iiriniii'ial
1« 11 e. g., slilrl studs nnd sleeve
links vt 'ii Hi'' Itussinn arms ongraved
on thom, Formerly only tint surfaces
could I'" polished, but Bordlnot has
*u led lu polishing concave parts,
a*, for Instance, the body and tail cf a
li-'.i and lhe Inner stirfaco of a rlug.
11 . : a.:, ho can not only mnko
straight Hues, but also model trocly,
Hit-" tools are his own Invention, and
II ■ -' itod that only hi* son Is allowed
to uso thom, They are the result of
many years' labor, ur duo workman-
sh n mnl very difficult to handle,  Only
■. ii;.' In*! few years has it 1 u
;. I to boro holes In diamonds nnd
ni- in.'" them alternately with pearls
on a string. Tin* work Is n iw regularly done In diamond cutting establish-
ments.-Scieutlflc American.
History ol the Wc.illicr Bureau
llll .....   .,   .
1   We A. ■!    Iliu  in   ovol
"■ii nebulae     n .
in nl • .   Ind "-I    r' in
iiri|-i:'.''i;.  mnn* Hun hall
..  ii a iinllnucil i ai    mi
■if Hi ■ in mil ihl
•   '        01 Ol     '1 '..Mil''!'  ,    I    111,
ill  iu i • .|   ,'.'.
In   iho    .. I'll i i ,    In . T    id
nlli'iiii'ii a .a Una  '
.1        .   || II        "'       111'!      .'
I ,: Id
|| a .   ".
'        '   .11       III  'll     III     '
ll'1 II-
Tlir Klnut-r* ul Galileo,
1' ircl " Is excited ovor the Ongers
of i. ill eo. li appears Unit when the
gn ' •': liiuini'i-'s body was admitted
turo in ihe Florentine church
of Hi" Holy Cross in 1?:;7 Vlnccnsto
Capp ml, a prelate, cut nir with his own
hand "tho two lingers which hud written so in my beautiful things."  In oth-
■ - i' irds, he sin!" iho right thumb unit
forefinger, while another admirer Blcli-
od tho left thumb, whi'li at last Is now
ui Hi" Florentine museum, while the
i" ■' i ipponl i ngors, passing on the
. ol ii.a' head of the family
lo Franco to h.s steward, are now in
ilu- i ■ ii . iu of li i daughter, an old
woman of eighty four, who seeks lo re-
■ hoi ioII from i ivorly by selling
.*'"•• hod bad offers Irom an
* but, having I io . Ilscretlon
■ i p .''..-ii Un I'loresl u" patriotism
r a-- iu arms and n iw demands that
:i tim already in
um,  Worse si.:;, payment for
Ihom i* refused, and pn mugs bavo
' .'■ poor uid we-
in to li      ' icm over.
A -ii-aii-nn Farm.
II i greal friend
11) ' I'M
i Don
I ol
' .
way tliey
go In his o ,. a   * imt
i ■
i. .
I'li-ai.inui ui i.i rii.
Tl. i' i       ■ 1 -   !■- r-riily In
fining nn Italian * I in
■   •       - -i
I hir# to
im ou:. ti :   I.... Ion I   Dress
fi£!s Dr. Chase
Your Doctor?"
lave you Learned to Cure Biliousness, Indigestion and Constipation with
. . ii
. ii
i .ui
\ n .        i pi
ii i
lei       i      i
.   nn     i
li ll
'   II
,'    '   ii
:. '
.     \   '.'    a
The Smut Plant.
illy Hr. James Fletcher.)
The sunns of ivheut, oats, aud ban
ley ure punish ie plains of low dovi 1
opnieni belonging to the fungi and
in ilu- Biime lingo class us iho million's
nnd rusts found on many pluiits,  Tlie
:- Is rn fungi are technically called I
spores ami lil,.' nil other seeds Ihoi
ui sunn ttill gormliinto ii Ihey are pui
in ill" ground ami gel fnvoriible i on
iliiluns. Tliu snull plum begins
I mi wli iii Mir soil liulopenilonlly nnil
iii'it'itt'iii'ds attacks the young grnlu
plum lay peiiolratliig iis tissues above
tlm sprouting   s I,    Aflor   Mils   II
lives as :i punish" In Iho Btoni of Its
In , i ntilly mounting io the grain
win ■. i ehnngi's iii" conltrliii il
Btureh nnd gluten lain Ils i>\\ I
..   ■  .■ in ii i, iirni'tlciill) n ii ■■ i
i ,i wiili tl        ils uf tin' snull I'liiiii.
i .    :    ..I im inly mn uro nn I when
i nilnii ci 'i In
i ■     '    ■
.   ni     md ii
ii ho |i
ciop hi n    .:. ill)  lllldi : ry i       Almost
n ovor 1   "ii.
a'.' ul remedy Is to li
..... iwlll "l ■- to d"
- ... . , ilu rim ■ mul spon i This
mil) 1... done by illpplnp i ed grain
i. , .vim; in ;i solution ni I  Ih
o| iliu,..mn, iii * gallons nf ruin wntcr or by aprlngllng Iho snmo over llio
grain anil tnrnlnp II over thoroughly
wlih a shovel uulll every grnln is wet.
gov ;i .mn us convenient after the
si'.' i is dry, Ton gallons nf solution
will Ironl s iiii.-lu'ls ul' mils nr lu bu-
siw'is uf wheal Instead of the nhovo
cnmiiiorclal rnrmnlln may he used, V4
o-/„ In uiu'li gnllnn of water. Ono
pound "f formalin In 1)2 gnllons of
mil"!' will Ironl 27 hushols nf onts or
l*,2 bualiels "f wheat, milestone nnd
fnrninlln nn
tR Ofin MWARD will
perion who prove, ihnt
Sunlight Soap containi any
injurioui chemical, or any
lutlll ut .lalulllialiaJlt.
is equally good wilh hard or soft water.
If you use Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions
you need not boil nor rub your clothes, and yet you will get belter
results lhan with boiling and hard rubbing in lhe old-fashioned way.
As Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and is perfectly
pure, ihe most delicate fabrics and dainiy silks and laces may be
v\ i 11< J without the slightest injury.
Lcvor nrotltor.   Limited, Toronto
Your money refunded
by the den ler from wh.im you buy
Sunlight Soap if you find any
cauie for complaint.
£0,000   People   In   Her   Poor-
houses—20,000 Children Branded
With Name of Pauper.
Fr.nii a London Times' article on tho
legal poor of London tho following extracts are taken:
In dealing 'villi tho question "f llie
legal poor of I^nidon thla Christmas wi
havo lo record tlie dismal fact that the
numbers In receipt uf pauper relief In
nearly every month of llio past year
have been greater than In any of the
previous forty years comprised In tho
official .statistics, with the exception of
the period from 1S07 to 1S71, nnil Ihnt
the ratio of paupers per 1,000 uf the
population In most months has been
higher than In any year since 1874. The
highest point readied was in February.
pqiiiillv pin I for wheal   when the ratepayers were maintaining
i,an fnrninlln Is niucli hotter fnr roils
ami liarli'f. Aflor treating with formalin llies-eeil Ki'i'in should ho hontiod
un nml covered fnr n few hours with
a-noks or blankets to keen the fumos
as many as 129,529 persons, ol whom
77,305 wero In the workhouses and D2.-
1CI on the out-rellef lists. Of every
1.000 of the population 27 were paupers.
The figures have fluctuated during the
year, but all through they have remained very high, and until December was
reached they showed considerable Increases upon the large totals of 1901
Not only has there been a remarkable
lncrca.se In tho outd<aor relief, but the
rise In the numbers entering the workhouses, which has been a great f. tit ure
of modern pauperism, has continued,
and the details given below reveal the
fact that In no year In the history of
tlio poor law has llie population uf the
workhouses been greater. The s lutlon
of the problem of how this growing and
cosily mass of permanent Indoor pauperism Is to be dealt wilh Is becoming
a very dllllcult one In many unions
where tlio Instllutluirs are already ac-
oommodatlng more than their certified
number; while the lavish distribution
of out-relief Is a question which requires Immediate attention.
