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The Edenograph 1905-06-28

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iA*ftf J - $•■
- ■    *
^*>-^.    i.i    • %\
J^ 301905     _f]
Volume 2.    Numher 7.
ENDERBY, B. C, JUNE 28, 1905.
i'      .52 A Year
t »«_a«.ujA.. 3B_t:iH___i_ ____:_ -»a
"■"■""■■■KU-I.   ,_— ■ ■!■■     I———____»___.
Enderby Doing
b th tin Rothesay Co., ol Mara, and and whu;. ever • n a kiln
tli.- Columbia River Co., having i..e: howiveri I made an,: burnt,
crews ol lumberman ilrlvinK. ■ soiiee deltCllvt bricks in il ?
Police Conslable Gardom paid us a Woa :■. Okaiugai
Hying visit lor the purpose ol replenish-' pe '' :: ■ ■'• malhlng m
hi,: llie provincial coppers by iiu-ans ol legitimate .- li necr
_■_■_■_■__«__asi__e i. iit-.:
f. '.SII_u-_IBiMHD__-Kai---B_iam
>ods, print;
ate and Gardom re
the   mill in minimi;.
I capacity ol forty)
and fancy j will  soon  hav
order.   It  has
thousand  a day, and Its limits
extensive and contain much valuable
Ulng boat Irom Iho umb_r.   Logs ire Uld down at ihe
mill it about 53.501 thousand, and the
markel lor Ihe output la close ll hand
'"   and large.   J. L, Rutlan will manage
Plly lis. we hive iUw ,„„,_ p||lcl|). ||w |umber m   *t
For dress g.
,;    j   ,;   I    li.cc
Mr   I    ! !..!,
c.-,vc-: .   . ".
coast this week
The flowers  are  blooming In the
postollice garden I
nol more ol them.
This has been an oil year lor straw.
berries, but the outoul front the Lawes
Garden keeps up well.
The palming of tht Hutchison block
greatly Improves the appearance ot
that part A Cliff street.
H.W.Wright's livery alible properly presents a much improved appearance since Ihe front wu torn oul.
„_,U_ t ,'.1.VHMtr~ffl'M- «'jfc
poll lax.
wagon road Is in course of
on al-eeg ihu river bank be
bridge and J.i.i. Bell's pro-
loiuiecting wllh Ihe Enderby
isrs. Bell, Gray, Massey and
say having the work In hand.
The wagon road between Mara and
Enderby Is In a dlsgracelul condition.
It being positively dangerous to drive
over it wllh » light rig, alter nightfall
Something will have to be done very
shortly, or this road will be Impassable.
Rumor has It that the sound of wed-
ears at a set price to Mr. Hale. The ding bells will shortly burden lhe clover-
mill will be culling In a week or two. scented atmosphere ol our fair city.
The closing exercises of Mara public school took place on Friday. June
23rd.   The school was listelully dec
The examination  ai  conducted by
Mlsi H. A. Nortlten, lhe teacher, wu
moit utlsfielory in every way.
Roils of honor were awarded as (ol-
Postofflce Inspector Greenfel paid;laws: Proficiency. Mary Moser: Debit official visit lo Ihe Enderby officejpormient. Emily Massey; Regularity,
f He wu gieaily ileued.*""!* MoMr-
with the excellent condition ol the new'
°"T- ....... . t ..   . \*» J*" 2-*'h.   W. M. Ow*n. J,P.
he hand   being elected by icclmuii«n
Mara post office closes at 6 p.m.
Parlies who get mall Irom this oflici
will kindly note this.
A football team has been organised
company here,
Enderby, look to yeur
" Companion, arc Odious'
make their brick go, and we congratulate tlkiec v.i having lound so Bl
tilting a : rm ! >r their purpos-  i   Ihe
glslng lor  Intruding u
valuable a,aace. Yours truly,
Endsruy Bkick & Tile Co.
Interested in Mexico
Mexico has always been a good Held
-   intent   Its unlimited resources
■ mailer was laid over, and
lhe Council talked about pulling prisoners to work on the streets who do not
.- io pay their fines.
At Ihe meeting ol the City Council
last week lhe Sunday observance bylaw came up lor lis third reading. A
penalty clause was added, placing the
maximum penalty at fifty dollars or
tl''mlneraUnd'"ilnitot"wwTlii **••*'* da>'5 ''* I-'1    Tv» mM9< ol "'
hold out splendid attractions lor capital- lectlng cemetery grounds was relerred
A new company has recently back to the committee for furthet en
been lormed by Canadian and New ulrk,s    similar action was III
oYirrn,:r.r,Hk,^ vz »•« -»- •-_- *r, *
Chlieialapa Land Co.. and Its holdings pound by-law was discussed at leu,:*
embrace 130,000 actio .1 ferlila U.iJ, A petition signed by A. Paul et al ask
especially adapted to lhe culture ol nig that the by-law be amended so a.-
??-2«J_? ,JC0J"!pa",.'i .i?'?1 " '" allowr cattle to run on lhe sit
$ ,500.000 divided Inlo  5.000 shares, .        ,.   .        ...   „.__«__
The property is situated on Ihe Islh- WM" *• ,m'i0' 6 "' m'?****•'
mus of Tehuantepec. state ol Oaxaca. *'* ***' Property owners should bo re-
Mexico, and Is ctosetoi Iransconll- quired to have legal fences round their |J9r7yswy"imber'(rem
nental railr.ad.   The land Is covored properly before  any animal could be described lands in Yale Dutriei:
Spwt'sh'e'da8r0Wand° 20* ftSi'cl il,,'>ou"ded ,or >'*>>***••>* ""*«">du"     No. I   Timber berth market
For Sale The Enderby Dairy,
consisting of 16 cows, S heifers, 3
calves: good heavy team ol  horses.
