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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1906-04-06

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The Enderby Progress
With Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 2.   Number 47.
hielDERBY. B. C. APRIL 6 1906
Price. $2 a Year
This Is still housed*?-nlng time    See our stock ol
Paints & Oils
Paints that won't blister or peel ofi
Come lo us (or-
We have a wide variety of the choicest on the markel.
In packets or in bulk.
Work your land with our
Garden  Tools
We have everything needful
LOCAL   NOTES.        Changes in Fruit Marks.      COUNCIL MEETING
Staple Lines in Stationery
m am books
.,,  i-     .'.   .'   ;." ■ ■■ '.. ""   i
Cult Book*, Caifc-n Letter crying Bxkt.
Desk Blotllng-padt, Blotting-paper In Sheets.
Typewriier Paper, Pen Racks.
11 •• (•:.,-■ Stephen I .
Menu Tablei»,Wire Letter Baikeu
C -in-i il 0l"e*Piiu- -^n"mM *****
Fate Pad* and Envelopes. Pape'.erlrt, Memo.  Book*, etc.,
D.   NAIRN   &   CO.
ViUlort io the northern pan ol die Okanagan Valley, wl
land hunting, or lor pleasure and toetl. can da na belter than
mak* Ihu haute Iheir hetoVtuatter*       Table and cuisine u*s
excelled  Bar retjtele with line*! wines, tplritl. liqueurs. Cigar*
ami.«. MumnY
We     c   ml  and tjlllef drinks.   We ha.e »
IlirS CC  OpIlllS  big* assortment ol all the well
.-. .■ bra bl   It    iiroti
Mr. Hufliiian rctnrne'd on Monday
fr, in K.-I. u'ii.i. ali'Tf li- hi.: I--" n i,
look alter buainesa interests Mr.
Iluliinan . ce.. ill .1 tlir.- : ,.■■:.: , -t
tvity In real estate In the lake lown,
and lhal over SJO.000 was Ihe amount
ol sales lasi week.
A. E. McLean has disposed ol his
grocery business which he Ins carried
on so successfully lor a number tf
years here, lo Messrs. Miles and File,
both well known young men long engaged wllh business linns In Kamloops.
The new llrm will uke charge on
Tuesday next, and the stern will be
closed all day Monday to permit ef
taking stock.   Kamloops Sentinel.
Kelowna citizens are constJeiing lhe
organization ol a syndicate to grow
tobacco on a large scale. A prominent
. tobacco expert who recently visited the
'district stated that New York experts
had (ailad to distinguish Okanagan leal
Irom the best Imported Havana, and
advised lhe growing ol the leal on a
more extensive scale than at pretent.
One good advertisement will sell
more goads than a down salesmen.
Printers ink talks loud and create* a
mighty big Impression,   Commercial.
R. P. Bradley hat out up a wire
fence around his house in which Mr.
A, E, Taylor resides.
A Sunday School convention tor a
district including Kamlotps. Revelstoke. the Okanagan and the Slmllkameen aa lar as Hedley. will be held In
Vernon cn April 12th. and 13th,
Three sessions will be held and a number ol most Inter*, ling papers have
been promised. A number ol delegate*
Irom Enderby will be In attendance The
N. Miller will ipeak on "The
Influence cf the SuinLiy Sfhccl on the
Teacher." and discus*:-n en the subject will be opened by Mr Geo, Bell,
Mrs, Teece will sjwak on the "Temperance Wctk In lha Sutday School..'
and Rev D, Campbell on "Th* Relt-
clout Awakening cl Ihe Child," All
Sunday School workers aie looklrg
forward to a man profitable and he>■
hil conrenlicn,
A. Fulton has secured the contract
lor the plumbing walk In connection
wiih the new residence which Mr.
Wylie will build upon hit reveiit i ur
chat* Though no particular* ai* lo
hand yet. it t* understood lhat the
home .ill be an imp&stitg and com
modtsut one, and up-to-date in ail
li-»in>.  U. City's Appearance
Some ol our anient have corn
menced lo dean up their bt. and in
other ways improve die appearance ol
Ihelt placet. This we are pleased In
see, and hoo* thai the ge»-,d example
which hai been set wilt be loilowed by
all our - -
J. H. McVeigh has commenced lhe
erection cl a mat picket lence in
Horn ol his prcferiy on Get*, i
w a ; *.  ■, •
htt prte-xily along lhe Silt*
* ,*   .i • '.*•    ; -...     ■...-....   ..
around tne bit which she (ml recently
purchased Ircm G. R. Latns.
Mr ft ft C.Aba ha* cleaned 141 his
two acre* which he ,
Mr. Law*-,.   In Irsnl ol the 1
Glbbs intend; -
timer ra»4s In the i. !!'- On Die
right, and it lhe is-it I th* home
■ ■ "
-.   ink*
Mr. Maxwell Smith. Dominion Frull
Inspector, passed llnough on Tuesday
on Ins way to Vancouver. Mr. Smith
was returning home Irom attending the
conierence ol iruligrowers ol ihe Dominion held lasl week at Ottawa. In
speaking ol about the work done by lhe
conierence, Mr. Smiih said that
the committee on resolutions submitted to the convention the following
suggested amendments to Ihe act.
The creation ol another grade, to be
called ' fancy." In which no detective
specimens should be included. No. I
grade to be lelt as al present. No, 2
grade to Include al least 80 per cent of
irult Iree Irom wornih.les and defects,
such as would cause material wattr.
No. 3 is to be lell undefined. The abolition ol the X's and the prevention ol
such maiks as "selected," "prune," etc!
