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The Edenograph 1904-09-07

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Numbek 17.
Price, $2 a Year
Figures a Loss
service.    Further than lhal ihey could
nol go.
After III- .-.r   . n dinner wi.   "f'.-i-o
r.l ih- Kalan.alku   Th-  I mn
war* then driven lo Ihe Lcrj Abcrde-n
eslale.   The train was held two hours
for them.
Mr. GaruVi  MiarJ From.
The railway commission, consisting! cern; that each year the expenses ex
of Hon. A. C.Blair, ohalrinan, and, cteded ihe receipts, and thai the com
Dr. Jas. Mills, held a session at Ver-1 pany was complying with eveiy clause
To Ihe Editor of Thi Emnosrai-ii.
Dear Sir:  My attention his been
„  called io an article appearing in your
no,, Monday, at  11 o'clock. In the of .he agreeine,.. underwtioh IheC ull. which conlaiiu
court house.   Th. Okanagan Board 0. P. R^ad taken It over   I. v.. bonded
for $ .250,000; wis 5 miles long: ol ' •
. >n compelled 10 set you right.   In the
ih-,-.    -,'   ■■•■ ; "   pi ulna .:■-.,,, . .   ...    b   ,
first plice you ante thai Prov ncla
Trade had previously corresponded wiih
lhe commission, and more ihan a month
ago ll was decided .hat a m.e.lng would percent.. andthe company 60 per cent. ^^ Burnyeatmadeplanslordraln-
be held ai Vernon In September. Thurs- Oul of this 60 per cenl. Ihe company
agr ditchr.    .'..-1 :.•• Uurii>v-i.i 11 .-.
dayaUernoonlaa. a wire was received had to pay the running and.i^nt.ninc,^,   You nM1      that $500 ^ s„
saying that th. commissioner would expenses.   The contract under which ^ (w
arrive Monday morning. Arrangements th. C.P.R. was running the road il-i ,
wen hurriedly mid., but lh, cue pre-1 torn I. .0 cu, Ut, train .ervtc. down ^^^^leXS
 ^J k... *L_    D...J   n(    TnkAn it.***   nnl    In a   IrLuiMtalflu trttu .*••   Hnrillu Ihu »iflfi. ^
'   "" BD"i 1 ^ *" r W ' ,"T8ll,y M,Vi" dUrin,, 'h( *"" ' H"« " '« '"•"ing • trunk^ad from:
, <.f,iilri   hau« ha,*., mam,    lar mnnlha. ,
' my place Into Salmon Arm. Nov, any-
so strong as it could hav* been nude, .ter months
1   -.    ■•■  .....   . ■•• ceiil,  cheaper)
-l emphatically. "No."    Fur-
then   1 •   why should lhe cash pur-
ly a?  much as the one wh-,
Seme time age ihe following was
brought to my notice: A child was sent
into a local store to buy an article, and
the young assistant charged SI.SO for
ii,' I an buy lhe article equally good
lor SI ai Eaton's! SI cl which he put
Into the till, and 50c. into his pocket
Children notice thing; as well as adult. !
II local atorekeepers would be satisfied with a smaller margin of profn
ihey would Induce the people who pay
cash to buy from them, because local
shopping Is so much more convenient
and lime-saving.   Why nol try the
1 beg lo remain, yours respectfully,
Tim Weather.
Boiled Down
Hon. Mr. Blair and Mr. Mills heard"    Mr. Marpole wis called by Attorney
,h. complaints. , he Board 0, Trade. ;*i^--^
questioning and crosa-queatlonlng the losses of th. roal   Th.^r*c,ipU, ^ /
witnesses much the same as In a case for the y«ir 1902 war* $24,196.   01 ;        ..
baton tho court. I ihta the provincial government received''*^''''* r'1'1 kno*'     ,he'non*'
W R Mesraw acted as »ok*sn..n *»•«». and the Company $14,519, >*"<<* «his particular piece! ro.
w. k. Megaw acieu aa span wn»n     . '  L        ., would not reach half that amount; and
for the complainants.    Alter briefly The  expenses of   running th* road „ desirous of aaeliw Enderbv
w.lcom.nothecommtulwi^^ aeeng End»ny|
w-iuomingine commissioners n* oiieo . prosper do not prevent lh* foks coming
„n,„, <?«reiarv Davics ol Ihe Bat   to Ing .Ml toss 10 lh* C.P.R, ol ntor* ,       „ ,r     , .   ,     _ *'
upon secretary uavies o, mooosra to   »  ,,„--,.    ,   ,„, ..       .    . 'over (rem Salmon Ann to deal al En
.-..,1 ihe eoiiiulauii    It was not a vol- than $0,000,   In 1903 the railway »  . .   , .
reaa m* coiiipiaim.   ii was not a vot ' i derby by countensncing the dUgnceful
umlous document,   ll slid miny nice Im* »" only $8,351.   Th* recelpu. *       "•
ihlmn about the Vallev and told ol its *er« 130780.   Out of this sum lh* "7 ,.0',n" ro"u , ? *    , *[M '
inmgs aooui me vaney. aim tout 01 in .which wis a simple be tore   repaired
great growth.  Bu, l.Uckrt .heessen-.govenmen took $12,312.   Th. a*       Rem,mber ,„,,,„ th, ^
tlal ihlng  deifinite ln.orm.tlonind,*minting.^^^^^^^^^   ,,„„„,
was short on tangibility,   ll ihow*d    Askad upon whal bills th* figures
thit Ihe C.P.R. was giving no better'«* mad*. Mr Msrpole replied thai the
train service ihan It give 12 years ago.1 «guni "er* bued W» *• urn* sys-
whereas the Valley had Increased great- wm .1 that employed by any well regu-
ly in resources and wealth and business 'ated ro»A
needs.   Because of Ihe lack ol better     Mr. Blair wu ihocked it the enor-
transportation facilities the Valleya pro- "uw figure at which th* road waa
gresi was being Impitred. and our fi- bonded.   '< «*• bonded for man thin
dimes for doing busln-js were nol inly  "'uN* **« « «o« » build,    Mr
prttientlng those already hen Irom Marpole Hid •mphitieilly thai 11 wu
bettering their condition, but wen keep, th* easiest pl*e* al road that h**v*r
of interest to th* community In general.'
and yourself tn particular, to know that
during th* past ihno years in iverige
ol ten dollars a year hu been spent on,
21 nulai ol government raid ,11 the
Cano* Creek dlilrletl Comment is,
n**dl*ss. Yours truly. W. Gakomii. j
[Perhaps Mr. Cirdner ktisws mini
about Mr. Bumyeiti work in Enderby
than th* clients interested, but we
leading la Dr. Simpson's fruit ranch,
but w« d.ubi il Thi EositoaMni
would not b* understood u countanan.1
ctng th* diigracelul state of the reads,'
But w* think those persons who an the
heaviest tiled ihould be shown some
eonildentf on when th* money it eapen-,
Thr Co
, doubt it, Perhips Mr. Girdner u nisr*
ing miny other, from locating hen. m^tofl, ***# ^^ telriws of galling Salmon Amm.s to'
Th.gnaine«lof the business of th. b. tartt at $12^)3 mil*. It wuL th,mi „ ^^ „„ w„ }(El).
