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The Edenograph 1905-06-07

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r\r '-x    ■*****•
Volume 2.    Nui.
ENDERBY. B. C, JUNE 7, 1905.
ia civmwm _r-;.ras_a a
Enderby Doing
a much llrmer Coal Mil ,'ening a large
. ,e        . roperly near to.
.;.' neces- and 11
is an excessive     The payroll ol Ihe  town is aboul
$6,000 a ii
As Is Ihe case In Ihe dtvtl
lined large tracts ol land. I
htch laid Idle Icr many years.   This
■s had a tendon   I
and stttltmenl
The Kamloops brick yard has a kiln He has an excellent stock of fruit troea, | devtlopmenl ol the district Is past, and ",lsst!'                                              At lhe meeting ol the Cil
about ready lor the lire.                     and declares he Is lighting for Ihe Oka- the large tracts are being .ub-dlvldtd E■ Benntt. cl Mara, was charged |aM Wtdn                g.alll
F. H.  Hale has acquired valuable nagan trade, and is going to gel his ind sold Into small holdings, which fact with having deer meal In his possess- bers were present, Ma) r I
lumber Interests al Ferme.               l-hare ol It "If it takes all summer." "nnot toil io have a b- Ion during the closed season, and was chair.
Berleer.- tree Courl.
During ihe pasi two weeks Constable
has had eight cases t    i
magistrates, and only one -1
cannot toil io have a
The Enderby Brick and Tile com- Hls ad *,h *>**'***- "ind asMht' country is apt
pany started to burn lis first kiln on.   Just look at that picture moulding apted to the eultlvatl
Monday received in stock last week by J. C. small parcels of land will be In
Ira C Jcnes Is buildlna a two-storv En«llsh'   " ** "•• **** '**' mm* «» Thui lh* ,Vsllei' *"", b? "^
JlVrd!.!   2.TS buyiorthetrade-and h, _ newbusy,^'«!,■ „     .
Iraming pictures. ; lng t0 ,h, „MOn c, .
Mrs. J. Wiseman has resumed the following may be taken as a lllr range:
J   :.:   •
Dr. Brouse. cf New Denver, expects
,otake, trip through the Okanigan -=n,of £««--.^dT^sd
this in nth
relieving C. W. Ball, who will lane up
SI 1.00 lo $16,00 per
A new Presbyterian church will be condueMh5
other business.    Mrs. Wiseman will j1000 ,s j|&0o p8r ion.
conduct the restaurant In the old-time season:-Apple, 11.00 par box cl 40 ZJ^^Zha>aliZ^iZ 7."' ""7 "'"_'
".goedtoshion. lbs.   Hintaandprunes 75« to SI per ^ Mvtngliquor la his possession he,p-a,, was read, and th.
erected in Enderby this summer,
will be ol brick.
There is a Snowball bush in ihe garden ol Mr. Harvey's home lhat Is the
pride of the town. " "™     Then came Annie Jasen and Selina.     The Flnince  committee reported
pnire      un >v Q",       ^ ^ ,vai(alimy f„ ,(„ dM, supply. ,,,„~J «M, a_.ln- Hnml,     Th.» •»«. ,  .     u i ,
Mrs R. T. Stokes, from Okanagan;,,,,, „,,, „„,,„ 7_,i0M J ,     Besidu being th, Gateway City of S*"h*lngdrUnlt   "V™ lm"\ on,  "'
Landing, paid a short visit io Mtss ,    d     „Hk|    QJ iht Okanagan. and the centre c! a rich '">_l *•3 ****• gainst lh  clly. and they were ■
Garneii this week twoaya.   tieaity wtette. ftrmlng and fruit raUlttg dutrlet. En-     Henry Drew, of Armstrong, wa
1   One might travel through many a derby is also an Important hnnbsring charged with supplying liquor
H. W. Harvey's Implement shod is hrg< |5Vn wi m {(nitlXl)n S5 ^ etntre. the head ollice of tht Kam- ,ndtant   Hs ra he|ni „ B
.       .     • lbs.   Plums and prunes 75« 13 :
R.a».„ ,»a rnu- .» e^..™.. K»,   1»» el»lbs,   Pears 4c, to Sc. per lb. *»* 'a- »- and costs.    With him ,„ decline the offer, is cme
Brown and Oillen are opening abol- Bmfu a ,fl „ {0 w mn () 2. .,,„,, F|tnwU and Jchna„ |lMCSi      |n     m |fl (.
lllngand ssda water business In Hod- |.|k, bouts. These prices are f.s.b. each of whom was fined $25andcosts., 0f electric Hah: t
ley md have purchutd about $4.. and the demand Is tor in excess cf th. Th,n _-, Annw jHen lni SellM. The F|„»„ «
CCO worth of machinery for tht plant «W'
lew days.-Hedley Caselte.
