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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-06-21

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 IJAAM,   &x4A*Ay
The  Enderby Progre
Volume 4.   Number 5.
ENDERBY. B. C. JUNE 21 1907.
Price. $1 50 a Ysai-
Harvey & Dobson
July will soon be
And with it will come the dog days.
For this hot weather period you should
White Canvas Shoes
Flannel Pants
And Summer Hats
ductus geneill business and to receive
applications for the position of secret,
ary-manager, tlte Mloving gentlemen
being present: -
J. Johnstone. Nelson, president; H
E, R. Smylhe. Revlsloke. vice president. Dr. M. S. Wide, Kimloops: P.
Wilson. Chilllwack. W. J. Brandrllh.
Mara Items
During Ihe nasi week iwo lainllles
have come lo Maia io t ute Utah
homes.   Mr. Jts. K. Grtham. wlleand
family arrived Irom Edmonton. Alia .a
| few days ago and has purchased a plot
of land Irom L. B. Massey, md upon
which he will at once build a Iratne
house.   Mr. Grihim lell Enderby two
yens igo ind wenl to Beaver Hills,
but liked lhls district betier and so relumed ind intends miking his permin-,
enl home here,   "olh he md hit soils ]*-*****'. Secfprolem'; F. B, Howarlh.
ar* good builders ind cirrenwra. and Silmon Arm. proxy lor J, W. McCal-
ar* * wall respected lamily. and a wel- ,u'"
com* .ddlllon lo our leiileii.atii i   J-Johnston*, is preiidenl, took the
Mr. Robertson, wile and family ab. ch"' "* «"" ,h« "'"""V' "**
•mved from the Old Coun.ry ind pur- ***** ***** *** ******** °' """*,hf
chited 40 .ere, Iron, J« Bell *Mil,lon« f********'*******9* wai in
eilmntly Importint om. since the
whole business oi ihe Eichtng* pricl-
. nally d*volv*d upon hit ihoulden ind
choice pl.cn of Und to be purchased (he .ueeuof the oreanliatlon depended
here, is thi mi|orlty ol the lirn.eri Ur^ty If nst entirety upon a ihoroiighly
have enough Und to b. able lo >par* •. ^^ ^   w j  ^^^ thM
B. C. Fruit Exchange    ! W. Stuart was Drown**].
A meeling ol the directors ol Ihe I Unhappily, it his now been proven
Frull and Produce Eichinge ol B. C. is wis (eared ai lint, lhat the missing
was held at Revelstoke Usl Friday to William Stuart lell  Inlo  Kingfisher
We ihould like to se* • lew more
finitliai com* to Mar*   There aie
teid ihe ipplicilioni lor lhe position,
lew teres.
j Mr. J. Bym* »nd wile irrlved list which wert 'v,ry num,roui ind were
week from Kimloops. haying tiken the ,te,\paA |rem all part* ol th* Domln-
' position ol engineer it' the Rolheuy, lon. Ne_r|y |orly applleHioiB were
' Lumber Co. i mill, received.   Th*t* were fully dimmed
; Win, Elson ti laving i venndih and their qualifications reviewed. II
built iround hit cciuge Grahim wis moved by Dr. W*d« ind lecond-
Bros hive th* contract, ind are *x- led by Mr, Wilson that T, Morley. Nel-
peeling to do other building work la this! ton, ippliation lor secretary- ininiger
district thu summer. Geo. _ Lllll*, be accepted and that lit ba notiiled lo
1 li lino building iddnicm to hi;, home ilul riled.- Cirried.
Viilton to th* northern pin of Ihi Okinigin Valley, whether
Und hunting, or for pletsur* ind tport. c*n do no beiler thin
make thU hotni their heidquirteri Tible ind cuuln* un
eicelled. Bar rental* wllh lineal wines, spirits, liqueur*, cigar*
Wines & Spirits
known brinds to chooie Irom
ind elite
Urge lis
drinks    Wc hive I
rrtment ol ill Ihe well
Mr, Brandrllh thin iipUlned ind
re-purled regarding the incorporation of
the Etching*. lUtlitg that atiing*-
- a kitchen ind a virandih.
As on* cat a**, ther* are * number
' ot improvements being midr in the
dtitrtcl. though w* Mill Uck elecinc menu hid been m»d« lor ihu to be
light and telephones. anJ   I. "led oul.   The eaptmci ol th* ptst
forgetting! -a nation agtnl I monlh wir* pined and a resolution
»«* <ido«ted approving ol Mr, Bnndrlth's
City Council !»etioni In Hi* mailer   Cene'il busi
.- tteu was then discussed and thd watk
Th* clly council h*W their mialIter the *«*ieii Uid out.
weekly meeting on Wtdnesdty evwitng     In recognition of his signal services
with all member* prese.nl. ;** muting in lh* orgintullon el ihe
ll wu decided to wait a week brier*. Eachaitft. an honorarium wn present
illlilng Ih* leal lo lh* Building and ed to Mr. Brandrllh and * resolution
Fir* Prevention B/Uw. a order that it e passed, eipreued t*e".gnllion and app
might be lurthei eontldered tf tMCuaarjr. I recUllon ol what h« had don*.
Th* queillori ol »m*ndtng the trad* Owing lh* ah-amoon ifsslon a wire
licenw byUw. so thit i pwion. though waa ree*tv«d Irom Mr MorUy. who
a antraetor. ihill ik! be liable Icr lh* hid been Informed by telegraph ol hu
payment ol a liceiue le* to long at he ap»mntm*nt ai leerettry miniger.
perfontit tuch work hinuell, empbvittg JtJtlng that he could not accept the
no hatlp wh*l*ver. and turnahiig no psatllon. A long ductnslon ensued
inatiniU. wai thi eiui* ol a protract. »* ** -ha ihould b* appointed, L, M
ed and acrimtmiouj ducunlon, ind Higar. Ul* el Faitbinkt k Co. being
a  a                                        mm                             a        m                tQ   8IW   ICnmDWOUe    giKUSHW),    im i«-««m» mvm vi   i tiiwiia* » w, «it|
ana buy your Harness before after speiitiuit a ec».fle of hour* if-on finally clWtn Mr (-.agar.:, well known
me  _valit..              R,..,,,^ . Speeaalry »••« left unch*ng*d, wiiubie (or th* position.
