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In the New Public Schools Act
as Regards Rural District
Schools—and as It Affects
North Vancouver District.
1, North Vancouver municipality has three schools to consider, namely:
(a) The North Vancouver
school, with its two teachers, requiring annually for salaries $i,-
320; anil (or other purposes say
$150 more, The government
grant in future will he Si,1:0 a
year; and the balance of $.150 will
have to be provided by a local rate
in the school district. This school
district embraces the whole town-
site and to the distance of two
miles north and west to the Capilano river.
(li) The Moodyville school, with
one teacher; salary,?boo, and expenses say Sbo. The government
■;r,int will be S340 a year and the
balance of $120 will have to be
raised by a local rate in the school
district. This school district cm-
braces Moodyville and north to
north end of timber limit 12, and
oa;.t to Seymour river.
(c) Within the Moodyvill
district then: is the Lynn valley as
sisted school, which will be fully
provided (ur by the government unless they, as seems likely, cut oil
and form (or ii a seperate Behool
district, in which case it will also
havo to Dud anuut ,mjj by locui
rates for school purposes.
2. The local tates required in
each school,district liov ■ to I"'
levied on the assessed value ol tin
real proper'*, j the personal
property, and the personal menu i
ol nil iii Lie district, and Ihe Usual
exemptions are not allowed.
3. The procedure prescribed is as
(&l After 1st of January when
the act comes into operation tlie
school trustees must supply thf
municipal assessor with a list ol all
persons liable to be rated for school
tax and a statement ol the .11110111)1
oi money they require.
(li) The assessor must then main
up .111 assessment roll, and set
opposite the name o( each person
tin. value o( his personal property,
and his real estate and the amount
ol his income, and he (the assessor) will apportion the amount to
be raised pro-i ala according to the
valuation. "No one class ol
property assessed being charged a
higher rate than another."
(c) There is an appeal in thc
council against the assessment and
they will sit as a court of revision.
(d) A full copy o( the assess
nii'iit roll is  sent   to  the sup' rill
tendent ol education.
ie) The collector of the district
collects the school rales and   p 1
them over 10 the department 11
education monthly, with a detailed
statement of ihe amount collected.
4, The net makes no provision
(or tlie expense of making tin
assessment or collecting the school
rales, yet all the work is spei
and apart from thc ordinary dutii s
of the assessor and collector.
It is not too much to say that
for work, books, stationary, and
postage an expense nf at least $300
will have to be incurred in the
three districts to raise a total
revenue of $600 for school purposes.!
There are no means provided
whereby the assessor can asui-j
tain the value of personal properly
owned or amount of personal in
comes. The only way possible is
by asking each individual to make
a return to the assessor, but that
cannot be insisted on under this
5. In Moodyville school district
a proportion of the fund will have
to In provided by the Moodyville
sections, which are assessed by llie
government assessor; as his
valuation of these lands is very low
and out of proportion to the municipal area, these sections will have
to contribute much less than a fair
ratio of the whole sum raised, yet
all the school children are located
at Moodyville.
and all this money, with the exception of n lew hundred dollars
for repairs on other portions, has
leen expended between Sixth
street nml the waterfront, a dis-
i.imf ol approximately a,.|oo feet,
or, at a cost ol Sj.75 per lineal loot.
In other words, if dollar bills were
placed side by side 1 noi lengthwise) between ihe wharl ami Sixth
I street they would not cover the
Morden for Councillor of cost of the still unfinished narrow
The Elections To-morrow Between Reeve Kealy and
Councillor Bell for Reeve
and R. W. Dick and Coun-
had Inken llie levels of the Esplanade west.
It is the intention to grade it as
far as the Mission.
Ward II.—Comment.
The result ol Monday's nominations came as a surprise to the
electorate. It wits thought, and
not without cause either
Keeve Kealy would have been
elected by acclamation. He was
returned at a liye-elcction last
summer to lill the unexpired term
ol Keeve Gill, and has performed
his duties in a most earnest and
thorough manner. And the same
may be said ol the councillors. At
lite ratepayers' meeting held last
week a unanimous resolution was
passed approving o( the annual
financial statement o( the council.
.in 1
councillors seemed to be a unit re-
School Board.
The Nortli Vancouver School
Board met Thursday night.
Trustees Steacy, l'eacy and Hartley present.
The provisions of the school act
referring lo the raising o( money
to pay the salaries ol llie teachers
was discussed at length, when it
was decided to" ask the municipal
council lo advance the sum of .Sioo,Al ,,,;,.  meelin%  ,|le   teeve
until the local rates have   been'
collected in.
It was further decided to request 1 c ,
the department at Victoria to build I ^. gcj-
a fence around the school house,
as ihe grounds are now graded and
in good shape. The government
promised to build it some time
It was decided to ask the council
to appoint the lown constable as
truant oilicer, it being reported
that a number of children of the
si hool' age si via to fourteen I
hereabouts are nol attending
roadway that was under construction in the merry month of
May, passed on through the torrid
months of summer, and now raises
its head over Sixth street in bleak
January, to look hack over the
thai I hall finished work and wonder
when  the  end   will   ever   come.
Thanking you in anticipation,  I
remain, yours truly,
Robert W, Dick,
North Vancouver, January 17,'00.
We are creditably informed that
instructions were given to the
Board ol Works last April to go
ahead with the building ol the
boulevard on the west side of
Lonsdale avenue, northward from
Council Refers Most of Bust-  , Coimci1llor AlU'" T'1""'?1 ",at
tin: punching or cellar slabs not
ness  to   New  Council— now in use on the Lynn Valley
road be removed  lo  the  Froiume
The Glanders Epidemic-
Landslide and the Waterworks — The Esplanade
and the Streets.
road.   Agreed to.
St. Andrew's Church.
The municipal  council  met  in
regular   session   on   Wednesday
evening  in   the   municipal    hall,
with Keeve A. E, Kealv presiding   ,
.,, ,r       ui       ,,,     A, 1,    .,      the membership to he  24.    Mr. I.
and Councillors Allen,  Hell,   Mav . ' t J
„, I*,, S,   Bain  ailed as secretary,  and
and Morden present. '
there was a fair attendance of the
The annual meeting of the
congregation of St. Andrew's
Presbyterian Church was held on
Tuesday night. Rev, Mr. Gillam,
who occupied Ihe chair, presented
llie report ol the session,  showing
Dr. S. F. Tolmie, who,  accom-
Messrs. G. A. Macliain, Alex.
paniedby Dr. Moore, is at the Smith and S. A. McDowell were
Mctropole, Vancouver, replying to; appointed on the board ol manage-
a letter of the clerk, said that they ; m(mt for t|,..,.(, y0lirs,
would be glad to meet represents- Mrs. Gillam presented the re-
tives of the council at any time.       porl   0|    .*,„,    Sabbath    school
association. It stated that there
were 31J pupils ou the roll and also
seven teachers.   The average at*
Referred to incoming council.
I carding the question  of   policy, the wharf|  m,   speci(k   ,lls,.lm,
te<*".: consequently the contest between .„-.„ .„l„,;l„„i ,,,,,„,,„„„;„„ i,„
Sdaoa! Business.
In another column in ihis issue
will he found ihe boundaries of
iin time schools of North Vancouvei district. All interested in
>tiii' itional affairs should acquaint
themselves with tlie administration
il ihe school business as outlined.
Under the new act more power is
given to, and more responsibility
upon, the taxpayers. With re-
caul to the board of trustees just
electl' it may be said that they all
have had considerable aibniuis-
trative expi rience, and will no
doubt give close and most careful
attention to the business now entrusted lo litem. Tlie amount
necessary to lie raised by special
levy for the three schools
mentioned will he about $700.
Mr. Kealy would
appear to be a personal one. The
life of the new council may be
a short one, lor as soon as the
charter is' passed by tlie legislature a mayor and eight aldermen
will have to be elected, Along
with this [act, ami the half term ol
th'- reeve, should, we thought, have
been ample reasons for the return
tn Reeve Kealv bv acclamation,
Therefore In- should Le ar. easj
winner at to-morrow's poll.
lemg specified, nor no motion being made of the roadbed proper.
I'ins wasdone, so we are informed,
la line the advent oi Reeve Kealy.
Is this a case of Bell ami Boulevards, or Morden and Boulevarda,
or both?
More Roads.
The question of the   hour
North Vancouver is mon   roads.
Thev,tie wanted in I VI1;. dim le 11.
Unless iln v an- bitili suite 1. will
J. A. McNair, vice-president of
the Hastings Shingle Manufactur- tendance of pupils was 32.   The
ing Company, replying to munici- s,:huo1   collection   amounted    to
pal clerk, re damage done to tin ?47-JO-
pipe line by the recent landslide, Mrs' J' c Williams submitted a
went on to say:    "Do  you mean "port lor the Ladies Aid Society.
that on account of the landslide Besides   the   useful   work   done
you expect us to pay part ol the M'ji A'1 was raised towards paying
expense ol repairing the damage off the debt on the church,
done to  the pipe  line,  and   then Mr'   Alex'   PhiliP'   the   conSre"
stand tin.' damage that has be
gational treasurer, submitted the
date Dick should go iu with flying
Following were nominated and
done to our flume, or do you mean financial   statement,   showing   a
to  combiue  the damage to  the tcvenue fur Seneral Woom of
'" flume and to th" pipe line, and pay *594*7-»s ;"'d ,or *« building fund
half each5"   Also that the damage ?i-l'J-40. a»J t'^t the.- debt of the
was  certainly  not done  bv ihe congregation was now reduced to
llume, and mat il anything could >3<>°. «*•<■.. is due to the church
be done to'stop future slides from ;""i tnan8e 1)llildine   fund'   The
jamll       ,    and lhe ,„„„-, ipa|j   total receipts of the congtcgation
contest   in   this 1 here, who will pay for the ion    ',,.;i    ]Ml,.„,.,.,,|    .j,,,    company from a"  solirccs   amounted   to
would   be glad to shan   the ex- Wli2'
,„..,, These reports were  all  adopted
1 ouncillor Morden said the idea and all present were greatly pleased
Messrs. K. W.  Dick and Win. not locate, and the town will not
M 't'.'ii will coutest the seal  tot row,   If wi havi n 1 th   .-']<'■
Ward   Ii.   Th
ward is looked forward to as being From our ixp rience, we believe
1 close one, though if promises ol that permanent leveling,
support count loi anything candi and graveling of roads shou I
lM  attempted in a   young   city. WM t(J ,,,., lljt. comp(my ((j pgy with the result of the year's work.
Take Im   instance  the  large   ex
penditurc of money on Lonsdn
Hotel North Vancouver
Mr. Williams, N. Y.
Lieutenant I*. B, Edwards,
Norwich, Eng,
II. A. Ilincks, Arrowhead, 11. C,
W, II. Bennett, John O'Groats,
Sandy Spittery, Ecclelei luii,
C. I'. Wood,, Vancouver.
1 apt, Hugo Ktliiiann, Ship U'il
In liiiitin.i. Hamburg, Germany,
Capt, Albert Stevens, M ly-
John Decker, Vancouver.
