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The Edenograph 1905-07-26

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' / r v
ENDERBY, B. C„ JULY 26. 1905,
:       . $2 a Ye,\R
Those airaw hats at Haivoy'a are
EHEMKE   BRADLEY. It will bt remembered  that th« Irish
= Guards, ol whom Field Marshal I. rd
On Wednesday, July 19th. lhe mar- Robcrls; V.C., la honorary colonel, were
rla^e cl  Mr   Hertnann EhemKe   to orgtnllld in llie final years ol  Her
M    i thai Bradley Most On       Mtjttly, tht lite Queen
Enderby.   Mr, Eliemke Is holding the Vlci        In     mmen  rail n ol Her
responsible position ol engineer at lhe Majesty's enthusiastic reception  n h i
Kamloops Lumber Cos sav ■     here, toil villi I    !• It i    '.:
,;   recently It" til I         plrt i
lake that position.   The bride. Is the lorwh h Is confined to
M ■ .   .    ,:   I.-     II   e   .     .11
On the 2_th, Ihe wile of Thomas
Pound, ol a daughter.
Ju i  opened.    New   designs   In
crockery at Harvey's
Deliberate with camion, but act with
decision and promptness - Cohen,
P. C. Gambia, ol the Lands and
works department wu  in lown on
. ii.
H. P. Wilmot. county court reglittt'
has been locking over property in thia, arrived tt Harvey'a
***f**ix*- The lint sale under the new by-law
20 per cenl. discount on summer ol Impounded cattle hu itken plice,
blouses tor thli week only (or cuh it George R, Sharpe buying a hetler (or
Harney's Si 2,
The mountain health reams along H.M. Walker, recently of the Eoiti-
the main line ol the C. P, ft. tt* lull own-it. Enderby. tnd now on the still
up wllh vlalton fleeing (tom the let- ol the Segnogram Publishing Company
nble hell tf eastern cities ot Lot Angeles, led (or the tunny touth
The C, P. ft. li contemplating t
Drop whatever you have gol 11 you daug...„ _, j. j. Bradley, hardware one  of the requirement, be      Ihli
wouldnibuyltllyoudidnlhivell. merchant ol Ihis town, and came io .he each nieniber shall be  in
Men's summer underclothing. Hit—it valley first about two yeara ago from barn ol Irish paretics    The band sails
istortment in lown at Htrvey's Turtle  Mountain,   Bolssevaln,   Man. from England on the  17th ol August
Geo. McCormlck lias returned from Tho brlde *ni *room *'* vw-v P°?uUr and wl" *">'** *' Montreal on the 22ih.
a abort business   trip lo Kimloops. *mon8 a ****** c*rc>'> ol M*n-** and •'*'••• ****** proceed  lo Toronto to llll
>,< ,.,,,.,                                        ' acquaintances In iliit di&trlct, and tlte an engagement at the Canadian Nat-
EoBNOORAieH loins with them in extend- I anil exhibition of that clly and at the
J. E. Hirvey.t brother of H, W. mg tt,_|r heartleat congratulations. Dominion exhibition, New Weatmin-
Harvey, spent the week-end with his     Mr and Mrl En(mlk(( ,„.      . . s_pl_n*-r 27th to October 7th,
relatives here. jng ,. Endefby and contemplate the 190S.
W. Hill, representing Ihe Alexander erection oil residence shortly.
Milling Co,, of Bnndcn. is in town The Walla.-.- Case.
General Irult.    Lirge  stock Just
lhat the apple yield of the Dominion
Foreign countries and the United
States' tpple crop will be short.
Duncan's,   Cumberland.    Armstrong. I    Over eighteen thousand emigrants
Kelowna,  Trail,   Burnaby.   Eburne   I > Jnttrlo this year so
Grand Forks, Maple Ridge.  Langley, [at
Agusli.   Hatilg.    Endetby.   Surrey,     U|]jjn   Ju|y 2Qth   T|w   M(m
Udysmith, Greenwood. Fernle. V..    ,     .
lion, New Westminster and Abbots.. 11 .....
The convention will meet on both |.rM
ut they
Car.aJiin Apple Yield.
Pretent crop reports tend to show
29th and 30th September, tnd whll
ihe greater part ol the time wil. no
doubt, be  consumed  in  orgtnltlng,     Apttrigeol rthe United      ..
a lew practical papers on sub|ecls ol ol "» ra>"
importance will be read, among Ihese ol £4'000 ll,v" l      '   ' '   :
being one on " Good Roads." tnothi rj '    ' "G*A***
on the " Municipal Clauses Act" and i u,(> sl*al"" ^ *• Housed Commons
George Newlove lost his lile al Dock i
on Thursday. July 21.1. as Ui
ol gelling of ihe train while I
one on " Uniform Public Accounting."
