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ff.a$ J^A",       11"
iljp Ixyr-eaa
North Vancouver.
The   marvelous   strides,   with
which Los Angeles has been pushing to the lore in population and
natural wealth, has furnished an
object lesson to other cities of the
Pacific coast.   Cities and towns,
which have been forging   ahead
with a conservative gait, are now
manifesting a desire to speed along
at a more rapid rate.   Los Angeles
by steady advertising and boosting
succeeds   in   attracting   fully   a
hundred thousand tourists every
year.   The average tourist goes in
quest of health and pleasure,  and
Los Angeles, with its genial midwinter clime and many attractions,
has created  a   veritable   garden
spot, where weary mortals may
linger and chase dull care away.
Nothing succeeds   so   much   as
success, and already many cities
are bent on emulating the methods
by Which Los   Angeles   secures
such a bountitul crop oi shekels
Iruiii Us annual tourist harvest.
If North Vancouver will .only
tackle this tourist business in a
determined manner, and map out
a plan of campaign, there is not
tbe slightest duubt that it has the
best chance ol any city in the
Northwest to become a favored
resort among the travellin| public.
When it comes to scenic
attractions, North Vancouver
is without a peer. Its picioral
canvass is painted with glowing
colors, iu which mingle all the
charms of mountain, stream, wood-
l.ui.l and sea. With the advent
this year of aa electric tramway,
there will be a desire among
l.iuusands to explore the beauties
ot scenery to be lound on every
Inn I Whit city in the universe
possesses ao-maoy beautiful spots
tt in,ii sttch easy accessf
Prom the Capilano river to
Seym J.ir creek is a perfect wonderland, with its snow-crested
mountain peaks and rugged canyons. The sentinel Lions, already
rendered immortal inverse; Grouss
mountain and the Capilano are
yearly becoming more widely
known, and their lame will continue to attract people from all
parts of the globe. North Vancouver, with its sunbathed slopes
and its invigorating, clear atmosphere, is destined to become the
abiding place of a large population
when its intrinsic merits are appreciated at their true worth.
The One Hundred Thousand
Club of Vancouver will arrive at
its goal more speedily by exploiting the scenic features of North
Vancouver. When the B. C.
Electric Railway Company is
ready to carry thousands of sightseers to the very top of Grouse
mountain, Vancouver City will
have at its doors an attraction
which will eclipse that of any
other city on the Pacific coast.
Speed the day, then, when the
tram line shall be carried to
lhe top of Grouse mountain, and
in the meantime it shall be the
duty of residents in North Vancouver to make it the greatest
tourist resort in the West.
Nortli Vancouver is growing
faster than any city in British Columbia. Its prospects are of the
brightest. Miles of streets are being opened up, graded and graveled, upon which sidewalks are
being laid. Parks and boulevardes,
trains, electric light, telephones,
and fine water services, best hotel
accommodation and all-round seaside resort will place our Ambitious City in a position this year
to reach out for such an increase
of population as to cause wonderment among thc other growing
and prosperous towns of this province.
Mass Meeting.
Municipal Council.
Wedding Bells.
The rural ratepayers
was   well-attended   ou
night.   Reeve   Kealy    presided. | on   Wednesday
Among those who spoke were W.
L. Keene, J. Balfour-Ker, J. M.
Duval, G. S. B. Perry and J. Cook.
The incorporation bill, as passed,
but not yet in force, shows that the
new city will be but a central strip
out of the old municipality.   This
necessitates the making of some
arrangement for the control and
guidance in  the   future   of   the
omitted portions.   Some thought
that there should be one munici
pality formed out of the left-over
parts.   Others  thought   that   as
there were two sections cut off one
from the other by the city it would
be better to have   two   municipalities.
After some further discussion as
to whether it would be better to
have one or two new municipalities, Mr. Keene moved that a
committee be appointed to go
thoroughly into the matter. This
motion was passed and the following committee was chosen:
Messrs. W. L. Keene, J. M.
Frome, C. 0. Wickenden, J. Balfour Ker, P. Larson, R. K. Houl-
gate, P. Westover, A. H. Davidson and A. D. Nye. These will
work in conjunction with thc old
incorporation committee consisting of Reeve Kealy, Councillors
Morden, Bell, Allen and Cornish,
Messrs. E. Mahon, J. C. Keith, C.
K. Hope, W. E. Thompson, A.
Dick, A. B. Diplock, G, J.
Phillippo, Geo. Bartley and Dr.
meetingl    The regular fortnightly meetingI    The home of Mr. Isaac Waldeu
Monday of the municipal council was held [ was gay and festive on Thursday
Bank of B.N. A.
The 70th yearly report of the
general meeting of the court of
directors of the Bank of British
North America, held on March 6 at
London, shows that the profits
for the half-year, including £<j,-
505. os. 3d., brought forward irom
last account, amount to ,/.'<i.\572.
us. nd., out of which tbe duec-
tors hav* now to repor' the
declaration ol a dividend ol 30s.
pei share, payable, free of income
tax, on the 5th of April next, being
at the rate ol 6 pi cent, per annum, and the addition ol ^'20,000
to the reserve fund. The sum of
,£10,000 has bc*-n appropriated on
bank premises account, leaving a
balance of £7,252. hs. lod. to be
carried forward.
The dividend warrants will be
remitted to the proprietors on the
4th of April next. Since the last
report branches have been opened
at Davidson, Sask., and Duncans,
B. C, and since the end of the
year a branch has been opened at
North Vancouver, B. C, Alexander, Man., and Toronto, Dufferin
The following appropriations
from the profit and loss account
have been made for the benefit of
the staff, namely: To the Officers'
Widows' and Orphans' Fund,
,£513, ias. od.; to the Officers'
Pension Fund, ;£6o6. 10s. id.; to
the Officers Life Insurance Fund,
^aoo. os. od.
The Thrilling Effect.
feirt Campbell, the town barber,
has a phonograph in his shop.
And the patrons enjoy the music
very much. Of course the critics
get their work in and say that thc
words of the songs can't be understood, only here and there a word
being recognizable. Our esteemed
crank (riend condems all hilalutin
music, like you get out of phonographs and hear in the opera
houses. When he was in London,
he went on to say, that the gieat
organ pealed forth. The leader of
the choir waved his baton with
great energy, his head and his
whole body assisting in keeping
time and giving expression to the
noble anthem. And the choir
sang, in full chorus;
"Am maw 0 waw maw raw yaw
Woe yo baw ho raw law aw waw.
Law jaw 0 baw maw raw.
Vo baw hec aw baw jaw 0 baw
Woe haw daw maw aw daw raw aw,
Baw waw shaw law 0 maw!"
The coagregation had some
difficulty in uuderstaiiding thc
words, but the music was grand,
and it sounded like worship, concluded our crank friend.
night. A ful
council was present, and th
business transacted was of a
routine nature.
Belyea & Son wrote requesting
that Fifteenth street be graded to
their barn. Referred to Board of
The Coast Quarries, limited,
wrote re crushed rock. It was decided to take 100 yards of rock.
Percy Webster, George Eastman and Humphrey Williams,
owners ol block 43 and 25, in dis
trict lots 1271 and 547, wrote asking
that the present council take action
to instal water system to tlieir
property.   Laid over,
Jas. N. J. Brown et al., wrote
applying lor a plank sidewalk from
Lonsdale avenue to Jones avenue
on Fourteenth street. Referred to
Board of Works.
M. E. McDowell wrote asking
that Second street in front of her
premises be fixed up. Referred to
Board of Works.
C. Gross wrote asking for a
four-foot sidewalk to the front of
his house on First street. Board
of Works.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, limited, wrote asking council to give the location ot
arc lights. Referred to Light
Central Real Estate Company,
Vancouver, wrote asking if the
west half of district lot 783 is on
the market.   Filed.
William A. Bauer, asking that
Seventeenth, Eighteenth ami
Nineteenth streets, between Malum
and Jones avenues, be opened up.
Laid over.
Robert L. ,Docherty, secrctar)
Horticultural Society, unite thanking the council lor exempting ihe
gardens irom taxation.   Filed.
A. McKay Jordou wrote asking
that wood in trout of hie resident-.
be liiirnt, Filed, a-; work has been
Western Corporation, limited,
wroic advising coiiiii.il that it liaO
Completed arrangement:, to siaa
aud operate a sawmill with u capacity ot i2,ouo feel a day, on Iul-ck
616. The council was asked li
cut and clear a right-of-way, sa\
20 feet wide, and plank same some
eight feet wide, through Sutherland
avenue, to about lbtfo leet. The
corporation offered to build same
as Lynn valley road for $075. lt
was decided by the council to
change the proposed route along
Seventeenth street from Lynn
valley road to Sutherland avenue.
The corporation were instructeii
to go ahead with the work.
From J. W. Balmain, municipal
engineer, re his arrangement with
the council and other matters ol a
routine nature. Board ol Works.
From Vancouver Land and Improvement Company, submitting
plans for Queensbury avenue anil
asking council to gazette and expropriate same. The council
passed a by-law to do this.
In accordance with the new
school act and also the act of in
corporation, the board of school
trustees cease to exist.
The council then adjourned till
Monday night at 7:30 o'clock.
A. Nye is giving his rool a coat
of tar.
Will Slater, of Seattle, was here
on Thursday.
Wm.  Torrance,  Vancouver,   is
registered at the Hotel Nortli Van-
A new restaurant will he opened
on the Esplanade about the 1st of
April next.
Nortli Vancouver society  is all
are requested to attend a meeting,
to be held on Tuesday evening;
next at 8 o'clock in the municipal
hall. There should be a large
The latest song is that of the
gas man. "I'll meter in the
W. Wilband, a prominent contractor ol Vancouver, is having a
residence erected lor himself on
Sixth street west, that will rank
among the best in North Vancouver.
The   person   who   found   the
agog these days in anticipation 0f, lambskin collar wil Ibe rewarded if
Prince Arthur's visit. 'hey leave same >>'   ,his   office-
I The collar was lost in January, on
The real estate firm of Eves & i Lonsdale avenue, between Second
Hogg has dissolved.   Mr,
will continue the business.
evening, the 22nd instant, when a
happy couple were united  in the
bonds of holy   matrimony,   The
contracting panics were Agustus
Ailolplins Krneger, a large rancher
of Eddy county, North Dakota,
and Miss Rose E. Waldeu, eldest|couver
daughter of our well-known hardware   merchant,   Rev.    J.    1).
Gillam, M.   A.,   tied   the   knot
securely.   The    ceremony   took
place under a canopy of palms in
the presence  of   the   immediate
friends of the bride.    The duties
of bridesmaid were performed by
Miss Anna L. Waldeu,  while Mr.
Stephen Waldeu supported the
gronin.    After the ceremony  the
bridal party did justice to the
marriage feast, and the whistle of
the last 1 A can 1 too soon to
break up the happy gathering'
The bride received many beautiful and valuable presents, and
bears to her Dakota home the good
wishes of her Iriends. She was
dressed in a handsome gown of
white silk, trimmed with ribbon
and lace,'while her hair was decked
with white flowers. The bride's
maid wore a dress of pale blue
silk, trimmed with lace, and she
carried white and   pink   .lowers.
The  bride   bore   a  very   hand-;    Harry James, who   has   been
some boquet of flowers and carried 1 having a serious time with inflam- the ptoposed   prize   masquerade
off the honors of the evening very imatory rheumatism, is improving, ball and supper, which will now
be held on Tuesday, April   3rd
Miss Pearl  McLarty, who hai nextl   The affair will take place in
been at Karnloopa for the winter, the   Lar50n   pavjiion.   Arrangements have been made for a late
and Third street.
