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Vol. II, No. 159
i    ESTABL13HEP IN   1885. -^m
I New Goods!       New Styles 11
jl The latest and best shoe styles are always shown here first 3
,,y During September we received over 50 cakes of new foot-
^^ wear made by the North St.ir Shoe Co., Kin*;, Slater and
nia»y other reliable sho .■ manufacturers., You are invited
tr conic and see th? goods Very soon you will require rubbers and overshoes. I >o not forget that we are headquarters for the best and chc.ipest.rubber and leather footwear.
OCTOBER 28, 1902
Price Five CcntsQ
tatel 1 :::::' .*- -m
fast   ; : : : :
*-Z9 de Brie:
Frpaiage dfe Ca^ro
vert' Swiss .Cream-■ ;" -        a •
O. M. FOX & CO., Grocers I
|pwwifiwiaawB§ai 'an a wj
: 1
Corner of. Columbia    "
avenue attd Spokane
eiifton Hotel
Bar Supplied with the Best of Goods.
Big freft show every night. Miners1 Checks cashed free.
I      H. P. JONES, Prop. f
'felt-j'tione So. 10/1
I The Collins House
All Rtoms Heated by Hot Air.
Miners Checks Cashed at All Hours
■    ^ ~-nif■ an-»ai<ii <
A new stock of flj
Vupo Cresolene I t
i.ossUinl, B. C.
Nelson, B. C
,V6SA.YERS Sl PPL1ES. ncison.n.v.    ra
Rossland, Nelson, Trall,Sandon,ReTdstoke,Green-
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL  MARKETS-R°ssland- Tni'' £eb??' 'V,m~' ,Kasl°
REJandon. N*"benver!silverton, Casrade Citv Grand Forks,
Greenwood, Phoenix, Midw'J. Camp   Ackinney,
Revelstoke, Ferguso» and Vancouver.
Fish,  Same and  Poultry i*, to*®** Sausages ol All Kinds.
WM- OONALD  Wanager Rossland Branch
"' III $3 eiqar Stores «
Are wbevo you can get the beet tho  riarkot affords in CIGARS, TOPACCOS,   PIPES,   ETC.
-Carries the choiooet 0/-
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Wr make a specialty of supplying famiUeB. Our stook is complete in
oiery detail and our prices will, we think, be found satisfactory* as
*»11 as the quality of our Liquors.
All Kinds oi"
Drv Wood
Office: Simpson's
Oiro'iery, phone 68,
Residence pbone 108
Items of Interest   Round
the World.
iaSnmi Norway mountain, where
thr/ declare they had succeeded in
b.'vgiug twenty and a halt' brace of
gi iusi iu three hours. What about
th^ovl story?
lot' Waffles and a cup of our delicious
ci.fee 20c at the PALACE.
The Doings of Conspicuous Persons
Affecting Ci
a yis-
Joe Chamberlai^ .is to^ay
it to South Africa",    p
The C. P. R. haf^rderecf* 10
cautotives from Glasgow.
Germany ia opposing England's
wish to acquire Delagoa Ba-y.
Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton,
the woman suffragist, ia dead.
The demand for zinfore in the-
UnittdStates is growing larger.
The coal arbitration committee
will get dowti to work next Thursday.
There is troublo between unionist and- Bbuunionists at Hcran-
to»;: P*L
The Turks have given the insurgent Bulgarians »' severe drubbing
near Salonica.   .
DetailB of the Somaliland fight
show that Col. Swayne behaved
with great gallantry.
rr,kSwf;«t»*t„Miieir in" me ItoTise
of Commons by the Irish members
is daily.growinggreater.
The Church of England is likely
to take a prominent part in the
next British general election.
Premier Barton has been hooted
in Sydney by people dissatisfied by
the working of tho Federal constitution.
A head on collision near Missoula, Mont., has resulted in the
death of an engineer and the fatal
injury of a fireman.
The Uniteii States press is of the
opinion that the cutting of the
Panama canal will convert the
Pacific ocean into an American
sea—a "mare claimant?"
The Fisheries department is
about to Bpend a large sum .of
money is elearing the Quesnello
branch of the Eraser river of obstructions to salmon
Existing freight rates to the
China coast from Manila exceeds
those to San Francisco. A rice famine has iu consequence ensued and
President Roosevelt in throwing
open the trade to foreign  bottoms.
John Morley, the liboral leader,
has been defeated by the Irish
Becretary, Mr. Wyndham, in a cou-
test ior tho rectorship of i.ilasgow
urii voifily. . 'Ihis in rtg&rtliU us
victory for the supporters of the
Education bill.
--  -\	
San Poh and Black Tall.
(The San Poil and Black Tail,
ttfii M. GaWsha, in ait interview
with the Republic Miner, will send
04 100 tons each in addition to
Bb|pments from the former last
wipk. Mr. Galusha stated, however, that operations on a large
scile. would not be commenced
ui til such tinjb aB machine drills
cap be installed on the properties.
TuTireak the ore by hand drilling
if very,expensive, and especially
ir] the Sa^ Poil, where the cost per
\.)t\ was in the neighborhood of $6.
1 For a fancy mixer! drink or a fine imported cifrnr call ancl ^ee "MAC"' al the
UliEEN. ■ C.
Next Mining  District to
A Serious Accident Last
I Night in the Le Roi
PAY  DAY   Checks cashed  at
all hours at the Hoffman House
l'rcsh Olympia Oysters at the   B,
Marks, Columbia avenue.
What! No Game?
Who said that there was no game
in tho vicinity of this camp? That
depends altogether upon the capabilities of the hunters. This morning two men with three dogs caine
1 sad ipotdent occurred last
night, in the Le Roi mine, which is
expected to resu'H in the death of
John Swayne. It seems thaJ,John
Swayp9jarVryjiB_ j^gler 'W? Koch
m? e engaged last •rijfeJbt~Iii
rawe between the 500 and 600 foot
lc*,!* o.' <V> Le ..Roi Jaaute*--an&.
were working in a drift. They had
Bet up their machine on the bar
across the drift, one end being
blooked against) a smooth wall.
Alter drilling eleven holes it became nccesHary to nh;ft the machine, in order to drill the lifters 01
bottom holes.
To do this the air was cut' oil at
the valve in the pipe and it \va
then sought to disconnect the hose.
This was full of air. The drill
w*) taken out of the machine, aud
in disconnecting the hoFi' Swayne
in some manner happened to strike
the valve ou the machine, thereby
letting tbe air in the hose into the
mechanism. Thin instantly began
to run at a furious speed and, being
unsteadieil by iho drill, jarrod
loose the blocking on the bar which
slipped. In slipping it carried the
michino with it and the crank
stiuck Swayneoti tho jaw throwing
him violently down. In f al liny
tii j unfortunate mini r struck his
telnple against the nu'lcs nnd his
sHill was punctured,
At first the itjury w/h not
known to he ext^me, as the' 'D"
jufed man was able to climb UP
tbji ladders a ouple of doors on '•''
t\v next lev, whence he was conveyed to the Sister* hospital under
th> care o( Dr. Kenning,
Tubsequsntly io injury to the
skill wus found to be Ear more
sejious than war nt lirst expootedj
aijl at a late hour this aiternoori,
it.Was annonm  d from the hos[Aal
W.   B. Pool   speaks of the  Neyy
Mining District4o.jthe
W. B. Pool, who has reoently put
through a large deal witlv reference
to the Ojstei Criterion Group in
the Fish Creek district of the rap
Idly becoming known Lardeau
country^iu conversation last even
ing with a representative of the
•Worlh, declared that t6o ' little.
