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The Edenograph 1904-07-06

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 S uppcu by tret;!.! front!
Enderby, 7.928 loal
Armitrong, b.1811 to..,
\ ernon. 4.4l.t7 lun-
Ktflywn, .1,891 torn
Othir points, 26) low
Total.    '.''.' Ti-I lun.
Volume I.   Number 8.
ENDERBY. B. C. JULY 6. 1904.
S2 a Yea,
ur Big Day
It was the worsi kind ol a day lor lh*
yellow parll th* only kind ol yellow
peril the girls take any stock In freckle*. The tun was hot. hotter, holiest,
and what little breete did blow was
Iresh irom the oven.   The grass does
out at first. Smith hu safe, and Holt- utile up and deliberately knocked the
by was caught al first by Mack and ball litis the bushes away down ihere
Hancock .where ihe Chinamen hang the clean
Enderby came up In Ihe lillh. sore c|othes. He chased everybody elf the
and sorry but not dead. Billy Mack base* and beat lhe ball over the plate,
struck out; Todd hit a nice easy lly They ctmehome |ust Ilk* trained pigs.
Into Arinltage's mil! C. Hancock hit a tn, there vat some noise about that
2-baggar and Wheeler gave to Watson urn*. James hit to Ferguson and
a high lly. and another goose egg was went oul. and R. Hancock alruck out.
hit. and Wait Mack sent a lly lo center added to the Enderby nest. The tcorewas now IS to 14 in Arm-
and was caught by Watson, leaving     |„ the sixth Ray Hancock was put
Booth on second. |n ihe box.   Piesta! chingel!   Jitttei
Geo. Smith wilked to lint, Hole went to lit and Billy Mack behind ihe
second and acored on a wild pitch by bat.   Ferguton was first lo bit   He
Mick.   Holtby and Ferguson struck reached 1st on James'errar.andtcored
not cover the sand at Armstrong and out. and Watson hit to Wan Mack and on a wild pitch by Hancock.   Wauon
it scorched one's feel lo walk around went out at first. couldn't get on lo Ray's auuhoou.
In it                                                James was hit by the pitcher and Three al them cam* and he didn't im
But it was Dominion Day.   Every- took his base; Ray Hancock went out hem.   Jackson went out to Louis and
body was out to celebrate, and they al first; Little Louie ditto.  Billy Mack James.   Wollenden made a bate hit.
didn't care for the he.it or anything made I bate Ml to left, Juliet tcored but wal caught it lecond by Todd and
elte.                                             and Todd struck out with Mack on Billy Mack.
There were no cases of sunstroke, third.
ilrong't fivor. Rty Hancock pitched
ball, He struck out Jackton and Arm
ilage, ind Wollenden went out by hitting
'There is «t* ciini.it u. the rain
There la ns dun y« It i> plain
There u one comfort».
thewed every kindness tc the winning
I team, and gave them a rousing cheer
lat winning.
Th* hillsides are white with synnga. j   Grace Bonner, at Hall tu-nlght, Ven-
toWilt Mtek.    Bird was hit' by the ,ne w"11 or,n<{*olouom- '" triloqulsm a special feaiure.
bill In this Inning ind Jackson ran the     H; Worthington. who has been ( The Enderby Trading Co. Is showing
ItwuEnderby'tturntotcore, When
ind the "spirits" were kepi down until     Jackson struck out.   Wollenden hit the boys went to bit in th* sixth th*
the rocket* begin to soir. to Todd and went out.    Bird aent a score stood 14 to 3.   When they quit
When the Iraln arrived it Armstrong grounder to Louie, who fumbled, and itwatMto'anditllla-graaMng, Btolh
an July Itl, the town presented a very flew lo lit. Armltage hit the ball made a bite hit. Witt Mick wat
pleating appearance. The streets dead at his feel, and got to first on caught it lint. Junes hit ttte. and ao
about the nation were well tpri.iklei. James' scramble. Farr hit lo Todd did R. Hancock. Louie hit It Wolf-
and. in spite of Ihe hot aunthlne, It was and went out. wllh Bird on third and e-iden who errired: Billy Mick did
:;.l sul refreshing.   Fligt were living Armiuge on lecond. '.k twite, and Ttid ind C, Haneook
from all the business houses and bun-     C. Hancock came In lor Enderby i»!(j the   hale*   around  ihm-olop.
ting wis tastefully displayed. In the third and struck out.   So did Wheeler sent a nice tne 11 Bird and
Upward* ol 100 Edonltet particl- Wheeler.   Booth willea far billt ind went aut, and Booihttruok al the third
paled in th* diy'i fettlvltlet.  All were gat hit bise. but wis aught it second one with i hale In hit bit,
netted to Ih* best that Niture and an R. Hancock's hit to Wolfenden.     Bird cut'.* up in th* seventh,   Ht
the Firmtr'i Exchange cauld produce.     In the fourth innings Enderby played sent i 2-biggrr lo second. Armttig*
fined to hit bed tame time with senilis some llrst-cllss new potatoes,
It able to be about. The Magnet Pharmacy will occupy
A tei party was given by Mrs, Mot- quarters In the new Bell Block.
f*t tut Thursday evening and wis     a special meeting ot L.O.L.. No.
heartily en|oy*d by all present. 446, wtll be held on Friday next. July
The Athcroft survey party took eight 6th. at 8 p.m
pick-inlituls laden with supplies Into,   |r) C. Jonet won a suit ol clothe .
the Mabel Lake country on Monday.    11 rocking ehur ind a tennis racket at
The family af Will Hill arrived In; Armstrong on Dominion Day.
tawn this week,   They have taken up     Wonder whn would Induce the C.
their residence in ihe Oaylor dwelling. P. R, ta build a sidewalk *ven with the
Yink«*pitr.oluni did notihowlt- nils at the past-office crossing?