Peace knvuy. Arrive.
light.     Local   conditions
On Friday, July 21st. In the provln
clal courl room. Kimloops,  A.   B '
Willace, formerly school teachei  .i
t whole, will only be medium to ... . __...,      , j
edium   ___ rtm* *n**_' ™ b'^n' «" *»*    The steamer Mlnnesolta-. ,
BolewhoittherequestofJudgeSplnks Tow|u<nd
came up lo deale with the case.   His „ ,
„,.-,, Koinura, the Japanese pleu
His Honor Judge Spnks sal on the , , 7,.„ ,.
_, onboard.   J. J. Hill has sent hlsprt.. ,„„,„„,„. ..., ,
bench wilh him.   The case waa not .{.„.„, , Prime, ana »n a nan
.... ,j      _, vie car to Seattle lorihe use ol Bareai,..     p      k,i,_ »,;,,,
gene Into.  Hi   lonor Judge  Bo- „ hire, my
, , , ,     ,  l Koinura, and a representative ol the
He was ttet. m btckwat
to the track, the wheels passing over
him, causing instant death    Dl
was well- ■ dt and Grand
CanaJian l> i.
plainly staling (or Ihe benefit of the
prisoner tnd his counsel, lhat II the
The Dominion government I
on Wedneidiy  evening.    While in eelved t cable Irom ths Bmuhwir *ceuaed elected lobe tried belore him.
Vtcto'it Mr.  Walker called it  the «•«<» igreelng to Cinidi'i proposals «• VM'i- " » conviction was obtained.
very nutetul reduction in the nine dficeolThe Wstk ,„, „_hed |h„ respecting the takin over ol Halifax wnlence him to two years' imprison-
between Mantietl and VincMtver.  ll ^^^.-p. „, ^ _,,„(„. ^, tni Eaqulntalt.     lilt expected thit menltndi whipping.   Judge Splnka
ti expected lo mike the trip in 76 ^   Mr ^^ u t bfj_h|            -,„,,,, w||) JUU|ne ^^ o( Hal||jx aUo expresied himseli strongly.   Con-
■' In. tnd should mike good In Cili- on September I. ***** *> hit cotmteU advice Wallace
lotnit,-"ni» Week. iiC'i*i l0 *** **'* ***** *" '" ,he
Ruyal Ire.l, I...    i '   *****
Al a piehminiry thoot held Tuesday                       —.
neirttrjeoiiipltllorr   llltbulltel brick. •'""T *>**  m* ****>*>>•*>•     HU Malestye Iruh Guards'band Is Union of Mum«ral.ii'«.
and ihould prove a comfortable wtrm Ce* B*U "'*•■ '"* *eow'   A*w**** contldered one oi the very belt bandi =
dwelling when the the cold weaiher CM"P*""*I<' *"1 ** ***** lo-mottow.      M, me Btittsh Army bv the highest Delegt'ei Irom the various munlcl-
SOOydi, nmaictl authorities m great Britain tnd palitle. ot British Columbia will meel
is a (avorlle househcld pand ol His In New Weslmlnsicr. on Sepiemoe-
hourt or 20 hours quicker thin it
The Gtbb't residence, a ihort dlt
Itnce oul on the Salmon Ann raid, It
A qu.
nesday ll Charlea
representative ;
Great Northern railway will accompany
Ihe party East (rom Seattle.    ITieie
eleven persons In the parly, Including
Baron Komura. Col Tishibana. ol ll ••*>•*•' *<   Cl
Japanese  war ollice; M.  Yama.-a, united Inn • .,
director ol political tllllra: M.Sa'
director ol the bureau ol Inl mil
tnd H. W.  Denison. an A ceremony wa
idvlser of the foreign officials.    There' I*****'* b* ****- J H. Lambert
will ilso be a corp ol inlerprelors.j    Stirling k fitcairn shipped •■
Geo. Bell
F. II. Hale ind John L. Rullin ~ w ^^
were ovet Irani  Fertile en  Ftldty, ^ Hancock ■
The weather hu been quit* the con> j g gM(_ ,
trary ol hoi <n that place Ulely.   In g g"vl|tt
lact. there hive been alight Itotu, ^ Htnoock •
•   27
•   2S
-   tl
•    16
Msjesty the King.who. whenever pot-
tlble, select! It to play at the royal levees
drawing rooms tnd dinners, in ftcl on
til title occulom. ll wu with much
ditliiculy. tnd only at a tpeciat livor
Mr, Ruttan and family Intend removing    TO. nlghe|, v>lMt |Cl)t|( „ me to Canada, lhal HuMajcsiy would con-
la  Femie ihortly. buslneit lwodliltiietteoiiibuitd»/u70, sent to the band leaving British shores
calling him tway. j_mj  ^^ C0R|11|U)Ij  |8 ^ pcrmltilon lo extend the visit lo the
The swimming entertainment pro- pagcJ
vlded tl the bridge U now Hopped, on
account of lhe intake lot the mill,
which ilio supplies tevenl ptiviie
houiet with water, being hut below.
