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// that which goes into peoples'
homes. To reach the people of
Ntrth   Vancouver  advertise in
Phone 80
I'K'TOlilA l()
-Mowy Lettt Amtrnbl,
Executed in a style that p/eattt
and at prices lhat are right aJ
ihoMw       The ExpreBs
Aldermen May, Irwin,Crickmay,
Wheeler, Smith and Braim were
present at the session of the city
council Monday evening. Mayor
Kealy occupied the chair.
Post Office Inspector Greenfield
wrote to the effect that the resolution ol the council with respect to
improved postal facilities lor the
city, had been forwarded to the
Postmaster General lor his consideration.    Filed.
Mayor Bethune of Vancouver
wrote inviting the mayor and
council to attend the inaugural
ceremonies in connection with the
Seymour creek water system, on
Wednesday. Accepted with thanks.
H. M. Promt wrote, requesting
that a two plank walk be laid to
his residence on 4th street. Board
of works to report.
J. R. J. Murray, secretary of the
civic special audit committee,wrote
to the effect that the communication
(rom Messrs. Kendall,Sewi 11 & Co
submitted a week ago, comprising
their rejoinder to the criticism oi
the city auditors, completed the
documentary portion of the special
audit. The letter requests that as
the two reports were given publication, that all reports, letters, balance sheets and other documents
connected with lhe special audit,
he given like publicity. Uu motion
ol Alderman May,seconded by Alderman Irwin, it was resolved that
the request be granted.
Alderman Smith,chairman of the
waterworks committee, submitted
in writing a protest against the j
dismissal ol waterworks Foreman
E. J. Peck,on the ground that Mr.
Peck it a faithlul and efficient ofu- j
cer,whose removal would prove an
injury to the interests involved. In
support ol his communication, AI
deunan Smith slated that no complaints had ever been received
irom any source whatever as to
the manner in which Mr. Pec',,
perlormed hit dutict. He was ;>
good worker and he (Aid. Smith 1
could not see why this action shouh
be taken. The man whom it wa*.
proposed to appoint as Mr. Peck's
successor had previously held the
position,but alter repeated failures
to prove himself capable to discharge his duties at all times, had
been displaced, and now it was
proposed to reinstate him when
the duties were much heavier than
The mayor called the attention
of Alderman Smith to tbe lact that
no successor to the position had
been actually appointed, and lhat
the matter ol Mr. Peck's dismissal
had been decided by a meeting of
the water*.oiks committee, and
could be reconsidered only upon
request ol a majority of that committee. Aldermen Wheeler and
Irwin intimated that as members
ol that committee they were not
favorable to a reconsideration. The
matter therefore dropped.
Councillor Thomas S. Nye.vice-
president, and Alexander Philip,
director, ol the Norlh Vancouver
Horticultural Society and Farmers'
Institute, waited upon the council
to request financial assistance in
tome form to arrange the deficit
which the board of directors has
lo lace with respect to the erection
ol the pavilion. Mr. Philip tub-
milted a statement showing that
the building with accestoriet had
cost $458971, of which amount
J3000 was provided by way of loan,
$791.00 had been raised by donation; there were $150 in subscriptions still unpaid, leaving a net
deficit of Jf.4H.-j7. He intimated
that should council choose to proffer their assistance hy way of loan
the board would be content, and
that should council be pleased to
appoint a committee to go into the
matter the board of directors
would gladly meet the committee,
and provide every item of informa-
tiou that might be required. Councillor Nye supported the statements of Mr. Philip and hoped lor
the co-operation ol the council in
placing the society on a solid
financial basis. A committee comprising Aldermen Irwin, Crickmay
and Wheeler, was appointed to
1 ond 1 with the board of directors.
Profiles of grades on 15th, Hth,
lfith and 3rd streets were submitted
and laid over for one week.
On motion, J. J. Woods wai appointed  acting city clerk during
the absence of City Clerk Shepherd
on holiday.
The streets regulations bylaw
was further considered and refer
red back to the committee for
Bylaw number 45, thc mayor
and alderman's indemnity bylaw,
was given its first, second and
third readings. The Inlaw provides for a salary of Jtooo per
annum for the 111*1 vm, and JJ50 for
each of the aldermen.
lhe agieeimnt with Messrs.
Askew, Kenneth and MacLennan
as ti the completion of 3rd street
at the intersection ol the cross
stret ta was ratified.
Ma\or Kealy reported the sale
of au additional Ji2.000 ciiy debentures at 89 cents.
The installation of six additional
arc lights was authorized. The
location of the respective lights
will lie as lollows: Comer ol Ks*
plauadv and Sl. George's avenue,
corner ol 5th street and Mahon
avenue, comer ol 5th street and
St. Andrew's avenue, corner ol
Keilh road and St. Andrew's ave..
corner ol 10th street and Ridge
way avenue, aud comer of nth
slreet and St. Andrew's avenue.
K. L. Horden—"Might 1 ask the
Hon. Minister whether his policy
isnotfora white British Columbia."
Mr. Leniieux—"No sir." (Hansard lyoH, page 2145.)
In the same discussion upon
Japanese immigration, Mr. Fisher,
minister of agriculture, said:
"Many of them may come in. I
am not so much afraid as some
people that many ol them wi'l
come in. There was an allusion
made this afternoon to a proposal
to take 10,000 acres of land in the
North West and cultivate it as a
Japanese farm. 1 do not know
that there will be any great injury
to the people ol Canada to take
10,000 acres of the North West,
which is not highly cultivated and
which is not highly productive,and
place it under Japanese methods
oi cultivating. 1 do not know
(hat it would hurt, and 1 have confidence that if a few thousands, or
a few tens of thousands, or, I do
not hesitate to say,a few hundreds
of thousands of Japanese came
into Canada, the present Canadian
people will still rule this 'and. For
these iiasons 1 am not so very
niinii afraid of Japanese immigration "   (Hansard 1908, p. na.)'
Contributors lo the musical part
ol programme were Major Brown,
Chas. Hooley, C.E.Sniitheringalc,
and R. H Tarn, the accompaniments being played by F. Unde-
wootl. A couple ol clever sketches
accident. As it was, Reeve May
received an ugly gash in the forehead and a severe blow in the side
Irom the horses' heels. He was
rendered unconscious for a time,
but speedily recovered and was
given medical attention as soon as
possible. He is feeling Dadlv
shaken up, but his hosts of friends
will be delighted to learn that lie
will be about again in his usual
health in a few dayt.
Hockey Match
By the 1.15 ferry on Saturday
next, October 17th, a North
Vancouver hockey team ol ladies
and gentlemen cross the Inlet to
give battle to Ihe Vancouver team.
The match is to be played at
Brockton Point, with the bully off
at i p.m. The match agreement
calls for 5 ladies and 6 gentlemen
a side, but so farS. Humphreys,
who is gathering together the local
team, has only been able to secure
lhe services of 4 fair exponents of
the game. Should there be any
lady in North Vancouver, young,
old or middle-aged, who has previously played thit game, and if
she will communicate with the
aforementioned gentleman at the
city hall, not later than 10 a.m. on
Saturday morning, a place on the
team will be lound for her. The
line up as at present constituted,
is   as   follows:  Goal, Miss Deane
The new residence which Jack
Loutet is having built on 16th
street east, will be completed in
about iwo weeks.
Joseph Martin, the Exrliisinnist
candidate, is billed tii speak in
Lynn Valley tonight, and in North
Vancouver on the 21st.
Kingsley.thi* Socialist candidate
in this constituency, held a meet
ing in Larson's pavilion last night
It was fairly well attended.
J.C. Williams returned this week
from a hunting trip in the Upper
Squamish. He secured two bear
skins as a reward for his labors.
To Rent.—On Second street
a six roomed bouse, with bath,
toilet,electric light; chicken house
150 foot lot; niie garden. Elder
Murray Co.
Mrs. Dr. Verner will receive for
the first time this autumn, on
Wednesday, the 28th inst., and on
every fourth Wednesday thereafter
throughout the season.
A party of young people had a
most enjoyable evening at the residence of Alderman and Mrs. F.
Wheeler,   on   Wednesday.    The
Logging' Scene Near  North   Vancouver
Conservative Rally
Tuesday evening, the Conservatives held a most successlul rally
in the Eagles' hall. The affair
took the natuie uf an informal concert, the various musical selections
being interspersed by short, interesting addresses by a number of
local speakers.
A. R. Steacy, chairman ol the
assot latum, opened the proceed*
ingi,givnig place later on to Major
Brown. The speakers were Mayor
Kealy, J. M. Duval, Colin F.Jack-
ton, Geo. A. McBain, S. McDowell,
and S D. Schultz.
