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The Edenograph 1905-02-22

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Volume I.   Number 41.
$2 a Year
Surveyor Burnett will bo hero to
locale his ollice In aboul a week.
P. H. Model loll lor Ihe coaat Saturday afternoon on a business trip.
Chas. Hancock, A. Todd, and Sam
Ball, left    n Tuesday's  train for the
followed by seme exhibition skating by
Arthur Hale, and a race or two. Some
of those In niatk were:
W. II. Logan, lady: Miss Beattie
cards, Jard Duncan, orange Illy; Al
Johnson, clown: Mrs. Geo, R. Sharpe,
.snow llako, Harold  Molfet. Admiral
ih>B.'inkciM;nlrMlexpecl.ilobo!D,W9l';05car Swanaon. |ockey boy:
ready for business In ihe Wright block |Geo' Hanc"*. '>""«: Edith Johnion,
about March lat, fiMtn <* HMrU; H,,b MeConnlck,
A son wM bom to Mr. and Mrs. Jno. \T*'' Hovui "'"• *»** F' R'
Irland. Enderby, ot. the I5.li, and on Uw4J' f^TnTa J- & ""f'
th. Intent died. |coonmlas:A,B.W,lac. coon Sam
.    '    „ . , Curry, soldier of Waterloo; Either
J. C English b making small hosts m(tx   iock      M_ H-„ -^
ol people happy by giving them such -flower glr|, Mtua Murray, NUgh rlder.
furniture bargains lhat they forget all Pe,r|e Murry. sailer girl M<„ Assen.
'b<w, lhl,,«5' Grecian girl; F. Murray, butcher; A. J.
J. W. Bacon and E. Bennett rcpre- Young, down; Nellie Haneock and
seined the Endeiby Orange lodge at Aslrld Tlngslrom. snow queens: C.
the meeting of the Grand Lodge al Johnston. Red Riding Hood. A. E
Vemon tlilaweek. Hale, cow puncher; Chaa. Hancock.
Attorney Murphy ol Ashcroll was in chink: Ray Hancock and A, Matthews,
Endetby last week In connection with baseballen:   R.  Wheeler,  rifleman;
ileal progri       ret prepared In lhe
'•'•■   ■ -   , •■ iddlllon to Sal-1
mon Arm's excellent local latent, they
had the assistance of Mrs Osterhoul
and Mr. Couu, oi Kamloops, Mr. and
Many of the costumes wei
pretty and the characters well sustained,
and Irom start lo finish the skaters
had a happy lime.
The following prizes wore awarded:
Besl dressed lady and gentleman. Miss!Miss Assen ol Armstrong, and
Beattie and F. R. Lawes. iancy skat- -and Mrs. Wallace of Enderby.
ing. A F   Hal*,   fast skating, A J-'
Tlcc L-e Drcai. Ur
— |    Curling has been at a stand-stt
The good folk ol Salmon Arm do PWl woke   The second compel
not allow any "half-way doings" when between the rinks has two and possibly
oysters and a good time are on the a thiid game lo played,    Nairn'
program.    They simply smother iheir loads.
Ready to Work
A   meeting   ol The Enderby Coal
:.td. company was he;: In En
derby  on Saturday.     Officers wort
unit elected and plans  submitted for thr
C ntpany, and to carry on the I .
I miners ol every description, and lo
coke coal and lo raise, crush, win, get.
tuarry, smell,   calcine, refine, dress
.inalgamate. manipulate and prepare
ll has never been  beaten in, operation ol  the  company.   H   W
guests wiih kindness and make them I either ol the competitions, and is protly j Harvey was made president, M. Carlu.' |0r markel, ore. metals, petroleum and
eat until one would have to have the >ure to wear the buttons.   Following Is vice-president, and Geo. Heggie, soc   mineral suiuiances ol all kinds, whether
countenance cf a  brazen serpent to i *e rest of the play In the (In! round   rotary treasurer. ; the property of the Company or not, In
look an oyster in the face. game cannot be continued until     The objects ol the company as set, British Columbia or elsewhere, and to
e J Brown, sk   9
A party ol iilteen Enderbyites drove |lh« '<< hardens
to the Arm Monday night to enjoy the '" c Jon,a-
oysier supper and concert given by the r '3a'e'
ladies ol the Methodist church,   AndjC EStiickland.
they did.   The little school haute wis j *} I!**1'
tumed into a banquet hall, where long j ., *"'
tables were .ret  lo accommodate the '
crowd,   And such a crowd!   AHhun- « WfH!,rV8y'
gry. all feted, all hippy!   Such oysters, a E Roberta
and pies, and cakes, and tarts, and    ! d Nairn, ik   II
The agony ol the small boy ol limited' H w Wright
capacity was. or might hive been. K Bailey
appalling. W R Hancock
Alter supper wu served the crowd Cm Heggie. sk-3 Geo Bel., sk   13
adjourned lo the church, which was     Only one game in the iinals wai
F R Lawes
A J Young, sk
W E Truesdale,
A B Wallace.
