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Vol. Ill, No. 64
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We  carry a
full  line  of
Libby, MoNeill & Libby's and Armour's
Items of Interest  Round
the World.
The Doings of Conspicuous Persons,
Affecting Canadian In- '
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t The Brackman-Ker MillingCompany |
Office opposite Qreat
Northern  ticket  clB»»
next to Bed »trr
Cartlfleata of Improvement*.
"Idaho Fraction" Mineral Claim, situated in the Trail Oreek Miuing Division
of West Kootenay DiBtrict. and adjoining the "Enterprise," "Idaho" and "Virginia" Mineral Claims.
Take notice that I, T. P. O'Farrell of
Rossland, B. C, acting aa agent for
Mary Kraus, free miner's certificate No,
BS4770, and William Kellem, free miner's certificate No. B548gi, intend, sixty
days from the dato hereof, to apply to the
mining recorder for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of ob-
toinlngja crown grant of the above claim
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate ot
Dated at Rossland, B. C, this 7th day
Mine Timber ■ Specialty
t  GOOD   WOOD  in  large  or f
small quantities.
Ladies of the Maccabees of the
of February, A. L. 1903.
Columbia Transfer Co.
. The Voters List
Get your name on the voters
ists otherwise you can't vote this
year. All former lists are destroyed.
Two prizes will be given at the Alhambra Bowling alley every two weeks for
the largest score made,
Private dining rooms for   ladies
at the Palaoe.
You may be in nf ed of some groceries
You may need a new grocer. If so, we
will appreciate your account and treat
you right. 0. M. FOX & CO.
The Pope is still lingering.
There haB been a slump on Wall
street BtookB.
Muoh damage is being done by
floodB in various parts of  Austria.
A headon collision near Dee
Moines has resulted in two deatha.
No explanation has as yet been
forthcoming of the retirement of the]
Minister of Railways.
The tendency towards war in the
Far EaBt is more marked as each
day develops the situation.
Street fighting has occurred in
Chicago over the strike of the Kellogg switch board company.
Gambling has been shut down in
Boise by the successful labor candidate for mayor, James Hawley.
The Irondequoit iu Bailing in
Charlotte Harbor anterior to her
challenging for the Canada oup.
It iB proposed to place a
duty of two shillings a quarter on
all foreign corn imported into Great
Has Control of a Vast Army of Women on the Conti-
nent-The National Council of   Women
and Its Work.
A conspiracy to revenge the
death of the late King Alexander,
has been unearthed at Bucharest,
It is Btated that R. S. Oliver is
likely to sucoeed Secretary Root at
the head of the war department in
Great Britain has just conoluded
a favorable treaty with Persia entirely sweeping away all the late
gains made by Russia.
Many of the minor personages of
the Cabinet are likely to resign, if
Chamberlain's polioy is pressed,
whioh undoubtedly will be the
A big campaign fund is being
raised in Great Britain and the
colonies for the purpose of helping
the Secretary of State of the Colonies.
Charges for attempted judicial
bribery in connection with the
Heinze-Amalgamated cases are
being brought against Attorney
Chamberlain will put in a candidate expressing his fiscal policy
in every constituency represented
by a ministerialist who is opposed
to the new departure.
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going at cost at THE CRESCENT
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best values in Miners' Shoes in the city.
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boyB' clothes can be had at Empey
Our $8 to $16 suits in blaok  are
wonders.   EMPEY BROS.
LOST—On Saturday night, bunch of
keys.   Return to this office.
Wanted—300 Backs of charcoal
at once.   Apply at the Palace.
All the ladies in the city, especially Mrs. Malcolm, queen bee,
are iD a stir over the visit of
Mrs. Lillian M. Hollister, Supreme Commander of  the   LadieB
of the Order of the MaocabeeB of the
World. Mrs. Hollister is also
Treasurer ol the American
National Council of Women's Orders. With this council is affiliated every society of ladies in the
United States, eaoh of which sends
delegates to the Counoil. Where
the societies are mixed the delegates
sent must be women, the men being compelled to take a back seat.
Seventeen different countries are
also affiliated in the Bame manner,
and the National Councils of eaoh
togethdr, form an International
The work entailed in these two
offices are not sufficient for the
wonderful energy of Mrs. Hollister..
who is also a prominent member of
the Order of the Eastern Star,which
Bhe joined in Detroit some 15 years
ago, being praotioaUy her first entrance into society work. She
also belongs to the Woman's Relief corps and various women's
dubs instituted for literary and
charitable purposes.
Mrs. Hollister gave a representative of the World, who interviewed
her thiB afternoon at the Allan
Hotel, between a Sohool of Instruction given this morning at the
Miners Union Hall and a public
reception at the Allan, which was
being held between one and two
o'clock, some interesting facts. She
stated that the Order of the Ladies
of the Maccabees haa a membership of 125,000, which was rapidly
increasing. Last month 5200 certificates were signed, and the rate
of increase is generally between
4000 and 5000 a month. The hive
in Rossland was very enthusiastic
and had about 100 members with
some 40 applications pending.
These carried protection to the extent of $100,000. Besides this there
were in the provinoe nine other
hives, none, however, as large as
that of Rossland, though great
strides had been made lately in
Victoria. The total provincial
membership is 450 with a protection of $370,000.
Mrs. Hollister oame in last night
from Winnipeg where she was very
well received, the looal press speaking of her as the only lady who had
had so flattering a reception since
the daya of Misa Willard. The
Maccabees are strong in the prairie
city and Mrs. Hollister seemed
quite pleased with the progress
made. On her arrival here last
night she was met by a deputation
of Knights and LadieB of the Maccabees, the two orders although
affiliated, being entirely separate
organizations, both from Grand
Forks which sent quite a strong
deputation. Tbis morning she was
taken by the Ladies around the
city and showed tbe mines where
she was received with the utmost
courtesy and is muoh impressed
with the magnificent future evidently lying before this city. The
scenery also greatly charms her as
every other visitor to this mountain camp.
After the drive came the Sohool
of Instruction and the reception at
the Allan Hotel, from whioh she
is proceeding to the Miners Union
Hall, where the following programme is being rendered:
Chairman — Mrs. Alice Long,
Past Commander.
Music—Graham's orchestra.
Prayer- Rev. R. F. Stillman.
Hymn—"Blessed Be the Tie that
Address of Welcome—His Worship Mayor Dean.
Response — Mrs. Josephine H.
Desilets, D. P. C.
