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The Edenograph 1905-03-01

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. nJ.Va,
Volume I.    Number 42.
S2 a V
III-   !   ...    .; :    ,.:
ii.     ',:   :.   .   '    ,
Thel.e   ■ Mr. Cai
nded      Anetr ' to ,
- .   I, If tha
•:err, other towna In the
Enderby Doings
I Is always Interesting to know the
tis ol one who returns to a
lown alter an absence ol a few years,
especially ll those yeara have been
"growing years." When Rev. R, N.
Powell was In Enderby two w
he consented to give his In .
rby.   Mr. Powell Is now pastor of one of ihe largest chl
ind his opinion ol Enderby
will be received wllh Interest by cur
ai right angles, and a lev scattered
houses. Now, the change Is so striking as to make the lown hard to rocog-
nlte. The Endeiby Trading Co, hat
bull) a brick block that would grace Ihe
coasl cities. The tdvent of the news.
lar. lhe fumltureman.
lhe hardware merchant, the druggist,
ihe barber, etc., all contribute to the
busy llle el this thriving lown,
"Perhaps the two things which most
impress one paying a return visit are,
ind Okanigan the air cf prosperity that everywhere
right.) been named "The j prevails, and the large number of com-
Card.-: lumbla."    From forwble permanent homes lhat have
Ihe days when Mr. Fortuno and Mr. arisen all areuni
■      Ihl pi llyl V "     --■■:•■"
to be deplored and-reatraineJ. H is on " "" " '"  » ''" ■■= •-■
tain lhat in a i. - lownt In bralnt aa well
centre will have grown lo much target
proportions than II nowassumw. p h. Hawet, F. M
"To re-vlsit Enderby has been a Haynea. direct front  tlie goad old
great pleasure.    It la easy lo leave C3uniy „| Kenl, Eng. arrived by the Enderby,
one's hearl In such beautiful surround- jpeclal Irom Sicamous Monday eve    .
Joe Millward  died
I rain.
When you have anything to sell by
drop a line to Jas. Jarrell.
Percy Rosoman has
My closing wish shall be that as All are well to the Irom in theamature the mainline and has re
her wealth Is discovered, i
created, her numbers ■■■
her gettings. may this beaut
gel wisdom,   and preserve as her
brightest treasure that absence? fiom
taint of evil that alone can mar her
beauty and blast her bright* •
Shubert .-ante to the Valley,  as the'    'Among the many advantages En
At lh; Lilcrary
ports of England, and will be a valu-
■  ■
team. Mr. Moore Is also an artist on
me. and would gladly aid In
the organisation of Ihe band. The
young men are going lo spend Ihe
summer at the Hayne's Home-by tin
Rapids. Mable Uke valley.
Mrs. Wood and Miss Wood returned
home In Crct I
J. W. Evans Is giving a 20 per cent
. an robes and fur coats, and
many | • ng advantage tf
yeara chai history of thli hearts of' lathers and mothers 1M! «""■*•««« *«*!•" thai '"''" "***3'jJ "' c'^s "Z'Z opportunity.
"A lew bachelo,
A party «f absul 30 gathered at the
Hatel Mere Home cf Mr, and Mrs. J,
rature prosperity derby offers, mention should be made     The prcgiam far this evening prom
I the high moral tone ol thit thriving;Ues ,0 •* ol unuMal miml   ln»d-u
The i. tity community.   In these days, when the ■«"«•■>«»** n>l"<l»l P*"',h4detow I enjoyed the h^piwlily cl the hut lo
 •—-•/«■•••- ..—■■—  —   ........ «...   .......<,. cv luiesritii,   mr. ana mr
-is due to ihe slow ,   ,.-   -/exerclted over what we have ,iS!' m *is,'m "•*"'• I no pains ta make the
ment of the surrctmding country and named 'the bey problem',   that prob
mental stores are beneficial to coin-
............. —...._—..-„ .—....,  .... .—..,.. ... ,—, r—, ■> |nww- _^ i.rtg io —t reineinneree,      ine  rooms -*..v.-
consequently the lack . jung cur buys ani . lie undaiby.    Tne program wM ^y^ d^,,,^ wilh ^(u ball to be give
markets fur the produce el th-. lariii,.  thai they may be nsble, pure and in."5" ^ and artistically hung with Japanese Monday even!!
occa ion   rr-
Mr. Steele, of Orillia. Out. has pur.
It will be
-g neat.
For S»u:   Nlm
Splendid work.' it : In
condition,   V/eighl about 1300.
