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Now 0|>en
w. r. Like
Candiet, Tobaccos, Fancy Giocertes cr Delicatessen
.Viiir Luurhrs (lur S|iirialt)
sliort tinleri Smtd
at All Hours.
Royal weather attended the anniversary day of the consummation
of Confederation Wednesday. The
entire programme of the diy constituted a numerous and varied
leries of events which altogether
made up a lilt ol unusual merit.
The effectiveness of the effort was
admittedly somewhat impaired for
the reason that the arrangements
were in the hands of three distinct
parties, hence the unity was lack
ing which wis essentiil to the best
euccess. The ittendance was not
so large at had been anticipated,
owing doubtless to the fact that
there were many strong counter
attractions elsewhere, nevertheless
the entire proceedings were marked by enthusiasm and were much
enjoyed by the thousands who
celebrated in the city.
One feature of the habits of the
visiting throng was the manner in
which they scattered throughout
the diitrict—Lynn Creek, Capilano, Lonsdale Gardens, etc.,each
receiving I Urge quota from the
crowd. The bulk of the people
however, preferred to linger about
the waterfront ind the grounds of
the Hotel North Vancouver were
thronged throughout the diy, presenting a gay holiday appearance.
The local camp ol Ihe Sons cl
Scotland, together with a large attendance of guests from the coast
campi, held a most successful picnic. The programme included
Caledonian sports.dancing, piping,
a grand concert in the afternoon
and a ball in the evening. The
several eventi were well contested
ind the interest was splendidly
•ustiincd throughout the day.
The civic celebration was formally opened by Mayor Kelly it the
city hall (the hetdquarters of the
general committer) it 10.30. In
the ibience ol G. J. Phillippo,
chairman ol the committee, Geo.
II Morden mide the introductory
remirks, briefly outlining the programme for the day. He then introduced His Worship Mayor
Kealy, who wn received with applause. He extended a hearty
welcome to all participants in the
celebration and expressed the hope
that Ihey would find the day, in
the highest sense, a success. He
relerred to the inaiiguulion of this
annual celebration one year ago,
in conjunction with the celebration
of the incorporation of the city ind
commended the idviiability ol
perpetuating Hi obiervance Irom
year to year. He relerred to the
lact that visitors would find a
large variety ol attractions, chiel
among which wu the city itself.
The celebrition wn then declared
officially opened ind the proceeding! wera termimted by "The
Maple Leaf Forever" and "God
Save the King," by the band.
The openiag wu followed im*
mediately by the firemen'i iports
On Second itreet. Picked teams
composed of members ol brigides
number one ind number two joined in 1 reel rice igiinit time.
They nn too -aids to thc hydrant,
coupled, continued another too
yardi and had water in 41 seconds.
Thii wu considered 1 very crcdi
tible ihewing. The tug-ol-wir
proved 1 ipirited contest ind wis
finally won by hill number one in
Iwo straight pulls.
The aquatic sports were let in
operition in the lorenoon ind con*
itituted the centre ol attraction for
a large portion ol the crowd. Thii
committee wu indelitigible in
iti efforts to accomplish success
ind certainly made good. The
chiirmin, j. N. J. Brown, was
ably assisted by the following :
1. Divii ind B. Eigle, judges;
F. W. Robertion, timekeeper; W.
J. Duke, starter. The eventi were
u lollows:
Sailing rice, one design boats,
19 teet over all. Two entriei, W.
B. Bunbury'i Nipinee, commanded by F. W. Robertson, ind Dr.
Campbell's Cuttysark, commanded
by himsell. The course wu eight
miles and the race won by the
Napinee; time, one hour ind ti
Indian canoe rice, 1 mile, 11
piddlei each—ist Squamish, ind
Sechelt.   Time 5^ minutei.
Five piddle Indian cinoe rice,
one mile—nt Sechelt.ind Squanv
ith.   Time 6.45.
Single scull, professional, one
mile—ist A. Jeffries, and Paul
Jacob.   Time 9.35.
Double scull, professional—ist
L. Pige and A. Jeffry, and R. Jeffrey ind A. Jeffry.   Time 9.20.
Three-paddle canoe race, one
mile—1st Kitsilano, and Mission,
3rd Squamish.
Lady and gentleman, amateur
double ist Joe Page and Miss E.
Page, and Mrs. J. August and Mr.
Swimming race, looj.irds, lot
gold and silver medals—ist R.
Hayter, V.A.C., and M. Waren,
The events at the Athletic Park
were pulled off on schedule time
and with little delay between-fea-
tures. Chairman Matt Martinson
and his committee deserve credit
for thc smoothness bv which the
occasion was characterized. The
attendance at these events was
small but the performers had an
interested and appreciative audi
ence. Mayor Kealy and A. R.
Steacey acted as judges and Mr
Brewett as starter.
The outstanding events wer<
the baseball match between Van
couver A. C. team and New West
minster, and the wrestling match
(or the championship ol the Pacific Coast, between Venaliles, ol
Seattle, and Renshaw, of -North
Vincouver. The baseball match
wis very evenly contested up to
the seventh innings and developed
considerable enthusiasm upon the
part ol the fins. The Westminster team lost their grip in the last
Iwo innings ind the V. A. C. ig-
gregation took them into camp to
the tune of ia_to 5.
The wrestling match proved one
of the best features ot the celebration in point of genuine merit and
sustained interest. His most san
guine Iriends scarce dired to hope
thit Ihe local boy could win, His
opponent was a man of experience
and victor in hird won contests,
thc possessor ol a conspicuous
championship and the crowd evidently judged that he would not
have very great difficulty in retaining his standing. The two bouts
were marked by action from start
to finish, Renshaw being the aggressor practically all the time and
receiving every encouragement
from the audience. Venables
worked hard and tried ill the tricks
of the gime ind while he secured
a dangerous hold occasionally
Kenshaw invariably succeeded in
extracting himself from the predicament. Venables likewise found
himself in imminent danger more
than once but managed to avert
being thrown. When the call came
for a third bout Venable failed to
respond and Kenshaw was declared light weight champion of the
Pacific coast amid the cheers of
the crowd. Billy Thompson, of
Vancouver, referred, giving every
The remaining events resulted
as lollowi:
100 yards, open, first, F. D.
McConnell, gold medal; and, A.
Jack, silver medil.
^ mile reliy rice—Winning
teim McConnell, Gillis, lick; and,
Sullivan, Hamilton ind Reid.
Climbing greisy pole— R Tarn
100 yardi, local—ist, R. H.
Tim; and, Sullivan; 3rd, Keid.
U obstacle rice—ut, McCon-
nel; and, Reid; 3rd, Sullivan.
yi mile local, North Vancouver
cup donated by North Vancouver
Fire Brigade ind silver medalist, Sullivan; and, Hamilton.
The New Westminster band
rendered excellent services during
the day.
The decoration committee had i
full line of decorations in place in
good time.
The B. C. Electric put on an excellent service to all parts, which
was greatly ippreciited by the
The Ferry Company succeeded
in handling the crowds without
delay, the arrangements being well
planned and energetically carried
out by the management.
The formal opening of the new
horticultural building Wednesday
evening, called together an appre
ciative audience. The pavilion required for this purpose. He
was occupied during the day by was sure the audience would join
the Ladies'committee, who, under heartily with him and the directors
the auspices of the Directors, pur-1 in acknowledging   the  great  in
veyed refreshments to the public
The attendance during the day
was disappointing,but the situation
was somewhat redeemed by the
evening gathering.
The program of instrumental and
vocal music proved very enjoyable
and was interspersed with short
interesting speeches. The assembly which followed was thoroughly
enjoyed by those who participated. The programme in full was
as follows:
Piano solo, Miss Thibert; chairman's address; address, president
of the association; song, Aid.
Crickmay; address, A. H. B. Mac-
Gowan, Esq., M.P.P.; recitation,
"Little Bit of Bunting," Miss
Anders; duet, Mr. and Mrs. Colin
F. Jackson; solo, Miyor Kelly;
address, Reeve May; song, H. C.
Wright; song, Wm. Philip; song,
W. J. Butler; address, Alex.
Philip; music by the orchestra;
accompanist, Mrs. Crickmey; God
Save the King.
Mayor Kealy occupied the chair
and in well chosen opening remarks noted the fact that the completion of the building marked the
culmination of a purpose formed
three years ago and now the society needs only the hearty co-operation ol the citizens to ensure its
future success and usefulness.
President Alexander Smith submitted a financial report showing
the total cost of the building to
have been $4103 and disbursements $3140, leaving a deficit of
•Jy65, which the society was desir
ous of raising as soon as possible.
A. H. B. Macgowan, M. L. A.,
of Vancouver, was the speaker ol
the evening and fully sustained his
reputation as an interesting and
effecting public speaker. In opening, he referred to the close identification of interests is between
the two cities on Burrard Inlet.
He expressed his appreciation ol
the honor conferred upon him in
in the position which he occupied
upon this occasion and compli
merged the society on the excel
lent home which they had secured,
Proceeding he traced the history
of horticulture, beginning with the
Garden of Eden and following it
down through the kingdoms ol antiquity, the Roman and Greek periods and to the present time.