R. L. Reed, ol the Bank of
British North America, paid the
He was
formerly connected with the
Winnipeg branch, but has been
transferred to Victoria, for which
city he left on Wednesday.
Geo. Steacy, M. D., M. R. C. S.
of Cornwall, Ont., brother of A. R.
Steacy, ol Lonsdale avenue, who
intends taking up residence in North
Vancouver,  is,  we are sorry   to
There is a rumor to the effect j learn, unable to do so at present
that the sawmill   at   Moodyville'owing to ill health.
will shortly start running again. „,   .,   ..   ,, r>
The North Vancouver Dancing
Academy have changed the date of
Miss M. Kirkpatrick has left for
her home at Ashcroft, after spend- town a visit this week
ing a month wilh friends here.
Today a party of, loci.1 Nimrods
enjoyed a pigeon shoot at the
Hotel North Vancouver butts.
Rod Campbell, sr., and Mr.
Gilchrist, of Vancouver, paid Thf.
EXPRESS a visit on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Kruger left Vancouver by the 0. o'clock C. P. R.
train for tlieir home in the East,
but it is to lie hoped that thev
will return to the coast in the
near future and locate here.
as returned to Hotel North  Vancouver.
For Halibut Fishing;.
Hotel North Vancouver.
the   guest*
this week
The following  are
registered at the bote
C.   0.   Anderson,
W. E. Hawkinson, Seattle
Frank Rcid, Victoria.
A. B. Mallory, Vancouver.
H. A. Hawks, "
]no. Hither, "
S. R. Robb,
F. S. Mallory,
Jim Smith, Moodyville.
A stiong company, including
several North Vancouver resident*.,
has been organized lor ihe purpose
of fishing Halibut 011 the Coast,
and already mailers are well under
way wilh that end 1.1 view. tap*.
Gosse h.ia been instrumental to no
small degree in sucu»>alul|y Min-
,ng this new syndicate, ami is
heavily miei'i'.-ileil 111 the company.
I'ne shareiiulders are assiiit.il 01
SUCCeiii, a.* llie field foC Ailing 1-
large ami plentously supplied,
while the marKet cxtcnus the
length aud breath ol Canada.
Already a trawler is on its way,
Irom England, consigned to this
Company, ami Irom data to hand,
will be une ol the best ol its kind
on the Coast, as it is equipped
with the latest type of powerful
engines, and a complete trawling
and fishing apparatus. As the
quantity of halibut has not
diminished in the least, in spite of
the fact that millions of tons have
liin'ii taken out annually, it is safe
to predict that the members of
this organization will be ensured
ul success Irom the start.
If things upset you easily,  look
out: That is one sign of old age.
The tug Linda brought a scow-
load of lumber from Van Anda for
the Western Corporation on
Master Newton Steacy, son of
our popul.r grocer, is out again
afler his recent illness, which w s
a severe attack of inflammation.
The committee appointed by thc
muss meeting of rural ratepayers
last Monday night will meet in the
municipal hull next Monday night.
Kenneth Harpur, of the Dank of
British North America, is laid up
with a very sore foot at the Hotel
Nortli Vancouver. It was acci-
dently poisoned.
Thomas, tho 13-year old son of
Mr. McDonald, formerly of
Moodyville, but who now resides ou
Second street, is very ill. Dr.
P.iol is ti, aliag him.
Mrs. Nevills an.) son, of Portland, Ore., are visiting friends
here. In all likelihood they will
make North Vancouver their
permanent home.
The Western Corporation will
install a sawmill, with a capacity
of 12,000 feet a day. The establishment ui industries is whal
makes the town grow.
Telephone connection between
here and Vancouver will soon be
an accomplished fact, if the letting
of the contract for the erection ol
the poles bears any omen. The
contra* t Inr this part ol the line
has been awarded tu Messrs. W.
H. Harris and James l'awcett, who
will commence operations immediately, It is stated that as
soon a* the poles are in position
the wires will be strung and the
instruments installed so as tn have
the line in working order before
the lirst ol May next.
The Moodyville Baseball Club
has been organized for the season
with over 20 members. The
officers elected are: President,
N. Parker; vice-president, Win.
White; manager, Wm. Tremble:
captain, F. Harmon; Treasurer.
Leon Nairn; secretary, C.    Mee,
Sixty-five dollars was subscribedi Misses Smith. There was a good
by those present towards the attendance and the gathering dis-
funds, Practice will commence at 1 period at 10130, Theaociety will
once. holdanothei meeting ni \i wi ck,
The members   ol   the   Horti-
cultural Si         ' iheir friends
spent a very i|o\a, . . pi Al
able time on Tuesday evening in
the municipal hall. Councillor
Cornish, who presided, gave a very
interesting talk, in the absence of
Mr. lildon who was to hav delivered Ihe address of the evening.
Ex-Councillor Ball and Mr. J. J.
Woods also spoke. Mr. Blackburn, ol Vancouver, sang several
songs, among which were "Bonnie
BanksofLoch Lomond" and "The
Holy City." Miss Carey also sang.
Tea, coffee, cakes, ele, prepared
by Mesdames ManHain and
'hillippo,  were   served   bv   the
Mr. Stewart, inspector of
schools, was in towu on Wednesday. He visited the schools, and
was well .satisfied with their condition and efficiency.
Work has been started in earnest
on the street railway. Mr. Bunt-
zen, of the B, C. Electric Railway,
is expected to arrive in town about
the middle ol April.
The million dollar fire at Monc-
lon gives the Intercolonial railway
deficit this year a very brown
tinge. Luck is running against
the minister ol railways.
Lord Aberdeen, in a speech at
Dublin, claimed to have heen
responsible for the formation and
development nl what he believed
was still the largest orchard in
British Columbia.
The step in the sidewalk on the
Esplanade in Itont of Ihe Dank of
British North America ought lo he
taken away. Should someone
trip over it in the dark and gel
hurt there may be a suit lor
damages against the municipality.
Henderson's directory is now in
course ol completion, It gives the
names of over 300 residents of
North Vancouver,   Anyone whose
name has been omitted will please
call at Tm Express office, where
the proofs may be seen, and have
same rei lilted.
The members nf the North Vancouvi 1 Aquatic Club as Well as
those interested in ai|iiaiu  sports
boat after the dance.
Women are said to be queer.
The family cat, which was away
two nights, came home with a
split ear, a banged up leg and sore
eye and the women took him in,
fed, coddled aud arnicaed him so
that in a couple of days he wast
fairly comfortable. Suppose the
man of the house, after staying out
two nights, had returned home
like the Tom cat, what do you suppose would have happened to him?
Richard Hargreaves, representing a Seattle syndicate with a
patent process for dipping shingles
in paint, was here this week. The
machine paints the shingles on
both sides and ends. The mill
nun hereabouts arc taking kindly
to the proposition, and in all likelihood Mr. Hargreaves will go into
business iu British Columbia.
The mill men of Washington,
however, are indifferent and think
that thc shingles when dipped will
wear too long.
The British Columbia Electric
Railway Company will, in future,
pay all men employed by them in
North Vancouver, on the 10th of
each month, at North Vancouver.
This is a very courteous as well as
practical move on the company's
part, as, no doubt, it will do much
I to induce the workingmen to make
their abode here and help along tbe
town. Very shortly the number
ol men employed here will he
greatly augmented, and ere the
summer begins to wane there will
be many more residents in this
new city.
A practice that has developed
into a great nuisance and danger
is lhat of people riding their
wheels down thc sidewalk on
Lonsdale avenue. Now that Uie
condition ol the road is all that
could he desired for that purpose,
ihere is no reason why it
should not be utilized. The
attention ol THE EXPRESS has been
repeatedly called to the fact that
sooner or later a serious accident
will be Ihe outcome, and the
council should instruct the chiel ol
police to stop such jeopardising of
tht public safety.
There was big excitement at
Moodyville last Sunday. The
wind was blowing strong, and the
fires started in the stumps back of
thc village were fanned to quite a
big blaze, thus endangering a shcil
or tool house in which were supposed 10 be five tons of blasting;
powder as well as a large quantity*
ol dynamite, The alarm was
sounded and practically thc whole
population startt'ti to flee lor their
lives, Harry Young was not convinced ol the danger and started
to investigate lor hitiwlf. He,
burst in thc doot of the supposed
magazine and discovered one ho*
carefully covered up. and caninl
\ Vi'.vklt N''ti-|'ii|."r.   :   I'ulilishi'il bt
I'lll-', KM'I IKS-: I'KATINi, t'onipanj
Suli i ription  -       Om- Dollar por \ I'tir
IlKOPitlM HMll'I.I.V.
\ i ,-i'rl     .'   ,
tarlciua OIinc
Engliiinl  nre
■n * ..r Hi.' i'i
ul   In   liioaliiml.
..I  ami
Ulllll'll ii.
I'l     .       ■
l,   .t
;  III.lilt
l      1   «'ll l   'I
•al."   p "'I   i-ill
..'    Raster   CUS
tli   ■ -  iv lug:
i. .               ... ring
i       I by tin. iimk tu all i
mi liiirsi Iiiii ic I,        ii ill mil
brouitlll I" Iln   ' ! -ir,'!'"-''il
to represcnl n roil licrrii.14 rliliiig invity
nn liorsobiii'lt nml i* Hi" isl rvsllec ot
the nn"'' |iopu ir pn ( rejoicing
"or ih.- imi ui 1 ie I."ir 11 fust,
ll  wn. erstivli ■■  1        ' .11 l'.ir:l;*li
foi tlu* li"' Hi" Muster
lo  nn  Into llio  street  nud
llie girls itli'iin ili"t tt'i'" .iiii" in catch.
Raster M mil iy, liow it, II ivns turn
.ll"'l!t, [lllll t!'"   tf'illi'll . |l i-i"| tile mi'll.
'  II     ' ■ I to |uv a
rr.Miu.-nl UIo.yIhk ol Cat) Whistle.
1'uralluaT al 1'irs, — *tu Bootblaok
.(anils   IH   Hrlllsll   Capital— V\ u-ateu
L'hiiuui Clean Window.,
Americans sojourning in Tonilnn are
often puzaletl In tlieir lirst tow hours
there to aeeounl for llie frequent blow-
lug of inoutli wliisili's in iln'ir vicinity,
resembling tlie blasts of Bounil with
which tht* New . i.ik postiuun nceotn-
panles iin* delivery of nm l. A Vnukce
who arrived In the British metropol 9
mn' Buiutuor nlglil 1: ■ "I by
i.i' "ii'iH'v retired e irl.v at Ills lodg-
Infra, but was kept nwuko until mid-
night bj the 1.1 eon-
tlnuou 1 blowing tvlileli sug- I
gosted to In.* il:'"'-''  ■ I letter
111 were 1 few win-
1    uIim :u iln- ml. ' g lion
ai breakl 1st thc 1 • he re-
ni.iik"'l thai lie bad otti n lionrd of l.on-
.I.m * fro pn ut mull di        • . '"Ul lie
■ 1 II -■ *n iiuitiy
ui' them us be bad beard the prevwui
"Heard?" Inquired IA Beat 1111111".
"Yes; didn't you bear tho postmen
ni..". ng their wlilallea every few uiin-
utes iniul after midnight?"