ITII.-gllTlTT ~Tat SB c_j_M8.:
The c!=.; . inslt . r-d to reply,
; . '. ' . four communlca-
. ..   : rt tht M
ll iiicir last meel-
A communlcallon was read from lhe | Ing, and I am directed, in reply, to In-
Cadden, also of  Mara, was city clerk of Vernon, staling that thai Icnn y;u that   my Ccuncli heartily
Ith sending an obscene letter city had discontinued the use ol dog concur in the views expre:sed by your
he mall, and was bound .,    ,. ihjykund ihem io be asource, Worship ihtj
- bail. , of danger to dogs, being liable to catch a moat excellent, iiM ihe
liiefof lhe Oka- in bushes, etc. ling be finally ar'.
nagan Indians, was chirged with steal-     |n view of Vernon's experlen I can depend upon th
ins* 5d5 and a geld watch from the t-a$ deemed advisable not to enforce ance of a i
chtrmer Miss Selina.   On this charge clause 2 of the dog by-law,
hi was discharged, but on the charge;    a letter from the Corporation of     Alderman Evans gave notice lhal at
ef being drunk on the Enderby reserve Verr.cn. wishing to sell an elecinc light the next meeting ol the council he
:;g Iii a By law io enl
oervance of lhe Sabbath within the
ly limits.
Will Stop tlu lUy Play.
filled with ail the latest and besl (arm ,m-„, ^ m(kti „ ,„,. „ ,h, joop Um*tr Co^h,f**^** lnd „ Arm,ttcng, Altonw)
machinery en .he mark.!. Enisrb/ Trldi„ ^   ^ n5¥tlly h„ «*«• ^e|^^)0ta^mlli; dfndinff him a. A. Utter pl.ee..
Messrs Strickland tWellman started rack. dUpUying 75 hats. U one si tht a also headquarters lor tteColu-nbi. wu discharged,
their milk wagon on Monday, and ate hsndsomeit and most servicaible labor Flouring Mills.   In addition io tu lumbering, flouring and agriculture. En-1   Wanted to rem
making two deliveries dally.
. ,   .    r       ..     • "..-■■    .-,-■
A S-room cottage,
it ensuing t«fm for ^^tttof." ~* ^^ -"" U  '" ** ""*   Adir*"
heme property by erecting a h.ndsome Enderby Lodge. No, 35. K. ol P..wtrt
lence of fancy-cut picket*. tlected Sastwttk as isllsws: C. C.
Frank Fulton, an employe ol tht K, Chas, E, Strickland; V. C„ C. H. Gib-
L. Co.. at Annu. wis tike with a hetn> trson; Prelate. Ira C.Joats; M.ofW,,
crrhage last week and died. . Jns Fiikard, K ft ani S. A E Hale:
Mrs. F. H, Hale and Miss Halt let! M. of F. J. H, Bailey. M. ol E.. Frank
en Friday evening on a thrte-m:.-.' *. F. R. La»e
visit ia iheit Ne* Bnmiwte heme.      w»"'~ R*a«»t- 0 0,. V/. A. C.vty
Uthers are at work on the interior Contract, fsr bailding 22 milts of
cf the hctel block. Next week the 'he Ortat Northern. Sitmkamttn
brick will be on hand for the venetring, v»»«y «lensioo.  belwttn OrovUlt.
II you have not opened a uvlng.' Wuh. ^ tht lnttrn.t.oft.1 Itnt. hiw
account in the Bank ol Montttal. ycu *« hm!^T\ A U,8ttttnd
.re,i,,igln,trt.,moi«y.nd^.ng J*__-*i m^J^t-m.
the dollars,
Th* Endtrby EnawaiUMt olllct.
Sn >" B i mu e__t paid
J. C. Mttcalfc hu a stock ol Old
Country shots that art attracting attention (torn those who have ersaed
Tht bit and sitting room of the Endetby hotel hive recently been ptptttd
a fantastic shade and ne greatly lm-
j- ■   : ';-'•■: -
Tht American Labor Union. Ns.
556, hu been estaWtthed in Endttby.
and meets evety Wednesday evening
In tht Otange hall
Ernest and Jim Haynts left on Msn-
a. the wcrk is tnuwaUy heavy,   Mt-
,,, ;1    .,_...,_.. ..„.,. i .
apttaitotii will bt in ft£l swliig within a
mswh.   ilecl«y Ouelle.
Out far DatiltaV
H. P. Ln issued hu lint ptaptrty
Ibi (torn hit Endttby stUtt thii week.
>:-       '■'•
.-.--■   .:   ' I   ."1   '-   a
i   ;•-•      - '■■ ->'■:'■ a    ';'■    -
in lhat it hu ntvtr txpetienctd the
always usdwitablt basin, which so «di«n
takes p«_»_iia el yeuag tswtu fat a
time  The trnjitrffi grwth ef sw I
day tot Catjaty. Thty knaw si aemt ^^ m-j*),, &« mt a.mti*
splendid eptalng. in tht NstthtttMiand two ago. has been meat iitisfacttty.
are looking alttr ihem. and ts evidence „ atamt merit tathsr
ihan a ptried ri eaatamtai
The Kamlocpa Lumber Co. hu had    _,-fi?,^ a in tht c
a vault. 6>S inside mtasuremeni. built and ftrtie diitnct si virs*d ttstMttt.,
in connection with tu sifiet, Tht and ti i punt at which the trade cea-
company to shipping about 30 carted "*» '»? ,h*-S*_}M) j<wf • °**9
• m!in0, and Iwtt SpaKumehetn VaSeys
H W Wrrght is tearing down tht    Gttittally iptaktag tht toil u vt
M bams sppouw lb* tank corner '"
Thi. will grutly improt, tht ptopttty. „ ^ ^^ lnd ^"^
and may lead in tht near lututt to tht i,,ttti<f holds lotthgtand spMttutwitt
r Iht grain grower, cattle rancher.
