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The Edenograph 1905-06-14

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B eiuiii6w»   i)
Volume 2.   Number 5.
ENDERBY. B. C. JUNE 14. 1905.
Price, $2 a Year
Wheeler, A. Carrulhers, M. O'Grady.
A. E. While. Mouiilaineerj: goal.
F. Denlson: backs. W, Thompson, C.
Gllnlon; hill-backs, Rose, Jones. Rose;
forwards. M. S. Bird, W. W. Morion;
C. Bcswick, W. Glenn, B. Hoflinan.
Releree, F. Folkard.
Sceeieeierrleeeel  t.leeie.le  Openinil
The school will close on Friday (or l ,he auspices ol the Vernon Fire Brl j    The new church will be opened In
the summer holidays. ' gade, and pilie money amounts lo one Summerland, on Sunday June 18th,
'thousand dollars,    There will be la-1 1905.   Rev. J. H. White, D.D.. and
crosse and baseball matches and num-1 Rev. A. Henderson will deliver Ihe
opening, the ladles oi Summerland hold
a tea meeting in Empire Hall, u m ! '
lo 7.30 p.m., the admission lo which'
will be SOc.
Following lhe meeting there will be
a galheiing In lhe church, summoned
by the Summerland band, at 8 o'clock.
The selections In music will Include a
solo by Mrs. Gartrell. a duet by the
Bennet brothers ol Peachland, a duet
by Mr. Login and Mrs. Ritchie, elc.    i
Mowal & Balndle  are preparing a;
large list ol properties lor publication.
Mrs. J. Nichol, In Ihe Jones collage,
Enderby, Is prepared to do all kinds ol
plain sewing and mending.
II you Ieel your subscription Is due,
you may have the consoling thought
that the editor feels wilh you.
Robt. Bailey, Esq.. Is solo agent (or
the Frost wire lence. the cheapest, ^om al, adjourn to
staunchesi and best looking wire lence wh„, pl,1(B „„, b, Mf„ ^
The death occurred last week ol tho
S-months-old son ol   Mr. and Mrs
sermons and addresses ol  the day. J'2?' Ro1bln*m' _*>
erous other athletic events.
Enderby Lodge K. ol P. will give| Services will be held at  II a.m.. 3
their wives and sweethearts and a lever: P11'- and 3 p.m.
guests a royal good time next Monday     On Monday ihe 19th. lollawlng lhe
evening.   Alter an early lodge meeting R^B^R^ W^ W'W'^WK'
the members and guests will assemble j JMBlrYIrrlfYiylr
at the Orange hall, where a program of)
song and music will be given.     Al lis
ll seems hard lor some people to Tom Atcheson ls moving to his larm
Short addresses will be delivered by grasp Ihe Idea  lhat the Recreation nine miles up lhe Salmon river.
Revs. Henderson.  Ritchie, Simpson. .Grounds Committee Is not a private I    The Council met on the 10th. and
ld'concern.   Many speak of ll as 11 lhe lliad, preparations for starling business
       members ol lhal committee were hold- by calling lor lenders lor Municipal
uihii:,.  hive e ml about $2000 ,Un i1*':|1" <mo!  j- m """ '','r,:' " to* at next moating, tht 17th I June
largo pan ol which hat been already j enrich themselves.   The lacls ire. the M>rr||)d   A| ,h(1 rwld,nc, o( l(w
subscribed                                    .members ol lhe Recreation Grounds ,,„,,„., „,„,„.,, Sjltno|) Arm  B. C„
ommittee are holding ihejround at Jljn, 7|h  by lh, Rev  j  Dunca„
Mr, C  A. R. Grant, cl Vernon, and
the Restaurant
Yes, "to the pure all things are pure."
but the frequent exhibitions ol "horse
show" In the yard opposite the Bank ol
Conraddl. living Iwo miles southeast oil „„„,,„, m ,.„,,,„ e,,v,„ng nor de.
Armstrong. c,nli   |( ,|,„ m,|n„,,,,, |s )0 bo mma
The Ladles ol St. George's Guild | mio a breeding yard the City Council
will have an ice cream and strawberry
booth on the recreation grounds on Ihe
alternoon ol Wednesday, 28th.
The Armstrong creamery is each
week nuking a satisfactory increase In
the amount ol its output. Some 3000
pound;, ol butter were made last month.
should prepare a schedule ol hours
showing when the performance Is to
begin, thus obviating Ihe scramble for j
front seats, side peeps and knot holes.
On Sunday recently about a score oil
Napinka people were oul at the lake!
fishing, and it would be difficult to say
The Kootenay Mail reports that It Is [ how many fishing rods are In use along.'(
stated the C.P.R. contemplate building j ihe Souris every Sabbath day. and real- , \
a railway (rom Summerlind lo Hedley! ly the only things that are hurl by the J
City and olher points in the Similka-| practice are the fish. "OI course." J
meen, logically concludes ihe Hartney Star, |
J.C. English rKeivedacarloadol','m«nml»*,tamore-«,ull),«inP|oH.J
niallrev.es and fancy furniture this but they might also be mote viciously
week.   Call and tee thoso handsome employed 11 they are determined not to
Morris chain.   They are quite Roy- «• ">Smi** lcn~'"
crolllo   swollen thing out. |    Some line samples ol hay are shown
Don't wail nil the 12th ol July if!|n '*** E<*9'*-* °"lc« <* H. P. U*.
you have a thirst.   It is worth a trip to; '">'" Donald Matheson's place. Salmon
Armstrong just lo havo your heart Ieel! R,v,r v"114)''
glad al being rehtvitialed by the toda •nci*- Br"
alixir Irom R. R, Burn's tony fountain. "• 6 ">•
t   t._      ..,..__,..   Hale loaka parly ol lour Mamtobans
Save lh- babies;  Iced Ihem milk ^
,        .    _    , .. ,.. _. i to see Ihe (arming country about En-,
Irom the Emptt dairy,   ll is Irish. •, ,.      «_    ___ _..,..
The Timothy Is S ll. I
Broom Grass S It., and clover 3!
Lam Friday Messrs. Lee _
pure, wholesome and hygienic.    A
i -I *l card will
wagon lo your door.
bring     their
Strickland It
derby.     The  visitors  were   greatly
pleased wllh what they saw. and Intend
to tetum to Enderby when ihey have
been shown the Valley by Mr. Lee.
