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Vol. Ill, No. 55
Comfort! Style! Durability!
These are the ohief features of our FOOTWEAR and we
stand behind every pair of SHOES we sell. You can't
afford to take any chances on unreliable footwear. Go
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Blue Label, Snyders, Walnut Catsup, Mushroom Catsup"
j Salad Dressing
Durkies, Royal,
Heinz's Mustard
Dressing, Macon-
oobies Florence
The Doings of Conspicuous Persons
Affecting Canadian Interests.
are  reported from
Heinz's India Relish, Horse
Radish, Frenoh Mustard,
Piccalilli, Chow Chow. =
And an endless variety of niceties for the table
O. M. FOX & CO., GrSi
The Pope is reported as seriously
More  finds
Poplar oreek.       ^^^^^^^^^
The  Denver  smeltermen   have
gone on strike.
Peru is in the midst of  another
politioal outburst.
Oxford has defeated Cambridge
at the annual crioket match.
Meeting Is Summoned for This
The Camp Is a Unit on the Proposal-Miners  Act
a Public Spirited Manner in Giving, Up
Stamp   Mills   Going   Up
Ore Is Proving Up at Depth to Be
of Great Richness—A Big
•%W%%7%M%W%*%7 ttttflftlHIgattlPflftlF*
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The Brackman-Ker MillingCompany
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Northern  ticket office
nnxtto Red Ftr r
W. A. Perry Strawberries
Is *-*
PaulsonBros^ O-MJox&Co.jj)
W. Molnnes is holding the ear
of the Liberal chiefs at Ottawa.
The Times is publishing a series
of articles going into the whole fiscal year.
Premier Seddon is making strong j
efforts in favor of the All Red   Cable across the Pacific.
The Dominion government seoms
to be more in favor of government
ownership of railways.
The last connection in the Commercial oompany's eastern cable
has been made at Honolulu.
It is announced from Ottawa
that the C. P;R are likely to get
the mail contract across the Atlantic.
Great Britain had 72 per cent of
the total tonnage passing during
the past year through the Suez
Great Britain seems to be coming
more and more round to the fiscal
policy outlined by Secretary Chamberlain,
The municipal counoil of Paris
bave decided to go in for publio
ownership of the gaa lighting of
the city.
President Roosevelt will be a
spectator of the matoh race between the Reliance and the Shamrock III.
Tbe provincial fruit inspector reports that the crops in the Okanagan country are abundant but tbat
labor is scarce.
Russia retorts on the United
States remonstrance as to the Kishineff massaore "What about those
negro lynohings?"
The Shamrock III has proved itself a wonder in light winds and
her chances of viotory against the
Reliance are looking up.
Teams from Canada, Australia,
Natal, Great Britain,United States,
France and Norway have entered
for the Palma shooting trophy at
B isley.
New Zealand says that if closer
commercial relatione are not drawn
between the oolonies and the
Mother Country reciprocity will
probably be tried with foreign na
Everything promises well for tbe
coming celebration.
On Saturday tl 3 mayor met the
evening train in order to confer
with some of the C. P R. employes
as to the holding of a C. P. R. picnic in Rossland next moath, and
yesterday morning a spe al meeting was  called   of   the   Miners'
Union to deliberate upon the advisability of holding a joint celebration  with  the employees  of  the
C. P. R.   This was agreed to if tht
C. P. R. employes will come here.
In the afternoon a deputation p
deputation of the   Miner'   Union
waited upon some of the prominent,
C. P. R. employes  affeoted  and
came to an understand ing. .It is
understood that the picnic will assuredly come to Roeslanl if Rossland will make a joint celebration
of tbe matter.   A meeting of the
C. P. R. employees i; to be held tomorrow or the next day in Nelson
when the matter will be decided
upon and in the meantime it is
proposed to hold a meeting this
evening    in    the     City      Hall
at   8   o'clock    to   draft   out   a
provisional programme so that the
C. P. R. employes who lavor  the
The time proposed io during the
third week in August when the
weather will be settled.
Aa many of tbe visitors will be
coming from cons'derable distances
it is proposed to make a two day
celebration while we are about it.
The programme will include a
monster procession with the famous i
bugle band and the Rocky Mountain Rangers withe Civilian Rifle
association, th j Miners' Union with
.heir coiors flying, the mayor and
aldermen, an imposing marshal of
the city, some patriotio songs by
the sohool children who will haveja
profession also.   There will also be
the ub; "l sports for the little ones,
a drilling contest for a substantial
prize, a tug of war between the
visitors and the Miners' Union.   A
glove fight is proposed for the evening at the  rii'!-,  and a wrestling
match is  also  proposed   by   the
Cousin  Jacks.     Besides   this the
baseball matches will form a feature of the day as will also lacrosse
games if the New Wesminsters oan
be persuaded to pay the camp a
visit.   Horse racing will also be an
attraction and Harry Mcintosh is
of the opinion thut some of the
coming of the pionio to Rossland, ±iist olass animals that lately 00m
You may be in need of some groceries.
You may need a new grocer. If so, we
will appreciate your account and treat
you right. O. M. FOX & CO.
It you want to bowl try the Alhambra.
Best alley in tbe city. A box of Imported cigars will be given for the largest
score made at the Alhambra bowling
alley between June 22 and August 1,
FOR RENT CHEAP - Good three
roomed house, well located, near Central
school house, Fifth avenue. O. M. Jox
ft Co., Grocers, Columbia avenue,
will be able to present something
like a case to those at Nelson who
may be in doubt aB to the matter.
To fully understa. d the matter
it must be fully understood that
yearly on the coast the C. P. B
employes have a pionis, all freight
trains being closed dowr    . ihe occasion.   Up to the pn.tut there
has  been  no   suoh  thing in the
Kootenays and this year will be the
first of the series which will hereafter be held annually. The C.P.R.
on these occasions hau their employes, their families and friends
at oost, so  that  specially low excursion rates will be had, so low indeed as to put it in tho power nf
anyone to come here if so desirous
The C P. R. men  thimselves expect to   have  any  number   from
1000 to 2000.   In conjunction with
this an attempt will be madejto bring
the Spokane Elks here And it is
stated that the Great Northern is
prepared      to       give       specially low rates for the proursion.
The Elks have a very pretty baseball team of  their own and it is
proposed to get up a Kootenay nine
to contest the honorB of the day
with them or indeed against all comers. The Kootenays vs. the World.
