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The Edenograph 1904-11-16

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 I, '■ *>'-' '-t.*,._.
:'oniA b.°/
Volume 1.   Number 27.
Enderby Doings
PRODUCK,  1903
Slup|i.'J lay IrcijM from:
ErderW. 7.928 tow
Armtlrum!. I'.ISO torn-
Vemon. - -1.497 tuna
Kelown*. .I-*'! ion*
Oilier point., 263 loni
Total,   22.7M toot
Constable Gardom Is still working
on a case of whisky and Indians.
H. M. Muller and C.nstable Sim.
inons were III Eriderby this wesk on
Next year will bt a bun
lh* I kanagan,  and pan     irly I i
The Presbyter!; n L.A.S. meetjwlth
Mrs. Wright Fr   . Irom I to
4.30. to do quilling.
H. M. Muller has leased the Cold-'
stream hotel, Vern.-ii, to J. T. Taylor
for a period ol live years.
rrswlsThanksglvlngDay. The
Union Restaurant is going to serve a
special dinner on the occasion all
for 25 cents.
: h Bradley has the stone and
it the ground Icr a brick cottage
11 be built on his lot In the old recrea-
..   ulldt.
The ground Is bflng levelled up tor
the skating rink, and tht; lumber will
be on the ground In a few days lo start
the building.
F. Pyman Is placing the largest se- [
lection ol novelties In stock lor the
<-trade that Enderby has ever
seen In jewelery.
The handsome residence ol F. H,
Hale Is neating completion. It has a
most Imposing appearance and Is a
credit to any community.
Are your horse's feet tender? Wm.
Hutchison has the Air Cushion Pad
that will keep the animal sure looted,
and yoursell in good humor.
Wm. E. Pratt was in Enderby fr. in
Salmon Arm this week on veterinary
surgeon business. Mr. Pratt Is working
up a good practice In this section.
Engineer Swann. ol the Hour mill,
has had a charming collage erected on
the Orcycll property, near Ihe railroad
ll, i.    It will be veneered wllh buck.
II W. Harvey It about lo erect a
1 -riolfice building adjoining his store.
It will have all Ihe modern Improvements and be up-to-date in every
Ira Jones ha:, erected a two-story
II h:s properly on George Street.
and ha given it a handsome finish by
tiding   and roofing it  with metallic
Lost A guii-mota! cased watch with
Waliham movement was lost about the
station and postofflce. Finder will be
suitably regarded on kindly leaving
same al lhe office of Kamloops Lumber Co.
Papa. Mamma and The Baby (by
| - ;• i Mem lo be doing a (-rial
. ir ke of buslnest, writing adi lor The
EdenoCRAHI lor Armsirong publicity.
Hank Reklaw, Ihi Owl and lh-. Staff
will take a holUay tomorrow to give
ntmbarsol the Mountain Lumbermen s Association have  n ,,
more appeal to ihe Dominion ,; ven
menl to put a duty on rough lumber
imported to Canada from Ihe United'
Stales and gram some concessions lo
the trade.
Dr. W. J. Curry, lormerly of Revelstoke. will be at Enderby lor two weeks,
beginning about Nov. 23rd. Crown and
bridge work. Gas and local applications for painless extraction, and a
method recently discovered for filling
and crowning teeth entirely without
The Enderby Hotel Is filled front,
basement io shingles every night. No
other season since lhe house wat
erected has been such a prcfllable one, !
and Mr. Wright has taken advantage of'
the rush, and by one Improvement and
another has brought his hotel up to the
Hi |rank
Rev. G. K. B. Adams, ol Victoria.
Is announced to preach Anniversary
sermons In the Methcdlst church, Armstrong, on Nov. 27th, Mr. Adams It
one of the orators of Canadian Metho-
ind II It expected thai he will
lecture In Enderby before he returns lo
Gee. Armstrong, ihe accommodating
editor of the Armstrong Advertiser.
waa in Enderby on Sunday en|oylng the
pleasures of a ride on a bucking bike,
He did not Inform us tl he found any
more species of the order Ophldia. but
he already hat a nest of three In our
Eden, anyone of which Is voracious,
enough to swallow a picket fe tc*.
A meeting ot all interested in organ-
iting a band In Enderby it called for
this iWednesdnyl evening, at Tin
EuenooKAiti cilice. Bell block. Mr,
Wheeler is the moving ar.ril In the
undertaking. The matter la now In
good shape lo be put ihrough. and lhe
boyt desire and expect lo have the
hearty co-operation of all interested in
the advancement ot the lown.
C. H. Mackintosh, th* Conservative,
candidate for the deferred Kootenayf
election intends having a fight to a
finish, and la pressing the campaign
more vigorously than before. The
general Impression here Is that the
Liberal government has loo large a
majority without swelling it any more,
and II would nol surprise ut If the Gov-,
ernor heads Ihe poll on the 22nd.
Sandoti Standard.
The Kamloops Lumber Co.. ol Enderby and Kamloops. hat started the
construction of a new sawmill at Kam-
loops io replace the one destroyed by
lire. The plant will cost S7S.O00. and
the output will be 2.000.000 feet p*r
annum, aboul double the Capacity of
the former plant. Manager George
McCormlck slates that the monthly
pay roll will be S10.000. and the mill
Will be completed by next April.
In Thtir Nc«  QuarHr.
