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 /<,*'-    :%\
Al U J90/
The act in (avor of North Vancouver, and other cities that are,
and are to be, permitting them to
tax railways, lias been finally
passed by the provincial govern-
jneiil and assented to by the lieu.
ll. 11. Clark, seed (Oinniisioner
.".nul official seed analyst, Ottawa,
has sent out a bulletin, in
Which ho points out that all
purchasers of red clover, alsik
.mul timothy seeds who want a
good, clean article, sliould see to
it that the seeds they buy are
quality, by being marked " No. i,"
" Prime," "Fancy," "XXX," or
such other destination Ior which a
standard ol purity is fixed in
section 4 of the seed control .act.
"Government Standard" is a
iiiui coined by sued vendors, and
may be misleading unless clearly
understood. Section 4 of the act
fixes a standard oi quality in respect to weed seeds, below which
timothy, alsike and red clover
.seeds are not allowed to be sold
for seeding, either by farmers or
seed nierclianls. This standard
allows of the weeds named iu the
act about 90 in one ouuee of red
i lover) 200 in om oun^e of alsik .
.01 400 in one ounce of timothy
seed, lt is to seeds that will pass
(his lower standard, but are nol
sufficiently clean to grade " No. 1"
that the term " Government
Standard" was attached last
I- e seed vendors have adver*
tl-il  seeds  under  " (ioveliiliient
S. al." No government seal is used
am any seeds ottered (or sale in
the trade, Sin—- reliable seed
houses sell Krass and clover seeds
scaled bj thnn, and for which they
alone are held respoasibli so lung
as the seal remains intact, but nol
titer it is broken,
I'n avoid the pro isions of
section 3 of the act, which applies
•ii.mily to see i grain, Borne seed
vendors roprosout to farmers that,
■on account ol the iei d control act,
thoy are offering their grain lor
Bale for raillingor feeding purposes,
li mii red lor sale l.n seeding, such
seed vendors are required to make
tie 11 tn intending purchasers that
tin seed contains wild oats, wild
mustard, cockle, and such other
noxious weial se da when they aii-
iii the seed. The object ol the
:ut is tu piHiH 1 l.n in is who want
to protect themselves against such
weeds, It provides the means for
farmers to buy seed intelligently.
Ranchers who deliberately buy
feed grain and use it lor seed can
scarcely hope for legislation that
will protect ihem Irom loss on
account of noxious weeds.
Moodyville Gun Club.
The second animal meeeing ol
the Moodyville Gun Club was held
on Monday evening, at the Moodyville hotel. President Chas. Mee
presided, and Secretary-treasurer
1;. J. Coiitts was 111 his place.
The president slated thai the
affairs of the club were in a
healthy condition, Lastyi at ki 111
interest was taken in the several
shoots, ami everything pointed to
a very successful outcome thi>;
The secretary-treasurer ri porl I
a neat sum on hand, and was a
Btructcdto purchase blue ic ks I u
the coining matches.
After receiving several nominations for membership, the election ol officers resulted as follows :
Honorary President, John Hendry;
President, Chas. Mee ; Vice-president, G. 13, Williams; Secretary-
treasurer, T- J. Courts; Captain,
W. Ki Burnett. Committee—W.
K. Burnett, A. F. Stouor, W, A.
Shaw, J. McPhee, Geo. Bartley,
and above officers.
A shoot will be held at the
butts on Good Friday, Irom 1 to 6
o'clock, and all day on Easter
Bressey & Quinn have purchased a line pair ol 3,400-pound
horses for $800, They came from
1 Intario, and will be shipped to
the logging camp at Lasquiti
Island in charge of Ale:.. Gibson.
The steamer Forager arrived
ilii'a week with a large cargo of
produce for Brackman & Ki r Mill
ing Company.
R, 11. Bryce will have several
entries al the Victoria  ' <    i|   w,
■.-.I - I "•■ ■"  Iprtl i id
"I tl:   Wi stern ( orpt rati m, who
is in iln hospital at Vancouver, is
The gardeners are at work sotting
out shrubbery and othei flowering
bushes in the Ottawa garden •
Mr. P, Larson is confined to his
room with an attack ol lumbago.
Mrs. Willox, ol Heme May,
Kent, Eng,, was 0 visitor here on
Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, of
Tacoma, Wn. came over on Monday.   They returned the same day.
Alex. Gibson will start a livery
stable soon.    He will make tourist
W  C. T U saddie horses a specialty.
The North Vancouver branch oi! J ■''■ McMillan's well-kuown
the Woman's Christian Tern-1steed "lerry! dled on Monday,
perance Union held their regular I He got loose in the bam and eat
too much grain.
monthly meeting on Wednesday
afternoon, Match 20th, at Mrs.
Stoney'a, Siitah street. Among
ther items of interest discussed
nas the forthcoming public meeting, which was unavoidably delayed, but which will be held the
second week in April. Fur thei
notice ol this will be published in
this paper at a later date. This
meeting promises to be of unusual
interest, as we have secured some
first-class talent from the city,
both BingerS and speakers. It was
also decided thai we hold our
meeting the third Wednesday in
each month, at 3:30 p. tn. The
next meeting will he held at the
home ol Mrs. Philip, S 110 id
Mas, Wheslir,
Press Corresponding Sec'y,
Thc Smoker.
Following is the programme "I
the grand smoking 1 mi it, io be
In id in Larson's pavilion, undei
1 iplcei "I th'- Ninth \ .in,
Athletic Association, on Mondaj
iieinui.' next (blaster Monday),
April isl:
1. I'imiu Solo K.n. Mtmrc
2. Hoiik J,Mathers
I, Ittiltiin Chorus 1 l.y ten]
I. Sunn „ ,.T, Lookln-jton
ft. Selection..     PnJ,Cunningham's
Quintette, 'I Irsl Mandolins. II.
Perry and 1, laovei Booond Man.
lll'lill",        OIlSI BCOttj       M.ll.'la.l.l,
Victor Lord; Guitar, Prof, K. W.
0. Wrestling, boat t**n nnt nl three
Iiiilu.    Vancouver Athletic Club
7. llniiji'|iiie|.('iiiniinu|iain,e 1 li-talii-r
s. Recitation       B, it. Hnhb
II. Busing, lour throe-minute rounds,
Vancouver Athletic Club
10. .Selection.   . Prof. Cunningham's
UiBpsolaltaM      I'rol. Rotliwell,
Vanoonver Athletic club
J2. Boni Reeve A. B. Kealy
i::. Banjo DuelCunnlnghsmA Hatchet
U. Italian ChoniSi        	
Church Notice.
JOHN s    (lirm 11    CORNER    ot
a.aa    I     mtOAY
Bpeclal servlc • for men, 3:30 p. in.
En 11 ong am 1 wrmon
Tin- olforluga mi Good   i-mia;   ar
riven to Bishop BlyUl'i mission to tho
i ", a      l!-',V  QOMMI "-'"V.     ■  DO :
11.n.i iiim-'i mon, 8:00; mornln • pravoi
10:910; holy cos ran, 11:00;
evening prayer and ter n, ■       ■ ■
Sunday school,
11 ill linage   uf    liim    im
Bailor morning to prevent tho service
bolng titi'lttli i .'<
11 an h, ommittea ineoti on
day, April 8rd
Bastoi Vestry mi Monday,
Archdeacon Pontreath liopoi ta' 1 re
lids at ibi'j vostry meeting, bul Is tui
iiiile in Iw prosenl on tno publlilie
late.  I'm- null -  rill I    Iven,
Wi -na- in 1 Ipi nl the initial
lunula'! of tin- fl C If me Af ■ 1 1*1
This monthly publication   com
1" pages, i' Iai n ■
st.'. 1111.it I 1111 be 1 1 slender d
P   j" I     11 I la pli'l'l"'-'
with li ■ sl chars li
■ It        al *'■! :il *v   I
III I- -I  1
p ibl hi 1
'f       ind    lypognt]   1 tl    Bp
" -II It" '        1 In     llu
. 1 -i-i ut. who should iei 1 ivi
■ ii iv encouragement ind support
ol llritisli Columbians. We ba
ipeik (or it t I ■ [ul
1 In iplendid herd of citd ,.
die Cottige Dairy, W. L. Kenm.
proprietor, wis sold by auction on
Wednesday Tho registi red a\yr-
shin s, Not vmi 'Iiiii (bull) aud
Niinrii' Lei (heifer) were pur
1 ii.i 11 1 by R. II. Bryce. And
lliik'iry Midge  an.l  Nancie A
(COWS) and  Llll ol   N  tl
(■ouver (heller) Wi nl   IO   ?lr.  Ml ■
Quillim,    Although   then   wen
about 100 peopli  preii nt in arlj
all th<" tattle did not bring prices
thi) win worth
A large boom of loe;s arrived 011
Wednesday for McRae's sawmill.
James Clark, of H M. Customs
service, Fourth street, has purchased the line residence ol
Gwynne K. Hughes, coiner of
Chesterfield and Thirteenth street.
Mr. Clark intends to make his
home there.
J. I!. McKay and R. Hamilton,
ol Dawson, spent a few happj
hours hen- on Sunday with friends
on the eve ol tin ir depatture for
the Notth.
Mr"*. Laycock, of Victoria, an.l
! "!a" .' a.:.i.
lays witl       - Is beta".
re is : di    'ei for
dwelling hi nst s here, de  1 ii  tin
'act tlmi there  ■-     ore bi
nstruction than evei
! llC  'a       '■' ■'   '  ■    Ol     ' "Ila
First   stri 11,   b I -■ en   Loi   ' tie
ind  Clu -- ii'-'ld  avi nue
Hie barbel Ireati    hi
I   -i'.iv   lai   'il     1   ■■ ■
pi -iiiii boy arrived .11 his
home lasl ni lit.
The new hn     -
rry 600 feet of hi
ai |i I h. nd ■■■ ■ I ma ■
The Iwi ll '\
ship yard have iai 111 latin I
Miss! I.na Sti ivart, Spt I       i-
Mis Broomi. Seattle, and Mis.
ii'l, Victoria, 1 ■■.
' I      |l '      ■
1 h. sawmill at Lynn Vi
now in operation
are employed.   Tin oul tr a
\ 1 hi ' ' ■ 1
"     ■   .1;
Demise of Father Richard.
