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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald [1906-04-13]

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J '   '-..,,
The Enderby Progress
Wilh Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 2.   Number 48.
tielDERBY. B. C. APRIL 15 1906.
Price, $2 a Year
Come to Us for Your
Eafter Wear
We can show you all the-
See our Selection.    Both Ladies & Gents
We have a nice slock of
Summer Uunderwear
Which we wjnl to Interest you In,   See our chic Neglige
Shirts The most stylish In town. Don't forget a new Tie
IN ditliteu wh.i. the eii.i.nc. ol Gl«iid>n
ii ausp«ct«d and ..penally lit nei_htwur-
hoods wh«r« actual outbi..k. have occur-
«d th. idapilon ol lh. following ptec.uilon.
by owntrs ol honu *nd olh.ra inl.i«l*d
will do much io piev.ni th. tpiead ol th.
duces, atiel the e.ubltshmetii ol lt«h cn-
Hu ol inl.cttoti
LH.ia.Sdi mulo>h.vlii(* nasal dtschair.
or olh.r suspicion, symptom, should nol it
.dinin.d io iiv.ty or le*d st.ltl.s or y.tJ.,
hliclumiih .hop*, church or .chool sh.Jj.
I railway stock yard., prlvai. ti.blt.or other
places wh.r. ih.y ai. likely lo com. into
, tliieci or IndlrMl coniaol with animal, ol lh.
aqulM p. ...
I   A, All .ublti. y.td. or sh.is un j u, the
ecoommodatl nol hoi taornuilMihouldU
for Spring House-Cleaning
II u-.ehoM Ac cf III
Oai 1mm
Washing Compound
!*   e,c
Disinfedants for Everyday Use
Chloride ol Urn*        CaHrerl't Duinlecting Potrdet Cteilw
Camphor Ciibolle Acid, Ctudt        Copptraa
Camphor Balls
D.   NAIRN   &   CO.
Vitllor* lo th* northern part ol the Okanagan Valley, whether
Und hunling^or lor pteatwe ind tporl. can do no belter than
make thlt home iheir headquarter. Table and cnutM un
etcelled. Bar replete arllh Ilmt' •ntn. spirit*. Iiqueuri. cigara
Mi i <_. MimntY
WJ o     C   '.,'.,,   '-''A Olher drinks    We h.ve
inCS (X  OpirilS  \itffl tuwiment ol all the well
known brand!lo choc."
T. G. Bell welcomed his new trotting stallion cn Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wylie and Mr. Wylie
' Jr. returned on Tuesday Irom a visit
to Vernon. Mr. F. H. Barnes has
secured Ihe contract lor the residence
•    !•■• ■-.'. 1   1   ll llie 'A'ahe elite
Miss Harvey, ol Victoria, is visiting
it the home ol her brother Mr. H. W.
j Harvey.
J. Arland lelt on Tuesday lor Three
Valley, where he lake* a position in
th* sawmill ihere.
II. Murray, ol Armsirong pasted
through on Tuesday en route lor Revelstoke.
The Veterinary Surgeon General's
ietuiu7y^d7i*"uw.T^ *•■ Q****n- slates lhat Ihe
leci.d in ih. maiittw prescribed below. report that has been circulated saying
J. Aii.rel.»i«iiiih«pr«mlM.ihorouihly. that the crusade aga'tist glanders had
■^... .^ *t ,ht'
w*t.r. riding i. ih* lait.t ai hast or., su.tt ••» inspectors will continue their work
ol crude earbollo aad loeachfiv. (ailsns lillall liace ol Ihe disease <-, eliminated
aim which ih. .nut* auilaea atiould U Ircm the province.
thickly coated with a hot solution ef heart
lim. wash, is which cruel, cuUlieaeid has     A May Day attraction will be allord-
b*»n»dd*diaih.»bov*m«mti.'ii» ,.i,i-5r. ed Enderby in the Lawn Social lobe
"oilhuiMinM l.,eM.i,dt«lt,#tJiaw,ih   *****   ****   **'*•   W«l>atdl©n.   Uwn   On
!ria-uSJ££bLl^M1^. *****o*v ****** *• ******* «. the
thould *Uo. whtn (waibi.. U ihsrsughly St. Andrew s Ladle* Aid.
^Utail^'h^^wd'.**''!* oi«Mi*»' i   Cowf s'lon has commenced on the
which have own it. oniia.-i *nh tntotri K<.clet'ay Railway, and ten miles will
animai. er infected p.«mt**». ihsuU U be  Mnttnicled   running south Irom
thoroughly tvaked lit a hoi solution ol crude fi £t_»„
* cwbalie aadul* jtiwrrtiet on. patt to '
tw*niy. No little Interest hat been centred
.i^^m^uS'l^^Sl^ «• **** "*****" *"h"*h A Ful"nhu *****
aUv* ii«iitinii su.'ti as vaioaoi. ti.tti.K.      .    _,_.,_,,„._ j„,,._ ,l. „.,, ,_„
»Ui, ct_!.i.n.. «tc. which ham been in under construction during the past tew
contact wnh nutiioie Jt.uidu placed in days. On Tuesday it via given iu
! »n *ir icjht mum and lumii-*t.d with t-'mm lirsi trial on Ihe river, and lotheun-
a **^5?r**"s-__l_S ■*vH,ch *****ir •a«»-lM »»• »»*•'«   bounded satisfaction ol th* designer
!^i[Srt^.,ulb«aluhav.oeeui.ed ***** !*>***>■ ** "****>*<** ^*> ******"
,.-...     ...     ,     ,.,..,.      '!.,. ■    ■ r platl tc :. 1
ily«r«ii*ia»i«.b*»n««b!»d..v.nuitpat   ened on ihe top ol two cigar thiped
_aaMMi9Km.mai-iUitilM4UM.at-J "•'*■»'"«•'. P******* *l    **ch «nd.
