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 yr^j"*' A5s<v
if   »^#   0'/
\N /
%\t ixprfaa
Real estate is very aetive. Too
much so.
The legislature at Victoria still
The robins have arrived, and
spring is here.
Dr. Poole, ol Vancouver, was in
town this week.
Mrs. D. Renshaw, of Moodyville, is seriously ill,
The surveyors are busy these
days dividing acres inlo lots.
Tbe school attendance is greater
this winter than ever before.
By the way, have yon tried Bin
Campbell's cigars and tobaccos?
Wilhelm Shivelburg and family,
of Bavaria, will locate here shortly.
Merely to keep the weather
straight the weather man had to
do it.
A social will be held in the
school house at Moodyville tonight.
W. Hogg reports a number ol
real estate transfers during the
C ipl. Cities was busy pulling up
piles in Pete Larson's wharl on
We Incsday.
The plumbing in Bin Campbell's
harder shop has been done by
Waldeu Bios.
Morden's hall, on Lonsdale]
avenue, is I i-iir; transformed inlo
dwelling houses.
Miss Lena Blunt, ol Richmond
island, is spending ,t few days with
Mm, J, Uavies,
Thu Independent Potesters will
hold their next regular meeting ii
llio Thompson block.
li you can't have your own wa)
in everything, keep silent, and read
llu- third chapter ol James.
Tbey say a camel can go for nine
davs without drinking. How
would you like to be a camel?
The Daily New, the new evening
paper ill New Westminster, will
make its appearance this week.
A. L. Walker, of Vancouver,
has lor sale 500 [eet of waterfront
property, near Lonsdale avenue.
Will Sinclair hooked a spring
salmon, weighing 3(1 pounds, at the
mouth of Lynn creek, on Tuesday.
Mrs, j. Bowe, of Alkali lake,
Lillooet district, will spend several
weeks visiting in North Vancouver.
Tbe grounds aiound the town
hall are being prepared lor seeding
down and ornamentation in the
near future.
Reeve A. E. Kealy and Clerk
Alex. Philip went down lo Victoria
yesterday, in connection with incorporation affairs.
Miss McConnell, ol Olyinpia,
Wash., was in tows on Wednesday and will lake up her residence
hero in April next
North Vancouver has now real
dog kennels, Pete Larson having
built houses and yank to accomodate a dozen canines.
Real petroleum has been struck
on Fourth street, near Moodyville.
llirt Campbell, the lown barber
can tell you all about it.
A scheme is on foot to build a
new wharf by a private company,
about half way between Lonsdale
avenue aud the Mission.
John Duval reports things quiet
in Lynn valley, but as soon as incorporation takes place something
will be doing in municipal affairs
Harry Dick will in future act as
town constable and fire chief only,
having been relieved of the duties,
of tax-collector and poundkeeper.
Mr, J. Kirkpatrick returned
home from tbc Jubilee Hospital,
Victoria, where he had been under
the skilled care of Dr, Jones.
Notices are up on First street,
near St. George's road, closing the
street to traffic, until the contractors are through with their work.
Aid. McDonald, of Vancouver,
was a visitor to Tun EXPRESS
office on Wednesday. He says
that North Vancouver looks good
to him.
R. J. Harlow, ol Medicine Hat,
who was in North Vancouver for a
week, returned to bis home on
Tuesday, and will be back here in
a couple of mouths.
The B. C. Cattle Company will
open a butcher shop on Lonsdale
avenue, about opposite Steacy's
grocery. John Davis has the
contract lor the building.
Miss M. Kirkpatrick, of High
land Valley, Ashcroft, will spend a
month with her brother. She is
very much delighted with the
climate of North Vancouver,
Kobt. W. Dick has purchased a
(arm of 160 acres, two miles north
of Mission, where be will reside
luring the summer, He has
rented his house on First street.
Ii is reported that the provincial
government will pi, ;p for auction
shortly alter the adjournment ol
the house several lots just west ol
the Capilano, near the  waterfront
Thc Board of Trade Hotel
Derby Sweepstakes are the talk of
the town. The sum ot $10,000
will be divided among the lucky
ticket-holders.   Tickets tl   each.
ll was reported on Wednesday
that Hugh Glinn and bis gang of
men were seen going towards
Moodyville to fix up the govern*
uieiit road. Its never too late to
L. R. Dafoe, J. A. Bowser, V.
M. Dafoe, K. Lenny, James
Howard, L. T. Sankey, J. F,
Gilles, all ol Vancouver, attended
the launching of the new tug boat
on Monday morning.
An eastern city has established
a night school (or barbers.
Certainly it cannot make them any
more fluent conversationalists, al
least Birt Campbell says so. And
what he dont know about the
business isn't worth knowing..
Mr. and Mrs. Graro, of First
street, have the sympathy of the
community in the loss of their
tbree-months-old infant daughter
Mary. The little one contracted a
severe cold a few days ago and
died on Wednesday morning.
The burial took place at Mission.
Mack Ross, Calgary, paid tin-
town a flying visit on Tuesday.
He represents an eastern clothing
firm. Mack is a well-known
knight ol the road and is particularly enthusiastic over the greal
prospects ol the wist, and predicts
a fine future for North Vancouver.
Geo. Perry, au old Vancouver
newspaperman, now representing
the Pacific Water pipe Company,
and Chas. Grassie, of the World,
paid the town a living visit on
Tuesday. They are very optimistic as to the future possibilities
of Nortli Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. A. li. Fogg, of
Detroit, visited Ninth Vancouver
on Wednesday. They have been
wintering in Southern California
and are en route to their home in
the Fast. In 1887 Mr, Fogg was
here, and, naturally, he sees a
great transformation on the territory surrounding  Burrard   Inlet,
He says he will return in June
next, and in all probability will
take up his future residence here'
He is an old railroad contractor.
There is still talk of forming a
chamber of commerce for North
Trustee W. P. Peacey has commenced building his new bouse on
the corner ol Fourth street and
Chesterfield avenue.
Mr. B, Walker, who has been
on a trip to Hamilton, Ont., has
returned after an absence of six
months. We are pleased to note
that he is accompanied by a young
lady, who will share his fortune iu
the West. All success and
happiness to the young couple.
James Snider, a well-known
Portland man, was in town on
Wednesday, looking over the
townsite with a view to investing.
He says he believes that the Harri-
nian interests arc in such shape as
will compel them to come to
Burrard inlet.
Clerk Alex. Philip will receive
applications to be placed on the
provincial  voters'   lists   at    th*
than ever was dreamt of. We remember the trite saying of the
defeated candidate for lirst mayor
of Vancouver City, that "North
American Chinamen" were trying
to run the llien embryo city. The
line   Italian   hand   of   the   now
From Sawdust Flats.
Interesting notes in the Moodyville Hi/zanl:
The street cars refuse to wait in
future   for   irrigation     purposes.
possessers of Moodyville  townsite  His Worship Mayor Mee  will  111-
is at work with the honorable the Jllnct-
prcsident of the council to balk the
further progress of   the   "North
Vancouver City incorporation."
Our  enterprising   citizens   put
green goggles on their cows and
then turn them out to graze on
S.nd in a subscription to Tin: j sawdust on the Hats.   Pass the sail,
Ci Young has a new set of false
teeth. He found a shoe, lost by
Pete Larson's donkey, and had
wooden p gs driven in the nail
holes lor teeth.
Express for an out-of-town friend
am  to dull  forgetlulness a
I  can't   remember   where   the
money went.
But this  I  certainly can truly
I got the votes lor every blooming cent."
-Poems by Hon. W. S. Fieldino,
Mary. —The definition of a kiss
is the anatomical juxtaposition of
       an osculation movement of   two
On   Monday   morning,   at    h'0^1'1^ °rls muscles in a state
o'clock, the tug boat, lately under
Construction at the yards ol Dan
of contraction.
Pete Larson and Chas. Mee
Martin, was successfully launched, jwere seen in a city bank together
It will be towed across the Inlet to Son Tuesday.   Pete says  that   if
be fitted up by its owners, Messrs.
Ross & Howard. Tbc engines
will be compound, 9x1(1x20 inches,
Charley can make Ci cough up the
mule's shoe, he can nail it up on
the   door   for   luck.   Something
id the  boiler a Scotch  marine, .doing at Moodyville.
municipal hall.   The qualifications j *> l^l' ls «u '«■''■   '• w'>* be    Sergeant Jin, McFee overheard
are: A British subject, six months | completed about the last of May, dnlling   M(,e,s   rova,    bran(,.
residence in the province, and one Ia,ul will be worth about Sio.ooo.
month in the district.    In order to
get on the May list, declarations
must be made before the 31st ol
^^^^^^^^^^^ I squad iu this fashion:
J. Simister, of Bella Coola, spent j    "Now, then, No. two, we'll make
several days with J. N. J.  Brown.' another start, that is,  if   you've
Mr. Simister, who has had a large
experience  in   mining,   contends
quit finished feeling if your back
hair happens to be on straight this
According to thc Hon. Mr
Cotton's bill now before the legislature, ti federate the incorporation -f the city of North
Vancouver, the lirst council shall
consist of a mayor and six aldi r-
men. Nomination shall be held
on the third Saturday after the
granting of letters patunt, and
and election held a week later.
Rev. J. Alfred and Mrs. Bnntoil
rendered choice selections, inclu I-
ing solos and duets, on Thursday
livening in St. Andrew's Prcsby
terian church, on Sixth stret l.
There was a good attendance, all
enjoying themselves. Evidently
North Vancouver has a host of
lovers of good music. "Open lhe
Gates" was sang by Mr. Banton
and the "Plains ol Peace" by Mrs.
The Columbia Clay Company is
now preparing to open its brick
yards at Anvil island, Howe Sound.