It Is gratifying, howovor, to be able
to state lhat this month Iho official
returns record a decrease ol pauperism
compared with the corresponding period "f 1901. The reduction began In
the week ended Dee. 2. and it has continued up lo tho 16th inst., the date ol
Wel*. Tired  nnd   Den-eased   People
Need a Tonic ot This Season to
Put the Blood Right.
Spring blood Is hnd blood,   Indoor
Ih,. during ih"  winter  months Is to-
sponsible for weak,  watery,  Impure
111 i, you nood a tonic to build up the
Mini i iu Uie splint,' Jlisl as much us u
i,,.,. nci u« new Blip lo give it vitality
for Ih" su r, In tho spring the had
iilu.i.I slum* hsi'if Iii many ways.   Ill
uome ii i is pimples anil eruptions.
in others II may bo through occasional
hoadnclies, n variable appetite, perhaps
ni neuralgia,, or rheumatism,
or n i.iz* feeling In tho morning und
i desire '.a avoid oxortlon, For these
spring ailments II is o tonic you need,
and the greatest blood-making, health-
■riving tonic In all the world Is Dr,
Williams' Pink Tills. Every dose
helps to nml"' new, rich, red, health-
giving blood, which roachei over)
i„.|.v,. nm| every organ In lhe body,
>..in in' health, strength and energy
despondont, nlllng nun and
women, Here Is proof, Mrs. Chas,
Blackburn, Ayleslord Station, .VS.,
!•,„. ,i„, past len yenra Dr..Ml-
limns' nni, Alls is tho only mot.lc.no
I hn,. laken when I found I needed a
■ ,        .     I.ii-i  spring I wn
i iiv tt'.n weak, easily llrcd nnd do-
i -"I three box* i and ihoy
, .   feel   lilt" 'I   new
■p, ... pins   arc lhe besl   medicine  I
;,,,.., „| when tl"' blood Is oul nl or-
. ,*s ol people  ii"'
.. i„,x nf Dr. Williams Pink
■      . i ■
.„. linn.'
I '
n'v of ll
ml vlinlliy.
hv innil   from ih" Dr.
i ,     r..,,,.iniH".
Weatiai Dorrowed Clotliesi
A big retail clothing bouse in Sow
York Is son | i ■■ torcd by customers
i onl i, t".ir them at an
evening reception or to the theater, return (hem nexl day and demand tlieir
ii y Lu li "ii ihe ground that the
urn" nti ii" nol unit 'i lie manageu al
recently adopted a dovlco llko thai
which seals the doors ol frolghl cars in
transit, n leaden pellet pressed on to
di rs, Tie romoToJ
uf the pellet India utos that ihe packige ,", j \m ,;,,,i, r the sge of if i
lul n i.'ini >d with. This nolle* ll   help, u against  11,000 In D    mber,
The Growing Time,
A Walk"!'.ill" it,.man who WHS lull
mnl  i III ivho   Bin	
in.' lerry to cross over to Dotroll
war nnllceil lo have grown tremendously In her ilinii nslons when she
returned n few hours Inter. An laves-
llg "imi In ilie private room of Iho
cus is uiiiav :,; Walkervllli   reveal
"il ih" following explanations of lhe
rniarltablo transformation
S nlghi robes,
2 children's drosses,
i suits of underwear,
2 oui mn dresses,
11   ItllilUllilS.
ii pairs of hose,
The lady, we nre told, wus n prom-
ini'ih Wnlkervlllo society woman
uml she threatened to make oul a lisi
of other Walkervllle ladles, all al the
head of Walkervllle society who wero
ai'ciistnnii'il to adopt similar methods
of Improving their figures.—Woodstock Sentinel-Review,
Grand Trunk Scholarships.
Miiniii'iil.- The Grand Trunk Railway System, nccordlng lo a circular
Issued hy Mr. C. M. Hays. Second
Vic I'ri'sidi'iu nnd General Manager,
are offering two tree scholarships,
covering four years' tuiihui in the
i. cult- of applied science al Alciiiil
i inversus', Bithjecl to competitive ex-
iunniaiiiuis. to apprentices and other
employe* b of lhe company under 21
•furs ni' ngo ami In minor sons of employees, The competitive examine'
lions will ho Un' regular matriculation of the university for entrance inlo Hi,, faculty of applied science
tlie two candidates obtaining
Itighesl averngo will receive the
scholarships for an; course In the de.
pni'iuu'iii of applied science.
in consideration of the free scholarships, the students will enter Ihe
s. uie.' of the company a* studenl apprentices nnd serve during vncatlon
periods while in attendance nl the
university, nnd al the option of the
company for two years nfter
il. ling ih" college course.
tho last weekly return,     There were
then 127.072 persons In recolpt of relief i Canadian Northern Changes In Times
—77.1122 In the workhouses, and 19,160
outside.   This Is a welcome reduction
of 651 on tho total for the correspond
Ing week "I last yenr.
Although the largo majority of the
Inmates of the London workho. i are
old-age paupers—the latest official return, that for 1903, pins them  it 18,	
over sixty years ut age—thoro Is s considerable sprinkling of tho able-bodied,
Ii li an unfortunato fact that I
mi tho Increase. As many as I I '
ci'lved relief last year, which was BSI
... a the I tor lhe previous
year, and it A Indeed, tho hlghc t num-
bor on record! whll lhe ro lo per 1 no i
- i'... population (2.1) Is not cxci
in any i rovlous year, although lt wa*
..p i led iu Hi" ■       I   '■      Tl ut-
■ : '
■   ■ • .-ni for 1003-01, nnd i i
nny previous numl *
I   r1,000
i being 1.8, a rise ol .1 on
■ ■ ; ■   icdlng y. ir.
It is a doplornl    '   ' thai the poor
■ a v . ' ibllshi I London contain
01 '!;> " 7.805
... I trained In dis-
• ■ or separate        Is, 8,871 In cot-
• . -.. .... i    Ihi i' I     ."     2. 0!
i ami '
itlons 1 ' ' tho mana
gers   of   tho   .'.. iroi    tan   A ylums
17* are In in.ning and Indus-
i        ■   .     ■   .        ' '
Iho blind, deuf and dumb, ep leptlcs,
Sto., and 128 In hos| ll '   onvslos-
i, -a i. .in i tor th" il li    During last
. nr,i .in*',; i. ndon iii*",
i   ,'   iron "ii ih" outdoor ri    I Hal
,   •    ... ■.  tl  ... .'•    :
;    'i ,,ii u o clothing tag!
"To Ini ui" our customers  sunimt
i ure! ' Ing i lotlics Uial mny ban     n
worn by olhoi • «■■ i. r upended ihit
lag nnd teal, No i loth  -' will ho ox
I nor i red I given If this gar
men! I* returned without tho umlls-
lurbed seal." Sow York Pi   I,
,   ,
rnititi. Aih.-rii.inK IcbeniN
A llrooklyn business man conceived
nnd tried to curry Into execution th*
other day n unique nnd brilliant nd
vertlslngscheme,  ll" had II* ndvertlt-
Itlxed in ij "I i' ttel . i ■ Hu*
l    ■ "1 nn OUI bile, su llllll when tho
:,.■■,rs «,i" a ait.'ii over with vhito
,, in ui, ii" pointed hi* mlver-
ii-.i'ineiit mi tho a nh iii wherever It
n,   An ti," llrooklyn strcel
ler, helng nn un
n aponslvc soul "hu did nol npproc!nt8
- of g'niii* llko Ihl ■ " i ih"
■. ilirMlenod  the advertiser
I promp bed
clieiuc   i    He's Weekly,
Convincing Evidence.
