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The Edenograph 1904-06-22

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 \ »*-"a
J,A-t3ir-   f** ri-tS-
Shipped by freight Ir imi
Ewbrby, 7,928 torn
Ar nitron)*. 6*180 ton
\ trnon. 4,407 ton
Kelownit 3*891 torn
Other poinU, 265 ton*
Totil.  22,7(1 tow
Volume I.   Number 6.
ENDERBY. B. C. JUNE 22, 1904.
, $2 a Ybar
Happily  Weil.
Elc.-tion Plcdilca Not Mad«
At the Methodist Parsonage, last, A correspondent In lhe Armstrong
Wednesday evening, Rev. A. E. Roberta Advertiser writes from Sliver Creek:
loined In marriage Miss Tena Long "The Armstrong correspondent of the
and Ira C. Jones. Only a few friends Kootensy Mail write* the following to
of the contracting parties were present, that paper: 'Why does not Mr. Ellison
and the ceremony was quietly per- see lhat his election pledges are kept > j
formed. Miss M. Prudy acted as The Silver Creek people have no road
-lOjFarr did likewise to right, and Mcln- bridesmaid, and H. S, Bagnall assisted yet and have to come in by pack horse | Upwards ot SO people attended the
- 71 tyre hit to Hancock In the box.    Ray the groom. rout*,   ll la * crying shame that thirty f**lic meeting last Saturday evening
The best baseball game of the sea-1 <oas*d the ball to Matthew on first;     Miss Long was charmingly attired j or lorly families should becut oil from In the lown hall, to consider the advise-
son was played at  Armstrong last| Matthews dropped It,   Jackson scored, m white.    The flowers worn by the' their point of supply.   Price ought to WHty ol Incorporating Enderby and vl-
make good or quit.'   Aa a voter at c,n,|y a* * township, or the town Itself
Enderby, ■
Thursday afternoon.   It was witnessed Bird hit *ale to centre,   Wataon sent bride were exquisite, and were brought
from the grand stand by a large mint- j» oase hit to left-   An effort was made from Vancouver.
■ °        ber of ladles.    It Is an j lo catch him at second; Todd returned •   After the ceremony the bridal party
Traltt 8, umuual ,hl1* eva" m»-,h*tall,° lh* V*"** m ,lm««o»top'wereeseottedto the home of Mr. and
rvr]^ creamery town like Arm-'. Bird.   Smith hit to Hancock and was Mrs. Ceo. Bell, where they ut down
(TpTl^rong. loseesontanyot'topped at lint, leaving Wataon on to tile wedding supper.
UjLyhe lair sex out to wit- third. Mr. and Mrs. Jons* have taken up
•**£■?-" "ness a  game of ball..   In "he fourth Enderby had the mak- their residence here.  They will leave
Ssme hirh jlus   Some laid It to the par-' Ing of the winning score In their hinds, for the East *om«ttm* In August to
a. i two were presentl. and lost by loose base playing.   Ray^ spend three months In vlaltlng the
wart caught
Others declared lhat the Armstrong R»ncock hit to Mctntyre who fumbled. E
ladles had grown tired ol hearing about Todd followed mil    Both landed at
their twlrler* being beaten, and turned «r*i belore the ball.   W. Mack aent a
out to help the boys win a game.   But scorcher to Bird, and Hancock   t*
no matter, they were there; and every- tried to knock the itarck out    J A
body waa glad of IL    We must credit of the Celestial clothes cletu.
them wllh Influencing the game and ing rendecvout under the hill
nuking ll ao good.    Atmslrong never Matthew* hit a liner to Jack
played so well before, and Enderby *on   Wheeler hit to Mcln- Jeskwr,
never layed ao many goose eggs be- lyre, who threw home to l*^*
tween the bases e»'«h Mack.    Bell mad* a
Enderby waa first to bat.
Mackatruck. grounder andwenlom Matthew.wa* run down byMclntyr. ~£^WuItarfP.i**^
at lirat   He strained his ankle a ahorl on the home ttreich. and Wh**l*r vat _    w -   .    M - M -       77*"
Chine* in t)..a,,,!„(.
Th* Kamloops Lumber Co., Ltd.,
, this week purchased the null, logs, and
1 limber litntu of the Okanagan Lumber
Co,. Ltd, It U the intention of th*
i Kamloops company to mak* Endtrby
■ ttt headquarter*, and ll la understood
« the mill here will be still further In-
>ti m*i  Matlhtftvi «ai run dawn hi* Mtlniwra       _T        ...
k. >
voted on this motion.  The amendment
was carried. 22 to 9.
A committee was then appointed to
take up the work of Incorporation, consisting of Messrs. Harvey. Bell. Mofiett,
Hale and Bradley, alter which the
meeting adjourned
I'l.i.J Up ...I./   Build Down.
Miss Klllens was visiting Mrs. Ceo.
Beit this week from Lansdowne.
