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The Edenograph 1904-10-19

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 0C1 2 1 1904     <S ,
Volume I.    Number 23.
ENDERBY, B. C, OCTOBER 19, 1904.
Price, $2 a Year
Enderby Doing
PRODUCE,  1903      \\
Sliipr-etl by freiiilii from:
Iviulerby. 7.928 Ion,
Armtlninit. 6.180 Ion,
Vernon, • • 4,497 Ion,
Keluwna. .1.891 Ion,
Other point*, 265 ion,
Total.    22.761 ton,
Well, we're here.
H. W. Harvey is having the post-
clfice block re-palmed.
The brick walls of the Sharpe block
have reached Ihe second alary.
A. Dale has given his restaurant the
euphonious name ol "Royal Cafe."
Wm. Hutchison will soon have his
restaurant block ready (or the finishers.
The new storage room, erected by the
Columbia Flouring Mills Co. at Enderby.
is 100(40 feet.
Additional supplies and men were
sent up to Ihe legging camp this week
by ihe mill company.
II you are a settler, you should attend
the meeting to In held Saturday evening, called by Win. Elson.
Miss Mohr returned from Vancouver
this morning where ahe has been under
.-urglcal treatment lor aom* weeks.
The flouring mill Is putting In an electric plant ol SOO-llght capacity, and
will supply the business people with
Th* Bank of Montreal will reach
Enderby sometime next monlh. A
branch Is being put In at Kelowna this
Hon. Dr. Oronhyaleka, president of
the Kamloops Lumber Company. Is ex
peeled lo arrive at Enderby Thursday
Get your photo taken today. R. H.
Trueman is the pioneer photographer ol
the province, and he doea hu work like
an artist.
If the Mara friend who sent us SI
en .ubscripiion on Tuesday will kindly
send his name we will be pleased lo
send receipt.
"' nderby Trading Co. Is putting
the storeroom in their new quarters in
shape for business, and will move their
stock in another week
The EbtNOORAptt is now to be found
in the Bell block. Bring on your order*
lor fob printing. We will turn out the
work In first-class style.
The plailerera will lliiish Ihe Bell
block today, Contractor McDonald expects to have all the rooms ready lor
occupancy in len days.
Dr. Tunstall. of Kamloops. was In Enderby this week looking over the ground
wllh a view of opening an office here
and establishing a hospital.
Will Bradley, who was seriously in
lured in falling from the roof of the
Hale dwelling, last week, was able to
get out Tuesday on crutches.
The juice will be turned into Ihe
lights al Ihe Enderby Hotel tonight, and
that popular hostelry lighted by the
force lhat make the world move.
The Kamloops Lumber Co. Is at
present shipping a car and a hall cl
lumber from Enderby each day. This
will be largely augmented as the winler
R. H. Trueman. Ihe popular photographer, arrived In Enderby Tuesday
morning, and will slay here until Thursday evening. He has his tent erected
In the vacant lot next to R. P. Bradley's
hardware store.
We like to get short, spicy communications like this: "Find S2-sub. Your
| paper is all right- push ll right along."
I If ever you have a desire io write to
\ the editor don't wait-write.
There are jusl three properly owners
| In Enderby who are opposing Incorporation. They have erected a scare crow
and labeled It "taxation," and continue
I to frighten themselves by looking at It.
The regular meeting of L.O.L. No,
1446 will be held on Friday next, at
17.30 p.m.   This will be ihe last meet-
! Ing In ihe Hancock Hall as the splendid new Lodge room In lhe Bell block
Is nearly completed.
The matter of Incorporation ought to
be settled next week. The committee
having charge of Ihe petition are In
; correspondence with the provincial gov-
eminent regarding questions thai are
raised In the matter.
Arthur Brett forged H. W. Wright's
i name to a check for $90, and passed it.
Then the arm of the law reached around
.him. and at lhe asslias al Vernon last
week, he was tried and sentenced to,
twe yeara at New Westminster jail, 1
There will be a Liberal meeting ai
the town hall. Saturday evening at 8,
o'clock, at which Duncan Rots and
Senator Bosteckwlll addreit Ihe elect
on. The tame gentlemen will speak!
ai Mara at I o'clock cf the aame day.
We have not laid Brussels to our
sunclum yet. but you are welcome to j
climb the broad stairway that leads to,
construction, and leave your order with,
ut for anything In tha printing art from
a that! poster to a thousand page book
or a visiting card.
Whiting It Roger* have one of Ihe,
cleanest and beat-conducted hotett In
the Valley In the Okanagan House.
Armttrong. It ft always up-to-date..
And because II is up-to-date, II does
not find it difficult to attract and hold;
lhe besl trade lhat Is going.
Bob Bailey gave th* first oraltrio
oratcrlus in the hall of lh* Bell Mock
Monday, al high noon, li waa an immaculate landmen ol the Holy City
wiih vibrations, and didn't crack the
plaster. But ll knocked lh* type down
In our printing palace.
By request of lh* Central Office a
meeting of lhe Settler.' Association ts
called for on Saturday nest al Eden
House. Enderby. at 7 p.m. All Mitten are cordially invited to attend, especially those Interested in the refund
question.   W. Elson, Secretary.
The meeting lhal wu called for last
Thursday evening to consider lh* subject of a reading room did not materialise. Mr. Rosoman wat present, but
nobody attended. Another meeting will
be held tomorrow night, and It is earnestly desired lhat those interested, ladies
and gentlemen, will attend
Thinks to Ihe good, hard work and
mechanical eye of Win. H. Hutchison,
and the attractive presence of good old
Daddy Bailey and Ih: numerous friends
who so kindly assisted in biasing Ihe
job. we moved Tut Emnocr*™
through the end cf a house and up a
flight of stairs without pying a litre ol
type Ihis week V/e are now looking
for the man who Is responsible for Ihe
old. old adage that il is cheaper to
move than pay rent.
The Rifle Association is about to
close a very successful siascn'a shoot
by holding Ihe Annual Two Days shoot
on Thursday and Friday. Oct. 27th and
28lh. Every member of Ihe AssoCI-
I 10 lira 49 rounds in
the two days   7 rounds each day al       Patriotic Word* of Laurler.