«ti.t.*tw^*d ui>n.ttic!e.c*iiU The boil sett high .in the lltrtM*  '
r.fcd.i.Jliifnetalyimsincih.miMe.U't'i the water, ind wllh three personal-
' mmei«t.« ihen, test ume lime in to.-* „ „ g,,, wc,k |,, xh. mn wllh
btlHngwiw,   Ml liner ttom.iapeetedatei   ., ,
m»Urtu.UUUineJore»i*lally IttteeJ *** ******    *****'•        •
■ • Mt      *.n    •' .  ■
6. Fairow. and othtrt ihould, wUn*v*r lit th* b sal with a Hern paddle wheel.
^_^^*_^r^S£!'i_^.<!; •"•"*■' *'" to •,"v«"m»»*<**<•** "»■'■
_M«s^rss%_*:"ii; •«-«******** }«>•-«■ w".
a a (ood (HU. ia>MMrvt. am bouied tuiMin*; An limiting in.-ldtnt occur*! during
lot .utwdthstt* or cttu-e;t« where that, lhe trial trip 11 Ihe "Flyer." when a
2£_-___X^ta»2S wil hrttm cillieti dim nsi.a ed the
Z*mm\m\l\,am?a^$& lacl to h_ md everybuiy, entire aat-
Mw.rmdtr»m^tc^p*ii..whi«*i,u(.th   dctlon. lhal   the   boat' wis quite
er with all ethtf .table utinlls uMd on oi' capable ol being uptel.
abut item. *h.*U U eantally ci..te«ed '    _   ,,
anJdi-nle«eJUIci*Uin(UMd tor olher      Dr. Vomer went to Salmon Arm
leeied. and it at rip-Mete. Mi unaeeupled who wa* ao badly injured Irom an ea-
"*,'' plosion   ol  slumping   powder.    Dr.
», When new hane.ormul*.(r*pureha.   „
ed ia«r irom diuticu wh«* (lamkn «_t. Vtmer lound hu patlenl ruling a .
^^.r^r^^.r, h***********9**99***** .*
indctwtlywtidMdlor ttimum* relsr. lain Th<* accidentoccuredon *S ■■
beetecb. '.<t,t mciiuci with other ,.,im., while Ihe m|urei| man was engaged in
7.ltmu.iUUi«*iiimii,lihaul„;.i>Mi blowing out atutipj    It appears that.
JtMhttg*.« - 1V|ng lighted a hue. he was in the
wei..i.< .1 iu inn!* an* <eiKi»i unihnltd- act ol carrying away a can csnuinmg
'  •. ol powdei and aume
IU dUMH e.ijt In man. a
i«iut.rti»ief.     - n aspatk Irom the burning
'■•nt.tht •■,)■ .   - >,|| m Ihe can and caused a t-rnl
*   > ■    ■   ,--•*'»    ,
iutiU»»co.' iiploiloa    Mr   Haines was blown
'   away some lorty leet and lhe end ol I
■■■-.*.■• ' 'It a-  '
•a is eamiiey building close by complelely blown out.
*   wh   I th- re <,,. ,„ th-r am lilted o'f
I he regular weekly meeting ol lhe
Clly council waa held on Wednesday
evening, all members being present.
Aid. Worllimgton introduced a bylaw lor granting permission to Ihe Columbia Flouring Mills to construct and
operate a tramway. This measure
was much discussed, owing to the
unsettled stale ol the controveny as
to the ownership of the road betwtmt
Haivey k Dobson's store and the river
bank, and over which the tramway
would have lo run ll was considered
by some members to be unwise to
grant any such permission at this time.
However, lhe by-law passed lis llrst
reading wllh a slight amendment
A letter wis received Irom L. Norris,
Government Agent, Vernsn, re the
opening ol a road aloni the line ol G.
R Lawes' property and over Iht hill
to Mr. Gunter's place.
Tenders lor a slush scraper were
opened. W. R, Megaw. Vemon.
$12.50. I.o.b. Vemon: B. Francis.
Armsliciig. $ 11.00 I.o.b, Endeiby
The clerk was instructed to order one
Ircm Mr. Francis.
The receipt cl prices, etc.. ot pipe
and the materials necessary lor Ihe
installation ol a waterworks system
claimed the rest ol Ih* session. Many
letters wire read. The council mid*
I rough estitiiile. with Ihe price* ind
other data at their disposil, which
touted S14,000. Adding 20 per cent
lor contingencies It was apparent lhat
a gravity system could be intlalled here
ata coat ol not more than 120,000
This being so Mtcouraging. the council
wet* nl ihe uninlincus opinion Ih.i they
were warranted in going further inlo lhls
Citizens Meeting.
A meeting ol the ctiKens ol Enderby
la called for to-morrow, Friday. April
13th . and will be held in lhe Orange
Hall. Bell Block At thu meeting Ihe
allaira ol Curling Club will be ditcutud.
and alto th* plant, etc. lor the holding
ol a celebulie.ii in tnjtrhy on May
21th All inltrealed ar* liked to be
present, and ii u hoped thai a lira*
number will be in attendance.
Preserve thi. Issue.
plain   I-,
'a      ,- ' 'le
ham U*ie d
" a* '   it- '
and that, i
.... •   .
The 63rd. bcalrace between Or'*!    .,'
Enderby   will have a   waterworks and Cambridge was won by Cambridge
system equal lo lhal ol Armstrong by by three and one-hall lengths    Tim-.
>e.. .,-
a esettct  *■*   ':
■ "t was speedily summoned ti
lhe aweiilance cf Ihe injuted man and
lound thai he was sulleilng Iromlacer-
. - ■ '. she pieces ol lln and
rocks and a pinion ol on» heel Mown
away. 01 Hour** ihe shsck to the
system was very severe and marvel is
that he was not blown to atoms.
A Compllm.nl.
'.    ,•■ it •      •■   ,       : b- >■«
tended thin the on* conlerred by the
•   ......        •. ,••
ol Agriculture. Ottawa, entitled 'Warn
Ing    Glanders."   Th' none.
tl •.i*: a       ••    . i    i
horses ol lhe vill     .   -     I strongly
urge, il nol all our readers al I*-. ll
i own or handle ah-''
ihu paper, ot cut out the ad
Ml lor lulure reference in case
ot   need    ll bed u»s   ill of us lo
be e«tteitt»ly cs.elul how we handle
hem    - ,•   e . c ■
Itltgerou   10 human being
hope lhls  warning will receive due
."   ■     ■ ■.
-1 be played in
Armstrong on M nia.nesl between
'■■    Hong and
We air -,t» thai Must*
Harvey k list-on, the Enderby Trad
and J. C.   Mr* .