i c:340.iable.    P. GRBVBLL.
Endeiby, B. C.
P. C. Corsets are the best. Have a
look at ihe summer styles at Harvey's.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
daysaltei fatte I Intend to apply lo tha
Chlel Commissioner ol Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
Editor Tin Ebikoskadi:
Dear Sir:  Permit us through the SSJ^.*" Thfi,^'."'^ S Ing such hours,   Mr. Worthing** was. loopi Lumber Co. commencing it a
__S_-J__ ST " .^^S^JSt .-.'.he £_; P-m and pressed for theTnforce- -*_-•■^3"-
achoel meeting lor the falsa impression ihai may have been'0* worm 1,u **'K9- *** m}<V™* *, . , '
trustee took place in Silttr- caustd by the exhibition of a brick ol l hlv,l« f**™.-1 «" *! "^J* S'°7° "1C"'
aontest style cl Marrli chilta on the
markel.    And II you want the
bed springs ind mitlietses look through
I'.:-. RM llOdl
T. G. Wanless, tht popular Insurance
igenl. wu drumming us up lut week,
During the lut two weeks there lias
been a continuous stream of toga gild-
J. Irvine wu hem (torn Vineouvet ln| il)m ,(« •*,„•_ Spdkimchetn,
thli week In ihe Interest ol the Endow
ment rank. K. ol P.   Mr, Itvlnt ii one i |!
cl the lew men who can be quid
Kcegnited in a crowd,
T. G. Bell Is pulling hia ne* hote|!
grounds In condition for llower plat.' .
and the miking of a lawn and tl
beds.   The hotel will be teidy lor 5
opening about August Itl.
The Inspector ef Dilrlei vitlltd En
deiby UK week, and Intateied lhe
diltles ol ft. Gttytll ind Strickland -
Wrllmin, Ht launl thrm in mmI-
lend condition, and wu unstinted In hi.
j-a ||
J. McMihoo and F. Pymin wete
elected Khorjl Irusteea at the election
en Tuetday. Dt. Bentley tendered his
migration. The board is now com-
posed of Messrs Tttce. Pymin ind -,,
iVMshcn ,
II the day U lllr. Ihe ct       '<
Endetby to Vemon on Iht 1st will i
id ill the room in iht coachtt on ihet *,
cydotw limited,   Endetby will latch £
those Vtman iwtriera how lo pbv I
on ihli diy!
Thete wtll bt in Impottini meeting
ol the Prtebyttttan Ladle*" Aid So
ciely it Mn. DutwoosVi on Thursday
afternoon, promptly ai 230 o'clock,:
All memberi ut rtqueitetl lo be pre*
For cwdttty. tinware, etiimthvart. j
The St Georges' Guild wtll have in
ICtCKim ind ilrawbetty lesltvalal
i>- :- ...■ en •• " ' '
evening. If 11 doesn't run: ll it dot..;
ihen in Hit Town Hill Spotn lor Iht:
childien, wllh ptltei.
Ira C. Jenti and brother hive ]»m",
linuhed a dwtlllitg lot H. W. Wright,
on iht Wright addition They lie
abo building 1 14-loot addition to the
Eighth chutch tiurite. and i itnall
cottage for Jetsie Jiiiim,
Despite the Inclemency ot Iht
ttcalhcl. the Ladies' Aid cf Ihe Plea-
bytetun church took in upwards ol slaty
dollar; at their baaar and relreahment
booth last Wednesday altetnjsn Thty
lie very graletul to all Ihase who con
irlbuled In my way I swards its success
owTTn'thromct'oT M_»r_"FlThM '"r!,i *' M* ."^f.'   ss0°ec<» »r« '« plained that II the by-law were nol re- chalns'eMtf^O cha'na nortrind weal
JtSigt. Amtairong. alongside oltwo ""i""11 °" •<****•' "* saw ",""' lo«' cinded the farmers ol the surrounding iw) chains io pointolcoinmr
w* claim thit good umpleiol our caul., as It would be Impossible lo loops Lumber Co. :. m iiencmg at a
g^umpluTa^ne Z^ L w'   Buy your hi{i tni caps al HtmyX kseD ,hem'«"" sWylnR ln,°,lw e'"' P*
do nol claim that our worst specimens
will compare with other people's best. Harvey's.