In Ihe Afghan tt irnf 1871 somo British forces under tho late Sir Montagu
Gregory came upon ll n y B
pie in Afghanistan and heard I
..f the laying of Its cornor-slono from
a mombor ol tho gallant warrior Irlhe.
,\ s i.ii '.vii" ini it'"d tho Uf" of tho
Ameer then reigning had r Ivod permission to rr.-a'l a flll'lne.   dii" Of the
naiive prophi Is wn  Invited to bo present at th" laying of ll irm r- itons ol
lhe bulldln:; but, being unable 11 so-
eept, ho Si nl ' i ll hi i It I "ne f"r eiu'h
,, Tier ol Hi" li mi'", and the messags,
"I win be with yon In tho spirit,"
To make n niran io il mbly        " "
MAIN   LINK    WEST.     Willi    the
chain;" ol lime tables on April Isl
the Canadian Northern now operate
their Express Passenger train service
between Winnipeg nnd Edmonton.
tv.-si bound leaving Winnipeg ni 8:00
o'clock ai.iiiv excepl Sunday; arriving
ai Edmonton 22:15 o'clock dally OX'
eepi Monday ensl bound, leaving Edmonton i'.n'    o'clock    daily    "*1'"!'1
Frldnv, arriving  nl   Wlnnli    12:20
..vi,,, ,  daily excepl  Suntlny.    The
Edmonton Exprosu is opernti    '■
directions    by   way   ol   Gladstone.
lirsi class sleepers i     i
ried in  'li direction bolwoen  Ed-
niiililnn an 1    Wlnnlpi '
rvli    in.'ills n In carte nn
The iin .tin* .n'i" nf I" lw ■'
Danplili I liv ,,,:,i"
Wlnnlpi     '
day  Wedii   Ins nni
llniiphlii   it: i	
I,,;iviu.'  Dnuphlr  2: 'elnel. Tues-
dny, Thnrmtny and Bntnnlny, arriving' Wlnnlli ■
..ic. h in,an Winnipeg nnd Onk
Point Is Incn n I to trl wi okly,
■, ..,. Winnipeg R:lf5 n'ol i
day, \\..in. int nml Friday, nrrlvlng
On'it pnlni 12:30 o'clock, returning
snme days leaving Onlt Polnl ii""
o'rlni nrrlvlng Winnipeg 18:1H
,. i'...:
R08Rni'RN SECTION.     Through
 ii iinni   ai" i I" ii   I ith '"rot"'
Hon initi'.'i n Rossbtirn nnd Winnipeg    a*     follows:   -Will      lenve
Winnipeg 5: 'clock Monday  Wi i
and   Prldny,   nrrlvlng Row-
burn 22   o'clocl     "n*'i nrl lenv.
Ing Rossburn '.':   loci   Mondny,
Wednesday nml Friday, nrrl  i    '■'
nlpcg 12:80 Tucsdny, Thursdny and
Dauphin   II i'clock Tm   I iy nnd
Thursdny, nrrlvo Wlnnli       I ■"■"
o'clock, ' Return leaving Winnipeg
usis 2 0'* o'clock Wednesday nnd Frl
dny, arriving Dniiphln 1:31,
Dnnnhbi 10:00 o'clock Monday, Wed-
ncsilnv und Friday, arriving Swan
River 21:30 o'clock, leave Kwnn
niver 23 30 Mondav nnd Wednesday,
nrrlvlng Molfnrl 15:lli Tuesday nnd
Tluirslnv Enstbound, leave Mob
fnn   7:fin   Wednesdny    and Friday
■riviinr   Swan   River 21:"" n'ch
of the ruining ol horses through the day, Wednesday mil Frldny, «™iing
nir thc pe iple on tho seeno.mlght time
the arrival of hlmselt and his i
•Did you hear them?" Inquired Sir
.a at Ihls point of tho Sikh's
"No, but I saw the bricks," replied
thti ii awe, with i-i' ci o mi
The llii.atitu..
The It'i i ni* nro I li rn"
i ou the I ih". iiev-
■i. wltboul i ink-
md never
"ill .1  j lUfa
'   ,
llliri-l.   Ml.Da-lit
"I eiini" near geltlng Ihal appoint
meiil ; wn* nfter."
"Imw i"
"I gol a ii   pp 'int"   Kxehnnge
It l-' n u:   'nil i live li
■iiii.e it Ii tho llfo "f .i i| dor, Swift
Dniiphln    l:0n    o'clock    Tuesday
TiniiAir  mul Snttirdny,
Bervloo nn other branches remains
lhe same ns heretofore.
The Improved service thus placed
In i fr. cl In "'"ii Wlnnli"".: mnl Edmonton i proving nf eormnus nd-
vnntnge t seiilers njul Inn Isei Iters,
and si fnr till trains liave bei ti well
filled Willi n ■■'• nri'lvals from nllli r
, mntrli ■ : II seel Ing a homo In the
greni nn I f- rille Snskntchi wan Vai-
li .*'.
Hans Anderson  Memorial.
An npprn i ■■ i.ii   i,, Hans
Clirlsiluu Andersen i* n museum (lt-
ted wilh ohjei , luted with him-
Belf,   Such n muse  im* nun heen
loundeil nnil, i i npprtiprlnti of nil,
m Oalense, on lhe Danish   island of
Monti, hi ih" very I bo which h ■
cupled,   Tl xhlblis range from the
coninionosl objects of Infnncy to the
loiters of thanks poured In upon the
writer from lhe delighted children uf
many lands, and the pen with which
He wrote ih" Insl lines of his work.
Perhaps the mosl historically Interest-
in:: feature o. ilm museum Is the complete collection ot lhe editions nf lhe
"miry Tales" In nlmosl fiery language of the world.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
A New Penalty.
Philadelphia.—Judge Staples in the
Criminal court recently Imposed a pu-
cullnr sentence on Chariot Holllster,
Jiui. of Belmont, N.Y. Holllster plead
ed uuiiiy m Indictments chnrglng
false pretences ami Judge Staples
suspended Bentenco on condition thai
holllster make an onth thnl he would
nbstaln from thc use of cigarettes fur
mii' year.
The Shwebo canal, which is to irri-
-iai" ISO, acres of hind In India, has
been opened,
The Imperial Council uf Hungary
has decided to hold iho Hungarian
elections nexi nutiimn,
by local applications,   ss   tln-y   cannot
reach    Ihe   dlieaied portion or the car.
There Is only one way lo cun- dutifrtcwi,
and   llml  Is  by  lailliillunnl   remeilli't.
Deafness is caused by un inilnmeii condition of tin' inuc'iis linuiii uf the Null-
ililiinn Tube. When this tube Is inflamed
Inflammation can be laken "in and tine
hearing, and when tl la entirely closed.
Deafness Is th,' result, and unless ihe
Inflammation can be tak.'ii out and thli
tula" restored m n* normal condition,
hiniinn will he ait si.,,i,,] forever; mn.
cases out of I'll iiiv canted by rntnrili.
Which ll iiolhliiff Inn nn Itiflanied con-
ilhlmi nf th.. mucin, lurfneei.
We will nit" One Hundred Pollnm for
sny ansa' of Deafnesslcsused by Catarrh)
thnt cannot b-' cured t>v Hull's Catarrh
Cure.   Bend r. >r circulars free.
F. .1. CHENEY H CO., Toledo, O.
liiilil in- DruggUti  Tie.
Take Hall's Family I'llls for constipation
\  M Iwmil ■    i' "p. who  ilolo gni
Ing ninlns
nioi      in i ovi ii years,
Michael Petlto, Blxtcen yt'ars old.
was sentenced nt New York tu throe
years' Imprisonment for stealing a
penny from n Utile girl,
Andrew Carnegie, lu an nddress nl
n Soiilherii Jubilee, iluclnri s lhe in gro
ii li.luahl" a ISI : "I the S null.