I tli-ir  storey, ui   ' .
sll-r lh" a" ri    I tl
•   . -    • civet Ihe
boys in the stores • chance 10 gel
lOO.OOt   >M   ' vat
llie end cl next tall
I It minute*. 30
Haivey b Dobson have all kinds of
Candles. Buy some and have a Goc-d
Mrs. A R. Price lelt on Wednesdiy
on in emended visit lo lilends al th*
C j I
By reason ol our regular publishing
day being Good Fridvy. we bring thi;
w*ek's issue oul a day earlier.
A notice appears in the current issue ol the B. C. Gatette, defining the
I district ol North H. d-etb,
■ -,,'.
ii. year.  ...i >
■ ,■ ■ •■
irt   Iittlectioi   Mtou.dled
Vetet.  .1
; "
Owing lo pressure on cur si-ac*> *" '": '
11      r on. ■• "
celled to hold this over til! ,^____^_
-il lhe   li i, r. e-
ngurs well! r a p:
ne«l mak
Thi Winhifcv ■,.,/ sink*
,., ,.   , ii over, the company and the men
■Tha (Nil -    J™<'n*^*<* comp,m,inlt.   The inen gel one cent
Peas lo be had at Harvey It Dobton'l, an hour in •
...-.■      . •■.  .    I ihi
agricultural and •   .
indprodMd   llh*provlnci
C leitnbia. which il Is Mil ltd* 11
i iha moat contprihintiva and e
..••'.'• it. • :    .
■ end Ihe services ol experts In th-.'
Itrtral el-i ititt • -'    have  bc-n en
pgad    ih- lust •dltlen wil
t, 0(30,000 ind   will be  realv ibOUl
I May 1st ,'HE PROGRESS, ENDERBY, B.C., APRIL 13, I906
■ JE    SUIS    PRET."
•  ■     , iy at
" -  :
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
:  W.OCK
B. C.
".!.',' '■ '
lh* glorloti Eastei
'" nr-rr-n      nt intirx
leiilial and lay called Good
'.ci I   ' I
Men's Ready-Made
Nates and Comments
1        -na
 "   la
. • ' strangers   i
■ Im   in ■
A. F. & A. M.
Regulat meeting*
M.        Hi      Viailitife* t-iethnm
DAM ;-
C.O.F.No 1058
Me.li lh. lounh Friday in
■   ' i.< Bt.tht.n
H i   ■
1. 0. 0. F.
Eonfei i <■**'•*.*   No. 0
20 p.c. off for Cash ! !
Call and see ihem
Splendid Linn of Prints. Ladies' Collars, &c.
|jr Spring and Summer.
Boots and Shoes, and everything good In the
Grocery Line
J. C. Metcalfe     Enderby
Ha     -
other peopl      .success cant p,,,^ .■,, mo. ■ -., n0|y
ill die t
he Church's yeai
ite* i
'Ins day has i
.'        ' .   : '     '    .
R   I-   '.'."•
Knights of Pythias
L 0. L. No. 44(>
■■ ■• .ii- isine
day In Canada is aalai
making ai
a paper '1
gue might I
Hint..ot. act* Plai.ilnn
'    . C. C«!*
City of Enaeroy
£1       1  I       We beg lo Inlnrm the
PSJtl    ii'T'anlp   ViMic that all cur horses
Cctll   MlttUlC   hav, bMn  {es(ed   (or
Glanders.   Our stable has been thoroughly cleaned out ana
disinfected, and Is as clean as the day tt was built
Bank of Montreal
Capital, oil p.-tt tit. SI4.00O.000. Rett. SIO.OOO.OO
Bel.nce Front* end Lost ..count. >i;l.iiui
Prevd.1.' Kighi H.*re Urd Sir*the.n**itd Matnit Royal C. C. H. C.
«I*T-. ...   A Dicmm-tid L. C M G,
A Ceneral Banking   bttatnc.s transacted
- e , . » the United St*i*«. I
inteudm* Atin, and Dawson Cny.
Savings Bank S2S
 as . -    -     ,a,,....„.c.  _-
. a  - th. Lotted Suit.. Eui»p* «nd Canada.
intend** Aiitri and Dawaon Gty.
11U e. •    •
•        , -,
Wither.WdL  ten *• eeeaecd MlltlOUl
.. .  . I
, ■    i ...
C. A, Ha*******. M*M|*t  . -
INDEHBY -*'   ■*   '•■ KELOWNA
*  V.   'ay.' S.l-*(i.  ES V.MeCk*Nck,SekA{t.  f>.b.K»<i-.iit Set-Act
al! Ihe
•  • ■
but there  i I
• '
; *ead o
•    Ice.   but il
■   •
.    .
i lender
•   ,
•   ..        ■   .
• "
A li. ■ I.Md
I ae
-   -
Real Estate, Insurance,
Mining and Ceneral Land Agents
Farmers' Inslilut*
cite* thai they can
S ti
'    'a
 _,_____.__,      We   make   It
"TbIT **       Our  Business
Secteury        To supply the best ol everything in our line, al a price lhal an
i    _. ,    h rir-si profit will allow    Our line Includes Stoves and Kiichen
iil'ilm'S Iiii hale. .rpeniers* Tools and Builders* Hardware. Garden
Tools, Hose, etc. Painis. Oils and Varnishes, and everything
"i* thai a hardware store should keep
flRnrFRIF*}  w« ****<**■ opened up a grocery store in
VJlWVV.LIMlW.   ^ o,d Bflkef shQp „d)ommg ,he   n„r_
alien a share of yjur patronage.
w RI
Ctmrih   Nollcr.
t*>.irc store, i
K. P. Bradley - Endeby
■ ■
had the
»: «i i
-union 8am
. .  15.377    llwasha •■
Miner has arrar* Su-
. cl be decorated Is.
I /ink
here !
•i i°r Cheap Lumber
tr. teg
.       '    • '
■     ■        riC
..  ....
■ ■   .
What do you
Think of this?
. Boar's and Dimension Timber. Irom $8 to $10 per M
Shtplap, -       -     -      -       $12 per M
Flooring. Celling. Siding, from $15 per M. up
tarhny olher information wtll be furnished on inquiry at
"ice   We respectfully solicit a share ol your patronage.
am h -Mil have our careful attention.