Armstrong I I 0 S 6 I I 3 0---I5 telf strargty an the Clorlaut Fourth,     Mr and Mn. Geo. Bell left on iheir
Th.i..Ua««a1i,iha,(i.«a.n»a.. B>" M'- Gibertan couldn't ttand th* e««e"t »"P by Monday't train.   They
The Held tparli in the aflemttn were „,,,, v„„ |he WorW, F,„ „ S| Loul
interetting  FaHtifingir* the winnert;.•"•'""• 'I..«~..»~.u«... r.—i.-. u ra
bases for htm, getting as lar as third,
Enderby wanted one to tie and two
to win lh* altverwire Louie sent a
2-bsgger to left; Billy Mack followed
with 1 hit to Wollenden who errorad.
Lout* tcored ind Billy Mick ttale
second and third Todd sent a bate
hit to right and let Mack run home,
With Todd on butt and no men out
th* game wat ttopped ml lhe cup
turned iwr 10 th* Green and R*dt,
Enderby.    210006052   lb
stopping also at Casselton. N. D.
Walter E, Truesdil-t is placing in the
Boy'sbtcyclence   Himill.Wirren  '"* "****" ,nw
MeaVa 100 yit.. open   Cochran*.     3* H tt the illnett af Mits Piuline
JamM*- Johnson ih. Jahnton-McR.y. recital p,ar    «" hat.b a, the d.v^ion poini:,
Boytundtr26.103yit   Pirktntan. vhi-hwsa hMI.J f» Maris, .v.n.n. m tht m,m "««• hand»om*ly.franiei
Swan' Symington, .rat. T?  'tT ^ P"^ °' Plc,u'" ll"""«,n» beaul1"
Gnltunder 16, lOOydt   AnnnClm- " En"'b/. *»» aMtfaned,   They will md Industrie* of the Endarbydlttrici
tan. Ida Hirbell. Rati Clinton »»»«the third week in July. Jal Rek|9 HM (of ,ht Muj,y
Th* Kamlaopt bitebill turn have Harm Co.. and Robt. Morrltan. clerk
written asking la get 1 game on with of the lown council of Bolisevain. were
ih* Enierby team    They want S60 to in the Valley the past week, and each
ll waa apparent at every turn that the bid bill.   Smith dine ta bit. h.t ta ttruck out.   Witt Mick errorad and     p,,,
cntteni ol Armstrong were Intent on pitcher ind went out at flrtt.   Holtby lei Bird fly ta   Farr went out on a fly!   Boyt under 14   Swan] Symington,
making ihe celebration a tuccess. and tent a bis* hit over ihe short stop, and to ooath tnd Smith wat Mopped it' Ptrkinton
they did not make the effort in vain. Ferguson hu ta Watt Mack and belt flrat I   Boyt under 12   Pirkintm. Jsati, W 'he txpemet >! the trip, ind will invettad Jn4»i\cir«_10,J-™1' »ni lni
The tparu were well progrimmed Ihe bill to first    Wittan tent 1 bate     Farr went in the box far Armstrong Cnn,,u"' . ig.ve the Enderby teim a return gime
and carried out. and the print good, hit over Todd, letting in Holtby. and m the seventh   Walt Mac* went out Ktw R-tiSiMon I*"** K,m,Mi" ilMxmi
They were evidently selected by 1 good Ferguton scored on 1 bad throw from 11 lint   Jimet wii ail* an Armi-     Boy'l 3 i-gged rae*-Ehnik* ani     n* f*MtaB •""• " Arm«rM« °" OnTheuTjK'breeiTedVMo
utilitarian.    No money prizes were Booth to James.   Wilson looted on ugea error.   Ray Hineack ttsppedat Symuigton. Ciry and Smith. jlhe 1st. vis unintereiting   Th« ,,4,a lificcrapot new totn.ei. ind an the
given, but every article that was com- Jackson's hit put third.    He wis tint, and Junes wit caught it third     High lu-np   Bennett. Pitchett       jwat ta hot that neither team cauld 2nd ol July he planted mora potatoes
,wied far wat al a useful nature. caught by Todd at teeond.  Wtllenden jn Lauie't hit to Wollenden R.?^CfM* rie*~Symin|ta.i, J.m:. iiin j grt|    An effort u being nude tn the time ground, ind will hirvett
• house ind lot it Kelawm.
On the Brook firm neir tawn. F W.
Collins planted potatoes on May 20th.