'llio English aro I■"> polite lo 1;iurq.
in "lie's face, inn a Buppn used sni'Ui-r
tt"ir around Un* table, breaking into
audible laughter us another New Yorker, who had been in London twenty-
four hours longer than the now arrival,
explained glibly:
"Why, those were rnli rails you
hr-jnl. Every London house has a oab
whistle One Wast brings a hansom,
two a four wheeler."
Cabs mi* essential to London, whore
antiquated stop's nro tho only moans
01 .:i 111.my directions, and tbey
serve aa express wagons as well its
conveyances,   l''ew persons Bend their
baggage ("luggage," it is called over ■
tbo '   .11 advance to railway station or 1
Bteitmer pier.  A cub i* called at the
!  II
I    ■ :
nootbliiik Bliinil Is conspicuously absent from Iln* llritisli capital, but,.-
blacks, often aged men, bearing lhe
label "Licensed Messenger" on their
cunt sleeve, hnvo foot boxes  lit the
chief luterscctloiia of iho priaelpal
thoroughfares mnl ply their trude for
the benefit of transients nml foreigners, Hi".*' ni''' Boldoin linli'oni/.i'd by tbt
London householder,
One of lhe lirst Inquiries innile by
Americana who settle m London la for
a washerwoman. Bul it is soon found
thut this useful person is not to bt>
bud, Very llttlo washing is done it
hniiio or Inki'ii mil by washerwomen
in 1 onilon, nil llio *'iil"il linen I'l'ing
Benl 10 a I1111111I1T    'Iln' result is that
1, 1 tisionied in ihe weekly
vi.11 of i'i" i.iiii.i.i washerwoman at
li'iiiio, llml their liuindr)  bills uot s
i,'        1    "i expeui Un' oilier side
ni ih '
a surprise la in Blore for Un' new
' . di i' in London who :i*l>s the
miildsorvunl  in ''"'.m  ih'1 windows,
"ll,.!,.,.,!.   1,     II      I 'i     ■'   ...'".It'll   if  I
,; .I,   ,'\| >    lie refusei
Monkeys' Rouge,
"K.nu.ii;r' 1* iin- vernacular name **f
Iho 'i'l 'lie produei'l from ih" gluuds
ul' Uio iiinliiie I'ruil ul 11 li'"i' iiiunetl
".Miillnlns pbllllplueusls," which is also
":iil'''l 1! monkey faeo tree" because
monki ys pnlul tlieir fiicca red hy rubbing liiem wilh ihe 11 mi. Hero is a
Btrlklng Instauco of thu InQuonco of
Tn behold i*; ii"t necessarily to observe, nml ilm power "f comparing and
combining is only i" ho obtained by
education, It is much to ho regretted
Unit habits of exact observation aro
not cultivated in our Bchools, To Uils
,1,li'ii'iiiT may bo traced much of the
I'nlin. ,"ii* reasoning ami the fnl*" philosophy which prevail.—W. Humboldt.
Battalion ol Rifle Brigade Out of England For Eighteen Years.
Travel worn by tropical marches,
thlmU'd by disease, linnlenod by warfare, iln- 3rd llnllullon of Iho Rille
Brigade I,in.hi! in I'itiiiinilll Jim, :i. mi
their return from elslucon yours' Ber-
vice In Africa and India on behalf of
iho Empire.
'i'ln' bare  labia  ol  the battalion's
movements lolls n stirring Inlo:
gopt,  18, 1887   I'.'ui'iii l.'il   ni    Portsmouth "ii 11. M K. Borupls for ICgypt,
On arrival employed al Cairo on gar
rlson duly.
\ :i;     '   1888   l."'i  for South  Africa
for 1  ,1   .;i duty 1   w tui" in.
r, 1,  ■, 18SU   Lett for India
Mo, '. isiis   :.i"i'i :.'"i lo form pari ol
.  .i brigade tor tho Olillial Ho-
li, r I--..I-....
11.-. ib   '"I
1 ..     - ,.   Lett tl uvnl H "'li for scr-
II,. ■!',. 'ii l'i' Ul Koi
1817—1 ni ni" lo seven
rulurni Oottu  Khol to
1     |)ii   pi    .    ..1 ■,' Mcerut
January, 1"'     *' ' »de,l !•* IW Durbar
■ 1 ..,'■.■    Din-bill
i'lil on active Ber-
1   " 10 Botnalll I.
\,nv iimso        11   1  warriors  havo
A    ..v.      'I'll  v   1" 111
with   litem   vivid   memories   ol    Iho
1' 1',ih.!..   nn.I   1         of    war,
Thoy suffered partli ulariy when with
th,. Tnshl Force, going through In uv)
marches In Uio li 1    ol llie year,
and being attacked with dy enti ry. "n
ih,. march ihey lost by death one "Hi
cer and forty-eight non-commlaslonetl
"ii;.. rs and men. They wi re at llio gnr-
I" "ii* durbar, and then .1 portion "I tho
inui.iiinn went awuy for nghllng In
Somallland.   Atler eighteen years' nb-
i.ii", they put fn.it once '0 un ihoir
native land.
Sailors Talked to Admiral.
Rome years upo. while Iravollng
from Scotland, Admiral Sir William
Kennedy was joined in his carriage hy
two young sailors returning to their
ship at Chatham, and Iin took tbo role
of a iionniii'iviiti traveler anxious for
iiifoi'iuati'in on nautical matters,
Tho Bailors answered his questions as
to life aboard ship, and when ho ask-
oil what th" olllcora wor" like, and who-
slier the admirals and captains got
drunk and used bud language, llio men
replied, "Oh, no, sir, At least, not in
the dockyard!"
nu Un- arrival of the train at Itnivliy
the admiral revealed bis Identity, bul
though lie was later appointed commander-in-chief at Sliecrness, nil his
efforts i" final the young Bailors failed.
in lelllng Uio story in "The Army
nml Navy Oasotte," Admiral Sir William Konnedy says; "If ovor ll linos
should mod ll ye of my traveling
companions, I irusi thoy will romom-
bi i' 1! tnii.'ivini gonl in the 'soap
nn.1 tallow 11.ul".' nh" would bo gl ul lo
sco llu 111 .if i'n und discuss lhe affair.
"f ilu' navy."
Iiupi      I to weal      '•* the women
siiul     Ihelr lull 1, ami to re-
'   :   I,111  .'0*1  11  -   '.
Iii some "lil towns ureal cakes were
bronchi i" church nnd there divided
■ oung people,
A singular Muster custom was that
•   ad weaving"  A 111:111 sit-
ting  lentedly in his homo wn* stir-
oil hy ih" servar.'B and women of
■ ll ild, wl mori'il hearing a
ii-liair lined wilh wli I    11111
decorated  with  ribbons and  favors,
l'i"' ninn wn* for I to sll In the chair
■"l I,-. Hi- women, to •■ 11 li of
whom lie must give a slxpem c    1
■I ij in Muster week, either Monday or
'in. ih" iiniii lifted tli" women
1"' 111 nu   ' > ■
• i In In* bed by
ml maids of honor, nml 11
.I shows ih" payment made by
'iini i" ha' ■■ 1 11 * " A'i'Si ni six-
lii older days In Rnglnnd 1 it
il plays In 1 linn lies, Hie fate *ul'j""i being Hi" !'".iii"
01   .     ■                    ys "iii.'i.'il in
un !i". "i'i"'                ■.., 1,ot
reneh cnth il
llfii iho sun, it la said, il    1 ■ on
In Ireland groat preparations were
lo for the     I day of I.eni    Holy
' 1 '  ' ■ ' 1 ■    ■ ■.' 1
oof lu   m v    n pul   i ih" i'"i nntl
II "i" wi -" .'.■ im nml 11 .
kll -•   At 4 nl lhe 1.1111
dance In I
sixpence   |.,.t moment, and tho cabman puis
trunk or valise on tbe roof of his vehicle. If one's parcels nre numerous a
four wheeler or omnibus is employed.
On arriving with luggage tile snine
an Hind is ii*"il to carry it lo oue's
bum" or lodgings,
a* tbe baggage covered hansom
bowls along two or throo ragged and
dirty men or hoy-; mny be seen running
be do If nny distance is to be traversed, it will bo noticed that some of
these drop behind one nfler lhe "ilmr.
while others take their places. Tbey
ire nu 1 ers," 11 11 il y men on their
"uppers," who ''nni no occasional shilling by f illowlng 1 iba lo lhe',r destinations and carrying llie luggage upstnln
for the arriving possi ngers,
It would not occur to tbo average
■ . 111 to si"'l; a bootblack out-
side liis own homo for bis morning
"shine." Shoes arc generally polished
hi iho house by the maidservant, It
.1 valel or footman, and the
Tiler.-  Wn.  1'nnse.
"nave you fastened tbo windows,
dear?" she asked as Ihey were about (0
retire i'ir the night.
"No. What's tbe use? 1 gave you
the last dollar I bad lo buy that hat,
mi'! we need not fear burglars."
"Hut tbey might sit down on my hat
von know,"
l.i-tti-i     li'tipped into ii h"\ iu
,  delivered in Hei Iin within nu
i'l n hall.
Minnrd's Liniment Co., I.lmllod,
Gentlemen My daughter, 111 yean
old, wns thrown from a sleigh and
injur, ii her elbow *» badly II ramnln
od 'in and vi ry pnltiful for tlirei
yenr Four bottles ol MINARD'S
LlNlMGNT completely cured her and
slie   Ilns   mil   h"' II   ll'iillllleil   for   IWi
Si  Joseph, 1
Villus truly,
11,  I-1I1 Ann. 1900.
price „     1
lllll,     II
llio ivorlil i- sueli :, cum-
ll*    .1     lieulthj
Iiiii   ihi
Sen mI Ai iiinn*   have   1 11 or-
rested 1 ,1 plotting iigninsl the Sultan
',1 T f
ills   ,,1   babyhood
'   ■
11  lo
ninl    I
rinliil drug*      \li-   Win
C  Ill
I    '' Ii minister ol marl       11
I'lirliaiiii  ■  in  three lien liattlo'
Got Their Share.
An interesting ami amusing story Is
told of the hue President Kruger It
Booms thai some yenra ago ho pn 1 nl
nl, on behalf of the Transva - Ri 1 ub-
He, n iu- ce "f land ainountlng i" an
erf for ih" building of .1 Dutch Ro-
formod Church, Some time afti rwnrds
he was approaclicd by an Inllucntlnl
Jew, who [endered a sluillur roqucst
on in' ilf of ih" Jewish congregation,
The Presldi nl promised lo consider lhe
request, and soon afterwards announced ■ .1; ii" ii 1.1 granted ll A little
whllo Inter, however, he   «
A Choice of E»ils.
A young Si ittclimnn fresh from his
native land had "hlrod <nn" to a west -
.-ni tanner as n harvest hand. He was
Btrong, Industrious isml full ot enthusiasm, inu Hi" mosquitoes wer w*1
latlon i" liim in "ii his experience he
had   i" vi r   pneounlerod   anything   *"
llerce, bl inui' it and persistent, an I
Uicy innil" iii- A" miserable,
"They won't bother y u. Sandy," said
one "f bis follow laborers, "if you smoke
a pipe when they're round ynu."
Bandy had never "s kll,''  but   In-
procured n I'll'" and sotno tobacco ami
l'i".- I. .I to follow ill" advice,
For ii few moments In; smoked with
nun h /.".il and earnestness Then hi
became very pnl". II" laid the plpi
down and placed  llio tobacco by ll
'"Tls varra Riiil" lac keep the nms
(Uliti't'S iitt.it'. 11.i" il'i'il." li" siii'l, wilh
n it,ne. qulverlns breath, "inn I prefaii
iho mosquitoes!"
