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Horary Uait JsmfHl      I
Local Meetings
i in Council Hunting, every JI Iai, 8 ii.ni,
I1    * ■ i (' ill .Miiiiii:, ana i I ii.Iiii , 7 -1.". j.. iii.
I.  . al]   ,a|   ll.llla*.   I'llll'll   | l|***.,li|> . ,S   |,,||l.
II    i i ul Iniala* l*:\.***i:livi*, Iii-i liiisilay, S |i iii.
-•a iiimi Hoard, lirsl I'riiliiy, s |, m,
/Legislative t\$_„ ^
APR II1908
Loc.il Meetings.
QUI.iill, 'in i .i iiiiiI I i.iirlh Iinsilnv, S p.m
In*: Monday, I p nt.
le'- I'lll *, I'.uri   I II* mI.h , S |i.|n.
inti JIi it.ni:. Sa iiiiiii Ueilni'S'liii, H I'.in.
Hum's I'rarlii *•  Kvt rj I nlni', i.iill p.m.
NORTH VANCOUVtR, I'.. ('.. FRIDAY. \|'UII, Id, 1908,
Mi. Nn- i".liilnii il  a h iiiilsiiuie who itated  the  quota.ioni   tli.it J
Acting M.ivni W, J. Iiinn |ire*|eharfi  nn  ilns year1!   revenue,
snleil ,il iln*   si ssion   of   the   City  which   vmillil   necessitate   a   high
Council mi Monday evening l»«t. rata ol tmtiofl, ind it is Ihere*
Tin iim ii* preient Aldermen May,
Hr,uin, Smith, Crickmay ind
A  communication  from  W.  I'.
Peacey,  si cretary nl  the whool
Imaiil, was read, lo the effect that
three ihoiisantl dollars rt-ijii<*st.-il
for extraordinary expenses includes
the sum ol jtboo asked last year,
and the sum ul #Soo, tlie price ol
tin* nld pound lot.
tiii i h ik Shepherd lead a gen-
aral torn of contract prepared hy
tin* i ill solicitor, lo lie followed m
all  i ity operation,    The   most
BOttbIa clause of which is that
excluding Chinese and JapaatM
(ore propoied to diitribute pay
iin-iii over a term pi 50 yeen by
means ol a ilehentuie loan. Hns
will also aaabll the council to
carry to successful issue their de
dared policy ol making lhe carnal
revenue for the year defray the
ordinary  expenses   for   the same
period, which ii one "I the fundi-
mental  principles of sound 1 nn
The by-law read al Monday
night'a meeting, authorizing 1 lu.ni
of f 10,000, wil reconsidered nml
amended tO read 18,000 A con-
sidcralile portion of this amount is
already placed,   antl   the   prolia*
almi from all public works under- hilities appear very favoralile for
taken by the city.
A plan of subdivision ol lot 1,
block 37, D. L 749, was sub*
inula al ind ipproet tL
As a inatler of privilege AM.
Mm t.mk occasion to declare that
an indefinite rumor in circulation
t 1 t'i a il et that there is a shoit-
a;e of funds with the cin is
f.i Ui ainl has no foundation in
I'niler reporti of committees,
iccoj "i ■ were m lered
paid Board ol winks, 54J5.^t>;
w.iii 1 tun ks, Jin 1 51; finance 11 m-
ninii., ftji.91. police aap
la   li    VI  lllllll   t I llSt.  ■    I,
fire .unl light  ttee, fayfi ia
At tin' 1* quest ol the bondholder! .1 reeolutiol wu idopted tnik-
iteml on debenture I
undi 1   In law   No.   M| paiali]*   ,it
an i of llie si ratal cities design.it'd
in .el.Ilium to North Vancouvei.
lhe    following    liy*laws    Were
gin ii Iheii firat, wcood ami third
n ,1 lings, and will he finally recoo-
■idi n 1 next Monday evening:
A by-law to enable the city to
mi-. . by Way oi loan, the sum ol
•jii'.a'iin for the purpose of paying
oll a portion ol the city's proportion ol the tlrbl of tlic district in*
cum .1 before incorpontion.
the floating of the entire sum.
The total debenture debt ol the
city, exclusive til the above
amount, is only $162,200.
The award of the arbitrator! ia
the matter at issue with the municipality was read bv the clerk and
■s as follows 1
1. " Tlie ferry rent ami payment
thereof Were included in thc
motion passeil at the meeting of
tlie incorporation committee held
on the 13*li ol March, njo7, and
iln* liistriet Municipality ol North
Wim iniiei has nn claim in 11- j >. 1 t
to said nut 01 anv part iln n nl
1. " I he owaenhip "f the telephone line iii connection with the
I* ui nvoik*. lyiti in paaaed into
iln- hands of tin* uid City of North
Vancouvei at tin- data ol the tat-
ter's incorporation, and the said
City of Norlli Yanimivi r II Quired
the right to build, operate and
maintain ils said telephone lim
over antl upon that portion of
Lynn valley road which is within
the District Municipality of North
Vancouver, subject, however, to
the right of lhe District Municipality of Nortli Vancouver, lo
designate the locality where any
and all poles, erections and equipment shall be placed, 111 and upon
Incidentally it is stated in this.said l.ynn valley load, including
by-la* lhat the value at preeeal 'A the reSMTal to any other position
tin ,iss, sscd properly in the city is
Si. r/.ylio.
on saiil   Lynn valley ruad  of said
poh s, erections ami other equip.
A I'* I.m  lo-lop ap pOftioM Oi  ment should the snue be  deemed
M.tik.n   road,  Seventeenth   and. by the council ol the said District
Eighteenth itreeta,  in ordei to Municipality of North Vancouvei
COmpi)   with tin* piiivisioiis ol  the
uid to tin* 1 iii loi parlt purpo 11
hi   Captain    Henry   Haywood,
I.on-..lab*  and  Janus   l'eiuln itmi
Fell, "I iwelii  .11 It's in the   -.until-
in si 1,1,111 r ni iln Mati iU portion
ol    l'i    ss***    This   In law   1 los. s
Ma, ka) mad 110111 Seventeenth to
N       tl 1 lllll    sllei Is.     Sen Hi- ' iilil
. from M.111* it  tii.nl :' iii
creek I bight* nth sin. 1 Irom
tin* in sierly boundary of tin' t ity
to tile 11'   l>
I in iiuiiii ii then adjourned to
go mi'i committee of the whok oa
tin  1 it) estimates lor lhc  ensuing
\< .11
A special council meeting WM
held Thursday evening. All the
numbers were preient excepting
Aid. Smiili.
A by-law lo enable thc city to
borrow $17,000 was given its lirsl,
se, mnl and third readings. This
is 1, ally a plan for the consohda
J i.ili nl 1 <il.nn outstanding liabilities, some ol which have heen
carried over from incorporation,
ami ollurs ol which have Irmn the
at any lime to in any way mlu
li 11  wilh iln' ii*" nl s.tnl 1.1 ini ial-
ley roatl."
Ill'* llllllll ll ilei ninl thai a pul'
lie milling of tin' mu |i.iu is shall
In* called lor the 1 ooeideratiofl ol
tin $17,000 in-law referred lo,
anal also oi iii, prectteed \\ 1
■hipyirdi In law, nhn h h.i bei n
in eootemplitioB for mom time
I*. 1
Formal Opening of  Lynn
Valley School
Lynn Vallej m , •■ /,/,■ last
Tuesday evening, when 111 important era in its history was cele-
kntad by a large gathering Irom
the valley ami the City ol North
Vancouver, at the opening of the
new school.
The building is large ind well
adapted Ior school purposes. The
commodious class room in which
the opening ceremony took plate
was tastefully tin orated fm iln
occasion with bunting and an I
Punctual to hour of slartii g,
Councillor T.   E. Nye extended a
binilei pn leilled in Iln* s, luml In
Ai ting Mayor Irwin, of Nortli Vancouver, who, on Iwing called upon
toaddretiihegitbi riiig.s.iulit give
un greal pii isun i" be pri lenl
iu ilm festivities ol the 01 cation,
.nul thai ii ii.is gratifjaing to him
lo noli* ihe gii'iii piiigii-ss made in
the valhi nl l.ile; llu* si hool an.l its
developmenti nue implei videnca
ihai theeducationil facilities weie
not by any means being neglected,
On behalf ol ilm City of Nortli
Vancouver, ami in his ollicial capacity of Acting Mayor, he wished
Linn Valley School even suit ess.
ihe length) an.I  varied program
was as follows: Patriotic long,
"Camilla," by iin- children; long,
Mailer Prill Nare; recitation,
"When Mamma wns ■ Little
(iirl," Laura Grahim; long, Miss
H. Cameron; recitation, "A New
Brolher from Babylind;"tibleau,
"Hubbies," by Master Iiuikley
recitation, "Ciitfew Mull Nul Ring
Tonight," Miss Nellie Probert;
song, "See Saw" by (he children;
tableaux. "William Tell;" song, a
recitation, "Ilahv's (ione to
Schoo1,"  Madeline  Magenidoj  a
seni's   ol    lliadowgripfa pit tuns.
Mis   All mis ami   Me-sis.    Me
Naught,   Calliphrenai and Down
were the piiiit'ipalsiu tin se events;
song, W. I'hilip; tableaux, illustrative o( a Pear's soap advertise
ment; "Crowning ot Ml) Queen,"
by the children; "You Dirt)
Boy,"     Wilfred     IJiiitoII;    duet,
"Larboard Watch," Messrs.
Buckley ami Nate; nog," Down
in the Valley,"   label   Campbell;
tableaux,"ller Pace:" song "Good
Night," by the children.
A special word ul pr.u-i*  is due
to tile girls ,111'I boi s of   the juvenile 1 lioir for llieir masterly rcmli-i
ing of several choruses throughout
the evening.