Th.fl ■■-     tTttottT"'
Infotrnatlen Bureau Co, ol Victoria, ts >,.;,«) _ many piicei u cover*;
preparing a new butineti directory ol with light timber. Unit adding -
rtaea, Their rtpttstniitive did Ihttnatth el the cswtty bybtitsgiag
some buiiness in Endetby thu week
. tot niuatag, Itttcng. furl, etc
Jas. Jarrett has tht eenttact lor lhe
ecied by Manager Oibbs   I
detbr buck yard.   The building will be u,*
30x36. -  : s-h.il  old  English in",
bn tha eapablt handi -a a. t Ha;«.
»h3 laltoting    ■•.
eftie.e let
,,•,' today lo r. .-■■
•>e       -„   «... '     *
M J. Henry, tht pspuIitnurseryiMfi ^a..
:ut 1st buimess. ;f .il r.   .
The Pound By-Law
The City Council ai the last meeting decided to
bring ihe Pound By-La* into eiect on ani from
the 15th inst. After that date it Mil not be lawful (or cattle, horses, goats, sheep, s*lne. geese or
ducks to be at large Mthin lhe city limits. If
found roaming at large it Mil be lawful for any
person to drive or take such animals to .he pound
and deliver the same to the pcundkeeper, and any
person rendering this service to the clly will be
entitled to receive 50 cents for each animal so
impounded, and 10 cents each far geese and
ducks. It Mil be the .ut/ of the pcundkeeper to
receive and impound such animals, and in case
the o**ner or earners are kn;*n to him. to at once
n:tl!y them. If, after ten days, the oarner has not
reclamed his property, and is unknown to the
poundkeeper. the poundkeeper may advertise the
animal or animals for 24 ho-jrs by hindbills in
three conspicuous places, and then forthwith sell
ihem by public auction. For his ssrvces the
poundkeeper is to receive SO cents each (n respect to animals impounded by him in addition to
a charge of SO cents a day for feed. In the case of
horses and cat le. and 25 cents a day for sheep
and s *me
Any perssn a'.temptlrg io reserve any animal
from the custody of the pt andkeeper or from any
perssn xbi is lawfully driving or taking siTn to
ill render hi .
ceeding S25 »r,i:-*'s or, In defau',1. thi"
detention in !tr
Any pound.*     • vi „ arlmals
In his charge wth I
liable to a line cf $.0 and Him saal from o.'fi:e
Special Day of Sport.
Shculd the United States authorities
adhere to their desire (er a resumption
of the Joint High Ccmmlss'.   ."h
Canada, and shculd the tribunal •
ideration ol unset!
: ?uie between Ih ■;. ll Is
.med by the Vancouver Pr i
lent at 0:tawa. that the Cin-
■n Ministers •».   :    dl In their
• ■  ■
'he Allen Lab •
, . , ...•. -. I      at Iher will bt withdrawn.
, Sir Wilfrid Laur: ■
The committee ontown hai rep:,'- „. ,(; .
theyhadintemewedtheOddFel.. .. • ^rccu,,* t"
niiieerenc, to thit building el ah-
and learned that the Ledge had lln ^^ ^ x
: lo proceed wiih their pro|ect d ^^ ^ „„ .      . .        .
A special commute, was .ppomted ^ ^ dwf
to furchue . safe lot th. clly. _. m h(w_ m n ^
*^"**« iCan.dUn,'       •
1 leg nation, the  I
Robt. Bailey has completed "
by-law ware read lhe third time,
Peter Oreyell was appointed pound
It wu decided that the Pound By-
fence around the Glbbs proper:,
efftct on and * ««jH ««> »'»«• «-»*• -7 !h«
(fsm JuM |5lh ,. ire Fence company, cf Winai-
Th, clerk wu instructed to w, ■
•   reatisn ground, committee ex- "melencc'iic"t,l"
plaining th, position cl the council w.' '        Mr'B
j»rd to the milter and expressing
pa that the commit'-
see their way clear lo carry it.-
until the council were able to take   l
A letter wis lead Ircm the Miyor e!
.   . .
lhal i enicip.111
the company here, an:
showing ihe fence just put up a
. .".at his company turns oul.
.'■ : :•    .' •        : «•    ar.i
■ • It thli
i been practically put cut ol
■,i    Hu
•  '
A cruller and
■.V : •••-...,„,
''  '.' •,;..'.
.:.'•' ibled at M " ■
I    .
'   •
.Provincia •
in miny instances.
i al muni.
.........      .     .
■    ■
:' the surlily.
the 2«V.h 3l May
ball teams are arrangini
'take place at «■-
nesday.   This is ll
at Enderby, Arms!*   .   .  :
ir ■
Ihe baseSall Iii
-i Wed
il! I
and it is the
■ ■        i"   ■
is altlet-': ''  lhe latt thlt Ihe v.
intemian to pull ofl two games ■: bisebaii an I n
all    Th? baseball team of Salman Arm
will attend, and either Venon or Armsirong Mil
■   i "
It is the aim ta rr.,
to all, and the games * iii be
therefore good.
::•:'.     a  5_»^'    .-•'"• '•■■'■'- "'■
'.:    ::■   c
'.     . ;..
