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The Evening World 1903-07-28

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Vol. Ill, No. 73
Price Five .Cents.
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for Bore, tired, tender, aching, sweating or swollen feet.     PRICE 25c.
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Morrow's Drug Store
Rossland, Nelson, Trail,Sandon,Revelstoke,Green-
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL  MARKETS-Rcssland, Trail, Nelson, Ymir, Kaslo
Sandon, New Denver, Silverton, Cascade Cily, Grand Forks,
Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway, Camp   McKinney,
Revelstoke, Ferguson and Vancouver.
Fish,   Came and   Poultry ln Season, Sausages of All Kinds.
WM. DONALD, Manager Roraland Branch
Items of Interest  Round
the World.
The Doings of Conspicuous Persons
Affecting Canadian Interests,
Hostilities May Break Out at Any
 If bo use—
on your   f*\
Rex Lice Killer *
W   I I  For Bale by  w
S! The Brackman-Ker MillingCompany |
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Harry Mcintosh
Vintage of 1878
Guaranteed Absolutely Pure
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Hand Store
The touring British journalists
bave left for the west.
The cardinals are busy in the
selection of a new Pope.
The King and Queen have been
well received in Belfast.
Cholera has broken out in the
treaty port of Amoy, China.
A strike involving 40,000 persons
has broken out Baku, Russia.
The Reliance has been finally
ohoaen for the America cup race.
The chief steel works of the
United States have formed a pool.
Viotoria has won eight out of
eleven events at the Vanoouver regatta.
Yet another firm of brokers has
suspended on Wall Street, New
Russia is accusing Great Britain
of duplicity in the Manchuria em-
Quarry works of the Dominion
Steel company have been closed
for the summer.
Japan is figuring on making a
olose alliance with China against
western powers.
The > laska boundary tribunal
wtll probably assemble in London
on September 3.
The College of Cardinals will
address a letter to the powers asking for a restoration of temporal
Five members of the House of
Delegates have been sentenced to
imprisonment for boodling at St.
It is thought that Hon. T.
Greenway, leader of the Manitoba
Liberal party will retire from aotive
Prisoners of the California peni
tentiary at Folsom to the number
of sixteen  has   broken out of the
gaol, killing many of the wardens.
Three hundred people w ere kill
ed and nearly 3000 injured in railway accidents in the United States
during tbe first three months of
this year.
Russia Is Growing Daily More Open it Its Aggressions-Policy of Japan Is to Force
a War.
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Arthu, 38 Columbia avenue,
WANTED—A young girl to assist  in
housework.   Mrs. Smith Curtis.
Two prizes will be given at the Alhambra Bowling alley every two weeks for
the largest score made.
Tokio, July 38.—It has leaked
out that the Imperial government
regards the present situation as most
serious, and that war is likely to
break out at any moment. The
railway officials have been notified
that they must be prepared to
transport troops at any time This
notiifioation is all the more necessary, as the railroads here are
worked upon the English block
system, only one train being allowed upon a section at the one
An all rail route is now open all
along the northern border of the
Inland Sea to Shiuionoseki, where
a naval yard has been established,
with the coal harbor at  Moji, just
across  the  narrow   straits,  with
thousands of tons of ooal in reserve.
The recent declarations of Russia with regard to Manchuria,
barely veiling their hostility, the
ominous strengthening of its fleet
in the Yellow Sea, the encroachment at Yalu, the building of a
Russian telegraph line crossing the
western section of Korea, the constant interference with Korean
politios, the refusal of Russia to
permit of the opening of the treaty
port of Wuji in Korea, in defiance
of treaty engagements, the quite
recent declaration that the various
consulates will not be allowed to
acquire territorial right, suoh as
exist in every other treaty port in
China, in Manchuria, the refusal to
evacuate Newohwang, and last but
not least the mobilization of 128,-
000 troops in Russia in addition to
the present strong corps now on
the ground; all show that Russia
is preparing aotively for war, aud
has no intention to recede from its
present position.
It is true that the alliance with
Great Britain praotioally precludes
a declaration of hostilities without
oonsultation, but it is thought in
political circles here that the force
of circumstances will enmesh Qreat
Britain, and possibly the United
States, in the maze of Far Eastern
The well informed think, however, that there will be no outbreak until the setting in of the
severe and long Siberian winter
prevents rapid transportation, and
Russia will have to depend upon
the forces she may be able to assemble on her eastern frontier
during the present season of the
The Japanese  themselves have
put little faith in the recent utterances of the Russian war minister while here, and are confident
that a sharp winter's campaign
will result in the abandonment of
Manchuria and as an after result
the oementing of an alliance between Japan and China, giving the
control to the former country,
which the present jealousy of the
old time premier power, and its
fear of the ominous bulk of the
Russian Bear overshadowing Peking now almost entirely preclude.
Once let Russian prestige get a set
back, and it is thought in Tokio
that Peking will be eager for that
EaBtern alliance from whioh it at
present keeps jealously aloof.
Citizens Are Contributing
General Prospects Lying Before the
Celebration to Come Off Next
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Don't forest the all water excursion to
Deer Park Sunday. August 2. Round
trip $2: Children hall fare.
The Northport Smelter.
The Northport Smelter has now
in its yards between 40,000 and
45,000 tons of ore, and this tonnage
is being reduced steadily. Hence
the output of the Le Roi mine must
be increased substantially at an
early date.
Don't wait until you are totally
blind before you have your eyes
examined, but have them attended
to when it is possible to effect a
complete cure. Consult Dr. W. J.
Harvey, at the City Drug Btore, Co
lumbia avenue, Rossland, Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, July 27,
28 and 2G.