At the conclusion of the programme Mr. Irwin moved a mti
of thanks to all those who had in
any way contributed to lhe tit 11
ing's entertainment and lhe committee through whose efforts such
excellent results had been broughl
Mr. Alex. Philip, C. M. C, in
seconding Mr. Irwin's motion,
spoke on the progress made in
Linn \alley during lhe I.1-1 pi ,11
or two. About two 11 ,ns previ
ously Lynn valley s> bool hid li
li* 1 loseil ilmin on .111 .unit 01 in-
- In it* it ul pupils. Mi. Philip
was 1 harmed with tin t.
had been beard, ami -\- * iall)
11 nh il Mash 1   11.;    11.<ia.
ulna ,  sn,, 1 i ■ nun l.uor mil
|||   |l|l s,  nl M.lsla  1     II,l|,*.   lllll'  |.
yet a hot. is ih. happj  u
ol a 1 * "I lii"  ipi.ilili aiiil mill
n qyjri s in be laki n ia head bj
impetcnl vest iliil i" rnsnn
Ins making 1 ninn bt liimiell in
11111**11  ||    I  III   I*   I
J11 Itii I   11 is   nn 1 |l il   mil   to ,*
siiiiipluoiis  ii past  s> imi  by tin
n -i'ii nts ul Iln  i.1II11, all. 1 wlm 1
daw ing was 1 ngagi <l in until ihi
1 irly boms ol the morning, win 11
a spi 1 ill 1 ai 1 oim it d the North
Vancouver  friends   to   their   re
••p. 1 lm* homes.
ml   bun   received   at   different
il in ' lm tin* umlt iiiiiI tin* reason
Which hud led to the nnal decision
oi  tin*  board,     Several  of  the
aim ' ton ipoke to the mailer also.
Mr       Philip      lUggl   sU-d      (I**.*      ;,,,
ainicalilt solution ol the difliculty
could be Imuiil by the directorf
calling for fresh tenders on a ilif
I,rent basis, say to separate the
work f■ 0111 the materials, ami in
llial way get rid of the suggestion
that any one had mod anoth.'r's
figures lo any extent in making up
his quotations.
The directors insisted, however,
on a direct vote of "yea" or "nay"
in the matter on lhe action thev
had already taken, and a ballot
was cast, when seven voted 11:11
ami five t"ied yea.
Thereupon each nieinbei ol the
boaid intimated his intention to
resign office.
The meeting unanimously resolved to ask them to reconsider
thii decision and expressed confidence in theni.
The directors howevtr adhered
to tlnir decision, and the meeting
resolved that a general meeting of
member! be convened for Friday,
llie 24th insl , at N o'clock, to consider any resignations that may bc
sent in.
This course necessarily caused
delay in the matter ol the contract
for the pavilion, and to make that
loss of time as brief as possible it
was unaiiimouidy resolved to in-
Struct lh'' architect, Mr. Nichol-
sain Lailcy, to at once issue a call
hu   ten,his for :     (I |  The   ithole
ni.iie'ials required for the building
conform to a bill to be made up
by Inin; and, (1) The whole woik-
iiiauship on lhe building. Tenders
to be in his hands fourteen  dais
A vote of thanks to the chairman was passed and the meeting
Dr, McKay Jordan, of Seattle,
■ade I living visit to this city Ofl
A benedict's dance will take
place at Lai son's pavilion shortly
after Easter,
Mr. Duller, the genial secretary
of the boat club, is back (raw the
old country.
Mr. tlraasis is gelling mt a supply of poles lot the U. C. Klectric
Li^hl ,\: Power Co.
Mr. P. Rochueaen has returned
to Thirteenth streei sfter s iisn te
Los Angeles, Cal.
The pile-driver was at wotk
Wednesday, repairing the Ierry
whaif, at the foot of Lonsdale.
Mr P. Larson has a boom ol
lirst class shingle bolts awaiting
the coming o( a tug lo low theni
to market.
The Rev. H. Marsden, M. A ,
took   the   evening service  at St,
John's  church   on    Wednesday
evening last.
(ormil   nature  iu  preparation (or
tbs regular meeting oa Tuesday,
the J1 st inst.
Satisfactory progress is being
made in the preparation of the
new home of the city post oflice
for tin apancy Postmaster J. A.
McMillan expects to be ready for
bum'aess M lhe new Hand belore
tlie end of next week.
William Fraacey, who was it*.
ported missing from his home at
Wisliii,uster Junction, Itgialsnd
•'" I1"' Palate Hotel a lew days
ago, and upon being informed of
the anxiety existing relative to his
win ie.ii.mit-, immediately departed In li is home.
Tin: KxiKiss learns with d.ep
Sympathy lhat (i. A. Love, ol
Vancouver, who wis for a shoit
period part owner of this paper,
In- ulleied a sail beieavenieiit in
the ib.ilh, on Tuesday last, of his
only sou, at the age of seven years.
He fatal illness was spinal nicnin-
Tin  Lynn Valley Lumber Co.,
Tn Run 1   -Well furnished house Limited,  have opened   an   oflice
with   all   modern   conveniences. |on   Lonsdale avenue,  in W.  H.
Apply,   Corner First street   and May's real estate office, where their
Chesterfield avenue.
representative, A. McNair, will be
Equipment and supplies in con* I'h ased to see present and pros-
nectinn with the Grind Trunk peetiVfl uistmiiers Parties con-
Pacific contracts, east Irom Prince teiiiplaimg huil.ling will do well
Rupert, are arriving at Vancouver.   ' ' COOSBJl theni.
Fife hundred an.l thirtv-one ^mtl •'^'' -V Duk.- plar.-il in
voters will bc added at the next*"10 w',,,r lhi> ** » fusl-clm
court ol revision in the Richmond llim»"** ™biu launch, built lor
electoral district. Court will sit Mr " C K"hl1. "' Victoria.
JU1R.,. : The boat is 10 leet over ill,  lieim
ti    u . 1      1     r    1.1   ;5 <t 'J i'i . »nd is fittod with 9 lip.
The Paterson Lumber Cc.Ltd., Iql -
Sheffield Fairbanks ungines.    The
owner intends cruising in southern
(act lhat the early revenue of the
city was not suitiiient to meet to. hearty welcome to all those prcs-
tIn lull the in * 1 * ,11 \ In ,m initial ml, on behalf of the clli/.' us ul
1 npi lulitutt's of thei nic cxistt me. the valley, and in a few brief re-
It is considered unwise that these marks formally declared lhc school
expenditures should   bc made  a opened.
The Horticultural Association
In   leapOBOS   to  a  call   of   the
directors ilu- members of tins as
sociation met  last IW ning 111 tin
distrii 1 111111111 ipal ofli 1, to eon-
lidet   lbs  action ol the  dm 1 Ion
ill tin* mall  1 ul iln* lenders for the
new horticultural building,
Mr. George J. Phillippo, pnsi
ih ni of iln- bond "i trade, was
called to the 1 h til
The situation which had atiseu
in the metier of tin lemli is was
fully  explained  by the  sicretaii.
The Man Who Pays   His
In every newspaper we pick up
wc are sure to find 1 gusli about
the man belim I the gun; the man
behind the buz* saw ami the man
behind the rents; the man behind the plowshare and the m in
behind the fence; the man bei I
the whislh*. llu* man In luml lhe
kodak and the mail l>< luml the
ban; Ihe man In hind III* whiski is.
lhe man behind Ins lists, ami evi 1,
tiling In himl has entered oa tbe
Use. Bul they have skipped sn
other li How nlm is tun , 1 .1
little way ahead; who pays lor
iih.it In g< is ud iilios, hills sre
always sign 'I   In a ■ gr .it deal
mors importanl lli in iln* man who
1- behind   All sre 1 ditors ami nu 1
1 ii.mis ami iln* whole common ial
1 lm .m indebted for , liileni 1 to
ihis ho 1, s| I* liiuiniiin ||, keeps
us all 111 business .md Ins town is
sever dead, ami so we take mn
ll.l ts nil to tin  man who is ahead.
Large Timber Deal
The  largest  limber ileal wluili
has beam maided for some lime
was closed lllis week, by virtue ol
which sonic 11,1100 icrcs ol timber
on Maiii'piin creek, .Sipiaiiiish ral
lev, Howe Sound, passed inlo
the hands nl California capitalists.
I In* pie • paid is *7oo.iino, and a
mill In cut 150,000 per dav will
he built at nnu at I cost of f ;
000. The lumber will be cut fm
the export trade.
The local firm o( W. 11. Stoniy
& Co., house painter! and decorators, have recently imported 3,000
rolls of the latest style of will
papers, wilh borders, etc., to
match, ind ire now prepared to
offer the public excellent facilities
llu    Vuiiiil;   Pulpits   ( Inh   ih
hair next I ucxda*, , i, ning will In
"Should   Trusts be   Tub rah d 111
Canada ?"
is   loading   a   shipment    of   one
million    shingles,   recently   pur- n
chased from the North Vancouver
Shingle mills.
It is understood local amateurs
are hard at work rehearsing "The
Private Secretary." This is such
a funny piece that it is hoped Ihey
will have a bumper house.
A large number of the nn minis in the mailer of spring renovations,
ol tbc local  Pythian lodge went Sdfl tlnir advertisement in another
over lo Vancouver Tuesday night column.
to attend the anniversary proceed- Contractor J    Aultl   will begin
ings of Mt   Pleasant lod|s           |work on Monday nexl on llie J. C,
The young people ol iln Mt ilm K"il11  huilding at   the corner of
.list <liunh hope lo have Pi un ipal l^wdale flVeSM and First slrn t,
Sparling and  R, 1   W.stinan  give which has s|„„,| !,,r sot,,,* months
limn ,1 magii   lain. 111 11 imi ol a |j' ' l'"llv   ' ' npl. Inl   ctindilion.
apt ul. is Sun.Iai   1 lm ■! It   sous.       ■l"' •«-* «•■! bs PfOS ed ccm
,    ,    ,, ,    ...  ,  '^* *oi it is amend that
A.      .    Pit loii Wallow    is   this; 1    1    . , „ ,        ■ ,
,             ,1                   .    , '"e huil.ling will |.e read)   lor OC
Ilns  11.1 k   installing   a   Iiis|-i lass '
,                                           ,. 1 ii|'iui, in about eight weeki.