Buy your hau and caps at Harvey's, yet>p them Irom straying Inlo ihe city.
For your haying Implements go to m,d .he c„. d redeeming them under ^JS^eh^3i|^S___
west, 40 chains north, and 160 chains
the pound by law would be prohibitive.
Dm Way to Play Ball Without Exerting Yourself
Eat fruit suglt wilh yout slrawbettie; |
at Hatvey'i.
W. A. Dobsoti, i wealthy i   .
man. «ho spent some mciilhs ll Enderby  len  years   igs   l   gutsi  Oil
Charlie V/. Lillle. has de!iniltl»d»
akc Ihis his future home
Wt       ;  :n   was   in  Eivierby • lew
.     •    .<3. Ihdboi^hl t»: acres ju.|
opposite  Ihe toad from   Mr. Gil*
'•, ltd will erect a lour thous
ir residence Ihis Eei!nm»r.
Mr. ft. H. Hlle. ot Enderby. his
lately a quited the sa»mill and limrKt
limib ol the Fetnic Saw Mill Co., and'
Ed. Edbnocraph:
Dear Sir. Thc writer will thank you to publish
the enclosed letter (rom Runs. Hall, manager and
captain of the Seattle Baseball Club and thc Pacific Coast League. The Pacific Coast League ia
a Class B Association and play the highest class of
professional ball. Its players are governed by the
National agreement as to pi-tying rules and are not
allowed lo bring forward Individual Ideas as regards
rules lhat governed town ball 30 years ago. Mr.
Hall flatly contradicts Ihe Sporting Editon?iof lhe
Vancouver World, and also Mr. Nairn of your own
city, and he states distinctly how a batsman who
becomes a tunner can be put out at first base.
While our lucal games are not professional by
any means, it would seem that the rules th.t govern all association contests should govern ours—
except when to adapt the contest to a player's past
experiences, the rules are by agreement prior to
game done away with, and the rules of Town Ball,
or of "Crass Hopper Leagues" used instead.
Your truly. F. T. Jackson.
Mr. P. T. Jackson. Armstrong, B. C
Dear Sir. Yours of June ISth received. Relative to play mentioned, the base-runner has lo be
touched with the ball before he reaches first base,
or the first baseman has to touch the base after
catching lhe ball before lhe base-runner can b:
put out. Therefore the way the play was made,
the base-runner Is not out. Hoping this Is satisfactory, I remain, yours truly, Russ Hall,
Manager Seattle Ball Club.
In this connection lhe following from lhe Vancouver World will b? interesting:
Sporting Editor Vancouver Word: In yeur issue
of Saturday, June 17th. you were kind encugh to
publish yeur opinion on two points in baseball,
which 1 submitted to you, and enclosed , .
Hnd a reply to your decision, which I sent to this
Mr Jackson
The (acts are li." t^ played our team
here on the 14th Inst Those two points came up
and were decided against our learn, although I as a
player here claimed as you do that the man
out on both occasions. No* this Mr. Jackson, an
Armstrong player, claims to be an authority on
baseball, and as he says in his letter the querries
were (airly staled
Now, there is msney on lhe questi-n 1 i
a stamp an! ask > I (or a luriher statement on Hie
subjeci. Also, in the lint instance W >ttld it be the
same il a fielder ins',' ■> I ng the line simply
had his foot on the line while holding ball ahead of
runner.   Yours truly. D. Nairn.
Dear Mr Nairn   The dipping from thc Van
. er world and your letter received.    We have
been looking up the rules for 1905 and find that
The World llatly contradicts the playing rules,
which govern all contests oi professional leagues
on this continent. Would ask lhat you look up.
"When a balsnmii is out" on pages 312, 313 and
314, Sections one to 14 cover every kind of a put
out and sections 4 and 5 puis your conclusion out
of business, If Th j World knows no more of Ihe
game than their method of scoring and reporting
would indicate, then would say thai thc authority is
not good. Your inquiry lo ihem is fair and states
the query clearly. Jackson.
1 he first is In ihe nature of a foolish question.
If the first baseman or any other player had the
ball in his hand in time to cross the base line
1 oi base-runner, the batter would naturally
ay back and sit dom That is to say. that
lhe case of a base-runner who was so far behind
the fielder that the latter could cross the base line
ahead of ilu former would be so obviously hopc-
lesj thai Ihe fielder would hardly ba expected to
walk up to somewhsrc around the lic.ne plate an I
touch him oul. Tha decision would be given as a
imttcr of course and such taken for -granted
decisions have been rendered on the Nan
American Association and International and in Ux\
every olher field for lhe last 20 years. If Mr.
Jackson wants to cash In on his life insurance he
had belter 17 varying the rules on some properly
' :ied ball ground.