Their Comolctc Home Cure.
Post Free to Readers ol This Paper
for Limited Period Only.
A   linndsomo   lllitsirntod   treatise,
ill descrlpiliaf! of Rheumatism
mul Paralysis, tilth Instructions for a
cure, describing iho
iimsi   sun'     il   trei tim nl   In   the
world, I'l'i'iuiiiu-ii led hy Iho Ministry
end endorsed hy medical mon,   This
hlghlj Instructive book was written by
W. ll. Wlm.  a   gentlemnn   who has
imui" a spi'ciiii sniait of these diseases,
The preface is by a graduate of tlio
University of Wurtzhurg,   Send postal
to-day mnl ynu will receive the book
tree  hy  return.—Address.   Thu  Veno
Drug Company, m Kliu; street West,
Immune to Poisons.
Certain suhslnnces which nre deadly  in   llu I       fl , ,ii   mail   a,ill  hu
laken hy nnlmnls wiili Impunity,
I loi • ' ui take large doses ol mill
iiuiiit, iin:.* ui mercury, goats of to<
hi ii" ni homlook, nnd rabbits
ut bellndonna without injury.
To succeed these clays you
must have plenty of grit, courage, strength. How is It with
the children? Are tliey thin,
pale, delicate? Do not forget
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. You
know it makes llie blood pure
and rich, and builds up the
general health in every way,
Ttaa rlillitrfti rinnnt pit.ilblr h.». evil
tn-allil lllil.aa 111. laaawela .1. In jirtipPI raan'll-
t'O'l.    Aaltl|irl*ll   Ht-f Rita-' . Cla.l.d t'a|t"IK,
la.al In..ill ail|nlnl Ihiw.I.    1'aarr.rt all
lli.lit lit -itliit aniall l.i.tlv. il....a uf Al.r'l
I'lll.   All tafaI.111., aiinarcoai.il.
V.la-.'. J   I'   Aj.r C-
'.—^.v await,-    - -f.r^MCB
I. aa.l.alaa..
a .... a ...,.... i uiiT. .r
hair vinoit.
W    N    U    No,   580
I the express, north Vancouver, b, c.
•j   A Series of Articles Descrlb-
*'    Ing their Lives, their Alms
and Ihelr Influence.
A Man of the Day.
Frederick Walllngford Whlteridge,
who will he iniihiissiiiliir from thu United Slates t» Um wedding of King
Alfonso und Princess thin, is a lawyer,
Mr, Whlteridge was born in New Bedford, Mass., lu isr>2. lie was graduated from Aiiiliersi college In 1871 and
from Columbia law school in is;*, in
1881 lie married Miss l.uey Afiold, Ihis president of the Washington county
railroad and n director of the Chicago
Terminal Klovntor Co., the Cleveland, Akron fi Columbus Untlwny,
l.alte Urie fi Western Railroad, Ning.
aril Devolopmenl Compnny and oilier
corporations. Ho Is also u member nf
Ihe Knickerbocker, Century, Metro-
polllnn, University and other clubs,
He hns nol laken en nctlvo Interosl
In public affairs In Rome years, 11"
wns one of ih" nrlglnntors of lhe Mini-
Iclpnl Civil Borvlco ConinilsBlon,
Editor of the Elm Creek Mail,
The skilled ami adaptable old countryman, ambitions and onorgotio, has
fuiiiiil the Canadian West, as favorable
n lielil for business exploitation ns has
the most versatile of nntivo-born Canadians. The Bnglishinan is gonornlly
trained and if ho adds adaptability to
his inalie-up the priiiil struck nil by the
press ul Western Canadian lifo is nen-
A'l'iilly a good nne.
Three years api Mr. C, II. I.enunnn,
now ihe propriotor and publisher ol tho
The mini Creek Mail, left England to
try his furl linn in the printing business iii Western Cnnnda, Alter «
.vein's trial as the nrbitor of his fortunes, liis judgment was iu lavor ot
becoming propriotor and editor nf a
nows-nipor—"The Elm Creek Mail,"
of Elm Crook, in the province ol Manitoba, nnil summary execution nl the
right kind immediately followod
judgment ami now Mr. Lommon has
oontrol ef a bright rural publication
and a good job-printing establishment.
Mr. Lommon probably derives seme
ol his ability as a high-class job-printer
by heredity, us both his father and
piiteinnl grandfather were printers of
repute iu England, ns ttell ns from his
thorough training in boiuo ut tie best
printing oflkos iu London, England.
lie tins Innil thirty-oight years ago
at lliirlfstnti, Norfolk, England, ami
niter a thoiough education was apprenticed to his (ather nt the age ul
seventeen. Alter the expiration ul hi:
term ul apprenticeship, he worked lor
three year* in various ullices iu Lon
<lon, England, obtaining an experience
tlmt has since sorved him ttell in his
progress toward business success in
Western Canada, Mr. Loinmoii then
entered into a partnership with his
liiilier, iu London, which continued
Iur Severn] years. About three years
ago Mr. Lommon caught, ns he terms
it, "Canadian lever," resulting iu his
arrival in the  city of  Winnipeg  in
April, 1903, 'there he ueceplt'il a temporary position nu the Manitoba fc'roe
Pre-* lhe day alter his arrival. A
short tune afterwards he wont on tho
stall ui the Morden Chronicle where
he reinaiiieil ttto months, resigning liis
position tu aeeept lhe liutlingouieul ol
tiie Rainy River Unsotto, Rainy Hiver,
Ontario, ami during ihe nine months
that he Inui charge ol thai paper
it* lni*iiii'**   doubled.   Alter   leaving
Haiti) River Mr, Leimnon rettir I '"
Winnipeg where he remained cor
"I" teen months, tte: king   principally
ill the ullici *    nl  till'    Mnlliliil'il     I'lte
I'm- ami Muriel's Weekly.
In .luiie, llni'i. he purchased from V.
(' Dunning tho Elm ('nek Mail. Tho
Elm Crook Mail tm* nol the prosperous proposition ih it Mr. Lommon has
iiniii" it iu less iiinn nni" months
*i  lie Iiii* taken possession.
bringing to hear upon the situation
English pluck nnd a thorough knowledge "i ilie printing business, the
Iiiui Creek Mail prospered Irom the
tune Mr. Lommon s control began uml
is   null   line   id   the   BUCCOSSful     Ileus-
Imper ami printing offices ut tlio west.
II i- llu- only printing ofilco iu llio
iii'ivly crentefl municipality ol Grey,
which comprises an area iii aboui 00
square miles, ami with the Installation
oi new machinery ami typo has bo-
cniiie one iii ihl- mutt thoroughly
oquippod country printing ullices iu
the province, Lssl November Mr.
I.eiiutuin Installed a Diamond cylinder
press, enlarging the paper nt the -i	
imu' to *i\ columns.
Mr. Lommon is a decided Acquisition
til th" suclal a ml artistic progress ol I'll in
Crook ami district a* a musician, Hav
ing hmi n thorough musical education
in England, he ink.* n leading pint
III III"  musical   III"  nl  llie  tun II.     He
is organist nml choirmsster ul both
Iho Preshytorinn nnil the Anglican
churches iu Kim Creek, being onnbled
tn Imlil      this       lllllll       position
through the Imt 11mt Presbyterian
nnd Anglican services ine held oil alternate Sundays, History ilm* mat
Mute whether tin* state nl affairs exists through ilm paucity id parsons or
the ili-ire ni both congregations lur
the musical services ol tlie editor ol
Hie Mini Creek Mail.
■ M"iiinn." suld a nervous pnssensor
i a llie i.i..' 11■ *i- of a I'cwllng in'ii in Hm
■ il train, "is lli"!'" :iiifilii:i" nut
of 'i , oi iln in pnelfv your Huh* hov?"