Solo—Miss Mary Purcell.
Address—Mrs. Lillian Hollister.
Supreme Commander.
Invitation a 1* Valse— (Weber)
Mrs. J. M. Fitz-Patrick.
Display Drill by guards of the
Ladies of the Maccabees.
National Anthem by audience.
First Step to Be Taken
This Evening.
All Ranks and Conditions to Join in
to Give the Camp a Rattling
Send Off.
The celebration committee will
get down to business this evening,
meeting at the call of the honorary
president, Mayor Dean, at the city
hall at 8 o'clock. The business
will be the appointment of a permanent Becretary, and also chairman of the general executive committee. Subcommittees on parade,
drilling, sports, reception, accommodation, games, advertising, programme, finanoe, will be formed.
Subcommittees will probably be
permitted to seleot their own chairman. The miners, of course, are
chiefly interested in the parade and
the drilling, but naturally will not
object to representation being conceded them on other committees.
There is every likelihood of a
harmonious gathering whioh indeed
iB absolutely necessary for success.
A mutual spirit of concession, and
an elimination of all partizan feeling will do muoh to promote, this.
The celebration is entirely a citizens affair, and is being got up by
no particular set or party. Daring
the celebration the C. P. R. employes, a union body of men, will
take the opportunity to parade and
other similar bodies in town will
do the same with them. It is
hoped that the civic dignitaries and
the business men generally will
join in.
Mrs. Hollister is a lady of much
character, as well befitting one who
has the supreme say in the councils
of 125.000 women and who is a
leading spirit with some 2,000,000
on this continent. She is reputed
an excellent speaker of much intellectuality, whicb, coupled with a
vivacity all her own, goes far to explain tbe charm of her personality.
Before you purchase a new suit
of olothes oome and let us show you
our new line that we have just received.    EMPEY BROS.
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Our lines of Ladies' Shoes are all well
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Star. Laird, Bchober, Utz Sc Dunn, Geo.
A. Slat*r, etc. You are invited to come
and see the latest arrivals.
Grsat Storlam Arriving From tha Rlvor
•t Trail
Constable Davitt of Trail telephones this morning from below
that there is nothing the matter
with the Columbia river at tbat
point. It Beems that fishing is
just the right sport in the Smelter
City. According to the Constable
Mr. Guernsey caught yesterday a
trout weighing four pounds three
ounces while last evoniog John
Craig caught another whose weight
was three and a quarter pounds
while Postmaster Brown overlays
the record by catchirjg a few days
since a trout which tipped the
scale at four pounds six ounces.
What's the good ol going to Slocan
You can save money by shopping
during the week at
The Evening World
IBrHhe World^bliiUntfCompuy.
Hntered at the Rossland, B. C, postoffice for
transmission through the mails,May i.i.iyoi as
second class reading matter.
Eg       ■'-■■■■    ■ 	
month or fjaa rear, invariably in advance, Advertising rata made known on application.
LONDONERATES-S1.15  per annum
1*. U.IB01 902 Rossland, B. C.
Virgil once wrote a line of poetry
so apt and expressive that it
has- become a proverb, says the
Viotoria Colonist. It taught the
lesson to "fear the Greeks even
when they come bearing gifts." It
is astonishing the number of
Greeks who have recently come to
the rescue of the British Empire
against the designs of the arch-
traitor, Mr. Joseph Chamberlain.
Among the latest is that distinguished Irish-American politician
Mr. Bourke Cochrane. For the
abilities and eloquenoe of that
gentleman we have the highest
admiration, but we can never forget that his whole personality is
imbued with hostility to the British Empire which all his eloquenoe
has been used to express. Mr.
Cochrane after having fomented
race bitterness to dismember the
Empire, after having stimulated
American hostility to isolate it,
and after having applauded the
Boers to destroy it, now weeps in
well-feigned sorrow over the humiliating end to which it is destined
if it accepts the ideas and adopts
the policy of Mr. Joseph Chamber'
lain. That the United States pro
fits in the slightest degree by hav
ing the free run of the British market, Mr. Cochrane denies. A trade
bargain between the various parts
of the Empire would be fatal to its
integrity, and the element of pro
taction in it would be an effort to
do business at a loss and to remedy
it by taxation and legislation
"The integrity of the Empire" is a
strange phrase in the mouth of Mr.
Bourke Cochrane, seeing that it is
something he has devoted his life
and his talents to destroy. It Mr.
Chamberlain is now doing so for
him, why should he interfere? To
what pass has the Empire come
tbat it must appeal to him for protection, or that he should voluntarily offer it? Had we been
doubtful of Mr. Chamberlain's
programme, and questioned its
feasibility and advantage, the fact
that Mr. Bourke Cochrane had
come forward to oondemn it would,
in itself, be enough to induce ub to
reconsider our opinion. If Mr
Chamberlain's polioy were to be
judged alone by what the enemies
of Great Britain have to Bay about
it, it would be accepted in itB en
tirety tomorrow by Great Britain's
But the basin tapped by Rock
creek looks to the north. It follows therefore that while the snow
on Rock creek still lingers, that on
Stoney oreek has all disappeared
because of its southern exposure.
Therefore when Stoney creek begins
to dry up Rock creek is still in full
flood, and is able to supplement
the supply from Stoney creek, until
the autumn rains again augment
the volume of water in all the
creek beds. But while this is all
very well for the summer dry Bea-
son, it is not at all applicable to
the winter dry season which falls
in February. Here comes in the
southern exposure of Stoney and
Little Sheep creeks. The sun, beginning to get powerful, melts to a
certain extent the snow on the
basin of both these creeks. But
the amount thus gained is not sufficient for the needs of the city. The
supply from Rock creek has gone
to a minimum and little or no
water is derivable from that source.
From Stoney oreek the amount is
insufficient. This is not" always
the caBe, but it happened this
spring and may happen again at
any springtime. Hence the advisability of connecting with the system from the east and west forks of
Little Sheep oreek. The city has a
first record on these waters above
the level of 3021 feet whicb is nearly 400 feet below the level of Columbia avenue. Now the Le Roi
has a flume from the east fork of
Little Sheep creek. This fork is
supplemented by the water brought
by the Jumbo flume from the west
fork. Further the Le Roi No. 2
are constructing from another
point, lower down, a third flume,
also from the west fork. These
three practically brine all their
water, with the exception of that
used in the Jumbo, to the Black
Bear and thence to the lower pond.
