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The Edenograph 1904-12-07

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Volume I.   Numbi-r 30.
Price, $2 a Year
ni(ja automatically into 16-Inch lengths.' Plant lhant In a box ol earth anyway.
Two 125-h.p. engines drive all Ihe i and have some bloom In the winter."
machinery in the train building and! Thanks! We are going lo have some
the planer shed. In the latter will he'bloom i! we have to pull the flipper
Installed a heavy planer, a moulding flapper out of Ihe grlpper grabber, and
sticker, a lightning fast-leed lloorlng j throw the rocker arm around our big
machine and a re-saw. The steam presses' plallen ear, and gel Into lhe
power Is lo be furnished (rom a battery, throw off saddle wllh our feet on the
ol three  125-h.p. boilers,    The saw rocker lock !
Slurp.i hy (return from:
Emlcrtiy.      7.921) Ion.
Ai ui.ti.nit    b.180 Ion.
\ . < ti.,11. -   4.497 ion*
Ktflowna,      3,891 Ion.
Other poiats,   .'i-a ion.
Total.   W.Tbl ton.
To IncreaM tlur Output,
New G
cw Vjovernor-Uentrral
Earl Grey, who succeeds the Earl of
Mlnto as Governor-Oeneral of Canada,
Is on his way to Canada, accompanied
A. M. Baird has sold a hall Interest jby lh, Comtiit ,h„r ,„„ daughter5
and planing mills will be equipped wllh
! reluse conveyors and blowers,
G«o. Doylo became unconscious
shortly alter being removed lo Ihe Vernon hospital last Wednesday, and on
Thursday night his llle was despaired "> Ih* Enderby Brick Yard to R, R. I,'^two a]iti4t.eUuf.
of.   Saturday morning he rallied, and Cibbs, of Kelawna.   It Is the Intention I
'has sine* continued to Improve.   In ol the llrm to largely Increase Ihe ca-'    Wlti. J. Twill, provincial manager
■addition ,o having his i.g broken, th, P*c..y o. lhe yard, and Mm*M^g*^*am*
I concussion brought on hemorrhage j| output will be three times that ot tho j mQst _uc:ce!ts(ul ,rlp through the south
j Ihe brain. past season, and tha llrm will reach j end of Ihe Valley,
j   H. W, Hlrv.y slues Ihu th* lor- ***** <>>« Ok.nig.„ Valley lor busl-;    Qr ^ - h„ fmi ^ an ^
tuition ol th* coal company is pro- nesi' In the Bell Block.
We can Flower if wa Want To.  |    For Sale.    16 and 20 Inch stove
wood.     Guaranteed sound and  dry.
Our nursery friend, M. J. Heniy,
grossing favorably, and will soon be in
position to procted with th* development on i larger scale.   At th* mine
Work on th* skating rink Is well driven on lu
under way.
J. L. Harwell hu taken u.hUrul
workings Indications, ir* proving satis- writes us: "lam mailing you a small
factory. Th* coal team increases in | parcel of bulbs to plant on thai land
width and solidity ai th* tunnel Is, your kickers claim you have not got,
Prices reasonable.   Apply.
Stepney Ranch.
For Sale- Row boat. In good condition, cheap.   Apply:  Edenockaph.
The dtath occurred at th* City Hot
pml Vemon. on Wednesday. Nov. 30th.'
dtiKe on his larm near Enderby. 6, Mon„, Sju   ^^ o|   Rmw;
J. C. Metetlf* it maklnj raam fir Wicksrshim ot Sumy, and gnndsom
Santa Claus,   You will find htm In his a Mr, Smith d Clowdal*.  Th* d«-|
Iran boa. cased wat 22 yean ol age   Death:
Mr. and Mrs. Ceo, Williamson, of waa caused by rheumatism af ihe heart.
New Denver, passed through to Ver- from which Mr. Siss hid lutleredfar
nsn thli morning, several yeara. and with which he wat
In Janet u misled in his contract M'« ««*« '°w monthibefore th* end
work by his brother, who imvei thu came.
week (rom ihe East Shillord Brat, of Vernon ind Pair-
Mlu Cud* Biker, of Vtman. U view, general merchants, hav* man-
spending i lew days with Mrs, F. aged to linince the Ellis ranch deal.
Pyman. ot out Eden. and the lind wdl now be subdivided ■
Mrs Can. and Mr*. Parker enter- Th* amount mentioned in eunnsciian
tamed a parly ot yaung men at their *"« «•*• <**»< »» J400.000.ol which'
ham* lui Wadnudiy evening. S300.000 u lar th* land and $100,000
Th* diets mikmg pirlart al the En- ,8f *•I,oek   Th* MmP"^,» *•"<* I
derby Trading Company ir*ih*buti<*i ,h* E,,u *****!»•_•*_*!!? U'
.enter of industry in lhe Bell black. ***»* ■» lmm'   n* Mn'
The Udiet' Mutton Study Circle
will meet Thursdty ifiemoan it 3
o'clock, it th* horn* ot Mr*. Geo B*D
A. Todd hit called a meeting otlh*
members oi lh* Curling Club, n Thi
Ewwootum ot(K« lar Frtdiy evening
il 8 o'clock.
holder* will compute butlnut men
fram every pert of Canada, fram lh*
Atlantic ta th* Paeilic.
11.. Ne*.  Mill II KsnlooiM.
Buuneu Ii quid ll th* head ctltc*
ol th* Kamlaapi Lumber Company, it
Endwby.   Th* Endetby mill u cloud
R.P Bradley hu * Urge slock ol ^ |of „„ ^^   n^^eo..
KMe-mpi iha. tn graoimaytut WW.M, „ >„,„..., f..„. .„,.,.
Enderby parlor before th* world u a tltmnm.aaim ahlppii« a lew ear- j
momh older. j^j, MCo ^^
When cutting comes the bays and Sine* lhe lire which destroyed lhe'
giils d Endtrby will Imd th* iwtlitst mtll at Kimloopt. owned by lh* com-!
sleds al J. C.  English'!.   H* Mil. aany, tome llineiga, negotiations have
asaps ihe runnel! been going on between the Lumber
Twenty men went io th* lumber Co, and the city council oi KamJoopa
camp* ihu week    Andy Fatktter has towards tht securing ol a tile lor the
started another camp about aeven mile* (rccnonot a modem mill io replace
up the Mabht Lake valley. lh* oM one   These negatiinont ic '
L. W. PUiten tt caDtng for i*nd*rt stilled in thectiyiecunnglsr lh* earn-!
lor digging 190 radt ot imgatlan ditch, pany lhe ttreshare rtghu owned by the
plant and 9*efflcaUeni can be seen ai Sntuwap Mining Co. which wiB alia*
hit retidenc*. Ctafton Farm. ample liciliiiet lor iht beit«r handling
A M Biirdl*lllorWal«lao.Ont.. •"*« ttftma «*"■ **«*«•
lui Wednesday (vcntng lo attend Ihe ***** ** *"« '•* lhe new mill u on i
annual coiitentisnotth* Brick Maker. *« *outh aide ol llriCPR. track.
