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The Edenograph 1904-06-01

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 College,   So phenomliial has been It's ] duct of the Enderby mill finds read)
As a place ol residence, Enderby movement was passed, and a com-
oilers every Inducement.   It's climatic ">'»«« **» appointed to arrange lor
conditions are excellent. Its location Joint   meetings  with lhe   churches
superb. Its   business  accomodations affected.   The reports showed a dc-
good, lis public school advantages Hie elded advance all along the line.   In
beat, and Its churches and society |usl membership there was an increase In
what the Individuals make thorn.   In the province of 292. and every depart-
the heading ot Tim EoimooRwr-ii our mem  of the work showed   healthy
artist haa attempted to give a sketch of ftrowth.   The station lltt as read at
the town.   The picture Is Imparled, ihe final session of Conference. con-
In lhat il gives only a faint conception'lalned Ihe names of  103 places at
ol the site of Enderby. and none al all which ministers were siaiioned.   The
ol the picturesque landscape surround- Rev. Dr. Sutherland. General Secretary
in» it, ol Missions of the Methodist Church.
Looking down upon Enderby Irom was present and preached to the Con-
i hill to the weal, with Its tastefully 'erence on Sunday morning May 22nd..
growth that it Is found necessary to
enlarge ihe buildings al once and Ihe
Conference agreed to a scheme whereby $12,000 may be spent at once In
needed Improvements The list of
stations as finally agreed upon for lhe 12.000 tout.
Kamloops District read as follows:
Kamteopa. S. S. Otleihout. Ptt.D. Iluw
Thompson River.  G. Banhan.
Nle la John S.>ye.
Salmon Arm.     J. A. Weed.
Revelstoke.        C. H. M. Sutherland.
Traui Lake City. A. K. Sharp,
sale at the coasl cities, in prefereno
to any other. Showing the annum cf
business done by this mill, il Is necessary only to stale that one year's Imports and exports total something over
Missionary meeting held" on Thursday,
Gulden. '  ■   •■■•
En4.it-)-, A. B. Roberts,
Veintn. John H. Wright.
Ktlewna. John W. Bowetinr.
Asherofl. Jos. W, Wintlew.
btlatei. Robert B. Laldley.
Sammerland.    B. H. Baldtrtien, B.A.
J, A Weed. Ctatii.iiau .1 Oiiuiei.
A. B. Roberts, Financial Secretary.
When will the Government repair
the roads leading lo Enderby) There
are several places on the Vemon road
between Enderby and the Aimstrong
1 municipality that are greatly in need of
' repair. The culvert close to town las
been broken through lor more than a
month, and It la dangerous to drive a
j hone over It at night. The Salmon
Arm road it In equally bad condition,
Columbia Flourintf Mill.
E. A. Chipped, hat taken up tht (mil net
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     ageney again, handling Sitae It aVtlling.
= j ion nets.   Mr. Chipptlit the planter apple
The wit, man of Armstrong nukes ff # jtMB. gSJOu ".».»
lhe abawd abatement in an thercolumn that the fim year ha wva tdt     - •    imueh
that "hardly a pound of ttotir la trade hettWatrSwoiihcl trees, iht neat year,1'—*
Irom wheat grown in B.C." by the En- ^SmmlSISiiSmZ **
derby Hour mill.   The  Enderby  Hour ««"»»•<» wt.il. at nets ttteui.
Waller Gardner was in Enderby this Salmon Arm. are content to buy. and
week from Salmon Arm.   Mr. Gardner, are selling out large orchards of frulf
has been in this section for more than
twenty years   he was In Enderby before
tree and berry patches.    For the bene-
It of those who do not know, we will
country would fill a good sited pamphlet, Mr. Gardner brings a good
report about Salmon Arm. He says
that section la going ahead ai a rapid
fruit and (lower gardens.	
streets .and the slowlrll»w^Spa»m- jjj         # Rei.W. jrsipprel. B. A! mill'is a Canadian-owned Institution Uni, Awwiv, Md *„*,,. ,„,„,„,,,
clieen gliding ■»•!'» <"™J'>"»"'"* tj, lv Principal ol Columbian Method-i Last year waa a llghl wheat year In Ihe Indians, had a desperate fight Monday
Hooded bottom bi.a   and .-.k,tu,.n>                  jr    WMlinlMta,   _   ViBM    Notwtthattndiwr this, tba En ""' ■ *'  h Awetaearai   meusly eat
.   .v.1 .«,«•, .»t in ihe 1st College, New Wesimlnster. was
beauty   and   pastoral  magnificence
"n,U?.bn7doiS"R«:A:E-   Roberta, of   Enderby.
* Atslstant Secretary.   One of Ihe most
Valley.   Notwithstanding this, the En   ...  - -_^^^^_^^^__
Vt-y wneautn ordinary years this Urehnwas given a hearing on Tettdty
mill grinds 2000 tons ol Valley wheal, ali.ttto.i. and il« |ail key tamed on him.