The crowd wu well taken care of at struck out but got first an Junes' drop
the hotelo and an the ground!. Etpec- and bad throw to Hincack, Hastate
tally pnlieworthy was the "Comfort" third and scared on Bird's hit to cen
Holtby. Furguton and Walton cime    Men'»tiek nee   Symingi:n. Jontt.
j to induce Ihe Armttrong Mini to come mother crop ihu year.  Thlt it making
pataioei while the tun thinet.
to bit in Armttrong't eighth, but they Darnell :,'>" 3»,url,<' wm*ltti ?,,lf
didn't do anything Hop. tie? ani jump   Dockiteider. »"ih" t A    . - ■  ..-
booth erected an the groundi by Rev. ter.    ArntiUge cleaned the bigt laj    Enderby. an the contrary, did do Mab**- Mrs X D. Rinko. of Portlind.Or*.. E"d,!'hy Friday nlghl. ir.Rhten;d every
A. E. Roberu.    Here in a thady third by on, hit. ind ihere he diedbyjiomethtng.   I.w.t the n.itetlm«rry.|M^a,u,14,'r,w  Ciry. W.rthtll. hll ^ vumn< h,r lttltB, Mri. p. ^g»T^^ZTh,,!.
•orner under a tent and awning. Ihe Farr linking out. Iga-raund you ever saw.    Billy Mick     Men'ihillinile-Janei.D.ckileider T J,eitiW lnJ M" J Dl'n»'i*'l« <* cocks horn ohled off Ihe road, over
crowd wat entertained with book* and     James made a bat* hit over Jack- and Todd and Hanctck ani V/heeler     Boyt  under   16, harte-race. 3-4 thu placet fir 1 week or two,   Mr. turned Ihe buggy and badly injured Mr.
other literature.   A cot wit provided, tan, but wit caught it teeond.   Ray and Booth hit tafe.   Todd wit farced, mil*   Ledus. Clement. ThampMi.      Rinki hit  been ippotnied produce Hmcock.    The rig wat (
with rocking chain ind other comfort- Hancock punted the ball and went out. out between twa and three on Boath't     P1'"* "f"1"   'i,' nlri*"fi:*.  I-J buyer at Kelowna. and Mrj   Rinkt w,***d
able seals scattered about   Everything and wat tallowed by Louie wha ttruck hit.    Then the merry-gar. und Wit
was Iree 11 salvation.
it 11 three times.
, brought on. With C. Hancaek. Wheel-
At 10:30 ihe baseball game between     Arntitrong came up. puffed by pride er ind Booth on the batet. Walt Mack
^.-a»ximaaxi»..'ffloouccei»1111 Wjjluob
Armstrong and Enderby was called, and with a lead of four
The grand ttand wat packed.   Ladlet The heat wat lnlen.11!
md their eicortt, ladles without escorts, Enderby was tor* and
in 1 e.-.corls without ladles, gathered to sweaty.    Six run: were
•M the Itghi for Ihe cup.   Everybody added to the score lor
in le   Parkinson. Clement
Klaaichmen'i rise—Nellie, Amelia.
left lar Kolawni thu motning
R E. Ptlmer. Dominion fruit Uupec-
2SSS?.^.-°MWl *nl .j^lS^lrS^ »H^. Henry W. H.
got their money's worth
The teams lined up at lollowt:
;• irgu n
H Itby
third 1., ■
shorl >l ;.
r ,;1-
■   1(1
Arimlroii^ > Smith
struck it the ball and
wat hit on the hind.
Ordinarily he . j;
hive been oul. but the
■■   tag*        ■   .-..   him his
lb) !• ■    ,1-
:tn to lift.   Ferg-.
'  : likewise to Louie. Holt-
red  on Lsuie't
Wit -rror and Fergnun was
caught 11 second by
Todd. Watoonhlttothe
Id! • 11 I -at the ball
III : • • . ickionpulthe
I atruck ball where Booth could
1 iff by not get 1 . IW ■
ett on third by den pushed a roller
where Todd Could have
Billy Mack wao given a bate on gol It but Louie wouldn't
balls. Todd followed with a bate hit to lei him. Bird hit a
;?nt»r. C. Hancock was stopped by 2-bagger t. c»nt»r.
JacttMl picking up a hot grounder. Arinllag-t hit la shirt-
Wheeler hit safe to lell and was caught slip Farr It.el |. 1,
al the home plate; Booth niije a ba.,-- the IMtl \\\;:\g but went
W. A. Mack pitcher
in 1 catcher
• lirstba
r ii
V/att Mack
Little Louie
B  Ih
Geo. Bell
Armstrong was II
VII caught out.
2 bagger into the le
Nil Armllage mad
K. Hancock, and w
Bird striking out.
t.r. »>a.a in Enderby thli n ittiing and
hive been shipped It     I     pi. m of ^flec? ^^7rutt ' 1
V Henry Winnipeg    Beginning wiih July 22nd
W Htrvey ;n the patt and duly until August lit. Mr. Harvey
.  ., will buy from the tami-rj In F.nderby
50 cratet have P""!01 cnolc« •"''•""•We fruit, packed
lor shipment, lo be e«h;bited al the
beentald locally.   The wlmtKgfil,
yearly  yield  by these
la 400 crate.       FARMERS' MEETING.
Crane.  Sinoklaiii
'      , . -       net the mm I •
■   ,- f .    ■
The bert;-   I il   .-' rmttrong
are Itwh swee!-r v : '      ' branch al E   .
finer flat in thou "» ,a,lten *•   Whal  •■ <'     '
c.mmlltee made has n;t beei B
■        ■ out. but it: undim   1 that tht
gthl lertiLly and tionrolorK-
utcetia        'his hill torily settled by  • ■•   .