The remarks of the various
speakers were well received, but
those ol Mr. Schultz created a distinct sentation. He dealt with the
position ol both Liberals and Conservatives on the Asiatic question,
and held that the Conservatives
were (or a white Canada, While
their opponents wete nol. ln support ol his statement he read from
"Hansard" extracts ol utterances
math' in tin* house of commons
earlier in the year, as (ollows:
Mr. Ltiiiii'iix: "The policy expressed by (lie le,uler of tin* nppo
sition during his campaign in
Western Canada lasl autumn was
a policy of complete exclusion.
He argued bflfort British Columbians lhat if be were in power he
would have a white liriiish Colum
hia, which l undcistnod to mean
the exclusion ol Oriental labor,and
which applied to the case in band,
means the exclusion oi the Jap
uere also given by W. J. Waters.
Close to ioo men were present at
lhe affair, which was thoroughly
enjoyed by all, the proceedings
being maikt-d by much enthusiasm.
The arrangements for the rally
were in the hands ol Percy King,
the efficient secretary of the Conservative association.
So successlul was the eflort ol
Tuesday night, that it is to bc duplicated next Wednesday evening.
The affair will bc held in the
committee rooms, Esplanade, and
a first-class programme is being
arranged therefor. Proceedings
will commence at » o'clock.
Accident to Reeve May
Reeve W. H. May was the unfortunate victim of a painful accident during the return ol the
"Iln ial party Irom the Seymour
water works inaugural, on Wed-
in sday. Ile with other members
ol the party who occupied the
same vehicle, were first in tin lun
on the return trip. Thc driver
mistook the road and made a
wrong turn ami was told of bis
error by Reeve May. Being ultimately lonvintcil that he was on
the wrong road, the driver essayed
to turn anil in doing so managed
to upset the ng. Keeve May hap-
pa in tl to bfl on the under side as
tin vehii le lun ed over, ami bfl
w.is thrown out toward the horses,
which were in au excited condition.
In tailing he managed to throw
himsell pain illy clear, and this is
probably  what  averted a serious
Pitt; backs, Jack Loutet, ll. Mcl'herson; halt-backs, Missdi.nl
well, Mayor Kealy, Alderman
Crickmay; iorwards, Miss B. Cameron, Miss W. A.Laing, J.Loutet,
S. Humphreys, H. Cameron.
Wallace Shipyards
The new ways at the Wallace
shipyards are getting toward completion. The engine and machinery arrived this week and will be
set up at once. The engine is a
powerful piece of machinery, ol
which the drive wheel measures
nine feet in diameter and is very
heavy. Thc haul up chain is MM
"I i'.* inch iron and weighs 15
tons. Thc ways are 631 feet in
length and are made in three sections. The piles are all driven and
-awed off to proper level. As rapidly as the track is laid ou the
respective sections of the ways,
they will be limited out antl sunk
to place. When completed, tin
ways will .111111nnnnl.it' veslels up
to 1800 tons, which is sufficiently
large lor the coasting fleet out ol
Vancouver. It is expected that
un* entire wotk will be in readiness
for operation by the close of the
year. The bulk ol the business
will then be done in thc local
yards, althuiigh tlu* work ou the
smaller craft may stiil be done at
the old yards in Vancouver for a
City Engineer Loutet is in Victoria on a two weeks' holiday.
occasion was in the nature nl a
surprise party of a birthday celebration.
Roy Stoney has returned from
Kitiinat, where he has been working
on the Methodist mission school.
Postmaster J. A. McMillan has
added twenty-four new lock boxes
to the post office equipment, and
is now ready to supply applicants.
Thomas Shepherd, city clerk, is
enjoying a well earned holiday of
two weeks, which he will spend
chiefly al Capilano Hotel,theguest
of mine host, Dickson Kells.
John McEwcn, the well-known
local building contractor and house
mover, is clearing his property on
Nye street, preparatory to thc
erection of a residence tor personal
The Oddfellows held tlieir regular weekly meeting last evening,
when sa ii ral candidates were given
their Inl degree. A number of
applications for membership were
received and accepted.
The Conservative rally antl concert, annoiiiKcd in the advertising
columns of Tin   ElPatll for next
Tin sday evening, will be held on
Wednesday evening instead. All
interested will lake notice.
The steam barge Forager was in
port this week with a full load of
bay ami oats for the Brackman-
Ker Milling Co. The stock was
greatly needed, as it was hall sold
from the steamer's decks.
The road through diitrict lot 37a
is now being constructed by the
provincial government. Objection
Is made to the fact that camp tup-
plies, etc., are being brought over
from the other side of the Inlet.
Wanted to Exchangs.—J1275
equity in house and lot, put cast
of Westminster avenue, on Harris
street, for North Vancouver acreage, or vacant lots. Full particulars of Frederic Olson, 2 Powell
On* Sunday morning, in the
Methodist church, Rev. 1*. H.
Balderston will preach on "The
church, the individual and the
city," The subject for the evening
is "The value which Christ sets
upon a man." The roll of members will be read at the morning
service. Rev. A. M. Sanford,
B.A., B.D., and Rev. Robert
Mil liken, B.D., have been secured
for the anniversary services on the
first Sunday in November.
Albert Edward Alexander, ol
Mount Pleasant, and Catherine
Merrill, daughter ol P. L. and
Mrs. Potter, were united in the
bonds of holy matrimony, at Ihe
residence of the bride's parents,
949 9th avenue east, Vancouver.
Rev. J. P. Westman, paator ol
Mount Pleasant Methodist church
officiated. After the ceremony a
reception was held,a large number
ol invited guests being preient.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander will make
their permanent home in North
North Vancouver was represented at the inaugural ceremonies ol
the Vancouver-Seymour creek water system, on Wednesday, b?
Mayor Kealy, Reeve Mny, Aldermen Wheeler and Braim, and
Councillors McNaught and Nye.
The program was --hortened materially, owing to the (act that the
heavy travel along the road delayed
(he arrival ol (he party at the I,i-
take. Mayor Kealy and Reeve
Mai were among the speakt rs.each
confining themselves to a lew well
chosen remarks.
The six-year-old son of W. H.
I'.n Lin, met uilli an unfortunate
accident on Tuesday. The littla
lelhiw was playing In the basement
ol the liiuise, when b\ some means
the basement window became dii-
lodged and lell inward, striking
liim upon tbe head. The broken
glass made a straight incision from
a point within an inch nl the lore-
head, along the tup of the head
past tbe crown. Medical aid was
speedily summoned and the wound
properly dressed. The lad it progressing satisfactorily toward recovery.
Old Etonians and their Iriends
will be interested in the account
of services held at the church ol
St. Mary-at-Eton, Hackney Wick,
London, England, (a church built
and maintained hy old Etonians)
onSunday,September20th. Bishop
Carter ol Pretoria (a former minister at the mission) preached
throughout the day by way of (are-
well, on his departure to return to
his diocese. Twelve new members
were admitted to the C.E.M.S.; a
handsome new missal for the altar
given by the Guild of St. Nicholas
was dedicated, and a magnificent
stained glass window (the gift ol
an old Etonian) was likewise un
veiled and dedicated. Rev. R.W.
Bereslord Peirse is vicar of the
The Canadian ensign floats joyously (rom thc flag pole at the city
hall today in celebration of the
sale ol the last of thc bonds which
the city had on the market. The
total sale is J9o,ooo, distributed aa
(ollows: Statutory bonds JjM,oon,
water works bonds J35,ooo, and
special loan bonds, J17.000. lt it
understood that the price obtained
is 89 cents, which cannot but be
considered sntislac'ory. This sale
will at once relieve the city of a
troublesome financial situation, by
paving thc balance ol the indebtedness to the districi, and also the
several items included in the J17,-
000 bylaw. It will likewise provide funds for thc extension of thc
waterworks system, and will altogether strengthen the city's credit,
and place the corporation in first
rate financial poiition, TIIE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
North Van. ocvrr. I!. C.
C K. SaiTHiaiNUAL*:, ti. II. Minim's,
Mflaaaati    Bail mm Iff
li.ui.Mir Si'iisciiiitidn:
(hie year *        *        I1*'*
Sii lilnlltllB    - • ag
Three months     • • ■""
I'tnied State, and Koreign,|l.60 per year
.yi rents per Huh each insertion.
I.om.i Nnruk», Etc—|1.(H) per int'h per
l.AS'ii ASi'TiMiir.a Nutickm—30tluys, |5;
00 'Iiiy.. *7.50.
I..-tan AnvxiiTistsii—Flffll  iiinerlinii, 10
cenl. |..*r Intel eaeh MflNqflflll "imt*
Unit, it p*f line*
KiAiiiM. Koraai is I'K'M* Bflwi Oot*
Iflfll   IQflflfltl |ii*rline,''ai'li iinerlinii.
OoaiaUCT   AnvKRTisKUKVTii—Rule!   ar-
ranife'l according to ipflflt tflkflfli
iini.t In* in Iln- hands nf ll.e I'riiiier In
in the next Itflflfl.