A connection made between the oity
and the Le Roi system of water is
a connection made with waters of
Little Sheep oreek. It is for this
reason that the making of the con
nection is urged. An added rea
son is that the city, having the
prior right to the water on Little
Sheep oreek above the level of 3021
feet is not obliged to return it to
Litlle Sheep creek, though no doubt
this could be done by the ooncen
trator, using the city water, if
wanted by the Silica plant.as there
is absolutely no desire to check any
industry which will promote the
interests of the camp by whom'
soever undertaken.
More  than
cleaning greasy  dishes  is  in  the
Levar's YZ(WisoHe*d)DiBinfeotant Soap
Powder dusted in the bath aoftena the
•rater at the same time that it disinfects, a
The Palace has   the  only
class grill rooms in the oity.
The Palace has the  only   first-
class bowling alley in the oity..
soap you use,
it's the best;
If it's Sunlight Soap
There is a potent reason lying
behind the city council's wish to
oonnect the main on Kootenay
avenue with the water works of the
Le Roi mine, whioh was not alluded
to in the recent editorial of the
World on the subject. At present
the water system of the city derives
its supply from Stoney and Rock
creeks. The supply from Stoney
is never sufficient for the needs of
the city during the two dry seasons. The aspect of the area
drained by this creek is southward.
£0 is that of   Little Sheep creek.
H. Gaylord Wilshire is the edi
torjand proprietor of Wilshire's
Magazine. He is an ardent So
cialist. He believes in the government ownership of industries, and
when told that the government
cannot undertake big enterprises,
he is in the habit of triumphantly
pointing to the administration ot
the postoffice in the United States.
Lately, however, an attempt was
made by certain Washington peccant, postoffice officials, to hold up
this editor for $5000, the which if
he did cot pay as he was to be told,
and as he was told,t hat as his mag'
azine was nothing but an advertising sheet he would have to pay
heavier postage. The threat was
carried out, and Mr. Wilshire accordingly brought his magazine
over to Canada, where he publishes
it, and having advantage of the
postal arrangements between this
country and the United States, is
able to reach his old subscribers
without having to pay the blackmail demanded.
editorially on the case, ends up
with "Now that the postal frauds
to which Mr. Wilshire refused to
submit have been exposed, he is
naturally triumphant, but his faith
in the wisdom of turning all things
over to the government is strangely
unshaken." The writer of that sentence must be mentally warped.
Supposing he heard tbat a prominent private firm had failed, would
he insist that private ownership
was mistaken? Would bis faith in
private ownership be Bhaken? Supposing he read up the reports of
the commercial agencies, and found
out for himself the faot that 90 per
cent of the men in business in tbe
United States fail, would he still be
an ardent admirer of private ownership? Should he further prosecute
his enquiries, and look up the rail
way reports, and find out for himself that one-half of the mileage of
the railways in the United States
had been in the hands of the receivers, and many thousands of
miles are still in that condition;
that not ten per oent of those railways paid over five per cent; that
the charges for the telegraphs un
der private ownership is double
that whioh it, is in Great Britain under publio ownership, would
his faith in private ownership be
Isolated cases prove nothing. Mr.
Wilsbire has no quarrel with publio ownership, That some officials
were guilty of oorrupt practices,
proves nothing. Are there no defaulting secretaries, cashiers, confidential olerks, directors, under private ownership? It would have to
be shown Mr. Wilshire tbat the
proportion of oorrupt employes was
greater under public than under
private ownership. Even then-
and the allegation is not true, Mr.
Wilshire need merely point out,
as tbe World has pointed out, the
fearful evil of the doctrine "to the
victor belongs the spoils." Under
efficient oivil service in Great Britain, in India, in France, in Germany, there is no temptation to
dishonesty, and dishonesty is there
fore praotioaUy eliminated. There
is no comparison between these
publio officials and the offiotals of
private ownership. Even in this
country, the same will probably
hold true, although our civil ;er
vice, like that of the United States,
is a farce.
Truly Mr. Wilshire is wise to be
unshaken in his creed. It praotioaUy has been unassailed, except in
the opinion of a man who must
have forgotten any little logio
crammed up in his college course.
No Taste. No Odor. rCan be given in glass or
water, tea or coffee without Patient's knowledge.
Colonial Remedy will cure or deatroj the diseased appetite lor alcoholic stimulants, whether
lhe patient is a confirmed inebriate, "tippler,"
social drinker or drunkard j Impossible lor anyone to bave an appetite for alcoholic liquors
after using Colonial Remedy.
Endorsed by Members of W. C. T.:u.
Mrs. Moore, Superintendent of the Woman's
Christain Temperance Union, Ventura, Cal.,
writes: "I have tested Colonial Remedy on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cures have been
many. In many cases the Remedy waa riven
secretly. I cheerfully recommend and endorse
Colonial Remedy, Members of our Union are
delighted to find a practical and economical
treatment to aid us in our temperance work."
Sold by druggists everywhere and  by mall.
Price ft.   Trial package free by writing or calling on Mrs. M. A, Cowan, (for years member of
the Woman's Christain Temperance Union) aaat
18t Catharine Bt.,|Montreal. ^
The Toronto Globe coirimenUng ££& T.R.MORIIOrV^™™^
Paulson Bros.
Large. Red and
Ciqar Stores
Are where you can get the best the market affords in CIGARS, TOBACCOS,   PIPES,  ETC.
California New Cabbage
Victoria Hot House
Walla Walla Radishes,
Spinach, Green Onions,
Asparagus, Rhubarb
...25 Columbia Avenue...
Miners Union
JULY   16
Miners Union Hall
1. No candidate will be accepted or
endorsed by the party unless endorsing the platform and placing his undated resignation in the hands of tbe
endorsing body.
2. Government ownership of trans
3. Compulsory arbitration of labor
4. Absolute reservation of portions
of coal lands by the government. Coal
leases must have a clause inserted
.governing coal prices.
5. Conservation of forests so as to
produce a revenue and to promote the
pulp industry.
6. Insertion of a clause in all charters forbidding the employment of
7* Compulsory soaling of all logs by
government scalers.
8. Free transportation to members
of the legislatures and the judiciary.
0. Gradual abolition of all taxes
upon producers and their products,
shifting the burden on land values.
10. Restriction of Oriental iuimi
gration on the lines of the Natal Act
with a provision for leenactment in
case of disallowance.
11. The abolition of property quail
ftcations or public officers.
12. The establishment and opera
tion of government smelters and re
13. All franchises and subsidies to
be referred to the electorate.
