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The Edenograph 1905-03-08

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V      f
,-»' I
**    I     .      /9
Volume I.   Number 43.
ENDERBY. B. C, MARCH 8. 1905.
$2 a Ye
Henri C. Jolt de Lotiuhiere.
[l.s.] CANADA
Province of British Columbia
tween Ihe hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m..
and ft. I. Bentley. Esquire. M.D., of
Endeiby aforesaid, thill be Ihe Reluming Officer thereat.
it ,,,,   .   .L   -        tr. a   ,     The persons qualified to be nomlna-
Eca'ard VII., by the Grace o God, ol ,.j ,„, ,„j „_,7_i m,^,. „i ...„b n...
,k. t i-i,_j i/,„_i„„, .,/-.„, D.i..cn ,ed ,0' an(1 elected Mayor cf such City
the United Klnffdom of Great Brtufn at the first election sha,| be such per-
and Ireland, and ol the British Do-        aj ,  Br|   h subj,cls ^
minions beyond .he seas, Kins. De-(u||( ,w.mj,one yea^ and ar,
."-.::- ta.ka.ta L,, disqualified under any law, and
... untune, -have been for the three months next
Chari.es v, ils-vi. i Whereas by sec-1 preceding the day ol nomination the
Attorney-General. I tlen 3 ol the assessed owners of land or real property
'Municipalltlej Incorporation Act." as |„ the City of the value ol one thousand
enacted by section 2 ol chapter 55 of dollars, snd are otherwise qualllled lo
the Statutes of 1699. it is provided vote at such election:
that it -hall be lawful for lhe Lieu- The persons qualllled lo be nomlna- .
tenant-Governor In Council, by Letters ted tor and elected as Aldermen ol such d,t*5 "r ,h* °"lcej * M»>'5r and Al
Any person may complain lhal his Ollicar shall, upon being sillsiied ol
name is Improperly omllled Irom the Ihl fact I such death, countermand
voters' list, or that anv other name Is nonce cf the poll, ind all the proceed-
Improperly Inserted thereon, and may ingswith reference to the election shall
apply io any Judge of the Supreme or be commenced alresh: Provided lhal
County Court lo have his name Inserted n fresh nomination shall bat necessaryl
Iherecn or to have any naii.es imprcp- in lhe Case of a candidate who stood
erly Inserted thereon struck oil the said nominated il the time ol the counter-
list. In such latter case reasonable mind of the poll,
notice, to be determined by the Jii.. f a poll being held.the can-
appliedI to, shall be^lven to the pers;n didaies (duly qualified' who shall ob-
whose name Is proposed to be struck tain the greatest number of votes shall
off. The Judge shall hear and dispose be Mayor and Municipal Aldermen reset all such applications In a summary inactively.
way, and the Returning Officer shall, Every person quilliied to vote shill
amend the list In accordance with ih» have six votes, being one lor each Al-
Judge's decision. I dermaii lo be elided, and one for
At least six days' notice of the lime Mayor, but he may vote for any lest
and place of nomination and of holding number thin six. Provided always, that
of the poll I If anyl shall be given by the he shall not cast more than one vote
said Returning Officer; such notice to In favour of any one candidate or vote
be posted during that period In the! en more thin one occasion. And In
manner provided by section 30 :f the1 the event ol the number of votes being
"Municipal Elections Act."
The Returning Officer shall, on the
day of nomination, at 2 o'clock p.m.
announce lhe names ol the persons put
In nomination In lhat behill as candi-
.o.c.ee.-uu.«...w. cce vvuecee. u)ueueia  |ea 101 IM eleClerlajAlOermenot SUCn•-. ~T.'"/   ,,_      ,,,1,, .... mavha   .fundi
£rr„.?,0^ ^'l^n^te'sTrwhl'.he
porate Into a City or Town Municl- persons as are male Bmlsh sub|ecls of P" lll«c"8ns ««•                           .          .   M, ta _,-,..
pallty any locality in the Province, as ,he full age of twenty-one years, and |   Ai the. eloss e! the time for noml- ,h,,X sa<^ Relumine 01
found to hive been equal for any tw
or more candidates, one or more of
whom, but not all of such candidates,
being by the state of the poll entitled
to be declared elected, the Returning
Officer shall, by a casting vote or votes,
decide which of
votes may
r ■ , :-:
l.'.^r- :.   -.    .:   :;-.,
Province to be hereunto affixed. Wit. Molasses always runs faster tr. ihe
nets, the Honourable Sir Henri Gun- weather warms.
Tavi Jot-r ot Lotwniire. K-C M,G . |,a C. Jones is building another cot-
Lieutenant-Governor of our said Prov- lage.   a tenant is waiting.
Inceof British Columbia. In our City H w Harveyhas bought the feed
of Victoria. Ini our said Province ihu and ^   iWk d w, }Mti
28th day of February, one thousand
nine hundred and live, and in the fifth
year of our reign.
By Command.
Fmd J. Fulton.
Provincial Secietary.
A meeting will be held in the Orange
The Rothesay Lumber Co. will start
the mill at Maia next Monday.
Seed time is here, and the stores
are showing large stocks ol all varieties
If you wear overalls, you will be Interested In the big stock of Levi
Strauss garments shown by the Enderby Trading Co.
Subject for debate at Ihe Literary
Hall. Bell block. Friday evening at 8 ,hZT.„J."R*Tw*- Thai»am«
B>l«k !«*«■« minietal mTuer!.  ,h,s «y«n!l«'   Resolved: That women
o'clock, to discuss municipal matters,
should not   engage   In  industrial or
ine run age oi twenty-one years, ana i   «• ■••'«""".'» ' " "' •"'»•»"■ ,„,, the said Reluming Officer shall say of a poU being Uken
are not disqualified under any law. and i na ng  hteairildates lh. Returning ^ .*»* «
And whereas  a petition has been have been for the three months next|Olll:er shall deliver'toevery eti
and If possible to select a mayor and "™" 7", 3_»
five eoundlmen who can be elected by «
acclamation, thus avoiding the traces-
Notice let Elclur.
election shall be borne by the said City
Declaration blanks, that all must It'.l
It Is reported that the mills and timber limits of the Yale-Columbia Lumber
Company, have been taken over by the
Columbia Lumber Company,
The Kamloops Lumber Co. has been
shipping from Enderby about eight carloads of lumber a week the past month,
•AV-^-W? t tm Vftisra?
it H   W.  Harvey's. The Enderby
Trading Co.. and die Postofflce.