So it will be seen that quite a large
influx of visitors will be witnessed.
petett  at Grand   Forks  oan   be
brought here.
All the events will come off on
Columbia avenue which will be en
fete, aud prizes are to be offered for
the best decorated place of business
as well an for floats in the oivic procession.
As the ide< will be *n give a
bustling appeai u a to the camp
merchants will not be asked to
keep their places of busiuess closed
for the whole of the day but on the
oontrary will be asked to d > their
best to make their places -. attractive as possible and yet so arrange matters as to permit their
employes talcing part in tho festivities.
It is estimated ..hat the cost will
be something between $2000 and
$3000 and it is thought there will
be no difficulty in raising this sum
of money. There is already a
nucleus of between $200 and $300
left over from Coronation Day
which will be available, the city
counoil may be expected to come
down handsomely,the loosening up
of money will render the taxes
more easily collectable. There is
not a business man in the town
who has not expressed his willing-
Continued on fourth page.
C. Jackson has just got  back
from a flying trip to the  Lardeau.
He is muoh impressed  with  the
oountry and thinks that it  has a
great future before it.     Camborne
is very muoh alive today  and  H.
S. Wallace, formerly mayor of this
city and now postmaster and  real
estate man in Camborne, informed
Mr. Jackson that lots whioh  were
selling a year ago for $150 are now
commanding  $450.      There   are
five hotels in the place all full, besides numerous boarding  houses.
In the hotel at whioh Mr. Jackson
stayed there were no less than 70
miners boarding.    Reckoning the
men who are  putting up stamp
mills Mr. Jackson thought there
must be at least 300 men working
in the mines around  Camborne.
Everybody looks prosperor.,  and
everyone is making money.   The
place is full of old Rosslanders who
seem well content with the camp
whicb they declare will double in
population within the year.
The Northwestern has its stamp
mill uocted and the Oyster Criterion and Eva are eaoh erecting a ten
stamp mill, The Oyster Criterion has got a depth of some 120 feet
or better, but W. Pool has explored
the vein with several hundred feet
of drifting and tbinks himself justified in going to the expense of a
stampmill. The property is a free
milling one. Under present conditions the silver lead properties,
with the exoeption of the Beatrice
which runs high in values, finds
that transportation is too heavy for
their ores which do not ran particularly high although affording
an ample profit oould the transportation be Boived. But the free milling properties are treated on the
ground and the question does not
affect them.
Indications would show that '.he
free milling properties do not run
into base ore at depth, whioh is
often the case in the Kootenays.
The Eva and Oyster Criterion are
situated half way np a gigantio
mountain, 7400 feet, towering over
the camp.   Next these claims the
mountain breaks off sheer for 3000
feet or more.    Along the wash at
the bottom three miners are working a claim and taking away the
wash have sought and found the
ledge traoeable above.   Within the
last few days they have succeeded
in uncovering it, ahd taking out
gold quartz, breaking it and panning it themselves are reported to
be averaging $4 to $5 a pieoe daily
oven by this orude method.   There
is a belt of country some three or
four miles  long and about a mile
in depth, along whioh the free mill-
Continued on fourth page. THE EVENING WORLD, ROSSLAND, B. C, JULY 6^ 1003
The Evening World
1 By the World;PnblHhlnst'Comp»ny.
Entered at lhe Rossland, B. C, postoffice for
transmission through the ruails.May l„ 19m •"•
aecoud class reading matter.
monthor$5 ooyear.ln/sriably in advance, Ad-
vrtising  rate* made known on application.
LONDON RATES-£1.15  per annum
P. 0-|Box 902 Rosaland, B. C,
may be said that there is not the
slightest chance that the United
States will abandon its high tariff
because of any fear  of   reprisals.
One cannot be  too  sure  of   that,
The farmers of the United States
hold the balance of power.    The
danger of defections of agricultural
States from the Republican ranks
if the    markets   of   lhe western
farmer  were  seriously threatened
would be very great.   Mr.   Chamberlain is a bold and skilful tactician, and  it   is quite   apparent
that, whether the Unionist  party
follows him or not, he   has   nailed
his colors to the mast.
You won't harden or shrink
■woolens with Sunlight Soap.
The purity of the oils and fats
and the absence of free alkali
prevent that 2B
Ticket for
Saddle Rock Restaurant
W. WALTON, Prop.
The   Miners'   Union have once
again shown that they possess the
spirit of conciliation.    Last year
they gave up their picnic and devoted its funds to Coronation Day
celebration and despite the treatment they received over that matter
this year they have again given up
their picnic in order to make common cause with the city and the
employes of the C. P. R. in a joint
celebration in Rossland some time
next month.   It is to be hoped,and
there is no reason to doubt it, that
the employers and the business men
of tbis city will join in heartily
with them and make such a royal
celebration that all past differences
will be forever buried.   It is far
belter for everybody in this camp
that a couple of thousand visitors
shall come here and spend a few
thousand dollars than that Rosslanders should go in their hundreds
and thousand to outside points as
last year and spend $10,000 to $15,-
000 from which the camp derived
no benefits except the jealous passing pleasures of the day.     Let
Rossland get in with a will and
celebrate.   It will be the turning
point in the history of the camp.
A significant passage, says the
Toronto Globe, in Mr. Chamberlain's speech at the Constitutional
Club was that wherein he said:
"A policy of retaliation would be
better described as a policy of negotiation. The ministers would
endeavor to break down the existing wall of hostile tariffs, and if
they failed in these negotiations
they would endeavor to retain for
their own country the vast possibilities for production and opportunity for employment, the lack of
whioh was now driving British subjects to foreign lands." There is
nothing ambiguous about that.
Mr. Chamberlain's primary idea,
is to put himself in a position to
negotiate with foreign countries.
He cannot do this so long as it is
given out that, no matter how unjust a foreign country may be
towards Biitish goods, Britain
oannot or at least will not, Btrike
back. Mr. Chamberlain wants to
be authorized to say to foreign
countries: If the British Empire
oannot secure better fiscal treatment at your hands than it is getting now, it will adopt a policy of
encouraging inter-Imperial trade
against foreign trade."
