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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-03-01

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The  Enderby Progress
With Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
fr      "---^
MM 4-loo?
Volume 3.   Number 41.
Price. $1.50 a Year
Juft come in
Peri-Lu_lre»for Flannel Embroidery
and all kinds of Needlework
Also, some nice neck rouching, put up In boxes ol
assorted colors.
Our Ladies' Shower-Proof Cools are the
most stylish In Ihe Valley, and the price cannot possibly
be beaten.
IS ARRIVING DAILY, and there Is sure to be
something to interest you: so come and look around.
No trouble to show goods.
Orange Grand Lodge.    CALL PUBLIC MEETING.      Presbytery Meeting.
..STOP   AT.
Visiters to lh. northern part ol lhe Okanagan Valley, whether
land hunting, or for pleasure uid aport. can do no belter than
make Ihu home their headquarter. Table and curaine un
excelled Bar replete with lineal wtnti. aplrtu, liqueur., elgart
Wiat__ A.   C.;r;i.  »nd oiher drink.   We hive a
lues (X opirilS  Utgt auenmtnt of ail Ihe well
known branda to chooae Irom.
'    —.       an<l Duy your Harness before
lOme    «W« Raise.
R«p-iYifi.f ■ Specialty
Mr. W. J. Fonlon, returned on Friday from attending the annual conven-
jlion ol the Provincial Grand Orange
Lodge which mel lasl week In New
Westminster, where ht rtpreatntid Enderby Lodge. No. .46 At Ihe convention t laige number ol delegates and
visitors, some 125, gathering Irom all
over Ihe Province to hear the report of
progress which Ihe oliicersol Ihe Grand
Lodge had to make, and to take part in
Ihe proceedings. The (Iiianclil Handing
ol the Order Is most satisfactory The
treasurer's report showed a balance on
hand cn Feb, IS. ol SI..95..S. The
total receipts were $2,46817. and the
total disbursements $992,92, During
the past year three new lodges had been
organiied. and are resuscitated: while
applications were on the way lor three
more: Penticion. Kaslo. and Trail The
amount ol property in tho hands ol
Ihe various lodges had alao Increased
greally. The value ol real etiata
owned amounted to $59,280; value of
personal property, $IO.'i62: insurance,
The next annual gathering will be
held ai Armsirong. member, ol that
lodge being on hand lo offer a cordial
invitation Th. moat worshipful Grind j
Black Chapter will meet in Vancouver,
tn May,
Officer, were elected <a (otlowa: ft
W. J. Muter. Sir Kt. D.C. McLaren.;
K....; fc R. W. D. Master. Sir Kl.
Edwin Bush, Mission Clly; R W. A.
D. Master. Sir Kl. W. S. Jago. Van-
couver: R, W G, Chtplin, Sir Kt.
Jason II. fttni, Victoria. R. W.G,
Rtgittrar, Sir Kt, J. J. Tula,Van.:ouver.
ft.W. G. Treasurer, Sir Kt. ft. F.w<etl.
Vancouver: R.W.G. Lecturer, Sir Kt.
W. E, Dimlop. New Westminster. R.
W. G, D. Lecturer, W. H. Duntnore.
Vancouver: R. *M. G. First-Censor. Sir
Kl. John Walsh. Victoria. R. W. G.
Second Censor. Sir Kl J J. Doherty.
Cumberland: R. W. Flral Sundatd
Bearer. Sir Kl. D. Gibbard. Mission
City: R. W. Second Standard Bearer.
Sir KL E B Langdale. Vancouver. R.
W. G. Tyler. Sir Kt, A Anrtilrong.
Cumberland : R. W. D. G. Registrar,
Sir Kt. C. Elliott. Vancouver.
The officers were appointed ts follow. ■-•-' B. D. C McLaren ol Kam-
Itofaa, grand tnaater: W.B., H.G. Taylor
ol Vancouver, deputy grand maaler. '.'.'
j B. Capt. G. McSpadden. junior grand
I tnaater: W. B.. Rev. de B. Owen. -:'.'.'
j grand chaplain.
C. Garden, and Ju. F. Dale, of En-
derby lodge, were tlio present al tht
Little Girl,
Run Over
AND TELL YOUR MOTHER that the Enderby
Drug & Stationery Co carry the biggest, best and
cheapest stock ol combs, brushes, toilet soaps and
toilet supplies, stationery, candles and (ancy goods In
the Okanagan Valley. Sec our stock before going
TSk Eikderby Drug fc Stationery Co., Ltd.
Clill Street • P.O. Box 77
Fruit Trees to Plant.