R. lawn BitmiY.
Reluming Officer
presence of the candidates, If they attend for that purpose.
The Returning Officer, after Ihe
declaration ol the poll, shall retain the
ballot papers and botes until a Clerk
shall be duly appointed, to whom he
shall forthwith deliver the same
Every person vho shall have presented himself for nomination, and who ,
shall have been elected a Mayor or M_^*_f!!^!La
Municipal Aldermtn. must serve to-aj^mm?tl7mm\
thetetm for which he has been elected. ali«c tin hinet teen, we ait
A meeting will be held in The
EOMtooMFH office, on Thursday evening to discuss the making cf a bovnlg
green and tennis ground, and starting a
ToO.fat.iK i D...-D.II .'Wiatwn slub-
_s J C. English is keeping hu Japan-
The fallowing letter should com- ese mattings to the (rent,   They are
tend tuell to e_bas.-b.il enthusiasts, the best that ever were shown htte  t
anywhere    Patterns the daintiest and
quality the best,
G, S. Mshr. of Hedley City, u visiting  his home neit Endeibv      Ml
Mshr speaks in glowing terms cl the
Ntckle Plate city, believing thai I
have the biggest mine tn America.
Superintendents Marpole and K
patnek were in the Va     "    tree)
a • ,t- and as a result ol thur visit the dill/
addressed to the Lleutemnl-Oovernor preceding the day of nomination the or agent of a candidate, applying lor the ____,.*__
in Council. In compliance with the assessed owners of land or real property same, a duly certified Hit of the names     All.
provisions and requirements of said in the City ol the value of five hundred «' 'he »"»»l candidates who shall
section 3. praying lhat the locality here- dollars, and are otherwise qualified to' hav* *m nominated; and any votes
tnafter described may be incorporated vote at such election: | given at the election for any other can-
Into a Municipality: The persons qualified to vote for dldates than those so nominated shall
And whereas the Honourable Sir Mayer and Aldermen at such first be null and void.
Henri G. Jou di LoTtusieRE. K. C. «l*ctlen shall be all such persons as «•« »• expiration ol the time ap-
M. 0„ Lieutenant-Governor of Our »'« ">«■<> British subjects of the full polntedlortheeleetionasaforeuild.no
Province of British Columbia, by and age oltwenty-one years, who are free- JM* f™"'"^ ^H~ *?|
wiih the advice ol the Executive Ceun- holders, homesteaders or pre-emptora there a e vaeanelea to be ^ed up the
ca under and by virtue ol the powers within the boundaries ol the munici Returning Officer shall fortii.ith de.
la^iM^ taby P** *ho hive resided within th, eto.the cand,datea w o ma, tun
the uld Acts, and ol all other powers boundaries el the municipality Icr one nominates to be electes. ana return
and authcrtttes him in that behalf en- year immediately preceding the due of their namea to the Registrar of the 5u-
abilng. hath ordered that all those pieces ih«" Letter* Patent, and who shall. P™»C**'J: ,„,„.m.lM, lolh.
or Mreels ol Und situate, lying and Wm*. the day of such election, have     No speeches er interruption to the
belli in the Osoyoos Divisicn of Yale applied to the Returning Officer, and proceedinp of nomiiuilng eatttdidaiea unlets tn case of alekness. or In defauli
DttWet  In inVProvince -I Brtuh h»'«had their names placed on the »««he hustings shall be permitted by pay, sum of fifty detUw !»••-
Columbia that la to sair-Latanum- lut of electors for such election >he Returning Officer between the Municipal Revenue. *eh turn, will
bied 149 and 150 Group I of the    ">"" *• ~l<i City Is divided Into reading of the notice of election and e0lU. shall be  rec^verata. by th.
Oswno* Division of' YalelDttulct a »•»'-• *« M»/« »"^ Aldennen shall *« closing of the proceedingi.on nam- .CI»A of ihe Municipality, atl
Sol Ut. -« half of the north- b. elected by those qualified to vote in laauon day by th, Returning Officer   'Wm.^ J«tlc.^lh.f^e.
eut quarter of Section 22. a portion <>•* »>>«l« City. If. al the expiration af auch lime.     Any vacancy In the sfflee of Mayor \m e!sB, w 4,-^5,4 -u, _ „ ,(>»,» Xrm MWe, w,n b, maturated on
el the west half of   the north-west     Tn* Mi)'5' *niJ Aldermen elected al more candidates stand nominated thin or Alderman shall be fined u provided imM{ „n be called at aa earty _■• hi   r before April Ist. report uys Mar 13
ous.ier ef Section 23 a ocrtion of ihe »-'' ''•"> election shall hold ollice un- there are vacancies to be filled up. the by the "Municipal Eleettotu Act," -wei »f utaiww * wheieW aad     Mln,_, -sweenav eontKJiiiM. -he
Slut Ser" "stcK' 2..1ejt. « hu .uccusor. or a a_M> ol the.r Returnl* Officer ,M   Mm1 the     Tb. IW Zffl»*~>* h«^^^«^^ J -S- "5, TSa! In
tubdivitlon 12 of fieciion 26, and a tuccessors. have been swatAt. unleu ntmeaol the cindtdatet. and publicly shaU be held on lh* first Sawrdayalle' MtWT ft^^ ,0 Vwnonon
rCv^a^^-S ?.^ib..h,du.yo.,h, Returning ^MM V±S2l__Th_W_L___-l'_'_. pi^&ttST*'*1*"*- \7*X^ ^ '" '
anottionof lenl aubdivm n 9 anda Officer to enter In a book, in alpha- the Municipality, for the purpose d in lhat behill. ill prsceedingt at at»d< -,.„„ ,h., _,,,.,. ,,,.,„,.,, B_ „L_ „ _„,„ ..„ .„ lh.