The Enderby Trading Co. Is giving
thanks this week    The larg.   |
gotds it being moved from -
store into their new quarters in Ihe
Bell block, and placed upon Ihe shelves
ready for the grand opening day
In their new quarters, Ihe ETC
have the finest and best equipped sale
rooms In the Valley. Tho rooms are
6-1 leel deep, and 30 and 20 ieel In
width. In Ihe general sal-o-
shelving, counters, floor Itai '. hai
pic* drawers, anf meal and
sugar and Iruil bin:. at<: all ol III
modern contrivance, and finished in
the besl fashion that Contractor McDonald can do or have done and thai';
abDUl as good as can be done wiih
hammer tl
eatl ieparlmenl ll I
ry _ .    It, etc,   Then
Iht  : . .rimentlorrubbur,
   King ihis lhe shoes.   .
ol the room is occupied by a large hat
case and shelving lor hai bene-
coming toward ih   fi nl      Ihi I   I
helves lor hardwai
separated Irom ilu gi   . i. . .
by a wide archway leading Inl
stove room.    Her* glsi   ii ll
room, and It ls filled * Itl
devices and conveniences ol every con- j
ceivable kind. There is the glut room,
paint room and cured meats' room- a
drawer or a place for everything and
everything In its place.   The clothing
stands are placed In Ihe rear centre of
the main llcor. and a commodious
ollice room opens off of the main room
to the west,
in addition to this extensive floor
room, lh* E. T. Co. occupy th* large
basement, and have their diets making
room In tha second story.
Wanted In Mara   A bank',   Next!
H. J. Blurton is busy cutting logs on
hit ranch (or the Rothesay Lumber Co.
There Is a rumor lhal local Orange-
men are going lo organlte a lodge her*
L. B. Matsey has |ust finished building a large new barn. a line structure.
3Sx70 leet. which does him good
The Clumbia River Lumber Co,
hat installed a large lumber camp lour
miles up the river, fr.m Mara, tn
charge of Norman McLeod, who hat
about 60 mot at work.
Th* Rothesay Lumber Co, of Mtn.
hat about completed the erection ot a
very -11111 dl u 1 te ind .h.cc -
will carry a large ttock of dry good,
and groceries. This company shipped
thr** carload* of lumbar during th*
la>t week
We are si ill suffering all kinds of
InconvenlMte* owing to the absence of
telephone or telegraph communication
at thi. point That the matter tt still
unattended lo points ic great negligence
on the part of the C.P.R. toward, the
rapidly growing community.
Mr.. M. E. Rosoman, psitmtstreu.
has I
t Vm•%_.»?-_? I>, IW.—'-—ill--'
nveiiienca compares favorably with any office In Ihe Valley.
..sig 10 authentic Inl 1
10 hand Geo. Weir has discovered large
dftposltt of good coal In the vicinity,
and we hope that In the near future a
new and paying Industry will be started
In thit connection. We understand that
a contract has already been lel lor
driving 100 feet of tunnel; a bunk
home has been built on the spot, and a
small gang of men are at work.
Ann,.    . ■ .1 .    >.,.,.     .1   Knot,    Hill
The good people of Knob Hill held
their Anniversary services last Sunday.
I Rev. Mr. Sutherland delivering two
excellent sermons morning and evening:
and on Monday night a church entertainment waa given and refreshments
served. Several parlies attended tho
Sunday service, from Enderby. and on
Monday upwaids of IS went up.
The concert program wat exception
ally goad, and the church was crowded
to the door*. Mra. Bell. Mrt. Wallace.
Mitt Purdy and Mr, Wallace participated in the program Irom Enderby,
and front Armttrong Mils Assonand
Mr. Alton took part. Alto R«va. Mr.
Campbell. Mr. Sutherland and Mr.
Roberts, All th* numbers were well
given and heartily received, alter which
r^'i    " ■ fittb until.... —.' 1
The CcHectisnt taken amounted to
SI00 (or the two days, which reduces
h debt to something over $200.
.   ' •■ from Enderby speak in the
highest lenni of the hearty r
give!'them by th* Kn
St. George's Guild, Enderby. will
1 hold ui the Town Hall, on Thursday.
Nov 24th. a bataar. fishpond, and
apron aocial Afternoon tea. and In
the evenly a concert at 8 pin. There
will be dancing afterwards for thote
who cat* to remain: refreshment,
Admiwien 75c: children 25c,
Looking for C
A coal mine at Enderby!
That would surprise many In the
Okanagan: and yet. II Indications pot ■
tend anything, lhat is certainly going to
be a positive fact before the winter Is
Some time ago a piece ol coal float
was found at the foot ol a side hill near
the Man road, saven miles from Enderby. The discoverer at once begar
prospecting for the seam and was re
warded by finding a big exposure farther
up the hill. The seam on lh* surlace
Is from (our to six feet In width, and
the coal is of the solt variety, ol
excellent quality and Iree from all slate.
Henry W. Harvey and others have
taken up the land and have undertaken
to demonstrate the extent and permanence ol ihe coal bed. A contract wa:.
Martin Burreil Talks
Martin Burreil addressed an audience in (he
To.vn Hall last Friday evening, and was warmly
received.   His address was well taken.
Mr Ceo. Heggie occupied the chair, and nicely
Introduced the speaker. Mr. Burreil, at lhe out
set. denied emphatically lhat he ever had a thought
of retiring Irom ihu tight, as was reported by one
of the coast papers. He entered the campaign
lo stay, and It he was assurred of not more than
three voles he would run the race cut. He realized that the odds were against him, because of
the pernicious political trick ol the Government in
postponing the day of election And. yet. he believed the voters of Yale Cariboo were strong
enough lo defeat the trick I! they would but stand
together and vole according to their hanest con
vlctlons. Wherever he had been in the district
he (ound the consensus of opinion was ag .inst this
trick ol posiponement. and h believed the voters
would so express themselves on the 22nd. Liberals and Conservative:-, alike resent being deprived of the right to vote on the same day that
11 are held elsewhere in the Dominion.
He had net found anyone e* opting the politicians
who even made an atlempi lo defend the highhanded trickery The pretense under "hldi It
was made: lhat It was In: risible lo have the
writs, etc.. distributed throughout lhe district In the
time set for the general elections Isal
and without foundation.    The same pretense is
tdlan manufacturers have 1101 r.
even the protection'to which ihey are
entitled by law. li appears that evasion
ustoin regulations Is by no
means uncommon, and that large quantities of dressed lumber have been Imported free cf duty. If the law Imposing the du:y Is worth having It Is worth
snforclng, and particularly at such a
Ihis, when the whole Industry
;s In such an unsatisfactory condition,
it least nothing should be allowed which
:an make matters worse."