A Matthews.
A Matthews, sk
A Fulton.
H McCormick
J W F.vsnr.
ATodd.sk   8
R P Bradley
W T Broderlck
F Pyman
the meeting of the shareholders ol the BassllGardom, in kihkie: Miss Paul, packed to the snow-line, and there one pulled oil. Nairn's rink going up against
Enderby Coal Mines. Limited.
Geo. McCormick returned Irom ihe
East last week, wheie he has been lor
some weeks on business connected with
the proposed lumber tarilt.
J. C. Metcalfe Is still on the markel
with rubber goods, and this is the kind
ol weather that makes them move
quickly   II on the right Ieel.
That was a rare opportunity offered
last week by H. W. Harvey lo get
rubber goods and heavy clothing at a
big reduction. Some chances still
"Billy" Woods, the man who keeps
things looking nice In the Endeiby
Trading Co's Urge store. Is making a
handsome display this week of Mc
Cready'a shoes.
C. P. R. Agent Armitage. ol Armstrong left on Saturday on a six-week
nun: Mr, Sutclilie. The Manager
A th* but Instrumental and voetl mu   Befftandi |  byi     i   '■■■'•
forth in its certillcate of Incorporation., carry on  any metallurgical operation
| are similar lo those ol other mining which may seem conducive to Ihe
byr cutiipanles. covering every contingency Company's objects or any of them, or
in mining from a to tedook:    "To which may seem capable ol being use-
purchase, lease, band, locate or other- |u||y or profitably carried  on in con-
wise acquire any coal lands, mineral noctlon with iho other business of the
claims, mineral lands, mine., properties Company, and to sell, dispose of and
and any real estate In the Province ol j„i in any coal, ccke, petroleum, ore.
British Columbia or elsewhere, and to metals and mineral substance .
pay lor the same either in money or m mamifactuted state or otherwise, and
fully paid-up .-.hares ol the Company i' any minerals or substances resulting
partly In money or partly in such shares, from or to be obtained in the process
and lo sell or lease or otherwise dts   ol smelting, relimng or manufacturing
pose of lhe same or any of them     T   the ..ante, and etlher tree or In
work, explore, develop and maintain bmatioit with other substances."
the  mines  (including  coal  mines).     As soon as the snow ist II the ground
and other properties ol ihe an expert examination ol the Com
(uny's coal property at Enderby t
EnderLy Elections About March 1st
Auorney Billings writes Geo. Bell, chairman of lhe Commillcc on Incorporation:
"I am in receipt of a Idler from my Victoria agents in which ihey state that Mr.
Fullon, lhe Provincial Secretary, informs ihem the Letters Patent will be put through
will he fixed for the beginning
during the coming week, and that the electi
of March.        Yours truly.
made and th? print decided -
permanent workings and bu
j Then develupment work will I
menced on a large basis.
The I'.'ai  Ifioeof the con;
be opened in the Han-.
Al  lhe L.Krary
The weekly meetlnf Knderby
I Horary .
day evening      Tito atlendatl
I somewhat smaller than usual
the  ineetti'g   being   changed  from
' Wednesday evening.    The
Ihe debate was. ' Ke.-.clved that Can
I adl ought to share fn the military ani
naval defense of the Empire "   It wi
decided In the negative.
The program lor this evening ts as
holiday in the East.   On his return he NOTICEuherebygtvdttha.JOdiya NOTICE b hereby given that 30 NOTICE „ herrty given that 30 NOTICE _ hereby given lhat.I.
will probably Inaugurate a oaiiy train a,,,f.ia,e | mlert io ajiplylo the Chief daya alter date. I intend lo apply to ilwidtys afler date I Intend lo apply to the j
service over the Molasses Limited.