"ii ih oil, vou, v.-a ..ihi iii,. mother
Of  111 lIlOll i'llil'!,    "Ymi     BOO,    I'l"
il ur liil" nit Insl mm"! in throw Ills
' '"I   'Hit   111    III"   lt!l*S"'l!'"!'S,   liaaal   J   tt'ilS
a'n'ii I1i.*v wouldn't llko It,   Please lo
i"iid where   ymi   nro,      Now. shin
*■! vi'.--. iiariip':.   This kind gonlloinan
wants hi plttv wiili you."
.Itch. Manoe, Prairie Scratclms, Cuban llc.h tin Human  or animals cured
a* **0 minutes bv WollorH'u Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists.
T,ale*t reports from Transcaucasia
sav that many women nre being out-
laurd daily.
The Berlin police authorities are
weekly expelling from nil to (ifl llus
sian refugees from Berlin.
Electrical engineers proposo lo trims-
n it power to Johannesburg across "0(1
miles nt' country,
The llritisli Government hns decided lo interfere iu the Jewish outragos
in Russia.
Eighty Years Old-Catarrh Fifty Years
Dr. Ajmew's C'nlnrrlial I'awtlt-r oris
him. Want any stronger evidence ol tha
power of this wonderful remedy over
this universal disease? Want tho truth
ol the ensu ciinllrni"'l? Write George
Lewis. Shnmokln. l*,i. He says: —"I
look upon my cure as a miracle." It relieves In tun minutes.—89
The Interior depart ment hns issued
n new edition of the homestead map
of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Al-
Sunlight Snap Is hotter than other
naps, hut Is host when used in the
itinllght wny. Buy Sunlight Soup
ml follow directions,
lie had lii'iii stvi't'i nn her for some
time, and one evening ho dropped In
nn Ills way liiimo from Iho office.
"I hope ymi win excuse me for
calling In my business suit," he said,
"Oli, ihat's all right," Interrupted
the lair maid, "that Is, If you mean
And nest day n downtown Jeweler
separated him from a month's salary
in exchange for Hie ring.—Chicago
"I'd Rather be Dead thnn suffer again
the tnrttu'l'H uf insomnia, palpitation and
nervous twitching of mv musclp. In-
diii'iil hy simple negleet nf n llitl" Indigestion. These mi' tlie forceful and
warning Words of a lady who proclaims
that her eiii" hv Smith American Nervine when tvi'ivlldng else hnd failed was
n modern nilriu'Ie. A few dosea gives
"Why did you porslsl iu calling
your visit in tiiis country Insl season
ii fnrewcll louri' asked her maaager,
coldly, ll was In no s.-ns-- a fnrewo
"Yea, it uas," replied the famous
prima donnn, "I tared very well" ,—
Safety For Children.
Baby's Own Tablets is the only medicine that gives ihe mother tlie guarantee u( a govi'i'iiineiil analyst thai il
contains nn poisonous opiate ami is absolutely sal". Tills is worth much lo
every mother who cares for the future
welfare of her child. Tho Tablets are
good for tlio tendorosl baby or for iho
well grown hoy or girl nnd euro Iho
minor troubles thnl aro Insepnrablo
from childhood, Mrs. w. .1. Mnclntoih,
clam Harbor, N.8., says 'i have used
Baby's Own Tablets f<>i' constipation,
vomiting nnd colds   and   have   found
them a splendid modlclne,  i give the
Tald.'is all ih" credit fur lhe splendid
health my lillle nno now enjoys." The
wise mother will always keep n Imx nf
these Tablets on hand. They enn ho
gol from iinv druggist of hv mall from
The in. Williams' Medicine Co., Brook'
vllle, Out., nl 'J'i cents n linx,
Canada's customs revenue for   iln
pnsl nine months is $..1,040,030,
a Now York lunatic Jumped off th,
11' voted rnllron I in the belief thai lu
wus an airship,
Th" Lyman D, Morse Advertising
ligeiiev , of Now Ymn, ono of Iho oldest establishments of lis kind in
America, hns found It expedlenl owing
to growth o( business in ndapl Hs
name in lis enlarged sphere ol opera"
tlnn hy changing its business style to
Hie Morse International Agency, a
Park How, Now York, owing in the
necessity for larger unices, the corporation win move us offices mi Mny
i to the Rovlllon building, in Weil
84th slrcct, New "fork,
llollimav's Corn t'uro destroy! all
kinds of corns iiiiil walls, rool ami
branch Who, then would endure
them wilh such n cheap nnd effectual
remedy within roach?
Chicago coal dealers say Ihey havo
enough coal on hand to Insl sixiy days,
Minard's Llnimenl  Cures Burns, etc.
ll Is estimated tlmt fho cost of entry Inin Winnipeg fur the flrenl Nor1
mn Railway was $:i.nnn,nnn
Then his Rheumatism and Other Pains
Vanished   Once   and   for   all—His
Case One of Many,
Bnrwlck, Ont., Apr. 9,—(Special).—
Thai Dodd's Kidney Tills will euro
Rheumatism, ur any other disease resulting from disordered Kidneys is lhe
oxporlcnce ul many of ih" settlers of
this Rainy River country, Tlio case
If William .luliii Dixon, of 'his plai"
s a fair Bntliplo of III" work llio gl'Olll
Cnnndhin Kidney Remedy Is ilnlm?.
I hmi Rheumatism bo hnd I hmi to
in ii     ii   iiii, to ivnlk.   I hm! ;
my had, an.' right hip.  i I hnd no
""in  in Bleeping,
"I could ii'i inin" lli,*n  It ■ un
In     in) "li I'm' nearly Iwn   n oi I
nul l tins lor nearly tin'"" v i
could mu lacejjty rigid sl	
"Mv hruihii advised ui" iii try
Dodd's Kidney l'ills and I did so.
After taking Ihrce boxes l could wnll
around ami lace up my shoes an I do
my work, sis: boxes ctirod mo com-
Dodd's Kldnev l'ills are the one sure
cure for sick Kidneys,   sick Kidney
nro the cans" rn' nine-tenths of the 1
(he human family suffers from,
Poisoned by Wood.
London,—Workmen engaged in the
manufacture of shuiiles in Lancashire
fi'iiin a wond known ns West African
boxwood hnve been afflicted with n
inysli'i'lnus disease, which In several
cases has culminated in what Is known
locally as the 'yellow death."
So many oases of illness occurred
thnl the matter wns brought to the
notice nf Dr. T. M. Legge, chief medical Inspector tn the Factory Depart'
nienl nf the Home Onion.
Suspicion eventually fastened upon
the wood, nnd Prof. Harvey Gibson
undertook ihe examination of lis Botanical characters,
These experiments prove that Hie
wnnd contains an alkaloid which aeis
ns a carlac poison. Inducing a gradual
slowing nf tho heartbeat ami dlmunl-
Hon of vigor In Iho contractile tissue
of the heart.
It Is suggested that the fine particles nf wood falling on lhe persplriii'J
skin, more especially on lhe hands
yield the nlltnlohl In varying quantity.
which sai becomes absorbed In the cir
The St Petersburg tmlice liave enn-
I.scaleil the Polar Star, a weekly
I wns cured nf Acute Bronchitis hy
Bay of Islands. J.M.CAMPBBLL,
I wns cured nf Facial Neuralgia by
Bprlnghlll, N, S.  WM, DANIELS,
I wns cured uf Chronic Rheumatism
Albert Co., N.B,    OUO. TINOLEY.
The Queen's Humanity.