Rev. Robt P. Mclntyre preached In
time belore the game and played under caught between
difficulties, another having to run for htm.   C. ^
Hancock made * base
hit to center;  Matthews       * "»
followed with mother .and
Wheeler   struck   out.
drat on t Where EwStrtry on Jackson'* error but vat caught bt
wat weak,    ^.^ th. bate* by Mclntyre R. Han
Armstrong ptaytd agatntt Htneock '" ** Toronto.   It ovnt nulls ai Kam-1   There wtll be * meeting ot the far-
in the fourth   Lucat, Holtby and'•***•ABau- *"*lw w tta*tei,     |<"*"9' ,h* Spain
Atniltage struck oul It It tatdertttod Ihll no ehattg. vitl
In lh* fifth Watt Mack got ta tlrat uk* P>»« » *• nwta|«m«ra of Ut*
doing i
any pre-election pledges, but because »• th* requirements looking to Incor-
h« thinks it it right.' porallon.
In thu connection. Waller Cardner| Mr. Billings explained the dllferenl
lay* that he drove Price Ellison allrtre-cedur* that w;uld have to be taken
over the riding in the last campaign/In incorporating at a township, and as
and that he never heard htm make my a city or town. There was one great
pledge to Silver Creek voters. He drawback here should township Incor-
tin Hectares mat Price Ellison dil not potation be decided upon, and that was
mare any pledge to htm regarding the the Indian reserve. The roads through
position ol road overseer far thu dts- th:* *"uld have to be kepi up by the
trict.ani that h* did not know anything township, and yet no taxes could be
about th* potman coming to him until levied by the township againtt the land
h* received instructions to proceed In my case, whatever form of Incor-
p;rsu:n should be decided upon, the
provincial government would continue
upon the duties cl the office
Fartnrr'a I...I.
< local mill.
hot grounder to Jackson: """  ,lw*tn m mut"»""amy*: "*- "»"■    WiU Hid. an expert miller at Win.
Booth made a sale punt, and Watt ^ *lru* oul oul reached lim on a mpeg. hat taken night charge of lh*
Mack aent a fly to Jackton and went P"* b>n Todd m,d* * °*** hlL Enderby flourtttg mill, Mr. Hill u
oul. retiring the tide with Bell on third Hancock .vat caught ai attend, Billy lactnaitd with lh* climatic and ether
and Booth „n second. C. Hancock and' "■** ,ww* M- *',ln To** °° a**0"* condition al Endtrby. and bettevtt this
Matihewt scored. F»rr w»t tn the Jtdaoti Fair. Wauan and Holtby vsll-y hu * great luture before n.
box lor Arnutrong and vat easy to teored in Annstreng*itfth Mclntyre
(ln4 vat put oul by Todd; Bird ticrlflctd.
Jackton led oft for Armttrong.    - »«d Lucas struck oul
Hancock wat pitching for Enderby and
C. Hancock reached lint at a but'
struck oul the tint man up. Farr wat h" "• "J1" «*lt F*rr P"' Matthew*
more fortunate. He picked out a nice «" ",,MI- Me,m*f« av&x Wh*t!*'
one and tent it to Bell but didn't reach ani J**"*1 «,«h, B«" « *• *•»•
lint. Mylntyre batted a hot one to
Matihewt at lint and vent oul
R Hancock opened the aecond for
Enderby. He hit lo Mclntyre ai third
and wa* atopped at ttrtl    Todd hit lo
25 cents
polnl For Arnutrong. Holtby
9>» vent out at tint by Todd. Will pay fir NINE espies
yArmtlagevai caught out by
C   Hancock, and  Jackt-.n
•track out
In th* teventh. Mclntyre
Jtckton and vent out at ftrsi  Billy Sllita**!
Mack made a base hit pasl third, andjeeeeh *•'**lh* bM '* *'matrong
C. Hmeock tent another by Jlf^,"* •»»hH- *"• ** ta,l*»»
flrti Matihewt put a bate «t -lisMt "•ralertaut. It wouldn't do
hit in right field. Wheeler Jaairihlng. Booth. Watt Mack, R.|
ttrtak out, leaving Matihewt H,ncxk ,nd ™ llKmi «■ »« "»«• 1
on tecond. Mack and Han- «"* •»» ** *&* «■ ,a ««<«>"
ctxk icured. F,,t ini Mclntyre  teored  lot ;
Bird cams to bat for Arm- »"•"«•   Bird ttruek out and Smith
«iu^ wrong and hit the ball to Todd and Walton ver. put out by a pretty
them. wn0 fumbled and made a vili double play by C. Hancock.
throw lo first. Watt Mack scooped I" ** eighth Mack. HancoJk and
up a scorcher off Wauon't bat and Matthews failed to teach firsl Lucas
slipped him at first. Smith made a reached first fir Armttrong; Hdtby
single-bagger lo Center, helping Bird was caught by C. Hancock: Armiuge
ti lly home. Lucas and Holtby struck was caught at first, and Booth Caught
u'„ leaving Smith on third. Jackson out.
The Held work of Armstrong In the     In Ihe ninth  Wheeler struck out;
third was perfect.     Bell's bul hil »as Bell was caught between 2nd and 3rd.
caught by Holtby   Booth's punt was and R. Hanin* struck jut with B>-.lh
supped by Farr, and Walt Mac* was and Watt Madi m b*s»=     Hanock'
, -d at first by Bird. had three bills and  two foul strikes.