Walter Gardner was in lown ihli
week to inspect the piles on hand lobe
used In Ihe construction of the new
bridge over the Spallumcheen at En
Csmtniuioner of Land, and Works lot .Chief Commissioner oi Lands and'Chief Commissioner of  Lattdi and
i special license to cul and carry away Works for «special license lo cut and
timber Irom the following described any away timber from ihe following
lands tn Yale District, described lands tn Yale district-
Timber Berth marked A. S„ com- Timber Berth marked "W. A W."
menclng at a post marked A. S,. about commencing at a pott planted one mile
Work will be started In a few five miles Irom Mabte lake on i creek N.E. of mouth of Shuswap river on Ihe
running into Mable lake aboul three weal bank of Mable Lake, commencing
miles from the mouth of Shuswap al a post  milked "W. A, W," ind
Nalm& Co., the druggists, are do- t,V4ronih«eanaideoflheUke.com. tunning north80chains, west 80chains,
ing a land-office business in grip medl- mencing at a poll marked A, S. and south 80 chains, and east (»chum to
cine this week.   This linn la gradually running 160 chains east, thence 40 point of commencement
building up a very lucrative business 'dttuta north, ihence 160 chittu west.
by care,, laying, care,, denting J-^^*^
and liberal advertising. Enderby. B. C. Feb. 20.190S.
The C. P. R. continues lo lose big
wads of money on Ihe S. k 0.   Mon- NOTICE u hereby given lhat thirty
day'a train carried three passenger days after dale I intend to apply lo the
.. ..u . _ it ..ii.i   . i,,m„ ,„„,h Chief Commluloner of Lands and
coaches well MM   a baggage coach Wwta |of g ^^ ||MMt |8 M and
and 15 freights,   ll lakes a lot of axel ^^ wly 1|mber lrom l)w M„int
grease to run a train like lhat described lands in Yale District
..       U«_k»_l.Mll     tha.     I .Iv,,      Tlmow  Be,,h   "u"lt"J A  S- COm'
Mr.   Hawthornlhwail    Ihe    Labor ^^ |( ( ^ ^^ A & >bM1,
member, has Introduced a bill in the , mXa ,tom UiVte takt „ , attk
Provincial house which provides that running into Mable  lake on the eut
no person employed in sorting, hand- tide about three miles Irom the mr uih
ling, oi smelling ores or malte in any »'<he Shu»«P "»«'•  commencing al
.      , „««.„..„„   h.ii k. .m.i.w^i » P01' m«ked A. S. and running 160
stage ol preparation shall be employed ^ ,.„,_  ,„,„,., 40 ^^^
lor a longer period Ihan eight hours in ,hence m cha)nt WM,   (hence 40
any twenty-four hours.    The penally In chains south to point of commence
each case Is to be nol leis than $20 cr ment Alt*. Swil DI
Endetby B   !
W. A, Wtustee
Feb 20,1*05.
e'lrf to apply to the Reading,
loner  of  Lands  and Song-
,  ;,-c:a| license lo cul and ft' • '■
rryiwuy timber from lhe lollo«i.ig Inslrumenlal
de. irlbed lands in Yale Dislrict ■ >»B-
I imbet Berth marked. S.C. F. com       Debate.
Works lor a special license lo cul and
carry away umber front the loHowinp
described lands in Yale I
•  Berth msiked B   E   C
commencing at a prut planted one hall mencing at a post marked S
mile west ol Shuswap river, and lying abaut thtr
west of Timber Berth N I 1J43. com- a creek  emptying   Into   Mable lake
menclngat a post marked B E C, about three miles Irom the m
and running 160 chains north, thence Shuswap river, on th- taal
40 chains west. Ihence   IW chain   lake  .: mmeitcing al  a post.- ,•.
S.C.F and lunning  160 chair,
thence 40 chains  north. Ihence IbO
chains west, thence 40 chains south to
point ol commencement.
