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7 -       ■
Vol. Ill, No. 67
Comfort! Style! Durability!
These are tbe chief features of our FOOTWEAR and we
stand behind every pair of SHOES we sell. You oan't
afford to take any chances on unreliable footwear. Go
straight to our store where you are guaranteed fair treatment and best value.
Items of Interest  Round
the World.
"W.F.McNEILL For Fashionable Footyear
I For Lunches and Picnics Z 3
E Libby, MoNeill & Libby's and Armour's
| O. M. FOX & CO., GroceFs
• ^mr9W99M■^■"Vl*t m9^WmWl^mm9WWW^rWW^mFW^mk^9WWW^^^mt4\W9*\m^WW9AW
im* Tired Feet I
for sore, tired, tender, aohing, sweating or swollen feet.     PRICE 25c.
-For sale only at-
Morrow's Drug Store
The Doings of Conspicuous Persons
Affecting Canadian Interests.
P|"*y ft      a?*\, Purveyors of
. DUrnS QC OO.,    Fine Meats
Special for Tomorrow:
fresh Dressed Spring Chickens
Have you ypg^onjour  |
Pour.Tit y ?
-If so use-
Rex Lice Killer %
 For sale by  W
% The Brackman-Ker MiliingCompany |
Office apposite Great
Northern  ticket offlff
next to Bed tor
Harry Mcintosh
Vintage of 1878
Guaranteed Absolutely Pure
Bass' Burton Ale on Tap
HHHoffman House
J.E. Sorbin bus sold out his business
known as Mie Palace cigar and candy store
to Jerry Bonnenn. All indebtedness
against said store will l>e paidby him, and
all accounts due said store are payable to
Dated Rossland, 18 June, 1003.
Between First and Second Ave.
Columbia Transfer Co.
N.  Naccaratoi
Dealer in Confectionery, Tobaccos,
Fruits and Groceries.
I     Mine Timber • Specialty    %
\ GOOD   WOOD  in  large or X
~ small quantities. X
Cholera is raging in Manila.
Lead is quoted in London at ,£11
7s 5d.
No traps will be allowed on the
Fraser thia year.
Pope Leo breathed his last yesterday evening at 4:04 o'olock,
' Professor Langley '• new airship
will shortly be tested in Milwaukee.
Bailey's broom faotory of Kingston, Ont., has been destroyed by
fire.   Loss $30,000.
Tbe Cunard company is carefully
providing against foreigners gel't'ng
upon its directorate.
The King and Queen arrived in
Dublin this morning on a royal
tour through Ireland.
The warrant for tbe surrender to
British  authorities  of
Wright, has been signed
Tbe Dominion government
claims control over the provincial,
Price Flve.Cents
Tha Moonlight
Recent development work on tbe
Moonlight group, twelve miles
from Beaverdell, west fork of Kettle river, was of a very satisfactory
and encouraging oharactor. It
consists of five olaims which adjoin the iron deposits controlled by
Chas. Matheson, of Beaverdell.
The showing iB a wonderful one.
The lead has been stripped for a
distance of 600 feet and proved to
be high grade ore with values in
copper, gold and silver in the order named. The width of the ore
body is 32 feet.
Judging by the programme of
Paul Kauffmann'* musioal, the
ooncert will be a treat and certainly worth the admission.
Elmore Oil Process Forced
to Install Special Assay Office.
Tho Iron  Mask.
Subject to examination by tbeir
expert, the Ashanti LandB, Ltd.,
company,will furnish from £20,000
to £40,000 oash to install a large
plant at Kamloops for the treatment of Iron Mask ore. The Iron
Mask is so thoroughly developed
and tested that there seems no
doubt of a favorable report on the
property. The Ashanti oompany
take stock to the amount required
for the treatment plant.
A sooial hop will be given after
tbe concert at the Miners Union
hall, Tuesday evening July 21th.
and music will be furnished by
Paul Kaffmann's orchestra.
Soecial'sale of Whisks and  Clothes
Brushes at Goodeve Bros.
Owing to the estensive desire on
the part of various mining men to
have their ore assayed with a view
to its treatment by the Elmore Oil
Process, that company has installed a very perfect assay office in
conjunction with its main offices at
Whitaker 118 Columbia avenue E.
This has just been completed and
has been placed in charge ef L. C.
^^^^-___      .. Wynne, a provincial assayer and a
in the matter of foreshore »l^fBttldent of the Cornish Mining and
for fiKhino- nrivilfioaa I
for fishing privileges.
The peasants of the Russian
province of Riazan are in arms
against resident members of the
Russian bureauooraoy.
A. Aylesworth has been offered
the post on the Alaskan boundary
commission, made vacant by the
death of Judge Armour.
Japan considers tbat Russia is
trying to placate Great Britain and
the United States, so as to isolate
itself in caBe of hostilities.
A Wyoming mob has stormed
the gaol at Basin, and killed two
condemned murderers." Law and
order seems to have been abolished.
United States capitalists in the
Philippines are agitating for the
free introduction of Chinese labor
into those islands, saying that native labor is incompetent.
A high ecclesiastic of the Greek
church does not entertain any
hopes of a union with the Roman
branch of the Catholic ohuroh.
Union is more probable with the
Anglicans in a general synod. An
oecumenical oouncil is looked upon
as chimerical.
Before you purohase a new suit
of olothes oome and let us show you
our new line that we have just received.    EMPBY BROS.
Wantkd—300 sacks of charcoal
at once.   Apply at the Palace.
The Votara Liat
Get yonr name on the voters
ista otherwise you can't vote this
year. All former lists are destroyed. 	
Don't forget the hot lunoh at tbe
Palaoe tonight.
The Palace has  the only  first
claBS bowling alley in the oity.
Ii you want to bowl try the Alhambra,
Best alley in the city.
WANTED—A situation as watchman
by an elderly man, Salary not considered.  Address this office.
Metallurgical Collage. Mr. Wynne
declares that he is up to bis eyes
in work but is occasionally able to
handle custom assays.
Besides the usual appurtenances
of an assay offioe, a gold balance of
great fineness of adjustment and a
Cary gasoline combination furnace
of wind and muffle of the largest
size with special pressure tank and
burner has been installed so aB to
ensure the greatest accuracy possible in the work undertaken.