'*'i<l.1    nal, 1    I ninl.nn    in    " I In-
Lm,,,';,',"    Lonsitale   avmue.   u, ' "'"'  I-   Mw"   -*   'l"»"">*
p.. pat, nlo. the iagflflMOfl """"' ""' '"'  "'"   '"-  I""1" ,n
hii ■'.  reunion . I ..inin,• imu 11
Mr  |,IV"' (""l,|n"' ''  V'"'   fully 1   1, ■ I hi , i,n M.W1|
""""•   ''    """l'l''"»»-    »'""»-- prill     nil,.  \, ,„,,,,, tm  KmnrI
nimls   l-„   liuihliug. (,„    p,, on..l ,                               —   ^
 I -■•""""'"'"d Mttags  „,,k    ii,.,,,,,,,, ,,„ ||(in,rl
""    '   "",    s'""' »*    "'    S il   lh.    ('.Hies.   Aiiedale,.    field
'"'"«' ""'"'"■ ipeaieli   and   Dm*   l>,..,mont
Tne 11 C  Blectrii Kailw.il (" h rrim
1- pulling ma 11. w miai improved n„  wo^tm t\ th.  Mnhodisi
cnu. atth.'.ornerol First sir.   I hun I, haw this m , k made apiy-
and St  David's avenm   lor which ,ent  ol   II177   nn   their  church
piitpme  siiffi. imi   land   w,is  ,-\ property,    About mn* ball ol   lhe
proprialeil some time ago. anioinil was conlnbuted  by Wei-
D. W   Rcenr,   Vancouvi r,   will Iry t hurch,   Vincouver,   miking
let the contratt 111 a Ic-v days fori about «<hhi donaleil by the people
thc   erection   of   a   a v, n loomed of Wi   I. i 1 hun li during the  list
modern dwelling on his picptity six mostbe to the Methodist cime
on Thirtenilh street, one half block in North Vai 1, r
east (nun Lonsdale avenue. 1,1       1     hi   .   n ,,
lil lucsilay \\. A. Ililliigaie
Hm North Vaacoaver Dancing I u  eatraoodinsry  exhibition   ol
Club  will   give Weekly dailies in   ,|„, ,,   „    M„„.|U|||,,   W|,|,    ,
Larson', Pavilion, commenting mi ,„|..     |,„ .,,,,. ifct^ ,|„ts the
lhntsday   tuning    Mil       Iln ,„,. „|  a ulier dollar, 1 pi
.lain.*  will bl Iree, and dam iug r|,M„, ,.„„ |,    |,()||,.r    p,t|).    ,,,,„
will loiinnence al X y, f  „< „uh,, „,,„„,, ,|s„ Oinoimg .mill
rbe eaecative of the North Vea marbles tbiswi m the an.   Mr.
couver   board   ol    trad'    bold   a I'uhi aUn dul  some hue shooting
milling 011   lm silai  i u ning last .1   tin     traps,   lulling    14   clay
llu    hiisiuess   was   chiefly  of   a ' pigeoiu oul of II, THE EXPRESS, NOUTII VANCOUVER, 1! C.
Tin: i xi'iM-SiS
North Vancoi via, B. I
weal,  ami am   inggcition Ot pp-jtion  i"  mnke  im oi ll.e  Lil"*'
proach 1.   iii'       •""  l""!'"" ,"li   "I1   S """"   '!'"     "
,0 a**  i'"i    :*   *    ' lb    ■    ' i     "r'h s "'"   l'"''  r,"''",,i""  '""'
terests et ih* cnmn ii iif   will nu  i
mill cordial nci ptii n ■" I hea ')
,     |.*   Slllllll MS*   ll'      "■  'I    Ma.111.IS.
M   |    ._*,.,.        ! Il-illi-s Mgl
I i.i   I  . hopes I   mi i i lh
___^^^^^^^^^^^^^— all,!,,,, I
The KxprfS- is.'.'ni'i,.': in Nn. lh |*)t,t| ,.,   ,|     .  . | .      , ,  , lilU
and to nectipy an ever widening
\' n    rii  * :'   . .a ra. in   * I
a-l   tin    ullice     All  uulsiile
this di.tl      .-   |l|    ' ll in tin   pi st
li.Ui s ol Subscription
One leal -        -        ft.00
.six nioiiihs     -       - ,50
1 lm 1 montbi ■     • .25
1 ' .111. . 1  Mills     Illlt    I'.ll' igll,   It. JO
pi   1    '.a   .1'
All sul*s.,,,;,,.,,. nuill In  paid iii
s^it M   ' 1   It* fulness   ill the  111*
t        l.l -III n 111 \
whii Ii il has lhc I In n iv..
J'.^v .  .,
-   ;;*v"*,/
•uin 1 1*. in UI.1 v Ul\ 1 S, i"i:
lia    p|. i,ia Ml A  ' .li   I'll  11  nl    I lllll
hroiigb [rom Lt 1111 1 n ek in Sry-
inui  lui   lhe ilisl en e nl a 1 ih    .\
uleu lhe distance 1    lb   .etiler. uml nilnrn, Uml n,*liell»n Ims
lla'I'll   III.I'l*' 1*1   II.   > .. .'Hlll.l.ll' HI  I* Mai   lllllll
.ru.ii'.l  111  iin'  I'.ii..-  liiu-r  Vallej,
nl |'r ol,. iiliimlila, .'''i' Inl
I" ill'* 1*01 lull 'ii t* inin* 1 I llniler llu*
.i.i i.|im. ..I Seell.iii 7. nl " in Ail ti
lum lion blink
Wilt t.niuu ,*
Plmni* 37
lil rnrdns.l S',
l.i.f t.uiri.
Una,   ii'l
Merklij IM—Vttlfe Imliiaii \|uil III!
1,1*   all
I   .      1   no'   n     iv
1; *
■I   regUlalli)   «.ai    I  I   ,aS      II  itil)
llll 1   a N    '    i'*'|"   I        I0|   j1'   'I     llll
h ss notified ■ iliu 1 bj let :i 1 1
Nokiii \ ivniii 1: Aran 10,190!
The new 111apel  wh. 11 pr. p. ilt
in in a|  is 1 s, nti.illi .1 publii  rn
stiluii.'ii       lhe   nil'i'sis  ,.|   iln
11 nsiiipi 1 and llli coii'iuniiiii .in
I)    int' ll ii ki .1    and    I ilK' li
idi uin al    No liVi  lov.ii i.m i'i
pellsi* uilh lhe 111 uspiper ind
SKipe stagnation The inns,
nip. 1 ifegnardi tin inli leiti ol
tin* pa ip|i . ns uii h, givil * ipii s
S.oii   to   publii    lllOllght,   ninlilils
s, ntiiii ni. 1 \' its 1 poti in
infliH in* in all 111,1:1 11 ol 1 ivie in
t* r* 1 .n 'I polii \. idvcrtiw 1 il e
citi imd diitrict, disiiininiiei in*
1 iiinn i;i all ilui'i lions thli
hn,ilis  enst   tO  tin'   iiiiII ol  I  1 all
I uterpriiei    Win I) used by tin
lm 1* halit ll providl s  a 11 ,nl\   ii'ie
valuable mi dium lot bringing his
w.m s to iiu* <ln< 11 stti niton  oi
tin 1 -insulin 1    ainl in a lh
and   on *   v..ns   in.iki I    lor    tlu
1 ,in.| pinspiiili ol ll in
munity in whii li it is published.
I In    1 tli tl v,;i   ' 1
commuoit) ii guiged I \ lb. mii-
lide publ 1  to 1 gn al 1 vt' "i bj
th. 11,at.u i' 1 el iln n pn - ntative
sh* et pul lilhi d llun in, ami it is
th. i.ii. i it. lirabls ia iba
broadest inter sis o| tbe com*
munii) lhat the bn a! tn wsp.ipi 1
bc a 1 n dual |c publication I > •
character bl the papet will be
control). .I bj iwo Iai t"i*-. nami lj
the ibilil) a 11 eoterpriee ol tliose
in actual . hargi ol tha papi r on
th' inu h iini, snd lie' I") ally and
assisi.mi. ,.! ii„ 1 in/, ns upon the
oilu 1 hand     I lie 11 live 1 *
tioll   i*l    .ill   1 lass, s   of |hl
iiiiinilt  is n 'pun d. nu 1, i
a li' His. bl'i ral 1 ' sub
s i.l"*  lol   tin   p.ip. 1.  tl *      v ho
1 lolU ll   llllll ei, n|s  ,,| pulllic
interest   la   imparl
I 1   ami
;i,*n       • I" ■ 1. -     1
tin publii  uilh tin  in wsp.ijH t will
11 III .1
I'ln*  1 nllonk   is   bright     'lh.
I ll,ill,la   |a*|*     'I'l     llu      1 I I |'l  iis)
Inun   I'iii, a    |(u|n 11   ,1.-1 11   tl 111
i.iilii.n operation! *•ill afloi I 111
I lui 3,011. in* n for 1 in m
thn 1 ti .11- t' 11
An .* a ni f ir ill.* (inggenbeiiiii 1
: fl in Van.   uii 1 lh s
week in**' .   . ill   * lu 1 a
1 *i!iip.ini nl 111' 11 l'i gO luiiiii in 11 '
einpliii * 1 i,, . opi mi..1 I Inti ik thai is pi.min al will nn'' 1111-
pl iinniii in i.i" ' nn n within .'
h it months Su. h facts as thev
pit lie* pessimi ft mil I li in. sr
as fm ih   I.ilnn in.uli* 1 In  liriiish
The   British  Canadi in  \\    1.