One cf Ihe meat useful bulletins that
• hu come lo thia office u No. 20.
"Vaiielies ol Fiuit Recommended" Is.
aued by ihe Provincial Department of
Agriculture. It Is most interesting to
frull grower., containing u It dees an
up-to-date Iv t of Ihi varltlles which
hive been proved to be cotnmetjitlly
successful, and which ire recommended
to Irult grower* by the Department
The lut for the upper country Is as
Lale Summer Yellow Transparent.
Red Astrachan.
j    Early Fall   Duchau ol Oldenburg.
Later - Wealthy. Mcintosh Red,
Cos's Orange Pippin. King of Tomp.
kin.' County.
Latest Jonathan. Wagner, Spilt
enberg, Red Cheek Pippin. Norlhtrn
Spy, Rome Beauty. York Imperial,
Yellow Newtown Pippin.
Hyslop. Transcendent.
Fall   Bartl.ll, Finnish Beiuly
Later    Louise   Bonne  de   Jetsi*y.
Beurre Clangeau. Beurre D'Anjcu.
Al Wednesday's session of Ihe clly
council. It was decided to call. public
meeting lor Saturday evening (tomorrow i, March 2, for the purpose oi discussing the many Important Issues thai
are belore Ihe council and Ihe people
at this moment. The questions for discussion are: Ihe building ol a city hall,
the unitary condition ol lhe lown. the
enlarging ol Ihe public achool, Ihe purchase ol the recrullsn ground, the proposal to remove Ihe China houses from
Iheir present location to a less conspicuous one, and the proposition ol lhe
Rogers Lumber Co. to furnish electric
light lor the lown. So many Important
Isauea being belore litem, li was deemed
ihe besl course lo obtain ihe public opinion on the questions, before proceeding my further.
Al the same meeting ihe bylaw for
regulating Iho liquor traffic was read
a second lime, and passed: while the
bylaw (or regulating the width of streets
wu read a third time, and finally passed,
The latter bylaw provides that no
streets hereafter laid oul shall be lets
than 60 leet In width, while no block
ahall be without an alley at the back ol
not leas than IS feet. No blind alleys
will be permitted.
The non payment ol the dog license
by owners ol dogs In the clly, brought
on a long discussion re the general enforcement of bylaws. At present, only
eight dog licenses had been taken oul.
ll waa finally decided lo Instruct the
Constable to summons all persons fail-
log to pay the dog us and trade license,
on or belore Tuesday neat, March Sih.
The Mayor appointed a committee
consisting ol Aldermen Wcriltingion.
Kenny, and His Worship, to tnee*. Friday evening to consider further urn. ol
the problems now belore lhe cily. I a u
to have Ihem in shape to at
Saturday's public meeting tl was abo
decided to ask Dr. Verner, and Police
Constable Gardom lo attend.
Two letters were read Irom lha Columbia Flour Mills Co. (11, complaining
ot the annoyance caused them by the
stray cattle getting into their yard: and
121. asking that a sidewalk be constructed immediately, coiinectlttglhelr premises wnh Ihe clly sidewalk.. The enforcement ol ihe pound by law being lelt
with private individuals. Ihe clerk was
Instructed lo write the company to that
On motion of Aid. Johnson It was
decided thai nine hours constitute,
day's work on city work, the rale of
wage; being 17 1-2 cents an hour.
The council all lurnel al live minutes alter midnight
Early   Peach Plum
Mid Season    Bndthaw, Monarch,
Prince Eagelbert, Imperial Gage
Lale    Pond's Seedling, Yellow Egg
Campbell's Early. Moore's Diamond
Black Tartarian I-    ai Anne, Blng.
English   Morello.   Early   Richmond.
Belle Magnifique. Olivet. May Dukt.
l,i. Triumph. Yellow Si. John
Lale Early Crawford. Elberta
The bulletin also warns buyer-. l)plml
dealing with Ihe Irees pedlar, saying
lhat the "chancs are lhal he la more
Ignorant of the wares he Is attempting
to sell Ihan Ihe prospective purchaser'
At Ihe name time Ihe bnl!»tin urge-, lhal
provincial stock ia preferable. Being
acclimatised, no time is l%l in a4ap
tatlott to Ihe new condition Anoiher
point in Iavor ol locally grown slock
la this that, nol having (ar lo be
shipped, no loss ; experienced Irom
post or drying out. and as a consequence very lew Irees dlt.
The hall yearly meeling ol the Kamloops Presbytery ol Ihe Presbyttrlan
Synod ol British Columbia, was held In
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, on
Wednesday and Thursday ol this week
The ministers In attendance were
Revs. A. W. ft, Herdman ol Kelowna.