Rev. Mr
south, thence 40 chains east lo point of
Commencement. I*  E Cou
Endetly. B C.Feb, 20.1905
: '
loin aro
It, a |..|. c   - -
Cc-caet   Id
II   lee.   It-
Canada Takes Hold
more than 5100. The Acl promise,
to met! wllh strong opposition Tit"
probable cflect ol its coming Inlo lorce
would be similar lo Ihe troubles follow
ing lhe passage ol Ihe Eight Hour law
Slcatinit in Ma*l
Endeiby. U C.Feb. 20.1OD.1.
heietty levll. that
•Iter dale I ir.nr:
Upwards ol 150 pe
carnival al Ihe skating rink lat
Wednesday, and il was lhe unanlmoui
opinion ol participant and spectator thai
the affair was a great succeII il,-
Armstrong band was present and en
liven-d Ihe gay scene with -wool:strains
(rom Ihe gallery.      The   melee was to ll.e It Ikl al home.
thi  Ctiiel Commissioner  ot I >
-   al license to c- ■
a*-ay limtrer tram the foltowtng descriled
,  -j m Y»r- I,
T.mbet Berth marV.nl B. I
Berth Ho. AMI.  commenciiir  ■
Hiked H. E C, ant runninr  :
IMI 41   chains  »■ I, thi
- M rha:n-.'a - -
I -jmmihcemiiu
B   i
I -   ;■' '
The El
■ , «' >:'. ; a- -1   ■ , -, -
jealc attended lhe        •_."   " ""', *'«>* *****
Canada will take over the defenses ol Halifax
and Esquimau on July Ist.    Arrangements have
been completed with Ihe imperial government, ter
mlnating the negotlatl >ns #.hich have been carried
on through Earl Cray, and which have been com
paralively short.    Canada undertakes to maintain
the present defenses In  first class shape an'. I
garrison them with all necessary branches of the
service—Infantry, artillery, engineers, army service corps, signallers and medical corps.    Whlls
le of the British forces will not march out
on July Ist, tl is expected  that the bulk of Ihe
garrisons will gel their marching  rlers then The
artillery and engineering experts (fill likely be retained on Canadian pay until others are trail
take their places    the estimate' annual cost to
Canada of maintaining these  two |> r'.s   Is Uo
million dollars per year
In the past lhe D imlnl       is paid a |
t of maintenance il      . iln alt, I
:i n cvith the dry d ck ,*• thai:
NOTICE is hor.     .•.  "
'   '     '
Chief  Comn.
Works lor a special license lo ctr
.--. awaytimber Ir m the I     .   ,• ,.,„|.,.. ■
•«d linds in Yale Dull   •
Timber li-r'ii mark. 1 S.G !
creek emptying
three miles from Ihe mouth
wap  river,  common
marked 5 •".  F. anj •        . ■    I    I
chains. Ihence north 40 cha
.      - -        - e-    e-
■ '   c • -
|»,.l of
'    '   *   1 ,
lo pom:
.   Ccc-,,,  I	
 (n„ all ,        '    ,;. lat a , t.,.,1,.
ie.et !e.c-c wr nettle      ' ittal*.   '  I     Iclc-.'.l-
■nd -c... Ilk*
i lenettn ...l..r <■
'   ■    .  . -     'hai Ihirlv
le I iiileii i lo apply lo lhe
.   . ■
...  a-   -    _■■,-- _'!'  --.   ■■.;[[
g at a     ' . - ■■
■ .   ■ rap river, and      ,•
vest ol       bet lletih No. 3344
..,;.! marked W  A W .
,-  ■      . ,
60 chill
south, lh east to |
viewed ... c.!
eerecllccT lii-le
|-.C--1t,C  ■'..-
■;..- ,..„. ,   ■
the  -ice,.-. --I
'till'   -t"le
Uriah .c[c. ecu.I li" 10. hi
I.,,   it     \   Mi    ii. ..-
«c..li.-r. «„. ihe ti.i-i-
able at	
.f tt,,- remark1
I ,11  .!, -
.   I, ih.- -ti.--'
II ■!    |«..cc.tl.   I     Le
•it Abenlei i'HNOGRAPH, ENDERBY. B.C., FEBRUARY 22, 1905
First Yuai-
"i ney win
m ■ p   j
hat thei     is a propei
ipply In Cai
rom   ifflclenl      here I   nol
be sll\ rlsthebasl
never ha   I   in  i panl    and
i busl
The banks are Interested In cause ol the stability ci the
I ■ . nting  lhe  pe pli    fr m sliver m n • an I ll
.r..' an adequate supply of it cann I b     ■ ■   : Inl  lhe
Henry W. Harvey
C -       Mi r ihan     Enderby, B.C.