..     ... Er,d"»!.
has called ,,       ting      ,:. larmers In
. I   "vilence   al
: -by-Mara   Dl	
•   :,dly feeling that Saturday   evening,   July   »th,  In the
I At    ■•.-.:'.'        I '"■'•"   .
tilyneces- willb";""    "    '    '    " ' ■'
iiryi lhe ac- I1IRTIIS
SLOCAN  LAKE ,      Hon of lh* At   Irong
IBrillshColumais - . -. ....       ,.   ■•■    ID lain ,,,„,;.   ...
l9ondsirilfh*tof«tieraj.t3   .... .      ■•      ... . m' '.' '	
-    led, and oul up by dni   ,. .       ,  ., .... ,      • Al fcinleiby. iturday
•    - ■ Hang the wan I ■   • •- , •■" '      •;•      ' ' '"" 1. Rev Mr   and  Mr   F. V, V
kneernlhai      m        ,    ■• , fetiltt -^    ^„d   vhll* lh>   •
I wm ipdKirdttd,      -,.-..
(ithiihi ,,.    .   . ...... ... -:  regretiel    l- :      iralds    1 drama     lour act
'    ' ,    .   ■: , iridium   ■-,mated. THE EDENOGRAPH. ENDERBY, B.C., JULY 6. 1904
Fikst Yean
II. M \\ \LKER
ltd Ned n Enderby. B.C.
Undird i ney     Nor ai       ■ ba a I
.. •,. I n : mi mey    Can 111 his not a
:    ,■   ■   ■.   :,i im in-y     ■'-.   . nation
" ,.! ...■     i.      :•       ; - |'l,-'.
lh       gal  tender
■ ih. world
,' ■
d    V
i)   .
■ ■■
. ■  a
■ ■
■   ■
■ ■
;: lamped wllh I     flat  I
■ hall
ten and five
and one  • ire ma le for us
by the Motherlai I, ind
kind and good  I her, to I
Canada has oul)," - llle frock
and is to be entr.. led will      •   than
When    in?    Dominion   Government promised   lhe people  a   mint,
we expected to see  some Canadian
g1 Id coin before we dote cu-
. :t the beauties of this
of promises to pay and the C PR
ll the banks ob|eclcc   u .
: 111 is like mil
Ida   promised but held up.
ng as the batiks  can spread
,  ,:;, Ilk.- hug.   octopus,
g In circulation a paper money
loubt. i ' ihey are permitted to issue ai
■■    I    ,- and on wl
:raw6 to 12 per cent Ini	
pp >-  any ;■
lends to put m-ore coin
kels    And il we ar,
i lo always to be subjected to the dictate
Promote proip«rtt>   by   workinj
your own .'."le <»'  in.' l.">'i ."« la'i-
i neigneoi  *-orr* rti>   and be
I „.,!    k-liml	
I itawa  government  to perform ll
irawl h act.    Last week   Senal
Scott  and  Templeman induced  ll
upper h ',. el  i" 'i in imendmei I
Senal r W, J. Macdonald colling
Pacific bill wiii move an imendmi i
:  ..',-:! ::,;   •:■:.,-'.■.' :   lrui'1    I
does nol it both eastern
i ih:  iwo yean
.: ; ■ laneouil
Is to th    ,' lictl n of the
.■ .. ■
A m.ir :■ rei -.,   el   li    iti :
Sing Sing prli nthe therdi
ly to l      ■   • ■   ■   '
: • r they put i
ll    : Iter    I've gel an
■• ■•    sr, and If released
•  . nmltmot
: i live cent ■
■    . li I: belt ■ i
: ;i can'l com- i
soon to suit nte"   Whal   i
men can become when ihey fl   I
up the good that is in (hem!
Left It tu the Mother..
Edwin Markliam says lhat one of
hit literary friends siarled a hennery
last spring on Stalen Island. He
didn't know a tiling about the business,
but hi   • i:, couple ol hen:. ind In
,-    ; hi:   IWt   large  bl   dl   I
chicken Hi ■■. pn ud ol Ihem, but
In ,'. week ■ l» ihey began ic die.
Then he ailed     , neighbor to look
,! tin i. ', ■ :■• i :,.ivice, They
were skinny birds, apparently without
::i|. !.
.-.-:ihemon>" asked Want a new Mower, a new Rake, or a Tedder ?   We have them.
a t• a survey       ^ ^ ^ ^ ,    ^ ^     manufacturers and can be relied
".   :    •-...■: the  novelist as '
he didn't hear aright,   "Why. upon to be as represented.   Easy terms, price right,
l feed Ihem at all    I thought the
thi - hi ni had enough milk fcr ihem."
Fire! Fire! Fire!
'*    -    ! r
nden. Eur. Th«
■    •   • ■
eriun C*>.. cf Toronto.
tttiicftCc. cl Brccktyn.
?■   y    :.'t Gtiftfaltii!: Anuranci
Henry W. Harvey
General Mekchant. Enderby. B C
not hean
ley, our progreai
■ • .,: ii.      i- -. ,   .