There passed away peacefully
and quietly at the luidian mission,
at 1:30 o'clock a, 111., on Monday,
March ,25, the Kev. Father
Richard, 0. M. I., al lhe ripe old
age ol Sl years. Those present
111 the time of his demise were
Father Chirouse, Sisters Mary
Amy, Anatolie, and Jerome, On
Sunday, tin I'/ih, Father Richard
preached as usual, and on Mon-
day, tli-: 18th, he held his last
mi is, Sistei Marv Amy, on ob
si r ing that he was unwell on
Friday, suggested that he r.i to
tl > ■ pii il, but In" would mn ad
11 any lime that he was at all
ill, He wanti d to be engaged in
active work, and live and die with
ibe Indians. Ou Saturday, at 5
p. m., Iiishop Dontenwil! administer* d ihe last sacraments to
him, and at the time of bis death
he had his clothes on. For over
50 years he had been engaged in
: lissionary work in this province,
and was the best known clergyman
among all the old pioneers and
natives. After requiem mast on
1 uesday by Rev. Father Chirouse,
the casket containing lhc body of
the late venerable priest was rowed
across the inlet by Indians in a
canoe, followed by several others.
The four Chiefs, Harry, Tom,
Dick and Thomas were pall
bearers nt the wharf. Chiefs Joe
Capilano and Charley Cliilpanuilk,
who recently went to London to
see King Edward, as well as
seven other chiefs from Vancouver Island, most all the
Indians, all the. sisteis and school
children at the mission were pre
sent at the funeral obsequies.
The eastern express was met at
the C. lJ. R, station, and the
funeral party went to Mission
I unction, where the body was
interred in St. Mary's cemetery,
'It resting place ol the Oblate
fathers. At St. Mary's Mission,
Misajpn, on Wednesday morning,
Bishop Donlenwill lndd mass,
insisted by l'iitht is Welsh and
('uuin.lv. Rev. Father Richard
had had charge of the North Vancouver Mission for about eight
.. irs.   R. I. P.
Cohimencing Monday, March
iS, the SS. St. Gcoucr.
will leave as follows :
•II.00 A.M.
•0.80 A. M.
•II 45    "
•T'.'ll    "
K.tHI    "
8 80    "
8.1(1   "
11.411   "
10 15   "
10.40    "
11.18   "
11,1(1    "
12 15 1'. M.
12 40 P.M.
1.18   "
140    "
2.18   "
2.40    "
:i.i5  "
.1.40    "
4.16   "
6.01)    "
5.15    "
6.40    "
fi.18    "
(1.40    "
7.16    "
7.40    "
8.15    "
S.-IO   "
0.15    "
0.40    "
10.16    "
1(140    "
•11.30   "
•11.46    "
• Not on
CiviJ [nglMW NllC liaal Sur..,or
'tmn ISM
Rillwiyn, HrlitfM, Wtatcr fowri, Kiilmitei,
-iii'.iimriiili-aii--* iii Cnu.trU('ti(in, M.|a. nl
I'nwli.ili'., I'l.n.ail HlniUf I'lailia., Illlll'prllllr
111 Hlltialivlainlla,
'    (nr the following works, vis!
1. Inr Grading Larson Road nml
othor adjoining roads.
'.'. hiving Si.x-frmt Sldowalk on First
►trout, Inun Clieatorfloltl avenue to
Mlllinll iivonuu,
S|'i'i ilieiiliniin ian lie liml at llie Municipal Ihni. where lonled tenders, with
unliable .li'i>n*-iih, must be lodged liefure
N o'clock nu lirst uf .\|>ril next.
Al.KX.   I'IIII.II',
•'' tlio Cuuuoll fur the iHiHition of
Municipal Engineer, ApplicnntH to
Htuti' qualifications and salary ex*
piloted, mnl to give rcferi'iii'-m. I'or
lurther particulars apply at the Muni-
eipnl llnil, where applications will Im
received on or before the 15th day of
April, 1007.
Am. I'iiii.ii', C. M.C.
Ml Hailln.il Sl. ft.,
OUVER, 11 0
Milk Supplies.
pulled di wn li   ihi" ti 'hi   who
i< lines    A
lull ai - ounl nl the n suits will
a|i|ie.'t in next wi 1 k'f l£x . 1
11" North 1 tltlctii
tented tonight at  the  wi
tournaineat  at   Ihe   Vancouver
Athletic   Club.   Members   will
i'-.',a nn the 7 in boat,
I li' Mission Indiana are en-
di avoring to make arrangements
with lhe municipality whereby tho
■ 1 syiunl can be ex
tended ti reser* e, I bi v also
want tin '! '.'.in light 1 ensl led
It mil im iir in t Indian a- rvi
in' anada to havi these up to-dati
■ in.ii.'b
Many of our citizens wira
1 ia atly cone "cied win n they
learned that Mr. Keene was giving
■ p the dairy business, and that
 1,I.I no longer look  to the
Cotta ' Dairy lur that supply of
milk nf tli- best quality which ihey
ia 11 sn long enjoyed, All who
l.ave been served by them heartily
ap| n 1 uie tho care and attention
given by Mr, and Mrs. Keene, und
tm 11 unfailing courtesy to their
1 :. t*.111 rs. The rest they seek
linn the arduous work they have
had is well earned, and we hope
'a iv fully enjoy it.
\\ a are glad to be able to set at
rest the (cars of tlmse who thought
they Would have tO depend nil  the
"cann 11 ow " I he North Arm
Dairy Company, of Lansdowne
avi nue, Vancouver, will have a
milk earl lure loaded with Blip.
pin s i'ii Monday next, and they
1 an meet .ill demands that can bi
madu mi ibeiu, and give delivery
st 1 i-erj house See their adver*
ti ,1 in nl elsewhere.
•Phone 3.
North Vahcouvir, B. C.
L INti Lntl one and two, re-mc-
division five, illoek 111, corner Lonsdale
ivntie iiiid Seventeenth street.
The lowest or any tender not necaa*
-uiily acoepted.
Address N. V., ExMUtsi Ofllee,
' A Yukon Railway (%tn|*any hareh)
gives notice that after four weeks from
Ibis date it iu'i'iuln  to apply tn  tlie
lid.-inl of Hallway Commissioners ol
Canada, under the provlafons nf section
175 of the Railway Ai-tol 1110:1 nf fun-
.11 a, fnr authority to construct a branch
lino within the Miinicipiility of Nurtli
Vancouver (mm a point nu itH main lim1
near the mouth of8eymour Creek, on
the nnrth fhore ol Hurrard Intel, iu an
easterly ami northerly direction, i<
point ut nr near Deep Cove nu ilia* Nnrth
Anno! Hurrard Inlet, III'., iu accord1
.mee iiitli a plan, profile uud bunk nl
referonco denoeltod tliis day in the oflic
nf the liiulricl In,::- '.ir in the Citv nf
Vancouver, appointed under tlic pri*
visions of tlie Land Registry Act,
Dated ut Vantnmer, B. O., lllll HI
•lay nl March, A. ll. 1007.
1' thirty (lavn after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chiel Com*
miiBiiincr of Lands and Work* lur t
«|ici'i«l licence tn cut and carry away
timber frnin the lollowing describee
lamia, lituated in Jervis Inlet, New
Weslminstei Ointrict : Commencing at
a noat nitttati-il at the 8. \V. corner
T. I.. 10304, coninii'iicinn at a itaka
iinirli'd J. Iiiidiiri''H N. K. corner poet;
thence aouth 40 chains 1 tlmm-e c»-t 80
chaiim; thence miuth 40 cliaine ; thence
went 120 chains; thenco north to the
nhoro; thence east ulniig the ihon* lo
tho point of commencement.
March 15th, 1007.
^ '   thirty iluvii alter date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the chief Commissioner uf I.ninii- and Workt (or a
special licence to cut and carry awaj
timber (mm thn fulluwintf described
lands, situated in Jervis Inlet, New
Westminster District: Ciimmenclni at
a post marked ,1. Inulore, at the S. E.
comer ol T. L. "UIO; thence 80 chalne
south 1 thence 80 chains east; thenos 80
chains north; thenco xo chaina weat to
the point of commencement.
March IStll. HHI7.
\Vi-::i 11   For (ttn day pi 1 week,
\ppl. to Mrs.
|. Oro    Cl      rlicld avi nue,
I . iniland
•a      imp bed,     ith   11 tttrassi ■
V| I .I!        '
,. .pi.ui.t |e  and   Lonsdale
Wanted I" pun base a house
ami lot, or clean d lot, on Fourth
or Fifth Street,  Nnrth Vancouver;
11.1   (at ■    io ith and  ' ommand
'   inlet,    Quote   cash  and
terms, if any.    Address K O. lJox
14, Nortli Vancouver,
Wish 1,
the Palace
Apply  at
iif. E M.   laOM-H, II. A., 1. L Bill. I).
Silli'l.u. II. A , A. W. llntnt, H. A.
JIHWISMiV Srilll/17, & MM
lium islet s, Solicitors, Notaries, [Ic.
tiiiiir-  it Ha A. Itnil'liiiK, Vaaaourei, sad
,'iiui llnij III.ni. Horlfi \ iniuiuier.
55 Lansdowni Avt.sL't;
l'llllSE ll'J-l.l.'l
Will he prepared lo deliver Milk nf tha
licit Quality nn ami alter MONDAY.
APRIL Int, Inaiiy Iiniii" in the Tumi nl
North Vancouver.   Alun In nii|iply  the
i«Ht quality nl Dairy Better.
Stumps and
Rocks Removed
     Without Damage
to Buildings
Call or Adduii
Jones Avenue anii i41 si St.
Subscribe lor The hm,,
A" Ihirly da.VS after 'late 1 intend to
apply le the Honorable ths Chiel Com-
mlssloner nt Lands and Wnrki for a
special licence tn cut and carry »iy
iiiiiIht Irom lhe following dctcnt-ed
IaiiiIh, situated in Jem* Inlet, New
Westminster Diet!let: Con-mendei at
a punt marked <l Isidore, at the 1- K.
corner ol T. L, 7010 j thence 100 chalne
■miiii: thence Bl chains weal; thence
100 chains north; tin nee 0-l chain* east
tn the iiuiiii nf commencement*
Miir.li llilli, 1007.
*■'    thirty days niter date I intend to
applr to tha Honorable the Chiel cmn*
inliilonpr ol Lands and Works lor a
special licence lo cut and carry away
timber Irom the Inllnivini* deecrilicd
Itinil., situated   in   Tnha  Inlet,  Cnard
District : Commencing at a pint
iltoslsd nn the N. B. corner ol T. L
131. marked J. Isidore ; thenco 80
chains nnrth: thence su chains we-i-
thence 80 chains south 1 1 hence no chains
art tu the point"(commencement,
March 16th, HKlT.
*' thirty days alter date I intend ts
spply in tin* Honorable Iha Chiel Com*
nilssionsr <>' Lands uml Works Inr a
special licence lo onl and carry away
timlier Irom the (ollowlnj dcmlicd
lands, situated in Toha Inlet, Coaet
District! Commencina ■''.-1 -' -n ■''*
ulinre markod   I   Isldoro,  mtnatnl  30
chains Hcet Irom the B, w. oornet «l T.