Too many pteciutiont cannot be liken
agaiiul typhoid lever, tnd one ot Iht
lltsl essentitU Icr immunity Irom Ihli
dread dittue it pure water.
The grading ol the tpproach to the
bridge was llntthed laal Wedntidiy
under lhe aupetinlendence of Wilier
Glrdner, tnd vehicles weie able lo
patt over ihe river once again. The
approach on the Itr end ol lhe bridge
ta a line piece of wotk, lhe gradient
being very gradual, tnd thet l good
rain will settle down lo a llrm roadway.
Thoi. Meredith, ol Winnipeg tnd
Sukatoon. wu viewing lhe atw mill in
company with Alex Shields. Iht genial
accountant at the null. Mr Meredith
la a large ranch owner and has numet-
ous olher commercial undertakings in
Ihe Northwest. He is t cousin ol
Chlel Juilice Meredith, of Onttrlo.
and has men by his own exertions lo
his present position.
Nothing like lime juice for the hot
weather.   Get It at Harvey'a
Mr. Graham Rosoman. the city clerk,
has lately been making returns lor the
new B. C  Directory, tnd II was surprising what a quantity ol inlormalion ^'
There are three churches. Church ^
ol   England.   Methodist   Church I
Presbyterian Church    There is also a  cS'i
Roman Calhollc Mission lo Ihe If.--.II
Five Benevolent Socielis. A !•
United States being potitlvely refined.
29. lor the purpose of forming a union
of municipalities auch is exists In Onttrlo. tnd is also under consideration
in Mtnltobt,
Both city tnd rural mun:cipthliei
will be represented, the following hav-
ing written promising support to the
movement: Coquttitm. Slocan. Nan.
lints. Salmon Attn. North Vancouver.
clerks ani others,
300.000 Men L.e| ,., R„. „
A Russian military expert frankly
,  • .   . .   ,;■■   llcl 'i      ',.:..!.
Iht tppalling number ol three hundred
thouiand men in killed, disabled and
missing, and wnh them their proportion
ol hones, gun:., arms, supplies ind
equpmentt. This represents I Iota
,t ts impossible to sttte in money
ll la also annoui,ced tliat
47S.346 will be called upon lo perform
it.- service during the year,
. •■•-.
Business at the Council Meeting, July 19th.
K. of P., I. 0.0. P., C. 0  I- . and B
Present Geo. Bell. Mayor (In the chain. Aid.
Bradley. Evans. Kenny. Sharpe, Smith.
The minutes ol the previous meeting held July
13th, 1905. were read and confirmed.
By-law for prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
The consideration of this by-law was postponed.
By-lay for the Regulation of Bicycles. In the
motion ot Aid. Smith, seconded by Aid. Kenny,
this by-law was read (or the third time.
Bylaw to amend By-law number 8 ia bylaw to
to prevent animals Irom running at target In the
motion of Aid Evans, seconded by Aid Sturpe.
this by-law passed Ihe second reading.
Letter, dated July 13th, from H. T. Wilmot,
County Court Registrar, In reference to recording
water ot creeks in (he vicinity of Enderby was
read, and contents noted.
Appointment of Police and Licensing Commissioners. A letter, dated July ISlh, trom the 1! n
the Provincial Secretary was read, stating, for the
information ol His Worship the Mayor and Ihe
C uncll lhat Messrs. E. T. Smith i Alderman . I
George McCormlck have been appointed Members
of the Board ot Licensing Commissions, and that
Messrs. P. P. Bradley i Alderman i and William
Hancock have appointed members ot lhe Board of
Commissioners of Police, for the City ot Enderby
Complaint  ol  Mr.  Swan.   This  ma"
again laid over, pending further action by the
Board of works.
Report ot Licensing Commisshners The
following report was received (rom the Board ot
Licensing Commissioners:
The Licensing Commissioners ot lhe Cilycf
Enderby beg to report that at a meeting of the
Licensing Court, held on the 19th day of July,
1905, at the Court house. Enderby. the application
of Henry Webster Wright for the renewal of the
license (or the Enderby Hotel was considered.
Th5 License Inspector having submitted a favorable report, and as there was no opposition on the
part of any person to the renewal, the Court
decided to grant such license for the ensuing half-
.■• .•    Report adopted.
- of Finance Committee. The Finance
C n n" : re i oil the payment of the
following accounts
Messrs G F.& J Gait. $103. Bisil G
Constable, expenses, $3 75.
The report ol the committee was a Jopted, an 1
ih« accounts ordered to be j
I Tax.   Thc Clerk was directed I
advice from the solicitor to the council In reference
to the collection of this tax
The P.jundkeeper i-as in attendance and reported In reference to his work
The Council adjourned al 10 27 p m
I press «ii Tuesdiy. July 18, I   <
the Winnipeg Fair. tJO lb. t
Manitoba tnd t
as al   New V."