I- I.-W D C y
My Strangest Case
«f ••on. N"'oi_\." •■ r-
■•Ff.Akdk, XVCi. .
r?wni=uL wwtbk
lYPrUN," tile
Ru(,<iM>i am a.
Tnkrn ftllnjrHltrr, it wm a room
th»t .imi it niieitufi* ftimi'iiintitiin (nr
mc 1 liiul bwo tit It Muuiv lime* be*
(fir*', Imt mi Ltirtttji. .ii.ii- in iliRi'tiv.
•r iitiiiifili.ii!' tii'W lit It, It with ii
rttiitfliniti>rn1lt>ii (if > n'i-'.ii<i- iini
hhi-l.fh. ,\ |itr(,*i' vnritty n( COMlltlltOii
Ihiiii; ii|mn tin* |n*yR. in tht* walls,
rnh|>iiii* from loliltvr*! unlforini lo
ttf-.'jnir'it rnn'*.. Then wwra «««>• »f
ntl mhi- unit drwfi|ttlQiu tm lilncki>i
imiU uf urerjr (KMuUbtv order mtil fur
Qtrvrjf i "■ nl tli)* body, huin|*i for
hunchtncki, wnottrn It-jr* iMmta rnng«
uitf frmn lhe |inltiil I wilier •»! the
ihtntly Hi tbc tori n» fitttt-t-itwi-iiit; nf
i tn* l-iri'tir. TlnTi* vtrtf lun*- lo
ntiiiiiibitii'*', frum tin* ipollvM fllk Id
ibt* until inin-ntlib* bt'inl rovcrlnin1*
ioim ol wlilrh Imikwl no If th* v Iimi
■ <i-n plrkftl »\t from tin* rultuUli*
b«'ti|t. Tiit>i* tt-Tf iit.titlir*.' irnyi Ht-
Inl wilh nil ntttl i\»*r,v »«»ri *»f wart1,
n (.t|..iiili|i*. n 1'lin.inl wiling f*<rtl.
ihr* I... ihni iln* Known***! I*riif.
Sutinltiil> nr ttt'uT ««•• «t mnal rt-
inarknblp ,'lin • lo(rf»i nml wortbj
t.f a rtnll* lit fnt'i ihtTt wm> no wy»
intr whnt Ihrrt? »»•> nol lhrre, Krery*
ibintr ihni mm- mlrnloictl lo ******* uw
ful in him In hl« I'-"'■ »'"■" wan to
Im* fonml In Iht* rmnii.
t'nr ot*. itwn (.irt I not h«l (•<tnl ut
i|i»fcM|i*f»,     t-i '..      mi «   I-..-     nr
i'.r..   .- ■ n*i..tt».  .i.M.t.-,'  tin*    wlmtr
■ -"it ir tif mv |irnf* Hlonnl rniwr,
lm»i* I fitoml ii niwwrj lo eonml
my ..(■ ■■■■■ •*■ Hot io ibi- wil> Imlf
rrrnrhtono tlWiMtltt* wn-. n* «fim ««
not, n etoniotio otviirrt*optr>.
Half nn hmir ltii«-r, two reiperl-*
ntilc phlt*rl,T tfrotliotio, 1« Hiking more
likt* |ir*.fr-*ttr» ft*t>m Rome rmior-m
l.>iH»r thmi itrlrtPtUre, Ml lln- hOQM
nml |irtn*rrilnl In thr Olivrlhin nf thr
Tolly Ihratcr. Iln* iw-rfiinomi.*** wan
Mtmt»l nt nn eml when *a«* rrnrhwl
tt. nml we n. -v*. .1 wiih thi* crowd
who hnd n«*. mbM to walfh Ihr
aniline* r-lti. nOt. Tlir tin-, ini fi***
wr bail math* |in.»wt in lir rtirrrrl.
anil It wni tmi \rty *•■*■■■ itrtttrr I
Mir ihr mnn I wniiii**! rmetyr. ne<
rnm|MOtr.| \*\ a fritifllr, who nmhl
Iw no other ihno Ume. IVaitmariU*.
Ha) I* wa* In Imooirolnlr riroioff
•tr. ••. ami. a* I f-wW nol hot ntlm-l.
|iir»roirtl n hnmN-ett-r niforr to ihr
w.trtil ,\ oral lllllr Urotiuhnto iltrw
-|i bre4de ihr |*n*tiimni in ii* torn.
ant. In>*i ibt* Ihej Me|i|a?d. Thrn ihr
iliHtr wn» rh-*r*t omm thrnt. ntnl ihr
rarrln!*r> Hrtor nwajr.
wThflr« mi  man" I *mh\ to   my
rftnifnnbtn. a*  wr  walrhnl  It  (*»*
««ii «f riithl.   *T^wnrrnw inoroim.
I Mwll pij him n Hlitr vUh.  t Ihlnk
li  rij_hl in wlinl   y<ot
monejr.   Tbai wnmnn
> I .tr mnilr a Uitly Utf huhr In
Ii alrrwdj "
MY*oi maj Ih* *)OMr •-in* of thai."
hr anawpred "Whrn *hr ba*
Ilni*h«*i with him then will not t-
mmh left fw     ■        •   i
"Ami nttw  i<- .* t'..«  ihinff* off
n home i. t- i    Tn tonrrow
will In all |imi«iWiity  praea an r.
ritlnff il-ii*. **
I ar»^..- Mm to kt* '""im ami
■ ■     * >■'»•! »h-
■    -.. '-.in   bl*,
•-• o»t »" in    I     ■       aiilj*.   no.!
• ■ i. " .. ■ ■ -..| ttatttt] niahl.
n*n rntil lo ra •'< lleforv I
t»ioi I** iw'1, howrvepr* I aat ttown
fii» w-role a re|rart «»l I ■ ■! **t< ft t
M M Kliwaei l.i ■ w l Iwl t«
tell, the wt i   * letter ..«■*•*
i .    -i
I'   a"
-»,.f,1      «    ..    II •    ,.«,  *|  ||   |  H-t.t
».. t*..i  in '   -i llajrte
aml I -i ■«
•rim  U*t  r, i
rt.lr-   i:   1.    ! -    *t|   In   Hit"   Wilimt
lo  Mi. * '--
X. t»   .•■■-■ I   n»..«.   . -.-
fnr a atroll dlotm  ll
sif.1 Ml  '•* hi  il I ••'   il
rtVlnrh    '    • hfial
fiftll in  I'  • *    I '
-.hi r .* -i, a
po*»*t h" •     r I     i Ri *»r nol hint.