J. G. Duncan ol Salmon Arm, R. G.
Vanse ol Lumby, Mr. Miller ol Shuswap, Mr. Allen ol Nicola, Mr Thompson
ol Ashcroll, Mr. Robertson ol Revelstoke. Mr. Miller ol Field, Mr. McCall
ol Arrowhead. Mr. White of Peachland.
Mr. McDonnell of Vernon. D Campbell
ol Armstrong. Dr. Herdman ol Calgary.
Mr. McKentle ol Albert Canyon, and
Mr. Wylie of Kamloops.
Many Instructive and inlerullng pipers were red .1 the several meetings,
while the reports of the various bran-
chea ol church llle and work were all
cl an encouraging nature.
Rev. J. G. Duncan, Salmon Arm.
waa elected Moderator, lor the half year,
lhe retiring moderator being Rev, Mr.
Miller ol Shuswap
A supper was tendered the visiting
clergymen, on Wednesday evening, by
the Ladies' Aid, and was held In lhe
baseemenl ol Ihe church.
Armstrong Is now lighted by electricity, this week having marked the
completion ol Ihe system which was
being Installed there.
The Rotterdam mall steamer Berlin,
(rom England, with I SI pasaengeraand
crew, wu wrecked oil the Hook of
Holland, at the entrance ol the river
Matt, leading to Rotterdam, on the
morning ol Feb II. Out of 143 who
were on board, only IS were saved.
Thirty children and their principal
were burned lo death fn Montreal on
Tuesday aliemoon. In a lire which oc
curred In. prolestanl school ol the clly.
Five passengers were killed on Ihe
Grand Trunk Railway near Guelph. on
Tuesday, and lorty injured. The train
became derailed and fell over an em
Hon. Jaber Snowball. Governor ol
New Brunswick, died in Frederlcklon
on Sunday evening lut. while on hla
way to church.
The result of Ihe flrat elections held
in the Transvaal la Ihe return of a
Dutch majority, and former Boer gen-
eral Botha is now premier ol the col
ony. The ministry will comprise Gen
Botha. Premie* and Minister ol Native
Affairs. Advocate Smuths, Colonial
Secretary, II Cullman, Minister of
Lands tnd Public Works. H. C. Hull.
Treasunr. Advocate Divilllers, Minis,
ler of Justice. J Blsslk. Minister ol
A peich tree ctn bt tttn ltden
wllh frull buds in Ihe gf'en of Ira
It is understood that one of Ihe
larger rinches situated nut the city
li mil .i will be cul up In stntll holdings,
tnd pliced upon Ihe markel
A number of brethren ol Knderby
Lodge. A. F fc A M . joutneyid lo
Armstrong on Tuesday evening lo
attend Ihe monthly meeting ol Ihe
Brethren there The occasion was
lhe (nm Ihe D D Grind Mister
ll Is reported thtl excellent Indications of the existence of a large deposit
of coal have betn discovered ibout i
mile end i half south A town The
I land has been examined by an expei
lenced prospeclor. and h • considered
{lhat Ihe indications were as good as
any In the province ll Is Ihe in
tendon we understtnd lo thoroughly
explore Ihe ground when lha snow has
■ JE    SVJIS   PRET."
crease In business, .vhich any
increase In population would
mean. And the property owners
also would appreciate a rise in
III    ■ 'aicidl.
.   ■ ii
a    ae'.a". -
llr   put   Ihli
creating  I .1
:s.   To
there musl be; :
A community
an enthusiasm
'    '. ; ia. I'
hing comes to
r the
and (or
1 ■ m| ishthls,
rganlzed effort.
of spirit creates
hich is very apt
is some dlrec-
ring lhat every
lum who waits,,
Barrister. Solicitor, etc.
Dr. C.W. Cross
ENDERBY    -    B C
wed prompt
L.O.I ..No.446
■**• f*y"*
A. F. & A. M.
I. 0.0. F
may have been true In the old
time, but under ihe spirit of the
present age, i' a person wants a
thing, he must get after It.
We believe there Is go-ahead
spirit enough In this town to carry such an association through
to g ,od resulis; and we believe
also that alter It xtrt starteu
thc good etlects would be ftli
:     '
While 1: is n 1 vise to boom;
-.he ', wn. yet %t should get!
better acquainted with one an
olher and one another's wants'
and wishes, and the wants ol
Ihe town and district in general,
and be ready to embrace oppor-i
tunity, 11 any should come
An association of this kind. It
seems to us. would be pleasant,
snd profitable, even If not much
In the way ol « boom came Irom
Will not some oi our b 1
men make a move In '.he matter? 1
sli known real estate man
I eg sal.1: "The ;
valley shi.
and adopt methods to keep their;
claims before the public."