Highway Robber Breaks
Gaol While Awaiting
Gets Substantial Majority
in Manitoba.
Labor Candidates at Winnipeg Lose
" Elections—Straight  Party
Men Only Wanted.
The Palace has the  only   first-
class bowling alley in the city.
Tha Porto Reco.
G. H. Barnhart, late superin
tendent of the Ymir mine, was up
examining the Porto Reco mine
the other day. It is rumored that
a deal is on by which this well
known property will again be
actively worked.
The orchestra numbers in the
concert given at the Miners Union
hall to-morrow night, are well selected and the orchestra itself is
composed of twelve pieces.
Tha Pilot.
It is reported that a stamp mill
has been ordered for the Pilot,
Ymir, and that within a couple
of weeks it will be working full
LOST—On Saturday night, bunch  cf
keys.   Return to this office.
Tho Noma Fraction.
Herb Poter has leaped the Nome
Fraction, Ymir, from the Atlin
company. It is from this fraction
that the recent shipment of $29
ore waa made.
business.  Apply to Goodeve Bros.
Nelson, July 21.--James Mulhol-
land, accused of highway robbery
at Rossland, who was awaiting his
trial at the Nelson gaol, climbed
the wall of the exercise yard yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock,
and is still at large.
The escape was a wonderful one,
as Mulholland has only one arm,
and the wall of the yard is 12 feet
high. At the time of the occurrence Mulholland and three other
prisoners were in the exercise yard,
and the warden with another prisoner, was in the garden just outside
the gate completing some work
there. When the latter two went
inside Mulholland was missing,
and although a search was instantly instituted, no signs of him oould
be found.
Presumably the way he esoaped
was with the connivance of the
other prisoners in the yard.
The esoaped prisoner is reputed
to be a desperate character. He is
five feet ton inohes tall dark complexion, and has lost one arm. A
reward of $50 haB been offered for
his apprehension and steps have
been taken to prevent him escaping across the boundary.
Goodeve Bros.' bug poison destroys
bugs of all descriptions on one application,
Eagloa Convention. July 27 to 29
For the above occasion the Spokane Falls A Northern railway will
make a one fare rate for the round
trip to Victoria, B. C, if fifty delegates are in attendance and one fare
and a third rate if only fifteen
For further particulars and sleeping oar reservations call at City
Ticket offioe.
H. A. Jackson, G. P. A., Spokane.
H. P. Brown, Agt., Rossland.
Moraghan oysters  any style  at
the Palace grill rooms.
Tho Wakafleld
Winnipeg, July 21.—The Roblin
government is safe withian estimated   majority of  10   to  18.    The
oharges made by tbe Free Press do
not seem to have influenced  the
elections, the  trial   having   been
wisely postponed.     It  will probably be near the end of the  week
before all the outlying places had
been heard from.    The following -
seats are conceded to the Conservatives with the majorities indicated.
South Winnipeg, J. T. Gordon,
260; North Winnipeg, S. Walker,
52; Centre Winnipeg, T. W. Taylor, 110; Brandon, Dr. S. W.   Mclnnis,      110;     Dufferin,     Hon.
R. P. Roblin,  63;   Norfolk,    R.
F.   Lyons, 169.    The   following
places    are   also    conceded     to
the  Conservatives,  although sev-
f eral polls, which are not thought
likely to alter the result are yet to
fie added: .St. Andrews anu K Mo-
nan, Dr. Grain,Manitou, R.Rogers;
Cypress, George Steele; Arthur, A.
E.     Thompson;     Virden,      J.
H.    Agnew;     Turtle    Mountain
J.   Johnston;    Morden,    J.    H,
Russell;    Killarney,     G.    Law
rence, Morris, Hon. C. Campbell;
Lansdowne, Dr. Hicks, Portage la
Prairie, Hugh Armstrong; Spring*
field, W. H. Corbett; Carillon,   A.
Prefontaine; Dauphin,   Dr. Gunn.
The Liberals have won the follow*
ing seats: Mountain, T. Greeuway;
St. Boniface,  H. Chevrier;   Birtle,
A J.Miokle; Russell,   W. J. Doig;
Minnedosa, Neil   Cameron; Rock-
wood, A. R. Leonard; South Brandon, John Watson; Saskatchewan,
D. Jackson.
Avondale, Assiniboia, Beautiful
Plains, Deloraine, Emerson, Gilbert
Plains, Gladstone, Lakeside, La
Verandrye and Rhineland are all
The Gimli and Swan River elections take place later on.
Labor candidates were placed in
the field in Centre and North Winnipeg, W. Soott and R. Thorns respectively, but lost the elections.
Similarly Independents ran in
Deloraine and Rhineland,
where the issues seem to be
doubtful, although claimed by the
Liberals, Mountain and Springfield.
Prohibitionists were placed in
the field at Emerson, Killarney and
Turtle Mountain, but stood no
chance against the straight party
men, exoept possibly in the first
The Wakefield concentrator,
Slocan is being overhauled and put
in shape to handle 150 tons of ore
per day.
■   Make your own selection and set yonr
BOY WANTED—To learn the drug own price on Wall Paper at Daniel &
■ «n.CC ImJu .n fAtLtttmm.   tt*n. I   A..k..     -a  f--l..—.Ut-      -..— ..-
Arthu, 38 Columbia avenue,
Tho A. T.
While doing assessment on the
A. T, on Lemon oreek, Slocan. Al
Teeter uncovered a new and
promising ledge. It is three feet
wide and with two feet of healthy
gold-bearing quarts. 1
The Evening World
Br'.the World.Pnblishlng!Company.
Ertered at Ihe Rossland, B.C postoffice for
transmission through the mails.Majr i, .1901 as
second class reading matter.
cents   per
month or Ss 00 year, invariably In advance, Ad-
.filiini  rates made known on application.
LONDONIRATES-E1.15  par annum
pTo. Box 902 Rosaland, B. C.
The announcement, Bays tbe
Nelaon News, a partizan paper,
that the Minister of Finanoe will
be enabled, thanks to the (act that
the prosperity of Canada is now enjoying has made the revenue even
greater than the estimates, to reduce the publio debt even more
than he bad anticipated, will be
received with intense satisfaction.
