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The Edenograph 1904-12-21

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 'DEC 2-1 19IM
Volume 1.   Numukk 32.
Pkice, S2 a Year
society van organi.'trd and will ttteel
every Wednesday evening,   Olllcers
ol Ihe south  section   are   corralling rcsull lhal Ihl train pulled Into M
buyirrs from the easl by lhe wholesale, one li'ur late, and Willi a hot box.
laking them right past the good Ihlngi smoked and sputtered and sittled, and
about Knderby and selling Ihem land' all the while lhe brave conductor stood
that cannot  touch lhal lo be b   ,: I 1" Idi it getilly tossing snowballs Into
here lor half ihe money.   H    I) lh    ihe oil box. They cooled and lubricated
Is exasperating to one who knows ths'at the same time.     This economy la
real merit* ol ihe sections, but lhal •   " • I « •'th <hal «volv«i bv ,he bl8
.vill c tttlnua so long as no real ell il head        .itsibt* for tl
Is made by the people ol thi:, end <
Shipped hy ireiiil.l hromi
Underlay, 7.928 ton.
Armatrccnti, b.lHi) tun.
Vcritun. 4.497 lun,
Kcrlccwna. ■ ,1.891 ton.
Oilier point.. 265 Ion,
Total,    -'.'.ii'l Ion.
oil-set 11.   He admits tliat the lower
Valley can  beal us In  peaches aid
The new postofflce building will be
will be elected and rules to govern the I cherr|e3i >nd „,_, „, ,,„ berrlMi bu,
A Court of Revision will be held al
Enderby on Friday.
Win. Hancock and family returned
from the coin on Friday.
Born. At Enderby. Dec. 15, 1904.
to Mr. and Mra. Albert Johiuton, a son.
J. A. Mohr returned Irom Kamloops
Tuesdty. to spend Xmas with hla
Now the dayi will begin to lengthen
and icon taring will crowd winter oil
the letlae.
Chat. Strickland disposed ol another
20-acre block of hit property near
lown. thlt week, at $50 an acre.
Mr and Mr Win Johnston ol Ntnga.
Man., are spending the winter with Mr.
and Mrs. Ptlkiitgton ol Enderby.
T. W. Broderlck led for Grind Forks
list Thuradiy. when h* his taken the
position si night operator for the C, P.R.
The appointment of Baisll Gardom
aa coiutable lor Endetby district wat
continued by the lieutenant governor
las I w««k
Chriittnat dinner will be terved
on Monday at the Union Restaurant
Thcie meals are attracting the hungry
from all quarter*. Every meal is a
r^, ■
Everything It Japanese hist now. If
you want to be in the swim, you will
have to hav* i box or two ol those
dwarf orange* stacked In the windows
down aulrt,
Fred Crawford, who for some time
hu bean associated with J. C. Orchard, painter, was call lo his home at
Markhamvill*. N, B., last Friday by
the sellout illneii of hit lather.
For ease and comfort and beauty
you will not llnd anything nicer thin a
piece ol Ju, English's upholstery,
A lounge, settee, or fancy rocker: nice
presents and serviceable goods.
A turkey shoot will be held Monday,
at the rifle range; 100 yards at a five-
inch bull's eye. Any rifle allowed, bui
all peep-sights birred. From 10:30
to 12 m., and Irom 2 until dark.
A car loided with Hour for Vernon
laid on the siding at the Okanagan flour
mill, at Armstrong, [or a week before
it WU lilted The Advertiser thinks
Ihe C. ft. ft. expected the section men
to push 11 down.
Enderby Lodge ol the order Knights
ol Pythias will be Instituted here on
Ihe night cl Dec. 30th. Grand Chan-
• . Ttgusoii cl New Westminster,
will be present, and Vimon'l crack
team will be here 13 give lhe degree.,
Tht flnl lUllontry for lhe Enderby
Coal ar i 'Co.. was turned
 I ihii week.   In another
■  hop* to tie thlt company and
others like 'I well !a inched in the c.al
mining industry, and all turning the
black diamond* Into ducats.
A meeting was held Salurday evening m Orange hall lo discus.-; Ihe organization ol a literary society.    The
society will be adopted at the meeting
This Is a Christmas ol joy and glad-
| nets to Canadians. It should be especially happy to every Okamiganlte.
| This is ihe way Wm. J. Twlss feels
sbouHt, and he says none are more
glad to extend good wishes Ihan the
Mutual Llle ol Canada, and their
humble representative.