Church Services
S Geopue's Church
Holy Communion:    ist. and 4th
Sir!.,   in ihe month, 11 a.m.; 3rd.
ii I  ih Sundays In '.he month, 8 a.m.,
alto an Saints' Days al 8 a.m.
Ve'-'..'.      K'.e-ry Sunday, i-xntepi llie
2nd in ilia month, 11
! - i and 5ih Sundays In
lhe -  nu.. , I a in.
E   ni ■• • Every Sunday, 7 30p.m.
Frld ■-■ at 7.30 p.m.
I School:   Every   Sunday,
10 a in.
Hou S*itism; by arrangement.
Mission of S. John the Evangelist, Salmon Arm,
SiRVlcas:    2nd.   Sunday  In   the
Methodist Church
Divine  services every Sunday ai
7.30 p.m.
Sunday School and Biblo Class at
2.30 p.m.
Priver meeling, Tuesday, at 8 p.m.
A N MiikHK. Pastor.
St. Andrew's Church
Services at II a.m.   Sunday school
• 45   Rev. D. Campbell, Pastor.
"Con «7."
For Th« Charader of this Tea has
Fifteen 'Loomed up' Conspicuously
Years   Above a Hundred Rivals
Lend Paolo Otlp
Moffet's Best
Is often the Only Difference between Satisfaction and
Disappointment In a day's baking. It's the only Flour
you can afford to use. It's ihe mosi nutritious, delicious
and economical Flour milled today.
MADE   IN   BRITISH COLUMBIA  Irom   selected
western hard wheat, and contains much gluten.
TSa Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd., Enderby
«'.- ■ -■    t  ■>■'.»     N>'
IIItr ...
The Week concludes a laud-
.' the Hon.
Ichard. Mc Bride Premier o*.
C. predicting that he will be
rentier cf C.inada in Isss than
n years, and possibly will
iv v    ■       l> • ...-
No, 372.
i to eertlly
that Dm   '. :•
pany. Untiled."
.   ■-
l-c ■   !.
and to any out at effect all
■ ,*my ia
situstt at
,: in the
Bank of Montreal
Capital, ill mM up, SM.tOfl.OOO Kelt. tlO.000.000
Silence end Lou account. SVi.'.tlli 11
ill ,V>   Oirtil.   MONTMAL
wthotrutui Meuni Royal G. C M C.
D-.Bernard t C. M C
t   E S Cltidlon
A Ceneral Banking   Utineta tiauactal
.     .   - II la tht Utaittd Staiaa Satan wl Citili.
iew|ejin,( Ailtt ted Di»t.n Cny.
Savines Bank *""""-   » •-
mm ▼ linear   »*_•■■_  tt, mm % amti tl m/m, ntm
--■.-■ r.n.r..^,. ta^'fjaafa    Wkhlrewllt ee ttmrni •hUal
dally.   Kit -hits ar-l Caeatuy Sail
.   . ...   -an mi itsttt*. D.ttfict i.-«*ut.'t reetiaed
-  . -eat (,«n la At kiailut tr M»«i,iat, tad
Notes and Comments
*ar promises to be
he history ol this
It is admitted on every
-.and that a period oi greal de-
-  ,   - ■    ill mark the year
•"   ■ ' ;' -•
a determined
.   ■
Date        re. aii
ay. as i        -        ith. that
not think tl ■■ such a
• .
All ',:
i pu*
ry sun        ■• them
it lithe
a" OUt'
; •        ,       ■ •
||            • lnd talk
overth* ythere
is nol .; -
whs cai a iittle In*
The man  ..h   went out to jn a boulder
in the middle ol the pasture
and waited lof the cow to back
up was a twin to the man who
kept a store and wouldnt advertise because he reasoned that
the purchasing public
back up to his place ot business
when it .vanted something.
• had gone tc press
, in came to hand
I imposed C. 0. D.
id been abandoned
Post Ollice Department
It Is reported thai mis ciur&e
-n pursued bee.
the si- | altlon a mch
e-h and
-,-mortals  of
...... i
• '-..
• ■ ■
lhal ihe dro)    .
i    Ctve
: Columl
i. ihu Company
.   .   it.
nber manultctiittu and titer
a ejemral mercantile.
' .tint, tnd ,*;attaciinfbiiiihts*.
alto the a .    ,.;--   .
■ut, of an* and
-   a    .