'..Ip 11 1 1 Papei 1 ..   I ' I
a l.l. a I,   a 1   itm I   nn tbe  in 'i li 1
.1 |< iv ii. el,- ago, .111  ii ".■ 1*
i 111 ■ sli.111 pciinl, \
sei ond bio k wu ill'i I I In pub
lii, and ilu pmsp. 11* ire ili.it il is
will won li  ' 'I lusii I
In* p..ml, o| Vim ".ia 1 re
dived iis 1 h.nii 1 from Ottawi
il'aiit a in 11, .a        I   mediately
ill**   ll     HI-   111  ll     l!   |,av. ,,   1   *„*1|   I'l    till in    sul si riptiom    l'i   ihires
ilu re In gan a Head)  pi
oi men  wiih 111 im t ih lirotii ni
buying itoclt, so th il ll *   pn
pectl    an*   that   Ihe   m 1 ■ *- ir)
roup a   :   ,.■   ,1.1 a .is, *,i
ilil     ll  |)    lip.
Ml      IVI    I'  III    sl ,   el     that    ll    11.is
the iiilciiiiuii "I ihi  a   	
i,ia 1 ur Irom ims place,   an 1 b
that end he desirci the *>
il ilu* people lun i'Hi„i'l, -a ning
llie   govel inin ul   !n   open   up llll
trail,   The bond ol trade  havi
1 ei*.   la.nl Hi   inal 1 i lion ;hl I"
1      '  .1: na. ,oul uihu   bodies
.Ilil   b    .1 'I-* <l    111"    <p    lli' I 111
ouipati) will a iiipiui .1 large lore
il men, .unl ib , inui in in 1 in
.ill tin ii aupp ie * 0*1 Iliil lidi "I
lh'.' inl't, all tiling! I" illg 'ipi 1
I In   o, euiug  11)1 ol   tin   trail
,1'.nii'l  I llll'l   lhe   I.i nu   creel   lUil
*   1 reek  C1 npl   Iri     a.i
tiv 1111 - piat r, .e.  well  .1-*  Dp.    : H
up imu ..iir s ni   the   Sip* allll-i
. i.,a I in -■   lllll lii,;   tip, lil   *
iii.1,1   ii a ,in 1 greal *!• al
lo N uh \ .1 11   ui' 1
> >m 11 VANCOUVtl
I'l  I 'I ll
||i,    a llall
IH Gate
|i -1 nii'iiiii
0||.    IHTa'.   II    Tl    I   I*   a * . I *  - I     (Ull    lll.l   l   a   ll a.   |;    ..   II    I     llH'W
,a,l    |a    I..,       ,   |a   I   ||lg    I   |||      .Iti-   I.     1     '   lUl        llll ll    I'   "     '    '   '     '
1 i***ir al. Kri.lt' I; iw.i * * nn i* * in a li.l.nt' , I * "-   *-
I.II   HU    -    ..I       I     -ll        I I|«       ll'   Ii'l   ' -a  I   'Pa      lllll
I 1, ia 1 1 Mp I'n inn
Ni.th Vancouver Hails
M rl* 1 b si* Inr I'etpatl li *is fnl
I   1   Vam u ivi 1   and   all
-I ,1   III .   11:1 ] 11   111
,1 111 : fm Lynn creek, 11:15 ■ m,
Mails unite   Vancouvei nnd ill
ll        l|    I"    '     IU   ■     12:43   IU    .    '.    IS
|l     tll    1     llll'l'    ll'll   II  I'll    J   p     III.
(hit ["illg mails hu   I.i 1111  1 nt k
all' 1  11:15 a.  na. ihould be de
.111 n il .11 Ibe uu In I,
■1I11J I.I   lll< l-l.laa.l  h.tl.aa.l. ,   Iln*  drill
mu I'm k uml U,mu,1) Ui ■)■ ui ih
I'mviniv," aii'l -ni'ii 1.imi 1- in.1 a.|iaii 1
<mn under tin' luml hmi- ui ih
llll       '.     la'   laa!   i-a|,-,'li!„a|   ;|-    [,l
'•It- I'i'lllllli iH'all'.'     Ill     il      |"         .'.'*
lllll'S -.lllll "I   llll<    I''*.II'*    Iln. r,   un   III,*
Ijnili   Mi 11 nn .   I« na*  11 '■   l'.ii-ii*ru
l.niiittiin "i llie l'..,i nn-,*, iiuiiii' IVi-ni
1   li nu-  II **■ Vim
I'. Illl.l      1 111   * .ailill-,    1 11. -11. . ■    pll-l
a'l Ilil r- llllll     .'• "I I'll   HIS,   III.'111*11  S.*llll*
III till'  p'llia!   a.l    a Ull  Il.'i lllllll,    illllllll-
III.'   Ill"    l'J  III      V.'ll   I   llll.    .llall     ...lll.llllill'..
ii|iiimxiiii iii'. : uiUHJaemi
N..II.**' 1* A -" liltvn llml,    ilh 11 iii'ii
1    '   I.la      '!'..'       ,'.     -     I I lellil   III    III    llll'     V'lll   I'l.
ill iiii* I',.1.1 *, I'urmilp ninl I'aek Itiver*,
la * I illiitlill-j li   1 a,1   .m.l lurly mil' I in
.ilillh, ;ui<l • sl ii'lni*.' SU mill - mi eaeli
'a.   Iliu  I'a*.in*.   r.ir-ni|,   unl   I'llil
liiven.  1..1- I'lsn i'i*-i'iii*ii [ur ii'iiuil
-alii r-. iii In* :i.'i|iiir**.|   lu   |*ri'*a ii-|alii.ii
11 \  1 1 11.1 I...I.*. \**i. mieli l.ui*l i*'*i
li* iii'.'  ■ ■ 1 ■■ -■ 1  lur  -il,*,   lui-,*,   Iir, ns.*  , r
a, iiiai   1, r llu* Mill  Ai I   I'l-
jll    lal   j.-.'., Ila|l'i,,|l.
fl.llall,,**!■    HU   a|   Ilia'  1   ,1, I-a a ' ). a, | a  |   ||,,
iV«si. rn '.■■ ■  'i i<> . i iln' lilivk uf laml
-I. I'll al   la       '     i*     1'.,   ..lui    |l    diatlMlllielll
Uilli   lilt'   I'.'.l.'a'    lllll I,   llll'llll'   i .11..Uill*.*
■ 1   ii* hi., r nii'l  l'ar*ni|i Itntr In
a i a * i il i.  tilth iln*  I'ni-k  Uii ar.
m.l iin'ii.. lullnitInn ih,* I'aek River i"
'lu* |i"inl iiiui.* aaiil I'liii.  lilvit  lint's
Ih'l I Like, aiiel esli'ii.liin: l**r a iii-
llllll* aaf .M  lllll     llll ll    -..!•■    .al    - li.l
Rivi r. ami   a| a.ri.xiinan li   ITU lull'*- in
All lillnls mil siile llu* h* iiunl,irii- i'l llu
|i Iiilmi iia.i.iiuiii'iii  iiriinl Slid ll"'
ra*-. rn* nliaaii* .li'-i*riliril iir-* n|"*n   I"'
'"*.in*'ti under llu1 I.nis ni lh.' I'ri'.U'iv
The Cushionet Shoe
For Women With
Tender Feet
Oxfords fnr nu I'MJf Imu-   i
soles, low Inui nml kid I |>, fnr real
cniiif.irt.   Price, $3.50
Biueher lace for ilnwi w.nr: pgirn
     hoiivy turn soles willl   iinliiiiiv hii I
ami patent tip.
A stvlisll. III'.It illlll ill't'SsV slinr lliiit givOfl Clllfnlt llli.l
Weill' fur $4.50
,'illi ll;i-lini;s Stri id
ikti vifiwm nn ft wia co.. un.
Time Table, 19.17
amount  to  enable  the  b i ir, |,,,U Wm.  Loutet, Cit)
11 ndi 1- wanted lot cleerintj ind
grading  ground  adjacent to Sl
\1nl11 u's 1 hmi h.  110x50,    Par*
begin operation «ill be iul n ril ed <i n
1 ^^^^.*^^f>^^^^^^^^^r^
I hi plain inti n I thi n _
is pleat) of mom 1 read) loi in- Church Notices
ia stun ni ninn 1 proposition up* 	
peart, tbil loob good to the in* , iohn'i thi aviNGKUir, ikvkiith
11111(11 I Sill   s|KI I   Is,
llu   ii.'iii  obeemtiooi ol  i Hol) Communion,8a, m.
operator   who   |ml    put Morning prayer, n
through a deal iiiii'lu *       i ;           prayer, p.jo
"llil"'" '' ■       Ural Sunday in the month
fe««W.namely, ■• BrttiihColum- ,,„„, U||1 ,„. ;1 S(,„.„, M|ebration
I,,., ,s on Die en  ol thebiggeif 0| tl.e Holy Communion et it a. m
kind.if a in*.Ith* I ,.,r,,)r.  R„   ,,„.,,  ,,„„,.,,,,
i nitoR/.ii. xo/.
  -I   INUKI u's iti:si;! II HM'* CHI ' ' ii
Some   eoterpriiing    inv usn Sll;n r
hive Coilt'livcd the e!i.l,if ..- ,.,   ,,.   Wj,|   | ,,,,   M
bridgeacrou Un entrance to the „M,,(1 ,,, S,„„,,1V ,,v „„. „.l>lor
1"l'«'   '1'1"'   I'"1"   tompriK. two SundayKhool,i':jop m.
Ul"' "" ''""•I"" '' '■" Service al Mi *            ; 1 at
It high and one on thc north ihore .    _., _                            ^L
*J*    '"l      l"*1''      "W"       "' I   .*,    itlllfl   Oi,    W,   i.U'sal.,1
sl I     ll   ill     ll
the bridge will la Vl,
'"''"     ""   ,"1'1 ]'"-lh  "■ ' '     I'a.i a  Uev   | I' Gillam, MA.
'•ii l i   in l  i ■   i. •- ■ t* ■ i I 	
lowei "ii ihissnh imi 1.   . :   ;
in dii i il it- i.i    * ':"' vv"sL   '"   i'
ii'    I     '.laiil     a     | Ml M  I
I. *   ipp    mis (or pei ': ' "' ; :,"ll
build thi mim nm si,!* »enio|
Ila Hun ird Bridge Ptln
———— 1.1    sal.,1
A, tiny rl lei f ilnlntiei
uf l.uii'l* nml Worki.
