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NOKTIl VANCOUVfc.it, B. C, FKIUAY, JULY 10, 1908.
At Monday evening's session
of the city council there were present Aldermen May, Crickmay,
Smith and Hraim. Mayor Kealy
A letter was read from the direc
tora ol the North Vancouver Ferry
and Power Co., to the effect that
a committee representing them
will meet the council in the council chamber on Tuesday, July 7th,
st 4 o'clock p.m The Mayor
stated that the requisite notice had
already been sent the respective
aldermen.    Letter received.
Under reports of committees accounts ss follows were ordered
psid: finance committee, total
(716.81; police committee, $283;
school trustees J417; board of
works J824.74; wster works committee 1685.38; fire snd light
1613.44; health committee $73.
The items for the fire and water
committee included several bills of
expenses at fires which have recently occurred. The Mayor suggested that where the fire was
traceable to the set of the owner
a statement of account should be
rendered him for the amount of
expenditure incurred. The council concurred and this will be done.
The city clerk read the minutes
of s meeting of the board of works
recommending ss follows: That
the city engineer be granted an
apprentice in his department.
That the proposed form of local
improvement petition be approved
and printed. That tenders be
again call-id for for clearing a
portion of the cemetery site. Items
all sdopted with the exception of
the msttsr of sn apprentice (or the
city engineer, which was laid over
until Monday on account of the
fact that it clashes with s recommendation previously passed by
the council that s rodman be employed. The tenders for clearing
a portion of the cemetery site are
to be in by July 27th.
Minutes of a meeting of the
waterworks committee, recommending that the extension of the
waterworks system along 14th St.,
to the residence of Mr. May, be
made; also when water is installed
during a quarter the rates be accepted for the proportion of the
quarter for which water is used.
Minutes of a meeting of the finance committee recommending
that the salary of the typist in the
city offices be increased to forty
dollars per month.   Adopted.
A. J. Picton-Warlow appeared
before the council, complaining of
reekless blasting near his house
at Capilano. Investigation developed the fact that this blasting is
being done by the city workmen.
The Mayor directed the foreman to
dismiss the man in charge and employ another.
Tenders for improvements on
15th street were opened as follows:
Baker & Morrison, f 1700; Askew,
Kennedy & McLennan, 1*1750; A.
Farro, $1455, K. Nelson, ,11375,
John Davis and MscKellar, (1800.
On motion ol Aldermen Smith and
Crickmay the tender of Robert
Nelson was accepted.
Tenders for sidewalk on 3rd St. 1
Baker & Morrison, f1750; Ashew,
Kennedy and McLennan, {2250.
Davis & McKellsr, J1975. On
motion of Aldermen Braim and
Crickmay the tender of Baker and
Morrison was sccepted.
The tsx rste bylaw lor 1908
was then read for the last time and
finally passed. The by-law levies
s total rate of 30 mills on the dollar distributed ss follows: genersl
to 2-3, lsnd rate for interest and
sinking fund 6 mills and for school
purpose. 3 '/} mills.
The liquor license by-law was
read a third time snd reported
complete with amendments.
Americans Celebrate.
The first contingents of the
peaceful invasion of United Ststes
citizens, which took possession of
the city on Saturday last, began to
Srrive at noon snd their numbers
steadily swelled, until a thousand
could not be considered an overestimate of their strength. Ed. F.
Allen, thc general secretary ol thc
American Club, Vsncouver, scted
ss master of ceremonies and every
item on the programme moved
with regularity. The proceedings
proper opened with the mass meet
ing, held about the band stand at
Larson's grounds. The grounds
and stand presented a very pretty
and gala appearance in their dress
of flags and bunting. The Union
Jack and the Stars and Stripes appeared side by side wherever you
turned, and this was but typical
of the goodwill which marked the
co-mingling of the British and tin*
American representatives who
gathered on the grounds.
When the assemblage was called
to order, there were on the platform Col. Dudley, retiring consul
general of the U.S., at Vancouver;
Hon. Geo. M. West, the present
counsel general and successor to
Col. Dudley; his worship, Mayor
Kealy, and Geo. H. Cowan, K.C.,
Col. Dudley acted as chairman
and first called upon Mayor Kealy
to give the address of welcome.
Mavor Kealy, in a few well
chosen and effective sentences,e.\
pressed his pleasure in welcoming
so many American citizens to the
city, extended to them the freedom
of the city, and wished for them a
royal good time.
Col. Dudley, in replying, relerred to the fact that this was the
loth anniversary of the declaration
of independence that he had spent
in B.C., snd while it would probably be his last, owing to thr fact
that his sffairs would necessitate
his removal, nevertheless he would
have the pleasure of lingering
sometime yet in the city, which he
had learned to regard very highly.
He arrived in Vancouver on Aug.
19th, 1897, and had received only
kindness and friendship from the
people of thc province. He re
(erred to the wonderful growth of
Vancouver during his term of office. Referring to the 132nd anniversary of the signing of the
Declaration of Independence, In-
said that that document had elevated mankind as had no other
document before or since. The
thirteen states were fighting the
battle of all liberty seeking people
in Ihe struggle which they successfully maintained. They labored
under a long list of grievances
which they sustained amid many
unsuccessful remonstrances for
many years. No British colony of
today would tolerate for any length
of time the indignities which those
colonies bore for a long time.
Geo. Washington himsell declared that they had no intention of
separating from the mother country and that they were fighting
only for Englishmen's rights.
Canada today would not brook a
fraction of the disabilities heaped
upon those struggling colonies.
No two countries should have
closer social and commercial relations than Britain and the States,
especially Canada. It was his joy
to know that during his term of
office the mercantile and kindred
relationship have brought B. C.
and the coast states closer together. Today we know each
other better than ever before, and
we have well nigh (orgotten the
border line that lies between us.
The two peoples have a common
origin, literature, interests and
mission. The common law of
England is the foundation of the
law of the United States. With
liberty regulated by law this system ot civilization has been worked out to the most perfect system
that the world has ever known.
Col. Dudley then introduced his
successor in oflice as one higher in
rank than himself and for whom he
bespoke the same courteous kindness that he himself had received
at the hands of both American and
Canadian citizens.
Hon. Geo. M. West, consular
general ol the United States in
Vsncouver, after a few introductory remarks, referred to the De-
claration of Independence, as the
first step to the formation of an
independent nation, while the 132
anniversary finds that nation one
ol the foremost of the world. Wise
statesmen have risen to guide af
fairs snd now no clouds darken the
sky and she occupies first place in
the respect snd confidence of the
nations. He referred to President
Roosevelt as the energetic, virile,
typical representative of those
statesmen who had carried the
nation to its present proud position. He expressed the hope that
his own associations with the people would be of the same pleasant
character as those of his predecessor, and would consider himself
fortunate if, at the termination of
him term of office, he occupied a
similar position in the confidence
and regard of all the people as
that enjoyed by Col. Dudley, for
whom he had heard expressed on
all sides only words of the utmost kindness, regard and confidence.
Col. Dudley, in a few highly
complimentary remarks, then in
troduced Mr. Geo. Cowan, K. C,
of Vancouver. After bearing his
testimony to the high respect in
which Col. Du-'ley is held, the
speaker observed that one great
song of rejoicing was today asct ml
ing throughout the United States.