Valley U a daily Inlght train, the com. b...d*d it $22.$00 . mile. 1 ^ m ^ ^ dwb( fc j( ^
plaint said, so that the puienger and Mr. Mirpite slid the eompiny hid mn „ „,, ^^ ^ tosptmf ih«l
mall service would not hive tc be son- given the people th* bast s«ivu« ttvaa m,^ ^ ,h, lwnk rMd „ Mf Qtti.\
ducted on Iteight-lratn time. Frequent- p.-ssible to glv*. and Itwu hu oMlreln^-.pi,^,^ ,n ,-,,1,,™ ,h,ro„t
ly. owing to th* great amount of Ireight la handle the traffic u expeditiously u
handled, th* passengers and mills in p&ssstble. If some plan could be stag-
lied up three, four and live hours tn jested whereby the pr.vincul govern-
nuking the run Irom ind to Sicamous mini could b* Induced to relss aoin*-
of 51 miles. It told of lhe gnat in- what, and would stand iu shin of lh*
crease tn the population of the Valley, enpetue cf a dally (night and punttgir
Its Increased Imparls and expsrts: and (service, summer and winter, th* com.
pointed oul how Utile Ihe C P. R. at* pany wiuld run th* iri'.ns Othtrwise
tempted to cope with lh*businesse;n- thi company wjuld hsld 1. th* «»•'
fronting tt. Especially inconvenient u. dm ins of clause 10 of th* agreement,
the winter   service,  ind the com- with the government, =
plaint uked that a duly Win be run Lui year, the lots 10 the companyp the ediur ol Th. Emwsium.
Inm Sicamoui each week day tht:ugh- while operating Ihe triweekly sarvle*' Dwr S,r:' »houM **'•"""!l »'»vsr
out th* winter months. Th. cotitpliint wu $5,000 fir th* lour morula. Mr.:" )wu WJuU ,nM'' «h«loMo*""* Ul yjur
Mid thit 850 car ire now needed to Marpole admitted thu the branch wa,- «'«*■■«'«•: Thliwesk you appeal tot
carry the produce of the Valley urnir- 1 feeder to the miHt Itti* ind incnatrd the patriitum of the people that is to
kel each year. the business there, but. mfie tor mil*. "MdW"m''«i>?«<:ha*eth*lrgoi>ds
W.C. Rlcirda.maniget =1 th* Ab- the Okanagan lervtc. did not pay for anth*sj»l.ituteadilgetitngthemfnm,
erdeen estate, presented some very in- itself. In' E*"
tereiling figures relative to the business Thos. Kllpatrick. superiatendent si I wonder whether the local stm-.
u| llle estate, showing the volume of the the dtvUDn, wu oiled and told what ke*p«ri hive ever asked themselves
business done wllh the C.P.R. In the he knew abaut the number ol pasten- »*» H>« be^" »• Enderby and Ihe sur-
year 1902 he paid $10,693 freight. In gers. etc.. carried by ihe line rounding country buy thousand! of dot.'
1903 $11.887. Thu wu on ptiduc* Some slher testimony of a mot* or firs *»«h of gsjdi in the East ind in
shipped in catload Iota. In 1902 less irrelevant nature wis taken ind the the Sutesr I very much doubt It. ind.
he spent in the purchue ol supalies. estit closed. '    '   I *lU Mk Ihem.   Does a
etc.. In Vetnon. $11,752, ind in 1903.     In giving the vl«wi af the commit. »t;rek*«per suppose thai any person
$23,918.   In the same years he ex- sun the chainnm,Hon Mr Blitr.said withcammonswise ind r-aJycishwill
pended for taxes, and lor supplies, box ihil owing Is Ihe enaniiius iver-cipi- buyfoot-weir.drygoodi.il,;
malarial, etc..put   I lh. talUatitn A  the company the rial her* ;l he ,r she can gel these goods
Valley. $7,630 and Su.SOO. The cost would ilwayj be handicapped, and he
of labor in these years wu $27,912 could not see any way to better matters
and 537.837. so leng as the r>ad was held under the
F. C. Wollenden, of Armstrong, present agreement. The agreement
showed Ihe great increase in th* bull- lasts 12 years longer, and during lhal
nessof the Armstrong Ihuring mills c a- time the business of the Valley will
operative company. Thn. yairilgo have to b* done in a manner best suited
Ihe oulput of lhe mill was 750 t. -, in to the railway company. H* b»li*.»d
1902. 2,200 tons, ind In 1903. 2.1.10 the busing -.1 th* Valley warranted a
tons. daily iralghl and passeitget .."i.
Speaking forT. W. Ptetchar.lt* *jM unlit ih* gOV«mm«n! could be induced
Mr   Fletcher had shipped:   In ; *,     ■ -thing li relieve the people
37 carloads: In 1901. 97 carloah   in h? did not s*? whal th-
1902. 94 carlsadli and in 1903. 164 c;uld d3 m the matter.   It wa
carloads. lor th* provincial govern,n*ni lo leal
Byway ol  reply lo lh; Complaint with.   Th. commission, ha al I
Atlornsy McMull-;n. ( r   Ihe railway us* its Influence I; bs;k up any p*-
company, said thai lh. Shushwap St lltlon that might be fra
Okanagan branch war ;i)tt paying Con   pie ol Ihl .; f.r 1 Vii-r
;..i- bjli
observer at Enderby, furnishes the fol
lowing record ol the temperature, and
general state of the weather tor the
month of August:
: -fc
= ?;
3 S
45 b
S ■ 11
a   P
rt't AUH
X         (A
1   93
2    93
-1   : 1
5  101
6    99
7    94
8   95
9    94
10    il
II    80
12   90
13    94
14    97
15    >0
16    89
17   88
18   88
19   65
• *
■ W
20   77
21    77
22   68
23   80
32 b
24   85
25   95
26   92
27   92
28   75
29   79
3C    77
31    82
Shipp. J by freight I,,.--,
Eederlty. 7.928 toil
Arm-Iron,-. 6.180 ton.
