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The Evening World 1903-08-13

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 / ^ yr—t ,_,
Vol. Ill, No. 87
Price Flve.Cents
Sch001 °pens MONDAY
Your boy or girl will need new School
ShoeB.     Don't forget that tbe best lines
in the city are kept by   McNeill.     Satis-
'*   faction guaranteed.
"W.F.McNEIL Jj ___■Fastlionable footwear
\a\*-~' JB
i For Lunches and Picnics 2 - ■
Libby, McNeill & Libby's and Armour's
i o. m. rox & oo., sm %
9t*Snntk%X9s\nSXl*lnKti% SK**********
Tired Feet!
for sore, tired, tender, aching, sweating or swollen feet.     PRICE 25c.
-For sale only at-
Morrow's Drug Store
Rossland, Nelson, Trall,Sandon,Revelstoke,Green-
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL  MARKETS—Kossland, Trail, Nelson,'Ymir, Kaslo
Sandon, New Denver, Silverton, Cascade City, Grand Forks,
Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway, Camp   McKinney,
Revelstoke, Ferguson and Vancouver.
Pith,  Same ud  Poultry In Season, Sausages ol All Kinds.
WM. DONALD, Manager Roaaland Branch
 If so use-
.. on your   m
POULTR Y ?    *L
Rex Lice Killer $
I The Brackman-Ker MillingCompany |
-For sale by	
Items of Interest  Round
the World.
The Doings of Conspicuous Persons
Affecting Canadian Interests,
Lynohing is openly defended in
New "i u.k.
Russia is alleged to have obtained some concessions from Korea.
The troubles in Macedonia have
assumed a yet more serious aspect.
Public school teachers in Toronto are talking of organizing a labor
Jamaica has been swept by a
hurricane and much damage has
been done.
A publio meeting of Conservatives in Nelson has repudiated John
Houston's leadership.
The salmon run nt the mouth
of the Columbia is said to be unprecedented in numbers.
Railway construction is being
vigorously pushed on the northwest
and northeast frontiers of India.
Earthquakes have occurred in
Italy and the Levant. Mounts Etna
and Vesuvius are both in eruption.
John Charlton has been put up
to answer ex-miuister Blair's attack on the Grand Trunk railway.
The agitation for the assumption of th6 Eastern cables by the
British government is gaining
ground in England.
Irondequoit has won the second
race for the Canada cup. Today's
race will deoide the possession of
the trophy this year.
A Canadian patrol boat has fired
upon a fishing boat called the Silver Spray belonging to the United
States found poaching in Canadian
The House of Commons has approved of the course taken by the
Balfour cabinet with regard to the
steamship subsidies in lines cross
ing the Atlantic.
Kettle CoaCFIelda
Several capitalists from Toronto,
have been visiting tne coal fields of
the North Fork of Kettle river, ao-
compained by W. Blakemore, mining engineer, preparatory to begin-
ing work on the company's claims.
In the party were Hon. E. J.Davis,
commissioner of crown grants iu the
Ontario government, and Chas. G.
Van Norman, of Toronto.—Phoenix Pioneer.
All kinds of  summer  drinks  at the
Strand.   Green Sc Comerford, Props.
Drop in early at the Palace and
and learn who is to be at the big
fight Friday evening.
To Be Built on the Coast
to Handle Slocan
Vancouver, Aug, 13. — There
were here today representatives of
eastern capital who nre dealing
with the C. P. R. and other properties for arrangements whereby a
large zinc smelter can be built in
Vancouver or at some point on
Burrard inlet.
These people are representatives
of the heaviest zino semlting con
oerns of the world. Their proposition iB to put up large block
manufacture—gas zinc furnaces to
handle the entire zino produot of
British Columbia.
The Granby Smaltar
It is now anticipated that the
closedown of the Granby smelter,
for the purpose of connecting the
two new furnaces, the erection of
which is now being completed, will
occur about the 1st oi September,
for ten days.
Come to the Palaoe Friday evening and get the first returns from
the Corbett-Jeffries fight. It will
be as good as if you were at the
But Corbett   Has   Hosts
of Admirers and
Russia Is Said to Be Concerned.
Turkish  Military Action   Is Slack
Owing to Lack of Troops—Insurrection Spreading.
The Palace has the exclusive
franchise" of the Western Union
wire, the only direct one to the
ringside of the Jeff ries-Corbett fight,
Friday evening, Aug. 14.
How a Nalaon  Man   Haa Baen Attempting to Score.
Office opposite Gieal
Northern   ticket efflre
next to Bed Str r
Certificate of Improvementa.
"Idaho Fraction" Mineral Claim, situated in tbe Trail Greek Mining Division
of West Kootenay Distriot. and adjoining the '•Enterprise," "Idaho" and "Virginia" Mineral Claims.
Take notice that I, T. P. O'Farrell of
Rossland, B. C, acting as agent for
Mary Kraus, free miner's certificate Mo,
B54770, and William Kellem, free miner's certificate No, B54891, intend, sixty
days from tha data hereof, to apply to the
mining recorder for a certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining* crown grant of the above claim
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tbe issuance of such certificate of
Dated at Rossland, B. C, this 7th day
of February4I. L. 1003.
T. P. 0'
The regular meeting of Rossland
Lodge No 8, A. O. U. VV., will hereafter
be held at Carpenters Union hall,Becond
avenue, every Tuesday at 8 pjn.
Certificate of Improvement.
The Brothers and Jungle Fraction
Mineral Claims, situale iu the Trail
Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay District,
Where located: Near the international boundary line on Sophie mountain
Take notice that I, Kenneth L. Burnet, Prov. Land Surveyor of Rossland,
agent for E. B. Sentell, Esq., of Van-
couver.B.C. free miner's certificate, No.
B57520, intend, sixty days from
tbe dr': , hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim,
And further take notice that action,
u .ider section 37, must be commenced
1.31 ore the issuance of such Certificate of
Improvement, '
Dated this 4.W da-' of Tune.A.D. 100'.
Don't forget the hot lunch at the
Palace tonight.
Two prizes will be given at the Alham
bra Bowling alley every two weeks for
the largest score made,
Don't forget the hot lunch at the
Palaoe tonight.