A byUw wis introduced by Ali
Wn/A|\IS                                  CMTMTDDV Worthit«ton lo amend No. JI.   The **** ******* *****,*****[***• ****** ***
.   CaVAINa,                                    LIN ULKD I   orojocioll hli amendment I* lo prevail owing lh* **isen i work ind Ihe it
  lh*tetaiructiono(clly*tre*U by car- rang*m«fit tf prien. lh* Mcreuty-
■__^^_M-a___^_-^H^^^^_i_a«a-_____^-^____^-^   ***** <** bulla*** ihtreon, minager being instructed to get In
AM. Johnson givi notice that h* touch with all th* local iitocuiiont lo
wemld bring In a bylaw lo imend ihe „, what they hid got.    The neit
TSrtmmmTamVCL^i T7 "" J- *lTZ
........ Saturday   moming, June 29.    The
* vice president. H, ft. ft 5<n/the. ind
The best
in town
and ihe coolest most
attractive spot, before
our down to ei
Soda Water
fountain.   Warranted
,    to refresh the weary.
zJtV .    ■-i'.'iiTifri     A_rrn grid thirsty, and
to change blue views of life for rosy ones. Purest
flavors, freshest crushed fruits, besl quality phosphates
and not to be equalled cream. Come In and let us
brim the flowing bowl for you.
TSt Enderby Drug k Stationary Co., Ltd.
Cliff Street PO  Box 77
Piles git quick and cttUln relief <h* lecwuiy mituger will trring* lor
from Dr. Shoop't Migic Ointment, luitiM* cilice pramiM After dlt-
Pte*ie not* it tt m»d« lion* lor ftUl aas,^ f,.^, tni ^p.^ n.Ui tni
dltipp**r   Ilk*   magic  br   It       I "*~
Large nfckel-c*p|>ed gUsi (in 50
centi. Sold by Knderby Drug It SU
tionery Co.
creek while crossing il in a log Ai
least, all the evidence obtained by the
Provincial Police point lhat wiy The
hit which Stuart was wearing val
lound by Constible Girdom under an
up turned root along the bank ol Ihe
Spallumcheen river, about forty yards
from thi log ovet lhe creek.
Previous to finding lhe hit i thorough
search had been made nl the cr unity
around the mouth ol the creek, is it
hid been thonghl possible that Stuart
had missed lhe trill, md gol lost In the
bush, but na tricks could be discovered.
A search around the jamb it the
head ol the Skookum Chuck, and an
attempt to drag Ihe river bottom, Ulltd
to reveal ihe body.
Coiutabl* Girdom lell lor Ihe spot
again on Thindiy to mike further el-
fom to tecover th* body.
lowing Irom th* "Times" of lhat clly;
"At St Andrews Presbyterian church
Wedneidiy evening Rev. W. Leslie
CUy offlcUlcd it Ihe wedding of
Thouui Mackmile. recently i resident
of Arden. Min. ind Miss Adeline
Louisa Haywood, ol Barrie, Onl. The
ceremony wu witnessed by I few reli-
lives ind Intimate Iriends." Mr and
Mrt, Mackerule will uke up their re-
tldtnc* In Victoria after a htneymoon
trip to Manitoba.
An Interesting teal was midi i short
while igo ol Ihe capacity ol lh* intake
pip* and Hilling link ed lh* wtterworki
lyiiem. With three two-ind-a-hill
inch hos«i tunning In town, there wti
no ippireni diminution ol th* tmcunt
ol wner running ever the top of th*
link. It U animated lhat it would
uke eight tuch alrtami before th*
limit-el lh* capacity ol lh* Intake pipe
would bi reached.
Word reached town on Thurtdiy In
lock oul lar a boy riding a while horse,
who had run away Irom hu homo In
Vr.n-n earlier that day. He wat Usl
seen fritting Ihrough Atmtlrjig ind
wis met still going north, but up to
the evening h»d not reached here
We ar* aiked to remind Ihe rancher! ol thu district and others that the
initial lubicnpllon to thi Pinners'
If desircm ot conttn
uittg membership the lee of SO emu
ihould b* either handed lo Provincial
Coiituble Gudom, who It luthorlred
lo receive tattii Th* fee can alio
be tent lo hfm through the mill, ihen
lh* receipt will be tent by return The
manv idvanltgu accruing Irom membership in ih* Intuitu!* bv this time
•re too veil known to nt*d enumeration, bui the many uteful bulletins
whleh mimbert rccetv* from time lo
tune, is well it being able to chum
slumping powder, ilene mike member-
ihip worth while
Additional Locals
Farmers' Institute"
Mitt  Beam*  having bten called
horn* to Klrnlogp; cn Tuetdi/
j count ri lh* serious lOtm     I her
Ih, . v.,   , ',1! r-g -a: .   vh,r ,ha ^ Umtm ifeiM
-       ■ ■•**"«   icl.t.fhrjui^deHttm.nicf.h.pub.
Donlt-rget ihe Kirmci' InaltHlle He school till afler Uletummw holi-
maatafl  and  demonslrailsns    n«*l days, which Commence anyway nett
week    Enderby. June 28. Mm. June! Kredly
'See advirtiseiirnl '
Johnson has lhe Hone I'.iimlali-.i-i
P«(  at meennr* ol Itu litre will It 2*1
h*M ave ' .
I^D«*av,».i*.v.J.n»ja.   a
.-      .a     .    -i.i     ..   . lor Ihe public ichoal well under tm
1*11* Hail       ia.  a. ,	
lMtor*****C~cli«tth did Pi  •       -   t       Mf *•<*-■■   '• *■-*■ *   ■'    ■
I-. !■-.   HtifraniCai-   Mr.FraMi   dijq   ihu   «."•   vesiting Mrt   T
.„,.'. >l II. leaeriltg!
se Ma'»   ■••>•' .
Hr.yi*. lasclate cle ' Cl^har '.* a-
The    S   R-rt-r     II •— a- I    »•■ •
Mr. Fra-er.