14. Declaration of election day as a
public holiday, with four hours reserved in any case, so as to allow all
employes an opportunity of voting.
15. Farm lands and implements to
be exempt from taxation and wild
lahds to be assessed at the price asked
by holders.
16. No land subsidies to be granted.
17. Ten per cent of public lands to
be set aside for a revenue for education and that childreen up lo 10 years
be given tiee books and meals and
clothing when necessary.
18. Municipalization and public
control of the liquor traffic.
yD Ticket for VT.DU
Ticket for
Saddle Rock Restaurant
W. WALTON, Prop.
Nelson tii Fort Sheppard Railway
Red Mountain Railway
Washington tii Great Northern R'y
Vancouver,Victoria tii Eastern R'y ii
Nav, Co.
The only all rail between points east
west and south to Rossland, Nelson,
Grand Forks and Republic. Connects
at Spokane with the Great Northern,
Northern Pacific and O. R. & N. Co.
for points east, west and south; connects
at Rossland and Nelson with tke Canadian Pacific R'y.
Connects al Nelson with K. R. A N,
Co. for Kaslo and K" & S. points.
Connects at  Curlsw  with  stage
Greenwood and Midway, B. C.
Buffet cars run between Spokane and
Effective June 14, 1903
Leave Spokane 8:4; a.m.
Arrive Rossland 4:3s p.m
Arrive Nelson 7:20 p.m,
Arrive Grand Forks....   4 :oo p.m
Arrive Republic 6:15 p.m
Leave Republic 8:30 a.m.
Leave Grand Forks 10:3; a.m
Leave Nelson 7:20 a.m
Leave  Rossland io:4o a.m
Arrive Spokane 6:15 p.m
For further information regarding
reservation of berths or price of tickets,
apply to any agent of the above com
panies, or to
G enaral Passenger Air
Bpokane, Wash
Re John Y. Cole Addition   to   Rossland
Registered Plan No.   719.
Notice is hereby given to all person r
interested in said plan that application
on behalf of the Consolidated White Bea
Mining Company, Limited, Non-Person
al Liability, will be made to a Judge 0
the Supreme Court in Chambers, at the
Court House, Victoria, B, C, at 10:30
o'clock in the forenoon.un the 28th day of
July,ioo3, for an order changing said plan
so as to close Montreal street and substitute a new street to be called Montreal
street ninety feet to the west thereof; also
to close a portion of Kootenay Avenue between the westerly boundary of Lot 12 in
Block 2 and the westerly boundary of
Lot 16, Block 3 and to open in lieu thereof a street running south through Lots 15
and i6,Block 3,'hence westerly parallel to
the old street to the new Montreal street
above mentioned, including the lane between said Lot 15 and said new Montreal street, also the westerly end of the
lane in Block 10 is to be closed, also the
westerly half of the lane in Block 6.
And further take notice that the plin
of said Addition as proposed to be
amended may be seen at the law office of
the undersigned, Columbia avenue,Kossland, B. C.
Solicitor for Applicants,
Dated 26th June 1903.
Alhambra Hotel
!oAf.DDYER8 $6.50 'per week
The only hotel In the city having a  d
room tor miners.    Free Bath Room.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Prom Montreal,
Allan Une, "Bavarian" July 18
Allan Une, 'Ionian," Junea5
Allan Line, "Tunisian" Aug i
C.P.R- At'anllc S.S., "Lake Brie,"   Ju'y 16
C P.K. Allan.ic S.S , "Lake Manitoba," . Julv -.9
Dominion Line "Canod" July is
Dominion Line, "Kensington "  July 15
Prom  Boston.
CunardLine "Ivernia" July r4
CunardLine "Saionia" Jnly 15
Dominion Line "Colum* us" July 33
Prom New Vork.
White Slar Line "Germanic" July 15
White Star Line "Cedrtc"  July 17
White SUr L*ne "Majestic" July 22
Cunard Liner'Ktrurla" July 8
Cunard Line''Campania" July 15
American Line 'St. Paul" July 22
American Line "St Louis"  July 21
Red Star Line, "Finland"  July it
Red SUr Une "Vaderland" July 25
Continental sailings oi French. Nor:h i.ermaa
Uoyd, Hamburg-American, Holla d-Afuerican
Prince and Italian Lines on application.
RATB8—saloon faree, 150.00, and upwards
Second, $35 and upwards, according to steamer
and location of berth.   Steerage quoted onj ap.
Bllcation.   Prepaid Fasaagea Bom Hngland.snd
ie continent al lowest rate*.
Poll particulars City Ticket efflce Cshuabta
Avajuut WarnHM, B. 0.
. KJ. Fj. EAGLES, Rossland Aerie,
No, 10, Regular, meetings every Monday evenings, F.p, in, Eaglea Hall, Carpenters' Union
J. Levy   W   P,
H, Daniel w. Seorataif.
IA f\ TT* MeeU In Odd Fellows Haul
.KJ.KJ.F . on Queen Btreet, between
First aud Second avenues. Regular meetings
each Monday night, visiting brothera are cordially invited to attend and register within so
w.8. Murphy, Sec,      Jos. Goldsworthy, H. O
St, Paul,Duluth,Minneapolis,Chicago
and all points east
Seattle,''Tacoma, Victoria, Portland
and all Pacific Coast points
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepsrt
Dining & Buffet Smoking Library Can
2-FastTrains Through Daily-2
For rates, folders and^full 'information
regarding trips, call on or address any
agent S. F. Sc N. Railway.
701 W Riverside, Spokane
Seattle. Wash.
H. P. BROWN, Rossland Agent
Certificate of Improvement.
The Brothers and Jungle Fraction
Mineral Claims, situate in the Trail
Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay District,
Where located: Near the international boundary line on Sophie mountain
Take notice that I, Kenneth L. Burnet, Prov, Land Surveyor of Rossland,
agent for E. B. Sentell, Esq., of Van-
couver.B.C free miner's certificate, No.
B57520, intend, sixty days frbm
tbe date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim,
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 4th dav of June, A,D. 1003.
Round trip rateB to all Eastern
points via
Spokane Falls &
Northern Railway
to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth,
Superior.Sioux City.Council Bluffs,
Omaha, St. Joseph, Kansas City,
Atkinson and Leavenworth, $55.00
Asbland, Wis $ 56.90
Chicago, 111    66.50
St Louis, Mo     62.50
Peoria, 111     64.25
Toronto, Out     91.50
Montreal  102.50
Memphis, Tenn     68.50
New Orleans, La     80.55
Detroit, Mich     74 75
Baltimore, Md     84.60
Boston, Mass    87.50
New York  102.50
For selling dates, limits, birth
reservations, etc., apply at oity
ticket office, Bank of Montreal
H. P. Brown, Agent,
Rossland B.C.