Was known of his chosen field of
operations. Mr. Pool saie> that
whereas the Slocan diutrict firgt^
caine into prominence of all the
now well known mining regions of
this highly mineralized province cf
British Columbia, that the Brvss-
land gold copper region came ;ioxt,
and that the Bundaiy country, an
equally iwh district.canie after, thc
Lardeau country ha* had to work,
up on its merit!-. At fiist thought
to be, as the Slocan, a purely silver
lead district, the Lardeau, through
its la'j finds, had beon demonstra
ted to   be   something  more   than
TsT The free gold discoveries of
recent date had shown it to be a
second Cripple Creek,
p" •TU'llMtKHCe this reference if.
only be made to the Eva, bonded
lately for -$200,000; the Bossland-
Crilerion-Oyster for $95,000; the
Beatrice, the Lucky Jack, Goli
Pinch, Camborne, among tho mostf]
prominent of the too numerous
gold, properties of the Fish Creek |
country to hero enumerate. These
properties, together, have been
bonded, or sold, for something exceeding 11 cool million and this, for
tho mop part, on the mere surface
showii -*. Nothing can most demonstra' tlie opinion of the expert'
on th rt'alj, worth of thin co«nl ..
than Ihis simple fact.
Bul, beside this tlK>re r also
silver lead property; to ' --tunce
a few, tho Silver C'P. Triu e, Beatrice, Netlie I..,and a dozoj others
perhapB not r;iiite s-• well ktown.
The ' irdeau country, enl red on
the northeast arm of Uppe. Arrow
Lake, and from the nort'., from
Trout Lake, is a district of some
1000 squire miles in extent. It is
everywhere    highly   mineralized.
The great drawback to the ooun-
■'.-/ at nrese: t is the lack of means
of transportation. This i« gradually coming and.ag the y*ar» go &y
one by one, the coming~bT"tlre
railroads,and their penetration into
the intricacies of the Lar^iwu min-
region, is becoming more *n<i more
"Bat," aaid Mr. Pool, "the Lardeau will have to become   another
Illinois before  aU the facilities for
its minee are provided. The trouble
has been that the outside   gnblfc,
interested in tbe Slooau,.3**" Rowland, in   BqtoOthl^^^tfN!!*
Kootenay, on .-Van^dfW''WaWi.   >
has doubted the e'sjpteaoe of  ye'(
another suoh  rich   distriet.     Bnfr-v-
again," Mr.  Pool  reiterated, "thi/5,
j Lardeau district in better than any
two of.theBe, perhaps even   thribe,
put together.
"For results it may be said that
up to the present, as the railroads
havo out recently impinged upon
the edge of this territory, little
comparatively has been shipped.
Yet more than one mine has -Mat
out more than sufficient to,
its development. On the
are thousands of tons' of ore tv
ing treatment and transportation;
in the mines are millions.
"Assays are well ^enough,5' said
Mr. Pool. ''I am *<%kd to give you
figures, but T am oonservatire ir.
stating that these run all the way
from $100 to if'2000 per ton,
I "Capital has been invested iu
these properties by the knowing
mining men of the east. So far
there has been but littlej British
capital, although then- id more than
one exception to this dlotutn, and
for this we Lardeau men have to
thank the assistance of our Ross-
itoan in   (his particular."
■•■>y ha reopened h.f dental
parirri'in the ro, jis lately occttried by
A. C. Gffll'i-Postof.ice building Jf
Liberals Sustain a Defeat
at i^vonport-Unionist
For Sale.
Two full lots with good housi. Desirable location. Only $350. Easy payments
u ,     .. }'REST A CO
Columbia Avenue.
tb,t the uniV, unate man /was
bjidly expected to rucover.
|:\n operation, ln.wvur, is'being
psformed on the patient, raising
tl 1 fractured portion of tliJ skull,
b{])rs. Kenuing, Camjiljll, l^ed-
d'ijk and McKenzie,
,'LATyit—Several fieees if hone
ri!iflg on lhe hrair have been re-
mjyed. Tho frartured poi'ion i-*
afev ih-t size of a dollar. Hopes
af, now entertained of altimaflfi
rAi'v(bi'y.   Swayne is now reslidfl
-VANTKD— A bolicilor for the   Traill
Ctek News. Reference returned. Write
tcfTrnil Creek News, Trail, B. C.
full of  timber  and replenished by ,„_■,,„„„ „t   .        , ■■■-,-
,, ,  ■ tt ,   ,/i»od the greatest enthusiapr
the greatest wa'or power, probably ' l"™w
known, even in suoh  a country as
British Colombia,   Th? crag and
fell  formation   if  tke  mountains,
lends itfelf readily to uploitation
V> tunnel, which, as« is veil known
j„ miningenpi'.eers, in the enSiesJ
anii' "heapesl method of dflveloj .ng
0le 1 odies.
Tbe oSftbodios theniaelVe* in so
highjv diversified a coritry are,
perhaps, nnrcI '" uri"K under a
oomnrsa .1 )etul. Still it may be
said,ge,erai 'y.'.hey are both fissure,
antl contuot il'he sheer /one forma-
mitrking the low
is fiiuost entirely
London, Oct. 28.—The Liberal
party is bitterly disappointed at
the result of the Devonport election. Mr. T. A. Brassey, son of
Lord Brassey, was a strong candidate, and even his political opponents expected him to win. The
election was fought on the education qiif-iion and it has resulted
in a surprising victory for the
Unionists. The scone in the hous/
of onmions when the figures m9
made known was remarkable.'''flfi--
memher.s crowded  into  the /obby
vailed among the supporters of the
Sinco 1892 the cone-.ituency had
been represented by two Liberal
members, Mr. H. B Kearley and
Mr. v.. 3. C. Morton. The bye
eleotion was renden,] necessary by
Mr. Morton's death, a^d the Uputr-
ist victor is Mi J. Lockie, who, iu
the general electione, polled ,UK
votes against :i-r''S8 for Mr. M0K011
and 3020 for Mr. Kearley. 1 rom
1885 until 1892 the eonstAhiency
was held by the Cori-.errajiT*e
tion,  genu■:.!.[
grade pnuurt^,
abaetft.    ut, ui ^'v thB s) aatt>
the ore b mes ore     "ot *mM<  hev
run from   10 to 30    *°d  30 fe«'. of
fteo niHibj quftlto
in : nrjj.    Th' siitet
not ae'predttottti e-f -   ' ^'fS*
PAY  DAY-Ct^cks eswhwf *
I all hours it the Hoffman House
bwiiKw flts.ult-
Vr.r' ittesu- are
m r-"; inil 'lhat i' '    sa '•*' ft'   ;'r"ai
thu on),inn  «i™(..«   .re. -.   *(;v|  <'" UOQ,
"     1 ■■ Htret^s nre
The ,'VorrUnj GHrrt
Th?'* -tat u tin- employed at :tthe
Mitni'.iig t&U. "V luio" taluug out
• Ms Ono tn.- .mid .was tent to
awihy 1 >'t t»*f. aufc   more will
lown-fe utily. T...L.- i.nlii.nan-
— .          -.--A,..
these-a.'cr of rhi lHTujptirty.  jtJuiyJi
bu!   igi'in, unike the Slou.	
very  silver 'Utttf  arh  atOB    °rt*>'"|h-i   ..xptwi-r,  |ht wine te.,«iy  ,iu,
than not, y roil tic ti-t^uif gold   -*i't;. j wi.y hotaiim-, vitlimul  fu.-Ujec 0$.
gold eoppri vaJno*.
:'«»Krji'jiiiUi THE EVEN!NG*WGRLr ROSSIS. 8. C, OOf. 3g, fq03
The Evening World
If the WorKFnbltoeing Company.