AuocuttanolCanada.   H. win spend »**■«» T»mtt*»al iheoHieluse
conveyor    Tht lags Ut Iht river will
ItLtoionhu lh. contract lo. *« ,0 *"*?L*,m
ot I and has        buildir*!. * dttlince al ISO leet,
e'h'r* by*(*Al.dd«.pU£ed In . subway
under Ihe railway tracks.
The mid will in (very respect be
near, ind will be luBy equipped wllh all
MtssGimelt has atienged ta pUce fc ma, ^^ bb0Mwm| tvfM.
painting Ihe Endetby Hotel and has
ihe work nil in hand
sen, hu sign wilier, went la Armstrong
last week la da same work thete.
her bread on sale at Ihe Endetby Trad-
antes.   It It estimated lhat the plans
ingCo.-tslate.    She wanu ll lobe tn4eWMW »,■ invattr* in eapen
underslcsd Ittst sh; uses nslfiingbul dnur, st 17S.09D   The capacity a! Ihe
Knderby flout, and het bread speaks it* m|„ ^ ,„,, „m w„ u Km.
own worth. OOOinnually.
H W. Wtighl and Geo   R  Slurp* According la C EKendaMheCom-'
have furdm-d of Wm   Hancsck ihe pan, s csnsttuctlt** milhrHghl. the mill
•. ol hatneia rrr-t har4led here. bojMjftg _ ia be   136*30  le-l.  Ihe
Evetylhing U bUck but Ihe m and ^^ o^ jOrtO leet. and Iht ballet
? ve I very ttyteh appeannse in haute 34«S0 leel.   The W*te»*us Eh
theit natural lUtth, guw Cs. ol Branfford, will sifc-tr the
Orchard U Crawford ate finishing michirrety. consisting ol a double cut-
the interior ot the handsome residence ting hands**, steam roller, steam
ol F H Hale This is Ihe lirst linished niggef. sutimttii: lumber transfers.Ihd
|ob of psintihg that has bran doM an i slash table This list Is a recent dean/ residence tn Endetby. and Itom vice, hiring 16 MWI Irt culling edge-
Our Jerk-Water Road
Commencing Monday, the C. P. R. Instituted Its
regular winter jerkwater service over the Okanagan branch, from Sicamous to Okanagan Lake.
And It Is a jerk-water service, equal, Indeed, to the
best lhat ever ran out of Jerk Water to carry loose
hay to the cattle down al Podunk. Trains are
run up the Valley every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, and down every Tuesday. Thursday and
Saturday. The engineer oarttta tliu tlnic-teble l.i
his pocket. When you start south you can (eel
reasonably certain that you will reach your destination before the rails rust over, and ll you start
north you will reach It in lime to start back.
This Jerk-water service Is said to be necessary
because the Okanagan Valley is so poor lhat It
cannot support a better service. The C. P. R
officials tell us so. and they wouldn't He. According to actual count, the average number of cars
moved each way dally Is five freights, a passenger
coach and an exprees This Is the average lor
the year. The run from Sicamous to Okanagan
Lake Is about 50 miles, tn that distance there
are the towns ol Endetby. Armsirong and Vernon,
and smaller settlements. The aggregate population ol these towns Is 2.003. The whole Valley
Irom Mara south is settled by farmers and fruit
growers, On Okanagan Lake are lhe towns of
Relowna, Summerland, Peachland. Okanagtn
Mission. Pemlcton. and the various settlements
along Its shores. The population ol the whole
Valley numbers upwards ol 3.000, Everything
that Is used by man or beast and has to be brought
In from the main line, and lhe emlre product of the
Valley, has to be carried over this short piece of
road.   And yet we are told lhat It does not pay!
Four of these towns have newspapers, and all ol
them have important manufacturing industries
All are dependent on the C. P. R. lor freight, express and mall. Three months In the year the
company retards business and puis the whole Val
ley to the Inconvenience of a in weekly service.
This we are told is necessary to keep down the
annual deficit in operating the road. This we
know Is a lie
The railway company has an iron grip on the
Valley, and is using It Under the contract entered into by the government with the company.
Ihe C P. R is privileged I) .;lve us the jerk water
service. But the injustice I the thing should
cause every man in lhe Okanagan to get up in his
indignation, and do whal he can lo indue the gov
emmenl to persuade the ral >.ay company lo give
us a daily service through H the year We are
mnny hammers l! ve sit i .pmcly by and see the
growth of the Valley, and Its business, retarded by
this jerk water schedule
lithe matter were prop-fly presented to the
postofflce depatment. we b leve the justice of the
demand would be recognls ; at once, and some
effort made lo give us a dally service It Is
nol a small mailer lo depn 2.000 or 3.000 peo
pie ol the dally mall But mill <ve do something
In our o*n behalf, we neea not expect the govern
ment to take the matter up
T. Pound has about completed a
dwelling house on his preemption, al
Mr. Baird has been up against hard
luck for a week or so, In a severe attack ol eczema. We are glad to see
him about again.
Mr. Geo. Parkinson has been bringing In his slock Irom the ranges; they
are a goodly lot, and an evidence ol
prosperity In lhat line.
We should say Enderby Hour was
being well advertised In this district!
, We saw not long ago a pair ol bloom
ers hanging on a clothes' line, wllh
"Model's Best" across the big part in
; good broad letters.
Charles Crane and wile, from Van-
i couver, have been visiting their mother
; at Deer Park dairy farm, and renewing
old acquaintances. Charley has taken
' on quite aldermanlc proportions since
we saw him last.
Alter listening to the very able discourse of the Rev Marshall, at the
school house on Sunday altemoon. your
Hullcar Owl. In consultation with olheia
of this district, were wondering whal
Mr. Steele wat going to do with such
a nice little cottage with live roams
lor only one min. tl was decided lhat
th* best and only thing lo be don* at
piesent wu lo keep on wondering, until Mr. aieeie siiisiiu our curiosity.
If inybady Interested In hull growing1
would |usl piy • villi to Win. Hiy
hum's neat lull* ranch. lh*y would
receive much viluible instruction, ind
see the lounditlon ol an industry equal
to in inter**! in the Enderby coil
mine. Much credit la due Mr. Hay
hurst, particularly when we consider
that nearly all of hit yaung stock u of
hu own growing. And while pissing
|ust give Mr. Plitten a call, and set
whal good judgment and a ttttl* money
u doing (or his partton of the Cnlton
The linnets lie finishing plowing
and gelling tt-ady lar winter
Wm, Dilymple u visiting hU uncle
it Silver Creek, ind intends lo locate
in the Valley.