H. A, Jackson, G. P. A,
Spokane, Wash THE EVENING WORLD, ROSSLAND B. C, JULY 16, 1903,
Chances   of   the   Lipton
Shamrock the Handsomer Boat but
Is Smaller With Less Sail
The Shamrock III is a marked
departure, in some respects, from
any challenger that has been sent
over from the other side for many
yean past. We have to go back
to Valkyrie II to find a midship
section that bears any similarity to
the easy bilges and full garboards
that distinguish Shamrock III so
sharply from any of her immediate
predecessors, and in this respect
she is the most "wholesome" yacht
sf any of the existing challengers
and defenders of the 90 foot olass.
Having said this much, it has to
be admitted that all the other
characteristic features of the boat
are marked by the extremes of
beam, draft and overall length to
whioh designers have been driven
in their attempt to carry a maximum amount of sail under a rule
which, unfortunately, puts no limit
whatever upon sail area—an unfortunate omission, to whioh more
than anything else is to be attributed the absurdly exaggerated
proportions ot the modern racing
90 footer.
The over-all length of the Sham-
rook ia close to 140 feet, the water
line length slightly under 90 feet;
beam about 25 feet 6 inohes—not
22 feet 6 inohes as reported by a
cablegram sent out by the builders
of the boat—draft in racing trim
21 feet, and her displacement in
neighborhood of 150 tons. Although her midship sec ion is large,
the lines, whioh have been carried
out with the skill that characterizes all the Fife boats, are so sweet
and fair that she looks at first
glance more like a 70 footer than a
boat built to the full 90 foot limit.
The sections throughout are round
and fair, free from sudden changes
of ourve or "humps." "Bound as
a barrel" iB a term lhat may justly
be applied to Shamrock III. She
should show small initial stability
—a valuable feature when tbe wind
is light and the sea troubled—
while her deep and easy bilges will
give her great sail oarrying power
when she is heeled to her best sailing lines. The boat will be comfortable in a seaway and she will
do her best work over the windward and leeward courses.
Her deep midship section will be
a drawback to tbe boat in reaching,
especially when the higher speeds
are attained and wave making begin!, and on this point of sailing
Reliance will probably have no
difficulty in leaving her. To wind
ward, judged purely by their
models, Shamrock III should be
the better boat; but Reliance has
shown such unexpectedly good
windward qualities that it is likely
that she will be able to hold her
on this point of sailing and possibly pull away from her. Before
the wind, under spinnaker, Sham-
rook III, because of her smaller
wetted surface, should be the more
slippery boat; but, on the other
hand, the enormous sail plan oi
the Reliance will probably outweigh her greater wetted surface
and pnll her down to the leeward
mark some minutes ahead of   her
more handsome sister.
The Bail plan of Shamrook II
was found to be so pre-eminently
satisfactory that it has been adopt-
ed with very little ohange in Sham-
rook III, the later boat carrying
about a couple of hundred more
square feet of sail. The mast is
158 feet in length, and the boom
104 feet, with a base line of 78 feet
for the forward triangle. The rig
is thuB, relatively to the Reliance,
narrow for its height and favorable
for windward work. The question
now is whether the deeper bodied,
rounder and sweeter boat, with her
generous sail plan of 14,400 square
feet, can hold her own with a flat
floored, shoal, full bowed boat oarrying fully 1500 square feet more
canvas. It is a dear case of a gamble on the weather, with the odds
largely in favor of the overgrown
boat. In winds that will allow the
Reliance to carry her sail spread
it is thought there is not a doubt
aB to the outcome; but should the
wind pipe up to a strength of 20 to
25 knots, we prophesy dire trouble
for the scow and a good fighting
chance for the smaller boat.
Make your own selection and set your
own price on Wall Paper at Daniel &
Annu, 38 Columbia avenue,
(Adopted nt Kovclstoko, September 13th, 1MB.J
1. That this convention rcafHrms the policy
of the party in mattcro of provincial roadu and
trailH, thu ownership and control of railways
und the development of the agricultural resources of tho provinco as laid down in tho
platform adopted in Uctobor, 18SM), which is as
follows;  ■
"To actively aid in the construotion of trails
throughout tho undovoloped portions of tho
province and tho building of provincial trunk
roads of public necessity.
"To adopt tlie principles of government ownership of railways in so far as the circumstances of the province will admit, and tho
adopt ion of the principlo that no bonus should
be granted to any railway company which
duos not give tho government of the provinoe
control of rates over lines bonused, together
with the option of purchase.
"To actively assist by state nid in the development of the agricultural resources of the
2. That in tho meantime and until thc railway policy above set forth can be accomplished, a general railway act bo passed, giving
freedom to construct railways under certain
approved regulations, analogous to tho system
that has resulted in such extensive railway
construction in tho United States, with so
muoh advantage to trade and commerce.
3. That to encourage the mil.ing industrv,
the taxation of metalliferous mines should be
on tho.basts of apereentoge on tho net profits.
i. That the government ownership of tele
phone systems should bo brought about as a
first stop in tho acquisition of public utilities.
S. That a portion of overy coal area hero-
after to bo disposed of should be resorved from
solo or lease, so that state owned mines may bo
easily accessible, if their operation becomes
necessary or advisable.
(». That in the pulp lnnd leases provision
should be made for reforesting and that stops
should be taken for thu general preservation of
forests by guarding against the wasteful destruction of timber.
7. That tho legislature and government of
the province should persevere In tho effort to
secure the exclusion of Asiatic labor.
8. That the matter of better ternw in thc
way of subsidy and appropriations for the
provinco should be vigorously pressed upon tho
Dominion government.
fl. That tho silver-lead industries of the province bo fostered and encouraged by the imposi-
t ion of increased customs duties on lead and
lead products imported into Canada, and that
(lie Conservative mombers of the Dominion
House bo urged to support any motion introduced for such a purpose,
10. That as industrial disputes almost invariably result in great loss and injury both to the
parties directly concerned and to the public,
legislation should be passed to provide means
for an amicable adjustment of such disputes
between employers and employes.