Call at the Strand for a  fancy drink.
Green & Comerford, Props.
Tha Roderick Dhu.
Development work is being
aotively prosecuted on the Roderick
Dhu, in Long Lake camp, where,
in the bottom of a fifty foot shaft
there are several feet of high grade
ore—some of it being said to run
$40,000 to the ton.
Moraghan oysters  any style at
the Palace grill rooms.
The Oro Denoro
It is said that the Oro Denoro
mine is looking better all the time.
About a dozen men are employed
there now, and the force will be increased before long.
Moraghan oysters any   style at
he Palace grill rooms.
Cut Flowers and Hazlewood Ice Cream
at the Palace Cindy Store.
The Palace has  the only  first
class grill rooms in the city.
One of the cheekiest bits of business perhaps ever attempted in this
oamp has been perpetrated recently. It seems that a Nelson printer
wanted to get the printing for the
Summer Carnival and came over
here to Bolioit for the patronage
of this as well as for other things
on the side. He did not succeed in
hiB objeot as far as tbe Summer
Carnival was concerned and consequently sent in a bill to the
Carnival committee for $10 70 Iocs
of profit.
This is a good opportunity for
the Summer Carnival people. All
that has to be done is to lay an
information for the breaking of the
munioipal bylaw dealing with this
peddling for business without a
lioence, subjeot lo a fine of $50,
collect half the fine and credit the
Finance committee with that
amount. Anyway the local business men aver that the law will be
put into force if any fresh attempt
is made in this direction.
San Francisco, Aug. 13.—As the
time approaches for the contest between Jeffries and Corbett, who are
to meet on Friday night for the
heavyweight championship of the
world, popular interest in the fight
is rapidly increasing. The management of the club under whose
auspices the mill takes place is in
receipt of applications for tickets
indicating a large attendance from
out of town. Chicago, Denver, New
OrleanB and even New York and
other cities further east will be represented at the ringside.
The training quarters of Corbett
were visited today by many sporting men desirous of obtaining a
first hand opinion of hiB condition.
The outlook ie for a large amount
of money to be wagered on the result of the contest, JeffrieB will
naturally rule a heavy favorite in
tbe betting and the only quesl'on is
one of odds. Corbett, however, :>.«
a large number of devoted followers
and admirers in this, his home city,
and the Jeffries money will find
ready takers, particularly ii tempting odds are offered.
The Palace has   the only  first
class bowling alley in the oity.
The Fight.
The earliest returns will be received at the Clarendon bar of tbe
Corbett-Jeffries fight, August 14,
1903. Special wire in direct communication with the ringside.
Full telegraphic report of the fight
by rounds, including all preliminaries. The C. P. It. report is the
earliest by one-half hour.
A full report by special wire of
the Corbett-Jeffries fight Friday
eyening, Aug. 14.
WANTED—A waiter at  the  Palace
Come and see us at   the   Strand, you
will be treated right. Green & Comerford
Quite Deaartod.
A Kosslander going to Trail yesterday found bul two men in the
town. Both were exhilarated and
f night to determine the boBsship of
the burg until such time as the
oitizens returned from their outing
to Deer Park.
Vienna, Ang. 13.— A Salonica
despatch to the Neue Freie Presee
saya that 1,000 young Bulgarians
have taken the field in the neighborhood of Monastir. The Bulgarian families there have been ordered to prepare provisions for the
insurgents. Many female teachers
and girls have joined the band in
order to tend the wounded. Several
Bulgarian officers are reported to
be organizing the insurgent forces.
The Bulgarian agency at Monastir
is said to be used as an insurgent
recruiting office, and the Russian
Consul is asserted to be sympathizing actively with the movement.
The situation is aggravated by the
discontent and subordination of the
Turkish Redifs, who are deserting
and selling their weapons to the
insurgents. The committees are
compelling the agricultural population to take up arms.
Offioial reports state that Bulgarian bands have occupied Kru-
sbevo, and are beseiging other villages in the vilayet of Monastir,
The situation is getting worse
and military action is slack owing
to the want of troops. This is
making the insurgents bold, and a
general uprising is feared. Troops
are concentrating near Krushevo,
and an engagement is imminent.
The Macedonian insurrection is
extending. The Bulgarian Exarch,
who has been invited by the Grand
Vizier to exert a pacifying influence
over his Macedonian flock, has declined on the ground that his admonitions would not be listened to.
The Bulgarian government haB asked the powers to use their iniluence
to induce the Porte to refrain Irom
employing Bashi-Bazooks in the
suppression of the rebellion.
The Turkish government is muoh
disturbed by the outbreak of outrages and the avowed intention of
the revolutionary oommittee to kill
all Musselmans.
The  merchants'   lunoh  at   the
Palace tomorrow will be a dandy.
For the best Miners shoes ,go to 0. C.
The Waterloo.
Another oleanup has been made
at the Waterloo, Camp McKinney,
stamp mill, being 343.9 ounces of
gold, worth $5,120. Within six
weeks the mine has realized $8,000
from the mill.
The Palace has the  only   first-
olass bowling alley in the oity.
The very best school shoes made in
Canada and the United. States, arc always keep at C. O. Lalonde's.
A full report of tho Corbett-Jeffries fight wired by roundH at tbe
Palace Friday evening Aug. 14.
Harry Wilson, a popular employe of the Le Roi stables, was
quietly married to Mrs. Fay
Rouzet at Northport, Wash., on
Tuesday evening the 11th inst.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson wish the happy oouple a
a pleasant and prosperous journey
through life.
Private dining rooms for ladies
at the Palace.
Ladies are requested to come and see
how cheap we arc selling our patent and
kid low shoes, O. O. Lalonde. THE EVENING-WORLD, ROSSLAND. B. C, AUG, 13  1903
The Evening World
Brittle Worl<i:Publlshln_lCoi_p__T.
Entered at the Rossland, B. C, postoffice for
transmission through the mails,May l,_i9oi as
second class reading matter.
month or »5 00 year, InTarlably to adyance, AA-
TcnUUiK  rate, mad* known on application.