Mr Mittln ol Carman, Man. ar
rived heie last Wednesday wiih hu
family, and ia moving uito the Mclntyie
u. -
The settlers alsng lh* line through
lections ll ind 14, East af here, are
culling out a raid iking the line whet*
lh* Government wu petitioned to
grant list spring
The Ladles' Aid ire prepating' ' a
Xmas tie* in th- I rMDlierWl chut h.
with a cutcert It th* Sunt-
clulji-: th* MethodttU lie also
ptepatcitg far one m the Valley church,
and i nietry lime li etpecled
Great ii Our Canada
Before in ludience of ov>
persons. ViCePtesidenl elec*
Ftlrbinks.   ol   Ind ani. defined the
standing of Ihe Republici!,
Ihr- tarilt question it Ihe binqu*!  ' Ihl
Home Mirkel Club, il Boston last
w-ek    A      ,- Ihl    thet ,
Dr. W H, Montague, ol Tot
Dr Montague said lhat II
ment of the Canadians Is tot Car,) da
first, last and all the time II- then
»«n! Ml to discuss the ,•
ol ptotectloft in Canada He said that
the Dominion In lh* patt years of Its
etlslence had (tied III    I
from reciprocity(: In '
All these hare been dripyd m ti»:t
protection was firmly established, the
country has seen more prosperity than
ever belore. The speaker pointed out
th..i '. i..v ih-1 li.-r ,! Canada :.. t
allow to come in Iree all the necessities
ol lile, but to maintain and protect Its
own industries against ihe world.
"I come here to tell you." continued Dr. Montague, "that no government could exist in Canada that does
not maintain the system ol protection
ol Canada's industry."
Dr. Montague then took up the sub
ject of reciprocity between Canada and
the United States the matter upm
which those present were chiefly interested to hear his views. Dr. Montigua
slid: "We have tried II striata timet
to secure i reciprocity treaty, and
these attempu (ailed Now the conditions have changed The United
States la developing th* great lieldi ol
th* west, ind ycu hive i large interest
In the agricultural world. Canada is
making manufacturing product! tar her
own people, and u tryiig tut lo.' i
greit miiket outnle In Clftllt
is no party and no palincii i •
agititing lor reciprocity, ind thtre it
no greit demand for it,"
Mt Long said  "So broad u h t
domnn. so spirited is her Indus ml ml
every other growth, to iwiftly ip-tng n;
to her opportunity, potentially to cl„» i
and powirlul a It end  whehir tht
remain a mighty patt ol mlgh'y Imp*
1 ml Oreat Dnialtt. whether the va-tii
j alone, or whether the |aiti h*r f jetu t*.
wllh ojn -Canada'! gf»st aaVaMtla
u-. and we give her iht gal hait
' • ia' lh* border thit liter alt It fit
a ■ ttitii'tir, line   W« already htv.i
■he reapM-City at <
.. respect and of mutual can-
tciousmti«! our common ubugitisu
lor ih* welfare of iht caninem af
which w* two tie ia Urge a pitt  A I
whenever ind wherever, by mar* Its-
•ral trad* rotations, and by mutual
give-and-uk* tiriH concessions which
thai not Impair th* general industrial
and commercial tmeteiu at either tide.
these general interest! em be can-
served and prompted, we ate lot reel-
pracily in that respect abn '
The leathered kind did torn* pretty
pod work on Friday, al New Weal,
minster, and around lh* crates ol birds
there was always a crowd The elder,
wiser and laugher farli seemed Is be
■ ■
So It  17.30 p»i  dsMR.    Binders,
though hst ta plentiful *i then «W»»
tr      lit!'   and Ihe sale tteldr
ThequOUIIam lot ducks we*- '•
<      • iSSOperdaten
••'til trade were |usl
- same it on the *•**>;>**
Pi :>., Th* price wat Ssc indsOs
In the wtidtaale tats there
wis not so llwrJi business d. >rsg. and
and heie thete wat a slight t>
lhe daudi tli* general run in cat*
Us trough! in .
ind glad la get il Bullet «_ i steady
factor, and n-.lh ng slatting tt to b*
.    -rat j&C per lb ••gtset tu.
The nega-sl I lib'es were all doing
a land ollice I
he'e had Ml I lp <# With lh*
detmnd *ltt the maiM managed I:
get well tutted . • a little
lively ind eeri :■ , . ■ tits U
JtS pet ton C*ir:U wer.t at the leg
ular SOc pet sack beeu il ?Sc and
onisns it the old li SO Turnip*and
cabtne btrught MC pel sac* .
mingslds bamtd up it tt per ton THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., DECEMBER 7, 1904
First Year
- lhe
,r Enderby. B.C.
, li,
PabliaheJea.-h Wedtlel
Ihe EJen ot I
Subscript.     12 ■ ■ - ■ I ■ sis months. 5 >c
three montl -    i'y
ng rates   II ti   Inch per mould
, ■ raiaa anon.   Legal
advertising ritc^ and Se » line-
Dear Fr - iv ut t"1" Thi Enni
,    , teat ''"d twii----
rum wllh you best thought! Inyoul
hand anddi ind a hearing, it you have
an idea, have it printed. Don't wall lot a
■ iitei    ■■    A :lresa—
Enderby, F C.
Purl up ' SlanJ up '. Look up !
Only dead thing, are laid kcnealk
to    Lite eomt Irccm abcavc-
Two Farmers' Institute lecturers
war* --cently Hiking over the possibilities of the Okinigin Valley, especially in ihe branches of agriculture.
in which tht-y are particularly interested
"There It |ust one drawback lo farming
in this Valley." slid one. "ind I leir
It is on* thit li going to hold th* section bick for some years yet It ts
this: nature has provided such fertile
sail, and the climatic conditions produce such pralilic craps with so lull*
effort on tho part of man. thit the
firmer! become Uty "
There Is more truth thin tickle In
whit this protestor his said    No sec-
Unidl oilers such ; jsrtumlies
as the Okanagan to men whs know how
■nd a-     ' afraid to work,
And yet, nd nctlon shawi so little id-
vincement for IU yens of settlement.
Thirty years ago th* pioneers came
Into th* Valley   Since then others
have lollowed year alter year, taking
up th* choicest pieces ef Und ivnUble
and building thereon snug little hame*
.   ; itch has brret. cleared   aul-
•fford them a camfaruU*
.    ind there  deveii?ment   his
;rop Uiluc   hav* beenun
known, ind, aa no efisti was;
either lo produce lhe stull cr find a
market for it. lh* early sett
religiously avoided eiettisn. until, like
an unused muscle, the spirit la da things
has Inst ;ts grip en them and they
cauld not, it they would, break away
- eld ord«r of things.
The past few tenons men af new
blood have came into th* Valley, ind
their number is being lugmemed each
'rfiduilly the old Mtt
. jctd to tm with much at th*
Und they ire not using   Thit is being
cleared and put into craps and fruit
trees, and thui '
CeiVing l baast forwird.   These new
luclng sthen to earn*.
ind ultimitely the aid timert will hive
littgi and will retire to
. » ind pleasure tn Ihe
■»r farms.
Then a
•    A belter
numbers that and ar*
mtry    On tail
•■ •
■ ■
- •
.     coil -
Harv •
■   .        .
■-•/ will m
nnly -• -.h lhamul*i
■ i ,-apilal ol al leu .t
and Ihis company  will
mini   " nn large a scale as
Will  :  rmil.     Other   com:
come   lor one mining optrr.,
li ther   and ii need not su
i In less than a year .