.  •   ......
and Itta-hi*
.      t I
«em«m, for any
and all |utf..-» ol titer*, ttrtamt,
.  ii - . n and the
- the u t hy others
- ,  ■
>> ...*;• * Ol
.,, Iisi.. .1ral RrgvlaUetat.
^ItV :  ■■  a    - ;    I •
..... .
'    acrea at Mt,
. ••• i.
- treaaited 1* rettsi-e
,   ,    ■ ,,.. ...
' tht lied wtattt year let
'«t 1! Ilttllhll
I decetv •      - -i'.a-l.e*
,   , ■
,   ■
"1-1(1'    •
-    •   S.i  !('      ft :    '■*   .  ,   !..'.. a.|-
Seeds    Trees
NO Seedltai Ptumi, NO PttltM
Applet. NO CoMtie Com.- jusi old
tellable vaHettea at iftiotttble price*
Fertilitet*. Bee Sufaplies. Spray Pumta.
Spraying Material. Cut Ftoven. etc
mainland ct B. C   Catalsfit Iretv
.. =, -kn c,, ant Seed Hornet
-.-/.' B    C
PS 11 yew !£{ti mtiehantt do
nMhanilltitiyieadi.a»iiddireci We
prepay fifty packets aborted traittiiea
cl garden teedi in Se paper* netted
ttock*. to yew neatesi Pail Offtct lot
SI,00. twenty packeu ler 10«., trial
cafe*! ten,
SAt   C CtVuJ?.;"
Trees  W Slirnbii
P  E 0  P  L   I.
sctino >u< Hf.r.
in'." oaaut.
-•. i --
Wm. A. Matheson
.---   a       A,,-, l... it.* Nu.etf.c. of
Steal tv Wi li tin,    •
th     Al . Aetnl for Crown Toil"
-tin,    ' ■ I t --i.e-v. (Mlieaa
at.^e.Mea.c, . *,...a awt 111waiul —I
S",t, ,.-.--., ...   -    • m r\aa-¥e*
,_.'...,       .,    •arfi.ttJ^C««___.
•-.,,*- MKMta  -filaili
a—,' ,r - -rr Mean rSa* -ee,|i«»'ia.
r...... -.,e- ii. »t^ *■»-. trt tta,,.
"Scientific Jimkvk.
t, ** v •• -•(* i *mm*t» •»•%'».  t*********
■ ••!    -     '••lhlMrih«ttl     M*l
(.M-f.   ., 1 r ai.~aa>er<e.- ai
by lueiyiiit; ihlt
itllaWt.h' !»•«*.
high Eli'-   war.
Ir.; r-atleloc.
National Sewing Mathint Co,
ratr.iB   ti itri.ait.ier in /I*
Weekly Budget ol Interesting   News   and Doings ol that
Thriving District, (rom our Regular Correspondent.
The Anniversary services held In
Ihe Methodist church, on Sunday last,
proved very successful In every way.
There were good congregitlons both
morning ind tvenlng. Dr. While vis
In good lorm, and delivered two masterly addresses on modern dlsclpleshlp,
The choir rendered able assistance,
with appropriate anthems and solos.
The oyster supper and concert, on
Monday night, was very largely attended.
As usual the tables were laden with
much mora appetising dalntiea than
could possibly be eaten, but judging by
lhe amount done away with Ihe crowd
had evidently been starving up lor some
time (or lhe occasion at all events,
everyone enjoyid thtmselvtj to the
The concert passed oil very nicely.
Ihe many and varied musical numbers
calling forth enthusiastic applause and
repeated encores: while the addresses
delivered by the dlllerent speakers were
very entertaining. Mr. Calvert's address wat especially well recelveo. being
in his usual hearty and witty style. Dr.
While spoke at tome length on the resources and development of B.C.. comparing Ha prospects to those ol the
older and less ferule slates and nations.
Home Circle Department
Simple Thoughts as thty Fall Irom lha
Editorial Pin.   Pleaaaut Evanlnr Ra
veer,   i liiietasting Reading.
"Would you have the world belter and
Then light up the way as you go:
Make some Utile part ol It lighter
With beam.'. Irom your life's steady
Mike Ihe world you live In your debtor.
As through II you |ourney along.
Be good, and lhe earth will grow betier;
. Do right, and the right will grow
Trim the lamp that is lelt lo your
And Ian ll wiih breezes of hope.
Lest shadows your llle o'er creeping
Leave others in darkness to grope."
One active beech nut, given a
chance will result In a iorest.