"When the K..i.i4y«urary began every way worthy ol the cilitetship t^ ^*™,n8J,u|' "ow K<9ntucky^H^t!i^^
to open, and became a natural mjiket *•» glsriotu land,   it ihould be a boon' Ja, Hutehlton
lor the produce cl the Valley, the to find a cemmunity where vice and gsiay. -  '  .      .    Mr. Britten   .
change aoon made Itself felt, and good «« Wtuenees are at liwebb, llmsre Ssng. •       ■      Miss McLeod ^ ' "/"    "',;
llmeT.et In: but thing, move abJtyta <*«***> «*• there ireycungehildret, tad* Mr W-arthington ooeapM by Manger MeC -
agricultural dlstrlcu. Especially In B. *><** «*« ***? *m the cities to such lnMmm ''   "
C.   The people beyond our bounds <«™ »»Endetby, and there, with the
Nowthat i ne" has
■   ■ it
■   -
■ .ble block.   It
I ail oil
Jas. O'N
■    ... v
,r yesars in the
■   - iki
I the | I them on the
Ihe pre.      .   .-
the dally    i
ret th..
rarely associate B, C, wilh anything gf'»i« and refining Inihteneei of nature j
else than mining,   Not only In England «ih« very door, develop an.
and the State*, but even in Eastern P« «»wl ***** p**y_i--J atmot
Canada, this province Is known as the .*• ***& h«« l«t ol the ysuihtu!
land ol the Klondyke. the Le Rol. the «'»»* **>* <Jt>wn»»U that U ts appal-
Elections on March 22nd
The song ol the band saw, with the
: planer clurus. will be heard next week.
•.hull the season's cut will bl
! by the Kamloerse Lumber Co.
!    Peter Burnet. Don
Word has been received that the date for tin-
. j I     tf;--- ill III' i
ias been changed «* ««
the people have been Ir   .
11 ruhmii io an outrage   i ll
When our leglslai
'! '        .
- cease.
increase in our largo ElKlVlbv municipal  flections
lo March 22nd; nominations one week earlier
have yet to learn of our applet, and
grain, and vegetables, But they are
learning, and every year the thought*
and longings of thousands are being
turned to B. C. for farming land*.
"No part of British Columbia hit to
far felt thu influx of people and capital
more than thu Valley, and tl the indication an correct, the tide hut only
begun to rite. Let them come! There
U room for many, many more. Th*
man who u a practical farmer, who
hat ttudted mixed farming and hat a
lew hundred doitan, can with no better
open ■,: ihu ih« .. rtunli i lh
wonderful valley ail i
"Nature has believed heie «nh a
lavish hand her wealth and beauty.
The climate u almost ideal: the toil I*
rich and well-watered, there are geod
road and railway facilities whereby to
teach the market, beyond.
"At tome one hat aald, 'Yeu can't
live on scenery and other vegetables."
but the man who it gmwirg the vegetables will be dead of stul if he It not
•■-.-; •'...'      i>,-J
by ihe grandeur ol lhe scenery   If thu
touruit would flock thither to drink in
lhe natural beauty; lo drive om the
roads, fish in the rivers, row on lu
likes, and climb its mcuntattu. but,
being in B. C. all ihis lies in the future.
mr*. far when
pasted tnlO the land tl lhe
future, generations lo come will see
-   ur eyes behold not.
"No pan of the Valley h»., fell the
increase of population to much aa lhe
town of Endetby.   It
ably, for Enderby hai been granted her
-  ' -  incorporation, and thus
takes it i her march d
.- I ctngralulile you. Enditb/,
latest of B C lowia. To one who
came i -   ago, and
has been iwayagl        *    r      ,;•
and d- simply wonderful, g*
wiih Harvey
Ruhaal'l ■':.:• '■"- : .: ■ -
the £»
- ■
village c-misled of IWO ilteeU. tur
"Enderby ts well   supplied   with
IK3W .'!••'. ixi
Fall Exhibition A.S.A.S.     Enderby Wants HoUl
At a meeting oi the directors o! the Armstrong
k Spallumcheen Agricultural Society, held at
Armstrong on the 15th of February, the following
officers and committees were named for the com- ff
ing fall show: Hon. President, Price Ellison. MP. Mj
P.: president. D. Matheson: Ist vlce-presidtmi. |§
Ceo. Heggie: 2nd vice-president, W, T. Marshall: ffl
sec.treas.. J. B Bird: trustees. I. McDonald
M Wright. R. R, Burns: finance. F, C, wWenden. W
D. Graham. E. S. M;Clinicch. J. B Bird; hall. D. S
Graham. W. P. Horsley, A. Crawford. J. Csok. (
W. 0*er. H L. Pearse. C. Crozier. W S. Burnett, A, E Sage: grounds and music. W T. Marshall. C Murray. D Crane. G, R McDonald. H. Hatakins, M.Levar; yard, H Hawkins.