How would this work oul? It
would mean that United States
produots, for example, would be
admitted at British ports on as
liberal terms as Canadian produots, provided British goods were
admitted there on as low a basis as
they are in Canada. In reality,
therefore, Mr. Chambeilain's crusade is against the high-tariff countries, and the welding of the Empire oloser together by commercial
bonds is a secondary consequence
if the other fails of its object.   It
While there is every desire in the
Kootenays that the coal lands
should be opened up with the
greatest possible speed so as to
guarantee our smelters a constant
supply of fuel, and so as to get
some competition with the Crow's
Nest company which haB served
the public lately anything but well,
yet the greatefat care must be exercised that huge tracts of these coal
lands do not fall into the hands of
grafters who will use their possessions merely to get a good price
from the Crow's Nest company. In
such a case the state of the province
will be worse off than it is at the
present moment. It is atrocious
with one of the largest coal fields
in the world in our own territories,
that smelterB have to depend upon
Washington and Alberta coal supplies for their needs. It is sending
money out of the provinoe that
ought to be spent within it, and
moreover it is enhancing the cost
of smelting because of the long haul
on fuel. But there is the one redeeming feature to the prjent
situation which is that there are
known to exist other coal land
here which might be opened up advantageously. But if those coal
lands pass into the hands of a company which may make common
cause with the Crow's Nest the situation would be even worse than
it iB at present. There is no doubt
that the Crow's Nest are now building coke ovens. Over 100 men are
at work at Morrissey Mines and
250 ovens are being rapidly oon-
struoed. But apparently twice
that number are needed and at
present the Bame causes which have
operated to delay the building of
these coke 'ovens may operate to
keep them unfinished if the company are of the opinion that the
present government enquiry may
end in smoke like many another
enquiry before it.
The question is one of safeguards.
It may be true that the locations
made were   made advisedly   and
that they will hold good in law, although one   would have   thought
that the majority  of   the  people
should have had a chance with the
minority in making these locations.
It may be true tbat the locators
will bring the matter into the courts
if the validity of  tbe locations is
not conceded, and so tie up the
coal lands of Southeast Kootenay
for an indefinite period, rendering
the situation even more complicated
than it is at present.   But even if
this ia to be the case great care
must be exercised in seeing that
the   locations  granted   are   only
granted   after   the   most  careful
scrutiny of the legal standing of
the claimants, and after the insertion of provisos, suoh as are competent for the government to insert,
which fully guarantee the province
against boodling tactics.    A maximum retail price must be fixed.
A tax, progressive in quality, must
be place! on huge areas whioh are
unworked and so render it unprofi-
able to hold these lands for
purely speculative purposes. Furthermore, there must be ample
security given that the coal mined
shall not be sent out of the country
when it is needed here. It would
probably be found that if stringent
conditions suoh as these are insist
ed upon that while the bona fide
coal operator will not be deterred
the grafter and the boodler will be
frozen out and remain out.
New Stock Rugs
New $12 Bed Lounge $10
Hand Store
Nelson tii Fort Sheppard Railway
Red Mountain Railway
Washington & Great Northern R'y
Vancouver,Victoria tii Eastern R'y &
Nav. Co.
ib Printing j
Book and W
Commercial »
©ffice 8
Printinq ju
There are Grits and Tories and
Progressives. The Miner has now
Btar ted a fourth partv of Adullam-
ites. This it dubs the Conservative Independents. It would be
interesting if a list of the promin
ent "Conservative Independents"
were published.
The only all rail between points east
west and south to Rossland, Nelson,
Grand Forks and Republic. Connects
at Spokane with the Great Northern,
Northern Pacific and O. R. & N. Co.
for points east, west and south; connects
at Rossland and Nelson with the Canadian Pacific R'y.
Connects at Nelson with K. R. A N.
Co. for Kaslo and K' & S. points.
Connects at Curlsw with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B. C.
Buffet cars run between Spokane and
It is possible that tomorrow night
will see the town council agreed on
one point—the necessity of a celebration. Mayor Dean and Harry
Daniel are both hot in favor of the
Make your own selection and set your
own price on Wall Paper at Daniel &
Arthu, 38 Columbia avenue,
Effective June 14, 1903
Leave Spokane 8:45 a.m.
Arrive Rossland 4:35 p.m.
Arrive Nelson 7:20 p.m.
Arrive Grand Forks....   .1 too p.m
Arrive Republic 6:1 j p.m
Leave Republic 8:30 a.m.
Leave Grand Forks 10:3s a.m
Leave Nelson 7:20 a. m
Leave  Rossland io:4o a.m
Arrive Spokane 6:15 p.m
Moraghan oysters any  style  at
the Palace grill rooms.
Dreams of Wait Whitman With Disastrous Rssults.
I  dreamed of  her,  she dreamed
of me,
I knew her queenly, fair and kind
To a degree of constancy.
She echoed back my soulful mind,
She told me of her lasting love;
I told her of her queenly grace.
I looked upon her patiently,
And loved her for her lovely face!
IDone With Neatness and Despatch.    Mail
I     Orders will Receive Prompt Attention
jj  World Job Office ra
Liquor State
For further information regarding
reservation of berths or, price of tickets,
apply to any agent of the above companies, or to
eenr-al Passenger Agt
Bpokena, Waah
atant   V«««'s«rl. B I
We have a large and well selected assortment of
Wines.Liquors.Etc.for CAMII V TRADE
The best goods at right prices. Open every day until 9 p.
[Will be fired on the next
break. J
Don't forget the hot lunoh at the
Palace tonight.
The Palace haB  the only   first
class bowling alley in the eity.
The Palace has the  only  first-
class bowling alley in the oity.
Private dining rooms for ladies
at the Palace. .
Lover's Y-Z (Wise Hesd) Disinfectant Soap
Powder dusted in the bath softens ths
wster st the ssme Urns thst it disinfects, tt
gjiiMIJljWijrailMlMf imiliWliPlllIlJlIlIilG
St. Pau^Dulut^Minneapoli^Chicago
and all points east
Seattle,!Tacoma, Victoria, Portland
and all Pacific Coast points
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepsrs
Dining & Buffet Smoking Library Oars.
2-FastTrains Through Daily-2
For rates, folders andlfull 'information
regarding ttips. call on or address any
agent 8. P. & N. Railway.
701 W Riverside, Spokane
Seattle .'.Wash.
H. P. BROWN, Rossland Agent
No Taste.   No Odor. ' Can be given in glass or
water, tea or coffee without patient's knowledge.