Horticultural societies conferred
great benefit upon the community,
uniting lhe best elements for the
furtherance of its laudable purposes. The ipeiker became reminiscent and recalled experiences
of twenty years ago, when he was
elected secretary of the Dominion
Day celebration committee of Vancouver. The population of the
city was then 8000 and now it is
twelve times that number. The
revenue that year was $'47,000 and
now it is one and one-quarter millions. The schools at that time
held 350 pupils with four teachers
and now thete are 8000 pupils with
159 teachers. Such progress is
highly gratifying and analagous
possibilities lie before North Vancouver. Thc west is proud of its
resources and British Columbia
cin claim to be the greatest province in the greatest section ol the
greatest empire in the world. All
eyes throughout thc countries of
the world are upon the west and
the future is big with incalculable
possibilities, lie closed by formally declaring the horticultural
building open (or public purposes.
Reeve May o( the District of
North Vancouver deemed it a
pleasure to be identified with the
horticultural society. Great credit
was due the promoters of the project who had carried the erection
ol the building to completion. He
spoke of the delights of close contact with nature, to which horti
cultural gives access. He gave
tome ol his personal experiences in
fruit raising and declared that the
district affords ample opportunity
(or horticultural pursuits, with assured results.
Alexander Philip gave the history
of the horticultural movement in
this district Irom its inception,
tracing its progress to the present
occasion. He referred to the value
ot the building to the public as affording an excellent place for
meetings, entertainments, etc. He
outlined the work which the direc-
tors wished to do in order to complete thc building and grounds,
stating thit in all  faooo would be
debtedness of the society to the
ladies' committee and their friends
throughout the city, to Mr. Mac
gowan and to the respective persons who had participated in the
programme of the evening.
The National Anthem concluded
the proceedings.
L. 0. L. Social
The strain! of God Save the
King, issuing (rom many lusty
throats, floated down Lonsdale
avenue on Tuesday evening, the
source being the Orange hall,where
numbers of North Vancouver's
best citizens were gathered for a
social entertainment, under the
auspices of the Loyal Orange
lodge. Mayor Kealy presided and
the evening proved enjoyable
throughout. The musical programme was well rendered by the
Misses l'Ollis and Beecroft and
Messrs. Lawson, C. A. Lindsay,
Lefevre, Leckie, J. H. Deacon,
Graham, Jago, and Fred Sumter.
Mrs. Simpson acted as accompanist.. Past Grand Master T. Duke
unveiled the new banner, amidst a
scene of enthusiasm and thc singing of the National Anthem, in a
way that will long be remembered
by those present.
Speeches of congratulation and
good wishes to the lodge were
given by Mayor Kealy, Reeve May,
Aid. Irwin, Wheeler, Braim, and
Coun. McNaught These were replied to on behalf of the Orange
Association by Bro. A. Hall.ot the
Toronto Sentinel, and P.G.M.
Bro. H. G. Thrift.
Ice cream and other refreshments were served during the
evening and the proceedings terminated with a vote of thanks to
the mayor and aldermen, and the
entertainers. Much credit is due
the committee for their excellent
arrangements, they beingJ.D.G.
M., R. Fiwcett; P.M., P. King;
H. T. Brewitt, R. W. Evans, and
V. Beecroft.
W.C.r.U. Notes
The Provincial Women's Chris
tian Temperance Union of British
Columbia celebrated the silver anniversary at their annual convention in Victoria last week. The
North Vancouver delegates were
the secretary and president, Mrs.
P. Wheeler and Mrs. Wm. Hall.
All parts of British Columbia sent
representatives, numbering over
140, it being the largest convention the province has yet held.
Great interest was shown in the
reports of the good work done by
this organization everywhere, and
thc residents of the Capital City,
together with the authorities, civic
and ecclesiastic, extended to the
convention as a whole abundant
courtesy and hospitality.
A great "onward move" is being
taken in hand by the union, and in
the near future the local branch
purposes holding elocutionary
medal contests, besides taking in
hand other aggressive work.
Big Lumber Mill
A big lumber ileal has just been
concluded,embracing several thousand acres ot timber lands around
Indian River, on thc North Arm ol
the Inlet. The purchasers are lv
J. Young, of Madison, Wis., and
Fred N. Norton, of Medford, Wil.
The purchase was made from J. J.
Jonci, ol New Westminster. Thc
purchasers also secured an option
on an extensive Dominion lease ol
timber land in the same locality,
lt is the intention to erect a large
mill at Indian River to handle the
4th of July Celebration
Tomorrow there will be another
big celebration in North Vancouver, the Americin citizens of Vincouver coming here to honor their
national day, July 4th. The affair will take place on the grounds
of the Hotel North Vancouver and
there will bc band music,speeches,
and sports,winding up in the evening with 1 grand display of firework! and 1 bill. An influential
committee hai chirge ot the ar-
The Express, Ji a yeir.
Wanted.—A boy to learn printing.   Apply at The Express.
C, 0. Wickenden.of Vancouver,
was a welcome caller at The Express office during thc past week.
Born.—In the North Vancouver
hospital, on June 39th, the wile of
E. J%| Crickmay, Port Haney, of a
The local Orange lodge is preparing to participate in the big
demonstration at Vancouver on the
The city is inviting applications
(or Ihe position ol assessor. It also wants an apprentice in the engineer's department.
Changes o( advertisements in
The Express must be in to this office not later than Wednesday of
each week, to ensure publication.
J. T. Begg, Rcgina, Sask., who
owns considerable realty in the
city, is miking his headquarters it
Chilliwack at present,but hopes to
locate in North Vancouver at some
liitnie date.
The young men of Lynn valley
have organized a football club with
the following officers : Honorary
president, E. Robinson, president, W. Burrill; vice-president,
A. Buckley ; secretary-treasurer,
J. H. Davis.
The contract was let this week
by A. H. Scriven for the clearing
ol three acres of ground on tlie
corner of Lonsdale and 25th. A
building, designed for boarding
school purposes, will be erected
thereon at once and will be ready
for the fall term opening in Sep
tember. One ul the features of the
estiblishment will he 1 covered
tennis court.
A couple of hundred people took
in the boxing bout it the Athletic
grounds on the night of the itt.
White and Fifield put on t iii
round preliminary, but the main
event, a fifteen round go between
Grim and Paris did not come off,
the latter wintng too much ol the
purie, win or lose. Paris' place
was taken by Danny Sullivan, who
met with an unfortunate mishap,
ln the second round he slipped
and (ell,fracturing one ol his arms.
Grim got the decision.
The ExrREss is credibly informed tint a local yachtsman, who is
enthusiastic about thc speed qualities of his vessel, has challenged
iny professional holt builder in
the city to a race for 1100 1 side.
The boat builders were game, but
wero up against an insuperable
difficulty, because none of Ihem
Ind that much money. However,
by hard rustling, the dollars have
been produced, and thc sporting
editor of this gteat family journal
now holds the money at the disposal ol the challenger, who may
ave his rice it this looks good to
All Americans in this city ind
vicinity, together with the citizen!
generally,are invited to participate
in the 4th ol July celebration here
tomorrow. This invitation comet
from Ed F. Allen, secretiry ol the
American Club of Vincouver, who
wis here Thursday making th«
necessary irnngementi. Invitations were also extended to thi city
and district councils to be presenl.
Col. Dudley will bc chairman; Mr.
Weit, thc newly appointed American consul genenl, will give in
address, while thc orator ol thr
day will Lm City Solicitor Cowan,
ol Vancouver.
The services in thc Presbyterian
church on Sunday will be conduct
edby Rev. li, P. Tailing, M.A.ol
Toronto. The giltcd preacher is a
doctor of philosophy and ii widely
known as an author. Those who
attend St. Andrew's church on
Sundiy are sure to find prepared
for them a sermon conceived in a
spirit of devoutness and presented
in a beautiful form. Dr. Tailing
ii lecturing in Westminster Hall,
to thc Presbyterian theological
students, and the tity is favored
in being so close to the teit ol
leirning ind having an oppor
tunity of heating mm l.uncil Iai
and wide throughout the church
All will bc heard1)' welcomed.
on Dominion Day, by parties (rom
the Vancouver Mountaineering
Club, developed in accident of an
exceedingly painful niture, but
which fortunately avoided 1 (Hal
termination. Miss Stirk, sister-
in-law to L. B. Hodge, local manager of the B.C. Telephone Co.,
joined one of the parties ai 1 gueit,
with the intent of making the top
of the mountain. When the greater portion of the climb had been
accomplished, the entire party,
with the exception ot Miss Stark
and three gentlemen, relinquished
the purpose of miking the remaining distance and the small party
proceeded until the top wu practically reached.
In making the return trip, it became necessary to pass a particularly dangerous strip across the
suow. One of the party, exercising every precaution, made the
necesiary niche in the snow and
tested it himself. He then directed Miss Stark to place her (oot in
the niche and to descend,but when
she essayed to do this, unfortunately the snow gave way, precipitating her into spice ind placing
her in imminent dinger of hurtling
down an exceedingly iteep declivity for 1 distince of almost 1 njile.