.r,;- proportions Is open-, up close
There are those, It Is Irut >ho an
see nothing but ruin In si " lor th*
c ■inpiny. and scoll at the I: , ol coal
being found on ground that
been over nines without nu
cvc-rv . ha. had il
and Endetby need not expect
Every sign li in evil omen io Mister
Pesslmbt He sits about ind croaks,
and the frog chorus chimes in.
ll Is Just possible, ol course, lhat the
coal body may not be found to be large
en.ugh to pay to i rk. Every indlca
tlon Is favorable for the finding of a big
bed of ft. But whether coal is found
in large enough quantities or not. Mr
Harvey and friends deserve the hearty
support of every Okanagamte They
are risking their money to demonstrate
thai w« hav* something that will be a
boon to all.
.e any-
ii field
hey have
11   But
r.-r "
many as were carried by lhe sleaiu-
Idriven railways. As lor telephone*.
Canada has one lor every 65 persons
an astonishing figure u'hen we think ol
the scallered character ol Ihe population; Ihe United Slales has one In -10.
British Columbli hai nn* telephone
lor every 31 people, Mr, George
Johnson, lh* Cinidim itatisticnn,
presents tome remirkiNe figures in
Cissiir'i migitine in proof of Cinidi'i
electrical progress. He ihows thai
Csnsds outstrips ihe United Sines in
the miner ol telegraph wire mileage,
her lml per million inhibmnis it IB,-
250, and that of Ih* United Sutas 13,-
000, Cimdi't ineuige record in
1903 was 5.313.800. or one message
per min, woman and child Canada'!
electric railways carried 167.000.000
passengers in 1903. ar about 31 times
the papulation: the United States lines
carried between 5.000,000.000 and 6 ■
000.000.000. ar about 65 timet at
The Vernon news says: "Enderby
advertises houses to let, while Vernon |
Is turning people away every week lor
lack ol rentable residences." Which
U evidence lhat the properly owners ol
the Okanagan metropolis are nol look-
in,: ill - the needs of their city, is are
those of Enderby
Lowering the   Lake   1.-..I
The lowering oi ihe level of Okan.,
gan lake It a project which will probably be carried oul during Ihe summer
.-! 1905, or the succeeding suson.
Engineers have been taking levels and
conducting other necessary preliminary
work, and have reported that lhe
scheme is a feasible cne. and can be
iccompllihed it i reasonable cost.
One of the main reasons of this improvement U to relieve the lownol
Kelowna. which is flooded by high
water every spring.   The town is
caled on a rather low portion ol Und.
and ihe spring freshen rait* the level
ot the lake to such i degree lhal
liderabl* tnconvenianc* and diinige is
don*.  To overcome thu. the I
tween Okinigin and Dag lake   .
dtedged, and the level will be
iaur feel ar mare.   Thu river u ot ly
five or ill mil** long, ind il mad*
more navigable will allow smitten to
pass through to Dag Uke and g r*
water transportation to a portion ol tie
dutrlct which will be aaon settled
No. 2 Empire Cream Separator
Pour Dottn Chickens
».-,.   ..«!..   «
With The Owl %
US go tonight lo the old home
and spend an hour with Mother
She's waning there to greet us
I ITT      u only Mother can.   Supper
l_rj_f 1       )5 ever, the dishes are washed.
and Mother has picked up lhe
piece of work laid down when
she was called to the table
Adjusting her glasses she bends
low to see thai ihe stitch is right
tnd proceeds in silence There
is brother and sister, they have
taken up their books to read.
and lay back for a lazy evening
They have had a busy day in
the city office, and want to be
quiet.   Mother has been alone
all day. with nobody about to
talk to  She wants to talk now
e asks a question or i*ro. but receiving a dis
interested grunt for an answer, concludes that
«r and Sister do not wish lo be disturbed
Silently she works on.
A sigh comes from the heart, but she dukes it
back and bends closer to her work. Her thoughts
turn to lhe Son or Daughter out West—you and
me Green fields are tar away. Ss are angelic
daughters and affectionate sons. If you were only
there' The * rd of love, of confidence, that her
dear old ears want hear * > carry fay to her lone-
same heart, * uld not then be withheld. Her
Mother Love ignores di?»nce and starts out upon
space like » " ni ra be picked up by the
sympathetic ■ est tuned in harmony
vith hers.    Into the hills through the lumber
a-      mi the village streets, and in;
the heights and depths of the city's dives ol man
ss. lhe vit ratln       e from the signal to*er
ol Mother's heart fills here and ihere   She call
and signals far the boy and girl away irom home,
ants to gel in touch nth the one who can
bring joy to her 1 nelyl  in    Perhaps thai
is you'
See' The*e she si's, lonely, and listening with
the ears o! the heat;. -afs so delicate that the
faintc Ing     m , m will be
recoi irtofhf trts     There is some
thlctg ss tender in Mather's love. I '!,ing lhat is
ii mc There isn't a manly man that
breathes tt/ho daes not 'eel tt.—and honor II Just
no*/.. touch! Every though; • her 'lies
home' ll b*iri?s | ;y to her heart and enn bles you.
and. thinr of It" All ll costs is a though' —;us! a
The great ivoril <>f iuoomi li lyintf
bv a iifht t'trif mill milling to your li 11 lu I
itore, never siii'milng mote ttmti you
make, nml being atrlotlytuonontlcflli    i
Kail* prlilf is nn i< nor muds ubktuvle.
I knou young men in New York who
would nut carry n trunk along fifth
avenue fnr all ilie frontage they L'ou'.tl
paa* lu't'ituv tbey would be afraid
lhat they might meet aonia girl they
Another nrlnetpla I have constantly
obvynl li "builneaa befor* pleaiure."
Tliefbnneeiarr ngoa to-da) at the)
wen they are even better Imt I dc
mu think that tl'" life of one whohni
■cou ' ui it I'll ii lititn'ri d mi'"' 't« it ore
or ia. la in iif sail l»i;t ring It
.ii// ei it ben lilrfra the itrugg Ing
youth It Mi-i> Implre bltn for a time
imt thai Iniptratlon aoon Metro uiT.
Appreciate the value of tcyday.That'i
iu,\ nititf to young tiii'ti. It I i. in ti
my rule thrimifh Hfi I nm nearlugtbe
tvnlnrj murk now—not lo Nmk forward, fnr th> fniuri'Ua blank. To*doy
U tht* nil-ill |i Ti.tnt laiue. I hnw>
never gone agalnvi 'In* tide nor worried
while m> icheuiea were maiiirlmt, A
farmer aowa « rla*l*l nf wheat, To
worry over It would merely lapblaen*
•Tg). Thr wlit-iti miuiw. hi* atteu-
tlon at lhe liArvrtt,
In my mercantile life I hav* ■-■■.-.•.!