Ihe three ranges, and 7 quick-lire shots | —
at the close ol Ihe second day's ihool. Th" lollowl"R wo,ds ,,om Sir W"
To make the shooting more Interesting '^Laurler ar. as beautiful as Ihey
the Association Is offering prltes, In m fmMc' To the end porlray.d in
the shape of gold buttons, lor the best hH'Pictur* he hai been bending all hu
score made at each range, and lor ihe I """S1"'al,d '" M ""P8 ,h»l ,n«,MU"
besl aggregate during the two days.
Thursday evening last a number ai
the Enderby members ol Coronation;
Lodge No. 48, I.O.O.F. drove to Ann-
strong to attend the regular meeting of
Ihe Lodge, and to meet Grand Ma lor
Melands, of Vancouver, who was making his official call lhat night. Mr.
Melands delivered an Impressive address, showing Ihe great progress the
Order Is making. Last year there was
dispensed thousands In sick and fun
of his works will be the counterpart cl
his words: "Thank Providence lhat we
live in a country ol absolute Ireedom
and liberty. Lel us always bear In
mind our duties lor duty Is always In-
herent In right. Our fathers had lo
labor lo secure these rights. Now let
us fulfil our pari.   When visiting Eng-
In which records are lo be had. the
Independent Order ol Oddfellow* has
distributed the enormous sum ol 5101..
000.000 In benefits.
PrcJicl, . Boom.
Prof. Conway McMillan, of lhe Mln-
George E. Little la building a new
_ D. J. McDonald. Assistant C. T. A.
land atUte Queen's'jubileeT't "hid thai P«ld * *»" h*re on Thursday last,
privilege ol visiting one ol those mar-! Messrs. Baiber, Temple and Suih-
velacl Gothic architecture which thej«'l«ndol Revelstoke spent a lew days
hand ol genius, guided by unerring faith,' •»'« l»« week hunting. They lelt lor
_. .    „,      .. .    .,   , had made a harmonlus whole, in which home on Saturday, wiih a heavy bag ol
eral benellis, and the membershipol ma>blo.«»,, arK, olh„ mMith game, among which were six gees*.
H» Order now number, over   .500.- ^    ^ ^^ „ ^ ,,^1    Rey A E ^^ ^^ |n ^
i     u, u       j TT,T of lhe nation that I hope to see Canada Rothesay Lumber Co*, dining room
become. As long as I live as long as at Mara, on Monday evening last. A
I have the power to labor in lh* service congregation of over 30 assembled, and
of my country, I shall repel th* Idea of in response to an oft expressed wish
changing the nature of lu different ele- Mr. Roberts will conduct service: there
menu. I want the marble to remain every two weak*,
tha marble: I want the gnnit* lo re- ( The marriage look place at the real-
main the granite: I want lh* oak tor*, dene, of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Johnson
nesouUnlveraitywhoreceMlyreturned mlnxinatiil | wan. th. sturdy Scotch, on Wednesday afternoon, of MlssPh.be
from ihe botanical station aliSan Juan. mln ,0 f,in,i„ ,„. Scotchman: Iwam ShawofR«*lttok« and Frederick Dean
U lntpr*s,^wi.hih.m.rvellotis supply ,„, brainy t-agUshmtn lo remain th. of Mara. Mlu H A. Nothem vras
of fine limber to befound on V«nceuver Engt-Ounan: I want the wann-heaited bridesmaidjindF.J 'tntongreonuman.
sland. and expressed surprise that so lrUnmin ,0 nmin ,h, ,mhm(1. , ^ ememofty w p,riormwl by Rev
little «llort apparently waa being mad* „„, ,„ ttta lM lneM ,tem8nl. and A £ „„,,„, o( ^^ a mmb„
to exploit these resources. Inhisopin- ^y , MI|on th„wi|| ^ h,mxM oHri^witneisedlheeeremony.alier
ion there was sufficient to supply th* ,meaVtiJ,,gn.tPow*nellh.tvvrli'' „„iehan excellent dinner was served,
world lor, coup), of generations.   It |mnwduw, „,„ ,„ ,a)eummftnt ^
wa. a sh.m. to see so much of thu ***** FfJ»< TW 1 „„„, „ „„ „„, ta|| wlw,
m  r?l*. ! V „ \,        .! of Wm, Elton. Enderby Iniit would not which proved to be one of the most en-
[^.!.I„a^! f.™!.?^.." ExhdMllonaiNMrWMtminuw. Mr. tomatim*. The music wat excellent.
Elton took twttv* varl*ti*t otappln M*stn. Ratoman and Leonard d*»erv.
and pears and won ttx pntttonthe ing much praise. F. 3«mett carried
twelve atitriea.    It* van first ptit* on out th* duties of ft ;r manager.   Thlt
^iT«^tomZ*6l^ <™«rt*tyot*ppl«: aecondprttaw wehcae to have him her. mln at
which will talh.^m.lngol a new ^^ ^^ ^ Um nmm Km, tliIur, d,„,   A Urge number of
and third on Baldwins and Ptvaukeas, frtendt af th* brtdtgroom war* present
,Mr Ebon, unataisted and alone, hu front Enderby,   The prestnu received
= don* mora to prove th* liuit-grawlng by th* happy cupl- w*r* both nutner-
Nur»e: Goodby. Freddy. I am going rattwcei of Ettdetby than all th* n«t mu and cowly.   Mr. and Mn. Dean
to church. ol ut combined.  All of th* ftuit Jicwn tayt ,„, xhu mttim j m wmmumty
Freddy, (aged three and  a halt by him wat raited en hu Eden Hout*| (sr a t^^ and „,»», „„,<,„
right at hind. " It isn't poisiM*," h*
added, "for a country with th* wondw
(ul resources in minenl and limber ol
thu Uland to b* stationary long. With-
era." - B.C. Lumbennan,
I ....I Him.
yean): Tell God I was a good boy.
Nurse; But I caitnol; ycu were nil
a good boy.
Freddy (alter m*dliatisn>: Watt,
loot him.
ft rttty
Rill. AwKulwa.
Th. Annual business meeting of UtaL Mh- t W' "T. T^ .'T
The S.nw I i.,*  I •« p"r,01l'« Oct 28lh »l 8 p.m,. in lh* who has put.-hated a farm here.