Atmllage sen! a  hot grounder lo and made liur fiul hits, then struck
Todd in the opening   ii Armstrong's at a balllhat he ciuld nit haver-,
Uttrd    It did nil pass    He stipped with anything shirt ol a rail.
ilfini   Jacktonhll salt to lelt field;    W. WoHenden umpited the*,
One copy each *eek *1ll be moiled to three
Mends (or three *eeks. In other words, r
you wtll send the names and addresses >i
three friends, or your o«n name and the
names of two friends, accompanied by 25c.
we s.ill mall one copy each week far three
weeks 19 each name sent. This, we believe,
wtll not only assist to advertise the resources
of the Valley, but will also bnng Thi Eoimo-
graph before new readers. One sample c opy
produces good results. Three sample copies
will produce better results Thus we can
afford to make this offer, ll means a larger
subscription list, and a more interested circle
of friends. Pill in this coupon and mail It
•with 25c:
. -.       .     .
Silver Creek I desire to say that In his « > <%-   The meeting was called to
canvass, Mr, Ellison never promlaed order sometime alter 8 o'clock, and
thlaroad.   I didn't vote for Mr. Ellison Henry W. Harvey moved that A. E.
at the latt election, and probably would Raherts take the chair.   The motion
not do to were he to run again, but I *** carried, and Chas. E. Strickland
don't like to aee such mlt-aiatemenu *»* <a"«d upon to act as secretary.
made.   If Mr. Ellison gives us the road Mr. Roberts briefly explained the ob-
we want, and which ve assuredly need. I*«"l themeetlngatd asked Attorney] ,hd"M'„h^lt churc^'suiid.y'ev'.ning!
Born   In Armstrong, on Monday,
ihe I3th Inst., the wile of Janus
Meldrum. of a son,
Chis. E. Strickland and T. R. Well-
man are cutting a road through their
riverside property, nsir Enderby.
Mr. Waller True title is experiencing
a great rush of business, and has had to
employ the services ol a stenographer
Monday evening, July 4th. Pauline
Johnston, the great  Mohawk Poet-
entertainer, will hold forth at the Town
W, J. Armstrong has put In a hydraulic rant on the ranch lately pur-
p;rt',m of the general chased byT. W. Pinion, in th* Salmon
tax    In tiwnship or district incorpora- River Valley.
_  lion the government maintained th.    A„ ,mttlM |n „, SchM, „, ,„.
Endnby, next Saturday afternoon, at "*hs:U' ,n ei,'cr lim 'n«rp"ation rtl- „ Mmi m4 g,,;,.,,^,;^ a *
J o'clock, tar tlwpurp}* of srgMUIng ,h* *ch>jU **" rnatniained by the Mi :n Friday, the 2-tlh tnst.   Examl-
a tantm't exchange lor Enderdy and ,5*a',fc* Pr',m,:al Vmmm giving Mm |rom , ,fl ,,_
........ a grant of 120.00 per pupil per year.   |
Brijre t ttvstSM v.-uld be considered i   T""* »M P'a,s"J ^ Pmit"-bw
The B. C. govtrnmwtl hat finally th* chairman titggetted that the quea-|,n* B'.-Pelal grinding machine ahovn
dKtdtd to gram lieeniu » pritpeet uau thiuld be open tor gensril dU- b' H' w- Him* ,or m!**r |U1,V,J-
far coal mdprtiroltum upon*nd under euttlsn. »"• ":- li "3U *• n,a(,!1' ,hmK
tanda situated within Block 4.593.    Ceo. BeU vm first to preseni the >«,"W«M«1
 cat*.   He aid thai in view of Bringing    Nickel-plated cuspidors have been
the matter before th. meeting, he. with »dded lo Ihe scenery fit the reading
When, had investigated the probable roomal theEnietbyhitel.and aSS.OO
revenue that would be derived under P*»»y « P"1«?'" ,h« ™n *h» «P1U
tovn and townthtp incorporation.   By 4V" alK *•,lwm
hit liguret it vat ahovn that the     Rev. A E. Roberts it to preach in
messed vilu. ol Enderby wsi abiut Golden, next Sunday, for Rev. W. D.
IN tame as that ot the while district Mttener.   The atrvlea in the Metho-
that would be included in a tiwnshlp dtsl Church here, will be conducted by
tmniclpility.   The sttlmated annual Mr. H. S Bagnill.
rmnueliomthi  -     tyoft ■ i       A - :. ,,,.,.. ^ s . nMmwy
trtet vi    n ihe  ne $.> .-    I   •
S34.00O. hlK
Enderby    This, he believed. «•
ncient to warrant the incorporation of
Enderby as a town
Henry W Himy foKowtd Mr. Bell
He did not think the revenue was sufficient ti wtrta:-.'      •. -.-   i ol my
Swih'tatl Kooienays
rt. In this »ay:
friends by his ccurtooui manners behind
• i ai the post illice. hs.a resigned to take a position vith the Okanagan Lumber Co. S. 0 Sutherland,
of Kam: ■  :  h.m In the pnt
How many times we decide lo do a
kind..- 'hat wed, IhK'g mi then delay    H.w often we
nl .   . ' .
find that delays are latal    Particular
.   . • .
