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 v, '• , '   '   -l
p Weft
dune buck ioo late for last year's
council, said Mr,   Morden,   and
wlu'n'it came before the presenl
council it was changed from Third
to First street,   He then went on
to say that it wns very bad  policy
on the part of tho council, and
that   by   building   tho   lino   us
now proposed would have the effect
of spreading'the city, whii b would
mean many more new roads,  new
sidewalks, i tc, nnd would be an
enormous expense to the munici*
ipal hall on Tuesday evening for  (
The meeting held  in  (lie uiuni-
the purpose of discussing pro am
eon lhe street railway question was
largely attended, standing room in
the council chamber being at a
premium. It was well towards
nine o'clock when the meeting was
tailed to order.
Previous to the appointing   ol
Councillor May took exception
to several statements made by Mr.
Morden, hinting that the latter was
ambiguous in his remarks.
Mr. Keith—"I'll read you from
the World, pointing out the proposed change in the car routes,
the chairman, one ol the audience and that tile council having been
arose  and asked who bad   called
this meeting, and for what purpose,
No response.
asleep,  had just   wakened    up. '
After reading Mr. Keith got alter
Councillor May's scalp and said,
"there's crooked work somewhere."
Mr. May—"Mr Keith supported
my contention .then—
Mr.   Keith—"You   then   woke
D.   \V.   Elder    then    moved,
seconded by A. W. Sargoant, that
Ex-Councillor Hell lake the chair.
Mr. Bell begged to decline on  thc
grounds that he was not aware of up."   (Laughter),
the purpose of the meeting.   After    M|. Ml lllL.n .lsk,(1 u, 1)(. re.
some persuasion lie accepted thellieVed of tho chairmanship as ho
position. v ,,,,,.,] .„ 8)10W ,,p several fallacies,
In the chairman's opening re- Mr. Moutelius was then appointed
marks he stated that he presumed chairman pro tern,
the meeting was called tor the | Mf ,{ijl| corroborated the state-
purpose of discussing street rail-Lflnt |1)ade |,y his confererc,
way matters, Me asked the rate- Councjilor Morden, stating that be
payers and all those interested in an(] Coimcillor Morden t0(,k i{
the town to take a high staiulard,!-^^j^.^ aiul moro higher plane,
leaving personal gratification out ,uiil |u)|u„. ,,,.lt ,lu)S(. i„ whoSt,
entirely, and ha* ing the community |,ar,ua wer<. |eft this question would
'■• fAh'iii, spa [noil '..'ini a|M ,,,.,. „ l;u,.„|,r v„,w. 11,.
wi.i promote uuuy uud prosperity, liioki.(1 ,ii.wir,110 llu. ,„,„. ,¥*lel,
A. \Y. Mu',.,1-1 -„.l ih.it he lu.l tho tram would run bom  Lynn
The lirst regular session of the
municipal council for igoii was
held on Wednesday night in tli"
municipal hall. In the absence of
Keeve A. E. Kealy, who is seriously
ill at bis residence, Councillor
Allen was voted to the chair, who
presided in a very satisfactory
manner. There were present
Councillors May, Morden and
Cornish. Clerk Alex. I'hilip was
also in his place. There were
about 35 spectators present.
Communications were received
and read as [ollows :
property for sale,
Laid on   the
From the same company asking
(or a plank sidewalk off Lonsdale
avenue along tbe south side of the
Esplanade. Referred to tbe Hoard
of Works.
again  after everything   had been
Councillor  Morden—I   do  not
think so.   Turning these  things
route would open up a wide tract
of country, northward from the
upper end of Lonsdale avenue to
near the city waterworks dam,  a
down don't look right.   This reso- distance of about four miles.   Mr.
Susan Pickett wrote asking that
a sidewalk be laid on the north
side ol the Keith road, east of
Lonsdale avenue.   Granted.
bainreqiia-isty-ftftor lungtli*   dis- ere k over.ty tho Capilano and tin
cut-bions, with many ratepayers, to slop would he cove-red with tin
pUw an advertisement in tho city bungalows of .the residents of the
pi i"rs calling this meeting lor the city.
purpose .ii   discussing   tramway After much discussion between
matters. the three, abovementione 1 gentle-
j. i. Keith was the m xt spi aki r. men, Mr. Wright ma I • « lew re
II,. saw the advertisement in thc marks that were short and to the
citv papers and being inter* stcd in point,   11- did nol see why these
North Vancouver naturally wanted petty differences could   not  be
t ,.iti,ii,l.   The people over here amicably settled, and was iu favor
iMve a good municipality and the of this difference being settled by
makings ol a good city.   "Hew to plebiscite,
to the line," says Mr. Keith,  "and ,\.\\ Sargeant also spoke along
play ou  tho   square."    lie   llun these lilies,  pointing out that  be
asked il theie were any members thought there were some secret ill-
of the council present and that they fhience al work in ihis   matter,
be asked to take a seat besidi   thi whence     came    the    discord.
chairman. The reeve was, Ull
fortunately ill, and there were no
councillors present except Mr.
May. Mr. Keith said he bad went
to the different papers to ascertain
ihe correctness of the Btati ments
regarding the action of the North
Vancouver Council re the street
railway proposition. He then
wiin mi a define the route as set
out iu the daily papers ol December list last, then, aftci n 11
Ing several colunis ol plans, i ti .
asks why had the plan i hci n
changed between that date   and
. |i i n la)    " I hen inui t be -i
ni - ;.-i iu the li 'ne. somewhere,"
n marked Mr. Keith I Laug I
"This is nn laughing maiti r, its a
si riousiaffair; now ilns is straight
goods." (More laughter).
The chairman defined the action
he had taken regarding this matter
while In- was nn the count li i
lie then asked   Mr.   Mordcn,  who
was pri ii ni. i" * xplain fully theii
relative stands,
Councillor Morden then outlined
the interview thai ho and Councillor Bell hmi had with Mr, Sp rl
ing, ol the 13, C, Electric Railway
Company, Alter pointing out the
routi laid down b) thi councils
Mi. Sperling told them that Ke
i have to submit those plans
to tie i London, which
A Aid.   'Iln approval ol the plans
"Where is the genesis ol the influence?" asked Mr, Sargeant, He
...i   trongly in favor of the Third
sired route.
It was moved by Mr.   Keith,
seconded by Mr. Sargeant,
"That this meeting, being a larye
and representative meeting ol rati
payi i* "i this municipality, do unanimously request the count il to
leavi ih" question ol street railwaj
on Thud su" i to be settled by a
\"|. of I
li,,   ,, ioli tion was put by   a »73    l0    St.     David's     Btreet
ho .   . A hands, »8 I" ing   in »outh along St. David's street to
i'   r ol tlm i" ■ ilution, an 1 out ol First itn ot; wi it along Firsl   .
tho      i I thai nil' 'id- I ii ii ■ i   tn Forbes avenue,   north   	
ing, only u hands voted the othei  Forbes avenue, thence along tin
i ■     |        Ijourued northern boundarj  ol  Indian i
From Thos. 0. Mills re the
closing of the end of an alley ou
Thirteenth street, between lots 8
and g-io and part of it, between
tbe property of Mr. Curtis, cornel
of Lonsdale avenue. Aftei
Councillor Morden assuring the
council that the said lane was an
open one, the matter was on
motion referred to the clerk to
From 11. W. Kent, general
manager of the 13. C. Telephone
Company, limited, being anxious ol
starting work in North Vancouver.
I'li.'v asked lor street lines for tils
purpose of erecting poles. Ke
furred to Hoard o! Works to report
.ni nt n ixt meeting.
From Vancouver Power Com
pany, limited, asking i! it was th*
c modi's wish that an iron bracki
.r span wire construction for th
trolley wire io be used on First street.
Alsu (t) llio location ot tracks oi.
streets agreed upon; (2) the dis
lance froni street lines lor cirrying
lighting wiles or span wiles foi
overhead trolley wire (io feet i*
distance mentioned in tbe agree
in nt, subject to council's approval,; (3) the number and location
of street arc lamps. On motion n
cousulation of representatives ol
the telephone company, powei
Company and Hoard of Works
would meet on Monday night to
report at lhe next meeting ol the
From K. II. Sperling, ol the 13.
C. Electric Railway Company,
icknowledging receipt oi lettei
dated ist of Febuary, re tramway
routes in North Vancouver, The
ionics agreed upon were as follows:
(ij From Lonsdale wharf up
Lonsdale avenue to Twenty-lirM
street; (2) from Nineteenth street,
south al ng Quci n ibury avenue to
district lot J73, through disllii t lot
sine die.
The freight i, Forragi 1,
nn Wednesday with a lull load ol
I ed   for     Hi.ii kman-K, r    Com-
pany,   who   havo   established   a
iu rn li in re.
Thi ' .irpenti rs an now busy
fitting up Urai kmaii ,v Ker's office,
The entrance will be oil Lonsdale
avi ini", in llu Western Corporation
wan h"' 11
While tin pi oplc nl Vani ouve,,
wi i" doing iii 11 besl not to gi 1
killed in iln   log.   North   Van*
..11'   basking   in   the
adinuiuid   imilhi'iii
.1 rvo 01 distrii 1 lol 165, an I wi :
along Ki nh in.nl to Winch avi nui
arrived I "As a line along Forbes avenu
would nol servo as man) resident -
sb Mahon Avenue, 1 would suggesi
that the tramway bi constructed on
this avenue, and should be glad to
in 1 ivi iii" 1 ouncil's views ou this
suggested alteration."
On motion ol Councilloi iCorni
and May, the proposi d routi   wai
1    , in.
Geo, j. Pbillippo asking th il  >
lidl walk I" I lid "ii Seventh street.
I; i'n. d to Hoard of Works.
I i'   1 North Vain ouvi r   Land
ind Imi". ivi ne 111 C unp ■
in   ii thi   municipality had un)
Root. L. Dohorty, secretary of
the Horticultural Society, asking
for exemption of luxation on the
park.   Granted.
|. II. Livingston, assessor. "My
attention is called to report of
council proceedings in last night's
paper, from which it appears the
council endorsed a petition
characterizing the present assessment as grossly wrong." His resignation was tendered andaccepted
and clerk instructed to say that it
had nothing to do with newspaper
From Williams, Hoarc & Company, re district lot 999 offering
same for sale at $25  per   acre.
A. Hodgson, wrote complaining
that he had not been notified that
the water would be turned off.