As a result ol a lour ol inspection
Maik Hill It advertising lor«le his, mt.,lordulrlctt(romOk.-j
.nmetlockol c.ttfe.whch include.'      ^       Slml|,_mMn and Nlcoll,
.event, h«d ol good l^™atnaj„£ xnt Nlcola Herald. Mr.C. Sweeny
Mr. H.lldMir«l.d.^.olhte«..e,su^n|eftde|it ^ _ . ^^ ^
in order to more dosely d.voi, hi. at- M^Hendefi0n ,„ „ ,„, ^
tenllon lo growing fruit- Advance     j tf ^^^ u Vem„ ^ ^^
A. E. Taylot It giving nightly con- jlhjll N|cob u |he p|aC(( ,0 „,„ J
cetli Itoni the balcony of the Enderby ^^ tank o( ,he ,mmu,ion which; j.
Hotel, wllh one ol the largeil made | (hey ttflamXi  Accordingly Mr. Hen, <
lalkophone, an instrument lhat puts all (imw a„)ved ,„ |own ,„, Monday:|
other due machines in the cool ol the , evening and announced hu intentions
shadow.   He alwayi hat an appreel- j to the people ol this section, and at
atlve audience. , once let about making arrangements
A local exchange, telling ol a wed
lor suitable quarters lor the bank
Football al Huntley
ding which took place a lew days ago.
says "the bride was dressed" so and
a ■•■■-   _„... „,.. . .mil."     -Lail Wednesday evening Enderby
to. and   the groom wore a imlle. ....
'   .... .   „.   ....     f-   tball <iul>   J7   .'iltli-  :,;   „,.„;.,   ■
Maybe thi:. is cii:ugh in some climates.,'    „   _.    *Z~   ~. . ..
t . .     l   nu .._,- „.„,»,.  ... ..„, al   Munlly        arrnil.-r       ;—n- i  tt
but in the Okanagan grooms are not , .  lt ._.
..      .... .   ..,._! Mine by lipping the sphetc  o the fell
usually so thinly ...lied. Il,„» a„d WW.,  geVng   possession
Thliallemoonth. Atnu.rong base-,     de ,„  ^ „mn    ^
ball learn will play .he local tarn on \ de(„ce ^  fln (|| ^ ^
Ihe recreation grounds, and the MajM-L^.^ and Thomion „,„„„ w|,h .
taineer, will play the Enderby lootba j u|        wh(ch w„ ^    Me „
learn.     These games   will   be well
worth the price ol admission Tum
in and help the committee out I
Farmers stale that owing to the
excessively rank growth fail wheal on
some ol Ihe heavier soil Is going lo be
loo heavy and fall. This Is by no
means a serious condition, and only
speaks ol Ihe rapid growth being made
this season    Aim.trong Advance.
The C.P.R. wants us lo publish a
local reader telling about cheap cable
some lively exchanges In the visitor's
territory. Smart clearing by Ihe Bailey
brothers put Enderby on the aggressive,
and from len yards oul O'Grady scored .
Encouraged by this success Endetby
renewed the attack. Carrulhers being
prominent. The teams changed goals
with the score Enderby I, Mountaineers 0. The opening feature of the
second hall was defensive work, in
which Zellegreen and Folkard excelled
for   Endeiby.      The    Mounlaineets it
rates to Japan.   We won't do II. If the j pressed lhe Enderby goal   hard.
C.P.R. wants an "ad" in The Edeno- | finally scared. Beswick putting the ball 5^
graph, the C.P.R. will have to pay for through, amid great excitement.   Tl •
l',|usll!ke Ihe editor has to pay hla! game resulted Enderby 2, Mountain?'. '•■'■'
way when he rides over Ihe C.P.R.     h     Enderby's team: goal. R Bailey. >(
Posters have been distributed an- backs, C. Hancock, J.  Bailey, hall %
nounclng a celebration of the  First ol. backs, A   7.etlegteen. J. Scott, Geo !;■
July al Vernon.   II will be held under' Folkard    lorwanli,   H.   White,   ft. El
Sunday Rest By-Law
That all may thoroughly understand the full pur
port ol the Sunday observance by-law now before
the City Council, we publish It In full. The preamble Is significant. It Is drawn on such high
lines that It leaves no room for cant ani quibble:
Whereas. It Is considered desirable, in the
best Interests ol the community, that the Lord's
Day. commonly called Sunday, should be set apart
lor the purpose ol worship, resl, and auch qulel
recreations and occupations as are conducive to
physical and moral Improvement.
Now. therefore, the Carpsratlon of the City of
Enderby. In council assembled, do hereby enact
as follows:—
1. From and after the passing of this By-Law.
It shall not be lawful for any person or persons,
body or bodies corporate, *ithin the City of Enderby, to buy or sell, or to offer or expose for sale,
any goods, chattels or other persoral property
whatsoever, except milk, drugs and medicine, on
2. And ll shall not be lawful (or any person or
persons, body or bodies corporate lo do any kind
of work whatsoever on Sunday for profit, wages
or remuneration of any description, direct or indirect ; nor to employ any person or persons to
work for profit, wages or remuneration of any des
crlptlon, direct or indirect; nor to employ any person or persons to work for profit, wages or remuneration of any description, direct or Indirect,
except servants, watchmen, policemen, and persons having the care ol animals; always pio-
vlded that in case of fire or riot, or jeopardy to
life or properly from any cause whatsoever, nothing
In this By-Law contained shall be held to hinder
or prevent any person or persons, body or bodies
corporate, from working ur hiring others to work,
or doing whatever may be light and necessiry to
protect such life or property until the jeopardy be
>:. :....-.:::;-.;..   .:.,-;. ::   :; ;::,:■:
A C. P. R. Loyalty Cry
It has always been the policy ol the C P R ■
wave the "loyalty" flag wnh one hand while It
twisted the thumb screws with the other. When
It scents danger ahead in Ihe line of competition,
this great philanthropic cotporatlon, with a soul so
small It would drown in a teaspoon, sends lis eml-
sanes to Ottawa and by working ihe machine manages to hoodwink the people through the press and
by the aid of our honest M P.'s, and eventually
secures what It wants—the shutting out of competition. There Is a case now in punt For years
Ihe Slmllkameen country has been crying for a
railroad, but to all the pleadings of that vastly rich
district the C.P.R has turned a deaf ear. Now
the Creat Northern Railway Is building Into thai
district and is seeking lo gel the V V. _ E. charter so amended that thai road will be able lo reach
the coast cities by this route. To this the C P
R. objects. It Is a great lover of the dog in the
manger policy. And frcm lhe office of the Nelson
Tribune it has Issued thousands of copies ol a
campatg.t booklet In which It decries "a policy that
depopulates Canadian towns, endeavoring to show
that ihe incoming of thu American road would lake
the people out of the Canadian towns to the towns
across the line The lacl Is. as everybody knows,
that the incoming ol American roads means the
incoming of American capital and American people The Northwest has not been "depopulated"
by their incoming, nor will the Slmllkameen b<?
their own cost lor the city The agiee
ment on which the grounds were purchased front Mr. Barnes nukes It tin-
possible to use Ihe grounds lor any
other purpose, and all moneys that aie
made are turned inlo the recreation
grounds fund: the committee giving
tlielt time and labor gratis.