Mr. J. A. Brownsworth, of this
company, has declared that within
a month he will have a fair amount
ol brick on the market and the
plant will be continued in operation
without interruption. There is a
scarcity of brick hereabouts, and
this new move will greatly curtail
the famine.
We have several limes drawn
the attention of the authorities to
the dangerous condition   ol   tin
old-government road running outI fr8gmentg, The engine was little
of Moodyville, but as yet nothing d„m,ged beyond the water getting
h,.s '*een done,    it was only   i''„„„;,. ;l,„l was lak.n mil ol  the
week 01   o ago that Capt.  Steven* ^, , ,m s,m,,.u. m0rnjng,
met with a very severe accident,
and if something is not soon dun'     J"
there are bound to be more acci- ""u" ""   WcJnCTllay  a
den's, which may result in suits (01
damages against the government
A very pleasant social event
occurred in the Pavilion Tuesdaj
evening, when the members of the
Nortli Vancouver School of Dam
ing were at home to a Ian;.
number of their friends. A joll)
crowd, including a number from
Vancouver, attended, and a nun;.
time was spent. Dancing was
concluded at a late hour, and ihe
launch Beaver made a special trip
[or the convenience of those attend
ing from the other side ol iln
that Bulkley Valley will be  the morning.   It's you I'm talking to
coming   mining   camp.   As   for  third man from the left pn front
stock ranges it has no equal, as r;lll|. [ |,aven't the pleasure of
'here is an abundance of puavina j-uowin' your name, but I expect
and bunch urass. Hu sa\s that a ,0 |)t. Writin'il down for an hour's
railway from Nortli Vancouver, extra work pretty soon. Now,
northwest, would open up a t;,.-M. i(,0k nut to your front,
country that would apprise the Squad, 'tchunl Leftdressl Turn
world what with gold deposits, L0',t eyca ,„ ,i,L. |, ft—without
coal and copper; as well as timber,, hl( ,;,,.,„' i;-,e Chinese dummies, if
M. Hutchison, formerly oi youcan. Stand up in the ranks, too,
like Soldiers, not like a measley
row of lopsided, spindle  shanked,
North Vancouver, wr ting in a
friend here, from a i Iggillg camp,
tell miles from Lund, B. C, says
thai the place is wild. Wild cats
howl all night and bears are as
thick as bees. There are plenty
of deer, and the finest of trout for
the catching. Slathers of clams
for Ai nectar, also all tbe ducks
you want. The valley, which is a
very rich one, all belongs to one
man. For three weeks in
February the weather has been
line. There was a slight fall of
snow and some frost.
The twenty-five-foot gasoline
launch, owned by Mr. Malley, was
wrecked 011 Saturday night last, j
By some unaccountable means the
boat sprung ii leak and sank in the
boat house during the high tide.
When the tide runs out the timbers
holding lhe building settled upon
the launch, completely smashing il
to pieces. The. planking was
crushed into matchwood, while the
house on the boat was torn   to
after   12
l' inlu
noon on   W
ni occurrec
mi Mi Nun', property, 16 lots of
.'.in h are being cleared, betwei n
Filth and Si\th streets and St.
Aiidn w's and St, George's roads.
A box if blasting powder and
Bomc dynamite were placed in the
private tent ol a couple ol tho
workmen for safe-keeping, along
with a load ol groceries  and  supplies  which   had   been   brought
ovei I  Vancouver only a lew
hours lii.-Iore Sparks from the
Aiming stumps set lire tn the tent
.hi.I '.plead iii tin explosives, nud
'iii they wi ui. Nol .1 vestige ol
the tciit, supplies or anything else
It appears that then   arc moi i    Fortunate.)    no   one
enitnies against the proposi is nun.
^^^   ipsule
cockney •- hopboys1 Stick your
chests out and put youritummicks
somewhere out ol sight altogether.
There's half of you with ligers like
bags of potatoes. Strike me
crimson if I ever saw such a mob!
IIP you, in the centre—the ginger
beaded man, I mean—don't grin
like that; this ain't no perishin'
beauty competition, not by no
manner ol means."
A Local Boys Rifle Brigade
Acting on a suggestion made to
him, Mr. Philip, the municipal
clerk, issues hereby a hearty
invitation to all the boys in North
Vancouver and Moodyville, above
ten \* ars of age, to meet at his
house on Second street, at 7:30
o'clock, on Tuesday evening, the
(ith instant, to consider the possibility ol forming a boys rille
brigade. Any friends willing to
further the movement iu any way
will also be heartily welcomed.
And this applies CSpi 1 mllv In such
as have had a military training
whose experient e will be of great
pi.11 in al value. 'I here are at least
ju boys n sident in the distrii t ol
suitable age [01 enrolment, ll all
arrangi nu nts can !"■ satisfai torily
made and a company ol that size is
(oriuc'l it will !"■ oi greal benefit
to the boys. The desire is nol to
li.n. ii ." tional in any sense, bu
to organize on a footing that all
inir buys may (eel free to join, and
all our citizens be at liberty lo
A bride who ever would look at
another man,
\ p litii 1.111 who is in the business
111 tin spoils.
An offuit ' 'mi wh ' 1  illy de
1  1 the niiii'e
Sewage Purification by
Is electricity to include in the
list of its marvelous achievements
the solution of a great problem of
sewage   purification?    asks    the
Canadian     Contract    Record.   A
great   deal    has    been    heard,
especially since the appointment
of the Royal commission on sewage
disposal, says an English paper, as
to the bacteriological treatment of
sewage,   and   electrical   methods
have given results so encouraging
that no surprise will be (ell that it
is an electrical process which has
produced what seems   to   be   a
perlect   purifier,    cleanser    and
sterilizer.   Tbe opinion expressed
by a number of sanitary scientists
and others, less skilled,  perhaps,
although not less interested in the
problem, who visited thc Guild-
lord Sewage Works thc other day,
was that the solution which is the
agent employed in the oxychloride
sewage process is a   potent  deodorant and germicide, adaptable
with equal   success   for   sewage
purification, for household disinfection, and for general cleaning
and bleaching purposes.
The process by which this purifying agent is produced is simple,
and the necessary plant inexpensive. It consists in the electrical
decomposition of salt and water,
or, where easily obtainable, sea
water in a specially designed
elcctrolyzer having a large superficial area of electrical surface,
which permits of thc use of a large
volume of current at a very low
voltage, thus securing economy of
operation. Thc solution thus
obtained is added to the diluent in
quantities varying according to its
nature and the water into which it
has to be discharged.
To demonstrate the commercial
application of the process to
sewage purification, Dr. Ridcal,
the well-known expert, has made a
series of experiments, extending
over several months, in specially
constructed tanks at the Guildford
Sewage Works, the authorities
having given facility for thc most
thorough tests. To the visitors
Dr. Rideal explained that at Guildford every kind of effluent could
be dealt with, and tests had been
carried out with raw sewage septic
tank effluents, and those from
primary, secondary, and tertiary
filters, and the efficiency ol the
solution in removing putrefactive
organisms, the organisms which
arc comparable in origin and
vitality with those which cause
typhoid fever and cholera, and
organic matter in solution has been
demonstrated. To the public thc
interest lies not in the process, but
in its results, and these suggest
that in the treatment of raw sewage,
nr that which had undergone preliminary treatment in a septic tank,
the solution has au effect, immediate and potent. To produce
a purity Irom bacteria equal to or
better than that generally allowed
Inr drinking water was lound not
to be a difficult matter. With a
primary effluent,  7;*  gallons   of
oxychloride per 1,000 gallons ol
effluent reduced the bacillus coli—
present in all sewages, and allied
to the typhoid bacillus—and the
enteritis spores from over 100,000
and 100 respectively, so that none
could be lound in one cubic centimeter in t hour and 20 minutes
alter treatment. In raw sewage,
18;.. gallons per 1,000 reduced tho
1.0I1 (rout over 1,000,000, so that
none were lound in nne cubic
centimeter, and the enti tiiis spores
bom over 1,000 to less than to in
s hours, and the total numbei ol
organism! Irom 13,200,000 to 540. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, 11. C,
S'ORTH VANOOUVKH      -   -   B. C.I
i \\",s ki* Nowspapor    :   Published bj
llir: EXPRKSS PlllNTINU Company
-.nli.-.■rii'iiun  ■       One Dulliir por Yenr
lil'.OIKA', lAi'l'I.KV.
Muiui|*ing lOditor
.1. BURR A III ions,
Advertising Miinuiti'r,
liter ms   , rnn-uin,
two well known I'orlliinil (Me.) men,
i   Carney nnil Tliouina I„ King,
ii ■ si llir Preble Hottso,
i; ili.it city.   One evening Mr. Carney
ri'iiivl in'.iv Mr, King, anil Hi" latin arriving rather Intent llio room,
ll (I tho door locked, llio key on tlie
Insltleand bis frlentlsnorlitgloudly, mi
,-r repeatedly pounding on llio door and
itrnkeulng llio ollior gnosis lie sue-
led In arousing his roommate,   Mr.
j."j- Jumped "ui a i"'l nnd nfior
a lo ii   i. in- innnngod nftor
li riililo i  iulil i l ' force open llio
i    i     ■ passed lhe key "Ut
' K ml  sleepily sin I In' nn* Off-
irrj  ' '  lo* klug him out.   Hut
more ll  Nitllsfletl, iis lie
•  I   iloiii i"'if irmaneo nf
. ; n\vult<> ro unman.'
Ki-|ip.-l'a  It.-i-iiii-  Por Health.