_, Mos: houseivivti judge thc purirf
of n Hour hv ils whiteness. Whitt
ninioli'iiv lijinilics purity,  Bat whilst
pore flours arc iilivnys while, whin
llinirs arc not always pure.
Royal Household Flour
is the whitest flour that is milled,
It ii also tlic purest. You mny think
thc Hour you arc using is about as
while .15 Hour inn he. Yet if you
place it beside Royal Household
l'lour it will look yellow by comparison, Atk your grocer for Royal
Household, aiul make sure that ba
Understands that you mean it.
lltlil.ii' .Iii'.,, Mills Co., Lid. I
"Ogllvto'a Book l'nr n rook." roa.
tnlns 130 pages of excellent recipes,
Borne never published before. V>nr
grocer tan tell you liotv lo telit FlUili.
A postngi
stamp    iiiiirlii'l  ha* In-
11    1'nl'is, to llnil    eve
.ni by a Jewish friend, ulm complained thnt ih" piece of land they had received vu.*' "iiiy half ih" Blao ol
that given for iho Dutch Reformed
Church. "Well," retorted Kruitor
"ttrnii fault have you lo Hnd? They
1 iho  tvli ile  Bible, bo Ihey gel
an erf; you bi Hove only hart tho Blblo
ami yu not halt an erf." Xatal M.r-
Shakespeare and English.
There I* an old, a very old, mi" told
of 11 venerable lady, tike, after te Ins
ih" piny "1 "Hiun.ei" for tho tlrsi tmi"
said, "ii Is .1 very good ploy as playi
go, inu ii i* made up of quotations.'
Thia good tliiiii". although sh" wai
probably unaware of it. wa* acknowledging, in n r lundnbout way perhaps
waited] Un' Indebtedness of tho English Ian-
The Old Age Question.
gungi i" our nation il bard. Plirhs
-iir- ii."* nml Borne liim * till,,:., iin.-
I.-.mi his ttiiiniK* havo been crystal'
lined, ns It wero, Into colloquial ling
lii-ii. nml there are probably more mi"-
tntlona drawn from tho works 01
Shakespeare than from those of nut
other author, ancient or modern—
Chambers Journal
nil",  mil   iiiii   Ii.
111! A.   iih.'-.
Il-rll   .ll    ill,
'  '
1   uilli'
■ I Lu
\    II
.   ill
ililroi      I
■   ,    I ,',.. is in lhe I vi iln mil
1 lol       f. Illl'inl
-      '.'.  nil - ■ dii .'1.  "".il. 1 -
Help    the   Overwo'keil  Heart.   Is   tl,"
fi   through
your    s)sti i"    ii.ii'i  ef ;
Im* cIurki 'i  It?   111   Am" it'.  I'm,,  for
1],.   11. in  '-  nature's    lubrl  'i"i    .onl
riennsi       .""I    ii ills.-    d ■
limn sitfT'-i■ 1 h Hint II I* III. *n'"St. stir-
isl. nnd in'"' speedy remedy lhat imilioul
:,.,. ii..' knosvi
An erect old gentleman,
ui*   fast   lurnlng   silver,   entered
crowded si,,-.-t car.   lie tm* ..1 .x-i....**= -
t proud "I Ills t"ii' imi carried lilni'
self well. As In- f.-r.,s|-,,l n -lr.it, .1 fns-
sy, ndgcty tt"H 11 il iy   rosi
and "ti- red lhe elderly genllomnn he
S" ll      It" ill ".I!" ll  ttllil   111"  I' 111.ul.1
"No, I Hi.ml, t-ii I couldn't liiini
ef pi "t: .11'
"1 ih, I always glvi ui
old gem '    in"      I she
"Mi"i.mi.' replied tli" nun. withoul
effort lo Imi"  his llii*'ti-.iii..n,  "
very much doubl the 'I sparlty betweei
Th" ti "in 111 I.'ft t'i^ "nr ai I'lil"!
Btrei't Th" old K--MU-. "nnu remalnei
ttandlng.—Manehoalor L"moa.
'i in- 1 tiiiin,,..
Tlm i'tiii|i|i". a pi-etilhir wntcr Insect,
pr"i"-ls Itself wiili a pair nf paddle*
whii h both in Bbnpo nml Roneriil up
pcurnncc closely resemble those iu ust
hi iMisineii.
The Her,nun   ll.-nlli.
Th" Oerm in heath, according to the
hah I popular lejteiul of ihnt couutry, wns
dyed ret! by ihe blood of unbelievers
shed during Clinrlcmngnc's vloleul ef-
fun* in eonverl ihe wli.ile German nation at ouce.
celil    ..     '   '     lllll
The llntiil Templars ol i>iitnria mi
• 'un". im il" iiiui.'   kiippressiuii oi
i" li 1 'ml!"
Un"  ni   ih"    I,mliiie,    bunkers    "1
til - 1."'iilt died mul I'll the bulk
"I   hi-   lollnii"  10 llu- -Inle.
IndlQ.stlon,   that   menace   to   human
ttappli-e...   [illllt'is   In   lis   ui-suiiits.   anil
in,   respecter   "f   persons, has met lis
conqueror  In   S"iith  Amsrtcan  Xervln*.' —
This  Ri.Hl   stoinnrh   anil   n, ifa   rcin-dy
stimulates dlgtation. lonts the n-,v*..
niiis circulation drives oul tinrnritt-a,
ills|i-ls cmielntlon and bring, tinok ih.
glow if perfect ht-Hlth Cures hiindia'a
nr "chronlas" ihai hut. oaill.tl ph,.-
Itilan..- II
A  lllKKInsr rial*.
The digging li*li is a native of the
lakes  nml   liters   of  central   Africa
' l! '0 '"   Uhi'ii llio dry Benson iippronebes II bur-
r"tv* in ih" nun! ni tin- botto f ii*
residence :., ihe depth of two or three
i,'"t, pi", I,, *i",'|, uud awaits the ro-
tliril of 111" Wet M'.i	
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget  in
Origin ol  the Woolsack.
Tin- iinol.iiek on itlmli tb"  llritisli
I.or   ( It,,hi "Ih,, sits, 1- .1 1.11;'" squari
Imt: nl '."in! 1 m. ml mill  red   clotli
It  n.i- 111*1  ii*,-,l in the 1 1  Eil
'."ii'l III . tn remind the 1 rs ol tlie
grout importance ol tlic wool trade t.
England d the conseqiieiil necessity
"i Keeping friendly with Flanders,
Photographing   Disease  Germs.
Uoston, Mn** A discovery ol great
im'iartnncG iu uiedicnl science hm
been mnilo hy Prof, II. ('. Kin.*!, tho
bacteriologisl ol iln- Harvard Medical
School. Tlie discovery relates to iho
photography ol disouso gorins uith-nt
the aid oi cliemicnl coloration,
I'rof, lirnost, who has been assisted
in In* three j-ears' eNperiiiienti.sion
liy I'rnl. .1. I,, .ilorso nnd \\. ('. Snl^
inc. ha* evolved a process ol photographing ihe : "nn- In means ol llio
so-called ulih-ii,dii rays ol the'spectrum, so ihnt each germ stands out
separate, Konnvrly llii* process of
discovering tin- sizo nnd slmpe ol
""im- im* carried on lit- choniicnl
Kvcry drink nf liquor taken, torcn th«
hnirt beyond tho natural \"\\\. It ilea
rnii*->9 kidney nml liver troubles. Nerve
exhaustion is one of On' ailments I'mught
on by fven moderate drinking, Stop «t
onrc tin* line nf liquor. If It Inrnnvfnl*
ences you to 'in this it is proof poiltiv*
tint you have iiir (lispiisf- of Inebriety
and nfrl medical help. Then s^ok for
the I't'fsl std. The Keeley Cure lins rt*
fstnr*it half n mill.mi people bu''k tn
benlih. prosperity and happiness, Writs
to*day fnr rvldenrf ntul we Will prove
our rlisliiu. Address In cnnlMeiii-e,
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
South American Rheumatic Cure Cures       Admiral Togo    \\M    boeil    lltml
■ i
!   ■
■     |)
H ill   in   ,*»nii'
> !   - tin    A    tl   i'.n-
tvi 11k
Rheumatism, h i- Hafc, hni'mlt-H and
h 1*. nul k i'l'* n utmost Inui inl relief
end an absolute cure in from 01 ■ to
iv, 1. 1] 1;■ woi 1 h wilt,']*rs In mosl
11- iii.- form ■ ol 1 lu umntlsm Oi man's
tent I mom l spenl iln rwks in l»d
before ing Hi use     i buttles
cuieil  iii<
ll 1!   SlMlltllll   hll
1:    in bci 11 !•'■ liu
■ , (,.„l
11 urn -ted in
till!  1 1     In-
      1 ' i, ll SO
liciann 'Ihe
103,   ll     .
n.i ■■    ■ ' ,   ■ 1
hsv- bi   ' : id    1   1     .'   n
of 1 ui" nt from
sny nf lhe old | niili-r.
or   tahlcls.      \ few  -I     ,   will
remove llie '
..■.I  ii
poiitlvi c cures
t '
Advance  ui  Lumu ■:   lr.cvii.iuic.
Ill        Thai     M I
 lion ill    lii'i
Iho I   i-o nl  I'lin-
iv,- ili'ciili'd   I     1 Tin* 11I1I Inu   n Mi'lni" the ' li' linn
■ ■ coiMity   1 ninn il*   mil !"■   n ' 'lab-
I'ln nil li.lm'l in' 0 ■ .11....
1,1 ..ll/.''
|i i'n-1 ol
; '
"I   In   lllll'll
I . ihl II   Ol    III,
. I. . . .    .
11 IMI ,,|   III,    I.nit  ,'l   I!       |||
Vi in 11 I
III        Iti      '   ...
II     . ii
I'lico   "i    i" ij" uml   haul ini" 111   mi
lllllll,  nh1.   I) ' >
luliiuted  111  11 •' Ihal
In "i !- ■
V     lab
111,11    11,1
' '
ill   of   t
*  '
i -nun.
iiinn -nhlii'i* iini*l  inui
If you have never used
litri t   1 ..i.^er.
A»lt youi
tilth  |"
'   l.ii,■!    o,
--/PILLS *
mill the order nt merit,
Is the Romance of llie Sen Dead?
While I -I'm It pnl my liiiim i in tin
■ , ■ cent -nl""" "i iii" ureal linei
"Amerika," and looked aboui nl tin
jolly litil" p..ni.'- ol ini nud fom nnd
-is. nt Ih" li.uiililt chill ivollll'll null tin
-il. I. It    I I."1    lllt'll,    llllil    III     ill"    lll'-l;!,.
cut  Dowers    I   ih"   siinrklinu cul
In--, nml tilul" I li-ti'ii.'il to the low-
|iitclii'd l,iii"hi"i mid i,ill, nnd in lhe
ii in   ,,i  lint    ".it    Iiiii..    ii'il coated
it    ii'i'd ti'iy  i h ... it
I hmi     nihil nvet from I'iccntlill* I ii
i'l    '"   I'.iil     Mull,  ol   ,i     colli
ovoiii      nml hnd   t"i mil in nt    iln
r.lllli.M II,nil I :;|,"i -ob,'! 11- I
!li"'i    I"       41 '       ll Wl*      did       'I'"-'
I'l'l')  lllllll. Illlt   11  ll" ■
Inn I,.    I'.vi n n liltln   ivhili'   nn' 1,   ns
.- kind    run-   Im
 'I   ....     |l,|    ll    •< "llll il   I,
to    111*    ("III.    lllllll
I'l i" 'I.it nit   nlti'ti ii'l     "I- ii
i' ■      I nsk«l oi mvsi'lf, "ilm'  lhe)
hnvo 'I-' ' I""-1 ''.'■ i hm i ' I"' '"nl'
Is i1"' line "hi    n't in nt.' iltiul nml
buried r"
Slim In.    llml    ni ;lit    hii'l.ini:   mil
in.'I    III"   nn'..'     Ii'itnnl   n   IllllldfUl   "I
I kni'Vt ' Iini th" rum'
ance nl lhe sen i- mi niiilyiuK tliim*.