L. 0736; thence <vi chains east| thence
sn chain- ."titli. thence Mtehauin weet;
thenco (0 chains north to polnl oi com*
ItdllT. II. HHYCK.
March loth, 1007.
■»' thirty days alter ilats I Intend to
spplv li Ihe Honorable Iha Chiel Com.
mlsslonei "t I-iti-i' .md Works Inr a
■pedal -' sm 1 le 1 al snd carry may
tiiiil»'i   Ireiii   lie  lollowioS   'le.cnl.'il
lands, iltnatad on Bute Inlet, Ooul
Distrii 1   Ci mmcnclni at the N  w
corner 1   1   MO. mart >i 1  Isidore;
Ih.'lli'" north Wehail.c tlicnce e.at Ht
chain., thsneoSOUtllSo I'lialnn, IhsnCS
mail Ml chains lO ths point of couutieiiri»
Msrch ISth, 1007
A' thirty days after date I Intend 10
applr to UlS Honorable the Chief Con>
inlmiiniier nf Uiiilri and Wurki Inr a
»'"■' nl licence tn cut and carry away
timber Irom the 1 1 "«u.; <ii>vrihe4
land*, riiluntiail on Hote Inlet, ('out
Iind! aa t: Coaimenclniet a .take planted
on tlie N. E, enrner ofT. 1.. 6M, marked
.1. Isidore; thence north so chain*;
thence ('.T'i ho chain*; thci.ee-muth K0
chains! Ihenea wesl an chatm to point
nl ciuinictK-ctiicnt.
Ilardi 16th, 11)07. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Weekly  Newspaper       Published hy
Subscription      One Dollar par Year
I. B. Wil LIAMS,   ■
.. Editor
Boon shall Uio freqoont bicylea
Aiul roaring motor car
Bo ijuite aa rare as icicloa
In summer   solstice   are.
Yes i   They'll hu dead as Pharaoh—*
It seems lo me indeed—
When all  prefer Uie aeroplane
For comfort, rest and speed.
Yet nervous folk will, caviling
At the mode, find full soon
Tin    rtlosf way ol traveling
Bj    i^a-ralale balloon.
For testacy then singing out
Taa lenm at least sue can.
Will  Mary Jmu   go  winging out
Willi her discreet young man.
IT  CURED   HER   BOY    OF  PAIN*\ Then quite intent, on gaining it,
Sketch of Onu of the Groat German
Toy Warehouses.
The Trnedcl market Is on a little Island ln thc heart of thc old town of
Nuremberg. Along the nortli branch
of the river la an old, low caved house
with a little darkling doorway. When
yen have got so far you are met by a
little old man—a rusty little ninn who
looks iih though he wore made of metal
-who leads ynu Into Uie great mystci'i-
As an After Effeot of Pnoumonia-Nothing
Proved Effeotlve Until We Used
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and Turpentine
Many a mother can
I to the
.    a
\\ hen bo      ul era, cl '■    nn
io little
I Holme
Haiiiik- il Z.iin-
r lill y whon ii
suffei : Spring
then b a' neck. I
tried blood piuil "a med lml
iiniii." I tn do I i'n tli" desired 1' I     Th" li a. ■      si I
1 could not send i il    Wo
tried n   amp     il 'f,nn II .a. an i il did
him ,i littl      ■ id  I  bought o 50
rent box. Th" resull .vns really
amazing In le a v ek I tne in ■
hells had begun I. and in
it very sliort time ind I evory one
.-if them was heal id "
Zaun-Hill: i- a -in - cm ■ also Ior
eczi n :i. ic dp '!■■ i, ringworm, pois*
mii d ,ia.ii!i Is, cl f 'ine ulcers, chapped! u i 'Ul old ires, cracks,
(entering s ires, eruption? and pustules
iln.- to bio -I poison, eti It stops
bleeding and a- pii i fistula, etc,
la antiseptic; in excellent "first aid."
Every home and Ini'instend should
I Is bos of Z.iin-ll'ik. Ml druggists and ' -.- il - ■ :i box, nr
fraii:; Zaiii-lluk i'ii , Toronto, lot
• I i'i    Send   Ic
Stamp   i'a'   "      I  box
■   mc
\i I one in heart nnd mind,
v, . oplaning II
' 11   hoavon, my own, we'll find.
While well agr I between  is Is
This plan ive cherish still
We'll  liet;. .in   where Venus  is-
l''V   Jll|Hler.   Ua'   w   11 '
London Chronicle,
ous warehouse of toys. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Itound all tho walls they are ranged Mrs, Unrkei in the following loiter,
■ -inn*', cannons, motors, steamships, thai In. Clinso's Syrup ol Unseed
innnpots, sabers, and everywhere the nud Turpentine has proved n friend
*•■ idlers,  linw many millions of metal
her an t oi colds with the littli
Put don't wait until nn animal U
Injured, GET IT NOW—and you
have lhe remedy that CUlUiS all
lameness In horses.
If your dealer doe- not handle
It, send 50c. to
National Dm*; Si Chemlcl Co, Limited,
Idlers have marched away from tho   '"",:''    ,,. ,,
......  _.,.._ ,., |   Mrs,  Walia'i-   Harker,   Sydenham
Women ol l.aia.n.
Women comprlso two-thirds of ths
population of I.HSS11, tho forbidden city
of Tibet, nml Ihey conduct practically
' | all the business of tho city.
Bereaved Retriever Mother Places Her
Head on a Railway Line.
v ■ Liumnla capable aaf premeditated and skilfully planned Buicidel
The question i.s raised by the
Strange death ol a doe at c'roftoii
Park Station,  England.     ^	
Hess, a large retriever  bitch,   waal	
on lied by Mr. Ilayward.  a  horticul-: The Reaerre l'loak.
turnl builder, whoBO house adjoins the A ciirlnus custom obtains In the
Btntlon \ short time ago .-he gave German navy ivlien the sailnrs, having
birth to a littor of five puppies, and 6erved their time, pass Into tho re*
four ol these were subsequently Ink* Mrvc. Tu(,y do„ thc "reserve (laak"-
..   I also used ou a similar occasion lu the
tdol market not even tlie runty old
innil eniilil toll yuu mistily articles nl'
I "liter and tin.
Hundreds of regiments, of battalions,
divisions, nro drawn up on tho
■ iiiies, walling for the day when they
iliull he feui nut liim battle, Atul
i llll ii kind of |irlile lhe rusty old inun
a,is. "Tbey are edifying Banners."
Thnt la Hie German way of putting
It.    What It means Is Hint each army
i .iisiiates n iintiic nr a campaign
lhc  war nt Troy,  the campaigns  of
Alexander, the exploits of Coeur de
I.imi, the war of thirty yours, the
slego of Orleans, the victories of Napoleon, the battles of 1870 and (tlio
ue i liked best) that desperate battle
lu which a tiny tin hero with gloaming teeth rough rode It up San Juan
I 111,    In n word, lhe edifying soldiers
leach history, geography, strategy.—
\ mice Thompson In Everybody's.
1 '"tit, nne .".nullj. tint,, writes:
"Dr. Chase's Syrup ol Linseed and
Turpentine hns proven n Iriond 'o
mo in time.- ef colds wilh my little
mes. I have Irli tl many others, Ind
hnvo fniiinl iiinn- jusi an good, My
little, boy, nhout n year old, had
pneumonia, nnd «a- lell with u misty
bronchia! cough, Inu Dr, Chase's
Syrup of l.iii.-i'eil and Turpentine la
helping Inin wonderfully, and 1 nm
nire it will cure him.
"We have nl-" used Dr. chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills with splendid results, and have neat faith in all nf
Dr, Chase's mediciics."
ll may not have occurred to you
thai iiniii bronchitis nml nBtluna arc
diseases ol the nerves ol the bronchial tubes and lungs, and tlmt this is
why severe attacks ol coughing   are
brought on whenever these nerveanrs
irritntcd hy changing temperature,
the breathing oi dust nr emotional
excite nt.
li is by ils remarkable lucilily fnr
soothing the nerves nud sheathing the
delicate, contiug thnl Dr. chase's
8) nip aaf Unseed nnd Turpentine has
pi ivon sn tliiiiiiuelily effective ns a
ii cure for bronchitis nnd asthma. Its
power in these diseases is unquos*
Ki'lici irom coughing comes almost
immediately and hy persistent use
etire is gradually nnd certainly
brought about.
When tho system Is greatly run
down it is advisable aUo to use Dr,
chase's Nerve Food in order to as-
si-i in restoring vigor to tho wasted
Dr. Clinso's Syrup ol Linseed and
Turpentine, "J.'i cents a bottle, family
size liii cents, at- nil dealers or Edmonson, Hales & Co., Toronto, The
portrait nnd signature of Dr. A. W,
Chase, the Inmous receipt book author, lite on every box.
army—and parade the streets wearing
"With llie loss of hor little ones tlio'
dog  Bcemcd  to  lose all  spirit,  nnd ,.,.,, ,, ,        , .   .,   .
would search- take anv fond," said   caI>s wl11' tMmm wllll'h rPn-cl1 to ,l10 j
Mr. Hay-word's foreman.   "She  waa   ground, other ribbons being nttaclied
let loose at midnight on Wednesday,  to the canes tliey carry.
ami shortly belore twu wo heard that 	
she had I"ni decapitated by the 1.23, Paramo?
down inun.
Whether the dog's act waa. delib*
In Paraguay there are more thnn
twice ns many women ns men.   This
►rn... Is a moot point   But on the I '™ f 9
tostinmnv .af a passenger ami a rail-. , ' "
way employe   lless deliberately put'1" " •""lm™1 r"v""ll""> and n war
her I ""I "li the line and waited Ior, with  Brazil  and  the  Argentine Uo* 	
' public the men were almost extcrml* , ll uncomfortable as well
Costly Ad-a
"I figure that ndi
.   ; 1"   ol   tllllllMlll I dolhii
i .   ■   lian  I    in  ifloi I
"V. hat are ; uu I ml:  You
don't  .; Ivorl
Mo, bul th" tl , '      ii        res do,
mil llty wife 1      lhe bargain hah I
I'     . lelphin I'ress
Tested by 1 hue In hi ■ |uslly-cele*
(■.ratal l'i1'■ Di I'nrinoieo has giveu
to i  me  il llu     isl unique
medieii        lered   to the   public in
! ite   ■ ■ ai      l'i ip i" i   "' in -a'   tho
'...•nt lor n |i       ' ii li    -iilil In' taken
iu :a, md thnl would purge
trill .a it pain, il I it  mel  ill req
fl    Is in thai   lii tclion, nnd il
gonei ■ I : thesi
fu lities, bul i■**■:,11 o it is known
i.i possess   ailt.'i iti ;      irntive
: iwers which  pi ico il  in th i front
rank ol modi
the it ming train."    Ut
.\ portor nn ai i-;. Fordor told how] noted.
he round the hotly.