Colonial Remedy will cure or destroy the diseased appetite for alcoholic stimulants, whether
the patient Is a confirmed Inebriate, "tippler,"
social drluker or drunkard Impossible lor any-
one to have an appetite for alcoholic liquors
after using Colonial Remedy.
Endorsed by Members of W. C. T..U.
Mrs. Moore, Superintendent of the Woman's
Christain Temperance Union, Ventura,' Cal.,
writes: "I have tested Colonial Remedy on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cures have been
many. In many cases the Remedy was given
secretly. I cheerfully recommend and endorse
Colonial Remedy. Members of our Union are
delighted to find a practical and economical
treatment to aid us in our temperance work."
Bold by druggists everywhere and by mall,
Price ft. Trial package free by writing or calling on Mrs. M. A, Cowan, (for years member of
the Woman's Christain Temperance Union) 2204
St. Catharine St., Montreal.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal.
Allen Use, "Bavarian" July IS
Allan Line, 'Ionian," June 23
a Han Line, "Tunisian" Aug 1
C.P.R- Atlantic 8.B., "Lake Brie,"  Ju v 16
C P,K. Atlantic S.8 , "Lake Manitoba," . July >g
Dominion Line "Cauad" July 18
Dominion Line, "Kensington." July 25
Prom   Boston.
CunardLine "Ivernia" Julv 14
CunardLine   'Saxouia" July 25
Dominion Line "Colum1 us" July 13
Prom New Vork.
White Biar Line "Germanic" July 15
White Star Line "Ccdr'c"  July 17
White Star Line "Majestic" , July 2]
Cunard Llne|"Etiurui"     July 8
Cunard Line^'CarupanU" July 15
American Line '81. Paul" July 22
American Line "Et Louil" July 29
KedStar Line,"Finland"  July ii
Red Btar Line "Vulerland" July 25
Continental saillnga oi French, North German
Lloyd, Hamburg-American, Holland-American
Prince and Italian Lines on application,
RATBS—Baloon fares, J50.00, and upwards
Second, $35 snd upwards, according to ateamet
and location of berth. Steerage quoted on; ap-
.........    „ ,* „_„ t~_ Hngla»6>nd
plication.   Frepi	
the continent at lowest rates.
Pall partlcnUra CUt Ticket office CetaabU
Avajsli Baaatauat, K, ft
50c Per Month
By Mail or Carrier.
At Once.
I And keep posted on
on the news oi
the camp.
Columbia Ave., Hossland.
Ml ™
The Use of Oil Is Quickly
Official Statistics as to  Enormous
Growth of the New Industry
Last Year-
According to a reoent consular
report, lays the London Mining
Journal, the use of oil as fuel in
lieu of ooal has made enormous
strides in California during the
past year. The wells in operation
in 1902 were 2152, with an output
of 13,692,514 barrels of crude petroleum, as against 2040 wells and
and an output of 8,842,500 barrels
in 1901, whilst the previous year
the whole output of oil in the State
was only 4,329,050 barrels. The
Kern River district heads the list
with 322 wells and an output of
8,646,199 barrels. It is estimated
that the local consumption of oil
in 1903 nill amount to over 20,-
000,000 barrels.
Oil is now generally in use in
lieu of coal for steam, but not .or
domestic use. The Southern Pacific Railroad company have 505
locomotives burning oil, and they
are converting the remainder as
fast as possiblj Before the end of
1903 practically all the Southern
Pacific engines will be burning oil,
and this company will take nearly
6,000,000 barrels. The Santa Fe
road will take about 2,000,000 barrels more in 1903. In 1901 there
was hardly a steamer burning fuel
oil en the Pacific coast; there are
now 111 steamers, with a total
tonnage of 88,981, burning oil and
all giving very satisfactory results.
Oil haa also been adopted in nearly
all local manufactories.
At the beginning of 1902 only
12 oil refineries were operating in
the State, at its close there were 32,
with a total still capacity of 31,-
575 barrels, or a yearly consumption of over 5,000,000 barrels.
Another large refinery has been
constructed at Port Riohmond and
commenced refining in May. Although the price at the wells is
only lOd per barrel of 43 gallons,
he railway charges on the same
are about ls 9d. Wheri the Standard Oil company's big pipe at Port
Riohmond is working it is believed
that the oost of conveyance from
the wellB to San Francisco will be
only 3d a barrel. Unless the price
of oil goes up very considerably,
whioh some fear it may do, in view
of the Standard Oil oompany having entered into large ood tracts
with Californian producers, which
are probably the first steps towards the controlling of the industry by the trust, there appears to
be no market whatever for ooal, except for domestio and private use,
and, to a limited extent, for steam.
It is understood from the general
manager of the Southern Pacific
Railway oompany that, although
the great heat of oil is very hard
upon the boiler plates, yet at the
present low price of oil it is infinitely cheaper to repair boiler
plates than("to use coal. The Pacific Oil Transportation company
is also under contract to supply
300,000 barrels of crude petroleum
to the Hawaiian sugar plantations,
where short pipe lines to the receiving tanks have been  laid,  en
abling the tank steamer to pump
the oil direct from vessel to tank.
Attention is also being directed
to the manutacture of gas from oil
for lighting purposes. To give an
idea of the comparative eoonomy
at the present time of water and
oil gaB manufacture, using prevailing prices for fuel and oil, the following is submitted, an arbitrary
Btandard of works being one of 10,-
000 oubio feet, daily sent out.whioh
1 think will be a fair average
through the State, excluding the
large cities of course.
The cost of the material is aB follows: Oil gas—Twelve gallons of
crude oil at two cents per gallon,
24 cents. This amount inolude
boiler, fuel and oil for heating up
the apparatus for the firat 1000
feet. Water gas—Forty-five pounds
of anthracite coal per 1000 feet,
manufactured at $10 per ton, 224
oents; 15 pounds of boiler fuel, 1\
cents; 44 gallons of coaling oil per
1000 feet, made for enriching at
ehree cents per gallon, 134 cents;
total material pt>r 1000 feet of gas
manufactured, 43}c. Four barrels
of oil, present value at the wells 20
cents per barrel of 43 gallons each,
is the equivalent in heat units of
one ton of good coal.
[Adopted at Revelstoke, Scptembor 13th, 1902.]