•    |  R  Andl'i-n  D»t.,■ M r ,i-.-      ',
IHOM Oil Ytr-liitA-
ig day altemooii. nuking 1 thort illy al harmful Whattvef
* Bi ■ i    - ,..   Ml Mieki       -■ *"*•••"
,,      ,                    . uk'n eatr cr al I
,           '      '"      n         *"■■■ fori -..tedceld.
(Taaddlnt Hip  havrng ber-n mirrled ll ,|iapsaa,.
cenlly -   '  ■•<   indw* t*k* thtfol 9 M by Endetby Di
Ftai Sampler, of "Prevtnliet" and
abookUlonColJt will b- glidly n-.ui-d
•'-,ue.*.l. bv Ur Shocf
Wis sim:    loprovi  i.-rit.   Preven-
llcttre lillle Cindy i>Id Cur*
No  Quinin
.-  '     .teiretit
•aii . luge
JE    SUIS    I'RUT.'
•   Ihu
nnil illati
. , -
ll lltl
.      ■ lm!    ||f)   '.'..,
,     HI   .'.      le,.
.       . ,        e
A. F. & A. M.
..I tin
When ordering Flour say
to your Grocer Distinctly
Moffet's "Best"
l.eive nothing to chance    The iinllorinily and superb quality ol this
-■• - nut has made ilso popular hu caused c.eii.j-i.i i.
io reprr:iiii then (lour as "Besl."   There ll only one "BEST" Hour on
n    . .-.ret today, and lhal is Model's "BEST,"
.rni-iii en bread making by seeing tint your sick
iaekb*ai  I • - rdi, MOFFET'S "BE;..
1Ea Columbia Flouring Mills Co..  Ltd., Endrrry
I. 0. 0. F
Em alia  LeVlt*.  tit   JO   '
Vote for Church Union
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all ji.iJ up, SH.400.1MO grab, SIO.OO.COOO
ItdaiKt- Prollb and Lota Kcouftt, MJJ.4II. II
H ■ Stntheeniiid Miual Riril0      u C.
I'm ■-: ■   ie. Can A, P-ummand I., f M  .'■
. .. Pitt ■-■-■■ -   ft anal,!
A C. :;i*r.il Banking   Kiiness traiiMded
.f"*   tr. irlhl
Savings Bank 5£
twsasK-j;. . ■jxritamti^3i
.,.-  ,    r
■le ■ await on demand
tartly.   Ru I te-. a*d '    ii
-r Baa.
.    ae  ■
C. A. Ht.wntjN. Mataettt Viireji.
Ar  '.'•.
..  A,;
-..*. A.;
INOTICE :   i      ihn 30
idi)-s (Iter .tie | intend to arolylo lh*
l  • tha Clutf Comiiiisaleiner ol
. .      ■ .  ■   -
lee i
N tiling nta-hi a»r Mingy about the *»le-|«
It'a III* cntit.: ttnlili i-i lie,- I ei.ia
I l.'la'llli't<<llli-.lali,.li,<i||Mi,|| ,, ,,,|
'the "MAGNET
Good eaiij da.vp,
i-dii'iia racuptacl*
And thi. large, rot mj i .t . (Tordi Iota el <p.n • f.-i the air to
IC.    (aivc^llieillealUntiliill.atlat tfl.iu- tti-ll    al.eik JVli.-.tiy.
I        * hunu thi fuel to a An* n.h.   Otmea don't get ale^gt-J
I  irtlnlly hut Itr J |.iar,ara of WaSjil—a laiill Common lal fulll.Lt.-aa
Kill an ,,|| et-H.|ei|a.
I-Vr nil-round tatliTli it.au, buy the " MAGNET. "
Itlli'l (,'l WOOd,
Hill tl ill .ll..'
hlltll a. ll.
 .'     ,       **t'^l
...     '
■ .lei: «!*».■:..-.,
ol Miy.
. :rgewo:i)y\
Heart Strength
hlomtCir I Dtpartnmt
IW 1*1*
* ;*v; tn
■■   t ii-
f- --ete'tlUh
UmtMatftt'tmutwHt- t\.    I
l**»rm«j li *!,-. I *tl Ml
•    i ■...»■■>.. I . |
' I I I   ailMu.'i      IM w!MI»*i,   AM
efMitoiimTBei; iiumm mnAiMi
■4 % *>t itnht ; - < :•■',...
I mm a.-ta •■ enut  iii
I1. II. IK, a  If
I al*..   *' - .    f. aa, a
Dr. Shoop's
 , Thc Enderby Drug it Slal'y Co.
Win, A. Matheson
Church Srx-vices
S. George's Church
lloi.v Communion: Isl. alld -tilt
Sundays in llie monlh, II a.m.; 3rd.
and 5lh Sundays In the mouth, i a.m.
•ll       . miiIi.' Days al fi a.m.
Mai i< Kverv Sunday, except the
.   I    '!'• month, ll a.nt
Litany: 3rd. and Slh. Sunday* in
lhe month, II a.m.
Evensong: Every Sunday, 7.30 p m
Also on Fridays it 7 30 p.m.
Sunday School' Every Sundiy,
10 a m.
Holy Baptism; by attainment
Mission of S. John the Evan-
ORLisi', Salmon Arm.
Saavicti:    2nd.  Sunday  In   lhe
month, 11 a.m.
Rav, Francis Virion Vknan i
MEiHODisr Church
I'lvine  services every Sunday al
1 30pin,
Sunday School and Bible Class ai
2 30 p.m
Prayer meeting, Tuesday, at ft p m
A. N. MlU.lf. I'latOt
St. Andrew's Church
Serviceiiilli.nl.   Sundiy school
i Ah   K«v D Campbell. Pistsr
•ti   ' '    f   V f\
SynepiU ol
Canadian Hetnrtwad RtgeilaLiOM
Wl    .aa.illnl'li-      Hiimillinli    I..I l..taa
• nlili tin. Iliiilwfljr lt.lt In Itrltlah
t'a.lulet   i.      i.a.lja    l»    hoRI ala.1     ley
ne   |a fen  illni |. Ilia  -n|.' Iii-aat aal
e   l.aeieily.   nr     eal.,a   ta..I.   ...et       IH
a/mri  Ml  na.,  lee   Ilia  t at.nt   nl  ,im
■lllirl'l   « -llee*  aal   |a|l   II   . ..   :,. „
mi    I...