The train for the south on Monday
'dropped three can at Armstrong and
then, alter being gone about 15 minutes,
cams back to take a run at the grade
south of town. Oh, yes I Next thing
we know, the C. P. R. will cut us
down to a semi-weekly mall and passenger service In order to catch up
with the freight shipments.   Advertiser,
Roy Wheeler, acting secretary for
. the band and chairman of the finance
committee, atks all Interested In the
organltatlon to meet In th* Bell block
thU IWednesday > evening. A meeting of the Curlers will be held at the
name time, in Tin Edbnooriph office.
So as nol to Interfere with the literary
society's meeting, the bind meeting
will be called at 7 o'clock.
It looks u II tome ol the ciumriei
of Europe have been reading the ad
column! ol Thi Edenoorami. M. J.
Henry, the nurseryman of Vancouver,
hu |ust received an order (rom one
of his European correspondent!, for
over i thousand dollars worth ol native
In apples this end ol the Valley can
discount any ol them.
II llle men
opened alter the holidays. Business'responsible lor the wretched service
has se Increased that Mr. Harvey his over the S. It 0. were one-hill u
added mother clerk to his stall..and      im t0 Mrvc ,he publ|c ,s lhey „e
keep a clerk at the wicket, to attend io
only to the postoilice.
The Spallumcheen
Hall to the Valley,—the maiden Queen!
Our Eden Valley.—the Spallumcheen!
Ll;e In the breeze (rom Its verdant hills.
Health In a draft from its rippling rills.
Joy In the sunburst at dawn ol day,
And grand his reflections when passing away:
Peaceful the homes In this youthful vale.
Richly the soil to the tillers prevail.
Labor and industries, commerce and trade.
Constant and nourishing under the shade
01 our forest-lined mineral hills.
Who would not sing of this favored land:
Health, wealth and pleasure ai his command?
Who would not sing ol Its sunny clime:
Its own fair scenery, grand, sublime!
Who would not sing *hen the orchard blooms.
And the red-cheeked apple in Its season comes;
And the waving field to the reaper falls,
And the lowing herd o'er the hillside calls;
And the sleigh rides merry on solt white snow.
And grand old Luna with silvery glow
To gladden the sleigh-bell trills?
Then, hall! yes. hall, to the maiden Queen
Our Eden Valley,—the Spallumcheen !
Nov. 21st, 1904. Tne McrUNtAittae*.
lo "mak* a showing" belore their dlvl
dtnd-lovlng superiors, they would never
of a daily train "
The Kelowna Clarion "The plea
put forth by the company Is that the
road does not pay  during the winter
lorce upon the Okanagan lhe present season, but we (all to see where the
jerk water service. The Valley is one weight ol such argument comes In, as
in protesting agimst ii. and If tha C. P. the company has to keep lis (orciof
R. thinks it can allord to have the train hands whether busy or idle and
evil effects ol Its arrogant policy pub- the extra cost ol running the train
llshed broidcut lor lhe next three would be very little. If an agricultural
months, the company does not know district containing 5.000 or 6,000 in-
what It Is doing. The people ol the habitant* does not wairant ihe running
Valley ar* in earnest this time. They ol a dally train we fail to see whit will,
realltethe shameful ln|usiice heaped Doubtless the company can In away
upon them. This Is evidenced by the succeed in carrying all the freight by a
outtpeken criticism of lh* preu ol the tnwwkly service, bui the question Is.
Valley. whether It ti goid policy.    Would the
Th* Vernon News sayt: "The Oka- company insist on treating us In this
nagan Valley li a unite in proletling manner il there were competition?
against the gross inadequacy of the1 They certainly would not. and Ills
railway service accorded It. The merely became they have the advent -
matter Is not merely local, but affects' age of us that they Hunt on doing so,
the iniereit of the whole district, and .. The manner in which the dally (rain
the agitation It taking fonn everywhere, hu been run during tht summer
All the newspapers oi the Valley have montht has rendered the dally ma I
Joined in the movement ind repie- service ilmott ineleu to Kelowni in.l
tentative men ne uking active steps ditlrlci u it waa generally ao much
to see thit the ficu of the miller ire' behind schedule time lhat the Ver.ton-
'Wrongly represented in th* proper Ketowni ttag* teldim mad* conn*:
quarter," It It Imperative thit in in
The Okaiugin Herald. "The in portam and grown? district liketh.
weekly winter service on theS. _0. Okinigin should hiv* tit* but puslbl i
bunch of th* C, P. R. u not only an mail awlce. ind all retldens of tht
inconvenience to lh* leHlett In thet | V«tt«y ihould unite ,n dftmandtng lhat
Valley, but * aoutve el muoh In* lu: belter locommodlliim be lllordtd"
thebusinesi men Irom Mai* to the Armstrong Adverliier "ll It Umi
touthem boundiry of lh* province ll tor a clung*! The people of th i
it nut to be wondered at lhal a atrong Okanagin have been tmpoied upot
and intagonUlic letting hu sprung up long enough, Dunng th- i a .t >e r >•
Ta my place, onDeepCieek. Young tgjm»i the C. P. R, in Unit limning t*i thi country hat gone ahead vert
The responsibility -lit-   New telller' have pound int i
The oilier day the passengers on the
tree seeds. II he can secure them. He incoming jerk water were given a let-
also hai enquiries Irom Gorminy. JOn on economy In axel grease.   Fif-.