A   Knot   11 ..Ic  ln,..lc  a  Knot  Hole.
And now there comes a cat story.
Pussy waa a Kitty of smtll proportions
but with a very large bump ol inqutsi-
fineness. She was put Into a box lor
let last week it, Tom Johntton and I, he night. The box had a knot hole In
Joe Swallow to run a lOO-loot tunnel ,„, and vi,.,, pussy was left alone on
on the vein, and Ihey started ground ,„„ iMiit sh, vmwi ,3 5M „,,,, was
work Monday. This tunnel will demon at the other end ■ I the knot hole. And
strate the character and extant ol the „ she „,ue,1(„ her head through,
coal deposit, and il development* war then she couldn't get It back, and the
rant it. the company* : tart work - j .nd mewed and mewei aid
a large seal*. mewed all night.   In ihe »■ mlng the
Samples ot the coal lhat have been-,,»,,„, rQUn(| ,„. cat in lu pan-'
thown in town, and tests thai have been dicament and at once made to relieve
made, prove it 10 be as goad aa any ,,,   with a hatchet he pried the board
mined in Canada, and it ought to bring „( ,„, hit 10 split 11 through th* knot.
Mr. Harvey and partners handsome |m„.,d, |, spin around the knot. Pussy
et free and away she scampered
with her head through tha knot hole
and the knot around her neck.
TKc l:r«jin|! Ea«t.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       A fearful storm has raged on the
necessary lor them to re, ntic coast from the Gulf of M--,
cowardt rol*. and abuse Tn ■    ,,,5I :nree days,   A  New   V -.
ch»mi over the coward's nam. .„„ ,hj, there u ih-
columns ot Tm Emm   »• 1 havi     mptete tte-up that the Esatern (al
always bean open totliem II Ihey will have experienced tlnce 1888.    It has
observe lh* decorum that all well regu- d,_rranged train schedule*, pained newspapers oberve, lr ney |„,„ lna fliti  ,,Veral wrecks
It u a waste ol time, and a !• .  .t< th, c_,i.    Telephone and I
out display of folly, lo ridicule and „,a.... bean borne down all
abuse an editor.   Ed'tors have heaits 0Ve, ,ht storm
Ilk* corporation, and hide, like the 0f „,,„ ln.
ihwoceros. and they laugh al titgue n.,rT
iiimlu like love at locksmih     And      IHL    M AKK.P, 1 .
all the hiie ol a eowar'. ■ : _■
over columns of Innuendo*, a The (owls once more upheld their
wouldn't cause a ripple on an editor's end ol the business on the Westminster
conscience.  - markel last week  The (ull grown hens
All men have a right to express were there In large numbers    Nearly
III r   bl public In- all Ihe offerings here were cleaned out
teres!.    But when 1      ran In*quotations which ran (rn ;■ -
niajiiiiy decide that the communll) -     ten.   Broilers were also a
progress demands certa       -        n good line
ry. in marketable Gondii
Itld heie were fram J
' ' to SB
'•       . . ts cf
cation ;l
A IV,' I   .
«sr      ^B^^^^^
11 "Edenlie." "Justice.'' and "Ami-;
quartan." are honest In their antagonism
to progress and incorporation, it is not'
is air
and, Ih
TTw Liimlrtr (jurat an
g prom-
made in ihi K ■ nay distri
could reach any polling plac
hours from N '   J
Yale-Can        11 I   •
tunny for the        •    I 1
stand again ' • . '   ■   r,
opposition m thus
hie* he
: in lhe district in 48
•   :      g place In
lent oppoi
'    '    ' , i- " :,
■      •'
.aw™ ment's attention that we are not going to be whip
■Unto line.
Thankagt,  ■
The vegetable dealer
lop wllh
I     ■ •     11
;   latere;, in wholesale    I    p*i
inenll/ 1 ■ the fore again, arid now thai ton
•   •
re to be had in
■ ■ it SOcpei
'    '■ lui - •    •   '
Beeu brought /5c
Comti latitat II.S0
., - tt
•lllon lo the preaonl •      '
ment. a I In favor of th* pi
prl)„c,, g adhered ihlaat while wholesale ihey went  at 50:.
•   •
|l   ■  .. •      a   bug lell-r
lhe A ;
Commercial rer
,1    .      .        lent    ....
■ ,. il I
... • . .      lUcwell I
would et ' ; r ••,.••-•
... -,-,..
■ ••
in the ca:
■■ 11 .-.'• -
••hile be!
.  -
■   rt '-tt ol an
First Ykar
i.oh Wed     la   u Endarl    B
ih« Eden " Canada.
;. .
■    PJ
h per ii
■ r.i, ill I
, iii
h •  look up In   i
■ ih* prssldencj
'.: K :.;•.,. the » i
1     He was it1
that  ever   filled   Ihe
bui.   mark you.  h
■ 'ii-  evidr-m
upon i
And il
R [
rid lhal A Ut
i have followe
: :m  f.
■ ungesl
tilled II.
,i a new
Ing quite tl
Columbia, I
ltd cro|
regularly n
aver, Ihe
Crn|i ill Strawborri...
I ber are be
Ju-t   Llle   Slklll   i'aiiiln'i'
,: -
.    i needed
W'licn lo* men a-.nnut nulc u«
.1 , an lor «.lll»K tnj. ln»y turn up
un you. anj, unj.'r .-..a.'r ,ii the
eow.rj, name. Calumny .'alia and
I lata-  him
■   •     .    i tl
evell set  his lace    '
ol corruption and «<«/ft"**
Ai a Sunday School festival in a
h . ii thing In Brll h country lown th* children carrltd tan
ll „■ ,: . n i often the nars which had been made at home
, .. ,-n.ugi :'F:'icirson had given out lhe words for
i.rkeled Dtla • eat i these, and what was io his horror on
supply has been unu • nihil day to see one unroll Itaelf:
ryatid Immorallly." Th* I i:
good color and flavor. Many | be.n Hi   ui	
.     . :■     lh
.: .   ...   profitable, foi Always makes an acceptable
gift.   Select Irom our new stock
reral ir lends.   Mr.
did quite a nice l.ttle
th berries from his Hut ■
Henry W. Harvey
Gbnerai  Merchant.   Enderby, B.C.