That song had its origin 132 years
ago; it was prolonged through the
centuries; it resounds across a
continent and it finds its echo in
the heart of every true Anglo-Saxon. This day belonged not to the
United States alone, but the results of the deed which it commemorates were the heritage of all
peoples for all time. He did not
regard that act as a mere declaration of independence, but as a
stupendous fact that upon that occasion a nation was founded upon
principles of justice; a government
was formed that derives every unit
ol its power from the people. We
are one in admiration ol this
masterstroke of statesmanship.
The preparation for that result
began centuries ago, when the
solemn rights ol man were recognized upon the cross of Calvary.
That cross in emblem was planted
by Columbus upon San Salvador.
But for that cross he had not sailed, and hut for that cross there
had been no culmination of thc
principles (or which it stands as
exemplified in the constitution of
the United States. The speaker
here digressed to pay a strong and
graceful tribute to the influence of
womanhood as exemplified al the
cross, in the sailing of Columbus
and in every great and good work
on the earth.
Going hack to colonial days,
those colonists from England were
prosperous, and well behaved, and
they brought their social customs,
their political sentiments, which
became the foundation of the government of the United States and
Canada. To that country whence
they came we owe a common debt
of gratitude. The speaker strong
ly contrasted the British method
of colonization with that of Spain
England had regard for private
rights and public protection ol
her colonists. Those New England colonists, exercising the
tights of individual citizenship,
were ready lor that awful day when
they must needs rise against the
invasion of their inborn rights.
To maintain rights when rights
are in jeopardy is English to the
core. To the eternal honor ol
those colonists, be it said, that
only with the greatest reluctance
and in protection ol their sacred
righis did they enter upon war
with the mother who bare them.
Unfortunately in England at that
time there remained the relic ol
feudalism and militarism which
made it possible for weak men to
so administer affairs that a separ
ate government became the inescapable necessity ol the situa
We in Csnada have attained
equal, if not larger liberty, but
through an accident of time wc
have not been compelled to separate in order to secure those rights.
Hence Irom Canada goes out an
uninterrupted flow and In tin
United Stales a perhaps interrupt
ed flow of affection to the mother
and nurse ol those principles thit
give the liberty snd rights which
we in this country enjoy. The in
violable and inalienable rights ol
the individual is the underlying
principle of both systems. Th
oriental nations arc building upon
the opposite system of the divine
right of sovereigns. Upon this
foundation they are now attempt
ing to build a superstructure pat
terned after our civilization. The
result will be a new and powerful
civilization but not capable of de
velopment  equal to that founded
upon the Anglo Saxon principle
Closing, the speaker exclaimed,
let us resolve that forgetting the
interests and dividing passions oi
the past and turning to the future,
that our children may bless our
day and their fathers, as we are
privileged to bless ours.
The speeches were interspersed
with patriotic selections from lhe
orchestra and were followed hy
vocal renditions by an excellent
quartette. A basket picnic served
to replenish thc inner man. This
was followed by a brilliant display
of fireworks in the evening and
the proceedings of a most successful day were terminated by a grand
Seymour Creek Bridge
The district council, at their
meeting on the 19th of June.let the
contract for the approach roads
for the bridge and also for the
building of the abutment to Holt
& Doagil, and at their meeting on
the 3rd inst. tenders were ordered
to be invited for the steel work.
The point at which the creek is
to be bridged is about 800 yards
north of Keith Road, where the
stream is confined between well
protected banks. On the west
side the new road leaves the Keith
Road 200 yards west of the creek,
passes fairly through the Seymour
indian reserve and through district lots 612 and 620. On the
east the road goes through lot 676,
crossing the new Vancouver pipe-
road and joining the Keith Road
800 yards east of the creek.
The bridge is to have a span of
140 leet and to be of thc high
truss order, with a clear roadway
of it' feet in width and a head
room of 17 feet 6 in. The roadway Is to be 12 feet above iln*
stream. The abutments and wing
walls are to be concrete. The
bridge is approached on both sides
by so easy grsde and rosds have
a width ot 21 feet.
I otil llw completion ol the new
bridge the temporary bridge (or
light traffic immediately above
Keith Road gives access to the
esst of the Seymour.
Ferry Matters
The conference Iietween the
city council and the board ol directors ol the lerry company was
held on Tuesday alternoon. The
council members were all present,
while the ferry company was represented by J. D. Rolierts, P. W.
Evans, Wm. Mordcn and James
Has we 11 The situation as between the council and the directors
at the present lime was carefully
considered, and every sincerity was
manifest upon the part of both
parties, in endeavoring to find
some feasible method whereby outstanding differences might be sat
isfactorily adjusted. While Ihere
was some sentiment upon thc part
of the aldermen to the effect that
it would be well to deter negotiations until the judiciary reading of
the agreement was had in September, this position was not passed,
and the council ultimalel^yk|)point-
ed a committee to formulate the
wishes ol the city lor submission
to the directors for tlieir consider*
stion. The committee consists ol
Aldermen Irwin, Crickmay and
Special Meeting
A special session ol the district
council wss held Wednesday evening, for the purpose of finally completing the regulations and other
matters with reference to thc new
water district. The documents ars
now finished snd have received the
official signsture ol Reeve W. II
May. The committee ol the city
council, appointed to formulate a
proposition to submit to the direc
tors ol the ferry company, waited
on the district council informally,
in order to discuss thc possibility
of co-operstion in lerry mstters.
The district council appointed a
committee on lerry matters, composed nl Councillors McNsttght
snd Nye, who will conler with the
committee of the city council.
A specisl meeting sf the North
Vsncouver Athletic Club will be
hehl in Larson's pavilion nn Monday evening st 8.30. Business ol
importance will be transacted. A
full attendance is requestsd.
Thi: Exmss, ft a year.
Wanted.- A boy to learn printing.    Apply at Tin Express.
The new addition to the Palace
hotel is being rapidly advanced.
An agitation is on loot to have
the telephone system extended up
Lynn valley.
Excellent progress is being made
by local Pythians in their joint
stock building scheme.
The Orangemen will hold a big
demonstration in Vancouver. The
local lodge will participate.
Vancouver parties have secured
the contract lor erecting the new
Capilano school, it to be finished
next month.
In the police court Monday R.
West, C. Calahan and S. Snow
were fined J10 and costs each for
being drunk on the 4th.
Thc annual meeting of the western Csnada irrigation association
will convene in Vernon on August
10th, concluding on the 15th.
Mrs. |. R. Proffit, of Seattle,
accompanied hy Miss Ruth Proffit,
is visiting in the city, the guest of
ller sister,   Mrs. J. A. MacMillan.
Rev. Mr. Butler, recently arrived Irom Leeds, Eng., has decided
to reside here. He preached in
St. John's church Sunday evening.
The ferry company handled no
less than ijrm people on Sunday
last, which is an indication of the
attractions offered on this side of
the Inlet.
The district engineer is having
the Keith road surveyed from Capilano creek to Eagle harbor, as s
preliminary to the proposed marine
Next Tuesday evening the local
Pythians will instal their officers
for Ihe term, A. II. Ferguson, D.
G.C., New Westminster, being the
installing officer.
L. B. Haskins, of the firm of
Smith, Davidr.on ,V Wright, Vancouver, is contemplating building
a residence on his property on 16th
street, east of Lonsdale.
"Thc Better Day" of Canada, is
the name of a new paper recently
established in Win 11 peg in the interests of the temperance movement. W. B Hull is editor and
Guests at the Palace Hotel 1
I. W. Miles, Bangor, Me.; C.
Nicholls, J. Nicholls, B. Trotter.
Dr. OV. Hutchinson, J.T. Wood,
Vancouver; Frank Young, J. L.
Parker, Victoria.