Aa for the second case: A ball which hits the
batter Is a dead ball: hilling the bat, unless swung
lo meet the ball is always counted a dead ball, the
same as though thc ball had hit the batlcr in (he
jaw or the solar plexus, the  batter who fails to
avoid a properly delivered ball, if possible to do so.
ani makes It a dead ball, is oul    In this part'cular
instance the man not only failed to avoid lhe ball,
but got In the way ol It. as the pitched ball b<ll
strike, all he hai 1   I   was 10 stand still 1
ting p   I'ion and It C uld nol possibly have touched
him if the bat
Regarding the scoring and  reporting of The
World, for which Mr Jackson has such supreme
ntempL the score published In these columns
has invariably been lhe official score ol the Northwestern League, made by Ihe official scorer an 1
lot n from his original copy.   This score is a
ted by the officials olthe Northwestern League, b/
the players and at the Nation..! Leagu
quarters In New York,  where such recori:
I lied and kept     Wc do not  claim     •
in ment that any ol these people c   .
ll the .'ami: Ihan Mr Jack: n. but
lonishlng part 0! II is lhal Mr   Jack   n
I waste hi .... ...
I  ,.r. by staying In Armstr I .■
to point ol commencement
No. 3. Ti!ttb?r berth marked W A
W. commencing it 1 post
.V a '.   .   .'    < hsU mile up » ereek
.. ■       c     '   Shuswap r.
MN side. ib=ut three mil-
U_$3 lake, and ranmiig -10 shims n rt
PC&8 chains west. -10 chain:
gsjjji i».C' chain, to point ;i e
Sjm comprising 640 icret, mote or less
(!&&     No. 4. Tlmlssi bsrth maikejd B C,
j***j commencing at 1 post mirked BC
PffflS ibsut 2 1 .   a . •   •
e>3« into Sh>. * aai tide, sbsoit
[K^M J miles from Mabel Uke, and running
(jsjij 40ehinu north 60 dnuu west
chainsicuih. ii ctutiu to palm ol com*
■■tict 40 chains south,
west. 49 chlttis natth, then-e
bo chitni eaat lo point el commencement, comprising 640 icm. more or
No.S. Timber betth .Miked W A W.
cammencing 11 a p it milked W AW.
ee 160 chai
Dal i ll
:• '
given that X
Chlel  Comini'atsnet of  Lin_  and
tka lor a special lice-,
.   .-
• bed linis in Klml
of Yale"
■    '  »eti
-   .     •   •
:itainetag 640 ten
.' .■ i
11   M   \\ \l kl \i
Second Year
irround laxity i! Enderby District Is to
Ing it | nts are hold the posltl n It aspire I
Before  m   kn « it, the Fair
■, Wm Fraser will be upon us and we will
l Armstronj   ntll n I  have  anything prepai  I
: ■ . ' .  '  '!.-" ■     i.i    :	
'.: , kli Ired
Tha Clt
ihelr hand!
'ill r:e   .
ist now. o!
.he Ib:h
NOTX". ...
ralgned Intend i
::    . 	
Illie-t    ll I   '.'!'.   II        ! Ill
. : Stn ill lor pen
Unia lb   ma
I    ,..
I i ...  lh i
I ■
.   .   :
Explanation,  dec  not explain   tva
man   '■■■    *       iw n lu'lit
to get them oul.    Tha re-
t has been that the owners
tto I    by-la      At ilia
■ meeting I the C mncll, the
itl ■       put forcibly 1
.... I
A. Paul ci al. en be-
.i exhibit ll
md to thc :
rctn-uy tu.
:nt condlli
of shade trees ar,  -
:»the other,
;id tut
to apply to
and Sugar Lake, an.: I
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all peld up, $14,000,000. .,.VSS.*,0,000,00°
li..l,.iiee- Profit, nnd Loss account, *3rJ.">"
- il naandM       RoyalC C '■'  0.
A General B.'.nk'mg business transacted
; .,- ,,,..■ la In tha Untied Stat    Eut pe and Canada,
Savings Bank iZ^t'J
 *^      __...._      ,ac:,c..c.. ,u,„U   ..., ,1. ,,,.,,,,l ..itlicaect
«_H._u. .-■^r,m.u,,n.ft-i
Willediaiwcd-  on d.-mand aaitleocit
*! i«. Cheap Lumber
l.UMl'HK Co., l.T;t
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension  limber, fi  n $8 I  SIO per M.
Shlplap,       - $12 per M.
: if.. rM. cp
Messr:     -V
Wm. F
thc Armstr
some n
a hig:
;ile and
In retiring 1 ).tsh to tl
I le       :-,nderby and
• ■
-1   ■
ip in ihecxhll
vill bt
that tl
jedthis by-la* in c:mpli
In this q.
■ - ■
. days of '.i    •
•ry owner of a
■inn the city limit!
-   .
,;noring th
•re is only one thing for the
tl to do—enhrce the penalty,
fWitK The Owl ?
vr obstruction!
.   ind lu iribtitarlea
:i and lo alia
.lain dams an
■   T».    ,\\&\ other lm-
■ -
c' c
bet ilieieon,
e. ; .ted to be ehaq
KMtlOOl* LUMftlt Co.. Lti.