,:. | -migration to Armstrong.
hasn't Issued a pan.
emigration to Enderby.   The
being circulated in Manitob:
a bill wa
"A bolt In time -.111 grease the
line"—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
inal break down.    Anything
vie b.ii. Sir M
Bowell said the real  .
the English shilling a legs
Canada, even for 21 It -
Can Canadian Militia whal Sir Redvera
rightfully bar the way ol the Buller did for the army ol     .
i  A British Colum- Both overstepped their mlliliry right*.
of any or all the ,nd both  have been "dlicl
'   • But bath have done a good service ii
Why. bless their ; luntry.
that Is made ol Iron and can be
repaired will be repaired, Farm
implements, buggies & wagons a
specialty, and all repairs guaranteed to stand,
l   •    rightfully bar the wi,   I letprUIng municipality In Sw.-
,,■   He the way |utt as effectually wrongfully. **n> ,Morii,n« «• ,h« Br"lih "'"'  ■   A     pi
. to tee The CPKowm the people of Canada Journal. h« addled i novel   yit«nv/\   i^OOl,
•     ■   because lh l of Cn \»* ls   «v,ed DLL'
much a pound over KetlVshinU
•'■■'_. °
20 Years
From today, how much ready cash do ycu expect
to have t Perhaps you are working for wages,
and do not see how you can put aside anything (or
your old age. but you can. Invest In an endowment policy In TEt Mutual Life of Canada.   It
will pay you well—n
thing bene, and lew
S Ba
n give you any-
od.   Apply to—
Ww J Twiss.
the Party    ■
ll ng in the nil',-
Constable Sin,"
At the
Witk The Owl ?
you feel likt hiking to
the bill ground* lo run
off your energy around
Todd, li,-. .... Bit,. Enderby
\ Have you a
Refrigerator ?
It does not
nes.   1 am
■ ■: '   be laved; 1
my best.   Now he
becaus-: I will not
the bl
ind yet II     ttln
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
IKc Brillih Columbia Mfg. Co., Ltd., •' Not Westminster.
B. C. make all standard packages, and use only SPRUCE a
Lumber, which is the best (or fruit   They will print your name
and address on your boxes without extra charge,
 ii     -    i- »;^-'-   •.'.;--   •
Clearing Out!
If you hive not. it will
cult far you to keep your meat
•    !      .-.'■   ' ,.■■   .   .-,:
i, here  we keep juicy iteikt.
tender rtatu. and issthtam*
cutlet., always on Ic*
Suntmei Liner
,-1 .'•"..    Hat!     i.i
Bl LeSf ll in J II
JUST ARRIVED—A large assortment o( Shirts. Collars.
Ties, etc. also Men's Pants and Overalls,   Boys'
Knickers and Waterproof Coats, all sites.
. ■  ,   ,   ron
in •    help
achieve the best
He Is morally
Is all that
. •  .
i mud       .    ; 'man! In him; so
ll he h.. titivate 11
■Ii him S5—tried'. but all
■   understand as much n
tlready, noi
retore cai I when I him
mother    We think >.<:
but truly, sweethi irt
think    '  ire   Mai
 in - u
ire not    good     Itl
if the tele
me tl
is that will be j    11    tai
islson which I
I nation ol
Let him be Imprisoned
, prlve
.... ..   ... .     .. t| .
■ .    .' ;   .1"   .        inltv
".':k  ind tall   -.
the lesirel igl I i    il
Geo. R. SI
I mm urn
J. C. Metcalfe
10 —  ""
See the new Movements an
hand at F Pymans Jewelry
Store. Enderby
Do you want lo
buy or sell?
a 'arm implement
: tee that you would
: se of?    Perhaps
Wsmheip^  Want seed?
A trial "aa in Mir
•    III help you    25
Fly Screens
,id much to lhe comforts of these delightful evenings]
And they help so much to keep the house cool, and at the same
free from tinged insects.   We can also provide fishing tackle
.  ant to lake a trip up the river and lo the lakes.
R, P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
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Finest slock of Light and Heavy Harness we have ever shown
Fly Nettings. Whips. Saddles, etc. Come in and see our
new goods. Bring In your old harness for repairs. We do il
quickly.   Our stock ol Guns and Ammunition will toon be here
Wm. Hancock, Enderby
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Orders taken for any quantity    Plastering, chimhey
buiiling. and brick & sbne masonry work contracted
A. M. BairJ Enderby
.-• it  a-erirt* tn »!.
! faunl in th* lh
First Year
w'Methodist Church
Divii.o Sorvlce every Sunday al 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School anil Bll.lt Clasa, 2:30 p.m.
I'.iiyer Meeiing.   -  -   -  Tuesday. 8p.m.
A nearly welcome for all.
lumbla Flouring Mill Co., Lid., whose sary, or where there Is an excessive
mill has a capacity ol 300 barrels a rainfall.
day, Is kepi running night and day     As Is Ihe case In Ihe development
grinding Ihe cereal products ol   the of every new country lhe pioneers ob-
valley, wllh which Is mixed wheat from mined large tracts of land, much of
the   Norlhwest and Manitoba.    The which laid idle lor many years.   This
product of the mill Is far-lamed,    ll has had a lendancy lo retard lhe pro-
A, E. ROBERTS. Paaior. Is shipped lo a large portion ol lhe trade gress and settlement oi Ihe district.
Residence: Cliff Sl„ next lhe Churoh,
Supplementary meetings will be held
at Armstrong on Wednesday, July 13ih,
and Enderby on Thursday. July 14th,
and will be addressed by Prcl. Slum
and Rev. G. W. Taylor.
Ouldoor demonstration* on Ihe character of soils, will be held at Mr.