The chairman of the Carnival
committee is of the opinion that
there will be no trouble in raising
the $3000 necessary for the proper
celebration of the carnival, even
$3500 if necessary. Over $2000
are already in sight and the remainder will easily be reached by
the unremitting eflorts of the really
excellent finanoe committee at
work. This sum of money has allowed the general committee to be
generous in its dealings with the
demands of the various subcommittees and altogether the celebration will be of no mean order. The
sum of money mentioned is, of
course, exolusive of gate receipts,
which should easily total $1500
with the attractions afforded.
The only hitch would seem to be
with the laorosse people. Undoubtedly popular aB the game is, it will
not remain so for very long  if  its
exponents are ever out with the big
mitt.   There is   every   disposition
on the part of the subcommittee on
this sport to meet the demands  of
outside teams in   any   fair   way.
Tney are   willing   to   put up the
legitimate expenses of   board   and
railway fare, and to hang up a good
purBe for the winning team.    This
is going far enough, for  in  the interests of true  sport   the   English
rule should be adopted, whioh  is
that any amateur competing for  a
money prize is thereafter debarred
from all amateur competition.   On
the other hand if  sport is brought
down to a professional basis it will
soon die out.   The World recommends this view of the question lo
itB lacrosBe readers.     A handsome
trophy of substantial value should
be the only prize offered.
Our Ladies' ,ind Children's Sailor I lats
must go at cost.   THK CRESCENT
Come and see us at    the   Ktrand,  you
will be treated right. Green & Comerford
The Myrtle.
Bob Allen thiB week received a
contract from the owners of the
Myrtle group on Twelve Mile, to
bring down about six tonB of ore,
which is to be shipped as a test. It
has been sorted from ore taken out
of the mine during development
last winter, and will give high returns. The Myrtle haB a ledge
equal in size and strength to that
of the Arlington and bide fair to
develop into a bonanza.—Slocan
Wanted—300 saoks of charcoal
at once.   Apply at the Palace.
The Palace has the  only   lirst -
clasH bowling alley in the oity.
Orchestra in attendaice on the excursion to Deer Park Sunday, August 2.
The Strand   is   the   only   first-class
Saloon In the cily.   Green & Comerford.
The B C. Copper Company
Although the resident officials of
tho B. C. Copper company 3re not
at present disposed to talk for publication about intended improvements and additions the company
is planning to make to itB smelter
at Greenwood it is known that important betterments are to be made.
All the definite information obtainable just now iu this connection is
that a substantial brick alack is to
be built, and that preparation is
being made for other important additions to the plant and works.
All kinds  of  summer  drinks  at the
Strand.   Green & Comerford, Props.
Notions and bmall wares at  very   low
prices at THE CKKKCENT.
Private dining rooms for ladies
at the Palaoe. THE EVENING'WORLD, ROSSLAND. B. C„ JULY 28 ,q33
The Evening World
Entered at the Rossland, B. C, postoffice for
transmission through the mails,May l„,i9oi as
second class reading matter.
r SUBSCRIPTION RAT88—Ktftr cents per
month or $5 00 rear, lnrarlably in adrsnce, Ac'-
-enislng   rates made known on  application.
LONDON RATES- £1.15  per annum
P. O. Box 902 Rowland, B. C.
The Provincial Mining Association of British Columbia has started well on its career, and by its
friendly offices at Fernie in the
spring, has done much in that
alone to commend it to the province.
The views it haB taken of matters
mining, which have been brought
to the attention of the provincial
legislature, are not only backed by
the great majority of the electors
but are in consonance with common sense. But there is a feeling
in some quarters, which the World
thinks unjustifiable, which is that
the Mining Association should
eschew questions relative to the
relations of capital and labor.
Now in matters mining, there is
no one condition that is of greater
importance than that very relation,
and a mining association which
neglected labor as a factor, would
fall to the ground, and be shorn of
its popularity, and therefore power.
In the past the Provincial Mining
Association has overridden such
attempts to limit its usefulness and
it may fairly be trusted to do so
in the future.
It would be amusing to watch
the efforts of the wily knocker,were
it not so exasperating, to hurt this
oamp. Despite his malignant
efforts, the camp will flourish.
Latterly things have taken a decid -
ed turn for the better, and the
knocker is after real estate. He
enquires cautiously and professes
to be thunderstruck at the prices
asked. "Why, don't you know the
oamp is going to Hades," is hiB
UBualprotest. The knocker evidently thinks that property in Hades
will be a good investment, forgetting that a population of knockers
does not conduce to boom values.
As a matter of fact the majority
of holders of real estate are by no
means willing to let loose their
hold. They are fully aware of the
fact that the clear demonstration
of the Elmore concentrating proceBB
will mean the doubling and tripling
of the population of the camp.
There are plenty of mines in the
oamp, which are fairly well developed, many having thousands of
tons of ore blocked out, which are
merely making assurance doubly
sure before beginning to ship. Some
have indeed already .started, and
most are eagerly watching the experiments on Red Mountain.
When Rossland becomes a greater
Butte, and that day is fast nearing,
it is breaking already, realty will
command all kinds of prices, and
the knocker who iB looking after
his own Hellish interests will chortle
with glee over the gullibility of the
suckers he has succeeded in fooling.
lines of the Natal Act, and the
faot tbat the increased tax upon
Chinese is not to come into force
for many months yet, plainly
shows that tl e workingman of
British Columbia is to receive no
consideration from the Laurier
government in regard to this matter. As to whether the principles
of the Natal Act can with advantage be applied to Canada as a
whole, there may be difference of
opinion in some parts of the Dominion, but in British Columbia
none, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier has
expressed himself as firmly opposed to the practically unanimous
opinion of this Province. He is
entitled to his opinion, but when
the question arises. "Has the
Proviuce the right to legislate in
such matters to suit itself," it is
not a matter of opinion but a
matter of law, and there ia a proper methed of settlement. An
appeal to the courts would settle
the matter once and for all time.