It is not often that the prediction
of a government are realized, perhaps because the tendency is to be
too optimistic in making estimates
of what the revenues will be. Seldom are suoh predictions exceeded,
and that this is the case this year
redounds greatly to the credit of
the administration. The prosperity which Canada is enjoying
at the present time may not be and
no one claims it is, due to the government alone, but that the efforts
of the liberal government to administer the affairs of the country
in a manner best calculated to promote prosperity and to enhance ite
beneficial effects have been suceBB-
ful no one questions. The policy
of the government in its relation to
British and foreign trade and to
the fostering of home industries
has been attended with the most
satisfactory results, and though
Canada would have still enjoyed,
under other guidance, some of the
common prosperity, thero is not
the shadow of a doubt but that the
wise immigration policy, and the
general administration of effairs
has been suoh as to carry the country along on the crest of the wave.
At any rate the effect is seen in the
wonderful increase in the revenue
and the surplus exceeding the most
sanguine expectations of. the Minister of Finance.
The people have every reason to
be satisfied with the administration in whose hands the management of the country is at present.
With the country filling  up  more
rapidly than it ever did before and
with a class of immigrants concerning whioh there oan be no question
as to fitness or capability to benefit the land of their adoption, every
line of business enjoying unstinted
prosperity, industries   encouraged
and fostered so as to enable home
manufacturers to carry   on  operations with a reasonable chance  of
suocess without increasing the prioe
of commodities to home consumers,
the  revenue exceeding  the large
and increasing expenditures with'
out increase of taxation  and with
a tariff less than the Conservatives
ever thought possible, and with the
publio debt being reduced year by
year, and the credit of the Domin
ion standing higher in the markets
of the world than it has j et done,
the people of Canada have every
reason to be willing to entrust the
affairs   of   the   Dominion   to the
same oare for many years to come
A Mr. Machin recently published
a lengthy interview in our morning
contemporary, with regard to Agent
General Tamer, which called him
to account for lack of ability, and
instanced as a proof, that his offices
iu London were situated in an out
of way portion of London, and tbat
Mr. Turner was unknown to Lord
To this Mr. Turner thought fit
to reply that the instances adduced
ot his unfitness for his position,
were absurd aud moreover untrue.
He was well known to that eminent Canadian, Lord Strathcona,
and furthermore the offices complained of were in the heart of the
City, as the business portion of
London is termed, and were filled
by prominent companies, notably
colonial, and furthermore were the
headquarters of some of the most
prominent of Kootenay mining
companies, notably the Le Roi
and the Roesland Kootenay. The
Miner returns to the charge, on
Sunday morning last by ignoring
the Strathcona incident, and by
declaring that the Salisbury House
question has nothing to do with
the matter, going on to point out
the lack of immigration from Great
Britain into this province and
charging it to the fault of the
Agent General. Now thi? is, to say
the least, disingenuous. To prove
the case against the Agent General,
it oited two specific instances. Both
of these have been branded as malicious falsehoods. Ignoring these
the Miner proceeds to make a general oharge, wisely refraining from
more specific instances.
This conduct is merely that of a
disappointed office seeker, seeking
te gratify malice, and would be unworthy of serious comment, were it
not for the truth of the statement
that immigration is not flocking
into this province, although its advantages, with its wealth of mineral, of timber, of agricultural land,
its fisheries, its mild climate, far
excel those of any other provinoe in
the vast Dominion of Canada.
Now is this state of things asoriba-
ble to the supineness of the Agent
General, or is it from other causes?
A glance at the Bluebook on the
report of the Royal Commission on
the Immigration of Orientals will
show that settler after settler swore
before the Commission that they
were in the habit of Writing to their
homes and warning their relatives
and friends to keep away, assigning
as cause the competition of the
Oriental. Just as long as this cause
exists, it is impossible for any
Agent General, no matter his natural abilities, to do good work in
assisting immigration. For the
best he can do is to represent the
provinoe in a favorable light, and
any intending settler will naturally
make enquiry of those already settled out here in his proposed line
of life, if it be possible. To get
such replies as iz evident, by the
report referred to a bee, are certainly being sent back, will undo
any work any agent could possibly
accomplish, It is true that Sir
Wilfrid Laurier haB accomplished
much by the prohibitive head tax
on the Chinese, but as the Jap is
even a cheaper worker, with reputedly far less commercial honesty,
the conditions are hardly ameliorated. Merely the Japanese is
favored at the expense of the Chinaman, but the white settler still suffers aud still declares that he suffers.
Furthermore, the iniquitous sys-
stem of granting reserves and huge
acreage to railway companies haB
tied up the best of the land of the
provinoe, and muoh of the remainder, mostly inaccessible, is unsurveyed. The proposing settler oan
get little hope and less information.
Lace Curtains
and delicate
fabrics are best
washed with
Sunlight Soap.
No injury from
scrubbing or
impurities.   «b
When washing greasy dishes or pots anc
puis, Lever's Dry Soap (a powder), will
remove the greaso v/itli tho greatest ease.
OO Ticket for $4.0 II
Ticket for
Saddle Rock Restaurant
W. WALTON. Prop.
This again ties the hands of the
Agent General.
Again the constant labor disputes,
which the government carefully refrains from seeing adjudicated, iB
prejudicial to settlers from a highly
unionized country like Great Britain. Moreover it deters greatly the
advent of capital, which is ohary of
enterprise where conditions are so
Further, the frightful burden of
taxation which is piled upon the
inhabitants of this province, known
to be many times the rate per
Capita in any other portion of Can
ada, taxation whioh extracts the
last cent possible out of the various
industries of British Columbia, no
tably mining, not only deters the
investment of capital, but is no
lure to the intending settler.
Under suoh circumstances as
these the labor of an agent general
are as tbe labors of Sisyphus, bis
work is being continually
undone. Better no agent general
at all than to install one whose
hands are tied and whose ntcessar
ily futile efforts are made
the mark of every disappointed
office seeker in this province.
Our $8 to $10 suits in black  are
wonders.   EMPEY BROS.
Private dining rooms for ladies
at the Palace.
Come and pick out a nice suit of
black olothes for $8 at Empey Bros
How the Philippines  Are
Worked on the Open
Hongkong, July 20.—Mr. ShuB
ter, collector of customs at Manila,
has deoided, by virtue of the provisions of the United States immigration law, that no foreigner
under written or implied contract
oan be allowed in the Philippines
The decision arose on the arrival of
a British clerk for a ohartered
The interpretation of the law
menaces all foreign business and
banking houses, chiefly the British,
and will prevent them importing
assistants under contract. British
firms construe the application of
the law as an attempt to drive
them out of the. islands and to en
able Americans to secure the trade.