A cable dispatch in tli" Now York
Evening Posl says:—"The Quoin's
letter to tlie Duchess of Portland protesting against the wearing of egrel
plumes taken with such cruelty from
tli" osprey maintains her noble reputation (oi humanity, Il Is well known
thnl Iter majesty has for years refused
to undid pigeon-shooting matches,
hut ilm reason for Ihls is nol so well
known, Some twelve or fifteen yours
ngo nl a ami ouili mutch nl Hurling*
Iiniii her mnjesty was presenl when a
hnlf-kllled bird fluttered Into her lap
Sim'" tlnn day sh" has frowned upon
"Wireless Torpedoes."
Paris.—The how submarine, which
i* directed from the Bhore or from n
i, by moans of electrlcnl
ivnvi A finished Ils Irlnls at Anil-
i" -■ nnd Is *: id i" hnve fulfilled ll -
expeclntlon    .a'   1'    Invi nl ",   M,   1.;,
Tl ','";,,.       j.     ', ,■.
: il horlwn-
i 'lit nm on iu|i of   Iho   nthtV,   The
...       i
■ .ii i with a   hnrt mnst I ir
I]. ■    .      'i ■
1   in i'i - ouili- Biihmi rged,
.,", r pan Is lolned lo lhe upper by -"■     " ii   " e, nnd contains
'm torpedo tub", the motor, llu Bti  r
in- gear nnd the screw
The operator controls the weapon
from n transmitting Blntlnn nnd ci n
s"iid h nlong In nny direction lit
a 'a oses wlthoul danger to lilinsi If.
There i* a voritable panic   among
tlio Jews at   Orel, Russia, ttliu   Ioo
i ■" outrages.
Put up in sealed lead packets to preserve
its many excellent qualities.
40c,  ,0c and 60c per Ib. At All Grocers,
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
They Drive Pimples Away.—A face
cove 1 with pimples Is unsightly
It   tells   of   internal   Irregularities
which  should   lung since have  I n
corrected. The liver and the Mil-
nets are nol performing their functions In the healthy way thoy shouhl,
an* these pimples are to let you
iuaow that Hi" blood protests, Par-
melee's Vegetable Pills will drive
them ell away, and will leave the
skin clear and clean. Try them,
and there will be another witness to
their excellence,
"It's this wny." explained the client.
"The fence runs between Brown's
place und mlm>. Ile claims ihat I encroach mi his liiini and I Insist thai
h" is trespassing on mine. Now whal
mine, Now. whnl would you do if yon
would ymi do If you wero In my
"If I wore in your place," replied the
lawyer, "I'd go ovor ami give Brown a
cigar, hnve a drink with him, ami set-
lo ih" controversy In ten minutes. Put
as ihlngs stand. I advise ynu to sue
him by all means. Lei no arrogant,
domineering, Insolenl pirate like
nrnwn trample on your sacred rights!
Assort your manhood ami courage, I
need the money!"—Modern Society
The Dominion government will
make arraugomente with the iwo new
provinces lor Jolnl control ol tbe
Mounted Police, Bach province will
have control of whatever ngencles it
employs iu administration ol criminal
Justice. Tho poiieo ttill be undi i
Dominion Jurisdiction bul under pro-
uncial orders when uecesss
The new summer Benson llmclnblo
oi Hi" t'.l'.ll. will take . Itecl Mny C
this year, a month earlier llum last
yenr. The double dally oxpn
vie, Montreal i.i Vancouver will then
be reaumod, No.'.* I nnd 2 being
known ns Iho Impi rl il, a ns lhe Atlantic Express and A a* III i
Somo persons  nro  i e  su ici pi
ild" in colds iliiiii others, contracting
derangements of tho pulmonary or-
cans from tho slight.-si causes, Those
should always havo at hand a bottle
of Sickle's Antl-Consumptlvc Byrup,
the presenl  dny  sovereign  rei ly
for coughs, catarrh and inflnm Hon
of Hi,, lungs,   li will effect n euro no
ninllor how sovoro thc cold mny ti
Vmi cannot afford lo bo wlthoul  n
remedy   like   Dickie's,   for li Is the
For Inflammation of tno Eyes.—
Among the ninny good qualities
which Pnrmelee's Vegetable l'ills
possess, besides regulating the digestive organs, is their eillcacy In reducing Inflammation of the eyes, It
has called forth many loiters of re-
commendation from those who were
nffllctod with this complaint nnd
found n euro In the pills. Tliey
affect the nerve com res and the
blood lu u surprisingly active way,
nnd the result Is almost Immediately
it is undersi i   thai  the   Orand
Trunk Pacific Railway is asking the
government to permli ."•",  ions of
stool mils to come Into ilu* country
It""   of   duly,     ll   i*  said     111!,'     ill,'
s'oi'i mills In Canada hove all they
can do for llie nexl twelve months
nnd (lieref re nre aol In n poslllon to
llll 'i ordi". n thai i- bo, Hen
Hi" 0 T I' "ill stand n chance nl gel-
■•  on !l   ■!  Vim I'll llll rails.
Sudden    Deaths .on   .the    Increase. —
Peopli      ppnrei liy    tt, i: nnd I      f to-
"i I,>n  down, an!
In i of every hundred
Ihe heart Is thi Tl I   kin| of
heart n medli i  Di   Agnew'i Cure lor the
II lhe reach of all   II re-
il."..* iii snd   i i.i vi   rao.t
Helium) Sioiii, in,, recalled American nmbassiidor ul Vii una, in ill with
Minard's .Liniment .Cures .Dandruff.
A modlcnl soitlomcnl In ono ol the
l lllcago slums Is planned,
Rheumatism—What's Ihe Camel —
Where', the Cur..' -The active Irritating cause nl this most painful of dlaess*
ch Is piiisiiiiniis inia- iirid tn tho blood,
S.aiiih Amorlcnn Rheumatic fure neutralise! th,- a.-ld rnls'tn. Relieve- in sit
liuum und i iii.s in one to ihi'i dtys< ->aj
m.     -:   ,." "...
tlio P :.,
tor work in Ihl   i        n fields,     Till!
nniouni contribute I foi home mission
work was ovei 1160,    In view ol
the hi" ml response ol lhe Pri hyter
Inn ihuti'li io iln- appeals. Ihe homo
missloi ii"'  " "p
en up eight) now fields this spring,
Bul thc Greal Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Home
Uermany   Is   rushing  lhe   double
trucking ol her strategic railwaj lines,
Somo oi iiuun in   Alsnce   nnd   some
It .olio", 1" N Bon poiis.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
The son of iIn- Prusslnn Mini iler of
Justice for  Reader  has  been    i nl
need io [our months' Imprlsonmni for
A Requisite for tho Rani liei 0
tho cnttio range i of tho West, where
lnoii nnd stock nr" fin from doctors
| ami npollu carles, Dr. Thomas' Eclec-
trie Oil I" kepi on hand hy lhe lutein-
, nt i    i roc ly nm 1" medicine, no'
Only for mnn',' human  ills, hn.   as a
horse   ami   cattle medicine nl    ii
passim: merit,    A horse nnd cattle
rancher  niii  iind matters   greatly
simplified by using thi i nil,
Twenty-live Ihnnsnnil men I
nut mn nf work nl Dn i len owing to
ih" di" ion of metnl ttoii.iii
les lo tiihno Union men.
" Our il.trior -.ul thrre wn. no cure for
mv wi'e a* both her lung, were alio led,"
■ays Mr. I„ II. Waller, of Petri Street,
Uroikville, Onl. "It wa. a .ad diiaa*
nolntmenl to us both, ju.t starting out In
life, only married a 'hen time. Bul bVbre
slie liaal finished lhe lirsl bollls el I'-ytuini
llir paifi in her lung, quickly went away,
oul after taking lis boltlol Mr*. Waller
tins a new creature and perfect.*/ wall
Thai is just one of the many famillM
into ivliiih Psychine ha. brought hope,
health and happiness. It it a hvir-r. proof
ihat Paychina i urn Consumption. But
don'l wait lor Consumption, Aire your
I .tliiippt', your Cough) your llronchitla,
)a'nr Catarrh, or year I'lieiunoiua with tbe
remedy that never i.i.is-
<J Sa aa'.)