Thousands of tons ot Manitoba wheat are I
An effort It being made to omnue
t«4 M Batumi.   W.U, Wrtghl tllttt two
Imparted in mix with Ihe Valley grown '
■i ».«(|..iiiv».». Rev . A. M. Sanford, B. A. el
Never have we seen nature bring the Nanalmo. was elected Secreury. and
real so near the Ideal.       ■^^■'at^eaaaaaay t-    D-k—  •*   ""*»•>»
Ihe valley as lar as the eyes can see. n-™~ ,.   - 	
the river flows by vast meadows of Important matters that was before the thus making a superior (lour than any J^r^T"
green, or Is lost In the thlckly-tlm. Conference wat that ol Columbian milted in the Northwest. The pro jwhrtntii.
bered hills.   Stretching out from the ^^^^^^^*
town In this direction and lhat are well-
tilled llelds. now a sea ot green, but
later will be a golden yellow. Far
away lo the east the law mountains ate
d..tkelle.l hy the hesvv ,-i ' It
and along the base ol these mountains
the Spalhimchecn river Hows. Up the
river comes the steamer Thompwn
laden with produce, and down Ihe
valley lhe railway winds Its stra:ght and
narrow way. To lhe left of Ihe scene
before ut standi the Columbia Flouring
Mills, to which Is brought (rom these
harvest fields the grain to be ground
Into flour. To the right stands the
saw-mill of the Okanagan Lumber
Company, with its three smoke slacks
lining their hoi exhauslt on high
Stretching southward Irom the mill, i
an arm ol the Spallunicheen float nl. e
million feet of logs waiting to be   ut
Into lumber.
Hera   and there along the river.
when the timber has been allowed to
stand these many years, new buildings,
a clearing, and a bush lire mark Ihe
location of a newcomer.
Scattered about ihe town, we, can
count 25 residences and business houses
thai have been built in the past six
nt itilis. and lumber piles, rock piles.
partially completed foundations, mark
Ihe place where twice that number of
buildings are to be built or are now
Al our very leel stands the home of
Geo. R. Lawes. the man who bulll the
Hour mill, and seventeen years ago gave
to Enderby us name.   His home is
like a corner In the Ideal Eden.   His
orchard and berry patches are extensive
and well kept
Just around the brow of the hill lo
Ihe left Is the Eden house ol Win
Elson, who for upwards of IS years has
been bringing his home lo lis present
stale of perfection.   Around  lhe brow
ol Ihe hill lo lhe right, stretch Ihe fields
ol Fred Barnes, and a mile or two oil
there stretch the beatilllul green fields
and   Ireshly   tilled   soli, 'level   as   a
floor), ol the ranch ol Sir Arthur Stcp-
ney, and adjoining this is ihe home ol
A.   L.   Fortune, the pioneer of lhe
valley, who 35 years ago. found Ihe
Eden ol Canada.
s ; ,      i        ■     .    ,••-•
B. C. Conference
Mcltinili.i Church.
Tht annual meeting of Ihe iboVO
Conference was held In New Westminster, fram May 19th to 25th, The
sessions were well attended and lhe
Interest was sustained until thacloM
The question ol church union was
brought prominently lo Ihe notice Ol Ihe
delegates, and there teemed to he hit
one opinion in regard t the mailer.
A   resolution ol sympathy   Willi Ihe
N DERBY was not named haphazard.
It will be of Interest lo many to know
how it was named and In whose honor.
When a lown begins to assume some
 importance; when everybody's eyes are
turned upon ll: then so many questions are asked
and so many Ideas advanced. Today, questions
are being asked about Enderby. Not the least
Important Is this: "How did ll get Its name?"
Enderby was named 17 years ago. It was
named by a woman—Mrs. Ceo. R, Lawes. Be
(ore It was Enderby It was Bellvadere. It was
named alter an old English town, situated on the
coast ot Lincolnshire. Enderby. Ihe old, was
some distance inland (rem the coast, on the low
banks of the Llndls river, and was surrounded by
meads and meadow?, and rolling clover llelds
A beautiful poem is extant, by Jean Ingelow. tell
Ing of the high tide on the coast of Lincolnshire.
(15711, when the old sea wall gave way and the
torrential waters rushed up lhe river Llndis and
overflowed the meadows of Enderby. It was in
honor ol Jean Ingelow that Enderby the Eden was
named.   A lew verses Irom her poem will suffice:
The old mayor climbed Ihe belfry tower.
The lingers ran by two. by three:
'Pull. II ye never pulled before;
Good ringers, pull your best.' quoth he.
Play uppe. play uppe, 0 Boston bells!
Ply all your changes, all your swells;
Play nppe 'The Brides ol Enderby "
Then some looked uppe Into the sky,
And all along wh-re Undll I   a
To wh»r» lhe goodly VetMlS lie.