The abolition ol lhe X's may seem
a somewhat radical move, but the proposed change had met villi general
approval, it being felt tliat nothing was
easier than to add an X in transit or
on arm,']', and that United Stales
shippers hid run this system ol marking
■  ■•   ,•
Tha subject of package took up a
geed deal ol tho last diy. the barrel,
box and basket nun all being 1.1 evi Alter a long discussion die,
n endorsid a uniform apple
barrel el 96 quirts capacity, practically
equivalent lo thee cl cut British C I
uttbta cases. On the box question
. DM* of opinion wat
I a'il.2S«ICll I,
■ - ■
•cha act   • ;   •    ■•:
suchbvxe* should be ued within the;
- wall a. 1 1 expert.    This
ai, ' '...,-•
ren.'e the lit-
» •
ht- h*c    - f aattMuhUK,
I . ■ ',*
*   endorse lhe
I the g
confer*!, - ■   ' drle
acta  ol the
I-tt- n*. .-, 1 .-..
B. C. delegate to tail things 13
; .*'        ,},,,'.       "        ,1.  a, h'«
ea: meerinf o; I -
tier, piueiit. will Ml -
cation ta lay a ita*    i   • I
-   .      e     . ct IK. of Watta.   I.pott.l
trial tli. matter Kail il.!.y.d o-vtttg to
111. csnirov.rsy wllh Messrs tt
Datasaii. u 10 in* own.rshlp ol ih. .iimi
•loiif which ih* Company wuli.J ta lay lh.
Ihe tmr.ea.y. Th. Mays, that lh.
Campai.y ta piaceed with lh* woik
•nd wt. cvntplinunc .1 lh. la'.ay. Mm
tnoi* diHtitilon. Aid, Woithin(ton g*v*
nolle* thai al Ihe mil moling -
lung in • teylaw ia (lain inert |
I't Ih. maiug.etinit at it, Caiamtee* Flom-
iii* Mills Co.,
lh* ii.,t beuineu ta claim *tl*nt
th. t.f jii ol th. Beard el Wall    tt ih* *p
pin-alien ol W. P. C
ih* toad along th
nnniiy a      >
... i
■ a ,
ll WU tlla,'. '
t[r    , Itui ■•■ '' a'
Med la upend nai m.t-
to imprev* tic eeadnwa et tlw*
Th* mil item en th.
.    ■ , .      c
• tiy-Uw ptavidmg lei in* im-.. ,
.i.      - . .       •  ■ |- .•  ■ .
■      .     - - -.a,, .      ,
thai lh. c.iiu".
Salmon Arm Item*.
irg Und a- ih tu
J*>. Evan, n iHsitJttajga Im
nn die
w j v
■ ,
Seed Potatoes for Sale.
ol Isle
tT-lt     I
Triumph, also several kind
rjotaioei can be ha J '
• I1 •  " A-
,     .,..,..      ...      .      |, ,..-
,..,,,..■   r ■
tli* lhe etetntif. *««»    ■
H. Cambie. cl Iht Bark A Montreal.
and Mr Cornwall, the new legal light
al Aimstreeatg, rode into town on W-d
•fening. and paid a visit to
F W. Bietdsn ol llw local branch ol
the B»nk cl Montreal
Nmarr stock it btgiming lo arrive
Itotn the Coasl r.urs»r,e». and soon
tanchtrt   and emtent will be but?
pbnting out trees, which ina    l
will be giving them returns in ll
ot luscious hull.   At lar at can be
gathered at lhe present •   I   I   -  I
Ihe Talue  cl neatly t2,000 '
Ma Endetby. which ll
" '     -     mi's    lo bel»
■   y-ttil     At a
estimate, some 10.000 Ira*
it within a tad ti
miles et lo-n    We hope our  •• - -
•   • which th»y arc
Alter I        rating
i" -,
*t liar.", v
A S....P. I,..(.,
■ ■
•   ..
nearitqg Arm
H    .
«   in
.-. ■ . THE PROGRESS, ENDERBY, B.C., APRIL 6, 1906
_ •■    RASER
' JE    SVM S   PRET."
.   .   ■
■   ■
.   ■
■vaa  thnt a private F kkssional
h uld handle It. We
■  • W. P. GOOCH
'.ill be in
Barrister, Solicitor, eic.
Notes and Comments
The annual report of the
fisheries branch of lhe Depart
ment of Marine and Fisheries
for i905, which has |ust been
issued, gives a great deal of in
teresllng Information bearing on
portant branch uf Can
laustry. Col. Gourdeau.
the Deputy Minister, In his re
port, states lhat the total value
of the fish products of Canada
in 1904 was $23,516,000. With
B. C.
lel I.I. ULOCK
B C.
F. & A. M.
No. 40.  Heuulai mectmi
tceptlon. in 1901. »l. .. . ,,'. ,^£
phenomenal calch of salmon In cor.ii.iiy mviud.
British Columbia swelled the F.H.B
Wiih the approach o! spring,
il irally lurn to i^'talVatue"oi' lhat year ."flsher
is is  q o. F. No 1058
VlTIl   il
l   ■
'.he squabbllt
ice last year a
valley clubs has sor
.'.' i ah
the   i
set bay-bail
.••.'.   '
tha largest aggregate on record.
The Improvement has been
general, as with the exception
•eral and cod all thc
olher principal kinds of fish
show (air Increases over lhe
previous season.   The value of.
i  '.     . 1 . , '    ,i*i   ■    :
as follows:—Nova Scotia. $7.-
269,099:    British   Columbia.
S5.2I9.I09;   New Brunswick.
S4.67l.084;  Ontario. SI.794.
229. Quebec. SI.751.397. Man
nl the Northwest Terrlt
ones. Sl.716.977. and Prince
ird   Island.   $1,077,546.
figures, as compared
.   $479,642.
New Brunswick. 484.284: Onl
2. ;H.B65. Manliob..
.   •  •    ports, 312
n       In ihe salmon Indus1.-
; lumbia. lhe quantity
■ - - . anned was less titan
,-revlous s<-
in any h- ..nneiiea Ic
lorel il .tig into ccn
development o!
lat trade loi
h has more than
.aggregate value of.
in British
irly $400.0)0 over
ill kin.;?