LONDONiRATES-t.1.15  psr annum
P. O.]BozI902 Kossland, B. 0.
The following extraots from a
letter appearing in one of the ooast
papers giveB a dear idea of one or
two things whioh the province
should bestir itself in trying to obtain from the promotors of the
Grand Trunk Pacifio.
"A contract has been made for the
construction of a transcontinental
railway containing no conditions
which should, in the interest of
this province, have been imposed
upon the promotors. All the other
provinces have had their interests
carefully arranged for. Manitoba,
although possessing two railways,
giving it an outlet to the East and
the Great Lakes, is to have a road
constructed by the government
from Winnipeg eastward to the
Atlantio, through the northern part
of Ontario and Quebec. The Maritime Provinces are to have an unnecessary line paralleling the Intercolonial. British Columbia, itis
true.is to have a northern line built
in four years, terminating at Port
Simpson, 600 mile« north of Van
couver,which may be built Irom the
eastern boundary to the sea. No con
dition is made for commencement
of construction on the Coast, and
prosecution of the work from the
west in an easterly direotion. _ Any
class of labor may be employed
Asiatic or European. Even if our
representatives at Ottawa have no
influence it is to be hoped that
their voices will be raised in the
Commons and the Senate, Jproteet-
ing against the passage of the bill
in its present shape.
"If this line is to be pushed to
completion by constructing it from
Edmonton to the coast little or no
benefit will accrue to the people of
this province during construction.
Whereas, if the company are compelled to begin work at Port Simpson and build each mile from west
to east within the oonfines of the
province, a great impetus will be
given to trade, and a new era of
prosperity Bimilar to that which
obtained during construction of
the Canadian Pacific railway, will
be inaugurated.
Possibly the provincial govern-
rneut from whom no doubt a
oharter will be required, together
with other concessions, will find
that it can obtain lor the people
that which our representatives
have neglected to secure.
Is India to be included in the
Chamberlain scheme for the commercial union of the British Empire and if so what effect is it going to have upon trade relations?
In the first place let it be premised
that the general import duty on
goods entering India is five per
oent with a notable exception in
case of cotton goods, where it ie
only 3. per cent. This duty is
oharged upon all imports, whether
from within the Empire or not.
There is  no preferential duty on
British goods. The value of the
export trade amounts to about$350,-
000,000 annually excluding gold,
silver and reexports. The value of
the import trade ir about $300,-
000,000. The chief import is cotton goods and yarn, whioh amounts
to about $84,000,000 yearly. The
next in order of importance is metals, excluding hardware and cutlery which merely totals $20,000,-
000. After that come in about the
order named sugar, oils, railway
plant, maohinery, provisions, liquors, hardware and cutlery, apparel, manufactured silk and cotton goods, all of which exceed in
value $3,000,000 annually. There
is also a demand for salt, drugs,
dyes, spices, raw silk, grain, glasB,
ooal, chemicals and precious stones
the trade in whioh varies from a
little over a million yearly for
precious stones to close on three
millions for salt, In addition the
value of the government stores imported annually amounts to over
$13,000,000. Now that iB the market which in oase of a zollverein or
system of preferential duties being
established Canada would participate in with the other portions of
the Empire to the practical exclusion of other nations, except under
disadvantage. It will be seen that
the metals, maohinery and grain
are the prinoipal markets whioh
would avail Canada to any great
On the other hand how does
India stand with regard to Canada
ou its export trade. Now the
principal export from India is rice,
which is valued at about $36,000,-
000 annually. Jute and cotton
exports both are little short of this
mark. Seeds and hides come next
and then comes cotton goods
(principally shipped to Oriental
points.) The cotton goods export
is valued at about $26,000,000 annually which ia also about the value
o! the tea export. Then comes
opium, the trade in which ia valued
at $20,000,000. Jute manufactures
and indigo come next in importance and then comes the export in
wheat, amounting to about $5,000,-
000. Wool, coffee, teak, Bhellao,
oils, silk, grain, provisions, spices,
saltpetre and manures range in
order of importance as named,
from $6,000,000 down to a little
over $1,200,000. It will be seen
that there is little in which either
India is rivalling Canada to any
extent or which Canadian manufacturers may fear competition.
A glance at the figures shows tbat
the bugaboo of cheap labor has no
One other point to be considered
is that India is a veritable sink of
the precious metals, importing
every year from $20,000,000 to $30,-
000,000, two-thirds of whioh is silver, more than it exports. Canada
has much ol this which she can exchange for Indian commerce.
What made your linens
coarse ? Common soap I
Sunlight Soap saves linen.
Astt for the Octagon Bur.
The Rhodes Scholarship
Capetown, Aug. 12.—Dr. Parkin, addressing a meeting regarding the Rhodes scholarship, said
that the result of hiB consultations
in Canada, the United States and
Africa was that youths should not
go to Oxford University too early,
but aB mature graduates, able to
add Oxford culture to the full
training received in their own
If your want to bowl try the Alhambra
Best ally in the city,
WANTED—A waiter at  the  Palace
Come and see us at   the  Strand, you
will be treated right. Green & Comerford
The  merchants'  lunch   at  the
Palace tomorrow will be a dandy.
For the best Miners shoes go to O. C.
One thing that might be done at
slight expense by the municipality
and which will greatly improve
the look of camp to visitors is to
send a couple of men round with
scythes or billhooks and remove
the weeds flourishing on the edges
of streets near the oentre of the
WANTED—By a woman, chamber
work in a hotel or boarding house. Apply at this office.
Wanted—300 sacks of charcoa
at once.   Apply at the Palace.
In buying your footwear   from C.  O.
Lalonde.you get   the benefit  of his   iS
years experience of buying  and selling
noes for himself.
[Adopted at Revelstoke, September 13th, 1902.]
I. That this convention reaffirms the policy
of the party in matters of provincial roads and
trails; the ownership and control of railways
and the development of the agricultural resources of the province as laid down in the
platform adopted in October, 1899, which is us
"To actively aid in the construction of trails
throughout the undeveloped portions of the
province and the building of provincial trunk
roads of public necessity.