Both Sir ChaiK, and Si'r HibbrH ^^^k?^"^     "? ^^?**.*•*!
a«t^ueil*dlotiepi«« purd w*t* vitllfitg the Arm lau wwk,
W R HJuaaaTsic. gu*lU ^ Mr* J' MeC8Bum "* Mn'
J. Eitton.
For Sale Num piga. 7 warri -M
TsrfworthtndB*tkthir*l)t-»d. W, J,
Ftnton. Endeiby.
hive taken th* iroubte lo
that they ar* "out of poiitict." Th*
paopl* of Canada seem lo hav* retched
th* aame cendutlon a few lap. ahead
of Ihe distinguished genuemtn Pro-
Friclav <—■ -■■——..—t--* 0«5l. 28
"The mirror scene is one of lhe clev-
eresl things ever done on a London stage."
—London Duly Chronicle
fint him htt* at th* "Htlrwet SWl. •
H. A. Du Souchet's Farcical Comedy in three
acts, interpf id by
Walker's Comedians
A Company ol Metropolian Players under the
management cl Mr C. P. Walker.
"Tht lunniest play ■:. the season Will
make you laugh till 'V tears roll do.vn
your cheeks'—N Y     raid
 —— -    =$1.00 and ?5c
freKirtt Ml! .1 lh. Dr. r t»t*. Ml 8la«lu » Hi
Mr. Byron Pettn and daughter ar-
tived Irom Roteut*. Man., on Sunday
morning, and hat pwchated a pt«ct of
- land Irom K. Eckland.
Billy MontMh ha* aurtad work on
hit mining eatim on Mount Ida. and inlands ta work on* shill alt winter Al
lanto It Wallace lave |ust iimthed
their u;.es.;ment work en the Stiver
Sctpt.r. M.'Jii Id..
II it ruiMtirad thai the m^nty voted
bit wmttt fat lhe clearing J Sahn-.n
rivet is i-a be spent at once, and that
On beal Liberal caucut hat tppotnted
ta.   -     .       '•   .- ,        •»-,.«,"■-»   -r
trtet 0. Unaaa whs had the appointment
Mr : DCtnRt arrived her* Monday night. »nd Ml .- :>y nMtmng.
salhst let      • ktCI •   hai.
chanct lo tea htm a large
number uuious to heat him and are
much dUapoatntad that he did n 11 :
a public meeting at. I hen
Fu.oxM a( ComaaJw,
C ft Walker, the well-known weat
emthetucal IM   (at     rhomtraof
Knlett. . lot the first the
atrical  product        I   real   merit
H.t-.H tl-
another treat.   This line It is that in.
tensely hfmrt. ire it   MyFr
Indn.  lobe tt,.-- Ibyitwll.l
•ditto.   Th* Corned?
iM fMt h!l tha'
be watted to detail Itl
I properties New York. London and all
the great centres hav: laughed Du
Souchet's clever farce Into popularity
and profit. As to the company, Mr.
Walker promises the strongest comedy
organuat; lhat has yet toured the
boundless West, and with satisfactory
experiences in Ihe past Mr. Walker's
promises will readily be accepted by
our theatre patrons. They may confidently look forward lo an evening ol
lollty when "My Friend From India" is
given al the Enderby opera house, on
Friday evening, Oct. 28th.
Mr. DonJen'. Announcement.
The most important announcement
lhat has been forthcoming during the
present election campaign, and, so lar
as lhe Interests of the Province ol British Columbia are concerned, Ihe most
important lor years, has been made by
Mr. Borden, the leader of Ihe Liberal-
Conservative parly tn Canada. It is in
the nature ol a despatch received irom
the Conservative leader lo Colonel
Prior, through Sir Charles Tapper.
Th* despatch It aa follows:
"Toronto. Onl. Oct. 10,1904.
"H.n SirOharlejHibbertTupper.K.
C, Presidwi Conservative Association.
Vancouver. B.C.: "In reply io your enquiry, permit tne lo outline th* salient
features cf sur transportation policy.
We wtll immediately undertake the
construction of a transcontinental railway to th* Pacific aa a govwnintnt
work. To thu and w* shall vitalize all
tha power* ol government and the financial strength ot the Dominion. For
obvious reasons tha utmost expidilion
will be employed. in Ihe lirsl plice, to
satisfy without delay lite need of our
Cteat West. in the second place lo
curtail cost in the important matter ol
interest upon outlay during construction.
Tc ensure early completion, «v«ry section of tf e railway will be undertaken
aa rap.iily aa. with all lh* resources cf
gotrernment. surveys can be made and
contracts entered into. Wherever It
may be lo the public Interest w« shall
not hetitat* to exercise for th* aeql-
anion ef existing railway* th* sama
povtr* of compulsory purchase which
ar* potsatted ami exercised by railway
corporations for acquiring the property
ol individual. W« shall supplement
our railway policy by such Improvement
ol our canal* and waterways, and of
our harbors aa will bring all up to the
highest standard of the day and to the
lu',i neadt of the
"We hilly leant- lhat the people,
confident of the future cf thit Dominion, do not l*ar any reasonable exp-n
dilute ol money, wisely made, which
may tend to the dsvclopmedl ol our
country and lo the greater prosperity cl
Its inhabitants Wa also propose to
put an end to the scandalous wast* and
extravagance which are incident lo Ihe
present admltn■ •• rnmcnl
Kaihrayt. beti-ving. it  -
■t under. Commission would -nske these railways at
least tetf-tusta:n;i,g. and would aflord
better accommodation to commerce.
•'   -.    '.£ '        l.i!    ,1
respect than now exist Let me tlto
s.y lhat 11      . itch thsught to
lh* condition! in British Columbia.
your opinion, call lor special
attention tn considering the financial
relations btteaatfl th- Dominion and
■ H You claim th.- II
conditions are exceptional and peculiar
.... ....
inionlh*. It at tod, -and im
medial, n ligation, to th*
rndlhat ■ abllshed
may be IntmtdHI
First Year
H. M \t \l KER
=ach W.dna: lav .1 Endorby, B.C.
the Ed.    ' ■' - »d».
!.' ■
onths, SOc
■ month
. . ixpr.
:,  terrible  ,-■. .'
:■::'.'       , ' mire mother
:." :' lutur* mother,
only their own health and h i|
• ■    but wiih ihe health  !
: their hand
hold ol vtdlock, utterly ig
i law;   I their being.