Whnl "" hu'" I"-' i- mi i ■   thnn
our oh!    i ni ■ uinling    il     'The
Spin   ' n     ""■ mil uilli ill"
I'lipiol  I llu iln   ■ i.   Wi- im hm. 11.
tli,- hoy, "i 'i    limiiil il"' ivhnrvi   ."i
 1* ttiih bonis]
"il lips, Tin six .I,,ii,im i- ""' ttlnii
n tm ii,"I ih" i,ill clipper ship lin-
lollnweil 'I'   'ni1''"."'h hi'" lhe iunk
Vinil nl Hi.' llilli".'- llnil tu i. li' ■
ih,'  t.i'.i   ■     nice I '   ' i      It i*
I "Ii'l'.  ■ I       |       ll .        ll  lasl!' |
it'll'*    III   llll
nnd 'li" -' lioi
nh! innil llml bus  i" i  l I In I   il
ilsell    nml  i"    I" 1    il      11 ll  llili	
The Simple Life
is best. To live naturally; work
duriiiK the day, keep your temper,
eat^ three meals and take a Ileech-
ain's IMI regularly, as required,
There n no medicine for the simple lilc, or the strenuous, like
Sold Fverywliere.    In boxes 25 cents,
Tn«s Mooney Way
I here's nothing loo good
io go into MOONEY'S
CRACKERS. The best
flour lh.\t Canada mills, the
best butter and cream lhat
Canada's famous dairies can
produce, and lhe best
equipped bakery in Canada,
to convert (hem into the
best crackers you ever ale—
Cream  5odas
They are good cal'ng any
time and all thc time.
Crisp, inviting, locihsomc.
II ii Ihe Beit Value in Canada
To-day at 35, 40 and 50c
per pound,
I Ib.  and hall Ib. Lead  Packed
31b. and 5 Ib. Tim.
OR. T. A. 8LO0UM, Umltnr]
1» King at VV..    Toronto, '. -     i%
■   .     '
st   l.'l
/Iin,iid'a   Liniment Cu'el  Diphtbc
1     Tho  I'm l-  Ai.i'l'ii't   lil   \l
Im.. n im/" ' um ypnl loi
I "it  -il   n  I'll"  lol   tlb" t ll
Attaohoil to ii'" Onrmont Is ■
Gunrnntoo  ot
and Hutu! Wearing Qualltis*
Whon Buying OVERALLS,
See llml ennli nrlloln boars *
label "I'" above
Insist on Gelling
"King of the Road" Brand
And Toko no Olhsr
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
Editor and Proprietor of the Standard,
Carman, Manitoba.
When n ninn lias stood tin* iveur
ami tear nl llio newspaper business
tor nver thirty years and still retains
virility, nml hive ol spurt suffloioilt
in In* make-up to annually hunt the
bounding buck ovor tho prairie or
follow ibe squawking wild gooso t«
it* lair, according to tho statutes ill
mii'Ii cases made nnd provided, thero is
a case ol enn*" mnl effect soinowlicrQ
in the problem.
It may lie that the satisfaction
which the running nl a Biicceissttil
provincial uowspapr iu Western
Canada gives Mr. Qoorgo Harper, editor ami proprietor of the Cm-
niiin Standard, onaules him tn follow
joyously nml Biiccossfully tin' trail ul
the sandhill Stag, nr it may be that
tlie Bound ul ilm "liiiiil.liiinl," of the
wavy is a chango from the olattor nt
tlie priutitig pi"** mnl relieves ihe
nerves ul a newspaperman conducting
nn enterprising country paper mul a
large job printing establishment,
Whntover mny bo tlm causo ami
wlmte.er iiinv I," the effect iu such u
problem i* a matter nt indifferonco,
inr ilie editor nl the Carman Stun
■ Ini-.l is ttell known, nud    his    imiiiy
iriends iu the province of   Manitoba
are nut worried ts tn ttbether ii lir*t-
I'lass     iit'tt*|iiipermiiii    naturally    hi
OOIUOS a sportsman ur    the Inter    nl
mil aiiil gnu  bt'i'iiines    iiei'i'ssarily
gnitil angler tor business ur a tiieli
pursuer nl a political opponent.   As
matter ol faot, the I'umlnit.itinn i* u
usual and Mr. Iluiper is au except nui
tn the general rule.
It was in the order uf things that
Mr. Harper sliuithl hnve been bniu in
the "iniulv ul Huron, the blrthplac
ol ninny prominent   Canadian nows-
piipermeii ut the prnviiii-inl press. He
tin* burn iu (iiitleiii-li. Wheu be was
seven year* nhl his lallier with his
laniily removed to the city ol Hamilton mid under the circumstances it
i* tn Ite BUppOSOd lllllt llie Illtllle edit-
nr ul tlie An mini Standard lelt it a
duty tn nu tulli them. tMucatcd
hi Hamilton, lie nt mi early age developed a taste lur printer's ink. iu
comparison with which the desire
nf the man-eating tiger Inr liu-
uiiin blond is n passing fancy, He
entered the printing lin*iue** in the
iiHiie ill the Hamilton Spectator whero
be learned bis trade as n compositor
nud lur thirty years itiirl.etl either iu
that iilli"" ur the ulliie ul its rival,
the Hamilton Times. The newspaper
iiihi"* ul iho two well conducted,
clever llamiltun    papors    were    good
M'liimls iii blight, up-to-date jour*
naliam and there is ovldenco ol the
brightnes  ut the Spectator nml the
solidity ul tlie Times iu the Carman
Standard ol to-day. Thirty years
train a mnn whoso inily holidays are ii
lew Weeks' lisllillg ami sliuuling evely
Mr. Harper didn't roapoild in the
call nl the West iiniii 1808. We*t-
"in Manitoba hadn't dovolopod lufilci-
ontly befure thnt lime.    The shunting
oieollent though it might he mi* imt
BUfflciOtll   In    line     Mr.   Ilaipi'l     llum
tlm shadow ui the llamiltun mountain
nud the ehiiriii ul a non'spapor sittin-
t ia,,. dominated by John Robaoii Cameron until iiii opportunity came in
buy nut the Carman Standard, Mr
Harper bought It,    Thoro are several
reasons that  WOllld lellil oil"  tu in let-
that  Mr.  Harper has    nut    regretted
his western movo in IH1I1). The
town of Carman has doubled in population since his taking eliargo ol its
principal paper. .Mr. Harper probably does not claim any particular
credit I'or himself as to this any fill',
tlier limn tho fact that a bright,
newsy nowspapor and an up-to-date
lob printing office are not supposed
to lie drawbacks lo a town's growth
and prosperity.
Tlm Carman Standard i* conducted
on iu 'epi'iiilent lines politically Mr.
Harper is himsolf n liiliei'iil-l'iuisci vn-
tivo mnl in the stress of political war
whon tho liatlli'   wages   fiercely   all
along llie lighting line il i* nul to lie
ii'iiiili'ii'il nl il an occuslonnl nrticlo
in the Carman standard would lend
lhe casual ii'iuler lu believe that Mr.
Ilnrper is giving his political predilec-]
linn* nu outing, Political opponents
lint", hint ever, lil lie. or in, rciiMiu tn
cavil ni ilie political nttitudo ol the
Carman   Standard,     Straightforward
mi'i inu'. Mi. Harper .1*   ns 1 li   n
*l"iri*innii in ilie political Held ns in
Ih" Held "I sport, He *llonl* nn llie
timg nml iilii'ii llie politicnl llighl is
l,n*l ili*ilnin* in lire ni 11 titling bird,
An nulluisinstio sportsman by hold
nnil *it"iitii, Mr, Harper 1* n cnpitnl
■hoi mill the iill" ur Imt ling piece
nml devotes tlm major portions ul n
newspaperman's leu holidays to hunting null Ailing I lips ninl i* looked
npoll n* one ol ilm iiui*i successful
lovers ol ibe imi ami gun iu wostern
Cnmula lie occasionally gues far
illicit! ami lias just returned from n
*iiit"**IiiI sporting dip in ilm Okan-
agan Valley, the Bportsmau's paradise ul llritisli Columbia,
Some day whon the Btrcss ul life in
Carman becomes too strenuous mul
the rewards ul a long, faithful mid
lenrlt'ss newspaper career are evident
in 11 uingiiiiii'i'iit bunk account, Mr.
Harper may make hi* lodge in the
happy limiting grounds nl ilm Okan-
agan Valley. Iu the meantime he
will edit tlie Carman Standard, run a
first-class job printing office nml be
satisfied with the ducks, goose anil
prairie chicken in the neighborhood uf
Mr, Harper is married, Ilis ttife
wn* Mi-* Dickson, of Hamilton, lie
has a Family ut unit sou, William J.,
lusurnuco Manager, Winnipeg, and
nne daughter,
Nted  an  Occasional  Tonic to  Maintain Health and  Keep the
Skin Clear.
On every Bido one sees young men
ami growing boys   with pule,   pnsty
complexions, their faces covered with
pimples nml their gnte shambling and
iistle**.    Such    1,    condition    is    extremely dangerous—the   bloo   i*   nut
uf order  a complete breakdown may
result.   To put   matters   right;   to
give thnt    spring tn the    step,  that
i'l"nrii"*s to the skin uml tlint glow uf
health tu the line, 11 tonic is 11 led -
A Delicious Drink
' All  (lie  VosVeft  Tn  One **Vonl.
There nro but six words In the English language which contain all tbo
vowels lu regular order-viz, abstemious, nt'senious, iiueniinis, facetious, ma-
terious nnil triigedlmis. There is hut
one word which contains thorn in regular reverse order, und thut word is duo-
literal, llesides the above there aro 140 'And Irom a Used up Man lie Became
Ceylon Natural Green Tea will outdraw
the finest Japan grown.
Lead   Packets   Only,   40c.   50c,   and   60c.   per   Ib,   . At all   Grocers.
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
Knglisb words which contain all tho
vowels In Irregular order. Twelve of
these begin with the letter a. seven
with b, twenty-three with c, sixi 1
with d, fourteen with e. tour Willi f.
seven with g. one wilh h, six With i.
two with J, two with in, two wilh u,
two with 0, thirteen with p, one with
q, live with r, nine with s two with I,
fifteen with U ami sis wilh v.
Looked Suspicions,
Mm. .lyiiies 1 had unexpected gonil
luck yesterday In looking inr a llul. I
found nn apartment house where tin?
rooms ure elegant, the rent reasonable
nml the agent doesn't object tu children. Mrs, Blykoly—Mercy! Ihopoyou
didn't agree to take it. There must bo
something wrong with tho neighborhood,
A Queer lllril.
Natural history always Interests children, who usually recall explanations
of the phenomena In their own wuy.