Published -i»i lly Kt iao E, Columbia Ave, Kou-
.ind, In the Lattteit of organlied iabor In British
ltnfT»rl at thf Rostand. B. C posto&ce Tor
t,-.emission through the mails, May .,1901, sb
•econd clau retum, matter.
SUBSCRIPTION RAT.'.S-Fiftr cents per
monthor$5 0feTear,invariable In advance, Xd
venialng   rates made known on  application
Address   sll   communications'   to    Tames H,
Fletcher, ManaKer, y, o. box -pi, Rossland, B. C
i x
, The London Commercial Intelligence, commenting on Sir Wilfrid
Laurier's recent speech at i'aris,
ssya: "Sir Wilfrid Laurier npoke
in terms of aftoctjon and veneration of the lttud of his forefathers,
but itis rarely that a public man
clothes his sentiments in such
.felicitous language as that used by
Sir Wilfrid" Laurier. 'Our venera-
'tion for France,' he said, "honors
France, whioh has inspired it;
Canada, which haw preserved it,
and England, which has respected
it.' The most glowing eulogy of
the British constitution could not
convey a better tribute to its great-
neBs and magnanimity, its freedom
and the self-respecting manliness
which it inspires, than the bare
fact tbat a British colonial premier
could speak so frankly of bis natural affection for the land of his
ancestors. It is the broad and
tolerant spirit of the British nation
towards the peoples that have |
come under eur Hag that binds
them to us with sentiments of devoted loyalty "
WATfta R1GHT!-
The Miner this morning I akoe an
extraordinary position. Confronted
with certain assertions made by
the leading city officials concerned
—it-raises an entirely sew issue and
tries to bulldoze the putyic4sgte«ao-
ceptiDg the dictum
Eagle and Centre Star
lio does not, the Miner aeotares,
there will be no concentration pHnt
erected. It also bays that the at>
tioa of the city has for the past two
years delayed the erection of a
"mill." This is nn absurd overstatement, as the ali,- has had absolutely nothing to Co with the
fight with the exception that it has
ta en cai that its own hterests,
w.iich are the interests of th- people, have been watched throi.^.
The question narrows itseii down
to this: Is the city or is the Centre
Star to be the distributer of the
water necessary for the development of our industries?
Under thiB argument it looks
well enough to Bay if the city is not
using the water why not let the
Centre Star and War Eagle have
it, put up a mill and increase the
payroll of the camp and its   coufb
tfould thus eventually become at
the mercy of the mines. Because of
this Mayor Goodeve tried to secure
for the city ,by purchase and application, all the water rights possible.
Moreover the decision of the
Chief Justiee iH not that the mining company may have the surplus
I wafer below the oity dam on
'Stoney creek, but that it may apply for a record, interim, on Stoney
ereek. It is open to it to apply
ihove ratler than below that dam.
Ihe former course would be the
mpre advantageous for several
reasons. This would give riBe to ht-
igaliou. The cily supply would be
constantly interfered with. Even
if below, under the contention set
up the company, the city would
he constantly watched and interfered with in order to see that it
waB not taking more than its usual
The cily has offered to lei tho
Centre Star have all the water it
wants for industrial purposes and
declares that it can supply it
cheaper than the company can
maintain a service itself, to say
nothing of the cost of putting it in.
If all the mining company
wanted was water for industrial
purpoaea, there Is no reason why it
should not accept these terms. If
on the other hand, the company
deeire to Btart a ouatom concentration plant, there is every reason
why it should control the water, as
no other concentration plant could
be started on such terms.
The Miner states that the case is
that of the city against tho mines.
On the eontrary it iB the city and
the mil es against the Centre Star
and War Eagle. If the Le Roi
and Trail smelter were as one with
these two mines in the question
how is it that for ye»rB past the
Le Roi, then speaking for the Josie,
No. 1, Nickel Plate and Kootenay
mines, and also the smelter, has
fought theBe two companies on this
very point? All the city has had
to do with the matter ir to hpo lhat
its own rights, the rightB of the
people, were not infringed upon.
And one more point. Suppos-
"g that the people were willing to
let the Centre Star et al have all
they claim upon Stoney and
every other creek, what are these
Companies prepared to do? Are
they willing to specify when and
where they will set up this
plant, to Pi.y what shall be its
capacity, to enter upon an agreement that no more than a certain
percentage of the profit shall be
charged to the other mines using
the plant?
To say that the city is delaying
♦•he matter for the next six months
il bU-dei'dash. Nothing can be
donetowM-ds  flume  building dur
Every Woman Should
That Prof. W. Hodgson gills.
Official Analyst to -,he Dominion lov- ,
ernnient, has recently made a ivo-nbcr (
of analyses of soaps, and reports that
" Sunlight Soap contains that high
" percentage of oils or fats neceeiary
" to a good laundry soap."      -. •   .
What every woman docs not 'mow
is that in common soaps sle frequently pays for adulterations :a the
price of oils and fats. Try tiia-
llght Soap—Octagon Bar—nexr*aah
day, and you will see tha' Jrof.
Ellis is right. He should know.   %06
have brought money in^o this
country inBtead of fleecing the
Canadian public, this delightful
outfit through its intereatiig organ iB striving to take the tov'i by
the throat.
Tokc Point Oysl-'rs, Mountain "rout,
Mallard Ducks, Fresh Crabs, jut: ie
ceived at thc PALACE. ..
Choice Pastry and Cakes
Our Specialty:
A   Orders Delivered by Wairon.
1    x why not smoke a good cigar? Try a
W. B. or a
Crown Grant.
V ou will net be disappointed, Union made
The partnership hitherto existing lie-
t'.veen J. H. Fletcher and K. J. Dermody,
known as the World Publishing company, has this day been dissolved by
I nutual consent. J. II. Fletcher continuing the busness. All indebtedness
rrgainst said lirm w.ll be paid by him and
ill accounts due said firm are payable to
him. .1.11. Fletcher,
E, J. Dermody.
Dateit, October 1, 1002.
Premier's Finesse is Confusing the Tactics of
the Opposition.
London, Oct. 28.—Premier Balfour's superior finesse is revealed in
every fresh bout with Sir Henry
Campbell-Bannerman over the appointment of a day for the discus-
skiu of Irish grievances and the
moving of a vote of censure.
Lord Roseberry, standing outside
the tabernacle, no longer worships
the home rule gods, and Premier
Balfour wishes to identify Sir
Henry Bannerman-Campbell with
the fortunes of the IriBh party, and
thereby widen the breach bettpeen
the liberal factions. The premier's
eagerness to name a day neirly
carried the liberal leader off his
feet yesterday.
Premier Balfour's resource? as a
tactician do not, however, make up
for Mr. Wyndham's defects of manner. When confronted with a
hotfliug muVi Ji Irlsn meiutae .].(,
chief secretary; for Ireland is excitable and eaBily drawn and flurried.
PAY DAY-Checks cashed at
all hours at the Hoffman House
tion for 11 (tuplii-ii
1 Lot 1, Blook 82,
Jn tho mattor of tin applica
of a CorUficato of Titlo ti
l tie Town of Koss'uml (M
Notice Ishoroby {ovon tlmi it is my Intent-,
to tssuo at tho expiration of one month from
the first publication iujreof a duplicate of the
Certificate of 11tle to thp above mentioned Lot
I, lllnek 38, in the Town of Bosaland, (Map 570)
in ttie name of Junius \v. Thompson, which
eertitieute is duted the L'7ih day of September.
1000, and numbered S9S9K
II. F.M.uLkod,
District Registrar,
Land Registry Ollice Nelson, U.C.    81h October 1003.
Thos.. Embleton,
Staple and Fancy
Opp. International Hotrt.
The general public is cordially invited
to call and uspect our Btock.
Prices guaranteed   to be rigUt   floods
delivered to any part of the t Ity,
PHONE 296.