North VAiicouvaa, Oct, i6, 190I
The construction of the Second
Narrows bridge is a matter of such
supreme moment to North Van
couver city and district, as well as
to the entire population adjacent
to Burrard Inlet, that public interests demand the early elimination
ol everv element of weakness from
the situation, and the strengthening ol the position of the promoting municipalities by every possible
The granting of a subsidy by the
dominion government has removed
a formidable obstacle from the
path, and has brought the realization ol the bridge scheme perceptibly nearer. Ibis subsidy has relieved the situation, not only by
providing ready money, without
which the project could not In-
carried to completion, but It has
likewise opened the way lor the
provincial government to make a
grant for thc adding of traffic features to the structure, without
which its usefulness would bfl
marred to an extent to which no
one who is seized nl the situation
cares to contemplate The do
minion government declined lo
assist the Fraser river bridge, it is
understood,as a traffic bridge,alter
a provincial subsidy had been
granted, on thc ground that it had
no power to grant subsidies for
public highways. The order is
reversed,however.as to thc Second
Narrows bridge, so that the dominion government, having voted
a subsidy for a railway bridge,there
is no reason why the provincial
government should not vote a subsidy for adding a traffic bridge to
the same structure. Hence two
formidable difficulties have been
Il is now generally conceded
that the time bas arrived when the
entire strength ol those constituencies favorable to the project must
be concentrated upon the one purpose, ol securing favorable action
upon the part of the provincial
government in the mailer of an
adequate subsidy for the Iralln
features of the brnlgt Once this
end is attained, there tan be no
reasonable doubt that Ihe bridge
Will speedily be built.
The North Vancouver board ol
trade has proven itself fully alive
to the present situation, inasmin li
as, at the annual meeting held last
week, a definite plan ol campaign
was decided upon, antl provision
made lor setting into operation at
once a movement, whose ultimate
result it is confidently anticipated
will achieve favorable and satisfactory action upon the part of the
provincial government.
It il most unfortunate, however,
that just at this (nocture an element
ol uncertainty should have made
itself felt, as to the attitude of the
member at Victoria for this constituency, upon this quflttion ill
vital importance to the elflCtOfl
whom he represents
muni   hini*^ vince in the remark*
made by a correspondent   writing
in Thi Email ol October 2nd,as
follows: "If our repKMDtatiVe in
the provincial legislature, who has
also a seat in thfl cabinet, is not in
favor ol a provincial snliMih toward   this bridg'. wfl are entitled
to   know   it,   because, if so, be is
undoubtedly out ol lympathy with
the whole body of his constituent!
on this qui Ition, If he is in favor
of it, he ihould tain the radical
opporlunitv of giving us an auur-
ance of bis active support." Tin st
words are ttraighilorward at ', unequivocal, ami are deierving thfl
a lurteij "I., naponu. Iha' they
are further tba WOI ll ol 011 who
is, 111 this partii ulai.n pi tentative
ol a ver\ large bod) ol elector*, is
apparent Irom tin* (ai t, ihat,ai hi
meeting of the board of trade to
which relerence is made abovi,the
doubtful    altitude of   the Rlflmbfll
(or this conitituflncy upon thn
nutation  was commented  upon,
(notably by Mayor Kealy) an I ii
was explicitly decided that tht
monster petition to bfl prepared,
be handed to the nieinhei loi thii
constituency, that bfl may be able
to realize what is the wish of his
constituents in this importanl matter. In the adoption ol this 11 all
ment by thfl board of trade and ils
embodiment in thfl pi in of laon-
paign arranged for, the queition is
mtion is sm la, 1.ni ,,,, milt nh 0 is an) mi t time and energy, and 11
open to every citiien who lakes 1 iinstitution winch requires, which
live interest in mitten of public deserves, aad which ihould be ac*
ni int..nul whowisheitobfl< 1 nn
actively   identified with thi devel
'ipment   aiiil   progn Rl nl .* If ..it ■ in
his own community,     lhe board
is a constitutional   medium  by
means of which the popular sentiment of the most progreiflivfl anil
energetic element ul the citizenship
can inui direct and independent
axpreiiion, ittended by a weight
of influence iuch as will render it
effective with the ''powen lh il
ne." A board ol trada letter, 01 .<
board oi tridi petition, or c board
of trade deputation, 1 arm | willi il
,' 1 unmiatalteable ami 11 y iful in
fluence which is all us own and
which ci nm .mis reapet ilul alien
lu the niiii,uu 1 *• ol a board ol
ii nh* ■ vam 1 is heard to which
governor!, legitlatort, magiati iti 1
and all who hold poiitioni "I
authority or of ioflui aca an* at all
tin:, I pleased ti give p.ilieiit anil
attentive healing. In tin* boar ' ol
tradi ulea th« virile 11 iaenahip "I
any community haa placfld wilbin
its hands a mighty leverage, which
cm lift tremendous bttrdeui, a I tv
thai till s..ive weighty problami, a
dynamo Ihal will set in operati m
the  pondi roui mn hinery ol gov-
eminent ,ni ! cliali of those wl 0
se'   themielvei  n solutely lowird
given  official status, ami become! uiiki ig the most ol the idvaatagi s
a well-defined issue in the thinking j which the idea placet withia theii
of   the electorate as sm h, ami one I   raflf
corded tht1 identification thaf|witi
of every citizen who hai the be
intertill ol the 1 ommunityal bean
and   who   is   willing to invest lli
quota "I  brain ami In au n to swel
the grand aggregate of attainment
which   shall mark the pri md position   which Nm ih Vancouvei citv
ami  distiii t is om* dai dtllini >! I"
ni 1 upy,
A Iteady pull, a ■ trong pull and
a i'uii togethei will cauac ilns
young ' ii\ to lorge to the Iron! al
am iitoniihing pai t, and lhe bond
a; tn li "li ri llu net ded oppot*
tunil) loi il e In aion ni divi ri ifii tl
inti retti into ■ solidarity, in the
s\ innn tm al promotion <>! wlm h,
lii ■ the highfl»i wi liar* "I thfl
N.V. f ISH Co.
Cor. Lnnadaleand 8th St.
I VANI <J. IVItC, Props.
All Kind- "i l'lt'sh Pith deliver-
a I il uii' Smoked Fish i sjn t ialty,
Alto Butti i. Eggt, ind Vegetables.
(Inr aim i« la, pleflaM "iir Dflat***U**n M
1" »"" I. and priee-.     Let us have v nur
"aa, *   ► .
which, if allowed to proceed, mav
set in operation forces that will
involve more or less with spread
disturbance of the prevailing politi
cal order.
The fact has been ilailv demonstrated to the provincial government, that the electoral ridings
comprised in the cities of Vancouver and North Vancouver and thc
municipalities of North Vancouver,
South Vancouver ami Hiirnahy.ue
all heartily iu favor of a subsidy
for  this bridge.     The gradual de-
**•„' h being the caie.it ii at ono
evi leal thai tbe bo»rd ol trade
ihould  receive univeraal aupporl
i illegiince, wherever a chart r' /* (in J rAftorS
is  offend  fan  lubflcriben     Its
standard  ihould  ba the rallying
ground  for tl  best ateincntii il ■
most forceful spirits, tbe public-
spiritetl ciii'.e of ihi ommunit'.
The scope i.i operationa whii h
falls to Ihis institution is so broad.
, o inter* ris which constitute ill
rightful icritagfl are so broad in
their r mge and diver' ified in tin ir
velopoenl of tbe project haa u rv«d character that then* ia  npl« opp i
to bring the provincial government' (unit)    tm   tin* profitable i mploy-
more   an'      ore   clearly into the  menl t f large niiinbeisul :,n ml* is,
limeligln,   until   the   lull force of t riptfld ■ iting I very class ol it iin n-
public   sentiment is now [ocUlted  ship, in il I opi nitions
on thc legislative halls at Victoria
\ aui-i'i' glamiovi:ilu n .nt
tivi  maun-  wiib  which   North
Vancouvei   board   of   trade    was
The provincial govt rnimnt has
now an opportunity such as will
never be excelled, to invest the more or less closely con 11 I
people's money in a public work'during the past year will clearly
of the most permanent order, a ettabliah (he (act, thai the a ik
work thai will constitulea valuable I tiiai Iial " tin door ol tin * loca
provincial asset, and a work, the board prr-KUta a sphere ol useful*
wisdom of performing which, will
become increasingly eni|)hasi/ul
as the years pass by. It is not
conceivable that the movement
now being set in operation can
meet with any other than a (avoi
able   termination.     The merit of
m i  whii!'   ii '•"* Uly worthy
the active co* iptralioo ol the entire
uti. 'I'ship. The agenil.i (or die
im i edifltfl luture contains in msof
eijua,' g•. 'I I ot of i vt n gn aler
moment, iuch aa, the Second \.n-
.  iiinlgi .the Capilano lerry,thfl
the proposition it such, and thfl protection of tb* public rigbt-ofr
present  position of the project biway to the wateriol Burrard Inlet,
such, as to offer an opportunity of lh
so desirable a nature,lhat it shtnild
command the unanimous assent of
thc cabinet. The deputation which
conveys the petition dl I uled upon,
will doubtless approach the gin
eminent through the m< iiibcr lor
this conititueacy with these anli
Public thinking has long passed
the   last   milestone of doubt 11 10
ilu* adviaabilil)  of  building the
Sei ond Narrows bridge      Iti COO-
struction  is coaaidfltfld u intvii
able as was tli.it of LoadOB Urulgi
itself. The pnibleni has now nar-
iowi tl itself ilown to securing lhe
bridge al tin earliest possible date,
ami to secunng a budge such as
will prove adequate to the heavy j '
requirements whuh are certain to
be levied ipofl a great artery of
travel antl of traffic, such as a
bridge in this location must ol
necessity become.
