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The Edenograph 1905-05-10

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Volume I,   Number 52.
ENDERBY, B. C, MAY 10. 1905.
Price, $2 a Yi.ah
fur whicli lie refused $100 per acre, heavily Irom the older settled pontons
Hit hotel isa big one, Iront 166 feet on of the Dominion. Wenolice an article
one slreel and 79 Ieel on another, and In the St. John Sun. just lo hand, stalls a substantial two-atory frame slruc- Ing thai no less than one thousand
luie, electrically lit. with modern Im- families will leave lite Maritime Prov-
provetnents, hot and cold water, etc. inces ihis spring lo settle In Ihe Terri-
Generous lo a fault, ever ready to help lories. One hundred applications In one
along the road ol llle some unlorlun- day Is ihe record ol the Canadian Pa
ate. Wright Is typical ol lhat group of clllc Railway passenger olllctes, and
^n^—-^^—a^^—^^^^^n^^^^^^-^—,    """iy pioneers now  rapidly  patslng an average ol seventy-live letters ask- j
Ira C. Jones has a house to rent.     i Thomas Cunningham, Iruli Iree In- away, ,nd to whom Iho  province owes Ing lor information are received daily.
J. Pllklnglon and wife have move to: apector. wrote: "Thete ara by lar lhe 50 much Mys n,9 Victoria Colonist.  These ap-
besl Italian, shipped In this sea&on.     Enderby and lis Immediate neigh plications (or information come  from
Plant carelully. and give them good bor|,ood rUm many opportunities lor all parti of the three Maritime  Prov-
City's Business
Annls lor the summer.
A large house enjoyed Miss Snyder's
entertainment al the Town Hall last
Wednesday evening.
Goraon A. Wcy, superintendent ol
Hi i.i ife i Vancouver ollice, was on
a tour oi the Valley towns this week.
I'M Marrop returned Irom the coast
on Monday, alter spending a week or
two viewing lhe beauty spots aboul
Tho City Council met laal Friday  Revelstoke, where she spenl   a lew
evening, wllh all members present.     I days attending the  school teacher's
The  by-laws relating  to dogs, to'convention.
animals running al large, and thai Im-     The   Rothesay  Lumber Cos mill
posing a road tax passed their second here presents an exceedingly lively and
__^^^^^^^^^_ . thehometeaker. and small holdings can inc-and the people who are   thinking, «___■■■_ I Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
The Independent order olOddlellowsj be had at prices varying Irom 510 an ol going West are not young men who,'8™"*   The road  '"  by '»« was j industrious appearance, the mill havlnR
were organized In Enderby Tuesday! acre upward, according lo the distance have merely a desire lo wander.   Theyl"mendln«b-V 5l"klnK °ul ,h'' vo"ii- recently been freshened up by a coal of
evening, a number ol ihe brethren from town.  Wllh a favorable climate, are farmers and tradesman who ar8; whohaj mi™ '" ,ho cl,y <°r "*° paint. Inside and out.    The company
coming from Vernon and Armsirong to ample rainfall lo Insure crops, good going Weil with the Intention ol taking i weeks or longer." j Is handling an exceptionally fine grade
do the work.   At 12 o'clock Iho mem-! soils, an abundance of limber and up Und or of establishing themselves I    A eommtinlcallon was read Irom the of lumber this season,
bers adjourned lo Ihe Union Restaur- j splendid markets lor all products of lhe In business. In most Instances they are iVernon Newj' ™kln*,or * l0° w*,ards
ani where tables were spiead (or 50. field or orchard, Ihe outlook Is rightly taking along their  household luniture,
alierwards reconvening lo continue the > summed up by Thi EoiHOORtrtt In ihe farming implements, and, In many cas-
followmg tetse lenience: "There may •», their livestock.  This li not unlike
be, no doubt there are, features abiul the movement that once took place
other parts ol the Okanagan that will from Ontario to the Western States.
Wm. Chllds. a young man of exem
Frank Waring, representing the titer
candle agency ol R. G. Dun _ Co.,
madea^lng lour o, ■^fc^j;^^"^ — .^«,«,»«, End.*y no.happiiy ceased when Canadian,
mlvttb. '' ' r-         ' m the way ol nature s   provisions  for went West by carloads.
Ira C. Jones has planted lhe yard ol *** K"   , ' lhd ™T """ Jh°'y; home-lile. but certainly none can e»-     Atre_dy ,he M„lllme Pravmc_ lre
his home oroDeny frultln trees and in »>e(oro qulttlttg time last Thursday eve- ce|, ^ cti.twtlccondlliora are- p«rfeeu uJ^^J*. _a,_T__ j/
«__rrr_fr_L!, »■*«•***<>*"««^•*««-*»**************• »•»•■ ^ „_
another year he will have beautiful v|wll, ^jj „_, ^ck wiih tremend- location U unsurpassed. No cold, damp Potion oi the papulation, one conse-
home grounds. ^"""""^—"———"■■""■■^^
...       a- ous '<>'<»• »"*"« Wm lust above the *««iher.orliol.iullry dayt.'
The rainfall ol Monday and Tuesday „„„    H, d|ed ,„ , |ew _,„,,.„!
was of inesllmable value to tha district. „„„ f    ,„,    ^^^^
The outlook lor imitieiise crops waa
never brighter.
The home of F. J. Fenton, near Enderby. was destroyed by lire Sunday
afternoon. A detective flue was the
cause ol the blaie.
Contractor Bird and his workmen
are pushing the construction of the
Bell hotel block wllh all possible speed.
They are now on the second story.
Magoon strawberry plants, the aland
ard shipper, for tale; 56 per 1009,75c
per 100.   Apply lo J. C. Metcalle or
W. G. Prtngle, on the ranch. Deep ck.
The Union Restaurant changed
hards ihe patt week, Mrs. J. Wiseman selling ihe business and lurniih-
Ingt lo Garnet W. Ball. Mrs. Wiseman and siller built up an excellent
business, and their aucceuot will add
to ll many improvements. Mr, Ball
ts a vtuitg man of genial, obliging ways
and will quickly Increase hu already
large butlnett, Mn, Wiseman eapecu
lo return to Enderby In a few weeks,
A meeting of lhe lootball boya em
held Monday evening lo organite lor
Draining tl..-   Mint.ml Provinct.
One of the drawback!, (rom a Canadian point ol view, ol the ruth ol tet-      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tlera lo the Northwest It ihe lacl that a visaing card, bring or tend to Tut
lhe western movement it drawing EotNoaftAtii for quotations
queue* of which hat been that their
representation in lhe Dominion Home
ol Commons has been reduced.
When you want anything in the line
ol priming, (ram a tn-colored patter to
the aeaaon.  J. C. Metcalle wu dec-1
The Okanagan Brick Co. Is turning {ti mixmr „ ,he let-: j, H, b,,^
out Its (irst kiln ot brick.    The com- afain, and Chat. Hancock, tecteUry-'
pany it In lhe Held lor orders of any treasurer.   Though the learn hat been:
sue for common, pretsed or fancy doing tome practice wotk. lhe first
brick. game ol the jetton hat yel lo be pbyed.
H. W. Harvey has sent lo Ihe big The boyt recognue lhat they have a
nurseries ol M. J. Henry, Vancouver, strong team to go up against In the
Iota number  of plants  and garden Kamloops boyt. but Ihey hope lo gel in
shrubs, lobe placed in thepotlotlice thapelogive the visitors a run tm
garden. their money.   A game WIN be played yr
Pile driving at Ihe east approach lo Saturday evening.
the Enderby bridge will start this week.