Fred Barnes teconded Ihe '•' is U"1 M in '"* "uurance    We
kniw we ought to take iut a policy.
, ,    , ..;!>l negleit it    N ~w is the time to do
seceded by H W Wright lhat *e d) "
...    .  .
incarp •,-
After cinsiderable discussion the a-
-   : .     it unanimously.
J. Johtutin moved that we incor-
. • anship   Wm. Timkin-
represenu the Mutual Llle if Canada,
the beit company in Canada.
Wednesday evening. June ISth. a
Special Degree meeting wis held in
lonneci     vtihl       . No 44*  W
,:l P  M. Br.
■   •
Tne Eacnoijrapli.
o "a   lidtrlly
H.- <»» MoU. I ',11 V
',-   M  ffered an imendmentto Meldru-n -.1 Armttrong L:dg«. No.
this, sec ndei by Mr Millel. that we 180?. were present I. assist the
rparaie It»101 and members     There were  also 1
Messrs Truesiale and Johnston lei mimb-r ii .il-.-r vllltlng brethren, and
- ind Me   ra   a oleastnt time wis spent la the ea
■   '■' rtyaH, emplilicition il  :   .-      . tk     The
•• ■! regular meet   .-  I the   -let lakes
Property ownet iaiutday. July 2nd HE El ENOGRAPH,     IDERBY, B.C.. JUNE 2!  I    I
FlRS'l YgAf
ii M « vkl i<
rChai .,;-.:.
.    i  II :. .,■ ' :n-     .
| the peerage.   The MC
r twent) '
:     ' ID :       ■   . IQ thai
, , ■
ird 1 Hal boll
■   ■ • ...
orated that I
,: I ill-
■: ■      i trard
i Is with us.   Are you | i i"    ;' rhap j  i    uld like
anc. :.: r?   W   I      them.
And all are made by the besl i relied
.;.:•.•.!        ■ : • -..:•■■.    i.rk't right
lo the bni
Wt   .. read,  i . i B ■'•
t that l
■    •
Slump Ut
al aimiir
Henry W. Harvey
'i with his son .
20 Years
Fi n
fa M
• •• .
ng in an unmannerly way tht
ipoputai .!■
■ r .linn
WsiiiM fat '!.. I      link*,
With %z Owl
Nu!'S( vies
WIO Wetlmtui.i I'.r       \ •
Thousands  or  Fruit   and
Otnamento! Trees
Rhododendrons. Roses,
Eastern ptlces ;.:.i 'ess.
Fertilizer!* Bcc Hives and
Supplies.   £.,-_
TtTc Mutual Life of Canada.   It
»w then; chines
• ■   ewed,
..   in
rial n
-hen li
.nd so hapi,
•nee c^"
r nicking  !
are T -
Clearing Out!
Lacr:ss SI
*      I
JUST ARRiVEL assortment ol Shirts. Collar?.
Ties. Is.   Bays'
Knickers res.
C. Metcalfe Enderby
".he   eye   e\
They fee",
F. Fyman, Jcwo'cr
VvMl.lll TCliiSON
General Blacksmith
■ i
-   •  ■ .■
eel.   I u
I noi
•    belnai
that i be
..     .       n       ,. ..     ,'°|'0,,| ,. Ml
Iv I . Bradley, ImkU .by I Li'uv.iv Merchant
end e rby     NOTICE, SPORTSMEN
We ;.■ iuns and Amm inltl n
A Clean Cut inf'
7~   iTr. i lines   Hold Is.   In a
bv an Artist of UN
ToMorial Chair
Wh.Hancock, EiuScrby
•- ~—~	
..   Enderby Brick   x ard
Mill take I - ,.. - - |       ring, chimney
ind brick
A. .M B ird Enderby
A. Tod'i, Han sthBI   I   '  by
' First Year
Divine Service avciy Sunday a: 7'2  p,rn.
Sohool and Bible Claw   2d | ■
Piayei Meeting.   -   -   -   Tuesday. 8 p.m.
A hearty welcome for all.
A. E. ROBERTS Pasl r,
Resilience: C'.ilt St.. nesl the Church.
•n> i.c
"What a r.-lv,ik" Christ's touch ol
Ihe leper give* lo thr. haielul. selfish ,"haU"hou5andso,
splrll cl oasle and pride!" writes Rev.
Theodora I Cttytar, In lhe Christian
Endeavor World. "Shame on us thai
we are    willing i
hands ol wealth, a'U le sit beside silks
and satins and sealskins, and yot re-
K'arJ ihe Ill-clad, lll-odored outcasts aa
If ihey bred contagion.