The Dominion government refuses to consent to an adjudication
because it is of the opinion that
such legislation is undesirable as
applied to any part of Canada. It
therefore baBes ita action upon the
ground of policy upon which it
can have no standing, if the enforcement of the law in question is
within the jurisdiction of the Province. The Province is pledged to
against this invasion of the provincial prerogative by the only means
in their power—continual re-enact,
ment of the required legislation
until the question of jurisdiction
is settled by the courts. The Pro^
vincial Liberal party on the other
hand haB expressed itself as against
re- enactment, and by its stand
declares itself in favor of a Dominion usurpation of provincial rights.
Its policy is to not only allow the
Dominion government to force
their policy on the people of the
province but to invalidate the
p»licy of the province even at the
expense of a breach of the consiit
ution. Every elector in the Pro<
vince who has any interest in the
future welfare of the country
should see to it that his ballot
strengthens the hands of those who
are fighting against the yellow invasion and endeavoring to further
the development of British Columbia as a white man's home.
is made of pure fats and oils
and contains no dangerous ingredient. It is pure soap that
gives absolute satisfaction,   ub
Consult Dr. W. J. Harvey, 0. D.
M. P. E. C. 0., about those headaches, pains in the eyes, eyes
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loss of muscular power, or any
error of refraction, or the fitting of
spectacles that are absolutely cor
rect and will so neutralize the de
feet as to enable you to see without
an effort, at the City Drug store,Co
lumbia avenue, Rossland, Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, July 27,
28 and 29.
put of the mine doubled. The
Waterloo shaft iB now down about
260 feet. Levels have been run at
50, 150 and 250 feet depth. A winze
was sunk GO feet below the 150 foot
level, and a raise from the 250 foot
to connect with this. Another
raise will shortly connect the 60
and 150 foot levels. The vein
opened up in these workings varies
in width up to about eight feet,
nearly all milling ore. Prom two
to four feet of the vein is a paystreak running into high values,
and the remainder of the ore is described as of sufficient good quality
to make it practicable to treat it at
a profit. Mr. Wolf expeota to r&
turn via Greenwood earlv next
Special sale of  Whisks and  Clothes
Blushes at Goodeve Bros.
Parties not taking baskets can obtain
meals on tho Kootenay next Sunday.
Round trip to Deer Park $2; children
half fare. Steamer will stay at Deer
Park all day.
Moraghan oysters any   style  at
the Palace grill rooms.
Goodeve Bros.' bug poison destroys
bugs of all desciiptions on one application.       	
EOR SALE—A comfortab'e plastered
cottage with two lots, all fenced, close to
mines.   Pixe.700; favorable terms.
Don't forget the hot lunch at the
Palace tonight.
Round trip rates to all Eastern
points via
Spokane Falls &
Northern Railway
to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth,
Superior.Sioux City .Council Bluffs,
Omaha, St. Joseph, Kansas City,
Atkinson and Leavenworth, $55.00
The  merchants'   lunch   at  the
Palace tomorrow will be a dandy.
The continued disallowance, says
the Kamloops Standard, of the
Provincial   legislation   upon   the
The Waterloo
Charles H, Wolf of Spokane, one
of the directors of the company
owning the Waterloo mine at Camp
McKinney, was in Greenwood at
the beginning of the week on his
way to the mine. From him it
was ascertained that the live stamp
mill on tbe Waterloo is treating
daily about 10 tonB of ore averaging in value $30 per ton. This ore
is being taken from the mine workings in the ordinary course of development work. It is intended to
shortly enlarge the stamp mill by
the addition cf five more stamps.
When this shall have been done
btopes will be opened and the  out
Ashland, Wis $ 56.90
Chicago, 111 ,  66.50
St Louis, Mo  62.50
Peoria, 111  64.25
Toronto, Ont  91.50
Montreal  102.50
Memphis, Tenn  68.50
New Orleans, La  80.55
Detroit, Mich  74.75
Baltimore, Md  84.50
Boston, Maes  87.50
New York  102.50
[Adopted ut Itevclstoko, September 13th,;i902.]
1. Tlmtthiriconvention reaffirms lhe policy
of Ihe party in matters of provincial roads and
.mite; the ownership nnd control of railway*.
and the development of the agricultural re-
sources of the province us laid down in lhe
platform adopted in October, 1809, which is tu.
"To actively aid in the construction of trails
throughout tho undeveloped portions of thu
province and the building of provincial trunk
roads of public necessity.
"To adopt the principles of government ownership of railways in so far as the olrcum-
stances of the province will admit, and the
adoption of t he principle t hat no bonus should
be granted to any railway company which
dncs not give the government of tho province
control of rates river Hues bonused, together
with the option of purchase.
"To actively assist by state aid in the development of tho agricultural resources of the
2. That in tho meantime and until the railway policy above set forth can be accomplished, a general railway act be passed, giving
freedom to construct railways under certain
approved regulations, analogous fo thu ByStOtU
that, has resulted in such exieiiMVo railway
construction in tbe United States, wilh so
much advantage! to trade and commerce.
:.. That to encourage tlie mil.ing industrv.
the taxation of metalliferous mines should bu
on  the basis of apereentage on the net profits.
4. That the government ownership of tele
phone systems should he brought about, as a
lirst step in the acquisition of public utilities.
6. That a portion of every eoal area hereafter to be disposed of should be reserved from
sale or lease, so that state owned mines may bo
easily accessible, if their operation becomes
necessary or advisable.
(>. That in the pulp lnnd lenses prov' - '.
should be made for reforesting and that u-_:a
should he taken for tho general preBorvatio.: ut
forests by guarding against the wasteful destruction of timber.
7. That the legislature and government of
the province should persevere in the effort to
secure thc exclusion of Asiatic labor.