9|H .ling   up   of   the I.ila.ml
ii iii to thfl bead irati raol Scvmour
Cteek,   the iiiipioveiiient of postal
ll s   ll    the   i Ity, i'Ii  . while
w iimi thfl pcrtpi' liwol lh b lard
ai. nl ihoflfl matter*, ol ". al i.io
uie ll    whu li   musl   Inun   I        in
tin * in ike ile ii appi arani i
U|      aU    I,    Illg    I   I      I    a-l*   ||    |   OOJmi   I'll,
1 pplog    in,mul.i luring, ami hi
•It, ':,il centra, who ■ icdiati
in on tn ms with i luili'iis an iltfa
in timber,tninei ds and agrii ultural
ri   uin.
lire   is   a   plOflpflCl tu s'ir any
n au' ''   .. a purpoaa tat la
,in, nan' ■. tolution,! ""il wo thy
Builder* ai>d
P, LARSON ii  prepared to
Lime, Brkk,
Sand, Cement
And nil Isimls nf Building
Material inquantitieeto tuil
nnd nt reasonable price*.
Wlii'ii you intend building
:m ..iin-iiai.k Av-a.
Brniti-'l Ullii-r, l.im.ilillr Air.A'i'ii.  I'll mt
Sn  *"'.
Until tli)irr ii iiii MAI.   Imu, ('rr I, //. (
lhe board ol tra.lt  idea is one
which embodies possibilities of tlu
greatest influence and thebio.el' ll
usefulness. The stains ol a board
ol trade is such thai its represent!
lions have exceptional weight with
government!,  whether civic, pr. >
This   uncertainty  in tin public ] vincial or federal, while its consti*
'li"M:   A',,
'     IM,
N"HIII   V tv,,,| vi i:
Vim at visa
Lin wii nm i\m imn
Dominion  Subsidy
Prupoaad North Vancouver
Terminui ul Urand Trunk
Call nnu- ur » nl.* ("r lull particular!.
To the Citixeni ol
Nnrili Vanoouver
■\     p.itii'in.'e  tonr hnine
p p. i   with tl •• hope that
you will patroni* us.HI' I'
ai i unk iv voti
n i, .mu Piral Clan Piano
(ni iiitv. BUI   al •" Lowi i
Ail in* ul ol nni
'ml tin   il fm < air muiii
...   ial iwati   is tlmt wm
tail   aiiil   ■*''•    om
I'l Mis  Wl) ORGANS
gel our pin is ami Kaij
ll llll*.       ll'a I ' nlli   iu   i'uii
In *■ d a list o| some Two
P ,ii "I |-o>0| Howl I'm
M * ui ami \\ i il Known
Citiaeni who have bought
III    the
|()     ll lb Trill      makes    we
an  '*l 'i k
nst is vuimvii wmimn im
III 1 i a Mil
»tioi»       .sii«ih       .M10lf>
Try getting them from Wood & Son,
The lielinlili* nml Practical Kbotnien,
ii l.n tiieddle willl lui uilier Inui,-
$10,000   iMiUl.S   to Select Troin
by Milkers Who Stand by Ihem.
MEN'S $1.75 to $9 00.  WOMGNV 51 75 to $600.
Boys' Wonders, $1 50 to 2.85.   Girl's Wondtts, $1.25 io2.50
Childs', 35 cen s .ind up
SolflAgwiti  for   Lecltifl Booti,   M iai ite i Wylua,  Uennford, Miss
Canada, McCready, Williami' Shoe Co., K Booti and Old Countrv.
NOTE      WOOn /'- MIN "'"
ADDRESS    "vwu " CJVHI     tdiasMa Mm«tiara
\, .1.1 .„■ i,*.s ,„.*,,'. n, ,*,*,*   sii.re
Repairing   Beat of loathe! and workmaoahip    toil. Lonsdale 4 md
.MWIWf I *ua-». .-« .a^c,
llllll IM1V s !.'■)(• I
Luck's     l'.'h' . p. r iin
J. A. ts M. McWLLAN
LTII TlUJEf 1KI illlIffraiwifflrtBiiiiiBiiiiT
llilllKUT Maui HI),  I'r, p,
I'llll sl,.ek nl Pmh ami (.'ureal Mtiit.s
un.l li-li kept,     Aha) Dairy Produdi
ami I're-li legelnblffl,
0RDEBH UKI.IVKKKIi lo nil purls
nf the vallev.
civil.  i:\in\KKu
t'liiuilily Snrveii.r ami Architect
i tum -nui i,'aiiiM.K Lomoau tv.
Mlli'l'll   V.WCiiI'VKK.
i:','i ill Hitting Sir..1
I'lauas   atul   S|,a'i*iiiiiii,iu*.   Prepared
Whan thinking ol haildiug lei in cue
an e.-llnulle.
iiiii;M*:ni.(ick,    L0K8DALI IVI *
I   r P.O. ll"> "-'.    S."Hl V.aaaa ,,. |
DI8TRI1 I' id* SORTH v MiH'Vki;
TAKK   im I. tv  ihal   I'r.ua.ii   Willi tin
1     CflfllWId,    nl     V;lii. ver,   B.C.,
Gentleman, int. ml. tn apply f..r |.*'.
llli     -iaaM     111   |,l|-,a   ill,*   f,,|:,,**||||<*   lll-irilllll
( iiii-ut in*.' ill :- n.-i planted nl tin*
Siiuih Ka-:.ilj* euriiir ui I>i-irit-t tail
Sll, dr..up I, \. t*. I e-iiuiii*.i,r ll..*
triet, llu ne,   -,*n I, aim •.• ih, ,*;ni !„,uii-
ilury n( I *t sn, Omup I, Na t W,*   ,.
■lei Wrtrli' !.'...lu.*.il i eliain-.ilieiu'..
tu'-i ilii'ji rl *n . ilunt'i' north Side.
RrriH. « -I 17.:i'J . I :,:ii> iniire ,*r le.. In
lhe Hurl ,-. -I, rli riniti ml |ii-:ii* I l.ul
147, lliei.'e s'ii'ii ti.'.'l,-. euMerlv ilml
n.iriii.ai-   rlt to,,i,i/ ilu* nnru t rlv ihore
ul Hurra   Il.i   in lite pii ul biflli-
iiiiur, Cnu llnil'. ISI *i* r.> tv of |.—.
i*ka '■ ■ wm : hmcaui.feii n
Dated i'ini, AufliiKt, i:',s
irtLsaitv \ mmm
Fif h tt <H urn! hm III
all [liii'.s iif Hie lih
Leave Orders at Exprtaa Oflice.
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
Fresh Btflfld daily delivered
tn all parts ol the city,
io loaves f"i >i
J6 i'" loaf.
PASTRY, l i<
i'ii.im. b        71 Lonsdah An*
III I'.I.IC NOTICK 1- laereliy^ivellthal
'  inn nlanee tilth thfl pnnrUeflt of
tlie I'tllilit* 11 a-illl I. ll* I in, uf ihe ('in*
ul   N'.rlh   Viiiii'iiitii r,   the   Mnnlelpal
Council Imu- ,-..a.'-.i.;. I milt ilu* Mi .lien    Health lUliea I III ailli'lul   Ul lhe   (Ilv
Hull    Nurlh \ai.     ti*r,   mi   the  lir-(
M l.n 'al 1 a. la ai  m la   .11  (lie liinir u(
11 o'eMH in He 1..n in .111, lur the pur*
pa-Mal iiii'i iiiiiiiii*: at iMMMflM n(
ilteeily.ah poor peraum;aad all o(lu*r»
ai llieir "Hn * *
The (uilier, tiii'lla r, ur pentfl luivini*
Iheeare, niiriiiri*, of en-n.ly of every
tit lit! I.irn in Iln* eiiy, yluill, mlhiii
three ni'Hilli". niter llie liirlli nl mull
child, lake nr caun lo ba takt n. the
fluid, tu the Medical I'raetitiuiuT, in ul*
leiiilanee at thfl ul.ive :ip|ntiiite.l I'htee
(air tbt parpone "i beinf caccinaled; mile-- ilu* elailil lui*. been pnvioflfltj unn-
niile.l hy ma* it'ciilli '|ii.i'iii"l 1'raeti*
liun.r, ami tlie vaffiiialimi duly
1 i'ity Clark,
Nurlh Vanmnvar, !'■('.,
mii .inly, inos. Il-tl
Conservative Party
North Vancouver
Rally and Concert
\\ Conservative Committee Rooms on
Tuesday*  October 20th, ot 6 |).m.