Winnipeg July 20.   The d«ath me
in Winnipeg per thousand pr
1903 accrdiieg lo tht vil
the period Irom Janna'r t, J..       ■
cilia o! thi World a.-. 1
i that the ravage   ' '
Dutl;,-'        • •
1 deaths tnd 6601<
tale pet lh-. -
■•■■£'. i Stent   "
, outctospiiig on ll I ''
north cf tne valley *
lor elimination are I
the creel I    -ate Iht
Pr,.,-, eal   R.llf   M
L 0. L    The military are r»pf      -I   V.
by   Ihe   Enderby   Rll
which has a membership oi r°5
,:■:•■■   ' y      '-    i «--' ■   5* ll ■-
^'u': ■ '■■ '■■ ■ *>!• ■ •'■ '■■ ■ '■'.a ;?,:
:■■   "
Lieut. Cimningh*
Carr. Victoria. HA
Wh»n  a
W. U H. I    \. ER
,inclal irade In   irm pr U. S. GUNBOAT DISASTER N
a   ir| rl ing li gree .       —
It Is with I. rr i ll il   v
taple artlcl ne awful disaster whicl
.  ind last 1 rldaylnthel i-l  r
the pralrl this pi • [ j ■ * '■;■ *••*>** ■■•   •
ill . . : ' ";''   ■    '' '"■"'"■"
Bank of Montreal
r and i bstrucll
......"'.: ".'   1 , th
'I •
ring tl
.    sekstuvi    m ll i gs ol twt
Capital, all paid up, $14,000,000. Rest., $10,000,000
balance Proliu and Loss account, $3 T1.*>M
'   '        ' trlbutarlea HEAD office, montrual
1 :    ''•■ I .-   lent Rlghl II     ' '       land Mon            ■■'   •■
I Shu .     I'i        ■        leo. A.Dru M
A General Banking business transacted
.1        Drill i  e  ible  it all r    '    " the United Sta"   Eut p« and
In ll
■    I
C . June 10.
Savings Bank
Department. |.
Withdrawal, on demand without
Th, I. the ted oft
year. 75,     Sand it 1 '
of one in lh
Hy of gooa.-e
■   .
ble in thc iuiure.   With the battleship'
• future. b; » "retessne
lhe case ot lha sub
B( marines, ll
:<i- vigilenc
a B   I..
■ i
.  :
md i . :
Dated at KUotby. B
NOTICE u hereby given ihiialiiy
1 It'll' ! for
Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
Dry B ird    ind Dim n I n  rimber, li m 58 I  $10 pei 11
Shlplap. SI2 per M
Flooring. Ceiling. Siding, front SIS per M. up
jrallon has been .    .
. ihcir ne*.
■   -
■  ' and to attach, con-
iims tnd bssnis
ind Mab.'!
t    Any ell.
our olflce.   We
di ha..'
lelt a .;."...
.'.  K aV.I.OOI'St.UMHi.R CO   I.l'U
Enderby, 11 C
Enderby. B,C,
N.e.,, -   Public,
R.-al Battle tml Inaiiran,-,
1   1 ■'■'   I* t
SllS-ipS Estate.
Accidents 1 lealll.
t_ as th
100 teres. 3 miles Irom K
ACRE BLOCKS. $125 pei
With The Owl
is  /
i lumber
it u hi Pkospbi rs
-'• •-.-. ...:.,
M 10
lures ai
"Ch '
tup ever-
. -
! I
■ -   II
.    '
Ira C. Jones
'.". f|i« -...I ;• re, Builder
The hardest lesson tor all cf us to learn Is "the value o! little
things."   But there is another'     n • i'Jtilly as liquid as hard to master   It is "ihe value ot pure drugs     It
you are ill, no mall III find that
it is Important lo make sure of Ihe drugs—ihey musi be pure
OURS      ARE      PURE
Masonic building
Bums' Toikn Luxuries
R. R. Burns,
Peter   Burnet
Dominion <.■-• Provincial
Land Surveyor
i.ti   ni ot r.
Do you need
can and
. I
-   •- ,-•  . .
I M Sleltl/n
e. -V A '. A
-     ■-'. '•''',..-
• 1
"It is good to put bather away
over night."' but it is not good
to go to sleep a delinquent sub
senber. Ygu may neve ike
up: and wouldn't you led b.d
ippear before lhe pearly
gates with your town paper not
r, and have tofessup?
•■.    -:•.;. ;;,->.   .;:■.;.
•   '.
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
All klr ing promptly
Kyi.irKrt Awtionw   Alwty.teriy
la late, on a s.l-
Receipt Books
Letter He,\ Is Bill Heads. Envelopes, Shipping Tags, Inv Ice
Envcl ness Cards, Visiting Car h. Invliail
thing' printed—-julckly done at this office.   Estl
mates        illy feirnished on every class of Book and J.'.