An account of tbe habits of the cuckoo,
for Instance, was apparently absorbed
nt the time, but wns reproduced thus n
few days later: "The cuckoo? Oh,
that's the bird that doesn't lay Its own
lli-iulil    lll.ltl'lt.
"Nonli's wife," wrote a boy In nn er-
".ruination, "wns called Joan of Arc."
"Water," wrote aiiotlier, "is composed
of two gases, oxygen nnd cniiilirigeii."
"Lnvn," milil a third, "is what the barber puts on your face." "A blizzard,"
declared another child, "Is the inside of
a fowl."
Y.nlf Mi,nines.
I have In my tlmo lived on Intimate
terms wlih the officers of most nations
in Europe,  My experience of British
officers (among whom 1 now hnve tho
honor to count many friends) is that
they nre second to none in Intellect and
Instruction, but tiii*\ blon entendu, only
1 until golf links and 11 gulf ball become
i visible. Then thoy are maniacs, I try
: to talk to tin-in of Bcenery, literature,
art, politics, etc.-they  nre polite, of
1 course, the English always are—but I
' can see Instinctively that there Is only
one subject to Interest them, le sacre
white ball.—A Foreign Visitor lu Civil
mid Military Gazette, Lahore.
Cash or Cure
The Distinction,
"Do you say that ns n lawyer or t
mnn?" exclaimed nn exasperated witness whom a lawyer wns cross examining. "If you say It as a man, It Is n
lie and a slnnder, but If you say it aa
a lawyer It's not of the slightest consequence."—London Telegraph.
Fear Is Implanted In us ns a preservative from evil, but Its duty, like that
of other passions, Is not to overbnai
reason, but to assist It-Johnson.
II Shiloh', Contumnhon Cure {.if, to cure
your Cold or Cough, you gel back .1! you
paid lor il.   Vou air iiiir ol . Cm. oi
Ih. I ..It.
If il vv.tn'l . .mi- cure, llii, oflei would
not be made.
Can .nylhinjj be Lite, >
II you have a Cold, Cough, or »ny di,e.s*
ol iho Throat, Lung, or Air P.iuget, try
25c. per boltle.    All de.lell guai.nlee il.
The preparation of peppermint Is especially nn American industry. The
peppermint Is cut when in bloom, like
hay, dried, placed iu close wooden vats
and steamed. The oil cells burst and
the oil passes upward with the Steam,
In England, out ol
habitants seventy-throe
sixty yours ol ago,
.ne ih
A number of young   teacher* from
Franco and Prussia nro to be attached
which Is condensed and conducted Into  to schools in Scotland,
a receiver, where tho oil rises and Is
piped off. It takes about UnO pounds
of dry peppermint to produce one
pound of oil. Au acre of land yields
from six to ten pounds of oil, often
more, even as high ns nfty pounds.
.lolin Jacob Astor, son ol William
Wiiltloi'l Astor, has joined the Fu-t
l.ii" Guards in Lniiiluu.
as Smart as a Boy,
Orliind. dm . March li, (S| lal).—
Mr. L'hoster I iis, I>| nml respected liirnier living   m ilu* section,
i*   *|il"illlillg   lilliiiili'.i  I    III"   good   I"'"*
nml   Delhi's Kidney   Till* nre   n .111,,
'"it" fur the I.mi •   Ilnn,  I Kidney
DisoiiM  su "ilium,111 among nld people,
Mr, Liiuiiii- ..it-.
I ill 1 Tl  I- 11   of 11  r nn! -mini nm!
ncl   '  11    '   "..  I     ni'   Dodd's
1. I'nl   .ni ii'  rr,,(|ii  1	
H"i  1   1 ' '. 1  '■ Dodd    Kid-
lie) IMI I .1 " used up I 1 ".i'l
in Hm. ,i..| , could
im' 'in mi', .'i.t , .., uny kind, Ever)
bod)   thu      '   I     ., .1.1  m.i   Ine  lung.
Dinid -  hi Ine)   I'n ■ ,,  tiiiu,!,.mil
renin 1.
Hi"   ki'iii.i-   0]   llir  .lining   may   li"
nt"" .   .  Iiii t     ..1 u„.' old
musl ne lining li"'lil * Kidney l'ills
iiiiiku nil 1,1,.1,: kidneys right, Thut
I* "lit 'In .1 nh' Im "1,1 I11I1,- greuti -I
Korgel \„iir i„si in,in,-.
Niipol 1 Hu- Ureal 011 one uf Ills
campaigns while walking about lhe
Clinip one night, us lie was aei'iistnined
In do lo discover how tbe soldiers were
occupied, I'liiimeii io come upon a
croup listening to an exeited speaker.
Napoleon stole near tn listen ami found
iliiit Hie mail was regaling bin comrades wllli un account of buttles Unit
Napoleon had lust.
"I bad lhe fellow hanged as a traitor," Napoleon said. "Men do not win
battles by the memory of battles lost!"
it was perfectly true, a distinguish
Sunlight Soup Is heller lhan olhor
soaps, bin Is best when used in Hie
Sunllghl way. Buy Sunlight Soup
and Allow directions.
Dr.  Williams'  l'ink  l'ills in led.
A* pmnl ol this. Mr. Charles Diofotl-
tbal, l'J St.    I'rsule   street.   Quebec,
says: "Frequently my Btttuies necessitated my remaining up until n lute
hour. Tho result was that my system
gradually weakened, nnd iii December,
1003, I »oomod to collapse. I tm*
completely run down and went under
the can' oi u ilui'tor, lint instead nl
guiiiiug strength, I    BCOl 1 In   grow
tti'ill,"!'. I COIlld uol take solid food,
did not    sleep    well,    ami    lieakening
nitlii *iieuts gave me further cause
lur alarm. Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills
were brought to my notice und I bo-
gall their use. Almost from the out-
sot they seemed to help me, but it'fri'|m
un* somo weeks before there tins 11'
-notorial chango for the better. From
thut time un, howovor, recovery wns
rapid, nml in 11 couple ol   months 1
nils as ttell Ils ever I hull been, lllld
ulile lo resume my studies."
Every dose of Dr, Williams' l'ink
Ils mnkc new, rich, red blood i every
drop ol pure blond gives strength ami
vitality tu the whole system, and this
strength brings health. That i* wiry
Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills cure such
en*"-11* anaemia, nil stomach ami kidney   troubles. St. Vitus dance, I it
palpitation, tlie afflictions known only
tn glutting girls und    women, mill 1,
bos! ui ni her   ailments   from   which
both young mul nld sulfer through
had blood, Sold by dealers in inoili-
"ine nr by innil nt "ill cents u bnx or
*i\ hoses lor $-1 ."ill Irom the Dr. Williams Medicino Co., Brookvillo, Out.
The Duke und Duchess nf Con-
naught iiiuil" u tour of tlie diamond
mines at Kimherlev.
Spain has 000,000 titled persons;
tliul 1- In say. nbotlt line ill every
thirty-eight   inhabitants.
Tlie king oi Italy has 'JIM horses
aeh ttith its mime printod in white
over its manger,
Dickie's Anli-t'oiisninpllvo Syrup
un unpnrnlelled remedy for colds,
coughs, Influenza and diseases of ilm
throat iind lungs. Tim innil' oi ih"
medicine rests upon years or sine..*,
ini use in eradicating these affections, nnd In protecting mankind
fatal ravages of consumption, nnd ns u neglected cold leads in
consumption, one cannot bo too careful to light It in iis early stains,
Blckle'a Byrup is the weapon, use It.
The Rand hu* now u population ol
114,000 out ul 200,000 whiles ill the
worth ut
exported    nearly
siignr Inst yenr.
*   llul' I    *>„„■,    l.linals.r.
Tli" mini who thinks lienirr- hit .*i"-uk.
Mny nut lie often heard.
Hut then win be few tlmos when he
Will haVS to break his word.
If he tells you to take Aycr's
Cherry Pectoral for your
severe cough or bronchial
trouble, then take It. If he has
anything bene, then take that.
But we know whai he will say;
for doctors have used this
cough medicine over 60 years.
■1 h»»n m-H A..,', Chairs reelnral (or
herd '',,''il, tan ,'im.lia. .11* 1,1*11.ns.. It hu
Son. ms .rr.l .nnil. .nd 1 hall... tt ll th.
1h*»i r..'i.i. miill.ti... In tha world (or all
throal .ml Inti. ■.. i.i.l.a -   hi i 0, Hi i ami
All*.'',. ""."'.
UlmlOtS completed his
airship yet!
he's still
up lu tbe
I IL,   n,„|   I ,,111..'
s) • it from rising "f me ma   '[
'niii th. y iiniii ine lamps, 1
woman's work i. novel tiune—   i|
Chancellor Von Bueloiv declares Ihal
tli,- Moroccan conference uill have u
latislactory result.
But. ol Ohio, City ot lols-tlt,
Luna. County,
Frank J. Ch.ney mak.i oith (hit he
li .snlor partner or th. firm o( f. J.
Cheney & Co., doing buelne.i In the ciiy
ol Toledo, County ind But. ifore.ild,
nnd that slid firm still p.v tli. sum ol
ivery can ol Catarrh tliat cannm b.
eur.d by th. u.a of Hall's Catarrh Cur..
Sworn to b.fora m« and subscribed In
my pr-s.ni.-i litis (lb day ol Pec-ember,
A. n. 1S«6. A. \V. nl.EARON.
(■tat.) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Inlarnallv
and acts directly nn tlm bloud and muc-
ou, eurfarea ol tha ay.tern.     Sen* [or
L.tlmonlals Iras.
F.J. CHENEV  & CO., Tol.do. O
Snld In- all Druggists, ;',s.
Take Hall's Family Pllla (or constipation
forty-throe thousand unloaded -holla ed military officer affirmed that after
tumid  III u Jell'.* I
in   Wm
American Bailors   from the American cruiser squadron   are sightseeing
in Kniiie.
Prof, Wilhelin Ostwild i* to report
University ol I,
troops hint been beaten in a battle It
took weeks: to get them to lire aa well
;is they hnd done before. llml snivel.
deiiinrull7.es them. If one Is continually
looking back nt the things one has
missed In life tui" loses the power to
grip whal is yet within reach of one's
spoil  bands,  Loudon Spectator,
French traffic
-till undisturbed.
tilth    Venezuela
Hair Grow
8iti.ll.il wiili your short, ituMry,
KTitgly burT Or wouldjrou Ilk* H
lonnr, riohir, thicker f Than Iti lt
th Bill's Ves-irUM. Mc-il-ru Hilr
Ranewer. There's solid coinlort lsi
hindiomo hair, (lit ill Bl happy I
To, Ih. ahlak.r, an. ut.ni.aai-he v. m...
nn ninn ta, s ini i, ,.„..,. . rick >,.».
,i, a a.,11 Mat.    hM&LttCO   MMltva  N. _
The largest body of   tinier in
the world luivilig    uo   nutlet  ill
ocean i* tho Caspian Sea,
Minard's   Liniment Cures   Colds, 4c,
The lace trado affords omploymonl
to 200,000 pel-sons in Franco,
Jiipuii is now nhle to enn*' nu i battleships ul any sice iu hor own dockyards.
It i* rumored   thai the   taotoi ol
Shanghai has I n appointed governor
ui I'll.iii.
A Cry (or Help.-A pain In tho back I.
1 cry ol the kldnevs (or help. South
American Kidney Cure Is the only run
Hint hasn't u (nllui.. written iit'ilnsl II
In raaea nt Plight's Dlssaat. diabetes,
Inflnininati'.n o( Hi. bladder, grsvej and
Otnsr Isl.lna-v alliii.nts. Iiniii mat-cl
Hi*    aimnenlly    Inslimlnf-nnt    "sinus."