' I -lei nol see the animal on the j
lill"." he said, "hut when the train
drew up 1 mis taOltj a dog Imd been
nm "i.a | [,,im,| t|,e head l.j loot
Irom lli" I""ly. cut off as if by an
axe    Tha- trunk was Intact
"I have had i" remove the bodies
of many dogs killed on the line, and
in every case they hav-' 1 n terribly
orushod and mutilated  In  trying to
run awny Irom the train
To have I n decapitated si ihis
Tha Varied Sorrows of the Critical
Man Who Dines Out
What chance has tlie diner out of
bolng completely happy'i The lucre
actions nf eating and drinking are neither pretty nor conducive to showing
people ut Ihelr Iiest It la really a
in.ist uncouth sight to see a mnn nr a
unman stoking food. The necessity
-1 heing polite nt the same time makes
No sooner
Six Thiol detectives were acquitted
a' manslaughter nt Hull. They were
iccused of firing on the Buckingham
When nil other corn preparations
tail, try Holloway'* Cnrti Cure. No
pain whatever and no inconvenience
in using it
Men haul   '     tpplicnnl   wl
golfed .'; n " ei ■ 11 .-in ad
„,"jt lor ;i business partner! Now,
let us gel to liu-iii"-- ail once. Tu
, i ii ith whal I ". ml to a I Ipe
in ihi* enterprise is a man ol brains,
applicant (witli alarming [rank*
n     -   i iii   you I. ""In'i h ii" loi I mo
Weak,  Tired  and   .Depressed   People
Ni'i'd a Tonic to Put thc
Blood Right.
Spring hi I is had lilini'l    Indoor
lile during ile' winter months is re-
sponsible. i"t ueal;, water)',   impure
hi I,   Vam need a tonie to build up
the hlood in spring jusi as much as
III" t -  need  HOW   slip t" give llli'ln
, .,      -i,i      •„,„» i vitality lor   ihe Bummer,     In   the
''""-'•M. ' ''V'""",'1 mulLi ? I','     Miring had   hi I   shows   Itself   in
berfectl)    IU, with Its head resting L^, U;|V_    h| H„m, „ ,„ ,. |lim.
"" th" molm [ties and eruptions,   tn others ii may
be through   occasional headaches, a
Escaped a Press Gang. variable appetite, porhaps twinges "I
In th,. evil days ol Un- pn-ss gang neuralgia or   rheumatism, ot a leu
ian haul- ol recruits wen- obtained  -oellng In the morning and a desire
Irom   Arbroath, whoro man)  hardy •» avoid exertion,   1- or theso spring
young lollows at that Uma followed a  ■'ll '■•- :' !- a tonie you need, and
Id i u van wave in tbe then  "■"   greatest   blood-making,   health.
numerous Dcet ol  Baltic schoi rs,  &   .   m ■   nm   w?.rid  ia,   '
One young man seemed to havo a ape- «»•■ '     illk   ■?"•■■•   Every  dose
cial attract ia an lor ihe myrmidons ol  '•''" "' ,!l,:l  ,».-, I"'h" "I'1' h«alth-|
giving  lihind.   winch   reaches every
have ynu got Into conversation wilh n
pleasant woman than the soup In your
! mustache slops all Inspiration, She
I despises you for your play with your
napkin, and your mustache Is out of
shape. And who cnu feel that the
evening Is going to lie what he lirtjH*il
when lu- realizes that his shirt front Is
smirched with sniue relic of the meal?
Indeed, dinner parties are really a
struggle between eating and talking, a
struggle which does not always end,
as do moat things, In Ihe survival of
Ih" fittest As one can't speak wlih
mie's mouth full ami lirst hunger must
lie appeased, conversation and eating
go on rather as n game, tho one peraon
Whipping Up some fnral while the other
Is speaking and then In his turn speaking III order In enable his partner to
get some nourishment  To talk or to
cul might 1»- a sensible question at the
beginning of dinner, but It Is not one
likely lo Ik' asked.   One Is seldom sun'
which is least worth sacrificing, the
ciol attrat	
tlie rulers ol the Quean's Nuvee. This
wa.- a strapping youth belonging ui
the low ii. descendants ol whom aro
still alive in the burg. Twice waa this
fond or the conversation. How ninch
itorvc and every organ in the body, simpler it would be If wo fed apart
bringing henltli, strength and energy  and Indulged  hi conversation after-
thnt; I co dd     i il Ior I
Klilni-v Search Unlit-.   Have ynu hack*
i-i..- P     ll-l   l l-l t    I   l|, ,vsi  '
eel hen it ivi   yon |i (In     lu
11 a V-ail    all/Mlii -.  I       Uil.i-
j"; ■   -    i, ■   i    in iln- rutin      Ull    Bil    aaf
iiii ...   Ili'I]   l'i III        l'.i|l.I,             S "I'll
I . ,    ■ .
hi    i ited    a .     ■;
!' hi llran
a t Wilson I   vli"
I  un   a
I Ih   a view  I
ill n]       i||        to hi
in iieiik, despondent, ailing men and  ward.  UacmUlan'a.
................ ... --.--  .-  ... 1 women.    Hero is proof,   Mrs. Geo, 	
gallant tar "pressed,   nnd tmee .li.l         .. „.
Mrwswsd "^-ak:^..^.--;;..!..-!.-,.; A_, &_\•&■--, car.
B5 bee   i-ldy taken, , < ,„. ^X'^'ZJ-I j-«» «"»f« l^JmZ W
oi by the I ,uths nl the law, he was j |n|   .    |l(j djtj       ,_,, A f|h,n    tanUng ,„, bundles of sbhigles that
boing rowed Irom the harbor to a I   |vjgC(    {Q |alp, ,„.    Williame' bad be,-,, lying In the rain for two
I.. . nt ."tiller which lay in Un    hi||.   |ljn_ ^  j(   .f   ..    ImposBl- days and nailing them on nne hy one
bay.  Thinking they were seoure ol  H   .      (   over-estimate thc u I  in a few days the shingling will i»
their prin   llie men ln ohargo ol the' ■        ! ~^—m
boat hai- apparently let their nils go  ,,„,•„„,,„.,„■ tllem ,„ n)iing fri(,m,s-
to sleep, : :. selling a lavraii-l"   ip-      |)t||  ]( ff(|n|  Mw    |M,,|||h
I . roung manaprMg over-1     ,    ,'(ho       *M ,„.  Wj|„n'm,.
:     | whei  nhout a hundred yards  |,|M|.
[rom llu    I oro, and swam to terra
(Innn, bnvinj reached which he made
a ila.-h fm  liberty. ^^^^^^     f        ^^^   _—_—_-.
'Iha-  c ti.,,'11  were not quite  seU ,- plllk pjj]8 „ro !0|,j ]iV .jn re. down, until tho cottago will resombli
aii lugitlte, and   ii a low ; |ii;,,,,,,,, , j,,.,„,. ,|„.,i,,   ,„   „ht Lv a trlszlod chicken   And there will be
i -■'"  alelj onsconccd bo-   nnj| .,, :ji ,,,,,, ,, ]<llS ,,,. Bj, boxes loaka and cursings ami lamontatlons
low an aui i wile's bed m a house in , ..,. V|1I|11,, ,,,„ ,,,  \v,uniIMH N(nv brethren, why not be sonslhlo In
Lodyloon  The old lady, cute w^ pro-, jicillclm  i      Brockvillo, Onl. these email mattera!  Painters are not
Deeded at all In u easo of this kind
II    So the;  gol married and wenl
I shall always|done.   Tlnn the pointer will como
along wlih his ladders nml bni8hes
and slalus. and SHOO will be spent by
the owner of the cottage to bave It
inc-fourth of Canada is occu*
iod, and only one-eighth is under
Toronto city council passed a resolution in favor of the city expropriating the Electrio Light company's
Liniment  Cures Garget   In
The Illustrated London N'ews snys
thai Canada's excellent Iiunl and enterprising amendments will doubtless
tend .-till lurther to diminish (ireat
Britain's agricultural population,
Company Lih.t»
,,,     ,'''",.' '  \'"'   Wj' ,l,li:l"'ll1;h,"  thnmugl.lv dabbed.   And iu a llttl
I red rn I "in i hi at   tuickvi c, ( nt.     .„    , ' ,,, „,,,„. „„,, nM ,i,
' | niii",    "ailleal pink pills are finud,,*  » |M", ""> B»n «'I nUin.. nnU nil
!:,,„ imitBllons   li-  genuine Dr. Wil*'shlneles will  buckle, snme up, sum
Steel Shingles
There's Truest Economy
^sin ehooilng^^
They last Indefinitely.
Are fire, lightning, rust and
Fit together perfectly by means
of their special patented side
lock, can't possibly work apart
And are mora quickly and
easily laid than any other shingle
on the market
Galvanized " l.nstlnkrs"
are heavily coated on BOTH tides
with all the galvanizing material
that will adhere to them.
Painted " Eutlakei" ar*
thoroughlycovered on both sides
with reliable paint
"Eastlakes"have been tested
by years of service in all climates,
everywhere giving thorough, luting satisfaction.
Writo and let us give you fur**
ther Information.
■i" ear.
tfet hei whilom refugee, ran to tin)
iu ". and, as the pre I
I  u "       |-.i. I   an   '    '
i ry, who they supi*   ■       I
: a | a   ■■■■'"   S
I - tVhtu bom
The  nn I   I'liaal  no
III ' fM      Suddm Di-Klhi On   Iho Ineremi.-Peo.