1. That this convention reaffirms tho policy
of tho party in mutters of provincial roadx and
trails; tho ownership and control of railways
and the development of tho agricultural resources of the province as laid down In tho
platform adopted in October, 1S1J9, which is as
"To activoly aid in tho construction of trails
throughout tho undeveloped portions of tho
proviuce and thc building of provincial trunk
roads of public necessity.
•"To adopt tho principles of government ownership of railways in so far as the circumstances of tho province will admit, and the
adoption of the principle that no bonus should
be granted to any railway company which
docs not give tho government of the province
control of rates over lines bonusod, together
with the option of purchase.
"To actively assist by state aid in the development of the agricultural resources of the
2. That in thc meantime and until tho rait-
way policy above set forth can be accomplished, a general railway act be passed, giving
freedom to construct railways undor ccitain
approved regulations, analogous to the system
that has resulted in such extensivo railway
construction in tho United States, with so
much advantage to trade and commerce.
•i. That to encourage the mii.ing industry,
the taxation of metalliferous mines should he
on the basis of aperccntagc on the net profits.
4. That tho government ownership of tele
phono systems should be brought about as a
lirst step in the acquisition of public utilities.
ft. That a portion of every coal area hereafter to bo disposed of should bo reserved from
salo or lease, so that state owned mines may be
easily accessible, if thoir operation becomes
necessary or advisable.
fi. That in thc pulp land leases provision
should bo made for reforesting and that stops
should bo taken for thc general preservation of
forests by guarding against tho wasteful destruction of timber.
7, That tho legislature and government of
tho province should persovero in tho effort to
secure tho exclusion of Asiatic labor.
U. That the matter of better terms in the
way of   subsidy and appropriations for the
erovinco should bo vigorously pressed upon tho
lominion government-
{). That the silver-load industricsof the province be fostered and encouraged by the imposition of increased customs duties on lead and
load products imported into Canada, and that
the Conservative members of the Dominion
Houso bo urged to support any motion introduced for such a purpose,
10. That as industrial disputes almost invariably result in great loss ana injury both to tho
parties directly concerned and to the public,
legislation should be passed to provide means
for an amicable adjustment of such disputes
between employers and employes.
11, That it is advisable to foster tho manufacture of tho raw products of tho province
within the province as far as practicable by
means of taxation on thosaid raw products.sub-
jeet to rebate of the same in whole or part
when manufactured in British Columbia.
Conservative Conventions
At a mooting of tho oxocutivo of tho Provincial Conservative Association, hold at Vancouver, the province was divided into five divisions for organization purposes. Tlie Koote-
nay-Boundary division is mado up of tho following provincial election districts: Hevel-
stoke, Columbia, Fernie, Cranbrook, Ymir,
Kaslo, Sloco n, Grand Forks, Greenwood, tho
City of Kossland and the City of Nelson. At
the same meeting tho following resolutions
were adopted:
1. That conventions for nominating candi*
dates for members of tho legislative assembly
ho made up of delegates choseu as follows:
ta) ln city electoral districts, ono delogate
for every fifty and fraction of fifty votes polled
at the provincial election held in 1!)00. and if
the citv is divided into wards, the proportion
of delegates for each ward shall bo based on
the vote polled iu each ward at tho last municipal election,
ib) In other electoral districts, one dolegato
for every fifty or fraction of fifty votes polled
at the provincial election hold in 1900, tho delegates lo be apportioned to polling places, or as
near thereto as will be fair to the voters of tho
different neighborhoods.
2. The election of delegates shall he at public mootlngs, held at a designated central place
in each polling division, or in eaoh ward iu city
electoral districts, If tho city Is divided into
wards. At suoh public meetings only thoso
who pledge thcinsolves to voto for tho candidate or candidates selected at the nominating
convention shall bo ontltled to a voto for delegates
3. Two woeks notico shall bo given of tho
public meetings at which delegates aro to be
elected, and nominating conventions shall bo
hold in city electoral districts two days after
tho day on which delegates aro elected, and In
other electoral districts sovon days after. All
nominations throughout tho province to be
made at a designated central place In each
electoral district, and on tho same day.
i. All notices of the date of public meotings
for the election of delegates to nominating
conventions, the apportionment of delegates.
and the placo and date of nominal ing conventions ln tho several electoral districts shall be
prepared by tho member of the executive of
the division In which tho electoral districts aro
situate, aud issuod over I he names of the president and secretary of tho Provincial Conservative Association
A meeting ot tho provincial executive will
bo held at Vancouver within a month, and tho
date for holding district nominating conventions will then bo fixed.
President of tho Provincial
Conservative Association.
Nelson, June 8th, 1913. if
Now Is the Time to Buy Lots
in Similkameen City, B. e.
CAMP HEDLEY is the most talked of oamp in the provinoe, and situated in the centre is Similkameen City, surrounded by
rioh mines which will shortly have large payrolls. Over 200 lots have been sold to business people who realize that Similkameen will become the metropolis of this district. The Nickel Plate mines bave expended $300,000 in development and are at
present building tramways and a 40-stamp mill. Arrangements are being made for the erection of a large Bmelter at Similkameen City which will cost about a million dollars. Besides the Nickel Plate group of claims being developed by one of the richest
mining companies in North America, there are several other groups and properties whioh will shortly be developed, among them
being the Kingston Mines, Rollo, Wellington, Winnipeg, Red Chief and Pollock. Situated as it is in the beautiful Similkameen
valley, midway between Princeton and Keremeos, and protected from all opposition in the valley by adjoining a large Indian
reservation, this townsite will become one of the principal mining camps of the Paoifio Northwest. It was only a short time ago
that lots in Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood and other mining centres were selling for the same prioe that they are today being sold
for in Similkameen.   Come in before tbe boom and double your money.
Similkameen City to Have Two Railways.
The Viotoria, Vanoouver & Eastern and the Canadian Pacific railways are starting immediate construction for the Similkameen,
which will make this town a railroad centre and divisional point, and when these competing lines are completed through to the
Paoifio coast tbey will become the main through lines, being tbe shortest route from the interior to the coast. A large sawmill is
running steadily on the west addition, the only available timber for miles around. The main street is 90 feet wide, being all
cleared and ready for building purposes. All railways, roads, telegraph and telephone lines will have to come through tbis
townsite, whioh is looated in the centre of the whole Similkameen valley and will become the largest distributing point and
mining centre in British Columbia.
Similkameen City Lots Will Make You Rich.
A large agricultural area to draw from.   Pure water, fine climate, rich mines, big payrolls.