Dated, at Enderby. *S. C, June 10,
' '• '1 '■'-,' • iv , ■".
.. I intend
lelt a
atti ntlon.
El .1..U.   11    C
Good Service
Q, rhe best n the markel       I __■_!_•(_,
on the tables. Furnished rooms
■ • ■
itesraAary tar driving. 1
ing ol leg! and Hunting ol lumber
.::-.■ ' . -
sctuli at may b» liaed by a judge ol lhe
letby. B. C. June 10.
- ,
, -
-a   When
! r In
that  inc Is the
Ith ll. in i
t a lack
i   it Is In the I
neighbor!   I
nitient    l!
then it
Mad ll
i   ■  • ,
:    ■   '.V. - irn ■
•   tl
the next
b- C. Jor.es
C._ j«nl«f 9b BtilWer
•1AT   Will
■',   ' - :'
Peter   Burnet
T,   • . .ii'.-i di, Provincial
Land Surveyor
I'I I I     Bl Oi K
Do you need
Speclaclcs ?
ind I will <all audi
.   giade a*!icle
I grcund
I M Melaiyre,
Jas. jarrett
Carpenter &, Bolder
.,. nh ■ !■ i
Ihi H in    :k block.
Allkii: bbing promptly
attended lo
. .|.-., ■• -a   ■ c con...   Alwey. ready
to lak. on t Sale
Rtaonlir MmI«   ?"ir /"  l V"N RESTAURAN1
fteguiar lvieais. _3c.     u, s l[Aoli% fro_ .Ulii,n
The hardest lesson (or all of us to learn Is the value of lmle
things." But there Is another lesson equally as Important an 1
quite a? hard to master, ll is "the value of pure drugs." If
you are HI. no matter how simple the ailment, you will find that
It Is Important to make sure of the drugs—they must be pure.
OURS      ARF.      PURE
RP    FUirnc Masonic buUding
. f\. OUrilSe urns' Toilet Lu- Ui ic
• ■
','--:  ,     .•'■'...•    . .•;   *
****** %
x    ■■•
"It Is good lo pul bother away
over night," but It Is not good
to go to sleep a delinquent sub
scrlber. You may never wake
up: and wouldn't you feel bad
to appear before thc pearly
gates with your to in paper not
paid for. and have to'less up?
.,:■!;. aM. .,:•(;. .-:■;,.   -;.■... .-,:■!;, .■***■,.  ."•>.
-' '■■    .- ■■',   ,:■' '.;-.
Receipt Books
Leller Head   Bill Heads. Envelopes, Shlppin,; Tags. Invoice
Envel ;      'illness Cards. Viriting Cards, Invitations—any-
■; be printed—juikly iloiie al this office.   Esll
:: • •'■        eifu'.ly furnished   n '.cry class of Book and J b   '
Priii' ■,
The Edenograph, te&lttaw* 2$'i,v,;AP SliCOND Yeao
The Sherwin-Williams Duoor paiht
wis originally nude lot i *|uiluliiij .ml re*AnUhlng
i.lel buggiei, and com   ■ ■ ..' llm tuughnetu, .lu--
abllity, .imi iiiiii, tit... i : i -,  ,   ,:-,;,, Itluuintl
tc..' Ic. l.i  ,c...|   I I.,,. .,'.     , |„   .,-     „ , ,,'   ,. [.lint
lur ilic purpart u good ..ml i
[t'l    el.!,Mile.1    ..c'.lll'lje    cjliili'.-e,    llciki'    il   ftllO
■diptolil > fot pointing porch -m.l lawn furnituro ami
all eirii.-i.-a mbjecl id oulxldo cNjiostirc where a
•troii'j, gion, liniali i< wanted.
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
We recemly started brlckmaklng
at our Enderby yard, and are In the
markel lor orders ol any site lor the
best common, repressed and fancy
brick made.   First-class material and llrst-class workmanship.
Okanagan Brick Co., bu» im. EeJ«i.y. b. c.
When you are In need of fine silver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
find lhe best made at thc ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armftrong, Manager, Armsirong, B. C.
and   Plumbing
An experienced copper, tin. and sheet-
Iron worker. Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship:   satisfaction guaranteed.,
I'l.eeicl-c.   aid   PltKr,   I circle     B. C
„ Nicely Printed This Office
The Choicest Section
in the Okanagan
Will always be found interesting to the homeseeker,
for the homeseeker will always (Ind here a place
he can call home. Tim EoBNOORAPH wants to be
found In every home In lhe district. It is found In
every home in Enderby. Why can't we make It
a regular visitor lo every heme in the country
round-about? It would also be an interesting visitor
to the home In the East, and there is many a quiet
m menl In the lives of those dear ones across the
seas when they would enjoy reading about the do
lugs of the inhabitants of our Eden—where you,
their boy, resides.   Two dollars a year, SI six mos
Truth Must Live
One of the world's best thinkers has said that
"Truth, In Its struggle for recognition, passes
through (our distinct stages, First, we say il Is
damnable, dangerous, disorderly, and will surely
disrupt society. Second, we declare It Is heretlcs.1.