*C theSt hSitll\t south-ust betical order, the names, addresses and uking the *uu of lhe electors accord- .elating to th. meetings of lie Council C«dd nol Alatmiwt bel^xen * „ Bj pme U running lowm the
SrfS^n.-airiTSMahto oeeupatlonsof all persons, qualified to ing to law: and ahall then ad|oum the shall be held and taken tn »«,d.itc. .^^g^ftLJj J^f ^™_^,^ofb^w^SZk
iTrZmXsmiJm^nAntS »««" tloreuid.who make appliea- election, and shall uke a poll by billot, with the prsvum eonuiMd tn ut« tutig is, dueuss bswknc and tennis» ,^>^'We^^U«^
a*m\Z£ZS^^ t.ontohim.a.aforeuid.tohavTih.lr and shall cauu to be potted up notices "Mumctpal Chuu. *£****<   FmSiI. N.ne-yur-oldwotlt.h>-e;in,"tiw Hwl "w"'
^™Commwctng at the north eut *»«■'** p!*ced on such IM. and sueh ol hu having granted auch poll, tndica- poweta. privileges at* duthu of th* ^^a *&„ and in good condition.
^ofAeuSut ISO.theneewest IM shall be the IM of the electors lor ting lh* names, rutdeocet. and occu-.Mt^ and Coined ahaB b* iht tame ^,,5^, ,joa Apply. SF.Waby.
■Ibn.ihe north boundary cf utd Lot to tuch elections. pations of theondldaiuu norttinated. .s thaw pruenbri by lh. utd Act     EXby.
UtZrUt-wut com., Imi: th«c. ..■_«_•_«-«M__*_J ____•*_? ___" _____«h_l_2 .___& "t^S. ZJZTI.    Found... End,*y. tat* I       »
..-.,;      ,..   .'•..,;   ,
M.  OM Sail. Endeiby.
_alti ^liain. -   thanrra iflulh a dtlllnea some person aumoriaiu ta autuiuiaier  inw ..ec....ua..u... vs laae^.uva ... m» wia  -*.—*#., « •—h, — .,*—» « ..../ ■■—, —
dheito'e^ht ehalru: mm «__- *****- "«"«'»"h •"• «""•• »WfM»' P>»c»»*h*M •*• J»*__« tot th, d«m n,ce_ary. who shall hold office    5.-,, w.
•ton?the southern boundary of uld Lou occupation and qualification* u afore- .hcllen wu puled to. during th. pl.sjure ol the C».e*eil. aid .e^^ --, {w hatclimg,
taoanrj ISOadiau^cTof stxlv-three taid. which declaration shall be Hied     If. alter lh. adloumment of an «!*:■ rective*uihr*mwm«l«tulh«Coun. h ByraSTEwlerby
chainiito thebaSTof the Spallumcheen *'* <he Returning Officer. Hon by the Returning Officer fsr lhe ctl may by b/ law ap:
Star ihr^Mrthlollo^Xwut-     S«h lut and declarations shall be purpose of taking a poll, one of the,   In   tettitmny wlwi ■ .r.tel.
.Z LrAtcJtXtaui riveT to the Mint open to inspection by any person within candidate* nominated thill die Dilute ,e*u,*d these out letter* t, be ma ka
^£l_J_^ : : -	
in.ns.ih waai earner thereof- thence     Before the name of any perton shall In ihe order in which Ihey shall be At tne mat meeting, ot u aetr
wuS lh. i^noS boundary ba pUc«l on th. lut. h. ahall makaand printed on th* ballot papers, which thereafter a                  Efencfl may    **_*"
tWZ^aii^Mt dutance^ of nu»tv- sign a dectaMllon In writing, befwe notteu ahaU. u aoan u pouible at' :>le.«tSrand *• «•«•«*
taM^ii^mta^t*limm «om.p.r.on authMU^ .0 adminutar th. nomination, be pbtcaJSTaH th. Auuut. or such officer*iitonitt ****** I
hundred and fifty-live acres, be the
ume more or lui: and the tnhabiunu
theteof. ahall. on. from and afler the
first day of March. A.D. 1905. be incorporated u a City Municipality under
the uld Acu. and hath made further
provision fsr the tenor and effect hereinafter appearing.
NOW KNOW YE. that by thete
ptesenis WE d: hereby order and proclaim that the locality hereinbefore described, and the tnhabiunu thereof,
ahall, on. (rom and alter the first day of
March. AD. 1905.be incorporated u
a City Municipality, under and subject
10 the prevalent tf lhe "Municipilmes
Incorporation Act. and amendments,
and under and sub|ect lo theprovuions
'air.ed or referred to.
The uld Municipality shall be called
and known by the name and style cl
"The Corporation of the City of Enderby''
The slid Municipality shall comptae
all those pieces or parcels ol land here
inbefore described.
The Council shall contUt ol a Maj
and five Aldermen, and that'll I
ber present at each meeting thete:!
shall not be len than three
The nomination shall uk.plicand
th. poll, fli any shall be held at the
School House. Enderby:
The nomination lor the lirsi lied
of 1 Mayor and Aldermen shall be on
the ISlhdayof March. AD. 1905. at
12 o'clock, noon, and the polling' ll any 1
shall be en Ihe 22nd day of Match.A.D.
i aC5. and shall continue lot one day
. ,:1 the poll shall be kept open be-
;-. n
Public Notice is Hereby Given' ihe Eh
Enderby. that I require the presence of the said elect its at the Public Scho
the 15th day of March, 1905, at 12 »'clock. noon, tor the purpose of electing persons to repre
sent them in the Municipal Council as Mayor and Aldermen.