The stock In lh     ■ ral departments is large, varied and new
Grocile. .nit Pioaiaiocc CloLliii.x and Cents' Purtlllhlngl
,' .   , " .;       ,      .;.: I ,r    *   ': .' -
n rut f othei
,i ,,    ,,, ,.,   ualiiflHI       	
Staple and Fancy Dry Uood.
It.ee.se-   tiillC|rliiiie-.%
turn, and Garden Reqeii.it.'
ll..   Weather
Mining Supplied
S|„.e tut, Good.
Faillt   and   Elbow.    Grew   !...' (7=-
IllaJc   Lr^e.'    ,-C.U'-   eClct   eel    -ICIjll.C    .L'Cr- ))
ice^. in the lecc-lc than  EnJerbs
nil. n iwn oi i \Di.i-tin
isli        .    . ■
II  '
■   '
my exhibit.
What this means can I
trated by   ex|
in :
•will m'
add to Enderby's gcd name
■    better,
ible sav
ay of ballot punting.
it will I
less Irlctloi       .:h all men
■    •:
sarlly ■
With The Owl
ritlrly years experience In Outllttlng an I Packing Goods to go
inl  thi camps and the interior.
IAN  is so
ho try to be
ies,   I knew, or I think
-and so do you,—that
: friend turned wrong
. John Davidson lo
his enemy, runs ihus:
Unwllllni thy spite abate.
i;ra Elbeitus ren
,   ■• ,■
.    ■ In It    P
-   •       tragement Is .t pai
the 0| rces that holds the balance
»tg can be over<: •
and the fact remains il ereouragement
it, the stoutest heart will in
• Itself,   It hears the
ind there creeps In the ques
.it?'  Then comes the
lly ■ r the word of praise.
I ,.tii the I   k Hiat rc-
'.e remarks.
'' itual
I is.i
,    , .- n
Mu   il /
'•   '
get intl ill   Self
?. £ it E
i 3 B 2
2 a:.   29
3 39   30
•I   36   28
-• '.
■a 8
Kamloops Lumber."
Mitnufacturers of all kinds ol Rough and Finished
II     19
12    19
13    IS
Id    24
20    39
21    37
22    37
23   39
24    36
25   61
it>   41
27    3S
2S   39
29   39
.si    25
M. D. Mclltwe, laving Ml my bed
:',.''.          '.-■'..•
Hty lebti
traded by Iter in my
1! this paragraph is marked
'ith a
cress, you will please
lake It as a
reminder that your
the edit
null like lo smile
n. ii
Mills it I . Annls and Enderby,    Capacity 25.000.000
•tl 30.000.000 Shingles yearly     Tern
application      Address—
EtitAy. B  C
C. J. B.
*\ £ Cure Constipation *\ er
mf*J &aj
R. R. Burns,
M.r.ottic Building  strong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries.
Can'l find anvll.ii." better
For Sale!
That is the opinion of men who are expert (run growers and
have gone over this tract oi land. It Is right In the town: s. few
minutes' walk (mm the Postofflce. Land is continually raising
in value We have sold a number oi these blocks, but have a
few choice building sites left. You won't fi.td lots of better
value The town will continue to prcgress: It has only fairly
started Property will continue to increase in value, building
.ll never be less valuable that; -day    Your best
• jnity i* NOW    Price of Lots, € I A ^ C 7 f\
Henry W. Harvey. Agent, **** * * ' U
-   ,
md lhe
■ ■
.   .  .    .
. ,  ■
r youi
- I                                 '         .        ■
I lave Your Cutler
J. A. Taylor   Enderby
Is your Itcaltit
In-tire J 1
WAI 111)    I       IHI    SDMI
JAS. BOWES. Proprietor.
hotel is delight-
ully situated, on the
kai -.. .^ lake
and. *ith "Jim" B
I you as host, ll
will make your stay In
a most enjoy
able    The accommodations a\ the Lakeview
T T 7 rust ad
" " ml lonts
of wood type, and are now
prepared to turn out poster
work with the besl of ihem.
Color work   a specially
If you want to sell anything
quickly, a big poster will
There is money
In tt     rail     Da:
Dodgers. Posters and all
Big Bili printing promptly
The returns are
att I atti -
Thi graph, Enderby First Yeah
'^Methodist Church
I   Divine Services evety Sunday at 7.30 p, m.
Sunday.School and Bible Class, 2:30 p. in.
i ■ lyn Muting,  -     -  Tub,:.,.
A hearty w«l.-e,n c: for'all.