Others were notified, and why
should he be passed over. The
clerk was instructed to write Mr.
Hodgson explaining matters, Mr.
Hodgson also asked for a refuse
drain to be connected with the
litch in front of his property on
Twe f.h street. Kef erred to Hoard
ol Works.
From Robert Ward k Company,limited, asking the new
city for rembursemeiit lor
ip, ning ol roads covering lots
265 and part of 152. Clerk
instructed to reply that the present
council could not deal with the
1). H. Dick, constable, that
eignt heal of stock had been impounded    ami    fines    collected
amounting to SS.    Filed.
I). II. Whitlow, for S3.25 for
stowing wood in municipal hall,
Ordered paid.
It was decided to instruct the
Board of Works to lay a sidewalk
011 the north side of Eleventh
avenue, east of Lonsdale avenue,
for a distance of 300 feet. Also
ilm! .1 three plank walk be laid on
Wulfsohn avenue about 700 feet,
and that a three-plank walk be laid
on St, Patrick's road, north from
First to Second streets, ll was
pointed out that the Hoard ol
Works had the privilege of expending the sum of $50 on
emergency work.
Ex-Councillor Edmund Hell, as
chairman, sent the 'resolution
passed at tha meeting ol ratepay-
' is lu 11 on the Olh inst., as lol-
" Moved by J. C. Keith, sei ond
ed l>) V W. Sargeant That this
uu 1 ling, being a largo and repre«
sentative mi ''11111! ol ratcpayi is ol
iii" munii ipality, do unan msly
request the 1 ouni il to have the
question ol street railway on hirst
and Third streets be settled by a
vote ol the people."
Councillor Cornish read the potion over carefully, and said that
the meeting surely was a small
Councillor Morden It was 1
vi ry largo mi eting.   About 100
Wl li    pi"   1 111.
Councillor Ma) Alioul 40
Councillor Morden — Yes; 28
for the i' solution and 15 against it.
Couni illoi   May ■ -The e icil
would appi .11 like a whipped dog
il   u went   lielore   the  coilipan)
ltition should be considered.
Councillor Cornish—At the start
there were 210 signatures to a pc-
tion, which proposed going ahead
without delay. That meeting evidently was held to back up the
petition. Councillor Morden said
there were about 100 present.
Now, out ol lhat number only 40
voted, 2H of whom favored tbe resolution and 12 were against it.
It seems to me that thc opposition
to the First street route has
dwindled down to a very few
Councillor Morden—There were
many in favor of the resolution
who did not vote. To turn down
things coming like that was not
Councillor Cornish—I would pay
more attention to the petition ol
210 signatures, which asked the
council to avoid delay, than to tbe
resolution which, so it states, says
it was unanimous. I am informed
that the reason so many signed the
petition was misrepresention.
Councillor Morden said that
Councillor Cornish was laying too
much stress on the delay part.
There was no delay and there was
no misrepresention.
Councillor Cornish—Now, one
or two I have spoken to said they
signed the petition, because it had
been represented to them that by
signing tbey would thus avoid delay in construction work.
Councillor Morden—I stated to
a number that if First street was
taken there would be a delay.
They would get tied up with the
engineers and contractors. There
must be something radically wrong
ii the council is alraid to consult
the people on this question. You
are afraid 1
Councillor May—Not alraid!
Councillor Cornish—The form
in which the meeting was called
was wrong. It was called through
the Sunday morning's paper "to
discuss railway matters," and the
most of us don't get the paper until Monday. This was an important matter, and many thought that
that was to be the subject ol discussion, and did not imagine that
it was street railway affairs. Other meetings being on at the same
time prevented many turning out.
No one was present from wards
one and two.
Councillor Morden—The resolution docs not ask tbe route to be
changed on the outside. It's cowardly not to submit the question
lo the ratepayers. Why don't you
consider the wishes ol the people?
Councillor Cornish — Twenty-
eight people.
Councillor Mordcn—Not 28 people, but 200.
Councillor May—Wc have the
letter confirming the route Irom
Mr. Sperling. The bianch lines
were to be considered by the
Kiiiiu il and company.
Councillor Morden—There are
two changes asked by Mr. S|» il
ing. The resolution of the council
was (or St. Patrick,! road. And
when a number ol ratepayers
asked the council to do a thine, 11
had a right lo do il. Tbe council
evidently were alraid.
Councillor May innvd, an.'
Councillor Cornish seconded, thai
the petition be filed.   Can inl.
Councillors  May   aud   Cornish
Mr.    Farrell then submitted the
Dr. Carroll further stated that the
survey of the road would cost S175,
and he was willing to pay anything
above that amount. Laid over
lill next meeting.
The reports of the Finance
Committee, Hoard of Works and
Water Committee were of a routine
nature and were adopted as read.
J. Nye spoke regarding the unfinished contract on the Lynn road
in connection with the Board of
Works report.
A temporary loan by-law, 1906,
was read a second lime.
Pete Larson brought up   the
matter of the Esplanade, and was
assured by the council that   it
would be attended to.
Council adjourned.
Box Social.
St. Andrew's Church was the
scene ol a successful box social on
Tuesday evening, the edifice being
well tilled. An excellent programme bad been prepared, which
proved to all that the local talent
is worthy of great praise. Among
the many items on the lengthy list
were the following:
Address by Kev. J. D. Gillam,
the Miss N. Philip, recitation; Miss
E. 13. Carey, song; Mr. Quinn,
yarn, "Paddy and lhe owl;" Mrs.
Holdsworth, sacred solo; Miss
Philip, recitation; Miss Clara Fogg,
vocal selection; Mr. Templet, song,
Mr. W. Gteen and Miss LaPenotiere, duet. Mrs. Williams and
Mrs. Gillam presided at thc organ.
The recitation given by Mr.
Quinn elicted much applause,
while the vocal and instrumental
selections were heartily encored.
Tlie handsome boxes prepared
by the fair sex were then auctioned
olf to the highest bidder, and it
might be mentioned that the bidding was very brisk. Messrs. R. J.
Quintal G. A. MA..uu and Alex.
Philip officiated as auctioneers in
a capable and witty manner.
The receipts ol the evening
were about fifty dollars,
lea and coffee was served, after
which the happy participants
wended their ways, highly pleased
with the success ol the social.
A Small Blaze.
voted "Aye" and Councillor Moi
den "No."
Dr. Carroll was present in tin
Interests ol Capilano road, Mi
Farrell, who was with him h,i'
mapped out .i route as suggestci
by the   council.    The   proposed
A small spirit lamp was tha
cause of a lew moments' uneasiness to Dr. Dyer on Tuesday.
While be was in the act ol using
thc lamp, by some unknown
i ause, il exploded, setting lire to a
pianlilv ol material that was within
reai h ol the liquid, Being somewhat ol an athlete the Doctor soon
hid a good stream playing on thc
hie, which wal putty well extinguished before much damage
had been done. Several ol the
local firemen happened on the
scene just us tbc curtain fell, and
seeing the adequacy ol the doctor's
fire-fighting abilities, a request was
handed him to join the brigade.
Alex. Gibion, the genial water-
work's superintendent, now wears
ihe smile lhat won't come off.
Ile successfully  "swapsd"  nags
with D. Hums,    lt is not stated
.vho ^ot the boot.
Tbe many friends of Mr.  La-
"eiioliere, who has been seriously
II, were pleased to ice his convi«
".1 em e so lar advanced as to be
able lo b, out un Sundaj jtteiiioon. THE EXPRESS
\ Weekly N'owapapor.  i   Published liy
Suliscri] i mi iiii" Dollar por Vein
ClEORdlo HU'ii.KY.
Managing Editor
i mam; fimuoNs,
Advertising ManiiKer.
i is,. ,,f ihe imi .1    ii  i ureal unlvr-
■v   ii.   rtlli 'i '■' Tli" ln.ii'1"'   Vdvei
. ■■  ,    ■,. ui ih* ; .1 Hint in'"
It)    I ,   llli'   followl        ■ '1
■ v. . iii      lirou -,li   A"
vi        .i, '. i i'i  "■.< by
i     |  . ..in l ii ■ l      h
• ,i i.. . imi   i   thistle    "ii
■           i in ■   in Um
[ci      in j '     Two
, pruihIiit.iiici     11 'i    'l
...       i',i-. . ■ i
I lllHlj
t, I did i
ll I     I,     Ml    Of
,      '
( I
i     i' 'ii .in.'  ■: your r .. i-
III     Irup   baited,
I ■ . illy for I i'    . i •'"
II nd
[     ..■'■■ ' ■■   ... i  nml 10
■"'    I ' ■ 'I I   ' I'l'. ' .
...        . ii ■ iii tha
i   im i      ■•:... oci-ete   .i
II ii,i which '   i  ii iv    ' i ■  power A
■      ; '  . '1.   ■ in
I lllllll- II lill   ll,
thank the imiiirol tnfoi
iy li not I rouble
■ m further, is he had I rliinately oh*
    clo    '■'
Ir .un- tai
unmon cow
I'm Falling
Thus cried the hair. And a
kind neighbor came to the rescue with a bottle of Aycr's
Hair Vigor. The hair was
ssvcdl In gratitude, it grew
long and heavy, and with all
the deep, rich color of early
life. Sold in sll parts of the
world for sixiy years.
" A bent on. *..r »I" 1 lost n-.fl/ .11 of m,
h.tr fi,lii'".ni an .Kara i.f (ih-ulea 1 w.,
ail.n-il b, . fil.i.l to in. Aj.i'l Halt Vlau,
MM ao, .(i'l .a a ra.ult I ti"* {.....liaauilful
ii.. , Mas. w.j ii.,  ,,, '. i.i
,'(,«. tat a Wla.
.   . •.-•:. a,...
Alto aiauufaatur.r. .1
I      -IIIMI'.'IIU
1//-TC nu-8-
A   I   1,1,1'" 'I    I'.'K
A young ihi'- if kept constantly
chained win beeo uo bnudy legged, nml
bis joints will be permanently Injured,
Tul»n.-.-i> Worms.
"Wornilng" tlie tobaeco I* i steady
Job on a tobacco farm. Tho worms
Unit feed on tobacco nre not easily
tilled by po'sous, nml bo nre generally
disposed "f liy pinching llioin between
Uie Ur::: I- and linger,   Young turkeys
are tin' best "wormers," as when accustomed to the lull tlicy examine every leuf and never miss a worm.