J. Smith, "
Miss li. Forest,    "
Miss M. Smith     "
J. II. raid, New York.
F. Benjen, Chicago.
F, s. Farnsworth, Boston.
J. Alien, "
James Smith and wife, Nelson.
S. \\ aid, Calgary.
Albert 1 lirackroy, Victoria.
J. Cumber, Portsmouth,
li. [.Wilson, Mount Siil.' 1
Miss Eva Mackay, Greenwood.
Charles Nairn, Grand Fork
T.t I, Si hofield, Bollingham.
Till   ExI'RBSS, Jl  a v. ,11.
elected for   the  council   ol  Kjob avenue, we do not consider it was
last Monday:
nut REI u.
Edmund Bell, nominated by G.
A. Mcli.iin aud James Burns.
Arnold E. Kealv, nominated by
A. F. lleash yand I). M. Klder.
ion 1 uliv I MORS,
Ward I. W. II. May, nomi
nated by E. II. Trythall and Geo.
Eldon.   Acclamation,
Ward II.   Robt. W. Dick, by
1'. A. Allen .md E, Belyea, Win.
Morden, by !■'. W. Morgan .md
Alexander Smith.
Ward III. l:. J. Cornish, by J.
J. Woods and A. E. Crickmay.
Ward IV.— Thos.    Allen,    bj
111,1 W. stui, 1 andJ.C. William*.
Ai 1 lamation.
Mr. Mordcn Critized.
To the I.dlt I Till    EXI :
Sii,   No doubt nta
l"i    1.,ne taken noi I ti
warranted, at the present juncture,
■ .tli. r roads are int as urgently
needed. Now, why uol make more
plank roads, because more  area
t in I" limit ior tiie same money?
nn, when petition! rs ask
1111 ds I" loin they will build
llu 11 h'lir.i *, 110 mom y should
In spi ui unit ss a nominal guarantee is ti. po iti •!. as a matter of
faith said buildings will he put
up. It 1, not i,nr to those building 'ind needing mads l"i llu
council to build either sidewalks
• ii in.uli. in pi,i'' where nobody
resides and will not In. UBcd
immediately. People must imt be
made ilu vii timsol wilj nal 1 Blato
deali rs.
About the last question brought
up bj tie
in lit \..t   lhat "!  giading   ami
linking    th«    Esplanade,   Pete
ind   nd that le wns
pics ■ d I" le .11  1
cxpen i.e mannsi in whii li   '■'    1 1.. i was -Ail
work ha  been d   on Lonsdal   do   omcthing on the Esplanade,
an mi'',   and   elsewhere   in   tie   He had bads any promises last     N"t that .111;.   ill   .     \.,ii     Iiniii    llu-     . ninn ll.     They
begrudgi   others   thoit   improvi   promised that the]  wei    going to
incuts, but the execssivt  cosl ol have a hydrant near his place, and
them would lead one to think lhat
the making ol roads wast on 1 len d
merely   a   means  (ot   spi n lim:
lo use hr* llOSe,   and   proil
place a lamp at the  dossing,   and
\i r.i'd in put  ' ni' lu d  mi k  011
money, and not as a convi t, and at the eleventh hour
to    tran iportation,   Thi*.     Mi tin; Btill promi it.   Km
Editor, 1-. tie   i' -uli "i : ■ did nol        the whole yi at
tl 11      :■ in nnd' 1 i.e!  11 ■' ll. was ju it tin  ■ ii ui Ii oblijed
III' 111.       Ml.   M'il'ir.1.   ,1       '
ol ih. Boat i 1.1 Worl . u'   1   th
expenditun  ol -.. 0 I
d.tli  an mil . Ill     '■'
im iln 11 promises.   (Lau   I    1
Mi.   LaPenotiere,    tin     well-
il di .liei,;
loads ol luek yet to be I irt troiibl
ball the expense,
Councillor Bell said thai there
was an understanding that the expense would If borne jointly,
A 1' lied to new council.
I-'.. M. Wiltshire, secretary Sur-
icy Iiii,ud School Trustees, enclosing resolutions re the School
Ri I' in d 10 iii w council.
Reports of the various committees authorizing the  payment nl
wue submitted  by thc
different chairman ami pa  < I.
It wi, rcsolvi d to ask the provincial  government   to   place  .1
pin !■ mi tin Kin L.iki lands, to
In 11 1 d foi wab 1 purposi ■
I:  lei ided mi motion that
pi tiding the 1 lilting down a Si i -
mid .in.'. I I" llu   pi :i!    '   ll
11, walk 1" In pt up in within
twelve nn lies "l turfat a,
Ou motion "i Count illoi 1 Bell
and May, il Wl lied that "In
■ no'profile I" ing furnished
1 0 .nh '-in a. it
, id d it would I"    ;
tltal nil  Si 1 nlld   .th ' t.  It   lie   .111   in
sine lion 10 tie ' ici' i" take
onl quanl iii (ol il), and that
any exi 1 ss nn Fourth stn 11 ovi 1
Set mul   Bin Ol   I"'   1 n niii d  In lie
1m1tt.1t tm. Mt. Blai kburn, at ihe
usual 1.iti. ami iimt tin adjustment
hi' made by the n eve, the works
committee and cnginci 1.
1        illor   Mordcn   in
-,n '..nd, tiu'i'   ' nr In 1 i"''... as
1. . d. I uu nu li |'i.
,1       di       .  thai A
Church Notice.
Service witl be held in St.
Andrew's Presbyterian Church,
Sixth street, Nortli Vancouver, at
the usual hours on Sunday,
namely: ICI- ven a. in. and 7:30
p. ni. lu tlie morning the pastor
will preach on "The Parables of
J.sus Watchfulness." The pulpit will he occupied in the evening
In the Rev. D. K. McKae, lale of
Los Angeles. A cordial invitation
extended to all.
Sunday Si hool, at 2:30 p. m.
Christian Endeavor on Wednesday at B p. 111.
Pastor; Rev, J. D. Gillam, M. A.
Contract for Poles Let.
'llu Wi'ti tn Corporation,
limited, ol this municipality, has
bi It .1...11 !- .1 the (imtr.ti t ill supplying the poles to support lhe
trolley wires of the proposed new
tram Iiiii now undi 1 construction
by ihe Ii. C. Electric Railway
Company, Betwi 1 n 700 and 800
,vill la required, They are
tu In . : 1... ;u 1 uml soundest lir,
and will range in length Irom jj lo
25 It A.
Iii lhe business and residential
.. 1 tiona ih. trolley lines are to be
11 pi nd. d by the two-pole system,
while 011 ibe Capilano branch
ft011) tho Indian mission westward
the    pole and bucket system is to
In used.
Th.   fun   pn in.iiiii pictures of
1 : 1 I.m '' ,   .11.   going  fast and
n   tin   1 .1I1 .   Subscribe
now ami   In ip   boost    the    Awn.
Only U for "Thc 1     le" an I Till
,      \"U'.S|ill|i,'f     '    Pllllll-lleil bi
t'lIK lAlAisil PKI.NThVU ('
ptiuii 'in ■ ii tlliirpei' 1 'in
AAA;     lAUTI.KV,
i; ,  i       i    ■
I, I'.I'IA ll   . ,
uli   i
Ih,- i luii,,-  lli-i.,-. "isi-nir*   w.ils
1(1,(1 IIuui.mI,    S.-.-a I.-.-.
I tlic   illt 'i    ii,    lie '■    ,"   ,:'
.      , Wli "ll   I    '"'i ■Villi'
Ij  Iiii i   "I ii ".|ti il    i y life in
I  :    '       .1   '     .  '.'Ill'"l     II"   llli'l     IV
"   I    ' I'lll'    Ill'l'T    lllll'.!
.    Ill   III  ll     ■    lllll  (lllll,      'I'lll*
lit 'future t|i|t ■      ■
'. ui     'J lllllll,! . tu |l i    . ■!>  1"'
II llll* I'lll i ui'   ivIih'I Ill li"
of tli" -     .     ■    t-rvlce  Id   i   vv i" ur
To tin* t'lltiHi'queiil 'li-'iiiiilurt
ii i/ iiiultllily It"    ■'!  tlnWII
■■ ■  I ,.'„   ,|   ivlfl' ill' >'      "I
i i|i[i".ns to he un llie in-
,   ,■ Mint' ',1'iinnli' would be
I to   i' wiiiol * llu: soured til
,i   vliieli, Willi llu - ■ ■ i I■ ■ 11■ v
;.' rcsoi I    ■    ut'ii. ■' ti.uv |ii'"v;il"iii. il
i* proposed In |i liy lilllille flog-
Ring In il," lii'ii.'t  tjijiitri'iitly, llnil eon-
VOIlllI II       !i" ■     !
'   II ni i..i lie u.v I. tlie fae
i. ml '|t ii i 'ii.',' titter fae
lory liottrs; itiiiili',1 lliutigli dull und
ul       > Siiii'ln.. tu lie;
self    S     ii i.-. ' |iiiuitinslil|i  which,
tin ■ ."i vmi is kepi, i* luck-
i no tin tlil .   tt'ii'ii .i i-nusc
It        Iti ■  "iiiiiiiiii
tu  ii   Alius oul"' ly in i*
i .   ii   ,  .ii
i    i    .11    ill"      \Vl!  "llll
In 'lory, in coiiipc
; inieaii    ■■   '   I, ll i    '
ut   in nl   in  lit
'     In in   liitillt iu . .
Iln   Via   llu,.-   II,.-   I", -..■»   I',.„   l.iirur
,.r T,„, llssrk,
' 'in    ','•    .eili",ilill!,     lu
If 'it', 'Ink, It Is d
■ ilily .i'n lnri*c, .i iii ."-
'i l|lll " ; i'"f.illy it is
.■ - »i   ii. i    Now, wc ivi
;"u;i " li in   ,1    uu   u    p i,"
III I  il  ' , 'I   ■'   ' "      ii
nul I" il  ".■yiliuii: llml  we "iin lo
prevent li i lu'euiiiiilallon
The  10)1     a   li' ''u i ■"-;   'ml   ii.ird
i illy bordered Uy cornices
md liceon" vlni uiii'iii ii" culled lakes
Of till lllllll.    Here III" ilenll'. lie
■ iulll|,IIca, ultliiiuli'ly llml-
n.i .mi hudlos
";    ul .      1   ii  |||    li"   . UV
.h.;  ,.  |"      '.    I'll  lu the
■    it   lllll llfti il Would
' 'III'.,  •    ill.'     I  . "I    .   |i 1
■ 11,    i ."■'   ire should
hu taken lo        |i III   I        nui under
viil ui'"I lii-iiH .tu I It   ivy |t
iii,   II
I II  iitlSHlllle Hi ■
ire no |     > in (li        iiinn
i ic ■ ill) i ■ liould
Hi i i iui|i.: .ni   Hunt-
un,   , li   i    ii mid  hf
itv- ll burn
i ' ll  ,'   II  • nsh |l (
1 '11 Ill' I
I '    " I   I'l ''.HI,,'
CU' ' 'TS.
ler III"
Greatest Need
At ihe Critical Period of her Life and How It
is Best Supplied By
Wt aro Bomisllnica risked why Dr
Chail'i Norvo Food is sn successful
In curing the aliments peculiar to
•smaii, nnd this is the explanation:
Thu fetnlnluo organism Is a
Bttwork uf nerves, and consequently
fSQulres an onormous (•un.ntlt*/ of rich
lourlsliinu blood.