Tins  powerful  liquid  ep.ciao  prsvsnts
tnd cures.   70
The Chatham Incubator and
Brooder has created a New Era
in Poultry Raising
The .setting Hen as a Hatcher
has been proven a Commercial
THE SETTING HEN-Her failures      T,     n,,ll„m Inrnl,»ln»   anil
hat* dummgid man, a foully niter.    "*e Utatliam Incubator and
You can make money        hood" has aM P'0™1- a
ralsln-i chicks in the rlrfht    Money [y^
way—lots of lt. _
So nno ilouhts lliat there Is money In ral.lnj   * 11,11a.   Plnaannl rn.l Profit.
chicken, win a tool Eaoubatoi mnl Breeder,    A, V "5      ■«•■■«•' cnu I roiu*
Usersollliel'lmlliauiliiciilial'irnndllniii'lrr able liUSlnesS lor VloilU'll
hare .,11 manle mime". It ymi still t'liuu tolln,
nlil Idea Hint ynu nnu lUOCUSfnllS rmi ** limillry
inislness u.inir 'lie lien as u tiattitier, uu ttuulil I'
do. J    IM III,
Nl. 3   510 Ut>
in.ess has tnannted miinv to make ■ ,
more, mow than thev tier thought    .
possible oul u/ cliicht. '
nld Idea liiaAiiu c«,i siiu'eVafully run afimillry Many worasn ..re today rnskliur an tad* Everv Farmer Should
nutaM u.„,k- Uie ban it- a li.lcluii, tie ttould r-*wl«at hvi'S *M f"»'"» ' .,"'"'"'' V"" a   .       I.      ,          tJus-uas.
Ike tor.it.on si-ith rou. mcnUi Nlstal poultry siiu, t LhaiLaiu Imu- Kiil.sr I oultry
In llu Oral |ilui'*, «< can prof! to ynu Hint ualor.                                                                                                  .. a .^,-aa.
your actual oa.h Im. in aa,... wiutb the 'M1.... Any si-orain with a little lelmr. lime at her . Atmoit every firmer keep. Inns, Mtwam
-limiltl lay durum the time yim keen them dliim-aliin, wlll.out my |ireriou. ei-iirleure hekiio».ll,sllli«rei>a. »rl.lii.iuii.unli.(|'iiin.
halchlnjand hmndliirf, will be eaoiiKh to pay or wuhuul • cut ol ut.b. beiiin the poultry In Hie Iiuiiium, eten stlien leltiimjl tike n-l
ei-bl wonks of layinc llniue week
and live weeks tttklnir oa;t- uf the riiiikeasl, or
asyin the slghl weiiks she would htt* at least
llul ntilber ia at tramp '*
lhe   One    llilm;    Ite   llrenili'il.
Mr* ii, nli:im  Are ymi afraid lo die?
lieiihnin I wouldn't he if I fell *	
thut t ti'iiii'in i moot your mother.
all, Mae,
au raanulaetu-.f. •(
}    stwiriinii i.
nun VKlM.
Keip the bowsls opein with ont of
Ayer'i (Milt at bedtime, lust ono.
'llii*  nt   nn., ,
Lives nf lit'-ut men all remind us
11 if "in I in ii.- rs Huliliin.
V'l> can I' ne somo sinus behind ua,
tiliutvliig vto iiitd nil the lima.
Mnn,-  Yenra Anti.
Patlenco—Uo yuu rcmetnher your
Ural I,,**';
Patrice Oh, noi I was ino yuunu.
.Insl a t onlrsalo,,.
'"'imimii I nm no phllanthroDlit,"
'tin' swlndlor.. mi. "iis inu,
1 ii niii it■■ .ui in., lookout fur
The guod things i i.m do."
A  l)ln.-renee,
II"  Don't jiii liiini. Hint some of bur
in ln**S nre sinurl?
"Tlley anil;. but they do,"
\i i   Ll in mm ia   thu coal  "1 the
engine* nil  il   tll*l.('ln**  Una r I   1,1   it .11'
u iiiiint' Harts "i lA.'l.n"! I.i i Jan
Unit    |.Iiili'il   ii I   the   It"1''   I     I.i
II ll "     "I'lllll.
Aboui   per " ni ol III
<i.xa ill .1 iai  i- Cliristtit.il.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fulls. At all druggists.
uicluiiK proni.uuuituuieiu. wufihe'ibould be kasptM It Bis
Hf rnur.e. lUOOSSS depend, on fettln.* a *tay to r.tiao .-1,1.1. fnr prolfl ts to beg-in rWbl,
,-■-•-.- a T".".1"V."';. l' 'A'".': rlabt atiri.   You uiu.l benm HgbL   Yuu "an l,yu,.talliii>-ii litlliniii Im uUl.Tai ,J llro'si.r.
throe down e^s.   I.-Ulieri,.itlisin liniibalor Mv.          k    un). ,„„,|,|„r„|,l„*„„„„, „ », \<|lh ,n, h a nia. bine ynu i.u bejlu batchluf
mi Hie titttsihluH, "hile lhe ben Bins on laying  p,,,^ r„„r wUh ,„,„, „ hatcKel-a!    You on a large Mala al any time.
*""•                                                            must base a gmai Inrubalnr and llimaler, but Ynu ran only gel on. crop off your Held. In
Htir N'o. 3 Inoubator will hatch asmanyejrga Ibis means in the ordinary way nn iiit.-aliiient a year, but with a Chatham lii'-ubalur and
la iweuly ..ning bens, and do it l.t'.'i;.  Now,  which, perhaps you are mil prepared t„ uuik. Iln, ,.1,-r nud ordinary atteiitnti. ynu can rsisi
I'-iti.. t , "an ni .ii .n'.i.ii,,'..                       just now. ami tbla U ju.l wlu-i. our spi'tiial BblcaeasCroro early FiTlng until Wlnte* ind
Ifyonksep'.'ibeii.doinlaylng           oHer cum., in. bate., clou every month.  Tbliikofltl
fur S tt eeka, in,w muck i mil di,               |( y„„ ,r. In aintest, we will ait Ton ,ip In ..W » »w (iiruicr. b.ye dlwotend that
„  you Inn II aid, hen wuol.lhsye             the poultry Imsllu.. without I OUI ol pui I'-'iai'i'iey In Ilia "illry bus.,,...n liar.
■   laid .1 du.en egg.. »„,1 eggs are           d.,w,',.   || we itere not .tiro lhat the Chatham '/''l'1,""",'"","!' ",' __*f X ,:r,°.1"" ', "
wurllii'i-cnuperduatsll    Ann IOO*. Incubator and Broodel 1. the b..t end Hi.t '''> '"! ," '"•' ■'1* J,",""1' ,'*' ',*",' '"""*•
Thirefore, when H,a Chatbsm Inoubaior is wltiu sad a re,„„,,aiiia .mount „f e,t,„i „n '"i'*;;', r'"';'",',* k".,ltl,.";j'),.,   .. , r„t
hitli'lungll,,, number nf egg. lb., liven,,   *"'.* I'**' yen »t« "■■'^..iiolV.Vreiow"'''' "'   ' '       "*'',! "'. .  !!(   ...'llLlknow
W0,idhal.-l,,itla eallyeiroingmraalifoMNU  would nut Uiake th. .pei I.I oiler below. i„ ,,..., I „ k,,,« .ill, a I b.ll.am Imu
OO, tva-fdu i.ni'li.'iiig.'ur your profit cbnk. , , i., , „,.i [irood.r,  If... )..„ angi.aiiy uu..
lak'ti. Your wit. or daughter ran atlei.d to
t',e luichln. ai.l look after Hie elilrken. with-
nut iiilirli'ting will, their regular bouMbold
In. uisrk.l Is always good and price, are
never l"*».   Iliedemsii't ia alvt.ja n, »,< .a. ,,.'
rai lite, ruin Umssof tns ,..* >'"i
, . ,      • ,"■! .aiet.,a>a f'T
roodoroltar*. **lthnt imlhain 1,1,'ui.sior and
i      in i.'i .an at„rt bat.tiing at H,a rlgbl
ng fur
.Inhii    Mitchell, |iiii|iii"iiii
II ni I'"-', i- dead, n [i il ■
The  hi'-li"*i   mill	
tt'ul I i   i i I," ', iill in i.     flu
,   .   in ( nliu.i'lii.
in  ll".
Minard's  Liniment Cures   Distemper.
■ i     '.ii I'lilnie,   niiilon, mil now
hold I  .■
Worms ih nun'" Hi" tvi",'
Mother Hi.if '  Worm   Extorinlniiim
i worms   and   rIvi   n
tho sufforer,    ll onl) costs 23 conn
in in li uml I"' "iiiiiini  i
'iy Hie wbiiii-ale, andl'i'ing ready to do lb.
a tine thing ot.rogitui tbe luOmSDVSMh balill
In 'iff.
tiun't yon think, therefore, thnt It nays tn
ki'ap the bens laying ami let lb. I baibalu
liiiiiliator do ilia hen bliigl
limn are many other reasons eby the
i bittlutin  lii"ibator nnd llrineler oult-iaasa.
ill. a.ltlllg lien
Tbo h els when „hn la mdy   ThsCbst.
bam Incubator l> ilwin r™dy. Hv planning
■"•.,.e 'I , i,.M. al lli„ righl llu'. ymi may
iisre pieiey ,,f nrmieia to -ell when broiler.
.te i.,ar, e and j,i '■ "a nl lim ton imli li. If ynu
depend on ine ben, y nr ilmk* still |row in
broiler. i.t whon evtry other Imu *i lucks an-
Iielng uiaikeleil, and ttlmi, 'be ui.n I. -ml.,,
ThShen Is a i'.iie'e»ainell,er. often leading her
phlck. amongit ttiii-r.,.., liu.bea.aiul la place,
ttiieio i.i' I, - .tie her young,
Tns ' lialh. i li ler behave. "."If. '. a
"■.'■''   ii, iti .1  i''.'l    '   "■   t ire-IJ- 1"-.* a ilmk,
.nni is not Infested with lice,
Ali'w her, il In tell nn reaaonabll
r,:,.iui lor ..in,inu,in: 'i.i ,. , , i i lion ia ■
hnlober anil every ree-ni, wh. you ahuillii
I,real bllhlin li,''iil".i. | ..n-l I"
lie si" uiakinK ii t.it- special oilir, which
itttlllpay y„u 10InTMtlgaU,
Smull Premises Sufficient
i or i'oullry Raising
Of i-oiir*", if ami list,' lot. „f room, sn mnrh
.,' bitter, bill many ., man ami woman «ie
'isrrylngona-ii''i'a,i'il and profltibli i   iltrj
I III 11,111   IHI PAID
You Pay us no Cash
Till Alter 1906 Harvest
"QenUunto.  Tour No, i lunthttor I"
':'■  :      -i    Kll  li.un     -. Il--JJ Iti *'-'liiiilr m«   fjul,,     |  R,r ,l(.r;-, " .   H ?i        . m   "".       \,\  ' \   • III HtlOlDAy «t \\ i:i*t\ 11» " I
, ,i',il proflUblo i.iiiilttj   ,.nf „ i,rktr nnu ffoui yi
builnaN Id «flinall «lt/ or townlot Anyom Locrwuud I lay Ont.