■   -   :   .....     ' m   rgl I'il    lllll   lea
, ....    '.., heels ■       ■   -a    *    . :    ,,
... ' iinii.lriil
a ommon, and lound     ■■
, ,i f.iniili-"i .'-'•( ... ,     i ,
. ], u| blown ovor h ncd   ila  Heart, i« niiliiu reac'i nf a"
: \rliri.:ith and ro-   |*]j
Tns lyss,
ll     thei --"    are ; ,     ,,.,   mmm
prism ' '             "      '   i": ":l   '" ""!l
t..r    ',:...,-   a   ' .    un.- - "ia;  ■ ■■ "i    ion I i        nlghl li i rn rellr
i, bin dally, and om day ; ing, for ihls bntli nol only
uil eiirei   i t
Keep  yout  shingles dry;  liny n feiv [ ji';
barrels ol stain; soak tbo shingles in   jjS'
tin' slain ainl throw litem on the grass
to dry; then null them to tho elnp*
boards. They will never buckle, ihey
will never leak, and you havo saved
I she   tu a ,-.|a i ji tmuggling In a Rio,
thiol   lhe bold young mnn   I
1    to ent away U
nf iha doi' ol the prison  then     - ■■
A Surprise In Biscuits
V—ty boi nf Moooty'i Perfertkn
Cmm Sodu you (,;-n— yw will
find I new delight io tlifM dainiy
When yoa w«nl to '".irpriic yoonell,
(Iv. yeur ippctiie i unit witk
| Perfectic
Mooney's    ■
Perfection Cream Sodas
Ihein, imi soothes ind nlluya sliuhl In
llnininatloii - un cold or from
_______________      strung nni'1 ■ -'ai::
nf llu  door ol llie pninn   uien sii.iki"* i
n  Hal!  nnd. l.i'litu;  eosthoeyi'   II
his lime. In- wa. soon at libortj   ind
tho I mot ol    orvlng on
l|   A   11
crooks; new cure
■Jrwill' Appllinei ' '. - > FOR
,  I '■'.
-bnlllUUI   apillaK,    aal    piSll
Ai.-.aiu.atlo   Air l ii.til ii.
'I in I J'.i.l lli.lirolian
ll ,-ll-Bf ll pu would
- limb- ISo ,.:..,.
'."    llll     p..,
..;. I'll bait I'a (al
-" "aU'    FHII.
« C. BROOKS. Wl l»«*i" Sid,
Pleasant Occupation.
iipatl if the wlie.'it termer
has much thnt appeal) t" thc man   '
lol nn-ly and  ledcntery   dl po
In '" . •' '■ "Ainter rariel oa
In* has nothing to dn from tha' time
he puts it in in tlui fall until Mi" lioxt
.luii", ulii'ii In, hiirvo-ala it, but simply
It trow and mature 11. con
rest aiml read at boni", go Redding
rernnn:' his Matim-a ot toast hi.- -Inns
Mure tic dm in the country store,
At any rale, it is hard to persuade
him ni th" amonities ol milking (mm
ten to twenty enwa, donning out the
Stables nnd nwillinr the pigs that are
aiften kepi nn the divernlii"! farm.
I .e.''-.t ln the World.
fltcat  liriliin  haa built a torpedo
beet lo lever which ll Uie (utost in
the world.   This dcsUnyer, The '!on*
"ark, waa launched at r.irkejihcad on '
Feb   IJ.    It will inakn 111 knots an
nir,  tho highest speed hitherto at .
' tmpti I ,'
BiamciO Debtor.
Iii Rl  fler he has put
ill payment f tr Hirou i Hk may be
impelled lo wo    out idodebt,
Forest Air.
There is ii general Impression thnl
Un- bumldltj of Hu- nir Is greater
thi' woods than In tl :   Holds
This is contradicted, however, by Ui •
result ni observations inudo In Her
many.    It  was found there thai  Iho
humidity, both relative ami absolute
wim Slightly greater In the open lhan
In the Woods, and Ihls was Im |linl
|y In llu ruing und In the after
noon.    As  In the temperature nf the
air among the trees, it wns a trifle
higher lhan In the open In lhe morning and lu a more marked degree In
(ho afternoon.
A Comparison.
ITiomn.s Sheridan, the father of Lady
DQfferln,  once dlapleimeil  his  fa:her
who, remonstrating with him, exclaimed, "Why, Tom, my father would never have permitted me to do such a
thlnef" "Sir," said his ami In a tone
of tlie greatest Indignation, "do you
presume to compare your father to my
! ii. li iv,' Interest In Inns.
"Pickwick" la Iho very Odyssey of
Inns nnd travel, for thc youthful Dickens had Inivcrseil Kngland as a reporter, and In "Pickwick" alone no
fewer than firtyflve Inna, taverns, etc.
In Iaiiiilnn and lhe -provinces nre mentioned ninl nflcn described at length. -
I/ondiiii t'hriinlrlc.
Thc Change Sh" Wantod.
Rtetla   l)o you athatoitc Changes In
spelling)   Ildla-Oell, Miss to Mrs.-
Tlt-lllts. —%»-
Instead of mushy, un*
i noli-id Porrldjs try
Slir.ihled Whole Wheat
Blieult, served steaming
hot. Mon isilly digested. Qlvei c n.itor i,our-
Ithment. Leu troubli to
BISCUIT for Rreakfa.it ami I ri .a nit for Luncheon ensures health aad comfort.
All Grocers—13c a carton, or 2 lor 25c. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
i> no question about that, but—
why go to all the trouble and
Inconvenience of looking him up,
»nd then of having hisprescription
filled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to fivo dollars
when a twonty-fivo centj
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly?
Why not do as hundreds of
i- thousands of Canadians havo
dono for tho paBt thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will euro you, nnd all
duiL-gialu hack up thin statement
witn a positive guarantee.
Tho next time you havo •
Cough or Cold cure it with
A  New  Danger
A Philadelphia physician warns tho
public iit'iiinsl Bitting with ono leg
crossed over the other.
"This apparently harmless habit,"
he suys, "is likely to etuise. sciatica
lameness, chronic numbness, ascend-
in" paralysis, crumps, varicose veins
and their evils, Including append!
oil is. The reason is simple. Tho
back of the kni", as well as the front
ol the elbow and wrist, the groin nnd
the armpit, contains nerves nnd
Iilnnil vessels which are less protected
than tlioso in other parts of the
body, The space behind the knee
contains two large nerves, a largo
artery nnd numerous veins and
glands. It is the pressure on theso
nerves nnd vessels which is npl to
give rise to tho various troubles
against which I give warning."
Ilnby's smile indicates thnt ho is
well nnil happy, it is only the sick
child who is cross and restless. And
the mother can depend upon it that
Minn her baby, ories he is not crying
simply   tn  be  Ugly—that  is  not  his
nature- he is crying because ho is in
pain most probably his little Btmn-
ncli is out of order, The mother will
Iind Baby's Own Tablets a never failing cure Inr iill the minor aliments
of little nncs. In the homes whero
the Tablets are used there are no
miss, crving babies — nothing hut
bright, nappy and playful babies—
tin' kind that are a Joy to lhe home,
Mrs. Joseph Legree, Caraquet, N. B..
says: "Al the time I sent for Baby's
Own Tablets my little one was weak
and failing. He'would cry night and
day, and I did not seem able to pet
anything to help him, After giving
hint ihe Tablets there was a great
change and he has since thrived finely." The Tablets aro sold by druggists or by mall at 2,1 cents n box
Irom The l>r. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brookville, Ont.
"Oll! I'm sn clad ynu called, Mr,
Gusclier," said Miss Kitniseh. "I've
jusi baked a cake fur Tommy's birth
day.   Won't yon have a piece ol it?'
"Er really," replied Mr, Gusclier
"I'm alraid Tommy might object."
"Naw!" grunted the younger bro
ther. "You ain't no friend of mine
"I don'l cure w'at happens to ver."-
Phlladolphla Press.
It Retains Old and Makes New
Friends, Time was when Or. Thom*
as' Eclectric Oil had but a small
field nl distribution, but now its territory is widespread. Those who first
recognised its curative qualities still
valuo it ns a specific, and while it
retains its old friends it is ever making new.   It is certain that wl ver
o."0 uses it will not bo without it.
A criminal whoso day nf exocutlon
litiil arrlvod was asked hy the jailer
il he hail any last fiivnr In request.
"I have, sn," sniil the condemned
ninii. "and it la a very slight favor
indeed "
"Will, if it i.. really a slight lavor
1 can grant it.   What is il-"
"I iviini n lew poaches to eat."
"Poaehosl"  exclaimed   the jailer;
"why, Ihey won't bo ripe lot several
months yet."
"Well, aid the condemned man,
"thai iloean'l mallei   I'll wait."
Mhiard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Dobbins I don'l know what'.- ihe
iiiiiiier iiiih my furnnco; it doesn't
heal ihe hnuso at nil."
Hi'iher  Does it ilrniv iill right!
Dobbins  I should say u does.   It
(llllll-   lllnillt   llilie-lelllll-   llf  IIIV      ll.liv
.-.ii     week. Boattlo    Poit-Intalll*
I"-  laa'-   I
not needed
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is not i
strong drink. As now made,
there is not a drop of alcohol
in it. It 1st non-alcoholic tonic
and (.Iterative. Ask your own
doctor about your taking this
medicine for thin, impure
blood. Follow his advice
every time.  He knows.
Wo publiih our fermulM
_    Wo btmlmh il«oh*»1
er_    from our midlalRM
Wo urfo rn |«
Oasiimiit f„_,
doe tor
Ask your doctor, "Whit Is the first great
rale ef health?" Nine doctors out of
ten will quickly reply, " Keep the bowels
regular.'' Then ask him another question, "Whit do you think of Ayer's
Pilli for constipation?"
—mas t>t it. -, o. a~ ota, uwn,»...
A Charlotte Bronte Poem That Has
dust Sim Light.
Tho London Times publishes a
Bronte poem in its issue of Jan. 4,
and says it wns received from a correspondent nt Hnivorth, to whoso mother it was given by Charlotte Bronte.
''Our corrospodont," says Tho Times,
"thinks the poem has never been
printed, nnd, ns far ns we hnve been
able to nscertnin, it doesn't appear
in any of the collected editions of
poems by the Brontes."
•Lines on the Celebrated Bewick.
Tho cloud ol recent  death  is past
.    away.
But yet a shadow lingers o'er his
To tell lhat the pale standard of decay
is roared triumphant o'er life's sullied bloom.
Hut now tho eye bedimmed by tenrs
may gn/.o
On file fair lines his gifted pencil
Tin: tongue iinfnll'ring speak its meed
of praise,
When we heboid those scenes to nature true-
True to tho common naturo that wo
In England'a sunny fields, her tills
and dales;
On the wild bosom ol her slorm-Jaik
Still heaving to the wind that c er
it wails.
How mnny winged inhabitants of air,
How mnny  plume-clad floaters (?)
of tho deep,
The mighty artist drew in forma as
As those that now the skieB md
waters sweep.
From tho grrat eagle with his lightning eye,
His tyrant glance, his talons dyed
in blood,
To the sweet breather-forth of melody,
The gentle  merry minstrel of tha
Each in his attitude of native gra-e
Looks  on  the gazer life-like,  fieo
nnd bold;
And if the rocks he his abiding place,
Fnr off appears the winged min adder's hold.
But if the little builder rears his rest
In the still shadow ol green, t'lin
quil trees,
And singing sweetly 'mid the silenco
Sits a meet emblem of untroubled
"A change comes o'er the spirit c,f
our dream."
Woods wave around in crested mn-
We almost feel the joyous sunshine's
And hear the breath of the sweet
south go by.