11, That It is advisable to foster tho manufacture of tho raw products of tho province
within thc province as far us practicable by
means of taxation on tho sold raw uroducts,sub-
ject to rebato of the same in whole or part
when manufactured in British Columbia.
Conservative Conventions
At a meeting of the executive of tho Provincial Conservative Association, held at Vuncouvor, tho province was divided into live divisions for organisation purposes. The Kooto-
nay-Uoundury division is made up of the following provincial election districts: Revel*
stoke, Columbia, Fernie, Cranbrook, Ymir,
Kaslo, SlociHi, Grand Forks, Greenwood, the
City of Hossland and tho City of Nelson. At
thu stlme meotthg tho following resolutions
were adopted:
1. That conventions for nominating candi*
dates fur members of tho legislative assembly
be mudu up of delegatus chosen us follows:
(a) In city electoral districts, one delegate
for every fifty and fraction of fifty votes polled
at tho provincial election hold in 11)00. and if
thu citv is divided Into wards, tho proportion
of delegates for each ward shall be based on
the vole polled in each ward at the lust municipal election.
(b) J11 other electoral districts, one delegate
for every llfty or fraction of fifty votes polled
at the provincial olection held in 11)00. the delegates to be apportioned to polling places, or as
near thereto as will be fair lo the voters of the
different neighborhoods.
2. The election of delegates shall be at public meetings, held ut u designated central place
In each polling division, or iu euch wurd in city
electoral districts, if the city is divided into
wards. At such public meetings only those
who pledge themselves to voto for tho candidate or candidates selected at. the nominating
convention shall be ontitled to a voto for dele-
gal es
3. Two weeks notice shall bo given of the
public meet ings at which dolegatcs are to be
elected, and nominating conventions shall bo
held In city electoral districts two day.-) after
the day on which delegates are elected, and In
other electoral districts seven days after. All
nominations throughout tho province to be
made at a designated central pluce in each
electoral district, and on tho same day.
i. All notices of the date of public moctings
for the election of dolegatcs to nominating
conventions, thu apportionment of delegates,
and the pluce and date of nominal ing conventions in the several doctoral districts shall bo
prepared by thc member of the executive of
tho division in which tho electoral districts aro
situate, and issued over the names of the president and secretary of the Provincial Conservative Association
Now Is the Time to Buy Lots
in Similkameen City, B. 6.
CAMP HEDLEY is the most talked of oamp in the province, and situated in the centre ie Similkameen City, surrounded by
rioh mines whioh will shortly have large payrolls. Over 200 lots have been sold to business people who realize that Similkameen will become the metropolis of this district. The Nickel Plate mineB have expended $300,000 in development and are at
present building tramways and a 40-stamp mill. Arrangements are being made for the erection of a large smelter at Similkameen City which will cost about a million dollars. Besides the Nickel Plate group of claims being developed by one of the richest
mining companies in North America, there are several other groups and properties which will shortly be developed, among them
being the Kingston Mines, Rollo, Wellington, Winnipeg, Red Chief and Pollock. Situated as it is in the beautiful Similkameen
valley, midway between Princetrn and Keremeos, and protected from all opposition in the valley by adjoining a large Indian
reservation, this townsite will become one of the principal mining camps of the Paoifio Northwest. It was only a short time ago
that lots in Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood and other mining centres were selling for the Bame price that they are today being Bold
for in Similkameen.   Come in before the boom and double your money.
Similkameen City to Have Two Railways.
The Viotoria, Vanoouver & Eastern and the Canadian Pacific railways are starting immediate construction for the Similkameen,
which will make thil town a railroad centre and divisional point, and when these competing lines are completed through to tbe
Paoifio ooast Ihey will beoome the main through lines, being the shortest route from the interior to the coast. A large sawmill ia
running steadily on the weBt addition, the only available timber for miles around. Tbe main street is 90 feet wide, being all
cleared and ready for building purposes. All railways, roads, telegraph and telephone lines will have- to come through thia
townsite, whioh is looated in the centre of the whole Similkameen valley and will become the largest distributing point and
mining oentre in British Columbia.
Similkameen City Lots Will Make You Rich.
A large agricultural area to draw from.   Pure water, fine climate, rich mines, big payrolls.
Lots for Sale $2 to $ 10 Per Front Foot.    £gin A"Towns iniB-c-
For further particulars apply to
FRANK BAILEY & CO., Greenwood and Similkameen
J.;H. YATES, Empire State Building, Spokane.
Officers and Meetings.
No. ob, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock. ^Thos. Roynon,
Pres., Frank*' Philips,! Sec.
Visiting brothers cordially
Western Federation ol
miners—meets every Wed
nesday evening at 7.30, t •
m. in Miners' Union Hall.,
M. Villeneuve, Q Secretary
Harry Seaman.^President.
Ion No. 8, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock in Miners' nail.
Geo. McMullen, Pres., Jno.
Riordan, Sec.
No. 85, W. F. M., meets
every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock in Miners' Un
ion hall. Robert Elliott,
Pres., W. B. Mclsaac, Sec.
No. 22, W. F. M., meets every
Saturday evening in Union hall.
H. R. Parsons, Pres., Geo. F.
Dougherty, Seo.-Treas,
president, Den ver.Coloradc
Edward Hughes, vice-president, Butte, Mont.; Wm.C.
Haywood, secretary-treasurer, Denver, Col.; Executive Board: J. T. Lewis,
Globe,Ariz.; L. J. Simpkins,
Wardner, Idaho; Phillip
Bowden,Butte, Mont,; D. C.
Copley, Independence, Col.;
O. A. Peterson, Tarraville,
S. D.; James A. Baker, Sloop n City, B. C.
123, painters and decorators
of Amerlca,meets inBeatty's
Hall, on second and foprth
Tuesday of each month. R
C. Arthur, Pres.:. W. S.
Murphv, Sec
TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION No. 335,—Meets on the
last Sunday of each month
at the Miners' Union Hall
J Barkdoll, Sec; Morgan
O'Connell, President.
Union No. 07, W. J . M
Meets every Saturda •• evening at 7:30 o'clock in Union
hall. Hugh Williams, Pres.,
W. C. Lawrence, Sec.
A meeting ot tho provincial executive will
bo held at Vuncouvor within n month, and the
date (or holding diHtricl nominating conventions will then bo fixed.
President o( tho Provincial
„ ,      . , Conservative Association.