•'.:, - •■ :.■
Ig i iht better
■ i
ihis ger.eri
referenc l  physiological ai
' .1     K:' - ■
:iences, arts, etc
adornments, and what profl
lal     igalntl er
■ '• ■•  ;!'
that parent  u
are perpe
n ■•::'. of
. i ex-
:rzk ol
i.ih not
:ness all
i the
."  iter
: : io
.      i
■    I
glare ol true sc
hv words at ihu
have saved man;
cal suffering, a::,
everlhal - I
and a sere e
an act ofe - ■
cl the gr
entitle knowledge, A
proper moment would
man untold physl-
lhe shame of bear ng
irsed children. Where-
uld have been spoken.
se shame kept it ba.'it,
:e has been commlti id
n tree .    tat such,' says an unknown
writer. "Like the man In the Bible, hi
entertains angels unawares.   Lel
take a part ol the time he .: ■
g  n the blessings ol others a: i
muse a while on his own.  II he wishes
The Leading Tonsorlal
Artist of the Valley,
is located at Enderby.
He can handle the
razor with the best of
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule of prices:
Hair Cut, 25c; shave.
15c; singe, 10c; shampoo, 25c; hair tonic. 10c
Patrons will kindly note thai this shop
will not open on Sunday.
A. Todd, Hancock Blk. Enderby
Lel it iw».r tc <aiJ ot u, that
»« are etrbUBclu on the neck ol
edge of Ihe
tne* ci lite f
Timer |ust clcsed
r for
every F
■    it     The
is poputat
rom 200 to upward!
.    .-,: might well mak* us ls;k
:ur prcgrets.   But the
pan a only a shadow of what will be
next year.   Unless all ngtts fail, En*
rbywlll hav* a
is, and w*
th* bu        to back It up.
creatirg their output, which
a larger pay rat, a-:   attld. :tpittl it
seeking eptatnp her* lor other in-
:.:•• II
Th«r« wtll be a greater influx of those
H. frtiit-raulng.
■• . •    .-    There ts
-   , ; . ■
a'rttt li n:t tup;, ei   it eggs mi
Mt.r. both :f these;-
;p*d in. ever
Wa hav* th* chtieett csmtr
sf Ed*.- •. -et ut msk* it
. -  cm it
.-       ■
■ ■
.. .
"To this distressed girl I can only
say here: study the laws of lile in a
g:-.d lext-b::k on ihe subject, and use
Learn lirst that y.u have a
in matrimony above and superior to any
mere sentimental idea or physical passion. That y;u are to care for;. ir - .
health and the life an: welfare af )
possible offspring btfere all el; - " it
heslth Is I
■   rs for you I    Irlve foi   mat y:ur
'i: be a met;
'a husband's it
-  . "
but ycu are making marriage . u
"It si terlt.     : • a -     a,     ll
':.- ,
thit either mattes',' ht:.
and no woman can j
lhat returns In ::her lines o! work an
greater, that a mar. on an average ctt
lay up mors   This Is an error   Tki
average wealth  of  farmers   ind
farmers I mean landowner,
and farm hands—is greater ihan •
average wealth of all other classes, am
by all other classes I mean the le,
hundred millionaires, the large class
'business' men, whose wealth Is :
greater than that cf the same numbe
of farmers wh: could beers.,   ml
ass of men occupying i
or similar positions, who barely
Hot Springs Sanitarium
Tht Mtd '». Watara ol H.Ieysnar.the
-   -        - »*rld.   A serf*::
natural t-   - l   '.-■•
lar DiNara Liver. Kidney .nd Sismsch
A menu, its Baths r,,v.r fail io eur.
- -. ,■,-•„ An at»e.ut*cuarar.s**(,v«R.
Fi i.rma a i part.rjiar. .pttly t:
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow L.I.  B  C.
For Sale.
A pure-bred ireglsteredi bull
—beef type.   Apply to—
J H.Ciles,
- C.O.F.No. 1058
The past few weeks have been our busiest, and
we expect many more like them. We are placing
In stock our winter goods. Heavier than we've
ever carried. Just think of It! Nearly a carload
of Christie Crackers, choicest ever laid In stock.
Henry W. Harvey
Genera'. Merchant.   Enderby. B C
Kamloops Lumber.*
Manufacturers of all kinds oi Rough and Finished
i and possibilities, snish*
I        . . cut
and air, ■ ' ■ '-. a: all
Geo. R. Sharpe
L.O.L No. 446
MH'J Itl* 1st. a  '
■ . .
For .Sale!
rat    . its to suit pur-
.       .
dairyir*   Apply to—
J, W. McCALLUM. Salmon Arm
'; ChOOtt • •'        '     '
chlldrtn. and that the be thsrots]
which It preluded by -  •
-. . •
"All  tl
moral, escetdtngly pro:
itifted lac ' **. and I
■   ...
- trom th*
•n* worst
tay that • inly, but
*-ita!. h*artles»
■ •
...      .,
■        :■
,   -     •-
.    .-' I
fal      ire
wflll    IH
F. Pyman
Jeweler f%,
Expert WaUh Repairer
Is your health
Insured .
ing si • veil, «fl
: - .;-."   • >:. it
a \l UR   l.    TRUESDALE
Witb The Owl
ccunts so much for cemmunity
K       advancement as Individual advancement,   csupled with   a
gc:dly psm:n   :'.  Individual
efion.  It is pleasing to hear
men talk tf c:mmunity pr;-
gress. but. cid you net kr.u.
sweetheart, that there can be
•   j-^ress as a cemmunity
v.! preceded by pr:sress
in the incivicual.   It Is shls very
fact. I believe, tha: makes men
arpltuc a cemmunity that Is
gettirg a move ;n   They kn; *
that behind ihe outward show sf
I pr.gress there hu been an inward a»aker,ing of the Individ-
"hus m see, by beost-
k t are i »sting ourselves For
mmunlty s:a-3 r;:;ing *e h»
;urselv«s tj.-epv     Ani r. is aUays
:: have tj hus- t Is :n!y far an office
•Ve have benefitted by
-timg'   1 day. I     rrow, ther
We       nevei      -enoughs: bng
i more l    tJc        M again'  Keep
Don'l      to let ssmebidy pas yiu on
the bac«   Boost :n    Perhaps things have not
gsne the way you »-a ,;ed ihem to, but ihat*s nsth*
ing   Somebody is:  ased II - it, and in
nd, perhaps the world li   a; as happy at
mi |     iw *-       ild be at your's.
And so, it is just a;   ill,   Leave :nafcing to the
They can i: il better   |< your i..txtf it
• and foresight : sor: i! you eann;t see the
ur Eden, go tumble into a
rs. ii transit   You
• radiating cheer
. Aiil see prosperity budding m ever/ branch
tree sf lile.