We have just received a consignment of over $3000 worth of new
suits for men and boys.
The Palace has  the   only   first
class grill rooms in the city.
The best bargains in men's and
boys' olotheB oan be had at Empey
You may be in need of some groceries.
You may need a new grocer. If so, we
will appreciate your account and treat
you right. O. M. FOX & CO.
Mrs. Alex Trembly has just opened
her new Dyeing and Cleaning Store in
the Ottawa House on Washington street
and wishes all her old customers to call.
Work done promptly.
JUST RECEIVED— Another ship
ment of Wall Paper. Prices lower than
at any other place in the city.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway
Red Mountain Railway
Washington & Great Northern R'y
Vancouver,Victoria di Eastern R'y ti
Nav. Co.
I Job Printing,»
Book and
The only all rail between points east
west and south to Rossland, Nelson,
Grand Forks and Republic. Connects
at Spokane with the Great Northern,
Northern Pacific and O. R. & N. Co.
for points east, west and south; connects
at Rossland and Nelson with the Canadian Pacific R'y.
Connects at Nelson with K. R. A N.
Co. for Kaslo and K' & S. points.
Connects at Curlsw with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B. C.
Buffet cars run between Spokane and
Effective June 14, 1903
Leave Spokane 8:45 a.m.
Arrive Rossland. 4:35 p.m.
Arrive Nelson 7:20 p.m,
Arrive Grand Forks....   4:00 pjn
Arrive Republic 6:15 p.m
Leave Republic 8:30 a.m.
Leave Grand Forks 10:3s a-m
Leave Nelson 7:20 a. 111
Leave  Rossland io:4o a.m
Arrive Spokane 6:15 p.m
For further information regarding
reservation of berths or 1 price of tickets,
apply to any agent of the above companies, or to
General Passenger Af
epokau, Wuh
H. t. BROWN,
aunt. Bsisiud a r
and all points east
Seattle,'Tacoma, Victoria, Portland
and all Pacific Coast points
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepsrs
Dining & Buffet Smoking Library Oars
2-FastTrains Through Daily-2
For rates, folders anc^full [information
regarding trips, call on or address any
agent 8. F. & N. Railway.
701 W Riverside, Spokane
Seattle,'. Wash.
H. P. BROWN, Rossland Agent
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Prom Montreal.
Allan Une, "Bavarian" July IS
Allan Une, 'Ionian," Junea5
Allan Une, "Tunisian" Aug,
C.P.R- Atlantic S.8., "Lake Krle,"  July 16
C P,R. Atlantic S.B , "Lake Manitoba," .. July 19
Dominion Line "Cauad" Ju y 18
Dominion Line, "Kensington," July as
From  boston.
Cunard Line "Ivernla"  Jul/ 14
Cunard Line "Saxonia". July as
Dominion Une "Columbus" July 13
Prom New York.
White B)ar Line "Germanic" July 15
White Star Line "Cedrlc'    July 17
White Star Une "Majestic" Julyaa
Cunard UneT'Etrurla"     Inly 18
Cunard Line1,Campanla" July as
American Line 'Bt. Paul" July as
American Une "8t Urals"  julyar
Red SUr Une, "Finland"  „..July ll
Bed Btar Une " Vadertand" July as
Continental sailings ol French, North airman
Tlovd  Hamburg-American,   Hollard-American
-'    .'       ' .    T.-U... T !«_»  —   ...nll...ln-
Prlnce and Italian Lines on application.
BATB8—Baloon fares. $50.00 ud upwards
Second, 115 and upwards, according to steamer
and location of berth. Steerage quoted 0-* ■"-
plication.   Prepaid Passagea from Hnglst
Ticket oflln CefcasMa
A.  0. MCABTHO"  tftm
Done With Neatness and Despatch.     Mail
Orders will Receive Prompt Attention
ra   World Job Office m
Liquor Store
We have a large and well seleoted assortment of
Wines, Liquors, Etc., for
The best goods at right prices. Open every day until 9 p.
^IJlIlfilJlJllfilJlMMMIl^ ii^iiigiBililllMllllllS
50c Per Month
I By Mail or Carrier.
Ht Once.
I And keep posted on
on the news of
the camp.
Columbia Ave., Rossland/ THE EVENING WORLD, ROSSLAND B. C, JULY 21, 1903.
Why so Frequent on This
Automatic Signalling a Labor Saver
and Not Sufficient to Prevent
The system of railroad signalling in England is muoh more per-
feot and complete than anything to
be lound in the United States or
Canada. Signalling in the United
States ie in a very chaotic condition, there being no uniformity of
praotioe throughout the country.
Some portions of the prinoipal
railroads are fully provided, but on
many others hardly any signals
are used. Even where in use, the
signals are of various shapes, colors
and meanings, those on one line
differing from those on another.
The various olasaee of signals include tbe automatic signals, the
interlocking signals, telegraph
block signals and train-order
signals. Neither the Grand Trunk
nor the Canadian Pacific use automatic signalling, but employ a
combination of the other three systems under what are known as
"standard rules."
Only 25,000 miles out of 200,000
miles of single traok in the United
States are operated under the block
system, though its use is being extended. Block working is not bo
strictly interpreted as it is in England; two or more trains are constantly permitted to be in the same
section at the same time, and
trains are allowed under certain
conditions to travel in either direction on either track,even where
the lines are doubled or quadrupled.
In referring to this condition,
Lieutenant Colonel Yorke, who
made an exhaustive enquiry for
the Britiah government, observes:
"On two occasions it ooourred to
a train in which I was traveling to travel on the wrong
traok, without any halt, and without any formalities other than the
handing to the driver or conduotor
of a train order giving instructions
to travel on the wrong traok regardless of opposing trains. On
both occasions we traveled in this
way several miles at a high rate
of speed, there being, of course, no
signals for the guidance or con
trol of the train. Such a mode of
working must be dangerous, as the
least misunderstanding between the
men who give and received the
train order, or any negligenoe
their part must lead to an accident."