(..Ol) SAVE THK KIN'. 0'
A Liberal (netting was held in
Larson's pavilion la«i Fritl ij even
ing, the speakers being W, \\ . B.
Mclnnis ami John F. LanRin,
The hall w.i*. walllil|ed ind Ihi i
was a flood turn out ol latin s, wli
braved   the stoiui in order I I hem
the issues of thfl day diacumd from
the siandpoint ol a "Greater Van
couver," (hat has quite a** much to
do with the locality where they
bave made their homes as n has to
tlo with llu .Mel ami laic,, i Vancouver.
I*..ailn i in ih- i anpaign ail iln
candidates li.ul In tn beard ill llie
same hall,Iiiii on Tin -day evening,
when Mr. Mclnnci itappt il li) tin
fronl of the platfonn, linn w.i*
hearty applause.
J. i>. iia*.' i   acted as chairman
and iiilroduced Ml. Mi I iius iu ,i
liiiel split li
Mi Mt Innil slala*.I Ihal -mt e Iii
lasl   appeared   in  (he ball, llliugi
Ii ul i liangflil saini aVhatjMraCoiri i
h,ui renin.ill lium (he t III an I
bail Iind In inal,. lhe |'i ople lllllll.
that he had a nn IMgl Inun Iir.
"Belore pro tedinf,"  said  Mr.
Mdnni s,   "to  Mr Cowan, I will
say a few minis about a ineelini:
which wa.s In id in ine upon tlOUflfl
last oight, Mi. Ha,it sei ins return
ed from lhe east, ami, at the BM l
bg, he ilul jil-l what Wi all kiieu
he would do. llf is seeing Conservative victories all OVi i iln- lilt,
lb has t.i keep up the spinls nl
llie Tor} pailv. lie tli all lu prol!-
nnsticalioi s.       lie was a political
prophet,  and  bad to tn hia bi si
to kiepuplli* spuilsatl his tinml-..
He is mil thfl lirst tint has played
this part."
Mi Mt limes then read a num*
lui ol piedu lions Irom vaiious
Coaaervativa laadera, made just
In fine other elections. They bad
asktd that thev never be believed
a nu il (In* Conseivalius laded In
win They had not won then and
ihey   had   less   ho|ie now.    Alh i
lurther dteJia| with Mi. Bowser
and Ins long list ol Kendall,which
the I'orv orators are so loud ol
dialing in, the sp'akei shewed
I'a.it I'., n- i uild li.. aai.I hid been
uo pniof lo tilt sa* s indlll lie
stalnl how Mi How* r h nl ipoki n
foi Iwo limns, and hi all that turn
did   not   have a \i I wind to sa\
fm   tin* Cbqeervativfl candidate,
Cowan,   who   bail   MOODjM to do
things which bad iiimived Irom
Iiiui all suppott from tfaoflfl who tin
nol In lu ve in trusting gnal n-.ui I
(0 iuch a man. ll marked llu i ml
a*l ( owaii.
Turning   then   lu   lh*   Asiatic
ipn sluiil. Ml Mt Inin s took up Iln*
stain! ol Nit. Hoith n, as reflected
by tin* ail align bfOUghl hack by
Mr I owaii Tin y had not been
om- step ahead ol what (he Liberal
goveiniuenl had already done, it
was uol that (be spi akn was fully
satished   with  lb. lenglh lo which
ilu* Liberal fo-reraneal bad gone,
but that tlu V ihould gi t i ledit for
what llu v bad accomplished ami
given a chance to go ahead I >>.
speakei would not let tile lll.lllel
rest even wlnn tl was, staling
that he was prepared to c,n down
to Ottawa and take a determined
stand ami help any bill lor ail In
iion, whether brought in by cither
Conservative or Liberal.
Al to the matter of Bowen Island, Mr. Cowan had taken an
amusing stand, by saying I al il
anyone disputed whal be had said,
he would give them the lum nl
tlnir lives in the police court. I he
trouble was that Mr. Cowan bad
taken so many stands on this matter, that it would be haul to MJ
juit really where h< was at Mi
Mi 'Inin s tlnn proceeded to read
some affidavits in connection with
the Bowen Island ipiestmn llu,
bad been secured by acting on information first furnished In ( on
lervativei, who did noi wish Mt
Cowan lo get the nomination, bfl
cause the) thought his record was
too shady in this mittcr. 1 In
speaker then read affidavits in support of his contention, and Mated
that these men knew what tin \
were talking about and would not
bc scared by Mr. Cowan. So far
from trying to keep Bom n Island
while, Mr. Cowan had always kept
his ranch brown.
J^Mr. Bowser bad not lound time
to say anything about Mr. Cowan,
bul he had lound lime to pay a
compliment to the speaker. At
the opera booM Mi Bomat had
laid that Mr. Mclnnes was the "it,
Liberal in the province who hail at
all lum s siood trui' to Ins oil
on llu* Asialn question Sue b an
indorsation Imm Ml. BoWflOl
||*pUld   be  l lllllllll, i li 11    lm I    HI
servaln. ■
After speaking on his railroad
policy, and pointing out thc bene
fits to  be obtained  from a road
f om the Kaaoii nais direct to the
coast, and the benefits Canada
Would i'< i-i vt- as a whole upon llie
consummation of the AH Red
Route, Mi. Miliums took his seat,
amidst applause.
1'ilin V. Landau was then intrb
duced, ami I e luielly outlined tin
line i,,iia|ition of the campaign al
ovei ilm Dominion, so far as ilu
Lib rals wire concerned. Mr.
Bowser hail not brought hack the
Inn una, a*;i Imm the east. After
slating that Vancouver ihould be
in line with the n sl nl llu* Dniniii-
i" i. ihe speaker closed a strong
.'ml a I aiient uhlri ll,llil audience
giving him hearty applause.
The meeting clotted wilh i In en
hn Sir   VVillrid    I.aiiiui    ami tin*
Liberal candidate
The Knights ol Pythias Ir id ,i
successful im. nni'. l'u. .l.iv night,
one   candidal!*   being   initiited in
lhe   Inst   mult.     (lm* application
was received.
•    For Sale
Slriiu li'.Try r11n11.• r-■.7-"»»■ per Um | Magna
nml I'.i\r.ni'
l!a-|.iii..ry .-.in. -11,00 par 100(Cnthberl
nml .Miirlliur'iti.'la
lietl I'lirrniii,-, H6" adoaen, t *i*i ■ 'M
I Victoria)
Rhubarb,!! pflrdofl.
RADERMACHEB, Lonsdale 121.1 St.
>"■■> |> illii' l iniw , hi il V llr |trd*B
Bltd up W| -ti|iiily 'i I kin-u u int: tin*.
i.t«i'». ihrabi md ninn: i-'i'i'i 'in--
(,i\,' u. m Irl-tl i«,.In II Wit pul 'nti
Tfila la lli.' lliuc ti. |il<ut i -ur (run tr- n, !«>*■,
,.llM.s,,.|.' Ill |.IKI .■iillrrlli.il ,.| lliilli ll ii.,
M nil I1 (Mlflll polBf.    IMU|> k MM ' •
»i>ii>>on imi wioni
Niir-ernni n  inui   LaodflrflM  (lirilen-*,
Cur. :':'inl ami laMfldlM At '.
North \ aaodavflr,
The A. N. ROSS Co.
North Vancouver's Miutor Pirn's 6 Boys' S fore
Kail Goods arriving t very day, and we ire now in a posiiion
lo save our customers money on ill lines of Boots and Shoes,
Men's Furnishings, Clothing and Rabbet Goods.
Tliih week we nfler the ivnrking men n ureal nnn|i lu heiivv working booti, thfl regular price is IH.SO a pnir, tbl Kims prloa while tliey
Iflfll is llllll,   Ymi iiaiit to I'tuiie tpiii'k ii. they will nut lust long,
In doatfl Inns' -nliil It'iillier Olil ( "iinlrv iniiile hoote, worth 12.50
nml tS 'n I pair, (lie Rom price |l Mill pair.