"The Mn and the shame of too much
Our Undesirable Immigration
There Is a good deal ol anxiety fell which J. McPhee k Sons are some-
In Montreal at the tide ol Immigration Ihlng like JSOO oul ol pocket, says ilie
which Is selling In Ihere. ll Is stated Nanalmo Herald. The ouibreak had
lhat then, are thousands ol Italian Im- rather a peculiar origin.
migrants there, who are wandering! It seems lhat McPhee received word
around the streets ol the city, "many Irom a llrm In Nanalmo thai il he
of them homeless, penniless and hope wanted any pigs they had some lo dls-
less." They appear lo have been In-' pose of. McPhee telegraphed back
duced to come lo Canada by reports for the pigs to be sent on, and about
men were required lo seven or eight were at once forwarded
work on the Grand Trunk Pacific Rail- to Comox.
way. While this situation Is unforlu-
nate (or these men and may create se-
Ch 'l1" l!W*,,^ rloua difficulty In Monlreal, should a
large number of these Immigrants have
to be taken care of or sent back to Europe, there are reports that these are
only Ihe advance guard of many more.
The London  Dally Mail slates that
his own, The whole lot were ordered
lo be killed, and a holocaust was made
ol them, as well as ol all the buildings
In which they had been kepi.
Just Like Mara.
Farmer I thought you said you
wanti : t day oil yesterday to go to a
wedding   II looks more like a wake.
11 ; I ,1 • r An' a wlddln'11 was,
sor, bui It nearly finished with a wake.
Farmer   A (ight, I suppose.
Irish Laborer Yls. sor; a big man
with a tall hai on, an' a while wesklli,
bumped agin me. "Who are you,"
says 01. "Of m the best man," says
he, and shure he was, too.
A CM ADt  2 80-acre
JrXOljrXr, works
Two days later some of Ihe pigs
showed signs of sickness, and very
shortly died. When ihey were cut up
they were found to be literally rotten.
Word was Immediately senl to the
proper authorities wllh a request fori
the Inspector to be sent up.   A week |   The managerle of stray dogs, horses Address—
transpired before the Inspeclor arrived, and covs wandering about Ihe streets
but when he did get to Comox he took day and night, destroying (lower beds. WALTER
Suitable for fruit growing—one block $10 an acre
the other $14 an acre.   Investigate NOW.
The finest fruit growing section in the famous Okanagsn
Valley.      Warm,   delightful   climate;    rich,   productive soil; no rocks.  Large and small holdings,,
now listed.   Lots 20 acres and upwards;/
From S15 an acre up.
Kamloops Ha. It. Worrie.. Too.   Correspondence solicited.
Pltase send list el prop-
■, to—
the proteed Christianity of our day Man mny WMks haveelapsed. tmn.i-
Is that It It atwve touching the lepers. ^^ wi)| sj, wrlvmg i„ Canada at the very prompt measures. I hull and shade trees In private gardens.
That gap left wide open between wenlih n[f> 0, 0|w ,houMn(1 , day (rom a||,    McPhee. In addition lo lhe pigs he Ms an unmitigated nuisance.   Inland
and festering poverty, between culture ^ o| ,h9 war|d    cminemlng on1 gol from Nanalmo, had about <t0 ol Sentinel,
and ignorance, between religion In. ,,,„ „„„„„,„ |he v|c|M|i <;„,„„,,,
E.   TRUESDALE. enderby. b. ft
broadcloth and tin In rags, la loday the ..„ (J ,0 ^ ,np8(, ,„,, |h||
rati Indictment thai Christianity mmm „ a„hqr |nwcurat)1 or w.
i       one -.inter.  And lhe one only ^  WWto <.„„,,, tas mom
I -al solution et Ihe great burning ,„ mma „ ,mm|gnmlSi „ „,„ „„,
problems ol how lo reach the neglected ^ jr) thQ ,,„„.,, 0, ,,,„„ ,„.„„„„.
masse*, and how to rescue the harbt.      ,„, |ho r)!)m,ll,on,haUn(ly :,,u,,j
andhowlossve the ragged children, teduinpedonouraliorea In the manner
andhowloevangellte the heathenism „ (hMe MW|l „„,„,,, fc MomrM,
hug* cilles. He, Hi two words    The „,,       en,oreemell, sf ln(1 regu.
Chrlsllan contact.   The personal cot.. „,,„,,, ,„ ^^ lhe mmM 0, unde.
fact of practical ptety and seU-sacrllic |W||| imm|^n„ lnte ,h, Uw|(!d
ttrhli darkness, filth, and nils- s,aws m dMlb(|ejJ ^ , u
.'sthe only remedy.    Heart aMm o( lmmlgfa|i(m „ te dlV4rtea
heart.  The strong, loving (j) ^^   Wfl ^ imml     u_ J
^ "!! d*»bJ|c,1j,rom lll,ln8 they must be of the right kind.   The!