■  ■
■   ■ vert nulnly sunk by submai
r thel
I have wrlll
cater went over her
minster en Ihe sub)-: ' • rlhtRus-
the ma" r wllh favor,. and Into
lhe Japant
■ '        '
Ill    thai the  Cttl
..   - ligalnsl
.   _ . . lock ts I poini
Second Ycau
II M \\ M.MK
■ ■ .
rid In the  face because he.lt is a realization ol nobility, the        Our Conundrum Cornw.
A   gULM.
•rt reimt.il »!»<■
Ei. t
It 1 hivfl iuccmoh "■ m> irt.
ii ii umpl) btcauti I luvi '«■■■- '••■il
iiuUinra      Htnry Irving
Russia, and nol only Russia,
but the world, is learning a severe lesson in the  war a.lth
Japa     ll is learning that the
pised yellow man Is
- in many respects to
much applauded while man. It
is learning thai color does not
ich.   It I
man has the
courage, the honor, the brains,
and the knowledge how to use
them, The Russians hive been
out-generalled and cut tough.
on land ard sea. 1 hey have
been outclassed In deeds of
mercy, deeds of gallantry, and
deeds of honor. The "heathen"
are teaching us lessons In
strategy we never knew before;
we are learning (rem them the
practice of a humility lhat is
dignified and elevating. Russia
is a nation of ceremonial wor
ship of Cod: the army goes to
Ith all manner of prayers
and supplications (or victory,
the generals publish t the
world whal they are going lodo.
and then fall in every under-
laking The Japanese . n I
pray at all—ihey just fight And
one never knows what ihey are
going to do until it is done.
Alter the naval victory of last
week—the greatest In history—
Japan has set the while races
a'thinking. "What arc we going to do with the lillle yellow
devils," Is isked
The same question has been
asked of every advancing nation
and Individual. The question
has never been answered by
any ; i They da not need
to have anything done to them
or for them. Thev are doing It
themselves. I! the while peoples wish to retain lhe ascendancy, ihey must do it by meeting every advance of the yellow
man Op'um will not do the
trick    It must be real m-rit
The Japa: • in the
■rans more than Russia's
ns the .iscend-
v " II    ,■ •
ii i
I   >. UI* cc, it ...
conslc jus he Ins not put i divinity of the mind
shoddy into anything, that he
has had n thing to do with
shams, and that he has always
done n.s level best. The sense
• efficiency, cf being master
of one's craft, of being equal to
any emergency; the conclou
ness of possessing lhe
i Ith ■ iperl rlty .'.hatever
.-. lertal      fill give soul
Ul -.1 'i ii       :. ihall hearted
■ Ip ih d worker never kl
"When | mpn feels tin I Ing
i Ithln him the power to do
what he undertakes a i ell a
It can possibly be done.' says a
writer in the Segncgram. "and
all of his faculties say 'Amen'
to what he is doing, and give
their unqualified approval to his
efforts,—this Is happiness, this
is success. This b. /ant sen (
of power spurs the faculties tc
their fullest developmcn' !'
unfolds the mental and moral,
and the physical forces, an 1 this
very growth, the consciousness
of an expanding mentality, and
of a broadening horizon, gives
an added satisfaction beyond
the power of words to describe.
With The Owl
MftM   . HI    Ut|  *
HEAR men talk ol their business and their *otk. if he be a
mechanic, as If theit occupation
ii/fl were separate and apart Irom
Wv i ,i ir religion ! Yes, and we do
hear seme surprisingly good
pec pie say of this cne or thai.
"Mr. Soand-So ls so engrossed
in his business he never can
find time to do this, or that, cr
the other "—seme religicus service, for instance. As If his
religion and his work were two
distinct things, demanding the
exercise of different qualities of
character! I would not cause
a brother to lose ever so small
a particle ol (ailh in any belief
that has given to him any com
n absurd it is to think that
one can get lo heaven by a route different from
thai in which he works' And Isn't it a ridiculous
thing to believe that one can have any religion
apart Irom his life—his work! II a man sells
booze six days in lhe week he can't have a religion
.vlthout the intoxicating frills of Ihe bar on the
seventh If one is cold, and cruel, and grasping
business, during the week, he cannot put on
•■nt religion on Sunday,
this to a logical conclusion in your own
mind and you will discover this, that a mar. car.
not have a religion apart from his business or
occupation It is in ani through his work that a
man expresses himself, and his work will reflect
his religion Men may pray long and loud, or ihey
may not pray at all, they may preach and tedch
and exhort, or they may never say anything, but
whether they say much or little, whatever they say
or leave unsaid does not express their religion.
That can find expression only in the work they do.
Our.. ittgs prove our religion; not our
Sun:. When men realize this, and con
duct themselves in even the minutest detail of
business as If they were co partners wllh God—
■hen?  Well, th not think any
ii •■ Ig! :i ll in     ■  :> about our
lomacl    ind when II
James steals six harvest ap
pies from a tree in Farmei
While's orchard, and (alls twi
and a half times as far as thi
number of apples. How far
did he fall?