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lllllkeB ill |||| MZfB,
Ue offer uver lllll pliirs lllt'll's lil.lHI tweed pillltH, Well llllllll' llllll
ni'vly liiiislu*.!, iit I'J.iKlu |,uir.
Sm*  our stock ol Men's and Hoys' Gloves and Milts for the fall.
Save your money by coming direct to
Tlie .1.1 ROSS Co., 3D Lonsdale .ivenue
l.ale tititl prof. I
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tlirn-l (rum the mines.
I'liu'e yunr urders iiiiw and
•ei-iire your u inter's supply.
Large sliipniciiiH sv ■:i artlea
iu ■ few dajra, PrioM rinht.
Largi   •"■!'p|y -   WOOD
llI'lltlM   llll  llllllll        ....
Hotel Nm th \ ancoiivcr
Telephone No. 2.
V OTICK la herein- tiieit thfll I shall,
a'      Ofl  Mullallit, ill.' L'lit1Idll'. til N,.Vl'lll*
bee, ims, ai ihi' imurof 10o'clock In tin
 1, , al llie City llall. N'.rlli Vu.i-
,,,iitt*r. i;.t'., lia,lal a Cun ul RflvMoo,
     (or ill'' l.liriaa.H.-   ill   lielirillll   llllll   .leliT*
Bl Wi;siIMi II I.AM MKTUC1 —»-' «j -*M »«*««l "' *•»
leiili'iii'.l uny  1111 ir niiines on tlie
-Milter ot tulem lor thfl ibe** nanieil
_ |l,||..|     111      Naarlll     V11 lll'llll UT,     II. C-,
M'IKK in,lice thai William 11 Roberta,' A"t""1 "ty.iJS ... .,,,.,,,,■.-,,„
1   olTluui.i.r ii.,,.,v,.|*i,., ancher, Ill",\l A-Ml. I lh t •,
i    . . Hei* .-trnr ol i nttT^
mn i*l- I" ai.nb l..r iieriiiis-iiiii I** |.iir-     ... .        , .,, .,       ,,,;.,
char. („IUi„^l,.H.ri'.*.l landa'      j    Richmond hlecrTal Diitrict.
I  llii'lu-'iu; ul  il |N*t pl.tlil..l ,il the
■nothflaal euriier u( lol till ind Hall
corner of 1.1 IIM, tlieiice wesl llli Iihiii.
matt or li.-, to s tV ...rn r..(lol IHI,
ni.iilh IIU I'liiiiii., i««l IU eh.11n- m a.,* ,,r
MM, In m'.iTii I.,miliary ol let MM,
north 30 ilniin., to |«.llll of flflfliflMafl***.
L-VrJiaa lot tHOafl, Ipal
IMI.-I s  , I   'Ilh.   I'H'S
Laalad Bflflt hh, \m IM
For Furniture,
House Fnr!iisliiii;rs and
at Raaaonabla Prices, go to
The Norlh Vancouver
Home Furnishers
H"I!N'K llt.ot'K I.OSSInl.K A' K'
tVirlli liincoiiver lliinhvare
f'in:i|iaiiy. Lid.
J.W.JACK80M      •      HflBflf
I'llilJi   lUTI NPimm
Tin: I'liiil.ic AHK ili-.i;l-;i:v ion-
I   Kl Kit that all MM "f   infeclioiis.
,*..|it.ll.'i"ll-   0»   t'l'l'l' lliif   'li*ease,   ol a
chancier daugerooi lo peMIc health.
mn.I Ih* rt*|«irli'il Inllie Miilical lleallli
THOMAS sill'.rilKUH.
( in Clerk.
i'i i Hull, ta.rlli V:im \ r, II.C.
Jitly'.iih, I'.ms.  2MI
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
r.\KK NOTICK Ihnt the Council uf il"*
Cnrpuratiiiii ol (he I Itjrol .N.,rtli Van-
ciainer latandi to oosatrncl the Local
liniirnveiiieiit iei mil in the schiiluleap-
paaiing iielow. nml Lntaedi to laflofli tin
Inal eat, or i portion thanof, uixm the
real |'pi|ifrtv IH*iia*titi-<1 therehy Ironting
or abetUBf thflieoa and held liable hr
IfBflaWnflfll theri'lor.
A -1 il.'in.'in «li<ati'iii|l the himli' linlili-
ami |iro|MW,*tl t" lie specially n.nenwd lor
lie* -iiii iiii|irnvi*intiil nml the name- "I
i the owners thereol, ho fnr as the saint*
Vmi bfl iisterliiineil fr..in the hint reviseal
ii-st'ssinenl roll anil otherwkfl, is BOA
(ilisl in thfl ulliiv "( the Asmwnii'iil
('oiiiniiiwioiii'rninl is o|ieii lor Iflflfflfltlflfl
daring ollice boar*.
The Bchi'ilule lielnw iliinvH the enii-
miiteil eo-l i>f lhe ini|>rin.'iiieiil nntl (he
propflrtfaa to Ih* provUadoal of the
t'lieml (uiiiIh of the citv.
A MUl "I ri'visieii uill he held ill the
Citv Hnll, Nnrth Viiueutiier, II.C., on
the l!Hh   .lay   of   (Ifloh.T, 1(108, nl Hut
boor of I o'clock p.m., kr theeBrpon
ul hot-lag any t'i'lii|illlillls il|[uilist thfl
|tro|n,-«sl aaMflaaul., or the accuracy
*'f tiie ErSflttfll ini'iistiri'ineiilH, or any
othflt onmplitnti flhieh thfl pHMH in*
t. ri-ieil .i.-iri* to make and flblth is by
, Inn engniiatile hv the ('.uirl.
A-e-Kineiil CunimisHioner.
Nurtli Vane..uver, ItC,
:';lnl SepteinlxT, 1908
aciianuiK hkckkkhii to :
I'roiioned l.-iiinntt'il   K«timnti*
liii|irnvi'iui'iil total cost citytopay
Kxlell.iilll ol (nur (out
rida walk OI North iiiile
iif Vieloria I'ark Ka.i.
adi»tanceof:i501eet. »(K!.00 122.00
Clly Clerk'- Oflflfl,
.'.lh S..pt..|nl«'r, IIKI8
>ii mi ip ii iiicnosa aci
Pi i|Ml-Ilnn of   P. i son. 1 nl it 1. tl   lo
Vale at tlmitrhoMert
|>|lltl.lCN'..li,*.* i.  I,.*r.l.i   i'1'.eiilhail
I     ii pflnflM eiitiiied  i" t
lloii.eliiil'lir- uml ile.irinn to bave their
n.i11..■« .*iii.*r.*.l ,n the Votan' I 111
I in ul Nurth Vmiri'in-er,Inr tlie iear iMM
iuii-I mnke mul emnae to lie delii. r. .1 to
tlm Cl i Clerk,("'loreIt u'el.. k m.,n. aai,
■ in* the lift day of October, )■"-.
a mitnlory -helaratio* in llu' lorm pn-
. nh il hv lim Cii|,ie» ol nieli det'larn*
iiuiiii mav I.' obtained flfl appllcatloo lo
il„ rm <l. rk
lim -I HOLDIR8' '(iiini-
"ll.iii.ilii,l.|i*r." .hull lltaod la I
in. Iiei.*. I. ry |H*ri"iii nli*. li'il'l- mel.. ■
euplei a 'In,-luii.-. teiiemiiiil, hotel ..r
l-onnliiiir hOM 111 »i  portlofl
ul a deilllni, i"u..iii.ni. lu*I* I.m boenl-
im* h** namin iimliii. tho
Iiii- paid (Hr* ib   in il"* iii'inn Ipalii)
rule-, Ule. ..r lee. ..(  nol led ll..
'|2l ilollirtilnriiiKlle'i'iirr ni i* ll
5"( City Clirk
17th Slreel, Norlh Vanioover
ltwr.1- III
Wi' in now |ii'i'|'.iti'l U)
Urk« i.nlirs Inr MILL MB
wmi|t, cut tii Hi iii. lengtbi
iilnii'lv fnr tlii'stnvc   A lotd
coiitiiiiis tiliniit hall « oord.
I'rici' |S per load on or before
delivery. Poiltlvelj DO food
ili'livcnil willuiiii Nth, as wc
oatinol afford to piy I oolleo
inr nt tin- I'lii'i'. All ordan
will receiveprompl attention
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Teed
\l I  ORDIR8
I'ini',    hi'ailtbv    Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, froteo Irom
Siittnu's Seeds, alwaya oa hand
me Brack man Ker
Milling Co.