Varnon. - 4.497 Ion.
K.I •-, -,, 3.891 ton.
Oilier poinb, 2b3 ton.
Total.    23,7(1 ton,
Ju. Waliarson is in from Wat
Wm. Fleming wu at Salmon Arm
thu week, ind took out a carload of
Ceo. W. McKay has |ui'. completed
a very neat and substantial barn and
chicken house on hu fr-s •
'Tu true' W. 5 Pratt, ihe Salmon
Ann Druggist, etc., carries l stock el
pal*ni medicines, tillet irtlcles, etc.
. .
ft Upper. Ouy Barber. C. Temple.
MrsCha- Lindmark andtitnlly.Cipt.
re. R;b»ri Ounn
ofCimb tors .Ith* Arm
th* put week.
There U a tbomt
• -,•-, i,i-.i
Is *|
iktr, plenty
Th* plans for the Fn    •
viy b-il sur*1/
-. »• «- beginning ■   • .  • the n*»d
-   ii md Ih* only
1 •     "■: -
In order to sect;.
:al work, not theot
bet aim, not ma
'      fits o*cur»l '    ■':.;,
:  •  *spl)il(ng
.  ll lhe Armlti
. .;
A lat.; - III of
.' -    ■ . ■:   ■
W. Harvey
Mi;s Flelcher.ol Arinslronni I
ing :. week wllh Mrs. J. F, Pringl^
. ll Nine Adams of our Eden.
Last seen hilling Ihe pike lor Headley
Mrs. Alec Johnson ol Vernon, Is
visiting her sister. Mrs. Albert Johnson,
at Enderby.
Mr.. S. Sonwrvllle, ol Vernon, died
ai Victoria last week Irom lhe elfects
of an operation.
Mr. Russell and daughter, ol Scotland, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gee.
Heggie. ol Ihe Stepney ranch.
The Kamloops Junior Lacrosse team
was defeated by the Vernon team at
Vernon by 2 to I on Labor Day,
We are rich. A cat has taken up!
its abode with us. Don't bring sacks
until we can define what Kind of a
feline It Is   It looks doubtful.
Wm. Elson has favored us with samples of his Red Retrlnghamer and
Sweet Bow apples, which are a mat
lo look at ind delicious lo taste.
It Is understood that the building of
lhe Vernon-Mldway Railway by the
New York syndicate that has been considering the matter is in assured fact.
H. W. Harvey Is packing lot ship-1
nieni the apples from three trees on,
the farm of Ceo. Folkard. The quan-
Illy, quality and sue u something re-:
Any perssn guilty of shoaling a mile
post Is liable to a line ol $500, Con-1
stable Simmons lutends to make an
example ol Ihe llrst person he can
catch in the act
Messrs. Chlppell, Hoffman and Bill-,
ey spent • few hours fishing it Mira!
lake one day lui week, ind caught 22;
lirge-iised trout. They didn't use bol-'
tied ball, either.
On Monday the 19th. a hfgh-dusi
ccttceri will be given In the Tompktmon'
Hall.   The musical program will consist of choruses, quartettes ind solos
F-srther particulars next week
Vernon has i new grocery firm
:'. iKerule and Mr Martin, well-
known and popular yiung men. opened
tor business thu week. They hive the
m Ml up-to-date store in Vernon
Ernest Skyrme wu kicked in Ihe
|aw by a horse, on the Stepney ranch,
Tuesday afternoon, and knocked insensible. He was liken ta the Vemon
hospital this morning, accompanied by
h.s brolher. Tom.
Frank Franklin >!i but aw. far the
St Leon hot springs, He writes that
he la belter than at any time since Ihe
rheumatism took hold of him. and expects lo be back ta Enderby in a lew
days full..
Anniversary Services will b- I.-'! II
the Methadist Church on Sunday, Sept.
18th H-.v J. H. While. DD.will
preach al 11 am and 7.30 . II I
the Sunday school will have I
-    iftei
... | it ol
(the Shushwap and Okaniga:.
! There must be ll in the
And still they
The ladle, oi Si George's Guild,
gave a verj
n ■'       ' -;all last Saturday
evening,    in Monday evening  Mr.-,
Msllatt  lliviled   a   laigi   mi
!r.ends lo a social dance in hat
. ;• till .1:1 Hut ill
aiding iboel lhal m •
.  ihi   . -:i   J C
English is doing the work.    I
land tj lake it lo Mara
I try a (lank movement on Ji-
"h* bott San
.-••.■-. il
...       tiled ot
Clii-I Conslible Simmons la taking
: 1<-; : ■ ; li.-- careless
shooting of fire arm;, lhat is so prevalent at Enderby and neighboring towns.
The first oflender caught after this dale
will be dealt with as severely as the
law allows.
Fred Barnes lost a valuable hog last
Thursday through lhe carelessness ol
some hunter. It was shot by a rille
ball, and had ic be killed Mr. Barnes
Is giving notice elsewhere In this Issue
lhat trespassers on his property will be
Some months age F. Waby took hold
ol the Mount Ida farm, some miles
from Enderby, on the Salmon Arm
road. He has developed a remirkible
growth of vegetables, flowers, etc. His
tomato patch shows vines on each of
which upwards of 75 fully grown tomatoes hang. One vine has 92. after cut-
ting off the top branches.
A local sportsman took to the woods
Labor Day. In his rambles he came
upon the place where Ihe bears come
Irom. ll was an 'anlimeglan' ol a place.
Boys-ah-boys. there were )ust a clean
million of tracks and other things common to well-regulated bear homos, He
la now looking lor bear dogs, and reckons to flood the mitket with beir men
when the canine are found.
The next meeting ol L.O.L, No. 446.
will be held on Friday. Sept. 16th. at
7.30 p.m., instead ol 8 o'clock u formerly. Preparations an being made
for me opening ul the new hall in the
Bell Block. Th* public and formal
opening will be held on or about Nov.