The city enginrer is engaged on
the preliminary work in connection
with seven new petitions under the
local improvement bylaw. From
present indications this bylaw will
be taken advantage ol very freely
by property owners.
Tuesday evening the local Masonic lodge installed their officers,
many prominent members ol the
Order from the surrounding cities
being pu sent. Refreshments were
afterwards served and a very pleasant social lime enjoyed.
ll St Denis, s prominent lum
berman of Slocan, in the Koolens)
country, waa a visitor here this
week. As lhc possessor of valuable
property in this city, he was quite
pleased tn note the genersl sir ol
progress everywhere to be noted
J. C. Keith, owner of the Keith
block on Lonsdale ave, now Hearing completion, was hereon Saturday, tie expressed himself ss
agreeably surprised at the growth
of this place, staling also thst he
might have further improvements
undertaken here.
The Miller Hudson boxing contest did not materialize on Friday
evening,the crowd being too small
for the principals to appesr. White
knocked out Phil Green in (four
and one half rounds, while Ihe
(our round bout between Kennedy
and Jones ended in a draw.
A meeting was held in the school-
house, Lynn creek, isst evening,
to form a veteran's association in
thr valley. The attendance num
beted twenty or more.   A commit
tee was appointed to draft a constitution and to report at a meeting
to be held on Thursday evening
Guests at the Hotel North Vancouver: P. Ferguson and wife,
II. Eagland, W. Eagland, Mrs.
H.inlielil, Vancouver; Mrs. Orlle,
St. Catherines, Ont.; Mr. Farqu-
har, P. Neilson, St. John, N.B.;
A. I). Terrant, London, Eng.; H.
S. Johnson, Seattle; W. C. Kilby,
The theft of a rowing skiff from
the boathouse of the North Vsncouver Rowing Club hss been reported to the city police. The boat
is painted white outside, varnished
inside, square stern, lapstreak,
double sculls; measures 14 feet six
inches. It was missed from its accustomed place on July 7th and is
Ihe property of A. F. Beasley.
A series of lectures and demonstrations will be given this month
under the auspices of the local
Horticultural Society and Fsrmer's
Institute, by an able lecturer. On
July 24th there wiil tie s lecture in
the Horticultural building; on the
25th an open air demonstration in
one of the public parks, and on the
26th a meeting will be held st
Lynn creek.
The city street gang is engaged
this week on the construction of a
roadway through Haywood park
to the city limits. This road will
do away with what is known as the
"S" trail, or of that portion of the
trail that has been considered bad.
The district will continue the road
from the city limits to the old trsil,
with which it will unite at a point
just beyond the S, and then continue to Keith road.
With characteristic enterprise
the Norlh Vsncouver Hardware
Co. is keeping pace with the progress of the city. Two new departments have recently been added to the business, namely, electrical fixtures, wiring, etc., and
plumbing. The fact that old established firms deem the moment
opportune for extension of their
business in this manner, makes for
confidence iu the business outlook
In the city.
A trip to the head waters of
Lynn Creek by a party from the
Vsncouver Mountaineering Club
under the directorship of W. Tas*
sell; a trip to Indian Kiver by a
party from the VAC. Mountain*
cerir.g Club under the leadership
ol J. J. Trorey, and a Sunday sojourn at the "Perpendicular Farm"
on the west side of Grouse mountain, by local mountaineers, are
the fixtures in mountain climbing
circles for the week end
The business directory ol Norlh
Vsncouver, which is being published by Ths Express, under Ihe
direction of the board of trade, is
now out ot thc presses and will be
ready (or distribution the first of
next week. The booklet is sufficiently small in size to be inserted
in a No. 7 envelope, is printed in
two colors on a high class art paper, and presents a very attractive
appearance. Two thousand copies
of this directory will be sent to
bona fide owners of North Van
(iver property snd s copy plsced
in every house in the city. The
Ily lesf hears the following statement of the purpose ot the book:
"This directory is designed to enable residents of North Vsncouver
to readily locate local merchants,
who arc able to supply their requirements in Ihe several lines of
merchandise, and thus to counteract, as (ar as possible, the tendency to do their trsding out of town."
The circulation of the directory
should prove a source of increased
trade to local merchants.
North Vancouver Mails
Msils close for despslch ss follows : Fm Vsncouver snd sll
points 8 a. m , 11:15 a. m., 5:45
p. m.; for Lynn creek, 11 15 a. m.
Mails arrive 1 Vancouver and all
points, 9:10a.m., 12:45m, 5:45
p. m.: from Lynn creek 2 p. m,
Outgoing mails for Lynn creek
slter 11:15 a. m. should bc delivered at thc wicket. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
Nokiii Vvsi orvER. 11. C.
(,'. |, Sm us*.UK, li. II. Mnansv,
\i n iii.r.     Bn slims Mnr*
The Express is delivered in North
Vancouver within a radial ol 12
blocks of the office. All outside
this district is placed in the post
li.it. 1 ill Subscription 1
Oneyeai •     f'.oo
Six months '5°
Three months -      • -25
United St.it.- nnl Foreign, ft.jo
pet \eai
All subscriptions must be paid in
.l.iv.(Ill e.
Anv |" is"ii not receiving ihis
paper regular.) will phase notify
iln office No paper atoppi I nn
bus notified either by lettei or card
money spent on this side ol the
Inlet. The scheme is fraught with
immense possibilities and its pto-
gress  will  be watched willi ihe
keenest interest.
SHOES!        SHOES!
(let acquainted Sale at Manilla, turere' Price- and Iain.
BPMI.iL BARGAINS every day—not one day only.
Wc art Practical Shoemen and meddle with no other trade.
$20,000 Stock to Select from.   LO cunts m tin
dollar Imi than other advertised prices.
.aM.fr> tl
Nokiii VaKCOUVM, July io, 1908
One ot the most itnportaht and
wiili* reaching movements, relative
to the development of the district.
which has yet appeared, is the recent proposal "I tl"' Swayne Cop
per Company to construct a ground
tram up l.ynn creek to tlieir nun
ing claims This proposition bears
every stamp of genuineness. The
report Ol Mining Engineer J. W.
Eva, submitted to the district
council last week, gives every assurance that the claims of the company arc ol exceptional value.
Mr. Eva reports three veins on
the property, two ol which have
already been crosscut. The insl
vein is 30 .feet wide, and is veil
strong, with well defined hanging
and loot walls. The second vein
is 40 feet wide, carrying a somewhat lower grade of ore than is
I.ninii 111 No, 1 vein The company is now running a tunnel to
tap the No. 1 vein at a depth ol
2011 leet. This tunnel has been
iliiim. distance of 145 leet and
has yet an estimated distance ol
5 10 leet to run in order to catch
the vein. When tins tunnel is
completed it is confidently expected lhat the claims will have passed
the prospect stage and will take
rank as mines, lt is expected that
the three veins will unite wiih
depth. Mr. Eva slates that he
never examined a property that
impressed hun 11101c lavorably at a
Similar stage of development.