At Hie crlllcitl times such :is the
tUwit of ivomsiilinod, the child-bear-
1st and nursing age and the change
of llfs. nerve fores is cousumod at a
Irenictiilons rain.
'Iii" i' drawn nil f t m
ithir parte of tlic body, end tlie result
li pains und aches, (allure
e' this digestive system, nnd n run-
Sown coitdllliin of the body generally,
Dr f'huae's Nerve Pood supplies ex-
lelly what Is mosl needed ul these
tlOHB—the very elements from which
rich hlood and vital nervo force are
Women who suffer from weakness
snd Irregularities, from painful periods and distressing headaches, fruiii
tired, wornoul feelings, and the ills,
•rders of dlgoston, will be surprised
at thc benefits obtained from the lift
'.' tho great food cure of Dr. Chut,
Mrs. George B'ullor, Lakeland, Man.,
wrltes,—"l am very ghtd to be able
to llute thst 1 have recelvnd great
tientiflt from the use ot Dr. Chan's
Nsrva Fund. It has cured me of ner-
viuis headache from which 1 used to
lie a great sufferer and I am no lunger
troubled with twitching of lhe nerves
le Iho arms and legs lhat I used to
h.'ivi * i "ii ns I iiem iu bed I am
grateful for this cure and shall always recommend Hr. Chnse's Nerve
Feud lu anyone suffering as I did."
II Is woll worth your while to put
Dr. chase's Nerve Fond to the test,
and. while the blood and norvei ar»
being revitalised und the form rounded out, nolo your Increase In weight,
no thai you may hate positive proot
A Uie blood-forming value of this
ureal medicine, BO cents a imx, at all
dealers, or I'Miiiansoii, Hales and Co.,
Toronto. Portrait anil sle^inltire of
Dr. A. W. Chase, lhe famous receipt
book author, on every box.
Fresh From the Gardens
of tin. Finest Tea-producing Country in the World
CEYLON TEA,   Black,   Mixed or Green, is
Pure, Oelicious and Wholesome.
Sold in Leod Packots On y,      40c, 50c, .ind 60n inr Ib. By all
Grooers.     Hig.i-jst Award St. Louis,  1904.
i i|"
(l!,l   I ,',','t i, .
'.iy uf  |!ni I I'llll III' t!
' lllllll   111"
I ' "
il   well  i lose   I-,'   inui
ii i ill ll*  in  Ih" be
lief llml .' will
lie   till
iiiiiii'li an
I'tinialiicil the Im I.i of I lis- -aim    This
III ' ■ i ol
,    ,. i-wiiii* ii
u I,,',; fn    ■     lower ul 'in- - hurt li
li   ■ lurii In ' -
■. .■ i.. i- for
llullul   • .    eetire  tin- bead  Is
wh 1" Ills
leil a* sure to secure
• '
(-,-„i,-„i ssvin,
ii ■ mnn
vh i :
sackful nl'snahes mi Hi
a ill lie I IIS lhe An
however,   recti
.       ' .     Ol    111"   III!
Ml .1 nf III,' .-III.,'
i..-.. "VeniK, u  '"-mil-
:   Ul      111- V
' I'llll
.   '
I       .1     I   I'M,
. llml
pi'c*s li; ii will fall apart loosely, not
in lumps.   Huh sut f ii  between
j ■ rs; ii will nol feel entirely
ul powdery, .nu yuu will be
Ij lo distinguish llio illffen 11
I'lll   II   lillle of  it   between
y ■ ii'i'ih mill I'ltetv; il will crunch a
lillle, anil llie (lists? will be swei I
dlly   llml Is, If n
breiid Hour il will tb, llll il.(•.-'•
Illui-L luitl Stiinlio,
There Is, il *e"iu*. ii greal ileal inure
limn earltiiii iii bl  I."    I'n'
ft     III     I'l,    K lie. hi   I ,. nl    lite   SUUl
ii.ii Mm. li.'-!. i ". il sii "1 ". nml in a
led lire in London In- evlilbltcd Hie re
■; . "f hi- un.iii -. Among llielit
rn iv snow  uli i" "   uf iiiniiiu
niii.ii   "bluti.Ic   in iiniii   sulphate,
calcium sulphate and n bountiful,*1
ci'i-iiillii'j'il pitnIIIu hydrocarbon ■ in
liar in propci'lles uml iiiiii|iiisltlnii t t a
i prescnl :n bei'swns llie
.   ti .'    i . i III per i.-ill il
1,011  ull.      I'l,iiii   *i.|tle  ul'   III"
!" ■ i- I'rnfi -"   Km "in i  ■
'.' -niif uli ell  proili I n    "
Intel} fnsl sluiilrs oil i ultull.
I 'I-,.,', i.n.,,1   Iti-tll(l,,-a.
" slid lime lull nil} l,."lli"l'- un.I *:*
tors, mi Iini" iiniii':" uskeil Hie kind
old l.nli.
"Ves'm," replied lhe little iiniii, "I
i sister  and  one uud  u  half
Ml   il
"Yes, sir; Iv > bull sisters uud throe
half broil
Imperial Maple Syrup
Ash y-ur deal-r toe linp-rlal Nnpln Syeilp.   Do nol allow him lo substitute
nn Inferior urtiolo boonilis* it is nhuapee.
1,1    liu|,|-|.aaln„   of   Tllll,
111 gll I
I I   SO
lllll'll   '!.'!
SI,,,,,,.*.,I „l,.„.
lllll'll   n.i-   -u   UiU'li   :tIT.-. 1.' I
'..',■ thu ci:
Liniment   Cures   Diptheria
'     il
I sluiv bo il
ii .   i      .    I
.1  it
i,i"'        i
ii . I   ei'i-.i
I. ,,    .
,',■  i
- ,1    I   li
T.F. &€:.
A Natural
I.,-"**! ''**Slin|* il ill tl*e**s-ry ns outward bathing;. To Veep the
bowfls free and r*Kular is ol even greater importance than to keep
the skin-pores Irom becoming clogged. Tin neglect nl cither invites disease. Everyone needs a natural laxative occasionally, to
tree the bowels el accumulated impurities    For this purpose take
the Rreatest boon ever offered tn those who suffer from tlic ills
thai follow constipation, i'or over hlty years Beecham's l'ills have
been lamous as a Stomach corrective, a Liver regulator and Bowel
laxative. They never gripe nor cause pain. Powerful purgatives
are danferoii'. Avoid llietn. I'se lleecham's l'ills. They give relief without doing violence to any organ. Their action is in harmony wilh physical laws. Take them regularly and the necessity
(or their use becomes less frequent. They arc a natural laxative
and a positive cure for Constipation, Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick
Headache and Dyspepsia,
- Prc-uria* .nl• bj llie Proprlltor, Thomas neechim, St. Helens, Lancashire, Gaf.
Sold everywhere In Cinsill and I). S. America.   In hosts as cents*.
Win  Me  ire Thirsts-,
Tli" sensilllnli of I ci ic I I v a
luck "i  Until* in Hi" -j Hem.   in a
-int    health  il   Imlleil'es  llml   llie
hud} uniii* moisture,   Wc should dis
lltigulsh itiiliinl th  .' imi iimt .nil*,.I
I.a  siliiiuliiiliig  1 ui  '.i veniges.
which i'i'»i' ■ - .' fevi i   ii 11.
dlu'i'sllon,   'I'liii ;   - '   n-" 1 I-i a i.iil
lire "f Hie - He.ii* uud "iln i  .
M-i'ii'ie it proper un t ti
Use in iltu >l li.    II Is put
i|llellill llu"-i mil i.nly lu th" .. tl
Ill-Mil*.   I'll!   Illl'llllull   III"   I'l'"' 1
■ kilt    Mill Ii u! lie- n.i
p. ii iht'..iiji th" skin I
of Hi" ul I tessels .nul Is ki
. i llml lliu In     i" ,
U.ll* I..'.
I'e.tiiii  a l '■ ever) "d
IIIIW a       I III
llml. ibe
Ihelr iti"i lure, ll
ed mul ever)  pun
thirsty its *iit it.   I
vers, I'lll   l*i " loe.'ll, hchll! I""
iu iit'iii"  tli.- throiil nml m m li,
■   I'ui'i-,
ll",  llu;.. i ..iiiiui*l,I,in.
'.  ■ ■
'Wild     II Kite I lllel
"i I' In 'be words 'hit
i.iti, leu. Iii't- ''I'he nil inu under Hu
bur .nul ili< le i uml
■ end '"
The Keeley Cure
Ask Hi" lawyers, the physicians, the
congressmen, lite clergymen, the
clerks, ilm book-keepers, tho skilled
mechanics who have patronized us
and   yuu   will   tlnd   lhat   the   Keeley
treatment is nil ami mora than is
claimed fm it. and that It Is tin
"siItch" a drinking mini needs In save
proporty, roputntlon, family, sanity
and even life it*"lf.
Write today, now, nnd pel Ihe nee-
essary Information sboul it.
Tho French War Oftlce is about to
mlopl a remarkable now machine gun
which   will   inu aticnlly   tire   600
shuls a minute, The gnu, which Is In
:". parts, ami weighs 52 pounds, is
composed ot n Blnglo barrel screwed
into n lu'i'iu'iihii'i'i; which contains
the mechanism, lis destructive power, Bays n Paris correspondent, is believed 'u he greater thnn that of any
similar weapon, ami ii is also claimed
line ii t in curry mul
Sunllghl Soap is bettor thnn other
sonps, imi i* in i when used iu Hie
Sunliehi   tinv liny   Sunllghl   Sn.ip
i'iiiI follow dii
Lfiy  M Dead for
Three Montbi
In. i. I), f.itt.lf'1 liitit
Ms(»it|S|| |
NflTflllli.T.   1>
Aiirfii '-> a    .
TWUmmiin.    i
D town ftttt.
17 'Ot I
noame -1    ■
i#irt wai i  ■ ■    : i
■• ■■-vi'tK iR Ir**
be rtil ■
think   ' i
WIS    g^'lt'ia*    is ir.r-.      l\o
-onniis' ■ I -I,"
Set hi I .
istll 'l
It 10-     '       ■      I thi ''111
M< hi'   »t Inks   ii '-'put
Mm '   '       .uu.'
di. r. a. h-jcuu,
'"a..  a«,,s,Al
TIIE —.. —-\.j
T-liat is r»r of hope lo tho stermliraten mariner-. It the
■   '. I.'il.t.