Iromtheir deadly degradations, e^nenceoltmrenrleted lininlgratlon
To prats* the Salvation Army for wnleh ffowerd for two or thrtt« decantMi
the shim is cheap; but It |fl|0 yta Ul(|M S„,M f|ltuU ^j
'   /f'un,4,»,h*,'7"'.Canadian statesmen to lake slops to!
wer* of Christ pev^it this country being lhe ob|eciive:
' |i« W» «h* pen,, o, ,hout*ndt of undesirable eml-
teg nt where tin and sorrow ^^ l(Wn Eanfm ^^ Any.
at* sweating they deny their Lord ^^H acquainted with the condl-!
very name ut Chris. ma ,„,, taw ^^ (rom „
discriminate inimigtation Into theUnl-
CWanJ ihr Painter. i' ,t States, at they are to be -
parts ol the coal field* and In the Inn
I thmghi you were wilting on W|to m r^^jv^u ^ ^Mmi
John Thomas' new teute,  tald lhe ^.^ ^ ^ wh m lhM , ,,^,1
haughtier« Wend. u^a% (n|9 ^^j, ^ ^ „ immM
.going to.' replied Ihe hause- ,e lhu cu,,,^  Mere number* are not
•   but I had a quarrel wllh him, a), lhsl,, ^444,,, (or u» aiuiactory |
he'd put ihe palm on ^nhim* ol a ceunity.   Inimmlgia-j
lion, quality It even more important
^'And he did do it?" than quantity.  We do not know what!
Ye*, that it whet* he put masi ol ae|(en lhe |romW,Mol, d^,,,,,^, o(
the Dominion Government it taking
l»..il«t Piatt »r S«ur Cr.p*.?    •t-'i a view 10 Inducing immigration)
a ints thu country.  If this recent arrival
We do tut think (t la fair 10 our el thousand* of illiterate, unskilled la-j
<     ratal    ihe whole paper with borer* trsm Euretw u the result of the;
: ndltlglo boom this lown.    Depattmenia activity, lhe sooner it u!
gAdvettlter. checked the betier lor the country.  At
NOTICE. preterit Ihere ft a steady stream coming
.■ fiitaitag m ih* pend e« etar r*«fwr •«•» Canada of Scotch and English
i)  ai Mount Ida. after the fust el Jaly. agrtcuhudtis.  Mttl el them are bound
tepreeteMagtiMtfartteiiattt. far Manitoba and the Nortwest Tern-,
i.!: ''.'.;';;  • '■    -;-' ■' -:  - •■ • '-■
——————■———— many ol them with mow or lest cap!- '
I   O I     Nln 44A       ,al''"" *" a<:eu»,sm'1,' ,0 agneuhural
u. w. l.. ino. nnu ,,,l8ltt j,,,] ^s, a (yum,, j..
Keen, tti* tsi SaitrAsjmi, *™ty msntt. ai -tel (h«y uiltnd lo do.   They are nol!
VtKtinglietht*t.«l«4me. Milling In communillet by themselves,
t. Sk..M j t> irom m the ituntRt that most d ihe immigrant* trom European countriet d  bui
:■-    -itt , -,- ><   ■ ,'!-.! tl
county, wherever there 1* a suitable'
batten to be found. At the tame time'
we are alt!) having our numbers in-'
created by an exodut Irom lhe Untied
Slates ol farmer*, pariiculai'.
the Northwestern and Western Ctmttal
Stales   These are alto MCtf
tier*.   They, at alto Ihe Engli*h and
Scotch immigrants already m*
•   ■
•hat ihe etantrj •   ■  •
wlD also do welt for themteive*.   Ui.i
lo bring In thousand* ol men Ilk* Ih at
lo cause an injury to the csuntry and
lo inflict hardship and disappointment
ca the immigrants.  We hope thai the
Under The Olive Tree
. it ii.-. 	
Untortunate Is the man who has no work to do.
Sometimes our severest critics are our best
Hatred has no place (or Reason, Love, Truth
or Holiness.
Chesterfield said that honest error Is lo be
pillled, nol ridiculed.
Goodness worked up Into life Is worth more than
goodness put Into words.
Greatness, sweetheart, Is In personality, not In
position; as we build character we attain it.
Let us not complain about our miseries: the
world might listen for a time, but ll will turn around
to mock.
Are we prepared lo brand the tales we tell of
others with our trade mark as readily as we do our
After all, we are only here for a season: 'tis
foolish lo let anger cloud any of the days or hours
or moments.
Condemnation has Its place, but 'tis better to
have the condemnation of some than to have their
A cruel story runs on wheels, ball-bearing and
pneumatic tired. Let's puncture the first one that
comes our way.
There Is an old Spanish proverb that puts it
about right. It says: "An ounce ol mother Is
worth a ton ol clergy."
Let us get the right conception of love. Passion Is nol love. Life sets a limit to passion: life
cannot set a limit to love.
01 the many ways of getting an education, the
best Is not In colleges and seminaries—the best Is
In God's school—the schoil cf Nature.
First let us study what we have In us that the
world needs, then give the best thai we have In
that line—the world will pay us lor it.
As a child can frequently help the mother most
In the home by keeping quiet, so can we as God's
children do more in His service by standing quietly
by and watching—sometimes.
This pioneer house is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It is the result of
its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex no*' being built
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and S2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
Magnet Pharmacy
Cliff St.. Enderby
The place for Pure Fresh Drugs and Medicines,
Toilet Soaps and all Toilet Articles. Stationery and
Magazines. Candles. A full line of Smtker's requisites.   Prescriptions a Specialty.
£. A. Chappell
House Painting, Paper Hanging
Calslmlnlng. Etc.
Builder and General
.j ...... .      ;•.  .....
attention paid to small
jobs ol   renovating.