A side approach to the bridge hat been
built, which will keep lhe bridge open
to trallic lor aome lime.
The Kamlcopi Lumber comply in
stalled a steam aet thlt week, and
is now working at in full capacity. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Caiload shipments are being made al vttll could hardly be called complete
the rale of about one a day. without becomiitgpertonally acquainted
Work wat started yesterday on the *llh H' Weto,«' *«•*«• •««•' «"»*"
addition to the residence ol J. L. Rul- M "w'bb'" ,h« «,m-1 bflfl,l"e <* *•
Endetby hotel.    Per two   deciders
Wright hat experienced  the  vlclttl
EnJcrley Opportunities
Concluding a lengthy article on Enderby, in a recent time. The Week, ol
Victoria, tayt
Like every old-tellled community.
Enderby hat m pioneers, and one't
tan. Another ttory it to be added,
and a porch build around the home.
Ira C. Jones it doing lhe work.
The handsome addition lo the residence of Mayor Bell has been com-
ludes and pleaturet ol making a living
in Ihe valley at freighter, stage driver,
farmer, and liallyas "mine hotl," and
now with a tidy Income ol tome 52.000
ple.edand.he building It now In lh. „ |fflmlht   ^ „,
hands ol Palnlcr Llnlon, whosepainlert r ~•
are giving it a very Imposing finish.
Rev. and Mrs. A E. Roberts left lor
Vancouver on Monday. Mr. Roberts
will represent Enderby Lodge No. 15.
K. of P.. al Ihe annual conven
lion, and will also be In attendance
at Ihe Methodist Conference.
Wm. Glbbs, lor some years employed
tells you in hit plain. Muni way. lhat
after all. ihe aolllude ol the larm and
an occasional outing after leatheted
game or a bear lor lhe ditlrtct it pro.
Illic in sport are more lo his liking
"How did you come lo drill in
here> I asked htm. 'Well, I broke
loose Irom old Nova Scotia back in
73   wandering   around  ihe Pacific
as teller and accountant by the Bankol .lop, until I ttruck  Lytlon. 21   years
Recreation Grounds
There needn't be an/ more loss of sleep over
the recreation ground problem.
Evidently the citizens have hit upon Ihe right
thing—everybody Is satisfied.
The proposition o Jilined in these columns last
week, was not submitted lo the City Council on
Wednesday evening because the Council did not
meet Wednesday evening. Ciiy Clerk Kosoman
was too III to attend, and the meeting was postponed until Filday evening
Then the matter was in better form lo present
to the Council. Whal action the council look may
be learned by referring io Ihe notes of the proceedings of the meeting.
Thursday evening President Harvey called a
meeting ol Ihe Celebration Committee, Afler disposing of the business relating directly io May 24th
the committee took up Ihe mailer of grounds. The
proposition of securing the Barnes property was
brought forward and considered from all viewpoints. The terms on which lhe property could
be purchased were given by Mr. Barnes substan
tially as were published last week—$200 down and
$200 yearly until the purchase price, $1.200.11
paid. To conclude Ihe business, a committee ol
Ilve was named lo aci for ihe city, who were empowered to enter into an agreement *ith Mr.
Barnes whereby they were to have control of th;
ground as purchasers for ihe city, on payment of
the initial sum of $200. And when the formal
legal steps have been taken and Ihe bylaw properly drawn up and passed and voted upon, ihs.it
the property shall be turned over to the city, to
be held as a permanent recreation grounds. If Ihe
by-law should fall to pass, a contingency that is
hardly to be thought of. then the committee shall
hold the grounds on behalf of ihe city upon com
plying with ihe conditions on which Ihe property
is offered lo the city; provided Ihe grounds are not
put to any other use ihan that of public recreation
or sports grounds. The following were named on
the committee. Messrs Nairn. Harvey. Hancock.
Taylor and English The following day Mr. Barnes
the Issue ol a special number. The
clerk was directed to reply, expressing
Ihe regret ol the Council that at present II Is impossible.
An letter was read Irom P. Greyell
eillering to sell the city three to ten
acrea of land lor recreation grounds.
A petition signed by a number o'
property owners wat read, requiilln,,
ihe Council lo Introduce a by-law to
provide lor Ihe purchase from F. II
Barnes of a piece ot land (or the purpose ol a recreation ground for the city, i
Alter due consideration Alderman
Evans gave notice thai at Ihe next
regular meeting he would introduce a
by-law lor this purpose.
The linance committee reported that
at instructed by the Council they hid
] interviewed ihe Bank of Montreal and
had arranged lo get the necessary funds
' lo enable ihe Council lo meet current
expenditures pending relund ol taxes
colected by the Government, The
, committee was empowered to obtain a
: temporary loan ol 5500.
Graham Rosoman was appointed
treasurer, and hu bond waa fixed in the
, turn of 5500,
I    Alderman Sharpe introduced a by-
1 law lo facilitate the work of the clerk,
At a mailer of emergency Alderman
Kcnney moved 111 teeond reading.
Alderman Bradley introduced a by
3 law to restrain and punuh immoral,
indecent and olher disorderly perso.it.
covering drunkenness, profanity, blasphemy, proslllution, etc.
Aid. Evaiu introduced a by taw re-
attaining fail tiding and driving on the
City streets M~~
Furniture Icr the City Clerk's office j
wu ordered lo be procured
ll is a mailer of disgust that the
Spallumcheen uver, which constitutes
the only water supply ior so many
families heie, should be used as a
dumping ground for all kinds ol grab
age, dead carcasses, etc. If Ihere Is
any law in this country governing such
cases. II should certainly be enlorced.
It is a matter lor the health Inspector
to look Inlo.
Of Te.rlul I cc,.-. ..race..-
Bom To Mt. and Mrt T. Gray, a
F Dean relumed Irom his Itlpsouth
by Saturday s train
Are you Interested > If you are a
! subscriber you are. If this parjgraph
is marked II indicates that you subscribed lor Iht llrst number ol Tim
EuBttoontPii, lor which we owe you a
debt ol gratitude, n indicates further,
that your subscription expires wnh
thia Issue. II you want lo be good to
the editor and avoid the rush, get in
your subscription early alter the neat
issue or belore tf you want lo, bui
consider well Ihe following from an
Old Country exchange; "Many and
various are the struggles ol the little
lobbing printer and newspaper proprietor in very remote country dutricts
where the popjlatiun Is scarce, and
money more so, I knew a good-
tempered old chap who hid the
greatest dilficulty in making b th en-
meet, though he worked fourteen or III ■
leen hours a day Falling to get
■nonet, lor hit tubtcriptions, he would
often take garden produce. But this
did not alwayi pan out all tight. On
one cccatlon in Ihe bitterness
ol hu heart he inserted thli notice
'We do tike garden Huff In lieu of
money. Send potatoes It you like, or a
lew carrots, but. for God s take, don't
tend any mire ontoni. We cannot
print lor our tears'"
Subscribe Nuw    Ue.-lci \.,«
Don't borrow your neighbour'! newt-
papers. They may let on you are welcome to ihem bui ihey don't mean n
People take papert because they
want  Ihem, and   if you want Ihem
Picnic (Millet are lhe order of Ihe **> jh™l|l -bscribe. A man in
day. Mara Lake being the popular '""to" reluming home Ihe olhei dty
fuo,l found hit neighbour leaving Ihe hrsuse
The fragrance of apple Wosso.n per- and b!,ne0| ■ I*""* M""" d'" '
lumet Ihe air. several local orchards "j""'    "lled ,he m*n';
A lawtult followed and ll was found
thit  Ihe  man wat  Ihere ta borrow
I white with bloom.