Itlolll 'Inui of snfetynnil penreaftiTiielngstunttcland
I v tli" niigrj- nnd cruel irnses.
1 - In the dfiikncsi they are slowlj- .irl/t in,* 'uwsrdt
■ 'I it, meat "lien sudilr-nlyHie tlfhl ii"i-' sends
111 licim,  ssvlnj  them fr"iu   death and
tion and tjulslloaj (herd Inlo Hit htrhn,.
■i'rstlioin.vri'il:ifllli«liii  ' a..ol
at, lur,, si 'irintj hul*et("l br tin* »n,es ol lll-heallb.
I  ' ti'i' na llul'li.-1-ui, iktionl-
i.alth and
lllllll Al   kMWIIIu.l '    |",l' lllVf,
* 1 '   I l'.„-l,mi„,l*,   I'l.,,,!.,, I.a.
I.,l|i(ta,   (  iiii.iimpllun,   (11,111a   'I    I   I .,,,,.   •',        , lutla,
ami sll Thrall i   ' I.... J I.  i,l,l. s.
PSYCHINE (Pronounced 5l.| nl
Sielt S.t.t, InPiychlei rht Ortlltal ol all rnalea
All DrudfJIltl        Our Dollar      lieu I rial
Lid., im mm. sr. WEST, HiKOMii. CANADA
■     ■      ,  i  .i mi        . i
*!       \ I   please elinrgii
Ills-Ill, I -
ll i
our  hln It
Minard's Liniment   Cures   Diilemper
.It'*,  II,.-  I'ln.r.
Toting Holler I think I ,
i .i
i      mil,  Ills Mother llul
ron wi  ' '.. snvii llnil for n i
Voung Holler   Wo I   I'm i:-"' ■
d""    l il i■■      ■  i   uud :i mlii; ild*/
Mr. \V. II. Iieunr, a tmlive or Went-
worth County, OnL, und n graduate
of tho (iiiiiirio Agricultural College,
who for Iho past *esr has been In the
employ nf the Department of Agrt-
(i'liii f ih" Orange Btata colonies,
has been appointed a Government en-
 ' ' po Colony, Botith Africa, with lu ii'iu'i.'iiii'is ui Qrahams-
lown il" will iiuve charge of the
■ iiloniiiloglcnl work uf the eastern
■ lhe colony,
U'e publish simple, Irnlghl loall-
iiumi.     i  ■ ' inu rvlewB,|
t .uu wi ii known people
I'tiiiii nil over liui'iii u I hoy I llf;
in Hi" merits nt MlNAIlD'a I.IN1
MI5NT, Hi" i" ' "f li hold Mom-
Tl,.. I nvtirnthlit>il Pari,
lie    \r. t ,'   ,'\|.!..t. m    ii"   i   .
men In Hie world i" Irnsl yum
SI,"  Ubv pn!   ll<   Thej  tu
'■•'"I in ih" in i . i       c tiling ,',
or ii,,. so,,,., ii,,,.,..
Tli" Mrougcsl n linlnl ivoiuitn mn t
ri.'u Hi" fiui ilm -iu  , ' ih,< inuis
race n* ninn   l.uiiiloit ciube,
s Hindoo id.turn.
The Hindoo ii iiilens hnve a feast of
i'i        very  prelilly  iillinletl  in  hy
Moore   'i "|,n| ,  itnokh,"   A lighted
hllllp i- *"t mii lit nu llie i lunges, nnd
l'i'  'I- '.il" Is foretold Hint nf tbe
Minnrd's Liniment  Cures  Colds, etc.
In Your Leisure Time
If you could start at onct* in a business which would add a good round
sum to your present earnings—with-
oi1 r isvkstini. a dollar—wouldn't
you do it?
Well, we aip willing to start you in
a profitable business and we don't &ik
you to put up any kind of a dollar.
Our proposition U this: We will
ship you llio Chatham Incubaior and
Brooder* freight prepaid, anil
You Pay No Cnsli Until
After 1906 Harvest.
Poultry raising pays.
People who tell you that there \n no
money in raising chicks may havo tried
io make money in the business by using
.setlintf hens as hatchers, and they
might as well have tried to locale a
gold mlno in the cabbage patch* The
business of u lien is ■ -lo lay eggs, Al
a halcher and brooder she is outclassed. That's the business of the
Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and
Ihey dii it perfectly ami successfully.
The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far bolter than any othar
business lor the amount of Lime and
money  invested.
Thousands of poultry-raisers—men
and women all over Canada and tha
United States -have proved to their
satisfaction lhat it is profitahlo to raise
chicks with tho
No. 8—240 E|jt
"YourR is the (.ret inc-ubntorT h»Ta
meet, nnd I with to Btftte I had H
chlolci out of ill! i'RB8. Thin .rum?
(list lot; truly a luO per cent, hatch,
lam well ]>.Cii,-o,l with my lncubatot
nnd brooder, Tiiob. McNaiumTOif,
(lillllwack, B.C."
"My first hatch camo off. I rrt
170 tlno chick* from 190lffSf. WM
t an ttuit fur the lirst trial, and
no early in tho spring. I am "•ll
t Iai-a. with jnoubitor, anil If I
could not cot another money could
not buy it from ine. Every farmer
FhtmM have a No. 3 Chnthum Inoo-
tmlnr.-F. \V, ltAMt-AV, ])uiiuvilla,
"Tho Innubator ynu furnished ma *
works pxeociltiiifly \\vY„  UUfutlr
Operated, ami only ncedi about 19
mhiiiti'H attention every tiny.   A,
McGuvviB, '-*" .-: Jaw, Atsa."
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
is honeslly constructed.   There li no
humbug about it. Kvery inch of material
is thoroughly  tested, the machine Is
built on right principles, the iniuUtien
it perfect,  thermometer reliable, and
the workmanship the best.
The Chatham Incubator and Ilrooder
ii simple as well as scientific In oon-
Btruction a w oman or girl nan operate
the machine in their leisure momenta.
Vou pay us no cash until after 1906
Send us vour name anil address on
a post card to-day.
We ran supply you quirkly from oar
(ilntiiiiuiinjf warehouses nt Calnr?) Brnn-
don, Iteglna, Winnipeg. New \. t^mlnsur,
M.r.,M.iiitrwil, Halifax. Chnthniii.  AddNN
all cnrrcipsjuiiciicu lo Ltmtlinm. Sll
Tlie Hanson Campbell Co.,iJmiiid
Fuctorlci at Chatham, Ont.,and DlTlton
Let us ciuotc you prlcoi
on 11 lio'nl Tunnlnii Mill
or ijnoil Form Scale.
In 11 icliii li ' -n ■
Ri memljcr ihi i
■ ,    ■ ■ ■
Racifio   Bottling Worka
V;iiiGouvorf Q. U.
A XorollNt'R slip,
Wnltor Hr.-nt ;:i iii-i novel "St
Cnihi-rlno hy tho Tuvpi*," Bponk'ng ut
ilu- rlvornlila liihnh [mils, wiyH, "Thny
gn to chnreh Iml llirro itmpn In lb ■
lives when lli-y rtt'i' hjptM, when
thoy nro miirrlpil and whon they nro
1 irleil" It Is only ppnplo En 1101 Pla
wi»o g» to bo Uurioii dutju^ tlmip uv*^ THE EXPRESS
>,i. .1  -.       i   ....   	
But Dodd's Kidney Pills  Made
Him a New Man.
Rlohard Quirk Doctored for a Dozen
u Years  and   Thought  His Case  Incurable—Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured
Foritino Harbor, Nlld, Jan. 1.—
(8peclal)--Scorcs nf people In lllll
Ml|hhi>rliinii| tin' living proof! that
Dodd's Kidney l'ills euro nil Kidney
lllnwnis I'niiu Dneknelie in Bright')
DlMMe, Among Um most remark'
Ibis elites Is llnil   nt   Mr.   ltlchard
Qull'l '  '.. l'J	
the public ns follows
Black Indicates Hatred and Red Anger,
Says Mrs. Besant.
The language ol colors as Interpreted by Mrs Annie Bosant, the theos-
opblst, Is th,' latesl iini   to   Interest
London women,  Ao 'ding to Mrs. Hr-
stint. thougbts can I"- seen In colors,
uml those she culls by the rather abstruse mime ,,f "thought forms" She
has embodied her Ideas of this thought
color langunge In n book whloh tbo
Tbeosophlcal Soolety Itus Just prlnlcd,
Hero nre some of iheso "(bought
lilnrk. sttys Mrs. Ilesjtiit. inetins ha-
t'cd nnil malice     Red ot all shades,
ft  lurid brick nil to richest scarlet,
Indlcalea auger.
If you have n clear brown thought
yen inny be quite certain Ihal avarice
Is yunr strong poinl er yiir besotting
-In, bul if your thoughts show it hard,
dull brown crny li simply means self*
i ini' ss ,i color which Is "painfully
I >--e|j. heavy gray signifies depression, while i, livid imi'' gray is associated «Hli fear. Qray green is a signal of deceit, ninl brownish green,
"I Buffered tor over twenty years (looked with points and dashes of scar-
Irom Lumbago and Kidney Disease, I let, betokens Jealousy,
ind in Intervala wns totally unable rjreen Beoms always t" Indicate
to work. Aftor ten or twelve y,-nre' adaptability, bm mlttgled with Belflsh-
•f dncinr's Irenlnii'iit. I had made up ness H becomes deceit. Affection ox-
-ny mind my complaint was Incurable,  presses Itself in all shades of crimson
? ending of cures by Doihl's Kidney and rose.
Ills tempted me lo try them, I did, Deep orange Imports prltle or amhl-
■o Willi lillle faith, but to my greal Ilnn. and the various shades nf yellow
lurnrise I hud not taken more lhan denote intellect, and dull yellow Implies
half a box before 1 (ell relief, and thai such Inlellool is being devoted to
■Iter the use of seven or eight boxes s.-lilsh purposes,
1 wns Hilly cured nnd n new man. The different shades of blue Indicate
"Yes, Dodd's Kidney I'llls cured my religious feeling, "from the durk brown
Lumbago and Kidnoy Disease, and blue of selfish devotion or the pallid
tho best of ii is 1 have slayod cured.': gray blue „f fotloli worship tinged wl.h
fear up to the rich deep clear color of
heartfelt adoration and the beautiful
pale azure nf thai highest form which
The Financial Side of the Railways of
the United  Kingdom of England
and Scotland.