8. That the matter of better terms in the
way of subsidy and appropriations for the
province should be vigorously pressed upon the
Dominion government.
9. That the silver-lead industries of the province be fostered and encouraged by the Imposition Of increased customs duties on lead nnd
lead products imported into Canada, and that
the Conservative members of the Dominion
House be urged to support any motion introduced for such a purpose.
10. That as Industrialoisputos almost invariably result iu great loss and injury both to tho
parties directly concerned and lo the public,
legislation should be passed to provide means
for an amicable adjust ment of such disputes
between employers and employes.
11. That it is advisable lo fontor the manufacture of lhe raw products of the province
within the province as far as practicable by
means of taxation on tneSald raw nroducts.sub-
jeet to rebate of the same in whole or part
when manufactured in British Columbia.
Conservative Conventions
At a meeting of the exeoutive of tho Provincial Conservative Association, hold at Vancouver, the province was divided into five divisions for organization purposes. The Koote-
nay-Doundary division is made up of the following provincial election districts: iievel-
stoke, Columbia, Fernie. Cranbrook, Ymir.
Kaslo. Slocan, Grand Forks, Greenwood, the
City of Hossland and tlie City of Nelson. At
tho same meeting the following resolutions
were adopted:
1. That conventions for nominating candidates for members of the legislative assembly
be made up of delegnt es chosen as follows:
(a) Ju citv electoral districts, one dclogatc
for every llfty and fraction of llfty votes polled
at the provincial election held in \'M>. and if
the citv is divided into wards, iho proportion
oi'delegates for each ward shnM bo based nu
tho vote polled in each ward iu ihe last municipal election.
tb) In other elect oral districts, one delegate
for every fifty or fraction of lifly votes polled
at?the provincial election held in 1900, the delegates to be apporl toned to polling places, or as
near thereto oh will he fair to I he voters of the
different neighborhoods.
•J. The election of delegates shall be at publio meetings, held at a designated central place
in each polling division, or in each ward in city
electoral districts, if the cily is divided into
wards. At such publio meetings only those
wlio pledge themselves to voto for thc candidate or candidates selected at the nominating
convention shall be entitled to a vote for dele-
gat es
8. Two weeks notice shall bo given of the
public meetings at which delegates are to be
elected, and nominating conventions shall be
held in city electoral districts two days after
the day on which delegates are elected, and in
other electoral districts seven days aftor. All-
nominations throughout tne province to be
made at a designated central place in each
doctoral district, and on t he same day.
i. All not Ices of the date of public meetings
for the election of delegates to nominating
conventions, the apportionment of delegates,
and the place and date of nominating conventions iu the several electoral districts shall be
prepared by the member of tho executive of
the division in which the electoral districts are
situate, ami issued over the names of the president and secretary of the Provincial Conservative Assoeiation
A meeting of the provincial executive will
bo held at Vancouver within a month, and the
date for holding district nominating conventions will then bo fixed.
President of the Provincial
Conservative Association.
Nelson, June 8th, 194,3. tf
For selling dates, limits, birth
reservations, etc., apply at city
ticket office, Bank of Montreal
H. P. Brown, Agent,
Rossland B. C
H.A, Jackson, G. P. A„
Spokane, Wash
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
from Montreal
L. Champl'n.Aug 13 Lake Erie .. Aug 27
From Montreal
Tunisian Aug t Parisian Aug 8
From Montreal
Dominion Aug 1 Southwark.. .Aug 8
From Boston
New Kngland, ».ug6 Mayflower. .Aug 11
New York Aug 5 Philudelphia.Aug 12
Zeeland Aug 8 Finland Aug 1 c
Lucania Aug 8 Etruria Aug ic
Mongolian.. .July 30 Lanrentian.Aug 11
Teutonic Aug 5 Arabic Aug 7
La Bretagne.. Aug 6 LaTouraine,Augi3
Continental sailings of North German
Lloyd, II. A, P. and Italian lines on application.   Lowest rates on all lines.
G. S. S, Agt., Winnipeg,
C. P. A., Rossland.
I Job Printing J
Book and
v  Done With Neatness and Despatch.     Mail
jrjf      Orders will Receive Prompt Attention
w   World Job Office m
Liquor Store
We have a large and well seleoted assortment of
Wines, Liquors, Etc.for
The heat goods at right prioes. Open every day until 9 p. ■>.
St. Paul,Duluth,Minneapolis,Chicago
and all points east
Seattle, Tacoma, Victoria, Portland
and all Pacific Coast points
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepsrs
Dining & Buffet Smoking Library Oars
2-FastTrains Through Daily-2
For rates, folders and_full [information
regarding trips, call on or addreBS any
agent 8. F. Sc N. Railway.
701 W Riverside, Spokane
H. P. BROWN, Rossland Agent
Under the auspices of the
Mayor and Common Council
Tuesday & Wednesday
August 25-6
PATRONS: The Brotherhood of
Railway Trainmen and Rossland
Miners Union, No. 38, W. P. ofM.
Grand parade, laorosse and baseball tournaments, firemen's corope itions, tugs of war, horse racing, boxing and
wrestling contests, athletic sports of all kinds, machine and
double and single hand drilling, and speed exhibition by
the guideless wonder, Dr. M., grand ball, magnificent pyrotechnic display and performances by the Hossland Dramatic
club.   Railway rate le?s than one fare for tbe round trip
Further particulars from
J. C. DREWRY, Sec.
Progress of the Big Smelter Trouble at Denver,
The Denver post gives the following account relative to the importation of men from Joplin into Colorado to break tbe smelter Btrike
over the demand for an eight hour
"Locked up in a day coach and
guarded by armed men, eixty-two
laborers were taken into the Globe
smelter yesterday, but as aoon as
they were released from this portable prison, fifty-eight of them escaped.