Itrtlrjr tii.i.i I..* ta,*.l. |4- -<.ti.tl|e/rat
ll al   I in I   ulflia    liar   tlii     al .
I, I     |i   ail, ili   till   laitl'l  la   .lllll.
it.      tii.ii,.... ul.i   i.  ,~|ee r,a|   io
" rl..itii     e| iimlltliin.     t-eenne-t*l,a!
ti i e. 1-1. . a ■-   on* of lit* f.ilt.itr
t        I        I       . .    •.   e, ...
,. .i   ■ -. I    iiltii.ii  .ea aa'  Hi" leant n
rt Ii   »• ei   |,ei   Utter jf.nr.
.*  it eh   gather. ..r ewtker, if llw
feel.  I   |. a|.aa.tM.|, aef lha- tieaiiie*«te-aael
...  ra-'ila.. .ita.ait n fnrna Ma Hie- a,
a      f  th     land  anlrra.1   f.ar    Itaat
r n tr met.,, a, |.a ra.,i.|e-n.He aa,.a; '»•
a.a Ileal   b,     .al"h   |fr.n*     lat.l.llei*
.. .1    Iti     li.tliie,   .ar   aelaathier
;.   tl   't, e.i.   let.   iwienaia
-.en    lamina  land
.1      a    , I   II...   i,. aaialye   alt   e,,.
.     .....eli. ,e , t||.    H4    tit
•   „   . . ,-   .1 .,|   <.,    |   -.1
r-en  !*•• nld t.tra.l
"t>     mtaalha'    niilia-*    In   wrltl*!
le  ,...| a.- fitaral lal It.* I' -n, nt.-i-, -aa
■t IKmln'on    I an.|« m Oltatra •!
ni nllnn   io eiiplj  fit*  KI.H
n.|. may !»• |wtv|w<nl   e,t
- hi i. . a r. far mtt eostl tad «.ii
fur  fllintlt'll-     N'aal   Itliarte   Ihan .llll
"   .    "1   I*   HI-|e|ll1*.|   le>'   >«"   Hl.tt
. .li, i ...    ......nj   lleajrntljr at IM
..   ..| i.-n -.-.i. i»-r In* ait 1.i«M
|-enel.    .hill      laa-   nal|a«e|eja,|   „,,      a|„
.[I.*.,   aaatttattt.
IV    1»    ItlliY.
Iie-rniii  tflnlater ..r the. Iilerim.
.at     IB I   lh alt at       t ll<-ai.ee     af
.        ill  . ■     .e.ait   will   ral i
Seeds    Trees
NO S Phimi. NO I
Fertilizer;. Bee Supplfei. Spriy Nmpi.
Sprayity Material. Cut Floater*, etc
il   ■  .*   !• I i • •••   on   iht
;   IB C    Caleii gu« free
Li* > hi.<" «>i4  S***A do
Bl h   c
■  .
n>l llllieli- N       •;itdite«i     W»
7 pickeU. asv.rled nrielles
, .   -ie terdi in 5c pipe.
■ r,«irest Poll Office for
Si 00, twenty picket! for SOc. trial
Tram Mimi
Onf>«Mi«Hr« At.
Mtk *»: i •»**am*ttm wm
^ h« trm m\Skm *
»«*ti fi»<»
I *i•- !<
r 'Ht-e trwalif ft*
ttt*lt*1tta, * -"    it »' ar%'\ in I t.t
Scientific Hmtim.
tittttt"**,**** HWMfajlM ••♦I't.    t*l*tmt M
t«ll*'i .<* *,- » aw  a- tip* f-nrr-M.    1 •ire* •■ *J
tat 1,-ttf • -irt 11. «Mbr«;t ******* -nt
' NNJCo."11^'-New York
aae a e '*-, ne r m, aa.iaiaai •. li I
' Sprlngi Sanitarium
Nov •• '•  tha n.airignninl of
Manitr   MclirraaH,   "c'iman Houit
Ilea Mtdtaa; Wa'ati al Ha •?•»» aia tit
ItH ■     "a-l»r in ihr «»t;d      A aatlae
raaaaata   aa-nal  '.'»    NutrOM l*d M*N*>
.",. ar. Keejr.ty and SUmM*
lilflmll       a   Balha nercr ful 11 rati
' ' • -a     - ll'      •,-  uaitM aa»»
1 nana i'2 -,a I ?  ;t'  *a»v     P,t lultbtt
•—•''?« ie; ,
Holtyon Hot Sprinss
A'eCea lake-    B    C D
Weekly  Budget ol Interesting   News   and Doings   of  lhat
Thriving District, (rom our Regular Correspondent.
Mrs. and Mill Hallyard 1*11 fnr Iheir!    8""""" ')'*'*," * ***** *»9******a
,   ., ,,,  , lai'itleineni In line liallaty a.f Un- hui
home In Montreal on Wednesday. , , ,lm „,,,,.„, „ ,.„„„,,, ,„,„ ,,„
J. W Haggard and F Avers arrived' fi'lmnn Arm nl Bhuawip Ukt,   it It
in-ill lhe east last week.   They intend
living an their ranches recently pur
rinsed Irom Hirty Hill ind Gcei
Armsirong, tor the lime being
Some lime ago delegilis from the
various Exchanges throughout the province mel together at Armstrong lor ol Tippm Biding
ih* puipose ol forming a central ex e oth*r hiiImbcm*.
chinge The object ol the central exchange was to lower Ihe cost, and sys
lemitiie Ihe vork of distributing the
iruli, vegetables, etc., throughout lh*
dllfcrenl market* on the prairie by
planning regular belts for Ihe travellers
sent out lo tell the goods, so thai the
ground would not be covered twici or
ollener. and Ihe iravellert would not
conflict at wat the cise with the old
system, when every small exchinge In
lhe country sent out men lo solicit
trad*. All tha Iruli centres ol lh*
province were well repreunted. and It
wis th* unanimont opinion ol th*
uniting thit i central ixching* would
rti ve to be th* -. Imt. r: ol th* (rult-
distributing problem. Rules ind regulation* were drawn up for ih* purpose ol
governing the institution, and the m«*|.