Russia and England lor these seed for lee„ |i_t and freight can were hooked red cow; marks, whit* star on forehead the service,
nursery planting. In the lead.   Then came thi baggage ind while on fore-belly, long till under ^ (em exclusively wllh  th* provincial the Valley, the fruitgrowing pots
E. A. Chappell returned from a trip and two passenger coachu, These ear. brand on right hip not dlslingulih- government, and It it lo them that the met ol the district are attracting!
to lhe southern end ol Ihe Valley this trains do not pay the C. P. R. -ao Mr. able, Will be told in 30 dayt il nol people m_t look lo let redress, ll It great deal ol attention in the Eut. and
week, alter a'most successful Iruilltce Miipole lolls us.-and so they dole oul j claimed and charges paid, the duty of the member ol lh* legls- thet* ate mtny indication! ol i com-
canvass.    H* brings boom reports ixel greue about ii sparingly ai plea
home with him.   The real estate men at the  Port Arthur  ittlerno. wllh the
A St*outfit*.
Deep Creek. B, C. Dec 20. 1904.
lhe Children's Service       Want* a Better Road
The Sunday School children ol Enderby. numbering about 80. are preparing a novel Christmas
Tree service for Friday evening. In the Town Hall,
ll will be a union adalr. Instead ol the usual gilt
trees there will b: a receiving box. "It Is more
blessed lo give Ihan receive." and the children are
preparing to carry home with them the larger blessing—they're going to give.
Away up north along the coast there are numerous mission fields where the children do nol have
anything In the way of Christmas gifts—In many
cases only lhe coarsest necessaries of llle. The
object ol the gilt service Friday night Is to provide
presents for these mission children. Each child
will bring something ol a uselul nature, any garment that Is good but out-grown, bocis and shoes
of a like nature, dolls and toys that might make a
little child of the back woods happy, a sack of meal.
a can of fruit, anything the heart would like to give
—all will be acceptable. These will afterwards be
divided Into Uo boxes and sent, one to the needy
Presbyterian mission and one lo the needy Methodist mission.
An unusually good program will be given by the
children. There Will be singing, marches, drills,
club swinging, recitations, and so forth. If you are
a friend lo the children and sympathize with them
In their efforts, be on hand. It Jdll est you only
25c. You will enjoy yourself and your presence
will inspire Ihe boys and girls to do better things.
II you have anything that would help !lll a big box,
wrap it up and put it in.
Packages of candies, nuts and fruit will be given
to the children—yjung and old.
Anyone contemplating a trip over the wagon
road up Mabel Lake valley, would do well lo lake
out an accident policy, as the chances are against
him gelling back without Injury. Last spring our
respected road master paid us a flying visit With
spade and shovel he scooped oul a pot hole here
and there along the side ol the road to get enough
dirt to (ill In the nils. This solt. loose dirt was
pulverized In a lew weeks by Ihe heavy traffic over
and the road was as bad as ever, with clouds oi
dusl to drive through
The recent rains and wet snows have rendered
the road almost impassible. The wagon wheels
cut Into the ruts to the hubs. And teamsters, in
passing, have either to cul a road (or themselves
or risk snagging their horses on the (alien timber
beside the road
When atlt the long suffering and patienti<rtllers
in this valley be given a decent road ? The au
thorlties have been petitioned time and again, but
the only response has been a shovelful of loose
'iirt thrown about. The development of the valley
has been provoklngiy retarded because ol It
[These remarks ol "A Selti--
ments of ever teamster who has to use the Mabel
Lake valley road    In addi'i n to the settlers *h
have taken up land In this valley and are trying
■   nst ail manner ol odds to clear their pi-.
all the hauling to and Irom the lumber camps has
to be • 'his road     Nothing can n *. b»
ne to remedy matters, but when the spring opens
••rmlned effort en Ihe part of the settlers and
lumber company, should improve matter    fi: j
lature for the section to enquire into tng prosperity thai will make the Oka-
all the circumstances and make such nsgin one of the moit important tectum of Briltth Columbia, ll it not
right thit a dutrtct with tuch bright
prospects ihould be himpeied and kept
back on account ol the short-sighted
cupidity cl a grasping corporation. We
should have a daily train service, ind
II ihould be up lo date and efficient tn
every respect."