Mitt A. Smith and Mrt II U
James, ol Rogers Pats, ate (pending
a few weeks here ts guetti ol Mrs
Wm. Cadden
Messrs A Graham, Fenton. Ben
netl and Ronton spent Sunday on Mara
lhe local paper. The sull Colt
575. the docter bill was 525 and 52
would have saved Ihe trouble Now u
the time to subscribe-
The business   men   ol  Armsirong
Montreal at New Denver, and later at ,,„ and irom ihere ftnaiir loii.-i <~fl had lhe four acres surveyed, and on Saturday the
....... . ..  .    •        ' r_r!  rrammlliAA cici iK« t.tnr\  .hJ   ,..,,..1 il. c^
cashier al Nelson and Greenwood, died , fretirht outfit, which brought in two
at Greenwood on Saturday ol typhoid American self-binders thai lirtall/land-
(ever. H It body was taken lo Vernon, ej upal Ihe old Lamblewtrehous- I
where Inlerrment will lake place today. Hgvred il out that those binders were
On a shipping lag attached to a headed fci a land lhat grew something
shipment of Italian prune tiees. In Ihe —tnd I ve .luck here ever tlnce
caiload lot received from Ihe Stone tc Webb still clings tu a SO acre plot <A
Wellington nurseries by E A Chappell, choice land half a mile from  lown, fsr
committee raised the $200 and secured the prop
erty The work of rolling and putting it inlo shape
will proceed .his week.
The committees on sports will report program
ot Victoria Day sports at Thursday night's meeting,
when programs will be printed ami circulated.
lake, and succattlulty landed a large •»»« subscribed 5600 lowarj the pub
number ol speckled beauiies licatlon of a special booklet  ll
No doubt all have heard ol Sherlock ••,h" MX™ o! ,h« *'»>n:9
Ht**,*. celebrated detective^, JHSW^
tew .re acquainted wiih ihe lacl thai doub| wl,| te(.,|v. „  r|cn  r_,afd ,or
hu double is a resident ol our latt city  their live enterprise and foresight they
have sel a worthy example lor  olher
•;.     m for intti
Kamloops Sentinel
jjrSjS Found At Mara, near the Rothe-
g£H say Cos sawmill, a correspondent
.. • Ansaerts to name ol "Sandy Applicants can have same by provii^ owner -
Th"rri is enly one
a   ||
M Northen. Maia's Khool ^ b„ a|,,, v<n b, in ,h, .. .      .     .,.
leachei.   relumed   last Friday   from to Mais at J2 a yen
May 24tk, The day we Celebrate! THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., MAY 10, 1905
First Year
. ■ Xai ■■ ic, he   ■    . .
!    ll
net III .: i
the larmers   may Inspect the
crops and see for themselves
what is being done in an experimental and educational way.
We are informed that over 45,
000 visited that  institution in
June last year.     The work of
the regular Institutes havebeen
supplemented by Ihe formation
of Women's institutes through
..ut lhe Province, the membership of which has materially In
Enderl ,
- nol
only   i
tru ilc C.   ll
i» i nceti
it)    i
UVfl    «
mlu   grow.
The citizens I Enderby are
io be congratulated on having
secured such valuable recreation grounds on terms so liberal as those closed this week
by ',he citizen's committee with
Mr. Barnes.   The grounds are
amply large for all purposes
other than a race track, and
when put In shape v.Ill be un
excelled any place In the Pro
The cost of fencing the prop
erty, building grand stand, etc..
will be. perhaps, S300, which
will make the grounds cost the
ciiy $1,500. Five years will be
given In which to pay this. More
liberal terms could rot be asked.
A private company would
lump at the chance to get hold
nl lhe property on such terms
The land without Improvements
would bring $1,500 In the open
markel if subdivided into lots.
As a recreation grounds it can
be made even a belter-paying
Investment. The proceeds from
rentals and admission fees will
no doubt pay for the grounds
and improvements In the time
limit, and the town will then
own a revenue-producing asset
of much greater value than the
original cost.
Of course Mr. Barnes would
not dispose of the property to
the city or to anyone else at Ihe
figures named If any other use
were to be made of It.
The Wcither.
Walter E. Truesdale, governmenl
I .it Enderby. lurnishes the lol
lowing record ol the temperature, and
general slate ol the weather lor the
month ol April
Croctrit. and Provision
All lines ol Stapll ind Pine)       trial
CsillirC.i Fl.lll.,. VeVC-U! Ir .    ?.'-.'     I    U'.-ll
Agents lor Run Lais, tin- bl md moil
popular Tea on the rntrlee-c ■ ."a n
and Dairy Produoi   Flour ind Meali
Staple? ant t am y Dry Good.
Lldlaj' Dress Goad.. HI imu Mmmlng!
etc.. Illinkels. SKeelliiej. CmUltii. Ladies'
tnd Chlldfen's Underwear.
Mining Suppler,
Tent.. Camp Stove, and Finings. Ptckt
tnd Shovel.. Stumpitcg Powder, Fuie ant
Cips, AimneclAiiiiiiuiiiii tc. RuletHct Boots.
Blacksmith   ..I.
CloLhlng tnd Ca nit' Furnishing!    ,
Men's  and   Boy'a   Clothing,   Hosiery,
Simla. Collars. Ties anil Underwear.   Hals
.in '. .'a','-,  le    i   i.ti.1 Slioea
House Furni.htngt
Clisswate. Chlniwaric Tin and Enamelled
Watt, Wooden Ware, Culliry, no.
term tnd l.ocden Rreiul.il.'.
Agilculiurtl linplaiiieiiit. Wagons. Hay
and Fence Wne, Haivosl Toola. Catden
Tools, Oatden and Field Seeds.
Sporting Good.
Rillos and Slwi Guns. Ammunllli n,
Rlelileel Boiels. Fulling Tackle     I'lpa. an 1
The Eden,? ;rai'H Is one year
old today Next Issue will start
volume two. There Is Just one
issue in the year when an
editor feels free to talk "shop"
to his readers, and that is at
the close of the year, He can
then tell what he has done ll!
he .var.' hai hi   lias left
undon-   ind    hai he h pes to
to enlarge up;n these things.
We will not go back of the
paper's record, nor mourn he-
cause of what might h.tve been.
Nor will we make any rash
promises. It the policy of the
paper has not been made suf-,
ttclcntly clear. It will be some
: tilt has been our Intention to
revive "Moments." a monthly
publication through which Hank
Reklaw did most of hts work
before coming to Enderby. but
this cannot be until the business
is lhe step.
In this connectl n *e would
slate that Hank keklaw Isa
character that has been closely
associated with the tditor In
various fields for years. We
believe he has a word lo give.
To be sure, many people have
mistaken his characteristic
frankness for brusqueness. and
have been offended, but when
the judgment day comes and
you and I and the other fellow
measure up with this quaint old
character. It Is just possible
we will not be so fai ahead of
him Anyhow, Hank has been
retained on the stall
Enderby's prosperity Is your
prapserlty and <jur prosperity.