50c. Per Bottle
Large' •""•  Ot and tl   all u.".|i.l-k
DR. T. A, 8L0CUM, limited, Torentt
Imperial   Maple Syrup
Always    Satlsfaotory
Aik your doalor for Imperial Mnplo Syrup.   Do not allow him to tubstltuU
nn Intiirlor nrtlolo booauto It Is cheaper.
n i>  .''■
, no mailer how
tent \j^   ■
, bad the weather
'K/^SDiX'   You cannot
m \J__W9i   afford to be
LW> *(&r-«ii \   without &
\W "ImB '
\ l'' ti
M/ K
1 L> ', 11   look ror the
U          i«at
J            |4a*a*>*l
a    *">-
T-"Ro         a-aaaa*
*~5T /t-LiL—CJ —   Tt>*i» c»m»[h»h co *.••
Every woman may be attract*
ive. Bright eyes, pink cheeks
and red lips arc her nature-
given right. A sallow skin, lack
of animation, low spirits and
weak nerves may be avoided by
the use of Beecham's Pills, t
remedy that well deserves the
confidence of every woman.
Again and again they have
proved to be invaluable at thoie
recurring times when so many
women feel debilitated and suffer from nervousness, headache
ami depression. It is wonderful
the way these pills assist Nature
ami relieve the suffering.
Every woman who value!
health and good looks sliould
become a user of
Prrptrcd only bv Tlinma* Rrf chaa,
St. Hslsnii Lancashire., KngUn-J.
Sold F-vervwhere in f nnatla ami U. t.
America.   In boxes *■> crtiti,
Over a Quarter of a Centary
ire havo Buere-ifully iicnt-,1 ntrroui
llinatca cauiod by Drink nil Orugtv
600.DI"' I'nii'i ll our record. Wt
ipeak truly nud tay that fallur* to
ila'aln a cure by th« Ketlty Trmi-
■i-nt It a failure of tha man aud not
tur mothoili.   Scud for facti,
A'I'li. m 111 confidence
131 Osborne St., Wlnnlpig.
Ad Alii id n. In,.ili,n.
WTi-n you ure rating, oven If lt'»
lo be only u matter of u few tnlnutee,
darken your room aa completely n« |ms-
ilble, Lying down Ibrotvi .mur head
In siirli :i position Hint Un. li.ls of yunr
i.ta's ii.ivt- absolutely no chance to keep
dB rn,* of light, iiiiiI tiii'ii' i» ii definite
eye strain la coniequcnco. No bed
lllOUld bi' placed In such u wny Hint
yuu un' forced to fuco Uie morning
imiit. nnd especially imt mi thnt the
light will vnin'ii ihii. Depend upon on
alarm rlork for Hint If thcro'l uobodj
willing to lenro In that capacity. There
uiu.sl be no Ktmiii upon any |>ut of
you If your ri'.*t I*: to be perfect, mul
the matter of darkneu or Uuht bun a
great di'iil to do with IJu- cow
lilrnl    M Kll,a,a.,I
Abnvi' all otln-r tiling*, a woman who
would bf cbinnlng mini poneu i true
■ nd nobli' ln'iirt, full Of lOM ami ayin-
imtliy for bet fi'lloiv In iiiui, ami un in
loiiifi'iit muni capable of leetng nit.
Ii'rs from more lhan one lUndpoInt
Any fair one tliu. rmluwnl by nutiire
iiiub ',: il !>' tins within brrs.'lf Iho |io--
llblllllea for Ideal womanhood, fnr from
thiia.o cberactorlitlci spring tin* many
little ylrtuoi which miiki* a ivunnn
loved, ihliialri'il and in'iilitl by IhOM
iround her. Bucta a one Is aptly de-
irrilic.l by MlltOU'l fnmiiin llDMi
2-1.. r ii In li.r .l.p.. h.nv'n In h.r *yt.
la tvtry geilun tllgiittr auttl li<v«.
Outer h'ivi'1 of lettuce which are
not attractive f• .r sii.nl can be boiled
or iteaniod nml mi tui us i;r,'fiis.
To keep tin inr of paralej dip it
for n minute nr tno In boiling water,
then ibike oir the wntor und chop Due
f..r loup or lauec,
if too much suit hns i n added to
n up i " ii raw polato aud boll II In
Hn. aoup for ii few moments, i lie po
into will iiii*nri> much of the lalt
Mi'nt baked in the oven end never
Dieted I* ofiiii like lougli Icetlier
throughout In baking u ver) hoi oven
li wni.ii'd for lit" minutes, then lhe
heat should be reduced for gcnl
(iood ment ihould he firm ind Dot loo
lark not too pile in color, lucre should
be no burst felni nor blood luniks. If
io, these plicej will deciy en ). i kept
ine.it ami will ipreid aa iroi of Infection arotiml Uit'in.
Atlieliid lo any Oarment la a
Quaranlea  ot
and Oood Woorlng Qualltloi
Whan Buying OVERALLS,
8a« lhat mon arllola bears a
label like above
In.1.1 en Hulling
"King of the Road" Brand
And Tiki no Olhar
-lOiii-tlnnij   New   and   ia   Delighted,
Feels Like a Boy.
Mr M \ Dafoe,
rs Colhorno St.,
Toronto, lays:
"I  have  i"''"* a
auffi ri i   from  dys.
pepsla f.ir jroari, I
have  been  treated
by iini'iiirs and have
taken   tunny  medl-
.V.--4,  .  .elms     ifitli    imly
/I  ir" J /Nempornry     relief,
1 i\\j# tl   Blnce    using    Hr
laconhnrdt'a    Antl-
I'lll I itni ini nny
thing the anme ns
vii, ■   ii boy,   I llml
Blp I     I'l'L''''    li'llll
I'liiini'li iiii,l \ mv, I.      ',''■   old  ' ■  ■
vigor Im- ni'iiiia |, sa. lliiil my i
a'.iiin and !• mpi r normal I give
ill crcdli In " :
in   i.. onhai Ii    Vntl'l'lll"
aii dcnlera'oi The tt'llion-Fyle Co.,
i.liniii ;. :. Pallet, a';.; COI
111' it   |l |» i   mill   m   Vt
Ihreatem il ■■■
iai th.' cool ilrlko,
W   N   U   No.   580
Mr. M. N. Dafoe HI    I \I Al-.SA
Real Estate
We tuivu enquiries lor good
Business and lleiiiteutial
property, list yours iiith
us. We iln ilu- i'i;-:'.,-*.
Consul! us before having.
iave i©u
.! HI
A.5inithtCo'ijfy| Laoel?
If Not, Y
Junction block
North Vancouver,
/"> /< fj    £
t~ktii *-V    '    '   ■'*,    I   iii  I
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Feed
TheBrackman -Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
&oie Afenti for
Sutton & SonV
rAH0M i Mil imi
'' '
l    ' ■■   i   m '
"'A Al     %
■p A ,'SVA/   ■fr^JF^VIi
L/%0      I LKr l<
R. Kerr Hoirigate, Manager
Granville Street, Vancouver,
,,  .
' .'■' of -
\nd 3 acr
insur                          '"",-
i ITth •
ie   North
Vein :ouvc ■ Specialist
!il Cordova Strnot.
Only   ll ■   best I   lines   kept
i" lock i, :  ' ■    ' I' I ■ ,   '   IGGS',
D, M. FERRY'S, anil A'. KI'.W ll'.'S
lour Choice ai
McDowell's Drug Store:.
Western Corporation, Lid.
\t:i'(iiini,ii)is, \iiiiiiois,     Plumbing and tinsmith-     ttny.Catlle andCMcken
Ronl Estate An'ni-. Ing. Feed
Lumber and nil kinds o| Kiill-lii-i) Ha lei inl. Contractors anil Valuator*.