Ntiluon, Juno 8th, lUUi. tt
W.F.M.-P. R. McDonaid,
Pres., Rossland; Howard
Thompson, vice-president,
Sandon; Geo. F.Dougherty,
Secretary, Greenwood.
GRAND FORKS FEDERAL Labor Union No. 231,
A.L.U.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
in Federal Union hall.
Thos.Foulston,Pres., Jno. T.
Lawrence, Sec.
ERb'; UNION—meets every
Friday of each week at 7.
30 p. m. In   Miners' Union
Hall.   W. R. Baker,  Pres.;
John McLaren, Sec,
explosives: •*■
The Cotton Powder Gomoanv. Ltd.
32 Queen Victoria St., LONDONJ E. C.
Faversham Powder
I On the SPECIAL LIST of Permitted JExplosives.; October, 1901.
"T-V^N KM "T" FT   the best explosive for underground work ex
I  \*J I \| I   I   L—    cluBively used in Severn and Mersey tunnel
Cordite, Gelignite, Gelatine Dyramite, Blasting Gelatine, Detonators for all classes of Explosives, Electric Appliances,
Submarine Charges for the removal ol   Wrecks, Etc.,  Etc.
Works: Faversham, Kent and Melling, near Liverpool
ABERYSTWYTH,        -:-       ENGLAND,
Manufacturer of Concentrating Machinery.
MEDALS—Royal Cornwall Polytechnic; Gold medal International ,'Mininf Exhibition, Crystal Palace, 1890.    Only award for Concentrator*.
COUNCIL—Meets every second and fourth Tuesday in
each month at 7.30 P. M, in
Miners' Union Hall. President, W.L.McDonald. Ad[
dress all communications to
Secretary-Treasurer, P,. O,
box 784.
Stamps with latest improvements, of up-to-date design, and with wearing parts 'ot
Hadfield's steel, from 2 cwts, to io cwts. per head, Stoncbreakers, Crushers, Jigs,
Trommels, Vanners, etc., all constructed in sections for facility of transport if desired. Patent Portable Crushing and Amalgamating Pans Tor Prospecting, A
small concentrating plant to treat up to five tons erected at the works by which
commercial results can be seen by intending purchasers^for a ^merely nominal cc*
Estimates for complete plants on application.   Special attention given to aslalag
engineer's specifications.   Telegrams—"JIGGER," Aberystwyth.	 ■■■■
Fair Number of Sales Are
The Latest Quotations and Sales
Locally   Upon   the
With the exoeption of Payne and
the War Eagle and Centre Star, all
the stocks touched showed an improvement this morning and a fair
number of sales were made.
Today's Local Quotations:
Aaked Bid
American B07        *X dX
Ben Bnr       iX 4X
Black Tall        4Y, 3'A
Canadian Gold Fields        tX i
Cariboo (Camp alcElnnsy) ex-div 12X 11&
Centre SUr  27 ss
crowa Nest Paaa Coal f $
VaJrrtew       5 4
Fisher Maiden        3 2
aiut      3       *y.
Granby Consolidated  $550 $45°
LontPfne  'X '
Horning Glory  2 'X
Mountain Lion  33 21
North SUr (Kast Kootenay)  13K ■»
Parol  17 'i'A
Quilp  it 29,
Rambler-Cariboo  45 4'A
Republic  3
•an Foil  5 2
BuUinn  4X 4X
Tom Thumb  3 4
War Baffle Consolidated  12 10
Waterloo (Assess, paid)  7 6
White. Bear (Assess, paid)   4 3K
Todays Local Sales.
Rambler-Cariboo, 1500, 43^c;
Cariboo, Camp McKinney, 1000,
llio; North Star, 500,13c; Payne,
1000,16$o; Amerioan Boy, 5000,
4^o.   Total, 9000.
:: R. L Wright, A. R.S.M.i:
(Assayer for Le Roi No. 2,)        j [
ijCustom Assays^;
50  YEARS'
Anyone lending a sketch end description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
lnrentton ts probs "
 j. Oldest a_	
Patents taken through Munn A
t ena
tion ts probably patentable.  Coramunfca-
 jtrlctly confidential. Handbook on Patent^
sent free. Oldest agency for seonrlngpatents.
 "    i tEr—-*■  "   " "    " "'■
ipecial notice, without charge, ln cha
Scientific Hmericatt.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lamest circulation of any sclentlfla Journal. Terms, $3 a
rear t four months. 9L Sold by all newsdealers.
" Branoh OIBoe. 06 r St, Washington, D.C.
J.E. Sorbin has sold out hia business
known as the Palace cigar and randy storo
to Jerry Bonnean. All indebtedness
against said store will be paid by him, and
all accounts due said store are payable to
Dated Rossland, 18 June, 1903.
Harry Mcintosh
Vintage ot 1878
Guaranteed Absolutely! Pure
"*»•** "**•»"•*▼▼ ■/fVf^rWWfWfTTw'y
J. Sword is in tbe city.
T. D. Murphy and son left today
for Davenport, Wash.
A. B. Buckworth of Ymir returned home this morning.
The Rossland ball team may go
to Colville on Sunday.
Yesterday was pay day at the
War Eagle and Rossland Kootenay.
There will be a meeting in the
Liberal oommittee rooms this even
The Butte, International and
Western hotels have not renewed
their licences.
E. Morrison of Hunter Brothers
left this morning for Kincaird,
Ont., on a visit.
A. W. Strickland of the Bank of
Montreal left on business this
morning for Baker City.
Ben Stout, Tom Sayward, H.
Williamson and J. J. McAulay left
for Slocan City this morning.
Dr. Coulthard iB paying a visit
to Chicago. He is expooted to return about the end of the month.
A oaae of vagrancy preferred
against one Hepp, was discharged,
W. J. Nelson appearing on both
The Rev. J. A. Cleland is expected to be inducted into the rec-
torate of St. George's church on
Sunday, September 6.
The case of Harry Odam, of tbe
Le Roi No. 2 boarding house, held
for selling liquor without a licence,
is laid over until tomorrow.
The Knights of the Golden
Horseshoe, locally known as the
Blacksmiths,are trying to have the
name altered to the Canadian Order of Elks.
Harold Ellis has returned from
a. fishing trip to Wacban lake,
whioh is near Cariboo lake. He
declares the fishing to be the beBt
iu the country.
The Board of Trade, in default
of anything   better,   have reoom
mended the asking of a good trail
along the hills to tbe west of Little
Sheep creek to Sophie mountain.
Moraghan oysters  any style  at
the Palace grill rooms.