Meeting me In i li tt. r i isl wind ono
day iu A sii'liA on ir* ivny lo clmrch,
I ; |" 1 ,,-ke.| Imt' Mi   i..:i Isiinni' wns.       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
■ inld him he was very ..:   "Ah," he .
Bald, "he Is ovoruursed   If bo would .,,        , ,
lo as 1 do, climb up eighty stops, havo ,   ^g Edward will receive a Ann-
,, ,    ,              ,          ,   i          ., ninn   Muni    he  I lilted   Mates bled
■ cold biiih every duy ond sleep with
i iw always oi un, lie would ncv-
■r Im IU."- Memoir of .sir Henry Kep-
Clothes washed by Sunlight Soap
leaner and whiter than if washed
any other way.
Chemicals in soap may remove the
dirt bul always injure the fabric.
Sunlight Soap will not injure
the most dainty lace or the
hands that use it, because it is
absolutely pure and contains no
injurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap should always
be used as directed. No boiling
or hard rubbing is necessary.
Sunlight Soap is belter than
other soap, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way.
Equally good with hard or
soft water
stS Waft RtTWARD will hi pal(
*PJ,U«« to «iir lienor, wli»
proves tint Sunlight Snap OdDtolnS
•tn- Injurln-:. ':,,■..,...,.., ur su- form
Ol .JuluruUoQ,
L.v.r Broth.rs llmit.d, ToroU*
One Short Puff Clears the Heart.   Dora
 your li'M'l at.-liei'    Have ynu pull    over
your   eyes?   Is   llie   breath   offensive?
sn hiiitoHMllilc "if." Tlio-e nre certain BymptoniH nf Cntnrrh.
'lie    I   . over woman's Im to anir.a   ''     *".■•»* Catarrhal Powder tvill cure
i   *t .mills in io .s„.,, . t |n  n   ,„.,,,, ii„„sly
If j iu'vo hnd Co i
il"  N     nnd If they'll only lot us suf-  "   '"■"'* 1 l"'"\ "»■'■  " IL"* .."* "*K
ia.us  atantllns lls'usl n* effective.—67
\ band of women will banish gloves
from Ihelr outfits nl fashionable Brit-
lo i'   irts this yeiir.
Ill')''il "Hit' l''t 11* * ,'
Btinic wnj bow happy we'd
1 •   .   .  !    Hits
Mary    Harnllton's   engage-
to  ih.    Mnrqtil   o( Graham is
riulto popular In Scotland.
A Aire fur Rheumatism.—The In-
triislon nf uric acid Into the blood
::  fruitful  rails., nf ili.-iiln-
ntlc pnlns, This Irregularity is owing to ranged and unhealthy con-
■ ■ ol the llvei In mi sulijocl
in this painful affection will liml a
ri medy In Pnriw lee's Vi gi tnble
Tills.   Their action upon
■  1  nnd   mosl   hi ni Hclal,
ami hy restoring In nllhy ai Hon  they
coi   cl Impurities of thc I
T>-   rr   fssiiisiu   e   n Commenting nn Ihe   vi hy dolors
■ IT. UOUU.Ui-.ft  & CO. Hi" Pnll
"   'i'  - ■■   oxpn   i        wish   thai
,,,, : '       ivernmci       mid use
' ''"l'"""'''11'1' '  ,     || .' ,\,,.< na nm In use in
America  ami  nHmr eiuuitries, whose]
>  -mi.' Iti liml n iicni'lit
and Genera! Commission own." ,.;,„„ Zorko,vU2 hM wrlUcn      ..
Ro?." Estate, Insucance
Postmaster Lee Looks Ten Years
Younger Than His Seventy-Six
Years and He Gives tlie Credit to
the Great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Tab .' intnc, I inui', il 1   i n.. N.lt
Feb.*    Ill  A| li.   Horatio J.   I.ec,
past muster here, i* lion in his -oven-
ty-*i\ili year, bill *n bl'ighl uud honl-
lliv 'I'ir*  lie  look nnil        ■   I
be in In*  movements thnt   In-  would
c.-ilt |i.i - for nn yen    you    i
"Ilnn ilu I keep yu ing looking,'
tho post must er says. ' Well I rtttrib-
iitu ii bu i  I In,ihii uml
111V I.eall!   . .   I" lhe il*e ul
Ootid    Ki-liie-   l'ills
"I   ll -I   loi 'll  il"' value nl    this
Aim     lloiiu'il  c yi in i   ngo
[roi i  h .j  Di
I'llSI 'I ,    liml    lllld    !■    ■   MVI lli'l   III '.
A .'!':..    ■ ■ -  III   lis
■   i i      uiiii nt    Irollbli -
I'  Id     K.   ii ■   IMI* n
..  In-.ihii ni  llml  tin i   mill I
i'tl I inti
I"   III t    Illlli' '' ll   H it ll      ll       ■ I
I 'Dodil     Itiu'.t     I'lil,
uro all ii ' , um tt ill
Did Sal   III
... i
Vancouver, B. C
■|" ,   i   ■
It i
' . '
I   111   .. II I
in,   llowi rs, li I'liisc tui
.    I        (II   il CllllSO     Of
: . , itieh |, cri'**ni        ! uukciiilni
Aim I'lcnn   commerce
iiniii   tbe   Hungnrlnn polnl ol view.
. Hi 'I  IC,  nillos '
Sunllghl Boap Is better than other
snaps, Imt Is Ini i tt!.. 'i  ,
Sunlight   way.   Buy  Sunlight   Soap
nml follow directions,
Tbey nro
HOW'S THIS? m       < ii        '
tv..i., '   ■   ' Ih.ll.rs l-'-ii" ...   " ' I    I
■ ■■.-, a, .Otni  I ' lie  »«
... Iiotvi'l    trnulili
tt., il,* u':'.,*.■'"■ I   I.a.a known I    .1   ('Una.       i HIV   little   1.ne     Was     I
h, ,k. la.t  II "Mrs, an I lal ■ • -   KI '     '*      |
snd «n.nel.ll|     . ,.      ipiii'llv lllld
... l. Btm ■■  •  '       '     .'-•'. bl   1. afro. 1   .        . Iu.il     ,,l
It    ...       .,.,K,i,n.   lion III        ll !   Hi'    InUcts nn
1 . ' ,  rr     ,h ....      ....    ,   :     a  en, UVS      llo
,,.'.  1 .     ■ niucou. surtacM ol Hit  tin ' luil'lll.     Ihey
ml   ll..    li, a   II..  H*
baby   111   .1 s"l'l  I'}'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ,1,.,      ... . • bt iiniii iii
Hi   Williams'
I'lic N..itli.Tii N.ivi ,: 1 ,,    llioi'kvilli', Out
. ■   . .     I'r I.Kl
laaa Bill'. I •    If I    -    ' aOn.tip.llol.
'    1  . I l,ii*hi
.Minard's Llnlmenl  Cures  Diphtheria.
Tin. si'uri ily ol snow  will
|i 1    11: tin    St,
loon   nn
■ liaun ■!   10   Pi
Mount a lu 1 nip-
mil ill V
And Anyone Can Use Iron, As it is Combined
With Other Ingredients in
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
'Il's      Willi
Mcdltcrrniu an hi te sl own ll
nrfnee dI the wad r llu
peratnre nnd Iho rapidity of      ■    e
ments dnellm I     In ,
to 'be altitude.
1 tion, so I
n   lips,   I
nnil 1     boily.
1 11
iilmh   I"    Lim**,
hose 1
.     I .   ,   -
up   iln
nul doubt ll"   iiKi-i
... lor iiiiiii'iiiiu
1   .lespolldl'l ■
1   .   ■
I  I'l'i'cin      llio   1
II Dr.   tliusiA i
Hi    It  bus I
I    ; I'lllll'll   il   I
|)r. I 1   I
r •?•>..*,(), 11
or I. Im Hull    .1       I
10.   Tin
.    11      \    W    '
nul : every box.
'   potvol
III   1
1   ul inu
ml ilm
.   '.
riio i,oiti a .-.-..  * ■
I'l'iiitoi. ui
II    1 1  .   ,   livlii-idi
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
I'ho llul ii. . llio London jo'ir
imllsl luuiiulnol nl-    pulp    aud
[mper in Ni'ttfouiulliiuil,
1:. mil ask China for trailing
concession* und pornil iloc foi rail
way construction,
Tbe (lermnn omiieror will return
King Alfonso'a vn.it to Germany,
Where  Doctors do «(]reel - rltt • claltl
n" lonaei ■          r ll Wring lo          »■
er)     In  1     mmfi In  1             10
mnltnrlu1 I      lulls" stl.in.
' In
,.           ■ .                   1 11
■     ' ' IPS
ire for .Hit-
. li     It will curs, t-ou.
: iiinn   von . '
. b.- ii- rniiiu I '   to
Iinpurlllos in Hi" DI '
iirllnll III |ni|
■'!. Iinpni I ' nlmost
■ I ill r mgo-
I'lll-    win
Ilia l.i'liiets hi llml
1 liy ni Ilnn nnil pn onl  tin
"uu|i|irii.i'ii-'   which '
nrgni        \    : ■
ii 11       ■ rank,
Two   Million Pilgrims.
iai       a Kxpn      pnblislii    Iho
, !     I'lin Knnibli Mela, llu    ronl
■.'    ,        ,   'In  I    ■     ,
llio (lu lltl il        1 lienentl   llio
.'' Mo   1 ■  '
i" I." tlm mosl  I.-.iiiinl nl  ,1
|'l„.| .     ,     '. II,
1    '■ ■     .I   nil   sorl I   hi
1     li leni '1   '
i ■   number  o -
i.. I     I 11. „   M
I   Iin    nil I      11.
eslininted   nt Iwo   1      nils
1     li in 1
■    h
Mi       Hie fnii ' I,;
''       .'.'i other
Hi i'lil devotee* ami 11
Alberta   Lumber   Yard   Set on Fire
to Get Insurance—Good Work of
the   Mounted Police.