Let us. then
worked In the past, lor the Literati si Enderby and the
The consideration of the sue
trmei   Institutes
.mbia is suggested
■ nth re
rtner's Institutes
of On'. ar 1904
dent to tl er ol
•  •■ ■
.- thai
e     ,1
falling tl   membership
"..•'.      . „•
The lays
irrli     n by the
Institutes of On'.arl i.   One of
li       -     tl n   with
which anu Institutes
They hivi    nstltuted what is
. .   .
the latter tl
n an opport pit
• lei  I merti thi ani
■,-    . .       II    ther
■;     ii - are   nductedln
which lhe defects and m rtl
anirnn*   in ; Inted   H
■' ■  —     il ••■ r. .,-
      ' .     . ' .- •
-icr that
Wit_ The Owl
a-.'..   MJtl •*  •** tltr DAM
YCU have fcix.d a m.'n who
ra^K-*--^^ thinks alone—who forgets him
sell and strives enly to do the
~     ' thing—who Is ready to sacrifice
himself and all that he Is snd
has to get the thing done as
near right as It can be dent-
when you have fcund him, I
say. Icok him ever. You v. HI
find him to be. peihaps. a very
geed fellow, pethaps congenial;
but. surely. Just an ordinary
man. He may be weaiirg a
blue rough shin, rolled up to
the elbows. It little mailers.
When ycu have leund him. and
satisfied yourself lhat you have
seen many men finer locking
ihan he: that he Isn't such an
extraordinary individual after all: jusl shut your
eyes a moment. Now open them again! The
man Is gone, and there stand before you his detainers, They. too. have been disappointed In his
appearance. They came to see a show, net the
genius, forgetting that to see a genius one must be
one. They, like you, are struck with wonder that
a genius could look so common. The wonder Is
not that a genius can dress so common; Ills In lhat
so humble a man can be a genius.
In writing this I have In mind the man Elbert
Hubbard—done Roycroftle, He is lhe best beloved
of modern writers by men who wish to grow; and
the most cordially disliked by baby minds—men
who do not know and do not wish to know. In
him ihey can see nothing but the mercenary grafter,
and because the world pays him well (or his work
while they are In the swamp ol mediocrity, they
belittle him and pass on. Here are just a (ew
criticisms by men who evidently are so blinded by
jealousy that they cannot see straight:
Manhatten Theatre was packed to the doors by
the misguided who paid good coin to hear this
Dowle ol Letters advertise his wares—N Y. Sin
When Pra Elbertus was here, he went out tolhe
insane asylum and made a speech to lhe inmates.
Before he had spoken ten minutes a woman gol up
and in a voice lhat shot clear above lhat of the
speaker, shouted. "My Cod! I cannot stand any
more such nonsense as this'" ll was ihe first
sign she  had given of returning sanity— Utica
Elbert Hubbard was in Boston last night and
gave his lecture. "The Gospel of Work.   And they
do say that the Fra and All Baba succeed in forcing their gospel on the other Roycrolters wh
i5t Aurora, which is in Erie County, N. Y —
• ii 1 Icrald
Hubbard spt ll |>?cHully     .
because he can t get in It —Oil City Derrick
H. W. HARVEY. General Merchant
Enderhy. B.C.
The stock in the several departments Is large, varied and new
.     r • LCM
A General Banking business transacted
■■"■'■- '' !    I ' -  "■ '   | '
Savings Bank *"**•
aB_Bj___BJ_B_t_BM_HB__aj    WilMrawelt on -tamanct without
dalay        .      -
■  'a.
OKAtlAGAN       PIS t UlCt
RBV M ■    > ■ \
'.,   -
Here! for
.'-'.;   i '-■ i H" !■'.;-..-
Do you need
tacles ?
Drop a card and I will call and
thotcughly lett your eyetattd
lit you with a high gtade itncle
cheap, Sctenttltc—ry ground
and toe—«d letuea
J M Mclaitrte. Opttaaa. (otnoy.8 C
Ira C. Jones
Carpenter IB. BviMtr
buildingi of any dimension, small
irotk quickly attended to, in loan
and Ceuntty.
Endetby, B. C
Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, from $8 lo $10 per M
Shlplap. SI2 per M.
Flooring. Celling. Siding. from SI5 per M. up
itaV Any olher Information will be furnished on Inquiry at
our office. We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
which will have our careful attention.
 r.nJ.-,l.v. B C	
Have a Soda
My Soda water Fountain Is In position, and am serving Ihe
choicest Ice Cream Sodas that ever cooled and sweetened the
inner man And It ll Is drugs you are In need ol, you will
find mine are the purest: and always accurately dispensed.
Rn    Da.MM_ Muonic building Armstrong
. K. DUrnS, Burns'Toilet Luxuries
..." *
ttti^i i
This Is Jollyboy and hlsfe
Little Brother.    They^*^
are smiling in anlicipa-|
tlon ot the pleasure oh]
seeing you at Enderby^
on MAY 24th.    It
Enderby's Big Day—never so big, .jc+
... - .a. —_- .___- fr. *__
bdo-e   There will be baseball,
'oo'.ball. hjrse racing, and all thej
>ther things that go to make the
•tejf lay a happy one for everybody.
Bank of Montreal
Capital, nil pale up. sit.ooo.ooo «..i. tio.ooo.ooo
Beelace.e  Profit, ced Lot. account. ».n.9M
lltAI.   OrriCE.   MONTREAL
Thai very detiraMe property knswtt
at The Eden Houtt, ad|ouimg lh*
town ot Endetby. embracing 140 acre*.
IS »«_. tinder cultivation, wilh beating stchatd. Hai produced the ptue
•itmittj Irutt ot Btmth Columbia.
Two tltty haute, with large, none-
wtlled basement, good well. bim.
HaUe. etc. Thu It an etcellenl
m improved place, IS
minutet' walk turn the postollice. on
| It r -Ai For letrnt apply oil
tin eremite*, or addrett
WM ELSON. Endetby. BC
I SO in aete.
JAS. BOWES. Proprietor.
are complete without being lavish-
This hotel is delightfully situated, on the
shore of Okanagan lake
and, with "Jim" Bowes
to greet you as host, It
till make your stay in
Kelowna most enjoyable. The accommo
dailonsal the Lakeview
lhat is Jim's characteristic
For Sale!      Receipt Books
- J in bit Ira Mill put
chaser Suitable for fruit growing and
deir-fini!    Afeply In
c.'JM. Salman  Aim
Hot Springs Sanitarium
TtieMaa -»   K,—> a!  Ha >••     I
.-      -, ■••  Matt,    A tette:!
.   •>   •   ■ ,  Ifce
.•■   "Ceiney ani Siamtrl.
Ailments     l-<  ««■»> neaet tall tt eaie
Rhein——tn, Antt«ai»ti|taiiiii'ee(ierer.
Ml        ,   ! : . ... «f«!y le.
Halcyon Hot Spring*
Artow lit.   t   C.
Letter Heads Bill Heads, Envelopes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—any
thing lha- tan be prtnled--,uickly done at this office. Esll
mates cheerfully furnished on every class ol Book and Jab
Tlic EJcnotfropli. teW_*e_tit 2$™
(W TEAK First Year
Met-1-mdist Church  lieutenant vvl1"" "'" Br Blow ».>t
Divine Soivieror. evety Sunday at 7:30 p. m,
Sun.lay School ami Bililn Class. 2:30 p. m.
Prnyer Meeting.   -      -   Tuesday. 8 p.m.
A hearty welootTe for til.