Miss Amy Pratt.
The prospect for a bumper crop
makes business brisk around the
Arm. Strawberries are on the move:
raspberries soon to follow, wllh green
peaa and new potatoes. All these wllh
lhe steady shipment of milk brings a
The following communication Irom supp|y 0, th, 5lu„ ,,„, m8lws th, mll0
the City Council to the committee's „a
.ectetar) will give a clear understanding
ol how the matter standi:
City Clerks Ollice. Endeiby. B. C„
June 7lh. 1905.
Jat. E, English. Esq., Secretary
Recreation Grounds Committee.
Several contracts are being ollered
for clearing land ready lor orchard
planting. T, A. Sharp has let the contract lor clearing 20 acres on his larm
he purchased here last year. R. Sea-
lord Is doing extensive improvements
on his fruit larm which he purchased
W     Sir: The City Council, ai their last |rom j. Daliell.
J8 meeting, again considered this matter.;    T w Sl,f|it„ Bmiiml alvj w, J,
M and I am directed to Mate, lor the in- ,,,„,,,,.,,, Mewury< d  ,ne B, c,
i-J formation ol Ihe Recreation Crouiri Knl|| 0row<„. a^M^ iiitmti
Commute*, that, alter obtaining legal, |h, (rul| pOT,8_ 0, ^m0R Am m
advte*. ihey llnd II u impossible lor,ltw   Slh, K(atmnM   ^ Maxwell
lhe city to lime debentures lor ihe pur-; Sn|||h Donilnlal Fm ^cm, each
chase ol the recreation ground until an; _,ve yj^bieandpnictlcal information.
gg ati«mentolth«municlpilityhasbeen:prul|    Mra „,.,, ,„,   !elM(i th)t
the   Association   hu   elected   lor
its president a practical mm Irom the
Okanagan duitict, and Ieel satisfied he
will give general satisfaction all over
tht Province
11.1. P..
II ft Lee returned lir.ui Enderby on
Saturday last. He states that the crops
are in lint-dati condition, and wit
particularly pleated with the Salmon
>*i made, a Court of Revision held, all
|$ complainta and ptoteau heard, adjust-
$i menu attended to. and tho aueument
lunlly adopted by tha Council.
Aa Ihu process, together wnh the
$ paaiagt of lh* ntc—aary by-law. would
occupy a coiuiderabit amount of lime
and involve comidetable eipens*: aa
an atte-tieent will In any case have to
bt madt in Iht early pin of mil yeat,
[il u the uneipired term ol tht present
Council u short, and at they have much
important wotk on their hinds, (eeling «'«' »a»ey. and the splendid country
thil then chlel duty lies in investigation, m the neighborhood ol the sister town,
deliberation and otgantialion the lay- j He stales thit thete It a great deal ol
u« of a broad and tubstanliit launda- magnificent fruit tend in lhe northern
lion lor the tutute they are ol opinion tectloni ol the Okanagan and al.ng
that the lifletettt ol Iht city will be mbulary valleys, and believes that it
best temd by postponing iht eomplt.; *»** -»« « S"ai *•»■ <"' emigration lo
lion of iht recteaiieti ground teheme «»'« •*• ~-» ****** lh" «" **
until atler Ihe itguUt aatestmenl has placed upon the matael. His (nth in
been made neat sprit*, in fact, they thutection u thown by hu opening a
Ieel lhal ihu if the only practicable branch ollice ai Enderby. which he has
,,, placed in Ihe hand; ol Arthur Hal-   -
My Council Ihttelore trust that your ve">o|i N«»»
csmMMwill m ih.itwayto carry w ^^
Si Mi tht project lltd mtet the obllgaticns *_
" which It involve!, until such lime a-     The home ol Mr. and Mr. A. W
lhe city ti tn a poatllon to take a con- McCulloch was the icene ol a pleating
eeyance ol lhe land, and relieve them ^m  «,    p;,_,  by,  .hen  their
of the responsibility daughter Bessie wis untied in marriage
My Council believe lhat Ihe recrea   l(, o. St. Clair Mabee    The wedding
Hon ground wiB prove a most valuable .«_ v„» 1Uiel. only a lew Intimate
improvement lo Ihe Clly. and tenducive ,„#& ana re|aiw_ ol the happy couple
in mtny wayi to IU welfare, and they otiot present  The cetemeny was per-
greatly appttctalt the civic teal and fa,mta p, r-, t Muir    New,.
entcrpttse shown by yaw eommilt--
in to promplly liking hold ol  th- City Council M«ubh
schtmt il a tune when   they 'the
Council! were unible lo hindlt it. ind   t1h;!>  "  *'***
,    lhe Ceun-il b»gan bu'.ineii wi   I
tl*, Ieel Ihli Ihey ire trotclllg te l  nly hj| Wt4nMdi|* „ gtlX     M |h, -,_.
their own, but the lentiments oi '1        .   nrtprt • ,1 and Ihe Mayor in Ihe
whole community, in olleting io yout
committee  their  most   sincete H •. ,    ...    .■■ , | •  ■<••
heitly Ihinki lor Ihe em-rgyans puN* ***" '**'•**<<* 'h-rpiocet ngsd the
Council, and the Assewment by law
spirit dispbyetd by Ihem
I hsve Ihe
: ht bill oI 160 lor i typewtiler wis
honor lo be. Sir, Your oMjered paid.   An invllition Irom Ver
mn was lead, asking Ihe
10 be per    ' ■   ||   • .
by law i
clly officuls
-.a'   |
lima    The
obedient servant.
GieaiiaH RoaOkMN, Clly Cleik.