Ince is
ed at $3,352,782
Meets lh* teuiih Friday In
•    rlhMltl
■ CM, H. Fuss." Sec,
I. 0. 0. F.
No. 0   M*t
lue.      .    I  .-,'■..■.
R   !-.
Knignta of Pythias
.,' • -
i i.ihi.ii
'i. - K olR.J.S.1
L 0. L. No. 446
, . lhat the
■ in ■■
■ - "■
s is ia :• .■; nd
the ti Itl"
S*<-   C, GutM*
City of  Enderby
Speskir^ el the (rail he dse* not,
• «!■ results. He My;
"I h»std Irom Oregsn tad**/, where the
"  'hitt wiih ut ami.
: Itrther advwieied. and the
> iittirjr even lo peach lmd*,
Our fecial- art very easily discouraged j
and frightened    I get tired listening
nc Inquiries.   I don't
" at *ny injury hat been done
A***ng.mrt,i. lor Maiteitttji, trull
Men's Ready-Made
20 p.c. off for Cash ! !
Call and see them
Splendid Lines of Prints, Ladies' Collars, &c.
for Spring and Summer.
Boots and Shoes, and everything good In the
Grocery Line
J. C. Metcalfe    Enderby
(ulean StabL
Wc beg lo Inform the
Public that nllcur horses
havn been tested (or
Glanders. Our stable has been thoroughly cleaned out and
disinfected, and Is as clean as the day It was built.
Bank of Montreal
Capit.l. oil (eat. up. tl4.000.000. Rett, SIO.000,00
Balaete. ProHb end Lot. account, Jl'l.ltui
Pt«sld«iu, Hutu Hon. Uld Siiai!tf.'ic»aiie] Mount Royal C. C. M. C.
Vic-t I'm, elri.l. Sir Ceo. A. Dmniinoud L, C. M C.
A Ceneral Banking
win* e\
Lutincts transacted
the United Stat... buw
IneltMlrii Atlin and Dawson City.
I Caiutdi.
Savings Bank *T"T
frra__B_aM_.a_ac_jfl__n_——I wnri*i.cadi. on
Wilttdl aWdl, on demand without
-,*.-■■      -.,.-• ;.-        ' c  a .    "     .,
■■ >.   Soa.-tal ati.eetioie ejiv.i, tj ih. h*l      ,   IM
other d«t«t.itit«,.
C. A. HttttM.BOH, Mutatet. V.ti.t,
A, E. Ta, E.S.V.McClmiKlt.St,t>.Aci.   P.baK.ti
Real Estate, Insurance,
Mining and General Land Agent*
Le^jou Forget
O.W On.  Million  tta.a
■ '
■ ■
1* itftul JQO.W
jth    All t! -
ideation, i
.■■•■,. -
.   .    .... . .      .
'• . '
it the tht.u,
-.".. •   .lichthe
■    a      '
,.fi the vtlley a lllll* while
'     . -    •
!h» i"ugel Sound firs i
'.'*!   thai lhe
.    ,■      r ettemli
rg yat and
->  !i|» at
I ng.   When the t>ro-
.    • led, and
•       it lorry will be
• Ihe terminal (Kiinls.
I greal ne*. *
•    mil al pi     it is nut
■ led •    0 ti   krtble delay
ininhandltng in
IrarrshlBmenl.   In
In ,• • ...
-II Ik greatly
:,! j-At
Thai we have In stock a full line ol KITCHEN UTENSILS.
When needing a new pot or pan. call and see our selection of
Granite and Enamelled saucepans, lea kettles, trying pans, and
Everything In lhe Tinware line lor lhe kitchen.
PR Of TRIPS Wc have opened up a grocery slore In
t_ti\wv.CaiML_j. ,hc 0)d Baker Shop adjoining lhe hardware store, and solicit a share of your patronage
R. P. Bradley - Endetby
here ! for
Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, from $8 to $10 per M
Shiplap.       -      - ...       $12 per M
Flooring. Celling. Siding.       • from $15 per M. up
Iw-Any olher information will be furnished on inquiry at
our ofllre We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
which will have our careful attention.
EnJerky. B. C /'
'Y  B.C., APRIL 6, 1906
i^y Strangest Case
A«U*or a* "DR. N,
•   \unrvt white SCV.U*
trMlAN,'1 fcU,
-i  Hint  lit-
 hi na »
tier linn- in Mint uhl vvorltl inner.
• Iiiiii m in- tlrt'Mlim for n illuiur nl
nn    n|i hiitiiii     Krt'tiplt    rrnl ultra nt
W\  i i rom|i|ttiil, I ili-M-ri.1,,1 t,.
iiif HtrtH't, In in l a liinTf, nml ilruvt*
in Tn* ri-siniir.Mit ulu-tra I li-i«l nr-
rnnjn-tl in m.'.'i nu frit'iitl, Thi' |ilnii«
in irut'Mtnii t» iiimiIht un t'Xjii'titt.i
nor it fn Milium hit* olio, It linn H"
liiillt. nf mirror*,   no   dainty   Hit lo
I'rlllill.'U,   hilt.   In   III)    lliililt.ML',   ynit
i*im nlitaln tin- lum illnnrr in nil
I'lirl" tl-i'iv. (in rcitt'liio-* it I fautitl
mv inn*itt inn) U'fii tie Hrvi lo nrrlvi*.