The proposed tramline will stmt
from the inoulh ot l.ynn creek anil
will follow up tin in. k to its
source, where the 1 laims aie situated. The line will In equipped
lot the carrying ol limber, genetal
freight and pawngfiri, and will be
open lor public patronage. The
assertion of Councillor Robson,
with reference lo the bona I
the company, is nt] assuring lb
States positin I) that il a Irani lose
tan be )aii,< ui* I ii 1- * ompany is
prepared 10 commence coMtroc*
lion at oiiie, and to prost < ule the
work continuous!* to 1 ompletion.
as last   as   nn 11   ainl   1 n y can
biiihl ami 1 'I'lll' Iln
Tin importance ol putting forth
■Mat)   I lla.il   tai I Il.ll  I*   l!,*    I '   111 ] IH 11 >
to accomplish tins purpti M  > .iniint
be ovi tcstim.iti 1 I In complete
plan  .liml I -   i conl mplsti i Ibe
devclopnii nl ol iln pn |.i ity on au
i xti uhi si ile,the' • ployi i oi
I largi niinii l nn n, tht inital
lation ol an up I"Mate mining
plant ol   I.ii in    i ion it), and the
erection ol a imelti i totnewhi n in
tin  vicinity.     Tins Ol  itlell would
in* siiflicn iit to ib|   ' a" the greal
Valtle Ol till   '    : ill'' ill   Iiu I,
Imt to this must I" .nidi d the manifest advantages t" I"' derived by
the limbering, mining ami agn
cultural  interests ol  l.ynn  valley
by the MtabUehmentod iirsi iiass
la m ill transportation Irom sail
water to the extreme end of the
valley In the dm loptDMl ol the
tourist trade the tramline would he
a most important factor,and wouM
bc instrumental   in   having inucli
A great deal of adverse comment
is hea ; because ol Ihe lact thai
the lumber for the idditioBI to tl.e
ichoolhouse is being brought from
the othei   side ol the  Inlet      Tl C
resolution oi the board ol siboi 1
trustees was quite explicit in tie
milter, clearly stating that the
iiiiiiiai t was to be awarded under
the proviso that, all things lieing
equal, tbe lumber In! the altera
lions was lo be procured Irom local nulls The contractor appeals
to hive quietly ignored this condition, as it is understood the local
mills were not even given an opportunity to ligiiie on the lumber
bills. Complaints arc also rile
because a number of Hindus aie
employed at the excavating, to the
exclusion of white laborers who
are willing to work. It is certainly
regrettable that lhe eilorts of the
trustees to control this matter
ihould have failed in this manner,
and the more particular becnuscin
the expenditure ol public money
local industries and local men
should invariably lie given every
opportunity to secure, if possible,
the entire amount to be distributed.
Get a pair of Viei Kid Oxford
Walking Shoes for J1.75.
Get a pair  of  Fine   Dongols
Blucher Styles for $1.00.
Local Meetings
Kakhtsnl Pythian, heeodead I'ouril
T11e1a1l.1v. I p.m.
athletic Cluh, Kirst Monday, 8 p.m.
Imll-   Mairalx'i-s,   mrmnl   and   foiirll
iinriii iiitnrai Muling, Baoood efsdase
.lay I p.m.
Firemen's Pretties, every Friday, 'Mil.
City Council Mcctini*-, Monday, N p.m
liiulricl Council Meetitig,first and tliinl
I 1 a-l.* vs. at - p.m.
Ilnanl n( Triule, Third Tuewlay, S p.m.
Itnanl nl Triule Kxis'iitivc, Kirst Tiie.*
day, S p.m.
hhool Board, Kirst l'riilny, S p.m.
W.c.TT. meet, third Wcilncmliiy in
eueli month at MO p.m.,in St. Ainlnw '1
IVi-l'iteriiin church.
Wallace camp, Sons ul Scotland, meets
■seed Wsanssdsj md Fourth Ihnre
day in K I'. hall.
North Vancouver 1,0 I. No. lSlO.ineelii
IMSBd ami fourth Fridavs in montl
Mr. W. H Parkin is preparing
to build a residence on his pn -
perty on 2nd street, east of St.
hen it", Ram Vauntm
"    3l!l2,   Vascocvss
A Good Buy
for a few days
A modern H-roomed house, fronting on Victoria Park. I'riee $3700
One-third Cash.
fnim Hantiil fnr Cleariiii.'.
DKAI KM   IKNIil'K** irked "Ten
'' iler. lor CleariiiK ami lirailing Ceine
lery." uill lie reeelleil liy the umler
liKiieil up Iii *, o'clock p.111 , 011 Moinliiy,
lhe 1.T11, ilav nt .Inly, I'.SIS, lor the clear
mi; an.   |rMlag of a portion ol the laml,
lonr seres In extent ot thereby, on Ihs
-i.iitli-i :i-li*rly eonier ol H.I.. II12II, In be
imi'il tor cemelery purpoHi'i.
TeniliTHto .lute n 'inure lor
clearing per acre.
All ncreiwiry inlorination, SpseHlcs*
iiaaiia. ami general conilitimii ol contract
limy bs obtained, liy intending ntTcrem,
at ll dice of the City Kn|ineer.
Kin li Teii'ler innil lii'ai'cnmpaiiii**l In
a marked chsqttS eipial to 5 per ('('111. of
ths amount oTthe lender, sad tbs see.
ec-.lul lemlerer niii.l iirnvide an ap*
nr.oi.l [UrUtW for tlie «alinfactr.ry
completion of the contract.
The cheques et uihuicccmIuI tsadsran
•III ba returne.1   to tlicin i||kiii the ei-
ei niinii "I llir enntract.
The loweet nr any Tender not neeej*
-arill aeceple'l.
lily Clerk.
1 in llall, North Vancouver, B.C.
7tli .Inly. 11*08. 2I*3t
Agents for the Leckie Boots, McCready, The Beresford, Miss Canada
Old Country and The K Boots.
jgSi wood 6 son .*»%•«•,
,V*j I Imt to Steareti'i (In rem Store
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For Diarrhoea,
Cholera Infantum
Etc., use     1
This remedy in sold under the
(olloMing positive ituarantee:
" Take half a bottle and if nol
found satisfactory, return the
ha/iince to us and net your
money back."
25c per bottle
"Tlie Obliying Druggists"
Cor. Cordova and Cambie Sis.
Vancouver,   B. C.
In.i'K'Nck: In .11 ll. lirnnclir..
Minimi: I'l.rer .ml Hydraulic,
I'imhnr    llatrilwiuhI, i I'll i .iul Kir,
Manager for llie Commercial
Prnlectii'C Society.
Office:—Kik»t St., R. or Lunate.
Pioneer Bakery
between Esplanade I First St.
S. W. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
Fresh   Bread  daily, 16
loaves for if 1; 4 for 25c.
dike, Putty etc.
Daily Delivery to All Parts of City
I'iiuni 8       71 Lonsdale Ave
Perhaps Experience
With Their Own
Pianos Caused
District of North Vancouver
To restrict the uie ol Fire Amu
in the District.
RE IT KNACTKIi by the Reeve and
Council ul the Dintrictuf Nortli Vancouver in Council assembled, as follows,
vii :
1. No person or persons shall Are or
dlsshaigS any gun, rifle, lutvlinit piece
or nther firearms, within the dlstMCs
ol Ave hundred yard" of nny lUcllili**
house, school house, church, workshop
or pi nee of business, or liigliwav, <ir
place where other persons may lie assembled or engag-fil in work st any
2. Any |rrson who shall Indue an information and give or procure eiiilenee
thnl shall lead to the conviction of any
one who has lieen guilty ol a breach ol
this Ill-law, shall Ire entitled to receive
one half the penally recovered (nun the
per-'.n convicted, and thnt our and
11 hove his fees as a witness.
3. The provisions ol this lly-law shall
not apply to bonii I'nle householders ol
the district, or tu members of their
families or employees residing in family
with Ihein to prevent them Irom uaing
firearms to shoot game in season or to
sln.it wild animals lor protection of
llieir stock or crops, nor shall il apply
lu members ul any rille cluh or volunteers shooting at a recognized range, ur
in coiirsiwJ drill.