Tl,       PJ       .Weannil •**SSf*'\ BttJWi* ?<fc ,00 -*
"Put a coat nl paint nn an old h.mse, anil you'll come pretty
tu'.ir to li..\ ne,; it new houie," i-. an old >,itmc; that's proven true
every day by the old houses mails new with
The Sherwin-Williams Paint.
5. Ir*. P. ptOtOCtl anil beautifies, [t'| great ilitraliility, beauty
nl finish, nml trnnnmy, gives satisiarlion to tl.e hnusc-owncr.
It'l easy working qualities, great covering        A»
capa.ity, honest measure, nnil sirirt purity, 5?
satisly the ilcnitndi ol both painter and      fuW\
•toLtJ av
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
Wc recently started brlckmaklng
il cur Enderby yard, and are In Ihe
markel (or orders ol any site lor the!
beat common, repressed and fancy
brick made.   First-class material and first-class workmanship.
      Okanagan Brick Co., bu« im. EnJ.rhy. b. c
Good Service
The besl on the market found
on Ihe tables. Furnished rooms
Regular Meals, 23c.     ST^W™^
^■:rtLm:r:r 1 msmithing
and   Plumbing
An experienced copper, lln. and sheet-
Iron wor!*er. Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship;   satisfaction guaranteed.
Plumper .ri./ Finer. Ivrultrby, W C.
Nicely Printed This Office
The Choicest Section
in the Okanagan
Will always be found Interesting lo lhe homeseeker.
for the homeseeker will always find here a place
he can call home. The Edhhooraph wants to be
(ound In every home in the district. It is tound in
every home in Enderby. Why can't we make it
a regular visitor to every heme in the i intry
round-about ? ll would also be an interesting visitor
to the heme in the East, and there is many a quiet
m;ment in lhe lives ol those dear ones across the
■*      - jld enjoy reading ab 311. '
log      :he inhabitants of our Eden—where you,
Shelf boy. resides.   Two dollars a year. Si six mos
Apple Scab.
The disease of the apple commonly known as
"scab" or In some cases as "black spol" Is pi I
bly familiar to every grower of this fruit. It first
appears in spring on the young foliage, producing
velvety, olive colored patches This form Is sometimes known as mildew, or leaf blight. In severe
cases the leaves become shriveled and discolored,
eventually falling off. The fungus also attacks the
stems of lhe young apples at bl. ssomlng time, especially 11 the weaiher at this lime Is unusually
damp, causing lhe young fruit to shrivel and drop
off, often greatly reducing the crop of mature
The most characteristic efforts of this fungous
parasite, however, are found on the fruit Itself.
Here the spots at flrst appear much like those on
tha leaves, but as the fruit develops the fungus
works under lhe cuticle, or ouler layer of the skin,
causing It to scale off. These spots on mature
apples have a dark brown or blackish color. The
spots are usually m at numerous around the blossom end of the fruit. On badly affected Irult Ihe
spots run together, sometimes covering one third
of the surface. Deep cracks often occur In such
cases, which allow the apple to dry out.
Apple scab is without doubt thc worst disease
affecting this fruit. This is due not alone to Its
destruction of the foliage and young apples or to
thc Uiisightly spots .•. hich It canscs on the mature
fruit. In addition to all th's, It opens a way for
the numerous rot produclug fungi Inlo lhe tissues
ot lhe mature apple. Thus, during the seasons ol
1902 and 1903, which were characterized In this
state by an unusual rainfall, great quantities of
apples were lost soon after packing and In storage
and even durlug shipment through the agency of
these soft rots following apple scab. In some
cases apples affected with scab began rotting
while still attached to lhe trees, the loss amounting to four-tilths ot the entire crop.
The fungus uf apple scab thrives during moist,
cool weaiher, especially during the early part ot
summer. Fruit grown on closely crowdea trees
where air and light are shut out appear to be more
severely affected than where the opposite conditions
prevail. Therefore a location securing good ventilation, proper spacing of trees and systematic
pruning are to be considered as preventive
measures in the case ot this disease. It has been
found that the fungus passes the winter on the
(alien leaves, appearing as minute black bodies
burled In the leaf tissues. From these are given
off, In the following spring, the first crop ot spores
which attack the lower leaves, the disease later
spreading to all parts cf the tree Thus another
preventive measure Is suggested and recommended,
viz., the destroying of these dead leaves, which
serve as agents of Infection. This may be done
either by raking and burning them or by plowing
them under in the spting belore lhe spores are
The planting ot varieties which are naturally
less subject to the scab is also to be considered
as a preventive measure. Spraying for the prevention and treatment of this disease has proved
of unquestioned value and a paying Investment to
the apple grower. The first application made belore the buds open may be cepper sulphate solution, which is cheaper and easier to prepare than
bordeaux mixture. By many growers this appli
cation Is considered the most Important one lor
fungous diseases and should not be neglected.