The slock In the several departments Is large, varied and new
Ci on i ir. ind PrOVbtOPI
All lines of StRpls am) Fan
Cutnt 1 Fi       . . ■ -
A|l '                     1              "
:    ,      .■
.   .      ■   :
I ami it
i.i it     hi
M  -
It iirsi. bin when ihey undei
ihey Idolized him     In ih-
■ .: . ;   '       '■: :
•   nil has amazed even hit
vn ;ui(,v leaders, ihe campaign was
i .    •    ;-      rail  No
people will mote readily i     .
i .anltness in a man than the
people ol the United States. They
: aw that Roosevelt was above truckling to machine pariyism of any name
red him. Thev resided
that he r . ige and the ability
•    ■ •    it whal        . .  : be right
Irutt him.
! is every Inch a
ii   .ides, and top
i strong, sturdy
. .. :
ll be.   •      got
get the
net us
nth the Chile
i. all right, but  that Mr
- -
.  -
.   '
I nam* ,
.   -   -:        lumbli
iM.l.'- >V\III \     SUPREME
Simmy  and  Hi-  l.c-nm,.
al soli, si teacher receive- a
■ m the mother of one
pupil       Dear Sir, You writ me aboul
whipping Sammy.   I hereby give you
permission to beet him up euy lime II
is necessary lo learn him lesens.    He
is juste like his lathe,    ..'...
learn him with a club    Poun:
I want* him lo git   I
,  no atenshlon  to what lus
handle him
C.O.F.Nu 1058
\ ■•. ."       i.R. H. H.'
L.O.L. No. 446
Staple and Fancy Dry Good.
Ladle*' Diti Q Trltiumi
ale., llunkets   Slieoiitu'   Curtains, Ladi
ami ChiUttjis s Un'.'   i   •
Minini Supplir.
Tenia, Camp Si v« a
aiitl SIwvaU. Stumi'iu,: ! p .
'ifliiJ Amtnutiiii^ii. KuMw B-vu,  Kut'lnii Bjjw. Fiahiiig Ttcklo
Blaotumiit, C^al. • .-j«.
Clothing and Genii' Kui nishhixs
Mtl ■ ll ! Boy*! Clothing. Hosiery.
Slilrl C u Dm ind Undtrwoii Hat
ind Ctpa, Bootaa      ' im,
Houtf Furnlthlngt
Glasswar.. China <v„r«. Tin aiui KnatnoilcJ
Waie, Wooden Ware, Cutlery eic.
Farm and Garden R« qtmiu-\
Km     tmal Impltitiionta. Wtigdiia, Hay
Who.   Haivvsl Tool., Cat Jon
Toota, CvJon and Fiold Seeds.
Sporting Good.
and Shot   Guns,  Ammuttliloi.
Pipes an-i
Thirty years experience in Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
Into the camps and the Interior.
F. Pyman
Jeweler (Kb
Expert Watch Repairer
Kamloops Lumb
Manufacturers oi all kinds ol Rough and Finished
i ante pan Rt;   Mills at Kamloops, Annls and Enderby.    Capacity 25,000.000
_uun u«.   dc   fMl 0( Lumber and 30 ooo ooo Shlng|M yearly     Terms Qn
HAD FOR THF.   appHctf'on.      Address—
BxUrby. B C
'   A..E R-
Geo. R. Sharpe
I MM Kilt
With The Owl c
NCE I was asked the question
III tl  -tfhi I ever wasg ing lo
be a great man. and I simply
ad's face.
: heart, did you ever try
to define greatness ?   What Is
a great man ?
Think It over
Here Is the way I would de-
fine It: A great man is the man
who does what lies before him.
the best tt can be dene, not the
man who thinks aboul being
great   The great man was a
great child betore he became a
great man—great because he
e enough to be faithful
itles as a child     As a
child he was himself, he acted
himself, he thai;."
He lived hi -dless of the
! his companions .ind the railings oi his de
tractors    II he was mi- mderstaod he did not slop
.    it in hi
; Inl
he did it.
Id. ai
n so d In
thr- other    He .
tw  mi : ut :ht>
in,' whal vas his duty
! was prepared  for the
;ily world ap
ias to manhood, but the
iru a I
'The I r some
other name
Man wins i-eatnes? becau nol run
;•    ll     es not think any!lung about it   It
, capacity
Al        intslol      Is his d ity, and kno*
It.  And he dot       ire mud
I thinks« •      iuty.
•■• •
It." says Hul
ll is a vain I
Irudj -.
.-   grea'
Know this:
The Leading Tonsorial
Artist of the Valley,
is located at Enderby.
He can handle the
razor with the best of
them, and he's an ar
list with the scissors.
Schedule o! prices:
Hair Cut. 25c. shave.
15c; singe. 10c; sham
poo. 25c. hair tonic. 10c
Pair«iu will kindly nut* lhat ihu thsf
vill rut spen tm Sunday.
A. Todd, „a , ait. t -....,
100.000 Bui, i» artivc
toon from Holland Franc*
-   :    -.-        '*-      -■■:'    ■
Fruit and Otmin*nial
Tie*. Rhvdodettdram,
Reset, Cn«flhatiM and
Hardy Plant* Fur Fad
Planting. Ilariip Grown
,■ I li p rttd iardto t *M
and Rawer Seedt Al
wayt in .toe* m ttstgn.
Eattttn (itiees ot kaa.
Whit* Labor, F«itilit*rt.