5th. and will lake the term of a banquet
ll U hoped thit the Lodge will meet in
the new hall the Ural Friday in October
Revelstoke'i sports commit!** must
be composed of "cheap guys," Jack
Bailey, manager of the Enderby football team received word from the man
ager of the Revelstok* football team
some days ago asking him to take the
Enderby team to Revelstoke to play
the Revelstoke tcim during Ihe Labor
Day celebration theie. The team w*re
pr milled their expenses, and Mr, Bailey
prepared lo get ihem In shape. Ar-
rangements were completed and the
team expected to leave Monday, but on
Sunday evening a telegram wu n*
celved siyittg their expenses would nol
be paid.   The lean did not go.
S. Ridley carelessly handled a 22
rifle Sunday afternoon while under the
Infhianc* oi llqu ir, and shot . China-
man in the shoulder With a number
of other men h- wu --hooting at i target near th* mill coinpiny'i i
house.   The bullet hll the Ci
' a bloCk
■ •   - -       . »n in a-
;     -        ■ ■        " .
morning he wu released on $1090
bail   Th; morningh* u tt» git
Chief Constabi* Simmons conducting
the prosecut; ■      lh* mtxtmam sun
ishment for such in    ffi
years imprlscr
Several local ,:•
alter ducks ta.-.t Thur la
from to*     They
Matted al
the cold belore reach;;;,- -
When Ihey got then I .» I find
things Ilk' ltd.   Th. ducks
were plentllu', enough. W     »«re other
Nimrod. ig high
Kurottl (ink move-
' .-    ■        tang* of
. gallant, soft
.   school
•: lllll tor twoh.-.,.   n wa'--r
 -.. and shot li   I
at th* high liters and didn't I
teilh"    Then they turn- I I
■   .- .nl bagged flfll THE EDr.NOGRAPII. ENI ERBY, B.C., SEPTEMBER 7, 1904
Fikst Year
II. M. V Al kl K
Mr,   !
ada wllh deflnlii i| n ll
matter.   Psrhai    he ha   noted tl
fad lhal li-    :,      '   have I mlli
i minimum of side Iricllon,
ih lh     : li aim  i Imi ei: ptlble,
limit.   If I       '    be given bin one
bly he reason
1 Ihe presenl
is and deep-1 l'  in rhe Times
iracy of pla
lest work Is In I I
No Water Available,
Ann;:;   iced    ledC ii.lillouoi affairs
111 ill,-  I .'.    .... ■   Ihl
hapi       ih    monih, when i
-   ■ had I
:   I! .- ...
■   ■
[t win ■   :*   lo cul out
i \      . itic licavictl  proaueti ol .'■•■
t I  .  i ,    \ , j M 'doctor
i   ! ,' , hi] ITtCI       IIVOI im.   ii •-
.'.   ilit)     lumber and flour
. .   .    -...I,   OL,,,,,,,. product, ai
nasi i wi
wi re lege,
ber of I ■' lie genei
-    | ah ■
, .    . n I ■     ■ '
ted in the stud "
i   .
i. Paclfl
'ii can
g stick of Fall and Winter Clothing received Ihe past week,
;   Men's and Boys' ready-to-wear suits from S7 a suit up,     You
■   can't get anything better.   Just the thing for warmth and wear,
Come In and Inspect the goods.
■r. $2.
ihis is to    Henry W. Harvey
Remind You gene™ m■ ■ •«  z«™■ ■ a&
• i ;:.  i
.jiprcvalof ,,,- .
■    ■ • inltyhl  »   Kit is good I
I tha Ind rldual l should be g;od for l
than think ol us If *
'  - :'''   ■■' 	
'     ■'■'■
Tha: /.'hen you need
Drugs. Patent Me.il
cines. Fine Toilet The
Soaps and Toilet Articles, you should
come to lhe Drug
Store where a specialty Is made In those
lines.   It will pay you
Kamloops Lumbers
Manufacturers ol all kinds of Rough and Finished
TO HI. t Hi NO I   It) III •
\ N.      •      I ,...il.
inifl -
Th* I- •!
Wits. The Owl «
At present our store is a lutle out ol
my. bui
CliffS:.. Enderby. BC.
Geo. R. Sharpe
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby.    Capacity 25.000.000
nl 30.000,000 Shingles yearly.    Terms on
I'nJcrl.y, 11 C.
Choice Residential ®> Fruit
Land in Enderby
Just put upon the market. The clulccst building sites In ths
f Enderby. Ten minutes' walk Irom the Posloiflce.
Enderby has advueed in a wonderful measure during the past
year. Property has doubled and tripled, and quadrupled In
value. The lown will continue lo progress; It has only fairly
started. Property '.vill continue to Increase In value: building
lets will never be less valuable than ihey are t day Your best
opportunity Is NOW.   Price oi Lots, tt * /"»
Henry W. Harvey. Agent, *«*«*>' *
In rt-.i
1 HI
• ■
Y.tq may n«i l»rin a
liking   Ittr
"Tlt> Little Man with the
WilkialT*,"    Imi   hi*  in-
t^Iitriiius tliwitiiiitiin- tn*
• •I   the
-ill lltttllltll
i< It, il
j.li'ii. Kilhifai tinn,
I    • i-a.i moral in tin*
i«l,|  Mnry, .imi
■ "i it- -I it-.t |.«>k wry
ly to IiikI it.    •»
a", "heft?
I ;   CJ,
WIIAI   llll   M •.!<*, TLLI
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
to order them early.
Tfie British Columbia MCg. Co., Ltd., of New Westminster.
. make nil standard packages, and use only SPRUCE
I umber. A'hich is she best for fruit.   They will print your name
: Jress on your boxes without extra charge.
11 r, Manager.
One hundred sacs of first-class Fruit Land. 15 minutes
walk from the Pest Office at Will be sold In one
block, or cul up into smaller bLcks to suit purchaser.    Good
I! the property: outbuildings and fruit orchard.
Receipt Books
L"?r Heads, Bill Heads, Envelopes, Shipping Tags, Invoice
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cheeflully furnished on
lass of Book and Job
.    ,ft  «(M    ...   ... ,.   M   V-
First chapters
in this issue. The Edeno.jM.pl., DMWSm&&SLcm* $2"', Fikst Year
"^ Methodist CWcH
Divliia Sarvloa evory Sunday in 1     , ,m,
.   S hooland Bible Clan   3     | m.
I'tayer Murtiliig.   ■   •   -   Tunday, Sp.m,
A lenity walei 11111     ill,
A. E, ROBERTS. Pastor.
t Cllll Si. ami llw CHurslt.
Tht RmUiuI Unraal.