IIXJplill) prlrtjroucftntO^ t~t
»lthn. liBlhmn llu
lit rwht
UU I  i'i bHlig thi -•   ■   (6  I
■ .#• t l"w •"'! "tt
I    -. , ,   . |   .isntMucttr
dii«j'lit,.      u    •'
IV( --   - ■ t- ■       t
bUllllMlfor t-\n\ f.i r iii. r wi   I will gn fcDOUl it
TU\.\    All v .      . i t.ntt.fctil
li * iibttoi ind hi-* .in ind »* .-■ i     ii*' . ■ *■
hull* FoiiftN I
I   -  •     <i.   ■!.,.•. j, »i,y wi limkf thi il»«-ill
Wr kimw U)IM l« nintuy In riitliitf thl-Vm,
.v.- k'n"* thi i hflbftn Itn-uLitut nia
R      erbftii loqaftl
Wflknom timt *»iih my ri"MnniMf pfT'T. nn
roor |i»rt, \n i. i-.iiot i,ut nm ir tti"iic> uutul
IbiCoftthiu ii'       -I*  ' proodfjft
. i thil vsi* in.»]'' h -.initlnr offpr UU
JIM mid thnl inrui) OMt,thiMltMnU **M
I mnl iimt in tuny
,.,.... inf.li-*>' wm iccoDipft&m hj iillcri oi-
I *     if*itUfftilion.
I    '. rote. *■<■ ti wr nn hf.tlti.tlnn In ffinklni
I thli pro]    ■   i to en
'■*itii 1 fitir ilr.ed -'       oi       ■ Rod ii ftunili
yirnl oin rftlM uoultrj1 'ronubly,
<•» it lirgn one froin yoa nm nir. ii. .M. i11"'1'* VMJ| ,l "nw iipondiUri uf uma
u itwouu, Lludtty.OnU" '   '*»■   ,
.'(,,..,1.,,,,..,    i  nilI1|,  ,in(h \n.,,h_,nm _nA      Ihiircfii'j-infmi« tint Mf wi" ••■ yn Nt In
* & iuX'i:*.rn^^ ■
swtr Iron tl Id IdM of trying Inilnlm.ine
ii'l -elliiij, 1...... italiaN liera.    YOU .     a
1,1 ll '  tnle.lllil.-
nil,.- -        ■'.. ,''., i" iiarti-i,
Ol ■ ,.   I lied never "en, ,n    'sl-ir      If,,'.,..
iiatiiain iii,iiili,'"ruii'l in     - until 1 received) r-. Iwupl landiJir-    svrlti tu 11
rnenelile..i,'Hl,nilT Iiig.ia fairalnrl Inllie [ill-' "     ■'" i *'per eenl, Hid tlie "1,1, ken. addrsna, Marl Wl Will
Kill list' in ih.' poultrj l.iaiii.—. tie Malts are all str.ui": uml  lieiilthy.    A cl I  Ifbellllllli
a very special otfti ttlimii u i. ivuiu, ,    . , i„:,.Micccnfully. J,.. Hai,Lata, to make inoi ...uiuda.
silille to In instigate. a,., Man." t„i iiallialu.
JVe osn sunpir yen pulekly Iron our dlstrlbutlni * iratimi.e. ai ''algary, Brudoo, Iteglna, Winnipeg, New Westmln.l.r. ll.''. Monttes:
Inlit.il., I l.n'liiiiii    faclorf.l .'l I lialii.M. hm.. ,,', 1 DlTHOIT, .'lull,   » bU
The MANSON CAMPBELl CO., Limited, Dcpl. No. 235, CHATHAM, CANADA
Let-lis quote you prices on a good tanning Mill or good Farm-Scale, i'lll'.   EXPRESS
Real Estate
We have enquiries, lor pooil
Business uml Residential
property. List yours with
int. iVe do the biisiiu'is.
Consult  us lieloru  buying.
Junction Block
North Vtneouver.
Lots for Sale
50,60,66 "132 FT,
r*M 180 I. SI JO pir let
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave..
$700 Cash.
Queens & Lonsdale
Rolled Oats
Hay and Feed
Milling Co.
Harry "Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue,
"■•le Aptnts for
Su t Ion & Soils'
until s i noi imi
On Bewicke Avenue
and Fifteenth Street
For Sale Cheap
400 Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C.
E. Sait
M. !-.. William'
Some people .in- mi unfortunate
that their troubles make peoph
laugh instead ill i ry,
We have ii. u i si en > cyclone
in action, hut ive liavi si en n n al
angry woman swi i ping .i room and
slamming the i hairs around.
Indiana are allowed in unorganized parts "i the provim e to
kill deet lur their own ur Iheir
families use, for food only.
In future a person transferring
Ir,* vote from o n p ai i lo auotl ei
must lie at least in the new place
511 days before date "I cli' tion,
'Ihere may be somi thing new
under the sun. afti 1 all    A North
■ Vancouver   business   man   1  in
1 in,'iiile.l his rival to Tm   E>   s
■ sti may.
Tune   is   passing    Willi   the
death ol Lieutenant-G
M. Schofield, in St. Augtistii
recently, the lasl ol tin  civil war
army commander* pa   ■
Church Notices.
day as it is commonly called, is
I kept by every branch of the
1 church except lhe Armenian: In tli
old Ethiopian calendar it is called
the 'Conception of Christ.' Tin
I earliest reference that can be fouiu
Servici s as usual on   Sunday,
morning at 11 a. in. and evening j l0 :,a being.J&pjjoii* jRsftcJi 45th
j in the proceedings of a counci
In the morning the pastor will |held in 692,   though   there   are
larlier teferences to another day
Formal and Landscape
Gaadeninc General
Draughting and
Blue Printing.
10 Pender Chambers,
Same nrici . a
cheaper than city.
Ronl Estate nnd Insurance
Vmi will uud 11 i'i' iti'. lo youi
advantage to see me 1  Ion 1 losing
any di al.
i'lis-H'Sl r  *Jl N   VANCOUVER
CAPITAL, M66.666. RESERV1   ;    1
lli'iiil Office in Canada, Montreal,
H. Siiksman, General Manager; J Ei.msi.y,Supt. of Bi
Hranchcs in lintish Columbia—Ashcrofl, Cirepnwoetl,
Hadley, Kaslu, Ronland, Trail (Sub liranch Vancouver,
Victoria, and Dawson, Y I
Savings Departmi m   Deposits ri i eived Irom (1 upwards
OKite, 111-. IiiiimI,,!,- Ave. Illd Isplanade, Sorlh Vancouver,B, C,
continue the discussion ol the
Passion Week. The evening subject will he "A Fearful and a
Wonderful Thing."
Sunday schunl at 2:30 p. ni.
Clinstiuti Endeavor on Wednesday al 8 p. 111.
Si rvice at Moodyville school-
house nu Sunday evening at 7:30
p. in.
(in Wednesday evening the
1 linn li was the scene uf a bright
.nul busy gathering, when the
ition Imlil a social evening
i-i ivi :i" ' pecially the stranger
in nm midst. The people turned
oui in loice, filling the church to iis
seating capacity, A splendid programme was provided, the con-
tributiona being as follows: Read-
ingandri' iiationsfroni Mr. Quinn,
i M    . -. Philip and Clara Fogg;
duets l'\ the  leather  and  pastor,
u .      Ail1, iotii 1.   and
by Miss tuny and
Mi   Iiiui kl'iiin     ll  was all  local
■   .. - pi il,. latti 1 gi iiiii'iii.Hi,
ih   '    lie      I111ltl1llltlir.il
11 t!    pii tn us evening;
"ii. .| the 1 hmi h with sin h
I '   tin   'I..isl Chord" and
•Ih' 11.1. t ut I In ureaii had
nnu li varii u. Mr* Williams, Mrs
1 nli,un, Mi* LaPenotiere, Miss
i ,11,..,md Mr   Blackburn, all in
linn  t hing  its ku\s into liar-
in,un. A feature oi the pro-
gramme that   appealed   no   less
' ill; t" tlie taste uf tlie
in lieni' was the tea and cake
provided by the ladies, A verj
pints,ml evening came all too soon
I 1 .1 1 lose.
ST.    uills's   1 HURI II.    CORNKR    UF
\11111iHi laiiim   uf    Our    Lady
M in li   iih , nnd 5tli Sunday in
I.i nl    1 April     1st),    HOLY    COMMI sins at s a. 111,
Morning and evening prayer at
nvpry Sunday
;.   |S|    l|  lie   An 1 HI' lllll'Ul "I
■he I'di   "A-11 nn Mary, 01  I.i!'
The old service-books of the
Church of England direct that if it
fall on a Sunday in Lent it shall
le observed instead on the following day. llut in our changed
circumstances (since the prayer-
hook is not clear on the point) it
seems better (fiat the people should
not lose thc opportunity of hearing
of her whom we hear all too little
The Late Charles Sullivan-
North      Vaneouverites      were
shucked on Friday  evening
when the news was received of the
[sad drowning, at the Vancouver
side, ol Ch.iii* '.Sullivan, a musician
I by profession, who was well and
favorably known throughout this
part of the province, being a native
sun. He was Imrn in New Westminster, 3s. years ago, and at au
early age removed with his family
to Moodyvilli', where he received
Ins education, later moving to
\ am Oliver, lining industrious the
Sullivan family accumulated much
propel ly, one landmark being the
Sullivan block on Cordova street.
In iuo2 the late Mr. Sullivan
married the eldest daughter of W.
II. Wood, ol Mount Pleasant,
who survives him. The funeral
took place Irom Centre & Hanna's
parlors on, Sunday afternoon and
was largely attended, the musical
union, 'if which he was a member,
turning out in full force. The
lloral tributes were many and testi-
lied to tlm high esteem in which
he was held.
I have been instructed to sell a few
jrieces of 2 and 3 acres at prices which
will insure good profits by subdividing.   These plots arc all within 17th St.
The  North Vancouver Specialist
161 Cordova Street.
Only the best and finest lines kept
in stock, including STEELE BRIGGS',
Your Choice at
McDowell's Drug Store.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountant», *Mslll»r»,      Plumbing ind llnsmllh-      llay.Calllt and Chicken
leal Utitt Aijtnti. Ins]. reed
Lumbar and all Kind* •( lulldlnf Material. Contractors and Valuator*..
Wc have an Immense amount of Cordwood'on hand.   Place your orders with
■1 for Ike winter.
411 Hasting* Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
Just Arrived_^>
Large Stock of New Fall and Winter Goods
for Suits. Punts and Overcoats.
.    J 1 Ml Saiti.g. Sl. W. C< ran ASboll
P. Larson, Prop.
The stork visited tbe home ol
Mr. Clarence McKenzie on Friday
morning and left a new daughter.
Mother and child are doing fine.
A reward ol $5 is offered at this
office lot information leading to the
recovery oi a large full-grown
while KiAlisli setter, slight lemon
mark on ears- also English setter
pup, gray and black, with black
IN bUiLdiHc be sure aNd HaVe tHe
PUce WIRED so as to be readV jo
coNNect oN qUi, Wire Next spriNo
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
Notary Public, General Auctioneg
167  Cordova  Srect,   Vancouver,  11.   C
Iln .ell) it rooms »r private Ikuin,' nr Imt a,.1111 ,,,-ht nil
clssiei ul liniiarliol'l Ka.ca.ln or l>iiiikni|il stuck* Inr cash.
He Ins aome of the finest business ami waterfront property III Nortli
Vancouver. See liim »t once il you think of picking up property in
this section.   Be wiae, BUY NOW, and vou will make money, :; ::
j. a. McMillan


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