A report recently issued liy the British Hoard of Trade on lhe working of
the railways of Ibe Untied Kingdom
shows that the total gross receipts
amounted in mm tn £in,s":i,ooo, including eight millions received from
hotels, steamboats, canals, and   other;
sources    The total  working expendl-1 nluJ"l'il'V "f ""' "aW l'l<'1"""1 "f ""
lure readied   £68,173,000, lhe net   re-
Taking Ibe World All Around Tbry
...■ in Hie Majority,
If Ihere Is one tiling ln'esuiniilily certain on this earth, in the opinion of
most of us, It Is Hint skirts are essentially feminine and that the special
feature of masculine attire is a bifurcated garment, But nothing is further from Hie truth.   To this day llie
ct'ipis, therefore, amounting to £4L!,-
660,000, us ngaiiisl £42,837,000 in Ihe
previous year.
The proportion of net earnings to
capital was very Bllghtly less than In
1903, namely 3.116 per cent., as compared witli 3.40 por cent, but average
rates of dividends paid nn different
classes of capital were practically the
human race, so fur as It wears clothes
at nil, Is Bklrtcd, Ami In past limes,
not so very long ago, n gown down
to the feet was the correct wear of re
apectnblllly In civilized Europe
An anecdote (old uf Si. Louis, king
of France, Illustrates Uils well. That
monarch was the stoutest of warriors.
a man whom no one knowing anything
same as in tim previous year, wlih iho  about wuultl drciiin nf accusing of be
exception uf the average rale of [merest on loans, which fell from 4.46 In
190.1 to 4.11 In 1904.
The proportion of net earnings lo
capital during the post 30 years
showeti a general tendency to decline,
but Ibis wits partially accounted for
by nominal additions to capital    The
ing effeminate, but on oni caalon bo
seriously offered to exchange costumes
wilh a richly dressed female relative
who had bill mod lilm for wearing the
unpretentious garments he usually affected, which, she said, were unsuited
lo a king,   llul she thought his gown
total length of running track of the lo„ |,|.lin [or),,.,-. s„ docllued the offer.
™"n's 1" '!-. 'ii,IK''7 w;u "'M0 Now it is impossible to Imagine a
miles,    with   1:1,,00   tulles  of  sidings. „,     ,„    ,     ,
The Increase In the number of third- m""  "lc" St   l'"'"H mn suggesting
class passengers was rather greater in sm'h !l lllhl** lf lll(' ,ln'ss of men m11'
1904 than In the previous year, but It women hail uol been practically Idem
A   Slrecl   Scene. II,.minis'.
A man clad only In a yellow scarf! Implies Belf renunciation and union
ami luritait opciiB a mouth stained I with the divine."
witli ihe vivid vermilion of belel Juice
to show ihat Uie mango seed just
swallowed ha* already bocunio it small
tree wilh green leaves pushing Inward
lhe light, A woman appears next
upon Hie •■eeno. bringing a crying baby
lit a  closed  hamper of  bamboo,  A
Old Way to Cut a Sweetheart.
This is line young women were wont
once upon a lint.- to try if their lovers
wero line lo them: Got a clean blado-
bone "f a Bhoulder of lamb: borrow a
penknife from a bachelor, but on no
i nccnilnt tell him what you want It fori
(lu.".ii   swords   an-   Instantly   thrust  , a yard of while ribbon nnd tie It
through Hie interstices amid the ear
piercing yells nf ihe supposed victim,
hut as *".at as lhe formidable blades
are withdrawn the nine lived infant
tumbles out of lite haskel anil salaams
lo ihe assembled audience, holding out
Iter liny brown hand for the well do*
served backsheesh.
As Hie iiiii waxes fasl and furious
sundry quarrels aud 1'ocrlmliinllons between ihe t;,al magicians attract the
Intervention nf the native police, who,
"dressed in n lillle brief authority,"
symbolized  by  red  I urban and  blue
tunic, * Ilsporso the performers,
lug and baggage, hastening the enforced departure with unlimited kicks
ninl thumps, submissively received,
I'cii-r ilia Ureal and Lnsvj-eri,
lu llussia during the relgu of Peter
the Ureal private litigants might have
their stills prosecuted li 'f colt by
lawyers paid hy the slate. The emperor, discovering Hint his subjects wero
being lni|iosctl upon by Ihelr legal
agents, who contrived to delay trials
until ihey had sucked their clleuta dry,
enacted thai auntcleul solicitors ami
attorneys should be employed nl hand-
sumo yearly salaries lo olliclnto for
lhe public iu every mailer of law. Ho
ordered further Ihal these men should
Inaerl in a register written up daily
lhe diitea of applications to them ami
sit,mill proceed wilh the suits In the
order in which Ihey were received
wllhonl reaped of persons. If ihey
failed lo do so, If they accepted any
bribe nr fi r if they were dilatory
these lawyers were in i>.- knouted aud
scut In Siberia.
in ilie b , which then hang as hi^li
as you reach  in  ynrr  bedroom
chimney,   and   nn   nine   successive
nights,  as ynu  go lo bell,  pierce  the
bene In lhe thin part (each lime In a
different spoil while repealing:
"i'i* nol this bone I means to stick;
But my love's heart I wains to prick;
wishing him neither ret nor Bleep,
Till unlo me he conies to Bpcak,
At tie1 .aid nf nine days your sweetheart will ask ynu to bind a wounded
finger, or to attend a cut which he will
i'i'.'1 met with during the tone the
charm was being performed.
"I" and the London Smart Women.
A new meaning has recently been
Riven In London in the simple little
personal pronoun "I." "Smart women
nowadays never use the first person
plural when speaking of themselves ami
ihelr husbands, Heir plans, possessions
and intentions
"I am Bolni; in Hamburg," means "I
and my husband are going." "1 have
taken a shooting :»'* in Scotland and
shall entertain Here." does nni mean
a   lady  Im less  alone,    ll   includes  the
husband, But he is never mentioned
nowadays. Tn acknowledge Mini mere
man. as the provider "t yatchlng and
trips abroad, "f motor cars, si ting
boxes and Hi" country houses Is to
completely destroy >..i:,s.-if ao-
,-Lilly "No "smart" society woman
oughl lo be seen often With her husband, ami to speak of him makes ler
'llie Sni-ireon'a  Mulilntnrr.
In thc Days of Chivalry.
Most people will bo somewhat aur-
l' ed lo hear Ihal tin- id' a A women
i- quiring escort, especially A a n ally
protective nn:ur>\ is nf compare Ively
modern origin, s.tys a contributor to
tin- Grand Magaxine, Bul such appears
in be ilu- ease Mottling strikes one
more forcibly in the study of mediaeval
was still small as compared with annual Increases shown by returns for
years previous to 1902.
That this fulling off In the rate of
Interest Is due in a measure to
the Increasing competition of tramways
may be deduced from Hie following
comparative statement of passengers
by third-class rail and by tram:
Year. Railway.        Tramway.
1S93    1,003,886,000..   924.820.000
1900   1,038,873.000 ., 1,066,374,008
1901    1,008,813,888 .. 1,188,237,000
1902    1,080,626,000 .. 1,384,468,000
1903'   1,086,205,000 ., 1,681,049,000
1904    1,032,648,000 .. 1,788,343,000
It will be seen that the number of
tramway passengers carried In 19(10
wns printer than lhe number of third-
Class railway passengers carried In lhat
year, and Unit the increases in stibse-
quent years have been proportionately
much greater In Ihe ease nf llie tramway paasengers than In the case of the
railway paasengers,
The Increase in tramway passengers
In the year ending June 30, 1903, Is
somewhat abnormal, owing in Ihe Inclusion, for tlie lirst lime, in the returns tor ihat year "f particulars relating to public road lines outhorliied
utiiler the Light Railways Act. 1*96
There was a further considerable increase, following on those nf previous
years, In the receipts from third-clans
season tickets, Hi,- Increases In this
class nf r.r, |ptn having been in 1802,
£79,000; In 1903, £126,000: and In 1901,
£171,000. Plrst-clasfl showed an increase lasl year "f £18,000, and boo-
ond-eluss a decn ase of
Nol many years agn third-class season ticket holders were unknown. They
now, for the lirst time nn record, produce more Income than ihe first-class,
Hie amount in each case being: First,
£1.437.non; third, £1,513,000. The
second-class lasl year contributed £1.-
03.1,000 lo the coffers of the companies,
ami are a decreasing source nf revenue.
The millions nf tons nf goods carried
over llie railways Inst year were 448.9,
an Increase of 6.2 on the previous
year. The Increase was mainly In
"minerals," which accounted for 349.6
millions of tons The efforts to reduce
goods train mileage resulted in a decrease of 1,500,000 miles, following a
decrease nf 10,000.000 in  1003,     This
result has been achieved in ihe fa. f
Lhe Increased lonnngc of goods carried,
amounting to 6,000,000 tons, The passenger train mileage Increased by
7,000,000 miles.
tieal except for war and hunting, Indeed, a glance at old pictures confirms
this Impression. Urnud Magazine.
A Silly  Llul,. Fable, but One Tlaiil
Points t. Moral.
Once Ihere Were iwo Maidens who
Sought lo Catch a Nice Young Man,
who also Was a (loud Thing. And It
was a False Start in lite Eyes of tbe
fJndlsccriilng, for the (hie was Exceeding Fair to  1 1;  upon and  Dressed
Stylishly, while ihe oilier was Plain of
Countenance, ami her Hat was Always I
Showing through her Pompadour, The t
Pl'Otty Girl Smiled Sweetly on the Nice I
Young Man, who was also n Good |
Tiling, anil Talked lo Him till She llaz-
sled him with iter ricauty ami charmed
I Lim willt her Wil. The Plain One
gazed Wondeiiugly at him ami Made
I lim Talk lo her of 1 livers Things,
whllo site listened, Entranced at his
Wisdom ami 1.earning. [Io took the
Pretty Girl mi! Hiding and to lhe Theater and Bought her Candy anil Flowers, ami All Hie Knowing (lues said
.She had struck a Winning Gait on the
Homo Stretch, wheu One Day he Married the Plain Girl and touk Her on an
Automobile wedding Tour of Europe.
The Pretty Girl had Made blm Very
much Pleased with Her, but Ihe Plain
Girl hail Gone her One Better and
Made him Very much More Pleased
wilh Himself.
Moral. Tlie People who Head Human NatUro as they liuu Generally get
First to the Wire.
I'wo patients wlin called in company   literature lhan lhe nbsolute   freedom
upon a noted surgeon found him he
moaning a twinge of pain In his right
forefinger, 'lite callers smiled,
"Gicni Scott, doctur," exclaimed one,
"you don't me.tu to say lhat a pain In
the lluger bothers a lllllll so used lo
seeiie* "I* Buffering as yourself!"
"It certainly does," tho aurgeou an*
isvorod, wiib a worried look. "How
do I know lhat It Isn't the first syuip-
women enjoyed io travel and wander
nlone without fenr "f molcBtatlon. Tho
limes were unsettled, undoubtedly, and
men lived for fighting only; hut. nov-
i rthelcss, tie- in i].i. ss ami defenseless
were stiff enough, so far as ono  can
Judge froi nlcmpornry literature,  I
do not deny that they came to grief
occasionally, but a. a « nil nib- men
i    peeled th ler sex in ilm days "f
'hlvalry, uml even Hi" worsl nf scoun-
On the Mantelpiece.