Moslem rosil.nl..
Tlic Moslems have Inn festivals of
special Importance, the Greater ltai-
nun nml the Lesser Balrntn. Tbc former Is in memory of Abraham offering
his ion Isaac and lasis four dny*.
Hi. Let U Ilfn Compared With TUiat
•I (he Farmer.
According to tho National Magazine,
"men in tbo cities work twice aa hard
as tho farmers, and they get few or no
holidays. Thousands und thousands of
professional men, clerks and men in
small business enterprises delvo and
toll their entire lives iiway and at the
end aro carted out to tho cemeteries
without having had any nioro leisure
or enjoyment lu ihelr lives than a horse
on a treadmill, Tho rut they toll along
In Is as narrow us a ease knife." This
U not tho farmer's view of tho city
man, whom he sees only during vacation, when Uie city man Is taking a
brief nnd much needed rest. The farmer sees him sporting his "glad rags"
ami mistakenly Imagines him to be all
tho your round only uu Idle butterfly,
consuming the produce of the horny
banded sou of toll. The truth, It Is
held, Is that the cltj "ui", as a rule, Is
tho harder worker und eels much less
enjoyment out of life, lie longs for tho
rural scones and occupations of tho
fanner; Ills dearest lm|ie Is to get back
to tho country to spend his last years.
A few of the city folks uuiko a big lot
of money and get their follies nnd
amusements lu the newspapers, but Uie
groat majority of city toilers live a
very monotonous uml Stupid us well as
a vory laborious uml poverty stricken
llfo. Tho farmer, It Is concluded, has
"the real Uilng," whilo tho city man
has only barren aspirations and disappointments, The contented fanner is
not only the wisest but the happiest
of mn ikluil.
An Ancient Belief.
The still prevalent nollon that when
a person has a pimple on his tongue tt
Is evidence iur o "sign") that he has
heen guilty of a falsehood Is referred
to tn documents wrltlen considerably
over two thousand years ago. The ancients attributed Uie tiny, hut annoying, proluberanee lo an lnllletlon by
the gods to indicate their displeasure
at a mortal's untruthfulness.
I'ale,   sickly   children   sliould use
Mother Qravcs' Worm Exterminator'
Worms are nne "f the principal causes ni Buffering In children and should
he I'xnclleil from the system.
Ovor a million dollars has boon
raised fur Uu* new Toronto hospital.
There are , however, only forty-nine
names mi the subscription list, Indicating thai ihe "Millionaire" has
l n Hie principal contributor.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
The ('. N. n. machine simps at Edmonton are being pushed ahead rap-
Idly,   Machinery   to   the   value  of
"2 ."in has arrived.
Ceylon Natural GREEN TEA Is unquestionable.   IT 18 ALL PURE TEA.
Sold Only In Sealed Lead Paokets at 40o, BOo and 80o par 1%
By all Grooeri,     Highest Award St. Louis, 1904.	
A Cure fur Kover and Ague.—Par-
melee's Vegetable I'llls nre com-
pouuded for uso in nny climate, and
they will lie found to preserve their
powers in any latitude. In fever nnd
ngue Ihey act upon lhe secretions
ami neutralize Hie poison which 1ms
found lis way inlo Hie blood. They
cnrrecl iln- Impurities which Uml en-
trance Into ihe systom through drinking waier nr food and If used us a
preventive fevers are avoided.
T. F. McGUlGAN &. Go.
Teh'pl illi i
Real Estate, insurance
and General Commission
* IA S.A IIA'k ::'   lail
' 'nni'!' II ilm ; ■ nil S"Mi,'iiir Street-.
V.inco'jt-cr, B.C.
CaUrrh is offensive—more
than that it is the forerunner of worse diseases.
Catarrh spreads from the
nose to the throat where it
■omciinics prepares the sufferer for diphtheria; it
spreads to thc stomach and
! bowels  where it generates
ithe worst kind of indigestion ; consumption, even,
I ban been known to be help-
i ed along by catarrh.
If your breath  is   bad,
you  had better sweeten it
I up by getting catarrh out
' of your system  Youshould
take something thai will kill
', the disease germs, tone up
, your   general   health   and
particularly revitalize  and
I invigorate  the  mucous
; membranes which catarrh
) especially atlacks. Don't
', fuss and fail with snuffs and
•prays get right straighl
'; at the disease by using the
! greatest of tonics, tissue
j builders and bl lod purifiers
sample and booklist rnce
Ai'.r.s "Sample, Department 0"
Dr.T. A. Slocum, Limited
UU KK- -  '.111. I.I    ■'•,.    '     l
Requires That the  Blood    he    Kept
Kich and Hure.
■ ol health—the   secret
i good blood   Therefore a medicine thai makes new blood
in i    ippllos the necessary material
for raphlly rebuilding wasted nerve
:   llie   rOOt   Ol  mosl  of
his diseases   For ihis purpose II ere Is no medicine ran lalto
the id nt nr. Williams' Pink Tills.
Tin  actually make new rich, red
I'." i   i nd  through this new blood
■   anaemia, noiir-
iil"i,i, rheumatism, the   spoclnl   all-
il women,   Indigestion,   heart
-ii   Vims dance, locomotor
nluxln nnd   pnrtlnl   paralysis,    You
ciin  iiiui evidence ol tli"   value of
pills in every pari of the conn'
try, among others Mr. D- W. Dnley,
' City,  Man. Bays:     "1 have
i80d i"   Williams'  Pink Tills with
wonderful success     My hi 1   was
n ". ; r,   i '.' ' i iv' nk nnd nervous,
suffered much   from   honrl   trouble
    scarcely fit    for work     '
used nine boxes nf Hi" pills, ami Iho
resull is 1 am Benin enjoying thc licst
or health. I do nol think Micro is
nny medicine can equal Dr, Wli
Mams' I'inli Tills, wheu ll" I m
run down "
T, ii you mil genuine pills
•.," full   name,   in-   Williams';
I'inli Till* i'ir I'ul.. People, printed nn
' |ipi ■  arnimil • ni li    box   \':
Ihi ne   pill ■ ic gel
them from lhe Dr. William. Merilrlno
i cs-i ix, o      '. boxes
Ins-nil     Cruelty   Mi-loil  Out  For Iks,
Musl Venial Offenses.
Says an editorial In the Peking
Times; "Hie position of the slave girl
tn a Chinese homo Is a very hard ono ns
a rule. These slaves are generally Uie
property of tlie wife, and no one Interferes wiili Uio mistress In her treatment of iho poor little things, who will
as often as not he subjected to the
most 6uvage cruelty for most venial offenses, A few weeks ngo wo recall a
case of great hardship being brought
Into tho mixed court, Shanghai, In
which a Btnull slave girl had been gag-
gel with a piece of Iron nnd severely
beaten because, whon half starved, she
helped herself to boiuo scraps of food.
"Our attention has now been called
to piercing cries which emanate from a
house near Clinton road and arc said to
proceed from a little slave girl who for
boiuo reason Is beaten almost dally
with a thick knotted rope, but for what
reason is unknown,
"our Informant thinks a word In
public, showing that the Incident has
been noticed, limy sulllce to check tho
cruelly without lodging u formal complaint Willi tho municipal police, which
might make matters wont* for the poor
little sufferer In llie long run."
Asi urances ore published thai the
matter of the collisions at Toltln, tn
which soldiers ot tho foreign garrisons were concerned, has boon adjusted.
Just lhe Thing That's Wanted.—A
pill tunt acts upon ma stomach and
yel is so compounded that certain
ingredients of ii preserve their power
to net upon the Intestinal canals, sn
as lo clear them ot excreta the retention ot which cannot but bo hurt
tui. was Ions looked for by tho med-
leal profession. Ii was found in Par
melee's Vegetable Pills, which nra
tbo result of much expert study, and
are scientifically prepared as a laxative and as alterative la one.
lloiinrls from Australia aro lhat lhe
crop is turning out better than expected, ami somo private estimates have
run as high as 85,000,000 bushels.
IV 'ollowlt.tr ■. given In brief ns the
Uiewy most generally entertained bj
■dentists, wlih a few exceptions, con
cemuig tides: It Is assumed Unit the
moon, acting alone, would not only
nine a wave on tue Bide of tin' earth
newest to It by gravitation, but would
ilio draw Uie eariji Itself far onomja
sut of IU course lo leave licliind lomi
Of Uie water on the farther side, winch
jrater svouM thin be raised relatively to
thi* earth's surface snd constitute the
second   t.d.il   wave.    Tlie  sun  ntnni
fouid id similarly, illhough Its tide
raimug effect is only about Iwo fifths
thut gf III* moon. Now, (t new moot
Ibe iun and moon "pull together" and
Ci*- higher teles than nl the first and
third quarters, when the sun draws 111
right ingles to Uio hue of the moot's
IttrseUOD, and at full moon, when the
mo il on tha opposite tide of the earth
from lhe uio.,11, v.ilu.iily Ihe same ef.
feci In observed as nt new moon, but
Uie double  Aa  I ll   ' ..-  Sl 'loll  of  111*
.uu * " i.i ig  ', i"-   iiperlmposod on
■: II   ' tho i and give lidos on op-
ii .i* ii gh ii* those a form |bt
Collei' ■ ■ '."in, which is
worth 16 : developed
as a now In lu '"• In , i trails,
.   betlei  than oilier
hi ' ••■ ' 'I In iho
Buy tjiinll lil       i
nnd follow din 11
lhe Vocal Cords.
Vocal power depends on the vocal
cords. When they are stretched, so
narrowing the exit from the nir passage, the voice ll high pitched, Wheu
they ure pulled widely asunder tbo
voice Is deep. When they uro flaccid
tho vole* Is nearly lo*t. Of course,
voices vary individually in pitch mid
resonance, but power Is always affected hy tho Blate of Iho general
health, and, broadly speaking, lo*s of
uervo tono Is more often responsible
than anything olsc for vocal weakness,
Fast li'-'iug, mental strain and similar
conditions occasion such Impairment
of the nervous system, Breathing foul
air, especially uir snturnted with tobacco smoke, Is bad fur the cords.
Minard's Liniment To., Limited.
Sirs,—1 have used your MINARD'S
LINLMKNT fur the past 25 years and
whilai 1 ha*" occasionally used oilier
liniments, I can safely say that 1 luivs
'. never used any equal to yours.
it rubbed between the hands and
Inhaled frequently, it will never tnti
11, cure cold in the bond In twenty
i four hours.