One little thought started right
will go round lhe world and
keep on Us travels. It gets
there by moving, not by sluing
sulkily in the sawdust and wishing it were a plum pudding. Move on. Catch on. Hold
last as long as you can. and II
and prcphttying thai ihe population ol you are knocked oil. grab lor
the Province would retch Ihe 50.000,
000 mark within the century, and staling that Salmon Arm was naturally
lilted in many ways lo take a prominent
place In the vin of all future progressive
movements. One very sad and unfortunate break In lhe programme was the
result cf the effect the oysters had on
our worthy Reeve, Ihey used him up so
badly he couldn't apeak.
Thete public gathtrtngi art bright
spots in the hwory ot our community,
and we hope thty will bt continued with
equal success In years to come.
Mr, and Mia. Ferris Bolton hate return eri Irom visiting the caul, and will
stay with ui lor a lew weeks belore
the next car that comes along
and you will gel '.here. Bui
don't start In the wrong direct-
Ion Do nol siarl lor the drunkard's grave, or you will be sure
to to get there. Do not siarl In
to go It blind whenever some
"smart rleck"blows the horn
(or you ;o (all In, lest you tail
In where it Is deep and even
remain thete. Be active or get
out ol the way. and In the year
see how much better oil In
mind, bedv. and comforts you
will be.
•    *    •
Don't be a grumbler. Some
people contrive tc get hold of
Spring Footwear
Watertight BOOtS,  both short and high leg, in English Kip and Oiled Grain Leather.
LECKIE'S Favorites, $2.50, 3.75, & 4.00
"        Loggers, $6.50 & 7.60
OUR OWN Special Hand made, $4, $5 6c $6.25.
We guarantee every pair ol our Watertight boots.
LECKIES" Boots (or the Boys and Girls In Box Call and Grain Leathers KNOW NO
We have a Splendid Assortment ol Women and Children's Shoes in Stock—they
will please you.     ll will pay you to purchase your boots and shoes (rom us.
McCallum & Wilcox, arm™
going on loDalltngfoid Mr Bolton in-j,he pr|cky „de 0( everything,
tends winding up hu Manitoba butlneat w -_„ up ag_,n„ !ne snatp
affairs this summer, and will return to | comers. and llnd OUl all the
Salmon Arm in the (alt to lake up hla _|a«gree&ble things, Hall the
residence on lhe Lyndhurtl Ranch,      ,treng,h   8pen,    in   growing
Mr. Riddle and faintly came in Irom would .llien set things right.
CtotUieWs lui week, and win make You may as well make up
iheir home en lhe properly recently your mind, to begin with, that
purchased irom Elder Young. no one ever lound lhe world
Mrs Shaw, and Mus Beattie. of U he would like ll: but you are
Shuswap. were vutiora m the Aim an to take your share ot lhe Iroub-
Saturday and Sunday last lies, and bear Ihem   bravely.
Butldii« apearauona caniimw ubcuk j You will be very sure to hive
at ever. In our rapidly growing town ., troubles laid upon you lhat be-
E. Ttomba la erecting a Resuurann long to otherpeaple unless you
and house that will nil a long, «• * shirker yoursell: but dorVt
lelt want in ihu community. Jackson gamble II the work needs
It Paikei have jmi completed a iscit, doing, and you can do It. never
shed on Jas Evans property. E Pool "Und about the other person
hat untitled hit house and bam on hu *h° ought» have done it and
Met. the new lown itte «*h.   Those workers who llll
With t*a*m*m+4*imtmu ? ,ne 8?D5- 8nd sT?,,h. **^
.«.-..,..ce. V,Z KaS,e.n ..... 'he rough spots and finish up
Ztrnvmantm » com. t. Salman *• I* "'he,rs *'***>**>***'***>*
eatmJtTmt?tf maktng I hati horn. ,ne/ »re'he '"» P«f «"»*«.«
.«_»„. RMi«Ui..dii__m-i»n and-wlhawlule loi of growl
The New Store
I carry a Full Line ol Plpea. Tobaocc.
Cigars and Cigarettes. Electric Lampt
Batteries. Telephones. Come and Inspect my stock ol Jewellery. Watches
and Clocks. Raters and Strops A fine
assortment ol Confectionery. Fancy
Goods. Music and Musical Ituirumenta.
f tcture potlcaidi and albums, mirrors.
Japanese goods, books and phttogtt-
phic supplies. My Suuonery Line u
complete. Com* and see our goods
Prices are cut line and terms are unci
ly cash, One price io all. Agent tor
Wall Paper and Moulding. Your pat.
rtnage is retpectlullr solicited.