Wiie-n>.u vanl anything In the line
A piinliiig. Irom a tn I
■ . ^ -.'ltd,  bring ol  Mn '
e r quotations
■   •
ind grandei
i people    tep
i -
It doesn't
much a que: . are we
,• li g tod        "   ."    " man
■  •   '. but It
will be a question ol   hai
Is going I   ;   ■ Ith us
Bank of Montreal
Capital, oil r-oi. ap, ita.ooo.ooo. a,«„ tio.ooo.ooo
Balance- I'lciet. .e.,e| Lo.« .(count,. i\Tl.*HSO
A GrniT.il Banking business transacted
rapeind   aieala.
Savings Bank SSt
■   ■
WitMnwoU on atVm.n4 whtKiul
4H»y.   N <    ■•*-    -
'■..-. ■  -
I.I.    m   .Wi e.
t.l tltitf i1»>» ft I
will. % il       •
t**t   Mi tluM
We have a 19 acre
block situated less
than a mile from the
Post-Offlce. on the
bank ol the river; a
delightful spot fnr a
suburban home; and
unequalled land (or
a fruit orchard, a dairy
or a poultry yard.
Light bush: easy to
clear, Must be sold
quickly if at all. The
price Is low to make
It go.   Apply of.
Will shortly be here. Are you ready ?
Or do you need a Rake, a Tedder, a
Mower? Our machinery department
was never so well stocked.   Easy ierm3
H. W. HARVEY, General Merchant
Enderby, B C
The stock in tne raeveral departments Is large, varied and new
Cheap Lumber
Here! for
Mowat 9b Brindle
or address 'ME.' Edbnooraph
Office, Enderby
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, from $8 to $10 per M
Shiplap.       -      - S12 per M.
Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, from $15 per M, up
Hi Any olher Information will be furnished on Inquiry at
our office. We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
which will have our careful attention.
Ernie rky. 1-  i
Be£ Meal in the City
I £1 Good Service J iL
A^d Jf* The best on thr- mark-;: mil Aw* J(
Regular Meals, 25c.     &KKST
Ira C. Jones
Carpenter (Kb Builder
Ealintalea cheerfully iutimhed on
buildup, tf any dimentiitn. .mill
•aril quickly attended to. In tawn
and country.
r • toby li C
Peter   Burnet
Dominion (tb Provincial
Lund Surveyor
urn   at oi k
For Sale!
It la Milt (tur-
:>!i;iabis lot fruit graving .nd
.-   Apply to
J. W. M.-CALLUM. Salmon  Aim
Do you need
Drop a card and I will -all ant
throughly Iter I  I
III yau with I high .■• •     II
cheap     Sewntilecaily gtottld
and leacused leiues
J  M M.lnlvr. •
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
Has pened a carpen','" I ;
In lhe rear af th» Hancsck block.
All kin: Ing promptly
i"' ■  ■   '
li..»rt»nt»a An.tloce.,   Alway.ready
lo lake on o Sale
When you come to Armstrong, step in and
have an Ice Cream Soda.   It will tone up
the system and make the soul fly high
RD    Rftr>nc Masonic building Armstrong
a IV. Dill lla.   Maieeaiaetateei Burnt' Toilet Luxuries
. V       *>       >       •*■       V       '«■       -i       ■»
A» :*.   A '.'■   A f.   si:'.   A :'.   ;■;;   A »i   ,>! >;   A s; •
"ll Is good to put bother away
over night," but it is not good
to go to sleep a delinquent subscriber. You may never wake
up: and wouldn't you feel bad
\i appear before the pearly
gales with your town paper not
paid lor. and have to'fessup?
0£»IS.   .-.'.tr;.   .■/.»■;.   -Tt*ff. >,<»;.   *:*..  ,<•.$. ^S*fj. ,«iH,
»}/ V"   .•* %r   :"   V   -■  H* *****
Receipt Books
Letter Heads Bill Heads. Envelopes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes. Bu?meaSs Cards, Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything tha- :ai printed—lulckly d^ne at this office. Estimates Cheerl irnished on every class of Book and Job
The LUotfr.pl., ■ta__Hdr«rta 2$Tm Second Year
An Incident from Life
It happened In Field's tea
room. It was at the rush hour
and two professional girls wandered In and sealed themselves
at a table for (our, The other
two chairs were occupied
by two very well known North
Side society women, who were
not strangers by sight to Ihe
professional women, but to |
whom the professional women
were strangers. The one was
a matron, young, handsome, |
noted for her gentle charm of j
manner and the wlnsomeness
she had brought wllh her from j
Ihe south. The olher was a
member of a northern family
long accustomed to the best In
life. Independent, Intellectual,
and assertive. They were dls-
cussing a servant In tones lhat
could not fall to reach the ears
of the two professional women.
"Well you're a wonder If you
can get klong with her," said the
Northerner—"I never had such
a vixen in ihe house. And deceitful! Why a thief In the
night Is an honest man compart with her."
"W <.'.!, that Is certainly strange,
answered the Southerner. "I
have never had a better maid.
She Is respectful, Interested,
and most susceptable to kindness, even II her temperment
Is somewhat peculiar.
"As I say, I don't understand
it at all, returned the Northerner. "I tried to do everything
I could for her. but she's left
no stone unturned lo do me
harm ever since I discharged
her.   But you are such a saint
"Nonsense," Interrupted the
Southerner, and lust then the
young girl who had taken their
orders hurried In wilh a flushed
"Sorry ladies." she said,"bat
we are all out ol chicken pie."