tht* man who trrttf" nt hu poet on
lime «ml nnt one minute Ut er, nml »Im
mu .ui tin- minute nml nm nne iec«
tttul Inter ll< dot •> no mure t linn lie linn
tn tlit nml ilnen tint do Ihnt well* Then
then li the linn who arrlvea ahead of
line in.! worita late If need he. He
lake* nn Internal hi hi* Murk nml <■
msloui lo be advanced. I hn»enlwn>»
lived Mithtn my menm ami nlwi\s
itrivtd fttr advancement,
\Mi. -it wataboj on my fnther'nfnrm
n Connecticut 1 worked h«n., utlllit-
log over) mornenl* fnr there wat |tlen-
Hut If I had ntt> t>|uire lime
1 alt.) chorea fttr th* iteighimr* t never
tfiantrd fttr wn>ihinir I nritlnl! I nl-
naii gut it    Hut many i*ti> think**
".i    !.t   mil   m-*.'     vYtten   I   Hettt   t»
\rU York In IM I bad qttlte -t lumol
unmet., the retotl ' my ■nMtiifn, jmli-
ctooa Invettmeati ind utile tradittg*.
about the ti _-.'- rhood
PUtontea A frttodaWp with a
ihrii. nf •«<*' in tt. Imt tit which lhe
ihrtll In hevtr aj;«*ril l« tttke OMB
plele poaafMloa
Tnet     \tt nriieir ntM<*h  neetletl  In
■tielrlV      Knit tut iMVanMUWllv     Mi    tin
poaM "i"it nf clever wntiteii. mrri* dla
i..i.teat in men. nmt miieh acorned tiy
thr itupM and til bred    N   Y   Ob
Henry W. Harvey
General Merchant,   Enderby, B.C.
Christmas Goods!!
v   We have just placed on our shelves a mammoth
*•*   stock ol goods especially seasonable.    Holiday
»'-  , Groceries, Christmas Toys, Holiday Dress Goods,
'v Silks, Ties, Handkerchiefs and Collars.   Ladles:
. Our stock of Corsets was never so complete.   All
sizes and prices.   Don't think ol sending out lor anything,
can suit you In anything (or Christmas.   And quite as reasonably.   Select now, and avoid the rush o( Christmas week.
The stock in the several departments Is large, varied and new
Crecerlei an* ProvUiona
All linos ol Staple and Fan.-y Ctocrlea,
Cannod Fruita. Vegetables. Meals and Fish.
Agents lot Ram Lais, the beat and most
popular Tea on the matliel Hams. Bason
and Dairy Produce.   Flour and Meals.
Staple an* t amy Dry Cool.
Lidles' Dress Goods. Blouses, Trtmmlnp
etc., Iilatikets. Sheetlnc. Curtains. Lidles'
and Children's Undetweat.
Mining S«||liei
Tents. Camp Stoves ind Fittings. Picas
and Shovels. Stumping Powder. Fuse ind
Caps. Arms and Ammunition. Rubber Boots.
Blacksmith Coil.
CloLliing in* Cent.' Furnishing.
Men's and Boy's Clothing. Hosiery.
Shirts. Collars. Ties and Underwear. Hats
and Caps, Boots and Shoes.
Heuw Furniikingi
Glassware. Chlnawate. Tin and Enimelled
Ware. Wooden Wate. Cullerr. etc.
Farm an* Garden Kreuiuirt
Agrtculluril Impleinenta. Wi|ons. Hay
.,. I i-'rn.T Wite. Hatvest Tool., Garden
Tools. Garden ind Field Seeds.
Sporting Ceoet
Rlllea and Shot Guns, Ammunition.
Rubber Boots. Fishing Tickle Pipes and
Thirty years experience In Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
Into the camps and the Interior
umber l,j°
"Is this Pyman's ?"
"Hello! what anilmuglan Is
this talking?"
"I'm Santa Claus. Have
you got anything lor Christmas?'
"Everything! Watches and
watch chains, lockets, pins,
manicure sets, gold pens—anything and everything you want
for jewelery presents. Santa "
"Allrtght' Tell my friends
to make their selections. I'll
be around. And. say. Francis,
I want you to be ready to fix
my watch when I call. Can't
have Ihe job well done here."
"Yes. sir; well do il while
v u »/aii—if It Isn't too far gone.
Good-bye! Oh, I say. Santa;
don't forget my stock ol rings
and broaches, and silver blouse
r the ladles."
"Indeed. I won't. Good-bye I"
F. Pyman
Jeweler faV
Expert WaLch Repairer
Kamloops Lumb
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby Capacity 25.000.001
leet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application.      Address—
BwUrty, It C.
Can'l find anything better
That ls the opinion of men who are expert Iruli growers an i
have gone over this tract of land. It Is right In the town: : few
minutes' walk from the Postofflce. Land Is continually raisin,
in value We have sold a number ol these blocks, but have a
few choice building sites left. You won't fi.id lots of betier
value. The town will continue to progress; It has only fairly
started. Property will continue to Increase in value: building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today. Your best
opportunity Is NOW.   Price of Lots, et IA *- C *J(\
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, *****-
Some Property Bargains
One hundred acres of first-class Fruit Land. 15 minutes
walk (rom the Post-Office at Enderby Will be sold In one
block, or cut up into smaller blocks to suit purchaser. Good
House on the property; outbuildings and fruit orchard.
Alto a fine 320acre property three and a hall nulet south of Enderby on the
miinroid.   Well watered.   Can be divided Into two farmtof loOlcret each
ll required.   Price at a whole, JlO an acre.    Thlt It the cheapen property in
the Valley.
Apply 10— 0  ALERS HANKEY. Vemon. B. C
  H W HARVEY. Enderby. B. C
Receipt Books
Letter Heads. Bill Heads. Envelopes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes, Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything that can be printed—quickly done at this office.   Esii-
ls your rtcaltii
In-iircd ?
An accident policy cover
int! sickness as well, will ma!es cheerfully furnished an every class af Book and Job
provide far you.    Get It of Printing
LO.L.N0. 446
]Meet.the isiini.'-i F- ht)    ••
«• - 90 p. m.
VHflif br*thr*i ■•
, ..   . | Runt.   >   h ;
Trie EtWapr,, DSiIL'ttl"ii±.aW„. $2f
YEAN /. ■■>
First Yeap
Good Morning !    Have You    Jg|
Been Bamboozled ? Ks|
An astonishing shrub Is the bamboozle bush, as it
grows In the summer-time weather;
For Its fruit starts to ripen as soon as the spring
has escaped (rom her worrisome tether.
And from then until late autumn there fall from its
boughs such a crop 'tis amazing to see-
Let us stand (or a while where the things may be
seen as they drop from the bamboozle tree.
There's the iceman who comes with his bamboozle
weight, and the fizz-man bamboozling the kid
By supplying him soda that's half an Inch deep
'neath a seven-Inch, bubble-formed Ild;
There's Santa Claus, too, with his gewgaws and
glitter, bamboozling a lot such as we—
1 These are only a few of the fruits that are borne
by this wonderful bamboozle tree.
There's the shrewd summer boarder bamboozling
the man who is rural In tastes and In training,
By becoming Indebted a hundred or more and from
needful remittance refraining;
There's the Reuben who knows vastly more than
you'd think and who captures the sharper—
for he
Has a use of his own that he makes of the fruit
that is shed by the bamboozle tree.