Wi' ,i.'i-iir.|ii,!_'i\ nnri'inlctl tin1 ntatri
tu tht ruinn itlmv-r, \vht*rt* wt* mlwt*
til our table nmi sat ilmvn. My com-
imiilnii \Mt> u wittji  llltlt' matt with
lltilf Ilic IniOJllliyi * til   Hill'.    .- nil lll«
loiifiiii', nml tt khowl< i||tv nl nil iln
trick* 'mil iln!i'i - of nil llw •-riinliml .it lo- tun', r t ntl*..   Itt- linn
sun-   written -'i i '• "I* l.i" *»K|wrl«
i' *. nml tt itrniitrvt tnlnntf. nr , in
ninr* r< I'lfii* n il. » ktitiwlrtlifo nf thr
ilnrki't -nli-nf liiniciii ti wouhl
lit' ill 111 (Mill In timt lie hml pom
im>-i,inl hi.. |it',t,'a-iniiiil t<tiri-i-r »** «
.im i r. nml Itl*. inyvrll hml ui-iiilnnl*
u ilrlftwl Into ilic ilftipilvr |ir ifra
linn AnioiiH nllivr llilnj.* In nm mi
tiilniHtthh* limn) nt -|im_oMiiu hltn
M*lf. nt* mnn\ .i wrcteltnl i*rlinlonl
noH knowa l« hli coal, Bvrti I. whn
knou him no \\r\\, hn.r tm-o tnki'ii
In in iiiiii. I have irfvm alittn lo n
Mlml iH-jrirnr in Ihr -init*, have "'
1-ininh rt'tl lilm nk n i'h Iffnnlcr |truwl
IliR ■IhiiiI thr KUltem havi ani nell
in lum mi no mniillnia ivlu-n hi* hai
Itt't'ii *|nthiil ni. nu iirtltnn In n him>.,, mil mi nut mo* nf tl,,,-.- .■,•■.i
alnni him- I Mpr rffuirnlM'd hltn nn
nl hf iiiinh* hiiti-tilf known tn mi'
*, ■ i "i.i.i' ■ hi* ««• n ■'■*•■'
i'<l •niiMiri', iimi loved .i utinil iiinnvr
hi. ,\i«t| mt nm -i hl*> *' im|Hitrialit,
t mil,I you Inii Mr him with hi** on|i<
Mo locked "initi Hi*, ptiin, tu- little
mlnkllng pym inarkllnn with mirth
Hui in., fnf wreathed in Mullen, ynu
lum in hr ion* uf tin
•ihi    Ir. t t
l.-I, -i.
ii.iiit   enronipiti
till (Imi n thin r
•     ><M|     llllll
ami hai   ^
,      Itl.l      Hi'i
Tin* mouth
. i lo*
■i* iu r.-. it-, fit n*p .-nil l»*     Bnin »'.
I rrniPinlipr, likened him in Ihp pTpal
-.'.. |lll |||.' li-ttTiejiitiiti li nn
fVM-'-ii.tli  n|il Hir
"I't Mn- >*.»*.,*" I *-ahl, an we look «
|tPt>|i inlo nor MfHiiil ImiiiIi* nf IVr-
it. i .I-.ii. i. "there t» n (juration I
unnt lo not In jrotl Do ynu hn|t|K*ii
in it, ,i.t|nntntril with n ivrliith Moo*.
"I hnii* kioom lor fnr now* yeara
than -In- ni I wouhl mrt tn rnmrnv
l*rr." in* anawrrrd    "Pw n woman
Whl hU Inl lln llti -In- ha*. *ln*
tVenr* nun on in toil*. u.|l \ tun Mil
fol <'i*i*nlorr! Th* »t-y fliint ilmnl'
iln' ni all I'nna. ami that in wi)tiii;
Hi lilt-w n kU*> nff Ihl tip! nf hi*
Dnffi ra, and mianl hoi glnii In hrr
"I tlrlnk to hrr In thi- noble wlm-.
hoi I iln iini h*i hrr tinirh my monry
tth. im. In i*-Hr- l.n'n*i> i*> n elvtvr
wninnn, a ori ch-tri nntunn. Imt
n .-iii-j irh kll- through h*r Angrr*
'•In water ihrmnrh n Mere l^-l m*-
iht'ik fnr n n t nnil sin* rulnnl
Uan|Uhi h'Oiiini, thi* Vipninii' Cot*
(nti'i. \| 0'\rnilir nml mnny nthera
whom   tmtiif* t cfliui"!  now  rpcnll
Thr '.,.t In Wllh ntir linlil*. Irnn|i» ill
i i*t-hill   China,   Ihr   *>i i-Minl   ll   III    Al
Iterii   .mil  ihr third  I  know    nut
ohm*, ind mm I hnii- Irnrot ullirr
m> nri.1*. In I'm thnl thr hni *-■■-'
i,■■i-i if a rntmif Ktnfli-hnian. «h« tt
«n*tl,t Mrnllht. !Mir ntll tmir nil hr
tm* u<ii rery *imti, *•>■■'. thm tn win
tirtfiii tin* world antWi Ymi nn* to
temted   •*<   thnt   (.iitflithnmit,   »t
, M'<r*i ?"
"Him- iln yon know thnt?*'
■'lin'ini*!- inn quratton tor alNinl
\|i.,i* tlt-^noinrnl* " hr niiitfti'Tf-il **\
it.-n*' man) |i"i|ih hati o*knl tot.
ilm * m i nt illffi renl I Intra, imt it u
hui*.! thr niiiii Hni until tn tf* t
kohl nf. Ytoi, my aatuti Knirfm. nri
ntfin-i|ii| In Ihr mnn. tint In, cim
mn uiioi to imr lilm from hrr, Imt
Itrrottae In* tin* done n nt (Ir* Mime*
thltiir iiiiirh |n> nl Ill imt hair (lour,
rlaewhpre.   Thr money hr li larlah
mil' on Mnir. I.tniiar. whelm Am***, tt
mme? Should I bu r»ry wrong if I
lUfnjTeated ifint?"
I Ran! n Han *»f mir|irl«e. Hnw no
mrlli tii'l  hr gtHSI thin?