II is   also   the   lies!    for   bruises,
sprains, etc. Vours truly,
Dartmouth. J. 0. LESLIE,
' If it is a Question of Warmth use f
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Pricas
TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
• •e»*oe»ee»e*ee*too*»*si**8«*»*-ea*e*e**e*e*««ee»is-**
Imperial Maple Syrup
Ask your doilor for Imperial Mnpls Syrup.   Do not allow him to lubttituto
an Inforlnr artiolo haoauso it It ohoapor.
Aver ]
Keep us-iii- It, over and over s-sia.
Ayer'i Pill*. Ayer'i Pills. Aycr's
Pills. The best liver pills ever mido.
T!i<7 car* coustipttion, ludijestlon,
biliousness, slcS-faeadsche. All vejo-
. lujir-coi*-*d, mildly Imtive.
kiss. Miasms I   We-slll-l     a.O.iawOs,
The rice crop In Korea has tolled.
li is in per cent, below nn average
year's crop, nnd famine is expected,
Minard's Liniment  Cures  Distemper
By the latest postolHce returns Calgary's postal revenue more than
doubles lhat of nny oilier city In Alberta. Ualgnry, with a gross postal
revenue ot 1)39,781, stnnds thirteenth
ciiy in the Dominion.
E li it'Hi  Lumber Co., Lid.,
' in
Dear Mother
^ "'i' ; -i constant can in
Tall ii
i       i
f ■ ill
whtl it I i io    my?  Il ii uid
■ '-■ ', r ill
dlKlMI ;
' i ■  ! ; leaunl to
uk'. i
ii retui
imi nil JM
111'., (nini'ly ,1.1'jl 1 i>. in f.vj liouatholtl.
Tf„l|lfralurr  nnd   llullerfllc..
Some remarkably Interesting experiments nre reported from Zurich showing Iho effect of temperature on tho do-
veli'iuueut of species uniiing butterflies. Tho experiments have been continued through a period of about fourteen years, and ll Is found, for Instance,
that tho common small tortoise shell
bullerlly  if subjected  to warmth of
from ii" degrees to lib decrees centigrade develops Into the variety found
in Sardinia, whllo those bred in a tern-
perature of from 4 degreos to ii degrees
produce ihe Lapland variety. Similarly the application of heat produced the
Sardinian form of the swallowtail but-
terlly and the Syiian form of tin
Th* lllfhenl Red room.
On the summit of Muni 111.me Is tb*
V ■!' i bedroom in tho world, it was
built for Alpinists who havo boon overtaken by n storm on tho summit or
bine losl llieir WSJ III th" snows.   A
largo ''inui' bod occupies nil tho Hour of
tho room, ami can contain twcnlj two
porsons, Everj stick nnd slono had to
im carried up by porters from Chamo-
nlx, Tho work of construction, which
lasted two years, wns dangerous lo iho
workmen, During its erection tho
buildliu! was demolished twice and
tilled wiih snow niii.' times,
Beware ol  Ointments  lor  Ctt.rrh  Th«t
Contain Mercury,
as mercury lull BUrely destroy the sent,
n' smell anil completely derange the
whole system Mien '-iii,iiiiK it thromb
ih'. mucous sui-facee, Buch articles
ihould u'Iit be used except on prei-
crlptlons from reputable pliyelclana, u
Die damage they will do Is tenfold io the
aii'iid you can possibly derive from them.
lulls Catarrh Cure, umniifunturt'il by
K. .1. Cheney .*■ Co., Toledo, 0„ centttm
no mercury, end ie tuken Internally, eot-
Itill directly u|»„u Iho bl,n"l and mucous
lUI'facel "f tin, system. In tniylng HhII'i
I'stmrh I'lire he sure ynu get th. genuine, lt Is taken lutetniillv and made in
Toledo, iihi,,, hy P, j. Cheney * Ce.
Ti Htliininlals flee.
H.ild by Urugglsta.    Price *Bc. per bot-
Take Hall s i j it .iy I'llll for conitlpi-
The drugglBta of Edmonton ami
Strathcona met In Edmonton with the
object "f forming a provincial pharmaceutical association' The slep has
been rendered necessary by the erection "f Alberta ami Saskatchewan
Into povlnces, and tho Territorial association in consequence nol meeting
their requirements.
The Pencil nnil lhe Vcgetnrlnn,
"Can't see why you're so smitten
with ber."
••Why, becauso she's bo deucodly
pn tty."
"tloauty's only skin deep."
"Well, great Scott! I'm no cannibal.
That's il""-  enough for uio,"
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dlptherlj
Among tb" appropriations passed
by the iii.'ina"I'liii'iit of the ('. I'. It fur
work in bo done this year, sre those
fnr iin- enlargement of th mpany's
iwo hostolrlos in Qlncler nnd Lake
■ mil '■ Tim outlay of money on
this work has been approved and construction will be pushed with vigor
su thai ihe chalet al Lake Lotilso
ami ihe Olaclor house may hnvo
Ihelr Increased accommodation ready
for tho iniivisi business of tho coming
Bitmmor. The chalet al Lnko Louise
will Ii" Riven 40 additional rooms and
the (Under house will bo enlarged
by inn rooms.
A tlolden Opjinrlnnlty,
si." i i i.i you n Sim*.i      i to-
I nnd everything
ii h n burn' ' '   He  Hut, ii y dear,
I d m'l  iini" myself,  She  Well, can't
I nnled Her.
"I'i1  i i     llml you will not
iuso 1 have re-
1 y IU."
"Oh, pshaw, ol euiir.in not." ^-s
"Xeii uio j n uuii«j"-uxfc     "'
Almosl JO.000 was granted for tho
mission work In the Northwesl during
tho lasl quarter by lhe Bnptlsl homo
mission board, ns reported nl the
,.,", ting of iis Xiiriiiwi'sii'i'ii committee held in Toronto recently, Tho
church membership In that lime
amounted to more than double what
it was in the corresponding quarter
uf lasl year. The needB of the field
wore discus led al length and means
of cnrrylng on tho rapidly growing
work, Tho Biiporlntcndcnl ot westorn
missions, Mr D, n. Harkni
pond "ni" weeks In Ontario, Bponlt-
Ing In lhe churches upon tho work
among the Doukbobors nnd (Mill
Albnni to Retire.
Madame Albnni, the distinguished
Canadian prima donna, has announced
that she is to retlro from the stage.
She has had a long and successful career her first appearance tn opera dating back to 1S70, nt Messina. As most
Canadians know, or ought to know, her
maiden name was Mario Cecilia. Emma
I.ajeunesse, nnd she was bom at Cham*
bly, near Montreal, In 1S52. She lirst
sang in public at the cathedral of Albany. N. Y. She then studied at l'nrls
under Dupree, and subsequently under
the elder Lampertl. She made her debut In Ijimlon In 1S72 at the Covont
iliiil.n Opera House, and won nn Immediate suco'ss. In 1878 she married
Ernest Qyc, the lessee of that theatre,
and ever since she has been one A tho
greatest artists that England his do*
llghted to honor, in oratorio i .io luis
specially excelled, and was always in
request at the big English festivals on
thai account. In Canada she made her
lirst appearance In Toronto at lhe
Grand Opera House In tho early seven-
lies with her Majesty's Opera Co., taking tho role A Lucia In tin- opera "t
that name, Tho late Col, Mapleson
was the Impressnrlo of Iho company,
nnd the late Slgnor Anliii tho e.tiulue-
t'ir. Two great Bingers who were In
the same company at the time were
lhe late Mine. Purscli-Mndl and Mine.
Scnlcbl. Mine. Albanl has vlslled Cm-
ada several times since that memorable occasion and has given at least
two farewell tours. It appears from
her announcement that her last tour
was really her farowell to her native
Sorgeant-Mujor Isaac Mooney, sou
' uf Mr, Isaac Mooney, (la Hamilton
street, Toronto, has the honor of having won tho highest certificate ot
qualification ever obtained by a colonial from the imperial school ot
gunnery ai ShoehurynesB, England,
Sergt, .Major Mooney, who Is now attached to the Halifax garrison, acquired piollciency In Iho artillery
branch of the permanent corps during a term of service In Ihe I'liebec
Harrison Artillery. In 1S11S ho went
to the Yukon wilh the Yukon Held
force, and successfully endured the
hardships of the Teslln trail. On
bis return to the east ho embraced
the opportunity whieti offered Itself,
ami volunteered for the second Canadian contingent As Squadron Sorg-
eiuii Major lie participated In the battle of l.lttlo Hart's lilver, where ho
distinguished himself In coiiinmu
with the whole contingent. The
honors ho has taken nt Bhoebtiryness
icllcct credit on tbc Canadian forces.
Nearly all Infants arc more or less
subject to diarrhoea nnd such com-
plaints while teething   and   as   this
period of Ihelr lives is the most critic
] nl mothers sliould not be without a
bottle   'f Dr  J. H  Kellogg'i Dyson.
Lry   Cordial.   This   medicine   Is   a
Bpeclflc for such complaints and is
J highly spoken of by those who have
' used It,   Tlm proprietors claim ll will
, cure any cuse of cholera or summer
"Slie Is the only daughter of a millionaire."
"(If course she was spoiled,"
"Thu young men don't sccui to llu A
Snrelr Not,
Customer-Can't you wait upon mel
I've been hero for nearly nn hour. Two
pounds of liver, please. Butcher—Sorry, Imt there are three or four abend
of you. Surely you don't want your
liver out of order'
Minard's Liniment  Cures Garget In
The Cheapest Cure,
The no clothes euro fur various diseases is being advocated by some of
Ih" latest persons to llml the elivir of
life WlUlOUt looking lu ll buttle.
That the races which nourished during tbo liny* when ii shoostrlng peddler
('iiniii il.>11 ii- the whole family did not
live forever dues Uol  elVeel  lhe llien-
rlsta, no matter what mean, luipollto
things il may do I" lhe theory,
The Idea of Hie new cure Is tu walk
around in ibe back lot, with n high
beard feiico surrounding It, of course,
su ihat Iho neighbors won't think
somo Btntimry ban broken from Its
moorings for lhe purpose of oxorclso,
meanwhile being clothed only In becoming dlgnlly, ami imt much of that,
Nut ure is i hen supposed to jump over
Iho feii'" nml chase away any dlscaso
ihal Iho iiiiiii may have, whether bo
has ii rn- imi.