"To adopt the principles of government ownership of railways in so far as the circumstances of the province will admit, and the
adoption of the principle that no bonus should
be granted to any railway company which
does not give thc government of the provinco
control of rates over lines bonused, together
with the option of purchase.
"To actively assist by state aid in thc development of the agricultural resources of the
province." ■
£2. That in the meantime and until the railway policy above set forth can be accomplished, a general railway act be passed giving
freedom to construct railways under certain
approved regulations, analogous to the system
that has resulted in such extensive railway
construction in thc United States, with so
much advantage to trade and commerce.
:\. That to encourage the mining industryt
the taxation of metalliferous mines should be
on the basis of aperecnUige on the net profits,
4. That the government ownership of tele
phone systems Should be brought about as u
first step in the acquisition of public utilities
5. That a portion of every coal area here
after to be disposed of should be reserved from
sale or lease, so that state owned mines may be
easily accessible, if their operation becoraos
necessary or. advisable.
(i. That in the pulp land leases provision
should be made for reforesting and that steps
should be taken for the general preservation of
forests by guarding against the wasteful destruction of timber.
7. That the legislature and government of
the province should persevere in the effort to
secure the exclusion of Asiatic labor.
8. That the matter of better terms in the
way of subsidy 'and appropriations for the
province should be vigorously pressed upbn the
Dominion government.
9. That, the silver-lead industries of the prov
ince bo fostered and encouraged by the Imposition of increased customs duties on lead and
lead products imported into Canada, and that
the Conservative members of the Dominion
House be urged to support any motion introduced for such a purpose,
10. That as industrial disputes almost invariably result in great loss and injury both to the
parties directly concerned aud to tho public,
legislation should be pussed to provide means
for an amicable adjustment of such disputes
between employers and employes.
II, That itis advisablo to foster the manufacture of the raw products of the province
within the province as fur as practicable by
means of taxation on the said raw productst8ub-
ject to rebate of t he same in whole or part
when manufactured in British ('olumbia.
Harry Mcintosh
Vintage of 1878
Guaranteed Absolutely Pure
Bass' Burton Ale on Tap
HHoffman House
i • ______________________________________
< >
ii Paulson
I Job Printing, [j
Book and
Done With Neatness and Despatch.    Mail
Orders will Receive Prompt Attention
World Job Office
TO ALL POINTS        ,
Conservative Conventions
At a meeting of the executive of the Provincial Conservative Association, held at Vancouver, the province was divided into five divisions for organization purposes. Tho Koote-
nay-Boundary division is made up of the following provincial election districts: Kovel-
stoke, ('olumbia, Pernio. Cranbrook, Ymir,
Kaslo, Slocitn, Grand Forks, Greenwood, the
City of Kossland and the City of Nolson. At
the samo mooting the following resolutions
were adopted:
1. That conventions for nominating candidates for members of the legislative assembly
be made up of delegates chosen as follows:
(a) In cily electoral districts, one delegate
for every llfty and fraction of fifty votes polled
at the provincial election held in limn, and if
the city is divided into wards, the proportion
of delegates for each ward shall bo based on
the vote polled in each ward at the last municipal election.
ih) In other electoral districts, one delegato
for every tlfty or fraction of llfty votes polled
at the provincial election held iu 1IKW, the delegates lobe apportioned to polling places, or us
Dear thereto as will bo fair to the voters of tho
different neighborhoods.
2. The election of delegates shall be ut, public meetings, held ut a designated central placo
in each polling division, or in each ward in city
electoral districts, if tho city is divided Into
wards. At such publio meetings only those
who pledge themselves to voto for tho candidate or candidates selected at tho nominating
convention shall be entitled to a voto for delegates.
3. Two weeks notice shall be given of the
public meetings at which delegates are to be
elected, and nominating conventions shall be
hold in city electoral districts two days after
the day on which delegates aro elected, and in
other electoral districts seven days after. All
nominations throughout U»e provinco to bo
made at a designated central placo in each
electoral district, aud on thc same day.
i. All notices of thc dato of public meetings
for the election of delegates to nominating
conventions, the apportionment of delegates,
and the place and date of nominating conventions in tho several electoral districts shall bo
prepared by the member of the executive of
lhe division in which the electoral districts are
situate, and issued over tho names of tho president and secretary of tho Provincial Conservative Association
A meeting of tho provincial executive will
be held at Vancouver within a month, and the
dato for holding district nominating conventions will then bo tixod.
President of tho Provincial
Conservative Association.
Nelson. J une 8th, lflbX tC
We have a large and well selected assortment of
The beet goods at right prices. Open every day until 9 p. m.
St, Paul,Duluth,Minneapolis,Chic3go
and all points east
Seattle, Tacoma, Victoria,_Portland
and all.Pacific.Coast points
Through Palaoe and Tourist Sleepsrs
Dining & Buffet Smoking Library Oars
2-Fast Trains Through. Daily-2
For rates, folders and_full finformation
regarding trips, call on. or address any
agent B. F. Sc N. Railway.
701 W Riverside, Spokane
Seattle,: Wash.
H. P. BROWN, Rossland Agent
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
.'rom Montreal
Lake Erie. Aug 27 L. Manitoba...Sept 3
From Montreal
Bavarian... .Aug 22 Ionian Aug 2g
From Montreal
Canada Aug 22 Kensington. .Aug 29
From Boston
Commonw'lth Aug 27 N. England Sept 3
New York... Aug 25 Philadelphia, Sept 2
Kroonland..Aug2g Zeeland Sept 5
Etruria Auu 29 Campania .. .Sept 5
Mongolian S?ept 3 Lanrentian.Sept 17
Oceanic Aug 25 Teutonic Sept 2
La Bretagne. Aug 27 LaTouraine.Sept 3
Continental sailings of North German
Lloyd, H. A. P. and Italian lines on application.   Lowest rates on all lines.
G. S. S, Agt., Winnipeg
O. W. DEY, Agent,
C. P. R. Depot, Rossland.
Under the auspices of the
Mayor and City Council
Tuesday & Wednesday
August 25-6
PATRONS: The Brotherhood of
Railway Trainmen and Rossland
Miners Union, No. 38, W. F. ofM.