.!..«n .,- ■ .    .      iriih -t,t«.ir
mml ihr t.  rM i •
f%rrllrhl   oti.t' -'   I re.nlil
with   II.--   ■  I • i-.|-t     i.  •      ,. .
i -. rtfh la ri               ni   -.«-,..   t..
nrtmelk a* I tl      ■■■   I   ■ i   i
■A (renltVtnaii
Vr*it   n
rarpriaPi n<> i -«
run Maylr Mile)
ftj It..
Al   Ihr   ■
.    ■
'■ k*
Hati  U-tm m u. i
wiib n fcitilitr Of ntl llllll rnnltl
|ioimlhl*t have hnpiteneil, till* wna
turel*t Ho' moal iinexprrli'ill The
inaii lun) voibitxxrt'tl in pel inc otll
of In- w»\ tu Irfittilon, In- bail pi..mi)
nil uorla t>f trtfi- u|wra me lo onlei
t.i |mt inr ntl ttt- wnit, hi ha I    'll
rtl front Knplniul bee  In* Kn iv 1
wrh ftt'ttn-bloir fnr lilm. yp| InM'. bt*
wn" ih'lll-i'rtttt'ly aeekliiR on* toil, uml
of bi** own free will putting lila heaO
Into ihe Iton'a montht It wn* na
ntatnoihliliitf ai li wiih Inexplicable.
'■flood morntnffi Mr. r*alrfnx" hf
Nttiil, linwiui* i in ini |nilitt'1\ ui un' an
hr mmkr. "I Impi* yuu will fuflM-
thli early call, t nnly illMumrfld
your adtlreaa »u hour affo* nml. na I
tlitl out wi*b in run tl" rlt>k of |tn>iii|r
you, I came mt nt onee."   •
"You npprnrrtl lo Itr fnlrly ifiilr-
om* of tbilii). Nn tttfi week.*' I *-nbl.
"Wbnt i■ i i-ti-nrrr-l tn initkr ynu
i*bno|fr your miml no amhleiilyf"
"A variety tif elroumstaneaa haie
.•cii*>,. r-.l to brlii|r   mich   a   rri.ult
•ii'inii," ii,- anawfred. "I have l^n
ti • thr matter over, nml out
U.ng able to tlrtiTit tne Ihe !•>• -Bt
of ibi- hole nml-ci mer w»rl ol \t me,
I him* ii.mli* n|i m\ mlml !•• aettte ll
once nml fur nil."
"I nm i'i.i'1 you hiivr romr In thai
way of thinking" I -.«-*t.   "It   --ai
tt.- it* bo,h no loiini'y nf (rouble.
You uu t.'r-raiol.iif i*niii> *. tbnt I nf
r*». m  M.»-r*. Kll water ..ml t*i  'I."
"I nm will await* nl It." hr rej il.
"ami In rnmtoou fiilrnrM to my.iif.
I rtio only wi> ihnt I nm Furry to
hear H."
"Mny I m«k why you are aorry?*1
"Ibraotar ynu littir iln* honor In
repreaent 'hr Mgpeat pnir of ironn<
.ir, U oitbnttj." h. rsnaweml. HAitd '»>
• i>iit« ihl» I p' ilve you my word
thai I am by on meana overal pi« m.*
ihr mnrk. I have known them I Ih
for a i*i> at many jrrora, nml i n,
ihiTi't'-rr. *•)■• fib  from t-\,n*rii i\>** "
Ik ' < t' ul* I it ibt r wilh him I
«ma tb". Irt ni-  nf .t'luui. im,*   tut-'If
U|NI||    lb.      pillllt.
"Yon kttrw ■' • in ihrn, whrn they
wrrr ra !■•• lunar in* In t hlon, I   *Mp
|n i*r?"
"That** ihr flr»t llmr 1 bni< ever
hranl whal Miry wvrr." In replied
"Kllwnirr a uii»*ltitiaey!    Yon mul
fori •» Ian ■ Inn b it ihe kh t i*
inn Im'I r». «f I*' idmll be*i dona a
ronahlrrahh n.i at nf eonverllnff,
Imt It baa been i 'b, r j«'o>
plr*** nmiii'v <iilt. ht*i own porkela,"
llr Innahiil ni ht* own bad foke,
ami aluoi*!   Iti*iautly   tfrrw   •• j t
ttttrr toorr, llr Mni ipiiti* at bin
•*n*r, ami. ihmrah hr mual tn,.-
known ibai I wna fniolllar wiih the
«t**ry. nr anppoaed atory, of hl» vll*
Ulny* «*irmrtl in im wiy a»haim*4.
'■\nw,   Mr.   I*aitfa\."  hr   wrnl   on.
"I know lhal you are anrpriaed t»
*rr mr thi« iite-ri'titf. bttl I ilonT
Ihlnk you will !»•* wVn wr hnir had
a I'tih* talk intfiib-r, l-ifit nml f«re-
moal, yoo bii**' Wm inli ihr •lory
of ihr atonta I |w.*«.•«.•,"
*T hn*r hmhl Mt    Kitwairr'* irr*
iheeti   You ran icarcely hi nine mc!'
1 iilil nut nut.w11- bim i.n |bin |i > ut,
hut continued tny criwu'cxtnnlnntitin
"Yon reached l.ninloii, nml _uld
loma of tln< ni,mi's there, later on
yun (llspoftftl of mme more in Am*
iterdnnti Why tlbl you rrtuae tho
denlen your name nml nihlreiaV
Once more hr wim* quits etpial to
tin* oernatoni
"lleenuae If I had lold Ihem, evrry*
hotly would have to knnw it, andi
In Ih* prrft'i'lly frnnk with you, I
could not feel quite certain lhal K <
water and Cmld were really dead.u
"Itt thai I nm t<> presume thai you
Intendcdt if muudblo, to uw I utile litem
out nf their nlinre?" I naked, uol «
Utile mtrprlaeil by bin ml mlu Ion.