Th- saw mill it running luil I
S Melinite U building i hindsome
L Huns is limshing an addition to ****** °">ci»ls
M Wanted lo tent   A 5 r   rn c llage
Cuirie & McKiy have ' • ,,|  be  in  good ttpalr    Address:
■bout fin . .Kirn ollice.
mailer of appointing licence commit-
->    also   Ihe scouting ol water
rd   ani Hit ippomtmtol I a cm
I and tht   itk
inslructed lo communicate with the 1
Second Yeah
11  \l  W \l 1,1 It
,':  tgrtfns [i m Russia}
h IdtnS ' VtBltjJpt
.  .    China to
'    n
Ing mil
lhe Cc
.-.    '
Faith without «lbow irttttc \* Mc
j htfUM wiittout a kitchen
DAV ItV-l \\\
l ne i .
! ».'l'.ere In this
.   imoi
dislan e of t isand miles
fr in Washington than Ru
: irgi      •
Or Cr
Norway Is now an Independ
enl kingdom. Last week a res-
lutlon was passed by lhe N r
weglan Storthing, disclaiming
in Ignty I King Oscar,
and setting up the kingdom of
N iy, The resolutions p i
by the Storthing set I rtl
....', an I definitely tl
j u itl n Whll   he    nsular
bill is the iiiiii.•• llate explan-
atlon, the desire for cont| lel
ndence has extt ndi 11
many years back.   Norway did
.nigly join the mu n with
'.    : ll .'.a   ;   •• -rless to
(the   rceofclrcumstan   i
at the time ll was accomplished,
• nice lhe yoke has
been Irksome. The present ac-
■   "   igh nol unexpected, Is
  sudden than was
• :  The King of Swe-
.■ ;    : by lhe Norwegian Government,  .'.ill not accept the
':.:.:: i   I     I, I
: ,   ihe sanction 1!
well, ll Is feared In some
quarters that the crisis thus |
created may give rise to Inier-
natl n.il ci triplications, How-
i r, utslde ol Denmark and
Ru ,,. the Inl rests of olher
natl ns are not affected—although It is possible that the
Emperor of Germ u may (eel
., ..,;., the s •:' con-1
stli iti . .. tal ■ I European
■■rfere. Denmark
:,.,' ii Is cheerful over lhe
Norway, and Russia
III     i   .'
. •   t it Is I   '
toa    ."    •:  rttabl     Nor
Imeni Hllty I
and asks a Swedish prince as
King. Sweden will probably llnd
It better lo have a friendly ally
and neighbor than an unfiling
partner, and. therefore, the ele
if great danger In the
it do not exist, unless it
arises from outside Interference,
Will shortly be here.   Are you ready ?
Or do you need a Rake, a Tedder, a
r?   Our machinery department
was never so well stocked.   Easy terms
H. W. HARVEY. General Merchant
Enderby, B.C.
The stock in '.nr several departments Is large, varied and new
1 leiv ! (of
Cheap Lumber
With The Owl    '
io at-
tute a :
counci. Or to
■ it a man si
grounds, within hi
gate, is to set u
■ ■ mmem thai
in than
M us
■ ihi
•   ii in
a peck
ist. he thinks
inks Editor Deane
mis him
assassinated John is making an
llevii. ■
.      .
ll Is
.v il •
• i   ..,
,     '    itteni
HAT is it to be ai
.   .    .     :      ■
.'    :       n'tgi
'.  Bill Isrcccgnlzed
is    vlgorcus,     open-hearted
r.cs'.y.   It Is intensified glad
■     .: is life (lowing cut unre-
Emhuslasm in Big
Bill Is locked upon as a mild
form cf insanity by men 11
not  km .•■     En'.huslasls are
are persons st d<
':-tandirg. and so dried
tp by jealousy and jaunclce
■:• .  [ail to see what is
behind,   underneath,
who enthuses In his
And some men are quite alarmed when
nt atenthu lasm In connection
their accomplishments   II xt *.dd accept the
meaning, men may well gl-ry In
the appellation.
Rightly understood, enthusiasm means quite the
reverse of lunacy,   it means the exercise of zeal;
rest; strength and clearness
'. and boldness of heart.    A
and morally and physically
He must rise above
He must be himself at whatever cost.
An-" 111 .ne who has learned the secret
i ring his llle by losing It in his work, thus so
forcii.. Int    the work   :
. '    .
He ■•'   Is afra '.inked at.—afraid to
brave the rules ..—need never alarm
it the perils of great-
•ly   will  experience ihem.   An
nself everlastingly a kn>scker
That means a life of
einting not.
:, she ages il has been lhe
Icept the worl I
church. Inl
. '  il
all faith, ali
ipllshmems.   Lar.
. i ruin I   ., fast an
Ba;_k of Montreal
Capital, oil faciei up. il4.C00.Wtl R.,t. * 10.000.0,10
Hllaeiee- Prolil. and l.oa. aitoiitit. »l,*l,uIHl
: r quota
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension
Flooring. Ceiling. Sidinij,
'm SB lo S10 per M.
$12 per M
'5 per M, up
We have a 19 acre
block situated less
than a mile (rom the
PostOiflce, on the
bank of the river; a
delightful spot I
suburban home: and
unequalled land for
a fruit orchard, a dairy
or a poultry yard
Li,:lu bush; easy to
Jm* Must be sold
quickly If at all. The
, . » is low to make
ti go.   Apply of.
Mowat <9b Brindle
or address 'ME.' &«;•
i Any olher Information will be furnished on Inquiry at
i our office. We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage.
I which will have our careful attentl
Ei-eAy. H C
J 1-1 1 Service I £^
/ltf _y (^ ; he best on the markel four.   Amtt _• v,
on the table:
Regular Meals, 2 5c.
Cl.ll Si. ..... M...I Item ttalioa
When you come to Armstrong, step in and
have an Ice Cream Soda,    ll will tone up
the system anil make the soul fly high
Ira C. Jones     &• R- B"r^
Maaonk building Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Carpenter (Sb Builder
•       •
Peter   Burnet
', ..::::    <
Dominion (tb Provincial
Land Surveyor
•iKD   BY El.
■  AS
■J*    «.-
"It Is good to put bother axay
over night," but It Is not good
to go to sleep a delinquent sub
senber. You may never wake
up; and wouldn't you feel bad
to appear belore the pearly
gates with your lo<vn paper not
r, and have to 'tess up?
■!• L.C.M.0
A General Banking business transacted
Savings Bank Dcpi,r,mcnt
.   •-   .*.-.».V^e'. ■■_».'.'    Withdrawal.  ■   , •!■ ,cc al ,| without
Do you need
Drop a
•   •   .
,   .   .