You lake tho crowded cuy Hi   •
V/lth llle and shops galore:
I'll lake the llllle woodland path
Down by the river shore,
. ■ ike the public garden, where
All:;, arranged by plan;
-nas laid out by Cod
I ..... the fountain en the lawn,
And listen lo its tale,
I'll listen to the little btook
Thai murmur-, iln null ilio vale.
You live ili.- artificial lile.
An 11 will live llle real:
And |oy will come to in* In mine
V     I f   V ,'
J •■ C in', iii C. B, Fry's Magazine.
V   HaMB  K
Blhel Cox,
I'll, lint II Im.V
-don't la- too
Miii.rt i.ml uyi
"Of    ,-, ,ura»>,     I
kll'.W      I 1.1. I -
Klli.'l la ii irlrl'a
luiliu-"   f.,r    t
an. ii.it u girl,
Wind   inn   »
A despatch Irom Paris says that tha
Well, llston,
■n,l flti.l ...it. X..nrl,v » year ago n Imlj-
ni..tir..iitl.-niaii lin.l l.'ft llu'lr .H.ttittry
I...IU.- to winter in X.-w Y»>rU. On*
afternoon ai it... lmly wa. .itili.ir .il.tne
In ttiT t..,in \v„nl wa* brought lo hor
emigration of persons ol tha peasant that MlnRtlmlCua wanted In wo tor.
class from Brittany to Canala has "Ml» RUwl Coal" said UwUtly, "la
...  ....    cv- -l. ah.-wiilllu.. Iiilli..|.iirl.ir..'
become so great Hut th* French inin-    ,.x ,„,„„.•■ ,{„. „,„ „„„„,,, ..lt
ister ol the interior has just addressed waa a telonhooa nwaaage,   Mia* Ethel
. ,...,«■...... ,1.. MWU.J ,1,. aiiiA,AII,  t',.x tv.tt.ia vim t.t i.iitl .iuii..rui ,m.-.-"
a circular lo the mayors of th* different    w („,- (>iv nvM ^ m Mv m
comtnunes urging them to discourage ami Uimnrlii. Blie .11.1 not know any
. niwiii and favor emigration to l»,r—.» """""I K*hv} ''"*• 't'"1 ''■'"-' "'
Ideal Home
Furnished by the
Victor Gramophone
Positively the best talking machine   on  lhe
market    It sings, plays «^|.ii. .1
and talks just as natural
as life w«rt.»M co.ijj.oo
a3"lc      tSS.OOaiHup.
a i..nl...i. turn .if iiilinl, .li.. oonoluded il
wal *.mi' f.-iimt,- |.as.,ti .,( h,-r litis.
!tan«t'» n.N|.iitliiit.ii,a. wl.i. I11..I titi.l tl...
t-  iv t,i i,.|,.|ilii.n.. („r lilin,   \\'lt»n
.•-,.... i..,t 1 it.-r ii.-.- im- i..,i..i earn.' In
»W N.M nafer » wtinl limn! MkaKlhei
» .... ulll....l;,-|l .it.< W,t.ta„lll.).' MV.-r VV llll
r.-iiiM.li., .li,. I.i,|,al li.-r tin... until I..*
»a« (Otna; In tail unit lu.l lilt Inula "if.
tlwn quite awwtly .1... I..1.I lilui >.f Ut..
la.tv who waa » ,iuni.-1.. tea lilm ,...-
Tl..- ., iil|..itian prote*tr<t Dint lii>
hrx-w it-. |vr»*t nam*.! Klhel Out, but
»k».|ttt,. lit. tn.„t «<t<M|ii,.iit 'll. ilUmera
I.i. wife went t» tor bed.'. ■' m and
-   .'a
,V..\t in,.rnlmt rnmv a |.'ll..r fr»ttl lhe
cuntry »..»m,. i.-l'm,- th.- newt, that a
lt,.|f,-r ,'alf l.rt.t lv.-i» turn IIm' i.r.'.'wlliiir
■lay. "li... Ia.l,v Iniiualj«i,.|v luirrl,-,!off
It.-iit... for lh* oaw wal an'a..|t.vlnl fa-
...r.t*. >,| toft «t.<! sto waitltHl I.. aa-
Ittal It i.ml t«-.-ii i'i ..pert, • a..-,1 f..r.
\lt.rn»l.r h-a.li.-l „,.iup .It,-  U'^nll t,i
*v,,l.l iv.-4.ia.. ihe tiad n.»i 1.... told
•N.ut tn,. ,...lf - r ami torahler,
Ml... w*a 111 KiiiflMtwoitian nn.1 who
«».. irlng for Ibf l..«iw In it... Ia.l,v'»
•Inrnav. t..l.| tor tiut .to Ii.i.t tent li.-r
.a „i ... telephone an,I l.a.l l«^n aur-
|.t.*a*.l Ittal .to lfa,l lt-,l arriv,*,! tt,,« tlny
Then It all cant.- ..ut.   Tl..'
line"—makes things run easier »w*» h*i letephormi »«.....< ., toiler
MIUI .,.*,.- ..t   tM,   flnj n  .*alf. ati.1 t;i,'..|aT«l..r, ,1..,.,  .i.'.-.ii, .11,,
:1 tto   Kajrlbh  .,-..1.  had  mistaken
"tonVr lijwf" f.» "Kitol <'.>*.,"
11 l»-n II all -ante "Ul ll »«. Inn |Ma<d
a j>i». a..jlti.| tto laity t» •«• «u|f
ptvMnl. M IV »-alf wa. ttt,tti«*l I'.tl.i-l
Cos, anil nton t t,.|| v.w thai tt.nl l>
my tmn... ,v„n will t.n»w Jn.t what I
am aellhef a ta.y iH.r a irirt. 1ml ju.i a
toifrr ™lf.
Wliot at,-i.iulflii..iilni} al»ut^ Doe*
Ito kle* »f a ,*alf writw* a alory .Iriln-
.•><« a«l*iint ? Y»n Boat to very laes>
General Blacksmith
Wagen Beiltit and Repairer
"A b)li In time will grease the Ci*
final break down. Anything
that Is made of Iron and can be
•■•; .,!•• : illberepaired Farm
implements, buggies & wagons a
specially, and all repairs guar
anteed to stand.
ti'inl lhat sin' !•> mv real mihUut.