Bm Hives and Stffli**
FI n< D. »-
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's CommLvsion
",|0 W.^mimlr, Roa*
Gin't find anything better
That Is the opinion of men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract of land It is right In the town: k lew
mlnules' walk Irom lhe Postofflce. Land is continually raising
in value We have sold a number of these blocks, but have a
few choice building sites left. You won't fl.td lots of better
value. The town will continue to progress: ll has only fairly
started Property will continue to increase in value: bulldim;
lots will never be less valuable than they are today. Your best
opportunity is NOW    Price of Lots, flA
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, ****** ▼ ' V
Some Property Bargains
One hundred acres ot first class Fruit Land. 15 mlnules
walk Irom the Post-Office at Enderby. Will be sold in one
block, or cut up into smaller blocks lo sun purchaser. Good
House on the properly, outbuildings and fruit orchard
< nn» AlOiat ptapttty three and a half mile* taith of Enderby.»the
mun road Well tfatetsd Can b* dividtrd Into l»» lamia af 160 acre* each
il retailed Pile* u. *-ti*, $10 an acre. Thlt u lh* cheapen properly in
the Valley.
Apply to—                             G  ALEKS HANKEY. Vernon. B. C.
 ifWHANVEY. Enderby. B. C.
This hotel ts delight
fully situated, on the
ishore of Okanagan lake
and, wllh "Jim" Bowes
lo greet you as host. It
will make your stay In
Kelowna most enjoyable. The accommo
Proprietor. datlons at lhe Lakevle*
it being lavish—thai is Jim's characteristic
' :   ' .'■ ',' ,      .   ,' ,' ,'   .'■
,   .      H* th.
> V
...     .   .
Halcyon Hot Spring)
Artow 1 iv*   i. C.
Receipt Books
Is yuur hcaltn
In mi red ?
Letter Heads. Bill Heads, Envelopes, Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—any
. thing lhat can bs printed— lulcVJ. ll this office.   Esil
An accident policy cover r
ing sickness as well, will mates cheerfully furnished an every class of Book and Job
le for you    Get it of Priming
CBORCE R l \\\i> BWttfVi TL- E_enoj*raph. "i
• aaer *   r.njftl,.
Bt I 1   trkk (In,t. ciin SI
4 lun
4>«a     A   ., '■■
First Yrar
'^'Methodist Church
Divtue Sarvico .very Sunday .1 730 p.m.
Sunday-School and Bible Claas, 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Mealing,   -   •   •   lueaday. 8 p.m.
A hearty welcoito lor all.
H--1. If:
A. E. ROBERTS. Paslor.
: tut ihe Church,
Ill-It 11*1   11*4*  II *»♦»»'  tlllr  III  I   ti„l,tl>il'a>
Mini   rnttlilitiiHltU llOUt*
IttiMi   It. ■>i*ia
Tliitf wii«. iDtl DO( »«» limit)' yt'ttra
itifu, elthrr, whvn Hfiilij wm n siimii
riti't    inttWrlltg    >t if 1.11 Mu In iui	
itiul iImi nt f■«.**» nhtl ilt«* >fi> r-'it i>.•
ol ,i dcIii« fun*?!Ian Nnwnitny* Hin
lej |i ,i bind ol rrlieflnml for floouV
wood, with ■ III III water* a little rue-
lu«, and no bat Una    The h»» !*.<*. nl
i ft Ihe Bert l.i
In ml. are llnnl nidi It
lawna ( , i'i» ■» i
landa tnttm to time en
•Mi pari) fmeka on
the Uindon .tall) Sei
Curluiw et ifu ibm
from |lanlwH*h I u
Un- white flannela.
ilm.Miiii, with itreal
imtlitli m taw* It- »ti
hi to Temple la*
nuaeboala,   The
,.i,i I    I,i   l.rirlt-
|iite«l iSfir ifnr-
tha rhrr, M)a
t..t \ tft'itlola
• hliii'l* nnitiiii*
V New /, I. imi
noatanl   «i"-«<
i   It)   -tin I  .III.I
til welehl \ i nnmllan nlinlfi»int ,.*■'_
olun i ihroujth Ihe
lii!,. ..nit,. Hmpan 'i
lltmaelttait life la,
grand hi waj In uhli
h i. Important. Ini|ai
live   M roueri ••' the
retel In i li m
mr- fillet.  u|i arlth I
uf ileeora  Out ..
\U In tnrt I	
milled thai " In ben
prowtl nittl ■ ■ *%e
■un lltinriit' Kmt.
nf rourae. ihe
I I.. Henley,
ittm imi i ipi n<
atneh »*«>-11,*mie
nan) of whleh
nb ll • Uutler«
It iiiii*,| he ml*
ti.tn ■ mure and
itfititre lhe r*e
|  » »i»   i|Ulle
Toeri loft
ril,   „, ig  ■.. iIm nt
ihr eoni"     V»M aaaj
anjrihlnn from  I
iwie reni '•** •   ■
food •*•■ inta  I        I
iltmn, nmdeand ***** «-■■>
,1,,..    t|,   mpeo*     ..(
y>UT 'ti. >nt» itti  tt Ihiiim
i'lie* llrnlejr *Uv* man
Agricultural Courtship
A potato went out on a mash,
And sought an onion bed;
"That's pie for me," observed the squash,
And all the beets turned red.
"Co way," the onion, weeping., cried,
"Your love I cannot be;
The pumpkin be your lawful bride, '
You cantalope with me."
But onward still the tuber came,
And laid down at her feet;
"You cauliflower by any name
And It i. ill sin«ll as wheat:
And I, too, am an Early Rose,
And you I've come to see,
So don't turn up your lovely nose,
But spinach at with me."
"I do not carrot all to wed,
So go, sir. If you please!"
The modest onion meekly stld,
"And let us. pray, have peas.
Co. think that you have never seen
Myself, or smellcd my sigh;
Too long a mriien I have been
For iavor in your rye."