Ing adjouincd well pleased wilh the pro-
greu made, lo meet again in Revel
Hoke. In the muntirn* some ol th*
commission merchant! Irom Cilgary
and other polnli on th* prairie gol
wind cl what wai going on and mm
men into lh* Okanagin. who canvatt-
ed that valley thoroughly, olltring Iht
different (idling** and Urge Iruit
grower* a high price Icr their »hei*
output.   Th* Okanigan uw a good
thing in tight and immedutely dropped
out ol lh* etching* union, Of court*.
il wai ih* object ol the commtuicn
mm to break uo th* union and if ihey
hid succeeded in doing tc this ream
would have dttotganued th* Central
Etching* ler probably Mm* jrtara lo
com*: but lh* wotk went along without
a hitch, ctttiequenlly w* hiv* tht u
wmiKt ot a belter put lor our pro
duett ihan ever btlort.    Thu. th*
central rtchang* hat pnvtn itteH a
boon te lht rancher* ia lh* wtr llrti
more m iht gamt.
itniiii-it tiini-ti'i'ii ratio* w**t ni Sim
limine mill lllll nillra Bill nr Vhiihui
ei'i. Thi Canadian Paeltc Rillwaj
rum through tin' itttl*oi*nt, ninl »
-e -i'1'eeii road eonnwta it wltli l-^ttala-t-
lee tslslMo intii-ai.ArniairiiiiK tiara-n.
ly-Hiie inlli--'. Parana l[una iiiiii-1.
llllll  BhUIWap   llllllll    Iltlll'lel.   I'»   Wa.'
Notch   lllll  mnl
Solium) .Inn ii. ttduiiriility alltinta'tl1
f.ir iiittrM. In ta.li1lllt.it lu line rail*
lead. tlii. aeillay lum wan>r OOmiSUni-l
ration tin lak* nnd river, wl*I, nil
point* ii'.«i na Int n-e Bivonll, N i
mill '"lllll In llie.ierl.e. Willi Inltl*
rtlllllltllt   Inlea  line   lllmutlnlllie   III   lln.
nnrlli fnr PUn,-n and twant. tulle -
iliua iei.ii.ii-, iln* place an ltla<nl i-.-ntr..
fair pleaaun. •«■'... ■     Man) InterNt-
Itlp trip* .Hit Ilea ..-..ili.'r.l
Th* Stiliniin Arm Valley *nbra**l
line lliitlhtnali'lly   |...i nm. taf Ilia. Ok-
..'.il.'iill    Ineelel    and    ll   Iniilllili.t   00
the Ham la ley I'n.i., i.. and AraMloag,
•nd It Una nttiiitt lha- r.-tl.tr:- nf ih«
Mklrk iiii.in-iiiiti-. Thete la nn
aletiiidani iilnfill all yrir wnnd
•Ild InlBoeli.ii |> aim tieere-ua-e.
|-l.il- tun  I lain, ilep tsliaun* dry.
ne-..   i.|   lie.    ilia.lirll     |l    h*l   Hill    ' ll>-
'itre-tlii- mlnfalt nf lhaa a,..a.l dl-lllrl.
nnr the nuwfi : of ihr mnugialn
dltlrlrtr lie hate very Mule rlamdy'
» ml her. lha- ..a-..t,.   laelnit   lirlttht!
with nuhlai
The mtinihly |arrr||aitatie,n f..r lht
• .llr  Ille.Wl.e   . lUlil-l.    .\|„||   JU,   ||0T,
wu ai i..|t..« ■ :
M. i.-l, tna-hf-a
Miy, lie*  |.»J
June   , l.tt
July  73
aUatU'l    JI
feplemlatr      1.31
Oriober    3.31
November 3.1a
lleremtKr   1.33
January. !»•? .......  ..... iM
FVbruiry  1.74
Marrh  LIS
April ,.     1.3*
If you want a Suit of Clothes-something for belter wear
or for every day, or a suit to knock-about in, we can fit you out
with anything you want at any price from $7 up. Don't you
want a nice 2-piece Summer Suit or a Fancy Vest or a
good Pflir of Pants ? We can supply you with working pants,
too-unterahle tweeds, moleskin, overalls, etc.--and smocks or light
coats and vc-ils.
avc a
Splendid Assortment
Working Shirts Negligee Shins In stripes, creams, and white and silk Kharkl—
90eH to $1 50     And iiijjht weight underwear—French thread Balbriggan a! 60cta
and fine Mertna ai 73d* per garment.
«*>-.( ihere is anything at all In the clothing line thai you need il will pay you to
.'ee our stock.
Tht rrttbyttrian amlvtrut) aer*
vie** will be htM oa Sundiy. Juat 23.
Rt*. W. M Chalmtn. ol Wett Koo-
teniy. will conduct iht temett On
lh* Mrodiy tvtning following a lull-
cits* ptcgrammt will bt pit en. aad
Rtv. Kr, Chalmtn will deliver a tee -1
tart ramble 'ar the occailon.
Tbr wlttiei* »r» ahnrt iind mild.
*br lempeniNKa taldom rea.laat ,|,awn
tn tern. The iltllnlv nt Atlmun Attn
la 1.133 t"»i
Tha- a«4l al.lr. ft.een 1 I'll t.eaini
il"ti* Ibe Mlnni land*. 10 Ihl
|| J|   atiel «»n.|a leaetea i.n ihr
in* land,    \\ate-r U Haundani. th*
• bad* tallet twin* a-M. ••! k
ain  'iii-a-m,  and  iprll e
t,.,tn Ihr taaathlin leal .     |. , irtill-
mark** aim* line lint.
Kaptftear* tin* taeuM Ihli lht. I-
•am*, taf Ihr lee-*! Irall «.l!..ti" I* ll.ll
A*h l-tdu=..i"i full!,.-!, ,t>ifl « .1
lira, n«M f«r lb*tt r-ll-i
Tht lidita mtht Mtthcdut chuKh""' *?"m   "**"" J*** "<
u.hnUl«..tewit a~-l.l .1 ah. I».    *** '** "''*  "* '**'"'*"   '**' *^',
uehOdiegi ia*n aociai at ibt par- _WH,, ,,, ,hXf w,,ll<1 fw ,„„.,.„«
tonigc ui  Monday. July   I.     Ictjing    it, „.. m,,**,.* „f maU.d-
cttam and w»wb*tritt. etc. *inbe '-t mm >••<*  anelaied by it,, it
Mtvtd. and a tpimdid umt it aiuKI- •' ""*"' ■•' '<•«•** *
hie tutu btra a ,al-i'A    m.tnh»a    f...