Inlind  Sentinel    "The  Okinigin
newspaper* ar* wagtttf war upon the
0 I' ft   toi Ihe  miserable  service
given on th*  S. It 0. branch    The
peapl* ar* now aulfering for the ilip-
thod don't-care policy of the Provincial
, nt in power at the lime Ihe
branch was built . . But whatever the
laulu -.! the government, th-.
no excuse lor the Inadequate service
given the people of Ihe Okinigin by
ft    A dally  train service
equal t;> lhal given on Ihe tram line is
and every auuiance and en
'   given Ihe peo
It.. lalrulool lhal the c r a. .on-
l'nc|,,:,c .etc,i.e. a monry conte..ion ot
tr,< I'c o, o-< cl Government lo ertellr ii
lo run a lady train Thi. learn tc wa.
built wllh thr |.< ,,(,1. , money. None-
.'■all-. Ihr C. P h own. il. an* Ihr pro.
ale tan have hillr lo aav about how II
.a 10 be Operate*. Int. there can le no
*i.puitr,<| tht. ihr Government can re •
pcdlatr thai clauaa- ot the inleuitou.
contact, thai per .-nit. t.li- company lo
,ic ac. ;, a et.Lrt, t tthr ihe Okanagan.
MPl c;\tl Let. u. not le hell up
an* roll.* ol what I. alrraly our'.
by rl|ht of bmiiac-a. nee ev.ily Let the
Government refu.e lo grant one tent,
ah* if the C f K won't ..limit ami-
telly, enl live Ihr '<■ , -•!< ,1 ., c vi . . Ih. c,
nnlawey toMAKF. ihr company plav
II  M      \l kl K
■'■ B.C. old
ihe E -
. itl      Mould be cut d vn to an
thei  :.r.   mall      In   a
'.'.    . like '-his, wh re a leaky
ine can pull a train il
o 15 freights over Ihe    ad
I., dli graceful thai   i government should allow ll
; ip n   and I    people
.    irly l   ited
The ral    i    1(1
ll im
■ ted
,■ ii la
ng stock, Tin
a.       • iken for
■:   i Ik ii ibranch
- p../ ih, .-.ii Ills a losing pi position.
t Isai   • llnary irrence to
■ iln pul ii with the
behind 10 and 15 freight
in       ■ ne does the
thing that tends to build a city.
Wake up Confl lence' Cel h
shape to move! If you do ni
you will be left behind.
Speaking of the outlook, the j
Vancouver World says: "Much
comment is seen In the Brll
Columbia press just now c n
cernlng the progress whlcl li
! i... in the Okanaj in
Val Dr. D. B. Bogle, li in
In'.fi I-.'. . ith ihr'  H,-\: n '! i
(>• li iln,;' ;;•
i-\ bliaiinj a ti.   to
.    ihe.
Al II R Mil. JI.Kk-ttAII
•      ..       ,'.■'.,.
o sell—If he wants t
■can affora to I
f the this win!
pn-ss anything, the biggest b
■ Val  ever struck British C
ill hit the Okanaj
next year.   Enjerby will bs lhe
>•/ the centre of attraction,   Ojr coal
C P  'ields will soon develop
Ines will tr.
i'hr-y  speak in no demand  more  homes,   more
eftain tone,   From them I. buslnesj houses, more every -
skmning corp.
:,.  in the Valley,
1 .   movement  towards
nent of that country Is In
is.   The big whr' il
cattle ranches  are  all b    ■
ised and   divided   li I
small lots of from ten I
••   and put under fruit. This
year the fruit crop has been a
great success, and all who ha .e
bearing trees are making mon y
and big money.    The great
activity   in   this  direction   is
around  Kelowna,   where   he
|ulme ranch of about 6(00
and the Knox ran I   I
• -1000 acres have b
purchased and divided up. 1 he
land .ells readily In from tei I
forty acre lots at from SI5C to
$250 an acre.   Thism
in real estate, however. I
confined to Kelowna     W  T
Shalford has just succeeded in
ling a company to take up
the Ellis ranch of 30.000 act .
Mr. Shatlord was offered $25.-
OSO on  his  bargain with Mi'
Ellis; but, as people were al-
-eady   tumbling over one an
■titer to give him $500,000 to
iwlng the deal, he refused It.
A number of other big estates
are now under option, and the
demand for land in   small lots
a ms to be unlimited so that
;n st 11 the options will be exercised.
" 'It Is a big thing for British
Columbia.' remarks the Trl-
I m i, :   have Ihe cattle turne
Ul ' that country, or at least
pul back on the ranges where
they belong, and to have Itsup-
p l pi s| irous human beings
Insl  id of cows.'    The Okan-
. n /all ■ should become cne
most prosperous districts
in the whole of B. C"
Henry W. Harvey
Gkni-kai   Mkkchant.    Endekhy, B.C.