"thu'r more, lo be frnnk with ymi,
I tllil, I have no dealro tn be rude,
but I rather fancy you would have
dona tin- aame hati you been aim*
ilnrly nltuaietli I never wna innrh
of a ruihh'm in tbf moral bualneaa."
I    1 n I well belleva thia, Imt I tlbl
' mu tell bim mi,
"When iliil ynu firm beeoma aware
i thnl Ihey were In Lomlou'.'"
j "On Hir ijny thai Ihey landed," hr
anawered. "I watched every "hip
ibai !■«mi* In frmn Itait-soon, ami at
'.vi hail tbr doubtful naiUraellmi of
-I'fiiur in) two obi frlendi |taoa out
of iht* doek-Knlea, I'oor beggara,
lliej  bn<l Indeed bad a bnnl   time
of  il."
'Thrn you could plly themf Kven
while you wen* robhlnx ilmo?"
"\\b\ ii.ti?" hr nnawered, "Thrrr
wa.. im reoann liemnw 1 bml iln*
•.nmr. thai I alinuhl mu feel aorry
inr ihr pnio Ihey hml luffrred, I
hml lo remember how mar t'.t bean
III    il     lll>M-tf."
Thlt.  »|H'ifh  nonndet]  T«*ry prrtly,
t hoti ub Mimewhal illoglral,
'    "Ami play bow ilbl ynu know ilmt
thry had railed In my aaalalanee?*1
Mtlfrauae 1 krpi m\ ry* nn ihi*m.
I knew Mr. Kltwnler of nbi. yuu a*e.
I watrhrtl thrm <■■ |q|o your oftii'tt
md pome mn from a nhop on ihr
..i'h idde ol Ihe -trrri,"
ilu  whole myetrr) wn*   now   ex.
pin led    IVha  .iii.it ml of trouble
I *ho>ill had  i. in ..pared bml 1 only
kn I th.    I.. ..nc.
•'\,.u .1,11 nu|  i|'im\e, Ihen* »f my
il   In
»  wr
•ran nf ii" I im >■•  i
"I know ihai ynu • ' • -i
nf thrm ntnl I't* n  d
•I d:d nm r..li Ihem al ll
ht* wild, om In "" i. » ■
ihr blunt nre* of mt >i-.
plain lhal ynu •!*» hoi km
olttalhnl ibem r. rt j.. i
lhal yuu •liiinbl not, t-i Hi
tohlnd. and ynu'd _•■> ami frrt thrm.
Nn' \\V nbiaiiird litem b"tit*»lle
• '—■it. al a rrriaiu plnre, and I wan
npimtiitrd In rarry Ihcnt. Fur tht*
renaoti I **•■**■] them in a Wit
about my aralat, Thnl ntehi thr t hi
tie*r raior *b>wn Upon 01 ami madi*
m prnwmera* The* nmrdtrrd our
i«.. nntiir aerrnnta, i.t.mM Kit*
watrr, and rot mil I ndd*B imu'or I
ahtor inatintfi-il lo efferl  my *«ea|n',
I |  mi    faro   •     :  •   To
*1*ad. t raaunrtd to
ii,.   i.,f,,*t.    11 nod ti'
ran*! iioa^inr what I intffffed aftet
I looked ai him and «aw thai hi*
fa*-*- Iimi i*r'i«n ).<,).• At tbr mere
Neotlertlon «if hi* esprrieneei
"\i ra*! I rmehed ihr HrlllUi ont-
pnai of Xampounir. no ihe Itormah-
<■*... ' rder, nl •• ll ■■ ..ni.<r»
!• -V mr in nnd ployed lhe (tort of
lite tftwid v.ini.triinn tVbni I wn*
mil enonifh lo iriml. I ina-le mv
wni down In ttaOffonn, where, ntitl
i«r«tin_» tny rait- eompattinM to l»e
dead, I ablpped f-r I r/iaml."
"Al Mr (hmrgi lutitim." t tahl.
*l'ii» i ly. "Win nmli r an <*\ •* ■ ■ ■ 1
n-itnr, **h*>n. leeordlnn to your atufy,
] .'i ha>l nothnit* to fmr?"
"Hreatmr I hnd food and IttflMCRl
*.•!• -I for *>i ilotn*/," ht fiplieil.
"Ymi moil f»itieii,i«r flint I hail a
q-rarttr nf a million'* ■.*...mi, of pre-
rV»iiii at'tna* In my i".*f_*|(,ii, an,!.
well, to pot tt blnntlv. up \ > that
lima I had bttfl llrtng what yno
mirf! • rail a Btakl ihlfl %itt nf ||f«..
Fnr tha M-if I told myaall I tfU
(fiti'i** i • ***** •>. ri-ti man. That Unit-
in, | wantcl In «'ir<  wiih a eleau
"Tt'iit in all my experience I bail
1*1 own io an nl tempt in murder a
fellow ■ ii-. Mul KUppoylnK we now
t'tiioi*  in i< iklnei   "
"Wllh nil mv heart," be nnnwered
"I imi ns nnxlam .- j .-.if i.< ruI
everylhlnji nettlril. You will ndmll
*' n In rniher hard llnea on it man
who ith loi liis imiuU upon a ipiar*
ler nf it n llllon ol iiioucj in Imva u
i- ■ i - . .'in i I--- yotimelf upon lila
tm :. ,' il nr. I rail of Itelti)) able to
I- . i. II in Iw i v He i i" re.
i n . t. In li *  nr    I am an
wl liken in make Ihe
ii ■ • « - li - iitr. I nis.i enjoy thr ao*
en 11 nl mt  fe Ihiw-int-ii."
"Mn) wc it"t v.iii-ii' i o 'woman?"1
I nakid. "I am afraid your quarter
nf it million would not laal very hou.
if yuu had mueh to do with Mite.
"So Mm have beard of her, bavi-
you*T he nnawered "Ilul you need
have no fmr- ITob doei not mi <l **.
nod ihni eharmlnii lot,* wit) imt de*
*-■•• t im- of \,r,\ mueh! Sow t.. .lumber nutter! What ainnuni do you
think your ellenta would feel Inclined
in take in foil Httlftnenl tif their
elntiii upiti iin'?"