"Yei! I an* I'm ritfht," )m an-
iwared with n llttll latiirh. "\\>li, t
knaw it a Inm* im.   i^o.   ,\h, ymi
arc llUiliUliril! Ynu *!.e.*il.) « ir.'lv
lifter atlnW j-. r»n ;( tn )n> *, rj.f .*, !
hy niie^thitiir. KoW I nlll Irll vim
hnW- | Cntnr tn kimU- nlmnt thr f/rtim.
Sninc ttmr tr ■ « crrini- ivi-ll.ktinwn
imly nf thii city 1n%t hrr lewtl*eata
in ft tnyitcrlmii mniimr Tin- nfTnir
**•*.» |tlnrcil In  my  hnml*),  anil *hrn
I ha<1 axhanited Parii, I n-tnt tn
Aioitrrilam, *?o rmite tf nectJMry fnr
l.'i!ii|-iti.   Y»m kiinu  ,.tir nhl fritti'ti
Uv.nitaln ami Rehartierf*
I nodded. I hail hml nYnliiiKi with
tlmt  flnn mi innjiy nrrnNhmi.
"Willi, iw i went Into thtlr <>njr«, i
inw thr gentleman who hai been
1'ftviiin attention tn the Imly we hmr
been -\ - \■-■*n•^• eome out* I hive an
excellent memory fnr fnrn, tunl
w httii I unw him tO'ttlffht outerlng
tin* t'nfr ili'h Aiiilin-"«nilriiri, I reeojt<
nlted him iiniiiiiUiiii'ly. Thin thu
myitery Ik rxitiiitoi'd,"
llr RhriiRinHl hli ahoulders nml
ipreail hi* hnml* n|mrt, tlkr a rmi-
Jurer who lm*> jiwi vnitUlu-il n rnhhit
nr llll nrttllK**.
"lln* lln* man of uhnm wn nm
R|waklnR dont' vrry wrung?" h. m
ipit ml.
"Tin* itonea hr aold In l.nmlnn nml
Atniterdam hrhinuril tn hlm*rlf mnl
hi* two |iartm*rii,M I anawered*   "Up
tin- imt given tin-in iheir aharaol ibv
iranaaetlon.   Ilmt U nil."
"They hnd belter In- ipilrk almot li
ihiit, ur they are imi '■■■■• t*> git
uu>tliiog.   It wuiiht hr n very   hi if
-ni11 that WOUhl 1i-ni|it In Iwllr t.ituiM'
to Ih* ruitlifol fur '. luti*. |H»rtod. If
your em|iloyen rrnll) drain' to |oin*
lull lilm, nml they nn not In want
•if money, I ahnultl *t\\ du not Wt
Ihem lutrrfprp. Bhfl will then nlhldi'>
nibble nt uhat hr hni got llkr a
uiouH into a niurr uf gmtil tblnjra.
thru preaently ihnt itore will tw nil
jrniir. nml thru Kite will gur U|i, ami
to-, the man, will pt not nml ahnni
hlutwlf, nnd *hr will |i(ek up •■■"..
Itndy elae, nml will lnyiit to nlolrle-
nlhlilfl Juki nn before. \» I oay, thn.
will In- aomebody rlir, nod ******** '"•■'»
elae, rtchl op tu thr riol of tttt rhnf
irr. Aiid with every mo* ihe will
ifrow Jim no Imperceptible, hit older*
lly and hy tin- wrlnklta will nft|irar;
I faury ihrrr are Juki one or two at*
ready. Thru »hr will not Iw an fa»-
Udloui about tor hundred ol thou-
cMih! frntir*. and will eond md t"
Ihlnk nf imn iboumndi After that
m will come tn Kiinhir hi..iini-
Thm thrrr will Itr nn iuirrtal nfter
which a gnrrei, a eham-al hra#lrr,
nml thr iimrgto* I hatr ktrnwit an
many, nml It la alwnya Ihe MUM.
Ptmt. thr itinotfti-lK, the rhnoi|mgtte.
the ett|uhdte tuilr dlnnera nt the
i«*,i reatnnranta, and nt la*i thr
hrn/lrr. thr eln«i*t| ilnur* ami *m*
dowa, nml the eold "tune tlal*. Tltrro
la a mural In It. my dear friend, hot
we will nol liHik for tl tonight
When dn jrou Intend tu Mtntntnea
bualnoM with yonr manT*
"At onre," I anawered "llr knowa
ihnt I am after him, -"I tnj mil)
fenr la thnl hr will mwln n bolt I
eannot underainml why he ta dally*
loir to l*arii Ku tuna?**
"Fnr the almple reaaon that hr l»
ennlldeut he lm- |iul JTDU off the
•tei'iH,** nm in) eitoi|-nii)un'ti reply,
'llr   Ik   dnlng   ihr   nm    f.-»li«h   lllitlg
the rrtiotiinl alwaya lne* aooner ur
later; thnl Ik In any, lie -• l**rniiih.g
uirrrmiflihoi e! Iitn own potaera t*»
elude   .1*     Yuu  ninl   I.    *u\     tr I.