I.   Any   person or  ]-arson, gin Ily ol
an inlriiction of lliis Ik-law shall. ii|sm
conviction More the Police Magistrate
or inn twu .1 ustiees ol the Peace having
jiin-aliclioii within the District,  forfeit
and pay such   sum not  exceeding fifty
dollars together with thecusts uf prosecution,  aa to the Police  Magistrate or
such Justices .hall seem right.    And in
■ fi 1.mil of such tine  and costs as aforesaid It shall la*  lawful  for the Police
Magistrate  or  Justices   convicting ai
aforesaid to  isaue a warrant under hii
or  their   hand  nml  seal tu levy  aaid
penalty nnd coals, or coals unlv by ilia* r
ire-* iiii'l   sale nl  the ofleniler'a goods 1
ami chattels,   and in case of  there nut I
Wns -iillicieiit  g""'l" and chattels to
aalisfy saiil penality ami costs, the laid
Polios Magistrate or enm-icting .limine
may under his or llieir hand nml .eai
issue n wnrraut committing such person
or persona to any of thecummun gaols
of the Province, Inr any  pcriisl nnt tn-'
ceoiliiig two   months,   with  or without1
hard  lalsir  unless  llie said line and j
costs are mmt paid,
5. This lly-l.aw may be cited (nr all
serpeSSS as "The Nurlli Vancouver
Kin* Anna Restriction Act, HUH," and
it shall lake effort seven days after the
publication uf tliia lli-l.au in the
"Kiprcss,'1 a newspS|*i* pnhliahed in
lhe Cilv of North Vancouver,
Passed by the Council nn the lllth
lay nf June, IlKW.
Rcconaiilcrcd and finally   adopted hy
the Council and  signed liy the Reeve
and Clerk and acaled with Ihe Corporate leal on the Third day nf Julv, 1IK18.
WM. H. MAY, Reeve
a  Blunder
Wereler to rival salesmen, who
: last month extensively advertised
lor sale, at a c.ie.u bargain, an old
llXSCAIMB s'tvi.K "New Art," Bell
I'iano, as "about two vcaks old,"
: when in (act it is much older.
BEIL PIANOS are built in Canada
by the largest concern ol its kind
in the whole Hritish Empire ol such
good material, and in such workmanlike manner, that even people
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deceived into believing that old
discarded styles are almost new,
! and offer them lor sale accordingly.
are the only Canadian Pianos that
have been so distinctly honored.
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•at I.i ri.i.g Iti.   Wi**,!
Sl l..,.la}.l,.(, ,o. i.,11 l,.d U.l mo.l .1 Ik.
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lancimcrr'a l.nrqeit Piann Home
Lounge ^
(Terminus of Keith
Road Car Line. . .)
Ice Creani
Soda Drinks
Etc., Etc.
Get the Habit
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From 8 to 10 f I IS
"   11 to  2  I.II
"    2 to   5  I.TS
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.r)l('i Hastings Street
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Until the end ol July we will lell nor stock ol
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White Women.
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ttmm Strmt,''oHi-ia LMMU An
(KHec—New  Iliolii|inni lllock,
I'in.ihile aieiine.
Ite.iilentiiil work a .|ieciali  .
IMI. Iliu llll
Norlli VaiirniU'cr, I'.i'
Norlli Vancouver Hardware
Company, Lid.
Garden Tools
I/iwn Mowers
Electrical Eiiturrs
Paints and Oils
Rudders' Hardware
fooi ol little k.
Telephone s^
f'riili Nillt ililiiiTftl Dailv lo
ill paiin of tht City
Leave Orders st Express Office.
When you intend building
J. N. fronnr. tmia
fli'mi-a Oj|lf-, l.nmdale Art.,City. t%tat
Nn. SS
Head Oft) nnd Mill, l.tinn Ctetk, H. C. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Councillors Nye, McNaught,
Robson and Davidson were present at the session of the District
Council on Friday evening last.
Reeve May occupied the chair.
C. M. C. Philip read letters as
follows : from E. F. Allen, secretary of the American Club, inviting the Reeve and Council to be
present at the celebration to be
held here on July 4th. Accepted
with thanks. From Hon. F. Car
ter Cotton, to the effect that the
communication of the council will
reference to the road up Lynn
Creek, had been referred to the
chief commissioner of lauds and
works with a request for favorable
consideration. Received with
thanks. From lion, tbe Provincial Secretary, with reierence to the
above, tdvising that the matter
has been relerred to the Minister
of Mines to ascertain the mineral
possibilities of the district in ques
tion. Received with thanks.
From J. W. Eva, with report ol
trip to the claims of the Swayne
Copper Company, Limited, on
Lynn Creek. Received. From
Dr. Swayne, president of the
Swsyne Copper Co., Ltd., with a
request for a franchise to construct
and operate s trsmway up Lynn
Cresk to the company's mines.
The tram will be known as the
Lynn Valley Tramway Co., Ltd.,
and will be operated mainly for
the purposes of the mines of the
company, although they would be
prepared to handle logs, freight or
passengers for the entire distance
from the mouth of Lynn Creek to
its source. The company wishes
a fifty year franchise. Councillor
Robson observed thst one very de
sirable advantage of this applies
tion is Ihe fact that the company
is prepared to begin construction
at once snd to have the tramline
in operation ss quickly as men and
money could do it. On motion of
Councillors Nye and Robson the
matter was referred to the city solicitor for advice and laid over for
a special meeting at the call of the
From Geo. E. Jubb aad Thos.
Goodall, asking for sn extension
of Coleman Road from Hoskins
Koad to the Pipe Line Road,
through lots 14, 13, D.L. 3088.
The board of works and district
engineer to act. From A. Mac-
Intvre, requesting access to bis
property by extension of Frederick
Road eastward, Councillor Davidson stated that the entire distance would be about 100 feet.
Engineer to report as to most feasible route. From C. Jack, asking
remuneration to the amount of
I9 68 for work done on the boulevard in lots 1 and 2, block 13, D.
L. 2026. Engineer to report.
From W. S. Hugo with reference
to water connection for his residence. Filed. From A. H. Scriven, advising council of his intention to build a boys' school at
Lonsdale and 26th street, and
ststing also that if council will do
the necessary clearing, he is prepared to boulevard the street in
front of his property. Board of
wotks to report. A bid was submitted by certain parlies for the
labor in connection with planking
the Lynn Creek bridge, but the
figure was double the cost of day
labor. Councillor Robson reported thst Mr. Ross had spoken to
him with reference to the building
of the road past his property.
District engineer submitted specifications and tenders are to be
called for. A plan for a new road
through D.L. 673 was examined
snd accspted.
Accounts of the board of works
and finance committee were ordered piid.
The diitrict engineer reported
the signing of the contract for the
approaches to the Seymour Creek
bridge and,also submitted plans
and specifications for the steel
structure of the same. These
were approved and tenders are to
be called for immediately, to be in
on or before August 7th next.
The board of works recommend
ed that the old road from Lonsdale avinue north, running east
ward, be improved. This road
runs north of lot 8oi, south of lot
787, north through lot 802 into lot
2004 and continues to the northern
end of Lynn Valley, a total length
of three miles. The engineer reported thst the bridges ire out of
order, trees lie across the roadway
ind minor repairs ire needed.