<*m»T mm,   A« tavh ht- bit •>•
|...„|,,.e.  n|  ihr  villey  *r*t'"' '"• *"•** **** '*'" ****
varted-fw  III- well adapied to th*     ****** *n*l '** *- ***aht «i lima
ptt«l.rtlea« ..I all al«plp rrtttw    TIM-! ******* *** ***** ** " •      * "   in
•thy t*d Hoter. utitrd. altt* h.*a       la ofhtaa Ita an     ■    >
i.-i.i ..ile.i.irt «i,i-rn..... led •..'.     iproved aad
toll aad rllaMlt t hat tkt dbMct m***** *******    ****** '
II    iditt-J   Iw   Ituti   irtlete" » W«a: aad Bv* haadrtd *tl-
d*lr»lti|t md tm tttmnt ot lu !*.«• ] '•«» ***** ***** <» **»' **htt pen ol ih» j
n'Ar •falt|!ne la.illllaaa, Mb  10 tha.  "*"">
**H and tttt. lira*  idimmw  -i      ■''■* ' '* ***'*** *'* ****A »■    •
fruit. Milk «ad vnmatthlme«.. .«,i ...'** iii-wi' and a ten •-.
a M< |..|eiii«i|..n neaellllt* a, th.
|.«.t >-f Mmaialu   ni-atuB * beelili
till -llmate- at.-l •' tatlua in -
im laltntllag ** t protlal
Mad an    i
l.'il  .it   - adlilM    '■ nl
W. J. Wilco* hat bttn inning bit
irump puiltng machint r*c*m|x
elated Item iht
• |,|dlt IWila* ihiiureei    Th.
larg* laad miniti     -  u *i.at ih»-
'rl «a|eh  *a-«.   la
irhl'la In mill* * t *r| Ita'aWea' *-.d *-r
"■llln* tr l.d» ..t f..n» IwmI;
h*hd *4 **d f<»lt a-m
inrtaMlna Milan
Tl.r -ll'I'M  ha    «a..|l^il  .Au-a
IV. h«l» alii,' put,
hMta- nl .latdtlka IW a«'|.«l« |aae«
M|a* m eallah ll'il  Ml tall'A. atad
hla r<*. Itt'trtta t-n.. ««pi.-wr4 I* ** '*"**** li'l'IH"
r« .^4 ii~t. ail it LJka -..Ji.   ' •<*"• d«itt«eM«i aawaanaaiaf ih- ''• •"'
p°*********'*** ******** *«»»«»* iv*.* m Vkterta . tat, »«,» „,. Tbtitanunedrhtrefaa,lhtxmtm
UCIOlily     ll WlllbOb«lt*r  *mk thin   ,„ ^«,,IM8„ t|,. ,„„ ,,„ „, i,,,^ drtantnlMllntia *|| >»lhrr »e^«ai» <
»ny other mtchin* on th* m*rk*l  W   n, u,. „,,,., ,n»aaita mtana l.nii ...     ' 	
A Dankt tt ih* local agtnl gtowa aamarfailp h* ant tkn "-' *
ij-bj -a.'-" *** *** ***** ******** ** ***** ***" l»fH«r»*t- II" Iteah ad llaiwil
JidinlSUM. wtweceme tn Uti week   ,„,.,, „ ,„WMK-Aw_», f,_,- lea, will in la in
Irom  ielk'ti. It building * MlMetl|,;,. . „,llfc ,„ |¥W(Mnll< |„ fw(^ <«tla,ra Link. a'|..aai0« ,.*, Ill
lh* new unrrttitt j,,_,, ,. ^ ^ _,,,   ,,',,, hr ^H ih....*
Mr Prait'rKwhouMiitlntmlCoir.   5*la.«*  Ana  tie*  the   Ideal bptt
pitted.                                                                   '            II* ba pl.t  tlehl SMa ihr Mefomg Wl •aVtltlen. *
■ra.              . .   .        .a.     •*•» 'h' arwrih '* l.«iihl» it»*. *ni httnA.ni* churdi hi* beta erected by
The Fitinm   Eicbingt buiMiag, <fc. g„w ,n4 ,rt„ _, llM, ,m„ „, ^ ctmtttt of Fj**l*nd eenjttgantn.
•ill be teiJr lie butlnett by Jidr l      tt(*IK«t.   atn.» ihn urnr it !«• wh<le the Methctlttl;. Ktmia CilhtdHa
Mr Weodeatd hat remodelled and ***** *"* '*" **" ***** ***** ****** *** Settnlb Day Advef.litt ate pre
enlarged hu heme, and il tt ik>« Mtt! •" *"** ******** **"*<    tt  * '*<•**> ****** *"» *<* **********
tf Ihe 1(1*11 in Ibt watle-                     '*'h- "* **Aa-. laMtUUj of the n A Fiimers" R»'l»"!ir has:
>■  Prill ■!-.,».i.  aanaktlaa mt-ilattaMitlitd htrt md is tr ■
W. J. Ke* tl building a batilSftftt   t, turn aim Nteial *»*»* «i-aatil l*]buUm*i    Th* r*»' bwtn lh*l like
n» reiidenre lattiu u • dlltraai dbtritU nt ibe! imiiruilom ait lo lumen in other dit
Tfc. aadiM .1 <-.nr« r*.~a .. .t ► ai IWvlaea IflCIl tf Iht t^ettnet » * lei-
coeiVel:^":^,'''.:;    tba^jummmm  *„,,M.  ,. *^J^**^J^*^   '
sidirlr *nd • short loadi* trad thai •*•*****« **» ***** <* 'M* «-»tt»»*i  uWithed in Salmcn Ami   lh- t	
J.TLt^mmm cIk '«*•• ********* »** **" *****   *» ***** " **mttyt*lmtitfttlwott,tfnoi
Ibt artalai aad i..mv.in, .»,»«, ,rf;ti«g* m*rti*t and eaedtciing•
Acaipenter by the nam*of Hogg i»» K.«t.n*,a•> Mt<tvt. IH ail an. Hetili«sh_pro4tif«l'>thr»
ftllfromlliete*floldingonihettch*iajt ta*m |...-i-:-.   and  th.   s --•..-.   ■--•ring in teluin. «...