See IT?
We have a Store full ol Christmas Presents.     Haven't time to
tell about ll—come and see. Bring In the Little Ones
The stock In the several departments Is large, varied and new
Crou'rlc. .nl Provlalnp.
tifficult to dl:
state ol tne public m
long as the people
.'.,. -. '   t     !•;;
f With The Owl
C, P.
R puts up in answe' M every
cmplaint is this; "We don't
"   They I
.    "contract" over the
••d as "a n
I" the Ok.
lies under the ht
Bags   When we ask
thing there is always one answer "Pay the price"   The
he travelling
public -
•  .     : jsiness is I
ght to know, lhal
• n
EXT SUNDAY Is Christmas.
Of all cays In the year, It should
be the happiest to all mankind.
Cii that day the world remembers the birth of the only Ideal
Man thai ever drove a nail.
Christ was such a manly man'
He toucir;. hearts with men;
Ing their hearts, he
was more than a match for their
heads   Chrift . is a carpen-
n: a man of sorrows.
Yet du ever man speak like
him ?   So gentle, so kind; and
never weak, bold when justice
Jcma.dei It, always fair and
rank and nonest: pure as the
•lowers lhat   bloom, tenderer
•isr's love.    Was ever a man so
it in his conduct toward men ?   And was ever
a man so misunderstood and abused!   Did ever a
man -so little, and did ever a man
present his case sj fairly, argue It so wisely or
.'nestly ?
Christmas means more than merry stuffing    It
■. i more than the giving of presents.   It means
i the commemoration of the birth
o; the Man if Sorrows.    It means this,  too   ll
ickn  .ledge the divinity
live the Christ life, cr
acct-        ■ . ." confess by our
.    need of a Saviour
and are glad be tic.
Pui  Love inlo you neighbor's st:      ■
Happy will climb into his heart.   It was Love that
begat Jesus, the love of Cod    The same love In
us should be back o( '.-very gift, back of every
rhe little girl
all hei . er and a postage stamp
:•     , • ,n .
i Chn::
ss our
r and say  "I love .   ,
ciiia," . ii us a
The secret
We ■ :i j  a M' rrj
in |
i do n      • in of ssary
rsucl    pei      inci ill make lis own
. • ll     "imes II      ii     ravi   "it ugh I
le io ll    Bui Idom 'rank with Lovx.
tr lives as he should.
We make ourselves better by giving of our best
r there be a gift al .... II behind
ild ral        ■, ;andy from
hild    ■     : in Ihi slmpll-
.   ....
cf Avarice th" What  heights of joy
•    II       . 1| pn  late Ihe blessed
••   '        ike every  day
; ■        •   the ll
.- own!
hut bud
. and ll ill the
in ■.
T   Lei   One 4-roomed h.use and
me  6-roottied hsuse.    Apply;  The
■    '. .
pjpulaiTea,;. I
and Dairy Produi i
Staple and Fancy Dry Good.
i  ,
Clothlnx and Cent.' Fiirril.hlitfn
Men's aiul   Be) Heeler)
m     Hal
■   ind I ! ' Je».
Houw rurnlUdng.
Glauwartt, China .'are. Tin and Enamelled
Ware Wooden Wate, Cutlery, etc.
Farm and Caiden R,.; „ h. .
.' .. tu. Hay
■ ToeS, Garden
Mlnlnyj Suppllr.
. ! Fntms», l»i..    Spocilnyj Cool.
F'aw and     Ritres  and Shel
Capa. A -.'■..
Thirty years experience in Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
Inlo lhe camps and lhe Interior,
"Ha! ha! ha*!    Hello'   '
Krancli!   I'm all.   Look oul fot
Will go through yeur stack ot pre!
things tn the next (on
"Come a'rutinut' then Sinia
just a question whether yeur I
be able to carry all the ntee things
"Trust them for that I Don't sell
all of those lady's Watch*
Fas, Chains, Scarf Plni. and Cul.'
Buttons I lind these things make the
moit acceptable gilt*, Ever>bidy in
pleated with them,'
-    '    ■
round. thapea
and price, ,r-   .  ■
F. Pyman
Jeweler (ui,
Expert Watch Repairer
Arc your
horses  feet tender?
We have the newest
thing out—a cushion for
the feet.   It Is called Ihe
Air Cushion Pad
and it is exactly what Its
name Implies—a horseshoe of rubber to cushion lhe tender hoofs. If
you wtll step Into the
shop next time you're in
town, we will show how
It works.