Fortunately, however, II it happened, she succeeded in so directing her course that the cime in
contact with a tree, at a diatince
of ibout forty feet Irom the point
at which she slipped.
The tree arrested her fill, but it
the expense of in ugly gish in iha
right limb, below the knee. At
expeditiously as possible, the gentlemen made their way to her
assistance and by dint of making
a toboggan of their coats, miking
use of ropes, etc., Ihe pirty slowly
and laboriously proceeded down
the mountain, and when the bottom wis reiched Miss Stark pluck-
ily walked with assistance, to the
scene of the camp ot the night be-
I ire. Seven and one-hall hours
wire consumed in iccompiiibiag
the journey. Medical aid was secured the lollowing morning, when
the wound was properly dreued
and the unlortunate young lady
wu cirried to the Cipilino road,
a distance ol one and one-hall
miles, and thence lo the city by
suitable conveyince. To-day the
is feeling Ihe (ull force ot her terrible experience, but every hope
is entertained that she will mike a
complete recovery. The accident
was entirely unavoidable, is every
customary precaution wu liken,
and the only available route was
being followed. The unfortunate
occurrence illustrates Ihe (let thit
mountain climbing in thii locality
is the genuine article and is fraught
with dingeri thit call (or the qualities ol the veteran climber as truly
as does this pursuit in my portion
o( the globe.
School Contract Let
Accident on Crown Mountain
The ascent ol Crown mountiiu
The boird of ichool trustee! held
a special session yeiterdiy and
confirmed the action ot Architect
Law, in awarding the contract (or
the idditiom to the present ichool
building, to S. M. Studebaker, for
the price ol $3800. There were
six tender! in ill, distributed 11
(nllowi. Martinson & Co., J5100,
S.nith Bros., J4220, Fred Tuck,
{4110: John McEwen, I4100; Nichol & MeLeod, I3HS5; S. M.
Studebiker, $3800. Hence it will
be leen thit the lowest tender secured the contrict. The boird
hu exicted • guarantee thit tha
work will be completed at least
ten diys previoui to the re-assembling ot the schools, in order to
permit the installation of the
liy lo plates, and ol the seats.
The contract also contain! 1 proviso (hit, ill thing! being equal,
all material and labor is to be procured on Ihii lide ol the inlet.
The alterations compriie two additional class rooms, to be built 11
1 second itoryon the older portion
of the preient building. The
class rooms will be scaled throughout with individual seats, instead
ol the double seats it preient in
the building. A portion ol the
material if now on thc ground and
operation! have already been commenced, THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Nuriii YiNi'iivER. B. C.
l'. |, Smiiiii;iiim.iie. 0, H, KNMIi
Milliner.      Ilnniiiess Mi*r.
Tin* Bxpreii is delivered in North
Vancoiiver within I radius ol ia
blocks of the ollice. All outside
this diitrict is placed in the post
Rate! Ol Subscription :
Oheyeai -      t'-"°
Six inoiillis *5"
Three monthi • 25
United States tnd Foreign, fi.50
pai 'i'.ll.
All subsi riptioni mini I"' paid in
aih.iin i'
An\   piisoii  BOI  ui living  ibis
pap. 1 regular!) will plew notily
the ollice No i'ai|" 1 Hopped Iltl
lew notified eithei by lei ter or card
,    W*«-a
Nalklll    VlMillAH,     Jl'l.l      3,     ll)!)!
The local fire department is nol
in a condition as satisfactory as
might be desired, according to
facts that developed in connection
with the discussion of firemen's
events, at the meeting ol the Dominion day celebration committee
Monday night.
It appears that Chiel liiiicison
an I Ins firemen experience consul
erible dillicnlty in keeping lhe
ranks filled with suitable men lor
tha' work. There art many apph
Cations for m< nil" i>lnp Irom those
who, while Milling and ciithiiMii-
tic, are altogether too young in
years lor the responsibilities in*
Wived. It i" essential to the efficiency of the brigades that the\
comprise men ol lull physical development, ol good judgment) and
who will keep tlieir heads should
an emergency at any time arise.
It is understood  that conditions
relative to the tire dcpaitiiiciit an
n *l '•ulliciently attractive Io nulim-
men of the required  stamp to ap
pi) for inciiil'ciship    The allow*
aiiic   lor   riiiiuneratioii is not so
large as it sliould  be to cover all
c 1 .ts    Two and one hall dollars
lor the lirst three hours and see
ent) -live cents lor each additional
hour would   be a fairly ideqtMtl
ti 'numeration under ordinary con
dilioiik. Imt Ireqilelltl) tin* fltilileli
are compelled lo hasten   to   llie
scene ol a tire in 1 lollies that art-
expensive, with   the   result   that
they ate damaged to an extent that
the allowance will not al all replace, and thus the  lireniau is ih,
loser in the transaction     I Ins dii
liculty might lie overtoine by providing   the  customary   hieim-n's
rubber coals, hoots, hats, etc., lor
the use nl iln members ol the bn
gades, but at present   tin   equip*
ment   in thii  regard  is woefully
lacking.    Failing the  provision ol
these ordinary features o\ a lire
man's aquipment, a liberal allow
ance should be provided hu loss
lll-dailied U ili'si tihcil.
Again, it is ;iss, 11, ,1 that, in order to give the  best si tim to tbt
city, bursts ihouU l»' m-ide available lor drawing* tba Um bom n ii
I The department it compotod <>l
Ivoliliileet hi. nn 11. who Ul inglg
led 111 vanoiii parts ol tbti ity Ip
Ion the sounding ol an alar in. they
Iruvc to run as quickly as possible
Ito the fire hall,where they probtb
Ily arrive out of breath, but tiny
I must immediately lay hold ol the
lliose reel to diaw it to the scene ol
Ithc fire,and they manifestly are nt>t
Iin fit   condition to stand a  long.'
Iliaial  run.    An available horse at
Illicit   a   time might  mean evrrt-
Ithlng   in   successful lire lighting.
|The city council   bu dtcidtd lo
erect stables  at  the  fire hall that
this need may he tin t,lint it is well
jthat the arraiigenieiils In lomplet*
ed expeditiously, especially as the
hot, dry season is now with us.
A volunteer lire department  is
komewhit difficult   to  sustain at
with marked libeiahly from the
ivie iiilhoiities, and that it re-
litre the greatest possible appreciation and encouragi'iiii'iit liom the
citizens at large. 11 would bc well
f some means could be devised
lor bringing the lire brigades more
prominently before the public and
for keeping theni in lhe limelight
In lliis regard. A senes ol com
pelitive practice runs pul on under
the patronage of thi' mayor anil
council during Ihesiiiiimi't mouths
might sine 10 cause the citizens to
gather to witness the sport, and do
niinii lo llilng the department into
prominence tnd lavor, thus stunu
latinn tbt inclination oi the proper
stamp ol nnil  tn   identify   them
selves mill lhc institution.
ll is sale to say that llieic is no
purpose lor which public money
can be expended thai will meet
with mote hearty approval upon
the part of the citizens than that of
placing the civic fire department
upon the most efficient ami satis
factory basis, and maintaining it at
iln* highest point ol efficiency.
Tlic latest bulletin ol the Cana
than Forestry Association, dealing
with tht destruction ol forests by
lire, is very timely and should
prove of practical service,
"Campers and tourists" is an
answer that comes readily to the
lips ol many lumbermen and tim
ber limit owners when ask-d as to
how 1'Hcst tires originate. Unfortunately, the answer is often only
loo true
The campi r would certainly be
deddedly averse to burning over
the woodland, which affords him
lecreation, rest and pleasurn.   llul
lads to realize wba» a   MM
1 ause may give rise   to a serious
tire in  the lores!, and hum dm
not exercise the necessary caution
with regard to his camp fires, and
even his matches  and cigar ends,
lor these latt.-r, small as they ire,
may be just as much to blame lor
starting a furious conflagration is
a  tire  of  far larger proportions
Constant   care, eternal   vigilance
Butt be HOMIied in   the forest by
everyone wlm has cause t<> use first
(.('.'I who has not?), lest the fire
should isi ape   Irom   him and get
into the foreit soil and even inlo
llie Iree lops.
Campers themselves may greatly
assist in this matter by observing
a few general cautions. Camp
lues should not Ire any larger than
ary, and no one should leave
I tm 1 ven lor a sliort lime, wilh
out making sure thai it is thorough
ly put out. A lighted match or
< n*.!! , ml or other burning object
should never be thrown down in
the woods; it should be thoroughly
extinguished before being thrown
away, fires should not be built
among leaves, rotten wood, or
in places where they are likely to
spread on account ol the inflammable nature ol the surroundings;
luiiiii the fire on a rock il possible,
01. if there is no rock convenient,
al I' .ol clear away lhe leaves, Iiu
rn lis, etc., down to the mineral
soil, il at all possible Nor should
lii's he Imilt against large or hollow
logs, as hi such cases it is bird to
bt sun* when they are entirely ex*
liiiginshcil. II the weather is
wind), it it well lo confine the lire
to a hole, dug tight down into the
mineral soil.