building on tuetday. and rectletd ter- ■,!... m~» ant Himtmaa r..r nnr rat . rhe-,ut ter all shelf < - brntghi m Cut-
icut itehitie* thai mar prorelaui.       ' pim tr»tt ' itw mtrkt! prteta ar* ebtiined
A Creamery
tit en tncctponli
in Uf i~ dat* a-r*ai.«i
to mil th, *• iiw.-bntheKu-,,
ll.- much attdtd
t* la     a
I'-'  ." e-'l.l    ,-
if a,At-moptr-
nt* »hl!(t  • || a * I - ng turetied. A'
■ ...   i    •  ,    ie       '..•.-;.     ■    -
a     •   m»dt h, tb* lJcir.tr-
fuitieiat. ind it will bt ready brfort
Ihr tummer H    ■
Salmon Arm
Livery Stables
Jackson & Parker
". At MOS A kit
a r
PteMii ..mtf.il
1 ./-'
II ptu ttirt a tfriith outlil
thirls the pba-e locom*.
You nn thnrn get Kami
pttl when yeu warn th*m
■ ra Good bont*.
sift rtgt. cartful ititm.
to S. H. Lawrence
general    drayinj;
FiMiing Tackle. Piciute Pc»i
Cards,   Lacrosse Sn •
i . eball Crrds. ate
buiine,. transacted, ^fflf^tim^
Fancy Store
Higkeal a
11   ..-! le,r KitJerby'
Mill l.ogati »enl tu Armstrong on
Mcndiy to mak    I wllh Iriends
J. II. Mohr came up irom Vernon
on Saturday to spend Sunday with his
A dance will be held in the North
A. I  ALL UKUUJKaij End„by jchooih^j, ,,,,(,, evening Ol
June 28.
We ire glvrn to undentand that i
very Inlereillng event will take place
on Wednesday next.
Is here, and with li the Provincial and
Municipal elections: but property transfers are
going on |nst the same, and I look lor a good year In
I have many buyers—both local and othn
wise—and can sell properly In any part if lhe
Okanagan and Spallumcheen Valleys al right prices
■ anything to offir-buttons, residential or
(true li ■ ■ * th me. and I will endtivcr It
inv bui id to mi sitiafactory lo you
Wr.- ilrrsil Ann"   .,'
el     I)     III de "ley Land Aglet wit* «
It.   I   .   1-.I1.L.,       Oaanacai  I
OFF! irons ind Veinsn
-mimrert -. '.^autaA-aamm
A. Fulton
.. Hardware
For all kinds of hot weather
Refri, ream Free en, Screen E   ra and
Rubber Garden Hose. Hammocks, Camping Supplies,
OH Stoves.
Sinwberrle.i grown in Endtrby were
on till earlv Ihli weak
'Tis tummei at lull The rain
spell brok* on Sundiy. and Old Sol is
now supreme
A laby weighing eighteen pounds
was born on* day latt week In Chicago.
F. H, Barnes md F. Pymin were
pasttngtia on Tuesdiy't train tor Vancouver, to attend the annual communication ol the British Columbli Grand
Lodge. A, F, k A, M. The grind
lodge wai to have met In Vernon this
ytar. but on account of th* destruction
by lire of th* Vernon hall. It wat changed to Vancouver
Mr, and Mi.  Kewler returned horn*
to Vieicovir on Tuesdiy alter a thort
Mia. J 11, McVeigh, sitter of
Mrs Fewlar.
The Peniici n I'reti uyi thu th*
Ltd wholrialt deal
en ind shipper In bull, anticipate et-
tibhihtng brit-..-liei in all Okanagan
We shall close
at 6.30 p.m.
We btf, to Inform our numerous patrons that, starting
on Monday Next, Jine 17, *xt shall close
al 6.30 every evening except Saturday evening and
before a public holiday.
Men's and Boys' Suits. Hats, Boots
and Shoes, Shirts, etc.
Wheeler & Evans
We have everything necessary for a comfortable, pleasant drive
The Beft Horses and
the Finest Rigs in the Valley.
Ail kindt ol Draylng and Hauling contracted lor.   Termt renonible.
•   amous Shemin Williams Paints.
Stains and Varnishes
Seeds that
Famous English Seeds
R. R. Burns, Druggist, Armstrong, is Agent
Price Lists and Order Form Blanks
The Following
1 Forms
.   .
■ itt tawmtll. lumber »»l , hi ruechased by
W J |lj              -men. lor $6,000.
'   ind Salmon Arm baatbsll
• I men income*! on Dominica
• ng.   Othtr games on
: that day will be: Lierotie. Kamloops
iv Reveitlike. Football.LumbyvArm•
landtamt ttiedala will be giv-
« his. wt undtntind,
, bten appointed to the petition el read
boat, and that ihe uaton'i work commenced on W-ditf.day. A tun will
- nly be mad* on lh* Enderby
Mabel Lak* i . ; ;-.t appointment
of Mt Hancock ittmi lo hive been
received wllh getter*) approval
English returned on Monday
j Irom a vuil ts Olds an) other Alberta
i points He wat accompanied by a
' party of eight men, who will llnd am-
' filuvmeni with the A R. Roger* Lumber Co
'.  ey vttlted Okanigan
- tf the wttk.
Rhubarb no longer eomti by th*
• igon Icadi now!   Thi
-tday brought in
load Icrthe tachange
- ii-.d daughter.