•  •»    Yes. perhaps *e can get
along *,:h:ut you. bj; we don; *an: ts   If you
tl My      -; your own *ay
But: Thr        : be a lopsided
commutir      everyl i/ b   ted the tame *»y.
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby. Capacity 25.000.000
•it::'. Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application.      Address—
 BajajW. B C.	
Choice Residential <& Fruit
Land in Enderby
Just put upon the market. The choicest building sites In the
town 9f Enderby. Ten minutes' walk from the Postofflce.
Enderby has advanced In a wonderful measure during the past
year Property hu doubled and tripled, and quadrupled In
value. The town will continue to progress: it hu only fairly
started, Property will continue to increase In value: building
loll rill never be less valuable than they are today. Your best
Prk-ofLo.., CIA to $70
Henry W. Harvey. Agent, *****
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
der them early.
TSe British Columbia Mfg. Co., Ltd., of New Westminster,
B. C. make all standard packages, and use enly SPRUCE
Lumber, which it the best for fruit. They will print your name
and address on your boxes without extra charge.
Hikrv EcKtftT. Manager.
One hundred acres of firs: class Fruit Land. IS minutes
walk from the P:s-Office at Enderby. Will be told in one
block, or cut up into smaller block! io tuit purchaser Go:d
House en the pr:perty: outbuilding! and fruit orchard.
Receipt Books
Letter Head! Bill Headt, Envelope!. Shipping Tag!. Invoice
Envelope! Busmen Cards. Visiting Cards, invnailsns—anything that can be printed—quickly done at this office. Estimates cheerfully furnished on every clui of Book and Jsb
The EJcnoKr.pl.. *Sl^a±.a«» $2
A YfilS ♦V
First Yfas
i< Methodist Church
Dlvln. Ssrvic, .very Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Stindiy-Soheol .nd libit Clast. 2:33 p.m.
Prayer MMtir.j.   -   •   •   Tuesday. 8 p.m.
A hearty ir.le.rr. for .11.
A, E. ROBERTS. Pastor.
Reatd ' St.. is<: th. Church.
At tli
ri.i p«i ,iv lomellmN irtl«
,„'...d .t> nj*t?tlBg n f»w
,,ti.'* through n ■imill it|MT-
•ii.ti m
Hi.- |,n.
lhair ,'i
ail mitil.t.r. writ-
in Japan durng
Ih.r* Wrrr    '. ,.,
A japai. -
llltf  of  til.'  il
a ri-i'i'i.t ,\.-t,r,
tiiarrliitra. ni"l 110,??! dlWCM
I:.,, t .1, Wni li.ii.* bar. Issued
a i.,-u itanip,"f. nrw <!• .iirti..n,lillf.
f. r : .■ . ti \   . vht.>   fr- n,  lln' r»v. at
i.. f 11.1.mark,   lln rolor la arrrn
A tartr* ,l^|aar,turiii .t,ir»' In Sew
Y'.rk li.i. whal I. tt "A »
l.i...    in.!,.-,,"    »ti,-r.     >.r r.
.hown, anil an lltt.. ca- ■ ■.'.■• rltn
t<> a .Ijimiii.. .,-ra,-. t" ''liar.'.- whirl.,
which ma) Ik- brought t- Ih. .Mies
l„r that purpose,
,-r an-
.|irinir   tirr
I   ItlMlltll" ti,
author <ia.
\. *  . .■
I niui
A |ilni*u«- (if t.-»il. ha, deMended „n
nmral |...,.■•• in thr rtcl, 1} "f N.»
V..ri,  i.nt Hawthorn. an.  I'Mewo*,
\  .i    ,t, -v. ii.,-r  .it! , ■■       r ■»* thr
it   .' •   •     A .rtvaa.r wl"- wheel.
■ . . >•,    ■ Ih.lwo
J.,..-..;.. ||   ,.    , ,,.'.-        •     .
•'        .,'..-,     tli.'-       a.. -.,
I   . . . .rn c what W.t
. •   . •   ii. ■ ,rat, ■ . . rl
\ .....--•. r j . .
ti. ii .k. thai "ti. ol Man  • for n*,
...   -. ,.,.1 .   ih. ..'■,■
kiitil >■( |«..t.l car-' In   «rh   Imu*.
wii.n-., th.rr I. har-lty ever I,hi
Un *tan,j-. ill . .- rt**     Ihl
tlirr«- h.,,1 w*n ,r.., few .'..-..  *
postal Mhla.. «.»i,|o>rv.l with >t>u,|<.
I',.. |.,..i.iti.i. t-rw.,1. wh.» ratty
thrlr bMrti m their inoutht «rr
rath, r t.. t« pilled than IratrA. Ttirlr
Ihmte&lha. »^rar ao „ib,-r pern***
than to ' r,.riii hut, Ih.l I. thr, at.
i-ti.-l    I'allrr.
Th. «rr»aM .-trl. ,,r W.i.ra, -     *.
>    r ... forawd « anion em, will >li-
. worn '«) >,f it boor. • day
ti *• »«>! rl<« ,l,ill*r> . wr*»
, I I r» et label
•• prr day
f.-r .■.-..< . t in .il Kan-
.,. i ■
\ fun lent firm »f I'.n fr»nriM>»
ha* *<-■■-,  , -     ,.«! the
hoar, ol laUor fra>m ninr   to   right
ra, and al Ihr .ant. titttr araniral
rn adiaae. in wage. (Mm la Tt m ts
11 ■   ottB rm|,l,i*»-t it, ih. Mum,
111. quit
„ - ..-.,.     ih* inula.
,.,.' ,,, Iraw lh,      «•■( *»»,l In ihr
■  .-       • i- and for
Ihtt ,.„•*.& the, ara- .,tml,;e lo draw
tht load, r.iw-iwt of Ih.na.
\ -
• ! ,mIhr
■awk.  -.       - >     •
■  ,r   illrl
th.rr tiif.. >'*}* * ti.* awder* CM-
,.. bet* in >ight
,t.l... . \. .t. .puroaeaed th,
Ongoi • r*a up *a Anwrleaa nag.
II..    • aim.-! thr pr>,t«tloii of
C.pl. «
The years have sped since first
You to the table, dear,
And you sat over there alone
And 1 sat smiling here.
A year or two flew past and you
No longer sat alone.
A little one was In your arms,
Your darling and my own.