Single lines, whioh form the bulk
of the railroads of America, are
operated almost entirely on tbe
"train order" system, no train staff
or tablet being used as in England,
there being no less than 13 standard forms of "train orders" in use.
The train order system has been
tried in England, and has long ago
been abandoned as troublesome
and dangerous. The American
service would probably be conducted with greater punctuality and
economy and certainly with greater
safety, if the electric staff or tablet
system were introduced on single
For some time past Amerioan
railroads have been using automatic signalling, about whioh a
great deal baa recently been said in
England. The main four-track
lines of the Pennsylvania railroad,
between New York and Pittsburg,
are furnished in this fashion, and
so are parts of several other railroads. The New York Central
company is also about to adopt it
in the neighborhood of New York
and its use will doubtless extend.
Recently in England, the London
& Southwestern railway oompany
have equipped a section of their
lines between Qrately and Andover
with the automatic signals and
preparations are also being made
on the Northeastern railway for
testing the system.
The greatest dangers to automatic signalling are snow, frost and
lightning, either of which may,
under certain conditions, cause the
signal to remain at, "all right"
when it ought to be "danger." The
result in such cases might be disastrous. In America, so far, the
the trouble haB chiefly been in signals remaining at "danger" when
they shall be "all right," and as a
result, drivers are instructed to
bring their trains to a stand when
a danger signal is seen, and then to
proceed cautiously without further
notice. As two trains may be in
that section at the same time, this
system has its dangers.
Insect Powders and Fly Poisons of all
kinds at Goodeve Bros.
A swell dress suit in black  can
be had at Empey Bros, for $16.
Two prizes will be given at the Alhambra Bowling alley every two weeks for
the largest score made,
Private dining rooms for
at the Palace.
Waa In Grant Danger  of Losing Hia
The Times correspondent; Mr.
Harris,' who was lately held
in captivity amonng the Aujera
tribe of Morocco had some curious experiences. He spent nine
days at Zinat, Buffering considerable hardship, during which
he wae unable to wash and
could not remove his clothes, the
result being he was smothered with
vermin. Once he was left foodless
for thirty-six hours. It was a trying time. Four thousand tribesmen
were present, but there was no discipline. Hia only ohance was to
pretend to plaoe implicit confidence in them, so as to gain time
for negotiations. Tbe only time
he left his quarters for more than
a few minutes was when he was
taken to see tbe corpse of a cavalry
soldier, whose body was hotribly
mutilated. Mr. Harris was jokingly informed that he would look like
tbat in a few dayB. After nine
days at Zinat his friends of the
Aujera tribe surrounded Raisuli's
village and demanded that Mr.
Harris be handed over, which wae
done, and he was carried to the
Anjera Mountains. He wae now
among friends, and treated kindly,
but still detained till negotiations
were conoluded. Meanwhile he
was treated as one cf' the tribe,
wore their dress, shaved bis head
and conformed to all their customs.
At last, after twelve days, through
the tact and energy of the British
Minister and the Sherif of Wazan,
his release wae obtained in exchange for sixteen prisoners.
Now Is the Time to Buy Lots
in Similkameen City, B. ©.
CAMP HEDLEY is the most talked of camp in the provinoe, and situated in the centre is Similkameen City, surrounded by
rich mines whioh will shortly have large payrolls. Over 200 lots have been sold to business people who realize tbat Similkameen will become the metropolis of this district. The Nickel Plate mines have expended (300,000 in development and are at
present building tramways and a 40-stamp mill. Arrangements are being made for the ereotion of a large smelter at Similkameen City which will cost about a million dollars. Besides the Niokel Plate group of claims being developed by one of the richest
mining companies in North America, there are several other groups and properties whioh will shortly be developed, among them
being the Kingston Mines, Rollo, Wellington, Winnipeg, Red Chief and Pollock. Situated as it is in the beautiful Similkameen
valley, midway between Prinoeton and Keremeos, and protected from all opposition in the valley by adjoining a large Indian
reservation, this townsite will become one of the principal mining camps of the Pacifio Northwest. It was only a short time ago
that lots in Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood and other mining centres were selling for the same prioe that they are today being sold
for in Similkameen,   Come in before tbe boom and double your money.
Similkameen City to Have Two Railways.
The Viotoria, Vanoouver & Eastern and the Canadian Pacific railways are starting immediate oonstruotion for the Similkameen,
which will make this town a railroad centre and divisional poiut, and when these competing lines are completed through to the
Pacific coast they will become the main through lines, being the shortest route from the interior to the ooast. A large sawmill is
running steadily on the west addition, the only available timber for miles around. The main street is 90 feet wide, being all
cleared and ready for building purposes. All railways, roads, telegraph and telephone lines will have to come through this
- townsite, whioh is located in the centre of the whole Similkameen valley and will become the largest distributing point and
mining centre in British Columbia.
Similkameen City Lots Will Make You Rich.
A large agricultural area to draw from.   Pure water, fine climate, rich mines, big payrolls.
Lots for Sale $2 to $ 10 Per Front Foot.    ttBin *"Towns in'B'c-
^ For further particulars apply to
FRANK BAILEY & CO., Greenwood and Similkameen
J.;H. YATES, Empire State Building, Spokane.
Officers and Meetings.
No. gb, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock. Thos. Roynon,
Pres., Frank Philips, Sec.
Visiting brothers cordially
Western Federation ol
miners—meets every Wed
nesday evening at 7.30, x-
m. in Miners' Union Hall.,
M. Villeneuve, Secretary
Harry  Seaman,} President
Ion No. 8, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock in Miners' hall
Geo. McMullen, Pres., Jno
Riordan, Sec.
No. 85, W. F. M., meets
every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock in Miners' Un
Ion hall. Robert Elliott,
Pres., W. B. Mclsaac, Sec.
Edward Hughes, vice-president, Butte. Mont.; Wm.C.
Haywood, secretary-treasurer, Denver, Col.; Executive Board: J. T. Lewis,
Globe,Ariz.; L. J. Simpkins,
Wardner, Idaho; Phillip
Bowden,Butte, Mont,; D. C.
Copley, Independence, Col.;
O. A. Peterson, Tarraville,
S. D.; James A. Baker, Slo-
c?n City, B. C.
123, painters and decorators
of America.meets inBeatty's
Hall, on second and foprth
Tuesday of each month. R
C. Arthur, Pres.: W. S.
Murphv, Sec.