Donald Graham's at 10 a.m., and al
So many have de
■  ;.:•■      ! Till     Kl I :
iii ih- Ball, thai w
reproduce thti wrlti
the Dlslrlct.   A gc
1 l --::! -xlra
KAMI lo friends
ve concluded lo
Of Enderby and
thing ll ollon
ol this Province, and large quantities Fortunately, however, lhat stage In lhe
go lo China. Japan and Fiji Islands, development of the district Is pasl, and
The mill has recently been transferred the large tracts are being sub-divided
to a new company, and is under lhe and sold into small holdings, which fact Mr. Matheson's on Ihe afternoon of the
management ol Mr. F. V. Model, lor- cannot tail to have a beneficial effect 13th.    An  evening meeting In Ihe
merly of Tacoma. who It constantly In- on the country. ''°;f',,?"• A'msl""* at 7'30 P'"'
creasing ,h, capacity and ei.lclency o.     The valley I watered wiih lakes     ™^%$t£Z*S*
the plant.    Enderby also boasts ol a and streams In many ol which Iroul Ranch al 10 a.m.   An evening meeting
large and up-to-date sawmill, lhe ca- abound, varying In size from the small in the Enderby town hall at 7.30 p.m.
Town and Country
Doesn't make any difference what you want
In property—Fruit Land, Dairy Land, Farm
Land, Town Lots—you can find what you
are looking (or listed with me. Call if you
have time; if you have not, write for list and
prices.   Land Is going up In price.
paclly of which Is 60.000 feel per day. brook species to Ihe rainbow Iroul.
ll Is owned by ihe Okanagan Lumber weighing from 10 to 12 pounds each.
Co., and Is under lhe management of     Feathered game, such as wlllcw
F. H. Hale. M. P.   The mill was for- grouse, blue grouse, and prairie chicken.
merly owned by S. C. Smith, ol Ver- are to be found In abundance en the
the beautilul Sallumcheen       '   .        ' . „ . . „   .   ,
non. and was transferred to the present flat* and slopes, while ducks and geese
owners In July. 1903.   Al lhe close of abound on lhe rivers, lakes and siraams.
the season's cut the new company set Those who prefer the pursuit of larger
lo work to enlirge the building, ind game can be suited by a trip to the
improve the plant by installing new and hills where there are lo be found ihe I
made belter by repeating, we can t tell
too often the advantages of our lavored
Enderby Is prettily situated on the
lell bank ol
river, mldwaybetween Sicamous Junction and Vernon, on the Shuswap and
Okanagan branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway,   It Is the principal town
Members arc requested to have samples of soil for examination by Prof.
Shun, and eiomologlcal specimens for
examination by Rev. G. W. Taylor,
WALTER   E.   T RUESD ALE, enderby, bc
atihlsendol ,h«0kj',W"™8'''"s up.to-dilemichlnery.  Theynowhive black, cinnamon and gritzly bear.,noun-
population being it the "Ightorhood     —              m<Am             n_ Mn
in   iivsntl      A "P*"'   Tne """ company not only pur- sheep and goat.   Some fine specimens
b"tal,)r ,                                  . chased the limber limns belonging to hive been obtained In Ihe hills In this
ranito o   ow hi s. which ate covered  ....
*                                            the former owners, but hive since ac- section of the country, and they are still
wlthmanyvarlelletoftlowerlngshnM quirodoxlelulve,hn)u^,heSpatluin- lob. hid for . day* trip and a lew
forms a moit picture^ b.cl«round ^ ^  MiW ^ ^ hour,.hlmU
on lh. west, while off to th. north-eiM R|w ^         ^   Theproducu W. hav,. during lh. nasi year, ex-
lhe magnificent bluff ^ ■» * 0, lhll ,,,„, ,w , ,.dy ..iirk.t In th. perlenced a autetanllal Increate In th.
Giant,   towers attote tne »*»"■ „„,»_ lnd ,„ 01ner ^rt, „, „„ p,,,. popuimon of th. valley, which itlll has
At a tumm.r retort Enderby offer. ^ u ^ u ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^        ^         ^ ^ ^
"       ". a n° TH °*2'. iS Nonhwe".   Another tnduttry of eon- splendid inducement* to many more,
been referred to at the   *port*mw a ^^ |(p||(| ^ ^ bfgg ^ ^ u ^ e<mVf ^ ^^ ^
»_j j-         i   yard which It owned and operated by ted to the cultivation ol fruit, the small
22 ~ZT ^S^t Andre. M. Ba.rd.who hu recently pare* of had will be In demand
installed an engine and up-to-date Thus the valley will be capable of sup-
connected with the ouuide world by
water compilation, thlt being the
head,, nation on the Sp.llun.cMn ^ ^ ^ whlch ^ ^^^ ¥lrlM,ceaf.
river, which Ukei it* rit* In Mattel (mM{f bm n ^ mt «„««„, dln, a ,h4 i<aan 4 lh, *.,,, ta lh,
01 .HI be run lo lit tullett cipictty this following miy be taken at a flit nnge
season, u the d.mtnd for brick It Butttr. 20c, to 40c. per lb, Eggt. 20c,
much greater than Ihe supply, Urge to40c.perdot*n,  Baled hay timothyt
Okswgan Railway, in .890. ih.vaBey ^J?^ ^TcJd. SUM w J.S.OOp* ion.   PotiJ,.