There's the smooth politician  who lives on the
dream that he's surely bamboozling the voters
With his gab and his graft, till he finds In the end
he's been badly bamboozled by "floaters;"
There's the weather man sagely bamboozling us
all with his llly-almed guesses, while he.
Safely squats on a limb and dispenses the fruit that
he finds on the bamboozle tree.
So we sit 'neath Ihe boughs ol the bamboozle bush
tha! In all time Nourished madly,
And we gorge on the fruit that descends from Its
limbs, though It nauseates all of us sadly.
There Is scarcely a soul 'neath Its world-shading
lop but Is dally bamboozled—you see
Such an endless assortment of fruitage Is borne
by the versatile bamboozle tree.
—S. W. Glllman. In Leslie's Weekly.
S Met Wist Church
Divine Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday-School and Bible Class. 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting.   -   -   -   Tuesday. 8 p.m.
A hearty welcotre (or ill.
A. E. ROBERTS. Paslor,
Residence: Clill Si., next the Church.
father. He won't care. He
didn't care a bit about that silver dish you won at the euchre
party, and I guess he won't
kick at my keeping a few old
Rule, for Capital anj Labor.
A cold shoulder Is apt to
make a man think more than he
Don't make a beast of burden
of a man—horseflesh Is much
Never hire a man you would
not want to be seen speaking to
In public.
i A look of recognition or a
kind word will do more than a
raise of salary.
II you wish to shine In the
owner's eyes, make your team
and tools shine.
Short hours and good pay net
greater profits than long hours
and small pay. If you want an
extra hour, pay for It.
Never quit work half an hour
early because the boss Is away,
nor shirk when his back Is
turned, for "murder will out."
Don't deceive yourself by
.hlnklng that II you can get an
extra hour's work out of a man
It Is clear gain. Most men will
steal It back twice over when
you turn your back.
Pious   Grilitude.
Anentthe ease with which
some politicians, both Grit and
Tory, Ignore the principles of
their party, yet claim to be loyal
thereto when there are spoils
lo be divided, the following story
from Georgia Is good;
"An old negro down my way
arose at prayer meeting one
night and delivered himself
thus; 'Bredderln an' slsterln,
I'se been a mighty mean nigger
In my time. I'se had er heap
er ups an' downs—'specially
downs—since I jlned de church.
I'se stole chickens an' watah
mllllns. I'se cussed. I'se got
drunk. I'se shot craps. I'se
slashed udder coons wld my
razah. an' I'se done er sight er
udder things, but. thank de good
Lawd, bredderln an' slsterln.
I'se nebber yet los' my religion,' "
Patronise the Industries that patronise Your
We manufacture eleven brands of Flour: Best, Hungarian,
and Premier, Three Star, Drifted Snow, Alplna,
Strong Baker s or XX, Wheat Sheaf. Superfine, Graham, Whole
Wheat. These are all good grades; Moffett's BEST Is unsurpassable. WHEATLETS. the Ideal breakfast food. Is also our
manufacture Try It. All kinds of FEED In wholesale or retail quantities
■le Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
Hot Springs Sanitarium
Tli. Medical Witart ol Halcyon are ihi
moil curative in lhe world. A Mtte.i
natural remedy for ill Nirvoui ind Mtucu-
lu DtuiMi. Liver. Kidney ind Stomach
Atlm.nu. In Bath, never fail la etire
Rheumatism. An atastutefueiantiettven.
For mm. ind particular, apply to
Halcyon Hob Springs
A new Uke. >. C
\ \ Enderby
Furnace Hooted: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush ot business In its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table    Rales: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
__r^=   ^=___^
Under The Olive Tree
Send Till Emmooiiawi u i teller
to the lolki il home
Know this:
The Leading Tonsorlat
Artist ol the Valley,
Is located at Enderby.
He can handle the
razor with the besl of
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule of prices:
Hair Cut. 25c: shave,
15c. singe. 10c; shampoo, 25c; hair tonic. 10c
Patron, will kindly nol* that thu ihop
trill nol open on Sunday.
A. Todd, Hancock Ml. Inlrrly
100.000 Bulbi to arrive
toon from Holland. France
and Japan. Thousands of
Fruit and Ornamental
Tree*. Rhododendront.
Rate*. Greenhouse and
Hardy PliM*. For Fall
Planting: Horn* Grown
and Imported Garden. Field
and Flower Seedt. Alva*! in stock in leason.
Eatlern price* or lea*.
While Labor. Ftrtlllttn,
Bee Hivet ind Supplies
Floral Designs
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
Catalogue Free      M J HENRY.
MIO Weiimlmler Hot*    Vancouver
For Sale!
Farming Land  in Iota to suit purchaser.   Suitable for fruit growing and
dairying.   Apply to—
J. W. McCALLUM. Salmon   Arm.
C.O.F.No 1058
Meets every second ind fourth Thursday in
each month.    Visiting Brethren
cordially invited.
A.W.SHrW.C.r*.  M. H.WOfUHlNStOrl. Sk.
L.O.L No. 446
Meet, ttie l.i and 3rd Friday of each month
ar 7 »    p.m.
Visllln; brethren welcome.
W M   A. fi. Re.MtJ.   Sec . H J. Blumon
Ne.Jlul Rett lar Women.
It Is as cheap to rest half a
day Thursday, says A. M.. In
the St. Louis Word and Works,
as to be sick all day Friday,
and It Is decidedly cheaper to
rest than to pay doctors' bills.
Multitudes ol women drag out'
their lives, never doing their
work easily and pleasantly,
because they are overworked.
Many ,. woman stands when
she might sit down, and keeps
on her (eel, when, If she were
watchful of her opportunities,
she could often take a little rest.
It requires much more muscular strength to stand than it
does to sit down, and more
strength to remain In a sitting
position than It does to lie down.
II weary women would sit when
it Is possible. Instead of standing, and If they would take time
to rest in the middle ol the
week, instead of taking the time
to be sick at the end of the
week, they would doubtless find
themselves able to do more
work in the course of a year,
and do It better and more easily
than they can by their present
Pip.   Won'I   Kick
In a neighboring town there
is a boy whose mother Is bringing him up according to the
most correct Ideas. He came
In the other day with his pockets quite full ol marbles-
glasses, crockles, jaspers and
all the other kinds boys hold
dear. His mother asked where
they all came from.
"I won 'em playing keeps."
answered the boy.
The mother was properly
"Why," said she. "don't you
know it's wrong to play (or
keeps? It's nothing but gambling, and gambling Is wicked
You must give them all back or
I shall speak to your father
about it."
"Oh, that'll be all right, an
swered the  boy.    Speak lo
.■tm h.h. .wu*
Truth is repelling to those who do not seek It.
'Taint no use to stand aloof (rom Llle and say
things about It.
Tls better to accept Life as It Is and make the
besl of ll than to imagine what It isn't and cry
about it.
When we see a man who makes mistakes we
ought to love him the more—It gives us the joy of
putting him straight.
All good bookkeepers have a high respect for a
man of figures, but a man of letters!—trust him
only as far as you could toss Taurus by the tall!