■*l ennnot my," I inawered, "Hnw
many ot the ileum have urn rallied
"There wrrr t*i originally,*1 he uld,
when  be bad ronnulteil itl*. poeket
I k, "ami I hare aold flo,   whleh
leaven a balance of M, all of whleh
nre betier than any I have vet die*
I I uf.   Will your eh. ni- tn' pre
pared to  pi   i ' ifM, of oourat,
given without |ir.    . in '"
"Your   k'elirf.      -      u*  uet    tne,"   t
anawered.   "M\  client■   ■.■•■ir  |wiri-
III i -.   .ire   In   Inke      i ." ■*■'      kpteei
While   you    Ifel    off    WOl ll.t.     ,'!.!
your treatment uf tlum, with  CMO,*
"Ihey may eonalder themnelvea
li. ki in i>. i anyibini*." hr I. • rti '
"Hun your eye over I hi
how ti hinnda, ^-».
well a» I it*, thai ihey hairn*l a tr*j
to r*iand ufm ll | wanted lo be
naaiy, I -tio»|i| *m ut ihen |.t...
ibai Ihey hatr a rlirhi lu thr Mtmea
They eon*l rail iu the taalitan i
the law   "
Hot Springs Sanitarium
No*' under Ihe managemenl ol
Harry   McIntosh.   Hollman House
Th. M.dlc.l W.l.r. ol Htleyen art Iht
tno.t cui.uv. In lh. world.    A [«it««t.
natural ramecly lor all N.ivou. .nd Mu.cu-
l.r Di....... Liv.r. Kidii.y and Stomach
Ai'.m.nu. It. B.th, never 1.11 lo cut.
Rtwuititii.nl. An .teiolui. E'j.tanu. |,v.t>.
T.imi. }1H to JU far ac.lt. For lutth.r
p.riicu'.ar, apply 10—
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake. B. C.
Cre.nhouie. en* See4 Hou...
Hetdquarlers lorTACIFIC COAST
GROWN Rarden, llower and Held
iceedi. New crop now in, and on tttt
in cur greetihouaes. Ask your mat"
chant (or ihem In sealed packages. II
he does not handle them we will mall
10 assorted Sc packages ol vegetabl*
and llovtr seeds tour own selection,
sullible for B C. gardens) tor SI.CO.
Special prices on your bulk seeds.
B. C. Crown of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
al SM per hundred. }!(-0 per ICO.
Maytnrd  Hum, $1   each.    Italian
Piuiw, 2 yr,. line. S2S per ICO. Sugar
Prune. 2 yr.,(lM, $30 per 100.
Ne .(ratio*. Ina or dtlay .1 luntluuia
.    .'•.■. •    ,  •
H1|0 Wr.lnlntla.   R..»<       VarIOu.fr
-,'.   ccli.l   I   1,(11
IIP    He     I     '
I   ell  (ell   pn.lw
City   Barter   Shop
"li  e. .    ,e,»t... fur tint   tc
I   ll|UHI     111.'.     ■
i . Iv  M,   I      .
■ r   ,el   Ihni     '    ,   ,     \
il.Hll   Ite.l   I..II.1  ,tec l*i    |.
',     e.   ,,i
Hair Cm and Shave
SIX Ml w I • for
I. N. Hei..'
*'      Columbian Collet
Why be •*)
ton t'H.r.ritoi wom
bum u>uege
N...   Wc.im.n.l.t  I) t
'   ,'   ■    ' ■-     '
■   '
t.le-lee  .     cec „e,     |l,e
■-      s.
' 1
-i i.i
'*: -A
/""•".'     i V *)
1      *A\\
i 1-
■     - '  ■ .
William* 1'ianos
F. Pyman .„,.
Ac'AI. lllltlVK I I   .Nlttlll   • e.Ml I
MAN' IIIMtel'.l.r Al.l'.Illl.l.
.. ...I.I ,.,■, I,,,,- .|«„t ne, , ...
-.-'....,     irr ,.l
I IS. ■ •   ttlm
■c, '. , ,.     ■
•.   I
..   ihi
A strong constitution
mentis a healthy mind
and good work—and
guod work mesns advancement. To have
a strong constitution
une musl have thc best
,-neits, and that's a hat
/on will llnd ai the new
brick bltck Always
fresh, juicy and ler.der.
Geo. R. Sharpe
For Sale!
, -     Ivtl   ' ' publ '•   '.'hi.
hightch ', itt and univntily
-. <«     lhe ttarcial t-ouiit» include
-   iiMirutistntal and Mcliiei^iw
tn  itiutie-      In Art. Sketchlllg,Oil
•  ',--;'*,'■*      AtoPhy
, '- • .-■ ■ -. :      • •■
■ ■ ..
ycung men's ttsidence.
Win.. .ta   Send   lit
ar.d Supcricrily
i In
te.'l    1    '
Mr   11 .1.    ,1   1
1     e
Ilc    ,
' II
I  '
. iel>.r     1
c, a la,,'.
Tnan. Man.*
IA*V' ■■     • ••
(f(-t)l "    II'*,   " - t- ff    ll    1    ■
Scicmilic American.
.'.••_..;  :.'.••*" '.-,'.";■.",
ttavra 'i*>* 1% I f. «_...<.-  le ■
TV* Hammond is Pcrfctticn
.   ncnt. bea.-.
rk-li    . ■ : .-iimon
•• • '   •     pe
...... m ever)    w specii
Hammoi   musl be
It is
Tilt.   HAMMOND   l.nwaiTM
Tmot.ro. «S Ad...-de  Si...i I .„
Monlt».l, las Si J.ir... THE PROGRESS. ENDERBY, B.C., APRIL l.i. 1906
U     ._>-.>.   aH«,i___.«il» .
Finest & Largest
Ranjje of
Enderby  Trading  Company
Call on Fulton for Hardware
He has thc Latest <k>. Best Stock in the City
0! Ranch an i Builders' Supplies and Tools, Fence Wire,
try Netting. Sloves, Ranges, Cranlle and Tin Ware,
all klnas of Necessary Articles for Kitchen or Bathroom,
Cream Cans. Milk Pails, eic. etc.
New Stock-Right Prices
/     Are you intending lo sell
this Year
if so
*. 1
■ iking » :• it
" "    -i.  cur  gftslai aUllan
_____________________.Mrtft h*> ***** a* autstani ani tie
-,c Kfrnttpsti.
,   ■  .