C. Parkinson. Geo. Heggie. J. C Grinion. F H
Hassard. T. Clinton. W. Heard: prize list. D. Graham. F. C Wolfenfen. Gei Heggie. W S. Bur-
nstt. E. S. V. McCllntock. J. M W.wht. R R
Burns. W. T. Marshall: transportation. I- C W
fenden, W. S. Burnett. J B Bird; provincial ex
hlbits. F, C Wolfenden. D, Graham. C Cr
W. T. Marshall. W. 0*en. H. L. Pearse. Ceo
Heggie. C. Parkinson. W S Burnett. F H Mr.
sard. J. Cook. A, E. Sage: spirts. F. C W
den. J. M. Wright, E. S. V. McCllntock. k k
Bums. W Owen
It was decided al that meeting that v *as best
not to hold an exhibit) n Ihis tall, but to take half
ol the appropriation for the fair and use ll in collecting the lincst exhibit possible I r lhe L -
exhibition at Ne-v Westminster. mile
the other hall of the appr.,.-
Itself.  This action met with almost unanimous
approval thre jghcut the district Last Saturda.
understand anather meeting was held by a nun
of the dircc, rs and the ..
rneeti:,- Inded   It was decided not l
pone Ihi
usual. Tl; tusln,
slcnamongst the members Ills
the opinion of most ii the members that •
-. will b? nttiti '.■} make the .
. :essful one s-r S it is thought lhal
- • ■
Enderby Is ambiti is ll warns lhe besl that is
going. The matter of a first-class hotel has been
prominently before lhe people this week. Samuel
Bell, of Armstrong, has been here for some days
looking over the ground, and purchased a 90x110
corner lot of Geo. Sharpe. just back of the C. P.
R. statloi *h to erect a three-story frame
' ' I similar m detail to the Okanagan House of
Armstrong. The building will cost between S7.000
and SiO.OOQ. exclusive of furnish III be
conducted along first-class lines. The matter ol
license Is the stumbling block. Mr Bell has the
money, and Is ready t start construction at once.
But Enderby Is not a drinking • xn, and a num
ber of the prope".
scruples against signing for another drinking I   -
ver. a petition was circulate I ani
by the larger part of the cm
be seen whether Mr. Bell'.I
Other citizens declined to sign Mr Bell's ;
rd has been rer ,
McAllister, who has had under ccnsldc itl
tew weeks a similar propositi .n. though on a much
larger scale.   Capt. McAllister was for 20 y u
on one ol the large C P. R. lake biats. and Is in
close touch with the traveling public—more - ;
dally the tourists    Should he decide to build here
ive at his beck lhe besl class ol
lhal Canada has    His hotel would be a $20,000
,• ! would cater only to the best    It would
be a pleasure resort for the wealth/, an
-.ii  II • ;, that are established along
. • •
the line  (the C I' V     ''
be run up  and  down   thi
•i ani connect it with the hoi
. • .   '■''.:■'
ild rea metl
Canada.  This \
■he natura   .
I Mai
t |
■   -
I House, and the train -
-.   •
• ork to be done this
' spring that he has taken his ad out ol
.x.cui! with this ifiue. W?
I don't like to lose a live ad. bui ti .
! to tee ll bring ao much business tc Mr.
j Robinson.   The 'W;tk h~ ha
ihe orchards in and around El
Thos. Johmvin, a pr,
ledges he has found in I
lo Mable lake.    H'-1
•   -
• ■
la the C P. R. that the |
lie.    C ..»e.ccc-C„. Ir,,..«|
I • C        ... le 1    e. c
it   ec|.     e   \|      ■
-|   ! .,-   . r
• eel lie  I  - I    -
racial. c.,,,i,c„v..i
Whit  •>.-..
.     ■■ I- lllll will
Ill I
15 a rt." Inder I nil- EDENOGRAPH. ENDERBY. B.C. MARCH I, 1905
First Yea*
II, M. tt \l M It
I -   .       .
home town Is a pi
the oi..
is this;   "Oh, god   '■'
I get l t foi
!   I:
i'      IJll ll..- c-   met tic- Kll ll.cn,
c.c  Sj'icic,'     cl    cccaa    ic    -e'ccccr  e.cK
lon't it  r..i ..',A '
■     .     :I .
i; ■     i th usand.
ie mills In Brr
;,,      V.'    .. '    fi
The step to be taken by the
'.   " mi n on July 1st, wh
isal Halifax and Esquimau will be taken over, i
starting point for Canadian
Perlr-ip:,     the
;    ers that be place n
rtan i on tl        p: pei
li     nly tht; fulfllnv 11
i the part oi C
;: -  burd :-
nies off
ilden  I the M therland
ill be the total
the ties of de-
.: have so long held
ESDI RB\   ON  l!ll   M.iVI
"That'sbusiness." s.meone
Is It?  The B
lis and many cth
tries In Canada ai I    .-
, o      Wl ■
a shar;
■    • ■ •     "
■ . itl nship that will al
11  Britain, but
; , :    ,v •  luy, by right
New Crop now in Stoik
■ mm i i and
by rlglv     .".'• lei
- -
or Canada   l; will n I   me1
■ ig|  strife and I     ■ '   I,
but by a simple process of evo-
has grown to
I, It la
I trl    -.',. to both l       irenl
and the child, to keep him lied
.■ i oi mother.
the same   frith nations.