S. H. Lawrence
Capital paid up   S2.SCO.000 00
Tout Asseu
Reserve Fund   S2.SCO.000 00
ISOAKX 000.00
Hon Wm. Gibson. President
Heed Office i  HuhUm J. TurnknM, Central MeMgtt
100 Offices Throughout Canada
A general banking business transacted.        Rancheia' Notes Discounted
Collections made.    Drills sold, payable at all points in Canada
and lht Untied Slates
and upwards received, and interest compounded every 3 months.
Salmon Arm Branch:   « w SM,TH
* '■'  ~i ■■■
Jackson & Parker]
Builders Is
P.O Bet (22
*. C
Plans and Estimates Furnidtrd
Caitiootfc Emery, ed Deep Creek.; Tht Nm No p^ ,)n, Cr,r
sold their ranch to Jas Evlht. last Cure Lata would be neel-d if all
•at*. ! C--ngh Cures were like Dr  Shoep'i
Thttubieciliirdebalelolietakenup'Cough '•**** and has beenfor 20
b» the Stiver Creek DtMli* Society. rt»'t. The Nttlonil Uw now requires
on Saturday night. March 2nd. will be; thai ll any poiaons enter into t c.ugh
Resolved, lhal lumbermen are ot more
beneftl lo a community than ranchers
II any ol out Salmon Arm readers
art not receiving their paters regularly.
Ihey are requested ts inform Ihi pub-
Ushers II ence
mitture it must be primed on lhe libel
or package For this reason mothers
Mid others. shcuM insist cn daring Dr.
Shoeps'Ceugh Curt. No poison mitkt
on Dr Shoop's labels and nam in
j tht medicine, else ll t.uI by Uw be
on ihe label.   And it's not ■ Hy tale.
" Ptevenccv will promptly check a' tut it _ said to be by ihose that know
cold cr the Grippe when taken early or it ted a truely remarkable cough
it the "sneete stage" Preventict cure remedy Take no cHance. perticu'arly
staled colds as well Prevenlics are wiih rent children Imut -it hiving
lillle candy Cold cure laMrta. and Dr Dr Shop's Ctugh Cult. Compere
Sheep. Rtcine. Wis will gUdly mill --artfully'- Dr Shoop packer *****
tou samples and t book on Colds free others and tee. No poison marks
if you will write him   The   simple* there I  You can always be on the sale
Heart Strength
n'«i*ti--rv   •H-_nv,,v._.; rtMf,m\a+^
Hl-'-cH'e   -rtS'fl' *._!• -*!•-..'      f       ■       I' *
tUv-ll tr*'*,' «wi i-ttM it. * |..- Ifw, I. Mii
pit   avt-ta'ia   -tiamftw-!       |t   I.   «.>.,-<.   »!«_••  ft
kmmi-t- Uai* h*n* 11*' »*»■•- taiiMbiut
ttVHeM«M:t»'MV'~tt*<-,r>1W   .<*  II'_rl   V   •,.
-*l»Mtn*vlt i^t-Mlatv ttf*it pm*t ri-Atvi
tt.      ii , »).-*.   t    .-„,♦,    t    ...     t
****** '   a"'.       ***    '■        "'•It'      ll*.- at   •   ti        -a
•tl l»H   t*A I'e    Uiftatth ft-l   k«T'*)t »■_■, |«t«
■Ik****** ***•**-itr It*-* Af |N*M*«
TM* fVttfli *t»bl«« «h-r. ft* ft f^>Hv<'« fit
«V* ;  t fc..-   -a, »,»,        |»„   ,„,,.    \.,...   „   .  .„»,
W ■<••.*•  I »  '  -#|1'*nt    I"   ■* -■;'..- .,     ,*\
tf.** cftf-e-* .!•". o '••> t**f.1*i* i*lt*ia>ltMf. *#■***%.
tr* r«»!t A*itrtm \n Pt«an%. t R<**<#-llw~ t*|«
hit1** |*""* r   r—tt ttolt* ■! •..i..| lo (-Vi*
«»•_ •- 1 **.1 f 'rfft* tt-'tf. If \t;iVit.
*l"aU-*"_1h"!.i    M    «•  tt tm\   ******* htftfl ttl If.
II f*t tttM '.at* atttr-i If.fttl*   *1^^ *\.
f-^im. •l^r*l^»l-1 f-.- ,n*n»* - tf^lim
•*  -i ft* • '.-V I   ttftli
Dr. Shoop's
Do you read
The-Family Herald & Weekly Star
The Enderby Progress *\
Then read on—
We beg lo inform our readers thai we a-ill again
club THF PROGRESS x\*.b ihli greal weekly
On account oi lhe reduction in price ol your local
parier. we can now pul lhe Family Herald and
WVrkly Slar and Thr Pi gresa
Togetner  tor
prove Iheir merit. CheoTt early Colds
wilh Prevenlics and stop Pneumonia
Sold m 5c ind 2Sc botes bv Endeiby
Uti* and Stationery Ce
sidtbydemindingDr shocpaCough The Enderby Orug & Slaty Co,
Cur*. Simply f'.i- l- a-.eietany
olher Sold or Enderby Dnig ind
Stallontry Co.