How quickly and how thoroughly
the Northwest Mounted Police bring
lawbreakers to justice was never better exemplified than In the conviction they secured against John B,
Johnson nt Lavoy, about seventy
miles wesl of Vermillion In Alberta,
Johnson wns engaged In the lumber
business and was a member of iho
Ilnn of Johnson Bros, & Stewart,
i.n ilie 18th of December last he
made application through a local insurance agent fnr protection to the
esi.'nt nf $4,000 upnn n stock of lumber, tm the flrsi nf January or less
iiinn tivu weoks later a lire look place
under rather Bitsplclous circumstances, Without waiting tor any Instructions the mounted police appear
in have taken the matter rlghl In
hand Investigated all the circumstances and vriihln six weeks had
Johnson convicted nnd senti need to
two years In Stony Mountain for setting his own lumber yard on Ure with
tho npparenl purpose of defrauding
the Insurance companies, The latter
nro usually very active In following
up any offenders who try to defraud
them Imt. In tho territories, nr what
must now be called the two new provinces of Alberta nnd Saskatchewan
the police net a tiond deal quicker
than tho vigilant Insurance companies,
The facts cnncertilne tills ease nro
briefly as foliows, On the i^ih nf
December, Johnson made tbe application for Insurance tn the local insurance ngept. On the lsi of January fnilnwiiic the Are took place. On
the yih nf January the police Issued
the warrant anil arrested Johnson,
On the nth nf January, the day fnl-
lowing, be was examined before a
ite nt Vlgrovllle and by tho
magistrate was committed to iho
gaol al Pt. Saskatchewan awaiting
trial, ball being retimed, On tho 101I1
ot February he wns committed to
Stony Mountain, This is carrying
nut the law wiib promptitude and
spenks volumes for the officii acy ni
the mounted police.
The cin'iinisiaiics surrounding
ibis lire tv. iv ns snld iii tho outset,
very Biisplclous, Al tli" trial, n wit-
in bs, Thos s. Bronton, doposi tl thnl
this lire were ns said nl the mil "'.
with the rcporl that the lumber yards
were on fire. Whicn tbey reached
Johnson's lumber at Lavoy they
found it hlnslng In thrco plnces, It
hnd been alleged that the train had
sinned llio Are bul the evidence
cii iii*.- sh'niT'i thnl this wns impossible a*' tbo yards are Bltuated on the
Botilh Bide nf the track and n
wlmi "ii* blowing from tho south sn
thnl it is (unions thai any spark from
ilie train would hnvo blown on Iho op>
do rn' thc track to Ihe nno
upon which the lumber was situated,
i ■ st morning Bronton ninn';
wiib others, made an exnmlnntlon ot
lhe scene of the Are and found footprints in the snow lending fro
yard. The track of tin no 1
across the prairie and back to Ihe
railroad toward 1 \'i  1 Bron-
iwed ib" track for about half
a   mile   and   found  a wi I
whii!' i n.i contained coal nil.  Along
with (our others he drove lo Vi
vllle    and   aboui    a    Illllo from this
point iln n trni " on ll i
railroad similar lo tho one
s.' 11 lii! ' I ir rout,* mi the
prairie   from   ll
They menBiin d Ihe fonl-prlnl wlih n.
slick :ui'
illons in the mniintr 1 police
Brnnton's  1 villi nee
rely thai Iho Aro had ben
Iho work of nn Incendh ry, l: ro
mnlned lo I'm I oul wl
Ing can that had hoi n urn .1 for carrying coal nil hnd c nno from. The
Anttlng this out.
They vii 11 Ion * with tho
result  iii.n  :i  iini  ■■ nl Vt   ■
ville,   R. I,. I'oiilln    swore   tl  • hi
twecn the '.'"ill and 201.1 n( Di i
Johnson, tho nociiscd,   bntight   from
him ten gallons nf coal oil which be
put in ii ten-gallon whiskey
also houghl a second hand walerlno
.'an  Wh' n hoilglll Ihe can had a hole
in li niiidi Johnson had mended.
Jnbtisnn apparently had shnn I i'
bAIco with another parly by tho
name of McNeill and when I"' pur
chasi i llio coal oil nnd llu i
nm ho explnlned llinl McNeill was
ont nf coal ull nnd ihnt he -
sprinkler for bis oAlco Aoor. 1ml ■■■
Semi   before  whom   tlm   trial was
heard was mil satisfied With the l'i!
oner's i iplnnatlons nnd he tl
bi ntenccd   blm   to two yi D
i" ni'. nl
The i'i- • l'i* is commi ntln
lolly upon ik" '
' Hon "i Hi" mounli -i i nlli i
ai   I'Mmonton  cnnnol  be too highly
commi ndi d.   Arson nl im*- time I* n
crime ihnt is dlAlcull to di
piinlsli.  The iri.ii and con*
till      I.i'" ■      !
within tin ■ •• of six *"■• i i
Is all iho iu  deserving ol
rtlon i
ly v. ih i|
In Manitoba,    Borne three yoni
nf Inci ndlnrlsm wns
from Km. i -■ ni in tho   > i
ntlompl nn Ui" ninl of ilm provincial
police lo locate Iho i an io ol ibis par-
tlrnlnr An
Ihemselves emplnyed   I
- lives, who sue.
C""'!"I In . ■ evidence that
led lo col '."""ii.
i' Ihi  i    onl llmo H	
llml li m'   . ry in „
'I    'if    IMIIIIV    I'll.    |,
■  havi  di lectlvei nl their
nWtl   III    W"l'i.        The     1'tilb lice     |||"V
hnvo In trial ■       nhtnlned makes
ii milt" ok lain I
'■"'i'   r Incendiary ni
Igln,  in"   Hi" evidence nei
ii i ure  a  eon* ■
lonilv   exnoi nnd   iinrlrcun      ■  I
Wl II,.   Hi .   ■      .
",,.   ,,.||,l!,-
'lu'iiM nl n i i" mind I   I
The iml'lli
.ii ||,.   in ....
rhl   *''.'■    ■   In I"- In ■
'   Will   III"
Absolutely white flour makes the most
beautiful white bread—the kind we all like.
Rut white bread is not necessarily pure
because it is white. To be pure it must be
made from purified Hour.
There is only one method of making
flour absolutely pure, and that is by electricity. No impurity can withstand the
searching, purifying work of this electrical
The electrical method is employed by
every big mill in the United States.
In Canada the only flour purified by
electricity is
Royal Household Flour
therefore it is the only flour that can be
considered as absolutely pure.
Say "Ogilvie's Royal Household" to
your grocer—he'll do the rest.
Ogllvie Flour Mills Co., umit-d,
M0gilvip's Peek ter n Cook," contains 1,10
paces ,,| excellent re, ipea, Bome never before
published. Yourgrocar ti^n tell )uuhuw to
gititFB1"1 li
Professor   von    lloliring,     Hi
cliiinis in hnvo discovered n euro lur
!!.  pul   events  a..iy    l.',|i
H""l * in i   inn
Tliiite, it h-tul'iiiiuii-i*   have    1" i n
' Ii'iiuiiil   M dentil  al   Lilian.
A Good Name Is  to  ba  Prised -
Thi i"   havo  bi en Imitations ol Dr,
Bclectrlc   Oil   which   may
• ' iis good name.
bul If so, the Injury has unit- been
li mpornry,     Goodness! must always
cmne to the fronl aiiii ilirntv Into tho
l.iiiliiw thai which is tvorlhli bs,   Sn
'     been with Ecli ctrk Oil; no Im-
'       lllllll     lis. n
the genuine article.
Bvtrv diiiirt of liquor taken. forc>*i tht
hnirt beyond ihf natural bent, lt nlit
ciuisfs kidney and liver troubles. Nerve
exhaustion !■ on< of the allmenta hrought
on !■:■ even moderate driniiiriB. Stop at
once Uie .ivf nf liquor. If It inc.nv^nl-
enoei you t>' '!" ihl" U Is pronf podltive
that you have Iho tllspa"^ of inebriety
imd m-ed medical help. Th»n ftU for
tli« belt nld. The Keeley Cure hai rt-
itored half a uiiiii"ii people buck to
health, proaperlty and happlneaa. Write
to-dnv for evidence mvi wo wtti prove
our claim*. Addreae In confidence,
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
ion fl St
r..'il nnil Miitii('..|inliii.
| try of v ir linn nr
!•■;. ■!     i I ■
loon h'i dvfpiico |"iii   ■
I Trapoff'* ;i aon
■  Mn- ou  i.i five yi .ii-   ini
• nt.
i Sul   'i hnx n turned
tn Ton Ion nfter .i collision with a sub-
mm ni'- I
(ifi'iiiiiiiv i- |*t. I'lin ,■   iii meet   »
lHn-.il111' t«triff win Ia in \\ot\
hipnieiiti ol |{miii,
Did you receive piy for
ili.it horse killed, or wheat
burned last (all ? If not
Tli: Manitoba Claims Adjastui
6ii Ashdown  Block,
A Miiii'ii n mining *mt  Im* cl il
nitli r.iHiii.iHui it,,1,1* ,'t evidouce.      ,
n_- •    99
 " PlTCHtlH" is s wondfriVI
tonic*     It   COntllm   inr .1 ic trial
elements not round in any of tlis
(..ili'lll   III. ,In inrs.      "I'svtlMNI*
in a roj;iii.ir pni llclttg ph/llcitfl'l
loriiiulii.   A tonic I il tttitk people,
for men of Im , lor tho
Und nii'tinT, the pale, languid
girl, Young gin. juit budding Intt
woRiinhood i elderly people who
fecllli.tl wenknau due lo olj ago
liml it ■ remedy they cannot do
without. It rcitore* vitality, ere-
»icj rich, new blood, removal »il
impiirili,.*, itrengthena llio nerve..'