The etymology ,.f "maniel-pleco" has
often puzzled   phllolOglSIS,    Col, .\l.ico-
ronl, "ti thi'.: subject wrote in his "Memoirs" (1S38) thai "around ihe spacious ' ii|'"l.t "vr ih" French and Italian llre-placea is a ledge, to which are
afilxod pegs nn which He- p
hang Ihelr wet clothes I" dry; we call
the shelf over our lire-places mantle-
pieces, rn- mantle-shelves, hut we no
longer hang our mantles upon them lo
dry "   Ami later. Prebendary Jackson,
d rlblng certain "Id Yorkshire housea,
says: "Heavy beams A wood crossed
A   Mess  ol die   Hero  of   the
ll.aitliaaai, laia*   Itlclinrd.
John Paul, the Kirkcudbright market gardener's sun. who elected to bo
fiti is as Paul .Iniics, ha* long ceased
in be ihe Interesting personage he was
in lhe eyes "1 Ibe naval authorities of
the country when in command nf a
rotten ex-East Indlainnn known as tin1
Hue do Iittras ami rcelirisleneil lhe
Bnnhiitiimc ltlchard he *vas a holy terror In lhe Drib nf Forth, and when he
hail engaged and captured a British
lite um
in British waters after one of
i singular bcu combats on roc-
some ii  "blackblrdcr" and
a- whom iln- Russian Catherine
decorated ami advanced somewhat per
llllons saliuni io ilm grade of admiral was a
i'O call traitor of course in Hie view of Hie
British government, but none ihe less
a thorough seaman nf qulto unusual
talein ami originality, with a bulldog
courage and leiincily io match, The
Captain Jones, i'i", who soul Lady Scl
Oullll  of ll Sa-s a-iata-a-iatla Icnlur*-
((euile,nidi of Fitshlon.
Iii ihe yenr 1,'idl sir Ralph Vcrncy,
aged IhliTy-sevcn ami recently widowed, decided i" make ihe "grand tour"
".' lhe eoutllielll wilh hi* sun Kdm I,
aged fourteen lie cave a li*l nf Ilm
COlllL'S Ihal were In be selll tiller lllelll
to Lyons, II Included "tl Fine night
Hipps Laced marked V In Uud; sllke,
and ll Fine niglil capps plaint'," fur his
own use, ami "I new plnlne capps
carked V Iii Blew sllke" for the boy.
There were also numerous elaborate
Bllll'ts wilh lace ami "New Canthriek
double Kulllo i'nil's marked V lu blew
Ihrcad,.'. pulresof little Holland CutTos
for Mnn, ,'! pnlres of Cnmhrlck double
Boot-hose," and a large number of
"due Holland Hnudkorchera Buttoued,"
Also "2 Tufted Holland Wilslconios
Lined, II DlinotllJ Wiislcoiltes, I Face
Napkins and 2 iilil llandkcrchcrs and Ll
pnlres of old I.i u Stockings."   al
Lyons a "Hlaekc Iriinke Willi II lockOS
and Wooden Bnrrea" was packed in co
In Florenco anil tbe widowed baronet's
uirel'ul Inventory of Its contents shows
Hull, there was a great ileal of the
heavy mourning which Hie "ellquetlo
of grief" required. "Black Cloath
Doublets, Iliac", Breeches and Cloake,
Illacke Cloath Capo for a Cloake and L!
other peocos of Black Cloath, Black
Hats and Hatbands, Old Blncko Tafaty
garters and new Block ribbon r<i*c-i
and Bcvernll peocos of extra crape."
Sir Ralph Verney's baggage contained no fewer lhan "tl serge under-
capps and tl Browne calllco under-
capps." These were for wearing hy
day when the wig was taken off. And
"It plnlne new night capps coarse and
fill Fine Peaked night capps and L!
Night 1'i't'iwicgs." His toilet equipment Included "Ili Tonus shell Agendas, 2 gold I'icklootlts, Hair Powder,
L. Pnircs new Barbing Lamms, Sizars,
and :: Head-rubbers." And there were
"Muske for Powder, Aprils Powder,
aud a I'uffe." For emergencies Hi. p-
were a "Black Leather needle case
with a great cold Bodkin, Papers nf
Finns. Blew Thread. Shirt Buttons, and
olil While Round Buttons, Cap-strings
and Tape." In ihe Interoats of health
"il papers about Phlslck" nnd "Sir It.
Hastings' plaster for a slralnc" were
taken, but "rose wntcr, rose vlnlgcr
ami elder viniger" were perforce left
behind, though considered most necessary fair his comfort for the wiutcr,
uf precious possessions subjected to
the risks of travel there were a few
rings "whereof one bath .1 Diamonds
like harts." two silver rings of tlm
boy's and "a Bundle" of Mary's hair.
IL' look to Florence as a gift to a friend
there the new Paris luxury "Ihe Teelh
Brushes anil Boxes." ami In reply lo
the thanks he received for them Bald,
"These are such Inconsiderable Toyea
lhat l musl lutrcnte you to spcako no
mora "f thorn." Chicago News.
Crne'-H i,„-u lit Toner,
Anne, the duchess in w bat .linos,
who brought Brittany iu ihe pockel of
her wedding gown to her husband, the
king "f I'rat , kepi the government
for herself, and when the bishop ol
SI. Main protested against the stronghold which she built lo eow the too
Independent Mnloons she carved on
her tower ihe Irreverent Inscription,
which may siill be rend ihere, "Grunt
who will, so shall it he: 'tis my picas
lire," and the tower "Unitl Wh'iU ill"
(Qulcqu'cii groguei it remains to this
Heller Than  llie Tnotliplek.
We are told thill the health ami pros*
porlty of ilm tooth are greatly promoted by the prompt use nf Ihe tooih|iielc
Immediately after eating and thnl ihls
being sn only  ii  "Miss  Prim" or au
"Aiml Betty" would presume to object
In ii. We reply Ihal if this Is so tho
person nllllclcd should at once repair
to ihe dressing room ami, away from
lhe observation of others, should relieve
Ills lei'ih of their ratal burden. It is
udvlslhle, however, Ihal he should employ for Um fill-pose the highly hygienic denial Doss. This Is pronounced by
all good dentists far less harmful in
the leclli than Hie ubiquitous toothpick, which has, as we firmly believe,
pushed it* way inio pretty good so-
cloly by false pretcuaca ami a s| lea
Of blllt'klUlill     Leslies Weekly.
I'ollli-ii,--.. of ( tilldren.
Tin' pnhi us of children is only
-kin deep, tine cannot help sympathlz.
lug with the lillle LoildoU girl wlnl
said sleepily In her hostess at ii party
she had not been old enough to enjoy,
"I'lense, will you tell tm- which is the
lady what'* citing this parly, 'cause I
promised milium* to say. 'fjoodby,
thank you very much fur lhe nice party,' and I can't go linine lill I've Sll Id
il. Olid—and I do so want In gel away
from thi* horrible place!"   Hut one's
Whole li 't goes out to Ihi' lillle boy
who, having greatly enjoyed one small
llistllllclcill I'l Into, was asked sharply, "Well, Johnny, whal do you say.'"
Mote," answered Johnny.
sin- of die Sun.
We sum,.time* s  huge ring or
halo round  the  um in,  occupying  n
-pace In Hie Ilea veils so large Ihal nine-
ly moons' breadths would but Just siif-
IICO li. snail It,    lei  Ilm 1)0(1)   "I  III" - llll
would fill all thnl ■•: ■■■ we had approached within -.i imi.kii mi',.* ..I him.
nine nil his appll'i'lil SUI'face Were We
p. rmllted t" iravol thereon ami with
ihe speed of an express train II would
require live whole years of continuous
Journeying before we could make tho
circuit of ihis orb.
We are often reminded of whal Mrs.
chillingly said wheu asked who managed her h" isuliold    Her reply was,
Mj  husband has agreed that J may
a tie ui ill the small questions If
I win lei lil iii decide ihe largo onca."
As small ones arose many times each
day ami large ones only al Intervals
of months, it ended in her "ruling the
Mrs, MeCnll I do Wish I could got
good tuald. Mrs Vnndlpc You might
Interview mine. 1 think she'd lie do-
Killed i" ;: you, Mrs. Mei'nll-Biit
why don't yell keep her?   Mr-   Van*
.iin.- nh. she won't stay: sic says aha
wants a place where she. won't have s.i
many dresses and lints to take care of.
Answi t •
I.' a mnn cnuld have half his wishes
ho win,l-l double his trouble,  Frnnkllu,
torn of bl I poisoning?  Thai Is tho   l,rel> allowed an unprotected woman to
nightman) of the Burgeon, No matter
how careful he may be. he Is liable ti)
contract poisoning lu operating, ami
that kind or poisoning is of the most
virulent type. Any lime a Burgeon is
complaining about a pain In the hand
sympathize wilh him, for he is doing
some   hard   guessing."
A -.Ynlch.
Wheu a child is bom lu certain English towns Ihere I* a race for Iho
health department, especially if iho
event has occurred In the poorer dislriel. The reason Inr the hnsto Is nut
a desire lo see ihal ihe record of vital
■tatlatlca is properly kepi, inn because
Ihere Is a reward of a shilling to lhe
one who is Ih .1 I illl'y lhe health
ollltcr. provided this uollllcalloil Is given within forty elgld I s.   As soon
n.i lhe dp I* received tho mother Is visited and given a printed slip with directions as in the besl menus nf caring fur II hllil. anil lhe olllcer wle,
makes lhe visil is ox| led to see that'
tho directions are clearly understood.
i el,' by unharmed,
The Genesis of "Tawdry."
The    wind    "tawdry."    signifying
cheap   shovviness.   has   a   curloui    and
h whal roundnboul e ymology, being derived ft  "St, Btholilda," "tu
■ i i e Bt. Audrey, or, according to the
"hi spelling, St. Awiiny,   In tin- early
Middle AC'S St   Avvd'eA fairs, as liny
w. re called, were le Id la varl'iit   placi s
it tl , nn "ii si    Awd
n .    hi.   t   III, winch faif iv. ro
il 'viib a cheap ami i how) or
"f necklace* (ns otln t fair wi re with
i nt run' ibp'.-t'ii known as "st Awd*
rey's m cklt  "   Their name in   the
in He v rnaculnr became cllppi i down
  " 'i   Awdri \   " ami   ,, pn senlly
tin word "tawdry" wa- formed, ami its
application widened i lude anything i.ainiy or showy vvliln.ui ia le nr
ilm chimney, in which wore suspended   kirk back her plai" with his compll
incuts had ihe Instincts nt a gcntl an.
More lhan ihe oilier countries he
served America ha* recognized his merits    Fall Mall Gazelle.
A S lent Woman.
The opposition I" lb" payment of fie
church lux In Scotland Is occasionally
relieved by a ray "T humor,
Quite recently Hi" Rev .1. Stephenson, ri" id iii rn' the Free f.Tiurch Council, resolved in fae- a week's Incarceration mlher than submll t" laxa imi.