The candidates shall be nominated ,n writing: the *rlilng shall be subscribed by two voters oi
the Municipality as proposer an. seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any
time between the dale of this notice and 2 p. m oi the day of nomination, and in the even: f a pall
being necessary, such poll will be opened on th 22nd day of March, it the! -En '.-.tb/.
and shall be kept open between the hours of 10 am. and 4 pm. of *hich every p-rs.n is hereby
requited to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
Qualifications for Mayor:  The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected Mayor, shall
be such persons as are male British subjects o! the lull age of twenty one years and are n
qualified under any law. and have been for the three months next  preceding, the day ! n:m;
the assessed owners:! land or real property in the City of the value of One Thousand Dollars, and
are otherwise qualified io vote at such election.
Qualifications for Aldermen: The persons qualified to be n;mina'.eo tor and elected as Aldermen
shall be such persons as are male British subjects of the full age of twenty
disqualified under any law, and have been for three months next   preceding the day Jf nomil
the assessed owners o! land or real property In the City of the value of Five Hundred Dollar   ll
are otherwise qualified lo vote at such election
Given under my hand at Enderby, the 4th day of March. 1905.
R. IRVINE BENTLEY. Reluming Officer.
a traction leu than seven d I
lip la tip. and had a bushy neck similar lo that ol a lion.
The Bachelors' ball given in the
Town Hall Monday night,»_ the most
successful event of th-   •
-    .-. tfaiity people »er* on th-
g,., 0r. ani .ther. enjoyed the itteic :- -
13 fir IS. the card Ubiet,   The music ».
lushed by Messrs  Leonard and r-
mon. and the door was in excellent
e*      .nd-hand condition     Several   attended from
Ailress. H, Vetn»nand Annstrong. and the sur-
      rounding district was well represented.
Jas Haynes wat oul with a light
' «un mar the Haynes cabin. Mable
lake valley, on Monday, when he encountered a l-rocious Mack bear  The
stent on a closer acquaint.
awe than Jin snd he
Mapped away tomewhil
live yeara Mr. Haynes has been enlisted tn the Royal Dragoon d-rdi.
aid served with General French   in
Africa ral "ireated.
Voter". Qc
To be qualllled to
vole at the approaching city election, one
must be able to sign a
;r   ,','i :,",'•   ,.
"I ilull name* do solemnly declare that I
am a British subject,
and oi full ate oi 2!
years, that I am a
steaderorpre I
situate   within    the
municipality, and that
1 have reside I
the boundaries ol the
municipality lor one
year immediately pre
ceding the 28th day of
February. 1905. and I
make this solemn dec
I     -
•ha' It IS Oi I
rceand       l -
.ath and
•• - "Cm
e    Act.
hliged he concluded
l.nJl.k. •   Rem.rl.lcl. Cualli
•• -   -    - be   hai
•* - ware
ii   r and tl
•      •     -
■ -  -
s warehouses
,-aids of
• >■    ■
■   •
drills, due  ha"
tield harrows, spring •
breaking pl-.ws. plsvs. scull, -
•  . IniCka.   hifK":    etc    The
■   .
.   '.  ! 10.000 population. THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., MARCH 8, 1905
l-.i.   :   )'   --
In th      rl:    Even the Latin
lnalai " - :;-   - hose   sll. r,    I Inj
pi Ion a rati     I  15 1-21
ndls -- rth $1.33 an  un
,.. :an'l be purcha
. .--ill ship tli Ir slh
'   .:." . I   :        ,'
.   II    ....      th It Wl
-  -    ,
,:,;   | - • .--. r el     hei immi-
,■.,:.: r she may
. The stock m I
Henry W. Harvey
Clothing and Centl' Furalihln|t
The Weitl.ii
Grot ell,',  -nd Proa iaioea.
House Furnishing!
Staple ,wd Fancy Dry Good.
ry el
Fan. and Card*. Keeiuisitu
Md\l V   Akt.i Ml \
Mucin Supplie.
Spoiling Good.
Doi '
N ...1 tic. ice ic, \1
Thirty year: In Oul
ods to go
Kamloops Lumber L.d°
New Crop  now in Stock
For Spin   \y\ n'.'uu
5010 W.MRilmtrr Koad     Vi
With The Owl
• 'or the
i noi
. I bless  him:
i .
ihe wag
.    -
lllls at K C ipaclty 25.000.000
I-,. KXMI.mi'Ml villi K 11)  111)
I cl..!-.  It O
C. J. B's
#% c Cure Constipation <*jj V
R. R. Burns,
Masonic building
Bums' Toilet Luxurici
■e     -
Can'l lind anything better
That is thr^ ''ten *ho are expert fruit (.
this tract ol land.  It Is right in the i   n
m the Postofflce.   Land is continually -
'.     ivi     J a numbers! these blocks, but I
.: sites left    ■ I fi.id lots     bettei
- , ,■    '  ■••, •      -i*5 '  :,.,.    V  / '   '
Price of Lots
■     * be le
1EJ   si  i-  ■
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, ******
$10 f$?0
For Saleh
JAS. BOWES. Protarictor.
.,.   .. ..
I lave \ our Bu
.1 ft. LINTON
J. A. Taylor   Enderby
I- your health
I n-titcu .
a,'''     ■'-
t . n-Jerb
:      Gi.
and all
pnn'.mg premptl/ ■L
First Year
-2iMetl.od.st Church
Divine Services every Sunday at 7:30 p. m.
Sunday-School and Bible Cllru. 2:30 p. m.
Prpyer Meeting,   -      -   Tuesday, 8 p.m.
A hearty wetcotre for ill.
A. E. ROBERTS. Plalor
Residence: Cliff Si., next the Church.