Md lenst
J    M   M.lnty.c. "■'-«
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenttr & Builder
ll   Hai
All kir. li   I   hbin,; promptly
,"'   :■■ I '
tm*   'ceet   ,\.,. ....,,..,     Al.neec,    .,
10 lak. on • Sale
Receipt Books
Letter Head pes, Shipping Tags. Invoice
Enve'. ss Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—any
thing ttei.'   ut b2 pHntcd—aiutckiy done at thia office.   Esii
furnished .   lass ol Book and Jjb
The Edenog-raph, fe&Jttewit, 2$^ if
Second Yi\<\p
Here's A "Whale" of a Story
D'.AK, ilen r.
lltlll'Ull   tli'
aboul tho MigOi, but there really ain't   11,,Ill'1•   T1,f ,'ll,,li
mm rvw:  ti.-m', iluii's hui IhmI,' lunr
iiif Aiit-iitii Miiiiin'i,
■hnltTiiK l'i* irrl«lwl liwu. with mel
Hiu'lmiy coiirun.. "lt'« » I'i'.v. but l1
nlwnyH until triMilile wrnilil ihuuo "f
It. When yuu K" I" fnnllnfl with m
turo vnu viin't ux|iwl niiytlilnir oUo.   i
"What Ih It? Why, thia here rnau uf
ibi' wluilintf baric Kathleen that waa
rn I nml mini. It) n i|ierm whole,
li-iviii-j tin- crew nnil the sklppi-Vi
.vlfu nnil the nklp|K'p'a wltVi inirr.it ■
mh'lfi In upeii bnnla with nn t«lM»ccii
a tliiiiiKiiiul nillei oaal uf  Itarbarfua.
I fed a klml uf pr onnlnw| -Hilllij
fur thnl there calamltyi Ihnugh Lnnl|
know-, ii wa'n'l mj fault, fur I dona
all I emihltu prevent II.
"Why ilu yun m,|i))oae ilmt than
whale wenl fur il it Ihere thin*1 Th*
limit' anyi ii wa* revenge,- bwwuiihfl
aeen hla wife kllleil,
"Haul Tliere nln'l hui very IHllal
aentliucnl nhnul n lull h|tenn whale,I
lh- ti.'ii'i n iiumliiunc iaa nil. in the.
tender emutlnna, llr ilmi'i irn In fur
clilvnln '■'■••■ un   Ida tuntlveataatrlot-
I.        IMU    TL       ,1
"Kearneji hnd u Kehu r. iht* |mly
Mino, lhal uaeil In I ■■ a |dli,t limit, anil'
wutilri -nil in an) kind nf weather that
a Byln* ll-h wuiild Ilu-in    .Wet lUrtl
arouud in the imrlhweal Irntlea i ■
iwlitleluuklii'furajeniiFalf.f i i	
im'V Mild that in u<<i ihi' heal reaulta
frum edniuilliiii ymi inn»l r.ilili Vim
"I wttn'i Imre yuu l«<IHn' iiImhk il<nl
crulw, iIuiurIi ii would make » iiilghlj.
good alni) ii'flf. bill at laal weratijrH
»ur calf nn-. hlaled him lulu at ■'-,
 leek,  Kearney named lilm l._'i-
Willie, after a kid uf hi- nun, Thrn
\ve|MM fnrlhereef.ohlrhhadaan ih *
lagiHin hifthle nf It, and w*« ■Ih.jfl.t, pi
a* well CUt ••nt fur a uhaleaeadeiny a«
any place yuu could ilul in the «.■•_
"K. ittii'vV Idee   wa«   1«   n-e   Id*
whalea muatly fur tarn*, ihuujr, im*
Umea for Inrimlu l««it».   fci he hnd *
harneaaflltpd uver Utile WIIIIeNihea I,
wilh a »ii'id «|iiir lu fn-ui,  and   lei
n..ui.-d bim to u- full illi al an old j
hulk lhal wa* mowed for a taiiM
"llow did hr make Mm tto It? Ul,, ,
every lltue little WIIDp would hit l»c \
hulk fair and M)uare. Kearney wtiuld •
give him a luui|i of -ugar.   Vnadun't
mean to *a,v ynu didn't   ki  ««   u. n
while* Hktd ingai    Nf*. Ilmt  .
met) .-nr   ...it vi-i "tTer him a lutn|i ;
.11   l   a,.    Ill   tl   l,r .!•«•.,
"Wiii. if iiniii!- wrniou ihe ntpeii
llo nl   termed  In Itr a .iHV-.e.     Utile
Willie ..i....t!.id tdtteatlon ai If hi*
father had lieen a cn|irge nn
He would li* nolntlntf at thr largel
wllh hU rtnke. a i|ui,rrln'llkr a eat'«
tall whru ►he'i watehlue for a mua«e,
ami ihrn when Kearne> w,iuWelv*tl <
•itftml In iir-Mdtu'hlmwhhahanwe-i
hr w.utd -h-«i forwanl like a hulVi
ami Lit ihat hulk a -wit* thai wonP J
ratllr ll Id r a d>nandlr Ida-' I' ■ ■
lie would iwlffl hark, h«|M-j and prrwl,
for hla Mtw ****** - Mt.ile on hi-faee
lhal WMiddlakflnafourdiortetntrk
»'}*.»nirUme» Kearney w«-*i1d ritf him ■
up with a »|«r t«r)»eiln. and he •**»*-
it, Bed tn *iop nt ihem limp* and hark
■Wiy «• MOB M lhe *pafr louehrd lhe
"W»l. 1 wae Wortird alt the time, fur
I didn't krnm where ell Ihl* a
to rnd.  Lillle Wllllr kepi gTvmle'Mfr '
If.T    illl!    I  L*-'l'l,    nit  '    WP    Imt!   tn   la! e |i
fl(tiii* lilm wiili new mm hnwa in piece
nf tdiiM' in-M ntitgrmvn nnd get tin'
mnrc hulka In tokfl ilia pli enf Ihnae
he wu- imnihlng into klmllln't it
Innkeil !<■ nn' "" If there wea trnttble
ahead, and Mire enough there wet,
"(im' rtey Kearney wai in n luul hu.
niur nnd eheenl-mlncledt When < <■
ilarletl nnl fur tnrtfri   practice   lie
Inlihed Utile Willie wllh llie her)	
liefnre he gnl him headed in the rlfrlu
dlreethm, off he ihot, a» he'd been
"Kearney Iried tn call him beck, bui
yun knnw yniireelf It wein'l rean •
aide in expect he'd hear it. In a not In .