A, E. ROBERTS, Paiter
Residences. Clill Si., nen the Ghuioh.
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement. To have
a strong constitution
one must have the best
meats and that's what
you will (Ind at the new
brick block. Always
fresh, juicy and tender.,
Geo. K. SliafiH'
I MM Ml,
New Crop now in Stock
of Home Grown and
Imported Garden. Field
and Flower Seeds, at
Wholesale and Retail
tl ■ '!--:.- ■    . 1.
Tree*: Rhododendron*, Rue*. Green.
house and Hardy Plants new graving,
k-.,   .,'...-
For Spring Planting
Ctttbtue Free     M J HENRY.
WIH   ».-Ce.ee.... ,    C. ,,.< V.-m'-.C
That veiy detirabfe property kmvn
town el Enderby. embracing 110 acru.
18 Ktw under cutiivation. villi bear-
kgorchard. Hat produced theprue'
vtitnmg (run el tatiiuh Columbia,
Two ncry kttee. vuh large, iiom-
wlkd bavMtneM. good veil, bam.
tuHc etc Thlt tain etcedeni
(hancciogei an imptsv«i place. 15
-..;.   .»'.-.     .  ■•-- 	
the ttafcn road     Fot term, apply on,
Ibe premuet. or addict*
WMIiLSON. Endetby. BCj
Prtot, $50 an acre
Jas. Jarrett
Carpcnur K Builder
il.-,-.   ;■-'-■- ,  --.   '..*;"-!!!'■• :■!. ;
Hot Springs Sanitarium
The MidiMt "* > » lie lhe
Bitai en, ■'< tetter
-   '.
Ill t>:«*™i Itett. Kittwy ant SlMMtti)
AitmtM..    lit  it
RheemaBue. A«ahMJ«tetearaa>tee|tre«.i
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow I a..   b. C.
Ira C. Jones
Contractor <B> Builder
buillirgi cf any dimentrrn. imaB
•ortt quickly alter,.•
End '••!
C.O.F.No 1058
Meets en
tofiillly ir
L.O.L. No. 446
Kms. tin
... "    -'■
Under The Olive Tree
"They are a clean lot at East Aurora, and dress
neatly but very plainly, and many of them are in
their shirt-sleeves—a few In the blue overalls ol
Ihe day-laborer." Thus speaks Hon. F. F. D.
Albery of the people of the Roycroft Shop. Ala
Baba Is the father of the flock, and Elbert Hubbard
the inspiration. It is a grand work they do. They
work for the work's sake, just like they love for
love's sake: and because they work and love freely
and well they are happy and radiate happiness.
Here Is thelr^creed, as given by Mr. Hubbard
The supreme prayer of my heart Is, not to be
learned, rich, famous, powerful, or "good," but to
be Radiant.
I desire to radiate health, calm courage, cheerfulness, and good-will.
I wish to live without hate, whim, jealousy, envy,
or fear.
I wish to be simple, honest, frank, natural,
clean In mind and clean In body, unaffected—ready
to say "I do not know'" If so ll be, io meet all men
on an absolute equality—to face any obstacle and
meet every difficulty unabashed and unafraid.
I wish others to live their lives, loo.—up io their
highest, fullest and best. To that end I pray that
I may never meddle, Interfere, dictate, give advice
thai Is not wanted, or assist when my services are
not needed. If I can help people I'll do it by giving them a chance lo help themselves: and if I can
uplift or inspire, let It be by example, inference and
suggestion rather than by Injunction and dictation.
That is to say, I desire to be radiant—to radiate
Here is another Good Thing from his pen. It
seems to welt from his heart like the cool, clear
water bubbling Irom the breast of Mother Earth, to
refresh, to cheer, to bless:
The virtuous fathers used to say to daughters
who had lapsed, " Never you darken that door
again." These parents occasionally disowned their
sins because they did things they ought not. But
fond parents do not express themselves that way
quite so much as they did In the good old days
agone.—and how fortunate that they have gone!
The world Is getting belter.
The little man is still a bit afraid his family may
be disgraced, or he himself lose caste, through the
fault of another.
So In turn ll his acquaintances happen lo have
Ihe applause of the world, he gets up close and
rubs olf all the glory he can make slick io himseli.
Should these friends drop into disgrace—or
seeming disgrace—he makes hot haste to get out
from under.