JUST RECEIVED - Another ship
ment of Wall Paper. Prices lower than
at any other place in the city.
Private dining rooms  for ladies
at the Palace.
Bass' Burton Ale on Tap
MHoffman House
Between First and Second Ave.
N.  Naccaratoi
Dealer in Confectionery, Tobaccos,
Fruits and Groceries.
A Big  Refinery
It is stated that the production
of the   Santa Rita   Mining Com
pany's mines at Santa Rita, New
Mexico,  is 600,000 pounds of re
fined copper per month.
Mrs. Alex Trembly has just opened
her new Dyeing and Cleaning Store in
the Ottawa House on Washington street
and wishes all her old customers to call.
Work done promptly.
London Times Is Exposing
the Fabrications of
London, July 16.—The Times'
Russian correspondents throw
doubt on the genuineness of the
attack made on Krushevan, the
anti-Semitic editor. It was represented that Krushevan narrowly
esoaped assassination at the hands
of the JewB, but Teatchersky ridicules the whole story, and suggests
that Krushevan, "having got into
hot water in consequence of his
philanthropic efforts to save Kishineff from the Jews," oame to St.
Petersburg to restore his prestige.
"Here occurred the terrible attempt
of the Jews, or was it a counterfeit
presentment of tne Jews, to assassinate him?
Testchersky waxes merry over
"the stage ruffian, who,armed with
a huge knife, attaoked Krushevan
in a crowded street, and, having
scratched him on the neck, allowed himself to be quietly arrested by
Krushevan and marched off to the
police station without further ado."
It must have been the crowning
misfortune for Krushevan, says
Testchersky, that the assassin instead of getting penal servitude for
life was sentenced only to a few
day's imprisonment.
Don't forget the hot lunch at the
Palace tonight.
The Palace has  the only   first
olass bowling alley in the oity.
C B Morse, Marcus
W H Wilcox, Spokane
H C Miles, San Francisco
I Harris & wife, San Francisco
E J Linberg, Calgary
R Barron, Jumbo Mine
A Gordon, Colville
T Campbell, Spokane
P T Anderson, Kilkenny
G A Anderson Kilkenny
W Anderson, Kilkenny
E Irwin, Kilkenny
H McDonald, Midway
Moraghan oysters any  style at
he Palaoe grill rooms.
Don't forget the hot lunoh at the
Palace tonight.
Mora Coke Ovena.
The Alhambra bowling prizes,
won by Ben Thomson, 65, a box of
cigars, and L. Peel, a bottle of Seagram, will be given this evening.
The booby prize, a package of
of cigarettes, was won by John
We have just received a consignment of over $3000 worth of new
suits for men and boys.
The Snowshoe
The long expected 150 horsepower boiler for the Snowshoe has
been received from the makers, the
Jenckes Maohine company,of Sher-
brooke, Que,, and will be installed
without delay, This is said to be
the largest boiler yet installed at
any mine in the Boundary.
A contract has been let by the
International Coal & Coke eompany, operating coal properties at
Blairmore, Alberta, for the erection
of 100 coke ovens, and the work is
now under way. It is expected
that the ovens will be ready for
use early in tbe fall, the produot
being supplied to the Granby and
other Boundary tmelters.
The  merchants'   lunoh   at  the
Palace tomorrow will be a dandy.
Have you seen the special bargains offered at THE CRESCENT?
The Sleean Star
The Slocan Star paid another
dividend of 125,000 a few days ago,
bringing the total amoont paid to
date up to $550,000.
Come and piok out a nice suit of
black clothes for $8 at Empey Bros
The Ruby
The tunnel in the Ruby, near
Boundary Falls, is now in about
100 feet, and ore has been reached.
II you want to bowl try the Alhambra,
Best alley in the city.
If you are interested in the best clothes proposition that can be presented to you, you cannot help but grasp at our money saving chances
in ordered clothing. Having secured the services of a leading
cutter of Pittsburg, Pa., for our ordered clothing branch in Toronto,
we are prepared to take orders for the best fitting custom made clothing in British Columbia at Eastern Prices. "We propose going extensively into this line of business, after leaving Bossland, but while
we are closing ont our business here we think it is only right to let
the gentlemen of Rossland take advantage of our Eastern prices. We
guarantee fit and workmanship and are ready to show you the finest
line of Summer and Fall Suitings you ever clapped an eye on. Can
sell you ordered suits at the following prices:
Genuine (imported) Scotoh Tweed, big variety of patterns, the best trimmings, <DOQ i-\f\
any out or style, Rossland tailors' price $35, Our Eastern Price fx/t-4£4sUU
Silk Faced Venetian, import*', special values, RoBsland tailors' price $38, <J?00 f\(\\
Our Eastern Price tyAAUtOvl
Imported English Worsteds, the nobbiest goods, Rossland tailors' price $35 CJQQ C\(\
and $36, Our Eastern Price tp^O.UV
Foxes Guaranteed Serges in blue and black, Rossland tailors' price $35, <DQQ CA
Our Eastern Price  %PdU-ii0O\J
We are positively winding up our Rossland business.
25 pieoes Colored Organdies and Dimities, regular 35c, 50c, 60, now per yar  25o
5 pieces Crossbar Muslin, regular 15o and 20o, now per yard 10c
10 dozen Ladies Silk and Lisle Gloves, regular 35c, 40c, 50c, now per pair 25o
15 only LadieB Straw SailorB, regular $1.50, now 75c
16 only Ladies Straw Sailors, regular $1 00, now 50o
21 only Ladies Straw Sailors, regular 75c, now 40o
Men's Linen and Pelt Hats.
48 Men's Linen and Waterproof HatB, regular 75o, $1, now    50o
43 Boys Straw Hats, regular 25c, 35c, 60c, now 25c
42 Men's Pearl Fedoras, $2.50 to $3.00, now $1.50
31 Men's Linen Caps, regular 50c and 75c, now 35c
Men's Summer Clothing.
Men's Flannel Trousers $3.00 I , I Men's Single Coats $300, $4.50
Men's Flannel Coats 6.50   V   Men's Fancy Stripe Coats.... 2 00,  2.75
Men's Flannel Suits  950 |     | Men's Blaok Alpaca Coats  1.50,   1.75
Complete Grocery Department
We buy groceries for spot cash in car .lots.   You get the benefit.   Give ub a  trial  order  if
you want first claer fresh groceries at reasonable prices.
We Want Your Grocery Trade.


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