The ti t i; n beautiful one, but wo
can see Ils llulsll, With prulaiiily as nn
accompaniment, In Iho laud where tho
mosquito sojouriielh,
Quito imcllUinl.
Adoring Grandmother—Isn't he a
lovely child?
Calm Visitor-Yes, lie's a nice little
Adoring Grandmother (Interrupting)
-And so Intelligent! lie Just lies them
all day am! breathes and breathes und
It neacbes the Spot.—Thoro are
few remedies before the pub.lo in-day
us efficacious lu removing pnln and
In (illuylng and preventing pulmonary
disorders as Hr- Thomas' Eci*oti-to
im. li has demonstrated Us pow*ri
in thousands of Instances and n i»rg*
niimbet of testimonials as to Its
great value as a medicino could b*
got wen, Ihere occasion for It- lt Is
foi Balo everywhere.
"Of all decorations," says a writer
lu Answers, "In the gift of tbo .Mikado, ninn. is sii highly prized by Ills
valorous followers as that ot llio Distinguished Service Order of tho Golden Kite. Tho medal Is suspended
from the breast by a green ribbon,
und lis gift Is ns rare as lhat of the
much coveted Victoria Cross In our
own country."
i—rn nnr
W    IM  U    No   BOS
amer beer
A ii glorious beverage   t|iieucliiiig and sntisf) in
Remember there's no other '' jusi ns good "  -insist mi getting Rainier.
Pacific   Bottling \AAorks
Vancouver, B, C.
 , I
ii as i 'fiinsi'i ii 11 ■ 'wrr'*t'-*"""~T*mT    'i "iiiiiiiisriiiiiiisfirifssHii1 THE EXPRESS
Bi-Reeve's   Rheumatism   Cured
by Dodd'a Kidney Pills.
Wn ie Orippted That Hi Oould Hird-
ly del Around and Could Oit no He-
Uol Irons Dootori or Modioli™,
Dresden, Ont, Jan. Iii, (Special)—
Dodd's Kidney Pills oured   me  oi
Rheunialisiu slick and clean." Mr.
W. 11. Cragg, 'ho well-known mer
•hanl and ex-reeve ot Ihls lilace win
the speaker nml he evidently mount
every word lie said-
"It was the liillaniinntory kind ol
Rheumatism I bad and it crippled
m« up bo that 1 could hardly get
around to do my work In my store
I had the beat doctors and everything
In the lino of medicines I could hear
•f   but untiling even gave mo relief.
"Then I tried Dodd's Kidney I'llll
and six boxes cured ine completely."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure Rheumatism by curing the kidneys. Rheum.
atlsm Is caused by Uric acid in the
Hood. If tbe Kidneys are light Ihey
will strain all (he I'rlc acid out ol
the blood aud the Rheumatism will
go with tt.
William  Miller  Back In Orkney After
Thirty Years' Absence in the
Canadian Far North.
No longer an explorer of the unknown Antarotlo, but a prosaic trading
vessel in the service of the Hudson's
Bay Co., the famous Discovery has Just
been berthed In tbe West India Dock,
London, after her lirst voyage to tho
Arctic regions. The Discovery brought
home an Interesting personage in William Miller, a man of nearly seventy
years of age, who has spent half a
century In the employment of the Hudson's Boy Co., nnd returned home to
live In retirement in his native Orcadian town of Stromness.
Miller has bad charge for nearly thirty years of the post named Mlstesslnce,
on Rupert's River. He was the only
white man In the Indian settlement of
forty or llfty souls, yet tho life was
thoroughly congenial, and only falling
eyesight has compelled him to give lt
up, Ills llfo was that of the hardy
pioneer of the wilds ot unknown Canada. The nearest settlement was
twelve days' march, or 300 miles distant.
In winter, Journeys wore accomplished on snow-shoes, or by sledges, drawn
by teams of Kskiino dogs. Black bears,
reindeer, and numerous other kinds of
game provided abundance of work for
the ride and fund for the settlers. Miller made an annual Journey down Rupert's River to Rupert's House, on the
ehores of Hudson Bay. The produce of
this district was conveyed In a dozen
large Indian Cannes, manned by Indians, and on the rvlurn Journey these
were loaded up With stores for tlie
coming winter.
Willi the exception of this brief Interlude. Miller rarely saw a white man
from one end of the year to the other;
and until be arrived In London ho had
not set foot upon lhe streets of a civilized town for nearly half a century,
except for one visit to Mnntreal.
Under the command of Capt Gray,
one of a well-known Peterhead family
ef whaling masters, the Discovery left
the Thames on June 15. bound for the
company's trading station on CharlUn
Island, at the extreme south end of
James Bay, an arm of the greater Hud-
Bon Bay. A fairly good passage was
mado across the Atlantic, but when 100
miles from the entrance to Hudson
Strait, tho vessel entered a vast field
of Ice floes.
The Discovery, though specially oort-
Btructcd for Ice work, found the floes
Impenetrable. Capt. Gray availed himself of every "lend," and rammed and
butted with all the skill and daring he
commands, but while the ship took no
Injury, sho was firmly beset, and progress became almost Impossible.
In this unfortunate position rim remained for Ave weeks, when at length
the movement of the floes permitted her
A Jarenlls, Trims,.
Mother— Remember, Tommy, an an-
|il Is watching over you.   Tommy—
Aw, ina, dou't ba conoiltedl-Chlcuge
What   Scotland   Has   Lost   Through
Death of Cameron of Loohiel.
Scotland has Ihrough lhe death of
Cameron of Lochlel lost one ot those
grand old chieftains who to n far greater degree than the peers of the northern kingdom constitute Its true nrislu-
cracy and are regarded as such bulb at
homo and abroad, writes the Marquise
do Fontenoy. For Loohiel—those great
chieftains are Invariably known and addressed by their territorial title—was
the twenty-fourth chief of iho Clan
Cameron, Inheriting the dignity In an
unbroken mate line from ancestors who
figure Illustriously on almost every
pnge of Scottish history. In Set land,
for Instance, the Duke nf Argyll Is
looked up to not because he happens
to be a duke and the brolber-ln-law
of lhe King, as well ns Invested with all
sorts uf hereditary dignities, Including
thnl nf lhe keeper nr Ihe greal seal of
He 'timid, master nf lhe royal household,
aii.l admiral nf lhe western  isle*, but
because be is ihe chief A ihe olan "f
Campbell, and ihere Is no exaggeration
ai all In the Btorles current at tho llmo
or the duke's marriage to Princess
l.'iuise, when It was related Unit Iiii!
CampbollB ninl In fuel, Sootchmon generally considered Hint Queon Victoria's
daughter was making a line match for
hersi ir lu becoming tho wife of the future chief of all Iho Campbells.
Loohiel died, as he had lived, among
his own people uml lu bis ensile "I
Aohnaoarry, sltunted In the most plo*
turesquo spol nf Lochahor, a few miles
northeast uf Fort William, and sur-
rounded by forosK stretching over hill
nnd ilnle, well .itncked with magnificent
lags and huge herds of red deer, lb'
■'.as a brother-in-law "f the Duke of
Ruccleuch, whose sister, Lady Mar-
garet Scott, he married Just thirty
years ngo, and ho Is succeeded ns
I'veiily-llflh chief by bis eldest son, n
gallant young soldier, who served in
tho Grenadier Guards throughout the
Uner war, where be was badly wounded
The Into chief put In a few years In
the diplomatic service In bis younger
days and accompanied the Into Lord
login's special mission to China and to
Japan away back half a century ago.
lie likewise was fnr a time gentleman-
In-waltlng lo Queen Victoria and also
member of Parliament, But as soon as
possible he withdrew to Scotland to
llvo nmong his people lhat sort A feudal existence which Is seen nt Its best
nowhere but In Scotland, where lhe
chieftain regards himself as respons-
Ible fur lhe moral and material welfare
of every member of his elan, nil of
whom, like their ancestors tor hundreds
nf years pas', consider themselves hla
retainers and ns hound to blm by not
merely lies of loyalty but nlso uf blood,
bearing ns they do his name.
Those who wish fur a description of
the state which Is maintained at Ach-
tmcarry Castle, I would refer to the
into Queen Victoria's "journal" of her
•life in Iho Highland," nnd In which
-ho describes a visit which she paid
I.. Lochlel In 1873. and of tho profound
Impression It made upon her.
Among bis ancestors wns that Ewen
Cameron of Lochlel, the hero of the
buttle of Klllleeriinklo In 1689, who Is
said to have killed the last of the
wolves that wandered nt large In the
British Isles, and who forms tbe subject nf such eloquent praise In Mao-
onlay's History nf Engl |, where he
I, described ns "iln- Ulysses nf the
Highlands." II1* grandson was ihat
" lontlo Lochlel" who wa* so .leveed
sn adherent "f Prlnco Charles Sluart,
lhe young pretender, to whom ho declared "come weal, come woe, I follow
lb,-,." He fell lu the battle of Cul-
1'iileii. and hi* si.el Highland pistols,
marked with his Inlilais, llgure In the
Museum "f Antiquities at Edinburgh.
The-late chieftain was his great-great-
Breaking ii dentlr.
He Is a rather serious minded boy
who has more sense of responsibility
than many grown persons. So when
lie wns sent to his grandmother's lo
break the news of her aged sister's
dentil he did so with much grarlly nnd
no little self Importance.
"Now, Alfred." bis mother snld,
"you mustn't tell grandma suddenly,
because It might shock her, even
though she knew Aunt Martini was III.
Tell It to her gently."
"All right," assented Alfred, starling
out on his mission with mingled solemnity and eagerness.
Arrived st his grandmother's house,
he greeted her wilh a sober "Hello!"
ind then proceeded to "brenk the
news" by snylng:
"Aunt Murln's dead, grandma, but
you mustn't feel bid, 'cause she was
pretty old, anyhow. You'll be the nut
one, I a'pose."
A Flat Distiller', Change That Wu
Not Born of Economr.
Within two days after thu second
floor family moved to the fourth floor
their acquaintances were circulating
the report that tho head of the family
had his salary reduced and bad moved
up two flights to cut dowu expenses.