Oh. It Is a fine thing to be loyal: who cares
whether thu reports are true or false! If our
friend stumbles we will help him to rise, and In
helping him to rise we will rise ourselves. It is a
great privilege to pardon; it Is belter still to look
through the fault and see so much to admire that
you perceive nothing to forgive.
If your friend reveals his humanity and the
rabble forsake him, il is your opportunity—stand
by him. If death, disgrace, or poverty comes lo
your friends—then is the lime they need you.
Do not court the rich, the Influential, the learned
—let them go. They can do without you. "A man
Is known by the company he .keeps"—that is so.
and depend upon It, lhat the man or woman who
Is intent on associating only with the best, has a
very small bank balance of worth and virtue, and
the fear is. that some social cyclone will wipe It out
Be big, and associate with any -*ne '.with whom
fate casts your lot. The question of "who is my
neighbor?" is Just as paramount now as It was two
thousand years ago.
Your neighbor Is the man who has fallen among
thieves, been beaten sore, robbed, and lefi for dead
Your neighbor Is the man who needs you.
Pin In
\ If "Made in Canada" is a good motto for Canaaa. then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby.
Moffet's Best
Beals them all.   Strong, uniform and White; made In Enderby
from strictly HARD wheal.
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Light!*!
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In its history. It Is the result ol
its popularity The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety loot annex now ready
lo accommodate the trade. The cream ol the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
Tea Grannies
Never be satisfied with a poor brand o! tea vhen you can get
the best on the market at METCALFE'S The real old Maple
Syrup cilrcci from the maple groves of Ontario. Try a can.
[In our Clothing Department we ask yeur attention to cur
Flannelettes, and cold weather warm goods—for feet cr bady
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
J. E. Orchard
Enderby, B. C,
! Imitators oi native and foreign woods. •'
TD IT IT C For Spring
1 K&.&0 Delivery
II am mx taking orders lor Fruit Tree !r. m tin 11<
Nurseries ol Stone & Wellington. T ? tt"
quality ol lhe trees sent out by these nurseries li
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby	
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken tor any qua • •ring, chimney
building, and bnck _ stone masonry work contracted
3airJ y GibKs Enaeroy
f  1
That tout •             -istiC
and keeps •
omy. will be done at this
office—quickly. 1
cheaply    You dona','
nd your printing out of
Anything tha'
be  d nr- ,                 nn
•Ight here
1 lie Edenograpn
la.l.,1,   II  1
Incorporation for Enderby Is now a settled thing.
As a result Enderby «dll boom this summer
arty will advance In price—sure to   II ,  i
would be .-i     -      III Invest In Enderby property    Isn't then        hlng . ;ike to have in the printing
NOW.   A sure dinner    Wc arc moving ! rward) line ?   Wc   ... Hon at this office rili-: HDi'NOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., FEBRUAKY 22. 1905
In the Pulpits IS"1
ihy presence go nol    l      nti lllng fa :l i Inlll
in,  us not   ip hen lhe i il
■ la of Moses lo tl
med tl neverfell   mtll xi
'.: to Christ    We   are
The children before
" ; ■ ''
tl   r Id lati -. js, not dream l
had barlere: .      ill
r god
itedly hadbrokei Uil LUMBER DI
mi    N v their
First Year
The M ntreal -'•
> proceed on the       .
■-::-' ;."11: ■-■:■..   •-'.
:■■■ jsittfffs;
' ',,,. thousand to be placed on rough t->,
eless for lumb     '    :  ""s at lhe :
'  lime ■ tm   in    nt nt  n
pportunlties of
I , sing    Letusd
To buy nice Toilet Accessaries and Toilet S
. nl n     ■ '<■ lustopene I
English Oatmeal 3 for 25
English Honey S   - 2 for 25
Pears Unscenl I    ap, 15c cake
Pears Scented, 20c    ■
Cr <vn Oatmeal, 25c cake
Colga ted 25c to 50c cake
Rogers & Gallet, assorted,    75c cake
- ■  -           •
Combs, a : III lasorl I '■ ' ■'
and Stationers
SUNDAY   HOURS:   J lo 4 p nt.
As individuals a
., I be truer '
His present
Moses did: place the
honestly before God and decline
are restored.