minute Utile Willie had ameahed clean
Ihrough ihe itde of the Lady MIe*
uml ihen he came Iwek, Innueent mnl
ifttaaihflffd, f"f hi" lugar,
"Weld you never ne a man in ern*v
with rage ti* uimi Kearney wn» ,1
(hough tin- ililug wee entirely hi- • wu
fault, hf Uid h nil io that pnnr. In
olTenelre liea»l md when Utile W
Mr -Hum on. expect In' to he prel*i
and rewnnVd. m* he bad a perfc •
right i», Kearney yelleili Vlel away,
ynu ttii'ii.-i" and ui\r him a klek,
"Well, yuu knn* Ml tip Willii- new
had otieh nn ln«nll liefore. nml '•
knueked him ai» In e heap He look,
nt ui reuroaehfol for a mltuite. nol
then be turupd around on hU (all, dt«"« ,
niiled ami deltberele, nml put t<> ica
Wp never aeen hint nvaln,
"Nnw .mi »ee wlmt happened In I' •
Kathleen, don'l ynu? The whale v •
a layln* head an the ihln whru ihe*
trim thr harpmtn Into bim. He loot,
that fnr Ihe •Itftml and without *(.-«• '
pin' w it.*! i, he earrlrd out hh. iral* ]
"And I'm hettln' that If thoee men
hadn't   IhpII   Iimi   rtiulttrrtl     to    loot    ;
it., v .1 ha«p •■ • that there whnli
hod Ol a ram h«w\"   N, V, Hun.
"The whale t .ti.it...i ihai *bip "-
cittee lhat wa* whal he   hnd   been
trained tiidn   Hpwe*u*inowild whale
lip wa* mv hoitf Inel {<•> \ IiiiIp WllMe
"I \*t>\ if IM been there and whinlled
lo him he'd have *wutu up to ute
•tutllln' and waevetl hla tall. Imi yun
e»rr lee a whalp *ntil'-^ Well, jn»l tf«*
io the #—. ami look at ihrhip|p*|toia<
mnn ihroutfh ihn.ttft**-*t |*air«f op'ry
gttaAe ...ii, iiii tint, ^od you ran get
tome hlraof therlfeet.
How do I know hp wa* Ml lie tt tlllf"
How do you know a cyelone *trurk a
luwn when you ain't »ren li? Hy the
rr*ulta, don'i jnm? ^pH, I d^n't n«v«l
o« mure tu hlenltfy my pet
OfemirM Ihen i linle dl*ere|*an
• ie*. The male **y* the whale lhal
oirtiek lhe Kathleen wa* tin feel long
IJttla Willi, ao li* frpt ****** Inch
■ad lhrw.|Mot»i.ii Im ihai ain't m
f«lal iHlTereuep.
"Youdon'l iYali#i»Mnlei*yMU'ir*eeii
a *p-rm whale in aeimu him haid ti
«* lu lakp hi* mea*iirv within ait inett
ir |wuMtt*t«<r ihemehw-HmManr*** I've
known men •<* mi** il hy a* mueh «•*
all inrhe*  >dd hamle el n- ■
"With mw *ori*enu H*» w..r*c *p|
■tneelheartlahmkout r»--p»-ti «****•?
t«enl tvt frrt hintf. and when «r tf>.i
him ahnard we (Mehtnt him inlo * me**
|mth l<aitrt with n_MH emuigh left
for a nwtttt-H
"The di*cM«tncy etetut the *«iehi
i-.Vt a-rtt- at <lf*i »"tfht ihan thp otw
nothln' in It. Tin* mate layi the Katli
1 -' whale weighed n1" tnni, Little
Willii' weighed ina ("ok H7D potindi H
".in.- - mnl ihreo-elirhlhi the Inat time
I -n» inin, imt ynu knnw yourself M w
i'<fn iwople will Inee ih*Hh mi poor
)>• >u nl.
.u long its Willie Mnyed with on we
nlvvoyi miw iimi in- gul pleniy tonal,
inn after he lt*ft ui be bad t" huatle
fur hlmeelf.   I dun unl thnt Utile
lu«f[ of three imi- or an ni any evlileuee
ngnlnal hlentlflenthinatall,
"'Irniiiio' wltnlei wai Jim Kearney**
Imi. There never wai« greater gon'
d plentiful Inoonic lo tin' Norma nth
penenutii who look the nppnrtutilt'-
to plant choice regetahlei In tl.,■ mi
joltilng flchli, Then tiny ileuinndc
large cumpenautloti fur the nllcged
damage dune by their neighbor's rnh-
blti, Every year De MaupiinMint had
tfi pny heavily, nnd tli*- |ien«iuita began ii. feel Ihni n rabblt*warrun wa*
i,n excel leu i neighbor,
Afteri fo\> year*,however,thrown*
er nf the warren heirnn lo gtnw tlreti
uf lhe arrangeuu ut, lie rrcknnetl
ibtii under Ihe exlitlng Mate of thli u*
tin. few rnhbltaheihoi eoat liltuahnui
♦'.'ii each, wliitli wa* rather h iiiturh,
The Enderby Mills are the heaviest shippers to the
Orient In Canada (of Flour). The brands of Fiour
that are made here are general favorites throughout
the Province, and Include these:
Moffet's Best, Hungarian, Premier, Three Star,
Drikied Snow, Alpina, Strong Baker's or XX,
Wheat Sheak, Superfine, Graham, Whole Wheat
Patronize 1Ee Home Mill
tliiio wluu dim Kearney woe, inn in ,
wee reekleee nod inri ..f ah 'v" fVr ini •«<»>«»l«»lio ipurUniiii
II.' gu| the nutl.to that irni lubatei. s" '"'  •''•1''",l,,l'«l tn dcetrn) thegami
wiih in be the greal omul feature of   l,r''*'Ml
 enmln'century    It made him elm      " "" n#nl ,,,,u''' ,r,",,N'      ihtr'
nly  f.itir nr tUr borriiuv. in tin
Hm Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
quent In lelh aboul It,
"-ilu- battle fleetenf ibe future.'be
would lay, 'la erutaln* by iloki* iinwar
tbriiotfh Ibe trnple *>*•»*. They need liu
eoalln' ilatluni, nn dry doeke, nn re-
urvee <d men nod ammunllluu, Nn*
tore Im heepln* them op lo lnexlinuat<
iide number* fur the natlnn lhat Hml
Inti. wit einmub |o uh tlo-io nml tli.ti
it.iite'ti wilt ba,e Ibe mneten uf the
rneloKure, nml u fc« ferreti *"<'i
hilled nil the wen pa III I.