And then another year or so,
Ana some cne else was there;
And Willie sat near me. j   i
While Trottle claimed your care.
The years have sped since first I led
You to the table, dear.
And you looked queenly at the foot
. I felt kingly here.
T       as 1 look down on you.
On either side I see
A rev sf hungry little ones
All gazing up at me.
We've added leaves, cne after one.
And you are far away—
Aye. thrice as far, my dear, as on
That happy, happy day.
But though we sit so far apart—
You there and I up here—
T*: rows of hearts from my fend heart
Stretch down to you, my dear.
Than-: C:d for every extra leaf
table holds today.
And may we never know the grief
Of putting one away.
-Chicago Record-Herald
TR* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
you go, step by step, occasionally stopping ic take breath, now and again retracing sleps lo keep on lhe right path.
But forward and forward and u .ward
and :' wer upward we go.   And hav-
£-$$ ing crossed this range, we know we
shall be confronted with others beyond.
Bui '.hr.ugh the effort we are growing
stronger— exercise gives power   for
more exercise. Exercise Is expression.
Illd     r-aslon Is not only necessary to
'    life.
We are not afraid.   Much Icy has ,       , , _     .,      _
h..n „„.. .„,, i. ti.   .... i. ham brands of Breakiast Foods
been ours, and Is ours.   The past Is
safe.   And finally should flesh falter
and we pause for rest, and out across
the  valley should we   catch  misty
glimpses ol peaks beyond, we are still
unafraid and firmly do we believe that
the Power which upheld us Here will
not desert us There.
The other day I asked a dear little
'& girl, nine years old, what was the mean-
.4 ,ng ol ihe word "success."
And without an Instant's hesitation,
she answered:
"It means to succeed I thought
■rveryb ;■/ knew that I"
"To suceeed In what?" I ventured.
"Why. in whal you want to do, of
::urse "
And 1 kissed the little girl once on
the forehead and twice on her dimpled
chin, and let it go at that.
But it may be assumed that there is
no such thing as success In a bad bus!-
rCJX nets To succeed In Injuring another
y*t$ would be a calamity for m»—not a sue
cess. We all want to succeed In doing
what will bring th* best possible results
to ourselves, and the least possible
harm to others. So success means.
first, t; achl«v« whit is good for yourself. And. second, to do that which
b«st:ws a benefit on others.
And. of course, there are many degrees :! success. Let us once and for
A Quick Breakfast
The "long Winter evenings" have '.heir short v.lnter warnings.
How rushed you sometimes are for breakfast! Then Is the
time you want something you can cook quickly.   We have it In
Ground at the Enderby Mills. Try It. At the stores, .rcan be
had at the mill ."ice.    We also make Whole Wheat and Cra-
Ex'.ra fine.     None better.
1 Enderby
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-loot annex now being built
to accommoaate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and S2 per day
Webb Wright. Prop.
lhe New Block
£ «v«r get nd cf th* savage fallacy lhat We are no >.• In our new building, where everything is spick-
luecess lies through tacrifice.  The and-span, and convenient as the proverbial button on a shirt,
pmonvho loves you so well lhat he Our shelves are filled with as fine a lot of goods as was ever
will sacrifice hims«if for you. will sac- sno,wn ln Enderby.   We have added a Boot and Shoe depart-
rifle* you for other*, il he loves them m{[l and can „,        w|(h (he bej, shMJ made    g     |n when
1 a g"d passing.   Remember, our supply of fresh fruit is renewed dally.
J. C. Metcalfe
for y:ur own good.   And thus vi see
All men are Interested In *hat sve call success.   Our views that martyr and persecutor ar* cut off
of what Is success may differ, but everybody likes to succeed In th* am* piec* of cloth- -»nd in-the
some line.   Particularly Interesting Is the article that follows put they hive shifted piicesw.th great
(rom the pen of that versatile pastor of the Rsycroft flock. El- alacrity. There u realty small choice
ben Hubbard, writing In the Philistine: b*iv**n them.
Th* man who dott hu wtrk so wtll ] truth; Thai unetuth country bey will    Su:MU lmP|lM IV ln l™' *=*"'
thltht M*di no tiBVWVitiaci his al-jsom* day be a partner in thu firm: »nd Jsy tneana bitter worn tomorrow.!
ready tace«*d*4   And th* aetoow- iand you. with yeitr sharp ways, your *■* |M «"Md *s,lt u ***9*x*'   '
ltdgm*nt si hU weeau U sur* to Id- :ig*r.tt.t. your midnight suppers, and beM!;u mn> f*^*- rainier and Uecoralor,
low in th* form ol a promoUoo.   And your smart dethes bought on th* in-    Bl* •" ,sus«» tt f.rainina anrl Slainino
«m ihould net promoilon sptadtly ttallmtnt plan, will ,o to him and bag l«e*u u "Ml-   *"" ,h« ,8iuon ,h" training ana Oiaimng
feUew. th. man hu gsmtd povtr.grawn ,fer favors which h« Hon* can grant metu «"»•«*«» !»«»•«tmbmers. Imitator of native and foreign woods
in personality.   H« u mora tohimstH. |   Why,   B*caui* h* it In the line ef to bw*ul«,lw P*nM m M do,m ,0
met* to Ced.  Th* wsrld wanu :ti.*vahjtten: h« ft grovfrtj and you ar* «n):yii-n3t knowing that every tuccess
Ideal Home
Furnished by the
Victor Gramophone
Positively the besl talking machine on the
market, ll sings, plays
and talks just as natural
verk den*, and civilisation u simply a net.  You ar* standing still, and to
constant search for m*n who car, I itiB U to retreat,   An eunc* of
things. i loyally u vsith a pound of cleverness.
Success tt th* mett natural thing in' Aitutentts adds nothing to Ut* vtslth
tht world, Th* man who does not sue-; ef th* world, Th* astute man U worth
cttd hu placed tr.mitl! in oeeetliiett nithing to * community, all hu utute-
te th* lavs ol th* Uniwrt*. Thtwerid ntst is valuable for u lo protect him-
need* you, it wanu what ysu can pro- t*t! (rem ether sttute mtn. And hu
due*. you can tart* it, and tl you will shrewdness and hu astuteness to adit will reward yeu richly. v.rtu. ihtmtthr** that noboty trusts
By doing your work yeu ar* moving; him. and nobody bt!:«v«s him. Thu
in lh* tin* tf least retUM -   an eta sharp man u found in cvtry
form ol t*if -sretectisn. Yeu need what i community,
othtrs hav* to give, and U»y n**d you, ■   And to lh* habil of centinu.