Infldollc and contrary to the Bible. Third, we say
It Is really a matter of no Importance either one
way or the other. Fourth, we aver that we always
upheld and believed It."
The editor of The Edenograph received a most
remarkable communication this week.   It speaks
for Itself, and as It deals entirely with public matters
It Is given herewith:
Clly Clerk's office, Enderbv, B. C. June 19,1905.
H. M. Walker Esq., Enderby. B. C. Sir; The
Clly Council, at their last meeting, had under consideration an article and two paragraphs which
have appeared in your newspaper, The Edeno-
graph, within the last few weeks, 1 refer to first.
your report of the Wallace case; second, a paragraph relating to the recent objectionable exhibition In the livery stable yard; and third, a paragraph
relating to section 6 of the City Dog By-law, which
prohibits bitches being allowed at large at certain
I am directed to Inform you that while the council gladly recognize the strict sense of duty, and
the high ideals of personal and public purity and
progress by which It Is evident you are actuated,
In the conduct of your publication, they are convinced that it Is, in the Interests ot the community,
must desirable that such deplorable matters as the
Wallace scandal should In futtire be treated in your
print with more brevity and reserve. The value of
publicity as a deterrent, and as a means of bringing offenders to the bar—both of public opinion
and of the law—Is Indisputable, and my Council
do nol for one instant suggest the suppression cf
news of this kind, to deal wiih them in the lull and
circumstantial manner In which you reported this
case, however, Is In their opinion, only to aggravate the evil. It is the view ol the Council, and of
the large number of persons who have made verbal complaints to the councillors, thai these
matters should, when It Is necessary to refer to
ihem in the newspapers, be written of In such a
way that, while Intelligible to adults, they would
not be the means of disseminating among children
a premature knowledge of the relations of the
sexes, nor of attracting their attention in any way
to the consideration of such a subject.
With regard to the paragraph In which you refer to lhe wanton disregard of public decency
shown by the proprietors of the livery yard, my
Council (eel that while it Is entirely light and
necessary to call attention to so flagrant an offense,
yet to do so in a semi-humorous vein, provoking
mirth among the unthinking of your readers, merely
serves to emphasize and augment the outrage.
Your reference to Clause 6 ol the dog bylaw
has also called forth many criticisms, which the
Council feel are entirely justified. Inasmuch as ll
brought before the public, as though tt were a
legitimate matter (or jocose observation, an objectionable phase of animal life which ll Is far wiser
to Ignore.
* * * 1 have the honor to be. sir, your
obedient servant.    Graham Rosoman. City Clerk.
To this letter the following answer was made:
Graham Rosoman Esq.. City Clerk: Enderby. Sir:
Allow me to thank your council (or your kino letter
of June 19th. In doing so I will state that your
councillors seem to be laboring under a common
error. You appear to believe that a newspaper
man runs his paper to suit himself. He does nol.
He sacrifices home comforts, the plaudits of his
friends, and. many times, the emoluments of his
position, (or the public he serves. Your criticism,
while sincerely Intended lor the public's good, Is
not at all just. You have placed your own construction upon the articles referred to. and have
not. either personally or officially, endeavored lo
learn the writers' object In writing them. You
have taken the view of the unthinking mind, and
passed your judgment accordingly In accepting
your criticism, I submit that ll lhe matter was ol
sufficient importance to be taken up by your coun
ell in an official way, then surely it was sufficiently
important to merit a word of personal inquiry
In explanation. I wtll say. In the Wallace case
any newspaper man realizing the enormity of the
olfence and seeing the board of school trustee give
Ihe man 24hr-urs lo leavi I n, vould have taken
the course I took to expose In detail Ihe dirty
mess and silence Dame Gossip. In the matter of
dogs, your by-law speaks of "bitches In heat." In
calling attention to this clause with the others, 1
spoke of "mt.mni.1 I . • hen the temperature Is
high." Surely this Is only an inn cent modification, and I fall to see anything objectionable either
In Ihe expression or Ihe condition. In lhe matter
of Indecency, my remarks were Induced largely by
seeing one oi your own honorable body hurry across
the street lo witness the performance, and seeing
him stand beside a little boy nol more than 8 years
ol age, and lake In the delectable exhibition. My
rence was Intended as a cynical protest, not
in humor II the unthinking pul the humorous
construction on it, thai construction need not be
accepted by your thoughtful council.
Yours truly, H M Walker.
Enderby Flour
Never send out ol town for what is made as good as
the best In town.    In sup] rtlng home industries you
are supporting yoursell and others wli  make the town
These are our brands:
Moffet's Beit, Hungarian, Premier, 1 hree Star,
Driktei! Snow, Alpina, Stf no I rXX,
Wheat Sheaf, Superfine, Graham. Whole Wheat
Patronize 1EI Home Mill
IE* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Some Snaps:
Throe lots. 40x100. ind house, situated en center ol George
and Stanley atreets. price $1000: $650 cult, balance at 7 p.c.