One night, afler all the rnuhltahad
been deatrnyed, tl wner happened
in rlall hl> furiuer preierve, and dc
leeti i man ihulklug nhmti undei
tl t ti..    with :, * inn It u ■ n liUhaeh
lh V    • [innped In thi
ennelu'l n tl   I tl n li id come i
ileal n mil ttlien he ehallenged I im
iln Rup|HiL»ed tl'iff took t<> Mn lire!)
leaving iln1 lutek liehlnd lilm,   ti wa
f I I., he filled with rahhttanfhnth
Tin' mnn we I tm Ihlef, bill » neigh
Ihu "f tin- writer, who. ihrewdh rri
"Kearne,, waa -" imaeeaaetlwhh ihh
mil hut ihni hedetertulnerl lultegln lry«
lugeaperlineuti hlmeelf, !■•• had n Idi
,.f a reef hi the Ihtl ninan Ihni ludnat,,
ever rlilteth nod it. imrauoUed me i>.
.■-■ dnwn therr nud help him,
1  , ! H'tilnif that ther*- enuld he nn mm
»1 tried n. _.t l,lmtn_i...,|lMhlu« ,,„„„„.,.. i, there were nnrnWdta, hi
op bin >-.., Igl, .a well irt lu gag „,„„„,„ u BlhU„lde to reaieck U
a \anderbdt auliuunblle with a red ,*„,.,•,.„.
neehile.   H** %.a* i-i-t act, nnd (here    '
waan'l anything fur it but tu let him "™^--—-—---....-——
ha,e hh> uwn way.
... loll,  tl.ai, ,er»«rt,r nt a Ic- SERVICES
•>>•■  ftrart, Urllar, ««d „ DlVlte, S,IVI». ,v«y Suticlay at 7 30 p. m,
,riakhnr-. Trlrk. > Stiiteby-S^o.l tn I Bililo Cia--   .
a*_tHt.it*«.^iTt..i.ii..v ih,r....r. *"*« "***«■ ■      T"*,i'*- *'■"'■
rter de» t        i A hearty walean-alui all.
\|<iup»»*a!.i,    who   •«•»■    M i i— i.,   —!S
near hi* h»me a rahl I  i A. N, MILLER, Patter
ti .i  icrei in the mht^l ufeulllvtted R«_;.Ji!ii« CliflSt., neat the Chuuh.
List with us
Place your property ln our
hands. We arc In touch
with men who are on the
buy.      Bargain  hunters.
Thi only Laced Agent who Mve»   \~l,   1   .    l_L-t—
Ih, Okanatat. V.ll.y,       A  - HALE E„d,rb). Hom, At„,
Thli la H. P, U,'a apaM—waieh it
Harness-maker and  Repairer. Trunk.
Valises.   Etc.
lhe Choicest Section
in the Okanagan
Will always be lound interesting lo Ihe homeseeker.
for the homeseeker will always llnd here a place
he can call home The Ewimraph wants to be
lound In every home in the district It is lound in
every horns in Enderby. Why can t w. make It
a regular visitor to every home in the country
round-about > It would also be an interesting visitor
to the home in the East, and ihere is many a quiet
moment in lhe lives o! lhase dear nes across tht
il I '
ings ol ihe inhabitants ol our Eden—whaw you,
their boy. resides    T .vo dollars a y i* Si si* ftr.s
We simplify life by living naturally.
Every man finds that the first step towards
settling down Is to settle up.
This is the season when you pop the question and then question pop.
The surest xay to put sin out of business
Is lo reach above him for Something better.
When love Is burled under a load of selfishness it is pretty hard to pull her out unscathed
When a man feels he has a work to do he
would be the veriest coward 1! he refuse to
step up
How strange It is that men are so ready to
kick the man who is down and boost the ma.t
who Is up.
When we condemn a man unheard, we
do ourselves a great Injustice in that we shut
our eyes to his vinues,
We do not speak from experience, but it
does seem that the best club (or a married
man lo stiek to is the sitting room.
Every young lady knows the danger ol compression ol lhe waist, but is willing to take a
long chance when George, dear, is near.
Thought messages are flying all about you.
To get in touch, tune you receiver to catch
the pure and holy—they will come to you.
Too many people pray Cod lor His divine
spirit to rest upsn them with a pipe full of sin
in their pocket or a bite ol It in their mouth
Noxious weeds are only plants that we do
not understand. Like all of Cod's creation,
when understood rightly they have their virtues.
It is easier to damn than I .■ ■■ and
since "man makes Cod In his own Image." he
teaches lhat Cod is more ready to do the
lesser thing than the gieater.
Our conception of tairncss is all a matter
ol perspective When m have tasted of the
flesh p>ts It is a difficult matter ti see things
Irom a totally unprejudiced stand j> Inl
Wc have heard Irom President Roosevelt
about the "strenuous llle," Rev Wagner (ells
the wotld about the "simple life," and n >
our Irtend Wm. J Twtss is radiating the sub
limity of the Canada Llle' We do hear much
about life!
Sometimes we meet a man so sot agin thc
Truth that he wont reccgnl«e It ll It d
a down the chute ot dogma. Speaking it
dogma reminds me: A young lady school marm
wanted to see what th .   a me au- 11
the children In her class, and sh: asked them
is compose a sen;-:fioe with thc
used m ihe sentence   one bright utile fellow
tame at it Ihis way  "Our dogma has seven
! -;"
Old Country
We have Ihem In stock.
For comfort and wear you will
nol find anything to excel. If,
indeed, equal, the English made
walking shoe.
Also a line of excellent shirts, and
Summer Underwear. Socks, etc.
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all in. When you are
preparing for Pall delivery trees, write me. I represent the
Nurseries of Slone _ Wellington, Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby 	
D  __!      1 BRICKS
bricks brcks
The best clay in the Valley   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices    Large or small quantities
IS* Enderby rick 9b Tile Co. Enderby, B C
Thai touches the artistic
and keeps house lor Econ
omy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do nd have
to send your priming out of
town Anything that can
be done tn Toronto iln
ordinary commercial print
ingicaii!» done right here
Tho Edcnograpli
l_M>r. h t
Good Evening!