look a Htit ahead, ana it now in (|) ^^ |o ^ hww ^    Jia(J0 |b mQ0      ^   fnm (n
in that tl hai never *W**f «» — h fc fc  lrtdi „„. pw b» ol 20 tbt    Pein. *c. to 5c.
a wayi undulrtble boom, which to of- "» * ■ fm n w"ren ,™'™"ir™  \\ »,   -,„ „ „„ ,„ „ „ „
...™j.»™„»,.i., «r«« Iram lh* Silmon River. Deep P«r »   Bemet.S2.00 to S2 50 per
a time.  Th. unllorai row* el our s^j^^^ vuim        are l.o.b.. and Ut. demand it fir in
town, though tomewhtt alow unlit a "" mu »!»"«"«««• »»«•/*■
year or wa igo. hu been moil tatu-    GemtaHy tpeakiitg lit* Mil I* very »
fertiht. and varltt Irom bhek muck hi
With the idvent of the Shutwapand
A large stock just received. Finest glasses
the eye ever wore.
They feel easy, look
stylish, and cost little.
F. Pyman, Jeweler
Geo. I. Brcen
Boot and Shoe repairing
Livery Stable Building.   Enderby.B.C
Th* arte* ol land vsrl** from 5,0 00
l*CWryatidlie*1d»^ejpmilri.m«... tentt*. ant «n*i .rem oncamuattn JZ£-^r~^~^Tr'r
ra,h.7th»«.pWlodel«cli*m«t,      ihel«.eaiuWih.etoyMd««d>lo.m, ^1*2.^^^ im
The town i* filrly wed mtplied w.ih « the ^Urdi and slop*   lu gmi ^^f^*^ mwM " im'
Tzsr^rssrA ^^rsz. rsssi^^
and tmplemsni buiiit***.   Henry W. «t« Iwu pawr,
H»rvey.»hoci!r)dttcu*bui!ne*tcfih»    The Und tn many placet u «v*r*d
otme kind,   Bettdta the** we hive * with light umber, that sddiivg much it
goeery itare. hardwire now. hwiiitire the wealth cl the country by braising , ^"LT...*"
mar future there will be iratnloadi of,
niit iM produce shipped  ut of tin
»ill*/ when o:w w* thip carlMii
Uptn the whole, lh* opportwiiiet
iewekery atore. himeu ahap. Mack
smith shop, bihtry. doctor'* offiee,
and real etiite and uuurance office
We alia hav* three church** and a »,.,hut the past It* yean lh* people
m*i*n.ll»»l>aildM,.lWcin,.f«..«tc. */"MfJft ^r8"* - B,i,f
CsJumbii than (a other pontont ot th-
H»t*ic4cre,griinjpwingsnde*iilt Ww ^^ aMft) xht ,<rl|||y „
ranchioi were ilti ut ^ M|, ^ lmMt &mM m|g
Urge graded public *ch»sL
In the lown are three impofunt man-1
tatcturing ettabltihrnw^    The C
C. O. F. No. 1058
M**u wety «*ssr-1 »M i»«* Tlnneay it,
eadi.na.i.-.    tfmat^Bmhiee
ettially WirttM.
A, Ta»a, C.R.    H. H,W»;tt*tr*« Sm.
HetU the lat S*t-.t.i*r ><> *WT aMM>l •"
VMNng bent** •elstrM.
W.M..A.B.KDI---       -    it J tfcv*w»
htm awakened to ihe Uct Urn thty
hive a Iran country sesand to asoe In
lot Wen
Some ten year* ago the rettdenu ol
the valley were Kepitcil si u ihe tuc-
cett which might tll.nl the Culture at
lhe hirdtetl ntidiei cf applet, but a
lee who had filth in iht pittibiiillet
of lhe ditliKI I* a Imil'fr-.winf MC<
inn went shtad and planted oKhardt,
and are ntw tetpfaf hwdttme rttsar.;
(rom a tmiB lavetfimm and wetl di-
reeled efton* The** mdtvidualt hive
proved themt-htt l boon ta th* com
rainfall, and sbundince ol timber, ind. <
Istt but n>i lent, a good miritei lor ihe
**      ••
IDA     C      lOWFQ muntl/awhich Ihtyltred by4tm:,-t       jf»k
RllllHrbf   &t\£     r*<*n(*Ml Itsftrtaatalllatl *»*l«alaiala»*iIf aAllbh *Mla4*afl  Jaatallia *
Builder and General
Contractor. Prompt
attention paid o small
jobs ol   renovating
3010 Wntmlmler fto^at    Vencowrr
Thousands  of   Fruit  and
Ornamental Tree*
Rhododendrons. Roses,
Greenhouse and Hardy Plants
Floral Designs
Home Grown and  Imported ilea.  Thu ike aiUM th* ■
Garden. Field and Pbwer Seeds the fruit, and it especially netie*aUe ta
Eastern prices and less.      fina- f***8- <**"!«» »<rf *mi» fttmt
White   Labor. <* *« k!nd*' *h<Ch when shipped loro*
_     ... «     ... . dtttiMCet remain in * much firmer
FerLiliters, Bee Hives and
Supplies.   £"?■?«« 9m,
gr»ing countty tn which applet, piumt.
prunet, peart, sstteet*. chettiei. and
bcttiet ol aH kind* can be grow twe-
ceululy with hinltHn* proltlt
Cetgtsphicatty we are veil titutted.
being it the dootwiy cf the betl Irust
tr trkel on the ctntimnl el Ametic*.