Ii t 'i,: ' i .i trialaakdrugglit for
A Ins. ol $30.000, - confronting
.  . pork I'.ii'ltei*.
A *tn'li,.ii" ha- paid (13,000,000for
I nnu llninili, Hear Now  Yuri..
Don't Dye the Old
The s-mn package of DY-O-LA
. ' i for  silii,  wool,  cutioi.
IA ,'i new and better dye,
Abanlutely   faat   colore—rich «nd
' DY-ti-I.A dye- more  nnd lieitsir
ll'l'll illlt oilier life I hnvo ever I|M,"
wrltei Mrs. .1. Webb, Mill River, P,B,t.
Nu  polioni   or Boldi in DY-O-LA-
t'so with common iall   and common
i. n*''.
E-isy ns tf.'i*liiniT.   Bnmc 'llrorllnni
apply in every colour,    Mi" careful
about iiisi'inii'im; tho nhi colour).
Ai the tlriiKglit'e.    Insist on get-
Una nvni.A
One i'lnl,: i.-, Insloiiil of three. Trlre
Free icholarehlpe nt. Harvard fur
li um have been suggest-
(pronounced si-keen)
i Ci'tniiiieii, ii prisoner In Ihe
-     .'■" iimil wins $!o 000 in
ih" st.   Louis   Exposition  gin
i   nk   sVood,   :i Syracuse bnrbor,
found   ii*" shnn s "f Roll Ti
■ hrmi slock which coal him $.1 twen*
Da T. a. eLOCUM, Llmlled
Iff King etW.   Toronlo,C»n»d«
I'   Ii      '' " In •   Ihe
n   ne' cretlili 'I
11 It .
J     A Series of Articles Descrlb-
\     Ing their Lives, their Alma
and their Influence,
;,<, 46 I
I**** ...........................*,..♦
Editor and Proprietor of the Herald,
Oxbow, Saskatchewan,
This series ol personal sketches of
well-known Western editors establishes
Unit in the prairie portion ol Canada,
as ovorywhero else throughout the
American continent, tho proprietor
of the typical country paper is almost
invariably a printer. Hi* graduation
into journalism tm* by way "i "the
ease." Should ho ovor attain to the
dignity nl ariniiriiil boarings, the
"stick ratner than pencil or pad,
would he hi* ' eraldio insignia. The
metropolitan nowspapor man almost
always not into me profession by
moons ul the notebook ainl pencil. He
Btartcd out a* "iiiii reporter," after
contributing occasionally a* a "space
man," ami did   regular   assignment
at  the lire halls, till'    polico    still loll
mnl making the daily rounds ol hotels
to keen in touch with ihe travelling
public by menus ol no hotol registers,
Hi* business, primarily, tm- Hint ot a
nm* gatherer ami news writer. Any
knowledge ni tlie mechanical departments ni newspaper production wns
incidental and secondary, lint with
tin- representative country editor anil
publisher mechanical knowledge pre-
coded, generally hy many years, uny
nroctico in nows'iapo' writing, Tlm
bulK nl western conntr*. editors ere
skilled printers, who in 'he course oi
yonrs have pul by enough i" purchase
iiorhaps largely mi their credit, a
Washington press, a small jobber,
nnd the absolutely necessary cases "t
body and display typo, From '1" so
mouosl beginnings frequently com-
nieni'i' somo tn"*t satisfactory limine**
enterprises. They niutt with the
growth nl Hi" town or disirici in
which ihey uie located, givo good incomes to their proprietors,   ami   bo-
entile at  uill " Hie Inl lllll     lur llie    (IA
cussion "i local affairs, ninl 'he hij-h*
est arbiter * in 1.10 ninnnor in which
ilm*" affairs aro dispi i. Frequently the proprietor, in  'ofoni 1
principles nr policies advocated In In*
paper, Units liimseli olected to municipal council in local legislature do
th" ground *" tnkon, nml ii.-i* are
frequent m Canadian history hi which
nowspapor moil hat" ilm* become provincial or national ligun •
A country publisher ol tin* type,
and one who limy one day be a* well
known throughout tlm wholo "i Saskatchewan a- Im Iniiiiy i- in hi* mm
locality, i* John II. Noble, editor nl
proprietor of th" Oxtail Horalu.
Like the great majority ol wostorn
nowspapor men. Mr. Noblo i* a young
imin. being not yet  much    past    th"
thirty mark, Also, hi," th" groat
majority ot Western Canadian editors.
Noble is mi Ontorian hy birth, II"
Mas horn in 187'al in Mnlimii' township, in Dufforin county, lie i- ol
mixed Scotch ami Irish descent, ami
ilm salient characteristics ot hntl, hr.
tionalitics oro exemplified in hi*
shrewdness, caution ami keen sen*e o
When live years of age. In* parent
removed across tl." si t lair river in
Sunk Si", Mnn,', Michigan, ami
thoro, ton years afterwards, he Ij
eiiiim an approntico tn tho printing
tr.nl". in which Im Im- iimt been continuously engaged for nearly twont-
veiirs. In that |ieiinil Im ha* worked
in ninny portions nl ilm colltinont,
gaining insight   ami   experience   in
Inith Hm I I, nml mii- il,pertinents,
Few men in the printing business In
Western Canada, have   as   sound   a
practical knowledge of all departments ol the printing ernlt thnn Mr.
Noble. Prom the printing of a dodger
un through all grades ol job work,
right up to the highest grades of
bunk printing, he is nn authority
TV thriving little town ol Oxbow is
fortunate in ihnt il has located therein n printer who, within (lie limits
imposed hy ilm sinnllimss ol his plant
can turn out work that invites comparison with Hint produced hy metropolitan establishments,
It was early iu March. 1008, that
Mr. Noble came to Oxbow tn look nver
the I'mhl with n view to starting a
newspaper. Sn well pleased tins he
with the prospects thai in March ci
thnt yenr Hm Herald mail" its initial
appoaranco nml begun its ever widening enreer oi publicity nnd popularity.
In typographical finish and mechanical mako-lip, ihe Herald is n credit to
any publisher, Its display tine* aro
si'h'cii'd with judgment, ami ilm nn-
noiiiii'i'inenls ni tlm Oxbow business
houses are *"1 uilli Cairo nnd taste.
Th" inun i* qui," n* progressive ns
any in Wester Canada, nnd both
bn*iim*s men nml farmers have heen
qillok tn recognize lllld ll Villi tl
selves ni lhe nilvnntngi'S offered
there lining established a paper devoted tn the interests of tlie Inea
And though, ns s"t forth in iln
ning "i tin* article, the
tlm editor nl the Oxbow Herald' h
always heen along mechanical rather
thnn jottrnnlistio liim*. yol ho has
devolopod considerable skill in «riling ami presents tn his readers the
chronicle of local happonings in a
niniiuer nf which no newspaper mnn
mill In' ashamed. Kilitiriully the Herald is moderate in tone, steering n
line hetueeli the extremes ot
both political parties, oxccpl at election tune*, when its adhesion is determined rntlior hy principles than by
party. The Herald has practically no
politics other than the higlm*t good nl
the locality in which it circulates,
Tlm increase in tlm business
nf tlm lli'inhl necessitated somo
important improvements and additions
to tbe plant within two years nfter
its establishment. The paper i* now
printed nn    a    line    potter    eyliiidei
Dear Mother
Your little onea ire ■ coniUnt care in
Fall and Winter weather. Thev will
catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh'i
Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and
what it has done for to many t It ii uid
to be the only reliabla remedy for ail
diteasei of the air pauaget in children.
It it absolutely harmless and pleasant to
take. It is guaranteed to cute or your money
ii returned. The price ii 25c. per bottle,
•knd all ilcV.cn in medicine sell V4)
Thi, remedy should be in -vciy household.
The rumor that Americans have
gained rights to construct railways
iu Russia is denied.
training ot
press, a new platen press bus been put
in, and a gasoline engine installed, It is quito probable thnt
further betterments in tlm plant will
be necessitated shortly by tho in-
oroosod inlum,■ nl hnsine** being done.
Mr. Noble's popularity in hi* home
town and distriet i* testified by the
lnct that within eighteen months nl-
i.t having tnlvin up residence therein
ami uiHiii it* incorporation, ho wn*
olected a member "i its Iimt council.
As may he judged From this fact, he
takes a rron't intorst in municipal
matters, nml i* a recognised authority
mi such iiti"*iinn* throughout southern Saskatchewan.
Mr. Noble's success i* not only a
tribute to In* personal qualities ol industry, thrill, professional equipmeiil
nml geimriil intelligence, Imt also i"
il pr-ortiinitios iiit"!"il by Hi" conn*
hy which he has mini" hi* home. Tn
the printer, as tn the farmer and busi-
ii"** nian. th" West i* tlm land ol op-
porttinit*>y<a statoinenl ol which there
oro *""ri''--ni men. lil," th" editor "l
tli" Oxbow lli'inhl, who douioiistrnto
the truth.
It. Is easier to prevent thnn It Is to
cure, Inflammation of the lungs Is
the companion nf negleoted colds
mul once It finds a lodgement In tho
system ll la tllfllciilt to ileal with.
Treatment with Richie's Anti-Consumptive Syrup will orndlento Iho
colli and prevent inflammation from
setting Iii. It costs lit 1 lo, nnd Is ns
satisfactory as it is surprising in its
Color Photography.