Kl.l.," .hi' lllll. Hit)!., a* .Icr
itretchwl .... Icn.nl tccanrcl
Win. whu.. iii id, other iln Mill held
hi. I'urii, "what a genuine iur|irliel I
lluiiiglii y»m m. i. ),.a -,N ■ i ,i.- In
ii.,- hill. Conifratiitatlunil Hen wt.)
haven'l you lerciirtet your biidef Ami
.,li) didn't you ......I inc. ranla?   Mill
J'llU   ,!...... wt-rr n cierrlok liceyl"
ll.- Ice-let l.c-r linml n minute, ir-arch.
lll|| llir f.ie-c- leer .oil l llgn ol i-lintirlii
lint i inorkltig kiictlc- una 111 Ileal
greeted I.lltl.
"Tlicr,- weren't any ran!.," itr ,ii.l,
..eini'ial nt hurrtrdlyi "I vaa. In i.mn,
Allil I ,ii|i|c,,-,-cC ,.,ce'c! .ca-mr .cm Ileal
tt I. nil over Willi,   ItV.l.te. >.cu tlllccW
ll   lll.|C| e tie-el   WltllUUl      "
"l'r.-(i.c ration
'Ilcc- fnirl I., I hl.lu'l
tent    It',   all   over
yog?  You I....1. Juil
a trnr.ci... Inl all
e, in, .<„,» rlil' ll„'
c .-all'    Mi.|. I.I.
It, i i.ee.
I '
"N.e; ur liM.ll a l.ace  for .,,wit, lie-
Irliellllir It. tfee |.. ll-r  |lc ,!,»>>.... ter.l
da) lien .In- ilnt Ii, Mr. Ilr„e»n.
\,,.i know bad .-err Writ lolbe Wat-
elccrf. and ihi f. a.ia.t ll in al ...rt.tr.ic
.lei I leii.t-n'l 1. • i- aid. I.- car ter
fta.nl ''
"J.l«l  finCy!     Ye.et  late* IW" tMIUpt,
dnn'lyou? It .er... ....-'*"  Y«>u»rr,
I'cr c ., » a. It*.', lift, tr.w le,r
SI.,.'. In,.I ,.iT there m Ibe n,ueiry.
hi.n'i »hr?  I. »h» pretty?"
"Sic.', n •'... little girl. It-am.
Hetty, I nariti Ha,let, I wa.n'lijult*
mrr you'd .re ne at Aral Hut ll wit
a little tell .lull thi. itx.rnlnt. ii»l I
•ni.l i., niyrlf; Tll.-taie.nt; IVii>
wi. .I..), > good «urt.indanw that
inrfythhig bended   why   ' Tteielet"
"I. ,i. prmy?"
eeghl'i   ft   li!,|.',,   ....  Icte,.«       Vat
I nnrr liked lilondn l-'.i ibe ll quite
'. - si ,'«rk at ill t-i a tut Ilk.
"N.. blnndei .....ally ai*t>'i dirk.
at. thr} * What ell-l feu «a) h*t B*lti»
"llh, dnr mr! nut, ot r..urie. yn»
lia.r eac.inr |wl eiittr? Y»u wrir al-
way. eery rtr.rr at lm|.r.i.t.liwr"
"'>'„. | ju>t rail hrr llirnr .kr per
(en It And ike lte« ralU ft.
"11*. hft. aa ba! Oh tl-*' S-<
"Yra- akr'i • di«tiMM •••rt -f rlrl-
•rrinui, tilirh rkarrh. Mil ill thai! A
.'nr flrl'   ttVd kn..w« .«.'    --it.il
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means ad*
vancemeni. To have
a strong constitution
one must have the best
meats, and that's what
you will (Ind at the new
brick block Always
Irish, juicy and lender.
Geo. R. Sharpe
H:t Springs Sanitarium
TMK- ' '    '
.     ,. .,-   ..-:..- I      ;.-   •
.....     -,,..,-. . '/
lat Dummi. Lirer. ICi_*t Met iMtei.
, :■■, ......
- , ,      ...,- .....  ..(  .
Feel llirr.) 11.1 petticealats a
Halcyon Hot Spring*.
Anew Uke. ■. C.
C.O.F.No 1058
Mee-s ».•-,<•:-1 •-•
well it
cw*elly Hirtted.
H.P.B.,i:.!'«.    Harl
tlnoi wc were. I lel.    Why, 1 knew hrr,
ItvAiity, lirt.ir. I inri.ymi!"
"Ye-«?  You nirirtold mi."
"Will, you .re I never lliceeie/lil ecf
h»r  r.Cr|ll   |.  |he little |||rl lllll eleeeer.
Anil thin—will, yeeu ktlccw, IWuj. 1
never thought <ef anyone but ton
She flnerrrret hi. ear.l nervnuily,
tliinkinir,. ,(-i .liic. the Lit ,.f paitetioird
Igalnlt her riiie...,   Hrr It-n wn. iitctn.t-
rd.   Ill drank hli feviriihly,
"1 lUppoil " ahr .hill. "I hop* thou
Irtte-ree of mine they they tbey
lire-  "
"I lecirtiril ihem- th* nigh, blfor*—
Icrtore ll liapjielled."
"ll  *.«. cjurer.    I lellrw 1 wllgolng
t.e  lee- ninrrir.) tirit clay, but I rru.l '
..cine of ihrni oirr. ftti.l mrr nnel ccirr i
I Igilnl   ll wiillkemrnulngigrirfc u
began to hurt. I had to atop and dump
Ihrmnll In the rlre"
"lie.I |clftcr tor Ueelli, 1 IkiIi! Itwai |
ill ft elrrfltll."
'    "Ah-h-h!"
"We ihOUld llftai !'•«.• ■!..•■'to If lui-
i. ,|.|.i :•'
"Ye.  yecei were Jaal.-.i»  «.,.'. dared
cip   "
"Ami yon (tlrienl   "
"lift, lift!     YceU rftlC'lett.ee     "
"Ah don't talk like that now, lletly!