Only a (ew days ago newspaper
di sp.ilchcs told ol very serious
nn', in the lake St. John regions
111 Quebec, destroying one village.
I In se are supposed to have been
started by careless fishermen who
neglected to extinguish their cimp
fires, It behooves everyone,there*
fore, to (xeii isi* (he greatest diligence and rare when starting fires
near timber at this time of the
■ ■a "i
On the ijth  imt., J. S. Nankin,
shoes! ':;"""ock
SHOES!        SHOES!
The response tOOUrQBT ACQUAINTED SALE has been splendid
for which we thank you. Wonderlul as our prices have been they
will be still more so this week.    We have replenished our stock with
new lines and ofler them al Maker's Prices.
Ii'l our lost at present and tour gain.     Should toe he out of your si-.e you
can have them ne\t day from cm (,'iani't/le St. Store.
Every pair M sell are snaps, but see these lew;
I allien' 13.011 Tun Viri lllis, her Cut, sale price |1.78       < airla' Tan Viei 4 button
-Inui .llien, ri-Kiiliir f-'"o Wh pri* |1.()0 Men'* I-iiiiko'i* BlnellM Cut, Mr-
('ready's |:t.li0 sale |irice H.M    Men's strum! Working liontu, regular |2.7.ri sale
price |1.7fi.      (iirls', Hoys', mnl Infintl' MOM nil relinhle
Deal with practical Shoenien ol 50 year's experience, who can make
them and know the points and qualities ol the shoes they sell.
Agents lor the Leckie Hoots, McCready, The llerestord, Miss Canada
Old Country ami The K Hoots.
ADDRESS     "UUO C* -MIN      BtlUble Mioe Slore
thai di or toStrttt-rti'i (Ir. eery Store
Kepairinj;    llt-st ol leather and workmanship.    COR. Lonsdale tl and
Wil. tlKHW
Pkaav. 17
311 CWatota* SI
Weekly list-Week Imllnu Jul-   loth
SlALKD TENDERS marked "Tender,
" 1.1th Street lirailiug" will I* received
l'i' the undersigned, up l.iNi.'cli-rk I'.M.
mi Monday, the l.tli day nf July, IHOS,
li* the Clearing, lira,ling, ami liraiiuug
nl lllll Street, Iietween SI. Anilrew'saiul
llidgewiiy Aienucs, li'lfi leet (ir therein.
Drawings, Spccilicutimm ami (ienerul
I'linililiiiiin uf Contract may lie obtained
ill lhe nlliee i.( Hie City Kllgilieer.
Karl, Tender must lie MMMptaM hy
a marked ('hemic eiiual In 5 |H*r cenl. nl
lhe aiiiniiiit 111 the Tender, ami the sue-
awM Tenderer musl provide nn approved guarantee lor llie Kiitislactcry
I'lUiplctinn of lhe Contract.
The cheque! ol unsuccessful tenderers
will In* returned to them npmi the execution || the Contract.
The lowest or any t"inler mil necessarily Hcct'pteil.
City Clerk.
City lllll, Nortli Vancouver, Il.i'.
June IStli, KKW. IMt
" nn
lleg to announce that liny
have purchased the Drug
Store at the Corner of Cambie
and Cordova Streets, Vancouver, B. C.
This store is conveniently
situated Ior passengers by the
N. Vancouver (erry and we
hope for a share of your business.
Have your doctor phone
your prescription to us and
we will have it ready when
you go to the lerry.
Have your parcels sent
luii lor y on. we will take care
ol them till you call.
One ol the proprietors always in the store.
Ml Milk il. liimil Iliiilr In
all parts of lib'lily
Leave Orders at Express Ollice.
When you intend building
iiiiii inn co
N l.ilNsliAI.K Av«.
/Trior/, tiffin; Iiiunlnle Arr.Xilii. I'lnme
Sn   SU
llm.l ti[li,rit,nl Mill, limit Crrel; II.C.
"The Obliging Druggies"
Cur. Cordova nndCiiiihieSts.
Vancouver,   B.C.
auctioneer, will diipose ot the fur
niture and school effect! of  Kev
Mr  Marsden at St John's college
\V.   Mclntoih,   Vincouver,   ii
Iiest, but it is absolutely essential 1,,.,( fininhiBg up 1 neit cottige for
lo such an institution  that it meet | himself on njth ive.
R ami 64 Cordova Street
m$ N'RHliS
tiiNiis m miai
House and (hurt h
I'ainting, Decorating,
Paper Hanging,
Graining, Sign Writing, Kalsommiiig. a
little batter thin most
Wall Paper, Paints.
Varnishes, Oils, (.lass,
Stain, die, as cheap as
vou can get anywhere.
samples onu emk u iiu. tsmim
w. h. mm & CO.
North  Vancouver, B, C.
I K-ll
1   Comer on Klr.l Hired.  fine builneii proiptcli. Till price lor
I      ' I.V- aallla
.   011 mre, pauly clmred, with ih»ck on, Sev-ntMntb ilntl.
Lui irontlngon on.wt (ltnt-Di .nil with floe view ol Inlet
.Inal look el the fnat,
Pert thoroughly gnml, reliable mlii.nl shoe
Inr girls mnl mi-mes at are carrying a lull line
<>(good si,1 i.l leather shoes in Ihii enll anil       ,
ilnngnlti with I'oiuiiinn sense toes and heels. M£%
AU urn
From 8 to 10 $1.(5
"   11 to  2  2.15
"    2 to  5  MS
They Will Please You in Style and
Satisfy You in Wear.
510 Hastings Street
Pioneer Hardware
Phone 12 I. WAEDEN   Lonsdale I First St.E
Sole Agents for McClary's Stoves, Ranges, Furnacei,
Sherwin A  Williams' famous Paints.
Just arrived—Our season's delivery of Paints, Varnishes, etc., from $1.50 per gallon up.
Esplanade,  North Vancouver
For Fnnuturc
House Fnniisliiiiirs and
it Reasonable Prices, go to
lhe Norlh Vancouver
Home Eurnishers
II   KNK lll.iii'K l"\-HAI>  AVK
Perhaps Experience
With Their Own
Pianos Caused
a Blunder
The famous "Hub" Shoes for
men, #5.<H).
Summer  Suits  from $8.00.
Men's balhriggan Underwear
2-r)c up.
We reler to rival salesmen, who
last month extensively advertised
lor sale, at a great bargain, an oi n
HKUW sivi.r. "New Art," Hell
I'iano, ai "Ainu i nro viaks oi.ii,"
when in fact it is much older.
BUI PIANOS .ire built in Canada
by lhe largest concern ol its kind
in the whole Hritish Ivmpire of such
good material, and in siicn workmanlike manner, that even people
claiming to be piano experts are
deceived into believing that old
discarded styles are almost niw,
and offer them for sale accordingly.
are the only Canadian Pianos that
have been so distinctly honored.
S*M   lav. Hn*   I .llo.d.   tl law M.I.. »•
tn »nri.i«l IMl   I**".
•r itvtttlftHH »**• *•'" ll,d """ m"" "' ""■
llltrlll I.m n.arr tn HI IS.
Everything for Men at Right
43!I-I41 Hasting Street
Vtiiiiiiinrr'l l.aroe/l I'iotw lloun
(Terminus of Keith
Road Car Line. . .)
Ice Crean.
Soda Drinks
Etc., Etc.
Get the Habit
CIVIL     l-M.INKhli
t|n«iilitii Surveyor und Ardiiteet
I'ot'imi BHHf,OlHB I/)!t»0Ai.i Av.
llllii'e—New 1lioni|won Blork,
I."ii-liili* ivenue.
Id-H.Imii.il marl i ipeeialtjr.
I". O. Box .1.1
North Vancouver, B. 0a
MMM   Id .11 ii. Iirtncbn
MLIV*       I'l." I  .11*1  Ill'll.'Ilia .
Tl>>*»     II.rl"..I. ' xli .ii,Mir.
Miiuauer fur the Coninirrrial
I'r'iliiliic Si-eiety.
office:—Knur St., K. or 1/ininAli.
J, llu \ h iV Sun, Pro|iN.
delivered daily to all parts
of the City.
Orders left at the Express office will I    promptly attended to,
Pioneer Bakery
Iietween Esplinide & Firit Sl.
S.W.Walker, •  Proprietor
Fresh Brad daily, 16
loaves for $1; 4 for 25c.
Cake, l'astry, etc.
Daily Delivery to All Parti ol (it-
phone 8       71 l.oii' .ule Ave THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The closing exercises at the public ichool on Tuesday attracted a
very encouraging attendance upon
the part oi the public and were ol
a very interesting and highly creditable nature. In division I. (Principal Bennett), the exercises were
confined to class work, which gave
an excellent idea ol the method
and matter of instruction, as well
as the efficiency of the pupils. This
class was depleted in numbers on
account ol a large number of the
pupils being in attendance at the
high school entrance examinations
in Vancouver.