The Quilp.
The Quilp miue is employing a
force of 25 men at present. The
work consiBta of development entirely and the ore being taken out
in the work and from the ore
broken down for shipment before
operations n re discontinued iast
year. Mr. Tarte, the manager of
the property, states that he ex-
pectB to send out 300 01 400 tons
of ore per month to the Granby
smelter.    Development   and snip
ing the win nr.   Tie delay for the!ments   will   continue   during   the
past   two   yetrB]   if owing  to this winter, and in the meantime other
cause,  and   coL-entration is  only raarkets may be found so that ship
lately doming before the public, is ments iu  large  quantities may be
owir,,'; to the Le Ro'. and  to  the made,
smelter.    If   the   companies   concerned had the  plant ready lodav,
ihe city is   in   a position   to  give
uent prosperity?    It is said  that-. them today all the water they will
.--vny caBe the city iB well pro-|
teciel, as its rigltb are ackr.ow-1
ledp.tf.aa paramount. This would
leave the takers out of intetim
grants sublet to the rights of the
city and thec'ty could reBuine at
any momtntby due notice, This
is the argum^1 presented shortly
for the wining companies. But
as the solicitor for the War
Eagle and Centre Star . has already argued during- tlie course of
the iroiracted legisjatic the user
of I record can only take in
aftei years just that mn h as it
waa using in its firBt year. That
is, supposing that the oity had a
record for ah or a specified number of inoheB on any on' stream
and used of that luring the first
year but 50 inchen then, no matter what its wants were in after
years, it still could take but
50 inches, although it had a lecord
for 500. The contention is a cur-
iouB ene and probably would he
found to be bad in law, alter costly
litigation. If c erect, however, il
would place tl taker out of an
interim record m the phue of the
first as having the paramount
jight and the people ui this city
Board and room $6 a week. St.Charts
Hotel.   Charles Ehlers.
want 'fot many months to come
There is no desire to cinch indue
try. The Centre Star has had free
of charge the water running down
Centre Star gulch, tbe Le Roi
has had the water lrom Little Shoe)) Creek, whioh belongB
to the city, putting in a flume to
procure it. The Silica WorkB haTe
also constructed a flume and wed
water from a point helowthe White
hear. All this free ot charge although this oity has paid out the
gooi' money of tbe ratepayers for
the aiquiry ol these tauts. And
what n. e or tu : do the mines pay
the oityff The Centre Star and
War Ji/it^le alone today stand in
the wa; of an adjmtiuent of all
labor di.liculties, kee/iing the camp
in a state »t Unrest. These very
companies /un -t boarding house
that on the hill, a pa pable evasion of
the law, anc oih that militateB
much against the business men of
this camp. Yet for all thiB the
city is willing to rqtet them more
than half way, supply them water
cheaper than they themselves can
get it, and becauae it wants to see
that tite ii.'.erests of tho other
mines  arc conserved, minew   lhat
liviited. I
Cereal Products, |
Hay and Grain.... §
E Kossland, B.C,   Hione 17        3
E   Pratt'■ poultry rood and eulntal regulaioi a
Notice to Delinquent Co-Owner
Mineral Act and   Amending  Act
h the matter of the ' Lone Star" nd
"Silley" mineral claims, situate on ie
east-,lope of Sophie mount.rn, in he
Trail Creek mining division of Wst
Koote.my, B, C„ and recorded at Ros-
1 nd.
To Josiph IS. Dabne>, William Drsn,
George Moore, Ovid Poulin and R. Z.
McDonald, or any other person or I r-
sons to whom they or any al the.n Biy
have assignt-1 their interetfs in theab irj
mineral claims or either of t»em.
You and eachuf you are hei->by n singed that I have expended in asst-isnj at
work for the two jears ending thc &
d ay ofMay, A. D. 1,02, the sum of $1 0,
in accordance with tke provisions of 1 ie
Mineral Act, and if within ninety *);s
from the first publication of this nof;e
you fail to contribute your share jf j ie
above expenditure, togeiher wilallie
custs of advertising, your interests ir>ne
saic, '•lairrs will become thc propert; ,[
me, the undersigned, nnder section 4 M
the Mineral Act, Amendment Act 100.
Dated at Rouland, B. C, this2xnd(y
of May
is the People's Paper.
It is printed
for the People, is read
by thetaple,
and to reach
you should
*»-C ■-.,«*, jg ,„■„ 'i"rr^fci»»ag-iij»uir>an
Advertise in
the WORLD.
It is inside property. Only seven blocks
north of Columbia avenue, extending
east practically from Washington to. Butte streets. Btautifully
located. No hill to climb to or from
town.or the mines. Centre Star, Le
Roi, Josie and No. 1 reached by an ea&y
10 minute walk along the C P. R. track.
EASY TERMS. Buy now! Buy and
build a home.     Buy for speculation.^
McCoy & Prest,
Next door to Dominion Express Co.
V . KJ. Fj, Kacslks, robs1ki„i Aerie,
No. io, Regular meelingft every V„ idny even-
tuM, 8 p. m, KokIis Halt, CBiiienlei>' Union
T. H. Iloultcn,   W. V.
H. D nlel, t,. Secretary.
Ifl f\ Id* Mmt" in °!ld Pe'l°w» Ht'1
.KJ.KJ.AV . on Queen Street, between
Hirst and Second avenues. Regular meetings
each Monday night. Visiting brothers are cor-
dially invited to attend und register within 30
W.S, Murphy, Sec, thos. H. Long, N. O
T* CT f~* K'"K Bdward r,odne No.
W« O I . U. 641, of the Order ol lhe
.Vj u*. St.(leoriie ineets every ;fir»t and tiiird
Friday 111 «..-, m<mth,«t 7:30. in Masonic hall,
Msiting brethre.. .,re Invited to attend
'^oin-is l-jubletou. Prest,
Geoh<e cioinier. Secy.
Dill DO Fo! Winter Blooming
Should he pntted now. A succession o! blooming plants will
be sure toplease you this winter Have just received an excellent assortment of   nt^«i-^V\
Hyacimhs, Tulips, Narcissus,
Lilie:, Etc.,
V hich I will be picked tp have
you inspect.  ;%. S<*. W*. .<*. m*'*
The Short Line
St. Paul, MiuneapollB,
Chicago, Toronto,
Montreil, New York,
»ud nV(Ka8terrij points.
36 Col. Ave, W
Phone 6S
Seattle, Tacoma,
Vanooir<', Victoria,
and all 1 oifi  Coast points.
LeaveSpolune 9:40a. m
wm "Ibound,
Leave Spokane. .7 20 a.m.nn'MviO p.m.
All connections l-.uI tirl'nion depot
For, full., parti nl.irs, lolderg, etc.
call, m.or ddress
H. BBiNDT, C.P.A.,
701w. Riverside, Bpokant
11, J". Brown, A.ent,
Rol*finA- n   O'
B      KESP YOUR EYE ON      H
B Green City! S
KThe Coming Minin&Camp of B, C.'
(Vl Wise people will buy a let, and   get
W rich.   Don't miss this opportunity; it is a
K" * chance of a lifetime.    Green City  has a
better future than any mining camp in
w - British Columbia, not barring Rossland,
\jTj G-reenwood  or   Phoenix.      You   shsuld
W profit by past experience and chances you
fYl have overlooked in the above-named three
W towns when arst  started.    See  ore  in
Pflj Grand Union Hotel wiudow from mines
14 adjoining Green City.    For further par-
M ticulars apply to                                          N\
/ /
hr     1
■a0^mmjmMtmXt*»t0t00ttM,r,m7,r mt jjgg
How    Public   Ownership
Pays in Nelson.