Il'i ncei nrc-r..nry.   Yeeu   eared   nee
Ulcere fecr lllr Ileal!    "
"I eared fecr n<> >>ue elae In the
wccrld. Tlim". ill! Itul wlmi'.ihru.r
ecf all ihl.. I hull.' I harm'l leen you
fecr more than ft year then t read of
yee.tr mirrlftire. then ynureirileomea
op   tl.rrr day. afirr   And In.leid .ef
lelllllB lllr of ihr perfKllnn. of y.clir
1,,,,'.- yec.l le,),-,, |fl .joarirl with Hie,
JOII like e 1,1 em .. Now Ir'l llie ill
al.ec.lt il!   1. .lee nirr?  Ihli. of e*,ur.e.
•Iir It,   YceU Mrrr nlc.a>..o |eariieii|ftr!
N„ oilier iicrl >.f girl would attract
"Yecei don't einelrr.lftiw! ,|nr» urn—
ir I mean Hetty, llirrlet dkln't at-
inri m> In thlt way.  Y..U lee, when
ycu tnrrw ntr--wt.ru w* qMrn ed
I ...il.., irrrildy lor a innr, I wu
witting tec peit ncy pridr under my l**l
a tliecei.aiicl ice... I wanted t>. Juil
ee.me bwk ind i.k y«u to f unr
n.r   "
"Ihu you ne.rr rime,"
"I wrote, a.km* you—"
"Ah. yM| hut thit li ... different,
When you're Intuited a girl!"
"Intuited!   Why. Drily   "
"Ye., y..ur .uipieicie. wrrr Intuit-
in*   And that raenlmt   ).>maid- >••»
"I didn't know whfti I wai wa}lt.ar ~
"Well. ttf. dr«p ll n..w, 11    1. A
me b..w ll ill happen..! IM . •■« fill
In hew right iway   with hrrf'
"I ne.rr fell In tat*. r*n'ty..uun.
drrtiand, llrauty? Hrr !<>lkt and
mine bird betide rarh ..tkrr in thr
e-einiry f.er y.a.«   \Y* freer up it.rrr
piiyeal togetberl Whr* I (-•<..• t«
mope ai.eun.t home if irr y.eU lhal au
tumu wt,y ii «.. ...total .he an.11
•houtd meet agait- Wt walk.d and
<ba«ei, and playnl iHii.lt ind ra.wed
.ei tkr n.er alter dlnii»i-«rt.«.k «*t
Ihr r*«»e"
,    "ll-hhuhr
-Then I t.dd hir a\»*a\ yoea."
"Y"« dH!"
"I'd hi» ftf mad if t hida't |.dd
...Ro.nr n,t wat n.try W>r U"*
fty |«>.   «•. ..     t'<   *
■I .Npp.tr thrV ohyeet l« y.-earrall-
•  lie  ■
' fudge! Nct't am that kind ..I a
"If ihr kntw that y.«i ««le krt«!
. II*. ba!"
"I*..«f! Mow don't try I-1" t
-runny! Ilut fne bar i-tt h».e
i enft* hark, that tlfte "
-tfrtiil iln»r
-t*. enu kn«W   It-.l ahr wm o*»
' «.f th>»» rlr.»r. «w,-.t«a~d.*r>l *allt
; I kn-rt. Il.eha "
; -r-om twk" ll«w en*M l nm
lewk* Y.« r"l«irier.l my lrt«»»»" In.
yo* rmrmlwrr tVhen I new «.«.»
hanelear,!!. # .-...« thr IM whll« ri-
,.l I- I wa. af.ra -! lo ..pen il think-
Hla* !»i,<n« <-. had «.ll       '      •
I l,«dl 11 >.-el ll   !••   IMH     •• r,-»l.g
liadopeaedH,  tr, a*. mi>*   wj
' own teller fell nut   I Ml
! er*l Up     I   I   ray la-l"    1
> rrted' "*r wa. likr a al.irr t.. ft»,
Tadd Itw li watn'l e».*th il I «*a
t-Att !<■ kill my If'   "h> < «>f »*•-•
ft*- *hr adattrd la.*-'"
-Ah. J«   I •**."
-ejlie l«g#Ml tff t. prolar »ent In
write In y.« wain   t.dd ftr I" t« •
man' ttirn I walle-l tee,, w~k. ne.4*.
Md  I  |.4d hrr  I   WanM  •• ■-
nne* m-.re and the* md i> it <•«■
dhln'i tttw.r   That letter  *hai let-
tef"   ll-w gawjU y-.a ha.e   "
"Again entile your writing e.n the
envelope, mill  again  I  e-nen.-l  It  In
i-k,->   until   1  »nt   with  her  In
I laid tec her: 'Till, endl
I Ima not nut., .-reil tne, I
-r think of her again to
Until    8he altnll  not   intake
my |»
the Ice in I.
it!    II th
-hall   lie.
help  me
inc. tnlTe-r "ce!* "
"And yoci   yecei   re-nil It    ?"
"No;   tlic tnlel tec tne:    'Yeit, yon
u III  wrl.c to her.    Yeeu will ir	
forc-ve-r nt thnl glrl'l feet. You hnve
no pride. Yeeu lecve her. Y,.'. will
open ll nml Itnil your eovn lelter
nnel anil weep!' 1 threw tic- let
ter aornei the lent lutn leer lap. 'You
tire mi.inlcen.' I uld] 'you opin it
do whin yon plena,, with it. I'm
ttar.a.iift.'* In a minute .lee hncl t..rte
il In li.ee nml thrown It ccer the
aide. The antralon* opened ft. It
floated ecu the trill water, meet then
I taw ftiul the - „ e, mv own urll-
Intr   tny own  letter!    Thnl  we. Ihr
end'     Ttcftl   ttl"||t   I   liked   tier   tee   lee,
my wife."
"Ah-h-h! Thnt wat It! I am in
"illftel' glad! What dec ynu mean?
(llnd Hint yeoi icroke my heart?"
She leaned o.er and put her
Icanel on hit. Her Ittipcr. wen
treiulell.ee.* nml her face ..   while.
"I mean, th.il.,  thit  on  lhe la.t
preirc  ecf   |hc   led
llle jutl one ehniii
Write me ju.t uiiie won]   "'I
"Yet   I know ll ley heeirt!'