Grand parade, lacrosse and baseball tournaments, firemen's compeitions, tugs of war, horse racing, boxing and
wrestling contests, athletic sports of all kinds, maobine and
double and single hand drilling, and speed exhibition by
the guideless wonder. Dr. M., grand ball, magnificent pyrotechnic display and performances by the Rossland Dramatio
club.   Railway rate legs than one fare for the round trip
Further particulars from
A. J. DREWRY, Sec.
Remarkable Showing Near
Free Milling Ore Carrying Gold and
Silver Characterizes the
A good deal is being made just
now of the white quartz finds on
Poplar and Cooper creeks in the
Lardo country. But it is only
another instance of tbe faot that
only a small portion of the vast
mineral area of the Ko3tenays has
been discovered- Right here in the
vicinity of Rossland, within 15
miles of the camp;iB a white quartz
ledge whioh also carries free gold
•nd which, unlike the Lardo finds,
iB of enormous width. It ia true
that it is not a high grade property
but high grade properties have a
nasty knaok of occurring in small
pooketB. It is low grade, but not
so low thut, under proper conditions, it cannot be made to pay.
And a low grade property is, as all
well versed mining men know, the
very backbone of mining. If it
oan be made to pay it iB no flash
in the pan, but sometimes is worked for centuries. 'Of this there are
numberless instances in the history
of mining.
The miuing property to whicb
reference is here made is now
known as the St. Joseph Gold
Mines, which has the claimB Victoria and Walter and Theodore
Fractions. This is situated about
five miles above the confluence of
the two branches of Murphy oreek,
on the weet slope of Maokay mountain, on whioh white quartz carrying good values has been discovered in more than one place. The
vein as stripped on the Viotoria is
127 feet in width, dipping to the
east. A tunnel driven GO feet in
vertical depth below this outcropping haa orossout into the ledge,
but instead of coming upon it at
about 70 feet from the portal aB expected it struck the ledge some 46
feet in from the mouth of the adit,
showing that the width of the lead
iB even greater below than is shown
The tunnel haa penetrated some
30 feet beyond this and is in solid
ore and a representative of the
World was permitted to take samples right across the breast and
bring them into RoBsland for assay. No fairer offer than thiB
oould be made by the proprietor of
any claim. Past assays show that
the quartz carries gold and silver
values running all the way from a
trace to $4.76 in free gold, the general average is about $3 free gold.
Tbe ore is largely free milling and
this character is preserved below aa
in the surface stripping, showing
that subaerial disintegration has
had little to do with the richness of
the values found above. This ia
probably accounted for by the fact
that a small Btream runs right
acrosB the vein close to the stripping, whioh would certainly carry
away values thus deposited.
The exaot percentage of free
milling ore is stated to be 45 per
oent, and the remainder is concentrating ore, whioh oan be brought
down 11 to 1, running from $18.93
to $49.64.
Besides the work here done there
are other   openings 300  feet and
500 feet south, where the vein
again outcrops and, surface cuts
have been made upon the ledge
showing that it runs continuously
in a northerly and southerly direction over the olaims, the length being proved in this manner to be at
least 1793 feet.
On the dump there ia muoh
ore and there ia also a large
amount ready to be blocked out.
The oompany is acquiring the timber rights on the properties and
has in addition a water right on
Murphy creek whioh, even at tbis
dry season of the year, is carrying
some 200 miners inches of water.
A short flume some 1000 feet long
will bring thiB water to a stamp
mill whioh is proposed to be eroded close to the main tunnel referred
to. The proposal is to orush the
the free milling ore and to concentrate the remainder. The Elmore
is now making an assay of the ore
recently brought in with a view of
establishing the claims made and
of operating a concentrating plant
The great trouble with the property is its distance from the railway. Ten miles of trail separates
it from the C. P. R. at the mouth
of Murphy creek. What is absolutely necessary is the building of
a wagon road from that point to
the mine. The engineering difficulties are small, as the road would
01-088 no divide and would clamber
up an elevation of some 2000 feet
spread over a distance of perhaps
11 or 12 mileB, giving a fairly easy
Work has been progressing on
the property throughout the summer and it is now merely a question of transportion which is keeping the property back from ita full
The Palace has the  only   first-
class bowling alley in the city.
The very best school shoes  made
Canada and the United   States,  are  always keep at C. 0. Lalonde's.
J Jetson, Nelson
L Hunter, Lucknow, Ont
W Smith, Revelstoke
Frank Howard, Sandon
John Hilliard, Calgary
J Smith, San Francisco
In washing woollens and uannels, Lever'*
Dry Soap (a powder) will be found very
satisfactory.. 18
Nelson St Fort Sheppard Railway
Red Mountain Railway
Washington Si Great Northern R'y
Vancouver,Victoria Si Eastern R'y &
Nav. Co.
..,-'-'   '^■■■;'-;a«™tt«—
Now Is the Time to Buy Lots
in Similkameen Gity, B. ©.
CAMP HEDLEY is the most talked of camp in the provinoe, and situated in the centre is Similkameen City, surrounded by
rich mines which will shortly have large payrolls. Over 200 lots have been sold to business people who realize that Similkameen will become the metropolis of this district. The Nickel Plate mines have expended $300,000 in development and are at
present building tramways and a 40-stamp mill. Arrangements are being made for the ereotion of a large smelter at Similkameen City which will oOBt about a million dollars. Besides the Nickel Plate group of claims being developed by oue of the richest
mining companies in North America, there are several other groups and properties which will shortly be developed, among them
being the Kingston Mines, Rollo, Wellington, Winnipeg, Red Chief and Pollock. Situated as it is in the beautiful Similkameen
valley, midway between Princeton and Keremeos, and protected from all opposition in the valley by adjoining a large Indian
reservation, this townsite will become one of the principal mining camps of the Paoifio Northwest. It was only a short time ago
that lots in Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood and other mining oentres were selling for the same price that they are today being Bold
for in Similkameen.   Come in before the boom and double your money.
Similkameen City to Have Two Railways.