As if l bollQVOd la-r! Y'irsi ut all iho is a
vt-rj- lUly COW nmi has im lih-as what*
t'vi'r; nmi MOOQd tif (ill, If dlQ was
■vail!,' my motltor sht* would nlvo Rio
Itor&ico rlfh niilli when I'm thlret)', In-
kteatiof k.elrtnjj at tuo, and Raving it
nil for Patrick—who is a man. not a
eitlf. ami whocau't in«ssllily wmit milk
—whllo 1 want It w uadly ilmt 1 have
to steal It fnmi a friendly iiel|ihlM»r*h
o«iw, whenever she 1> tetliereil near
! As I snhi, I uked Beauty whu a
Critic wits; her answer was just what I
iiiliMit hnvo cxpcctCxl.
"My door Kth.i." she laid, "I dont
ImoWi or oaro any thtuir hImhh a erltie.
1 have all 1 can do to attond tn my own
bustnesv If I waited my ilays wondor*
tntf about a orittQ I slnmhln't have time
t» eat frraaa. then I ahottld fall off in
my milk, ami biff CrUflold would 1h>
poking mc In the rlba to mw how fat I
was, and ilrlvltitf mo "ff to make U'l'f <>f
me just us he tlhl tn Doan*l s.i«lk*. whu
was the belloot Westehestert'iiunty in
ber day. Ihm't bother your bend about
n critic* hi," Willd; »ramU)l rmiml ami
net sthuu,' until you ».»«» Into the mill.
business yourself, ami then stlek to it,
my dear, hlloktolb"
1 strolleti iMmtotnptuoutly away (mih
her. but the liulluiinnt relloeUoni I
nibrht lia-ro Imluli'i-d In wcro cut ahort
for at that moment 1 nw my master
autmbtroaa oomiugoutof Uiogardca
iMte tow.ml me.
I like m\ jsti|i'.' eery mueb. Tbey
nr*MiU\ iys very kind l«» me. Mv mtV
ircaa uacd lo feeil me with her owu
hand* when 1 was simill. atul toko mo
up ami down the yard wltb a t ■■!■<■ and
iflve me tliluly i-n . o( ,-t ..■-.,mi take
urn oat ou the lawn sunny day*, when
P.nn.'lt who 1 should have told you It
my irroom useti to want to keep me
(tOOOOtl up in the stable.
\l, nwbtef is a very n\w pervin. too,
but 1 tloti't Mn mi mueli nf him He's a
painting man* ao I heard IVitneklella
friend, I don't ipiit.* know what lhat
K atnl Ptitrl-k ka<l lome diOlcullr In
rxpbilnliu* It to his friend, but anyhow
be ib»e» s inelbUur that kev|» liltQ lit*
tlmrall i|.iv In fr»nt of a buard whllo
m,v tnisth".»and I »t,iytbt*"tl.er ikk of
the broo*:« and be looks at us, 1 got
over one «lwy when he b.id k*"i»' t.« s|n.tik
t>i Ita-auty and h»okr*| to see what he
wa- I--iti.*. tint all I »i« on tho InwpI
With a little eow*ahcad s—t. ■ iflUn
tn tuty's. and a llttb* bid* . i ti
thtmr like my utt»tr,-»*s,* .it.! I I •■ I
eoiihl llnd out more my uuster h.et
eba-**i ate away*
M> mister wvn»'rilly itayi at thU
ttojinl till afteraoatn.then he inyi i"
bus w.irkeil eno.ik-''. and >■ m*sot*erto
my uiis'.r.'ss,(lnt|iiMV sir :*n.er tunler
tin? willow and pat m- ami lell RM Iww
prrtty I ami »■• t can't thtnk bow happy
w all are.
Attim.sibeviretallttVmon.,ib«aairbi*d I^.M.
with each mher than I think quite polite. 1 BpokotoJumOi (tho liorsei about
it—be says they are the most aftootlun*
ale couple he bus ever UOU—thttt half
Ihe lime, when he takes tht'in nut, be
hitH to do all the driving htmioU, f"r
thoy win got so interested lu each other
that if in' didn't turn round inurpand
brlngtliom lioinotltoy would drive on for*
ever, lie told me thalat llrst lie wanted
to leave- f,ir he had always lived In
high families, ami It U conildurcdao
unfashionable for married pooplo to
llki> one another—but that after awhile
hofomuUhoin pleimml neoplooud the
st.ii.l mfortaUle ami the oata good
and plentiful, uhodoolded to put up
wiih them,
When he told uif this I decided I
could alio afford to put up with their
want of manners, ami Indeed 1 huppou
that It would be hard to bettor oneself
in a small country town, for the Unto I
ran away to the bouse over the bill I
found tho barn ao draughty and dirty,
and the hay so inferior to my own, that
[wnaglad vviten I'atnek oatne for mo
ami look me home.
Hut pardon me for digressing. As 1
was laylngi my master and mistress
oatne over as usual and sat down by the
brook, after giving me a little attention
they began to talk, ami atrangelv
enough their conversation ehimeil In
with my own thoughts,
"Don't be wi east down, darling."
said my mUtresa. "they'll understand
yon ami acknowledge you Mime time. 1
wouldn't U* worried by anv thing a
critic said,"
"Nor »ld my master. "And yet you
cried like any thing this morning after
you heard u critic's remurks and your
eyes an' ivd yet."
'•Well, leant help livingn little dNap.
Isdnted. 1 know that one day yon will
bo appreciated, and the world will see
you with my eyes, ami every thim your
work cornea before Uto public I sty to
•If:  'IVrhapa  this   is  the time
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Property call and see™
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, endekby.b . c.
A."-  ' :  1
Thi) Colonial htvo'-tmc!
tn Co.,
:•■ Bi'
,!...     H
!>.,' 1 :
|    '.
The Liven
md   lob*
of London
.' ■    ■
,   i C       (1
■ ■
excellent fruit land—$1500.
iles from Enderby—
1 Enderby
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Us history, ll Is the result ol
Us popularity. The service and accommodations
are lhe best. Ninety-foot annex now being bull;
to accommodate lhe trade. The cream ol the land
on bar and (able.   Rates: SI and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
When I findtll&t we have yet a little   JJ
loiuror to wait* It palna m.\ and Wlntr /Cg^>«^
only a woman, I era—not beoanie we w^ ^ •
have to wait, but because imtacritie
underatamli what you have been alat<
linr at, 'tint appreciate** thi' endeavor.
e\eu If tin' achievement wat*n failure."