In diviiion II. (Miss McKenzie)
the following programme was
given:—Song, the Land of the
Miplc, the school; address, chairman, Rev. J. D. Gillam; opening
address, Maggie bird; long, the
Little Blue Shoei, Gricie and Gertie Hunter; recitation, Will and
Won't, Kenneth McDowell; song,
School Days, class; recitation,
Here's to the Land,Newton; moon
song, Nellie Barker and Doris An
ders; presentation of honor rolls;
recitation, Hurrah for New Dominion, Harry Selkirk; song, ln a
Home of Too Much Trouble,Doris
Selkirk; recitation, The Twins, M.
Patton; song, British Grenadiers,
school; recitation, How He Helped Himself, Lizzie Joliannson;
song, Grandma's Chair; Esther
Staples; recitation, Papa's Letter,
Dorii Anders; song,Mamma's Boy,
Clara Fogg: dialogue, The Spelling Class; song, Chip, Chip Cherry, school; speech, Vacation,Clara
Fogg; song, Rule Britannia, the
school; God Save the King.
The viiiton present were: Mes-
dames Morden, McMillan, Robin-
ion, Donniion, Clement, Howell,
Joliannson, Stephens,Barlow,Rich
Woods, Bird, Denovan, Fugler,
Read, Baxter, Stewart, Patton,
Staples, Fraser, Peers, Miller,
Vaudin, Cates, Peacey; Messrs.
Steacey and Williams, trustees;
Rev. J. D. Gillam, Philip,Morden,
Green, Catei.
Diviiions III. ind IV. (Miss
Clement ind Mils Peck) joined
forces for the occasion The pro
gramme was as follows:—Opening
remarks, Chairman Steacey; greet
ing song, six girls; recitation,Flora
Davies; recitation, little boys; lullaby song, six girls; recitation, C.
Cates; recitation, Louise Johann
ion; long, Little Bo-Peep, little
girls; recitation, The Alphabet, a6
children; recitation, Jessie Hunter;
song, Lika the Flowers, little
girls; recitation, Willie Russell; recitation; six boys; recitation, R.
Baxter; recitation, What June
Bnngs,Catherine Lake; recitation,
Ernest Davies; recitation, Mar
jorie Selkirk; swing long, girls;
speeches, Jeise Williams, Geo.H.
Morden; song, Land of the Maple,
the pupili; diitributing honor rolls
by Mrs. Paterson Denovan, MI).
recitation, Florence Cork.
The result ol the examination in
the various divisions is is follows:
The A. M. Ross Co.
Get the Ross Shoes
if you want
satisfaction for
your money.
300 Pairs Men's Fine Patent Colts, Gihson Ties, Fine Quality, Kid and Tans,
bought at a great sacrifice for spot cash enables us to give the Men and Boys
of North Vancouver an opportunity to buy High Grade Shoes for one week
at what one pays for the ordinary kinds.
You will find among the lot the McCready Shoes, fiie McPherson, the J. D. King's and some
very fine American makes.  We will also put en sale the celebrated Nettleton's at reduced prices
14.50 shoes for one week JJ3.95.     $3.50 shoes in fine kids and tans for one week $2.90.
The $2.35 Hart shoe on sale $1.90      Men's $2.50 shoes Hi.95.     $7.50 patent leathers
> and kid shoes, special £6.00.
Boys' and Youths' canvas shoes all sizes 50c. a pair.       Men's plain grey canvas shoes
all sizes 90c. Hoys' $2,511 fine leather shoes, solid leather soles $1.95.
10 doz. Men's 75c. and Hoc. working shirts on sale at 50c. all sizes.
A snap in Boys' $100 and $1.25 Sweaters for 75c. in fine navy blue worsteds, colored
neck bands.        Men's 50c. Suspenders 35c. a pair.
For your Overalls, Ties, Shirts, Underwear, etc., go to
The Inkster and Ward Building, 3rd door north from 2nd Street on Lonsdale.
Worth Seeing'
First of All we ask ijou to
view correct style*. Fit-Reform sets the fashions. . .
What ab|>ears in the Fit-Reform Wardrobe is accented
without question by Canada's well dressed men ...
Let us show you some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
Honor rolls (special)—Regularity and punctuality, James Gibson
ind Eleinor Phillips. Deport
ment, Margaret Hamilton.
Promoted to senior lourth— J.
H. Cites, Wilier Eldtr, Janel
Gibion, James Gihson, Mirgaret
Hamilton, Thomis Mills,1.ilv Mc-
Ntir. Probalional- Kathleen M.
Bunbury, Mabel Fugler, Martha
Joliannson, Caiman Lill.
Honor rolls - Proficiency, Dorothy   Atkimon;  deportment, Mai
jorii Atkimon; regularity, Kollie
Hull hisuu, Wendell Howell.
Promoted to lenior gride—Dor
othy Atkimon, Mirjorie Atkinson,
Lizzie Joliannson, Louis Kedi.W.
Joliannson, Ethel Ruiiell, Hirry
Selkirk, Kenneth McDowell, W.
Howell, Valentine Vaudin, Doris
Selkirk, NincyViudin, W. Pirry,
Edith Miller, Donild Peers. Con*
ditionil-Glidyl Pucey, Robert
Nelson, Waltet Gibson.
Promoted Irom junior to senior
third -Newton Steacey, K.Hutchison, Charlie Redi, Hirvey Henry,
lick Denovin, Erneit Bircliy, R.
Larson, Annie Kirkpitrick, Ernest
Brewer, Minnie Miller, Nellie Hat
ker, Mildred Bixter, North Miy,
Either Staple, Henry Spence, II
Howell, Charlie Bruce. Conditional—M. Glidwin, <nai ie Hun
ter, Gricie Stillmin, G. Bruce.
Honor rolls—Proficiency, Jcisie
Hunter; deportment, Esther Guthrie; regulinty, Donild Howell.
Promoted to third reider -Jot
Hum i, Howird Cox, Lilliin Dennis, Basil Eigle, Gnhim Friitr,
Petri Ftrrow, Either Guthrie, J.
Hunter, Veri Hty, Enid Howell,
Marguerite Hamilton, Edith Hutchison, Alice Kirkpatrick, Nellie
Lake, Herbert Morden, Hazel
Morrison, Robert Stephens. Conditional—Pearl Farrow, Gladys
Honor rolls—Proficiency, Margaret Young Barlow; deportment,
Charles Cates; regularity, J. Reda.
Promoted to first reader—Margaret Young Barlow, Leslie Bennett, Charles Cates, Charles Harding, Kathleen Lake, William Russell, Marjorie Selkirk, Bertha
Stewart, Agnes Wheeler.
Promoted to second primer—R.
Anderson, Howard Dick, Erne
Hamilton, Don Henry, Georgina
Hill, Edward Hodgson, Ena Joliannson, Donald McColl, Jessie
Morrilon, Keith Studebaker.
Lynn Valley Coons
Hunting coons in Lynn valley is
rare sport, judging from the follow
ing recital of actual experience by
a well known resident ol the vitley.
Having good reason to believe that
I certain stump was harboring a
jolly coon, both sleek and fat, this
huntsman bold decided to try his
hand at the sport rendered famous
in stories ol "de cotton and de
co'n." Accordingly, a quantity ol
hay, cotton batten and oakum was
gathered together, and in imposing procession, comprising lour
humans and four dogs, solemnly
wended its way to that particular
stump, and straightway placed the
coon citadel in a state of siege.
The elements provided proved a
cinch in the smoke raising line, and
it was not long before things began
lo happen—that is, the coons be
gan to appear. The garrison turned out in force to dispute the situ
ition with these rude invaders of
their home.
Now, the informant of this paper seriously declared that there
were at least 24 coons in that
Hump. An attempt was made to
get the eslimtte down to a working basil of ten, but the effort was
indignantly spurned and the best
that could lu limn was to compro-
mis. at 14, so Ihere it rests. The
a "im forcts prepared to desert
their stronghold, and they strictly
complied with the famous injunction: "Stand not upon the order of
your going." Their retreat was in
fact an ignominious scramble;
"every mm lor himsell tnd the
Well, thit il, the   huntsman     take
lhe hindmost." This he proceeded to do tnd there ensued t lively
si ramble for coons. One member
ol the ptrty succeeded in lecuring
1 particularly lively and fascinating little coon by the tail, and was
congratulating himsell upon bis
lortunate capture, when 1 more
particularly lively little coon jumped from the stump and landed on
the captor's head, whereupon lie
reconsidered thc matter with due
deliberation and concluded that
the little coon's tail belonged to
himsell ind thit the best thing to
do wn to allow him to convey it
with him wheresoe'er he might
wish. The brive Lothario of coon-
dom thereupon toted his rescued
sweetheart into the lorest depths.