I ., a dale Avenue,
at Petty Laadiaf
Harry Mitt lull, lm al ntanai;''
^iii if hi vim kimiVMWiYMWyWWWY
We are
all thinking
these days how
we are going to
keep warm during the fall and
We have the
solution in
I Thirty Different Kinds
: of Heating Stoves
JJ They art' nil made by McClary and nothing more need be uid.   We
U have them to luirn coal and wood, or a combination ol both.   The
J Price it from IS.oO to $30.Oo antl made lo tuit all purse..   Wa
-J haven inoiliTii Tjmdiop in connection and mil no anything from
to pulling up ynir Air Tighttoimtallinga complete Healing and Vtn-
2 tiluting Svsti'iu.   Give tm a call or Ring ui up.
| Paine&McMillan
*        Corner lonsdale Ave. and firit St. Phone 12
ihmtmwm mmmm mm*
'.ni:ill VlSfM'Itt FEIKV k POWER CO., LTD..
! TAILS, 1*8
iiiiimi VANcouvta
•6.20 A.M.
•7.80 "
8.J0   "
9.00   "
9.46   "
•a, 45 "
8.00   "
S.IU   "
!i.:(0  "
9« A.M.
10.16 A.M.
10.1a   "
10.45    "
10.45   "
11.18   "
11.15   "
11.46    "
11.48   "
12.16 P.M.
111! t M.
12.45 P.M.
12.46 P.M.
1.16  "
1.15   "
1.46   "
1.46   "
8.16   "
ttt   "
2.45   "
8.44   "
J.I6   "
11.15   "
3.45   "
8.45   "
4.16  '•
4.16   "
4.45   "
4.46   "
8.16  "
1 II   •'
5.45   "
6.46   "
8.18  "
LU  "
«.45   "
8.46   "
7.15  "
7.15   "
7.45   "
8.48  -
1 I.'i   "
11.15   "
9.48  "
10.48  "
•11.48   "
10. I.'i    "
•Not on
BIM  1 1 RSIM1ID tlOIII   AS   TNI  CflAftT
1 11.60 PER
Special liitlcv lo Families ind Regular Boardrrx
llalf-linnr lerry connei'lion to ami Irom Vaneoover. Hot and cold
tiiiicr iu fiery rtxim. Return call Mil in ttrty room. Barber
uluap in coniiet'litin.
St.tiM .HKiu,   ....   NORTH  VANCOUVER, B. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Landing lor Queembury Avenue, Twenty-Bret
sunt ami l.nii-iliile, Winch street and Keith Road at lollowi: 6:15
im., 6:45 a. 111., 7:15 a. m., 7:45 1. m., 8:15 a. m., 9 a. m. 9:40 a. tn.,
10:10 a. m., Alter 10:25 a. uv, cars will leave Queembury avenue,
Tivinty-lirst anil Lonsdale avenue, and Winch itreet ind Keith Roid
at five minutes tu the hour and twenty-five minutea put the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queembury avenue, Twenty-lint
str, 11 aud Lonsdale avenue, Winch slreet ind Keith Road at lollowi:
ba. 111., 655 a. tn., 7:10 a. m., 8:05 a. nt., 8:45 a. m.,9:jo a. in.
Alter 1, <> .i in ' ars leave the Ferry Landing at ten minutea pul the
hour and twenty minutes lo the hour.
MT   All boats are met by the cari.
it (hr bunnrM nf Mnniifarliirrm,
il.-M.fiHw'. ,rnli rr IhrarKiubll
r.ni'T.n -• 1 • iiiui ui nri 1 »   , 1 iihiiit mr ■iiimini-
v . f linii)| their 1'nh-nt bii-miru iranMctnl
I y KiiM-rt.1 I'n liinnwtji idvirr frrr, Chargv-t
1 radenlti Our ln*mti>f*• Adrltcr •mt njam rr-
l ■ mt Mirlntift Mart-hi, HfK'd., N< ~ V«ik Ufe
!"■  UMtTMJ   ami Waal.,nrtofll  |.C   U*4.
1.1, itt Mil iei, 1
lolsieief I Decorator M*nT"'
nil kiiul- .al M1--1 imi Antii|iie Kurnl-
tnre, stun, 1 illiie. Hunk ami Bar Fii-
turi'H.   ItepairiiiK in all iln hriiiehea.
HI Tlill.l HI fla, Ili'I- Che.tellldl Mil 1/aoa.l.l.
il|,|„,all,' Hrhil.il
MAIL Olll'KKS nivi*n prompt attention
North Vancouver
imisr   inksoi
frlaprl. .ar
Cartaflti Removal«i
Parcel Delivery,
UN      UKAHilNAHI.K     ll HUH
muir mi\ W Nnil im
Telephone 70,       Night Calls 13.
General Contractor
Und Clearing, Stump and Rock
Hlutini. Kitra ear* near hoaaM,
All damagea made |Ood.
KM HI.OVMINT    inner
•nd hi . Waal or Laanadal*
P. O. Box a.
For the Farm. Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable variftiea at reaaonahle prlom.
No llurerii. No Scale. No Fumigation
t<i damage .lock. No wind* agent! to
anii.iv von iinv direct and gal Treea
mi'i Sei-tli that grow.
Kertiliwra, BeeHupplied.Hpray I'umpa,
Spraying Material, Cnt Flower., ate.
nl'li'.i i.tahliiiht-d nunwry on tbe
malnlaml ol llritlih Colombia.
Cttalogea Iree.
S0I0  WarrMiinrraa Roid.
New Advertisements
Seaminahle goc-tln—J. J. McAleece
H"tiM' lo rent—Kliler Murray Co
Riillviinil ciiicerWoniervalivi' purty
The local branch ol the W.C.T,
V. has every reason (or the greatest gratification because of tbe signal sm cess which attended the
first ol tlieir series ol elocutionary
contests,which was held last even
ing in thfl Horticultural hall. The
ball was tilled with an enthusiastic
and attentive ludience, ami additional seating had to bc provided.
Mayor Kealy occupied the chair
with Ins customary acceptability.
Alilerinen Wheeler and ll win were
present, the latter ot cup) mg a seat
on the platform, The chairman
conveveil the regrets nl Reeve May
because ol his inability to bfl pre
sent, on account ol the severe
accident which betel him on Tuesday. Thfl programme was as lollows:
Overture—Mrs. Kocbttssen
Solo—Miss Millard
Quartette- "The Catastrophe"
Messrs. Smith, Choyce, Alexander and Janus
Violin Solo—Miss Maddams
Address—Miss Kmily Heather
Elocutionary Contest-
No. l  In tbe Kegs
i Result of Treating
3 In the Leigh Valley Train
4 The Political Parade
5 The Sisters on Strike
b Saved
Solo-" I'he  Ould   Plaid Shaw-
Miss Cameron
Address   Mrs. Watson
Duet—Miss  Cockburn   and Miss
Result of Contest and  Award of
Quartette—"Cradle Song" Messrs.
Smith, Choyce, Alexander and
National Anthem
The several items were well received  and generously encored, to
which   the   participants cordially
The judges in the elocutionary
contest were Mrs. Dougall and
Messrs. Colin K. Jackson, Jesse
Williams, P.W.Templet and lieo.
H. Morden. The se'iectnuis useil
were well ihosen an 1 were without
exception rendered in a manner
highly creditable to the performers.
While (he lirst prise could of necessity be rendered to only one ol
the six young latin I, at (he same
time tbe declamation in each instance showed carelul -tudy and
faithful work, and wus performed
in a manner lb-sot vmi; the heartiest
commendation. Future contests
will acconl ihem all ia: i*,'|i 'Hiiiim
of achieving the highest plaCfl in
the list.
The silver medal was awarded
Miss  Hall,   wim recited "Ia thfl
Lei^b Valley Inun." Mi*. Dougall
in a few well chosen remarks conveyed to the auilieni e the number
ol the winner ol the medal, ami the
appreciation of the lodges ol the
uniform excellence of tbe renditions. Colin l\ Jackson read
the itemized list of credits received as [ollows:  No. t. 21) i-a;   No.
a, 32 3-51 No- 3. W 3*5: No. 4,
36 1-5; No.5, jli 2-5: N0.6, 36 1-1
Each of thecontestanlswasawarded an enamelled gold leaf brooch,
in recognition ol the commendable
eflort made.
Tbe silver medal was presented
by Mayor Kealy who took occasion
to comment! the idea of the elocutionary contests as tending to educate the publii niinii along the
lines desind by the W.C.T.0., to
train tbe yonth in elocutionary
efficicncy.an arl whu h would prove
useful to Ihem in alter life, and
likewise to Instil within them
wholesome sentiments along Ihe
line of the sentiments embodied in
the selections. He noted the lact
that the contestants in this instance were all voung ladies, ami
observed that it was to be hoped
that the boys would tin their part
on luture occasions. He also an
nounced that the Horticultural
society hopes to proceed al once
with arrangements for heating the
hall, so that those who attend future entertainments therein will
be assured every comfort in that
ried a bridal bouquet. Misi
Minnie Walden. who performed the
duties ol bridesmaid, also carried
a beautilul bouquet. The groom
was supported during the ordeal
by Mr. r.ninierson. both of the
contracting patties ate widely
known in the city, as they form
part of ibai body who rejoice lo go
under tbe name of "Ohi Timers."