After that It dldu't take long for the
man's wlfo to hear what other people
had heard. Sho indignantly denied the
"John Is all right," she suld. "It Isn't
his fault that we moved upstairs; It's
mine. My motive was not at all creditable. I hadn't Intended to tell anybody about It, but since John's reputation as a business man is at stake I see
I've got to own up. Wo moved to
get even wilh Ibe family ou tlie third
floor. During ell those months Unit wo
lived below them tbey tormented the
llfo out of me and my girls by cleaning
houso on my wash day. Tbey look
particular pulns With their rugs. Tho
appcnriiuee of my newly wushed
clothes on llio line was tlie signal for
them to hang their rugs out of their
own back windows and give them a
good beating, By the time those rugs
wero renovated i*y clothes wero ready
for tbe tubs again. Week after week
I protested. Tbe Janitor's sympathy
was finally enlisted In my behalf, but
not even he could change Iho programme for healing those rugs. After
Buffering at tho bunds of my enemies
for a wholo year I determined upon revenge. The only way lo get It was to
move upstairs. We moved, and now I
have tbe satisfaction of giving their
clothes u case of spoiled measles by
shaking my rugs over them."
Sliiiiatliier of llie Ilaliy Settle on tta*
(.Ullei'llIU    U-U    I   Ine*.
Never sbull n mnn who bus once
watched the slutigntcr of a fur seal
herd forget tlic ghastly sight. From
the deck of tlie blunt nosed sealing
iteumer you cun count thousands upon
thousnnds of seal families Stretched
out on the glistening ice Hoes, the dark
mottled bodies of tlie adiills standing
out In high relief against (lie blue whiteness of their Boating homes, while the
snow white fur of the baby seal blends
almost Imperceptibly Into (lie background, Out from the ship, hurrying
over llio Ice, rush nearly -Hu' men of
Uio crew, each armed with au Iron
tipped club. From near and fnr go up
the agonized cries of the terrified seals.
Flopping along over tho Ice, tho adults
rush frantically for tho water, doing
their best to hurry their young wltli
In most cases Uielr wny of oscopo Is
cut off by Uio sealers, WIUi a blow of
thc Iron bound club the skull of tho
seal pup Is crushed, Its blood staining
the whiteness of tbo floe, whllo Its
parents are. allowed to get awuy In
No Time to Sorl Her Mall,
'"llio ways of women aro beyond the
comprehension of mere ninn," Bald her
companion as after purchasing her
stamps at Uie geuernl postofllce sho
curried her mall to the nearest post
box. "Will you kindly cxpluln why
you did that'!"
".Simply because I hadn't tlmo to lort
my mall into 'Letters, Newspapers and
Packages, Foreign, Domestic, New
York City' nnd n few dozen other subdivisions ami then walk iround that
monstrous building to find tbo propel
drops for tlie various articles," she replied. "It takes Line, patience and Ingenuity to post anything In tho general
poslollice, und I don't possess nny of
those things. Give me Ihe plain, uncomplicated letter box for practical
And of course he remarked that Hat
wus Just like a woman.
Sunlight Soap it better than
other soaps, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way (follow
Hard rubbing and boiling are
things of the past in homes
where Sunlight Soap is used as
Sunlight Sr/tp will not injure
even the daintiest fabric or the
hands, and the clothes wl be
perfectly white, woolens soft
and fluffy-
The reason for this ii because
Sunlight Soap ii absolutely pure,
contains no injurious chemicals
—indeed, nothing but the active,
cleansing, dirt-removing properties of soap that is nothing bul
Equally good wilh hard er
soft water.
b- IS* it-aler from whom ,n   .
boy Punileht Soip If yim And **
.nr eauas for complaint. , „
Itrbtikrtl From the I'alplt.
Preaching In Westminster abbey CM-
on Wilborforce told n good nlory of
tho celebrated Welsh preacher, Christmas Brans, who dared publicly to express his thankfulness for Jenny laud's
beautiful singing, a member of his
congregation, a slnilllneed Cnlvlnlst,
standing on the steps of tbe pulpit,
asked tbo preacher whether a man dying at one of Jenny Mud's concerts
would go to heaven, "Sir," replied Mr.
Brans, "n Christian trill go io heaven
wherever he dies, but n fool ri'iuiilni ■
fool even on (lie pulpit steps." liven
the sober abbey congregation could
hardly stifle Ils enjoyment of thli
inin,,i.a CblmpaBieoa
Thi English Illustrated Mugntmi
snys ihnt "Button hnd n cblinpauiea In
nio which always milked upright, offered | |ile his ui in, walked wilh Ihein
In au orderly manner, sat down lo to-
bio like u mall, opened his napkin and
wiped his lips wilh It, made iisi of
Spoon and fork, pouted out wlno ind
clinked glasses"
Siting llltn I io
"I believe I can truthfully sny," remarked lhe self complacont man, "Hint
I have only one fault, and thill's a
email one."
"Yes," replied the candid man,
"That's iu*t Ilka the hole In a nickel,
lt may be a small hole, but it mules
the   nickel   no   good."'
"What would you il", Henry," nuked
Mr*. Johnston, "if burglar* g it into
the house!"
"I in'.'" replied ber husband,  "I sup
pose I  WOUllI ju-l do v.lint Ihey told
iii",   I've ie cor bad my own way in
ii..  ii hi oyol"
It Is of' • ,        . [wo mas
ters limn to mn iter two lorvants.-"
l'hiindulphla Ilecord,
They Associate Spectral Hounds With
Mountain Storms.
One of tho many curious superstitions of the Welsh peasantry la that ol
Cron Annwn, or "the spirit hounds ol
the air." When a storm rages over the
mountains of Wales tho peasant will
tell you that his ear can discern the
howl of the Cron Annwn mingled with
that of the wind, but sufficiently clear
and distinct to admit ot no mistake ol
what it Is.
These "spirit hounds," ho tells you,
are tho spectral dogs which hunt the
souls of tho dead, or which forotoll by
their expectant cry tho approaching
death of Bomo person of evil deeds. Fow
of lhri.se who pretend that tbey can
so readily distinguish Iho cry of till
soul hunting pack ure willing to admit
that ihey have ever aotually seen i
Cron Annwn, "for," they say, "who
would linger until Buoh specters dawned upon Hi" sight?" Thay are described by Fnllosln and alsu in Iho ".Mnhlii-
oglon," where It Is said they aro of o
eleiir. shining white, with red oars.
Tho ub'Ve seem, to be the universal
description, and nil that account the
iiniii"!- of "Mythology of tho Ancient
Druids" gives il a-* Ills opinion lhat
liny are really "mystical transformations of Druldlsh priests, with their
whllo robes and red tiaras,"
In the popular superstitions of Ireland, where n similar belief in spectral
h muds exists, thoy are said to he "Jet
black, with eyes nnd teeth "t lire." Old
Con MiMleh.'iel, who murdered twenty
persons In the early part of the fifteenth
century and who got rid of his victims
by burning ihelr bodies, Is said lo have
been eaten by Bpeclral dogs "that
could be seen high In Iho air awfuily
rending and tearing his desh."   One of
the I Hilarities of tbo Cron Annwn Is
that the farther away they are the
louder Ihelr cries appear, the Bound
decreasing as Ihey draw near.
Evils of The
Physio Habit
Th* Result of Using Salts, Castor Oil, Etc,
Instead of Thoroughly Curing
Constipation By
'When a child Is well, give It no
medicino," Is a wholesome adage,
lim al the first nign of trouble the
careful mother will givo Baby's Own
Tablets, whlob promptly cure Indigestion, colic,   const Ipal inn,    diarrhoea,
simple fevers and teething troubles,
Thoy contain nol one particle "i opiate or iiiiis(iiiiius"souiiiing"siuiT, yet
they give refreshing sleep bemuse
Ihey remove lhe cnuse nf sleeplessness
und tho child awakens bright and
well -Mrs. P. Mcintosh, Wablgoon,
Ont., says: "Baby's Own Tablets
wrought ii wonderful change In my
Utile one. When he wns two months
nld he begun to full and cried almost
night and day. But after giving him
the tablets he grew well and Is now
a bright, laughing baby, who scarcely
ever gives any trouble. The tablets
nro surely a blessing In both mother
and child." All druggists sell llioso
Tablets or yon enn got them by mull
at 25 cents a box hv willing the Dr,
Williams Medicine Co., Brockvlllo
The Reason.
What makes llio summer fairy,
So llikl'', do you say?
With iptechca Unlit aad nlrj*
Why dm.* -he Hut all day
/nd promise ahi will marry,
'in,u coldly turn away
When back within thi 'liy
Sho meets h'T liners toudt
I'll till you ii ■ a piiy-
lii,t sti" can st ■■ beyond
The holiday pretentions
nl Bob or T ir Jack
And knows whlli his Intention!
All may 1"- a I, alack,
He link* Uie fundi to I ike her
From papa's house, 10 Sill
Becomes a Borl of fakir
llosl'lo the .-"in,Uli g suv,
She  Wnulrd   Ho.e.
"I would like to see sotai hose," began tbc girl In the polo hat In a Twen-
ty-tlilrd street slori, and before she
could gel In another word tbe Hour-
walker had elbowed her ncrosi Ihe
aisle and given her In "barge of u Unify
haired young man lu a sapphire shirt.
"Hose?" he repeated rapidly. "Yes,
mill. Will you have while, black, Ian
or drcsdeii blue, silk embroidered
Hill, all silk, openwork, clockwork,
drop itltch"-
"Wlll you please let mi speakl*1
snappid Ibe girl.
"Lot you speak? Why, certainly,
mill, but I tell you"—
"Don't tell me anything. I want gas
And she tuned on her heel nnd
walked away.   New York (ilobc.
A IHr..l„„ |„ ni.Kttlar,
"I suppose yuu are greatly displeased
with my daughter's pianoforte practicing.   It must annoy you drendfully-
Ibe flat has mnli thin walls"
"Well. nn.   I have no wish lo con-
douiti your daughter's practicing. It
has been the dlrocl csusfl "f my wife
nnd I Inking n (Teat deal "f vi, bene-
fli'isl   outdoor   exorclso,""CloTeland
I'laln Healer.
It., plnal Track  nt Mint.
"Mr. I'liinnis is wonderful.* derated
to  hit  wife.    When  tbey are awny
from curb oilier he writes her lit lenit
three letters a day"
"Yea,"answered MlssCsycnne, "She
requires bun to do thai so thai she run
look st tin |i"-t"iii'e marks end know
exactly where hi Is."—Wssblngton
"Oh, a dose of salts will Hi mi
up all right," you say, when thi bow-
ell become coniltpated and thi liver
aad kldnoys alugglih and congested.