History of the Transaction-Municipal Socialism in the City
of Nelson.
storage plant. Were the city in a
position to BUpply P. Burns & Co.
with power, it would get the business, for the West Kootenay Power and Light company has no franchise to sell power or light within
the city limits of Nelson.
The above is a fair statement of
the city position, lrom the standpoint of civic ownership of the
electric lighting unity.
Labor Union Directory.
Office   aud Meetings.
Nicely furnished rooms with bath and
all modern conveniences at the Opal,
weit of the Palace.
For high-class family lionors go to the
iternational K»mllv Liqior Store.
The city of Nelson purchased tho
electric light plant in 1898 from
the Nelson Electric Light Company,
limited, paying therefore $35,400.
"id com"B'"w) *}%iaJt buaineaa
on ,ts own account on July 1st,
189s. Since then it httB extended
$39,748.29 on construction account,
that aceount standing on September 30th, 1902. at $75,148.29. (if
this r.mount, !p70,000 v,»h secured
from the sale of debentures, baring 5 per cent interest, the bo.
ance. $5,148.29, came out of general revenue. It has cost $32,971.00
to operate and maintain the plant
since it was taken over by the city.
To provide interest and sinking
fund on the $70,000 debenture debt
required $23,249. The total, therefore, paid out for operating, maintenance, interest, and sinking fund
is $56,220.60. Since taking ovor
the electric light plant, the erty
has collectecl_*70,8Dt>.8G from eltc-
trio light ratojjk Deduct this amount
expended for operating expenses,
etc., from the revenue received,
and there is ft balance of $23,67«.25
to the good. Were this proGt dt-
ducted for tht total amount expended on oontrucUon account,
tbe cost of the ci< \ 's jbciric light
system would ;tanif at $51,472.'!.
The revenue ft' l the electric
light BVBtem is increasing steadily,
as the foirowiag<te"*«eTBhOW:
1898  #•.*••-$ 5,158.09
1899  .-/**.(*  ... 13,105.84
1900  i.e.   ... 20,928.60
I'McCalliini, Kobson
VV j-tcobs, St Louis
Mrs H (Jarrett, Coulee City,Wash
Mrs J Williams. Coulee City,
V A Hartman, city
W It Conway, Slocan Cily
A Julien, Ymir
A Audet, Yuiij
Harry Cole, Trail
E Irwin, Nelson
John Shafer, city
No. gb, W. F. M. MeetJ|
every Saturday evening, a
7:30 o'clock. Thos. Roynti *-
Pres., Frank Philips, Se
Visiting brothers cordial:,
Western Federation ul
miners—meets every Wc•'.
nesday evening at 7.W. »
m. in Miners' Union l^ll,
Frank Woodside, Secret:-.'
Harry  Seaman. President.
123, painters and decorators
of America,meets inBeatty's
Hall, on second and foprth
Tuesday of each month. R
* C- Arthur, Pres.: W. S.
Murohv. Sec
* "Pacific
DRESSMAKER —Good dre stinker
'jants work by the day. Address, Mrs.
J-Cameron, city.
uatioijal Fa
/ Lin'"1
to the Inter-
1901 ...
1902 (to Septemlw-fSO)
Newspaper Proprietors in
Conference in the
Totu $79-,S90 80
in addition to the revenue,'the
people g>t tbe street and city offi-
k- eee and building lighted free.They
»1bo get electric light from f5 to
. 50*1,per cent cheaper than- the people o.r Rossland, who \'i chase
their electric ilgiht from t.e West
Kootenuy Power. & Lijfat, company. 1
Tho cost of operating and ir.aiq-
taining tho plant has been as follow:::
1898 (Bix months) $ 2,078.42
1899  -2/722.S8
1900    10,903.85
1901        9,392.12
1902( to September 30).    7,874.43
Total $32,971.60
) The coBt of operating and muin-
1 tenance is increasing because of the
shortage of water in Cottonwood
creek for six months in tho year,
a shortage that iB mor«> likely to
increase than to decrease. It is
saf«i to say that the cost of operating antl maintenance would be no
greater than it is now were the city
to own an up-to-date plant at some
point on Kootenay river where
there would bi to shortage of water. Tbe cost ot installing such a
plant and making the necessary
changes to the system iu the city
is estimated at $150,060. ThiB expenditure would not only give tho
oity ample power for its own requirements, but would give it a
surplus of from 500 to 700 horse
power to hold in reBerve for the
future growth of ths city or for
disposal of indiibtrieB
, power.
T he city needs today 37r> horse
power for incandescent lighting
and 50 borEe power for street light
ing, or a total of 425 horse power
Manufacturing establishments
within Iho city limits would tabs
about 100 horse power more, if tho
price were reasonable. One firm,
P. Burns & Co., so it is reported,
has been paying the West Kootenay Power & Light company $185
« month for power to run a
A step has been taken In' tho direction of procuring a direct Canadian news service from Great Britain. '1'liPi Montreal Herald of 12th
October reports.
A meeting oi newspaper proprietors was hold in tho hoard of trade
rooms last week tor the purpose of
discussing the possibility of securing a direct new- service from
Kngland. No dclinile action was
taken by tbe meeting excepting
that it was decided to meet again
some time next week. Those present at tho meeting were unanimously of tbe opinion that it was
time Canadian newspapers had a
news service of their own.
For 11 long time the American
newH service which is supplied to
Canada has not heen satisfactory.
Thc news is written and colored to
suit the taste of the public on the
other side of the line, and is not
always very trustworthy.
The difficulties iu the way of obtaining a separate service for Canada are many, but it is hoped that
they will be overcome It is probable that some definite step will
bo taken when the newspaper proprietors meet again next week.
Union No. qj, W. I . M.
Meets every Saturday even
ing at 7:30 o'clock in Union
hall. T. J. Loyd, Pres., H
J. Byrnes, Sec.
ion No. 8, VV. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock in Miners' hall.
Geo. McMullen, Pres., Jno
Riordan, Sec.
No. 85, W. F. M., meets
every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock in Miners' Un
St. John,
New Westminster
Ban Francisco
From Fort William,the favorite simmer
route for all eastern points.
Via Soo Line
For St Paul,  Duluth, Sault   Ste Marie,
Chicago, Etc.
Through Tourist Sleeping Cars
iiigMvn tm
The Col'rn Powder Company, Ltd.,
32 Queen Victoria St., LONDON, E. C.
 MANTFAi rthjB	
Faversham Powder
On the SPECIAL LIST of Permitted Explosives, October, 1901.
™I~/™\ \ I I T" [^"   the best explosive for underground work.ex-
I   \J I \l I   I   I        olusively used in Severn and Mersey tunnels
Cordite, Celignite, Gelatine Dynamite, Blasting Qelat'nc, Detonators for all elapses or Explosives, Electric: Appl: ncee,
Submarine Charyei for the removal of   Wrecks,  Etc.,   TJto!
Works: Faversham, Kent and Melling, near Liv. rpool
Manufacturer of Concentrating Machinery..
MF.DALS—Royal Cornwall Polytechnic; Gold medal  International Mining
hition, Crystal Palace, 1890.    Only award for Concentrators.
Leaves    Dunmore    Junction
•    ,1,1       t     11     ai I        -■■-■    Paily  for  St.   Paul;    leaves
ion hall.     J.  H. Alexander,j Kootenay Landing Tuesday and Katur-
Pres., Miles   Maclnnis, Seel day   for  Toronto,   Montreal    and    all
I Eastern points.
DISTRICT   UNION    NO.   6,i\j\ICCT   Leaves Revelstoke daily for
W.F.M.--Geo. F. Dougherty.!      " '    Seattle and Vancouver.