The Viotoria, Vancouver & Eastern and the Canadian Pacific railways are starting immediate construction for the Similkameen,
whioh will mike this town a railroad centre and divisional poiut, and when these competing lines are completed through to the
Pacific coast they will beoome the main through lines, being the shortest route from the interior to the coast. A large sawmill iB
running steadily on the west addition, the only available timber for milea around. The main street is 90 feet wide, being all
cleared and ready for building purposes. All railways, roads, telegraph and telephone lines will have to come through tbis
townBite. which is looated in the oentre of the whole Similkameen valley and will beoome the largest distributing point and
mining centre in British Columbia.
Similkameen City Lots Will Make You Rich.
A large agricultural area to draw from.   Pure water, fine climate, rich mines, big payrolls.
Lots for Sale $2 to S10 Per Front Foot.     ______in STowns in'B-c'
For further particulars apply to
FRANK BAILEY & CO., Greenwood and Similkameen
J.;H. YATES, Empire StateijBuilding, Spokane.
Officers and Meetings.
No. gb, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock. Thos. Roynon,
Pres., Frank Philips, Sec.
Visiting brothers cordially
Western Federation ol
miners—meets every Wed
nesday evening at 7.30, t _
m. in Miners' Union Hall.,
M. Villeneuve, Secretary
Harry  Seaman,_ President.
The only all rail between points east
west and south to Rossland, Nelson,
Grand Forks and Republic. Connects
at Spokane with the Great Northern,
Northern Pacific and O. R. Sc N. Co.
for points east, west and south; connects
at Rossland and Nelson with the Canadian Pacific R'y.
Connects at Nelson with K. R. A N.
Co. for Kaslo and K' & S. points.
Connects at Curlsw with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B.C.
Buffet cars run between Spokane and
Effective June 14, 1903
Leave Spokane 8:45 a.m.
Arrive Rossland 4:35 p.m.
Arrive Nelson 7:20 p.m.
Arrive Grand Forks....   4:00 pjn.
Arrive Republic 6:15 p.m
Leave Republic 8:30 a.m.
Leave Grand Forks 10:3s a.m
Leave Nelson 7:20 a.m
Leave  Rossland io:4o a.m
Arrive Spokane 6:15 pjn
Ion No. 8, W. F. M. Meets
every Saturday evening at
7:30 o'clock in Miners' hall.
Geo. McMullen, Pres., Jno.
Rlordan, Sec.
Edward Hughes, vice-president, Butte, Mont.; Wm.C.
Haywood, secretary-treasurer, Denvei, Col.; Executive Board: J. T. Lewis,
Globe,Ariz.; L, J. Simpkins,
Wardner, Idaho; Phillip
Bowden,Butte, Mont,; D. C.
Copley, Independence, Col.;
O. A. Peterson, Tarraville,
S. D.; James A. Baker, Slo-
crn City, B. C.
123, painters and decorators
of America,meets inBeatty's
Hall, on second and foprth
Tuesday of each month. R
C. Arthur, Pres.: W. S.
Murphv, Sec.
The Cotton Powder Comoanv. Ltd.
32 Queen Victoria St., LONDON; E. G*
Faversham Powder
On the SPECIAL LIST of Permitted .Explosives., October, 1901
the best explosive for underground.work ex
clusively used in Severn and Mersey tunnel
No. 85, W. F. M., meets
every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock in Miners' Un
ion hall. Robert Elliott,
Pres., W. B. Mclsaac, Sec.
No. 22, W. F. M., meets every
Saturday evening in Union hall.
H. R. Parsons, Pres., Geo. F.
Dougherty, Seo.-Treas,
For further information regarding
reservation of berths or price of tickets,
apply to any agent of the above companies, or to
Mural Pumnt at
Bpokus. Wish
H. I. IK Vh,
At**-, »frll.»_C, 1
W.F.M.—P. R. McDonaid,
Pres., Rossland; Howard
Thompson, vice-president,
Sandon; Geo.F.Dougherty,
Secretary, Greenwood.
GRAND FORKS FEDERAL Labor Union No. 231,
A.L.U.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
In Federal Union hall.
Thos.Foulston,Pres., Jno. T.
Lawrence, Sec.
TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION No. 335,—Meets on the
last Sunday of each month
at the Miners' Union Hall
J Barkdoll, Sec; Morgan
O'Connell, President.
Union No. 07, W. J . M.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock in Union
hall. Hugh Williams, Pres.,
W. C. Lawrence,Sec.
ERS BUNION—meets every
Friday of each week at 7.
30 p. m. In   Miners' Union
Hall.   W. R. Baker,  Pres.;
John McLaren, Sec,
COUNCIL—Meets every second and fourth Tuesday in
each month at 7.30 P. M, in
Miners' Union Hall. Presl-
dent, W.L.McDonald. Ad.
dress all communications to
Secretary-Treasurer, P..O,
box 784.
Cordite, Gelignite, Gelatine Dyramite, Blasting Gelatine, Detonators for all classes of Explosives, Electric Appliances,
Submerine Charges for the removal of   Wrecks,  Etc.,   Etc.
Works: Faversham, Kent and Moiling, near Liverpool
:the foundry.
Manufacturer of Concentrating Machinery.
MEDALS—Royal Cornwall Polytechnic; Gold medal  International Mining Exhibition, Crystal Palace, 1890.    Only award for Concentrators,
Stamps with latest improvements, of up-to-date design, and with wearing parts |ot
Hadfield's steel.'.from 2 cwts, to 10 cwts. per head, Stonebreakers, Crushers, Jigs,
Trommels, Vanners, etc., all constructed in sections for facility of transport if desired. Patent Portable Crushing and Amalgamating Pans for Prospecting, A
small concentrating plant to treat up to five tons erected at the works by whicb
commercial results.can be seen by intending purchaserslfor a merely nominal cos
Estimates for complete plants on application.   Special attention given to Blniatf
engineer's specifications.   Telegrams— "JIGGER," Aberystwyth.
Stocks Ruled   Quiet This
The Latest Quotations and Sales
Locally    Upon   the
Stocks are still quiet; neither
American Boy nor Rambler-Cari-
boo were quite ae strong this morning. Payne is keeping at a steady
figure, while Cariboo, Camp McKinney is slightly improved.