6 3-4 acres, all cleared. 1-4 mile from station, small house
and outbuildings: price, SI,700; 1-2 cash, balance 7 per cent.
26 town lots. 40x100 ll. SBC each, or 4 lots (or $J00.
25 acres all cleared: in lown limits, $200 per acre, or
$5000 lor block.
One town lot. 30it, Irom 60ft. back. lOOIt deep: price $135
House and stables and three lots, tOxl20ft. each tn centra
ol town, (or $1500.
Eight lots. 60x122 I -211. in centre of town. $100 each.
One lot on Cliff street, 60x120 feet, suitable for business
block. $500.
3 lots, 5.6 and 7. on old Sports grounds; $130 each or three
lots lor $375,
Town Hall and lot hr sale, price $400,
TI»oii!)f Un-l Atetci aali»ei«i9   J-J.   I  .   I_r_l_ /
theOkiMcanVillqi.       a. B. HALB. E»_rby H    -
Harness-maker and   Repairer. Trunk.
Valises.  Ete.
Hats do nol need to be talked about, but they are. and will continue to be. because they have the value back ot them We
carry all sizes. Also a full line of fancy shirts: ties, collars, etc
In our Grocery Department our shelves tire loaded with the
besl brands of spices, teas, coffees, canned and prepared goods
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all in. When you arc
preparing lor Fall delivery trees, write me I represent the
Nuraenes of Stone St Wellington, Toronto. The
quality ol the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It
t. A. CHAPPELL. Emterby        	
i ri ;k
The best clay in the Val-vy   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices   Large or smal'       litlei
1ft Enderby Brick *. Tile Co.
Thai touches the artistic
and keeps house (or Econ
omy. will be done al this
olftce—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
to send your printing out of
• n Anything thai
be done in Toronto tin
ordinary c mmei lat print
ingt can be done rlghl here.
The Edenograph
I »M„  11 t
Good Evening!
Have you paid your Subscription : THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C, JUNE 28, 1905
Second Yeap
■ In the Pulpits
Wlcat ilic Levee Paitora
Talked About
going I
"Keep thy heart with all dill- j    Rom. 2:7. "To them who by
n :e, lor out oi It are  th |  ti ml c ntlnu inc  In • ill d -
utesof life."    Tal Ing ::.- i ing      k for gl rj and h mor
■ .    1 Sol ir n f r hi ti xt in I Imm rtallty, eternal llle,"
bv. Mr  Campbell spoke In In his Sunday evening dl:
e   Presbyterian  church  on In the Methodist church. Rev,
inday morning on the cultlva- Mr. Mlllei' spoke ol tl
■ I ve,   There Is a popu heartedn       I m idem Ihi
rid i i>m ng men, said he. tian       n   nd    rvlce  Fr m
at love is something ot an thetexl      . ';       ildh   lh '.
■." liable  nature, drlvini tl       / of etern    Ife Is nol all
Jnap Hammocks)
55.00 Hamni
w  have too many
l\'i    an: i
: . $.1,00
l'.ncln'iiv TYailinu Co.,
Cliff St. Enderby
—— rsxgxfxtitmiujt.rtamuft* _'l_M ~w «"rar-<a»- ail
...      ...
ined or controlled.   But the
rd ot God teacher, n
.:    It teaches us that love
i be educated just as the
llect can be edu .'■ I and
eloped  and   lh
, strengthene:
'here ar   thi ll ru
ist cultivai
,.:.,... ing 11
•   kicatlon
i the
Bake Wl,
en '77ie
i Hut
Bake b
and I "
H. J. STOREY, 15e Enderby bakery.
ivu ,-»■ r.«-;.«».i .
bt earn-
iS Methodist Church
H. N. Hettdrickson, -
A. L. U
C.O.F. N„ 1058
* -
la     i        - ..*        •
For Sale!
'. R. Sharpe
parent and parent to child, and
wc must have tha:
affections to love where we
ought to love, and to withhold
where we ought not to love.
EuitaRMal   "ce   lief   I a. cc
Last month we had a devil
in this office.    For feai thai
I be sent
lance mean-nothing
the Loli..palulla I,
Hell Bex—the rcj
bad types     We  repeat: last
m nth we had cne of these
—;h'ng.t.   This momh we have
not.   He found the work t
racking on the nerves, and had
to quit.   Then he tried farming
His advent on the fa;-
the occasion for gn al
especially in lhe barn
The mare hi    .     ill trust I
right word i. th_ cow
and a bunch of
[If tl
- j '
,    I   ■
r Woi
From SjKtuaa Br.elW to N,. .1,
For Sale
Halcyon Hot Spi ings
Arms I a.,   a <
•     i a! Spcnccs
lhe englneei
.•    'i
n Tui
■ i
lily the heat    ':
vcrlng in .veil doing. Men aoi
n texpe I : su c I I I • l-l
ness or in learning I I In [I
things in a hall hearl I, Indll
ferent way. They know that
success comes only through
much   better    a    thing
—eternal lite—be ex|
easier I rms    '■■. in) .    I;
pie presume u r.'ly up
inllmlle...       lodand HI
great c  n|	
apparently believing th
can live any klnJ of a life and
trust to God's goodness (or life
tternal.   But our text does not
Ivat   i.    lod   i   made HI
 I come
h our compliance wllh
ndltlons or no! at all.