And thi temporary relief you obtain In this way deceives you for a
tlini, but you an Boon In distress
again, and muit lncreasi thi doss
and resmt more frequently to till
UM of thli weakening and debilitating treatment,
Constipation and Intestinal Indention oanaot ponlbly bl oured until
thi liver li madi actlvi la iti work
ot filtering bill from the blood and
pouring It Into llie Intestinal, when
It aoti u a natural oathartlo, hastening thi rum oss ot dlgostlon, and thi
removal of wasta matter from the
Dr. Ohui'i Kldn.-y I.Ivor I'llls
hari a direct and ipeclflo action on
the llrir. They not only afford
prompt relief, but positively itnngth-
•n and Invigorati thi kldmys, liver
and bowill. Instead of encouraging
thi physio habit, thiy thoroughly
ouri oonatlpatlon, liver complaint
biliousness ind kidney disease.
If you would ilka  to   igati  your
old-time vigor, and fell strong ant
woll again, use Dr. Anise's Kidney-
Liver l'ills Tbi backache! and body
palui will disappear, your appetite
and digestion will be good, you will
nieni'e sickness and disease becausa
thi filtering and ncretary orgam
will keep the body cleansed from
poisonous waste matter.
Ur. Jas. H. Harvey, baker, Ml
Qeorge Hi, Peterboro, tint., writes:
"I wai troubled very much with
constipation and pains In the back.
At tlmei thi palm wen sharp like a
■tab with a knife and caused me
great lufferlng.
"1 had heard of many being cured
by using Dr. Chase's Kidney l.lvir
I'llls and decided to try them. 1 am
pliasad to lay that they sn.it. helped
me, and I uied them right along until
cured. 1 imviir have palm la my
back now and only occasionally taka
a pill la ordir to keep my bowels
Dr. Chaie'i Kldney-l.lver Pills, one
pill a don, 36 centi a boi, at all
dialers, or Edmonson, Hates ft Co.,
Toronto. Dr. Chase's Backachi Plis-
tir drlvn out all paint and aches.
Ulka* Thla
Attiehiat le my Garment It a
Quirintu  ol
and Good Wearing Qualities
When Buying OVERALLS,
••• thli noli irlloli bun ■
Itbil like ibovi
Inilit on flatting
"King of the Road" Brand
And Tike no Other
W' HMNtV6l».UIt»C'N0». CO
W   Value
Moonc/'s Perfection Cream 1
Sodas   are   crisp   squares
of wholesome nourishment I
Trvey are the food   ihat|
builds strength and muscle.
They arc as easily digested
by the child  and   invalid |
as by the sturdy workman.
They contain ALL the food |
properties of finest Canadian w^tat flour, in a form
thai deighis   the appeute.
Always fresh and crisp in
tht ntctuasjre-proc/package*- [
Al all —mn in thaa.
hysJuaaM tt(k.|«a.
"We've cl I" hive Mine reforms,"
snld "ii" Russian official,
"Yes" insirored llie otbor, "That's
the trouble a running u government
tvitiuiiit a lyiietn ..f popular rotlog
When ill" i ■ up Ihelr mind*.
Uli i a ii i reforii - ao'vo gol to pro
lime ihein in I- ni "i nei,iy promls
ink'"   tt '
lies,,,,!., „.
"S" Hi ml. "e:        .1 \A* In- Mure.
"1 (bin i cars i" i "' in.,* i"«' young
men "
"My!" " • ' Hlsi rjaddlej
"you're spits t sll A n sudden."
"Nm." r. i.i i.i M • I'c Muie. glancing
dreamily ut her in >* ring, "I've nu rclj
been nolo, i..i nil ol s i udden."- Iiniu
inure Nl
In   I s. . |,tl.in.
"I' 'I you i ■      Mine   Bl i"*h slug
;  :    '    '
nver her ,	
Hint weak i I A hers."
I '.■ \i , ler.
i United,
"ii I Anr*
■n of lb*
'li trial | ■    '
'' I'll "r<SB, eUr-
rililS'lc; i
It Sold at 35,40 & SOo per
pound and it It
1 lb and half lb Load Packet!.   3 Ib and 5 Ib Tint.
Every drink of liquor taken, foreee
tho heart beyond the natural biat.
It nlso cni kidney and Htm*
troubles* Nerrj nihnustion li oat
ot Ibe altmiMita brought on by itm
moderate drinking. Stop at once tke
uso ot liquor. If It IncnnvinlinoM
you to do tbll It Is proof poiltiT*
that you hnvi the discus* of Inibrt-
ety nnd need medical help. Tbea
seek for Ilm best aid. Thi Kuliy
Cun Inn restored halt a mllUaa
people hack to health, proipirttsj
and happiness. Write today far eii
denci and we will prove our olalae.
Address In confidence,
133 Osborne St, Wlnnlpig.
sl" ill" I.   llir  *i. I.
Detective if your itatotnont w true,
your clothesline was robbed by trampt,
I'rlmiiiie Mow tin juii llgure that
DetectlTO—Didn't vmi sny tbey took
-verythlog but tbe towels?—Chlctgt
luiiil.fi   Win it is your wife going to
Ink,' Up golf 1
Hunker  a* soon ss »br rum scron a
lllll'III, llll'*.
Makes Food
More Nourishing
V* do not claim that Anaon'i
FjtraaT oi IW ii« li.'L limine*.
fee the ippetitn—u inotliing nd gntsv
hi to the frtnuath hrl'vi dm lo pat J
the noun-Writ out of the food- imatii
qujri, mad digeilioo.
Start dimer wilh a dear bousuW «jr
•hvstt scsnp with Arm-iuT'i FjalnadlW
Bed* ulia-xl lo (ore the hue bs-asj Imw
-and kc how easily the cfiana-f ia
W   IN   U   No    1369
. nn-: \ s.\  i ss
We have the best list
ni business and residential ]t f ,i |ic r t ie s,
cheap ,u i' age a .'1 till
kinds ol houses ler sale
ai (i rent, See us bi [on
The Bank Rbck,
Norih Vancouver.
Church Notices.
Sunday ier\ ices will be hold in
St. Andrew's church, Presbyterian,
Sixth street, at the usual hours,
Rev, 11. J, Robertson, 11. A., of
Chilliwack, will conduct both
iervii cs.
Sunday School at 2130 p. m.
Christian Endeavor at 8 p, m. on
\\ etliii sday,
Preparatory servire fur communion on Friday the 16th instant
at 8 p. in.
Pastori Rev, J, D, Gillam, M. \.
Strangers are heartily welcome,
Lots for oiilc
ST.    JOHNS   CHURCH,    CORNER    in
Septuagesima is inday, February
I.I'1'      It"!.V CU.MMI N'lON ... !   ...  m.
LOTS Morning and evening prayer at 11
50,60,66*132 FT. "J 7:;i"evcry s,mday' Sunday
1  rr..MOt.sisoMrUi. , School at 2:30 p. in,
Sexagesima Sunday,   February
iSth, holy communion at 11130 a.m-
A meeting ol tlir Church  roni-
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
Queens & Loiisd.ili*
Same prices, on I in some cases
clu ain r than city,
mittcc is being held ut Miss New-
i man's on Fifteenth street, at 8
o'clock on Monday next, to discuss
tin ' igunization ul Church nnd
parish on their new looting,
(in Sunday hist the new font
was used lor the first time.
Septuagesima brings with it the
removal of the decorations which
have so loii" added to the Christ-
Real Estate and Insurance
Vou will find il gnatly lo your
advantage to see me before closing
any deal.
11 anyone has lost a blaclt piy,
they can locate il by applying at
tlic post office.
Dan Martin, boatbuilder, is
busy installing a nine hossupower
gasoline in the schooner Boss.
Miss L. Cr.sswell was the gtleSt
of Mrs. M. A, Russell for a few
days this week.
J. A. Mi Millnii, our populai
postmaster, has put in a tlrop
letter box on the sideol the building,
Peers & Kennedy, the well*
known loggers, have bought a
logging i Iiinn ,u Port Moody. Mr,
AKx. Flores lias gone up to open
up tbe camp.
Mr, " ' Mrs, A. St. G. Hamersley, j leave " the
fyth instant lor lingiand, making a
short slay there, after which ii is
their intention to return direct to
North Vancouvi 1.
Two new residents have arrived
in North Vancouver within die
last few days. W, 11. Stoney has
taken up his residence on Thirteenth strei t, and J. Duff oct upii s
home on Third street, btoth
men intend carrying on business
Building will begin in a few days
on tho extension to tin Wi stern
Corporation wharl for the accomodation of the tram company.   The
Western Corporation.
mas brightness of St.  John's,  and wharf will extend as far out as the
Lots ol New Go* ds to I'n k
from,   it will pay you to b iy
i\v—even if you don't ni 1 tl
the Goods till Spting, We
must  have  room   lor more
a return to the more sombre colors
and aspect suited lo the nine
weeks of penitential preparation
I u Easier. In accord nice with
ancient custom, Te Deurn gives
place to Bcnedicile, and is laid
aside with Hallelujah until that
greal festival, while the season
di" I" ns into Lent, a.in culminates
in Passion tide and Holy Week.
It is curious that the old Latin
names of these three Sundays
should have survived in spile "1
their inaccuracy, for Septuagesima
is but the (14th day before Easter,
and Sexagesima but the "171I1.
Quinquagesima alone justifies it.*
name, being exactly seven weeks,
or 50 days according to ecclesiastical reckoning. The title
"Quadragesima' lor Lent (from
Which   the   Flench   derive   tlieir
'  New Goods to arrive about
I February 15th, 19 6,   Papi 1
i II  nw . I'ti' li.
I   •
F. P.
Bis!.op & Co.
Upp, Pi 'ip!'  , Theatre
Hold North Vancouver.
The f ne the
r.     .1.1 at thii hull 1 tin
J.  C.   Kl itll    Vile 1
Tom Kirkhousvt "
A j il "
W  II Slater,     "
II Lambert,
A. Miti    ..
(,  1. Hall,
1   E  I'owni In 11,"
V,   \ Uaiicr,      "
R, J Murray,
Mr. Corkni y. I.n   1   I
C. N  Edward .   "
A. Shaw and \\ ile,   Valium*   r
Mr. and  Ml I
ham, Quebec,
1 "Caremc") refers ol course to the
.10 weeks days before Easter, and
taki i- r,> count ol the Sundays.