Today's Local Quotation!:
Asked Bid
American Boy  5 4g
Ba Hur —.... 5* 4*
Black Tall  dhi 3%
Canadian Sold Wild*.... ....... 5 4«
Cariboo (Camp llcKlnnay) ex-dl» nj_ li
CentreStar _ * _ »3
Crows Nest Pan Coal f        I
Fairview  3 4
Fisher Maiden  3 '
Slant  3 »
Granby Consolidated   $4.50 J.V75
Morning Glory  { %
•fountain Won  *6X 24%
North Mar (Bast Kootenay)  u'A 9%
Payne 7 >_X
Onllp  3< t*
ttamblet*C»riboo  38 31
But Foil  3 3
Sullivan  SX 4«
Tom Thumb  4'A 3Y4
War Bagle Consolidated  i<M 10
Waterloo (Asseas. paid) ~ 7, sH
Whlta Bear (Assess, paid)   4* 3*
Today s Local Sales.
American Boy, 3000, 4.; Rambler-Cariboo,   1000,   3Go;   Payne,
1200,16o.   Total, 5200.
E. J. Raymer left for Spokane
this morning.
Finlay Sinclair and family have
left for Grand Forks.
T. Lewis has returned to the
camp after a trip to the coast.
Mrs. R. Bennett and son have
left on a visit to Grand Forks.
An inspection of the local militia
will be made this afternoon.
There will be a liberal rally this
evening at the oommittee rooms.
Tom Embleton is absent on a
business trip into East Kootenay.
Alan Maclean, director of the
mine, is paying an official visit to
the Velvet,
There is good deal of opposition
manifesting itself to the proposed
sewer rental.
Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Stinson, Mrs.
M. P. Villeneuve, Miss L. Streuve
and Mr. R. Hamil of this city went
to Deer Park yesterday.
The decoration committee of the
Summer Carnival are making
efforts to have the oamp put in gala
aray during the festival.
Edward Stephens, Cranus Graham and William Verran helped
out the Trail band on the Deer
Park excursion ye.sterday.
Mark Twain of Morrissey
Facts of the Situation as Represented and as Misrepresented.
| ************************ >
i '\ R.L Wright, A. R.S.M.1:
< i •
* •       (Assayer for Le Roi No. 2,)
i jCustomiAsSays; j
• i*************************
50  YEARS'
Trade Marks
..... Copyrights etc.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
oulokly ascertain our opinion free whether an
InVentlon Is probably patentable.  Communica.
tions strictly conOdentlal. Handbook
.ent free. Oldost agency fojsecurlngjpal
Patents taken through Munn * Co.
spwfol notiw, without oharge. In the
on Patents
itclal notice, without charge, In tho
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly.   Largest clr.
MUNN &Co.36'B-<"' New York
Branch onoe, 626 r SU Washington. D. 0.
To Alexander S. Andersonjames Cowan
and E. M. Kinnear:
TAKE NOTICE that an application
on behalf of the Consolidated White Bear
Mining Company, Limited, Non-Personal
al Liability, will be made to a Judge of
the Supreme Court in Chambers, on the
21st day of August, 1903, at 10:30 o'clock
in the forenoon, at the Court House, Victoria, B, C, or so soon thereafter aa
Counsel can be heard.for an order that
the registered plan of the John Y. Cole
Addition to the City of Rossland, being
plan No. 719, deposited in th Land
Registry Office at Nelson be amended
so as to close Montreal street, as shown
on said plan, and also that part of Kootenay Avenue shown on said plan between
the westerly boundary of Lot 12 in
Block 2 and the westerly boundary of
Lot 16, Block 3, and that there be substituted therefor a street to be known
as Kootenay avenue, running first southerly through Lots 15 and 16, or Lots 16
and 17, Block 3, to the northerly boundary of the Une running througb said
Block 3, thence tinning westerly running
parallel with the said lane to the westerly limit of Lot 12,in Block 2, and embrac-
ng the said lands between said points,
and a portion of Lots 17, 18, iq and 20
in Block 3, a portion of Montreal street
to be closed as aforesaid, and of Lots 10,
11 and 12, in Block 2, also that a new
street be opened to be known as Montreal
street 60 feet in width from Cook Avenue
to the right of way of the Ked Mountain
Railway Company through Lots 5 and 6,
13 and 14, in Block 2,Lots 5, 6, 13 and 14,
in Block 7; Lots 5, 6, and parts of 12 and
13 in Block 9, and that all other changes
incidental to said changes may be made
in said plan.
And further take notice that if yon, tbe
said Alexander S. Anderson, James
Cowan and E. M. Kinnear, or either of
you, wish to oppose said application, you
are to notify in writing tbe Registrar of
the Supreme Court of British Columbia
at Rossland, to that effect within »even
days from the last day of publication
hereof and to appear upon the return of
said application either in per.on or by
your solicitor, otherwise the application
will be proceeded with and an order
made thereon in your absence.
Solicitor for Applicant.
Dated tbis 3rd day of August, 1003.
If your want to bowl tiy the Alhambra
Best ally in the city,
In washing woollens anc". nannels, Lever's
Dry Soap (a powder) will be found very
satisfactory. i>
Odessa In a Turmoil
Vienna, Aug. 13.—An Odessa
telegram published by the Piccollo
Journal of Trieste says the situation iB alarming. The dockers
have stormed many shops and
thrown their contents into tha sea.
The rioters tore down the police
proclamations and threatened to
set fire to the city if the troops
fired. The Jewish population is
p'anicstricken, Many Jews have
left the city on foot and by sea,
railway communication being interrupted.
WANTED—By a woman, chamber
work in a hotel or boarding house. Apply at this oflice.
Fraternal Societies Enjoy
an Outing at Deer
It would be hard to imagine more
beautiful weather than that whioh
yesterday whioh ushered in the occasion of the excursion to Deer
Park by the combined fraternal
societies of Trail. It was all that
could be desired and was thoroughly enjoyed by the more than 200
people who participated.
The trip up the river was made
on the steamer Rossland, Captain
Qore in command, the destination
being reached before the noon hour.
Arriving at Deer Park the visitors divided into small parties, scattering in different shady nook?,
and partook of a basket lunch.