The best wishes ol the community
follow Mr. and Mrs. Fraser on
their honeymoon trip to the Sound
cities, and hearty congratulations
await them on their return, Irom
those upon whom they sprang the
Church Notices
Holy Communion, H a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
^wiling prayer, 7.30
On the lirst Sunday in the month
there will be a second iclebration
ol the Holv Coniin uu um at II a.m.
Rector : Rev.  Hugh Hooper.
si. aniiki.w's rataavTteiAM ctmaca
Services will be conducted as
usual  nu  Sunday  by  the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. ni
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
H o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
MKIIIlllllST   lIUIKlH,   N.   «.  tllkSVK
fourth sr. ash sr. oaoaoa'i
Morning service, nam ; Sunday school, 2:30 p. in-; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
ettiimg at 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
n a. ml
Rev. 11. II. Ilalthrston, B. A.
MiKlll   \ AM'lH'M U  1 WIIOI.IC
Sunday Services - Mass at 9
a. 111., Sunday school at 2:30 p in.,
benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Rev. K. Pevtavm, 0.
M. I. V. C.
i.nNsiivi.i: kvemia.
Service at 11 o'clock a. 111 in
(he Orange hall : Sunday school al
the close ol the service.
Pastor :    Rev. David Long.
All are welcOMfl.
Wedding Bells
Au interesting ceremony took
place last evening at the residence
of I. Walden, city plumbing inspector, on ist street, when his
daughter Annie was united in marriage to Rod 1). Fraser. .lev, J.
D. Gillam was the officiating clergyman. Thc bride was handsomely gowned in white, and car-
Bapt st Church Opening
The opening services iu connection with (he new Baptist church,
cnrni r 4th and St. Andrew's, held
mi Sunday, were very successlul.
At the morning service Rev. J.
il ti'. general superintendent nl
llunie missions, preached the th tli-
calory si 1111011, the church being
taxed to accommodate the large
congregation. Tin literaoOfl plat*
lorm meeting was well attended
aintl addresses wen delivered by
bt vs li. Hcdley liolderston ami
and J. D. Gillam, pastor ul the
Methodist and Presbyterian churches respectively. The pulpit at
tin evening service was occupied
by Rev. David Long, pastor ol the
church. Mrs. kich sang a solo iu
her usual excellent style. On
Monday evening a meeting was
held, which was addressed by Rev.
J. Halt, Rev. B. H. McEwen ol
Fairview west, Rev. S. Parker ol
Fairview central, and Rev. VV.
Kverton, ol Mt. Pleasant. Tin
im* 111 l>t rs of the congregation are
tn be congratulated upon the fact
lhat their church is dedicated entirely Iree from debt.
Seasonable Goods at
Rock Bottom Prices
Now that the cold weather is here once more, you will Iind us in
a position to lully cope with its requirements in way ol warmei
clothing. We have special values in blankets,Comforters,Flannels
and Flannelettes,Ladies',Children's, Men's and boys' Underwear,
in all weights and qualities, at prices that cannot be beaten, and
seldom touched in Vancouver.
White Honeycomb Shawls, litre.* nine, nil pure until, extra heavy.
ThcHcare usually sol,I (ur 11.74, nur prieii $1.35
Other* -till larger in -Intl.
UOiii. ami llUin. KlanneletlM, all utripei    10c
Ma, Flannelette*, eitra heavy, all Itlipifl  12'gC
Ma, lleavv Kngli-ili double nar|i Flannelette*., all MripM, extra
value    18c
While, pui I .ni'i blue Flanncli-tlen  10c to Lile
l.mlieH Ui.ibrelliif, all qualities and prion, MM as low in 76c
Men's I'mlirtlliga** low as 85c
Needs to keep in touch with what is going
on  in the City       :        :      :       :       :
always gives the latest, the fullest and the
best information from a North Vancouver
point of view. Ynu ought to subscribe lor
The Express. Kuclose one dollar in an
envelope wilh vour address and we will do
the rest. SUBSCRlllE  TODAY.
boys had found some ol the material referred to, and in placing
with it had lelt it lying about the
floor. To get rid ot it Mis. Smith
1 unaware ol i's nature) picked il
up and threw it in llie stove. The
rcsi It was an explosion that sent
portions ol the stove flying about
promiscuously. F'orlunatelv no
one was injured, a small cut on Ihe
neck received by one ol the lioys,
being tlir extent nf the damage.
/7tA<~, bCl &Aye 4V4& u*^
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close for I'espatch as lollows : I ir Vancouver aud all
points R a, m., 11:15 a. in . \\o\
p. 01; In l.\ 1111 1 n ek, 11:15 a. III.
Mails irrivfl : Vancouver anil-all
point-., 9:10 a. in., 12:45111,5:45
p. m.: liom I.Min creek 2 p  in.
Outgoing mail* lot Lvnn creek
after 11:15 a, 111. should bfl debt ei id at the wicket.
per vcar.
10 Tur Bxraaii, $t
Choral Society
I In* choral society movement ii
 eting   with   very   encouraging
success and the prospects are
bright for gathering an aggregation
that will be highly creditable to
the city. A meeting will bc held
in the Horticultural pavilion on
Wednesday 1 veiling nexl,al8p.m.
when the organization of the society will bfl proceeded with.
Cowen's "Rose Maiden" will be
the lirst work taken up by the society, and it is expected (hat rehearsals will commence at this
meeting. J. A. Alexander will be
tbe conductor. Singeri who art-
desirous ol identifying themr.clves
with the choral lociety, are invited
to attend.
Dynamite in Stove
That the cook stove is not the
place for powder lose with dynamite taps attached, was dcarl\
demonstrated this week,when Mrs.
I 1 Smith of ist street east, un
wittingly tried the experiment. The
For Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go lo THOS. O. MILLS
Pioneer Resident Hoot Maker
Lonsdale Ave., above tad Street
at the A. M. Ross Shoe Store.
North Vancouver Hospital
coxncnKii bt
TKH.MS—|17.ftil to ♦'-•0 |H*r weak
rm  patients f I per tlay
Rami sent a>ni 1111 apiiliratiun.
C.rn.r I'lll Mrifl anil WuIImiIm
re.4/ V*,e
tiatl  la-fumr  Mai  «. C. lul  WattiH
■MM *.'»■
K.l.w.y-, Hi' in**- W.lcr I'xiit't-. KailinnL-a
-lll-erillli-lial., I  l'>.||.l|lirt|,i|,. M.|l*, IWll
•Ilea. Mllllll. I'l.llll!.. h..ti-ll|Vlkt,,|l.,*JII-.
all IIh-iiiu- 81. «-.
The Seymour Hotel
JOHN MclNNIS,  I'mi..
Located on *»( ipn mil   i»,|n   line,
quarter-mill- from wharf.
This is a first class lintel,
and is innv open lo the
general public. Good
accommodation and
service guaranteed
Road connections Irom North
Vancouver lor Vehicles.
To my Iricmk and patrons
in Nortli Vancouver:
old resident ol North Vancouver
and take care ol
Remember always, if you consult Dr. Jordan, such consultation
will cost vou nothing.
Should glasses be required, the
glasses will bc right and so will
the price.
334 Hastings Street W.
Terms, one-fiiiirth tush j baiancc, <i, 12 aad 18 months
a   / "~
>    i
•    0
'    s
BE 29
>    a
•   s
1     »tm
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, ft. C.
P. 0. BOX 38(1.
Hotel North Vancouver.
.                  -'. *■"•                          S-     '-a_
. jr..                      ■*-.   «^b
*         * *  - 'a   fl
Hj.oo per
and up
Rati s lor
Mr        'Hiiiiii- tl l
-m>                               1    v   ,   u
Fain iiii s
HOTEL                PLANSON.
North \/ancouven-
Ferry Service Every Half Hour to and Irom Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver.                               P. 1 arson, Prop.
Choice Properties
for .Sale
Sooth, Ea.%t and West    *V
Cor. lonsdale Avenue anil Filth M ,  Norlli Vancouver, B.C.
Smart Clothes
For Young Men
Trust them for miking the absolute correct
If you're a "fellow" of judgment and good
taste in dressing yourself, you'll have a great
chance to give these qualities in yourself the
fullest exercise this season.
Kit-Reform garments are the best produced
to-day—that's the candid opinion of people
'    who know it's so when they say it's so—
The new browns and greens nudge us to say
they are here in all their aristocratic styles
and" colors, yet at the most coaxing prices you
can imagine.
Here's a chance to be lucky. Ruy one of
our Special Suits at
worth double the money.
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver


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