• ilia on Wednei-
day. and will .,-•;*J ih* lutnmir vitlt-
i«g Teronto rtiatiect. Ermhue will
i i rttunt but
Cutnming tsf Stuart
KiAl ESTATI  kl   v!->
„nj Al • l ll INBI RS
ENDERBY B.<     P.O.U 178
City    Barter   Shop
IS '
A Nl
To all requiring stone
.   ■ ••■       lha
b* plea- ItprtCtJ
Illy ol 11 Ht*
ipply la Alet
ed dray ui corii.e
A strong  c nslltullon
rr,i»n* a hiaiihy nun i
and (o I work ind
good work maans ad
vancamant To havi
a strong conetlluilon
ona mual have Ihe boat
maala. and lha'. a what
you Wil And at lha na**
btlck block Ai.vayi
friah. juicy and Under
Goo. R. Sharpe
and ne, e Dy.peptU. lh*
Heart, er tha Kid Addri
Mil    •   ' ...ry...  are
j merely aymptom* of a deeper lllmtnl
rt eiror of treat-
ymptoin Symptom treai-
' • •   ,- 'he rei-.ill ol Jfl ur ael
■ a
I* nerves   mens
ach w*ak e * .       Anj the
■  •
waakviia   ,
•;    -h-r t*madt
•' '
litre ll (.hete Dr.
' hit made III lame
even eliims to trill
all teaih or ramplexi.ii.
jtise  I.er . aal talev     V.'til"
 r  li*    B .t ROW Or. Shoop's
"■' -al •■ e   .   . KitJertev Utug and
Mrs, itrraei lell lor Arrowhead an
Friday lo (isln her husband there
The eighth meeting ol the Synod ol
Kootenay wit held in Vernon en Wed-
n*td*y ind Thurtdiy ol lut wttk.
Fourlttn clergyman and twenty lay
delegates wer* prcaent. S. Gtorgt'i
lituh vatrepresented by Rev F. V.
Venables and Mettrt R. R. Glbbtand
R. E T, Fortltr R, Hobscn wai
ptetenl Irom Salmon Arm. The ttec-
llon el oiii :er» rewind in the following
ippolntmtntt: Rtgiiliar. E. ACieate.
Neltoit, treaturtr, G Johnstont. Nel
ton. On the titeutive commute* the
blthop *ppoint*d R«v. H. SI. Georg*
Smith and C, W. Busk at hit reptt-
tenlilivei. and th* othtn ippoinlid
were: Rev, H. Steele, Gtand Ferkt:
Rev C A. Procttnler. Reveltlokoiand
Rev. J, H. Lambert. Vemon; R.
Hcbion, Salmon Arm, andC A. Cock,
Cranbteek. Archdeacon Beer wat
electee dlecttan secretory.
H. W Harvey launched hit gatolene
launch, the "Ke Kite." on Saturday
altemoon, and ahe swan like a "duck."
tht boat making a satisfactory trial trip
Thlslatttl addition Uhc third) to th*
local fleet ol motor boats, tt IB feet 6
int. in length, wnh a beam of 4 leal.
drawing 20 ini. of water. She is driven by a 4 tip Cinadian Fairbinki
Manni motor, and it therefore tit*
matt powerful and digest bolt on thc
river. The boat u a pretty model and
a credit te Ihe builder. F, H. Barnei.
The tiwmlll it now running double
shift, th* night crew commencing work
on Filets
The Ladies' Aid ol Si. Andrew*!.
church will bold a stttwberry festival
on Mrt Model's liwtt on Thurtdiy,
July 4 Beginning it 3 p in . strawberries, ic* cream and altemoon lei
eight terv.: ' ihtt even itg m
mincing n 8 p m. ■ muticil program
will be tendered All ire iRViltd Id
H Fraser anJ P. C Bowman re
turned on Wednesday allemoon Irom a
trip to Salmon Ann in th* launch
"KottitK)uln "
Good progre&s is being mad* on the
new h .lel which la In course ol arte
lion at Sicamous.
A team ot Endetby baseball playets
juurneyed lo Armstrong Wednesday altemoon, etpecting l" gel a game wilh
Ihe ball iwitler-, of thai lown How
ever, owing ta some misunderstanding
il seems thete was no team to matt
Ihem. and even though it was Ihe
weekly hall Inllday. II wil n.l t-rs.-iM-
to gel I scratch team together In order
Ihli our frays might hive • game
For Sale
BUSINESS. Bim 40*96. electric
lighted, gfod witerworkti lourtienhead
ol horati: teven tingle and four double
rtgi. wtgont. sleight, culler*, dny:
lumen, mrylhing complete Good
busmen. For paitleuliri apply A 1.
Milthewi. Endeiby. B C. S 4t
Dissolution of Partnership
hit the rtrtnei-
ai.J J. Hilvtn. e-ndatt lheityle olMeNtlll
Ht x-Bwett. tltrtumltlia. ef Fr dirty, hu
• Vtel t,y  n.eileltl C'llWlll. Hid llll
Inolnin will bl citiird on by J McNnll
I. MeNMll
■ 'j (■-..
English Lady* Saddle
ft e is et in first class otdet patent atl.iy
ttntvo and lit ittirhmtnii cempltit. Pi'ee
I." I'.a    in -.-■•   a- 1 -' '    e--hT.ee    '     •
Lost. $180
in ten dollar tills, ibout two weeks igo,
bitween Clllfe ilreel and my reildence.
Liberal rewird olfered for lit return la
P Greyell, Endeiby 5- It
The Enderby Coal
Mines, Ltd.
R .r.tte.,' Oilier:      Enaltrky. BC
Author itrtClpMll    -    MSO.OOOOO
itl Stilt*! ul St eOO ***h.
In order toglv* the public in opportunity el acquiring an interest in ihlt
impciunl local enterprise, lhe Director! have decided te offer (or til* •
tmill block 10,000 only ol Treasury
Shir**. This it lh* lint time lhal the
itock ol ihli Company hai been pliced
on lh* open market. The price will
be SO ctnts ptr ihire: payable, 25
ctnti on application, and 25 cents in 60
Forma of application, ind all necet-
tary information, can b* obtained Irom
Hir undesigned
Subscription lut will potlttvil; clot*
July Itl. 1907
GiuitiM Rosoman,
Enderby. BC. Sec Treat.
Real Estate
rft General Comntittion Agency
Any prison having Town or
Kami Properly tor Sale should
List the same villi me
Offlct Btu Buck.BNDBRBY


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