Lots for Sale $2 to $ 10 Per Front Foot,     teems m >n Towns m. c.
For further particulars apply to
FRANK BAILEY & CO., Greenwood and Similkameen
J.^H. YATES, Empire State Building, Spokane.
Officers and Meetings.
No. p6, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock. Thos. Roynon,
Pres., Frank Philips, Sec.
Visiting brothers cordially
Western Federation ol
miners—meets every Wed
nesday evening at 7.30, if
m. in Miners' Union Hall.,
M. Villeneuve, G Secretary
Harry  Seaman,* President,
ion No. 8, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock in Miners' hall.
Geo. McMullen, Pres., Jno.
Rlordan, Sec.
No. 85, W. F. M., meets
every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock in Miners' Un
'on hall. Robert Elliott,
Pres., W. B. Mclsaac, Sec.
No. 22, W. F. M., meets everv
Saturday, evening in Onion hall.
H. R. Parsons, Pres., Geo. F,
Dougherty, Sec-Treas,
W.F.M.-P. R. McDonaid,
Pres., Rossland; Howard
Thompson, vice-president,
Sandon; Geo.F.Dougherty,
Secretary, Greenwood.
Edward Hughes, vice-president, Butte. Mont.; Wm.C.
Haywood, secretary-treasurer, Denver, Col.; Executive Board: J. T. Lewis,
Globe,Ariz.; L. J. Simpkins,
Wardner, Idaho; Phillip
Bowden,Butte, Mont,; D. C.
Copley, Independence, Col.;
O. A. Peterson, Tarraville,
S. D.; James A. Baker, Sloop n City, B. C.
123, painters and decorators
of America.meets inBeatty's
Hall, on second and foprth
Tuesday of each month. R
C. Arthur, Pres.: W. S.
Murphv, Sec
TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION No. 335,—Meets on the
last Sunday of each month
at the Miners' Union Hall
J Barkdoll, Sec; Morgan
O'Connell, President.
Union No. 07, W. J . M.
Meets every Saturda ■; evening at 7:30 o'clock in Union
hall. Hugh Williams, Pres.,
W. C. Lawrence, Sec.
GRAND FORKS FEDERAL Labor Union No. 231,
A.L.U.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
in Federal Union hall.
Thos.Foulston.Pres., Jno. T.
Lawrence, Sec.
ERS!! UNION—meets every
Friday of each week at 7.
?o p. m. In   Miners' Union
lall.   W. R. Baker,  Pres.;
John McLaren, Sec,
COUNCIL—Meets every second and fourth Tuesday in
each month at 7.30 P. M, In
Miners'Union Hall. Presl
dent, W.L.McDonald. Adf
dress all communications to
Secretary-Treasurer, P, O.
box 784.
The Cotton Powder] Gomoanv. Ltd.
32 Queen Victoria St., LONDON; E. Of
Faversham Powder
On the SPECIAL LIST of Permitted SExplosivee.; Ootober, 1901.
"T"f^ K I I "T" C"   the beBt exPlosive Mr underground work ez
I   Vs./IN I   I   iC    clusively used in Severn and Mersey tunnel
Cordite, Gelignite, Gelatine Dynamite, Blasting Gelatine, Detonators for all classes of Explosivee, Electric Appliances,
Submarine Charges for the removal of  Wrecks, Etc.,  Etc.
Worits: Faversham, Kent and Melling, near Liverpool
ABERYSTWYTH,        -:-       ENGLAND.
Manufacturer of Concentrating Machinery.
MEDALS—Royal Cornwall Polytechnic; Gold medal International 'Minim Exhibition, Crystal Palace, 1890.    Unly award for Concentrator!..:
Stamps with latest improvements, of up-to-date design, and with wearing parts '01
Hadfield's steel, from 2 cwts. to 10 cwts. per head, Stonebwakers, Crushers. Jits,
Trommels, Vanners, etc., all constructed in sections for facility of transport if desired. Patent Portable Crushing and Amalgamating Pans for Prospecting, A
small concentrating plant to treal up to five tons erected at the works by whkk
co mmercial results can be seen by intending purchasers^for a .merely nominal cct
Estimates for complete plants on application.   Special attention given to
engineer's specifications.   Telegrams— "JIGGER," AberystwytkJ THE EVENING WORLD, ROSSLAND, B C, JULY 6, 1903.
Market   Opened   Quietly
This Morning.
The Latest Quotations and Sales
Locally    Upon    the
The market opened   quietly   to
day after   the   holidays   and   but
little business was   transacted   or
movement chronicled.
Today's Local Quotations:
American Boy	
Ben Bur	
Black Tail	
Canadian Gold Fields	
Cariboo (Camp McKlnnev) ex-dlv
Crows West Psas Coal I
Fisher Maiden	
Granby Conaolidated	
Morning Olorj	
Mountain L>on	
North Star (Kast Kootenay)..
14 X
Tom Thumb	
War Kagle Consolidated	
Waterloo (Assess, paid)	
White Bear (Assess, paid) ..
Todays Local Bales.
Payne, 500, 13^0; Centre Star,
1000,26Jo; Giant, 2000, 4c; Morn-
Glory, 2500, Ifo.   Total, 6000.
(Assayer for Le Roi No. 2,)
:: Custom Assays i|
Between First and Second Ave.
N.  Naccaratoi
Dealer in Confectionery, Tobaccos,
Fruits and Groceries.
Smith Curtis left for the east
this morning,
W. Stephens and Sam Rich have
gone to Butte.
Rev. J. VanSiokle and son went
to Vancouver today.
Chas. Jackson returned from
Camborne last evening.
Max R. Hopkins leaves in the
morning for Kansas City.
The Le Roi iB again shipping
from its second class dump.
Miss Shrapnel has gone to Viotoria for the summer vaoation.
Mayor Dean will take the chair
provisionally at tonights meeting.
The superstructure of the Le
Roi No. 2 concentrator is now going up.
A lodge of the order of the Golden
Horseshoe is being organized in
the camp.
Lilian M. Hollister, the chief of
the Maccabees will visit Rossland
next week.
A sitting of the county oourt
will be held in Rossland tomorrow
by Judge Forin.
James Anderson of the bank of
British North America left for
Seattle this morning.
Mrs. A. Hoerle and daughter
left this morning for Wallace,
Idaho, to visit her parents.