"Oh, now, that's too bad,"
said the Southerner, "but we
can order sr.nethlng else."
"I'll do n:thlng of the sort,"
cried the Northerner. "Perhaps ll we hadn't been forced
lo wait ages we could have had
whal we wanted Give me
what you have brought in,"
The girl was net accustomed
to the tone of superior command, and she winced.
The Southerner looked up
and smiled at the girl.
"That's all right," she said
kindly. "We are In a bit of a
hurry and we'll just make these
things do to-day."
"Well, It makes me angry,"
went on the Northerner as the
girl turned to do the serving.
'Why don't you have enough
prepared to serve your customers?" she demanded.
"I have nothing lo do with
lhat part of It, ma'am," the girl
answered quietly.
The Northerner stiffened, "I
hale a girl who will answer
back." she snapped. "There
now, you've spilled my water."
"I—I beg your pardon,
ma'am," said the maid, her
voice quivering, "but I—I—
"There, never mind," said
Ihe Southerner, "we'll put thc
napkin over ll, so."
The girl straightened with
the understanding sympathy,
and laid the table neatly.
When she turned away the
Northerner cried with exasperation.
"For myself, I can't endure a
fawning maid. All I have got
to say to you Is. you're too
good. No wonder your maids
stay If that's the way you treat
them. Who wouldn't? When
I want a maid I want a maid,
nol a friend.
"Well, and don't you succeed? said the Southerner mischievously, and she refused to
return to the subject of the
firs; girl.—Chicago Record-
"Can you give us any particulars about them?" was
"Why, yes, a few. When
Ihe last cyclone came along 1
was out In the field plowing
with a four-mewl team. I
started to run for cover, but I
had not gone more'n four rods
when the wind picked me up
and the next thing I knew 1 was
astride the back of one o' them
mewls, and we were both In a
tree-top, 50 feet above the
ground, The handles had
been twisted out of the plow
and driven rlghl through the
trunk of the tree, and one of
the other mewls was hanging
to Ihem by his tall."
"That was a queer thing.
And so you were left In a tree
lhe work you want done.
Palmer k Decorator, Enderby
L.O.L. Nd. 446
Meeta iht lit Fnday ind llie 3rd Saturday
tollowmg ol neh month it 7 30 p. m.
Vuliinc brethren wileame.
W.M..A, E. Roiinn.       Sec. E  Bnmirr
I was.
"That's all"
"But I want to ask you—"
"I don't care to say anything
i "But look here," said the
; questioner, "you were blown
ilnto a tree-top along with a
| mule, and—"
"Please don't press me, sir.'"
But can'l I ask you how you
got down?"
"Oh, yes, you can ask that
and welcome, and I'll answer
you that some fellers come
olong and chopped the Iree
down. 1 thought you was going
lo ask me if lhe wind blew my
hatband off, and If I ever recovered It ag'ln. and that's a
question I hain't going to answer
for nobody, no matter who Ills"
A. L. U.
nderby Branch meat, every Wednesday
B p. in., ill the Orange Hill. Vialtlug
ethren are cordially Invited  to itieiid.
:   WArrm.Orl. Cltaa. Smi-calece,
■   .lent Secretaiy
House Palnling and Paper Hanging In     /~   /-»   r1   v T      e nitQ
a manner lhat always satisfies.   This     Li. \J. T. I\o   lUjO
Is Ihe season lor II,    Let us ligure on • .<„„ ,vely „nni tni touiih Ttiuudiy in
each month.    Visum; Brethien
cordially Invited.
R. P. Biea0l.tr. CR.     Rav HmkkC, Sec
DcMclcciiicie of Co Pirtnerfhip
The co-pattnorahip  heretofore mating
between Loin Lnuie and Low Line Yeop i.
today dissolved.   Lane Louie lake, over lhe
store ind business, ind settle, ill account.
Irom this date.        LOU LINO YEOP.
Endetby. B. C. Miy 6. IMS.
The Enderby Mills are the heaviest shippers to the
Orient In Canada lof Flour). The brands of Flour
that are made here are general favorites throughout
the Province, and Include these:
Moffet's Beft, Hungarian, Premier, Three Star,
Drii-ted Snow, Ai i'ina, Strono Baker's or XX,
Wheat Sheaf, Supsrfinb, Graham, Whole Wheat
Putronite TEe Home Mill
_m Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Thi only Und Ann! who coven
the Oieanajaii Villi)'
A. E, HALE, Endeiby Heme Agtnt.
Thu it H. P. Lee'a .pice-mith il
A Cycle
one or I «vu
"Yes" replied Ihe man from
Arkansas when asked If he had
ever experienced any cyclones
in his locality. "I've been
through a cyclone or two, and I
dor t hanker after any more."
&' Methodist Church
Dunne Service, every Sundiy at 7 JO p. m.
Stiiadiy SefcrMl md BaUe Clara 2 JO p. m.
P»»ytr Moettnej. • Twndiy. t p. m.
A hemy >»*!_»« ter all.