"Ah. spare the cuss!" the tuber prayed;
"My cherished bride ycu'll be;
You are the only weeping maid
That's currant now with me."
And as thi wily tuber spoke
He caught her by surprise,
And giving her an artichoke,
. Devoured her with his eyes.
—Florida Parishes.
On October 22nd the Court ol Ses-1
slons was appealed lo, asking thai Ilu-1
dginenl of the House of Lords be applied immediately. Although ihe
United Presbyierlans dissented Irom
lit* prayer ol the Free Churchers. lhe
Court of Sessions, by a majority ol 3
to I, decided in Iavor of Ihe minority.
and thus lhal body, composed ol a
small membership, and represented by
Utile over a score ol ministers, beconu-.
possessed ol properly ol such enorm -
ous value.
Do You want the BEST?
There can be but ONE befl-
Moflet's Beft
Not In
s made In Enderby—help to build up Enderby by using Enderby
ground flours, feeds, etc.
■ hi-
ft ittt . '..iM.lt.al l„ a ihtlMMIIll |.,UW...
... a...,,,—.
lint,  l„...l,lt,al VQ*      tl
In fall *___^^^^^^^^^^^_
I,     i   I  I'lnli Mil,    I eliiwl iw>|
ivrj lav, .|«i»i».—
church with th* United Pretbyterlan
Church. Thlt handful of men dissenting train th* action ol their denomination, claimed that th* immense
wealth of th* property of the body
which they repretented. amounting to
'•JSS.CO0.000. belonged of right to the
"li folk, could have their funeral
when ihey ar* alive and well, and
ttiuggtiitg along, what a help It would
ht'" alghtrd Aunt Jcrutha. folding her
Paisley thawl with great care.
"New there It poor Mtt' Brown.'
i/"> iiati/>p ,hj add*d. *» ah* pmiwd her Sundav remnant remaininglrue lo iu'eteed.
PUBLIC NOTICE b»n«l into h«t grew veil "How encouraged the'd have been if th* eotlki
hav* heard whal th* minuter tatd today! I wouldn't wonder one mite,
the'd have gat well And Deacon
Brawn a-wtpin hu «y«a. and all them
taking on to! Best tail: the never
dreamed they tu to much by her!
"Mu* Brawn got duoouraged.   Yer
The lime was when a query regarding sexual mailers from a child was
) received wllh a rebuff.     People were
positively ashamed to acknowledge thai
I their birth had been due to sexual In
lercourse.   A test  of  Innocence   In
maidenhood was complete ignorance.
, Some would have It so today, but ihe
thinkers know there Is a   belter way,
alld (lie better way comes as everything does   through knowledge.
No good thing ever came Ihrough
Ignorance. Why Instruct a young gltl
In languages, music, mathematics, history and art. and yet leave her In entire Ignorance ol her own wonderlul
part to play in the luture history ol humanity >
In the past the vast majority ol men
and women have been reared in Ignorance: and have bred their children like
cattle. Is It always so to continue >
Do we get weary looking lor the mil-
lenium > Are we discouraged that the
progress ol mankind It so slow > Do
you want to see the stream of humanity
cleared ol crime, sellhhness. cruelly,
bigoiry, greed and lust ?
Seeing the result of generations ol
seautl Ignorance, d;ea It imi teem as
though a change might be effected by
Introducing knowledge if such matters
lo our young people > Good Health
If you have a spare cord of wood,'
or a hilt cord, and rite ready to ex-
change it for Thi EoinocK.ru, bring
tt In—IS or 22 inch.
TK« Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
i» hoichy given thai on* month alter
iH-Ma,!, th* undtraigited and
othen intend io make application lo Hu
Honour Sir H«»y Joly d« lothlni.tr.
Ueuienanl-Gavenif-in Council at Victoria. und*r the Pravittoni et lh* "Mu-
iiicipalittet' Incorpotaiion Act." Re-
vned Statute, of Biiiuh Cahimbia and
Under TR Olive Tree   [\ J. C. Metcalfe
Amending Acta, lot Lett*. F1t.nl _*'DMMn *"» l"-«",1J2?
under th*G«at Seal lo InMrporaMthe bUn"B« *y*»lh,,« amo her _l,ofl.,
(^in.«W**ctlbrfl*attUliito.To*mi«!!f^ te"»
Mumcltatlliyuiid*. th* nam.ol'Th« «^««™« WJ">**£?? **
CnfMtUn.1 the Town ol Entoby." wbrok..h..c.^)utl_ifMu, Brotm
lhat u to ay Uumtmltmd H9 and ™ " T*-' " W1, ^ ""»
ISOinOt-uplct in. Otoyoat Dw- •« «U»M it. I*. U» tn^th* or trtetp-
«     :»uiri«, a pinion ol lh* f "•.^"•r
lh. North-Ban v-tm u      *" \~\TT
.     - poHlon »! the W_. hlk B«Csn b,SU«n, _" r"* * '
N.r,h.W«, quartet oi Section «*- <«»' ^ but a wrtd«n«,.
ii a potlionol lh* Sauth-W-lquiHw "_ »f m*TfT* _*!_, __T"
of Section 26. Ieg.1 tub divuiott 12 «l ™.™ *lf,d *"•lh* "_?*"
SeciKM 26. and a portion ol the Sauth ,   N<"'{i* mm<Mv ""T1* ™*e
haUol lh. Nuth-Ew quarter of Sec- *»™ ********* *,!_*,f"1
lion 2? in Town-iip 18.Rang*9. Wetti km h,tn' *l0" _'*•    D*w' -**'}
ot lhe Siath Mttidtan. a porttonot legal *'M',n* d ,aU T. ^T
_*4Mtka Mnd t portion ol th. "hat he lh«ght. I believe he might
East hall ol the Siuth-Eitt quart** of hm *—* ** Us*ul AnJ wh,fl •"
Se^2;.nta.dT0wtuhV«idl_nKf ""•*'Mil nB* ,he *»-•««
Wttolih._idSlalhMeridHn.mM* '<«" «h*tr matter, mmed a, ilth,y
pattiodaily deMtlbed at l„wt; Com ^^ **»* "• *"ihm^
nieiKingat lh* North Ei.1 corMfOl _ W,tt- l«WM ""»«»•*»*: «•»"
tald Loi 150. iktnct W«l along the B ,*w «_ ***** *■ ,w »"* d
N*Hh boundary «| «,d Lot is lhe •""• W*««»r •" ttogm-atotit
tWMt r*il in heaven. I couMn I help
Ihihkltig lhal that wat soineihit^ Mtt"
id hav* lo gel used la. lor
«h*"d nevaar had none el il her*.