Vr • I.-
The Colonel's
Story of Flad m
SIIIIMl lev ilic- ntnipn. ieeven
ini; ilic mil. lind lurneil ,.|a.... ilea
tlrlllillU |, ite>ruilinr.-s t.f Mime e>f lice-
Ic-Uele-rteeeel  clt-e.|e,-r,ee|ccc>c, „||„  |,,,,l   „l||,
elint unci uulaliune tnine ecf it.  .del-
tllniC      t ,c|,l     tle-cc.   ,,.,-•..*...,.-.| ..... ■
nld I ; c.l mid III. Uriel lent   i . .11......
I tle.CL'.'r.
ll.el ll.
,11  id
.•.all I
I lie,- .1.1.1
C.c    ll.-tc.
In- cc wli  '       i   rt -
llllll    Im.l . c ,   . .     lh   Ice.
•ever—   llll !•«    ■
II|CII   III.'   |,r Ill)   „(   Ihe  ...IC'-I — I
tern,.,, tend ni n fin tie lee ilea eteMingSi
tall. I..I.I .i.e. .1.,n
III. I ileal «,. filial tail fail'
lltir  m,'.' "t  leC.I.  t'e Ccllt-llcele  ,, I tec..,
ciece. .• i i-   I. In "I
  I ,',.,.
i.      ' ,     c ccewiaial. eft-
|.,l„   C. II I.   till
. ,„..-
.,. ghl
a. nn.!
. „e    I
lleeeel   » . ,.|   („..
,1    ," '
and t, I ,.-, ,,il,. t.|.M-.i,al
..... i.fai - nl tartan*. V«..i
liuiiu it,  !-■» .f-tr I'rvnat* 'inlicn
e netman a« a-ll at   lea
a|»ee|,«- I'll •'..I., aid I a wai a .'rail will.
tef.ee,.t.w,e„i oiil... .,r rai4e-r lo-f..ra
Icr wc. .ef *e», llr hn.1 l*wn r\i-rllr.t
. Cl.clrtlrrtf lerfenclerwa. la, and
wlire. ter Br.1 *tt..wr.| .If. Bl It.r rrtat
l|..arlrr« of r.^.|.ll.err'a I nlef.-llelt rt
lw.tl|...t. hr t.a.1 t....fr tear* err.,*, hi.
I. ei.t, rciiilrnaia r than half »l ns
il.r ..Id man   hr was -cl. .
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement To have
a strong constitution
one must have the best
meals, and that's what
you will find at the new
brick block. Always
fresh, juicy and lender.
Geo. R. Shari*
lel. aicn. fecr tla.- yi.tinirtlnr'i parly life
was a flcercc' exnglfprnliun uf nil lln<
father'* pntllnn fen-cinr unci nelvc-iiliiri,
.cf iill klll.ll, Well rcvier.vleccclj' liked
lilm 1'v.c licnril I'lui Blierlilnn twenr
that tin' lad waa tile liotl ..ild turli'.v
ihni ileal erer raran Inin tic Indian
.'.eCllllrV     ll"!    III'   I'eilll'lll'l    gOt    t t-.c._»
led enmieli fnr lilm,   He- ■ inl feci
eec. eceoicll - ice the- Sicrrns ecu llieit fill
Ifnrnle e>s|mlltian. illrapnonreil, nml
tie ice-.t ivp lietril lie wneillttlngtilili-
ic,:- i Icnie-lf iii il"' Ualnl.rle H-nrtaia
hn i,.' ci net merrllla.     I   nm
llmVII   Ll  Old   Me-Vie'ee   CC ll |„„,   ,,„,
'.Inri ng Ihlngt"    "icr lllilcel 1,1,al I
rilling a i
Haws tl,.
,,|,  e.f  |l„
.c-r C'le...
Cl  III,
Hie. Drnn.1i> I
lere.ee ci a- cell \llcl, icml at il.e
reecelici pintle |hnt r.rr.,
I llllln'l .ed III rltflel Hill. Dec
Ic.cel.t.. Iiiii I wa. In 111 I
lei  lile If,    ,c,
la In..III. Holloa
lie. a
New Crop now in Stock
of Home   Crown and
Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds, al
Wholesale and Retail
"Threwtands of Fruit and Omatnetail
Ttee-v Khodsdendrcm. Raet. Crew
h-uw and Hardy tttMt m« gw»   .
ing in out Nu*   -
For Spring Planting
■ t Eatietn pt a   • •
V" ."■ ;:'' ■ ■
Ctta!*i» K»~>     M J
JOIO Wtrtmimter I --•i
.!   "      »'
Peter   Burnet
Dominion <B> Provincial
Land Surveyor
A suhsCfijiliMI tod»r is forth Itwlfet."
• |«t, .eg let" !«■»"
it It  1'l.oec ■'. I Nccrlr tl     c, heie I
111,-1 lirrnlel llcln and vrllccv na lenre-lc
1lir.ll vicetlllc-rlllf. atceltc. In |||,. |e|n/n.
I lelllldd llllll  ntlil feeci.ed cent till nlteecil
Ihr fnll.trr nf hit an.l.li Inui plana, llr
wa. I,. ha*r learn a gntrernnr nr enme<
■i ic■.' If Ihr rrlcrlllecn had aueeeeiieil
llr lad law, Iiii al thr Arroyo gv|n,
•mwlrel 17 mllr. It. ihr river and was
liccw    IWUteeerallllir   ll    II..,, I    |l|r.|,    B
ikalelnn ed lelnnrlf. 1.111 aa full ..filpvll.
 <>'r     llr .aid  lrr\  fnilihlj-
■ '     ■    I.-   ..a.   Ill  a   trrrllele-   rneecer    ce'f
■ ll   -I I I leeCCIe;e „. .„■,,, ,.f | |.||„,a.
Lea   a hltfh ra.l- M,-\i, ,ec ,,f e ,.r,l„
■ en et nil   whcti ice. ...rn.il i„ uiarrv.
.■'Cl.   ll •'•  hr had ,„,.„„,   |,.r ,,/f
Blnenlir. I'n'l ll .••« Iliefallirrapi*.
elel.c I..cc. re |,c-,e real In tier Icy *
"Ihr ir>..tl.lr la." .i,l.| tlcnkl, tilling
tell a .leetlr le»-|le-|l In lie,- .I.,ee|, , --.I,,,
|gtlH   I"   'II  I' '"  ".'■'   I llUllfigM   Cec.- ,,|.