"One of their number, who seized
hiB grip and attempt to escape at
Brush, Colorado, waB shot in the
leg by a local constable, who
thought he waB an escaping prisoner
of the legal authorities.
"Moat of the men were give work
on a canal at Golden, and will go
there tonight.
"The shipment of men came
from Joplin, Missouri, where Lee
Willis, a recruiting agent of the
American Smelting and Refining
company,has been for aeveral days,
aided by Lee Teele, an employment
agent of tbat place.
"The men charge lhat the situation was misrepresented to them,
else they would not have consented
to some to Colorado. Many are
membera of other unions.
" 'We were offered from $2 to $3
a day for nine and ten hours,' aaid
E. P. HilJ of Joplin, 'and they aeaur-
ed us that no strike waa on. Some
came from Joplin, some from Webb
City and others from St. Joseph.
We were put into a day coach on
the Burlington and given ham
sandwitchea early Saturday morning. At night they put on a keg of
beer and gave us sandwiohes and a cup of coffee.
.None of us suspected anything
wrong until we were in Denver.
They gave us no tickets except this,
a small card bearing the letters A.
S. & R. Co., which was never aaked
for. TheBe were our receipts for
deposit on the railroad fare. We
all had to stay in the car and two
men with guns stood at each door
to prevent any one from escaping.
" 'At Brush a man seized his grip
when he learned the situation and
esoaped, but the guards on the car
yelled after him and the orowd, seeing he was under guard, pursued.
A looal officer shot him in the leg
and oaptured him, but the train
left without him and I don't know
hia name. His grip which was
dropped in the flight, is now at
Malioh's place at Globeville.
" 'When we were near Denver a
brakeman came through and told
some of the boys they were strikebreakers and we began to inquire.
The train orew said a strike was on
and that we were being brought in
to scab.
" 'The guards beard this talk
and blooked the doors. Only the
trainmen oould get in and out and
we were brought into Denver looked up in the oar. After we were
left on lhe track a short time a
switch engine oame and took ua to
the Bmelter. The car doors were
not opened until we hed been taken
into the grounds and up to the
" 'This sort of slavery was too
muoh for all of us, after we had
been told there was no strike, and
58 of ua walked out.'
. "John D. Carson of Toronto.Ohio,
who was found at Webb City, Missouri, said:
" 'There was misrepresentation
of everything. Some of us deposited $3, believing we were -to get
first class work, and one fellow
paid $12, his full fare to Denver.
The railroad fare was to be taken
out of our wages. All that Hill
has said is true, but we were not
fed enough for dogs, and no better.
When we reached Denver the
guardB got in the doors and would
let no one paBs.
" 'We now have 58 of the 62
men at the Salvation Army barracks and the other four may or
may not be in the smelter. They
are not accounted for. The union
ia feeding us at the restaurant at
1723 Larimer street, owned by the
Waiters' Union.'
"The men gathered at the place
of Max Malich at Globeville and
spent the day. They were fed there
by the Smeltermen's Union and
lodged at the Salvation Army barracks. Today they will be sent to
Golden, where J. M. MoDonald is
building a canal for the Golden
water works."
Moraghan oysters  any style  at
the Palace grill rooms.
Bugs cannot live where Goodeve's bed
bus; poison is used.
We can quote you the loweet pr'ces on
Silks and Satins at THE CRESCENT
The Knights oi the Golden Horseshoe
extend a hearty welcome to all their excursion to Deer Park next Sunday.
!i Paulson
Nelson Si Fort Sheppard Railway
Red Mountain Railway
Washington & Great Northern R'y
Vancouver,Victoria & Eastern R'y Si
Nav. Co.
The only all rail between points east
west and south to Rossland, Nelson,
Grand Forks and Republic. Connects
at Spokane with the Great Northern,
Northern Pacific and 0. R. & N. Co.
for points east, west and south; connects
at RosBland and Nelson with the Canadian Pacific R'y.
Connects at Nelson with K. R. A N.
Co. for Kaslo and K' & S. points.
Connects at Curlsw with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B. C.
Buffet cars run between Spokane and
Effective June 14, 1903
Leave Spokane 8:45 a.m.
Arrive Rossland 4:35 p.m.
Arrive Nelson 7:20 p.m.
Arrive Grand Forks....   4 :oo p.m.
Arrive Republic 6:15 pjn
Leave Republic 8:30 a.m.
Leave Grand Forks 10:3; a.m
Leave Nelson 7.20 a. m
Leave  Rossland io:4o a.m
Arrive Spokane 0:15 p.m
For further information regarding
reservation of berths or price of tickets,
apply to any agent of the above companies, or to
General Pusrngsr Aft
Spokane, wuh
4l»t, lllllll., aQ
Now Is the Time to Buy Lots
in Similkameen ©ity, B. 6.
CAMP HEDLEY is the moBl talked of camp in the provinoe, and Bituated in the centre iB Similkameen City, surrounded by
rioh mines whioh will shortly have large payrolls. Over 200 lots have been sold to busineBa people who realize that Similkameen will become the metropolis of this district. The Nickel Plate mines have expended $300,000 in development and are at
present building tramways and a 40-stamp mill. Arrangements are being made for the erection of a large Bmelter ac Similkameen City which will oost about a million dollars. Besides the Nickel Plate group of claims being developed by one of the richest
mining companies in North America, there are several other groups and properties whioh will shortly be developed, among them
being the Kingston Mines, Hollo, Wellington, Winnipeg, Red Chief and Pollock. Situated as it is in the beautiful Similkameen
valley, midway between Princeton and Keremeos, and protected from all opposition in the valley by adjoining a large Indian
reservation, this townsite will become one of the principal mining camps of the Pacifio Northwest. It was only a short time ago
that lote in Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood and other mining centres were selling for the same price that they are today being sold
for in Similkameen,   Come in before the boom and double your money.