ION No. 335,—Meets on the
last Sunday of each month
at the Miners' Union Hall
J Barkdoll, Sec; Morgan
O'Connell. President.
The Cotton Powder Comoenv. Ltd.
32 Queen Victoria St., LONDON) E. C.
Faversham Powder
On the SPECIAL LIST of Permitted {Explosives.; October,' 1901-
the best explosive for underground" work ex
olueively used in Severn and Mersey tnnnel
Cordite, Gelignite, Gelatine Dynamite, Blasting Gelatine, Detonators for all classes of Explosives, Electric Applianoes,
Submarine Charges for the removal of  Wrecks, Etc.,   Ete.
No. 22, W. F. M., meets everv
Saturday evening in Union hall.
H. R. ParsonB, Pres., Geo. F.
Dougherty, Sec-Treas,
Bugs cannot live where Goodeve's bed
bag poison is used.
The programme of the Paul
Kauffmann soiree musicale iB well
arranged and full of variety.
The  merchants'  lunoh  at  the
Palaoe tomorrow will be a dandy.
W.F.M.—P. R. McDonaid,
Pres., Rossland; Howard
Thompson, vice-president,
Sandon; Geo. F.Dougherty,
Secretary, Greenwood.
GRAND FORKS FEDERAL Labor Union No. 231,
A.L.U.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
in Federal Union hall.
Thos.Foulston,Pres., Jno.^T.
Lawrence, Sec.
Union No. 07. W. J . M.
Meets every Saturda" evening at 7:30 o'clock in Union
hall. Hugh Williams, Pres.,
W. C. Lawrence, Sec.
ERS ". UNION—meets every
Friday of each week at 7.
fo p. m. In   Miners' Union
lall.   W.R. Baker,  Pres.;
John McLaren, Sec,
COUNCIL—Meets every second and fourth Tuesday in
each month at 7.30 P. M, ln
Miners' Union Hall. President, W.L.McDonald. Ad[
dress all communications to
Secretary-Treasurer, P, O.
box 784.
Works: Faversham, Kent and Melling, near Liverpool
Manufacturer of Concentrating Machinery.
MEDALS—Royal Cornwall Polytechnic; Gold medal International IMiniog Exhibition, Crystal Palace, 1800.    Unly award for Concentrates.
Stamps with latest improvements, of up-to-date design, and with wearing parts '01
Hadfield's steel,.from 2 cwts, to 10 cwts. per head, Stonebraakers, Crushers, Jigs,
Trommels,.Vanners, etc., all constructed in sections (or facility of transport if desired. Patent Portable Crushing and Amalgamating Pans for Prospecting, A
small concentrating plant to treat up to five tons erected at the works by which
commercial results.can be seen by intending purchasers^for a ^merely nominal cc*
Estimates for complete plants on application.   Special attention given to saialag
 engineer's specifications.   Telegrams—-JIGGER." Aberystwyth. THE EVENING WORLD, ROSSLAND, B C, JULY 21, 1903.
Market Is Firm   Though
The Latest Quotations and Sales
Locally    Upon   the
Stocks were not so brisk   today,
but the market is firm a trifle seasonably dull.    Rambler-Cariboo is
gaining strength and another improvement is again recorded.
Today's Local Quotations:
Aaked Bid
American Bar        *■% *a
Ben Bar        sii 4%
Black Ts.ll        41. 3'A
Canadian OoW Weld*        s 4\i
Csriboo (Camp McKinney)ex-di»      12X ny.
Centre SUr       2, 35
Crowe Neat Pass Coal f        S
Kali-view        S 4
Fisher Maiden        3 '
Blent        3 iv,
Oranby Consolidated   $5."° 14-5°
lonePine         '% 1
morning Olory        2 "it
Mountain Uon       *i 11
North SUr (Bast Kootenay)       ijK "
Payne       17 '3Y,
Qnllp       3» Si
asmbler-Cariboo       43 4''A
Kepnblic        3
San Poll         S 2
Snlliran         sH 4Y,
Tom Thumb        5 4
War Basle Conaolidated       12 10
Waterloo (Assess, paid)        7 t,
Whit* Bear (Wsseas. paid)         4'A 3'A
Todays Local Bales.
American Boy, 1000, 3000, 4$o;
Centre Star, 500, 26c; Rambler-
Cariboo, 1000, 44o.   Total, 5500.
Hibernian's   Impresslona   of  Britiah
Columbia Quaintly Told.
(Assayer for Le Roi No. 2,)
Custom-Assays j j
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone Bending a sketch snd deaeriptlon may
quickly njcertain our opinion free whether an
invention ie probably patentable. Communlca-
lioriHHtrlctlyconHdontlal. Handbook on Patent!
lent free. Oldest attoncy for Becurlng patents.
1'atenta taken through Munn & Co. receive
tpecial notice, without charge, tn the
Scientific Jlmericati.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lamest circulation of any scientific Journal. Terms, $8 a
year: four months, $1. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN iCo.3B-B«^r. New York
Branch Offloe. 126 F BU Washington. D. 0.
Round trip rates to all Eastern
points via
Sookane Falls &
Northern Railway
to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth,
Superior.Siouz City .Council Bluffs,
Omaha, St. Joseph, Kansas City,
Atkinson and Leavenworth, $55.00
Ashland, Wis $ 56.90
Chicago, 111  66.50
St Louia, Mo  62 50
Peoria, 111  64.25
Toronto, Ont  91.60
Montreal  102.50
Memphis, Tenn  68.50
New Orleans, La  80.55
Detroit, Mich  74.75
Baltimore, Md  84.50
Boston, Mass  87.50
New York  102.50
For selling dates, limits, birth
reservations, etc., apply at oity
ticket office, Bank of Montreal
H. P. Brown, Agent,
RoBsland B. C.
H.A. Jackson, G. P. A.,
Spokane, Wash
$b Ticket for $4. DU
Saddle Rock Restaurant
W. WALTON, Prop.
Bernard Macdonald is very much
in oamp.
The Miner is again flattering
Rev. J. W. Wood is takiDg a trip
to Spokane.
Stanley Johnson left for Spokane
this morning.
The musicale tonight has evidently many friends.
A. C. Oalt is off on a business
trip to the Boundary.
Registrar Schofield has returned
from bis visit to the coast.