Mc hove on Immense amount i f Cordwood on hand.  Place >i*ur order! *lth
us for iho winter.
41,2 Hastings Street West, Vancouver) R. 1".
■*<n-«K->,•»+♦•*,♦+<'••«!•♦.■: i•*"'♦ K<W•>, v! ♦ K.v:•>■!■<■>:oi*■.-■»
E. S.iit
M. S. Williams
,T.«.-,   ,;0». ,--.,.■   ii*..*    , •- ni       .j .Mil,, i              •         ul 1'riilai
11    MM '-'               .   ' I  IWlH then  '       mine 3.       pvople   '
i    NUtL „    ,i!,„.   :     '       .:
»;            . , one, arriving at  tliu boi mil La
5SS5EE-..—          VflfSC*! '.'''.'Oif. nal n    I    niimiu-s
Form?l and Landscape
Gaadening, Gineral
Draughting and
Blue Printing;'
in Penrli r Chamhors,
Same prices, ii  i 'i ■'"»" ' ast i
chnijii r lhan city,
Real Istiitc nnil Insurance
You will find il i ■ • m
advaniHi e to s
any di al.
III',   IIII'IVI"."    It     UlU    ill a    111   '
■.  ii »t iniiiuli     past I
' llll   ■ '.      :    "'"   li l ,,
t   n    !      In   'ti  -ii- ' miniiles on a bicycle,   Oi
10 Proptril) UWlliTa ,,nl[,     NOTU'l.   is    IIEKKIIY the way up I passed many people
NORTH  VANCOUVER In'l'mirt ojlleyii-inii,i    . ., ,;., ,,   .„,,,,   io the dam.    Mosl
'                    ... tills likni'l »il im. i in ti," Mnnii't|ni         ,    ,.,,mA i,.f,   (,„.  i„,„,„  _im„,
OWNERS  WISHING   Id ■   ,  -.■■■,.■ .   "' tbe crow.1 left loi   lu   i
nit:i'M*.r ni'  i (its I arrived in time to catcli
"lsl UM'UI   LU": ■     -      boat.    Being that the day
BLOCKS   'Ut   A( It'l. '.i.i ;                                                 ;as verv lim :i!i set mud to enj r-
\RE    REOUESTED   TO       "i:'' themselves to the fullest extern
■'        t ■ tl       ,,, ,     ,,	
PLACE    SAME    Willi
Irwin ir* Billings
Corner 1. msdalc anal 5U1 St.,
North Vancouver
1. ml : ,', the mi I
Al   1. I'iiimp,
a      Al,
I In ro wi 1 liny also thai rested
.: il, lioti' [rounds, I think that
m Vii tori 1 day the crowd will bi
at la rsI twice as i irgi. hcitif* tli 11
ill ivi ir so well satisfied with ilu ii
kill   lalllfllllVlT   li.   0.   I.,   lay'- outing.   II-A.
JAS. rtOiillNiON, W M.
HTANI 1 *.   1'A wh
Ale ond Si oul
III   ll.allleM    lll'lja.  llll.I   I   ,1   -
lhe Royal Brewing Co., 1 Id.
11 1. mi
NO. 1340. I     _ ,, ,
din'  Ilium  wi'i'lhv "I  note  and
Will   Hold a  Grand Box Social on •    , ;, ,        ,      ,
WEDNESDAY, April 25, 1 108, In '" oura e ncnt is the fact thai Ire-
Lnrscn'sHc/iiion. fvciybody nwoU ','' nl '■ i|uiru s are made [or pruned information about North \ an
i ntiver, I lie milt available data
of this kind is obtained in the
columns o| Tin Exi ukss. This
has pronipli 1 a number ol enlt i
prising citizens to contribute i a
v,.ii 1 lefi ■. up the i xpunsus "I n
p implilet, '■ hii i will be ' ,■
u        ill   it :   .     and      wil
Mass Meeting.
Summ-tr Turin bocni's W. (Inii!.-
duy, r.tiril 2f ih D.ay Hoy'., Thurs-
ii.iy. 2Gth,nl9a.m.
CAPITAL, ■'.    •'"
Head Ofiici   i Cnnath
II. SilKKMAN,   r             A      ' i     j
. Montn il
ll '■!   ! I'iSlipt. Ol li
Rrant In"* in British ( nluinliia< -Ashi rnft,  i »r< ■
Hedley, Kaslo, I     . md,   I rail  Sub Brain h ,  \ an
Vii toria, an I I' '•*  i . V 1
Savings Department-—Deposits received from Si upv
Olliee, Cor.Lomdala *»e. and Eiptanadet North Vancouver,H, r.
I'n the !    ' Exi'i
i I i
: :■
i Iai
,t:, i , i        Tin i is now ii
I preparation, and will It:
acred lal  i to
Th, Inl. i \.v.. und ''Ini
r.       . . '        ■ I        '	
iliu,    Inn    i    soon    i
jii.nii i.   i in   1"    nirnui' 'I   lot,
Int:,  i,   .ml; ;.i. iiii   i iiii i   i I   im
iH't, . iiieeru ttill I e ul   I'lil; I ■.
i          ■'         '      is will be to
i .     am   ivi i pa| ■ i
I   A Mi Gu r.m,   I Vancoii* e .
vi .:l '1 llli |l a.ti, , ilny,
' lui^hlii^
'   nn
' a   .    I .'      ' .
i    ■ lli, ihii
l'i. Parker,
I'. i
wkmM S '-',   i '-It '-StC -M
WM:     mm,
il   Ui'lil;  H,„ , i, .   .., , nn un rrr   j_, mi
.ii    jy . in, i .• ■'. ii i i.,i ia i
B TVllMT-.'Vl.AI!.' I'l.A' not, llll III i,i nn   -.
1  , ■..■ \       m *  '''   '     '"', rt        111*111
1 an   i„i- nullllll     All    hmlti.il '
'!''•'.    .'a'lK   a.     -       I     ■
„ II , I I
Ij tt   I   I',..  II   , |'M
tl W
*t *   lUDjl   till .;■/ '"
N    X' _mt tlnil North.     muuiN0TOH,D.i
a 'IttirMi m»* «■>•*.'*T»iga|||
I Rainier E Ieer _
<> [s :i glorious lit.'ViTiitic—niiL'iii'.iing mul 1
•> fiilisfyinj;.   Iii t..■ n licr llu it's nn  other £
'» "just a:::; ioiI ■ -itisisl aui t: 'tliii« l{ liiiier, $
| PACIFIC     IC r       IG  W0.3 .':5 |
<• \'.    I A'l II A. AT,   l'i. C. X
i /.:.-.v.; J    *-|-< ' tj ,.;    ."     ■'       ■■'''.• '     '     * A :*M ti'J,
.- r»
I'. Lnraon, 1 'rop.
IN BlIlLDIflQ BE SURE A^'1!' :av THE
pL/\CE WIRED SO r\': rn be read { TO
corifJF.cT o I oiJh Wire Next spriNQ
B.C. Electrii .o.Ltd.
e\» im<
Public. General Auctinnce
107  Cordova  Sroeli   Vancouver,  li.  C
11 '      ' •   ' '        a
rl.i-.-..i ii. 'i • li. ' ! .     !    ■ ■ lor ear li,
III     ■   'im i llir -I I"' :  vu Iii N'.rlh
Vain  nver.   i  iii'-1 ..I   iliri' If ynli i, i - |» tit in
ii      mil II     111!  ■    i", III  i   '*"'• , a,. .1   ■ 'i     ■  lit'V,  .:  ::
A Chance to get doJ Tea for a Small Price
Three Pounds for Gm Dollar
Th's is a Ki-lvGrade Ccyloi Tea, and is sold in many
places .it   "        ' nind
J. A. McMflLLAN, lhe i:,st»liinacle


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