Yes, the man who thinks the kind thing may
sometimes be mistaken, but he will nol be deceived
so often as the man who always thinks the cruel
There are weaknesses In every person and
thing, but there are also sources of strength, and
It Is a foolish thing to center upon one and forget
the other.
A mother once called to her little boy to come
into the house. He replied, "I won't do it!" "Stay
out, then." the mother kindly but firmly relumed
The boy soon came in.
Ten men are ready to point out the "bad signs"
In a coal mine for anything else) where there Is
one to bring out Ihe good—and then ihey wonder
why the country Is so slow to develop!
The spleen in man is (or ihe manufacture of the
red blood corpuscles, as well as their final dlsinte
gratlon. Some men forget Its prime function and
use it only to disintegrate the good In themselves
and others.
Schopenhauer the wee but great German phll
osopher. looked upon llle from its brink He did
nM teally taste It As cne Mandlng on lhe bank
of a turbulent stream, he only imagined Ihe feelings
ol those out upon the water
When another asserts boldly some thought or
truth that you have known b..t (eared to express,
you fling at him charges cf plagiarism, pretense,
bombast, insincerity and fraud, don't you. sweet
hearl ?   And isn't It strange 'hat you do?
ll sometimes so happens "tat a man's enemies
are first to discover him and give him 13 the world
Christ would nol have been crucified if the work
was lelt to such hands as .hose ol Pilate the
coward—and think of what::'. world would have
"As a man thinketh in hi eart. so Is he " That
Is physiologically true. Car I escape It. Think
that you are going to be sick and you will be: think
evil of yourself or another ani you will see It: think
that the world Is against you and ll will be: think
that men are rogues and you will become .like them
Now Is ihe time you need ihem.
Now is Ihe time to buy them—we want to sell.
J. C. Metcalfe
Orchard & Crawford
Enderby. B C
Imitators ol native and foreign woods. ■**«*„_SM__!£ „,._.
ALL  nuKK rlK5'  w**A3S>
TD IT IT C For Spring
1 MV1VO DeBvefy
I am now taking orders tor Fruit Tree Irom the big
Nurseries of Stone k Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of Ihe trees sent oul by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it.
t. A. CHAPPELL. EMarby
Enderoy Brick Yard
Orders taken lor any quantity   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick k stone masonry work contracted
A. M. Baird Enderby
Thai touches the artistic
and keeps house for Economy, will be done at this
olflce—quickly, neatly ani
cheaply. You do nol have
to send your printing out of
town. Anything that can
be done in Torontc tin
ordinary commercial printing! can be done right here.
The Edcnograph
I --••. B I
Isn't there something you wjuld like to have in the printing
line >   We can give satisfaction at this office THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., DECEMBER 7, 1904
First Year
gladdest a n il the u is drawing near. -Ve
•*•* .' , . "r it. :,- . .1? Our stock of I fs,
/•f  I ".'erythln.'   r the children—is "lull ip."
N*r   T Everything new and up-to-date     In our I
Dress Goods department, <ve have s me beautiful things
lor the ladles. In shoulder and neck f "ar     This Is also
lhe season for Fancy Groceries—peels, spices, etc
stock is fresh and of the purest brands
In the Pulpits
What tile Local Pastor
Tallied About
2 Peler 3
was Ihe text
Sun'..'   ■'.-
in lhe  taxi
•iw In Grace?,"
. by Mr. Koberl.v
Ing The word "grace'
jive the idea oi dlvlm
• .' 11 "growth" adds lh-
Irvine power developing
Useful Presents
itself i
an lie
than ; ritual growth apart from
Ihi ■ .:■! i Nolle*, (II ihe
command: Grow in Grace. Growth l
a .: I a healthy life, and n there li
: gi -rh it is lor us to lock lor the
cause. There is something wrong
■nd vi mull iltit the conditions oi
lift In lhe physical hie we grow
III nger and stronger up to a certain
i    .; ilu-n le line and decay
.: n Ih* . ll lull llle we never pair,
ihe meridian, but may continue to
. ■ .' i. ill ve are lost In glories of
of heaven.   The way to avoid all error
II8SS and sincerity ol purpose. Willi iuI
these Ihere cannot be any "working
within you that wh,-h ia well (,: ■ a.mg
In Mi Ighi ind unlit we I Ihi
things lhal arc pleating In God's sight,
we cannot experience Ihe indwelling ol
With The Season of Coughs
and Colds
We draw your  attention  to  several   valuable
remedies which we carry In stock:
For Colds:
individual llle.   Grace Is His spirit.
oi the spiritual life, and    in all questions of lile ihere is iho Flint's Cold Cure,   25c box        Laxative Cold Cure, 25c box
parting of the ways  the right and the Laxative Bromo Quinine. 25c box
wrong    ll Is not lor us lo wan until ■.      *.   ._«..,.
Ihe crisis Is upon us belore deciding t^OUgrtS.
what course to pursue.  We must have Syrup of White Pine Comp.. 25c bottle
a principle, and must decide all ques Mem|u,| Cough Ba|sm 5fJc bo,„e
lions independent ol other men and on
the simple basis ol right and wrong, These are all tried remedies, and as such we recommend them
II we do so, we are assurred that God's
presence will be with us. and that be.
hind us Individually Is Ihe whole power
il nature and ol God.
From the text John l-t: 18. "I will
come unto you." Rev. Mr. Venables
ol thought and difficulty ol living it io I prMc|wd Sunday ,Vtmlng ,„ ,ha S(
place ourselvea In lhat condition that Oeorg(,.s church    Chr|„ „,_
allows of continuous growth.   II we do w M„ |hd vM< n4 wl|, cm,  .
nolgrtww* cannot be fruit bearing 110 ,udge „„ word. Taking the preach-
lea. and we cannot *«rva aa »•*! |ng 0, St. j0|m, his whole message to
should.    121 Hindrances to growth  |h(, ^ ,„,„ w |ncorp}ralwl ,n
, , „ These are: secret sin, Ihe liarboringol ,„„, 0M word ••       ,„   We <_„ ,_.
When y.'u can find a present that Is useful as wellasorna- doubt m the mind, the spirit of fault ,n„lMm,nyo| those standing by would
mental, that Is the present to get.   When you see our new stock finding and criticism, reiusing to learn ^„ Whal mea,u lh(J, whal hjvi, (,0
of Fancy Table Lamps you will think with us that they are the of Christ and neglect to use the spirit- r *   0,   BuJ he jpok(1 lh(! „_,
best to be had—and they do not cost much. ml powers with winch we have be.n word ,„ ,'„ btcmt a,, nMded ,,, R,.
endowed.   .31 How shall we grow, and ^^ „ ln, 0„,y ,„,„ |ha| ,„,_ ,0
hywhil means >   The  secret of all Cnr|jL   „ ||w jewt |_d |0||owelj ,he
K. I\ Bradley, I'.iulnliv Hardware
Mt>rrhant i')1",ual s'0*111 " »bldln_ mChrisi
ivui.ii-iii •Aj|hs branch eumX ^ (ru|t  (
Itself except It abide in the vine, no
In   con- more can ye except ye abide In ",e
necllon For spiritual growth we need greater
Ith the Hardware establishment of R P Bradley. I have prayeriuinesi. a more careiui study >t
cpened a Tin; 1 I Numbing departmem, Am an expert- ,hc senpturet. 1 firmer trust in Cod
enced copper tin, or sheet Iron worker.    Special attention to »nd greater love towards others, The«
. '.'.:■       •■■■       A.Fulton. Wemierntyuirr v,|l l*ld ui to • more Christ-like lite,
: we shall be In such a eon 11
This hotel Is delight- ,hsl *« st""01 help but grow In the
fully Situated,   on  the things of God The lull statu-
'Shore of Okanagan lake hood in Christ Jesus avails everyone
JAS. BOWES, Proprietor.
and. wiih "Jim" Bowes *•»
lo greet you as host. 11
- ike your sUy in
Kelowna most enjoyable.   The accommo
preaching of St. John lhat verse would
never have been written which says
"He came unto his own. and Hla own
received him not."