Have you paid your Subscription ? THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY. B.C.. JUNE 14, 1905
Second Year
. .    i.'__.l___S
Bettt. wM__t-;,—'^.1^*—
W'leat lice; Local I'aitors
These are the days of the
n     ■     ns pattei
"1 In tke Pulpits St*1
Rev. Mr. Campbell preached|   "i   I th      t- ol Christ con-,
a sermon to young men Sunday straineth us,   waa ihe text of!
morning  in the   Presbyterian Rev. Mr  Miller's discourse Ini
.'luirch, taking his text (rim 1 ,.    u.,l„.|cm ^h„„-ie c„„j„j
John 2:14,   Of all men Irom ,he Me!ho :4 .   m^ f^\
I  m ve may take advice ll is evenln8'   He ***"M^ by •«•«
su ha man as the Apostle J hn, llle of Paul the Iruitfulness of a|
l.   in his close touch with Christian's llle when the love
J<   is, and his sympathy for of Christ is the constraining!
his fellows, was given a keener power of thai life, ln the face of I
■ Inl   mankind than ind rl llcule the apostle
lhe prlvll ge ol any ot tl lilt ilsoi men,
rs. They, ingn ght always in love.
in the apostle wrote, and When the love ot Christ is in
of whom he spoke as being one's heart there Is such a
strong, were not those of great hungering for souls that one
physical strength, nor yet th my rest outside of
of great literary  genius,  but the work for souls.    If wc as
rati r, he spoke to those who Christians do not feel that long-
■• :e-' In lhe      • Ing n aid in the bringing of
and "had overcome the others lo Christ: if we have
■   .      •'   The true test -I become Indifferent to ihe wel-
-.3 nol on tho athletic fane of our In . Ighbors
• .e! in the literary.  Is we have not the love of Christ
i ■ ind In the place where the In us,   There Is nothing so pre-
g man has to stand k>r clous as the soul; nothing can
m<i principle and truth In the face recompense for Its loss.   We
ins. milk tanks; strainers, skimmers, of scofilngs and ridicule from may win honor, fame and riches
.    ml anything In this line we have it. his friends.   Behind the man but if one's soul is lost In the
In "h ni the word )!God abides winning Hie has been a failure.
Cliff St.
HI WSi.»_. 1—.--fglXtlallin ixawanKT—agl
For lie Dairy
Summer Drinks
Pure West India Lime Juice
We have pul
Bottles. 40c and SOc
D. NAIRN y CO.. BSfl&Jfrf s,aUoners
.'toll,   cec
R. P. Braclltv, KihI<t!>y I lardwarc Merchant "
 fails; he Is stiong In evety winning that has not love in It.
recenii"              . nuking position .'. -ini Christ's klnguom Is founded on
" rming his duty !-- . ve. and His life, work was one
■ ie abuse cr the a| No life Is so potential
t   ..    a ...... ■■■
ibjut him.    The man as that constrained by the love
ting logo I and none so sure of
nits,    V/e may have the
Ukanagan Prick Lo., IU i.t.y r..,J..l.>. ll C   -., e Hapse; .'.-herein the man wealth of the world,  and the
  livinginfellowshipwilhCcidwill knowledge of lhe sages, but If
Urn                                      • waver, no matter in what Christ's love is lacking our
4_   1  _iri_~"0illlS       :    i-.."in:ls himseli placed, efforts will not avail	
But to bring together legitimate Buyers and Sellers, and will
!-.. ,:■-. ,.-. t    ■•■ ...   ...   iti.-e anyone I   king (ot  i Ii m« In
','.   villi
all the Informal	
.:.,!■; \ i       t        ll. v.t\Wti   reports from several firms of
Saddle li • inland. Vane iver dealing Inn say that
Cliff St    J.!. .pawmem o!. Un    «> present it Is selling much
ENDERBY  «d Works, Victoria ,ne  sa|e having been
 issued a noil, ance mad(J M iw M 5220
tegardlng lhe renewal of limber
COal prospecting   license? Our CunuMUnt Comet
Nicely Printed
The notice is lo the
This Office "" aPPliM,lon''    "
1 int. wmic |,censes mus, j,,. j.
————— department.  accompanleJ
the requisite I
date of the explrai
; ttn{ license In
H. N. Hondri :. 0,1
strong con I
.  .   ill [In ; •''
block.    Al
While a dog Is chasing a cat	
the rale of ten miles an hour
,y a goal Is chasing the d?g at the ',EAR f«ien,">
.»e rate of twelve.    How far will Wh«« m *** > l
it be ahead when the goat •*
•ijthe dog?
astute   Nadtt„ui. laund-,;-.  .
No renewal can be granted in m good clover pattuir
the cases of licenses which caitit. al 12 per month.  A&fiy to
have expired,
tt Is announced that the rea-
■ this stale of affairs Is
xdinglothe law asll
lands the department has
I •  nly to renew licenses—
II cann ,1 revive any   There
1 license has expired
it is dead (or all time.
20 per cent off
On all Ready-Ma tic Clothing. (For cash)
rlt hei It ittelicatea
lhat your paper »'ill be
atopped'   Wc **n| (0 continue your name on the I nol be com
plete without 11    Thank you, in anticl| il
J H CA-a
R. Sharpe
.1 ft
LO.L No. 440
A. L. U.
C.O.F.No 1058
For Sale!
M    1 i     •   M,.telll
The grants of land made by
the provincial government to
.mteers far the South
- must be selected
re July  I   next.
act    ' -
n K !• Green.
D       has I
•    ntly;   In fa
M. J. 11F.NRVS
AwAkbED First
< 1 s.
Twenty Years a Visible
MnM.eal.lfl5 St Jaa
Vancouver, Ernr.l 1
When you are in need of fine silver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or olher anniversary presentations, you will
find the best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armsirong, Manager, Armstrong,B. C.
and Piumhi
An experienced copper, tin, and sheet-
Iron worker. Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship:   satisfaction guaranteed
Pluml .1   and   Filler.  l.n.l.iU    B C
lifllM. tl
Wirtft-fMK.M« . ftiih»rdvonf& Hi* bop
'   1*  h'hu-l.
Hu' j an Hot Springs
Arrant Ltkt, ti f
r Sail
B.C. Grown Slock of Fruit
and Ornamental Trees
.- .   -
For Sale
■    u on C fttei    -        Re and
•   ie
Paltry Baking
H. J.
lhe ivtn.     Al»'sy Ira h       Ice Crean
.,-",,        Nice   lllll     ■ •
. ,/ villi bake ycurbr-eai this lUltimet
STORXY, TKe Enderby bakery, Bradk
v nik
Bear this in Mind
KUCl W.tlmin.l..  Road
Vtfne oec\
ll   .
There may be, m doubt Ihl i
will equal anything .ve have ab  il
      in excell us
.:; location Is   ,:::
,• ires ab Ul tl rti }f the Okanagan that
v in ihe. way of n.f... ■ ik | ns for home-life,
itlC conditions are ; >rfect; and for health and
i.    No cold  damp veather, or hot sultry days,


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