And where the lordly atetpk -howt.
They sayde. 'And why iht t.ld Hill thing tr>
What danger lowers by land or sea?
They ring Ihe tune ot EnderhyV
And rearing Llndls backward pressed,
v. all her trembling banket limine:
Then madly at the I-..-
Flung uppe her weltering walls again.
Then banks came down with ruin and rout
Then beaten f am dew n ind about
Theft all iti" mighty dootll WW
That llOW sliewed wtecV.   IDOUt II■-
Thai ebb swepl oul the II    '   '
A fatal ebb and flow, list '
To ittanye more lhan tnjlM lltd Rtee:
Bui each will mourn ) Sllhl,
And sweeter woman ne'ef drew hrealh
Than tny same's Wife, BHutMth.
a.'-^to-avn. In the Valley, ought. In itself, to
command the attention o( men in the banking
business, and to Induce some branch to locate
here. But there are many additional reasons why
Enderby should be a good point. Its population
numbers upwards ol 500. lis resident payroll is
upwards of 200. Its tributary payroll (In the lumber camps i is at present something over 150. and
will be Increased to 400 or 500 this (all New
businesses are being opened up; new industries
started, and new (arming land brought under cultivation. The flour mill has increased Its capacity
to 300 barrels a day. The saw mill's capacity his
been increased to 75.000 (eet per day.
In connection with the statement that the shipments (rom   Enderby exceed   those ol slstei
towns In the Valley, the Kootenay Mall. Iht   ,
its Armstrong correspondent, takes this paper to
task for making what the correspondent says is a
"glaring mis-statement."    The glaring mis  I ll
ment i^i was this. "Last year's export
derby  exceeded  those   of  Armstrong."    The
Armstrong correspondent makes this absurd reply:
the first while woman was a resident stale that Salmon Arm is a settlement
of the town.   What he knows of the; In Ihe valley of the Salmon River.
where il debouches into lhe Salmon
Arm of Shuswap Lake, nineteen miles
northwest of Sicamous. and sixteen
^^^^^^^^^^^^      miles north of Enderby.   It Is on the
pace.   Much Irult-tree planing Is being I mam line of the C. P. R.. and a good
done, and the terms Improved In many wagon road connects It with the Spall-
umcheeti Valley. All kinds of grain,
Pethaps the most helpful Innovation' except corn, are produced. Wheat
to Salmon Arm. and one that has done growing Is profitable lor home use, but
lo facilitate business. Is lhe not otherwise. Timothy and red
installation, by Messrs Palmer and clover, mixed, give (he beat result lor
Shaw, ot a telephone system thai puts lodder. and seem well-adapted to the
farmers in a radius of three tulles of place and climate. The district is
Salmon Arm In tou w th the markets especially adapted for fruit growing and
by wire. When an truer la received lor dairying, and on account of Its
by telegraph lor any produce, It it .favorable shipping facilities, both east
telephoned at once to the growers, and and west, large quantities of small
thus. In a tew hours the demand is fruits, vegetables, milk and eggs are
i,; piled sent to the markets along the line.
Mr. Gardner states that there Is con j   Besides railway communication, the
aldeiaUe aulleliy !<■ lite tale ut urtaaeily. j Salmon Arm country hit water com
Men who have Investigated the condl-: munlcation via ih« lake and Thompson
lions ol the climate and soil about River with all points as lar as Savons
In one direction, and to Enderby up the
Mrs. Sl«r:ink- I K«;»wi.t. u vttiung it
!   The foundation 1st tht Bell brick block u
j being lltd.
Paul retched hsmt from MttataU
\ en iht 57th.
Mm Fenion Itlt lar Penticton test Sittir-
dty. It Itkt tltt school then.
.   A. M. Bated his Installed a tlt-hnrte
, ptair engine ll tht brick ytrd.
The S.S Thompson csmt up turn Sift
' mou* list Frtdty lar t ct.a»o ot luy.
Archdeacon Rev. Mr. Beer, held services
In iht English church on Sunday evening,
Tht »itt ind child tl Etigr.eef Robert
Psrket. arrived Iron, tht tut Tuesday
' In Iron! ol the lown hall, Then-
It) -   < rhtto-ran.   Apply tl Post
{   Tin I'mbyltilm Ltdiet Aid mtdt up
tin on the Mil
Wm. Hancock will shortly add I
and ammunition lo hit harness tnd
rapt. HE need of a bank at Enderby is be-
'   Icomlng each day more pressing.   The
. J fact thai the Import and export business
tWFJof Enderby exceeds that of any other
i (
■ .1 !    •
»stvtitjr n     ■• •
MIII1C9..C -
This correspondent Is wise. A month or two
ago the Vernon Board of Trade issued a pamphlet
on Ihe resources and attractions ot the Okanagan
We quote from Its pages:
ai they
•J    I    rr
1.17 3M 10.1
■   •
M   4
According lo these flgui     vhlcl
 'i-.-.'.'--!. '
duce more than did Armstrong, lh(  -i
Armstrong to the contrary notwlthstat li g
• ■
.        •     I
4    431
- pre
Wm. ToT.k5t.iori purchiMd iwo lots ct
tht ba*eUi. (iHrniuu list week. And will
an ■    * -. •   " mens
Mm, Non ■ .-■ who hu beer,
rail (t« weeks.