"Well,  I wreele  11, rlghl   III
ii laidi   'tiivi-
ii ngaln!
Don't v.
bark   l
A til.
tap|iwl the
ll.r ..... «
looked a»n>
ill" the- eaeell
A  |i
t   Ilmt   word
1 ..anted eon
fell .ever them.
i'urii agatnil her
cere   full   ,,f   i„„r»
fr  her. hi.
In. fan ^rty.
I tiitnatlilng lu his throat.
.•nn began to play In lhe
.!..   ft luercitul relief from
Ihe .till
r rlngie
■ trrop
\ If "Made in Canada" is a good motto for Canaaa, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby.
Moffet's Best
Beats them all.   Strong, uniform and White; made in Enderby
(rom strictly HARD wheat
rant i
. .he
-nd. >
. I hull!
Chub," the
del  ui.
...1 know," he u!d|
ulnrly    rnreel     fecr
the', a  dear   girl.
Hood-ley,  lletly!"
"I! lln. -
The hall door .hill   loftly at the
at I ll.tecc.iiir    Tteere wat n e|uiek
Hep   ecver    lhe-    pavement    and    lice
•lam of it ...ale door.   The itralni ol
the ptaniM.rgan r..t,-   magnlfleantly
inice the 1c trh eleetlnir notea ecf the
Hhe   l.eeeked   Inlo   the   mlrrccr   with
eye. thnt ihone • - -  ,,,|.l,...eiI..i,...,,(rl.
Tecwie Tecplet.
TR Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Under The Olive Tree
>*\  . 'h H.ne Md'-a.' frz
Without love laughter Is dead.
II we would be happy In our work we must
laugh In It.
Taking frivolity Into business is not taking happiness Into It.
■Boost Laugh Into Sorrow's window and Happy
will climb Into his heart.
It will be enough If the world can write on your
tombstone. "He laughed In his work."
WORK Is the step-ladder that puts you where
you can knock the persimmons off the tree named
When we carry today's burdens through the
night, how Gloom '.III frown upon us when we
awake on the morrow)
I would rather have the consciousness of knowing I had spoken the word that Duty demanded
than to have the plaudits oi any man, or all men
When we watch the clock and see how much
we can beat it in eight or ten hours, work becomes
drudgery to us—and all drudgery is like a bad
As well take the dish-pan to church and beat it
with a slick as to mumble a prayer to Cod with
your eyes and heart and mind on Miss Jones' headgear or tomorrow's business.
A happy look or a word of cheer is never lost.
There was never a sane man or woman or child
who would not reciprxate when sincerity electrified the speech and countenance.
I heard a man so full of whiskey that he could
not hold his head out of his plate tell how man
and Cod should conduct the world so as to avoid
the enslavement ol the "workingman."
The rabbins have been singing to us for two
weeks or more—and that's a pretty good sign ol
Spring, though even robblns may get their toes
nipped when they run ahead of the elements.
I heard a man say the other day. that when a
man finds pleasure in his 'work, he can work sixteen hours a day and every hour will be one of
pleasure Is it any wonder that man can enjoy
a good night's sleep'
Yes. my Honey, there's something more than
a shallow ha-ha needed to radiate happiness. Let
there be a laughing countenance and an eye that
reflects depth sf love-not a grinning face that
only shadows a treacherous heart and a knife
blade soul.
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream ol the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
Our stock of Hand Warmers Is too large to carry over We
want to get rid of them. Come In and get a glove bargrln.
Our Spring Clothing is expected daily.
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
Carpet Weaving ■VS-ai!0'
Al„ Scroll Sawing. Fancy Work. Model Making, and all kind.
ol light Job Work.   Can nuke incally anything wanted.
A new Knitting Machine Vox Sale
Price! Reaaonagle
J. W. Bacon, Enderby. ta Hancock block
Skat* Sharpening quickly dune
TD XtXt C F°r Spring
1 KJiXO Delivery
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries ol Slone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of Ihe trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make ll.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby	
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken lor any quantity   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick _ stone masonry w.rkcmtracted
Baird & Gikbs Enderby
Pin your
faith to
L.O.L No. 446
KM!, thi 1.1 Ir 13ti ttiiay i'-arte m*Mt>
M 740 r
Viltllmlrtftr.    I*
W.M..A E »   ' S»■  =   B<_—•--
Incorporation for Enderby is now a settled thing
As a result Enderby will bjom this summer
Property will advance in price—sure to If j I
would be wise, you will invest in Enderby property!
NOW   A sure winner   Wc are moving for*,.     V
That touches the artistic
and keeps h.use lor Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
end your printing out of
n Anything that can
be done in Toronto lln
ordinary commercial printing) can he dene right here
The Edenograph
First Year
UltiC-ee'. .■. r    '
Ijitlt'ibv   .Trading  Co.,
Cliff St. Endi-rbv
K. I\ Bradlrv. I'.ikIci'dv I liitluaif  Mcivh.mt
We recently took charge
• ■
les, Enderby
feed business,
Harness-maker and Repairer. Trunks.
Valises.   Etc.
■'. .v
■ •      ■
nil. then-1
In the Pulpits
Whal thr Lo«l Pa-lor.
Talked Aboul
Mr  Craw, ol Vernon,
•-•pulpit In thePres
rl in church Sunday morning   His subject waa the Mitt
to  human life.    The
)f life might be more
if this eli
I .it we should soon
I th m, and cast them
...   a intrue ol llle, for truth
•i-ed even to
il, but must have
«n at the ex-
.'. Is pleasing.   His
false  philosophy    and false
res the reality
■ses to the
all speak <
,-antage over the
any help    we must iook upon
is an educator, not as
lent oul the element of
discipline    As Christians, it Is
to be received as the badge of
our adoption.    We can be
assured if we long to be Christ-
like He will not send one pain.
ill nol
s glory
In the Methodist church Sun
nlng. Rev Mr, Bagshaw
spoke on lhe subject of the all-
seeing eye cf Cad, and
his text the words addressed lo
Adam. "Where art thou ?" The
question has ever been timely.
and Is one that every Individual
must answer for himseli and
alone. No man can escape
the eye ot Cod, who sees beneath the excuses that men
offer and judges the motive that
is In the heart. To the Chris
nan there Is the blessing of
Ing that in whatever circumstance of life he finds himself. Cod sees, and is near to
help. This thought earn
li the matter ol one's responsl-
billty to walk circumspectly not
Ira C. Jones
Contractor fit'. Builder
Hi   rheerfully lum
Jas. Jarrett
- ••
■ .