The hatchet will be buried to
night at the City Hall  and   scalp
hunters will be at a discount.
Everybody is welcome to the
celebration meeting this evening
at the City Hall except the knock
Roesland Eagles will convene
thiB evening at Carpenters Hall for
their regular monthly meeting
Programme and refreshments. A
big attendance is requested.
A musical programme will be
renbered at the afternoon portion
of the social to be given next Friday in the Miners Union Hall by
the ladies of St. George's church.
io in ore all the way and the ore is
richer than In the upper tunnel,
showing that the property is getting richer with depth. A shipment of six tons was Bent 'o the
smelter since' January.—Lardeau
(Continued from first page.)
Respecting Timber Lands.
The Palace has   the  only   first
olass grill rooms in the city.
LOOK!      SEE!!
NOTICE Is lioroby given that tho Ordor in
Council making arcgnlution for tho survey of timborltmiU before Ihoissuoof special
licences to cut and remove timber from Crown
lands, notice respecting which was published
in the British Columbia Gazette aud dated -Jlilli
March, 1003, has been rescinded.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, 25th June, 1003.
LeTsr'B Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant Soap
Powder dusted'in the bath softens the
•rater at the same time that it disinfects, rf
J.E. Sorbin lms sold out liis business
known as tho Palace cigar and candy store
to Jerry Bonneau. All indobtednoBH
ngainsb said store will be puklby hiin, and
nil accounts duo said store are payable to
bi in.
Dated Rossland, 18 June, 1903.
An Extraordinary General Meeting
of the stockholders of tlie Pot)tlac
Copper Mines, Limited, will he held at
the Company's oflice, 110 east Colnni
bia Avenue, Monday, Oth July, 1008.
at 8 p. n>.', for the |nurpnse of electing
Directors and transacting such other
business as may come before lhe
Secretai y,
New York. June, 19, HXM.
An Extraordinary General Meeting
of the Keremos Copper Mines, Limited
will be held at the Company's offices,
110 east Columbia Avenue, Monday,
Oth July, 1H03, at 8 p. m.. for tlie purpose of electing Directors and transacting such o.her business as may
come bel'oie the meeting,
W. S. Danby,
Millar & Deacon, the rustling
advertising photographers, are with
us. Now is your chance to get
photographs oheap and up-to-date
work. All photographs mounted
in the latest styles. Watch for
their agents and secure coupons
Get in on the opening rates.
neBS to cooperate and, iu fact, all
classes are in hearty sympathy
with the scheme. The mines will
no doubt contribute liberally, as
they did in the past, and the Miners Union will not be backward.
The idea is to meet tonight and
form some kind ot a provisional
programme and to oall a further
meeting as soon as the C. P. R.
employes have formally signified
their intention of coming and have
fixed the date.
Everybody interested Bhould
therefore come to the City Hall
thiB evening.
Moraghan oysters any style at
the Palace grill rooms.
Crow's Nest Coal Company
Building Ovens at Morrissey Mines.
E. D. Orde has returned from a
brief business visit to Morrissey
mines and reports that the country
is looking well and seems to be
flourishing. Morrissey Mines has
a very well laid out townsite and
everybody there seems to be confident of a great future.
Hearing a report that but few
men were employed in the con
struction of the coke ovens Mr.
Orde paid them a visit and found
that 250 ovens were under pro
cess ot building and 102 men, by
actual count, were at work upon
Private dining rooms for  ladies
at the Palace.
Wantkd—300 Backs of coke  at
once.   Apply at the Palace.
(Continued from third page)
ing ledges have been traced and
which will doubtless form the
ground for many a rich mine.
"Camborne," concluded Mr.
Jackiion,"iB alright and it is merely
a question of time before it springs
into a lirst class oamp."
The  merchants'   lunch  at  the
Palace tomorrow will be a dandy.
A New Scheme.
Millar and Deacon are announcing their intention of presenting a
coupon for a drawing for a house
and lot to everyone who has a
photograph taken by them.
Don't forget the hot lunch at the
Palace tonight.
Chamberlain Has All Kinds
of Money for His Campaign.
Montreal, July 6.—A special
cable from London to the Montreal
Star today says that it is now
stated in England that Chamberlain is in command of a big eleo
tion fund, which has been subscribed to pay the expenses of candidates
advooating his plan at the coming
general election.
It is also staled that every
unionist or free trader will be opposed by Chamberlainites, whioh the
Spectator calls "an impudent piece
of political bounce,"
The election fund referred to ii
said to have been subscribed largely by capitalists and trading
corporations in Canada and South
Afrioa, who expect to recoup themselves by the profits earned under
the preferential tariff sj stem.
JUST RECEIVED - Another ship,
ment of Wall Paper. Prices lower than
at any other place in the city.
Tha I. X. L.
Dr. Milloy, accompanied by E.
A. Haggon, returned Wednesday
evening from a visit to the I. X. lit.
on Brown oreek. This was Dr.
Milloy's first visit this year, and
he had not seen the property since
the last fall.   Tbe 300 foot tunnel
Tho Mohecan Group
A. L. Houston, superintendent of
the Mohecan, came down form the
mine Tuesday night to get mail
and a few necessary artioles for the
mine. He says the property is
looking fine and they have 100
sacks of ore ready to pack out to
make a milling test. The oompany
is going ahead quietly and trying
to make a mine out of a very desirable prosteot. It looks aB if they
would sucoeed.—Lardeau Eagle.
Coal Landa.
A number of Fernie business nvn
have taken up a large quantity of
ooal lands at the head of Elk river.
Moraghan oysters any  style  at
the Palace grill rooms.
Ed Farley and wife, Trail
Wm Earley, Northport
R Drinkwood, Grand Forks
H D Cameron, Sandon
Rev J McKay and wife, Nelson
Frank Bruner, Trail
T Vogelick, Trail
Miss Annie Walls, Trail
Job Sanders, Nelson
Don't forget the hot lunoh al the
Palace tonight.
The Palace has   the only   first
class bowling alley in the oity.
1. No candidate will be accepted or
endorse by the party unless endorsing the platform and placing his undated resignation in the hands of the
endorsing body.
2. Government -wnership ot transportation.
8. Compulsory arbitration of labor
4. Absolute reservation of portions
of coal lands by the government. Coal
leases must have a clause inserted
governing coal prices.