" She d haae bt*n .wfulpleued With
they wat pretty, .nd no
muuke Yer tee Ihe Deacon wan I
never willin" for her Is have I flotrer
bed.   H. taid 'twas ensaqrh ; -
the *"*'" '* lw Kali cabbages I gt
bui Mis Droarn always kind tf htnk-
- - I smelling things, like
sweet prat and such."
"Whaldid you My. Levi' Moll
lime lor supt*r * Well, land ufcet'
m Ite.   I mutt hav* got to meditating
 S've just been thinking. Levi
Send The Ew. . I«U<* nil lell lh* minister anythtngibout me
II the pancakes and pumpkin pies are
good, you jutt say u, at we go thru,
ll is t trail i   keep anything laid up
W-allh ,,f  iht   Fm Lli-.r.li
IM last the ■■
Lords passed judgment in ihe eat. ol
Nstih Weal earner  Ihetetl,
Wettaltng Ihe uld Northetly btui-
daiy ol uld Lot. produced in all 1 Ol,
lane, cl *8 ehaint: ih*nc* Ssuth a
dManc. of 8» chains. thence Eati
along lh* Southern boundaries of taid _ 'J^**'*;
Lou 149 and ISO a dittanet ol 63
chains to lh« bank oi th* SptNumchttn
Rim. thence Northerly following lh*
Westerly sank ol uld Hlver l»
point ol csRimtnciitent. comprising
<Ai torn.
Ot".   Beix.
h. V/. II,..ET.
Roe  ft Boatmr.
H, W. Wnistir
ihu 3ist day of October. I9(M
•   ■    ' Iks at home
For Sale!
Farming Land in
chsset    Suitable tor fruit growing and
dairying    Apply 1 ■_^_^^^^^^^^^^^^_
J. V;. McCALLUM. &lm»n Arm. the twenty loutl •
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex no*' ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and S2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
Winter Wear
We have just placed on our shelves a large stock of Winter
Clothing, such a3 Heavy Underwear. Coarse. Soft and White
Shirts. Boots, Shoes and Wet Weather Footwear; Hats. Caps,
and Mufflers. They are splendid quality and the best makes.
Call in our new block, lei us show you jur new goods.
The cruel are always cowardly.
When you are tempted to take a drink—walk.
The bigot shuts his eyes to make rcom lor his
"For every friend we lose for Truth we win a
The wounds of a friend are sometimes our richest
Can anybody point to a town that has become a
town without incorporating ?
Whal we regard as another's source of weakness
may really be his source of strength.
Never say quit' If we fall in one thing, let's try
another.   There Is a work lor each to do.
We are not to be cowardly. Never shrink from
rebuffs or sneers or opposition—glory in ihem!
There Isn't much creed in sanctified common
sense, but there's a heap o" good breeding.
It was Emerson who said: "We sell the thrones
ol angels for short and turbulent pleasure."
II the prodigal had not got up and gone h .
there would have been no forgiveness, no mat,er
how sorry he was.
The only man who Is really disquieted by the
braying of a jackass In a grave yard Is he who lives
near the grave yard
The character, not the condition, makes the
slave. Lel the man who prtaches one-sided Socialism remember this.
No. sweetheart, you are not a friend of mine if
ycu neglect to tell me olmy aults Beware ol the
friendship thu is all mob
Take good care ol the b 7—It Is the best friend
you have.   And In all 'Iv     • I • there i:
none greater than the physi il frame
Girls, oh, girls; If you jus' ould make a man of a
(ool as easily as you can ir.ake a fool of a man,
what sweet little angels we all would be!
Kill a snake today, an lottl rr-.w, If you look
in the same spot, you will (Ind other snakes have
come to attend the obsequ -s   Strange, isn't It ?
The man who does n know anything about
physical culture, and is too indilfercnt to learn, is
always the readiest to toot the horn ol the electric
belt fakir, and tl.
Isn't it strange that ,.t lenai n ,t big enough
U grasp an-ther's thought .nd lite Ihey attempt to
drag him do^n to them, ind, falling In this, they
spex their silly bile over I   Ir Image ol him.
Mark Guy Pearse is It It ll r Ihlr-ex.pres
slon of a thought that we ry (ten forget: "God
does not pitch men in. rid hap-hazard
Don't cry out against your circumstances; ll is
halt blasphemy "
Orchard & Crawford
-''•'• •   •■■•■■■■■■■"••;■ -■••■■'     ■   ■   ,. :■'• a-
TTD IT IT C For Spring
1 K&.&O Delivery
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Slone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby	
Enderby Brick Yard
Ord»'s taken for any quantity    Plastering, chimney
'ling, and bnck & slone masonry workc ntracl
A. M. BairJ Enderby
That touches lh" »•
and keeps h use fori
omy. will be  :
office—quickly, neai
■    end your printing   it
n    Anything tha'
i     ; ne in Toroni
Ingtcanbe done rlgh' hrre
The Eadenograph
I   - -Ml   .      I'     t
First Ykar
^—■——■I     —■■   J -I               T_        1         * .            Wltal lhe Local I'.-...,-
nr   j* _r   fin the rulpits a.tAUt
r I radin^\__o.n    ,,„„,  .    „   ,,   ,
ty                    h       ii.-i... nneo idat liavr been are those who have vol-
-,■,.-.— - —,«—_w«_, .-    _«, I   Iread
-                      I lakwiaal ,.,•. moral effort
I                     !i ball •    ■  .nd the v lunlarj
the Ladies
:. i ■■   '
. :.    ■ C  '■    ■
I I       and Silk V
pn Andasel
lello We hav
> aicrr~am ■__.:_■_ -L._^_.ia«
Enderby  [fading Co.,
Cliff St.