When the proceedings were final y concluded and the results ul>-
iilati il, i( wn discovered tint between men ind do,:-, four coons
hid Nr 1 ciptured. The procession wn  then  formed 11 before,
with the exception, that instead ol
hay, cotton and oakum,each member of the party now carried a coon
hy the tail. These coons had been
scientifically examined and had
lieen declared judicially dead, but
as the procession moved along in
1 state ol studied dignity and sol-
mnity, the equanimity was snd
lenly and rudely disturbed,becau-e
one of those poor dead little coons
promptly seized the member of the
party who was conveying him upon the south side ol his person,
thereby throwing that member into a state of most unbecoming discomfiture (in point of fact he yelled like a red Indian on thc warpath), and causing him to release
his hold upon the corpse of the
dead little coon. Life may be
electricity or it may not be, anyhow something got into that cantankerous coon and it cantered
away among thc trees, actually
winking as it went.
Now, there are anywhere Irom
ten to twenty gay little, sleek
little, jolly little coons ranging the
terraces along the murmuring
Lynn, silently hut cogently calling
the knight of the gun to thc chase.
The veterans ol the latest campaign have made a iitisfactory recovery.
The Cuttysark and Napanee en
gaged in their fifth sailing rare on
Saturday, the former winning in
what proved to be a drifting match.
MSTBICT nr NORTH vancocvir
■TAKi: NOTIt'K that Francis William
1 Caulfeilil, nl the Cityot Vancouver,
Hritish Columbia, tientlemin, intend!
to apply Inr permission to lease the lol*
lowing'lescrilMsl landi:—
Commencing at a post planted ut lhe
Kuiitlieasterlv corner of lx>tHll,Uroii|i 1,
New Westminster Distriot, thenee south
nu the east Iwundiry ol said Lot HII
pri.liieed 27.110 chains, thence welt 303
chains, theni'i' north 30" west 17 32
chains more or less to lhe northeasterly
corner ol District Lot U7, thence southeasterly, easterly and northol.terly
along the northerly shorcol Burranl Inlet to the place of beginning, and containing sixty-three acres more or lets.
Dated this sixteenth day nl May, IH08
wenti oot bi r mt rMNtv
m« t mm
Real Wal.' and Insurance
LIFE— The Sun Life Assurance
Company tf Canada.
FIRE--Tht I'htrnix Assurance Co.
of London, England.
and Surety C«.
Priceless Asset
kill Vancouver Hardware
Company, Lid.
Garden 7W.<
Lion Mowirs
Poultry Netting
House ('leaning Requisites
Puints and Oils
liiiiltlers' Hardware
fooi 01 Mie it
60  VIABI-
Trim Mini
CorrmaMTi 4c
AnroB* MTitftllf • . kartell and tS-axTlrtl-m nir
qnla-nr ucawLln imr (>[ilnl«n frM aala.iti.r an
ln..nll"n I. pra.h.t r **»t»iit.|il.*, ('"mmu„lna-
ll.anj.lrWtlari.'iilil.iilljriUllllOOt "n I'WavnU
Jtottrta*. Q14«*rt M.tirr f,ir ."Hint ptiamta.
r.t.nu turn thruuih Mmm a ('•• r*K»H*t
Wttttl MMM, wHIOa-1 Main, In lb
Scientific American
4k-»*-«iii.ir uiu.tr* .at wMtir tun*,*.
■la-uia ofanr stunt isp y^mA T.,m. -m
i'«avivI**-!*** • mi,r-**u«t —***. Mitt
'0'^' l55SMl*
Rolled Oats
Haij and feed
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Caulillo-vcr Plants, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
m, Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
it Ferry Linding
Harry Mitchell, local mimgcr.
A good set ol Teeth oontrihiite greatly to one's health and
happiness. They mill much lo the appearance and tnore to
llie digestion.
Neglect ia the only cause (or the IomoI Teeth. Come to
us NOW belore it is loo late.
Bl AD till PRU IS        I nt> NtVIt CIIANtt
lull Vlof Teeth  IS.00
■rldoework, |>er Toolk     l.oo
floM Cro-vni   s.oo
Sold rilling*   1.00 u(i
Mi line rilllo-jt  Loo
I \tl Ot-tln-J       |o
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. BAKIR, (onsullinq Dentin!
407 hasting* St., W., Vancouver
HOURS Im to 8 p m.
W. mldl the bai.ni.H nf Manu'irturf u.
t*na;iiirrr»«iidotltrr. mka tr.larr lh. .<l.la.l,il
ily ut hiirlif Ihelr Hlr.t Um l,.naadr,l
I v Kil-ftta. eirlnomai-zldviar Inr. (t,.t*-r.
■iio,la*t>lt. Ow InvMlor't Ad»lK(>">i MM n.
■Ml W.ilonaVM.il an. K.K'd., lav* Yen l.ilt
HM. Moalra-ali .uj WMMniloa 1)0. HAA.
Is prepared to 'In all kind* ol work
clearing, grnlihing, stumping or r- k
Muting. Work done by Ihr day or hy
Bltn care taken in Misting near
hniiaes llnl ill damage maile |M,
.■Wilms. Sei,,n,l >iie,*t W , near l*uia*
ilale avenue, or P, 0. llnl II, North
Vaiieiimcr 5-8
G. E. I0K(,I SSI V
1 i..l ItrtMta* aai ft t. tart tant.tr
'raoM M
Three Sewing Machines
One Singer for $12 . . .
One Domestic for $14 .
One Raymond for $10 .
offleea wiih Mr (miner, I-onidile Are.
t, Upholsierer
K.II*a.J* llflill**., Wtltr rower.. '.Iltn.lra.
Siiptrltlltnilrni'i "I Intuitu, turn M.|*a,Tn«a
■Iln, Mlnlni Malm., tab l>ltlai„n.,ttc.
•II ll.allli,* HI  W
I ►.!. I. r
For Ist July
Order Early.
NOTE—Our Dnaaattai
Department is able
to handle al I orders
in future.
mnofOmm of y„,„n „,„• a^,
r'ta itOart Store, Offtt and Bar AV/lwrri
Repairing in All Branched
Kl Third ll. W  nil. Chttltrttld tad Umidtlt
  oppotlit kbool
IWMail orders given prompt attention
For tht Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
lirlialJc varietin, tf rewonihle price..
No Borer,. NoHc|f. N„ Fumigation
tn ilam-Ke ,tnrk. No windy agent, to
•nnoyyon Buy .lin-rt and 3 Trw.
mi'i ••■•-)» that grow.
Fertiliser.. IfcTKi.pnli,,,Spray Piimpe,
NT.;ing Maicrt.l, i'„i Klo.w., ,te
"Idesi e.ul.li,h-,| nnmery on the
inaiiilaiiil nl llrm,I, ('olumhia
('.lalogn, |r,.,..
Nimsmiis and Miwwusts.
JOIO Wt-mnn-rru Rn*u.
New Advertisements
•♦*♦'»♦'■»»♦»•»♦♦♦♦♦♦« /-.-*'♦ i»i>.»i»»lll»K.»lK»l»)K*»l-tM*ll»I»)it»)K»l»)l ♦*-*+,♦+♦+.♦*♦*♦*
* a inted—City
Auction ule  *i B, Rankin
Apprentice wanted—Cit) Ei
l; J I'Ui ***   \|,.nt, Hn- l'i.n
City Council Meeting
\ mi. *l  ii Kttion i" ivi 'I to
rJitpOM ol I     the 1 Uli Mil OD ihl
-~i.it. iaar n.i: irtion iii open coun*
n Monday truing.   The lien   v n   all  pii senl,   with
M i 11 i, i | presiding.
\ |i iti i u.l!- ti ,nl iii'iii P, Diy,
with ii li rem i lo wttw connection
mill hii iii ., Iuiiim' iii block 58,D
igming in i miti 11mt<■
;      iln*   i *. I   anil    to pi]   ipH 1 il
i iii v iii lieu iii tin* uin i iptnn
lived in ihe in cm try  sxten.