It is the same vith all of us V.V
hav* to learn ihe lesson of St, John
before ve can receive Christ. This is
the Advent season, when our though-
are turned to the coming of Chr-.M
We heat the words; "Now it Is the
high time to awake out of aleep." And
so now. before we hear ihe glad Xtnat
tiding! of a Saviour, let ut try and fleer
from those sins which would check our
D    NAIRN   y CO    Druggists and Stationers
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Property call and see-
Agent ler— The Calomel investment and Uatt Ci
The Biiitah Imetcc* Auuiance Co.. ef Teionto.
The Phoenin Aaauiatice Co., el Ionian. En;.,
The Liveipaal. Union and Globe ltt.utaiii.-e Ca,, ot Undaii. Beg.,
Tha Pttema Auuiance Co.. ot Brooklyn N Y
The Guatdiiti Anurance Co,.
The Confederation Lite Assume-. Co,, of Toionio,
t'u .'   'al     a       '-   ' :     ,1,    .
C. J. Ef s
Cure Constipation " e
R. R. Burns,
Masonic Building Km
'•"-*•' Burns' Toilet Luxuries
uminum ware
This Is the lines: material in the world for cooking utensils: I
datlonsatlheLakeview T"' *3,kln|.,ln,ou.,h"
Timothy, writing to th* Christian repentance.
Hebrews Irom Italy, said. "Make ,-ou    w« uny >'l,e" h* **** «»>• '
perfect in every good. rk tod   n, sins, and yet veiyioon forget it again, makes them so light, so serviceable and always so bright an!
ind again fall into the same tins, That
U^-.^^ri.tir pleating in His tight, through Jesus Unot repentance   We miybe very
Jim S Characteristic.;..    /?   __       •...     . ^»     ..    _,-, |or .h. ct*uf*,mnc*a _ our Una.
This vii uken by Rev, Mr. ^l*m[a[ Ah*.SXt^ i,^^ no comparison in the service rendered
Arc your
Hordes feet
We have the newest
thing out—a cushion for j
ihe leet   It is called the
Air Cushion Pad
.   .    :     top  into the
*3?x! time y ju're in
».« nil ?!."*.• ho*.-
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby
clean.   First cost is some greater ihan agate ware, but there is
. no comparison in the service rendered.   Pretty Table Pieces
|utl as a drunkard may be ashamed ol '
CitiipbeiiitihesubiecitorhisSuitdiy „,„„,.„ ta ,„,, „ ,„, *„«,_.,„, Sa|, and pepper Shakers. Sugar Bowls. Spa.m Holders. Milk
morning discourse in the Presbytemn True repentance prove! ill ilneerlty in
chinch    After ill searching and ques- a new llle. in Ihe turning overol a new Pitchers, etc.    Also everything lo OJk III    Call and See them
tlonlng. laid h*. wa hive 10 go lo ihe ieal and in an eant«*t effort to keep ._.    .    . -. a« rtr-
Bibi. when ..want to hav. chira.ter ""■ leal ci*!.. i,t the iutu.e W. J. Armstrong, ivlanager, ArmArong, b. C.
perleclly dellned    It II not 10 mt,clt .1 | l*k««a»a>
quettion of what ve do or think a   Ird   eJOHcS
what we are and may be. Nor cm -*<■ Contractor (Br Builder
profit t>y attempting to prove by ration
ing all that Timothy meant or did nit
mean by periodic n in every good work.
Whatever else Ihe term might
we know 11 means this- whole-hearled- riampilyatienJel'i*.
Would U ?
Geo. K. Sliatpr
I MM Hilt
Canadian Politics
Ageni lor the
Preston Metallic Co..
of Preston. Ont
indtrjMTMoai supervuion ind Like a llle Insurance policy providing for the payment of (rom
$1,000 to $100,000 lo your wife if you die within 20 years, and
lhat if you live 20 years guarantees more to you in cash than
you have paid on It? Your answer Is very likely 10 be. "Yes.
but it can't be done." On receipt of your name, age. and
address, we will prove lo you that ii can. The Assets of
TEe Mutual Ufa of Canada 0! $7,000,000 will convince you
Mr, J  Wiaem.n
'  ha I
laii   ;it«;   d
Hen tha* the nan
yfious with thelt and
nger an ' n •
s     Money Is -
x buslnsss at Bellevl
been arrested a  thi
Icllghtful slate ol affairs'
rtled tl
. ' . mild doss. too.    I! thi
Is being burned by government »
a leglsla'.l'.
Ir tctors in th
,       ■      I thi   iboi
• public K§
■   • led members I
■.   of lhe Minnie M    '
trecan ■  ;■ •
might the I ng Ishmen I   <v Kxgi
what rottei 1 be '-:'
". ■ -ti ;i a m    '
and families, or dinner p..
Furnished Rooms for B
I I,cl. III".ICC   Die*
Cliff St
Private rocms for Ladles
nite cooking; excellent service
Meal Tickets
tucel in     ll '
¥!_*!§. Rags
Made into Carpets
Save your rags and
have them—
I am prepared to
:    all   kinds   of
Weaving    Good C irpet Rags * anted
J. W. Bacon, Enderby, in Hancock block
We re
', are 11
.harge 0! the Fas!
■.; in iipto-da'.r
il ,11 Llvi
livery I
ry S'abies. Enderby
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouve
lhe Mattress
Perhaps your bed Is nol so warm as 11 might be.
and you cannot understand where the cold comes
from You . ill tind it Is in the mattress Ills
thin in spots and won't keep the cold out. Keep
'■ arm underneath A new mattress will do It
-ish you io remember that we have the agency for
Mason Risch Pianos   Terms and prices on application
JaS. C. EngllSh, UCl.ffSt%ntkrty
Coats & Robes
It's a little early for Sleigh Bells, but nol lor
Robes to keep ycu warm We have some
very fine ones, and others not quite so line,
but all are good quality, and the prices are
very reasonable. Don't wait till the cold
-nap Ml hei . 1-be prepared !orIt. Some
excellent Fur Coals in stock Try one on
Also a lot A new harness; some fancy, others
not so fancy, but substantial and good.
enderby    Wm. Hancock. Enderby


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