ahotitd hr able to ret •  '*i-ml
tm li ll.'lnnn *-     **•■"
I raine arrn*» a .'.iti... * . na lha
nl her day. Wmild you rme lu hrar
Hr Iii n rlimrrite ami hlew it elnud
*A xtnuke while hi Haiii'il fnr in) nu
"\'rry  nutrh."  I  Mhl,  ln*lng  well
mint*    tlii I   In*   •tutlt.   were   nlWlfl
wurth henrlnfi
"Thia  ik n  aontetrhnl  renmrkaWe
Map." he »nii| "I Mill oirliHnn hn
tiniorK. imt doubtleM i"-i ran rrn.l
between the hur* I'l.. n wn* a mnn
who mnnieretl hli wlfi In unler tha'
lie inttfht marr) ilinthri <■ *otan Thi
thought whleh he gnve lo it. nml tin
rhter   lliatiltrr   <<    «'>.'>   he   laid   lu*
plan*, not          I i -  tier b il
ilnn r.,r  tin   *   , ■         ibt    tr-tv
ii.iit,!.i lilm ai  • Ihe t"'«-
M**n,ti ..fa** rill ml in-
l el Ieel.   lie gan ■■ ni I   anybody,
Imi   lefi   the rnillitr)   Aithnilt   |*-itintf
the falnteal k i neernlng lo*
drat Ina lion behind him    I *a* raited
to   tn   tnlk   OVet   ll ■        •      Nt   ifttf
eotne entttbtrratt In hoUt
llig «-f It*    I hni'- "O 10 id
milting lhal I wni   >nmpletelj   'af
fled    \n« -i .. hap| i ihnt I dh
envfred that the man'* mother **aa
••t Irlah extraetloh He. believing
thnt he «..ii I, i be ef-fi* nn lhat bland,
engaged :< pn»ange n •■■-! a ileum
ei frum limn In Itr Haul •),•• wni
to (ttek up it Jtonlhamplitn, Pit
mn th ami llrlitol en rnutn. Mt
mnn. whn, i.\ ih. mu* urut a ter)
;■■■•■ tatdi  |i ram 14 be 'li*-
■in-lit Mtrlalih when '■ plenaed* en«
-i« iti,rni tn "nnil. hln If ign ■ aHe
in the paanengerf --n * ird On Iht
fir*i tfrrnlng nttl nf port, ihr eon*
rerantInn turned o|mh iti** ratut «if
dtamomK nml one nf ihr ladin ntt
honnl eprmlueetl M»mt ■ nv aUmea
ahe happened In hati -. ,,r ,,„„.
ib ii The murderer oho you mnai
nndenland. wa* ipilie <-nte. «*i mi*
ippllj eaten up wllh ntnlfy.    He
could imt forego iho
wn* the pnaieaior nf
ring   whleh had Itrrn given lilm bj
ex Rnt|»ernr   Nn|ml i   ill,     n,..i
leal li  aa> iln* Information excited
i ildrrahle Intereit, nnd  ha    nm
nuked to product ii fur the general
"He dri'lnm) thnt ft wni too Into
in do in that evening! 1"" '■"i'l that
hi* WOUld do nn nn ihr iiinrrnw-   nr, lit
any rntp, Itefnre he lefi Hit tpiael,
ht thr exelteineni nf rpapltlng H nth.
ampton, iln* matter wn* for lhe mo*
nielli forgotten, hill un the 'hit ihnt
thr) arrived lit I'l* ul) if the
Imt) paaaeugen reminded hi f hla
prontlae, I hll wat folio ti *\ liy an*
othrr ippllentlon Tim* itrroumltHl,
thr unliapp) mnn fumni hlmaelf lu
thr unplenannl (mittlon nf being i>-
.'■,u-r<il in Ihr |n ri'rirntimi uf nn un*
truth, nr uf being mm|ip|lrd in Invent "nine feoalble (ale In nrder tu
aeeotinl fnr hit nol being able in prn-
duet the ring, It »n* m t|lU uttw,
lure ihni lu iiiinh hi* greal mUtake.
Anxlniti doubllen tn attrnet alien
Hon, In* ret ii mnl frum hi* raldn with
iln- 'i- mini.1 ileelnrntlnn tint ihe
loek ' l-etj-B fnrpptl, itiol the fniitum.
ring a. len front hi* trunk In whleh
ti hnd Into rnittniIn), llr rertnlnly
mil hi* part well, hot )<*> tlld nut
renll/p in tvhnl innaetpienpe it would
irnd 'I hr matter wni repor'eil i<
tin |inlli-i>. nml n *< arrlt un* mnile
llirnllgh   the   ie**r|,    Tlir   |tn**> lu-> i *
were untiirnlly IniMgnnnl nt RUeh
treat ment. and fnr lhe real nf ihr
mvage the tmiti tni«mt hlmaelf tit,
Ing wbnt ynu I ngl -' mil I hi
.>.. ihlri He t, irhi I !"■ II i-' n nh
iii> u,i) mi*, iiii runniry ind pre*
roil) *i-nhtl ilnwn Ijiter on when
tin pumult had dlrd down It wa- hit
. ti *hl|i fnr Am-rirn where
he wni io !»• juiiied by the woman,
tu obtain whom he hnd lu ihr rir*t
|ilac< eommltted the crime, Son on*
». it. it..- rranll    I'botugiaplia uf the
iiiIkj •>!' mnn nml uf Hi tnlered
>-.. „i, u.i.  dreubtted alt through
t i4i ••   while ii-1 .i few  wen   **<*i
ii.  Kiurland    Mm  „t
rmehrtl  lly mnn I h,   when   h    wa»
Tn MV OVKHWIIKUUlNtl f)( i.i i-.>■■■
Sm |.i.r.j. t i I |ua \ i n \ s DIUBON
IIAYI.i:  I.M > nil' till   lt'-<-M
Hot Springs Sanitarium
No*v under the management ot
Hahky   McIntosii.   Hoffman House
Medical Wattra ol Halcyon art tht
n.itt euraUvi In ihe world, A i«ii«i,
nut-ti eTamtdy for all Ntrvoui md Muicu-
lat DttUHt, Liuii, Kiduay and : loh
Mlmtnti. lu Baths navti (ml to cuii
Rhiumatiim. An abtoluttguaranttt|lvtn,
Tumi %\l la |I6 j er watk.   Fct lunhar
; mi    in ipjdy it.
Holcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake, B. C.