After lunch athletic sports of
various kinds were indulged in, the
principal event being a baseball
game between benedicts and bachelors, in whioh the former carried
off the honors by a score of 5 to 2.
The Trail brass band accompanied
the exoursionists and dancing was
in order on the boat both going and
The following appeared in laBt
week's Fernie Free Press, aB well
as substantially the same thing in
that paper's Morrissey edition, the
"Mr. F. Keffer, manager of the
Mother Lode mine, and well known
in Fernie as a member of the oon-
oialiation oommittee, stayed over a
day in Fernie this week on his
way east as far as Medicine Hat.
He reports mining operations in
the Bundary oountry to be nourishing. The fuel situation is steadily
improving, the smelters seldom being entirely without coke, though
the supply often runs low. He
felt assured of the fact that the
ooal company's new oven plants
now under construction would permanently dispose of the coke shortage question. He expressed muoh
satisfaction with the way the management of tbe coal company was
treating the smelters of the Boundary oountry. He believed the company was doing its best to supply
the demand and to distribute its
product equitably among the
smelters, and he deplored the unfair criticisms of some of the papers
in the smelter country, in which
the real facts were misrepresented."
Just about the time the Free
Press man waa talking to Mr.
Keffer, as above stated, the Bmelter
of which Mr. Keffer is manager,
cloaedione furnaoe,and last Sunday
night oame near having to close
the other furnace because of lack of
Some two weeks ago tbe Sunset
smelter at Boundary Falls was
forced to blow out one of its two
furnaces, solely because coke did
not arrive from the Crow's Nest.
The result of that was the entire
suspension of work at the Sunaet
mine, and the reduction of forces
at other mines which shipped to
that smelter.
The Fernie Free Press man, if
he keeps on, will soon be known
aB the Crow's Nest humorist, or the
Mark Twain of EaBt Kootenay.—
Phoenix Pioneer.
Midsummer Bargains
In Seasonable Goods	
In order to make room for Fall Goods, which are beginning
to arrive, we are offering a few lines of Summer Goods at
very low prices. The following prioes are low. Note reductions
Wanted—300 Backs of oharooa
at onoe.   Apply at the Palace.
In buying your footwear  from C.  O.
Lalonde, you get  the benefit  of his   18
years experience of buying and selling
noes for himself.
Challenger   Wins Fourth
Race of Sories-Score
Two All.
Toronto, Aug. 13.~The Irondequoit, the American challenger,
won yesterday's race for tbe Canada cup by one minute and four
Captain Harman again sailed
the Irondequoit. After a start, in
which the Irondequoit got the better of the Strathcona by ten seconds, the breeze being light and
the American yacht waB much the
more fortunate in catching the
Eaoh of the competing yachts
have now two races to their oredit,
and the fifth and final race will be
nailed today. Yesterday's race wu
Summer Underwear
Summer Clothing
$3.00 Fancy Cashmere, now $2.00
$5.00 Unlined Serge Coats $3.75
2.50 Natural Wool, now 1.75
3.00 Unlined Serge Coats          1.95
1.50 Medium Weight, natural, now..  1.00
2 75 Fancy Stripe Coats  1.85
2 75 Combinations, now  2.00
2.00 Fanoy Stripe Coats  1.25
Seasonable Hats
Summer Shoes
*3.50 Pearl Fedoras $2.50
$3.50 Pearl Canvas Bals                     $2.50
3.50 Slate Fedoras  2.50 '
1 50 White CanvaB Shoes                       1 00
2.!)0 Pearl Fedoras   1.50
4.50 Tan Shoes  3.00
2 00 Straw Fedoras   1.00
4 00 Tan Shoes                            2.50
New Blouses, good patterns, neatly made, ages 4 to 10 years.
New Tapestry Curtains SLilLa
$1.00 Shirt Waists..
150 Shirt Waists.,
1.75 Shirt WaiBts..
,2 25 Shirt Waists.
2 50 Shirt Waists.
3.00 Shirt Waists..
. 1.85
. 2.25
Hunter   Bros.
15 miles to windward and re turn
Today's contest will be over a
triangular course.
Goodeve Bros.
Druggists and Stationers.
When you get It at Goodeve's it's good
Between First and Second Ave.
N.  Naccarata
Dealer in Confectionery, Tobaccos,
Fruits and Groceries.
55   THB   QUEEN    /ft ___«__* __■   C**^—^*^
*   THE    ALLAN    9^^^   StOFCS
Are where you oan get the beat the market af-
l__j[___lI___l_Hii3I_i_l_ili___ t__i(__uii___^i_i___MlI_il_IUll|__I
3[gf__Ulf__j|__ip[__i|__lfgjirgjl^ f_|!f__!I__!J_|!JlI_|!_af_3riJ@Jij@jp
International Liquor Store.
Wines and
Liq uors
Now is the time to buy
your family supply as this
Bale will only laBt for one
month. Come early while
the present excellent selection remains.
Layton's Baft
Hand Store
$12 Bed Lounges, new $10
$25 3-piece Set Furniture $15
50 Cook Stoves CHEAP
Alhambra Hotel
IIa#&r8$6.50 per week
The only hotel in the city having a dry
room for miners,    Free Bath Room
Private dining rooms for   ladies
at the Palace.
. KJ. -Ci. KAGI.RS, Kossland Aerie,
No, 10, Re„ular_meetlng« every Monday even-
Inge, 8 p.  m,   Kagles .Hall, Carpenters' Onion
J. Levy, w   »>.
H, Daniel W. See-Mar*.
I/-, f\ XI* MMt* ,n 0<w Feuowi Had
.KJ.KJ.AV . on Queen Btreet, between
.;rat and Second avenues. Regular meeting,
each Monday night. Visiting brothers arc cordially Invited to attend ud reg Wet wttkln m
W.B.alnrphy.ftac,      JOS.floUls_a_rt__._tf
Le Roi Feed
and Sale Stables
John F. Linburg, Prop.
Best Turnouts in the City.
Saddle horses for fishing and hunting parties a specialty.
Telephone 39.
Rossland, B C
Mine Timber a Specialty
GOOD   WOOD  in  large or
small quantities.


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