Manitoba and Ihe gretl Notirttrett.
lhe demand from thlt taurce being fat
in etCe&l «l tne supply
The tupetiortty <l th* grainy and
th* fruit Complied with that
grown in other teclttm ol th* West,
it alltlbuted lo lh* tact that the i:l
contatru sufficient moisture it miiur«
the fruit even tn the driest
thus cbviatirtg the neCetsity oi ittiga-
'      i
M J iWy
hast lh .
That Is approximately Enderby's
payroll.   In addition to this the
saw mill and the flour mill each
pass checks tor thousands of
dollars each week for supplies
and produce.   Capital is flowing
Into Enderby; new accounts are
ready to be opened   business is
increasing, and facilities
Ing business are fast in.;
beautiful homes are being erec
ted; 500 men will be sent Into
the lumber camps from Enderby
this fall, new farms are being
brought under cultivation; steps
are already taken I
ihe town.   There Is busi:.
a bank at Enderby;  there is a
home for YOU    Its climate is
unsurpassed, Its resources are
unlimited    Wake up'    A spot
ii awaits you!
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex.now being bull;
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
\    Webb Wright, Prop.    |
: $10,000?
Magnet Pharmacy
Cliff St.. Enderby
The place (or Pure Fresh Drugs and Medicines,
Toilet Soaps and all Toilet Articles. Stationery and
Magazines. Candles.   A full line ol Smoker's requisites.   Prescriptions a Specialty.
£. A. Chappell
House Painting. Paper Hanging
Calslmlnlng. Etc.
DAnjLrK T     Knlfrky.
I.. >K Br««* Dail)
f Y T V
That touches lhe artistic
and keeps house for Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing out of
town. Anything I that can
be done In Toronto (In
ordinary commercial print
Ing i can be done right here
The Edenograph
I,!..!., it >
andapad  ! letter paper * ith your name and address printed
there n    Address— The Bl -. Enderby.
LADIES: If you desire something stylish tn Visiting Cards
in get what you want as The Edi--. THE EDENOGRAPH. ENDERBY, B.C., JULY 6, 1904
First Year
5 '...•■■.
rading Co.
Taint Far, So Taint 1 I ^'Okanagan LumW
nt vint t I want I   i
.   ■     Itly ci
:.     jutting.   Can fill any order for Rough, Dressed
and Flnished-ii^--3
Capacity of mill. 75,000 a day    Orden pi    ptly filled,
Prices on applica'.i.n.   Terms, cash.
Fruit Jars!
Butter Crocks
Enderby, B, C.
■   ■
C Mowers
—    readers
tf   Rakes
-, .-!» .
• >
'F I
Miybe I
Maybe I
That I
., -..
and Future will be -• id by an
expert cf wide repute on receipt cf 12 cents and
in • 'Ming
HENR.Y RICE, Graphologist.1"". Ma*i.onAv...
Nt?w York
In tKe Pulpits &**" Armstrong
lin & Plumbing
■ .   nor. ready t
It Ci I our rellj
:aiiaed on l ■    ■ • it In a th:n
. I •       urns   Christian  pirenu  everywhere
. •        mil demand the teacl   ,      i   ■
l li a precepta. ani the development of tht
■. ■ . .
rata thought    '      ■        -   even If ihey have u pay d,.
Kndcrbv Tradinu Co.,
.. 11   .
lhe bl
Or.-l.arJ. II
•    v-    -
The Armstrong Pharmacy
■' ii   .
• ■-■ .
tayt i
■   -
P'  I. Silverware,    Granlte*ar<      Cruet
HCeb ngnl Stands.   Copperware.   Fine Table
t » A 1     ^«J»    Cuttlery. Tinware.   Fine  Cooking
101  t\ I   gODCIS.   Utensils. Woodcnware.   Pipe and
Fittings cf all kinds.  Buttei Crocks,   Daisy Churns.
Creaming Cans and na;.-..(";,„..L    McClary  M'fg Co's
uany uooas. Famous' Stov*s gnd
Steel Ranges.
\V. J. Armstrong. Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
70 Town Lots
5  11 -acre Blocks
.'.••.et.   The choicest building sites In the
•Enderby.     Ten minuter m the Postofflce.
Enderby has advanced It -.-asure during the past
year.   Property has doubled, an: tripled, and quadrupled 'n
value.   The town *ill continue :^ progress, it has only fairiy
oontinue to increase In value: building
• .tluable than thev are today    Yin-:
A    PriceofLots. C|()t»$70
Henry W. Horvey. Agent, t«*<>*™ " w       v * w
■     '  '
R. R. Burns,
Masonic Building
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Th* S.m.ilaittren
Th< Marlxl.
II   '
their appear*
level at
.  •
ill  t
•  ■    •
I qua
Picture Framing
l-.    f*    ITt-ri-l.eK    Furniture De.iler
JaS.  \j. ILngllSsl, Cliff St., Enderby
J. E. Orchard
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
. ihey -
retailed      .
U.   At thea* I
r. I
wat it utial at tr
very much
the ttum--
-   ■
In the ihe supply wat
it fair qtistatisnt.    The lav
veil repretented, but here th
.      ■
nr, SI
ild mei    ■
•     "
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
-.    Watei supplied by the barrel
:    Ing promptly ione.


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