Wednesday is the well-known
festival A St. Valentine, a
Christian Priest of early   Rome,
DisgUSted at tile evils   ol   tile   llll
ll' iu s held on that day iii
. : heathendieties, he stibsti-
luted hu tin in lhe practice of
drawing ihe names ol Christian
Saints to seive as models lor tin
■ ', ear. 1 he movement ha
passi il through such changes thai
"" ll the saint hillisi II   Would
.     ,   now hardlj recognize it.   In spite
wi      ol the title given   him   in   thc
Prayei H 10k    Calen lar,    ii    i*
I' n. ile'  that lie   was   never   11
1-  lion.
Quinn A' Urai .1 \, 1 (mii,11 toi .
hue disposed "I ■ leht team A
horses io I' H     , .v Companj
ifien  ■  an nl' al
1 'i Hi ' itizens availed
lie ie ii !>■ -' 1 ihe opportunity thus
afforded lo enjoy the balmy sun
shine m North \ ancoiiver. Chiefly
imi'.'i. tli" several delightful walk:
-. An 11 1, uu i<>.i<i leading to ihe new St
John's Si Iiniii.
ferry slip, and when completed
will givethewaterfront a prosperous
Suffering untold agonies from an
injured limb, a man named Davis
was taken over on the 8:30 ferry-
on Tuesday evening Irom Fromc's
camp. In some unaccountable
manner, while splitting a shingle
bolt, he became entangled Ini.*' n
a log ami a tree, scraping the llesh
off tin- leg and exposing the bono
lor a considerable distance.
A progressi\ ■ whist party was
held at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs J. A. Clarke on Thursday
evening. Among tln.se prescn
were: *\[r. and Mrs. Foster, Mis*
Carey, Mis. Pearl Squai 1
Miss 11.nidi ock, Miss I'. Russell,
Miss (',. Uussi ii. Miss Etta Burns,
Miss Edith Bums, Miss M ttnii
Mee, Miss L, Carswell, Miss Stone,
M''s*is.. J. Campbell, W. 1 in 111,
Tom Clark, Ross Clark, Win
Snider, M. S. Ml Dowell and K"i
Wheeler, A most enjoyabli
evening was spent by those
We take exception 10 bill number 24, "An Ail Respecting Mc-
Gill University" now before the
legislature at VicAria. Tlie pur
port of the measure is to turn over
ihe high  Si bonis   lo   Ml (iill    I'ln-
v rsity.   Mi Gill is a g 1   mn
versily, bul we think lhat thai
institution is alien lo British
Columbia, Its custom -. opinions,
I'M' ii'' s and prejudices belong lo
the Easl I he government ma;
'"i fn '■ from having to  pi ividi
i n '   I   I  'le   In. 11.lie.i.i'.   e ul llli ii
, but parents will have ii
■ uiuributi to Mi Gill     '.,>.'
■ •   iv nm on genuini
li,' .i r, ne '"'
Oneof ihe niost important duties,
whit '1 we hasten 11 recommend l"
Ai. year's council, 11 to prepare a
by-law for the suppression ol the
V 1 .iiiii Corporation, This body,
wliicl . composed "1 gentlemen
having individual and collective
inti i' Hi- in the municipality, has
been a source of vexation uud
;rievani ■ to many of us (or some
liiue past, This in itself is sum*
cien reason (or its abolition, 11
our memory is not al fault, it is
due to ihis corporation's initiative
that Mr. A. St, li. Hamersley ar-
1 ni ■ d with the Lonsdale estate
representatives to remove the
stumbling block to the throwing a
huge tract of land open lor ptir-
ch ise on easy terms to the settler,
and thu* caused, not to say forced,
a sleep} community in pleasant
lences, to put on the appeal
ance and habits of a lively and
thriving town, with its attendant
.lines, -.tores, hotels and other
means ol annoyance to the back-
wood's housekeeper, The Western Corporation, further, in the
arrogance ol its success, increased
ils interests and acquired more
propi rty, which it caused to be
' :■ iii'd uml otherwise improved
..is those folk who like to sec
things lively might cali il). This
lhe corporation put on the market,
and. most heinous ofleiice of all,
S led .t profit for its unasked for
ei" rgy,
We are running this paper, as
oui readers are no doubt aware,
I u' its pleasure and convenience;
unit we sliould prolit thereby is
repugnant to our wishes, but that
any one else should make a prolit
in which we are not sharing, is
still further removed from our
ideas of bow things should be.
I'he 'im heritable may call il envy,
that,   to our minis, is the ]_§\ /^flyed __,
/ hav a; ;,, sell a fine
pieces nf 2 and fl m vs at prict 1 which
will msiiri tiood lo'i'/.'A A// subdivid-
ing,   Ikeseplots art nl! within un, st.
North  Vancouver Specialist
Kil fortiusn Street.
and guess-work dis]  in , 1' ill knock the good out of
tin best doctor'  pn m riptions,
M*' absolutely accurate dispensing with pure
drugs is what give., lie . urin . ; lalil. ; ' ,''i; doc-
tot's medicine.
I closely follow evi ry tl 1 il - i .nui' physii ian's
pie' cription.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Vccminlriiil*., Auditors,     Plumbing and tinsmith-     Hay,Callle ami Chicken
Real Ctlate Afenlia In",. reed
Lumber .mil nil Mud*, of Building Material. Contractors and Valuators.
Mr lie*, aa Immense amount nf Cordwood mi hond.  Place your orders with
us for Hi* "inI*i'.
412 Slastlnqs Street West.*. Vancouver.; it. C.
CAPITAL, •;     RESERVE, 82,043,997
Head 0 '   ■ 1 11. Montreal,
II. Shi.. '*'.'., '1 • ■ 1 1   j. Ei.Msi.v,b iu of llrancl
Bran' In    in llritisli 1 1    .shcroft, I In 1 uwoo I.
Hedh . I, Ti Hi Vam ouvi r,
\ ii toria, and Dawson, '   1
Saving! I lepartmi nl   I li posit 1 rei eived Irom Si upwards,
(Hln c Cor.I.nnsdaln **c. and Esplanade, Snrih Vancouver,it. C,
I'he passing ui
route ol the street taiiw iv  by  iln
council mi Monday evening in de
serving of the hearty appro* d ol
every ratepayer in   the   ni 11 it
pality,    flie chiel bono of  con
tt-niiiui was the laying of the track
ui  First  street,    Residents   and
others along Third street    '1
advocated the ens pa' ing   tha
locality, pointing oul tl  I
doing many more residents would
hi*   benefitted    then 1".'.    Pi   en
indications are that  Firsl     tn
will I e the commercial  a litre ol
activity,'and il would be vi rj im
prudent il the hue did nol pass
iluiig ihe princip d thorouglii m .
is the tracks laid twostn etsfatl
ip would conllici wilh the  I'm-
li a - he,  would 11.1 \ ■ ■ 1 ' b
ill "II  I	
rongest reason why tli 1 Wi sti rn
..' irp u'lii'i.i -h iul 1 ■ ppi ■ d
Why should llie Western Cor
poral . work for the improvement (hateful word) of this community? Why should it endeavor
to help inui I up thu lown on a
permanent and solid foundation?
\ud !' : but not least) why should
they profit in so doing? lt is this
'.'.. :     tin council to stop.
So far, w' are glad to Iind, it
In- fori ■■ 1 the Western Corporation t' make its money by its own
investments and energy. During
lasl .1 ir it 111- Ai ; some 51,300
(or materials and wink from the
'1       1 ality.
The cry. however, has gone up
that it has bought tho council, 110
doubt wilh the profits of the work
none lor ihe municipally, which
should amount to about S130, or
.io ut ,Aj a head. You cannot
ii) coin pi ti nt councillors in th
West for '1 1 h I 1, And it must
lie borne in mind that an honest
councillor will stay bought. Tin
mi: 1 mentioned is not quite up to
nut' price, but then any one can
get elected lor the council, but
n w know  how  to   run   a   HOW!
Large Stod    '     '   ! nd Winter Goods
for Su ' .' ■" "■ ■'-its.
.   1 „.',,.< r tbbOll
l'„   ihat  as   it  may,   when the
Wi -ti in t orporation thinks it ad
,1.,ihii to support any 111,1 ; foi
mblii oflii , I"' ni" he is wid'
,'.'. .',. ..■ : pro in ■ ivi, that is
'i in foi opposing
. espcciall) .1 "in "I the let
nun', - aloin ic noth ng sorl 1 an
" si' io d in opposition,   Ci mini
lown to plain   huts, the   Wl   ten
lorporation has large intere ts in
.lie town an 1 does its best 11 ad
.■ance  the progress of the town
vn io sunn linn :. hiking an activi
urt in pui.Iii   hi •, and ilu y an
loing this In' 'ini" lie progress ol
ilie  munii ipality and increase in
lopulation tvill in t favorably on ii*
i'. ind I"' to iis profit,
.hi' h, a ■ we n in irked before, is 11
ill ng if il 1 iiiiinil be ' inlill'ed for a
moment. l!y all means suppn ss
in in.
1\ Larson, I 'rop.
11. dUiLdiNg be sUre aNd HaVe tHe
PLace Wired so as to be ready7 TO
connect o'l ovJr Wire Next spring
■\nr-tim t.xzrm ■ .- 1
B.C. Electrii Railway Co. Ltd.
jf Notary Public, General aUCttonce'
a 11 d_ a
Many pi ople will regret to hear
l| (he Si'lii'US lllll  '■'  "I Rl '",'   \   1.
,. ih .    I'm: Exi'ki    w -In'. him
,   1. ,.   .,.
167 initios., Sreet,   Vancouver, B. C.
II,. sell, .tl luii; 1 |trlviltii I "'l*'"T liuys "inric-lit all
.,   . .  a , himki   1 ■lock-(01 rash,
Mi' lias - i me su.-1 Im ,; ami .1.in rn 1 |ini|i'!"ty In North
Viiniiiiivi-r,   ••*'" lihn 11 mi ' II ""i Ihii L■' l1'';'"'- "l1 I'rupert.v In
tliUpcoltnii    HiMvi«i'i III V Sfl'W, ami vim will nmliu mnlli')'. :: ::


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