sum    Ri I* rred to iln- ine aad »*'
n i     i miti ' i" 'i' i*
Ii,r rata"i taial En ihe ynu
K i *.u . i,. i" iiik m 'ii -» nillia
A lell, I w.i- NM ll 'in tin* Ninth
ouvei I'iii and Powei i o
n* ilu ii newal u the leu* ,it ibi
foot o( Lot   I ill aw      I ba letter
■  : thai iii t' in company un
dintOO i ll. il tin IS w«s ,111 lllllVlll
ingneu upon the part ul Ibe i itj
Ml    IO    la Ml    tin*  ll US I'l  till
pii -. nl ii ii'. laiinlmn and aaki d
thai temporary imngementi be
in   rn *'., i  10 give ihem time
:   *ii*t leiiiiiiuls on then prop i
Ij .a Lonidili jtrdi nt,     A com
mittee ol I    d rr]r 1 ompany cm*
Mating ol Meters. J. P, Roberts
and P, W. I'.vans is ready to nn , t
tin council ,it the ten company'i
I  ut   anv time Suitable In thi
The Me. i ii'i'i ,t dauti Eton
the agn i im nt vith the lerry min-
ptny,tO the eflect that tin III .um i-
ol the lerry company will continue
>li il the Lonsdale tvelinding
until sm li tune at a change sh.ili
In* iinitn.illi igrat al upon hy tbe
coiiikiI ami tin* company. He lm
ll*, i .i ■ i i'.i .1 lh.it then wa- un in
tenlion to ditlurb the euttiag u
rangi tm al
Mayoi lurther s.ud that the
foinp.iin had heen advised tli.it
tin* (iinin il IM prepared tu meet
the di' lot   "i the compaay al
the uii hall, i '■ day npun tm n
t'.- Inin Iini,i       '   ■
I In i it] I tk Wil instruct, il lo
write the company, diri I ting tin u
attention   to  tin-   i< idtlMM  upun
tin- part ill iiii i munii
City Clerk Shtpb ul read tin*
minutes ol a nn tfia| of the Board
nl  Wiiks.      lh,   (i, titii'ii ol pro
part] iitvni t- on t6th itrael lor a
nfon it.ul iiaain I.iiii dak no to
Chi !• rfii 11; ioail iaa bi built
Memi I..ii.--in .ind MtcMilltn
llutiln I   In   li.Wi r   lhe   -nh
waik to gride on tin Etplinadt in
Iront ol their at w blot k
I In  ipplkttion nl the Cilj En
nni'cr lor additional assistance ia
Ins departni' ut i- tai lie granted
and applications Invited Inr a red
Tha report nt thin  ittai waa
Mo-i-   Pbillipp    Mm.I' n ."il
Martinson traited i n ths i i il
on 1" Imll ol the civit -ii iuk
committee, requesting thi aai si
the city hall as in ad |u*ut< is fm
iln liein ral i innn *ii* i throughout
the d.i\, inviting n .* mayoi and
counui in .uti ml tbs opi ning ol
tin celebration in ths louncil
chandler at io D'doch a.m. and
-ting the mayor to declare
the celebration officially opi mil
1 111 ••! miai i' ; estsol iln deputation wete 1.1. iu i igd will ba
complied witli.
J list Iii get acquainted we have decided to sell our high grade
Sim k of Men's and Hovs' Furnishings and Boots anil Shoes
at actual Cost Price for 30 days.
Men's Shirts, refilltr tl 50 fnr 11,00
„ 11.26 M
„              „ $1.00 ,66
„ .75 .80
Ilnys' shirts       „ 76 .50
Suipendin       ,, .60 .35
„ .36 .2".
I.'i 00
I. nn working bouts
limits regnlar $2.60 „
,,    $2.76 „
Men's and Hoys' Underwear, Sinks, Collars, Tics, Sweaters,
Overalls, Lacrosse and Canvas Shoes, Ladies' and Children's
Shoes and Sandals.
Regular MA tne shoes lur«4.iHi
$1 75
r. Esplanade and Lonsdale Ave., Nortli Vancouver
*0*%0%WkWM\t* -K*»l»tt»'i:»lH|I»101t>M>K»M»l»<l»i01l»>*t0* ♦♦♦« i ^Sm***********
Rev, li. II. Haider tun. B. A.
Nuklll   lANi ill'U.K  i .',1 .ml ll
Sunday Ssrvicas    M in at y
i in., Sunday school al 230 p.m.,
\'n  Ila  .III llllll   ,lt   J   p,   III.
Paatori  Kev. B, Psytatia, O.
M. I. V. G.
lAiTtn ' num ii. oautoi hau,
UW8ULI   uim'i:.
Service at it o'clock a. in in
the Orange hall; Sunday ".hool at
the close ol the service.
■ '.istin :    Rev, David Lone;.
All are welcome.
North Vancouver Mails
Mails closs lor despatch as lol
l.iw*.: 1 >t Vancouver and all
points 8 a. in., lllll a. in., -.uj
p. in.; lor Lynn creek, 11:15 ,t. m.
Mails ariivc : Vancouver and all
points, ytoa. m., 12:45 m . *:4j
p. m.: Irom Lynn creek 2 p.   1.
Outgoing mails (or Lynn creek
after  11:15 a.  m.  should lie di
]iu 11*.1 at tin wiikct.
tin World, took place on lhe isl
at iha Athletic Association ground
Irom lo.ao to II.31 a.m. After 1
month's systematic practice, Ihs
boys put up a good game, which
resulted in a win for the Covenan-
t( rs hy one goal. J.H.Livingston
in the absence of the referee title d
that position, while Walter Green
ait* il as linesman.
Arthur Clark, ol Ruskin, was in
the city over Suiii'iy, returning
home Monday.
North Vancouver Hospital
co.NM'iTin uv
TKR.MS-tl7.r-0 to $20 par week
Ward 'latients $1 per day
Turner IMS .irerl anil Wnlffnohti Ml
Football Match.
A loothall match between the
I'"'. I nl St. Andrew's school.or the
Covenanters, and the news hoys,oi
H'.inteil smart boy, 10 11 IflMfNHI"
Civil Kngineering apprenticeship.   $
per month to start.   Apply—
t'll'Y .'.MUNKKR'S tlKKICi:,
City llall, North Vancou,,*
Painikks Aaii Pinmuoni
'lURAl. Dkcokatoh
Gkainf.ks    QuilUI    SlUNs
i'P. 13'iii Staiai
KijuTi mtvU'ph Iii 1'iimfiirl ntyonmwn boat
Bpwltl  Ml. niinii Ul t'lilltlri'ii.
i.Hiy DporttlTt rtitu KorthVuMtnrar MoihIhv
•tuiTlmrmUy.    ()|h<ii [ur iMi^HKcmenta,
Adhhih"     SI'Kt'Ml.lM."   KXPRKHH OFFU K,
NltKlll  VANl'm'¥HR.
■ S 11
4   l.DNSIIAI.K   AVI'.
Fine Ceylon
3 lbs. for $1.00
Terms, nne-foiirtli csib: Imlance, 6,12 aid 18 months
>      3
>      4
>      3
•      S
161 Cordova street, Vancouver, B- C.
P. O. BOX 38(1.
Silver Mt.lnliki 111 FUtioforte.
Tmiiifil In HelKiiim ninl KraniT tm ?oc»It-.t.
0|>VI1   Inl   ftlKPim-lltl'lltv
Votttemfori iiuinl)er nf puplli on TiifiltT-"
hidI KritUyn* Alio PRlntlng on vlrrt anil mtin.
Address:   BOX "A"
KxrniM (tiricr,        North Vinkiivfr
The Seymour Hotel
Located on S.-ijiiiiiui   l'i|n   line,
quoi in mill from tniarf.
Church Notices
it jmr. * i'n 11 moil 1-1, -iiis'iii
ASli llllhlll \|l|   <|KI I IS.
llllll' ( lllllilllllll'Hl, s ,!   in,
Mornin| prayi r, 11
l.i* ti 1 mu prayi r, 7.311
On tin 1,1 t Sundaj in th* month
tin r> will l' .1 • * ei! 1 alt bration
of tin ll ai  1 onti      mat in at
Rector   Btw   Hugl  Hoopi 1
sr. amii.im'- nan ini v. a huh 11
IIXTI   11 H i*
Services will l"- 1 ondw 0 A ,1
USllall     (ill     Sllll'llll       bj      tll'*    |M    |,„
loads] ichool, j■ v> i1 Hi-
Si nn a ,11 Hoc lyvills school at
7:30 p. in.
I'i.im 1 ni'ctini: 'in Wedaasday
8 o'clock.
All an W I
Pastor: Rev. J. D, Gillam, M.A.
MKTHIII'M    ( HUM II.   N    U    1 ilRNtK
inn in   1   IMD ST. '■!"!
Mornini; HTVicS, 11 a tn. ; Sundiy school, J:30 |>* in , eviiimi;
service, 7:30 p.m.
Prayer meitinK on Wednesday
I .1 111:11; at 7 1" "'clock.
Preaching in Lvnn   valley  on
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday sthool at Moodyville at
II a. m.
101 SD !
POUND A Canadian bank ol
Commute, Savings Hank Deposil
Hunk. The owner may prouiii
the same at tin l*'*.j'r"*,s Ofica nt<-
■ 111 pro-riof pri petty and paying fur 1
thi'    '• eitisemcnt.
For Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work  .   .   .
n to THOS. O. Mil is
Pioneer Resident Hoot Makl 1
Lonsdale Ave., above 2nd Slreel
at tin A  M. Koss Shoe Store.
I'ity of \orth Vsinrouve.
Al'I'lHATIllNS :ire invited lo 1 N
(.mt n( l-c-.ur |..r the I'ity ul ,Nurlli
\ .nn 'iiver. Stltrr (.Unreal faMO. Ip*
plicaats iiiilul l«' Hi'.-'iiiKlily ('"imr- ml
uilh liml valued ill the (ily
,\|i|iliinliiiii-. nlalinf i|i»lillciti' .
Ih* i.a*l|*,*al   uilh the iiniloriinniil, nil
Inter than 11> in. 011 Mondav, IMhJaly,
i'ity Hnll, fu   I * rk
Nnrth Vaneniner,
July 2nd, ltMIH.