Mrs. St and M   ■ Lauder, ached!
teacher ** 'W iVr
ind Mts, A. U. Fiiiuiio this week.
Lumber it Wu■</• put upon Iht |f
■ ■
be stand baton tht.
/   I  iu 1 al
v •    -■ Vt] ey
Miche ... . * -T, to the
" I <erou«ty
■   and Rev.
■ were the ituests
ol j, A. M   ■    *           ■ .
.'.•    !
.• the hill
.   ■
than itl
night art)
ll at a lltlle
born to Mi
n a croat
■- ii ihu is« aamplj
11     lie  hint Ihl
... |
\\ I
.    laeball lean
■   -•        :,-.-■
V ' la.   At a
I Tod4 wa
• ■■   team,
raa    .- -   m ll
,-   . 11 '    •■■
.,    „ ... .   .„ 1
H THE i-DENOGKAI'll. [-NI i-KBY, B.C., JUNE I, 1901.
FiR! i Year
i;i)i: nogkapi i
II   M   W \l kl K
: ■ •        i     naslei    III
I the Mel
■ '.   . r.lln     .
'    .-
■■ i| ih
11 Iht
like I
. • |l        ■
| put fori
truth, t
■    . ....
hausted     noi it love can
•   ■ .     |n'i
nd ihe Big I
. ii   ■
  '       .. ■ .. B «... |   a,
■ u ll; ",s 5!" "'''M	
,111 11, I
i |   ,       W . ,llll    t.'l     li
Hit  1IIINCS--
l    •
Reflection) ■•! a Bachelor
An l.i I l-aU<
Natty Neckties
rhal i ill sun ly please—new styles and
thi pr per thing I i all
N     lock jusl inpa ki I   It's
to your advantage I     led a d     hi
stock is n        Als    ni
Misses', Mi i   '•■ I' ■
Straw Hats that look good
Henry W. Harvey
Men oi Affairs
All admit the wisdom ol life Insurance. It Is
•si and surest way to checkmate poverty
insure a healthy bank lien you
the sails!;! I
ig lhat slwulJ you be called away your
bved ones will not be led In
man who Is ambitious to do the right I
see the taking
thanTKeMuiuolLlfeofCanado. Write I
' it. Address.
Furniture Talk
xx 7-i   r-7   r\   1   ?> A Clean Cut
With lhe, (Jwl ^ fci:!^L,h!^,
• -
41 .
I*/a,"/ '       '
TonsorUI Chair
Will        n I    ; ing the
scalp free front dandruf!
the ?
and fever still take the
A. Todd, H»w»,t ell,.*a*.ba
<C>jv       I* your
V W «.    a   />
Furniture* 11 . missed m    .
lhat *ill Ini
III be
''   .
Carload just received ^ccrbynglUh
When you want it it's here
Fn- *ill find lhat when you need
•  -
hurry \q ill In
Pantry Or
My«t       -•  j..ire anJ fresh and d-ntt     i
m asking your attenii
shelve    Special inducements ut
Overalls and Negligee Shirts
J. C. Me.calfe
Beautify il.<-1 lorae
Ht 11 t \l« t\
■      .
fttnk Pymm, Jeweler
General Blacksmith
R. P. Bradley, Enderby I l,<.tl\\,nr MiicLni
Harness Maker & Saddler
l Han
11,-| |
-      ,. IMII".
Cnaerby Brick Yard
I.NI) I. KM V A.M. Baird E'nderbj I   mi..:
First Year
Methodist Church dld no1 ,do a ,h"'R '• ,ham M,th(e cl°,se
season Is on. During III" winter Mr.
Bourassa never hears the voice of a
follow being and Is sometimes slarlled
al Ihe sound ol his own. "0 solitude,
where are thy charms." Princeton
Divine Service every Sunday al 7:30 p.in
Sunday-School and Bible. Class. 2:30 p.in
1'iayer Meeting.   -   -   -   Tuesday, a p.m
A nearly welcome (or all.
A. E. ROBERTS. Paslor.
Residence: Cliff Si., nexi lhe Church.
Lanijuaiic ,'i Stamp..
II a postage stamp be placed upside
down on the top left-hand corner of the
envelope II means lhat the writer loves
v.hi II cross-wise on the same corner,
"My heart belongs lo another, and can
never belong lo you." Placed In lhe
proper way In Ihe same corner, "Goodbye lor the present, dearest." II al
right angle on lhe left-hand top corner,
"I halo you." The left-hand corner
ai the bolloin, placed the same way.