1 Rldnew QUI Si., neii lhe Church,
The Choicest Section
in the Okanagan
Will always be found interesting to the homeseeker,
lor lhe homeseeker will always find here a place
he can call home. The Ede-. ,»*." wants lo be
found in every home In the district It is found in
every home In Enderby. Why cant we make It
a regular visitor to every home in the country
round-about? It would also be an Interesting visitor
to Ihe home in lhe East, and ihere is many a quiet
moment in the lives of those dear •
seas when Ihey would enjoy reading about the doings ol Ihe inhabitants of our Eden— *hc- . ,
their boy. resides   Two dollars a year. SI six mos
Under lhe Olive Tree
wt!H Hani ...i «• f.
with  this fault-finding
No soul can live In
Let us have done
Don't you believe It.
a dead house.
The man who Is growing will find many
weeds to choke him.
When your religion makes you blush It Is
time you changed it.
If you can't appreciate Enderby's possibilities, do not doubt them.
A church parade is no cr*terlon of the size
and strength of God's army.
Aren't you glad It happened ? It Is so much
easier to say McGlnty than Rojesivensky.
We can belter judge a man's religion
through his business than by his prayers.
The mercantile world measures a man by
his Income, but life In the man is measured
by his oulgo.
Put the oil of kindness into your smiles, and
you won't have to worry about so little a thing
as your digestion.
Let us step this cry about "a lost soul."
Old you ever see one—did you ever see a
damned person ?
Old maids Ilve self possessed unlit ihey are
40: afler lhat they don't much care—neither
does anybody else.
The farming lhat pays best Is that which
turns hay, grass ani stubble Into bsef. pork,
milk, butter, and eggs, with a side-chute for
wool, horses and mutton.
I like the thought that Oliver Wendell
Holmes gives us when he said: "The great
thing In this world Is not so much where we
stand as in what direction we are moving."
Enderby has enough ai lis back to make a
prosperous town of 2,500 people. Another
year from now, ani m Hll see extensive coal
mining operations at our back door—to keep
pace wllh our advancing agriculture and hor
Someone has said that. "A woman can
learn to love any man who treats her kindly—
If he has money, and prospects of making
more." And isn't this as ll should be ? Wha;
right has any man to ask a woman to share
his poverty with htm ?
Man is happiest on this earth when he has
congenial environment. Place an artist in
the ttiidsl of famous paintings and he Is In a
heaven all his own, place ihe thinker in the
company of thinkers and his paradise is (here
Each Is as happy as a farmer surrounded by
callle and h.gs And one Is eyemplifyitifj as
much of God in Ihis life as the other—If he is
doing his best in his sphere
arness-maker and
Old Country
\JllwVW no' (,n<1 any,hin8 t0 excel. II.
^^       w      w Indeei equal, thc English made
walking shoe.
We have them In stock.   Also a line of excellent shirts, and
Summer Underwear, Socks, eic
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
My Spring-delivery orders are all in When you are
preparing for Fall delivery trees, write me. I represent Ihe
Nursenes of Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent oul by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can makeli
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
The best clay in Ihe Valley.   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices    Large or small quantities
TEa Enderby rick 9b Tilt Co. Endow, B C
Thai ' . '■ "" t-
and keeps house for E n
omy. will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
lo semi your printing out of
town Anything that can
be djne in Toronto un
ordinary commercial print
ing i can be dene rlghl here
The Etlcnngraph
I.M,e   II  I
Giitul Evening!
Have you paid your SuoMriptiOfl THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., JUNE 7, 1905
Second Ykar
"1 In tlie Pulpits I
Wlecit  till'   Luca
Talked About
am clay
in our
. and the
LEi.cln'l>v Trading Co.,
Cliff St.     ' Enderby
For TFe Dairy
dairyman needs but the c
a. milk tanks; strainers, skimmers,
anything in this line we have it.
R. I'. Bradlcv. htuln'lj-v Hardware  Menhanl
.re in the
Okanagan Brick Co.,tu iss i.......-a d c
We are now In our new Si
span    Rirr ar.: it youi csmmand,
ng drive. Cliff Si,
"Ye shall keep my sabbaths,
nnd reverence my sanctuary: 1
am the Lord." This text, Ir m
Lev, 26:2, formed the basis of
Kev. Mr. Campbell's dis
in ihe Presbyterian church on
Sunday morning. While ad
mining that the observance of
external religious form was nol
all-sufficient In a Christian's
iife, yet If we take away the I
e oi the Sabbath and
fall to reverence the sanctuary,
the two great external means of
grace established by God Himself, we take out of life all thai
is highest and best In and to
and of and for man
le from the plausible
claim that man can scivi Goa
H either the Sabbath or
the sanctuary,  there is this
rtew that man can:. I
cape  ir m   C 1 established
these Institutions. And 11
«hy ihey shouldbekept Man's
altitude of Indifference to these
ll ns dees n '
. responsibility for their
observance The claim that
man needs the seventh day to
devoie to fishing, hunung. ani
lhe like in ordei
Is only a shallow excuse
ing that such an
.toi stand before even the poor
• nt of this world   The
Sabbath shall be kept I.
the sanctuary must be reverenced.   This does not mean
thai they shall be used by man
hr his entertainment and pleasure,   They have been set apart
by God for a purpose, and He
j..,-  tati : whal thai: .",   ■•>:
A    llc.ei    Lit*    a    Giw"
Nicely Printed
ut hi n
•  means ad
,- ■
This Is usually considered to
be not a complimentary allusbn.
1 his Office uu! <* a" htzte were as level as
__________ that on a spotted white and red
aw last Sunday morning
there wouldn't be half the heart
burnings in this curious old
world of war and woe.