II" hail nn properly which could be
distrained upon, and on tin' form which
It"  reei i'.eil  nil  Which  t"  Stat"  whal  he
was willing to blind over In be snld lie
Iii  Hi" in xt  column,  In Which, sttys
fain.His   whip   mill ' 'n'" '■ !'"' Sl"",: '  wu" ' '''"'
"   ' .'" th" vnltlo "I th" H Is, le   lie
'",. if.   e m'l
A *.YI,I|! In Hi. I'..(i i
A writer in uu English review tells
a reiiiiiAiciiec nf ii brolher of a fallens nf Clirlslcbiirch, Tho
brolher was rector of a small parish.
Ilia eccentricity wnssomewhul remark'
able.   Hi'   was   a
drove a splendid lenm, of which he
was very proud,   li" wa* fond ,,r
showing ofi' how In iilil fllclt a liy
from either A his lenders' ear; without  lolti lllllg lhe It'll'*.'   This  'imp
pllshlneiil li.' Irnlisft rrcil i" a rather
imoxpectctl I .  :: y, I'm' In nl        i       bee.les, 	
Ii":l  h      v h|p   ||p     |(o  1' "   ; lllp I   n'h     : I    parlS    III     III
blm, nnd v. in the iniforluii ile i	
Beque.i'.hs 200.000 Beetles.
Tic lit'   slcxn        it.   of   London
biqiicalln d hi- '        i     it ""ll' ellon "f
aid    and
■■    In   lie
Inr of Ills ooligl'i'gilHtill wl  |.    I       '• '
looted nodding,
hams iu pr ss "f curing, ami 'hep-
herd    inl travelers bung their ram ami
Bloot-aonkcd  is and mantles tn dry
within lhe chimney, llenco Hi" shelf
over Hie fire-place Is siill called lhe
mantel-piece." Many etymologists,
however, demur   at   this   derivation,
and Insist thai H antel-plecc i   bo
called because h mantles, nr Bcrei ns,
die Juncture A the wall ami th" fireplace
On the Honeymo'in.
Sll.-   ihl something thai rubbed him
th" wt'itii' wo)
s. ellin lhe l""l  "f pique on hi- fa"".
Sll" I' I
"t 'h, my .l.trlintr. my ilarilnc' I have
hurl you!"
"No, my denrosl" he replied gravely. "Th" hint I f." I Is dii" in ih" fad
that 1 know It hurls you to foi I llml
you have hurt  ui"'"
"Ah, nni in, nol let thai hurl you
for nn Instant, My line li because I
know it hurt.': ynu lo feel Ihal I have
hurl myself by hurting you."
"No.  my precious.   My hurl  Is b
cause you ai"  hurt  over feeling  that
I am hurt  because ynu feel Hint  you
have lent   i      .  id  are  ir . l"te hurt
yoursi i; ami" ■
Lei us leave Ibem, dear reader,
They will gel over it nt lime Lot don
Senllnu Wax.
It is singular c gh ihat ihe oldest
known printed recipe for making n
innii sealing wax, published til Aug*
burg in IA'.i. describes iln- use "1 al
nni-! ilm same Ingredients as ihoso ai
pr ui employed,   Itoslu, ilm whltoal
ihal can be oblalne-l; Venice turpentine
and vermilion are the components For
black wax. lampblack Is lo he added;
fnr hltie wax. smalt, ami fur yellow,
orplniellt, When sealing wax was
inui" wiih'iv used limit i* tin' ' i ' al
present, scented was was an article
frequently mi -ale ul I'ate.v stationers
Wife-Beating In England.
Ib in.  Lobouchere has I n di '-is'-
Ing Hi" matter of wlfc-heallng hi the
London press,   ll" snyi  lhat a
preferable  t" either ilm hand or Hi"
pokor, as. whii" it cm .        tch pain
and ha   llion 'ore good correc h	
Illes, ll   I'.iv ■  Hill" milk .in Iii     ■ r
likely to h ad   I"  It'iiili!''  Mih
oner's Jury.   Th" whole ml • ffi    of
111 ', "I   I     I" I      ..       I. ,   if    be
pollco an  called in.   ",\l .    iral
'   .' "in il" il	
nearly always  kindly i'ii,I hell
i" lei I. iiii,   w ii" ,1" ihelr vvnli wiib a
nount of tacl     tl
lion,  Tli y are nol  i o
a black ' ye "r a little blood or an oo
ca. i"iial broken rib."
The IH-.I. inu Great,
"1 may be young," said the very
young man, "lull my lovo for your
daughter is as slrong ami inn' as if l
were whitened by ihe snows of Innumerable winters."
"llli. 1 don'l ilniilil your love," re
piled lhe stern father, "bul have you
ever had the incnsles nl' the wl ping
cough? ll wouldn't be lair, you know,
for us in take ymi Into Ilm family ami
hate in uiii's" you through those complaints some lllll ' oilier."
\  -Hum-.
Mr.   Sloman  Now,
iiguiii, iifon'l .vu':   M
I'm' yourself,   Ymi s
you're   Jnkln*
is Wn i" Judge
niiilil   know   uu'
l,ll.e  "Inns- n  Sl-in,
A horse was entered hi a trotting
race. Win a ho wns pui nn tim traci
to he wanned up he seemed in move
with grout energy, und a number of
Inexperienced persons put up their mon-
ev ou him, imi when ihe actual race
ettlne off tl  1'IIW I nn.'il, yew  llcel.ei]  lllll-
mul ihai had n > style aboui blm passed
Hie showy horse with greal case and on
ihe homo stretch dlstun I him,
"Thai  horse," said an experienced
ran- ii'.el.  man  who hail been  wise
enough in I..el; die rnwhoned si I.
"which lost oul is like a good l
people,    lie s| mils (oo mtlcll time ami
1  '       • ilng up lu lhe air la ti il t of
gl i' Llg  I' lhe earlll."
The I'lra, Sotcnr (ones.
Arrian In his "Circuit of the Red
Sea" alludes to the sap which "(lows
from reeds, thickens like honey and Is
sweet  to lie   taste."      Seneca,   who
Chambers' Encyclopaedia says wiib
"li'iru at Cordubo a few years II. C,"
v riles concerning the use of "burned
sugar" among the people of India nnd
conclude! by adding, "In my opinion
the ice of sugar spoils (be teeth."
Ncarrhus says that sugar cane win
Oral mane known to tho svestern conn-
trlei by Hi nqucsta of tVlazandM
the Great. The Oral of lhe sugar canea
were brought from lhe enst lo Sicily
In Iho yenr 114S nnd two years later
were Introduced In Spain. In IS08 the
Spaniards brought some of Hie aceda
or plants to Ilm Wi'-i idles, and from
these the present Industry has grown.
According lo the London Economist,
r..lnT.'H)ii tons of sugar were consumed
by the Inhabitant! of tho world la
l.usnrlrs nf tlurnl Lift.
The rural town Is fast becoming t
city In its general appointments, ac-
"tiini"'lai;'iiis. manners ami style, and
ll Is the menus of (Inseminating Ul*
Liniment  Cures  Garget  In
pretty w ■'! by ihi* iini"   Mr, SI an
Bill yod puzzle me * Hi  I don t
know whal I'l mnl" of v ill, Mil I
Willie Sol B)' Ihi' way, did you hear
ubolll Jack llrown and May 1. il Im
made her hi* wife yesterday,
W    N    U    INo     G66
Cl ILM fl IC UT   Wish "'Uo'h'
^k Vl Vt tm I \J il   I      *nd linoleums with
^■^ warm water and
_t\   _^ _^     Sunlight Soap, rinse clean and wip«
^^ || J__ Wj The colors will be preserv**d
^J ^ss# § % §        and the surface unharmed.
Common soaps fade the colors and
injure the surface. Sunlight Soap cleans, freihens and preserves
oilcloths ond linoleums
Sunlight Soap wishes clothes while without injury to thc most
delicate fabrics, or to the hands, for it contains nothing that c*n
injure cither clothes or hands.
Sunlight Soap is bctler
than other soaps, bul is best
when used in the Sunlight
way (follow directions).
Equally good with  hard
or soft water. I'l IK   I'Al'KKSS
Wo have the best list
ol business and residential properties,
cheap acreage and all
' imls ul houses Iur sale
and rent. See us before
The Bank Block,
North Vancouver,
D. S. Martin
Designer and Builder ol
Yachts and Launches
ol ail kinds.
Tug, Life and Row Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Quotation* given on application.
Gasoline Launches a Specialty.
Lots for Sale
50,60,66*132 FT.
Iraa. IV) l« lllll am I ul.
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
T. S. NYE,
Queens & Lonsdale
Prize Winners.
Last Friday night the canine
show at the Vancouver Opera
House resulted in making known
North Vancouver as an important
place for first-class kennels. Mrs.
Bryce, wife ol Mr, K. Bryce o( lhe
ss. Cassiar, curried oil six firsts,
one second and one third its
Noi ih Vancouver Neta, English
retriever bitch—First, for either
sex: Trophy In Kobt, Large, nl
Vancouver, Gold medal, by Foster; oi Portland! trophy lor best
dot; in show exhibited by a lady.
North Vancouver Kcx, Gordon
setter, dog—First, (or best setter
exhibited in shew by a lady; and
second, owing to cut foot, in the
sporting class.
Nortli Vancouver Laird, collie
dog-Second. In this class coni-
petion xvtis between some very
valuable animals, some being between 1x400 and >*uoo each,
These three won the Seattle cup
for being the best trio of thorough.
bred dogs exhibited by one person.
(jreai credit is due Mrs. Bryce
for the care and attention she bestowed upon the now famous prize
winners of North Vancouver. For
it wn* through her untiring efforts
that the dogs were so well conditioned; condition counts lor every
thing with tbe judges. Tub Ex
i'kess extends congratulations.
Everyone who owns a dog wants
the line premiumn picture of "The
Christmas Novelties
I have a Complete Line of Gaines
and Mechanical Toyi (or the Children. Also a Line of Fancy Collins,
Hells and Handkerchiefs for the
Christmas Trade. We can show
you better than we can tell you in
this small space.
The Little Store is Over-Stocked
with Christmas Bargains.
Dry Goods
Another New Firm.
The North Vancouver Real
Estate Exchange and Auction
Matt is the new linn which will
open in the Thompson block
shortly. The institution will do
the business which its cognomen
implies nnd besides a general commission business ami insurance
will be handled, I In members of
thi new f 1 r.ii ate Henry T. C.
Eves and William P. Hogg, ll
may be added that they have taken
out the lirst auctioneer's lit 1 us* ii
the town, Tut. Exi'RKSs wishen
iiniii good luck.
Houses to Rent
call on W.P.Hogg
$$" Sef fle Before Buying,
Clara "1 want to go lo the
masquerade ball dressed so as to
represent a ship."
Charlie*—"Then 1 would suggest
that you go in stays."