H^^^^H gh mm
• • ■
Messrs. F. C, Wollenden and J. mTtVBM
McDonald, directors ol lhe Armstrong
Light and Power Cbinp.iiiy spenl .1 lew
hours In lown on Monday lasl. These
^ciuletiieii have ,-t proposition lor Ihe
supply ol electric light to Enderby,
which Ihey wi.sh lo lay belore Ihe
council, and winch has been given lo
Mayor Bell, wnh lhat intention. This
c eiiipany is willing io supply Ihe corporation wilh 100 Kilowatts, (equal lo
aboul 1400 16 candle power lamps.l
lor $ 135 a month. The council would
have to pole and wire lh* town, al an
lied cost ol $1500, and pul In
■ ■ I ell the current
supplied by ihe Company. II this proposition la favorably re.-eived by the
cily council lhe Company will send
their consulting engineer lo this place
lo make a report upon the scheme.
Mr Elson. • I Eden House, reports
mat he is plaining oul thia spring 137
trees, and 200 small Iruila. 01 the
Irult tree*. 100 vera supplied by lhe
ll am ranch at Vernon, and consisted ol th* following varied*!:
: Canadian, Baldwin. Salome, Rome
and Wlnesap; while lha remainder
came front an Oregon nursery. The
small fruit* came from Mr. Elton's,
e-.tatt nl Port Moody. Mr. Elton say*,
thai those (rom lhe Coldstream were'
very satisfactory while on the other
hand, ili*« Irom across ihe lln* were
aiitfaclsry   Inthellrstplace. |
hit order was lor 40 trees, ol which
th* order was much substituted.   Mr.
...that he is pleased to team
i midstream people intend to
evely iiiic the nursery busi
* returned on
- -
and proctedtd t. V.tr.n ,n I
M«*r     W   A    Dobtm W   i*
Harvey visited V*r
. ■  -     . .-■ -
mutt  ot ihe Fain It, tn
. »?ifi(t Si
.    ■
tunilt ol (citing pr.wder at can price
.,   .;
, i *
ship and in ihu ImtltuHan, al a coal,
iv* been timek
Cur ctuncil lot lhe;
-•   •-'       -■ . . •
eiiih, lor adtatl purpose*,. S |
•   ;      a.        |! c        -
I* il 19 mills eta net tat* ol
17.84 milk   By ibe aduption tf the
in pts.sdli^ lut per.
mtnent Itnprcvsmsnis and HI
httt to pay have been tela iti Irani
■ . -..
3 le Union Restaurant
WEEKLY. TICKETS, $5.00.       BY THE MONTH, $20
In connection with th* Restaurant a llrst-clssi Bakery is established from which can always be obtained lhe choicest Irom
Ihe oven.   Alwavi Iresh.
A nice line al Conlecllonery is carried In slock Kresh
(rull In season.   Don't bake bread when busy, TRY OURS.
Everything Strictly
J  McQUEEN, Proprietor. Enderby.
Harness'-maker and Repairer.
Valises.   Etc.
Aylmer 525 Force Pump
Wl 11 it i 11 tb • th* amount ol wa.« with on*-** I th* power
tlin.   lu capacity ir No. 2, tr >3. No. 3. IWO No. 4,
■a, par hour.
tt you want ft* but23th-ccntuiv, upio-daie pump tn th.
w.rl/you wi   line! tl in lh* AYLMEK.   Give tl * trial ti never
tail, to pltaat. n will eonvinc* you el Iu >up*rloniy it you wilt
• ii a chine*.  W* want to say lutihet II yeu order
' c'letM pum» you can lui It eeler* paying for ll.   II not
lemov* it si our own e.peit...   We h*ve
-  Iht* proponiion (or yeat. and ttavat had a pump come
J. Johnson "TjftB c
Just Received
These Oals were Imparted by us on account of their very
Superior Yielding Qualities
Farmers requiring Seed should take advantage of lhls opportunity to get a really choice article.
TKe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Endtrby.
The Burrard Sanitarium,  Limited,
a-,,1  Sac,end   R.p.etl   tf  'tht  ltt.tiliili.en
ii ■
■     ■
■    M»
i -.-.
•   ■
___________!   _-__-___________i
rard Haiti,
,'.:., .     . ■
■ the n.w
-     ,      "
Murph, -
". at this
-. sty it-
■ ■• le up ol
■ -,'•».
. el the en
A Ihe ..iftalying
I lhal ll It cost
it would
.   • "    ,-
■   .
.   ■ ..
■ * ..'   ;
■ t;
llPWA-tDS Ot Oil* hundred surgical cperaticn* were performed, all Willi
Complete success, and etiy one death out ol over two hundred pauenu
Seven patient* trete in ihe Sanitarium it the cpening ol the year,
205 were admitted during the year, making a total ol 212 treated.   Of these.
91 were male* and Ui female*    PI were surgical. 81 medical, and 19
. 2 patients remained in al the close of thc ■
The l.lal days treatment wete 3190. an average ol 19.46 dayt per patient.
Oul of lhe 212 palienu Heated only one deaih occurred, bring lets than
I 1 pei cent    This one death was due to suppurative pyelitis, complicated
< nb were admitted tram lh* following localities
1 KAlilll
. •■-,
New Westminster
!<'.   " '-
Salmon Ann
I' »i Ha
Mt Lehman
, •
Dktifcury, Alia.
While Horse.Yukon
Van Oand
-, ■
Ontral ftrtl
E*» till
i  ti llaney
Alder Grove
Maudsw, Man.
Harriet Bay
Seattle. Wash,
Ledue. Alia.
Keeler Station
Souru. Man..
Naas River
The Ba- ' I     .Re Department have been eminently
.     mt ol Miss MilliHgtofl.    During the year. 95t Ires'      ■
treie given, ani at Ihe teatrcnage lias gradually HKraaaad, it has *
■    •     Early in Ihe y*ai   . .    • B  was
puMl.he4 - Iflatl to the '"an/ Irlends cl lhe en lilulion.
• la ward* have been
neatly painlei ■      I    tall I   -      •'•'   '■'  Iheir appMiaiKa.   The increase
. ■•     ' ,e East End Y - ■-; the opening   I  blanch olfiCM In
lhal patt of the cily lot lh* Convenience ot cur patrons


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