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby
amioops Lumber u°
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby. Capacity 25.000.000
feel of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly Terms en
application.     Address—
/Ar k.\Mt.OOI'S 1.1 MHI.K u<   I IH
CnJ.chv. II t
Cant find anything better
Thai Is the opinion of men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract oi land. It Is nghi in lhe town: t, few
minutes' walk Irom the Postofflce. Land is continually raising
In value. We have sold a number of these blocks, bui have a
few choice building sites left. You won't fl.id lots of betier
value. The town will continue lo progress: li has only fairly
started. Property will continue to increase In value: building
lots will never be less valuable than ihey are today Your best
opportunity Is NOW   Price of Lou. C 1 A
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, *"«"»> '
Some Property Bargains
One hundred acres '. first class Fruit Land. IS minutes
walk from the Pest Olfic" at Enderby,    Will be """'d in one
block, or cut up inlo smaller blocks lo suit pure' •:,   :
House on the property: o ttbulldings and fruit orchard,
Alto a line Mo arte prepett) three and a haU miles uMh d Enderby on iht
road   Well*.' iiviiled ints tars Until ef 160acres each
it required.   Price a. a whole. 110 ill acre.    Tht. it Ihe dieafwt property Itl
lhe Valley.
Apply to— 0 ALERS HANKEY. Vernon, B. C.
It '.V
HARVEY. Endtrby. B. C.
Receipt Books
Geo. R. Sharpe
I.Mii lllli'
Is your liealtli
Insured ?
An ;,
. ■
I     Get It o:
Letter Heads Bill Heads. Envelopes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything that can be printed—quickly done at this office    Estl
-,ver. mates cheerfully furnished on every data of Boak and Jib
II. will Priming
GEORGE l< LAWES, Bwlen-j Tne Edenotfrapli, |}j
er $   LnJerhv
Mil Btkk »io-1,, om Si
*) 00
•9*' » ■
■ {r*
First Year
'"'Methodist Church
Divine Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday -School and Bible Cltus. 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting,   -   -   -   Tuesday, 8 p.m,
A hearty walcoit a lor all.
A. E. ROBERTS. Pastor.
Residence' Cllft St.. ne.l the Church.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Is visiting
Southern California. He Is
not there to be wined and dined,
either. He has been working
hard and now he wants a rest.
The Pasadena Star, in a late
Issue, speaks of Ihe arrangements being made by the official
bodies of that delightful city,
to give Sir Wilfrid a "bumper."
Closing Us remarks the paper
says. "Secretary Coolidge of
the association afterwards called
up Sir White Mortimer. British
vice-consul at Los Angeles, and
Inquired as to the possibility of
making arrangements for the
visit. Sir Mortimer replied that
Sir Wilfrid had asked him not
to make any engagements lor
him as he desired to rest In
Southern California."
Hot Springs S..nitarium
The Mrala at Water* cl  Kilr, JO an *«
moal curarr.e ir that vetld. A tnrtat
natural renreJ)- t.n all New -ji .ral Mtiacu-
lar Ditara.ro;. Uver. Kidney ail Sumach
Ailmonta.    la Burn ami 'al o cure
Rheumaeue. Ae ataaaluie ,;t.an a» paec.
For lerma and paraoitas iprai t ■
Halcyon Hot Sping*
AermrUle. H  C
Have Your Cutter
P*      .      J   %       I  :»"  r-;t  1,'t,-.',
aimed:' ^in^tKUte
paint ih p crer
Win. Hutchti.-ri'i Blictstntlti Shop,
ind ant prepared to do the belt carriage palnling lhat can be done Britg
y.ur cutlet in md let tu. tmv
llketve* JR. LINTON.
Painter _ Cecantir. Eiiderbjr
Ira Jones
Contractor 4_> luBder
House to rent.   Will be
ready on or about Jan lit
Ml Milt crater primal u4erri.1u.iad
iiiirt'7 attended!).
8 shaves $ I
The Leading Tonscrtal
Arils', of ihe Valley.
Is located al Enderby
He can handle lhe
razor with the best oi
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule of prices:
Hair Cul. 25c. shave.
15c; singe. 10c shampoo. 25c, hair lonic.lOc
Patroni w.lf kirdty nctc tint thit jhoji
vill mt cp-n on Sunday
A. Todd, Hacvr. kill, tne-*,
Buy Direct
L save agent'i Commiuion
Resei. Greenti ii;^
and Hardy
For Spring Planting
Ail accHraatad -lock  Dug and
shipped direct to Ihe planter
vtlhoul hetnglMmpiftedtlDiis-
Midi cl mile* md then lumi
gain) (and eonsequenlly dam
«fore dehvery.   Home-
Grovn and Imparled Garden.