After the leaves appear tt Mil be necessary to use
bordeaux mixture, the first application ot this spray
to be used just before blossoming. This Is lhe
most important treatment nt the season. The
second alter the blossoms tall and two or three
other applications at inlet vals cl len days to two
weeks will prove beneficial, especially if lhe season
Is a wel one. The final spray may consist of a
weak solution o' copper sulphate to avoid staining
the fruit—B. 0. Longyear. Michigan Experiment
Stall n
Bordeaux Mixture.
1- r Apple Scab and other Fungous Diseases
Ih Sulphate   I    pper (blueatonel,
4 lbs. Iresh unslaked lime. 4 lbs; water, SO gals.
In a barrel place 2ft gals of water. Weigh out
4 lbs of of sulphate ol cepper. then lie the same
in a course gunny sack and suspend ll Just beneath
lhe surface of Ihe water. In another vessel slack
the 4 pounds of lime, using care in order to obtain
a very smooth paste free Irom grit and small lumps
To accomplish this It is best to add only a small
quantity of water at first, say two cr three pints
When thc lime begins to crumble and Ihe water
disappears, add more water gradually A s-
paste shonld be obtained. Ih'iit a<\ 1 water I bring
up to 25 gallons. When Ihe copper sulpha' I
entirely dissolved and the lime cool, pour the lime
milk and copper sulphate i lull • I .'.her
in a barrel, and s'.ir  > a  • ■ a ',
l    nsurepei   lined , I imp
apple and pear s at>. tpray belore the buds   :
Repeat be.jre  the  blossoms expand, and a,;ain
afler the blossoms (all.   The Vcrmorcl nozzle,
with misl-llke spray Is bes; (or this mixture
Enderby Flour
Never send out of town (or what is ma le as g:od as
ihe besl In town.    In supporting h me Industries you
are supporting yourself and iherswh  make the town
These are our brands:
Model's Besl, Hungarian, Premier, Three Star,
Dkikied Snow, Alfina, Stp   .. Baker's or XX,
Whuai Sheaf, Suhew-ine. Graham, Whole Whs
Patronize 1Ee Home Mill
"Kb Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
Tit* fallowing are t lew snap a we hive on our
Enderby   Land   List.
IMUI.i 1
No l.i. 11>0 acres ol land, all level. 80 ae."
in good marketable timber.    A snap lar $60;
cash, balance 3 years it 6 per cent.
No. 21. 160 acres ol land, veil located, all cleared and
workable,   100 acres under cultivation, school 3 miles. P.O
2 milts, Knderby 7 miles.   $10,560. halt cash, bah:
to sun.
No. 31. 1020 terra. 900 ol which is level. 350 acres
under cultivation, balance in g A limber. Another bargain
lor $25,000. $10,000 ash tnd balance on terms to suit
owner.   Will sell blocks ol lhe above, site to suit purchtser.
No. 51. 320 teres. 4 miles Item  Endetby.   250 acres
level, balance range.   35 acres cleared and under cultivation
Well watered with streams,   Price $4,000    $2.0
balance 5 yean, 7 per cent,
only Und Aeeni *h a .-.v«i>   |""J
Okinaran Valley.      A, E. HALE.
Harnss-makcr and   Rpairr. Trunk.
Valiss.   Etc.
Hals do not need to be talked about, but they are. and will continue to be. because they have the value back ot them. Wc
carry all sizes. Also a tull line ol fancy shins, lies, collars, etc
In our Grocery Department our shelves are loaded with the
best brands of spices, teas, coffees, canned and prepared goods
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all In. When you are
preparing (or Falldelivew trees, write me. I represent the
Nurseries of Stone k Wellington. Toronto The
quality ol the trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby        	
, The best clay in the Valley   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices   Large or small quantities
_m Enderby B.-kk 9b Tile Co. E:.M>i.y. B C
Thtl I iches lhe artistic
and keeps h use tor E
my, will be done at this
office—quickly, nea1
cheaply t' , I • 'have
lo send your priming il I
town Anything that can
be done in . • nt [in
ordinary commercial print
ing i can be done right here
The Edenograph
i-i.-. !■ <
New Su_icrikcr« 7*\
.' i . until End ol Year I *jC THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., -JULY 26, 1905
- •- a»ia_-^..a_at_-iec.uj71. ir«ii_w.-« *w«_wm!
Just opened up
Assortment   I
Ladies' Skirts
they are illy
Good Value
1mk1(tI)V   frading Co.,
Drop whatever you liiivo eaoi il y u
,v uWn'i buy ii il you didn't hav i II
Cliff St.
I——— OH   Ullel   .14   -JX.Tv'ly   W.HII.IU'
ley iceelei- explosion cm U. S.