Similkameen City to Have Two Railways.
The Victoria, Vanoouver & Eastern and the Canadian Pacific railways are starting immediate construction for the Similkameen,
which will make this town a railroad centre and divisional point, and when these competing lines are completed through to the
Pacific coast they will beoome the main through lines, being tbe shortest route from the interior to the coast. A large sawmill is
running steadily on the west addition, the only available timber for milea around. The main street is 90 feet wide, being all
cleared and ready for building purposes. All railways, roads, telegraph and telephone lines will have to come through this
townsite, whioh is looated in the centre of the whole Similkameen valley and will beoome the largest distributing point and
mining centre in British Columbia.
Similkameen City Lots Will Make You Rich.
A large agrioultural area to draw from.   Pure water, fine climate, rich mines, big payrolls.
Lots for Sale $2 to $ 10 Per Front Foot.    Agenls in A"Towns iniB-c'
For further particulars apply to
FRANK BAILEY & CO., Greenwood and Similkameen
J.|JH. YATES, Empire State. Building, Spokane.
Officers and Meetings.
No. gb, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock. Thos. Roynon,
Pres., Frank Philips,. Sec.
Visiting brothers cordially
Western Federation of
miners—meets every Wed
nesday evening at 7.30, i_
m. in Miners' Union Hall.)
M. Villeneuve, Secretary
Harry  Seaman,. President.
Ion No. 8, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock in Miners' hall.
Geo. McMullen, Pres., Jno.
Riordan, Sec.
No. 85, W. F. M., meets
every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock In Miners' Un
Ion hall. Robert Elliott,
Pres., W. B. Mclsaac, Sec.
No. 22, W. F. M., meets every
Saturday evening in Union hall.
H. R. Parsons, Pres., Geo. F.
Dougherty, Sec.-Treas,
W.F.M.—P. R. McDonaid,
Pres., Rossland; Howard
Thompson, vice-president,
Sandon; Geo.F.Dougherty,
Secretary, Greenwood.
GRAND FORKS FEDERAL Labor Union No. 231,
A.L.U.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
in Federal Union hall.
Thos.Foulston,Pres., Jno JT.
Lawrence, Sec.
president.Denver, Colorado
Edward Hughes, vice-president, Butte, Mont.; Wm.C.
Haywood, secretary-treasurer, Denver, Col.; Executive Board: J. T. Lewis,
Globe.Ariz.; L, J. Simpkins,
Wardner, Idaho; Phillip
Bowden, Butte, Mont,; D. C.
Copley, Independence, Col.;
O. A. Peterson, Tarraville,
S. D.; James A. Baker, Slocan Cityi B. C.
123, painters and decorators
of Amerlca.meers inBeatty's
Hall, on second and fop rth
Tuesday of each month. R
C. Arthur, Pres.: W. S.
Murphv, Sec.
ION No. 335,—Meets on the
last Sunday of each month
at the Miners' Union Hall
J Barkdoll, Sec; Morgan
O'Connell, President.
Union No. 97, W. I. M
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock in Union
hall. Hugh Williams, Pres.,
W. C. Lawrence, Sec.
ERS i; UNION—meets every
Friday of each week at 7.
?o p. m. in   Miners' Union
lall.   W. R. Baker,  Pres.;
John McLaren, Sec,
COUNCIL—Meets every second and fourth Tuesday In
each month at 7.30 P. M, in
Miners' Union Hall. President, W.L.McDonald. Adf
dress all communications to
Secretary-Treasurer, P,_ O,
box 784.
The Cotton Powder Gomoan...Ltd.
32 Queen Victoria St., LONDON} E. af
Faversham Powder
On the SPECIAL LISl of Permitted .Explosives.. October,' 1901.
"T"/"^ Kll "I~ £■   the best explosive for underground,rwork ex
I   V«/ INI   I   I—,    clusively UBed in Severn and Mersey tunnel
Cordite, Gelignite, Gelatine Dynamite, Blasting Gelatine, Detonators for all classes of Explosives, Electric ApplianceB,
Submarine Charges .for the removal of   Wrecks,  Etc.,   Eto.
Works: Faversham, Kent and Melling, near Liverpool
Manufacturer of Concentrating Machinery.
MEDALS—Royal Cornwall Polytechnic; Gold medal International .'Mining Inhibition, Crystal Palace, 1890.    Only award for Concentrator!.
Stamps with latest improvements, of up-to-date design, and with wearing parts '01
Hadfield's steel„from 2 cwts, to 10 cwts. per head, Stoncbreakcrs, Crushers, Jigs,
Trommels,,Vanners, etc, all constructed in sections for facility of transport if desired. Patent Portable Crushing and Amalgamating Pans for Prospecting, A
small concentrating plant to treat up to five tons erected at the works by which
commercial results.can be seen by intending purchasers[for a .merely nominal cos
Estimates for complete plants on application.   Special attention given to alniag
engineer's specifications.   Telegrams—"JIGGER," Aberystwyth. THE EVENING WORLD, ROSSLAND, B C, JULY 28, 1903.
Market More Buoyant This
The latest Quotations and Sales
Locally    Upon   the
Th9re is a continued demand for
American Boy and Giant is improving slightly. Waterloo is
also a trifle better, as is White
Today's Local Quotations:
Asked Bid
American Boy ~....       S„ dU
Ben Hur        5* 4«
Black Tail        -iY. 3'A
Canadian Gold Fields         5 4Y.
Cariboo (Camp McKinney) ex-<llv      '2'A lit.