Canada has proved her
metal In her handling of the
defenses of her 6wn home, the
responsibilities oi natl
will be placed upon her,
to the folks at.'
Henry W. Harvey
General Merchant    Enderby, B.C.
The stock In the several departments Is large, varied and new
....... i ..-a end Pi-ovMoki Clothing and Oentl' FuintililnRS
I Sti| '■'■   i and  Boj ■   "   ■■''■
lor Ram tl ' and Car*. Boom
Houtr FurnlahinH.
.,     .,-   " ■     .
Staple and Fancy D.y Good. Wail. V. Hill) n
-    Form and Cat din Rvqul.iU'.
Ward -      . • Ai, , ,-..,-   it.,.
Mining   Suteplle a
e     I
Cape. Armtand A
lh C»a'..
Thirty years exp' i
111!    '
Spoiling Good.
acklng Goods to go
That very desrr
as The Eden H
,    Co
er lu)
ling fruit of   British Columbia,
■   goad well,   bam.
Kamloops Lumb
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
nd Retail
wm elson. E Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby.    Capacity 25.000.000
feet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly.    Terms on
application.      Address—
The \\ vainer
counciimen ai
The name of G:.iham R
seems to si
office ef city clerk
The impjrtanc
men who will be able to
the time to lhe business
Much •
or Spring Planting
',.110 Wmmln.irr fcoad    Vmewi
■  E. Truesdale. gsvemiiwtil
■ at Enderby. lui
lowing reeord ol the temperatute, and
general alate of the weather (or Ihe
;-,'li     . ,   ,-',
Bnlerby. B C.
!. :
• „   for thi
Hon ol
I    •  ".••     tor) ind  ' brick,
is the most important improvement pr | siderby needs
. irsl    .       tel,
: a license.    In tho En-
excellent |
 irgi financial
-    -'
■ ■ .
■ ■
to make il
see per!;rmed In the
iame of religion'   What vipers.
\mr tesget
W : e>neath the flowing blaekgo*n'
What human devils will sometimes prey upon the credulity of
the ignorant, and In the name
of the church, do things that
would shame the high priest oi
Oh. pity, pity!
• I was a boy I spent
nt San Francisco.
ere there    Next
H -.-       ■    I
church that
;p prominently on the
my brain as I turn the
te days over in
t:    0; tl npre
. ire anil'
•   .   ind un-
remember oi the dirt.
irch, the ll        .   Ig u
ngs lo my min:
:•    :■
-■ It asun
a 10
33     s
at. n    "
21 14 dsudy
IS IC doudy
24 20
30 23
33 20
31 33
39 32
37 33
39 30 eljudy
37 31
37 2*
M 3f
3S X
39 24 dsudy
39 22
as n
ii    3 batm
C. J. B's
Cure Constipation
R.R. Burns,
Masonic building Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Can't find anything better
That is the opinion of men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract oi land, tt is right In the town: s. few
minutes' walk from the Postofflce. Land Is continually raising
in value, We have sold a number of these blocks, but have a
few choice building sues left. You won't find lots of betier
value. The town will continue to progress; il has only fairly
started. Property will continue to increase in value: building
III never be less valuable than they are today. Your best
jnlty is NOW. Price of Lou, tflA^ff Jt*\
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, ***** '    U      *p€\J
For Sale!
Suitable for'-  • . - -   ,
;.UM. Salmon Arm
•.is hotel is delight-
lly situated, on the
: re of Okanagan lake
ith "Jim" Bowes
to greet you as host, it
will make your stay in
na most enjoyable   The accommo-
JAS. BOWES. Proprietor. j at the Lakevie x
are complete without being lavish—that is Jim's characteristic.
lust like I
■    •
lught li ii       . ■     by. It
lldn'l n the pi
i   -
I—13 kindiy and fathei
Have Your Cutter
Painted }
.      ,-r
riige ptintr-f! thai can'
- ■
J. A. Taylor   Enderby
Is your Itcaltlt
Insured ?
An accident I
ii-   bSDALE
\"\ 7   1ve 'ust a<*'
of wood type, and are now
prepared lo turn out poster
work with the best of ihem.
Color work  a specialty
H you want to sell anything
quickly, a big poster will
help you   There Is money
In ll—for all.   Datea and
•  •:. Posters an i all
Big Bill printing promptly
:uted Give ll a trial. The returns are
•ices— ilia I h, Enierby. First Year
•2{ MethodistChurch
Dlvlnt Sirvlcii tvity Sunday at 7:3      m
Sti   ... Sehoeland Bible C .    . ■  ,- -
Prayai Muling,   -     •   Tun :.-.
' r all,
RemJcriice: Clili St.. neat tha Ch ll
a tolerably!
smart bear &
vccit lulled tliict cm thin played It ac,
I imnrl tut t..,- Inst iprin1/? I>ecn't tve.cj
| tiilnil llinl tin, Dan'll'aoyi lie-.