I.llial- in 1 IViirltl |l 1'alrllni'lil,
\'i.*l'.ri,i, S,'|il,*iulK*r Illlt, IW7,
II' yon want I 'iiu'tliiir-
worth uliilr.lm us ftgurc
mi your work,
i »ur exteniive atock ol
new wall decoration!
pnnbli'i ui to offer a large
variety of utfto-date
ireatntenti ana ipeoial
-I'lii'iiii'*-. we tin'
ni vi.iii- wrvioe.
Alto Paints, Oils, ninl
Varniihei of tin very
boil makea.
Conn in ii"(l ta"c 'l
II  \ \NCUU-
VI'.li Cl
-ll Wl! |
-ii mm
sll llll |(
Sll 1*
IT, lil'iKi.l.
'■'   N
vani nl'Vtk.
sl.   i.l oKl.l .          \
tl\l lli     1 i*.
••.iin \. \l
•li.'JU I. \l
■a.   M       "
•; n "
s JO     "
s   |ll      "
UUI   "
'., ::n  "
1 il Ul.
ll In    "
III.I.'i A. VI.
III I.'i    "
lu.In   "
I'l II "
II II    '•
II.l'i  "
II II   "
111.   "
l.'.IM'. M.
11 || 1'. VI
1141 I'M.
11.411', VI.
1 l|    "
1 II   "
i M -
LII   "
LII  "
'.'l'i   "
2.41 "
LII   "
LII  "
:; i.'i   "
il.'i  "
kll   "
t.ll  "
l i.'i   "
Hi  ••
LII   •
LII  "
L-ll  "
I II  "
i. 15    "
LU  "
i, H  "
., U  "
IM "
L4I  «
t.ll   ••
7 L'.'i   "
0.15   "
Ml  "
1(1.15   "
10*15   "
■ILM "
•11*41 "
al   HI
i-uinlm .
70 x 210
( h". |o sau li.ill and plank load ;
tin inunit's ti mn i ai i onl) S100.
Als.i a h iv I i iiiies 1 ii $200;
I.ruis, in d'Hvn, ,<io |"-i mouth.
Il* lo ll I. n rooms. ||| i.in
ii rs; iplendid vn w, KWo
o ie |or iall : SWD i- is!, an 1 |ao
per month.
Iwo perfettli tletireil lnls nn lonsdale Avenue
$900 eacli I
w. ii. wm ft co. j
Nortli Vanoouver, B. fr I
. i|;m i: umyD ktu li>?(BnAI i:
n <iu i'i im<   fi -i, .., ., i
--hich will co. ..ninn  .,.      Seymour Creek MUng
precialion titui   la  . I'teaching in Lynn   villa)   oa
nhn h mil do 'radii i" th* i ny
■od which  will I   I   trnng  Iai im
III |ilo!|i"li|li! Iln   I' ll'll'   |H"*|" llll
Iii ipplyii u tin ■•     n. ial I'tui-
: nnii-
ii- di |" ndi im lm sm ,, s,
i.|" ration oi oi i I both
laud ini ipalit)
i : ..:■   ip
ll*       III!      I Ol
■ u.l' 'I iln ni upon il   lidi
i<  lat
minid ited lo  vorh in l" .mi uni*
S    l|l        IO*)        III' |'    H'|'    »' "! '
'I'm I.*   i     in il
I eai
l|S*   1 .all.  lllllll
till*      I
||l|,   I, I"   IU   III       I    I      Nl   llll
I ui l.n ii     * with iln i iti/*! in
I,, ail  and   hm I tnim
lur iln  promotion ul ihi   ,
'    'Ilia
Siiiul..t s, hool *il \l ' "luili''  at
ii a ni
Ken   », II. Bilderiton, ll. A.
Whon \iii intend buildln
i' ill-llil
j. m. rn^MMi:. hiwger
__.    ,  ^.|X4ia ^"''   "' ilntwHili!
j#|_y^|^j I ^   I      -.i.l.ri un I   l..iei*«- lli*.!.
ni.an  iiiiii ill -a.'i.-
F.L     V        .     *      ■*--     I   mn   '       n   - I'm i        I laa* I.-1   III   iln* «..rial
or Ihe Farm, Garden, LlWD , ,    „  v, u,,Wr., m„,„.
i1 * ■ ii.i*.ii
l|. ii'* I urn -liuat"   *'*'■ llie ' i'olrMOi"
\     a .  .     -    ..    :   |   |,     Itr-HH'lia'K	
11', I a    nil hi at*   iili'l    li"l    I"    In'
 Ii I "I    iiii :',''h'.    .In-' r.. * ilaal.
' lill ne hm*,* bwidei
■ii. 'I i'ii ** ul .'in* n|i 'I'H.'ji a.' ;■ ■
ll     V    II  •      '
or Conservatory
lll'li.ll'l'*    l.U II llli*     I'Mi*.
N.i HurviM.   N,. *■. ile    N., I* .■ in■■"
In ilain.il'i* -i*h k.   Nu tun.It   ai *
illllllll   taail.       lllll   .hi.. I     all.il    1." I
ill ili.i! i;r.,»
l*,*rllll/* r-  I "PIJ I'llinl'*,
S|ari|l||li;   Vhllili.il,   I   111     1   li.al.l-.   I la
llli'.-I   .■•liilallsli. I    imr *ri    ..ii   lhe i
\mw mmm min
;:, i       *       I     'la'.'.In..'•>■'.'/  ''' '
ll,„,i mi., tied Hill, lm"' &*t\ "■''•
I lu- ll   l    Ann in in Mining i\
Iin. lopnn ni   t " .   Ltd .   ■
nam*  ol a • mii!-i i Ition < I   *\i*
capital iimt has i an 1 a| ih*  I t.ink
ei Vane mtn r group ol   i i icnl
litnated m m s,„ ,„ vahcovvii i i ,u
in' n ■ i" It, neai Ihi imiian uiamn-i,
rhecompenj bu ipened s,H1,l,n  gervii na at I
\ i    a.uiai.   and   it is then   Kiln,.   ,   ,„    Slll|1|,,  ,,, , y ,„
'"">  I"  "I""1' ''     '   ;'        '    11 Iiilu.n at )p  in
•eai* I'.i ' 'I      lii".     l'i.  if)mini, v.   nn-^j^.^.^^^^^^
The  III     ,'lltlll*. ;*'l      \|       |      l        S laall'.-a* tlllllH | O > C r», | U Ull* S111.T.,
ii'.llain.' I.i li'.il Ihem    Ten il.illnr-imt
'•on, iii,,,,,     I'ureWhili. Winn.liille., (ruin
tin   A- i.m '■i*1  ll xI.e
— • r -—        ^        |   i*. *   i. iinin Uaarantnd
Pi      i       Iti".     I'.    I a iinin,  (I    -il,, r -|..i!it-;.*i| II .iinhnre- llhiuSlrain.
i *■ ii* * *    iiuiiii l men. none Kitten,
1     llu- group  '
IMI I    III M I .
■•....I .train, I"llur perlftna,
Vomift rlit.'ke fur eal<
u. mn nsvvni:in.
,i   II 1".   ia   lun.iniL.naiiiiiilli'H'ruilsiivemi,.,
"  "N J'" |„,,1 il Nurlh Viin.iaiii.r.
Welbon, oi
wmted i " ■
just ii so ii a- tin moa iniul:
ll    •! mpany'i inter
ii n    i
Will      III        III   ,1       all      I lil      O,,
'  a   I"!  1,
i ami
I ring a lm
1      iKh'.li
im notary pi bmc
|S.I I * *li* in*
■ II   '*'
I     I        Bl       I   a.
vi. i *        rctal
: K. ui  l.."-i'u i
^HKI   Ui-iins-iiii   11.all,
I. I  ",i- It II. I'lnls.
Mil     a     \M>    (Mi    \M
ili'liiii'i'.l daily i" all ports
nf ihe City.
nam i* Ordan leftal the Eipreaa nf-
lii'e will im prompt*
WOODamdQRAVEL ii i,ti,*n.ii.iiti..
nn ilea
General Teaming       TO PR!)PFRIV OWNERS
, , ,.      b THR   i'Ni'i:i;-H,Ni U   IK    PRI
rjoad Dry  rordeond Wlwrw «o   I   |,.ir,,,l ,, j,, **j| kind, ol Oleirliif,
nhere in lhe iMl f"t N '"' > ''"r''' ilirnhhini! lml Slinii|.iiu; hi ra.nirili'l.
llrli'lK imlii'ile'l.
Kellllh  Mreel.  hetWVM   l..ili-l«l-  ""'I
Chei'lerllel'l WO.    I'l • •'•"■
1'UMll.s   INU   l'll'IKIM
MllRVI    H 'VIllKs
Ouiaaai   Gunaai   G
oir  131n SiKin.
fllil.li' m:\Ni \.
I Iltl -ir.*. I W,-|.
Nnrth Vmii* uini
CIVIL   KV.ivKi i<
ijii.uiii'ia suiia'v.' lml In l'i'1'•
|,.I   I,III    -I..II   I.   '    "HM 11    laal-l'lll.    ITI
XOItfll  VAN''ii'V 1.1; / <y>
■'0/ \
Proposed Local hnprovement
n\ ■..        IHAI THK I'lifX
1   ill. ill ilu im , I Norih v ,i	
i it i' lend. i."*iaii-ii. ei the I il  I,,,-
I in ilm .*.'l.i'.liilt' n|.*
I'lillill.'     ha   iaall,     ||     A    ||||.   I,.I-   |l, «*,«  >|   ,1
jtortiiui a i iin* iini, , ,-i iherenl up n
the n  1 i *i'|'a*rii   Inn,ii i..1 ih'-nln,
frnniii.L' aar nhul hi|| lliei tin, ninl held
ri inr.