Field _ Plover Seed.-., ihraya
in stock tn season  and tested
•   .'italttr.    Eastern pti:r.-,
• las*    Whit- Later     Ker-
Bee Hive.-, and supplies
floral Designs
Catalogue Free     M. J
1010 We.lmin.ler tkoat
C.O.F.No 1058
K«b evety sejonil an! (juitli Tr.rsdajr In
each ffioMh.    Vwll|Bl
r i:aHe ■ .iled.
A.W.Sic.-.CR. H.H <v rmi
LO.L No. 446
'.'.,.■ ■
(r. m.
Viiltitigbrettf   n      :
W.M.. A. E.Raneet.i.   Sec.. H.J. tv. WTO"
^__— ^-^n
Under The Olive Tree
A Utile fun then and now,
I. rell.hed ly mo.t men, anyhow.
While seated In the shade of my olive tree
thinking what could be said ot Christmas, I saw
passing before my Imagination, the
letters that are going each day to
.dear old Santa Claus from the wee
boys and girls of Enderby, and the
thought came to me, "break away
from the cold talk and into tne spirit
of merry-making." And then I thought, what
could be better than to reproduce some of the
askings to Santa?
One little tot says: "Dear Santa Clothes. Brother
Ed an' me Is going to have som chickens w'at
kakkll an' lays eggs. Folks say chickens gets
lonesome what alnt gol no rooster. Please. Mister
Santa, bring us a rooster. We want a rooster with
feathers and a cockadoodledo—that w'at he crows
wil. II he ain't got all leathers, a red tin tail will
do. It don't matter so much about his tall nohow,
P'raps the hens won't care If he alnt got no tall, so
long as th' rest ol him Is all rooster. Erny Haines."
Another says:   "Dear Santa, This is me.
It alnt jes' like me, but the Printer Man he
says II he made a pikture 83 puny as I be
it wouldn't print,   li y' don't no me w'en
you come, you can tell me kaus I'll lai ai,
you.   I want a migic lantern, a magic baby i
cradle and lots udder magic things w'at goes w'en
you sit down.   Bobby Peel."
Another: "Dear Santa Clause. I has a boat an'
a gun an' som shot an' som boots w'at won't g:t
my leet wet. Won't you bring me a lake wil fish
an' ducks In It an' bears around the shore. Leave
it in my back yard. My back yard is by Jim
Englishes back yard, an' his Is in the blacksmlfs
shop w'ere horses get nails drv In their feet, and
udder people gei Dick i' fix iron. Francis Pyman."
And another "Dear Santa. Me an' Roy wants
you io bring us a band w'at plays tunes and can
march like Sousa's. We aim got no band, but we
like to walk and w'en you comes to us we'll show
w'at we want. Set It down on the sidewalk an'
we'll carry It in.   Charlie Metcalfe "
And here's one from a Utile boy that does things
just to get them done: "Santa Claus, If you want
io B good 2 me. you kan bring me a policeman like what I've drawd He mus be bigger 'an th' policeman what we've got kaus I
, vant him 2 Ilk him Our p'liceman don't
like Utile boys like me, He says we don't
do nothln' rite, But a frien of mine says he
don't no everything. Harr'up wid th' policeman,
Jimmy Sntkkers.
And another: "Dear santA ClaUs.
killed udder day on the steam cars
ll was cumin' from Vernon an' the
steam cars run so slow It starved f
deaih belore in got heer, it was a
tin hen like this un    W'en you'
bring anuder hen let it walk,    It	
ain't so tiresome as ridin' an' it won't take sn long
I want it lor Cnsmis dinner.  Webble Rite."
And listen to this: "DeerEsi Santa Claws, We
uns w'at is on this paper does ask and pray y'to
•bring us a horse like this one. We
wamer race with the railroad.   It
mus* be a mall horse, kaus our
lis Is know good (er nuihln'   II
tan bring us a good horse, an' put
       him on wheels we'll dawer him to
Sickermoose an' trot him home every udder day,
to help lh' C. P. R. jerk water. Everybody.'
And this one (rom our little girl: "Dear.
Santa Claus. My papa says if i rite to you
what I want you will bring It to m« I hog
my paPa nose. He dont Know much aba it
some things, but maybe he does abut you
I wish You Would letch me a Imie brother
w'at can move his legs and can yell like Pa* This
is how Paw looks in the pitcher. Make my little
brother look like him li don't muter mut:h about
his legs. Ma says
pa's wasn't so thi n
until he started to
kick. Kicks don't
hurt pa only in his
legs. When you
letch my little bro
ther send him by
mate kaus I go to
the postofflce and
can nde him home
on my slead. I
want you lo name
my little brother
Billy Woods kaus
he alius gives me
candy and Ma says
anyone what gives
candy to childern
IS good. Blrddie
otiyboy s
To "that oil.
eWettruitt .1* MlfteT.