To MCiprocat* tt wisdom. To rebel u
folly. To centum* and not produce it
a gran mutak*. and upon such a on*
Nttur* wtll trttit htr ditpitatur*.
Th* common idea u that tuceeu
meant gr*a: uenfie*. and that you
mutt buy It with a prs:*. In on* aent*
thit U irut,   Ta succeed you mutt
ing out for No. I U ftul to success
Nature u on her guard against such,
and if by accident they get into a petition of power their leu* on the place
- -
A great success demands a Certain
abnegation.a certainduinterestednei;   NURSERIES
The man who can lose himself Ut hu
Owing to the recent change In business and closing of the books cf the
Magnet Pharmacy, those having account liter* art requested to settle the
same u soon u possible. Payments
will be received at th* drug store
W. T. B*-,;
After thu date the charge for Birth
v. thu paper will be 25c. tor
Mirrig;  notices  SOc.    for   Death
Thi Epttoomm.
XD IMT Q For Spring
1 KILILO Delivery
1 am no*/ taking orders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Stone k Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity    Plastering, chimney
building, and bnck & stone masonry work contracted
A. M. Baird Enderby
rLtTCHtt MOS..
VIC tow A. DC
!-:     1-
General Blacksmith
A'arar, aelafat a    Rati w
It in time Mil grease the
ime"—manes tr.i:.
—saves wear and tear and a
final break (town Anything
tha; is made of iron and can be
repaired will be repaired. Farm
implements, buggies & wagons a
specialty, and all repairs g jar
anteed to stand.
choc**.   II you want thu yeu canr.:! work it tht on* who will succeed best.
have that.   Success dtmandt etnee- - Kindness and eonctntrai
nation, oneness al aim and dealre       this trimly forms the sesame that .-.li
Cheat* Ihudaywhem yeuwillserve, .unlock all doors.
Paradtaieally it u true that yeu rr. I IhtdlrKtconeontlfant
"sacrifice" tome thtng     . - ,        - th.  Isn't it the part of vis-
If y-.t are a youtsg man and wish to .dem not to put an enemy I
yeu will have to ho stesl away your brains)   Isn't it
gantlet, the lat* hours, better net to knew you have a stomach,
lltd all th»tr:undj*ndt*io f        • - rking hows that
l**lf»Ry which at) .;•••,. \the night comes u a blessing and a
and tendt lo unfit you for rcur work otnedlcilon I real and
luu.uuu ouios  r. arrtr*
,   :        •   ,
:...   .   .... ..
:, . puling
'•.'den. Field
. •    ted        !■
ways ih stock In season.
or  less,
-    Fertilisers.
- -
•  -•■■:■.  a   .
'   a-erk yesterday is con
centrating on hu ttsks: h« u doing the
■-'    ■ •«-  I - *   And |   : mrk
■-     , :••:.-. .--.-.
- ■  "'        '.:- ■   '■'  . :   ■  ■ ,  -.■ :
thing, high tr low. mental or what-not, ilhi meunuin by tunding -. tha valley
•'■•'. :nly
diflicult to the man who is trying lo
lilt himself by tugging at his boot strips.
I You cross the mountain r.ng^    I Rl
j-i'   He a HOI
■   bag at the *;*»;   lltd   h I
norl b-jt hi. heart has
batoned' lohu work
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
to I     <V« ilmnil.r Ho.,1     V.ncouvpr
ream i
Choice Milch!
ioien Chicker
lit; ■' a-cully step by step. And all the way the
.  GEORGE R  LAWES, Enaerby
That touches the artistic
and keeps house lorE n
omy, will be done al
—quickly, neatiy ,n.
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing out of
n Anything that can
be Oone in .oront
ordinary commercia:;
Ingtcan be done right here.
The Edcnograph
i .,i.,i,, n THE EDENOGRAPH. ENDERBY. B.C.. OCTOBER 19. 1904
First Year
What the Local Pastor
Tailed Akout
In the
' going fast.
Ladies' Jackets
in: ■
: please:
see them,
ise .•
and It Is a!
-they are s
. Mil
ays a
.   j
iplei   i J hit, third in Jesus, in the coming kingdom. Now
vet,- ir* - rd      "And lh        m-a look everywhere else lor this basis.
Hei il III*, thai they might know thee aiu we have the teachings of co-oper-
Ihe only li I   and Je.us Christ ainn spreading throughout the land.
whom thou hail sent."   These w rds While ihen; Is much thai Is good In
. i    -..ten by Rev. Mr. Campbe'
the foundation for an able discours
Iterni       Sunday morn::.     : • ,
If*, he said, Is not
As  evident:
s'hi of lu gre*t v
■    I       ,;:ve up his life
"The most nicely furnished and best equipped
Drug Store in the Valley.
That is what people say who have been in our new store ir, the Bell Block.
To come In at:.! see it.   We cany a cctnplete ilne ot
School Supplies
Hot Water Bottles Magazines
Cliff St.
Enderby Trading  Co.,
■ust not mist ihe Pure Drugs
foundation for the br.thtr- Patent Medicines
all men are brothers in Syringes
•  •     -ttother characteristic ol the Atomizers
: ■ the cessation of war. And _, rs,
,„ Fine Pipes. Cigars. Tobaccoes and Coniect onery.
II war cease, but the very _____
ngnes of war will   be  turned inio "    ,
Special alien!:-; . ■ ■•
llnstrumentt of  constructive   energy.,.   RhyB1_tmrt Pf,lcflpllora „,  stek R»m Suppllw of .11 klndi
5* rds shall be turned Into plowshares. Ill,   Preparing r«m«sliii. -   inde.nl,      IV,   Mall   nfti :■■ mptly atiended lo
nly accepted in the applicant! ol he anu spears into pruning hooks. May
>ds It applies to thi lift hei : 'he day soon come! There shall be
i' as well as to the life  Itei '-for all in the coming k.n^
r'afoi '      •   -    Ion     Everyman shall enjoy the lei-
jher I     than thai   ure ol his own vine and fig-tree, and
-    ,il fear shall be done away In the uni-
ethers might have II
Eternal lile Is more than
Satisfaction   Guaranteed
Druggists and
House-Cleaning Time is
hinge in the pert: al venal peace,
rlsilc   f thos* who have      vhal
It. yet tt is a distinct life   tne present d
The question comes,      •    '      ' """"   Fa,'m LanC,S 3nd ToW"
l your work In
that we may help to
ming of the Kingdom .WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, endekby, b. c.
d Savtour Jesus Christ > Arent - il it renmini .nd L...