"That'** where It hurt-,'* said my master, ur-twly. "I labtir fur immtk* to
put the beat that Is In me Into my work,
and when it cornea ttcforv the public,
tbistbit has t.ik.ti tne HlongtopTO*
duoeUdtarijMed with n feweun.im*
tbinkliu* remarks and except for the
h.it.. • of abuse I have reaped* I buve
tntlnetl uothlnir by my lotuj ynv* of
eurttest. honest work—nothltitf but a
dustntttly attack llketkat wbleb made f,-_u -u»»n# A*u
you w.s.pthisinomlmi: It Wsahlthat ircsn cver/ GIV*
the unfortunate publi*' Is about to have
another pieture Inrileted u|»>iu it fnuo
tint Imsiiiipvh-nt brush of Mr • ami
man.1 Ah. wide. I nm no nearer the
|fiad than I wan li*u yearn -.-■ •
Fresh Fruit
The d;man i his b:en so great that it is aim 351 impossible to
keep a supply on hand. We have choice eating apples, pears,
plums, peaches—everything fresh and In season.   Received
C.O.F.No. 1058
" ary teeond and tau.il, *
inanih,    Vuiunr Bnihnn
cordially Invtttd.
A.W.S«»»r.C.R. H.H.').'    ■■
LO.L No.446
MMUirie i.iar.dJrJ Fit la) .! •.
at! a.m.
Vuiilnf bnihran wale: m«.
A.E.Raailrta.   Sec.lt, J. H\."t.::'
Have you lookei Through our Cent's Furnishing!?
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
Under The Olive Tree
Whit* Labar. Feniliur
th* Hlvel anlSurflic
KluMl Dufgni.
Buy Direct ami
Save Agent's Commiuion
WIO Writnlnalrt Roa*     Van "■•■»•.    ,
The Leading Tens rial
' Atlisl of the Valley.
is located at Enderby
He can   handle the
ra;:or v.iih the best ol
them, and he's an ar
tlsi <vHh the scissors
Schedule   ot  prices:
Hair Cut. 25c; shave.
ISc; singe. IOC; sham-
hai* tonic. 10c
Patrons will km P> neU lhat Ihis sh.p
will nst op*fl en Sunday.
A. TotW, HaiKOtk till, tirttrky
N   ?. Bmplri Sit t - Sapitai •
3r.»ral Chaiee Milch Cc*s
K:at Dolen Chickens
>'  "jT   A 1 .      li* r
esH^.i   m*«.>',, «--v.
'3- ■
Wl J;. *
eonontnAnnn i»n* n it ** m
t^ri^ticisil. lb' n. f.«r Ive hm^l my maMer
«ay that any •luibey cooM write tn>ti*>r
<-l<ilT t«han a • title, ami If h<< Uilnla tbnt
1'inkry who WWln halt hi* lime
WanrtfagnbeaUl and mmkimr hi'at>n*
hd ii'*i«rs lia*i more ititelte* t than a
eHtk1, wbv slemtdfl'la eaU Imte tnnre
ihtrllort Hum elthrr, «* It-^b? I don't
•l'« * thlhtf nil day tail rhew my rud nml
think. I Ibink fearfully. Vnm wbat
tm aataler *af% a erhk wtrr doeti
ami my *MKtef »»tfbl t«» lifHiw, f.ir be
mv* tbey atv alway* trying* lo *•« <.n
I «Min*i*-r whal hind nf an animal a
rHtk> I*! It mn«t lw bi|f ot el**** tny
master, wlto la •|»iit«- a tall i*vntl*?man,
wjibln t mind its feHUnff OB bim.
nefatc my horn grew, when t wa*
'laitr- a *illy little thin*;. I um^I to fanry
ibat a critic -v.*. a t-'j.* 'b*ir whn had
|Ml|»ple»— like our ^iwaii^r- f*»f lhe "it*
">n all thenlberd*qr*ithf* moment they
go tear the bant where hor (NMfatn
'-ut Mnce I hate trronn otwr and
H«t(p,r«*»1 HaOfeCatieiallly to the e«»nTer*.a*
Ifon trfnlUrated peomei I bate irnrni
that aetitie i«. vmii thing tmieh bigget
and r-rvtr*,«>r than*turSnrvirer. A f<-0Mi
thing like !*n'*>i!er cmldn't «*ay thing*
that my tntatftta Woold mind ami vry
Mter; If «be had* ven Hieil t«>, my mi*'
tivm woold j Bat hate arhhiped ber and
hadaMrchained opIdUmnn for hef
im|nidtiii«e.     Blflj    tinditig    -rill    that
Nn vatef wunotaeritk diibrt helntnc
t.i Itatn wh<> a ertUd "*va*.
Ilaked llramjrone day—lieantt i*a
nrwWaaWilm t*pinng* t-t my nhtreaAi
atnl   ttb'i  ha* tin* fOoHahaWM U) pre-
Have falih. hope and hustle,
The devil Is just around the comer when lhe
church goes Into his business.
Never ask a man: "Hw Is the world using you?"
What we want id hear Is: "How are you using lhe
world ?"
If we can't or won't look ahead, re .vill pretty
soon be boklng lor a soft spot where the fall will
least hurt us.
When we want lo accomplish any good In this
world let us settle definitely In our mind what It is.
Nature ha3 provided everything to make Enderby a veritable Eden, but man must do something
to help Nature.
It Is a great deal easier to pray thai God will
send His spirit to be a blessing to somebdy than
It is lor us to carry ll to him.
No doubt about It: the devil likes to see a minister lake his smoke and his loddy and a hand In
'.tenable game ol
If you want a religion thai c sis nothing..  i
no douV. get It, but me thinks you will find tha: II
isn't .vonh any more than ll c sis.
Somebody has said that an infidel Is a man ifh
has bulk a house without ..i:i: ws and then blames
God because he has lo live In the dark.
The woeful lack ol flower .• irdens in Enderby U
lhe worst feature about It. Man's soul Is n
ured by his love ol (lowers. Take from lhe Individual life, or the community life, the love of plants
Ml I trt and flowers ani ". i haven't much left
on which to build nobility  : character.
P        ';.^ lack of water has something I
with it. but it Is not a good excuse.    Half an
each day would plant and keep in good conditio
• . II len about each of tlr  church buildings Of
rby.   What a blessing lh iy * .uld then I
the to*n'   What a lesson It  would teach
beneficial would be the example '
TDaTIT'it. For Fall
1 tVa&a&O Delivery
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree In tn the big
Nurseries of Stone 8t Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries (s
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
Enderby Brick Yard
A. M. Baird
1 ;**•;•<* (J
omy. will: ,: this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply.   You don'
•    end your printing
'    •!    Anything that can
be  lone tn Toronto fin
ordinary - lal print
ing) can be done right here
1 lie Edenograph
l -al..!,.  II   (
Isn't thei ild like 1   have in the printing
*# line'  '■■•'    in gl\ tl n a' this THE EDENOCKAPH. <•:;:•:<!"■.', B C. SEPTEMBER 7, 190-1
F      Year
Trading Co.