11    .  Vlncliid whu l,„. i„,„
,!,„,„ He. , It. lea..,I,|,,., .Iiailliliu
.,ee.l»,.ce kill '■-- .Hi tl .- »*-..,„ I, ,,|,< „||
wihlnteeeiii lilt.. The e,..,.| . I ., ,.|„>,
ruining >i|. Itare. n>..l I >up| i„
wh.-lr e.f \lr\i... will ..-lid II. I a .1 pea,
ptr i„ rhrrr ami liecnl.r hint. I .hei, i
hn.ew uhrll.rr 1*. kill Mm nr lilm l..r-
ra.leer n.> .rlf ami rl nll.-..ifr I.Im. Ilr'll
la- hrrr nr*ai ni.ei.ll.. ai..l I've gut iccuat
wrll, enlimeL I'.r ,-. i to l,,war III.
r-dtera aeen.rt.cew"
tVrll. I mrt lirralel r.ar,v .lay nflrr
Ikal and hr ic, i,,|,,l ... ra i l,v lhal
In a wrrk hr began i» ridr . Ith i nf
frri)'. men nn.i wa. thlnkliu"I J"ln
but ihr ra...'... again    tic v.itli.r.1
■in Iter t.e.rfie.ee ,|,lr. ami ll...ll»ll I
g..t le.tl a frw elimpM-. .ef hrr. I tcllt.t
•cay thr Wa. a laa-cc*      I ... .rr .a>. a
man ... mi upmera w„ii,an, ,\i ileal
t.i.-. I il.ei.tc he '.I ha.r r,-«_ti. a whole
rrsrlmrnl l„ win |,<r. I...I I wa.n'l al
all iradv f..r tbr ,|r.|>-rair ibme hr
trally cli-l | had a. .eii.nr ...rr In Ihr
- ilea.. ..I ii.il.ar a >l.ark. for
thrrr ware ..nly lw„ ,.M.m«, and I waa
fry ina? my har»n «nr ..le-bi almui ll
wl»rn lirrahl ranar in at thr ..pen <l.*»r
wllh a <*ry dirty and dlatapulaMe-
luukhw KpanMnl,
"I .e|„hrl," he lanehnl, "thia It Ramon
Aran. IVIiiad.1 tear, tbr famous boll
Rubier, lle'« pi>tty drunk, bui be
want, a,Hint"
Thrn hr |>,.i ihr hr.„ ,.n my army
r.H ami stair him a lr,i.lr „f mrvral.
ahk-h Ihr at Urn gulped lit. a la..,i«h<d
"I'.r fa't In ktap him hair lilt lha
ftrhlite* I. ...ar." a.h|.|-l-l I l..|."at»l
If y..u'rr my fltala.l.<.d-nrl )-e.'llhfl|.
I a.kr.1 him what hr mranl l.ed.. wllh
IVI tear, tail ihr r»wal «abl: "M».»
bile, a *..«! time.  Thal'a all,"
I ma.lr aura lhal I,-. «l..lrtwr wa* In-
trmW. ami aa tbr i.paniaral wa. lap*.
IMT ail" a alatr of >inr..h.rl»n« .|»lr«-
ramrr laata.|iirml.ti..m*-*«amlpi-em,
boalH.Inlcrrair. tl-l-f e-c |..... •
y..« what amnnihi'.iiatrtri.i beenu,
be ... ,et l.-l-l mr a w«,ral al—.1 bl« -el
lima., aehrmr, Im I iwperle.1 thai ley
ptr.rniing IM Agar f.,.m an
IN Ihr Lull rlhot in Ihr motnila* hr
h'.|w.t l» make e---l hi. nth wllh Ihr
art...Ilia llralayfl all niehl wilh n.a,
I.-.I at aohtiarwhenl ..iMrbrwa.ip'.nr,
ami Ihr «br)aae Ml -Mnl, •..tf,,.en,|r.l
by half empty b-.ii!>w, wa. deep ice
■llramlan-t Al trl, .,V|.«k thai n-ofh
int? I want Bfltwi ll, rlief aft»i Ineln
ine op my okark, ami *• ..«,n a« I ft
Into my i... I asa (aitrit, am|...mr
,,f hi* mrn. waning f..r tbr *.~^,l ok*
,. i The n.ai tnll had lorn killnl l<y
- lhe b*or» «w««M*mrn ami ihr
,41,1....,  ,a. all.r    will,
■al U» .liM|^aataarr «f Ka-
m-.n .lat teat.
HI ,,   ,|,.  ,.„, ||,jnk,  HnlablMealir
•a*,.*.!, adr. ty.vamiintf ...vr l>. ma. "Ihr
-1 an>|d-n tat .atcl.l .-I  ami
'   I Red kiln lain hli plan   I ■
"111 Mr    lhal ..new cite lha
mantilla and the .r.1 Rawera
Ikr r*.,.. -f II all    rtad'. -
a has that he'd   alamt  »p
, wt.,.|. hard ..f Amialeiacar,.
f«,f a amilr of hala*
• -tndod and the
;' ■-•     i
ami loi --Ird   ik     Wa
'-     -    -       ll-    o-.    ■•-
Ik Ih. ' , reaekn
* I  I   -
to lha
,,     •
.r,     ■ ,.1
ii i. th,. cci.inin, ice give plnce fnr tho
lititlng by ilir liiiiiili'i'illi'i'ee,. nml plea-
• lull-. Iiiil lhe- cried .Ml. ciilill.v llll|ill-
tirm fur the ee(lrlllgi." slur In hull' 111.
oils nee, ami liefnrci lite pin) mis half
eninpleted nml ivliile the hull wni nt
the- ict,v ellninx .cf 111. dgbtlng rage
lln- bngli Miiiiulecl fur the iwartli-
I think the gnvernnr ylaltled tn the
I- inii.ir Impatlencfl in the Itnpe nf .nt-
Etfytng his own grudge ngalntl Ilia
Alnrrii'llli  »h>e  hml   Ignored  him. hut
ni mc rnic. the- tlr-i ici'ii- hnil Itnrtlly
..iiiucleil when Clad, barehanded anil
laughing like n Imi. lei.cimleil iliriciiirh
tin galea, hla .earial mantle i n hi.
leli nnu nml hi. Italian rapier limiting
ci, i,i. right Again lie Ignored thedlg'
nttertn nml luilled at the wnman
I lun he fared lite iilnnltlied bull nml
tlitiiicieci tier erlininn ten ynnl. from
ti. billing eyei
"Urn,ii. Ticrei!" lereatned the ineeh,
„hieh already haled the- Intruder
"He ,,,,,  ecu,, C.Tnhl'" plpod n glrl'l
„,|,-,-, and then il "■   » i   tin qulek,
Stifled   |»IIS|l   ecf    fn.eiCi.el.        ,,,
lice    lce«a|       I.eWcrcel      hi.     c-tc-.l      ICCllI
e-hnrifed ihrrtirmv. If Ihe Judgetand
ipoetatnra eapeelrd nn aqual "er pree-
e.nercl   Itirht   heme. I      lh.'     V ne.eli
and the bull they   .....   r^leanpi.lnled
III.lead  ecf   llil.-il U ■ r  I '  ' ll l.l.'il ir,
a. ihr he.I hllll-flirhirr. nflen du, Clad
h.irird I ll wrape le lee lhe hill, true hr-
Iween the ihniilileri ecf thr hull, ...
swift and eertatn a- if It hml hern
pricking n lamluil largel ,\. the
I.rule tank ipilierlne tec It. knrr. Clad
llnml n leennd lerforr It, Bl If
aihamed. Then lie plueked oul hll
... c' tleney Ii ecu tier ground anil
■ ie ,c the unl-n. .ill:-1    |
.   ...,e    i.   I'  hr  bill lerrlc hentell 111 A
lalr Iteht    llr talulod nulmdy, beeded
., c    ll.    et.rrr.  of   iter  Itiellllt.c.!,-. ||,cr
,inp|ie>ii till he wh, atone in Iiii dren.
it.tr riuiin.
When Kind ranched my licui.e ilmt
nlgltl lui Agar wai irema.
"I'm u.clnir tec New V,.rk In-night,
gnlnnel," >ulcl nertld, lilting dliplrlt.
ad on my trunk.
"Tnke the girl nllh y.cu?" 1 hilt-
"N..i n l.li ..in. i think I ran win a
lecller  are.ee:.tc  in  n  heller nny.    If 1
ever tret hard pill for n trade, I mny
llnrt ii hull 11 flic.p. hut I'm i
f.,r lliiii in.i yet."