Pres.,    Greenwood;   Angus     Through bookings to Europe via all
J.McDonald, vice-president,, Atlantio Lines-
Sandon; Wm. Wilson, Sec.-! Prepaid tickets  at lowest  rates issued
Treas., P.O. box 134,Green-1       from a" Elir6Pean countries.
wood. For rates and full particulars a,i,j|y to
local agents, or
Columbia avenue, next to Postoffice.
C. F. & T. Agt.
Nelson, B. C.
E. J. COYLE, A.G P.A.,
_ • — \>—*.^- 1. u.c
Stamps with latest improvements, of up-to-date design, and with wearing parts of
Haolield's steel, from 2 cwts. to 10 cwts. per head, Stout breakers, Crushers, J'M,
Trimmer, Vanners, elc, all constructed in sections for far lity of transport if desired. Paitiit Portable Crushing nnd Amalgamating Pans lor inspecting, A
small concentrating pi .mt tn treat up to five tons erected at the Woil's by which
commercial rcsu>s can be seen by intending purchasers for a merely ni itinal co»t.
Estimates fcr compleu plants on application.   Special attention given to min'm
engineer's speculations.   Telegrams—"JIGGER," Aberystwyth.
GRAND FORKS FEDERAL Labor Union No. 231,
A.L.U.-Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
in Federal Union hall.
Thos.Fodston.Pres., Jno. T.
Lawrence Sec.
In washing woollens and nruinela, l.evor'a
Dry Soap (a puwrlur) will be found vury
oatiufactory. is
If vou want tirst-cljss bottled goods
go to the internation?' Family Liqnor
No. 22, W. F. M., meets every
Saturday evening in Union hall.
D. MacGliBham, Pres., Geo. F.
Dougherty, Sec-Treas.
Edward Hughes, vice-president, Butte, Mont.; Wm.C.
Haywood, secretary-treasurer, Denver, Col.; Executive Hoard: J. T. Lewis,
Globe.Ariz.; L, J. Simpkins,
Wardner, Idaho; Phillip
Bowden,Butte, Mont,; D. C.
Copley ^Independence, Col.;
O. A. Peterson, Tarraville,
S. D., James A. Baker, Slo-
c-n City, B. C.
Union No. 62, W, F. M.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at 7:30 in Min
ers' Union hall. Geo. Nich
ol, Pres.D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Une "Tunisian" Nov I
Allan Line, 'Corinthian." Nov8
Beaver I.ine "Lake Megunlic" Ocl ;o
Beaver Line "Lake Simcoe"  Nov 6
From Portland
Dominion Line "CaUlbrtlian" Oct 35
Dominion Line "Colouian"  Nov 15
From   Boston.
Dominion Line "New Knglami," Ocl 22
Dominion Line "Commonwealth'1 Novs
From New York.
Wnite Star Line "Majestic" Del 39
While Slar Line "Celtic" Ocl 31
White Star Line "O.erruauic,"  Nov 5
Cnnard Liue, Utnbriu," Nov I
Cunard Line"Lucania"  Nov8
Cunard Line  "Ktturin" No.- 15
American Line "I'liiladelphiu"  Oct 29
American Line ''St. Paul" Novs
American Line "st   Louis"  N0V12
Red Star I.ine "Zeeland"  Oct 23
.Red Star Line "Hinland" Nov I
Red Star Line "KiusitiRtou" Nov S
Continental sftilingaoi French. North German
Lloyd, Hamburg-American, Holla d.American
Priuce and Italian Lines on application.
RATKS—Saloon fares, $5000. and upwards
Second, J35 and upwards, according to steamer
and location of berth. Sieerage ipioted on ap-
plication. Prepaid Pnsaagea front Kngland and
the continent at lowest rales.
Full particular! Cily Tickel office Columbia
Avenue Roaaland, B. C.
A.   C. McARTHUR Ageu
Fine Exhibition.
A ejiccial fren exhibition ie being given by Mux R. Hopkinc,
tite representative of (be International Corresponding Schools in
t be sloro four doors east of post
ollice. The purpose of the exhibit
is to show the reference libraries
oullitard instrunieuts which are
used by lhe studcntB of the Inter-
ational Correspondence Schools.
One very interesting fenlure is the
phonograph used language which
students talk in French,German and
Sanish. The exhibit will be
open the 27t, 28th, and 29th. Drop
in while you  are down town.
Fine wines and liquors at tbe Icier-
national Family Liquor Store.
THE PALACE, three doors west of
the new postoflice. importers and dealers
in choice Candies, Fruits, Cigars and
Tobaccos, nnd the popular War Eagle
and ("cntrc Star 5c Cigars. Sorbin &
For liigh-nBde whiskey go to the In
te-ojattoual I'ainily Jjqnw tSare. ™
Nelson tii Fort Sheppard Railway
Red Mountain Railway
! Washington tii Great Northern R'y
TRADES    AND    LABOR ]Vanco"ver,Victoria tii Eastern R'y tii
COUNCIL—Meets every sec-1 Nav. Co,
ond ands fourth Tuesday inj 	
each month at 7.30 P. M, in'
Miners'Union Hall.    Presi-i   The only all rail between'points east.
dent, W.L.McDonald.   Ad    ,westi!",c!   ?ou,h .,0'Koaslund,   Nelson,
Grand lorks and Republic. Connects
at Spokane with the 'Irc.it Northern,
Northern Pacific and(). R. & N. Co.
for points east, west nnd south; connects
at Rosaland and Nelson with thc Canadian Pacific R'y.
Connects at Nelson with K. li. A N.
Co. for Kaslo and K' & S. points.
Connects at Curlsw with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, li. C
I Job Printing
Book and
eont*$rcial M
Office jjj
U     Printinq A
§       ***** I
p|  Done With Neatness and Despatch.     Mail rt
8 B
f"Y      Orders will Revive Prompt Attention n
$         — ! R
^   Worid Job Office Jjl
dress all communications to
Secretary-Treasurer, P, O.
box 784.
ION No. 335,—Meets on the
last Sunda'y'of each month|rSSJ,cars run between SpokaneamJ
at the Miners' Union Hall
J Barkdoll,    Sec;     Wm
Poole, Presld Effective Sunday, Aug. 17, 1902
Leave Spokane 0:25 a.m.
Arrive Rossland 5:10 p.m.
 8 00 p.m.
545 P.m.
Leave Republic q:2o a.m.
leave   Millers (Grand Forks) 11:07 a.m.
1 eave Nelso 1 7:15 a.m
I   ave Rossland m 30 a.m.
' five Spokane ; 45 p.m
For further information rcKardinj;
t servation of berths or price of tickets,
a >ply to any agr it of the above com-
f. mies, or to
Ortif 11 ttmtmmt Ant
spuk/oic. Wuh.
lltat, aUMuaid, a C
Union 'of America.  'Meettt.MiUeri Sadies)^5?i
first Monday in each monti, I Arrive Republic
In Miners' Union hall.     A-:
Graham  president.    L. S I
Falrclough secretary, P. O
box 314.
ERS   UNION—meets every
Friday of each w tek at 7.
30 p. m. in   Miners' Union
Hall.   W.R.Baker,  Pres.;
John McLaren) Sec, r
i Merely
Unusual Sales in Republic
The Latest Quotations and Sales
Locally    Upon    the
There waB an unitRual quantity
o! Republic stock sold today. Of
the local stooks Centre Star and
Giant still maintain tbeir lead in
the publio favor. The aggregate
number of Bhares wild instill small
Today's Local Quotationa:
American Boy	
Ben Hur	
■tick Tall	
Butle* Boston	
Canadian Gold Pleldi	
Cirlbov (C*mp McKlnner)	
Crowi Neat Pmi Coil I
Dardanelles.... *'.*
Deer Trail No. t „
Fiiber Maiden	
Gold Ledge	
Oranby Consolidated %
■omeatake (Assess, paid)	
boa Mask (Aaaeaa. paid)	
Jim Blaine	
Morning Glory	
Mountain Lion	
North Btar ..-Salt Kootenay) a
frfsaaia atandiii..."."!!."""."!