Stoves "for winter
New Books
have vol-
lorothers Lovers of good reading will find us now wllh a fine lln    I
Books and Novels by the most popular authors, at prices from
cells dlacourae  in In* . •  j,and thev lunuti ' r r
i  revalenoe «vJC IO   $ 1 .JU
ilnful   | hi ret , ———, ~,~	
•      ■•       Chrltl draw ill n
tpi •   .       I stiff, ring
New Stationery
is alreai, >, heal diseasesb lh  I
il. lilt when hanging from Writing Pads Writing Paper
rtatt i hame that Christ Is most In all Ihe latest styles
mankind.  Chritt it at  Visiting Cards Fountain Pens School Scribblers
live to man because He manlleai   Rl,|ers Red and Black Ink Privil;.
■' :     -  '' •    lh* I tt il God lor a lost and slnlul
-    1 There was noothergoodenough D.    NAIRN   &  CO.   Druggists and Stationers
r    ay I In.   He only could  " KNDKI<BY- H- ^	
It . allj   lot US _, „        .       . II- , | IT
•'     n   Dot Unci you? Then lel       I" or TlUlt LlIKl>,   l'ai'm Lands ailll   I OWll
k to Cod and become       p.        .
lathig!'.-   ■ neoflhe Ittsten ihe cam-        I I OpiM ly call and see—
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, kndkkiiy. b. c
!■:;.   !  ;•!':
Thete '.u, il     R
ntnion beliel ol ea
! us 1-
'   ' •■   ..  ' '
■ '
.   ■
C, 1   And yet in
ARentl.'i ll lnve.tm.nu
!■.■ n- '
Th. Hhetii, Assurance Co.. oi Brooklyn N  i
"'It. Guidi.ii Auui.tm Co..
Life A ■ : ■   ■
Th. Ontam Ai-clJ.nt Injur.
v\ ■ i.rthing within a
ir"—they heat well htm mow il
I they last
ig else
stove furnishing.',  slw
dware. paints.
inable ic
rrophet Nathan meant
" , "Thou an the man"
■   but it Will llrv- •
Hon d r than natr.   No*
Jay of tat-
opened a Tinsmltl nent.   Amanexperi = «atkwi   n .     imtn**
.     Ill th*accauiu of David»
A. Fjllon, n.mlwti*. t  D     D      n**v*M_
iv. iv. Durns,
lohn 12 irtihaina     	
up Iron ••-    I ayseehims-r ,   - #
nly 0 A   j
I laiiluaiv M< 'haul
C. J. B s
Cure Constipation
*\ e cure constipation. **\ c
Masonic Building Armstrong
" Burns' Toilet Luxuries
I'nl Hilar
I imi-r
e^aurant: \v
Cmi bi
ms for Ladies
exeellen* -
.- :ke to iu
-nd lit «ntea,uence*.
my own vctldllitea. and pride,
elcaantat and indii'
■    ■    .-'.   - -
pattenc*. my own hand dealing and
til-trill and un-
■■-■hilied by iht-
*■ 'a'w un lhe cudgel, lar Mr Walker
• _lilem -
I win th"
•s heaven Tt.-
• -.- -, .-■  i i.
II. 11. Robinson
a I
Rags     n
j    Rags   ji
Made into Carp
J. W. B.icon,   Enderby.  in   Hancock bloik
rvrc  ynur ,**>■
horses tact tender?
■ "•"- ^_ •'"J
l a<r.a,,
..•..mini:. Glazing, Paper
v and Kalsomining
Hard We id Polishing and
■ing All work neat
promp.ly executed.
This Is ihe flneai maierial In lhe world for cooking utensils: It
makes ihem so light, so serviceable and always so brlglr
clean. First cost Is some greater than agate ware, but there is
no comparison In the service rendered. Pretty Table Pieces
Salt and Pepper Shakers. Sugar Bowls. Spoon Holders. Milk
Pitchers, etc.   Also everything to cc.k tn   Call and see them
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armsirong, B. C.
Would U ?
Like a life Insurance policy providing (or the payment of from
$1,000 to SIOO.000 to your wife If you die within 20 years, and
live 20 years guarantees more to you In cash than
you have paid on It? Your answer Is very likely to be, "Yes.
but It can't be done." On receipt of your name. age. and
address, we will prove to you that it can. The Assets of
The Mutual Life of Canada   I $7,000,000 will convince you
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
Sp,illuitihi«T, FitmerV
A.ir Cushion Pad l"'M,i'
Royal Cafe
\   DALE, PrafrirtM
•ll you want I
that  is Italy.
try th- :
iir   SMI ,- •
M*t      DU Cliff Si
You will fin:
useful thin,;r
-      T. .IV ;  a:
you to
Mason Rl   h Plan
■n. new In st ck    A b dutiful se-
-just the thing to be given
the wife—jr a friend.   See them.
remember that we have the age n      -
Terms and prices on application.
Furniture Dealer
Cliff St., Enderby
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby
■ • ■
■ ■
Gen. R. Sharpe
■   END) MU-
Jas. C. English,       _______
Warm  Robes
it's a little early I r .     , ■ 1-     . but not for
88 to keep you We have some
very iine rites, and   lh n n I |ulti     fine,
but all at: good quality,  and th'j prices are
very ret   noble.   Don't  .vrtit till the
snap ,i-be prepared for It.
Wm. Hancock. Enderby
re something you would like l   have in the primm.-
line ?   We can gi II    al thli   Iflci


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