A bunch of cattle were moving their lawn-mowers up and
lhe vacant lot beside the
. hotel   There cam* ,;  i
the scene a poor looking I
with its head In a barrel.   It
. ■ shah, but not so foolish
as a man with a barrel In his
head.   The ciher cows became
frightened,  and moved away
All but Ihe    *  kith the level
id.   She steed up the sltua
Oy i tried the liank
A crowded church heard the
Rev. Mr. Miller give his opening sermen in the Methodist
pulpit on Sunday evening. He1
' k for his text Acts 10:33:
"Ni •'•' therefore are we all hear
; resi nt I ! 1, to hear all
things th it ■ nimandedthee'
ol God." We have here an account of a model congregation,,
a model preacher, a model pur-'
pose, and model results. It
was a model congregation because they were of one spirit.
It was a model preacher because he was sent of God. It
was a model purpose because
they were there to hear all
things that were commanded of
God, The results were model
because as the preacher spoke
the holy ghost (ell upon all who
were gathered before him,
With this Introduction. Mr
Miller referred to his mission
here and to the work thc church
should hope to accomplish. If
pastor and people would gather
together "to hear all things
commanded of God," the results would be as sure as those
oi the memorable congregation
In the chapter of our
He hoped to have the
undivided support of his people,
feeling lhat he and they should
know only Jesus and his love
In their associations and work.
pigs. He called down the Ross
land agent for billing one h •:
when there were twelve, and
the Rossland agent wanteu to
know if the China Creek agent
had struck a new brand of booze.
To further complicate matters a
sawmill man to whom tl
was billed, called for his h:g
and the China Creek agent
wanted him to pay express on
twelve hegs Instead of one.
This request was Inolgnanlly
refused en the grounds that one.
and only one hog had been sent
for. Rate cards, traffic sheets,
and rules were carefully perused, but finally the express
was aelivered and ihe matter
of payment lelt to arbitration.
The Rossland agent was right.
Summer Drink*
Pure West India Lime Juice
.V   !,,,
i    ,'eraj
Large Bottles. 40e and 50e
D. NAIRN y CO., jagrf s,a,,oners
SUNDAY   I10UH.S:   Jtclpm   	
He shipped one hog. bui by lhc|Cor Q-L Ten ihoroughbrec
time lhe crate reached China j* Ul large, young York
Creek eleven little squealers
had been born.
Is your subscription paid ?
shire pigs; from reglsteredstock.
For further particulars apply
J. A. Mohr. Endetby. B C
Real Estate, Mining
Insurance, General Land Agfrds
Fruit and Farm Land, far Sala
Ttwn Lota.   We have lotne go™ litveitmenu in Farm Lattdi,
: a* lieie.tmai.e.111 promptly given.   Write tu.
When you tee a pencil tiui> lUtim-d    It indicate*
that ynur subscripts.™ hai expired, hat n im not mean that your piper wtll be
supped,   We want lo continue v.* ;r name en ihe list   it would not be cam-
iit it.   Think you, in anticipation
H.N. Hendrickson,
For Fall Planting
Geo. R. Sharpe
• ■ in
I :*■_
'-  '•    ■
1010 W..tm.<-.(.> Ro.<     Vamouvtr
a C
Halcyon Hot Spring-,
Ar.ow I.ale"   B   C
>   ' ing up to the c
its head in a sling, she til
•iih her nose This
rt  Then she
and poked thehelfi • In
xnb her horns.    This
made the beast step sideways.
If It attempted to go forwrad or
rd thi      : ;l:
prevent it.    Slri    .
•  r so direct!-)
',     - .'.
vel  head, -
lirectly Inl
j. Iih   the
way ai
grass   The
',hc scenery
:   -hit  I ■
A Ca-< ,,f Horn
rook   Herald tells
C   lJ K
.    ' ll II I     Recently
. nt biiicd a crate containing ,     China Creek
animal   . •      f known as
When you are In need of fine sliver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
find the best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
Awarded  First
Medal. World's Fair.
S :    Louis.    1904
Twenty Years a Visible
iotonlo, li YOUR* Str.ol Arcadt
Montreal,      •      11 Blm.y Streot. I
Wintilpe-H.Mn , «ie harden rib, lle-lcr,, j
\ an, ce. ace     t.tna.l 1    O   Keeheeeiv
and   Plumbing
An experienced copper, lln. and sheet-
Iron worker Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing Expert
workmanship:   satisfaction guaranteed
Plumber atJ I cttcr. Emlcrky. D C
For Sale
Tiller- '  '   ','■
uutley '■'.. with
■ .    treei   .
H, HARRINGTON, i.  i-r
Paftry Baking
The Cli       ■ It      llie oven.      Alwayall   : -.  >
when tl rant!       Nice  line ol Confectioner/ in II i
: '£ 'll w .;i I | ,y y_u to bake your bread this summer.
H. J. STOREY, TR Enderby bakery, Bradley Blk. m
Bear this m Mind
There may be. no doubt tl
ml anything we have al
but certainly none can excell  ;
•.'•'.••rby's localbn Is un! 11
features about other parts of lhe Okanagan that
v in the way of nal       revision for home-life,
; C ndltlons are peril :'. and f r health and
i    No cold  damp   eather, or hot sultry days


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