Councillor Nye objected to thc
money being expended liecauss
the crown grant under which the
present owners hold their property
does not show any road, and property owners would object to the
road beihg opened, ss the property
has been subdivided snd sold with
The A. M. ROSS CO.,
Not lli Vancouver'*
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The 4. M. ROSS CO.,
109 Lonsdale Ave.    Inksier in Ward Bldq.    Between 2nd and 3rd Sts.
no reference to any such road al-
owance. The reeve asserted positively that it was a public roadway, and Clerk Philip quoted the
statute proving that it is a statu
tory public road. Councillor McNaught said that ,<mh would pui
the road in excellent condition,ami
it would be lolly not to avail them
selves of its existence, in view 0.
the fact that a new road would
cost at least $3000, and even then
so good a grade to the higher
lands ol Lynn valley could not be
found elsewhere. The matter was
referred to the board of works, to
consult the district solicitor and il
his advice be favorable to act at
An application was submitted
for a road through D.L. Hot and
2026, for a distance of 3440 feet.
This road will require about j)j
acres, which will cost $3640, and
will necessitate a Irontage tax ol
fifty cents a foot. Laid over for
further information.
The bylaw to restrict the use of
firearms in the district was read,
finally passed and ordered advertised.
A bylaw providing lor indemnity
to the reeve and councillors, of
<i"n and J.'oai respectively, was
A bylaw, to borrow 130,000 for
the Lynn valley waterworks district, was given its three readings.
This bylaw states that the total
assessable property in the water
district amounts to (705,982, and
that of the entire municipality tt,-
631,104. The debentures will draw
interest at 5 per cent and the yearly payments will be (1300 for interest and $107 for sinking fund.
In view of the large increase of
office work, together with the additional responsibility involved in
the new water district and the several local improvement schemes in
project, the council grsnted the
clerk, who is also assessor and col-
lector.an increase in salary to (125
a month.
know, as a practical man, that the
work is done neither cheaper nor
belter than it could be done by
local men. We have some of the
best mechanics in the country living right here, and whilst I like to
see other cities prospering, yet I
believe in Jack tar's motto: " A
messmate before a shipmate."
I would suggest that in order to
encourage local industry, a tax in
some way should be applied on all
goods brought in that could be
produced here. For instance, a
wharfage charge on every load of
lumber would soon help the mill-
men here and enable them to
launch out in improving their
This is just a suggestion. Perhaps some abler mind than mine
could demise a means, but it appears to me that it is about time
to stop talking and get in and do
something.    Yours truly,
W. H. Stout.
A parcel of clothing was lost on
the corner of 201I1 street, June 30.
Reward awaits finder at this office.
Dr. A. McKay Jordan
Con be consulted about Eye
Troubles al the old stand
SB4  IL.tlng.  St.        V.ncouv.r
General Contractor
Und Clearing, Stump and Kock
Blasting. Kxtra care near houses.
All damages made good.
Sborl. moderately worded letters on
topics of general public interest will lie
published iu Tui. Kxi'wtss.
Tin KuKK-. ia in no way responsible
lor tbe opinions ol correspondent!, and
reserves the right to terminate a discui-
sion at any time.
Patronize Home Industry
To THI ElllTOK 111   I HI  EXI'KISS.
Dear Sir,—I wish to express my
appreciation of your admirable editorial in a recent issue in reference
to patronizing home products, especially the lumbir industry,
which is striving to establish itself
in this locality. It ippeirs the
majority of people who build here
have not s 'park of patriotism in
their make up, when they ignore
the lactories in their own town and
their product, which is made by
white men and spend their money
in another, fattening the jap and
Chinese; and ultimately their
money goes out ol lhc country sl-,
together. It is not only in lhis\J-IFE
line, thc ssme applies to sll goods.
We have recently been glad to see
boot stores snd others open here,
yet every day people may be seen
with these goods coming oH thc
boat. In my own line of business
there are several houses being
painted by outside parties, and 1
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TIES- The Empire Auidcnl
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nisTKicr or nohth vasi-u'Vir
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Uriii * t'olumiiia, tieiillenion, inleiuls
10 apply (or (leriiiissbii to lease the following described lands: —
Commencing at a post planted nl the
aontlieasterly corner of I'ltMl.l-iroup I,
Sew Westminster liistriet, thence south
on the eaat boundary ot said l"i Kll
produced 27.00 chains, thence west HUB
chain., thence north %)" west 17 12
chain, more or less to the northeasterly
corner ol liistriet Lot 447, thence smith
om-terlv, easterly and nnrtliessicrlv
along die northerly shore ol Hurrard Inlet to the place of beginning, anil containing sixty-three acres more or less.
n.d'   thii sixteenth day of May, HM
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HitUOIl Ot ant .ri.HHI.a- J*.UHI.I.     l.lan.   faal
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lieliiilile varieties st rcasnntlilc prlrei.
Nn llorcrs. No Sc«le. No Kiuni((iitioii
to ilanisire .tisk. No windv iifenU to
iiiinny imi* liny direct ami gtl Ttm
iin.l Sii-iIh I Imt Knur.
Kerlilir.ers, lteeSn|i|ilie.. sprsy Pumps,
Hpra**li-a Mstarlsl, I nt Flowers, tic.
lllii'st I'.lalilishwl nursery on ths
maiiiilsiiil nl llritisli Ciilnnihia,
Catalogue Iree.
3010  Wmtcinstih   H'un.
New Advertisements
Sinn*   \\ 1 ,v Sim
l.ai-t     Ipplj ill tllis iilliae
Bye ipecisliit -Dr. Jordan
PhotosrtphM—Qsorjs Nye
A mii|* - Elder Murriiv t'n.
.inly bargain!  Stoney A Co.
lieiieMlci'iilriictur—A. Kurro
Time Tuhle—Ferry I'linipiinv
Inlsetloui 'li-eiiscs—city council
Saturday speeiiils— IV. T. Murphy
I Iresrmi bylsw—Diitrict oooncil
Tenders iaar cleariiiK—t'ily cmincil
Drofi   \|,-I>nF     Bnt, A Williams
Boots sn I iin..„iiK—A. M. Ross Co,
Tendi ri lor bridge— liistriet council
Tenders lor padln**—Dlstrlol council
iaainiiiii-"'i iiiiviiiiitiiin—city  ciilliicil
Ptoptrt) to .-v.-lmiijn — Apply al lliis
2 .Specials for -Saturday
No.   1
Men's f4.511 to J6.oo Shoes for  $3.50
25 pairs Men's High-Grade Patent Leather
Viei Kitl and Velour Calf Shoes including
the McCready, ths Bereeford and the Carton Shoes, regular price 5450, ^5.00, $5.50
and 56.00,   Special Saturday only   53.50
No. 2
Men's Underwear, regular to ft.I] for 50c.
6doz. Men's Underwear, Shirts and Drawers,
best   makes,   including   the famous Pen
Angle,  regular price 75c to 5125,  Special
Saturday price only  50c.
See Them In Our Windows
1, * ic* -North vuncuuver
Church Notices
* ; 111 Mm itrii ra
a'l  DO,  S  al.   in.
M.'l pi   a .a   I,   I I
1 prayer, 7.30
On tl       ' Sunday in the month
'...a    , *    .1  si lllllll    I I lllll.Illl'll
aai thi ll     1 ommunionat n a.m.
Rl 1 im    Ri i.   Hagfa Hooper.
:   r.i      *     ill ItYTKtUM CHURCH
Mil ITMtT.
Services mil be conducted as
usual  mi  S 1.el*iv  b]l  the pastor.