"Ilt'lllec-rc   Wlltirleil   IC'C   CcT   Icc'lll'  (.,,(
lini'k in Iii, liiii-kc.iircl iprlnffln1 thai 1
Mi,.mr).i nt flr.t that In waa limln' to
I lake- till I.i tin. neeV ami ihetlil.it anil
hla l.i-iir ..It riirlit ecu tli,- .lun,lllll In-
didn't. II. ..iilv Jul mnrlwl n Mule,
line] relied hiok nnUi hlioheerand tilt.
ed It uiriu thee onunter,
"'lleui'l \,,n i.iiicl Hun  un, IIiiiiT'."
.av- mi,
"I   llllll.le   IC   llll    ind ll.ell I ll-ke-,|
.11 if It wai the one thu bid utile th.
' liurk Ir- n
ind pllid ii up
nml ru
' I -
"rill, .Hid I.,, wai might) »liil hi
\J didn't In,,,, ui.jc ircin. ,-r It.-'.t u
tell ill Iii. life  a. It Ilia murk uf I lln
W|| 1.1 .11.-!, .1 e.HlcC Id. IcleeV,       S., |,,- I,,),!
.i e ' uld tin- mean  frum ilcv  Knob
e en., im \,,ca York Sun man  "ITi.
rait. itwul, fill had been talkie'
rr*ble f.ir Quite a apell, and I up
cclc! .„,., a||,.r calell,
"'illi,' I laye, *aln*i ihintqulteapaee
ill ,,' 1, in',i„uv alteeiit bean up ynur
* a. " I .ly.
.   e   ,-!.   |(„-  t,tceje.c,
,!- c.'i ..,. |, e,.., ihat
.- Hell,'- la
, ...let lie.a
el.■ „IC,Clecl ,lree|C.
"'. ,
.el ... I"!
I' K
toe,.,.,       ..
fl-eell,   -t
,,  ,..
,. lain'   Be
" ■. -'   tt-..-,- *xn\tr a pa..||..' l4\ln*
.I.enraiM-ni le.*,. iipynurwa. ''I.e..
, v-t think   ....'
..i.i.,i. it,.  .".,. rtc.ar.lclllclecr'.Ill
.tecr.11.1   ■•>  r»« c   I   <'. Rlftl tfl.  I.I tfceln'
.icccii ',   . ,     .,. nil
■|.)lll"       I    .1 .'.    ■• '        >.,■'   I|'.   „
•ItCIIlr,    ' 1    ■ ec.c'l   IC.  ...ri   ..*
..   ■ * marl  mine.
    i'..unl.. up )..ur   way,   ain't
"'\ I'-dr, .at. tilt ..eri •' .-arrlr..
llkr. Mrat a trifle. I tike It.'.
"Thru I dlclni .«. i.  >r,   t.ui
lined ■-. Ilrule«« a..,! aay. that thine,
wet. a 1.,-itr 1,,,-k.iar.l  ll-i-
eaa.ic'i ll ry' Jci.i «. il | ,•
anyil.it.ir «.,,.» aUoii nil or hi. bead,
watert bran, aivl a.. pj-eliV In antie
thine, more »<il»ianllal, k»«»tn' thai
till wa.n'l n«»r «,.in' la lel Hi    I
eaay. ih-...eh, |eil a* writ a. I knotted
hi. ««. wllli.' Ihrre >.n ihr >h. r U.I
rhaeln' h.err.r.1 l«hin><<
"llriilien »•» tInin'all r.* ■
...ll.rllec.c'  aleacNI   Ihlntr*   tcr.t.'    lM.k'
«ar.lrrthl.«pr)eirihanhrha II
'en* tobelutOy-rel IM   thrn Mention
a few iprlnge that eome t< Irrtile alfli
<«ek«al,l a. II ■-.
kea .1, ... hi. hal I- Ihr hark "t hll
hrt.,1 a.
■"flwaii"  Ir   .•..     'Il.aelaateri
t,.,.. mart?  rti»." h. ...
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement. To have
• strong constitution
one must have the best
meats, and that's what
you will find at the new
brick block. Always
fresh, juicy and tender.
Geo. R. Shar|>e
I Vet Hilt
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter It. Builder
Hu opened • carpenters
.....    .....     ... ;..;„..       . .
All kinds ol jobbing prom
attended to.
" 'Wu ilmt un th
nml. Ie> eata, Hll I
blinked or looked .urprl.H
"'Sei,'  In-  ».n.,  u cnnniiie.,,!,.,! w,
pe.lllil Icr    'No, lln   "  Ihli un ulii't thi
en,-.'Ic uye, 'I Mreumvented that un,
don't aeeii tiilnil, nnd made him run tin
hull nine- eord .,' hark bark anil pul I.