"I wish or desire your friendship, but
nothing more." Left-hand bottom
corner, upside down, "Write soon."
II put on a line with surname on the
lefl-hane side II means. "Accept my
love." If upside down In the same
position, "I am already engaged." If
placed upside down in the right-hand
oorner, "My heart Is another's, you
must write no more." If put cross.
wise on the right-hand corner, II asks
the delicate question, "Do you love me.
dearest?" II on lhe> right-hand std« o(
surname, proper way. it says. "I long lo
see you: write Immediately," Al the
bottom right-hand comer, crosswise.
"No." Al the ume place upside
down. "Yea," At the bottom right-
hand comer, proper way.   Business
ii.  ,   : :.-
Can  Swim.
TrlB Ei.KNC-aKAPH Is Ihe name ol a
new weekly paper jusl issued al Enderby by M. M. Walker, late ol New
Denver. II is a literary and typographical triumph, and we would judge a trifle
ahead ol Ihe limes around an agricultural village. Unlike lhe majorlly, Ihe
lirsl Ihing its editor did In the lown was
lo buy a waterbarrel. This Is significant ol success, provided the editor
does not (all into it and get drowned.
Water as a rule tit large quantities Is
not a sale thing around a prim shop.
We wish Tin- RneNOORAPii success and
trust thai Ihe editor will nol lake all
his subscriptions In pumpkins or prize
potatoes.   New Denver Ledge.
I ...i   W Mtntn,
My friend, has It eater oecured to you
whit a .- iinmenury upon civilitatton
are bat women) A little child strays
from Ihe home enclosure, and the whole
community tl on the alert le find the
wanderer and restore it to ita mother's
arms, What rebleittc when It Ulotnd:
what heartineta ol congratulation!
There are no harth comments upon
lhe poor, tired (eet.be they ever so
weary, no reprtmind lor the toiled ani
torn garmenta, no lack of kits** for the
tear-stained law. Bullet Ihe child be
grown to womanhood, let her be ted
tram the enclosure el morality by the
vote* ol alfeetlon. or driven (rom II by
scourge ol want what happens thenr
Do Ihey provide at pottlbte heb lor
her return, or U ihe returns ol her own
notion, da they receive her with such
kindnett and delicacy eieecure her
against wandering again) Fir Irom
it. At the lira step tht It denounced
at bit Lost, echo ol Iriendt we
disown you; don't ever come near ut
ta disgrace ut.   Last, aayt society.
-J-.!..'-l\ ...v -..v:.! -.!     -
ihe prompt verd-ct ctcooventbntl mor
ality. while eon and al unite m hotting
every dtar between her and respectability   E»
A* i i ... -...- Mieet
Probably the oUett pbcer miner In
B.C. u J. Bouratta. now over 80 year*
of age and ttiD hale and htarty Ht
comet M Princeton lar hittuppbetand
walks oft with hit pack an hit back at
trippingly at many a man at ha* hit
age Heitworttrtjtardigjlngiij***
15 miles up the Simtkimttn and at
one lime made Item S3 to J7 pet day.
Mr. Bounata't great etuttty and length
d dart beyond tin aSMed tpan la Urge
ly due lo the healthy ctimtte and a
splendid eantlitutlon. lor, uatiBy river
mining is Ml ol hinkMp and eapeture
and not exrducin Is good health The
old gentleman hat good eyesight ind is
a crack thol.much game around Friday
creek falMtf. la his <.<*»> aim Re
centlj seven bauntirsg deer came up la
hit cabtm out of sheer curtotity. but he
t l.il.l.-l. Wit.
A dear little friend of mine said lo
his mamma the other day. "Mamma,
who nude me)" The answered. "I
suppose Cod did," "0 yes." he said,
"I remember when I got most down
here I (ell gee whit! and hain't got over
il yet."
Hla father had been reproving him
(or some Utile fault shortly before, and
he said. "Mamma. Cod didn't make
papa. Mike made him." Mike was a
cartman who lived on the same
afreet and whom he particularly disliked.
Don't Lite The Name.
We have received the initial number
of H. M. Walker'a new paper published
at Enderby. At a newspaper it It first
cists, but ll needs another name. Tut
EMNOotum aeemt out of tune, as all
conversant with newspaper life, know
that there It little Eden about it. San-
don Standard,
Two Serious MirtaVee.
The Micleod Advance accuse! the
Timet ol being a Conaerratlve organ!
It alto potea as being a newspaper,
which goes lo show how prone people
an to make mistakes   Blalnnore
1 mil
Under The Olive Tree
Siattr for Two.
The lirtt issue ot Tin EotHOonani.the
new newspaper being published In
Enderby by H. M. Walter, ithist to
hand. It u a bright, newiy paper, and
reflects credit on both Ihe lown and
the publisher,   Armstrong Advertiser,
y  '., -a -. •.,!   ,    • ■>      ■  .,  ■■     r
ne«. lie each mW|w,i Inktomi.)