Ladies' Goods
m: C al thai ide, Ufj   u I   eai
ise good are ne Ihe best.
r patrons to look over ou
sekll presslon
Not the cheap, shoddy product of the Toronto sweal
iterta  ind workmat       ll       III look
well, and stand the • ■ .:iny and service
Latest in Collars
ire showing Collars tha
in pattern and daintiness   We are also shov
■ the Little F.ik     Tl
In the Pulpits
"Do yi [In ■ lade:   .
What tha Local Paiton
Talked About
Ihe schedule ol pries iiKr.-.-d upon
iiiiong the member* o( Ihe lumbermen's association, and Ihe glui ol man-
,-r having been relieved
.:• mind fr m Manitoba
rlea, the ■ i station will
,; nexl Thursday lor lhe
Is your health
Insured ?
red Ihem  In  lh i ihe r lh    lelt tl   l
heart                  ihi      -1 win I  ill i fi. but wh         li ■ i iwi . ai I
.    ig                '          ■    wl ■      v cold and Ind Ifireni to all
nevei            rlh lo rebuke or I rellglou       k   Where we
i .    nd      honest, linear* Christian work-
•- •■   .' ■ ' ng    But*     , :. i . ., ■   -           ii     irtda who ought I  be
l«rr«d thai faith whl l     Ing thi wrk lhal la their    l
Ul III:   fill   ,-..''                        If t VI               MB Ut*                                    loll)
.    , ,.                     . .      ■ :..|.,: •   .   •   hurcl
■:  I   ig
Ihan Dlvlni
lilt- price lilt lo Hit;
Under Ihtai   clrcumitai
hooves ihose who conli
this fall lo make their barg i
ber ncv.    Vanccuv.-r V.'.il.l
An accident policy cover
Ing sickness as  well, will
provide for you.    C.■: 11  I
m. wh.-r.-b;.  Enea-i-by
r.arkrl may i
il !'■
For Sale!
Jyman i
:. III.
i pleasure be :ii   lah
eilt river, J. W.
fault   .-.
only pray against it.   One hour of re ,1
spiritual feeling is worth whole days of
."acred reading.
will; the » .ii set fully
open to I it ihe light ani
.......    Ill . ■  ..   I
:  ,- were'    ll
i  get back mi   11
s\ g Cure Constipation *\ c
Hebrews 10: 23: "Lei
tha profession of our fa lh,   ...   ll
text chosen by Rev. Mr  Robert   Su
ninglist.   Tin  ..
.   li called fcrll: I
R. R. Burns*
Masonic Building Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
>l God li
,ll  nil:
A /-. Hardware
Armstrong r» * p"-*
Prices right
limn ■■—■ii  aaataaaaaa*
•         Lnderln
1 lading Co.,       ;
Cliff St.
Enderby. t
_  J
!• • , ,   ,.    i • ■.   ■ ..-, i, n!,| 1-     ac.  -   '- a .    II . .-  ■• . ,,|.,
oeu I": ' i« anoM M>in| thil'i (iiuetnIra*
taciy.... • «l*tw*»Hh
The SHERwiNWiLum Paiht.
5. W. P. tiMwu aid bamtlBe*.   H*« eitat daiabtUty, laej-jty
ot finiah,ami (com. t> i".« b.>iwo»h< i.
tit'-- eaijr th|      A.
capacftr.laoi un. auict |«mr,       **
^ ■ ... Uih 1-u.ur and    ^
Hlriif    i     -j*ii«i.
. nun ,; ing bacltwar.:    in
inI   ■
M* othera (mi   -
i th* higher life, a
i in md toward thaihhv»
thit build up ind elcvit* men.   Si
■    , I
ana,   11
ii   .
i ly and real    Jeiua. anJ
: fait Ihept.i-
The duly implied In :,'
I luljing fast to our faith in
Jesus at a personal and ever present
This duty Implies kn, -    .
wa must know "whom wa hive be
II alss implies lile. lor without
life and action knowledge would be
'.V* must not    ill;.' ■:
principles and practises of the Chiisliaii
religion, but we must live ihem In our
*v*ry day Ufa   The text urges us to
hold tAit. "without wavering:" stead-
■. ■ ■
.■very wind
■: . .
Silverware, ire,    Cruel
Stands.   Cop|  ware,   Fine Table
f^..  A I   „~^L    Cuttlery,  Tinware,   Fim-  C   ■   •
I(M  Al   gOOCIS.   Utensils.  Weodenware.
Pipe Fittings of all kinds.  Butter Crocks.   Dalsv Chun
Cre miing Cans and [)a;n, Goods.   %cC\uy I
i Famous Stoves an:
Steel Rai.
W. |. ArmMi'i'iiu. Manager, Armstrong. B. C.
Would U ?
lilng for the payment
w   i    if you die within 20 years, an.i
.•s more to you In cash than
Your answer Is very likely to be. "Yes.
On receipt of your nam?
s to you lhat 11 can.      The  Asi it*
lh* Mutual Life of Canada
Like a Hie In? ii in
I  it If y -u live 20 yea
you have paid on It?
in'l be :*ne"
i il it Hi '..". ;*iss—
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
Enderby Photos
Ower en • tn't get anything n
Jas. C. Englsh,
Furniture Dealer
Cliii St., Endtrby
R. P. Bindley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
it .   .        '
•       h»a..
■    ■    ,.
Il.iir Pr,.,. Pwbabl*.
We iv Mil; mention.
• : • .- buy .
"'"     '
drifted snow
- '
-  .
a: -
The Columbia Flourin3 Mills Co., Ltd.
W*i ,i .> i.
.> tig ;
frfn        ,*> **,        f
\S   —   'J
N'OIU i | *
... to th*
I larte
IM    ail
•■• si." :'l r
■   Chal
lisplayedln   n
F. Pyman
Stitch in Time
Is an :id rime, and "tl   i .    i one, but what we rant to talk
about n    Is a i lltch In lhe ham        •   i number of them.
Put in at the ri,!ht lime they will save buying a new han
Don't wall till the harness goes to pieces belore having v. re
lectl n    Trunks and V, i
Also another shlpmer
Wm. Hancock, Enderby
Jeweler r®,
liy Stables. E'
•t I feed buslir


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