nt to the llle of Paul as
ho maae trouble for him
self by  his    .      ■ il
but when a man knot's:
he must do ll as  Paul did,
regardless of consequences, and
without thought oi reward.
at Spences Bridge and during
week will be scattered along
the first part of the
Attit'irxnf Srwii, G
The people of Armstrong are
preparing,   as   Enderby has
alrcari/ prepared. I
manent   re.t
The Advance says:
fence adds greadly to th
.ppearance. and Inside
the fence are to be Improvements of equal Important* On
Tuesday the lots to be utilized
for the erection of refreshment
booths were staked
tun ' - to the respective
•  • siring to make use
m.     The   Metl
', the front lot. and at
' ■ :•
buildlhg. which 13 24xsO feet.
substantially bull'., so as to be
of permanent use whenever
are   exercises
The Pres'.'.
' nglicans also expect to
put up good booths on their
sites. The grand stand Is to be
extended to a much larger
. the grounds graded
•led. and in every way
put in hape as pos-
•the 12th."
All One  lam.lv   N-a.
recent    remarkable
ln   Great   Britain's
■ policy, officially ex
.-. or as
unexplained by
■  lal  statements.
real m    Ing ol ridest
il moment at this
ume. 11 en i ne . grouping of
ti ns Imminent, andof
particular interest and
nice to the  two great
, ..King pe:pl'
in Pc'.cn-i;
chang' I by
n be sel    th,
thai the present t' .
. NAI .
Lime Juice, quart borne, 50e
D.   NAIRN   y CO..; Stallone™
SUNDAY   HOURS:   .'... i (, ,e. 	
II . uatenat can.
tho time ta get
a Ut^e (wticy. put en a >nwll one.   Don't»
may. peril... itt Ihtn.    DO IT N
Sere u    r ral
frankly and    i
believes that Great Brit
iv . • i,!,im wage »ai *1th ".
United States,
In thi* case of Venezuela a
most dangerous com;.
n the United Kll
and the United States, by which
;!•,.• ,if,i -t * h th natl nahad
bee" exasperated, melti
arbitration on the Venezuelan questlcn contributed to
the happy relations whi
exist between the two greatest
naval powers of the future.
0.ir Canitinilruitt Corretr
A shoemaker buys three pin: j
of shoe pegs ai five cents a pint
and his wife uses one quart to
kindle the lire    1 -
he left and what is their inan
The local pwr
tells abjut it,   Then thi
maker. whose time wa:
40 cents an hour, apt-
■  - '
council jawing '.he e ii" r  11  -
much i* he out t
When )'eu warn anything in the It.'      1 WO     OIlwDS •
tf printing. Itstn a m-celcrs! (oltt ia ________
,   .._.     l_ct,N    \r   bine. , >, T.iie
.- ptlnlittg. irs
i vttttlng aid. btiiig » tend ta Tut
Must be soli this week A
man'schainlessbuycle.il',.' I
condition: cost $80;—$25 cash
will lake It.
A $24 copper-tin bath tup:
first-class in every ds5-.il. ani
only used a lew menths—$12
cash wlli take It.
Apply—  H. M. Walkbi.
3010 WeMt-Met Rd,
Vjltsstwet, E
Nothing on earth Is perfect: but B# Ct Crewfl Stock 0f Fruit
JSi'I     *•>* OrA.mct.ul Tree*
comes as near perfection as a
typc.vti'e^  .ti be made ....
"IS* Hammond is Perfection
1 ant 3 -it-at
in alignmer."  beauty of work,
uniform lm;       n. change of
tabulatu -
key del •
work-ln-slgl , nmond
Is superior to all .her typewriters in e special
feature. A Hammond must be
seen lo be ..; predated. It Is
far and a >/other
typewriter madi
THE HAMMOND typewrite*
Toronto. 4", Ac-. ..J,. Slrwl ta»t
Montrtal. I8i St Jama..
Bti Sapptit
»I0 WntMmt.. Port
,;„'■'-   :1  ;,.    .   ;■
ct msswtflsit.   L*i
:«?:te tfamt yout
s-.'a.  Hotal Weitk,
. I Padiajto. Kellll-
M j llEHRY.
■   i -   '' ■-,
I   '■
Bear this m Mind
There may be. no d
have a
b ,'    Mainly none can excell us
beauty. En i"*:>y'., bcalion Is un:
•ires aboul
. in lhe way ct flat
conditions at
No cold  damp
OVanagan that
is for home life,
tor health and
h:t sultry days


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