London.—Illustration of the great
strides photographing in color is making is given at the exhibition opened
at the premises of (he llritisli Journal
of Photography. The exhibition contains striking Bpccimons of portraiture and of landscape, in which (he
tints of nnturo nre perfectly reproduced. Must of the prints nro produced by the blending of blue, mil
and green, although in some cases—
a iiortrait of the king, for example—
only two colors are used: and nli the
effects of nn nil painting are obtained.
Among the best exhibits are photographs of flowers, ami there nre some
excellent   transparencies   of  stained
glass windows.
Grand    Trunk    Pacific    Management
Explain How Name was
The Grand Trunk Pacific has given
nut tin- following oxplanntion oi   its
nccepting    Princo Hnpi'it
lis lhe title'of    'its t"
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Garget
An application has heen made hy
the Japanese government to the llritisli general medical council asking ii
tn ri'eiigiiize the degrees of Japanese
i Ileal practitioners in various parts
nf Hi" llritlsh empire. It la In the
Straits Settlements that iho Japanese
doctors particularly wish leave to
practice nt present,
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured
n 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists.
Switzerland has adopted mid-European time, Hie true local time for
Homo being just half an hour later.
Th" n-nit of   putting   the   working
hours ii" minutes earlier in the day
has had such an effect nn Hi" consumption of gas that, lhe gas company
im* been demanding a return to tho
old system.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
What Is undoubtedly Hie Inmost
Collection of picture pnslnl ennls ill
Iho world Is the property of Hie
Prince nf Wales' oldest son. The
collection Includes cards from every
country In the world, and is now growing nimost ton bulky for convenient
handling thero being uioru than
10 000 cards.
Tin- r'i*iiim* duty mi sugar has been
reduced in '.'ihi milris sl Iln, Janeiro.
Still It Is Midnight.
London.—Details have   jus! reached England ol the burning of a juju
hmi*!' iii the Aiuloni country ol southern Nigeria, whoro both human mc- 	
mm,'* mul cannibalism hnvo until i Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
quite recently been rampant, On nn gome ,■,,,,, .,,,„ *, •,.,,■ „ bad attacl
appointed dny the chief- of l)onny|0( cjuiu/.v which laid me up for two
ami lipiibn, who have some sorl   "1 weeks nnd cost a lot of money.
niii.l.'iUi'i- Hi" Andniii   tribe   were     [finding the lump again forming In
called together and Informed by tho m» throat I bathed freely with
British lle-i'li'iit that these nefariousIMINARD'S LINIMENT, and saturnt-
practice! musl bo pul a sup to.||ng ., clotti with the liniment left It
Aii'i- much hesitation the   principal on nil night
chii't' led Hm uny Io th" centre "I tli
village,  where  a  ghastly    light   |n
sinlid itself.    The jiljil limit" nn* lil-
eially covered    with    human    skull*.
evi'ii. the gable ends uml verandah
bearing the*" horrible trophies. Sumo
were ipiito fresh clearly showing Hint
human sacrifices wero *till practised.
In nil. upwards of two thousand were
counlfd. The order wns given lo burn
the Ikiii*". but no native cbiol dared
execute the command
Hi" llritisli ^^^^^^^^^
to this chamber ol horrors.    As tho
Damel leapt up to the sky, the great-
est excitement prevailed, and the terri*
Bed heathen stood with bated breath,
Among the articles which perished was
an historical drum, fashioned entirely out of human skin, and only boatcn
at tho moment when th" executioner
struck Iho head od homo hapless
Next   morning the   swelling  was
gone nml I attributed the warding off
of nn attack of Qiilnzy to tho froo use
St. John. Cl. P. WORDEN.
London is undoubtedly leading the
world iu he matter of women's clubs.
Twenty-nil" years ago there was liiit
„ .,,„,    , i   ,  a single Institution of the kind; now
o mat nt Inst (||(,n, _ ||lh|y   w||h ;| totg. I||li|n
bershlp of over Sn.UOO, There are nlso several mixed clubs of which the
women members number about l.ouii.
—The London Woman nt Homo.
"As the result of the publication
by ih" company throughout Canada
ni ii* offer ol a prise ol $250 to the
porsoll who Would suggest 11 llnnm
thut would be selected for tho city
which will be established ol the wostorn terminus of tho company's transcontinental railway on tho Pacific
coast, upwards oi twelve thousand
iiniii"* wore I'l'i'i'ivi'il, the majority nl
which complied with the conditions ol
the 1 tost,   It wns the desiro "I tho
company, n* explaiuod in tho notice
ni competition, Hint the nemo chosen
should h" euphonious, nnd that it
should bo appropriately significant of
Canada, and moro especially of thc
northwest anil British Columbia, in
the future dovolopmont of which the
railway is to toko so large 0 port.
With this end ill view, thoi'oforc, the
suggestions submitted hnve been enro-
ftlily lovii'Wi'il,  ami Hie  liallm,   I'l'llll'e
Rupert, has been selected, ii having
been suggested liy Miss Kleiinor Mac-
douald, of Winnipeg.
'Under the terms of the competition thnt tlm names do not contain
more thnn three syllables, nor exceed
ten lottors, the name suggested which
mpliod with the conditions, uml most
nearly rosomblcd thnt Belecto . wns
1'iul Rupert, suggested hy .Mrs. John
Urine, ol lioniieclioro, Out., nnd by
Mr. 11. Kiikwiiiiil, (.'upper Cliff. Out.
A* against Port Ruport, however,
Princo Ruport constitutes the lull
liaino nt thut ilie .t ritms explorer, hut
it exceeds tlm conditions ni the competition hy inn leiiei*. on account ol
us selection, therefore, nml with (he
desire tu accord fair treatment to a
the company hnve awnrded Hm lull
amoiml "i the prize offered, $2fi0, to
eacll   oi   the   two  ttllo   suggested     tlie
name which hu* In mi adopted,
"A* Mi** Macdonald says, it wns
in the yenr l.;7<I llml King (hmi"- II
ut England granted a charter to
Prince Ruport und u number ol other*
In inui" mill the Indian* in llritisli
Nurlli America. They established
trading pests throughout thi- im-
mouse country, from tlm Atlantic to
ih" Pacific, including Alaska, which
territory from Hint timo ami for moro
tlm.i n century oftor tins known as
"Rnport's I,uml." In this tiny
therefore, th" namo which hn- boon
chosen inr th" new city, which will he
situated aboui thirty mil"* south ul
th" southern extremity ol Alaska, is
connected witli the nli!"*i records ul
(he history ol Canada, ami particularly ui Hie western portion theroof, uml
it s""iii- especially fitting und appropriate ni ihi* inn", aftet ih" centuries
thut hut" pn I. Hint ii should again
in- prominently identified with ilu
march ul progress which i* wending it*
mn across iiii- western empire in the
construction ui ihe Grand Trunk Pacific railway, li i* Canadian in ilm
broadest sense; ii i- redolent ni Hie
rest Northwest Territories and llritisli Columbia, and, beyond this, il ivns
I lie  liuliie ut nne ul  tllOSO  lellil"** sell*
ol  Britain who cumo nud conquered
ihi* mn Iniul which is our proud
Is a glorious beverage—quenching ami satis
Remember there's no oilier" just as p, I
sist on getting Rainier,
** ^
Pacific   Bottling  Works
Vancouver. B. C.
Bed-ridden 15 Years.— "If anybody
sunns u written piarantee Irom mo personally ns to my wonderful cure ft-un
rheumatism by Boutli American Rheum-
nn. Cure 1 will be the gladdest tvoinnn
In ih" world i" (Ive it." says Mrs, .r..l,n
Ileniimnnt, of Minn. "I had despaired
,,- re, ,.,.iv up lo the time ol taklna this
w.'iuk'iliil remedy. It cured completely."
Japan has decided to reduco tin
my uml ii.nt expenditure   b*, 2,
Kxtonsivo   improvements
mode iu Quebec harbor.
ill     he
nne trial of Mother Qravea' Worm
exterminator will convince you that
il has no equal ns a worm medh iue.
Buy a hoi Ho and see if it dues nut
please you.
Eight warships will
the North Sea forco,
be   addod   to
Can Plants See?
Baltimore,   Dr. Henry 8,   11 1,
ii' the botanical department of Johns
llii|il,in* University, i* convinced Hint
plants Imt" nil the lenses ol animals
except hearing,     "Wo   bavo
Like Tearing  the   Heart String*.—"It
is mii ttiiiiiu iii- conception <»f man to
mensiiro my greal sufii-iinns from heart
diseasi      Foi  y are I endured almost
eiinsliint rtiltlnp: unit t-nrtnc imlns nltout
my heart, nnd ninnt- a time would linvi-
welcomed .l.'nth.   Pr. Acnatv's Cure for, ,-
the Heart has worked n tviiiui.ii> mlr*   noil in Lalnornin
acle,"—Tims.  Woks'.   Perth, Ont.—6}
Tho Victoria government n 1 - pel
cent loan id tin.mm.mm sterling, Iue
heen Boated iu London.
The Royal Asl iiiiiul Society Iini
awarded u gold ineilal to Prof, I ..m|i-
Is It Your
Own Hair?
Do you pin your hat to your
own hair? Cin't do lt?
Haven't enoueh hair? It must
be you do not know Aycr's
HairVijorl Here's nn introduction! May the acquaintance result in a heavy growth
ofrich,ihic!t,|[lossyhairl And
we know you'll never be gray.
"I teles, thai *,»,'« n.lr Tl.-r la His mn,,
Sfanil.if'il I -i'a'""•' lliat "aa.-- man. I
ba.* II..* II fnl sum. ,'»» »nS I 'an frtllli
fas,IT a., ,l<at I am .la.tl, ;..-.' with It. I
-aiaartull, ...,.n.n..,,rt I, a. a aalatirllil pt.p..