■ambler-Cariboo (ex-dlv)	
Baa Poll	
St. Klmo Conaolidated	
Bn'.livan        a.%
-Totn Thtimb    ,.      ,,
War Ka«le Consolidated        iq
Walarloo (Assess, paid)         ,«
White »aar (.-).»«... p„|d)          ,
Waoderlnl         2A
Today's Local gales,
Centre Star,1000, 36£c.l000,3tV;
Giant, 5000, 3Jo; San Poil, 500,
"J9c, 500,18 jc, 500,18c; Jim Blaine,
KlOP, 4c; Mountain Lion, 500, 14c;
PayAe, 1500, 13|o;'Beptiblic, 1000,
7Jc.   Total, 12,500.
Mow is the Time to Buy
CfiD   CUE   r.OO War'.iglu.r.nu Centre
run   OraLC   Star.lOOO S . liugeiie.r.ooo
White Beat
Ufl LITE II lOOO North St. r,
Options Hold on All
J. L Whitney &
Music Hall
Emma  Whitney's  (nny comedy
"Levi and McCarthy"
Also Frank Rynerson s beauti
ful comedy drama In three
acts'emitli d
fa conjunction with our.new vaudc-
ville company headed by the
great lyric artist
Vera McGregor.
I Russell & ArmstrongXt..
I. Mmlaalon,      .     .   ISe and 25c
V       BOX SEATS   50o
Mrs. R. A. Laird 1 as left for the
The Bonan/.a'conipany has boon
■ organized.
The Deborah Rebekahs announce
a (Unce for Friday next.
The last of the international survey party has arrived in camp.
It is said lhat findh have been
made lately in mayoral timber.
Baud practice of the bugle corps
will lie held iu future on Tuesday
The oity counoil will have some
important issueB up before it tonight.
Mr. A. MoNish of Montreal is
paying this city a visit on mining
That liquid air entertainment
will come off on Nov. 4 at the
opera house.
The eaglet is the young of the
eagle. It is the latest name for tie
old time ''winner."
Tht: Oddfellows entertained their
grand master, Allan (Vitham, of
Victoria, last nigh*.
Tho abolition of Ihe ward system will do niUch towards simplifying and broadening municipal
It has been suggested that the
city council defer to a public meet-
iug, as to an expression of public
opinion on the water right question .
The bout between Dan Russell
and Billy Armstrong was in deadly earnest last night. It is hard
to say who had the worst of the
It is thought that if a public
meeting were canea tu tne nmier=
Union hall, over the water question
that Manager Kirby would not
SAnt'tk proper .0 enter those anarchistic walls.   Dear! Dear!
Dor- Gardiner, La Lista and
Alma Bailey wore an unusually
attractive trio in the International
drama last night. The merits of
the first named are well known
but those of the others came as a
welcome surprise.
Constable .Stewart has neither
been hanged, drawn nor quartered
as yet. It is lucky for that enterprising individual and hiB chief
tbat they exist under the liberty
loving skies of Rossland. In other
parts ol the Empire they might
meet witi, a shorter shrift.
Promising New Mining District Developing Round
Green  City.
"The. north fork of tbe Hairnet
river is rapidly coming tfl tJe
fronts" &MJ6 George Green W n
has lately come in. from shsit^s-
tion where-he is. match intoirustel
and where hp has had l-.itely *i
extra 1AQ0' acrw surveyed by H> h
Smith, M. f. C. £., au an addiuot
to Green City.
"In the immediate vicinity if
Green City there are several properties which are bound to come 4
the front. There is the Dtud>
hammoml, owned by P.   Buiub ds
28, 1902.
Ti:* 'ma«   Pino.
Charles P. Robbins, of the Lone
Pine company.BtateB that rtjjj Lone
Pine n-ovild aot resume operations
at prdsent. No work oan be done
to vdvautage until regular ship.
ments can be made.
Tolce Poini Oysters, Mountain Trout,
Mil'ard Ducks, Fresh Crabs, mst re
cesved at the PALACg.
Crawford Bavy Iron
We have a
line of	
! Fruits for Preserving
Reports from Crawford Bay are
to the effect that iron deposits ou
yroy'a creek, a tributary of Crawford creek, are showing up favorably. A seven foot lead has been
exposed in a Bhaf't now down
I weniy feet.
Tift PALACE, three doors west  of
'<■• new postortice, importers and dealers
in choice Candies, Fruits,  Cigars  and
Co;, lying about 1400 feet north  $Tn°^c^T& *? p^,ular w*r u?a*!«
,   '   J    "    „   ' „,.. anct t-entce c*a- 51   Cigars.    Sorbin  &
the Copper Farm.   This property , tionnean.
is   being   opened   up, a   crossoU
which has laid bare a ledge   aboto
40 feet wide of tine copper   05*
milking    it    one    of    the    mod
FOR RENT- Vu-ely furnish, d rooms,
steam heated, at the Queen 1 odging
Houm.', Oueen street, U-iween Columbia
and First avenues.
*m I
North \V;ishing!i>n St.
In the ItmttlT Of un ;iliplhnlii.il fm .,   1
of iiCiTtlfli'iltctn Tlllolo i-irl ul   iol-t
"I   III", k 1). ill   ii- I..ul-.   ,     Ailililluii. Tu*
uf i;.i:-liuiil IMopSHI).
Notiee li hereby ifi\ en Itini I i-my itttentiun
1ui>HUent tho expiration of e ■ Muntli from
the fir>l iiiililieiUiun li.-reuf ft ill until of tlie
lerlilti ulu uf Title lu Hie nlxit • rl nf l.ntn
Dand".'l. block I>. In the Ft«i- - Addition,
Town'if liOHHllllnl. iM.ipBlll)   lu 11,111119. of
.lamer   W, Thninii-iii, ami   1**11' iinphon,
which>   rttflcate N.L.loil tlie l.'i .'I      uf l'ch-
initi'i. . > l numbered 278SK.
II. f. Macl.it
Land IU-h-i-Ii-j Office Si
bor, im.
PiHtrlit ItutrlKlrnr.
son, B.C., fill Ot-lo-
Rotirinq  From Sualnssr..
Having decided   to ret're from  business 1 am now ofTcrinj: my entire  slock
of Millinery,   Furs,   Silk   Waists.  Silk bmelter, an an  auxiliary.
Skirts, Dress .ind   (.oil   Skirts, Ladies', ■
Misses'   at d   Children's    Jackets   ,ind
Coats at bait piicc,
(ioodtvc Block.
We have ju»t rccei.cd a carload of
Ashcroft Potatoes. Kow ls the time m
lay in your winter supply. They will lie
said cheap in live and ten sack lots.
MORRISON * iUaj'.NTOtf.    I creased
T .ir<! Furnace Has Been
i'u, in Blast at Granby
Phoenix, Oct. 28.— For the first
time in several months heavy Hhip-
ments were rehtuned today from the
(Iranhy ndneH to the company'!!
•melter at Grand Folks, at the rate
of 3d cart eaoh 24 hours, or nearly
110'i tons, the third furnace of the
smelting wotkf being put in blast
today, inly tw>> having been running lately, first on account of tbe
Shortage of coke, and then because
of low waler in the ncrth fork of
Kettle river.