Sundsj it iniul, 2:30 p. m.
Seruuat Moodyville school al
7:30 p. in.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock,
All arc welcome.
Pastor: Kev. J. 1). Gillam, M.A.
MRBODin   1 HOW 11,  N-  W. COMtl
hii Kin IT. SUB IT, 0(0101*1
Morning service, 11 a. 111 ; Sunday Khool, IIJO  p. ni' |  evening
service. ; 311 p.m.
Prayei meeting on Wedneidij
evening at 7:30 o'dot I*
Pleaching in Lynn valley on
alti roatl  Sunday afternoons.
Suii'l.i, si hool at Moodyville ll
11 a. 111.
Rev, I', II n.ildcrston, 11. A.
,S,i|* III   1 **■*      l \ I K   1 lllllll ll
Sunday   Servii to      Mass   ai *)
a   in., Sninlu K hool ll 2:30 p.m.,
Hi a.a diction at 3 p. in.
IVtor: Kev. I'l. l'eM.iviii, ().
M. I. V. Ci.
UfTtli 1 in K' II, OtUHOI HAI.I.,
Service at  11  o'clock a. in   iu
the Orange hall: Sundiy school at
the close of the lentil D.
I'astor :    Ke,   David Long.
All are welcome.
W. T. Murphy,
Cor. Esplanade and Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
llu piesident inliniatcd his
willingness to give a substantial
prise for llu-best kept garden in
the city or disrrict of North Vancouver. t>> be awarded by the
judges it the exhibition. Mr.
Shaw hare report! d I number ot
other special prizes as at the disposal of ibe committee.
A committee, with Yice-Preii-
dent Nye as convener, was appointed to arrange lor a concert to
in* given in the exhibition hull on
the 5th of August next under the
auspices of the association.
LADIES' HAIRDRLSSING AND For Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work  .   .   .
go to THOS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer Resident Boot Maker
Lonsdale Ave., above 2nd Street
Kxpert .ervlcca In cnml'irl M-onruwn luimf.
M"** l.l   Alt.*llll.'II  I., I'lil..Il.'li
l..ily a.iai*i.ih, 1* villi. Nurlli Vancouver Minnl.y
still Hi aal ,'L,      I l|*.*li 1(11 i-li.-iKa-inaa. a I
Aiidmiu-   Sl'KI IAI.IST."   IXFIM OKFII'K,
Nostii V.seurvss.
Horticultural Association
Iln boatd ol Ihe ll'iitn ultursl
Association met at tin- < xlubillon
building   00   luesal.iv   evening,
l'i' sident Smith ill tin* (hair.   The
deputy miniitet ol agriculture
wrote that P. \V. Brydoa would be
availabh to addii's meetings here
011 llu* :3rd and llth inst.. on the
subjeit ol Fruit ( iiilnri, and tu
gift open air dfiniaiislratiois. It
w.i* resolved to Il.'ii* a meeting ill
Linn Valley on I I* .rsdai evening,
the 23rd, and to hue an open air
denomination in North Vancouver
mi Fridiy ifternoon, and a public
un 1 ting in the exhibition hall on
Fridav cvenine, at H m lock.    The
pn suleiit an I in 1 -president sn ra
di puted to sa tll' all bills for sup
plies for iln opt nmg day. A
further payment ttt suthorued to
llu 1 "iitrai Ion ind lie architect's
1. poll w.is n I' ITI 1 l" tin building
committee. I he 11 retary was
llkl I In ti 11 li 1 I 1 .uly thanks ol
the boaid to the  lldii I   who   had
givi n su muiii tini to the work nl
pn piling lm tin-   1st July and foi
thi al   sei*,,, . s llll   ll. ll   ila).
The prjii list foi the exhibition
on September jth * is 1 oniidered
and referred lo thi 1 * mmittee, to
mt 11 into the hind ol the printer
without delay.
iwmioiis mm
I PIED that al
I eases (if infection.,
iiniliiiiiiiiis nr I'l'iileniii' dlSMM, nl a
character deagereu tu pnbHc health,
■Ml he reported t" the Medical Health
City Hull, Nurth Vancouver, 1.0,
July «th, 1981. IM
Silver Mftialiit In I'iauoforto.
Trained in Belgium and Km nre ai Yooalut.
Open lur en gage men la.
Vttnettifnri number ol pupiu on nmdtfi
and Krula-H   Alao Painting on re)rat an<l -M n
Address:   BOX "A"
1 11 im'- Oifici,        North VWPOPtn
CKM facjlwer and   (I. C. I aad  imrios.t
Railway*, Rri.lgea, Water Power*. Kali malt'*,
Sii|KT.iiii'iiiirnctnil C(ini»lnirii»n, Map*, TO*B*
itttl, Mining * Uunv Sub iMiMunvcu
M Hastings SI. W., ■ -  VANCOUVER. I C.
Hn lhe evening ni June 110th, nt the
enriier uf '.'1st Street ami Lonsdale Avenue, one suit of gent's clothing ami a
Christy stiff lint. Finder will kinilli
leave same at Tun Kxraiae Office nml
receive 11 reward.
District of Norlli laiinnnrr
Terms, oiie-fourtli rash: lialance, 8,12 aad 18 months
1   1~
'      3
■      4
'     S
•    a
•    s
■ "—
at the A. M. Ross Shoe Store.
all I
TKNHKRS »re invited bv IheConnoil
fur irradini! lhc KnuKoail, l.viill Vsllrv
S|*ecitii atiuiis can I"* hid al the Ihstricl
Miiin.i|)iil Office, Ksplanade, where
seali.l tenders must he lodged belore 8
aa'cl■•ek oii the I'tli inal,
AI.F.X. rilll.II',
The Seymour Hotel
Located on Majmour PI|j«*  Lliw,
quartermllt from wharf.
TKNUKKS nre im I liy the l>i-trici
I'liuiieil fur the erection ol  a steel trn.-*
Iirid^c,   llll (ihiI   span,  uver Sen ir
Kiver.   *!»■''ilieniiuii*. .nul lull  |i:irti. i
North VantouviT Hospital
tki:m--ii; '-ni" i.'H|«'r week
Wnnl petlentsli pat daji
l'..rli.*r 1 'lh .Iri'Ct siel l!..|ff.,,tm l, n
Cilv (if kill liiiicoincr
Al'l'l ICATIOaSS   air,* inviledliirlhe
imst uf Asse.sur for the City ol North
Viiiiruiiver    War]   "ar**i I:).','.    Applicant! nul i»' Heir..niriilv enn* erssni
uilh Inii'l ■ nines in the Citv.
,'iii'ii* ai'a.aii-, -mii.' , iillflritions, lo
be lodged »lth ths nndi rsiinsd, nol
later than I p.m. on Monday, 13th July,
I nv llall, lilvllerl,
Nurih viacoaver,
July 2nd, WS,
I'l Uill     IIK.tl.TH     KP1ITUHT I*™«»'■ '«• WoaapateaUea tnTXttt
  I'nineruii, liistriet Kintiliwr, and tenders must I.' Indeed ll the llislrict llltiee,
mmm \mm\ ^^:;^M ,hf ;i"
  AI.KX   I'llll.ir.
piT'.I.IC MlTH'l: Is herehy ,'ivcn thnl , -'1-lt C. M, l'.