Ami I liincli'l I, ml n word "t him
.luce lhal nlk-hi Clilcigo |teeord<
Kree'lelnl'. iicep.ul- „( m,.„| f„r lyeij,
tc, chcie, have ilearreiiBed ei per eent,
An ounce of long i» worth a ton „t
"•eehllliir      I '. .,   I.   Icejler, II   I).
no young
If "Made in Canada" is a gooa motto for Canaaa, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby.
Moffet's Best
Beats ihem nil    Sir ng, unl) rm and White; made in Enderby
" ::   irl :,.   MAI- i   wheal
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
House fainting and Paper Hanging in'
a manner lhat always satisfies, This:
Is the season (or It. Let us figure on
lha work you want done.
Palmer St Decorator. f.nJerby
L.O.L. No. 446
Mian the 1st Frldty md lhe 3rd StiurJiy
bli.-icating ef eteh month tt V 30 p. m.    '
Vliltinr, brethren eaeleome.
W.M..A,E.Rotmt.       Sec.E  R.anirr
Under The Olive Tree
•   "tUAt  ,
1 Enderby
Hotel. . . .
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
tush of business In Its history It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of thc land
on bar and table    Rates: $1 and $2 per day
\    H. W. Wright, Prop.    IJ
Fate is itubbornnes3 exemplified.
Jealousy Is the offspring of Ignorance.
Selfishness is the great bracer of little minds.
Sometimes a man thinks he's In a hurry when
he's only Impatient.
Many flower beds are appearing In the front
yards, to brighten and to bless.
The man who drinks may succeed, but the
chances are two to one against him
If you feel that you must disparage your neighbor, try to > ork off by degrees—yeur rwart will feel
Yes. I know It Is hard sometimes to endure wllh
patience the trial that Is ours, but think of the
I labil Is a hard thing 10 break ihrough. And
there Is as much evil In the habit of thinking as in
the habit of drinking.
Perhaps we cannot all give liberally to the Victoria Day celebration, but we can all clean up the
front and back yard.
It lakes a lot of patience on the part of a community lo have a woman get the notion to run Its
politics and its morals.
Disadvantages are neither a good cause nor a
good reason for failure. Rather, they are the tests
that prove Ihe character.
Whal we prepare for we gel—trouble, happiness.
war, peace, hell or heaven. Whal you complain
of is yours by right of adoption.
When you see a man who thoroughly understands do a thing you thought was difficult, you are
always surprised how easy it is.
We sympathise with the man who accidentally
has been knocked insensible, but the man who Is
really deserving our .sympathies Is he who has
never been knocked sensible.
Did you never notice what a disturbing element
an empty wagon Is to a community as it is driven
along the street And did you never think how
much It is like an empty head?
When you read a "work at home" advertisement,
or "how to be strong,"" "box to grow rich," etc.,
just remember this: Nine oul of ten arc swindles.
the "work at home'" you should do Is the work at
home, which if faithfully done will bring its reward
The other day I heard three men say things
about a woman lhat proved lhat woman's worth—
they spoke disparagingly of her—and whe.1 men
are brave enough to bunch ih-jir opinions when lhe
olher fellow isn't present, you may be sure thc
absent one has much merit.
The New Ycrk Farmer thing lo make
us think: genuine, full-blood, purebred,
thoroughbred scrub farmer never likes high
stock, line varieties cf trulls,  a pretty home, a
varied bill of fare, or improved premises.   To him
Atr/ aid thing is good enough"'
Harness-maker and   Repairer. Tiiink.
Valises.   Etc.
When you are looking (or a
™ sun for Spring wear you cannot
do better than lo select one of
our stock. All the latest patterns: stylish cuts and nobby
fit. Prices low as the lowest;
quality, no better can be found
for the money. Also open for your Inspection a large me of
Sod Shins—jusl the thing for this si
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all in When you are
preparing for Fall delivery irees, write me I represent the
Nurseries ot Slone & Wellington. Toronto, The
quality of the trees seni out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
D  aJ      I BRICKS
The best clay In the Valley    Well burnt brick:   ■
prices    Large or small quantities
lhe Enderby Brick t_t> Tile Co. B C
Tha' '   . '
and keep? h use for E
omy, will be done at this
office—quickly, nca'
to send your printing   il
town    Anything thu'
be  done in   7 roffl
ordinary commercial print
ing i can be d:ne right here.
lhe Edenograph
lc.le.li.    |l   I
May 24t\i,The Jay we Celebrate! THE EDENOGRAPH. ENDERBY, B.C., MAY 10, 1905
First Yeah
i xw± -oca. UK]
Enderbv Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderbv.
n the rulpits H£AU*
>eil Pi.iur.
Pages Glue
rerythlng III building
R. P. BradiVv. laiulcrliv I lanlwarc Merchant
lly tuned brickmaklng
our Endertby yard, and are in the
- t far orders ot any tin for Ihe
be-'t common, repressed and tancy
• • dan workman
Ok.llliV,"   II   l^l'ick  Co., l,..a  I.I.V RnJcrKy, H C
Wc an ir ne*- Stable:
span Rigs and Saddle Ho
Stalls and feed ready for your
jr c.mmand.
[rive. Cliff Si
Nut'lv Printed
This Oilier
iNOTICtv     heresy given that 30
I intend to apply to the
■ ot Landi and
' ,   ;
I have btughl the Barbel
B_itte_ ol A J Y -.ung.
and am p
the contBj.-!-
tn Hair Cutling, Sltiving,
Shs iff, etc
I get a
- • ■
H. N. Hendrirkacn,
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
irpenl        |
Ml kind ng pi
Rapetianc-e AVCttOMet    Al» J\ '.. paeiy
lOUhr nn 0 VI.
C.O.F.Nu 1058
",'   it',atit'i   w  A W.
ng tt» pust matke i 'ii A W
• a mile up i cre*k tunning
inta Shntwap ttvet on mat
- - n Mable Lake and tun
ning 40 chinu n tih. 1*0 cl. -
ith. thence 160 chaint
nt el commentettt-,'
wi.--.ng 640 actet tiKie or lets
Kam cow LuMtmt Ca.. -
Dated al Ehdettry, B. C. April 10.
NOTICE u hereby given lhal thirl/
l intend lo a;,
■   ■
; mute in Yale
at B»nh mark. •
, U marked B C. about
.' mttet up a
;rt Irani Ma
,- l
htin; MUlh. Ihence 60 chtin
' C . April 10.
■   •
. -n thai 30 days
•   •'-   I. ■!
: ve/orkt tot
'li apt land  ••■• l*ai
J; limber fi mng
,: . ..' A W.
• -k running
rap nvel
The subject of Rev. Mr.
Campbell's sermon Sunday
morning was thai ol Faithfulness
his text being taken Irom Rev,
2:10 11. Faithfulness, he said,!
to an abstract principle Is a
worthy thing; faithfulness to a
person—to a fiiend—Is honored
in and by all men But faithfulness to a living Cod. one
that seeth and knoweth all
things, and Is ever present,
though unseen, Is above all
other faithfulness
Not always In this life is
righteousness rewarded: Indeed,
we might say, never In this
world Is righteousness rewarded
for Its sacrifices. Another world
is needed to even things up.
and, as a reware of faithfulness,
the promise Is given of a crown
of life. But faithfulness does
not mean temporary allegiance.