R. I\ Brat lh \. I-. ndrilrt  ! I.iitlu.uf Merchant
subject of Giving was
ussed Sunday evening by
berts, his
'  n Cl
Bradley.  I It
A. Fulton, fiamk.. tb ntw
Expert Pruning
■   :   • ,'    '
just drop me a line. yeara ei
'•'- Waller RiiIhiimiii, I'.iulfihv. B.(
rturtfu      jivei
" •
■•. .• -
Life is What It's Made
.a t at a
.iection ought
to be part of our
worship   We should arrange
and plan our gills, not leave
them to chance   Many bestow
no thought on the matter, but
give what is handiest.   There
are no rules laid down
Wc must be governed by prin
•ules    Ru,
in the chi.
. 'raud.
m be:
TonsoriaJ Parlors
i have bought the shop
in a
A.J.Young ll.nco.1, IHctnenky
ss an Immedl
regards the two things as in
consistent     It remarks  that
"capital Is flowing rapidly to the
lumber trade, and It Is a
i law ol finance that cap-
s from the less produc-
the more   ; i
rises," and adds I   I n
live way of check
ing settlement, and  no more
.nd unwarrantable way
f bleeding poor settlers  ould
be devised."
In reply to the Witness the
Victoria Colonist
"The attitude of the W
illustrates the danger ol discus
sing a subject which I
understand. It Is true that
some i the lumbermen propose
an extension of their mills and
that capitalists are securing
limber limits here and there
throughout the Province. That,
however, is a business speculation in anticipation oi Im
proved conditions and the
natural increased demand in
the future for lumber
The present depression of
the lumber Industry in British
Columbia arises oul oi a tern
po.ary over production of the
western mills, especially on the
Pugei Sound side of the line
The American mlllmen. In order to dispose of surplus slocks,
are selling lumber in Manitoba
and the Northwest Tenltorles
at slaughter prices    The poor
settler, however, dees not get
' this reduction In
but has   to pay full
schedule rates to the dealer
The other day T. Eaton St d..
who are building a large bust
ness blcek in Winnipeg, contracted wiih American mlllmen
ht 1.500.000 feet of lumber at
S4 60 a thousand, a price at
which lhe logs could not be put
mills In British Colum
bia    An thercase was referred
to in the Winnipeg Commercial.
iit which the price to the dealer.
.. il the amount of the
The effect of
n of things on the
lumber industry in British Co
lumbta has been most demoral
>ntlnuedv. HI have
..-, consequencesIn-
'1 vpliciccl Fever Epi'demia
>ps of nil-
'.    '-■
Wmi.i; , : . igfroman enti N sen in
Ic of typhoid fever. Dur-|THF
n weeks there •..,-,
250 cases   I
ind Ihe local
authorities are simply baffled li.
efforts to locate the source IAN
of the A sanltarj ,:in w for
Nl •'■ Y rk IS '.   i NDERI Y INST
investigate   the
,   .1 up Into
Carpel Weaving
,■ i
" ■   "        " ■   .
t;a*e mostly anything wir,t»
A mu Knilling Machine For Sale
J. W. Bacon,  Enderby,  in  Hancock block
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Property call and see-
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, endehby. b. c.
Ac.m !of—   Tn* Ca.ohul lnv«j.im,tnt and Lmh Co..
Tlit Bi • .Toronto,
i ■ ,   . -.    ■
The t,     ,
The Cum dun *
The Gonto -
ThvOnUttd A«ideni Itauta
When you are In need of fine silver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you u ill
best made at lhe ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armsirong, Manager, Armtfrong, B. C.
laro Thirty-live Years Old ws
The Mutual  Life ol  Canada
Wholly for the benefit of the INSURERS therein
If you w..nt a Model and Profit Bearing Policy, ll will pay
you to get our rates and liberal Policy conditions, cheerfully given by our agents or—
Win. J.   I wiss. Manager, Vancouver, B. C.
To save big monej We do not want to carry over the stock
ol Fur Coals. Robes, and Horse Blankets, and vill make big
reductions In the price I. push them out. This Is a rare opportunity, you will not ha ther so good. Come and see.
Our repairing department is In good hands,   work quickly d ne
Receipt Books
.    -
Letter Heads. Bill 11
Envelopes, Buslni
thing that can be ;
inatei cheerfu .
Envelopes. Shipping Tag!
Is, Visiting Cards, invitations
• ;—julckly done at this office    Est!
;ied on every clasi   )l Book and J b
I     Drawer]  EnJ.rL
ll.    tini ii.ct. in...i (i,ii
40 im
St.  >P£   A YEAH


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