6. Conservation of forests so as to
produce a revenue and to promote the
pulp industry,
6. Insertion of a clause in all charters forbidding the employment of
7. Compulsory scaling of all logs by
government scalers.
8. Free transportation to members
of the legislatures and the judiciary.
0. Gradual abolition of all taxes
upon producers and their products,
shifting the burden on land values.
10. Restriction of Oriental immigration oa the lines of the Natal Act
with a provision for leenactment in
case of (reallowance.
11. The abolition of property quali-
ficrftuons or public officers^
. 12.   The establishment-  and   opi
tion of government smelters and
13, All franchises and subsidies o
be referred to the electorate.
14, Declaration of election day as a
public holiday, with four hours reserved in any case, so as to allow all
employes an opportunity of voting,
15, Farm lands and implements to
be exempt from taxation and wild
lahds to be assessed at the price asked
by holders.
10.   No land subsidies to be granted.
17. Ten per cent of public iands to
be set aside for a revenue for education and that childreen up to 10 years
be given tree books and meals and
clothing when necessary. ,
18, Municipalization and public
control of the liquor traffic.
No Taste.   No Odor. * Can be given in glass or
water, tea or coffee without patient's knowledge.
Colonial Remedy will cure or destroy the dis*
eased appetite (or alcoholic stimulants, whether
the patient Is a confirmei inebriate, "tippler,"
social drinker or drunkard Impossible for anyone to have an appetite for alcoholic liquors
after using Colonial Remedy.
Endorsed by M«mber« of W. C. T..U.
Mrs. Moore, Bu peri ntend tut of the Woman's
Christain Temperance Union, Ventura, Cat.,
writes: "I have tested Colonial Remedy on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cures have been
many. In many cases the Remedy was (riven
secretly. I cheerfully recommend and endorse
Colonial Remedy. Members of our Union are
delighted to find a practical and economical
treatment to aid us in our temperance work."
Sold by druggists everywhere and by mail,
Price )i. Trial package free by writing or calling on Mrs. M, A, Cowan, (for years member of
the Woman's Christain Temperance Union) 2M-\
BL Catharine BL.lMontreal,
^fc.^ T.R.M0RR0W ^Tl?
OlitlllIgMfgiiripiili@»ll §i[lJliiillM!lMIlJlIiIl
Fresh Berries end Other Fruits
Successors to VAUGRAN & COOK
JIlMlrlllMltiJlj'lllflnli hliiiiiiigHiiiiiiisiiiiiii
s S 225 eiqar Stores
Are where yon oan get the best the market affords in CIGARS, TOBACCOS,   PIPES,   ETC.
July 11
Stock must be Bold prior to
above date so it behooves you ',',
to lay in a supply of Groceries ; ]
while they are going at COST
...Get Quotations... ||
>     Real Estate for sale  or ex-
! ohange for Toronto property !!
j A. A. Simpson ii
> 36 Columbia Ave. Phone 68
Re John Y. Cole Addition  to  Rossland.
Registered Plan No.   719.
Notice is hereby given to all person
interest• d in said plan that application
on behalf of the Consolidated White Bear
Mining Company, Limited, Non-Personal Liability, will be made to a Judge of
the Supreme Court in Chambers, at the
Court House, Victoria, B, C, at 10:30
o'clock in the forenoon.on the 28th day of
July, 1903, for an order changing said plan
so as to close Montreal street and substi
tute a new etreet to be called Montreal
street nintty feet to the west thereof; also
to close a portion of Kootenay Avenue between the westerly boundary of Lot 12 in
Block 2 and the westeily boundary of
Lot 16, Block 3 and to open in lieu thereof a street running south through Lots 15
and i6,Bkck 3,thence westerly parallel to
the old street to the new Montreal street
above mentioned, including the lane between said Lot 15 and said new Montreal street, also the westerly end of the
lane in Block 10 is to be closed, also the
n estcrly half of the lane in Block 6.
And further take notice that the plan
ol said Addition as proposed to be
amended may be seen at the law office of
the undersigned, Columbia avenue,Ross-
land, B. C.
Solicitor for Applicants,
Dated 26th J une 1903.
Paulson Bros.
Large. Red and Ripe
California New Cabbage
Victoria Hot House
Walla Walla Radishes,
Spinach, Green Onions,
Asparagus, Rhubarb
...25 Columbia Avenue...
. KJ. Fj. KAGI.hs, Roasland Aerie,
No. 10, Regular.meethiKS every Monday evenings, 8 p. m,   Baglea Hall, Carpenters' Union
J. Levy. W| V,
H, Daniel V.
T   r\   dr-L   \j\     Meets m Odd   Fellow, hh.,
...... _   on Queen   Btreet,  between
First and Second avenues.     Regular meetings
each Monday night.    Visiting brothers are cordially Invited to allead and reenter within to
W.B. MarphT. Hee.      Joa.;Ooldsworthy, H. a
Harry Mcintosh
Vintage of 1878
Guaranteed Absolutely Pure
Bass' Burton Ale on Tap
Si Hoffman House
Certificate of Improvement.
The Brothers and Jungle Fraction
Mineral Claims, situate in the Trail
Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located: Near the international boundary line on Sophie mountain
Take notice that I, Kenneth L. Burnet, Prov. Land Surveyor of Rossland,
agent for E. B. Sentell, Esq., of Van-
couver.B.C free miner's certificate, No.
B57520, in'end. sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim,
And further tske notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 4th dav of J une. A,D. 1003.
Certificate of Improvementa.
"Idaho Fraction" Mineral Claim, situated in the Trail Creek Mining Division
of West Kootenay District, and adjoining the '"Enterprise," "Idaho" and "Virginia" Mineral Claims.
Take notice that I, T. P. OFarrell of
Rossland, B. C, acting as agent tor
Mary Kraus, free miner's certificate No,
B54770, and William Kellem, free miner's certificate No. B54801, intend, sixty
days from the date heieof, to apply to the
mining recorder for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of ob-
tainingja ciown grant of the above claim
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated at Rossland, B, C, this 7th day
of February,A L. 1003.
The Windsor Hotel
FAMILY TRADE a Specialty
The Bar is supplied wilh
the choicest of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Alhambra Hotel
8oaMr8 $6.50 per week
The only hotel In tbe city having a    d
room for miners.    Free Bath Room.
Min© Timber ■ Specialty
I! GOOD   WOOD  >n  large or
small quantities.


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