CentreStar       ■■"•% 34*
Crows Nest Pass coal I i
Fairview         S 4
Fisher Maiden        3 »
Slant        3 *Y,
Granby Consolidated    $5.00 $4.50
LonePine         'Va ' ,
alornlng Glory        2 ij_
Mountain Lion       as ?iX
North Star (Sast Koottnir)       13 11
Payne       n isH
flullp       3' 21)
Rambler-Cariboo       45
Ban Poll         6 5K
BnlllTan        6 4Y,
Tom Thumb        dH 3>»
War Kagle Consolidated       12 id
Waterloo (Assess, paid)        ;-a '•*-
White Bear (Assess, paid)         4'A iii
Today.s Local Sales.
Giant, 4000, 3c; American Boy,
2000,4go; White Bear, 3000, 4c.
Total, 9000.
i! R. L. Wright, A. R.S. IHI.il
(Assayer for Le Roi No. 2,)
Custom* Assay s|;
. KJ. Aid. EAGLXS, Rowland Aerie,
No. to, Regnlar.meetlnKS every Monday even-
1' is, Sip. m. Fugles Hall, Carpenters' Union
J. Levy, Wl P.
H, Daniel W. SeoratatT,
?♦«•>♦♦♦ **************** ***
The Odams case is still lingering
A drunk was fined $10 this morning.
Mayor Schofield was up from
Trail yesterday.
A. W. Massey is on a business
trip to the Boundary.
The railway spur into the White
Bear is making progress.
There will be a meeting of the
city council this evening.
W. Linton returned from the
Slocan country last night.
Findlay Sinclair of Grand Forks
was in the city over night.
The Carnival Committee sat till
all hours last night and did excellent work.
Part of the crushing machinery
for the Le Roi No. 2 concentrator
has arrived.
Herr Kauffmann will look after
the singing by the school children
during the Summer Carnival
Inspector of Boilers Madigan
yesterday looked over the Iron
Horse plant purchased by the Oro
It is possible that a few of the
British journalists may visit Rossland if anyone chooBes to go out
after them.
The minor sportB have decided
to make all members of the various
committees chase that greasy pig
or forfeit $5.
The question of a city solicitor
and of the connection of tho city
water system to that of the Le Roi
will be mooted tonight.
John McKinnon was charged with
assault thiB morning by Otto Jack
son on the cutting scrape in tbe
Central hotel and was fined $20,
A grant of $75 has been made
for the coming of the Nelson militia
to Rossland during the Summer
Carnival. Local Rangers will make
up any deficit.
is now fully realized by the members of the team, and if hard work
will do it they will correct any
weakness in this respect before the
big game.
On Saturday and Monday next,
or thereabouts, two other first class
games will be played at Nelson
when the Souris players will go up
against the home combinations.
The Souris team stands the highest
of any of the prairie team*", and as
Winnipeg is the home of lacrosse,
thiB means a good deal. To have
defeated the starB of Winnipeg, as
the Souris boys did last season.
BhowB that they are a thoroughly
strong team.
I _"_/"_ Ip Meets ln Odd Fellows Rail
.KJ.KJ.X* . on Queen Btreet, between
Firat and Becond avenues. Regular meeting!
each Monday night. Visiting brothera are cDt-
dially invites to attend and register within jo
W .1. Murphy, Bee,       Jos. Goldsworthy. N. O
Cartlfleata of Improvementa.
■'Idaho Fraction" Mineral Claim, Bituated in the Trail Greek Mining Division
of West Kootenay District, and adjoining the '•Enterprise," "Idaho" and "Virginia" Mineral Claims.
Take notice that I, T. P. O'Farrell of
Rossland, B. C, acting ae agent ,or
Mary Kraus, free miner's certificate No,
B54770, and William Kellem, free miner's certificate No. B54891, intend, sixty
dayB (rom tha data hereof, to apply to the
mining recorder lor a certificate
of improvements, {or the purpose of ob-
taining> crown grant ol the above claim
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated at Rossland, B. C, this 7th day
of Febrnary,,A. L. 1003.
TRUST   DEEDS     ACT,"     igoi.
Notice is herebv given tint at the Hirst
meeting of the creditor of the above
named Hamon & Bisson held on the 13th
dav of July, igo-j.a resolutionof the creditors of the said Hamon and Bisson was
pa.sed appointing W. J. Robinson assignee in the place of Frederick E. Empey,
And notice is further given that a true
copy of the said resolution duly verified
as required by the "Creditors- Trust
Deed Act", has been registered in the
office of the county court of Kootenay
holden at Rossland, and that all the personal property of the said Hamon and
Bisson is now vested in the said W. J.
Robinson, and that the said W. J Robinson is alone authorized to colli ct debts
owing to thc said Hamon and Bisson and
detbs which were assigned by Vaughan
and Cook to the sa'd Hamon and Bisson,
and all persons indebted to thc said Vaughan and Cook and to the said Hamon
and Bisson are hereby required to forthwith pay the amount of the said indebtedness to the said W. J. Robinson.
Dated this 24th day of July, 1903.
Don't forget the hot lunoh at the
Palace tonight.
Protect your most valuable facul
ty and save your sight, by having
your eyes examined by one who
has made defective vision a life
study, and can advise you what is
best for them. Consult Dr. W. J.
Harvey, at the City Drug store, Columbia avenue, RoBBland, Monday
Tuesday and Wednesday, July 27,
28 and 29.
Shamrocks    and    Souris
Will Both Play at
Nelson, July 28,—A telegram
received yesterday by the secretary
of the Nelson lacrosse club stating
that the Shamrocks of Montreal
would be here for a series of games
during the fall fair of the Nelson
Agricultural society.