*  In accordance with the provisions ol
the Public Health Bjr-Lae, oIUm Citv
ui N'arlh Viincoiiver, the .Muninpail
Council hiiveeonlraetfd with lhe Meet-
onl Health Olllcer tn attend at the Cil,
llall, Nurth Vancouver, on the lir-l
Moii'lni aaf each month, nl the hour ul
11 O'clock il the forenoon, for the purpose (li (aiiciniiiii*' at Ine ensue d
the city, nil |ioor jiersoiis; and all others
,11 their *,nn expense.
The fail h,r, mother, or person having
Ihe rare, nurture, or custody of every
chihl hum iu the city, shall, within
three MOnthl after the hirth ol such
hild, tnkiur cause to Is* taken, the
hihl, lu the Medical Practitioner, in al*
tendance al Ihe alsive appointed place
for the pomes "' lH*iii(t vaccinated; unless the child has Ik'cii previously vaeci*
naled hv some locally qualified Practitioner, ami the vaccination duly
City Ilerk.
North Vancoiiver, H.C.,
Ulli July. 11H1S. 21-tl
This is a first-class hotel,
and is now open lo the
general public. Good
.ii i.iiniiii'd.iiii.ii and
service guaranteed
Koad coniHitioi.s Irom Norlh
Vancouver for Vehicles.
.Thesterfield House
Stitmlinii in II acres ol itruund
Cnrner binsdale Ave and '.''ilh St,
Hill nml liiimiliii!! SrliiH'l fm lints
Will In. u|H'iiiil S'pt. 7th.
For particulars ippi) to
NORTH Vlimi'VEl FERRY 1 PllttKR CO., LTD..
Tim: T.tBLK, IMS
itAVlNe soeui > *.*>( oi us
.Ste.mrr Sl. llenr**,'
Hlp.nir' S. V.iiraainri
^(c.inrr St, .,-**i*t,*
Mi a llll'l N, Vnilt'iilMrr
•ii.20A M.
•7.20   "
8.20   "
11.00   "
«.4S   "
•K.48   "
8.00   "
8.40   ''
11.30   "
'1 I.'i   KM,
10.15 A.M.
10.15   "
10.45    "
10.46   "
11.15   ■
11.IS  "
11.45    "
11.45   "
12.15 P.M.
12.15 P.M.
12.45 I'M.
12.45 P.M.
1.15  "
1.15   "
1.48   "
1.45   "
2.15  "
2.^  "
2.45    "
2.46   "
1.11    "
3.15  "
.'1.45   "
3.45   "
4.15   '•
4.16   "
4.45   "
4.45   "
5.15   "
5.15   "
5.45   "
5.45   "
fi.15   "
11.15   "
11.45   "
0.45   "
7.16  «
7.16   "
7.45 •'
8.46 "
HIS   "
9.15   "
1.46   "
10.46   "
•11.46   "
10.15   "
•11.30   "
•Not oi
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
1>. 0. BOX 38(1.
Hotd North Vancouver.
$1.00 per
and up
Rates (or
terry Service Every Hall Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
North Vancouver Property in Exchange
for Vancouver City Property.
Niikmai. School, VaUtcouvtt.
SEALED   tkniikks,   wperst-efteil
*' "Ti'ndcr lor Nurmal Sihiml, Van-
cniivcr," mil la* rrocived liv tin* Ilnn.
tin' l'lii'*l I'laiiiniiti-iinncr up In muni nl
Wcdncmliiy, tin* IStli .Inly, PHIS. Inr ll.e
erection sad eoiBpletieB el ihr Nurmal
Si'luml nt Vhihiiiiv.t.
I'ram int., iperllnellnne. and contract
(nrm nnu* ts MSB mi .'ind after tin* 22ml
*.l .lum*. I'HIS, ail llie.illni* llf tlic I'll I el it
i\. *rk- Klllliili'i'r, till' I .nii'l- aii'l IVaark-
|ie|nirlini.|il. Victoria, mnl ill tlii'iillin*
■ ai Keen, rams ^ Hope, Arcliiiivtn,
Viinruiiii'r, ll.l'.
Kiicli |.r.a|a..-ail .Imll lieai'('iiui|>aiiii'il
In :in m, t'pli'il Imuk i*hi'(|iii'or ccrtillralc
ij .Iai'* *.it nn a rhiirtiTi'il liank uf Cana-1
la, niinii* |i(ivalilc In lhc Hun. the Chief
Commissioner "( Lends sod Works, ln
lhe -iiii, .'Inlli* ll..*li*.m.l ( l.lHNli ilullam,
h lili'li niinii liefurfeitcd il thc parly len-
lerlni decline lo enter intu eoetnwt
when caiii'd u|kui tn dn so. The riie.|uc» 12 lota in South Vancouver, also an excellent residential
nr ciTtitlcati'S uf iinaiieremful lemlerers
«ill he rctnr I to theni ti|*on theexc-
cniinii uf the lunlract.
The cheque ol Ibe sneeseehl tenderer
will lie returned u|Hin his furni»hiii|( a
IkiiiiI siili-lai'lury In the Hull, the Chief
Commissioner In thesamol Sfteentbon*
■Mat! i|iri,i«Hl ilnllars, (or the due fulfil
llien1 "f the I'uiilrai't.
N',a lender will he cnii-iilercd iiiile-',
iiiinle mil nn the Innn (applied, «ii!iii"l
mill the .iriiKii ilafnstareol tbo tender-
■•r, and UKloeed  111  lhe SBtelofS lur-
Tlie loins! or any lender nnt IMS
llirill lll'CC|ited.
r, 0. tiAMHLK,
I'ul.lir Wnrh ftaflnWI
fundi nnd d'airln lirpnrlmittl
Viriimn, B.C., 13th June, IMS. 18-lt
and instructions to sell
Cleared Lots, MxlM, in Block ;V2, on Kourtecntli
und Fifteenth Streets, it $500 nml $525 each;corners, $600each.   BA8YTEBM&
Two cleared lots, 00x157 each, south front on
Ninth street, at $650 each,   Kasy terms.
Also a few choice lots on Victoria Park West.
Ixinsdale Ave. lot, Iietween 2ml and .'.rd streets,
only$.'i2(l0.   Terms.
Sixth street lots in Block 117. |"if)0 each.  Terms.
A good list of I/ots in all parts of the ('ity, at
jiriees from $20*1 each and up.
W»nt**d from Owner* lists nl itnol rl(iw**in Ixiln and AcrpaRf.   Wc ntyntiatc Mica
if llu* prices are nirht
Cor. lonsdele Avenue end Uilh St., North Vnncouver, B.C.
■■■■■i    » i "■■
Itaai $1*50 I'kk
property on Ninth Avenue, Kairview.
ADDRtM orrsR.s TO
Express Office.
S|M'fiiil ILili'N lo I'miiilii's and Regular Boarders
Half-hour lerry cnmit-i'tinn tn and (rami Vancouver. Hot snd roid
water in every ri.nn. Ketnrn call Ml* in every room. Barber
limp in connection.
Second .nRr.tr,
British Columbia. Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Csrs leave the Ferry l.ai.^ini; (or Qttcer.sliury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdsle, Winch siuet snd Keith Road as (ollows: 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. 111., 7:15 a. ni., 7:45 a. m., 8:15 a. m., g a. m. 9:40 a. m.,
10:10 a.m., Alter io:aj s. ni, cars will leave yueenshtiry avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes to the hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Road as lollows :
6a. m., 6:55 a. m., 7:10 a. m., 8:05 a. m., 8:45 a.m.,9:30 a.m.
Alter 9:30 a. m. cars leave the Ferry Landing at ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
All hosts sre met hy the cars.


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