A lender steak is hun
ger's delight and a chef's
Joy (orevcr When you
feel like eating one ask
lor ll. Fresh and salt
meats always on hand.
the lakes and streams,
Delicious sausages.
Geo. R
?Il?l^_,,,^*h J!!0?"A1!® _^** Do* m in uk- 11
to abate Ihe teal si Its
nD await thai
vie*-; it d:es hit matt"
'-. so tang a
• :
... ;     .
That is approximately Enderby's
payroll. In addlticn to this the
saw mill and the flour mill each
pass checks for thousands ol
dollars each week for supplies
and produce. Capital Is flowing
Into Enderby. n mts are
ready to be opened: business Is
Increasing, and facl
ing business are fast lm|
beautiful homes artel 500 men will be rem Into
the lumber camps from Enderby
this Fall; new farms are being
' under cultl
Ihe town.  There Is I
Geo. I. Brecti
■ ,-
•    la
ll.»tf Cholera.
In tl
>'    Al
to sen?:
■    ■
■    ll
. I here.
The Edcnograph
, result
r>9«■>-;■ ;■    .-" '   .
_ r
First Year
One Thousand Picnicers Perish
You probably want a ne** Suit. Shirt. C
Tie  3r Pair of Shoes for  THE FIRST.
We have a nice range in all these lines
Our Ties especially are worth looking at
New  Styles   and  Designs   jus; arrived
While nlui    g l   New Y.rk on
••...   ,. • - , Sunday Sohu.
irt)    ll      leanwr. Genera!
.',: .". .    •    -. ■ ■    ,:.: h:,,: i   be ,
upon ihe beach    li is estimated thai
the number oi deaths will leach 100C
Most ol ih • hod 'Mte womei
ai-,,1 chll ll
and th
lUmel I realized lhat our only safety
wal i boach the host, and I knew thai
North Brother Island was lhe only place
to do it. We could not turn back ind
beach on the meadows, lor we were
above them, and I was (earful that we
mlghi ii ken ik In Hell Gate. H id
this happened ihe loss of llle would
I III '.- in gn iti• I r no one nol a
-   II    good swimmer could have kept afloat
Now catting,
and Finished-
any   rder for Rough, Dressed
wlfl water.
till.* t .mil.I.,..,,,,, Life.
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderby.
burning •   ■      :   • Might
said, he . I know h
started, but said that while he was talking to his assistant, Everett li..: I . M, M,|„||, Pury, representing The
when opposite 136th street, the first co;,: : ■,- .; (e, and Waller Trues-
mate reported the lire. "I ai once or- da|,., localand district agent of the can-
dered to lay Ihe hose while I went to pany. have added in the past week some
| the pumps, llrst notifying the captain. go0d business to their already well es-
who was In the pilot house, by calling tabllshed Enderbv agency. The Con-
him through the speaking tube. I told federation Life is the most progressive
Brandow to stand by the engine and r • „,„,„,,., ,n C|naih, Thelr Endov.
to leave it. and l.e obey- m„„ CcnWC, combines the very latest
In less than a minute water was h,tures in the life insurance business,
being poured on the llamas, but it did a„d Is as free as the air you breathe
not *tem to check them in the least urn any conditions or restrictions.
Two minutes or to later the fire alarms Th, 32nd Anmu| RepoM )Ust published
siunded and someone on deck cried jho-srs that the company has paid nearly
Instantly there was a roar a* tw0 and one hall millions of dollars ra
Capacity ol mill. 75,000 a day.
Prices on appllcati n.   Terms,
Orders promptly filled,
Endcroy. B, C.
the terrified passengers arose like one prolltsto its policy holders, a record
person and made a rush tor the stern. (h, management are (ustly proud of.
Never shall I forget the horror ol that The motto of Ihe company U to sell
ind the terrib that We insurance and nol purchase it as is
: There was no cheeking that so olten done nov-a-days. in the keen
fremied crowd; most of the crew were nct |or business, thus securing the
buty fighting the lire and th&e who large volume ol nearly forty millions
deck were unable to calm the », » moderate cost The result ol Mr
(sirs of ili* women and children The Pirry't vitn has been ta place Mr
captain rang the bell far a full head sf .Truetdale In possession of ihe very
steam, and the boat that lorward like latest policies issued. Mr. Trueslale
*raeehar*«, j|, m th, insurance and real esitte
"A thick volume of tmoke went tor- business to stay, following no oil
ward and filled the lower pan ol lhe cupatian.   Your interests will be care-
boat,    I waa compelled to cover my!fully looked after year by yen.   Full
mouth »nl note with my arm la order 'information will be freely given on Creaming Cans an i H i-
tobreith*.   Mingled with the smell si applicati.ii ta Waller E  Truetdale. " ' ^al1
lhe burning paint and wood wa* the Enderby.
sickening odor of burning flesh   Wj-
men and chitirea rushed about at That Nam« .\a\r,'
though bereft if their tersti, mothers     «.....,..      ,
Th* World hu already pleasant y
grope* their children and rushed ta . '_ „:7T» ,
tartti of the steamer and lumped »""* w,h« 'Trt   "f.