,*llc-r.. lie- fultllel ll.' an,, c,i!. ,n,| |(,„.
lec.li lli.ee did c-.c-l la.iie'le .men, leuel |
ll ItlH  >eir.   I,.- me. Ic.euii' .„  rlec.kc-
.el .not lil. Icrcr right .cff hand, hut he
'"U.i iprlnu,' uyi nil, n.ei ivnltlir
lee a.k ccr lee la- uakl-el nil.   re  e|i|ea-
llun^'l r.':..| ce lac'! ,,• pork Into my
ralcite. tip a!<>iiir tie,. Ie,-,„7i,.,ic r>, yit.
Un' r. id) '  rk-iHrlln'.  Thi Iwr'l
" ■- phi - - '     ■ ■' tu.,- hunk. -' i ork,
Heart   lhe el Imei. ancl whrn I ■ i..-ic«-.|
■e, -,' tlec- pork, , c,,,k
..r .ce aflrrward, dlngliuiled If«. iiiui-h
 '   ■ '     ' ce Wl.ll'l «1 Ur
'  -    Ithler»r..lherhid
 kn   nl   ti In, ..|.a.ica|  ihe
l.cir'l look .ein ilc teerk and tuned li
away, after hea.ll.c' .1,- liar'l upau'ln
a. ilithi and .n.te ■■ li ... when I
rolled li In, llan'l. I wa. ... '.nri.nl
inn.l lhat lhe way I ripped am |nn> I
la-t ...» e..cit,l a ,-ect chunk* <-' » i.blt'
blue nut..'Ihe all
"'Afler '«'   .  i ml     an I., try I
Ihllek  >lp wlce el  c-.-eei-C I.,    lhal
alralln' my p>erk «ec.!. »,„? runnln'.
And whie .!„ you .'p,e.e I il k ■ I •■
meere'n likely leelte' tier cclee, llan'lr
lay. nil
M'See| ycclir pip ...I ' I ,   .,    „   ,   ■
ami llectla-n m..rie.| rifhl nni '
ererybody k...-we.t thai f>- k-.
when  Ihtctf.  I.l.lerct l||. (,,,..,,.    ,    |aj
Ihe haa.twaier. lhe llr.i licit..- f.clki
IceUe   Wa.  le,  git Iff   If    lhe|l|    |l.||._>*
hadi't ...ii ..' Cdhrred Oil', old man
h.eme ctorin' Ihe nleht la-forr, Hul fill
khedldn'l lay it luMipan.
"i'ap wa.n'l in  Item   nam   )e-i
Ilea... Il.n'1." •».. I,el, '»ec I clieln'l lay
ll I" nap,' .... he    N.e, It ...
thai I Ihunk <-f,
11   a   ■ r.„i nie.re'n two
mil.- Iron ... .;..aai*. ..s
. ... |e..rk ha I
•loek I., l.i... ...ii-. way ami trot..... o*
...       Iwh-k.
- 'ii-,, Ii we. no 'et e a e-^-l iMne ter
...el,      | ti,, ,1.  i taltlr I
ec     ., w.nte quirk .l-'eeh ta..
ten .»n I*. Ihe p-ch alt ..-' I, Ice. le
h.»»r w-..;-! tc- .-.e'c.pei .   c;..,teh t..
hea.lopalnt'ir .hea.'-
ed. efler d ' ol  •     i ■    I
"1l» | je.i ml ,l,.wnaml ilo.ok tha'
ll.e lee.I way I.   r.eel.eeel Wlccll. ..,    .-
Ihlef wa« w.,-,|.! u- fer me 1*. Icle ami
wetrtt for bin, a.,-1 no I «t,.l.
"•The -■ -i-
I »ee  »  '
of lhe t.l-1-1. nltfl. I" Iter .-al.iO, llet
Ihervtha.lo'l ..,-,            al.
wii.ra, a. I., liar, ami bein' Ihrrr in
Ihr «,--!. wllhc.lt a eon'    I
ami I wa> lorry, f.-r I th. «el,i I m«»i
a< well aa mil ewlh.r In a alee !■■' ■•'
'»..! while I wa* wet, l-Ce," Ic MT wh>*
•t-.tr my pork, nnd Ihrrr | .lel.e'l ke.e
h" ewn
"I wa. j.,i ..n Ihe pill c'ell I In'
op ami piutiin' ini-. lhe bear ai,yh,,w.
when I l.a|i»iea-l I.. Ihlnk u «t if at -
peerk thirl ranw aheitf b..'-l m..re I
likely ha.e a aa-.o. ami lhal . t enure.
he-.i knek met n. I««r, •>• it-m when
I jomtad .oil nml look lhe eneMamed
ikM ... Ihr oeete While |.eW,
hlu -<ll will, ml |>.lh a* cee I al ha.e a
hhe fat Iw-ar ami a faai Hell
fillln' thr p. Ik thief.   A-> I lahl hew
ami Mhl mrihin'.