Our childhood's days return ngain in
We wnnder in a land of love and
And mingled memories, joy—and sorrow—fraught,
Gush on our hearts with overwhelming might.
Sweet flowers seem gleaming 'mid the
tangled grass,
Sparkling wilh spring drops Irom tho
rushing rill,
And ns these fleeting visions Indo and
Perchance  some furtive  tears  our
eyes may fill.
There rises some lone rock, all wet
with surgo
And dashing billows glimmering in
the light
Of n wan  moon whose   silent   rajs
From clouds Ihnt veil their lustre
cold and bright.
And there, 'mongst reeds upon a river's side,
A wild bird sits, and, brooding o'er
her nest,
Siill guards the pricoloss gems, her
joy and pride,
Now ripening 'ncatli her hope-enliven*
ed breast.
We turn the pnge before the expectant
A traveler stands lono on some desert heath;
The glorious sun is passing Irom the
While fall his larewcll rays on all
O'er the far hills a purple veil seems
Dim herald of the coming shades of
E'en nnw Diana's lamp nlofl is hung,
Drinking full radiance. Irom lhe lout
ol light,
N'nw we behold a marble Naiad placed
Beside a fountain nn her sculptured
Her bending form with simplest beauty griiceil,
Her white robes gathered in a snowy
She Irom a polished vnso pours forth
n stream
Of  sparkling  wntor to  tho   waves
Which roll in light and innsio, while
the gleam
01 sunshine flings through shade a
golden glow.
A hundred fairer scenes tlioso leaves
But thoro nre tongues that injure
whilo they prnise;
1 ennnnt speak the rapture that I leel
When on tbo work of such a mind
I gate,
Then farewell, Bewick, genius' favored
Death's sleep is on thee; all thy
woes are past;
From enrth departed, lifo and labor
Eternal peace and rest nre thine nt
Nov. 27, 1832. C. Bronte.
•Thomas Bewick wns one of the
'.-rentest of British wood engravers,
horn near Newcastle In 17d.l He died
In 1R28. The most notable of his engravings iii'liule tho Illustration! "I
Aesop's Fables and Goldsmith's "Do-
nurtcd Villuj|0." ..
Does fit
has tho soft^
;varm    feeP
the skin enjoys.'
Doesn't   itch.
Made for   men, worn en and   littlo   folks,
a   variety  of  styles,
abrics    and    prices,
li-orin every deiltrinPen-Angk
UndtiwMi" lo replace, it om coil, aii)
ginaeal dully ia ui.ucn.il r,t mikiaf
The F.'aste, Uosigner
April w:is chosen for the Easter
 iber c' the Easter Designer because costumes appropriate for Easter lire mure suitable for April than
for March. And the designs ol the
new spring dresses are very attract
ive. The grace and practicability nf
The Designer models nre winning
mnny new friends among well-
dressed women heen ise iif the ease
of making and correctness in the fit.
The fiction in the April 'number is
of more than ordinary interest. The
continued story begun in the .March
number, "Economy Farm," by Miles
Bradford, author of "Cnrlottn and
I," hns the second Instalment in the
April number. There is also an in-
itarostini article on "My Three Ens.'
ters in the Far Ensl," by Alexander
Hiinio Ford, a mnn who has covered
the world in travbl nnd hits had
luniiv interesting experiences. An
Easter play Ior little folks will prove
to be another possibility for home
entertainment. Ami besides these
there are many more articles of use
nnd interest among the regular departments of The Designer which
Designer renders know and look for
from month to month.
It   I«   One   of  llu-   l.ronle.t   Foei  lo
Physical  l(<-iiiil).
If I were asked what was tho greatest foo to heauly iu both mnu aud
women, I would say not errors lu diet,
not lack of exercise, not overwork, uot
corsets, not any one of theso, but hud
mental habits. If WO observe closely the
| faces of the people we meet at random
ou the street, ut the theiiler or In the
great shops, we will observe Hint nearly all of them are characterised by tho
lined mO"*th, the drawn brows and other facial disfigurements which accoin-
1 pony had mental states.
i Wlmt do 1 mean by bad mental
states?    1  mean  anger, fear,  worry,
1 anxiety, Irritability, regret, envy, jealousy, lack uf trust In oneself and In
tbo great good. All these are had mental states, and nil these destroy beauty uot only by Interfering with the
action of tbe vital organs, but by directly disfiguring the expression of the
Unless the beauty seeking young woman Is prepared to deliberately cultivate good nature, kindliness, calmness, cheerfulness even to hilarity, unless she Is prepared to deliberately
conquer nil tendencies to the bad mental states above mentioned, there will
be little or no results from her efforts
to deveop In herself Unit most divine
gift of beauty. —From "Health the
Bnsls of Womanly Beauty," by Dr. W.
K. C. Latson, In Outing Magazine.
A Refreshing Stimulant
Spring Blood Troubles
Humors and impurities in the
blood force tlieir way to the surface
iu tho springtime and cause eruptions
and unsiglitlv Bores, Nature bus provided a remedy in Bileans, which are
pleasant to take, not unpleasant In
operation, nnd are purely vegetable
in compoaltion, Women with skin
blotches and eruptions should prove
how speedily Bileans remove them.
One or two Bileans taken just belore retiring for the night-that is all I
Morning sickness, debility, Indigestion, biliousness, heartburn, headache
constipation, piles and female ailments nil disappear before a short
course of Bileans. All druggists and
.-lores at fiO cents n box, or frnin Bil-
eiin Co., Toronto, lor price. C boxes
sent for $2.50. Send lc. Stamp ler
free sample.
At school Wilhelm bad great 'Hfli-
cully with his nrilliiiietic problems,
and his teacher tried in vain to make
Imu understand. Finally, to bring
tin- matter home, he snid:
"If I shnuld go into your father s
shop nnd say 1 wanted two pounds
nf ment, and he only ''■ ' " pound
ami n half, what would lie do-"
The buy thought profoundly for n
moment and then said:
"He would make up the weight
with his thumb'"—Muskete,
ly  loial  applications,   ai  ttn-y   laanol
illOb    tbe     alaaa.I.lal     i'.-ltlllll     lit     lUl       Pir.
'bin lu only cue nay tu t'iir« Uuatnei".
aDd    (U.l    11     lay     a aall.llll, l,al    I , la.lal irl.
Diftfnili ll caused uv an intlamud cond*-
uuu of ibi uiucuui lining ol ibo Kustacb-
laa Tube. When Ibis lulio (s Inllamid
rou bavi a rumiiilng muud or inipiTicct
hemniil. aud "lien 11 11 entirely closed.
Dialuosi is tbe result, and unless um
IriUMiiniBtii'ii cun be taken oul and tlm
tubi mtored to ttt uormal condition,
hearlni will be destroyed lurever: mm
earn out of ten aro caused by ' u'urrti,
wbleh li iiaiihiiaj but an inllamcd condition ot tbe mucous nurrucOH.
Wi will site "it. Hundred Hollars lor
ray ca. of Holiness icauseil liy cmarrhi
Sat eaaaot be cured by llnil I Catarrb
(Jan.   s.nd lor circulars, free.
r. J. i ui '.i.i A i ii. 'lolido. it.
Slid by iiruri-i ts. Vic.
Taki  U.ll a  la-ally  I'llll lor cobltlca-
a Good SiiaKOlli.n I'or Girl, who Do
Offlce Work.
Instead of using typewriting paper
with a band of elastic for keeping the
sleeves protected when working In an
ofliee, how much heller lt would ho
to make use of the attractive handkerchiefs sold In the art departments of
the largo stores nt 10 cents apiece.
They lire made In a very few minutes
to fit the arm. Ouo handkerchief
makes a pair of sleeves. ,U Is host to
buy a handkerchief Intendea for ,i boy,
as the ladies' size Is loo small.
To make place the handkerchief upon
the table and cut off the two opposite
corners four inches from llie point.
Then take Ihe remaining part of the
handkerchief and fold it In two, ono
point on lop of tbe oilier, and cut
across the center. Kit (ho pieces to
tlie arm, the point helng placed over
tlio elbow nud the two edges pluneil
to lit the (inn nt the side Benin. When
tills Is neatly sewed the sleeve protector Is complete, with the exception
of the cuff, which Is made from the
corner already cut off and which Is
nently Joined to the edge of the cuff
nnd turned back on tlio arm. Eour of
these handkerchiefs would equip a
girl nicely for ollice work. Two should
lost clean for n week, so tlmt she
would always have two fresh ones for
the following week. These should bo
chosen, If possible, to match the gown.
-Washington Star.
Pure, unadulterated crcnin, sweet
and fresh, Is excellent fur softening
and smoothing roughened skin.
Bran or starch sewed Into bngs nnd
put In tlie In--ii water for n short while
before using It will render thc water
Drinking n glass of water In which a
tablespoonful of eornmeal has been allowed In souk for a few minutes regularly three limes a day will help to
dear the complexion.
When the hiiiuls ure dirty try adding
it little sugar to the soap with which
Ihey are washed. The sugar Increases
the lather aud nlsn lhe cleansing power of the soap and soon removes dirt
nnd stains.
A delightful complexion powder Is
made thus: Two ounces each of zinc
oxide  and  precipitated   chalk,  seven
ounces of rice powder, one ounce each
of talcum ninl orris root.   Tint with
carmine nmi porfume with oil uf rose.
In n rocenl action tlio plaintiff hnd
stated thai liis tim ial poaitlon wasl
always satisfactory; In ordss-oxnm*
Inntlon ho was asked II ho hnd ever
heen bankrupt, ,   ,
"No," was the answer,
The nexl question waa, ''Now, bo
careful; did y ivor stop payment!"
"Yes," was ihe reply,
"AhI" exclaimed tho i nsol, "I
thoughl wo shoiilil gol ni ll ui last,
When dial ihni happen!'
■■-(iei I had pan.I nil I owed," was
iho answer.
To Those ol Sedeii.'aiy Occupation.
Men who follow sodentnry   coupo
lions, whioh deprive tl i   ol Iresh
air lllld exorcise, lire mnre p   '" lo
disorders ol llio liver and kidneys
iiniii those wlm lend active, outd	
lives. The fm' r will liml in Parma*
ieo'a Vegetable Pills a re I atlvi
without question the most cl*
flcaoloua on Iho market. They nre
easily procurable,  easily taken,  eel
expeditiously, nnd they are surprisingly cheap considering their excellence.
llr.**.*. iiiiiI   Iw .
A gentlewoman never by any chance
leaves her style ol dressing open to tho
wonder how she managed to afford
It, Buys Elizabeth .Usiruthcr In the
Complete Bonuty Book, she leaves
that wondor te a class of women with
winiin sin- has liiiie iiiii i In common.