As it vtill probably be but a
couple of weeks till the power from
Cascade is Eupplitd to the Granby
by that time the fourth furnace of
thc smelter will be in blabt. The
increase in ehipmeut of ore nd
thus in treatment at the smeltei
means largely augmented forces of
workmen at both tbe company'!
ininet and reduction works, which
will a little Inter be still further in
Hoard and room $6 a week. St.Charles
Hotel.   Charles Ehlers.
I   Cereal Products,
\   Hay and Grain....
~ Kossland, B.C.   Phone 17
.   I'.-Air-qioultiy fooil aiul   uiniiil regulator
'iUalaUaUUUMUIUi! UitUU llllUUsinilUB
For high-grade whiskey go to the fn-
tfr-natlonal. Vamily Ltqoor Ntore.
Nicely furnished rooms with bath  and
at  the  Opal,
For high-class family honors go to the
tntetaational 7 milv liquor Store
Thos. Embleton,
Staple and Fancy
Orr. International Homr.
The general public is cordially Invited
to call and nepect our atoc s.
Prices guaranteed  to be right   Goods
delivered to any part ol the > ty.
PHONE 296.
Alhambra Hotel
Steady Boarders. fGOOpor week.
promising copper properties in tl|» &t«*«™ gJS*" "
province.   As soon as a lijtle mo*
surface work is accomplished Mr.
Sharp,    the mining engineer for
the proprietors, will put on a large
force of men,
''The Copper Farm is working
steadily and is looking well. Tunnel No. Z"is in about (>00 feet and
some fine booking copper ore his
been encountered. The Twin and
Spokane Bell, owned by Harrison
and Peck lies about a quarter mile
north of Green Oity and is being
worked by the. ownero. A shaft
suck about 25 feet has disclosed
good values in both gold and copper. The Second Relief iB working a force of about 35 men which
will be increased shortly aB a hue
ledge of gold copper ore haB bem
opened up.
The Katie D. Green is about to
work the property of that name
A strung syndicate has just benn
»-i»med for this purnose in the east
and it is expected that development will now proceed continuously, "j,     1-
* The Arlington is workita?stead
ily, and the ore lately come upon
is better than any other sf Jsjj
found in that mine.
"The Canadian King ha- been
bonded lately by Messrs. C. Moore
aud Connelly, wtio expect to reap
a nice profit out of their leaBe.
"Tho placer mines are I; sii.g
steadily worked. A company has
lately p irehased the 1'atti rsop
boys claim, the price paid being
$10,000. Besides thin there a number of small claims • being steadily
worked with excellent results.
"Altogether at the present time,"
concluded Mr. Green, "there is a
force of some 120 men being employed around the mines on the
North Fork, which number may
confidently be expected to be trebled
by spring."
Don't Start
The winter wilh th:<4; cough!
It's Dangerous
f neglected!
Our Lung Syrup
Is guaranteed to earn any
ordinary cough. JI it's
chrome and youf lungs are
affected then tuke our pure
Codliver Oil il conjunction
with  our   : : ,::::::
Syrup of Hypophosphites
Goodeve Bros.,
DruggiBtB and  Stationers.
WIt pays to deal   with Goodeve BlP*
Don't Forget!
Don't forget th* Pears, Peaches,
r/nncB and Crab Apples a-e
now at (heir best.
Preserved Fruit for Winter
Cornea in very haruly when there
is no fresh fruit in the market.
Don't wait fnr it it yet cheaper.
You ''HI V-» J;.-.tat«*/<->■( -.A it'vr"-   *
p.ny Cases just Arrive)!    Perfection Scotch! the Whisky that
made  Edinburgh,   Scotlind, fa
moua.    Sold at the  HOFFMAN
Lots of Fruit ancl Jars to
put it in.
Paulson Bros.
Wnihlnt/ton «». mud V\tr* Aw
J. M. Jordan!
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Two modern hearses—White
and lllaclc.   'Phone 109.
Ellegantly Punished Rooms.
A the old boys are tordlatly invited to
r »■ nrn former patronage. New psttrons
will receive kindest crisUforatlon.
. ^iffloe opposite Qreat
Northern  ticket office
next to Red Star
We make a 3uetiWiJ/  of family  trade
 "   Liquor Store
Maple Leaf Sainon. 'f^f^j^'^.
Columbia Aveuui
McPhee & McOtinell,  - Pruprs.
Fine Wines, Liquors. & Cigars.
Phoue 164.
Tea and Coth. <..ikrt]
aud Home ty Vj| V
Importers and Retailers of Fine Dry Good*, Silks, FuRishjngs, Etc.
The Crescent offers the following seasonable goods atpricos fii-.*- cat
not be touched in the city.   The prices quoted boirft are opfly a fe\r
of the many bargains we show.:
Notice to Delinquent Co-Ownors
Mineral Act a d  Amending-  Acts
In the matttr of the ' Lone St.ir" i,i<l
• Sibley" mineral claims, -ituate on ihe
'ast slope of Sophie mountain, in the
Trail Creek mining division of West
1 ootenay, li. C, and recorded a Ross-
To Joseph B. Dabney, William Dtain,
George Moore, Ovid Poulin and R, C.
McDonald, or any other person r.r persons to whom thty or any of the m.,;
have assigned their interests in (heattoTfl
inineral.claims or either of them.
You and each of you are liereby noti-
tigedthat I have expended in iissi liieat
work for the two years endim the 7U1
day olMay, A. D. iu02, the sum of .50,
in accordance with the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within ninety dnjs
from the first publication of this notice
you fait to contribute your shatc of the
ibove  expenditure,   together with the
ists of advertising, your interests in the
sa l claims will become the properly of
me, the undersigned, Tuocr section 4 of
the Mineral Act, Amendment Act iqoo.
Dated at Kossland, 11. C this 1. ■ :ul day
of May iijoa.
We offer a choice collection of patterno in silks
suitable for ladies' waists, a few of the many
patterns are shown in our window. These
goods are sold for $1, !fi J5 and $1.50.
Special Price 50c per yd
Special Clearance of Jackets
15 Jackets which we had left over from  laat
year; Ihey  sold regularly for }K,  $10, $12.50,
JH5, S16 50 and £20.
To Clear at only  $5.00 each
Eiderdown Dressing Sacques
In blue,  cream, white,   red, tan  and   mauve,
only a few left.
Special price $1.50
Blankets and Comforts
Now is the time to sc. ure your needs in blankets and comfcrts. Our stick in lliis class of
goods was never so conp'ete and prices to
suit all purses.
Turkish towels, white or cream — ioc, 15c, 25c
Linen towels.. ioc, I2^c, 15c, 25c. 35c, soc, 60c
White cotton towels 5c, 8c. 10c, n^c
.In me Men's Dept
Ready-to-Wear Clothing.
Men's naw blue or blaok serge suits, single or
double breasted pc>,*io,stio.56, $12 50. *s5. *'°-5°
Men's Tweed Suits.
Ail wool tweed suits, single or double breasted,
sold from Jloto $20.
To clear at  $5s $6, $8, $10
t, Men's Overcoats.
This U the  kind of   weather which demands
overcoats, we have tht m.
Tan whipcord overcoBli fq and £10.50
Light Oxford grey overcoats J1000
Men's navy blue overcoats   12.50
Men's l)res« Shoes J2.50 and $3.50
Men's chn mc tanned mining shoe  3.00
50 pair men's mining shoe, sold regularly
at .I13, to clear at   2.00
150 colored shirts in so't and  filled
bosoms, 1 uffs detached, lirst prices were
ifi, #1.25 and I1.50, to clear at	
Everything you require in Corsets, Hosiery,  Underwear,   Gloves,   Handkerchiefs, Laces,
Embroideries, Ribbops, nil this season's goods, and our  prices are always   the lowest
TelephoHe 107.
Columbia avenue.


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