While the name ta nat a cite-
Personality   and Future will be read by an
expert of .vice repute on receipt of 12 cents and
specimen of handwriting.
HENRY RICE, Graphologist.1"^^^' •
Tin c\ Plumbing
Prices right
for AI goods.
Pipe Fittings of
Silverware, Granite .a are. Cruet
Stands. Copperware. Fine Table
Cuttlery. Tinware. Fine Cooking
Utensils, Woodenware. Pipe and
kinds.   Butler Crocks.   Daisy Churns.
Gotd*    McClary  MT« Cys
'   Famous Stoves and
Steel Ranges
\V. J. Armstrong, Manager. Armstrong. B. C.
■>-....; Rate, i • Ol.  . ,,.
Referring to the Ex;
litun ■:■ ■
■ i. 2-acre Slicks. 5-acre Blx'a. 10
<j—in short, you can pi:"< your own piece
I sun selling 240 acres of my Enderby
!'. tS SIMS'
nthe banks oi \U i
• land for frui: raising
irtmng    Thirty minutes *alk lo the En
i ind particulars ap
:• »•-:.   I ***•      .
stvtral ch tnttr tUihing on *"*1'
t... .mi tl..,. ».,.!,«. .-..I. mJ. .. *"* M* ** r>t»er u much better thin Brtiith _.
put M the flam.* wllh miirterf.. Itt TT* * *** tt, * ", J.     -t -Lu .ȣ
lad in to itm. ihtn „ ukt* lo ^L^'
ih* tti jcui of ihe veman Newt and
lhe Armttrtitg Aivertuer. TheEien
••   -isreillng.   it
the wi    -.:.•, luring il*    WAMiHC
.   ■    •
was ihippej trim the Oatntgjn    A
-  • ■
.    . -. . .
at rale of tingle fare plus S3.00: 15
ityt are allavei to mike going trip,
-tiih stop-avers, tht return trio ta be
i Lag tit.
' .at lad been newly palmed.
and this, al ccurte. mid* it burn more
rapidly,  That* who were on the Itwer
dec* rushed all. and many children
were knocktd down and trample: lo
Try at I can, tt it impsuible
to erst* ih* setae (rom my memory
, When I dot* my eyes at night I sir.
t** tht ttntggttitj cratri, the dead, up-
' -- .
si 2S: Ilia' irwi
" eitt. ar.e mtai
■.    -■ .     ipply I
.  t :
Fire! Fire! Fire!
A(tm tar The Livetr
iM^ur.at Ca.. si L
u"  -   > A.-...a,-i : '» • ! -   i ,
T>t British Amenaa
-.   -a    -•-   ■  .
I .
■ .
ting, the Ini
The Armstrong Pharmacy
IK* Columbia Flouring Mill*. Co., LM. Enderby.
Punter ami Decorator,
Graining and Staining
ire        ing:jnl is unier-
ttrti   ll    .-- experiencei since
i II     In th: fa:e a! such trying
• Canterbury *lll visit
isibie. some Idea
rnurch out
t-attacht vriting
Tnoune says jf the pr3p3sel
"As s)in u • rmtnates the
labjrs ol Its present sessiir. and is prjriguii
i the end .'July srssme time inthetirs:
' August, "he Ar:hblshjp 5f Canterbury
•all fir N?»- Ydk with tl spend .:
months in visiting the Ui ,nd Can
mil enjoy U-edlstin . i • first
Primate >! All Enghni t) a\ foot in the Ne
W • :   He cor isto Amei        ■ •
.- :h j! */talch he is. neat ",> the King, supreni •
head, is in a crisis rrjre severe -^an any which
. • ■ • i II.—at a
■   it |       .   mi Ini
; ire. in the . seph
-.     a'.ingna:-:   it    IheH   ISS
is that I', has been found
i roys 	
... ....      ........
gate ■              •   . I the nation
i that I ite. '.vhoij
trse. a mei        I this Issl -•  ma;
illshment, «oi    Idea  lulled
....       . ...,_     ....     ...
■ - ...      theChu
Dispensing done by aeon
When In Armstrong, call.      We have the only up-:
Drug Store in the Valley.
R.R. Burns,
Masonic Building
- Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Picture Framing
If yw have a picture jr; o that ysu think .
great deal of. you should have It frame i
will njtost much, but the Impnvemerr
be (re.'   Mat ij ir r   M3 prettier.
l__    rs   P-.-w.K-U    Furniture Dealer
JaS. Vj. atngilStTi, Cliff St.. Enderby
70 Town Lots
5 11-acre Blocks
>n th
Property i
lever be lei
:v is NOW
Henry W. Harvey, Agent,tnt'^
urket. The ch;Uest bjiiim^ sites In the
Ten minutes' ).alk from the Postolflce
sd in a wonderful measure during the pa?"
ioubled, and tripled, and quadruple:;
ill continue to progress. I', has inly fair'./
Ill ; intlnue to increase in vaiue; building
IS valuable than they are tjiav Your bes'
PrkeorLots. J|Qtoj7Q
a™..«.   gnderay.l' ■ w        ▼" w


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