,.'.,■■*!.. * Isoca, ■■■■ a  ...J -,
If the world were blrdlesa a naturalist declares, man could nut. Inhabit
,i nn. r niii" years' time, in spl 1
nil th" siirnvs nnd poisons Mini Could
ibe manufactured for Hie destruction
. -   -----   n"?r of Insects,  The  Insects  uml  sinus
heen >.I.I,. lo discover    nny    way    in
which they nre susceptible t" sound,"
be *nt.*, "hut in leolng, feeling nml
I would simply "nt nil the orchards and
'crops hy that time.
tatting thev are developed."
Dr, Conrad placed in the window
a number ol plants of the he.ie I,nn-
Hy, which me the best local examples
nt Hm -coin • faculty in th" vi i table
The Montreal Wnter end Power company which supplies Westmounl wilh
water Im* ontorcd n suit im >'■" 0fl
gainst Hm Montreal Herald for art
Princess Una'* wedding in King Al-
i.iiim, will inl," place in the church of
Sun I'm ninn. Madrid,
The statist in I,.imi.ui advise* securing   President   Rous, volt's  nul  in  tl
Moroccan conference,
... .,.„ ..-t„n; ..«.,..-  ... ,,,,- vogc.oi'io  it,|M      jnt(.J  alleging   thnt   tlm   tinier
kingdom,   lhe plant,, which wore n    UMJ ,|„. typhoid opidomic,
Hm lull  blaSO ol  the    sun.    lllld    Hie
)    -tutrmiLU.
cnuiv PKToasL
edgei "i the lean turned toward H
sun n* il to I'-cupe ioo greet an mm
oiint oi linht. Those in the shade
turned their leaves back closo to the
item, lu tb" morning at the Di it appearance ol light tiny In mn in i,   i	
their natural position, uud by sun-up
they nre fully extended.
Dr. ('"iniul also hu* *"in" flnl 11 nni
plnlited ill uio**. Th. t put olil long
roots und in 1  th" nulls wn* pulled
Irom the in"-- mid tho ""I ol it cut
elf The colli became dliplaced and
tho Injured rool behaved oxactly us
tin* limb ul uu animal would when Injured,
Of the nindcw, n plant whicl
In thc *iinin|i* ui"' il   llnltin on    Dr,
(' nd  'in*:   "With  ii   Single    e\n p.
tion these pistil o light and
direction l" in whii h it comes; they
i"I iii..    ightcsl    d:   they dis-
i'l   ISStO |   Ihey   Illlt'    I     I      0
1.1 direction knowli tl [o « otlu r they
me turned In tin  rl [hi direction ur
noi   and thej * llu need by el-
aotrto currenl   nssiii     m si tnom."
s'uiie- are hem',   offered in   Ens
land le. the Western   Cun,"1:!    Lain
which netptired ■' I 0 ai
res near Kdmoiiton.
Preservation  of  Niagara  Falls.
Washington Pn lidenl Hi avi
i- ni'.-il to inl," the necessnrj »tep«
to "llrina Hi" w.i'i i- ni He A., ..in
river under tho jurisdiction ol an international n.n' n "in .i- llio "nit effective means "i proti di ' ; Mngure
Pnlls ngniii-1 il"-ii net ion
President   Itnoscvi!'   expro tes    i "'
onlj  hi- intorcsl bul  lu-   enthusiasm
in tho mggi it ion ".lei" iu tlic i"' n
lie told the members ol the delegation ho would d" all in hi* power ti
preserve tlic grnndeur "l the lull*   Ti
ihis "iiii. he inui" nm lintel*, n lei
Ni in Secretorj Hool directit
iii," up ihi* iiibjecl ol u tn n't " i'Ii
ilm Canadian authorities, The delegation nt the conclusion ol il cote
[eronce uiili ihe pn lidenl went lo
'"■ ini" di parts''.' i" discuss tin.
nnil"   .. ii li Si' rotary Hoot.
Increase of Homestead Entries.
Otl li.      mestr-ad entries for
il." month "i .l.'ii'i.i't i.i il iho i an in
"i"ii*" ni IA' over iluiiiinrt. HKB,   The
. ntrii. fm tlic p i ' month ivi re I DO"
compi I with   1,4111   inr   .1 nuary,
1005,   The increases ivi re ..'    Ilattli
: "l   I, in,..rn.in. Ih ,| Deer, and i'ork-
ton.   Th" "'iiii"   .''  I!' 'in.i were Blj,
V, Imnnton 11(1^
V'orkton 231.
Thoroughbred Seeds S! Great West
Perfect development.     Wo are many times over the largest
growers  of  Manitoba grown Vegetable Seed.
8EED GRAIN—We   distribute the b I throughout tho  West
for "The Orange .lurid Farmer,"    in The Great Million  Dollar ---_
Contest.   We Know, we Have, we Do what wo any. Catalog free
221  Market St. WINNIPEG, MAN.
Imperial   Maple Syrup
Always*   S»ti-»f»otory
Ask your dealer lor Imperial Maple Syrup. Do net allow him to lubitltute
an Inlerlor article beoauie II Is cheaper.
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
• TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg. •
* ..(■(•••••••••••fi««***tat««it«t*tti)i*«t«t*tt*
The Doctor
"Are your boweli re|ulir?" He
knowi ihat daily action of tbe
bowel* ll tbtolutely e.jrnml I*
he.lih. Then keep your liver wtivt
A /J.1/T1 IC   A C Ic,nd roor bowel11 re,ul,r bT Uim«
\X xlLUULlO i lo/lO ^r.tlllixirivedoset^t Ayer'i PI1U.
W.k.,iMHcr«>t   W.a*IU»'j.o,intl
 f ■alUIMa. Uwall, Ki
There is
tl thc ihlT
erenca in
the world
eating biscuits and
biscuit cat-
^^^^^^^^ ing. One
may eat a biscuit and not taste
it, but when you think of biscuit eating you think instantly of
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
Crisp, delicious and tasty.
Absolutely and diitindly
superior io any other make.
Say "Mooney's" to your grocer.
Enjoy Life
Good health makes r-ooil nature, II everyone had a sound
stomach there would be no pessimists in the world. Do nol
allow a weak stomach or a bad
liver to rob you of tlic joy of
living.   Take
35 40 and 50 centa per Ib,
One   poond   and   half  pound
lead packets. 3 Ib. tl 5 Ib. tlm
and the world laughs with ynu.
No need then (or rose-colored
glasses, Beecham's Tills start
health vibrations to all parts of
"Iliiiilii'il In n->- tlm unlit ii ■
I'-lllH I'llll ''     ul
and Good Wear ng Qualltlaa
thc bodv, while putting a ruddy  When Buying OVERALLS,
tint on lip, and cheek. There', j  o:A;SK\SNS^0^^T8
health in every box. Health lor !
every man, woman and child. |
Beecham's Pills
Eeo llml i ."li mil'1' Imari i
label like nlmvo
Show How
SoM Evirywhirt,   In boies ' o.oi..
lo.M no Hi mini
"King of the Road" Brand
And Tukn nu Otlior
The pinto departmenl at '
liattlofo'ril   220,   until1'"' '   ;""l,   '   ,l1'1 ''   ovcl   ""'
jChlnoBo boycott,
UU II' 1 |
to 1
III   till!
■       ll.-'
W    N   U    No   *373 IIII'.   KXPlaKSS
We have the beat list
of business and residential proper tics,
cheap acreage and .ill
Intuit, a houses lot * i *
ami rent. Sn- us before
The Bank Block,
*sorth Vancouver.
Church Notices.
IT.   IN  "    >'•''.* I'RKSIII l'i
Si ivins .is usual mi   Sunday,
'I' ....     i        -,; „   ie.,   iiii'innii; at 11 a.   in.   and  eventm:
■*-   CATIONS lor Iho position ol * are
taker of the Municipal building, I'oimdittl 7-3' )'■ ni,
K,vi,er and I!"!"1 Tax Collector,   ror
lul] particulars iip|,ly ul the Munlcigml     Sunday School at 1130 p.m.
l'astor: Rev, J. 1). Gillam, M.A.
District of North
11NS lor iii' position 0
. Municipal building, .
Keeper nnd Hond Tux Collector., lor
lllll   1,in 11 '"." - ■'!'!".'  '.
Iind, where nil application* niu-l   bi
lodgutl.on or buforoTlli 01 March next
Am t. I'liii.ie, A M  C.
Sorth Vancouver, Kohrunry 27, 1	
Lots for sSale
50,60, 66*132 FT.
l,o.i »»0 10 Slio pel Int.
2 Acre Block on Coi nor
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
T. S. NYE,
Queens ii Lonsdale
D. S. Martin
Designer nnd Builder ol
Yachts and Launches
of all kinds.
Tug, Life and How Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
Satlifactlon Guaranteed.
Quotatloni given on application.
Gmoline I .nineties ,1 Specialty.
District of North
v '   Council lor thu privilege ofcutllnsi
uml reinovine tiinher ir  the   I  nn
.nil,.-, Komi Ui serve, to DC In al tl
Munf'ipnl hull by Ti.lOp, in.,on .'in ■
M.il'.'li next.
Ai.iit. I'llll.II', C, M C,
North Vai liver, February 27, llltm.
Wall Paper
Wall Pape
Sew goods now in, nnd ive have wme
beauties—in fact thev are all beiiuli •
If nny "i ynu lolkf i" N ■ ti li V .
mint nnv mill paper or uBtliiiiiti'n on
iiiiperiiuiju-itdrupiu'iird, nnd »'..' wi I
cunie and roc you, will bring BiimpleH,
nml close thc deal ou tl"' spot,
& CO.