Patronise the Industries that patronise Your
'We manufacture eleven brands of Flour; Best, Hungarian,
and Premier, Three Star, Drifted Snow, Alplna,
Strong Baker's or XX, Wheat Shea;', Superfine, Graham, Whole
Wheat. These are all good grades; Moffett's BEST is unsurpassable. WHEATLETS, the Ideal breakfast food, Is also our
manufacture. Try It. All kinds of I;EED in wholesale or retail quantities
TKe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
Merry Christmas to ALL
and a Happy New Year
J. C. Metcalfe
J. E. Orchard
Enderbv. B C
Imitators ol native and foreign woods. ''^ ,£n_*N_lJNji -,...
ALL tfcUKK rlKS-  CIAS.*
XD IT IT € For Spring
1 KJ-sE/O Delivery
I am now taking orders (or Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Slone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality ol Ihe trees sent out by these nurseries is
:ts near perfection as scientific growers can make ll.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Endeby
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and bnck & stone masonry work contracted
Baid & Gibbs Endeby
That touches the artistic
and keeps house fori
. my. .vill be done at this
ollice—quickly, n- il
cheaply.   You dor. tl  ■
to send your prtntln,
town    Anything that can
be  done in  Toronto 'In
ordinary commercial print
Ing i can be done tight here
The Edenograph
Irn't there something you wculd Ilk? to have in the printing
Mine?   We can give s.r it this ollice. THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C. DECEMBER 21, 1904
First Y^
. iMa
i p.,.,,,,
In the Pulpits dE*bo""
: .   | ■ ... ■ .•:-■        Motive Power
Ir. subject of l lay evening d
Cliff St.
Enderbv Tradnm Co.,       |
Useful Presents
. —and
As ail i
l chin .'•  Tne lext via ul
-     .   ' hrlil
ly, 51 .
■     I
'    •
■    -     .
ind 'he     ..,. :ght of self In I
I deiin ta prontol
.: In the - - :     ind ■     pel
Christmas Comes but
Once a Year
For a Lady For a Gentleman
.   I
'    kl ■
I Cats
■ riags
'     .
. Sets
Hair Brushes
.  ■
'     It Cl3«
•      ■
' III'.'
R. IJ, Biiulli'V, I'jult'i'liv I lai'tlw.tif Mt'iilianl
TINSMITH a«>«i i)ixmbi:r.     ~~
;  "•: a Tinsmit!
enced ccp;
furnace work, pip;
Am an t ■
il attention I
A. Fulton, Plumber lb Filler
JAS.  BOWES. Proprietor.
' .nagan lake
Hm" Bowes
■ ike yjur stay in
, ■
TI-1I-: MARkL-n
price a**-1.  Cm
:  i
Im'1'i'uit Lands, I-arm Lands and Town
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, ,%,„,,,, s. c
C. J. B's
Prici* Price
*\ r Cure Constipation \ r
cent;. cents.
RD      Rnrnc Masonic Building
. K.   DUrnS, Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Been bttujM 75cm -
and cabbage and tuinipi SOc    There
'    : -, :    : -■!  :
l tin
Eggi vera much mire pie- -
retail fr
but the .
Kin    .
Wal,,, Ui.
.     '
•  •     ■ ■      .      -., ,:ve
Hu pr,    ■
mint. •
Cumini le ikt Oi.«.;an
,-. Sind ,' .
peg    Tr
remit a* ' -   etta'.e
'•■•     B'S FINE CHOCOL.
• I Fancy Pacers in all .•
D. NAIRN y CO..:
This is the fines: material in the -xorid lot      • I . utensils; ll
makes them serviceable ar. I . ht ani
:- • ■     t Is seme (  ■ there is
Pretty Table Pieces:
Sal*, and Pepper Shakers. Sugar B^is. Sp::n H.Uers. Milk
Pitchers, etc.   Also everythi;. kin,   Call and see them
W. J. Armstrong, .Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
i if.s tt}
fitsca. «•*..    v
.      : :    '
For Sale!
With hearty Christmas Greetrngs
and Best Wishes to theg:
pie of the Ckamgan Vattet ma
r Policy Hold
. '.. .
'.'utual Life of Canada.
I louse
J   Wiaem.ti
ul, It. sia Bl«rlc
Cl.ll St
O   Canton,
* Ladles
•  .   .      m sei
Pv~t I mmmwmwmZ\zwmmm
J. W   McCALLUM, Salmon Arm, B. C.
* -;     Kags
r ^  ... I - O
' t-    "  '
Made  into Carpet?.
Coats & Robes
'. Bells, andfoi
irm     We •
but all are good quality, and the prices are
snap catches yau -be prepay I
ient Fur Coats in stock
Mic a ..■..' •
Wm, Hancock, Enderby
J. W. Ii.ii on.   Enderby,  in   Hancock block


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