* The l»ar. he n>«ed aicml a .|»ll.
and then al.o, ,,ne »'.i •
..' Ihe raWn .» >i I >    1,1
la lhe rt.ln.ly. nml then lei klNMrlf
•  'hicily l.rhl I»|0 lle.al.ee-
t .le'o'l aoapteioh Ihe hear, ee.a, than,
,.,,     -I,-.,. I.e. alei.lxptclhe
,'-,| |welt*-l 'le.- *.l-
"1^.y. yoo ,..,1.1 a iomld..|me..ier
• ilh a >hi|.|.« Inl.l'a t.»ll.,t   I - >•
flaW*.ta*led irtrr Whal I*,.'-'    Hh
b. .t waa a .ectlc.n' at Ihe |e-»h l«r'l
.ml • »>»•! d»«l qovker lh»- '
, I   At -I   ll
A. Ilc
n clceiii, Ii meielf   lice   iinhieaileil tli i
l.iir'll   Yea, air. llan'l!   Wt off lhe I . h    v
Hip   I    Illlll   lifted   eeilt   III..   Il.liel  ,■',   W.,r,i,-"e",   ,
j tin- l.ni-*l! ' Al! >o(ll) i.ihc
""I'lteil the benr took mil two nlen   ihl'ahad   !
htinki of pork,   II'' -•« lliere-amlral    a,". ■'»,,".'
' tin-Ill wllllelWIIeelececklll'lll lliln.    Then     Tl .,»,,,,,",
Iii- llc-keel hi. iinwaiintl lilai.|i«p>,'."! ( "' '" k ; ■ "■
..in uiiiithi'i   iiienle e.' pork,  III il il |>, , .,
th.. lh ,.r, li.-ml.-.l up iln- Imr'l n« -I.',    a. i ....    .,  -
I. II lee. c pier " 'llll II .'- I..   .1. I.
the I I. ..' pork under III. nrm,ak
up the cliiiiiiy like ii monkey, tlroppi il
lee the- l'1'...hi.I u- e-ii-i na iiielliln'i nml I And   c-.l
I net I eel   off   Into the Iirttah, irrlnnln' "- t-
eii.cui.eh in ii.i.l,.- ii li'llerenuy,belore «   .
I id >o,i i : Th'n i      i
"'Iiii.iT.' .nya nil, -11..-•■ I e...-. irlncl 1 '"■
didn't I  ...  .    :■   .-     If I'lll 1   llecl el   . "'
hc'lic-.' -ic- In-. 'I'd ii fell llll mi life ,- 5l     e,    ii' *
if   llle   llllll-k   ce'  I 11,11   CH. |c|-l|||lll-c| eelel,.       A:.     '.
tii.e l,i-,,.c " -,ii - |n>, Cllll
"Anil Joit ni inllaVai hli-c. Ite-uiie.n   ..,„,  ,   ,
..illleeCII    .-..-I-   Ic-cle-Clll'  lli-  c-huir  If. el, j   Tie- e     |    .C   -
-:c.l» 1,, I.I «l.r.     I)   ,
"'lle.ll'l  kllllC,   I... I  ..lllll   ...II Hindi |l.       m£ "'''''       ""'
well   lele.e   III I.   I,' I -     ,      Tl!'   "    'i   ''
Icr.cii.'.iii. In-, '.i- ...l ,,,  \.
S3*; '•";",; ^'''''''^'I ■'.'■■■: ;;'■ n, :,. 5'S,:. .':•:•,:„;.
"I el .ice -in nolhlnrt. Iiiil |,-.t ihunk
what kind .,' IIiIiiim u muai le.- I Imi
.i.ki.i. .er.ehi.icr  „r,.,,.,, i:ii'.s„„,      Rubbers and shoe  pax  going  at
lie.'".  I..- .elele- I.. 1. II „I„.||| |,,  ,,h, ,1,-,. ., . ....
bearawhe  ,,.,;..,.„',,•" greatly reduced prices, at Harvey's.
If "Made in Canada" is a good motto for Canaaa, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby
Moffet's Best
Bents ihem all    Strong, uniform and White; made In Enderby
from strictly HARD wheat.
IF* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
, c. em,
Under The Olive Tree
WITH h-'      '
A little dampening of a man's ardor Is a good
thing fer his head.
Poor Russia! A man would belter be dead
than be a prince.
When Incorporation Is properly tested, there
won't be anyone ojnd who will admit that he tried
to defeat It.
Somehow, I could never think so much of Adam
since he played the booby and said, "The woman
tempted me, and I did eat."
Yes. yes; a dog Is a faithlul brute, but no woman
can be al her best who bestows on a poodle the
love that should be given to a child.
Happiness In the heart Is not denoted so much
by the amount ol ha-ha-s that come out of the
mouth as by the light that shines from the eye.
No. no; Ist us not let the Idea run away with us
that heaven Is a lar-away land, to be reached only
through the Valley ol Death. That Is a Slwash
Every day we are tested In some way to prepare
us for a harder test tomorrow. We rise and fall
In the measure that we are faithlul to the duty of
the hour.
if every owner of a home In Enderby would put
one hour's work a day In the (lover garden, whal a
paradise this would be! And what a refreshlrg
the soul would get!