.\ il ,i       ■ mdi llnl ia
Siill    |iraa|aa.M.,|   Ii,    i*
i". llii     liil ini|irov iii i.i- iiiiiI  ii,i,
lill    - ill Iiii ■ .im i'   ,h *. i,|, rn i'.ir IIS
iIk'   .ua     a lined Irom lhe
l.i-i mi-.., ml * iiH-f.
IU-        I*    I   ".I       ||ll   'I      Ul      'll''     I'llllV     a.l      Ull
'   ' .llllll I,   llllll   i-   nn.  ll
| * I'llnli ili.ru || iillli *  li.iir-.
i la.*    -.       |||| ||   |h,<   a ,||.
Ill lll'l    .'   -I     III   ll  .'    ill.;.".   •■ *!,|l*|,|.     llml
lie* |,r.i|.aariii'ii Iii l»* |iruvliliil iiiii * I llu*
lll'lll i li I Is nl  llu*.   II. ll Illlt.
V I',.un nl ll-i -i..ii uill Iw li.'lil nn
llie I'l'  III lllllll)   a.l    l|ir||,   I'.ll  S,;,|
III.' laa IU a.     . la,       hi   'I"* I'llf   llllll.
1 !.   i   . * i* il,',* |*ur*
I*"*"- **i li 1,1. a*.* !n-l
tin* i ar.. 1**1-1 il.i   . * iiu* .in urn y
"I i lae.'i iiir.i-iaia nn ni i, ur niiv other
iiiiiipltiuli ii hieli llu* |i Tamil inii*ri*-|i"l
*   -    * 'a'    ll   llhl*.     llll'l      lllliall      I-      111     hill
il'li* by the court.
Ill IMA." -Ill I'HEIIP,
1 -ai i'lil I '..|i.liil"|..ner
Sol li I   i.i* m* r, ll.l   . Vliir.h IWth,
si'HI.IU I I   IB0\ I   I.I.I l.llllKH'I'll
K-lllalall'al K-Ulll.ll'
ll.Uar.'M 111)'  111
N>    I'l  *| I "I n I   'Ill'll! |*.J*
1.   I   i' lllll'*.'    I "111* '.lll-ilillL'
imu ri ih iu,ooo (no I
-1   , lia I .1. *  *    Ulllll   I, ,1|,.I
" ' 1
'2. I 'leal
ilrthiing  ■ '   -
-I ,  Ik.I    M    .\iialr,'.i-
 I Rklgeeit An nu. -    f I.inn     (t-ll
rl   i: a.l* riilelv iiiin!i"l I liett t'li
ta|||  l's,   i       ,,,,   l.l,   |,l|l,,,l     I..1*   I.  -'     Hill     111*
|.||li||-li.'.l 1  I   I'll'    Kxa'lll-s
I'n    I I,.: . - is i uny r   |i msiiili
(ui* ii,. o,i ui ni- 'if I'urri'-i' ni I lib*, ninl
r. — i a- llu* r i _ lit lu terminal!* a ihci'UB*
- un at llll liill".
Tu il.r fcilih rol I'm: I'Ai'iiis-:
Din! Sn .    l|tart Iinin lhe d»«
terminilion   I   i xpreiif 1   in   my
list     hi;, ,     lu   you    nOt  I'   i in *
tin lie nn ilisi iission uilh  " Kali
payer," I cannol give Mi. Btldei
snull tlu  reply he llkl lm. us l.c
has  placed   himself  outiide   llie
|i i'a ol o u teiy.   My vindication
may mil .mail tile ipology lhat,
In* it so.ui in he it lale, is iiniil-
.il• I.■ il ilu* Clirittienity whh li Mr*
1 '..ihii rstmia.. proleeaei is any tiling
moii* to hun lli.in a nine uu ans nf
livelihood       Yours truly,
A   J   I'la ION Wakiuii.
North Vancouver, \|>nl 6, tgi H.
Till   l'Ai'l.Kss  is llio  in   I' l ' 11>t
ul a It ini Irom " Lm' '"I lu t
Live." an ni tli * dismission re
[erred in ihove, hut rnumtii li as
it is appannl that tlie controvi im
has readied i liege 11 which the
-i iu ral publk lias little iul' rest
therein, Tin; Emeu eoniidi is ii
wise to i onclude llie iii iin i sii far
us these columns un* I om i i 'n
P. Undi niuaaal has moved hii
family Irom Vancouvei to Ins mn
residence in block ja, 1*. I. 108S
I  is ont: oi iln* hau■Ismuest dwell-
in ,s yet eiet led in the valley.
J.   M.   1'roine  has  hnd  all   the
timber on the land between thi
plank road, iiii pipe line road audi
the Hume sl.isheil, making a ureal
improvement it that spot.
The Kiv. Ml. I),vis, ol Well
ingtoo, Vancouvei Island, has ,-ir-
rivial ,iiiii taken up his reiidence
ill lhe valley wiih his wife an.l
family.   He will tike charge ol
the l'l'eslit Ii 11,ill   U it icep ill I.Villi
valley ami Moodyville,
Hm Rice Lake tamps of llie
ll.islings Shingle Manufactuiing
Co. slatted up on tlie ist inst.
witli tlie probability of fifty to
sixty men being employed Mllium-
iii i. Tlie camp is iii charge ol
Chia Muuro.
Ciiy H.ill Appoititments
A* a  *.liit.ml-.     Ami.Un-    (iii,, ul
Commiuii n Bi
I'uii I stair '.in uin
I'll I III
ATI! '   0
I I'.ll..'Ill
I I lllll.
-. II   ll  111.'  I'.l'll
tree! iast.
I ii • ■*■ i il Irom the
\\ * . . >ir write I*
CAI IUS0 ■   HI m     ■ iIS
N * >r*. Ii I'llll >ii   r  11, C
if Ml I
i.i,   1 || i.ni I -   i-i;  inns   \i:i,
line I'.
Ml 'I -ll
I a   pOI*
V      a
T.i the Edllnrol Till Kviiii*-
DtAI Sii'. I'uliaps lhe iiii
lathers iit the Mil meeting uill
give us si me clue to ib ir method
ill lillin*.' i ii nit us nn  their staff.
I read with wme iitoniihment
that tin- post td aiaiitanl i l<*tk
has In i :i given to a total stringer.
Now, sii. mj "kick" is iiiit igaini t
the man biiuaeli, He may be well
qualified mentally to fill the plaee.
but what I do say i-, thit win ri
i tcanciei do occur, Nmili Yan-
i mi i ihould have i i liance
ol applying for the positions.
i :.i n .in- im n hIio have Inui in
North Vani ouver lot yean and
ire ai- . i,iI'.tfiit as anv one in
' ii\ hull, and who. by their
local kini-i'. liil o, are bound to be
more llficii nt (rom the start than
ibtolute new-comers. Let the
city f.i'li is speak oui; tell us in
whose h Is the appointments are;
let us know when vacancies occur;
Uive us all a show. At prts nt a
n uii i might lie put up ' " No
Nm lli VincOUVet Men Need
Apply."      Yours truly,
Istiiiiiile- (lu a, t,n Ml
hinds id I'uii   ,' vvnrk
Cor* Lonsdale arid Second St
Hill I IHSli I'l.N RHODE  I-I.ANh
Redi, I'nllei . i   ■  tghbred.
|i. Vln i UU,
vi' I'leunnt I'l
.•-Neil  II i.-.iu Block,
I..a||-a|ll'.'   lll'l'lllle.
huiii.il ii rk .i i|■'i.ilii
r. .i
li. \ H
Sorth            ' r. C.
DM Itmiatrr ttt  I   '    I .and Sun ran,
'iiiijsk aus
a.l- '*      I'
ll '. I
lUHMttapft.*.' ■ • VvV' *vM ■ '
Lynn Valley News
I he in *'* si hool lim.'*' ii liihed
ami has been formally turm-d over
I'l  till    till   tl is.
l.l. I, : • 11 -<m has ilaihed the
timber on tho lots In oieaa on
I'n derii 1, road,
Hi*       n.le   null   ol   Mi.   1)
.. i  i i ni. I  mad, lia- com-
* ;» i.iliims.
\V. I> Ai'.ah isiui's houae, i oraw
Cl nl' I *ni*l  pipe line I   ii 1.   is ap-
proachin: completion.
C Hanson, mi Dotal roid, block
ii. I). I.   1087, is rapidly com-
pleting his two stony house.
A. Amh i-nii has 1,11*1 iln foundation for a large house 011   Peter
road, in Mock 44, u. L 10S7,
T, N. Hunker has built a house
on I). 1- iiii<) and moved his
family lo ibe rising community in
Lynn valley,
Mi I, j. Nichols has reliiim il
tu the valley and is . itgi'ged in
1 learing up the rest ol hii property
nn the pipi line road
Ba Aid NewtOO, Ol Winnipeg,
has   an rail   in   the   valley   and
taken  up liis residuum Willi  his
brothel in law, s. J Prober!
Th. I, in *>t Mr. A An hrson
.'.as brighli 1,uii recentl; by the
irrivil aai ,1 baby girl, Motbei
and child .no miking mcelleol
There wouh
excellent commercial probability
of lhe bt|ilding ol a train line
either along llie Capilano Vlllf)
or up l.ynn creek, ami poeiibll
both, in He ui-ii future,
An applu alum was made fu the
ll. ('. Electric I. .V P. Co, last
year by owoen ol timber in the
Capilano lm a tram hm, in con-
s qucoca of which a turvej wai
made by the company. The
scheme has since Um iii abeyance,
hut has lately heen revived with
good proltlliilitiei of sun I ss
Now llie owners ol limbec on
LyUU creek have approached tlu*
Company With I proposition for a
ogging railway, frith the reiuli
thai I parti ul siirieuus has hi in
placed 111 the li'lil with instructions to run a line of survey up the
distance of six miles in onler 10
amie  at an estimate of the ex
penditiire involved.
Tin: BxPeail is iuforiiied that a
contract exists b 'tween llie Klectric Railway Company an.l mining
men on Ly nn creek under which a
tram line is assured jusi as soon
as lhe owners of the mines in
question ate in position tn guarantee a certain tonnage per day.