SBDD POTATOES Tke .iademjned hit-
mtaitatalnet el teed patattet,vu:
Par*Chare. CarmatVt Nt.t. Gemot
Aiettuke, trine* ht win duett* of it
td ftt-ttet, on atffkeadoa.
W Km Urn h ieat (••.'.
Do you want to
buy or sell?
Isn't there a (arm implement
on the place that you would
like to dispose of? Perhaps
you'd like to buy something?
Want help?  Want seed?
A trial "ad in this column will
help you.  25c will do ii once.
lilt   HANK KHK1.AW
(ft Farm
The beauty of Love Is in its simplicity.
Folly sprouts from a disordered brain.
The snm total of Life Is to radiate Love.
We are farthest away (rom God when we fail to
see Him In our fellows.
And why not? Look for trouble and you will
find it—It is coming to you.
The best way to punish a man Is to let him have
his own way.   Ditto, my lady.
Talk your business or your town down and it
cannot come up—neither can you.
Character Is power. As we develop It we become uselul and therefore powerful,
It doesn't cost so much to agree with a fool as
to disagree with him.   Ditto drunk man.
When we arc called a fool, or worse, It Is not
wise to get mad about It—he might prove it.
It is wise always to write out a good thought
when It comes to us; we may never have another.
Childhood's simplicity is proof of Its nearness to
God—we must adopt that simplicity if we would ,
draw near.
Perhaps I am wrong, but I believe that a pessl
mist feels the meanest when he has to confess that
he Is happy.
Let us cease telling what we would do If we
were somebody else. Let us do what we can and
be ourselves.
There Is only one way to attain knowledge, or
wealth of soul, or the blessing of God or man—we
must work for it.
We are best to ourselves and to the world when
we do the thing we know we ought to do, not what
our companions think *e ought to do.
When we say vile things about another we are
practicing introspection upon ourselves—we see
what is In us reflected in the other fellow.
When we've started to do a thing, and it is
worth doing, we mustn't turn back. Let us see It
through. No matter what comes we mustn't squeal.
Methlnks much of these words of Marcus Aurel-
lus: "Every man Is worth just so much as the
things are worth about which he busies himself."
Sometimes we see a man walking in our clothes
who is so narrow and stingy that he fears to give
even a kind word or a smile lest he robs himself
of something.
I want you to critically analyse these remarks.
See how mnch Truth you can find In them. If
y <u find any far away, bring It back In a brief wnrri
by letter to me.
When our hands are employed In serving God
by serving our neighbor, our prayer will not be for
a richer blessing—we will already have lhe richest
lhat God can give.
Let us speak of Enderby, and so act toward the
men and Institutions of Enderby, today, that when
tomorrow comes we can look back over what we
said and did and b: proud.
The finest fruit growing section In the famous Okanagan
Valley.     Warm,   delightful   climate:    rich,   pro-/^
ductlve soil; no rocks. Large and small holdings/*
now listed.   Lots 20 acres ani upwards;/^'
From S15 an acre up.
Correspondence solicited.
Address— /,
Please sand Im tl prop-
ettits in your locality lo-
1 Enderby
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now being bull;
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rales: $1 and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.    j
Man 11 .a It always seems like a miracle lo a
man the way a woman will manage a
big hat. a long skirl, a bundle and her
religion In a high wind.	
LO.L No.446
Ketu lhe In Saturday In every manih at
6 p. m,
Viaat.rae brethren erelesmt.
W.M.,A.E.Rtit»i».   S.C..H.J.H   I
A lender sleak is nun
ger's delight and a chef's
joy forever. When you
feel like eating one ask
for It. Fresh and salt
meats always on hand
Fish (resh from the sea.
the lakes and streams
Delicious sausages
Geo. R. Stiarix*
I MM 111 .
Eden's Firs! Tenants
suffered severely lor years, as a result ol eating
green Iruit Eden spresent occupants can av t i
this trouble by using Burn's WtckiWry Cordial
Syrup of Figs
his!':ri;t   if leaf
R   R   P'JRNS
iginal  tree  that  grew the
f  ■■   ... •    Pi • ■■
A larnur wat always boasting to his
tons how lolkiuted to work in hit
young day*. One day he challenged
hit two sent la load a waggan of hay
whil l they (.itched it. The challenge
waa accepted. The waggon via drawn
round, and the trial began. The old
man held hit own very well lor aome
lime, and kept ahouttng. "More hay!
more hay!" But the hay was being
loaded too quickly to be well arranged,
and at last it began to tilde, then to
slip, until the whole lot lell off and the
<M gentleman with it'
"What are you doing down here?"
cried Ihe boys.