Since their match with the New
Westminsters, the local team has
been sticking steadily to work, and
its members intend to continue doing bo. Through the strongness of
its team Nelson is now looked on
as the lacrosse centre for the interior of the province, and if the
team keepB on improving itB already splendid form there is a
good chance tbat by the time the
date for the match comes around
that it will be able to defeat the
Montreal players. All the Nelson
team needs to make it one of tbe
strongest lacrosse teams in Canada
is sufficient praotice together so
that the members will get thoroughly into playing to eaoh other. This
Eagles Convention. July 27 to 29
For the above occasion the Spokane Falls & Northern railway will
make a one fare rate for the round
trip to Victoria, B. C, if fifty delegates are in attendance and one fare
and a third rate if only fifteen
For further particulars and sleeping car reservations call at City
Ticket offioe.
H. A. Jackson, G. P. A., Spokane.
H. P. Brown, Agt., Rossland.
Under the auspices of the
Preparations Made to Recommence at Once on a
Large Scale.
The St. Eugene mine, at Moyie,
one of the biggest lead mines in the
country, is to resume operations.
Manager Cronin sayB it will take
two months to get the mine running at itB normal capacity, but he
expects that the property will be
running again in that time. He
further remarked: "I shall probably take personal oharge of the
St. Eugene again. First of all we
must put in more power and we
shall add an engine to run the mill
for water power iB not sufficient
there to run all the year round.
We shall also put in some zinc concentrators. In the past our zinc
has gone oyer with the tailings. I
do not know that we shall be able
to ship the zinc at present, but we
shall certainly save it until such
time as the market for it opens.
We formerly shipped 2500 tons of
concentrates a month, which means
the mining of about 10,000 tons of
crude ore, and from that we shall
probably be able to save 300 tons
of zinc concentrates.
"Sinoe we stopped shipping at
the St. Eugene, we have spent
about $150,000 in development, and
have ore enough for two or three
years at our normal rate of pro
duction. We are down in a winze
seventy feet below the level of Moyie
lake, but we are not troubled much
with seepage water, as the lake is
practically bottomed with a waterproof layer of mud and rock.
Tendara for Printing.
Tenders for printing for the Rossland Summer Carnival will be re'
ceived up to Thursday, July 30,
1903, for the following:
Two thousand one-fourth sheet
hangers, two colors.
Seven hundred and fifty 24x36
poBters; two colore.
Three thousand five hundred pro
grammes; size 5x7 of 12 pages; also
extra cost per page for any addi
tion pages.
Posters to be ready for issuance
from Hossland not later than Aug'
Programmes to be delivered at
the secretary's office not later than
August 20, 1903.
The lowest or any tender not
neoessarily accepted.
A. J. DREWRY, Seo.
RosBland, B. C, July 28.1903.
Knights of the Golden Horseshoe
Train leaves C. P. R. Depot at 7:35 a. m., making connections with
•    -^the Steamer jtiaotnnay at Trail.=         ==
Children Half Fare.
Tickets on sale at the C. P. K. ticket office
=and by members of the committee. =
For a whole day
on the water...
The Shur-on
Rimless Eyeglass fits all features; never falls off; improves
your appearance.
THE SHUR-ON combines
the convenience ol the modern
eyeglass with stability of the spectacle.   Fitted by the only
..Graduate Optician..
in the city.    Graduate of The
Toronto College of Optics, at
City Drug Store
Optical Goods a specialty. We
can lit any sight.
IS S eiqar Stores
J£ Are where you oan get the best the market af-
5fi fords in CIGARS, TOBACCOS,   PIPES,   ETC.
International Liquor Store.
Wines and
Liq uors
ftT 60ST!
Now is the time to buy
yonr family supply as this
sale will only last for one
month. Come early while
the present excellent selection remains.
Alhambra Hotel
JOKERS $6.50 per week
The only hotel in tbe city having a d
room tor,miners.    Free Bath,Room.
In washing woollens antl uannela, Lever's
Dry Soap (a powder) will l» found very
satisfactory. xi
The Palace has  the  only   firet
class grill rooms in the city.
Certificate of Improvement.
The Brothers and Jungle Fraction
Mineral Claims, situate iu the Trail
Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay District,
Where locatod: Near the international boundary line on Sophie mountain
Take notice that I, Kenneth L. Burnet, Prov. Land Surveyor of Rossland,
agent for E. B. Sentell, Esq., of Van-
couver.B.C. free miner's certificate, No.
B57520, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpoHe of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim,
And further take notice tbat action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certilicate of
Dated this 4th dav of June,A,D. igoi.
yO Ticket for VT.DU
Ticket for
The Palace has   the only   first
olass bowling alley in the oity.
Saddle Rock Restaurant
W. WALTON. Prop.    »
Re John Y. Cole Addition   to   Rosslatu|
Registered Plan No.   719.
Notice is hereby given to all   pertonl
interested in said plan that  nppllcaiiol
on behalf of the Consolidated White Heal
Mining Company, Limited,  Non-Persorf
al Liability, will be made to a Judge c
the Supreme Court in Chambers,  at th
Court House, Victoria,  B, C,  at   10:3
o'clock in the forenoon.on the 28th dayo
Jub/,1903, for an order changing said pla
so as to close Montreal street and suost
tute a new street to be called Moutrt J
street ninety feet to the west thereof; all
to close a portion of Kootenay Avenue bl
tween the westerly boundary of lot 12 f
Block 2 and the   westeily   boundary J
Lot 16, Block 3 and to open in lieu tbei_
of a street running south through Lots!
and 16,Block 3,thence westerly parallel!
the old street to the new Montreal str<|
above,mentioned, including the lane ll
tween said Lot 15  and   said  new   Mcf
treal street, alfo the westerly end of tl
lane in Block 10 is to be closed, also tl
westerly half of the lane in Block 6.   I
And further take notice that the pll
of said Addition as proposed to I
amended may be seen at the law office!
the undersigned, Columbia avenue,Ro|
land, B. C.
Solicitor for Applicants.!
Dated 26th June 1903.       FF "■


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