The present situation is as (ollows : A strong lumbal company
owning large timber tracts on Lynn
creek has offered the 15.C. Elecllic
the hauling of ils intin output
of logs If tluy mil build a tram
line to the timber, The siirvet
party, now in the held, will run
three t< mporary linea, ban al upon
which ('stimulus of enst of construction niii be made 11.«-
whole project will then, ia all
probability, be referred 10 London
for action by the board of direitors
and upon their deciaion after de
velaipnieiits depend,
These projci is ui of mn-iit mo.
mini   to   Ninth   VaaCOUVtM   and
ihould materially aid the piosp.i-
ity of our citv.
gratified    by    lhe   rnterpriting
Wei tern ipiril ditplayed  il the
1 nt.    He  said   tiny bid simply
'' n' map lied jusi to mirk iimt
ita'ting  hi ilie cherter io whii h
royal attaint ba I onlv beea gives
lul Friday,
The blllk will issue ilsown lulls,
an I though lhe Innn has not yel
been detigued, they mil certainly
be characteristic ol Hritish Colum-
li.i it-pit sent,1,n iis lorests, lishei-
|i 1,iinin un 1 igriculture, with the
Inads of the king and ipieeu ou lhc
laiger lulls. When the bank is
ready fur it, I iiieelmg of share-
hohlers will he   Called,   who   will
elect  a board ol ten dimtms to
manage thi business (ot one year,
and these in lum will elect their
officers When the hank gets well
umler way, permanent quarters
will be selected, and it is hoped
thnt huhihi's may be established
in aiiher citU'S.
I he piuliiolii's of the new Ilmk
ol Vanconvi t are: T. W. Pat*
tenon, Victoria; J. A. Mitchell,
Victoria; W. II. Malkin; U. P,
Ma I.i 1111.1 n; II. T. CepcrhvG. H
i 1 ni an, J. A.  Harvey, K   C, ol
ippt-ai   to he an
      Cranbrouk, and A. L. Uetvar.
Tram Li e for Capilano Vai
ley and Lynn Valley
m mmm land district.
N     ''S'illllislu    a.     (ll
11   i'i.ii.-; Towi.
Tlm Si.ii'k is ,ii 1   •
llu* ooniiection is 0! the 11 1
l'liri'lri-' r in.   mn tli
I'd, nl' llllll !  ' i-r il It'SH
i'mil' rental,
Block trill in. ii©
tornover i- al iha rata irl
I'm- del (lil tui iiil'iii'in .
Box JI,Ex|)r?    Office
1    I'ATirllK mnl  W   |i \l,.|.'.,rltnii|,
' : N.arih ,-aii hut, i»i'ii|ialiiin liiiiln'r*
mm, iiueiiil in apply d.r 11 »*«l"al
timber llcenM mer the Mlwrlng 'les-
rrilml hlllihti
('..inllii'lieiii.' ,il 11 pust plllltnl Inulilt
I'JO I flmiiiii 1 OHt (il the S. IV. turner H
T I.. 77M, II 'llniin SiiuiiiI, llii'iieemnilli
HU lelghtl clulpl, tl't'iieeiii'stlKI nitli a
eluiinli, lltei.n* nurth llHI (niir liiinilr-*ill
■ imiiiH, thence■Mtet (forty! ehtlei I"
tIn* \vi*Kt lii I .nhl T. LtfrH, Ihenee
Smiili linull Cil) chain"] thenee eiml
IIOH| lo-ttlh line "IT. ta, 77.VI tu pole) ill
KiiiKi'iiiiieK i. MiFahiivii.
\.iMh Viiii'"ihit, It. C., March lit),
lli'iulvirli-i'l MN.OI.
SALE   or.
S. Walker, Prop.
Fresh Bread Daily
16 Tickets for $1.00, 4 for 23c.
All ainds of Bread and Pantry
■ It 1 (cil  »i'*  1 of City
Corner of Fourli i nt!. in Avenue
Six Room*, Unl
WITHIN HAI.I   111 nh    i
Oil  ll.l s      U   ',, I
terminus ol Keilh 1     I 1 11     •.      I'l
please apply (or particolan 1
i< iiiniti
Corner I1..S tir.
Or any nf tl    li. al 1
vw 1 ie WY4NDon;s
New B.tnk of Vancouver
Thu neii liank nf Van, uill. 1
opened its books 10 receive tab
icriptiooi at it. temporary quartan
at the comer of Pender aad Honai
streets, VlOCOUVer, this week, anil
the number ol shares subsilihed
surprised even the most sanguine
of the bank's promoters. Under
the IJaiikini* Act it is necessary
that (5011,01111 shall In* subscribed
In h ie the Hank can .iclualli u|» 1
Inr 1 "i si in st*. and id this amouul
(2Ho,ooo hasalready been promised
A sum ol ,1250,0(10, or hall the
necis-aii aim mnl, will also li.iu
to be deposited at Ottawa  In lun
the bank can befin to lecejvi de
posits. The aiiility uilh which
slian-s win mapped was remark
able, ami has perhaps nu precetkni
in tin histmy ni banking in Wisi
ern Canada
Alexandii t   pewat, secretary
ol this new aud only  Hritish I
lumbia   bone   bank,   was highly
Ex |>re&»
rpWd  UNK 14]
■***■      (Wal, lllllti'.l  Uill
hi~ $l..'i<l ami li *„t  1 1     I'ln ■   f—
exchaii|(isl    A len Imi d i- iur.
Ui.t -inr! iiiui I." .uui.*i
Conlraclti and
llou»e   Builtier
.  |-a
' llf
16tb Street We*t
Come and
See Our
.-   NO.   '»   j«
Lonsdale Avenue
Oppnsll.    I lllll
Haij and 5 eed
ikeBrackman 9ier
Milling Co.
WA,' nm.
IT I A *
•*.   la,   |L'  llllll   |8   III   lllllll
Nurtli Vancnuver, II, C.
,    Un l.ly   Ni tl***|i.l|n*l      I'llhllslll'l   hi
sMIIIII.IMM, ll.K.i Mulil'l \
Subscriptiaiit, $1 a year
■ mi
apecial  m
Unnli.nv, l ii
II. C. Mln iii.
pri neill. I'liii
tramway exteniinm
iini',   ;il   ninth
ii nl   in inin;. i   nl
K .1.1 V,   al      (   11,,
ill,llll I    III    p    *■
uin  ilu*
ill*   I   a.au.l
i eting ul llie
i.m Ciiiuiil uas In Id on iln   .tui  tiatlic hum l.ynn va
In eve
Mil Cordova SI mi. Vancouver, R. C.
I'.n. llnN .1-',
One ol Canad t's S:ron?e *t Financial Institutions
lolal Meet! over  iiiO.OOO.OOO
Savinqs tiiounls Liit. n   ipecill   It ten tion    A  tlepusit   ul   m
i iipiiai.Is stuis ,i Sivingi Account, on winch the
higheil i uin ni im nl Ini' a* -t is p.n,I or nii'l, il io the
Principal ever) llitci months, DepoiiU tni) be withdrawn .it any time Without  nulla a
Joint ttcount*i mnl In  opened in the name ol two pel
su th ii .;; ia -,i    i withdraw fundi, making
a cu iI'liii'iiii-ut Innil uf account
Bankinq b» Midi. Pcopli Inun; al a .list,nice m n senl
iii th |' i ii- oi withdraw cash by mail. Write foi
(Iinie:   (or. lou-.il.ili- Ave. and Isplimiile, North Vnnrouver, II   f.
II   R. IIiihii. Mauagi i
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
( .ii- la in  11    lii   I.i ilm*; lm iju. a i.sluiti Aieiiiie, In tut v-lirsl
Lonsdale, Winch   [reel md Keith Koad ■• lollowi   I
I in.. ' I. ni., BilJ a   iu., n a. iu  9 |0 a. in.,
Mn I   I0:15I    ''i.  1.lis    will    have   Ull, 1 I,shun    lllllllll.
1 ii. ut'. tii-t and lams.!. Winch itreet and Keith Road
at in* niinnti 1 to 11 ininiiti s pnl ihe hoar,
niii in** 1 an.lijn iisiiiin ivenue, Twenty lust
•A 1 11 h -in 1 I ind Keilh In  id as [ol   10
' 'aa    .      s    (-      ,,      ,||       g    ,,,     ;,     ,„
Mn i " Lm Landing al ten minatea paat thi
I.Our and tiuiili miniili s to the In mi.
' f?     \ll boat   an  un i bj the i.ns.
Hotel North  Vancouver.
ui.in i
Ip in data
ami up
Spei a il
H i:
I',llllllll s
Hoard i.
Icm S.-rviti-iv tv II ill llimr lt> .mil Iron  Ihis HutrI
to Vancouver. |\ | arson, Plroo.
i nl, in the municipal offic
Mav preiided .nul all tin council
'Is   Hi  le   pii K|||
Aliei adoption til lhe iniiiuli - ul
t ie hiiiiu i meeting lhe i mu--
p i,eh nt e was considered,
Juhii Kulieiisoii, Lonidale ivi
nui-,   made  applu,iiitui   lm  ilu*
position of road tax collector,   The
iianie nl Mr. Calvert, who acini .is
nlh at i n last year, was also men*
iioncd   iii  this  couuecliou.   lii
iii■ id In Iln* Iiii,nice committee III
report as in lhe beil arrangement!
regarding collection of roatl lax.
Mis   l.enis. who had pun llall 'I
through Mi. Rankin, blot k 13, nl
I) L 7S}, l"i lui -"in. liked taa
hive the sale cancelled as sin
IiiiiiiiI Iii 1 son had made dilfeieni
arrangementi, Reaolved tu can-
eel (hi transactions and to ie*
luml the deposit made.