Ctt.titiouu. an* '.•••* Hottm
VA'. ' B    C.
t...l HlNtlon   HeadauiH.n lor HACIKIC COAST
GROWN  garden,  llower and   Held
I'.la.c.l        He
'..I   11..'   elect,
•     ■     ■   e.-l   h)a  (.ll
I .-an ..tT.T ,v...i
Will toil Im- it ...erleiicnli, a |m,l,||a-r. nn
,1,1,,i,  ,. eecci' r, Ice    |.r-a- '-■'     '■'■■■   ''.* new In. and on test
Iiifci ..I ■ street     ntl " It OM e""  li .•'*'     Ask jour mer
••I i i.n.k tin    eie.cic    v-nilenan hull lor Ibwn "•.>! packages.   II
Ireclll    llec     |.,,..,,,.        ee ,|     -„1       „„• |.„  J   M   ||,|    haildl«   Until ttt Will llllll
*****" * ■" '    '• '' ";" *** K sisorled Sc fackages ol vcgftabl*
'"';"■"' ' *1""'   "' ''""" ' ,i! flcwer seeds lour own selection.
,     "", ','   .'u"V,"r "     !      , ■v'mW«lorB.C. gardetul lor $1.00.
he n-iht i,    "Wi* I Im* tt eniiiila   ••! .   „
■. „ !■.„.    (..,  ,|„ '      **>*   "    -"Ui bulk seeds.
'- •  •    • •"''' i ■*> *•> B. C. Crown of Fruit and
He.     .».,: reeeclli.    wlet-rr    lecci    Mill Acntmaalal     Tyoaa
.ltd hi ileal i. .,«.....}• i..r y..ur Orn«meitUI Tree*
tn»l(p-ii|t." . •■   : '■:,'•,••: ; .i.r.--.t    |-'«ita
llr ii,..,.„|H,tt showed tne   to   * | nlc* slock ol 2 and 3 yetr apple tree*
rccctie I,ell,,it om ul lhal in whleh we lat J20 per hundred. $160 per 1000.
,<■■ c,,„  . ,,„,,.,   it w«. U(»ynard   1'in    11     Italian
e   ,,.,„,|   |„   „„ ,„.  „| ,..,.,     ,   ,„   }2S           |00. Sug„
1.1.       teeleecl.  ll   ..„-   lh*l   >*,, p               j         ,          $1<)            ...
'      1-     elr-l, thai ..
into tVr.imiiati.. Koa*     Vartouver
I  1. '^ . .1   hete,    catccl   ll.*rt .eltf.
. «|,,|   ... .                       e   ,„,-,.. ,-,ir.
n,| not
... \tn-
..... ...
■ !ti,.„,
■ 1 IVhal    el-e    )-ee,
I all.Hrr, ,1 Ileal t l.atl »,.., lha l^a.l
ibt   .lew^t   l»,t   tttalcP   tti'M-h
te, ,„.,, r„M       ttt.C|..ltc.       I
lh,     a    >e.eelt1    <e|    l,„. t.lctf    l.tltl
|    ft        -. ..      ,.,,        ...  •!
....   f... i ahall h, _eml pteaml in
It    I ' . e.
I thanhe,! 1,1... fnr ^:. e.rlrr. artel
II,. I,   ...    |e|<   the I. et.,,„,,,,,   IH)
ia,i..i a rah   ...a  i,..-.  ...
... l.talnl
.... '
'leal tlee
'     - -I ... ... letcur eaa. »l.r
e .  ,   ,,,   t.„.   n„,l,|.    l-iiw
Ifrrlj  a- rlalbet.-
-  -
id ha I I
"IVl   e  ,        ■
e    j
-■    ..   'le.    ).,|,er,..a
City     li;.rlur    Simp
Hair Cut and £have     •      SOc
si* Mo.        .      at
...:   1. I-      ' •
C'oluniliian College
Nva. W«ttaia*t«f B C
.    ..
e.       ..-
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
tn: .: ?d  *oA—and
work means ad
.*«i*.cement    To have
one muM have Ihe best
meats. urA that's what
i ihr new
buck bi ck     AN.ays
Iresh. jilcy andttrder.
Geo. R. Shar) e
V/hy !>e ♦)
tru nu.hell or work
;    i
.    -
'   ,        ' e
. la-am-ed jiublie tekool,
snd university
.-Clal ttunes include
il instiumental and l.chts^u*
I    Art    Sketching. Oil
I-iWiiigaitd I I     ■*.
•  ■
SjaW.:* .ar*,8t|l
■  .  • -.
and Superiority
F. Tyiran,
For Sale!
"   '
I   o  %   bair>
- .   Ikf  Ml,
tonsil t
ta    • ,*        ■■-.,.    r *•__■ if    *
!■  »     •  *,f ,       >• 1  '        •*  • ••
TdSflilc Siiicricaii.
»,».. car,. % , ►. «_.„<. ... la.
...        ...
lei   „■''", :r
Hie Hammond h Perfedion
l.c Han
' ; ■
■   mini bu
■   ins
tlir. Hammond tvriwaitM
TmnnKt. 4^ AtrlaMr Mt.'l tail.
Motel, aal. 16)51 J.m»«. ■THE PROGRESS, ENDERBY, B.C., APRIL 6, 1906
Finest & Largest
Range of
Enderby  Trading  Company
is . A_»t_.'»i:»_i,
Call on Fulton for Hardware
He has tho Latest (tb Best Stock in the City
Tools, Fenct* Wirt
A well known Sitllllkameen man was
heard lo say while wailing on iho platform one morning lasl week thai ihis
was assuredly the besl and most la-
■ red pari ol the Okanagan Valley
in lacl of lhe wh .Ice ol lh* province.
Waller Gardnti ha* rented J, H.
McVeigh', liable i i Iho summer.
Mr. and Mr. Wyllo lelt .11  Friday
n a visit to ihe coaal, b*toro ihelt
latum to Scotland.
V.t. Grade lell cn Friday lor Scot-
laud, bin will return early In June lo
lake control ol Ihe Wylie- ran h
A mewing oi ihe building committee
In connection with the new brick Pre*-
lerlan church which Is 10 be erected
here thia tuntmer, was held Monday
evening. The business was lhe con
slderatlon ol the tenders which were
lot the undertaking ol the work.