"Why. I have had to comedown lor
mote hay," answered the old gentle-
man, slaully	
The first number
of this paper Is
sold out There
are ISO copies of
the second number yet to be sold
Six hundred are
printed of this
number. Three
hundred will sup
ply our needs,
leaving 400 to be
sent to frlenl
If you think Thi
iraph is a
good letter to tell
about En:
and the Valley
help us to spread
the good news
Six copies. 25c
A 0 Hardware
Armstrong ^» *>/""«
You can get all this line of work done right here,
and It is good work al right prices
All work Guaranteed or no charge made.
Also In stock, U. S. Separators. Standard Sewing
Machines. McClary's Famous Stoves and Steel
Ranges    Furnace work a specialty.
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
£. A. Chappell
I •;!>! M
House Painting. Paper Hanging
Calsiminlng. Etc.
MISS UIMt  am SI. «.»• MrthoelM Ownl,
»...h Bread ball,
tin en4 CakM lo oat..
Ira C. Jones
Builder and Contractor
Stonework and Chimney
Is a little magazine that is
published monthly.    It Is
fraught  with   worth while
lull   ind   touched with
humor.    Ba:k   numbet
lie mallei I    any a i
:•   i at 5c each   It Is50c
a year   A; Ire
Moments, Enderby, B.C.
Thai touches the artistic
and keeps h-use for Econ
omy. will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply Ypu do not have
■   nnd your printing   il
n Anything that can
be done in Toronto un
ordinary commercial print
ing i can b- done right
I he Edenograph
I-...., a i ITIi'  : . KNOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., JUNE
First Year
Don't overlook us
When In tl   n irl
r, Rake
redder      N •■ is the time to buy.
'   •      Prices Ki.
Terms en
,: I Money-Savers
Children s
Summer Suits
Cool. Strong and Cheap.    See them
'.   ptj ■      :•■
more   adapted   to dairying Hon th<-
idja    ll   En
'     •      ii     !■.'.::■.!••■!       :
ind thai    tn be bought
llgui     ring along tl    •    •
It  can
money, and will man.- lite best of (odder
land    Water la abundant lur the slock,
■   I II   ani ''   II
ilrj  .■. ■   twiter than I      Ihei
I   -
wis., favorable Is the scarcity ol skilled
labor (or milking, etc..   Dairying Is
and likely lo eonllt
able on account of the high prices
realited for fresh butter, and the laci
lhat the demand is constantly tncreas
Strictly first-class butter must be
produced within a lew dayscl th<- time
jmptlon.   In spite of all that is
produced in B C . and Ihe great quan
HOI ihe President stated
■ lars the company
etlstanc- $11 J.000 worth
:   : Id   and that  the
:    :   ■: .',   • , '   ..     :
1    th       ran yean what
A nice lln
Crockery c< Glassware
New designs and patterns
Worth Inspecting.
fyiderby | rading C°-
Cliff St.
lhe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
J. E. Orchard
Painter and Decorators
Graining and Staining
Water sup]
• .    ne.
•    1 ,    , f'T
Enderby wants a kink.        ^
1   It lias the business (or a nank: %, fr
It will get a bank.
the supply    It Is
a   common   thing  to   have butter
I i Iralla   and
•ing the winter
months.    Notwithstanding   the  laet
that   the   creamery  output el  the
province la Increasing all the time.
the demand la increasing still tatter.
'• imerli have been « labll had il
Ladner. Chilllwack. Nev Westintntter
and Upper Sutnai. and all are doing
well.   Besida the co-operative cretin-
-..-:,■     I   I!   ■      ,•- I.      ;, ..-
creameries   Rithet's and Gulchon".
alto a cooperative creamery
,.    It hat tithe
11 me orders for more than 1.000
"        - '    ,
On the Island, there arc creameries
iox, Ciwichan and Victoria
;•■' ■     - • ..- '. -.       :.\       - . v
the but tl« years.
V.'ith regard to bluett ol c-
suitable, all breeds haveb-
but the eonchnion which
dairymen have arrived at tore it ii«
is hat I
that  the breed It el tittle
Importance, but it It the es»
It then: is any preference at all at the
present time, it it lur Jerseys and the
that ihey will interfere with the develop-
• ■
being tried. Inasmuch at the
milk wiB be too high   The
-etc. al the Valley
ilarly wefl adapted (or dairy-
.   lot Uk .   f kust gao4
butter and raiting tl young it   It
lb 1401 th? belt* Cream-*,
pany. Limited. Ladner, B. C., mams-
4 81IS? I'.urnU «f
 .■•!'. -krj by tl'.-.i
money wli cernn    ta    lan
had turned out a sue« thai the
shares were paying 10 pen ' lnt( I -. i
dividend lor Ihi a ars, and
that the company had a surplus over
all liabilities of J2.473.67. He constd-
I ' JI0shareslcl>*'»'jrtli$l5.li>.
The capital stock of the company Is
$4,050, fully paid,
Th- Eden Bank Creamery, of Sardis.