Opp. People's Theatre
ST,     lulls'-     1 llt'RI II.     ' "I'M ''     til
S'l i'lll i
First Sunday in Lent (Emhei
week ). March4. Hoi * 1 ommi nio*.
nt B "'1 lock. Second Sunday in
Lent inn * communion at 11130,
Ever) Sunday nnu nine; prayi 1
.a 11 n'i !m k    Even
Sunday school at 2:30.
Hon ' "" " mion
at n o'clock       , ' "        ■'"
and lifih Sundays ol tin  nn
■.tin 11 tin ''Ni ration i ut 11 i"
"Emhertide" is anotln 1 instance
"I tin: survivals "1 1 nrly linglish
naiiies whose meaning  is almosl
. ' :     I'ln   Wi stern  church   hu*
i' It it right tn si 1 aside one
iv,' k in each of the  lour si ason
as n lime "i consecration ol the
is work  i"   Ilim  win,
1 i    ci the Iii -1 1 ompleli
1 Li nl   spring 1 is appropri
1 li r week
!.       rinitially arose
ordination with tin
. fittingly, .1 I'Hiiu
1 ' .1 in ' ' latum "I a lid lillle to
Inui; helpfully, ii* in tin
candidates the benefit of tin
;| pray, rs  oi   I       laithl
.t thi \ are r.
entirely as weeks ol prayi 1   [01
thus: alioul t'i he ordnin d,  ns  is
tin two ]U 1.' :  .
1 hook niii' 1* om  ui   iln
oil 'i .■' : -  laid lur llicm 1 1
in tli'  limb. 1 week.
Hut whj r.iiiin 1 ? Some tell us
1 1 id is Iron tin 1 ' I Sa: on
"Yiiil'iriA (a circuit 01 pi.
till        ,.!'      -"
1 ■ , the tear 11
Same prices, ana tn somi case;      ■
:        I .      . 1
1.1.I th. *  I', .ii  the  till,   ul
. |' 1.1       ;..'■    1   ..
. p. rii.ij'- in
Iiiii .. |-1| ul 1 short. ■ ii
11 in. , 1!" resi milium, lo lhe word
"I niber" thus .irisin A    ■
chntjii r than ciiy,
Real Estate and Insurance
Vmi will find it greatly to youi
advantage to sr.' uie before closing
any deal.
H, H. .riu.nw*.
Kill! MM,   AMI   I.AXDHCAPK li.\ HHK-M-M.   .
GK.VBlt vi. mi Aii.irii v<; iii.rn i'him'im;
HI   I'I'.S'lll II  I 111 till IIII*-.
Rolled Oats,
Hay and Feed.
\ll Orders Delivered,
Hnrrt Mitchell,
liiiiil \l(|r.
Thc Brackman&er Milling Co. Ltd.
nsdale A*
l!AM\  OF I.IMTNI  NullTll
CAl  1 1   \L,   ,V1"'  liKM.IA I  .     ...   ;;.,,,'
II.,1   '' 1 "... 1.1  M .■ •■
11  S'l'lKKM IN, Geliei        ll     '      j   I     : : A.1111 lies
Bran, tins in British 1 1    \\ hi rod   (In-en voo I,
1 led ■ '.. Kaslo, R 11 .    - il. Brai . ■■     ,1
\ ;■ '   1..1.   ".'1  1 '.'".   1)11, V.'l
111 partiiu iii             is rei eivi d Irom i, upward .
Office, Cor Lonsdale Aw. nml fspl, de, \nrth Vnncoiiver,B, C,
Berl Anson, the dairyman, has
taken up i     n sideni -   011  Four
ti 1 nib itn ' 1
St. 1111.1 S. Ikiik arrivi d thi i
morning with iuu tons ol coal loi
1    iir. company,
This morning contractor S ddci
start. 'I tl"' grading work on the
road ui  I'ii 1  treet,
\ parti nl ladies an
: 111 a imp sho iting 1   1
:   ■  •    :■ i.i.it  aft. moon   ul   tm
Hotel Nnitli Van.
Hon, Mr Green st.it- 1 the oth. r
tin hi ise that i'i iii   1. atti 1
nl tramway 1 rossings the duty 11
tl ■   public 11 sti '1 with
ti munii owui 1
I i.i
It wis rumor, tl on tin
:     :   a   m  ii .   had
1. d "ii the |i   .     Aii
1    ■. pn     , StO]
I  : :   tn ' 1 11       line.   On
il  was li mii' i i.'.a tin ri
ti iih in the Bl 1
iu  -I   is  ha* ii
lioi   these da;       W     B.
■ man 11 ho h    I
ii thai ' iu 111
loi 1
is fin s   ling .1
11       .ssisl ml    ' 1
1 r
■ 1    m  lor  si ■
i'lil Jni
:      '    '
is si ouring the  liasl  tor a   nni
chiel ni iiinn u,
lt has lii'i'ii said in cold print
thai men are growing nn■■■ 1 d
some and women 1 lore I llifu
and that the progress ol rivili-
zation, the belter understanding ol
the laws ol health, is to bring 11
time when all "I ns will be ol
absolute beauty or, rutin r, not 111
but our ultimate remon i]ecend
ants. It is a little did 1 nil lo feel
cm . hatred and nuli 1 lor onc'i
ili'Ci'iiiliints, bul ibis. isi-noi gl
to iiiiiin e that evil state ol  mind.
Tlie Schools.
Following   is   iln'   report   lot
■ Fi Inn.nt.     ond ilivii ion,
Nurlli    \ ,1111'llllti I.     M   I!       M.     S,
Clapp,   teacher:   Pi ii
First   Primer   li
Carl Phillips.
Si iniul   Prinn 1 ■ ■ \nij   Martin,
Minnie Miller.
I' .1.1   Reader    Until     Mai tin,
I'n 'I LaPenotier.
Second Reader   Lucj
Frank Webber,
Current Opinions—All Sorts.
\s   11\ :    I" INKSS,
\inlii tv li. 111.in di In'l
roller bearings win n      slid into a
■     '.        .1    " ,: iiiii'
I and wn    ; I Int trio tbey
nn sho* 1 ig 1 litoi ■ a "1
'    Sl : I i.i
proof    1 nsenienl    1 on iti
I'M sl'*   II     '1 I'.
Somi in- n are virittoti
tl' ■  iri blind, sni      in   virtuous
ei   . ■■   they at       1  I, 1 ut   tin
inanv are virtno  -
in alraid    />'■ ■■■ .  .
nn  mi .
1 kll -ii audi-
c ri s.  ilitl ynu -     ip    .    to
notice ii  front nf 1 ;
:    .
li unlet '..li: 11 it Iii
nil,   III.VI      IT?
Mi ml hi s ul the  British  parlia
im nt are being sworn in  pn para
I   : .    tO   'n.lkiii ;   ,1    little    ll.ii.llli:
history     Ti ■ ••
J have been instructed to sell a few
pieces of 2 and 3 acres at prices which
will insure good profits by subdividing.   These plots arc ull within 17th Sl.
The  North Vancouver Specialist
161 Cordova Street.
Only the best and finest lines kept
in stock, including STEEL BRIGGS',
D.   M.   FERRY'S, and   W.   FAX IK'S.
Your Choice at
McDowells Drug Store.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
accountants. Auditor*,     Wmtibhtg and tinsmith-     May, Gallic and thicken
Real Estate Agent*.. Int}. feed
Lumber and all kind* of ■ulldln*} Hatcrlol. Contractors and Valuator*.
Me have ,111 Immense amount of Cordwood on hond.   Place your order* with
Nt for Ihe winter.
112 ilastinqa Street West, Vancouver, 6.C.
Just Arrived_^>
Large Stock of New Fall and Winter Goods
for Suits, Pants ami Overcoats,
IOO Koliaa. M. \V. I "HM Alilioll
Mr. Balfour say 1 1 pposition is
the pathway to power, At all
events he will have no difficulty in
finding the trail in bis own particular ease.   Montreal Herald.
Conservatism in tl"' capital of
British Columhia 1:1
upon evil days il  tho   1
whii b have 1" en its chiel strength
an i" he t ailed upi
iln- music nt Hon.   K.  IA' in  11.
Victoria Colonist,
I '.  .-'I     '       I.Ul :..
Atop "I the si 1 crei
, .ii  ■.
ptinishn    • ■ '1    '
\V.  Hi ■
piftetl cil
lection ■ n
Tin 1"'       i' '   1 dii)
of the liberal | t in iv
I" iii" in.]" rial 1
that in lift.■ 111 or tv.- nl
tin n will I"  cotnphi
Iiniii tb      'i1   1 ivitb the
:'. il     i
nl the  M nroi   ;' ■' 1     tin
ih   ni   North I'ln
linger "I (uti, undei
points is directly I
Willi       \ 1
p,li  ill il ill 1.11;',■ l.'lt. '
1       :       ion
t.     Wi
P. Larson, Prop.
place Wired so as to be ready to
connect oN otlR Wire Next spring
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
It IYI* DL/VI I IL ,67  Cor()ova   Sfeet)   Vancouver,   B.  C
llu 10II1 nt roouiHor private liiiiiHrnr linys outright all
. lauei nl hourehold g Is nr bankrupt stork* (<>r cnah,
ll" im- -"inn ol tin- fini'Bt business and iratorlront property In North
Van iv"r. See him at once ll you think of picking up property In
this section.  Be wlH, BUY NOW, and vou will make 1 ley, :: ::
I'ionio Hams, per lb 12 (Vllts
Roll Bacon, no Bone, per lb 14    "
Special Tea, per lb.. 40 and 50    "
j. a. McMillan


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