Ives a permanency In
and through life: In season and
out of season: In whatever society, and under any and all clr
cumstances. A religion lhat is
fleeting: that provides a creed
for the child and not the parent
Is tolly. To be faithful to Christ
as a child, and unfaithful as we
grow Inlo manhood and womanhood, is a waste of effort and
the throwing away of life.
Some men are able to maintain a faithfulness through life
Insplie ol circumstances: others
are subject to fluctuation, their
attitude being regulated by the
company ihey are in The
reason is plain: one has relinquished all of self, the other,
i. ii' l.i • ; ■•'  . '■   . ; -•
The Vancouver World says
of a Socialist meeting recently
held there: "Whatevet other,
terms may or may not be ap
plied to the Socialist demonstration in the city hall Sunday
no one will for a moment contradict our assertion that the
altitude assumed by the speakers was a bold one. They
sneered at Christianity: ih-.y
defied and ridiculed Chiisiians.
ihey cast contempt upon the,
judiciary; they termed working
men "poor, pitiful fools." and'
defined labor unions as "bad as,
hell." . . . Turning aside from
party politics, (for the whole'
problem, notwithstanding its
rough and humorous features
Is one of too serious impo.tto
the whole nation and to the
world at large, to be treated
lightly i we must confess that It
ia impossible io refrain from
admiring the courage with which
the Socialist leader* attack
all whom they select as their
opponents. Still, admiration for
admitted courage ani si
cannot overcome lndlg.HU n al
the coarse reviling of all thai
the lenderest hearts of history
for centuries have held moit
dear. Christendom today throbs
with love for the lowly Ss
as It never throbbed before, and
in evcr> ' ill n are hon
ored men >'
the pa" ;; right life
while ki
knees The grcatc:,'. lact In
the world today Is thepreval
citce and spread of a healthy
adherence to Christian ptlncl
pies The most sacred fact in
the world today lo every indi
i I n sel'
"Evasion of Responsibility"
was the subject In the Methodist church. Sunday evening.
Rev. Mr. Roberts took for his
text Ex. 32 24. "There came
nit this calf" One of the most
dramatic scenes In Israel's journey was that described in this
chapter. The only excuse
Aaron had to offer to Moses for
the sin of idolatry Into which the
people had fallen was the paltry
one of accident. The people
had doubted the reality of the
spiiitual. and wanted something
to worship they could see. It
was a golden calf or the true
and living CoJ. and they chose
the calf. Then Aaron evaded
the responsibility of his action. •
We blame environment My
surroundings make me what I
am. we say. We cannot be:
pure, or sober, or honest, because others are not so.
We allow circumstances to
rule our lives. But we may
rise above our surroundings
and need not be puppets ol society, doing as others do. Then
we blame hereditary. No doubt
blood tells and parents arc re-
sponible for their children's dispositions. But axhlle man has a
body, he Is a soul, and there is
an inner consciousness lhal
wlspers of freedom. We may
live to conquer, even hereditary taints. The Overcoming
Life Is possible for all. Each
day may bring us some victory.
There have been glorious
conquests over environment
and hereditary and the story
of these victories should give
us courage to persevere In the
name of the Lord
men. They Insult every person
whose youth has been blessed
by the memory of a Christian
mother, and they outrage every
sense of social decency.
"Are these the men who are
to rescue humanity from its
economic disabilities? We ihlnk
Commenting on the World's
criticism, the Week, of Victoria,
says: "But this 'weekly' devoui-
ness, coupled with smart 'ousi-
n:ss* methods on the other six
days In the week, cannot attract the sympathy of outsiders.
Church spires do not necessarily Indicate genuine faith,
and the 'heart secrets' of many
of the regular church goers In
or— y—"^P
Spring Medicines
We have a particularly good Spring
Medicine In stock at present. A compound extract of Sarsaparllla, manufactured by the Edenburgh Drug Co.,
Edenburgh, Scotland. This Is a good
tonic and blood purifier and contains
100 doses for 100 cents. ^_
5. NAIRN y CO.. gSBSfrf s,8tlon8"
SUNDAY   HOUR.S:   J to4p.m. ^^
e you
I have taken over the UNION
RESTAURANT and ant it »
serving meali at all houn. Everything clean and llrst-clas*. We direct your
attention especially lo our Sunday dinnera. People do toy lhal ihey can't be
beat for Ihe money. GARNET W. BALL.
Gill  St . cent l.lo.le  l.a.i.1 .latum
Regular Meals, 25c.
Vancouver and elsewhere may
well deserve the sneers of Socialists, Republicans, and M.m
archisls. And ll does not require great 'courage' to sneer.
"It is not by Sabbath observance, nor yei by waitings over
the preachings o! unbelievers,
nor yet by this weekly devout',
ness thai Christianity can hope
for an abiding place In the heart
of humanity."
A aubscrlpii.ii today      .tilt two
next week.     Get a money ordei
NOTICE i. hereby given that thirty
days alter date I Intend tc apply to the
Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works lor a special license to cut and
carry away timber Irani the following
described lands In Yale District:
Timber Berth marked "Kamloops
Lumber Co.," commencing at a past
planted live miles up Cottonwood Creek
marked "Kamloops Lumber Co.."
and running40chainssouth. 160 chains
east. 40 chaint north, and weal 160
chains to point ol commencement
Ktsti.oofs Lukmk Co.. Ltd,
Dated at Enderby. B. C. April 10,
NOTICE is hereby given lhal thirty
dayt alter date I intend lo apply to the
Chief Commissioner ot Land., and
Works lor a special license to cut and
carry away timber Irnm the lollowlng
described lands In Yale district:
Timber Berth marked "Kamloops
Lumber Co." comtitencinj at a pott
planted live miles up Cottonwood Creek,
marked "Kainbops Lumber Co." and
running -10 chains south, 160 chains
west, 40 chains north and 160 chains
east lo point ol ammencement.
Dated ai Enderby. B. C. April 10,
Awarded  First Cold
"       . World's Fair,
S       Louis. 1904
Twenty Years a Visible
Toronto, ii Yonee Street Area*.
Montreal. 1J lleury Sir earl
Wn-iitc- u.Mn . Richare'tonlitShhop
Vancouver, ErnMt f   C Kkhtrel.
Paftry leaking
The Choicest from the oven.      Always fresh.       Ice Cream served
when ihe weather u warm.      Nice line ol Confectionery in ttcck.
.  It won't pay you to bake your bread this summer.
H. J. STOREY, Hw Enderby bakery, Bradley Blk.
and   Plumbing
An experienced copper, lln, and sheet
Iron worker. Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship:   satisfaction guaranteed
Plumber .en./ Filter. EnJerky. B. C.
When you are In need of fine silver pieces for lhe table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you v.111
find Ihe besl made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
April 10,
i       .( iv,.,,,.!,,,.  Peter    Burnet
Dominion fi_ Provincial
Land Surveyor
nit I    BLOCK
kii     obw ii   n
-.:•!'■: B  C
■ . li    - ..   pr lane
lhe Socl ill •   g, lei -
ihl     i.' Into
-   church
-'   •   ■ •   It ( .--.■ I in i and
cvnedby •■
.uver, Ihey sneer
secrets   ol their
Bear this in Mind
There may be, no doubt thei features about other parts of the Okanagan thai
drill e |ual anything we have aboul El rby In the way of nature's provisions for home-life,
but certainly none can excell us. Climatic conditions are perfect; and for health and
beauty, Enderby's location Is unsurj issed     No cold  damp weather, or hot sultry days.


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