2 Pianos
English Furniture
School Furniture
The property of the  Her  Mr.
Marsden, at St. John's College,
Nortli Vancou 'er,  on
July 9th
Commencing .it 11.30 a.m.
On  "it-w   day   prior   to   sale.
514 lVniUr St. Phone 47a.
This is a lirst-cl iss hotel,
and is now open lo the
■•cm ral puliiic. (innil
accommodation and
service guaranteed
v'oad connections limn Not tli
Vancouver for Vehicles.
Chesterfield House
*tinillll| in 3 ncrcHof (imunil
Corner LoasSall Aih.iiikI '.'Mh St.
NiiiMii f-iaoocvn
h\ anil lloardiii!! Srliiml fur Uw
Will lienpeneil S,'|il.7th.
For imrliciilani npi'ly lii
Hotel North Vancouver.
r *   i
r   j
^ -
1 - mr,
•—— -   ^M»
:irih V^Nr
PI AMS'ii*.
ti.oa per
and up
Rates for
Eerry Service Every Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. I arson, Prop.
fail! NOTIIIK that the t'niinci
' OoriMiriitinniil the Cilvnl Nurt
N'IKM.M   Si Iiunl., VAM". .1
»   "Ten.
n    TENDERS,   inpsrrrilnil
mler Inr Nunnail Benool, \ in-
,,,uver."  mil  l»' received liy the Ila a,
ihe riiicl OomtaMoasi sptonoonol
WiilnemlaiMlie Ifttli .Inly, lm, IstUm
reeiKui niial i''itii|>leti>>ii nl the N'i rnml
—a-tlaaa.l ill   t'llllei,liver.
lir.i.Hiii:., ipecilcitioni, and Mill n
bra mail I"- -' 'll "li mi'i nfter tl"' ' I *'
.,1 Jlllle.  IDOS, tl llieialliienf  III,' I'lll lie
ili.rk- Knuiiieer, the Lllllll. ami Wntki
l>-|>airliiieiil. Viel'irin, ami ill tin*   I '<
1  Mi *-!-  r,nrie ,v Hops, Archi.cla,
Vancdiiver, II.C.
i;,ia ii prspsssl abstsll baasssmpitiled
in .min*e|ii.ilbtukebaMesoresrli"
aal    a],|„,.||     all   |  I ll Iir I HM   I'ftlllC   III I   .     * U*
ala, llllllll* ptjrtbltlS the Hull* thei
 niii"i"iier n(  l.iui'l. nnil Wm    , 111
tin* 1.11111 "("in* lli.'ii-.inil (1,000) 1! 1 Inr.,
iiniii .Imll iii'l'.rlciieil II tot part; ten-
■ IcriiiK  ili'i line  I" enter into ci.iil.iel
h Iii'ii eiilli"! ii|inn Iddnwi. The t*fan|ass
■ar a-a-r 11 lia ilt ai ill llllKIICCeWllllI tl'IH1' TITH
will In' ri'luriie.l tn theni upon tie en-
eiiii'iii "i Dm contrast.
The cln"|iie n( lbs aiiecemlnl t.*.."l*.**i
mil  bt rel'irneil U|hiii hin fiiriiinl111 j i
bond .illl-lanli.ry In the llnil. Ill'' I    .   "
I nmmMonerlr lhe mini nl tillec 11 lh' ilnn..; (|16,000 iliillam, (or the due lul I
meal ts ins Motrs**t.
Nn temler will he enii-iilereil uhIct
lliU'le .ml nil the Innn •nipplieil, liflV 1
iiilh the actual .iunature nf the tsodll
er, mnl enelii.fil in the MVsbfS fur
The lemsl or any tender not SSSS»
narily sSSSptStL
K. 0. (iAMBI.K,
I't.lilie Wiii-ki l.ntlineti j
/.,ni'/« 'i.i.l H'.rli /irpdrlmciK
l'i,|,. i.i, III'., I'JlhJune, /.WS. IH**,'I
8KALKD TKNUKIa-* imrked "Tl
I Slreet Sidenalk ' will Iki received
I, thi BMnriitl -«o rlocb * .M   n,ftUK, (,0Ht o( t|l|1 imi,r(m,.n,nl „,„, „„,
Maim.iiV the llth da   .•.'uy,IW.  pro   rtioll   t„   ,H,   '   vill„, mll n, „„,
il of the
nrporauon oi int uityot north Van*
cniiver iiitendn to ennuiriiet the l.i,,-ul
Imiirovenient net mil in IhcHchedilleap-
I'l'iirini.' Iielaiiv. nml intemlH In tMM llie
linail cost,nr il |'"rllaiii 1 lieriuf. ai| — .ii Ihe
real prn'iertv lieiietiled tlnrehy irniitini;
or ahutliiii* thereiin and held liable (or
iiwe.Mneiii therelor.
A i-iiiteiiii'iil slum inn lli'* IiiikIh lialile
and prn|ioae<l to la1 specially anaeaaed fo*
lhe -iini inipruveiiient mnl the nainefl ol
the owners therenl, hii lur 11 the same
call be ascertained (nun llie last reviled
assessment roll anil ntluriiisc, is now
Meal in thn office uf the Assessment
('.iiiimisHioneriinil is npen fnr laspstlUoB
.Innn*.* ..Hi.-.* hours.
The schedule Is'low slums the eeli
lm lilin,■; ami layinirlogrvle:..cpro-
■cut sidewalk on the Norili.; le >l llnl
ttnel; and the liyiiiftol t lill.il 1 'wall
nil the Sniith siile uf the saiil Streei, be
i-veen  Malum ami St. Davids Avenues,
IM leet or thereby.
Drawings, u icineations and ([enerii
eiiiuliiinns uf Ooatrtri may bsobttlasrl
al the nit.'(' of the ''ity Knifiuecr.
Km li lioitajilr Tender must bc aci'oni-
|i*iiii*i| In* a marked cheiiue eipial to o
|M*r cent, ot the amount ol the Tender,
. i ,i|i*«iicees«fnlter I rer must provide
an , ,'nved gnarantei fur lhe satisluct-
ory en nplelinn ol the Con'.ract.
The cheques ol iiiniic.ee slul Tender*
era will l»* returiieil tn th 'in upon the
exei ution ol the Contract.
The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.
Citj   Isrk.
Citv llall, North Vancouver, B.C
JinolUth, 1008. . 4V
pro|Kirtion  to  lie  pn
i-cncral fuinls of the city.
A Court ol Kcvisinn will la* held on
the llth day of July, I00K, at the hour of
8 p.m., at the city hall, North Vancouver, II.C., lor the purpose nl heaiing
"oniplaints again- tlie proposed asses"*
ic uits a i- the accuracy of frontage
Mi'i-iireinentB or any other cnniplainl
which the persons interested desire to
make and which is cognizable ov the
Assessment Cniuniiuiouer,
North Vancouver, B.C.,
12th June, 1008.
-I  III lal   I K III  I I ■■Kill I.   I* i
Proposed Kstimated   Kslimate
Improvement total cost city to pay
Grading ol 15th Street
between St. Andrew's
and Ri'lgcwiiy Aves.  |l,liOO     110.00
and instructions to sell
Cltiiri'il Lots, 50x15(1, in Block 52, on Kourtet'iitli
and fifteenth BtneU, nt $500 ami $525 rach; corners, $600 each.   EA8YTHUI&
Two cleared lots, 50x157 each, south front on
Ninth street, at $650 each.   Kasy terms.
Also a few choice lots on Victoria Park West.
I-onsdale Ave. lot, Iietween 2nd and ilrd streets,
only $3200.   Terms.
Sixth street lots in Block 117, $550 each.  Terms.
A good list of Lits in all parts of the City, at
prices from $200 each nnd up.
Wanted from Owners lists ol *."«-! close-in bits and Acreage.   We negotiate sales
il the prices aro right.
Cor. I onsilnle Avenue and Filth St., North Vancouver, B.C.
IttTxa: |l.60 PER
McMillan's for Strawberries
Fine-Flavored, Firm Fruit, Picked by
White Women.
S|H'n... Hales lo Families and Hrjiilar pWden
Hall-hour (erry connection to and from Vancouver. Hot and cold
water in every room. Return call liella in every room. Barber
shop in connection.
Seconb otreet,   .--.   NORTH  VANCOUVER, B. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Li* iing lor Queenshury Avenue, Twenty-first
atreet and Lonsdale, Wiuc!* -'net and Keith Road as follows : 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. in., 7:15 a. m., 7■ -.5 a. m., 8:15 s. in., a a. m. 9:40 s. ni.,
10:10 a.m., After 10:35 a. 111., cars Wl" 'eave Qu enshury avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes to the hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Road as follows:
6a. m., 6:55 a. in., 7:10 a.m., 8:05 a. m., 8:45 a.m., 9:30 a.m.
After 9:30 a. m. cars leave the Ferry Landing at ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
Hg^   All boats are met by the cafs.


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