A. B. MpArthur leaves for the
east over the C. P. R. tonight.
Nelson will play Rossland at lacrosse here on Thursday week.
Dr. Sinclair is fixing up his
political fences in the Okanagan.
The Parade oommittee hold a
meeting this evening at 8 o'clock.
Andy Revsback leaves this evening for Vanoouver to join his family.
J. L. Mclsaac, of the Bell Telephone oompany, has left for Montreal.
The Finanoe committee for the
Summer Carnival are out on the
warpath today.
There will be a special meeting
of the Liberals tomorrow evening
at their oommittee rooms.
The burial of the infant daughter, Grace, of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Baillie, took place last evening.
An enjoyable hop is expected
this evening after the olose of the
soiree at the Miners Union hall.
The Velvet has closed down for
two weeks pending the arrival of
one of the directorate from London.
The case of the Josie boarding
house for illicit sale of liquors has
been adjourned for a week for the
Dr. Kenning won the drawing
last night at the Hoffman for the
lottery for Harry Mcintosh's pony,
The oity council will meet this
evening. It is just possible that
something might be made of the
Assessment bylaw.
H. B. Ames of Montreal, arranging the western itinerary for the
British delegates of the Chambers
of Commerce, is expeoted in oamp.
A J, McMillan offers to repre-
set Rossland at Montreal in August next at the Imperial Conven<
tion of the Chambers of Commerce
The minor sports recommend the
Highland fling, sword dance and
pipes at the Carnival on a platform to be erected at the corner of
Columbia avenue and Washington
Raaaena Why.
Among the commissioners on the
special train to the Presbyterian
General Assembly at Vanoouver,
was one who hailed from the Emerald Isle, and  who  had   visited
British Columbia a few   years  before.      The    party   was   passing
through the  prairie  seotion,   ahd
was admiring the magnificent   extent of the country.    "Oh   gintle-
men," said he,  "wait  till   ye   see
British Columbia.   It's the biggest
counthry in the wurruld.    Bedad
av it was all sphroad out flat  like
Manytoba and the  Territories,   it
would have filled the whole of the
Payceefic ocean.   To find room for
British Columbia it had to be all
rowled up and   humped up  into
great big mountains raohin' up to
the sky.   And sors the mountains
had to be  made mighty  big   to
make   room   for    all    the  gold
and   the   silver,  and   the  lead,
and the  coal,  and   the   copper,
that  they're  fairly craoken'  and
bursten'wid.   And rivers!     Wait
till ye see the rivers.   And the rivers had to be made in the most
ginirous scale to make room for the
millions av salmon that are crowd-
in' up and wanting to settle in the
intayriur av the countbry.   And
trees!   Honld an till ye see the
trees.    Bedad its a nice morning
walk around the trees.    And they
have to   olimb   up   the  trees wid
Udders to cut them down. < Did ye
say fish?   Well gentlemen I heard
some mighty big fish yarns, and
I'm a bit av a western mah raeself,
but on me banner, I couldn't lie
about the fish av I tried.    Sure
they have the purtiest gurls in tne
wurruld, and  the   roses  and the
strawberries, and the hearts av the
people are all built on the same
ginirous scale.    No, sir.   There's
nothing small about British Columbia.
A correspondence has been taking place in an exchange with regard to the reasons why men don't
go to ohuroh and, as we know something about it, we beg to offer the
following additional reasons:
Because the ohureh won't come
to them.
Because the missus goes there.
Because they want to smoke.
Because they are not allowed to
show their new hats.
Beoause they cannot stand a man
having all tbe conversation to himself.
Because tbey want exercise.
Because they want rest.
Because it reminds them of their
wedding day.
The Palace has  the  only  first
olass grill rooms in the city.
The best bargains in men's and
boys' olothes can be had at Empey
EOR SA.LE—A comfortab'e plastered
cottage with two lots, all fenced, close to
mines.   Price f7oo; favorable terms.
J W Grier, Portland
John Iseman, Tanana, Alaska
John Jones, Cow Hollow
J A Densmore.Grand Forks
F McFarlin, Grand Forks.
Moraghan oysters any  style  at
be Palace grill rooms.
Scarcity of  Mon
Since eight furnaces have been
in blast in Boundary smelters, requiring more men at the mines
generally, there has been a scaroity
of men for mine work. The quota
are gradually being made up, how-
Tho Canadian Kino.
The Canadian King, near Erie,
has resumed work. The mine was
closed down some months ago in
consequence ol trouble with water,
but it is now all right.
Jim Hill Group.
T. Downing and A. D. McKay
are working on the Jim Hill group
up Lexington oreek, Lardeau. This
s a galena vein carrying 90 onnce
in silver. Crosscuts show tbe vein
to vary in width from 6 to 10 feet;
the contact is slate and lime.
The E PU
From the laBt oar of ore from the
E. P. U. mine D. W. MoVioar received $2211 net, or an average of
$110 per top. After paying all
costs he had $1200 clear. There
are ten men employed on this
The Wilcox
The Wilcox mine, Ymir, ie making wopderful progress. The stamp
mill is working like a cbarm and
there is an abundanoe of ore in
Don't forget the hot lunoh at the
Palace tonight.
Tha Gold Cup.
Work has been started on the
Gold Cup, Ymir, and indications
are that it will prove a great mine.
Tho Payna
LaBt week the Payne reoeived
five cars of machinery for its zinc
The programme of the Paul
Kauffmann soiree musicale is well
arranged and full of variety.
The  merchants'   lunch  at  tha
Palaoe tomorrow will be a dandy.
You may bu in need of some groceries
You may need a new grocer. If so, we
will appreciate your account and treat
you right. O. M. FOX & CO.
Mrs. Alex Trembly has just opened
her new Dyeing and Cleaning Store in
tbe Ottawa House on Washington street
and wishes all her old customers to call.
Work done promptly.
We have just received a consignment of over $3000 worth of new
suits for men and boys.
j The Shur-on
Rimless Eyeglass fits all features; never falls off; improves
your appearance.   .
THE SHUR-ON combines
the convenience ot the modern
eyeglass with stability of the spec?
tacle.   Fitted by the only
..Graduate Optician..
in the city.    Graduate of The
Toronto College of Optics, at
City Drug Store
Optical Goode a specialty. We
can fit any sight.