Father—"Now mj boy, who did
Boy—"Well, il I tell the trul
will '011 lick me?
Father—"Well, I'll have to see'
Boy—"Well th'ti, I'll lay il w,c
Mr. Henderson, of Second
stiet t, is miller the wcilher.
For Sale and To Rent cards can
be purchased at  Tut;    ExPKKSS,
Rev,  Mr.  Logan, ol   Eburnc,
paid lhe town a Hying visit 1 n
Mr. M. A. Russell celebrates
birthday.    "Long   life   to   Mr
Thursday Mr, Burrow received
one ol the latest improved bone
11 , In rs lor his poultry.
Mrs. Mall'-y and children, 0'
Fust street, have gone lo spend
the winter in California. They
will return in thc spring.
The official voters' list as printed
-.hows thai 1,097 nanus arc on he
list, namely: Waul I, 16a; Ward
II. -311 Waul HI, i:h ami Ward
IV, •■"
C K Kci ii". tin well-known
dairyman, had the misfortune to
lu*e a Iii ititiful Inornsey milt h
cow ilus week, 'llo beast got
I, ioked ' "iv i;ni'' ago by the
utlo'i 1 .iiii'. md to '-ci  n 11'*' n 'I
'11. : •'•* I' ' 11 l built around
the Indian Mission burial ground
ol on.- a. !■' 1. a Inn   nun structure
BANK OK m.msil   NOliTU
CAPITAL, J4.w,,f,i",r,. 1:1   1 iai., 12,043,997
11(.1,1 Dili" iii Cans la. ,'! ..if al
Ha StikiuaMi General Manager; | 1 .; of Branches
Branches in British Columbia I li       ,, 1.
lledley, Kaslo, Rossland, Trail I Sub Dian    .  Vancouver,
Victoria, and Dawson, V.T,
Savings Department -Deposit n   1    II       1 upward
Office, tor. LoMdtll Ave. nnd Isplanmlc, North Vancouver.D, ('.
and does great credit to the people
there. It is of the artistic design,
known as a tour-inch wire-mesh
diamond pattern. The work was
done by F. G. Crickmay, of the
B. C. Anchor Fence Company,
The many friends of Councillor
Bell will regret to learn of his sudden illness on the eve of election
day when he is running for reeve
and his presence is so urgently
needed. It is to be hoped that
bis admen) is not serious.
James McNair has let the con
tract fur clearing and grading six
lots on Sixth street, between St.
Andrew's and St. George street.
It is reported that Mr. McNair
contemplates building a residence
The frosty weather on Thursday
morning left the landing at the
Vancouver wharf in a very slippery
condition lor the teams. Ashes
had to be spread so as to enable
the Western Corporation team and
empty wagon to get up the slip.
Mr. Brassey has received a
n, ge from I is partner, Kobt.
Quinn, who is at present engaged
at railroad construction at Spence's
Bridge, to the effect that he will
return to North Vancouver on the
201I1 instant with his oiitlifto work
on public improvements.
C. Piers, the popular wharfinger,
is to be complimented on his artistic weekly programme which he
gets out regularly for the Grand
Theatre, Vancouver. Evidently il
has made a hit with North Vancou-
verites, as the election cards of
Kobt. VV. Dick and Councillor W.
Morden appear in the current issue.
Some of the prominent members
ol St. John's Church, North Vancouver, presented the rector on his
marriage with a pair of silver
candlesticks, a silver mounted inkstand and a silver pen, as a small
token of their esteem and
appreciation. We understand that
ii is chiefly owing to Mr. Undct-
hill's work and liberality thai St.
John's Church is in iis present
ll mushing condition.
The many friends of Mr. A. B.
Diplock of this town will 1 e
pleased to learn of hi s appointment as justice of the peace and
coroner lor North Vancouver.
He received his warrant yesterday.
It may be also interesting to know
that his lather, the late Dr. Dip-
lock, of London, Eng., was the
last to be elected as coroner of
Middlesex over 40 years ago, which
position he held as senior coroner
for 25 years. Tin-; Express
wishes Coroner Diplock every
BUCCl IS and hopes that his record
will be in the same rank as that of
his lather.
its cash register for 1905. Now
that there's nothing left to spend
the Bell will be di carded.
Morden and toboggan slides,
roller-coasters or any old thing
wilh a down-hill rush ■ Lonsdale
avenue or the road to
Building boulevards, in new
towns, when roads are absolutely
needed, is like trying to get preserves win 11 ti" broad is in sight.
Lots ol New Goods to Pick
front. It will pay you to buy
imu even il vou don't need
the Goods till Spring. We
must have room for more
New Goods to arrive about
February 15th, njob. Paper
at vout own price.
F. P.
Bishop & Co.
Opp. People's Theatre
for Clearing aricS grading
Address Tenders to
The   North  Vancouver Specialist
161 Cordova Street.
and guess-work i
ispensing will knock the
;ood out of
the best doctor's
My   alisolnl
'ly  accurate   dispensing
with   pure
drugs is what gives the curing quality to
your doc-
tor's medicine.
1 closely follow every detail of vour
M. S.
',11 DAIS. LOHG!
it .ill SOU'S III ll'VVCl-
tr> miiilc to order.
(jio Jeweiery Remodeled
MI'sllllV. IS Ul llMllt\*("IISllOM
iiuaitsi paid paid nm uiDGOiiiAM) siivtn
P 0. Bll\ 32S
Mall ord«rm solkltrd and promptl) attend si to
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Auditors,     Plumbing ond Tinsmith-     Hay, Cattle anil Chicken
Real Estate AgentSa lug. iced
I umber aud .ill kinds of Building Material, Contractors and *• .iiu.iiui■-..
Wc have an Immense amount of Cordwood on hand.   Place your orders with
us for iin winter.
412 Hastlnqs Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
The Contest.
Vote lor Kealy and progress.
Vote  early.    Polls  close  at 4
|i in.
I ling doitg Bell,
Morden's in the well,
Vote   lor   Dick and  plenty of
good roads.
Is there a voter in town Bali I   !
with the mads?
Lei there bo ■ big turno out ol
voters to-morrow.
Not   a   solitary  act  of   Reuvi
Kcaly's can he questioned.
There's   nothing   like   a    sine
I the bonrd ol works.
J. C. Williams is as busy as a
;e these days electioneering,
Tho lesult ol the day Work
1.111 on Lonsdale avenue is a hoi, )
j" 1.1,11 lo.
It was Kealy who gol on to the
1';m   lake game,   ul  course  no
rab was iulendud   oh, no.
Congratulations 11 Cou       1
■ Itct May, Allen and Cornish, Wi
liopi that you'll be sound
road ijui stion ol 1906.
Noith Vancouvei had .1 Hell on
net 01
DUIILIC    NOTICE    IS    lll'.KI'.UY
jjiveli to tic Riveters ol ll"1 Mitniei-
iinllty "i North Vancouver, dial I require the |ireaeneool the said Elector*,
ni tin- Municipal   Hull,  North   Vancouver, in the -aid  Municipality,   011
Monday, 1511) Janitor), 1*106, al
12 o'Cloek Noon,
f,,r tlic   purpose  "I electing  persona
i„ represent theui in  thu   Municipal
Council a* Reeve and Councillor*!,
Tho Candidates shall bo nominated in
writing, the writing shall be suhscribed
by two voters ol the Municipality as
I'roiiosor ami Seconder, anil *luill bu
delivered to tic HuturnlngOllicur al any
tun,' between Ihodnlool iln* notlcu and
two o'clock p. in. "ii il"' day ni the
nomination, And In tho event oln [mil
being necessary, such poll will boopcued
Saturday, 20th January, 1906,
between tho hours ol ICIghl o'clock a, in.
mnl t-'ouro'clockp. in. of the said day, al
tho said Mn Ipal Hall, ol whit.. uverj
parson is rouiilrod to take notice ami
govern himsell acconlin
"The quallflcalioii for llcnvc fIiuII be
hla being a male llritisli stibjt
ii-tving 1 n for the three iiuuiilis nexl
|,iv,v.|,iit.' the da) uf IA nomination
lhe reginlered ..\s n.-r in Iho Land Regis-
iryOllleuollnndor real property, situate
within tin Municipality, ol thu am 1
vain I" lasl M1111I1 Ipal or I'rw Inelal
'.-i-.ii Roll "i llvi
r mom ""' mul :" ■■ ui) register 1
lodgment, und iiuingotl ■ 1 ■ *o qiinliliiil
111 :i voter."
••ll... quallllcatloti for Councillor shall
bu hi- luting a male Urllish sub 1
having beuli lor thu three niottlh- 1 i-xl
pr .ding ii." day of hi* nomination,
ihe regitilerod owner in thu Land Iti gis-
tryOmcooIlnndor real property, uiuiiitc
ivfthlii tho Municipality, "I thu
value, on llio Inst Municipal or Provincial
taaeSBinuut Roll ol two hundred ami
dfty dollars or moroovoi and above anj
registered judgment, or I" in; 11 home-
,t. .1.1,1 ..r |.iv . mpior alio resided within
tli,. Municipality '"r t' I"'1 ' "'■'
,vur ur more Inu lintel) prt   1
■he nomination,and who ii issessod lur
live hundred dollar*; or more on the liml
Municipal   br   Provincial   A"  inciii
Roll, over and uhuvi   an*   ri.
ildgini nl, and being otherwise i|uiillllcil
,. a voter; bul nothing herein 1111 Inl	
'hull I'" he I   '  '        ''
ii,,,-' t-tuillllratl ni m il"' Ihin  "I his
■lection was Hut "i .I I ii
,m-' mill i
."■   Id it rn
I, at Ni nh Van-
miver, tl         inuai
'.I l.\. I'llll.II'.
1,','inn ii.: mii" 1.
Just Arrived ^>
Large Stock of New rail and Winter Goods
lor Suites Pants and Overcoats.
I, II li.ivtlngs SI. W. C inr St.lioll
lotel North Vancouver
Worth Vancouver, li. C.
The Only Seaside Resort at Vancouver
Splendidly situated, overlooking Burrard Inlet,
with the City of Vancouver fifteen minutesaway
by ft try, The holt 11 mbodies every ninn nil nee
with livery in connection.    Rates $2 per day.
Bowling Alley in connection for ladies and
P. Larson, Proprietor.
If, bUiLdiNg be sUre aNd HaVe tHe
PLace Wired so as to be REadY TO
connect o_ o'Jr Wire Next spriMg
U.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
Notary Public, General Auctioneer
*" 167 Cordova Sreet,  Vancouver, ll. t.
llu sells nl r is ur private hnuso or buys outright nil
cl:i-i- ui household goods or bankrupl ilocks for cash.
llu Iiii*  I the line*! business and waterfront properly in North
Vancouver,  A,, him at nneu If you think of picking up property in
this section.   Ho wise, BUY NOW, and vou will make money, :": ::
'S SOAP 6 Bars for 25c.
J, A. McMillan


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