For Fruit Lands,
Property call and se
Tht Shtrwln-Wllliamt
Family Paint i, made particularly ti> lighten house-cleaning
It ia an oil paint and can bo
wash, dand scrubbed. It brushes easily—doesn't draj; or
dre you to apply it; the girls
(.in put it on. Made in 94
j-ooil colors. Use il tltis
year on your cupboard!
pantry Bhelvea, base loanl-
etc, ami you'll have les
work next year,
Get color cards — they
tell more about I'm
■  ■
-ind social life
Km ant object li
Theacc*ptanee«f J- .     • I
Saviour, th*scant*•■- .
- s buslnett and
;ving tf th* life etema!   Tl
no life eternal after death
• d now.   Un u
2 Cor. iv 18, Taking this for his
Mi Venibles sermonlted
rrver.tng on the Instability of
things of mm as against the stability oi
things that are of Cod, God'a purpost
1, Ural that we should know Him. inc
secondly thit we should know ourselve.-
Unlets we know :ur own wanu we can
- death w« t til nmr »FP'*a-»<« *• value of having
them supplied.   When 1 man k   1
ss 1 own weaknesses, his own leaning]
•o sin, he will never be a htdg*
taken by Rev. Mr. Robert »t •»*«.   Ther* u nothing a: hai
•larrict   ihe Mi     - '"-1 ifdg'"* ini ^nttciaurig of 1
.. n aetieni of oil
Th* sceptic refutes to btutt
God will ptintih ut hereafter for :   ,
K. I'. Biatllrv. I'.ii(lfil)\   I l.inlwai-' M'-nhaul
1 quality ol
With large hopet tt
-   • ■' I • the g
tv*r*ne*d by >ii
and nature ta tee that God; :-    .
are the tame in both.   In
lite we hav* to fight against advert'
circumstance* tt tttain tueoea. and ii
th* asm* way. in order to g-
The P!. • Co.. ol London. Erie;..
Th. L ind .'.iob. In.ur.nc. C:
Th. PK '   . ci Brooaiyi   N
Th. Cu.rdi.n Aasur.ito. Co..
The Conf.dlr.tlon Lit. Assuranc. Co.. ol T. ■    I
art   *. teid.nl I11aurar.ce Co.. oi Toronto
SPECIAL   A SNAP—4 lots. 60x120, In the centre of town.
■or onlv S440	
Cure Constipation <% c
Masonic Building Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
R. R. Burns.
luminum w are
...  , lite iwrtattai : *'tth
ona^nwvemtnthu lis* diffieulti**, No more u required of ut This Is the finest material In the world for cooking utensils: It
b»in»iR» abint a t rut  «t *nh«r state thin w* ar* able t: fui-      , „.,. ., , ____,
1JS. W. m 2- «* ** m Uf* kttt and m th, future mak" 5hem M "8ht' s0 8erv,«able and al*ays s0 brt8ht an J
. ttate ar* not m«r«iy thtngt to b* ac clean.   First cast Is some greater than agate ware, but there is
by ef!-.n   li t*nd no comparison In the service rendered,   Pretty Table Pieces:
now w» iiit w   .  .KttCjeJ ,(,,. tiain tome _ ..     . _ -.  .        -        _    ,    -        ,, ,j      ..„..
The rrtt butiai JJjpst it »s much -nan Salt and Pepper Shakers. Sugar Bowls. Spoon Holders. Milk
:' Pitchers, etc.   Also everything to cook In.   Call and see them.
JAS. BOWES. Proprietor.
are c
ana. M\h "Jiff. B
Mil make > 5ur stay In
■ -njoy-
able.  The a:^
•j at the Laths: is Jim s characteristic
■ •
■"   .:   1 ■ : ">
,'     -.-.■--
NX. J. Armsirong, Manager, Armsirong. B. C.
A   Lar,.  L,l<
Would U ?
• .
■   '
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rnandit thi  :-•- '.'nearly the whs*
. -    -■ th* oflertngt .
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-il eat* frsw
the pott, and here, M
- - •  •-   • •
iosS per
si any man of the L|ke a |,;e msurance p3||Cy providing for the payment of from
51.000 lo $100,000 to your wife If you die within 20 years, and
_!_*     ** tai ••>■>" P" I've 20 years guarantees more to you in cash than
'  ' "   " you have paid on It?      Your answer is very likely lobe. "Yes.
* but li can't be done."    On receipt of your name. age. and
The  Assets of
. will convince you
he beam* awar* ol hit fs% and then addreM w M prave ,0 y3U ,ha, „ can,
IK Mutual Life of Canada   : $7,000,000
M* lives a frugal.abaem.      _-..„,,_
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
.■   So
.earn 1
■ -.;•,-■
',   •■    f-,
■ •
. v,A he attribute hu old age
1 belier, in drug..   He had
•:-.•;    -      ' .'    .;     ■   .-
\.<t R<.„m Far All
-        ■
in* a
: {uti.fiii «*•
.  ..rnment which waited
Pi -.e far bsth male
. and Jsmale students.   Gives a
-ipleie and first-class C:m
nercial Course.    Oilers a lull
•    -
Beautify Home
-r-somanypretty, jrna-nentaland
useful things for the parlor, sitting room, dining
•   m and kitchen, new In stock.  A beautiful se-
f pot 1  jrns—just the thing tc be ,•    1
as a present :•■    wife— * a friend.   Seethem
ish you lo remember that we have the agency for
Mason Risch Plan:*   Terms and prices on application.
Jas. C. English, "^Kuw,
-   ;
'if a • .a2
U Xrt-   ■ ""'_»*rJ"
cal  and lni.ru>
in  Arts.   Law.
ing.   etc..
ludent ihrau«h Wnen y°u *anl in>ihint,n !he ,,ne
., ,v? bT <W Belts. Coats, etc.. do not overlook
"Tn   aWliailon   wiih fo/JheJh_,«__lIh.alhumers need
of tire arms, ammunition
our stock    Headquarters
Step in: we can give you
I J Mil
some gun bargains
Wm* Hancock, Enderby
Isn't there something you would like to have in the printing
7/e can give satisfaction a- ll


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