It was Good Old Walt Whitman who once said
"I think I could turn ana live with animals, ihey
are so placid and self-contained: ihey do not sweat
and whine aboul their condition."
The stars mark lime with a precision that has
not failed since the world began.   II we knew how
to study them in connection with the Word of Cod.
many of the "mysterious" things ol life i
appear simple as the alphabet.
That the grave of Copernicus might remain undisturbed, the inscription was simply this; "I ask
not the grace accorded to Paul; not lhat given I
Peter: give me only the favor which Thou didst
show tothe thief upon the cross."
"To look up at the sky. and behold the wond
rous works of Cod, must make a man bow his
head and heart In silence." said Copernicus   "I
have thought, and stu ; for years,
and I know so little—all I can do is to adore when
t behold this unfailing regularity, this miraculous
balance and perfect adaptation   The majest..
all humbles mc into the dust."
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house is experiencing lhe greatest
rush of business in Us history. It is the result of
its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream ol the land
on bar and table    Rates: SI and S2 per day
i lie
H. W. Wright, Prop,    tt
Our stock of Hand Warmers Is too large to carry over. We
.vant to get rid of them. Come In and get a glove barg.-in
Our Spring Clothing is expected daily.
J. C. Metcalfe
Carpel Weaving-.'-'i
A       .    '      .a.    ,-   '-,     . '.'.   ••   V '.'--    ,    ,   ; .
ol light Job Work,   Can make mutly anything > •
A new Knitting Machine For Sale
J. W. Bacon, Enderby, in Hancock block
I am now taking orders (or Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Stcne k Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby	
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity   P
building, and brick k stone masoni
Baird* y Gihhs
Hot Springs Sanitarium
...     ... ..-.
■  i
Halcyon Hot. Springs
Arrow Lake. %. C.
C.O.F.No 1058
■c.     .
R.P.Bamcr.CA.    tr.-He
LO. L No. 446
Kte» the im a* :
Pin your faith to
Incorporation for Enderby is no* a settled thing
As a result Enderby will boom this summer
Property will advance In prlc— sure to.   II you
would be wise, y ju will invest in Enderby ;
NOW        .       ner   V/e . ng forward
That touch's the
and kcr,
iii be done at this
jjirkly. n-:.
1 • ,;   .      "I
t j*n    ■'        • lhal can
■ nto <ln
ordinary commercial print
ne right here
Fli .     fEA
aa_8_-a_i iiimi i nmnni-i ii-a- '..t«.jii—>- ..- t -i -«-»      -e       . Whit tlio
W'lial tlie: Local I'a.tors
..1 V    ■
■ ■: them as
. .   ■
hnderbv   I fading  Co.,
Cliff St. Enderby.
_ .'.-,-. 1_  'ae..-JCJa>|e>l|AlU
r/rT r m Enamel Pmt
0 %'t?
K. !>. Bradley, En lerby 11 n hva i   Merchant
A. Fulton, fiumke
Expert Pruning
[•-growers \iri:MH'N'
Waller Robinson, Enderbv, B.C.
Ens        itn ;
,      H ■ I
.: I5C
Pears Seen: 20c cal
J   .  • led.   2Sc to!
.-,■', issorted,    1
. li .
• .
Many a
Sipirtte Sckool
SUNDAY   HOVRS:   2 lei I p. m.
II, leeti    IC*   I  -e.l    e,   »tle    , .... I..
. i ,
•    li
' '
Peter   Burnet    enen
. .     *. r.     ■   - .        thei
Dominion f& Provincial
Land Surveyor
_  '__ '   '
r    r   •   i      i    r       t      I       IT
ror hint Lands, rami Lands and lown
.,...- I foperty -all and see—
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE. _n__my.b.c
Wl ■     . .'e in need ;! fine silver faces lor the tabl   I
■   I        ,
W. J. Armsirong, Manager. Armsirong, B. C.
- anniversary presentations, ycu *i,i
Ira C. Jones
Contractor <si, Builder
OR SALE     ,3?0 Thirty-five Years 01d-»*>5
T!u  Mutual  Life til  Canada
JRERS therein
id iioerai
lonsorial Parlor
- •
■isi -■•
A.J.YOUng Hancock Bile, 6mlf.k>
Win. J.  1 ui->. Manager, \ ancouver, B. C.
T save big n
make big
reduction li • • ire ;ppor-
i '.unity; you mill nol ind see.
ir repairing ;
Receipt Books
■■■ • ;■'■ ■ EnvelOr]      : ipping Tags, h
Cards. Visiting Car is. Invit.
thing i ■ .   |ulck.-   - i
:.-■ id   n     ■ ■■
:■•   .
ENDERBY The Edei      .apli. "kll'.a\-X'n,„ Im* $201


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