(Biqar Stores
Are where you oan get the best the market affords in CIGARS, TOBACCOS,   PIPES,   ETC.
Soiree Musicale
Mr. Paul Kauffmann's
Pupils and Orchestra
Tuesday Eve., July 21, 1903
At  Miners   Union   Hall
8 O'clock*Sharp
/.   March—"Charlatan"	
Orchestra and Piano, Four Hands
-. Piano, Miss Olga Murchison and Ira McNaughton
2.   Morning Prayer      ....... Gobbaerfs
Miss Grace Stewart
},   Piano Duetts
(«)    Waltz Streabbog
Miss Sylvia Doell and Miss Olga Murchison
(b)   Mazurka Streabbog
Miss Helene Burritt and Kenneth McDonald
ft.   Heather Rose Lange
Miss Alice Braden
Vocal Solo—"O Schoene Zeit"       ....        Goetze
Mrs. Anna Baxter
Violin Solo—"Fifth Air Varie"       ....    Dancla
Robert Kenning
Accompanist, Miss Olga Murchison
Recitation-"What the Night Wind Says"
Miss Helene Burritt
Violin Duetts
la)   Andante from Symphony—"Paukenschlag"  .    Haydn
Piano, Miss Alice Fox and Ira McNaughton
(b)   Carnival of Venice with Variations      .      .       Weiss
Piano, Miss Nettie Lingle
Violins, Mrs. A. Baxter, Misses Kate McDougall, Margaret McCraney, Gladys Stewart, and George Dunn, Robert Kenning
o.   On the Beautiful Rhine      .....    Keler Bela
Orchestra and Piano, Four Hands
Piano, Mrs, A. W. Kenning and Mrs. H. P. McCraney
to.   Piano Solo—"La Fontaine" Bohm
Miss Nettie Lingle
It,    Vocal Solo—"Day Dream," with Violin Obligato .  Slrclezki
Miss Ina Urquhart
Accompanist, Mrs. A. W.Kenning
Violin, Miss Margaret McCraney
12. Piano Solo—"Loose Btaetter"    ....       Kcelling
Miss Olga Murchison
13. Quartuor Melody in F Rubinstein
Solo Violin, Miss Margaret McCraney
Violino Secondo, Robert Kenning; Cello, Paul Kauffmann
Piano, Miss Blanche Raymer
14. Piano Solo—"CavalryRide"      ....      Spindler
Ira McNaughton
tj,   Vocal Solo—"For All Eternity,"-with Violin Obligato
-'.'.. Mascheroni
'-.-'.-- Miss Reita Anderson
; K   ■ Accompanist, Miss*Blanche Raymer
Violin, Miss Margaret McCraney
16. Violin Duett—"Fruehlingsempfindungen"      ,       ,      Solle
Violins, Miss Margaret McCraney, Paul Kauffmann
Piano, Mrs. H. P. McCraney
17. Wedding March Mendelssohn
Orchestra and Pit-no, Four Hands
Piano, Miss Blanche Raymer and Ira McNaugMtm
Paulson Bros.
Large. Red and  Ripe
California New Cabbage
Victoria Hot House
Walla Walla Radishes,
Spinach, Green Onions,
Asparagus, Rhubarb
.25 Columbia Avenue...
Cartlfleata of Improvement*,
"Idaho Fraction" Mineral Claim, situated in tbe Trail Creek Mining Division
of West Kootenay DiBtrict. and adjoining the "Enterprise," "Idaho" and "Virginia" Mineral Claims.
Take notice that I, T. P. O'Farrell of
Rossland, B. C, acting an agent lor
Mary Kraus. free miner's certificate No,
B54770, and William Kellem, free miner's certificate No. B54891, intend, sixty
days from the data hereof, to apoly to the
mining recorder for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose oi 00-
tainingja crown grant of the above claim
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, muet be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated at Rossland, B. C, this 7th day
of February, A. L. 1003.
Re John Y. Cole Addition  to   Rossland.
Registered Plan No.   719.
Notice is hereby given to all pergonal
interested in said plan that application
on behalf of the Consolidated White Bear
Mining Company, Limited, Non-Personl
al Liability, will be made to a Judge of
the .Supreme Court in Chambers, at the
Court House, Victoria, B, C, at 10:30
o'clock in the forenoon.on the 28th dayof
July, 1903, for an order changing said plan
so as to close Montreal street and substitute a new etreet to be called Montreal
street ninety feet to the west thereof; also
to cloBe a portion of Kootenay Avenue between the westerly boundary of Lot 12 in
Block 2 and the westsily boundary of
Lot 16, Block 3 and to open In lieu thereof a street running south through Lots 15
and i6,Block 3,thence westerly parallel to
the old street to the new Montreal street
above mentioned, including the lane between said Lot 15 and said new Montreal street, also the westerly end of the
lane in Block 10 is to be closed, also the
westerly half of the lane in Block 6.
And further take notice that the plan
of said Addition as proposed to be
amended may be seen at the law office of
the undersigned, Columbia avenue,Rossland, B. C.
Solicitor for Applicants,
Dated 26th June 1903.
Cartlfleata of Improvamant.
The Brothers and Jungle Fraction
Mineral Claims, situate in tbe Trail
Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay District,
Where' located: Near the international boundary line on Sophie mountain
Take notice that I, Kenneth L. Burnet, Prov. Land Surveyor of Rossland,
agent for E. B. Sentell, Esq., of Van-
couver.B.C. free miner's certificate* No.
B57520, intend, sixty daye from
tbe date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above olaim,
And further take notice tbat action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 4th day of June.A.D. 1003.
. KJ. JCi.SAOI.K8, Rouland Aerie,
No, io,Regnlai;meetingi every Monday even-
Inn, f|p. (m,  Ragles. Hall, Carpenters' Ouioa
I. Levy, Wl »
' Daniel W,
lOOr? Heetala Odd Fellows Bail
ft*. .■^iE? on B1"" *****-. between
First and Becond avenues.    Regular meetings
5?$ fiSfflHMr'' Visiting brothers are cordially UiTlted to attend and register within sa
W.B.' Murphy, Sec.      ;«. Qoldsworthy. tt. a
iol^R8l$6i0lper week
the only hotel la the city having a d
room foifmlneis.    FreeiBath Rocm.


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