Chilllwack, did good business during
1901. A comparative statement ol
the past ■ haws a steady
increase in the output and a yearly
in ihe cost ol making,   Tre
I trade ac unl i t the year ending
December Slat, 1901. shows a net
profit of 32,033,53.
I The Cowlchan Creamery has a capital
account ol $3,000, fully paid.   The
. .uiput from this creamery It' ll
ending October 31st. 1901. was 80.358
pounds, which sold at $22,375.79. The
•total cash paid patrons was St 9.651.02
or an average of 24.2 cents per pound
M.-.l. i-i l>liil„.„|,|,.
Like ether troubles In married life,
twins never come single.
Love may laugh at locksmiths, but
even locksmiths could safety laugh at
The wsrld generally does not stop to
consider a man's motives. It looks at
Ctrltdsn'tmakefoolaofmen. They
simply show other people how foolish
men are,
A fool and hla money are soon married, ll there It matey enough to tempt
the girl.
The philosopher who wrote: "There
Is no service where there It servility"
never had anything to i ertlh negro
Perhaps the Darwinian the >
have eeen more popular at the outset
iMhe phiM had been "the ascent
man" instead ol "the descent A mar
A« I
M    ,
A little East End girl who had hash
for breakfast the other ironing lookei
at the bat ,ti, uihiul of her share long
and earnestly as the potted it on her
fork Then she passed ll out ol tight.
But the mystery still engrossed her
mind. "Daddy." the said, "what was
hath when si was al;-.
i .   : ■.. •
Geo. I. Breen
rich enough l       ply a
The Eden of Canada
Enderby Is destined to be the choicest spot
In the rich valley of the Sj lilumcheen
There can n:" be any doubt a' it ll Let
us tell the world absut It—It's too g
.    Our friends want lo know about It,
n't you I    •   '.     Eotti
make a | ■     -rta
the old folks, aslt were. Try It three months
at 50c Do not be backward We need
your help and we feel that you are ren:
give it Help us to run lhe circulation of
1000 in six months.
It can be lot 	
;•   •' f' -     ".V- «
•   tl   I I   nths, 50c.
The Edenograph. "•""yk*±^mf«
VM k n . ■ 8   li 8      I 'i f    < v    tar
Tn* ;■
Now cutting   Can fill any order tor Rough, Dressed
and Flnlshed-s^^^
Capacity of mill. 75.000 a day.   Orders promptly filled.
Prices on application.   Terms, cash.
Enjeroy, D. C.
Cliff St.,
Enderby, B.C.
Enderby's New Drug Store.
Prescriptions filled.   Patent Medicines.
Perfume and Toilet Requisites.
Stationery and Kodak Supplies.
Cigars and Tobacco.
A choice selection ot CANDIES now In
Personality   and Future will be read by an
expert of wide repute on receipt of 12 cents and
specimen of handwriting
HENRY RICE, Graphologist. ""Jfcffig" •
NY persons of means and experience
in farming are turning their attention to
■hi? Valley as a Ilk sly place to Invest
Naturally they would like to know in
advance what the outlook Is along certain lines tn previous Issues we have given
some attention to fruit-growing and other lines of
farming and touched only llgtvly upon lhat of
poultry raising. This industry, as an industry, has
not been taken up In lhe Valley, though the conditions of climate, market, etc.. are essentially
favorable. Every farmer has a few hens, and all
bring eggs to the market occasionally, but even
the local market Is not supplied. Twice In the
past month the hotel and stores have been without
an egg in sight for days at a lime, and the price
has been 20c and 25c a dozen. The local market.
It Is true. Is nol great, but there is always a
demand for fresh egg. and poultry (rom the Koot-
enays.   This market is never supplied.   In the
* inter season eggs are such a scarcity thai 50
cents and 60 cents a dozen Is paid for them, and
even at that price the supply Is limited to a few
boxes at a time The home market tor r. o iltry is
also great, the demand always far exceeding the
supply. As a rule, the price of eggs seldom goes
as 'o v as 15 cents, and the price (or live poultry Is
from $5 to $7 per dozen, and chicks $3 to $3.50
Speaking from experience, a writer in the
Manual of Provincial Information, says:—
"From a farmers standpoint. I see no reason
why a larger number of po iltry should nol be kept
I am keeping a large flock of White Leghcrns. and
by the use of a 360-egg Cyphers Incubator and
brooders, have had no difficulty in getting most >1
the hatching and brooding of the chicks finished up
before the middle of April, when one has of course
• ittendl :ing operations and the usual spring
work. I find the Leghorns lay well all winter if
properly fed and attended to. though I have never
used any artificial heat, even in the coldest
weather, and by closing lh;m dp carefully a' night
and having ;.e!l built houses they seldom get fro :en
c rubs >r are .hejked In laying, even when the
thermometer Is down to zero, as the severe cold
seldom lasts more than a few days, and they do
:• i appear • suffer (rom a few days' confinement,
II given plenty of litter to scratch In."


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