Win. HiiMable asked (cl a 1 nul
to give access to his properly io
'Imk 2. 1). L 7I14. Relerred tu
engineer lo prepare ipectficitiom
il work,
Miss Edith J. Stevens Mil d
ti.it she was ready t > bniid on
\ ■ itreet a, toon as ihe roid is
I'liinl ap, ami uking to have
work ilone.    Referred to engineei
in prepare ipecincatione,
I II. Bullock asked tn lllVl I
mad In block 6, I>   L. I169. whi n
lie is ibout to build .1 hoiiac.    Re
1 1   .I  engineer   lo   pn
ipei iiiciitiuiis,
B. 0.  Wickenden and utlten
llll'l     WU     llllll      ill!
1 illllllll I )   St.lleil    tl.il ,1  -in i,iu
being niii.li' mm I 1   .in  exteutiio
ihrough   the   l.tnn   1 llll I   lu   iii
N. llllllll       liVel,       Willi       .1       ll     >■ a'
i'l . uii uu: 111 in bei lium ilu* uppt 1
Seymoui  valley,    They w**re .ils.
gil lllillg iiilniinalioii iis Iii pnssili e
\*  ami  1 -t!n 1
|iiunls,    and    as    In   the   |10|»il)le
trallic 111 the I'.ipil.inn v illev.
Mr.  Bunbury was lliauk,d [11
his   nlli iial.11,it*   anil   lui   the   ill-
lllllll,ill   I.       I 'allllllllllll.il. a|,     mil     Ila
tins   aslud tii eiith .uui |u arrallgi
lor au ear.) meeting helm 111 Mi-
Blintien   ami   lhe   council on lhe
The meeting then adjourned,
Harbor View
City Lots
 ». •*.   .   c a
,     V   I |*i
'',.0 0
I \ l>   IP
Pill 1  /'.
/'/ ,.'*.■ i-i 1 iw;. nu. .iv /..'       '/'
'Iln 1 i"-t ci 11 rally : cited and t»-t Int. in lhe ('Hi ■ i Xurtti
I'llllll'l-    I'.a     Iha'    |a|'l','.
ll >   11  'i   I.lil   tu    lll.lka*
I'liia-'ni-i* .it Iir-tt emit.
11 ur lehi'ilnii
1'iiivs iii ! nmu In* 1,
I'm lier |i!iiliiiiliir'
a|i|iMeiition tn
lllll|HI     I     I II****    lUll     i',1*1,i-l,III      h
The New Fxh bition Builcii p
I he completed drill iugM ol ll r
ibove hmi ling, a   irrauged bj \\ *
Niihnlstii -..ailci. an Inlei I, -I on
a building that will he ten sue
able for lhe purpose lor which il is
11 be useti, hiving 1 main hall 6o
feet by 40 lent, tUlcloiud 00 all
sides by a spacious vetaiiila, ami
ha* im; three kcparate antnnci -
of ample width, wilh the do is
opening outwirda, iod alio beiug
Well lit with w iil'liiii*. ni tin
walls. 11 well .is top lights in tin
roof. At Ihe mar ol the hall 1-
lituated the st.i>;e nhn h is 10 fi 11
11 da .m.l 11 h it di ip, ilao iiu
I id iei' anal gi nt lain, ns drtiiing
rooms each having ■ leparitt 1 n
trance to the    Itlgi ,   and    also   a
lavatory ofl eat h tlrening room.
'1 in* |uul in I In* luppOTtl d In
111* .1 is ul Ir 111*1 s lium the main
walls, giving 1 iiiiii, * . 1 mu. li
free lium ubktrui lion
'I he exterior ol ilu* building is
Cor. loiisd.de Avenue .mil lillli M , North VaaClMlvi
TKI KI'lh'N'     *
HIM I IBM sll! I) lllllll   (IN   llll   (ii-l
AN ll'-'li.-!'.' .K
Tiii'lil-i lil'.'i:
-: IIM llli;
S|yri,il lint 1 ti Fu i!!i» mnl Regilar Boa d i
lliill-l'.i. r ferry rannerlkni in and (ruin Vanrou
miier in every win    Ki-iuru call lull- In   un
ihop in t*ei 1 'i 111.11
II..I        ,  ,    ,1
■   11     IkirWr
SlaiiSI      .IIKII.I,
-   NORTH   \ Wi nl VI .;. li. C.
■111i-1m all) .ia ligned ind will adapi
wrote calliag atteulion to propoaal >|M " lo the surrouudingi, io a
a.t im of Vancouvei lo kxati 1 maot.erwhich will maki it ■ de-
gaol ni ihe Ninth Ann mi'i pn aided improvement to the locality
letting againat it Raoaived and ia which it ia to In -limited. The
1,;, I 1 11 met building being  an imoged  thai
II.dl   (.   I'll.un.   C   A .   lhe
auditor,  reported  having   found
the Measurer's books correct up to
list March.    Received and tiled.
ill  lhe    lllllire    a    luii   si/i il   hist
UU III tail   he   .1,1,1. il  at   lell   llltlt
• xtia coat, which  is capable nl
having   ample   light   ami   1.111  I '■
ill lhe main hall anion-; lhe mm,
elaborate ami coitly exhibits.
Ferry Notes
The lerry
have under
A wanl of arbitrator in lhe in.il- Baod  lor tin* pnrpOM  nl ihowing
Iei   in   tl spute between   the   city; poiilliy,    live BtOck,   He.,    wlnili
and diitrict waa received and filed, tonld not be conveniently ihowa
Am niinii wan called  to the fact
thai patties were cutting cord-
mod mi Keith roatl west without
authority Inun the council. Ro*
ll in 1 to engineer to make import
and take necessary action.
financial   reporti of   ilu «• ""* wmpanj
finance committee ami tbe board *V aHantiom -* -*•« tenniBal
ni   worki   inn'    adopted    ami tedlitiea ,u l- Hi ends id ihe run.
I authority  was  gi< .1  pay tha Tb« work at tbe North Vancou-
ma ninis ibn*. ver end will not be eipeniive; ad-
clerk mid. reporl ol prog ditional piling is being drivm in
,      *, ||„* nmttcr ol llu   Lynn ""|r' to elrengihen the wharf, ind
'.i.m diatrict, and thai h. otborailiioi improvement! will bt
had nol 1 ■ yi 1 n 1 eivi d i* ply Irom aiade.
rani ms 111" including thai Al ,h' Vancouvei rn llheopei ■
*u 1 in 1 11 di uu 1, bu ' ipected u""* •'" ' ' ■ ''
to hi ii i,.*ii ihem   "i A "'w "'"' "',l '"" "lh"" v':1-
,1 a,, wu called ta. ih< need '"' """-1"","1 ""  ,l"   l""i" "^
1 rakwata    lhe Lum adjaeaal lo Ihal ol Bvam,
creek ive Keith road, to pre. man * Evana, oa the eaaterly aide.
tent u inun changing iti 11 1 Ml""  latmiaala »ill I"' apoa ■
when  th.*  1,1,ilm  ii cleared oft  ch Urgci 110improved plan
lend in your onk 1    no ■  Inr Drj
i* ■    ini Clear I ir
glove leii|.'ili«. |..*r cord, di
Cord * od, ' -."! *. i. lii.T"l
111  fla*
Shingle Mill
^ HIM |i    hi
1.1111:1 r
iiii'l'*'* ii  1 ninn,-1„
liroviiliil iliroti|iliiiiii
11   ■
nne Itiiinil 1* 11
llu i\ in ! 1  11
imi I nro
ill An*.
£*gri..n.■..,.'•■   t\Vi
bun's li.ral
nare .Inn*.
rAtN WANirj
All> ■■li*' I'.n      '  .1 1' ■•'«' (.il 1. IT-il.  ii,
Uim.-rii c 11.1      t iiii.111 i*.i.|, i.m, t
by vriliui il     in, |lrlii| im.
l|a-l   ri|'ll"ll,   I"
111 HU*  I '     'I HI'   IVI I "Ml IM,
Miiiiien|.'h-, Mu Ml,
Willi  I s |, 1 •
II Ml 111 v   111 (H K
V.ltlll \',1 ill tm.
Rainier Beer^v
I- li ,,*i',i_', _|ticncliing mnl
•■'li !• 'I'M'    time'-     itlli'f
Uing Rainier.
\ uncouver, ti, C.
K. st,in ,1 that tin enginei 1 confi 1
With   (In    miners nf 1>. I.. 553 on
ih.   nh]' 11   K'i b iieii in ihe board
ul uaaik*.  to  prim id  with  nm-
inn inui ol 'ast abutment ni Lyan
1H*. k bridfi as early a** possible.
Reaolved i" a-k Mr. Baaborj to
im ll  llu' COUBCi] regarthiii:
pn t   oi Itaiiiway  «*\Iiii-.iiuis   into
ibslru 1 at an early date
The mertini; then adjOUTBod
On iln Hth lust, (he euliiiul hail
as compan d with IhoM Ibai bam
done aervii i during iha put, lad
mil plan  llu  1 iiinp.in, in position
louder tin publii: mn. h Intl. 1  |
The mn whirl mil be in use In
■bout tim wil ks, iltbough tin
ulln I   baildiofli ele,,  will   not In
Completed until later.
The -iiinnii 1 Imu' table will
i ION int" ' lh 11 in I ll w iieeks
ind will be lhc same as thai of
last year.
Ol.fi 11
1 ■
I >|* "
Ii ,11 irn •    111
■'        ■      I "a.l     I. hlh     St.
11 mh is want' d fnr Clearing aiiil I ii id      .bout 1,760 li 11 a,I
load 111 I'lsitut i.iii jji, Nnrth Vancouver.
Spi 1 ihl iluuis am! pirtil ill irs frnin
ROBERT WARD «5* CO., Ltd.,
(inu 1 lliitingi ami Hniiu 1 Street . \ ini ouvei
•Ui l>isiini Municipal Offloe, Nacta Vancouver,
A*l eviryday nw,m
Whole Coffee
irishihmsii!! 25c per lb. vtiYmtfuvn
(ikiiimi hiiiif |m Walt
J. X. 6 M. NcNILUN
Cormr I ^t>lai>o:l<- it ml ltinil.ii( 4VCMN


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