. ■
NOIIU .,      lhal     li)
■ ■
Carpenter & Builder
H pent
mil • ■
/■ •
." ■
t-.|»....... 4 Aii.lkmi-a.   Al»*>tread>
lo lake on a Salr
■   ■
V..' V'   \
'■   !   \J"''
*^*u/fS^    pan
only In the eyes of men. but also
in Cod's sight.
The question a
■ the man In In n ne
.'.   ii
:.   ma)   Ifer for his
ceplthei iii not pass
.■ eye of God Con-
.  mentor ihrough
which G--1 speaks, pointing to
one's duty in all of life's affairs.
Men try to stifle conscience.
and sometimes they sut
bui. though they may, they can
not escape the Judgment of Cod.
The question, "where art thou"
must be answered.   Though
one may hide from lhe eye of all
his deed, and another may hush
the appeals ol conscience, no
man can pass the judgment
o'Cod without giving a
count for the deeds done in the
Thr Pa.iter l'.\<rm[.te.cn CIlUM
In lhe present school law
there Is a clause thai exempts
irom holding the posl-
school trustee on any
ii I In the province.
The new school act no- I
the legislature proposes I
this exempli n   a me
Vancouver pastors hive expressed themselves very
in favor of the amendment, but
not so Rev. R N Powell.    In
a letter to the Vancouver W orl \
Mr. Powell gives his reasons,
and most people will agi
him,   He says In pan:
"All things being equal, there
could be no reason why clergymen should not be equally eligible for the office of day school
trustee, but all things are certainly not equal. All tilings being equal, there is no reason
why teachers. Inspectors, edu
catlonal superintendents should
not be eligible, but all things are
nol equal. These gentlemen
are personally interested and
concerned, and, therefore, wisely excluded from holding such
positions. Will someone say
the clergymen are not personally Interested ? Many of them
are not. but many of them are.
vitally interested. What was It
led the legislators who framed
our educational policy to insert
, the clause in question ? It was
the persistent attempt on the
part of certain sections of the
church, through their own clergy
to control ihe educational system for denominational purposes al the expense of public
"No one will deny th il
slid (he av of al
least two denomination
church lo control educal
NOTICE u hereby given lhat 30
- I intend ts apply la th*
nittiiaiiMMt tt Land* and
total I
-  .
.rids in Yale District
.eh marked B H  C.
* Wl and lying
- —'  '
■    .    •  ■
Endethy. B. C . Ftb. 20.1905.
itiil and
lhe fallowing
■•   •
• :• ■•;■.  tiatki I   W I
gal a poil
rat bank ol Mable Lai
I a pott marl
aril -, •
Tobuynlo        IA and Toilet Soup?    An
excellent n<        •  -ist opened.
English Oatmeal 3 for 25
English Honey Soa| 2 for 25
Pears Unscented Soap.
Pears Scented. 20c
Crown Oatmeal, 25c
Colgate's A 25c to 50c cake
Rogers & Gullet, assorted. 75c   ll
a line »>;.
SUNDAY   HOVJR.S:   .'i.. 11. in
.   II   i 1
an 1 Stationers
N  ill !'.•
■".' Plumbing and Tin-
        Ihe eld Bell
block, a ■ ;   pared than
r to I in      rk In my line Am
ed copper, lln. and sheet-
Special attention lo furnace work, piping and roofing.    Expert
I ■,!,.!•,   It C
evidence Is asked, it Is only
necessary to cite the fight lor
separate schools In Cana3a.and
the long and painful light ol the
Nonconformists and the Free
Church Council ol England, on
the question of the church control of the day schools.
"Serious as ihe matter might
be in the cities, the real danger
lies in the rural districts.
O'tener than not, a clergyman
is the dominant influence in the
small communities, let him be
eligible for school trustee and
he easily controls the situation
and then it depends upon him
self whether that public
becomes a dencmina'i n il
feeder to his church or not. If
he chance to be a clergyman of
I a denomination that claims it as
part of her duly io control edu
(cational matters for 'the church'
what follows? You have separate schools In the worst possible form.
"This Is not a clergyman's
question alone, this is a question for the people, and lel the
people speak. It Is a vital
question: It is a question lhat
must be dealt with quickly and
Peter   Burnet
Dominion (8b Provincial
Lend Surveyor
Conientmem Is better than
I wealth, but why can't a fellow
jhave both?
,   A auhjctiption today is worth Iwo
ne«t frrirk.     Get a nun*-, order.
For Fruil Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Properly call and. see-
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, endekby, b. c
il luveiunant a-c Co..
itinera Ce., et Testertita,
Tk* P>. -   . . d.. al Lander
,rteoel, Leaden ind Gate liuiitairere Co.. of Londan. Enr..
I Brooklyn, N. V„
When you are in need of fine silver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
find the best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO
W. J. Armstrong. Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
Receipt Books
Letter Heads. Bill I I
Envelopes, Buslne; ■
:!,lng that can be p
•nates cheerfully I
(Envelopes, Shipping Tags. Invoice
Cards, Visiting Cards, Invitations--any-
ititt^d—jjulckly done at this office. Estl-
ished on every class of Book and Job
A.J.Young Hancock Blk. Endrtky
The Edenograph, Di
tawff 5   linJerU'
BELL Brtrk Wotk. Cliff St


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