Aftll, Ihi ., (jeinliecel.  ' lie.-ieieitlee.tem
high    K   ie'ii.iy Mail
,.:■•■. Cal. July 21    Hall Ihi
Hot Weather
/here everything is spick -and-
youi command
literal ng drive. Cliff Si
in   I tht district out
. ■  n    !'■■ vill I
lor t lew days, and we hope lie will
: : '
. arei. the
ide to read |u_t  the
■    I I have d
We are . ■ • I
■ ■ ii        i all
Hug report! ai ■:
...        I        ;
corning ihe cause ol llie explosion, bui
rally accepted me ta lhal on.
. i
lhe bolls'
India Lime Jui'
r Extract, 2
ii am.
i       .1 i'ads.
I. ".I '
. ■
.    do
Tangle!. I
It String.
gists and Stationers
ItOUKS    J to 4 p. in.
esm 3ict_»._.«_7itUi-   auj
Don't Bake When The Weather
is Hot—-we Bake oread
• h        Ice Cteea       •.
'   ■
'. .    • .,
H. J. STOREY. TK« Enderby bakery, I
V. !-.---■
that > in that y ut piper will be
.   • •       ■ .   . , ||
pasted, 0.
latt  Tliunlt;
, c. w.
500 yds.
Z. W. 1
G 11 Sharge -
-    23
J, Linton
-   16
A, Fulton
-   M
A K Halt    •
-   ie
1 .
at: a -  prapatt       .-
The highest possible score al the
mbtned was 70.
CtfuJ   Sleee.elCCace   i..    V'aflCteU...
Rt llcmcn
England. Jul. 22nd
Sergeant Comber of the See
■ (let won the King' I
lay wiih a total scare ol 315,
it tun. ol Vancover, wu filth.
nuking t total wore ol 307,
In the Brookwood match. Capt Dull
Slulil. oi Vancouver wu lint, win-
.■  .'■
In the Lode' milch. Mt|or Howard.
Agent General lor  Nova Scotia at
. ■
H. N. Hcndrtckson,
.• ■:'
A   1. U.
CO. I. \\> 1058
Geo. R. Sharpe
TirtJ Out
i ■■■■■■
ltl|t|ttliK   '■•   l"1*'
H ton
» «.. e *i
'  "i •'■ I tat * It*-
•     - la
a..    nmta iin
. it
pithy Ai»u pointed.
A>,ee.e.- • • .)'!..« »
at «e
For Sale!
Halcyon Hot Springs
v..,.- Ltkt a r
ring tnd h'
, . ,... m -i .,.» an
i . • ■
.-.   . .
. a all tl onee
«..   \   |c   i   111
■  m .•—.i e|cca;.
■     •
eahrl. li •
..       -
,,    »eeee   fee.   111,1.1
-.,  j.  .,. .   „!,,(
Ilea.   h«li He".
,e     .   |    *        . e    It. 11
a    ... el i* 'le.  rijeaec
'  Ihe    trclc    lite
■=■.   tha-
lie,.,      •
Mtt    \    le    I     '.'
la 56 dead a
110.    A number  ol
rt Mill missing,
may be dead, and probably   id
ol llie >n|ured will die A their wounds.
Only on the theory that lh ■
:   can  ihe great  amount ol
.  I Ihe general death-deal
i ..i be accounted
White Mice un Submarine..
It may not be generally
kn mi that white mice are used
ird the British submarines
ool the royal navy to give the
alarm ol escapes of gasolene.
They are very sensitive to the
smell ot the volatile liquid and
run about squeaking loudly
when an escape takes place.
Three are kept on each vessel,
they being entered on the ship's
books and one shilling (25c)
■•, i, i "in,: .,.; at ! : ? m'.i n
per week.
CKurcti Notice..
St. Ceoi-oe's Church.
July 30:11—6th Sunday after
Trinity, Holy Eucharist. 8 a m.
Evens ,itg and sermon 7.30 p m
Rev. F. Vernon Venabihs.
St. Andrew's Church
Service nt 11 a m   Sunday
School. 9.45   am.—Rev.  D.
Campbell. Pastor
NOTICE „ hereby given that 30
days alter dale I mieiiJ to apply to the
Chlel  Commlaslanet ol  Linda  tnd
Works lor a special license to cut and
a the following
.   m Kanilocpa division
'■ 'nnicncing at a .     plant
.1 2C chains east A Celesta
' unlet Irom II
lotilti 160 chains. Ihence east
I, thence north  160 chains.
ihence vest 40 chains to point ol coin-
nl,   containing   6-10 acres.
more or lets.
No. 2  Commencing tt a post plant-
...  .
:■    ' ■   rt        '   •-
tttt 160 chains, ih-ii--
lalnlttg   •   tert    not
gait past plant-
• . ,l .( C-leslt creek.
ii in Se-y.i iir Arm.