Ami a gontlowoman is never so silly
us to hope by her style of dressing tu
hollo her nge uny more lhan her In-
caiine.    There lire in.my  women now
called "fashionable" who dress them*
selves ni siviy us they would al twai*
ly live, Imt ihe) ure iiiit elegant woman, however much they may pay fur
their clothes "r for their iteam yachts,
a gentlewoman droasos girlishly in
her girlhood uml young matronly iu
her young in.'iii'"iiii i and keeps on
thus, woarlng Ihe liver; ol bor years
with a sweet dignity Hint makes the
foolish pretense ol Hie giiiinliiiothcr la
a lingerie hut almost hull-mi.*-.
"My son," said tho millionaire, "is
a prollflo inventor."
"Indeed!" rejoined the ono mnn
audience."   "What has happened:-"
"About 3,000 reasons wh- I should
givo him ini'iiey," replied the lather.
Minard's Linimeni Cures Colds, etc
In n hotel near the top ol tho Rlgl
tho following card I   posted
"Misters mnl vonorable voyagers J
are advertised thnt when tho sun
him rise a horn will bo blowed "
That announeomont sufficiently
prepares tho vii Itor lor tho lollowing
'iilry in lhc wini' list:
"In ihis htiiei tho wiin'* leave tho
traveller imiliing to hope lor,"—
Tomporanca Caterer.
ei" Hones nmi Training,
For the girl who Is to renuiln at
homo niial wishes to cum her own pin
money there Is no better wuy than to
tako the catering ml ler mother's
hands. OM young girl of seventeen
did this last summer Willi must aatls-
factory results.  Her mother gave her
ut He beginning ol ill week a car-
tain sum of moneyi tho amount she
knew from exporloncs io be sufficient
in cover tbo regular expenses of the
labia for the family, Whatever tbo
young daugbtor could save from this
amount was t" bo her commission. By
careful selection and payments of cash
fair moats, vogotabloi and fruits sho
nt.cil weekly fra.iii 11,00 te 13.00. By
this method she lean ind the value of
money; sho also laid Iho foundation for
a well conducted future homo of her
Own, when she will not hu classed with
(lis "UlCullUlcteUt ;n :„. i. i : a ■;■■' i.eia '
That Is   Perfeotly   Harmless   Because It tt
Free  From Adulteration.
A Perfect Luxury for Japan Tea Drinkers
Liad   Packeti   Only,   «0c, 60c, and    60c    Per    Lb.    At    All    Grocirs.
11 Hie
lllld   ia
A Precaution I'ntin.' Urar siirike.
hiiiiin  (discovering a  burglar     The nest and eggs of Pallas' gray
aol ol opening a bank boIo)     shrike (Loulus major) are said to be
111   Whal are ynu doing Ihere'-   still unkiiowii to scienco.
iall     |l"lil   make  SUcIl   ll    roil, _______
n   I Hani laa ace li in* ili'ii'i-ii n<,
:t!,i:,am"M|i;.|!!,.,l'M hta    Iho word'W or'Ite equivalent la
' sound exlata lu nil languages nud In
every one Is expressive of disgust. In
tho Icelandic the word "pful" means
tlnrinn Bridge, (Ml.. May 30, 'nil.
I   have  handled MINARD'S  I.IN'I-
IHNT during the pnsl  year.    Il  Is
lwnys the  lirst  Liniment asked  foi
lore, and unquestionably the best
idler nf all the different kinds ul
iuiiiient 1 handle
Klilei  McNiihii  I'm  not denying
lint the  Duke nf Argyle  is a great
nan uml n learned mnn, hut what I
lontend is this he's mil u popular
nun. He's imt a man that has many
Aiidra Fergusson—Wool, yo see,
he Duko is iu n vorrn doeflcult po*
'linn—his pride o' birth prevent!
iim assoclatln' with men o' his uin
ntolleck, an' his pride o' intelleok
invents him assoclatln' with men o'
ils aiu birth.—Weekly Telegraph.
A Vokr   llnil  1,(nl.-lU'iana,.
The University of Illinois has lately
added u number of relies to Its Abraham Lincoln collection. Among other
treasures In the university's possession
Is un o.t yoko mnde hy Lincoln nt New
Salem, 111., In 1S30, when ho was twenty-one years old. It remained there
until IM), Just after Lincoln's return
from his only term In congress. Then
Lincoln and his brotlior-ln-law, Clark
JI. Sinllh, visited New Salem together,
Whllo thero the two attended on auction sale of farm chattels, aiming which
wns the oi yoke. When the yoke was
offered for sale It waa treated aa a novelty liecauso made by a congressman.
Lincoln acknowledged having mad*
the yoke, and Mr. .Smith bid It off, saying "It was worth taking home ua a
souvenir became mnde by his brothel**
In-law and a member of congress."
Itch, Munge, Prnirli Scratches and
very lorirt ol contagious Itch on hu*
nan or animals cured in JO minutes
y Wol'"rd's Sanitary Lotion,
The British government's extension
pusial contract with the Canadian
I'acilie provides fnr u journey of 7(1*1
hours Irom Liverpool to Bong Kong
in summer.
The  Right Word
Editor   I notice that you sny that
the women at the ball tonight with
"elegantly gowned"   Do you  think
"elegantly   ['nulled."      Iln   yell   think
Reporter   Well,  vou  couldn't call
them dressed.- Somorvillo Journal,
I'd Ralher  Be Dend lllllll  suffer nenin
tin* tortures   nf Insomnia,   palpitation
nnil nervous twileliiiig nf my nniscli'. in-
iliU'l'il hy simple negli-rl nf n lillle in-
digestion." Thcs. nre ths forceful mul
warning words "f » lady who proolalmi
thnt her cure l.y Sn.uli American Nervine when everything else Imd failed
wns n modern miracle, a lew doses
Hives relief. 91
If ii cough   makes   your   nights
sleepless    lllld    Weill")",     it   ttill    WIIITV
ymi a good deal, iiiid witli' good
cause,   TO dispel the worry and give
yourself rest try Dickie's Anti-Consumptive Syrup. It exerts n soothing iiillueii ti the air passages and
allays tho irritation that leads to in*
Ilm ation.   It will subdue the most
stubborn cough nr cold, and even*
tually eradicate it Irom tho system
ns a trial ol it will provo to you.
After nil, the latin will always be
the fountain source of wealth,
Rhe.imallim   —   Wh.it'i     lhe     Cnuia I
Where", the Cure ?—Thi" nitlii' Irritating
cause ol tins mosl painful nf diieaaes
l-   pan..nn.ii*    un.-   anil    in   llu-    I.I,mil.
Sinitii American Hheamatli Oure aautra
lira -   till    III lal   Jlaii-illl       HHll-li.   |||  6   llolir.
md euros in l t" 3 di
1 hmi
Ai London yesterday the Thames
ruse lour leet.   The lee in UlO south
branch broke up und went nway.
There is fl jiitn ill the river lit Wmi-
aieiiund. sboul a mile above Boring*
bunk, but no serious damage la anticipated,
These two desirable juaUfliatlene,|   ,, .,,  -,   k,    (.     .
pleasant to the laate andiit Uie same uli;i, *  t|„. ,,, ,?M| prlce'you ,v„r
,„„,. effectual,  aro ta be   found in M ,„       ,    „   ,,., ,k,,,.'
^n, ,er Graves   Worm  l'..vle,initiator      ^^ ■■|-„,,|tv.|,|V,. Mt,tf
Children like it. ,ho, j( ou| ,„- .,:., „„ ■
Large herds "[ antelope are now
-■■en mi tho lu'-teiii prairies, Uie
protection given theso animals serving to multiply ihetr numbers.
Alberta Is short ol icl I tcacl t ri
Premier   Rutherford   says   Ihal   al
leiisi '.inn new i» i'- "ill be required f"t Albortn thin ■ eai
Minnrd's  Llnim.nl  Cures  Diit.mpir
Threi hundred "Salvation trmy
t , ■ ition, London, for Canada Ridoi Haggard,
dim addressed lhc n tholi departure, -niii lhat, nt nny rale, they
i...-i,. going le d land whon i ■
nun i-i rise who pul Iiii hack intu   IliS    '-'
-^   i   FIREPROOF  :*«£
WRITE FOR I'lll*. i -.
win m I P
LILY ro,
Send 10 Cents
V. ..!■*' .-J 1 im-*
t HlllLi&.ll'ibtieM.l
illJliilui, I Clinmol
■ t,| I ii :.•■•• lnn.f-
>*a   mil,   Indj-t'-"!
-i'M.rit    •!,(   •!,
A.'I'l, llaMhl, '•'•'
I'.n,    I    i ■ -i,   N "    '.
TMi  It*  collet.!" or
let Uini ni.tiifnilOuU
American Nur»«ry
•r Sort MuicIm dug to Cotdo,
1 I. ■ms  Of  I'hr uiiialltm
■111 hoe* ■   •       • '   -i   .  ... th.
Ifcti.ti... qu rn; ruutM i.e flnt t»ihlif
will* hot "»■•!, UM mhUi.f •■ krUklf
Johnsons ;
Iti »oi>i1t>r1u| powar to dntr*/ ptli fcti
e *   ■ It Ns i      . IIU
llf., U.i..  :     ■, .. nurh I IU -Jm ...
I. I. jiuinho* A rn, ;■ .■ ,  Vu,
•   t
Ou Mott MM to tlit Ufitf Lilt of
Curai Effected by Piychlne.
Thli young My, who Uvea In Brown*
Tillf, new Woodctock, Ont., tells Ur owo
lU.rjr- In i few rtfertiTt WOMI of hftW ihi
Obtattltd dHivertnro from lhe Urrlbl*
%'•-, of vcaknMi ind di^eue.
] htm w think Pi*chlrn» (or mr prwnt hetttlL
T "■ • d. I wu|jIQ| lutotuecllni I<x>ul4
[ - *. i ' i r istmI.' loron Uio floor,  t oould loI
i"   ■ ; -   *   I'i it.
II i trcnt (or •
drinlfudto IU
(OWU   ".''-fl   I
nno bick.   III
v i (ur i nil*
on i*o on my
*  a   Iwn irt
| • -• i  to lift II
t..     [-.'i *• f».*
1  W|T.   .   ,  I    'ill
tlm* 1   »■■* lo
(r 'in  tuvlUf ft
i. 1 '■ | -M
utt-v'r '- i -h
(rom utl|n« Mf
'iv-    n!|f|
ETf'n ;■*».'• 'liitll
I I  pi-K ir^4  fir-
'    -■ ■    »'. j i
-t.% ti   •   n:\ '*:
■■■ ' or -■■!