: ■ ■ . lhat n thing has as yel
been lel lel) settled Rev. Mr.
Campbell was up Irom Armsirong 1'
Superintendent ol Provincial Police
Hussey was abcard Tuesday's train.
...   ,■        .',- i.,ur cf llie ringleader*,
cl the Chinese eviction which took
lhe Union Restaurant
i-Ni M-.i'e'iiaMi
In connection with Iht Restaurant a llrsl-clau Bakery is es-
labhshed Irom which can always be obtained the choicest from
III* oven.    Alwayi Iresh.
A nice line ol Conleclionery Is carried In slock. Fresh
frull in season.   Don'l bake bread when busy. TRY OURS.
Everything Strictly
First class
J. McQUEEN, Proprietor. Enderby.
Harness-maker and Repairer.
Valises.   Etc.
0! Ranch and Builders' Supplies w^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—
■ ■   Netting. Stoves, Ranges, Granite and Tin Ware, place last week at Pentlcton, who *
Necessary Articles for Kitchen or Bathroom ■ eiiemoiuh's imprisonment
_ r. _jji_ _,_.•_ _.»   »,,. -iIoom.    The prisoners  were
Cream Cans. Mlltt rails. C'C . ClV.        mmmmm\*a*a*a*a*a*a*a*a*amM\mMm^mmmtm^^^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^^^^
New Stock-Right Prices
you intending to sell
this Year
■ Winkler, J, H. Mitchell
'. Gladwen and J, W. Edmunds
tere given the cptton ol paying a
ci $35. but elected to go lo jail.
r and Mrs Sail visited V
■ Udles-Aid*
.'ale in ihr Orange
, -e a cencert tn
J. W, Evans hat taken A E. Hale's
'ative ol H ft.
'. .
2 12 l*J
A Wi 'ing the B. C.
■ • .      ■ .   , •. ■    ...
h Empire gold
nitg, al Vernon and
Aylmer X85 Force Pump
1 pump dsubl* th* amount ol ra ••     ■-  n*-Sall   '*n«.i
, ■■    . , . *.   t
iAX call r«r luui.
'   - .ra 19 At:, ptiitip in ih*
a w .11 liiil 11 in th. AVLMKK    Civ* 11 * in*!. 11 tt*v.r
i.'in;. you 01 it> saicii tiiy tl yuu will
. iiadtinM.  W< warn 10 uy luiihtt lly
' eu pump* yuu tut 11 Mm* paying tur II.   II nsi
latetuewn ********.   W« haw
ihu ptupuMiiut. let yr.t. una) it*v*r had a pump wm*
J. Johnson MraonJ^ B c
Just R
c_fi_____i cu,i.«." *sai Satii' 'aaaaxtamaWPmrnm aiM_»__a *mm—_■
These Oals xttt imp jrled by us on account of their very
Superior Yielding Qualities
Farmers requiring Seed should take advantage ot lhls opportunity lo gel a really choice article
The Columbia Flouring Mi!b Co., Ltd. Endtrby.
. ■
,* or tw> other inspect   -
- I i-ietby and hope* loi
.  " ■•
I" :"'
Pmice Aiihui tl Ctmruugi'   • .     _      ,       , I   •     •      I
•      The Burrard Sanitarium,  Limited,
^^KVU lh* 1|______________________________-_____------a________l
Irom hei visit to Japan  :p»i a lew
. ...
,- •
lyl me, and
-el./    S.,.encl    K.^efl     /      'Iht   I-■ 1,1 e, I, ■•,
•ailed at Slca- I IpWAIDS ot on* hundred ungual cperaiisrtt were peftottn.
* n ciinplele tueeett. and nnly oik death out ol ovet tw« hundred patient.
ml K.a.. 4„a. ited   Seven pattern* were in the Sanitarium al the tpenutg tf th* yew,
205 were admitted during tht year, miking a total el 212 lre*led    Ot thete.
******* 99 w«teitiato and IU femtto    ||2 were twgteal,81 medical, and 19
" ■ ;.v evening     obtUtiiol.   12 pallentt remained in al lh* dote tf th* year.
1*1 dayt treatment were 1190, in avtiage el 19.46 day* per palitnt
Out ol lhe 212 paltenu treated only on* death occurred, king tot than
I 2 per cam    Tht* one death wat due t« luppuraii** pyelitis, c«mptie*t(d
. ■
Calient* tttt admitted Item the loDowmg beal I
- i ta Vet-
Aint.uona'. ly«Ore.       *Mu
' *« Vantnlt Bay
way tm- Kainiu-pa
ipy, Albeml
********** ***• ****** North Vanouvet
street .Inch u an Centra! i'«••
•  ;  'ili.n   la* Ltd.
•.   Ihe ••!**
Reck Bar
ih"! ciluent ol c.^jfth
*—• SjnimerUnj
New Westminster
!!<»■ 1
Saltnai Ann
fart Hammond
Mt. Lehman
Miami. Mai..
While Hals*
■    ■
Maud aw, Man,
Harriot Kay
Seattle Wai h.
Ledus. All*.
Rfttttl ■
Keelel Statist!
Sowtt, Man.
Utai Hirer
 ■ The Balls; and M*r»s*ge Department have been eminently
under th* tr -   . '-. « Millington    Dining Ihe teat. 9S4 H
' ih* ' "... •   ugraitnlly Instated, it ha* bi
lhat th«y can       . ualtunt   Bariy in MtUr prospectus was
. t-t thrcugh Ihe f,Miit,ti . ,    ||l«d l0 ihe many Iriends  ! the ilulltution.
Apply Theolllct   • H«M«W*IWr1'     ■ g tftatty lo Ih-ii aptreatance.   TheilKleate
....     ... i , , B ■ : Ul*d lh- caning ol btaiKh c!lic*l in
that pail ol the city lot lh* twn»enl«ne« ol our palrans.


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