I ,       • Nil
,'le ha.iii
hill   lo 1   nl al com-
. niiig 640 acres more
or less.
'.     '. ,■  , I    i planted
Seyn  ut Arm.
rl   "0 cha*m. ihti
"0 Chllns, ihence  south I
Ihence east HO chains I
enl.   Containing  640  acres.
.   LtO.
B C. June 24.
is YOU
Want a First Cla   Ban >in In a farm Investn
in the beautllu', Okanagan Valley ?
.    Wt !-...
wrte or see us. .  .
Special Btrgalnt rn this line    Improved   •
Irom $10 ' A "
II10S1 lUltlblt loi ■    ■
town limits.   Write or see u» Quick tnd have tht lira! choice,
111 I l  BLOCK, t NUI Itui   :•  C
NOTICE It htttfcy given Hut ihnty
dayt tiler date 1 intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ol Ltndt tnd
Works for t special license to cut and
carry away timbei Irom the following
described lands in Yale District:
No. I. Timber berth maiev
loops Lumber Co, conmirii
post planted S miles up C "
creek, marked Kamloopt Lumber Co,,
and tunning 40 chains  south.   160
chains east. 40 chains north, tnd wet
160 chains lo point ol commencement
No. 2 Timber berth man
loops Luntbet Co,, commencing at *
pott planted S milts up Cottonwood
creek, matked Kamloops Lumber frx
and tunning40 chains south. 160 chains
west. 40 chains noith. and 160 chttnt
to point ol commencement.
No. 3. Timber berth matked W A
W. commencing tt a pott mttked
W.A.W. about one hill mile tip a cteek
tunning inlo Shuswap river on weal
side, ab ut thiee miles Irom Mibe
Uke. tnd tunning 40 chains ttotth. 160
chains weal. 40 chains south, thettt*
160 chains lopoim ol commencement,
computing 640 actra. mote ot less
No. 4. Timber berth marked B.C.
commencing al a post marked BC
about 2 1-2 miles up a cteek tunning
into ShtL-.wap tivet on west side, about
3 miles from Mabel like, and running
40 chain, north, 80 chains •
chains south, 80 chtltu to poln;
ir.enceinent, thence 40 chains south.
SO Cham-, west, 40 Chains north, thence
80 chtins east 10 point oi commencement. c;mpiiiing 640 acres, mon ot
No.S. Timber betth matked WA W
commencing a: a p H marked WA W
aboul hall a mile up a creek tunning
into Shu..wap titer on west side, about
'■' lUt lake, and running
40 cluiiii tmith. 160 chains west, 40
chain., north, thence 160 chains east
10 point ol commencement, computing
640 acres, mart ot lest.
KtstLOort LiRiifiir Co.. Ltd.
Dated al Enlerb-, H C. June 24.
QNE TEAM I .. 'eg. 14 to
^^   I6himdtei I .. J. ltueand4to 6
years old   Wl It
Htouv Lummr Co. Hedley. B.C.
L 6. L No. 446
MM'.ih* '■•' ltd lha .'TI a. !_>■
lollevlng at?X p.m.
w.M.j.'. I b Bum •
When. thing In Ihe line
ol priming lorcd|
a visitinc f 01 send lo Tiif
*-■■■■ -.'ins.       	
and Superiority
Nothing on earth Is perfect, but
the HAMMOND Type*rtter
jcomesas near pertecitsn as a
,iype*rttercanbe made ....
Ha HammoM it Perfection
! In alignment, beauty o!
'uniform Impress! *n. change ot
type, touch, speed, manifolding,
ubulatlng. durability, psrtabiilty,
'key-depression, paper teed and
.work-ln-slght. The Hammond
Is superior to all other typewriters in every other special
teature. A Hammond must be
seen io be appreciated. It is
lar and away ahead ot any other
t>pe*riter made. ...
Toronto. •"> Adelaide Street teat.
MoMteal. IAS SI Jam..
-WU VrCkiiiiimiVf ■>J
Vancouver, B. C
B. C. Crown Stock of Fruit
and Ornamental Trees
.        .-   -
I    la". »
I. JiOt: til
pet 100
1 lira ■    I  ' '  CbttTf, Pea.h.
Hum. ApttOOU, k
lay cl fir , '        -     .>et'li3fl    Let
your list ham placing your
■• .
ihatlM  Rants.  Flottl   .'.' ••
pplM, Kmit P«
1010 W. .iminitc.  Koad     Vm,cic„
Bear this m Mind
Titers may be. no doubt the
inythlng we have ab  il
but certain in excel! ui
beaut/, Enderby's location is uni,
, ;res about Oil | ;he Okanagan lhal
: ,• in the way o! nature provisions tor home tile,
.atlc conditions ar for health and
;1    No cold, dan,;, or ho: sultry days.


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