1 .■■**■ I mail nr
i   i- r nu III a e
j   - ■   '■' '       ■ n 4
I   | -   i   -    ' i-airi'd
■irlHTTOfMIIll'.   I-UlftaU Of I IllUft. }t\*, bollf*
•■■■-. it-.  lUUtW. nMU.a i ilrl   I n.i i"'l«r
fu.l ol ].(«, -m't (or « ilolfD rid* t ikiUBj'
»l*' *lltl ill ■-* ni. tad I
' in-k
H ■ 'i.ii '.■ - mr a -*    I Lim i."»f hid tM
■llfb. Of in ffin!n| im
(i* montbi i|0 11 otJ.-l u
. uot "ii * U (burrk
iiiiiiimi otuM to (Mr mr tft-irn ol tbo dUooMs
^ Brtwnirlllft, (*aX
Tonniandi of women ire mlnf P9Y»
CHINK, -*.•>• they know (rom expei^
leooe that In It they hire I life friend
ft.id deliverer. Piychlne li i wonderful
tonic, purlfriog the blood, drtTlnf oal
dlKaiM iirin'i, girei a rtTenotii ippetlt^
ildi di|eiUon end iMlmllitfon of food,
m! li i ; -p'-ts md ibeolute ran fof
dlioue of throit, cheit, lunn, itom^
Uld other orgini. It qaickly bulldi ny
the entlit eyiUm, miking ilck poopli
well m-1 w«k people itrong.
, (pROKOUttaO 51'KtUU),
lor tala it all lien, !■'. at Ue. and 11.00
■Mrbnttlt, or it 1-1 A. Rloa-n. I In,Imd,
Ubontor*/, lit King 81. Wot, Toroito.
Dr. li- ■ i Kldnir I'lllian a iur* and
Mi-manent njr** fcrltlirnmatim, Brt|lit'(
I 'la -i'«. Pain In tha Hack and all tormi
ol KMn.- Troabl*. Ho p« box, at all
With Ua for
R  K  Mnitlanil, ul tin' Northern
Iv lit)   :' i'ii:: ..    Statl S   tliilt    il
brancli  ol  the  business  will be
uil In I. ■ liortly,
The Western Corporation li ive
purchased   so;,r irst-i lass  In .ivy
draught horses. They came ffoni
. nl  fin
Oii Tuesday Chiel Joe Capilano
iv 1 Chiel *'!i irl'    I        t uilli will|
e hands with i    11      niiiiilier
I men  [rum  the  hi" n Ily  tribes,
- re unable  to meet  these
id   v     -   il      , ni'.ed
Londrii ''       i,   '''li' ■
et.   Will
Rolled Oat*
Hay and ITecd
All OU!M Rb
m~wm——m—i—r.——.i n~t:v
Brackman -Htr
Milling Co.
Harry Mil. hell, lo
Lonsdali Avi inn.-.
.1' ;   pui
a   -     ■ use,   01
ti   ii
1 ruin I
as li It lor ihe north
team launch, when   he
la   ill,,,il    laa|    t||l     il-.i-llll.
I i,ii) Amskold has purchased the
house and Int on Seventh stieet
nun Mr. lirahiu.
N i\ tl al : (ishin • son is
opi it numbers' ul local Nitnrods are
I. I'lll"'!,;     frOIll     the     ' lacks    Wltll
i'ill bi'ski'ts .inti empty stomachs.
in il Friday and hot cross buns,
Mr. Bourdon, Capilano, yesterday went down to tha" stream and
*,t\. a salmon. He reached down
.iini grabbed it by ilu: tail and
threw it out nn the bank. It weighed
lourtcen pounds.
Capi anil Mis. 0. A. Kent,
First Street, hnve gone to Cali-
(oruia, The captain is in poor
M ' " a Henry  l.arson  returned
" '     oris a day, where he has
.".en ;i.. illege, io spend
■I"    Easter   holidays   with   his
:..■    '       inks Portland,
is hete visitii     .   rids,
1 he mow i   verj  deep in the
mountains ;ti tlie Sipiumish    Old
i say that it will result in
that havi
ul   the   i'ilir i   "'.    R
C    ( . . Tl',,.-
--   , i lor the
ll     .a       i ■-
ol motor
ud - tlici i rait, an
acci i'i   ui It i'i
1... .i ivi rks -lie nt Liu -       ivharl
I  I  ..I        ■'.     |l  I     aa!      ",',.,ii,     1-
f      ivetni
pii   1
■ ■   trect car Iin      \t
\\ ■ -'■ in   * ation    mill
'.a       ih street,
S5il A IUT% ' l""!''!' :""
I     , ll,ickaS
HoCobleial  rn-Ju-l ■■ '> at harvest tune.
letiei *ii<- i                    ,               ,       ...         .   ,.
j..-. II                       ■          l'1 Han,
M ti ■ '!'   ■.■ iti t
tabllahc-l  ■.    ' I  in   lhe
Brill    Lolau,       i
Mi    H r M ]} V W ' lights at the
s    -..,-■ '.'.    llll   ■'. iv
ll,     llonoi    JlldgC
I i with :', new
road,   north  from  the
CAPITAL, $4,866,666. RESERVE, $2,141,333
llriul Office in Canada, Montreal.
II. Stikeman, General Manager; J. Ei.msly,Sttpt, o( Branches
lliain h. -; in British Coin mbi a—Ashcroft, Greenwood,
lleiiiiv, Kaslo, Rossland, Trail tSub Branch), Vancouver,
Victoria, Duncans, and Dawson. Y.T.
Savin.-s Department  Dopcsits received from $1.00 upwards
Interest at hlqhest current rales «nd compounded twice a yenr
Ollice, Cur.Lonsdale lie. nnd f splnnade, North Vancouver,ll. C.
Pine,   healthy Tomato  and
Cauliflowei Plants, gi
Sutton'". S" ed a hand
Ale and Stout
In iiniiir-.  Ken*, nnd 1 m
lhc Boiinl Knwinn tu., I lil.
UIRMMIS MD si 1,mill Ms.
V ', .. 1)1/VI r
P. 8.—II
< liao-il'
|HV  III" 1   im ■ «
itocli ' in 1.1: I-i,'". looks well since its
-.      . , . ,
le, t:"li
ini &ocui
1 Hat 'i, ui ■-1   ■
• . ■   !     pure]
\\   I
■   ■'    ■ propi rty,
1 ■
' it the  in w pipe
r ] in First street I
Sclli r contrai t.. to di liver 1 li-an -1 in (ivi
nu mils ,   .11 oui  uin-   hi',' k   Irom   1 ar  lim
uml  (,:• al   Uoilli ■ nd      I I 'ii I   (450
i.e.,. I    ri
Cor. Pender -'tl Seymour .Ms.,
Worth of North Vancouver
Property lor Clients.    *    -
Owners are requested to call at our office, or
mail a list with lull description and particulars
as to prices and terms.
We can guarantee sales if prices are right,
and we are given sole agency.
Give this your immediate attention if you
wish your property transformed to cash.
Comer Lonsilalf Ave. and Fifth St.
Sell Your Real Estate-Rent Your
House—Invest Your Money in
Mortgages at Good Interest.   .   .   .
To See,  if You  Wish   to Buy   in
Novth Vancouver	
Phone 6
rhompson Block,   -   -   NORTH VANCOUVI' R.
Men's $4 Shoes
Box Cal Bluchers, leather lined,
double sole $4.00
Volvour  Call  Bluchers,   leather
, double sole $4.00
, .i k Bluchei and Hals,
leather or t anvass lined; a
i.u , boot  $4.00
Sa. Us [oi Your
Spring Shoes
51(1 Haatinga Street W.
1)1,60 i'ini Hay
BFKUtl  IUths TO
KamIUKH  AS 11
lim.n.in ll".irutin
mat f,  » mi pi I**"*, Proprletora
ileiitml throughoiil uilli
lli'illn -lint    llllil    'iilil
water in even" room     I
Sf.co.nd Strkbti  ■   •
The bar is COnildorad to
Ireim Hne ns nny on llie
(Joant, itH Htork ic replete
i1      ^ /
■' 1 W  ~\ f°\ p /»*> 4 :« A /f$\<?e      ij*
I believe that North Vnncouvor Imx
an immense I'utur., ami thnt tliuru
will be more raonuy made in Iniul
icre than in any uthur scolion in
Iritish Columbiii. 1 have HHb
lim SALE iu nil I'M".- of Ibo
Townsito. If ymi have UHb 10
bill, eonie to mc 1 will lliul
ymi purchasers (juiukly,
161 Conluva Street, Vancouver, B. C.    ^
Rainier Beer *
Is 11 glorious beverage—quenching ami
satisfying. Remember there's no other
''just as goiul"—insist on getting Ltninier.
Vancouver, H. C.
We are now cutting Cordwood. Place your orders
with us for Cordwood.
British Columbia I •   tri r     .   C >.,l td.
Owing to change ol tin- (1 t-i\ iin
obtain 1
FlKSl   SlKI
Leaving Qncenslmrj  \vcmi
iii'.'l five mi
Leaving Keith Road and  I'orbi-s Avium .   m.,
7:1111,   11.   in.,   8:25,   and   25  iiiinulea   uasl   tin   In ur
until 11.25 p. 111.
* I.."
Cttfl,     Will     lllll     I  VI  ■       ,     '     "I
[KE|'   All boats -n   :.  1
■   ■■■■ --   • ■ )_y_*
1,1 nd
II 1
Sin r
Rati s im
1   ;     iii 18
, nd
l", irders
Ferry Service I very 11 cili Hour lo <inil Irom Ihis Hotel
to Vdiu otivcr. V. liirson, I'rop.
WWW-U*     KIVliJI^LCJ  rwcnty.f,vc pound box, »i.75,
J. A. McMillan, North Vancouver
Call in and aee whal yon can
get in your own town. You
will I"' surprised how mm li
parcel-carrying yuu can save,
AMtann *i'l"ll"; r. "UdI'll '""1 iti'.ITIl'l' " i..«T
ntitriilT ii.'-i't'iiln Hair "I'lni'ii flci* «Ii''tlii-r .11
,'. I.l'l ill ITI    ll-I'll'll'.    (..Il'llllltail-.l.
- -       „   cit mm ■ i'
1      ■   ',,„    a       ■  llmin :. -
,   llaiaal ...iiiilu'
Scientific mmni
|t ,„,|.     -I'H   ill.r'-.l'alWIall.t.      I      I
,.,11,1       • "I'L         la*. Ull
1 :,..|,,   a- ,,,|iiiillli|aai.,li-ailiT«.
"■ItiNN & Co.aB,Br—***»-Hc*v Ycrk
'   lli.in-l, Uilli'". 1* K HI.. V.'aiainlne '   tl    i


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