Advertise in 'Progress
Pi-ysble Slricily n advance This oiler good lor shori lime only
AND PLEASE NOTE—Thai ll you are already a subscriber
lo The Puc-GRess and *lshlo take lhe Family Herald tor renew
(or III. lhal we can give you good terms. They will be sem on
receipt ol a postal asking (or same THE ENDERBY PROGRESS &  NORTHERN OKANAGAN HERALD.
Is  here, and with U Ihe  Pi wlncla
Municipal elections; but properly transier:
.   ■  ■■■ : ih- same,an III a ■: -dye
1 have many buyers—both local and otherwise—and can sell property in any part M Ihe
Okanagan and Spallumcheen Valleys al rlghl price
and terms.
have anything io teller   business, residential or
pleas* list II with tne, and I will endea
.-.,. enlrusltd lo me satisfactory to you.
Write tne (ar further partlculrrs at Armsirong.
11. P. LEE,
OFFICES: Enderby. Armstrong and Vernon
rhe only Land Agent who toviri ilea
Oi.aiiai:ir. Vi'ley.
i n: -ttoa-B :*anfrsc»s ,*mmn i.iMXdtSi •; unm.
A. Fulton
Tin and Plumbing Shop
Call and Sec our Splendid Stock of;
Ranges, Cooking, Heating Stoves
Ail Kinds oi Kitchen and Dairy Supplies
Builders'   1 lardware, Mechanic's Tools
Agents lor Da LAVAL Cream Separators.
lay night
lor Scat' i will make a
ey tr. acectnp-
os lar as Kamleapi.
where the will twill a iimi visit I
F a llaworth wu over Irom the
Mt Unit,.
i to    Enderby Lodge No  40 A K ir A.
IM. waa paid an olii.' -
lhe! Br   Hightitan. D. D, G. M., on Thur-
• v.       .       '   -    .
Kamlcots on I**9*
aj H
in, having tee
I    .   .:;--    ,  -
ice ol time we shall
tin   run •     a ll
■■ e   ■-   "■ -*
i in ihe 1
ioaltee left later
■ aiuttUitct that
: tf Eureka l»dg*, No. SO.
II h.U an "Al Home." on
,   est. Match 6. in
tho M The evening'a en-
*l1* lettalnmeni will consist tf game*, and
thile light refrethmttiti will bt
In all ?•'lability, tnd lm-
i ,p the evening
.        ailed
The plans and specification t»-i tho
;6th, at
;. of Armstrong.
It     al hu
W. Elson was a business visitor to
Vernon on Wednesday.
The freight train spent half a day
here on Wednesday shunting around.
Wc understand that lhe Mo Connlck
prop'rly has been sold.
il. II Worthlngtoii, Ira C. Jones,
F. II. Hasard. R, Waddell and Ye
Edllcr were business visitors to Ver-
nun on Tuesday.
Two families arrived In town on
Monday. Houses lo renl are now al
a premium.
The Enderby junior hockey team
deleated the Armsirong juniors on
local Ice on Monday evening by a
score ol 5 lo I
In Ihe return   game between the
ladira hockey teems   o!    Armstrong
| and Vernon, playrd in Vemon on Saturday nighl   lasi,  Armstrong  again
proved victorious by a score ol 2 lo I.
Two carloads of settlers effects bt-
longing lo C. G. Bowes came in this
week.   Matthews and Evans are busy
..   ,- II out to Mr. Bowes ranch on
Deep Creek.
While In  Vernon on Tuesday we.
,• titers visited F. Franklin In
the hospital there   Mt Franklin is still
very sick, and white a little improve-
reported, the sufferer Is still
unable io move.  He is completely
prostrated by  Rheumatism, and hu
' l ,:'-at pain. We are pleased lo
tale ihtt word reached town yealerdty
tliat litem had been a maiked improvement in Mr. Franklin's condition.
We ate sorry lo stale lhat lite infant child ol Mi, and Mra. Marwood
hai bttn vry tick.
Workmen are   no* <?t,gaged upon.
lhe consiructlem ol a pipe line Item
e Ranch, i
te. (Uintah a supply ol water lor domes.
H Hutel wu down Ir nt Mabel lak*
enWedntsaay.   Mr, Httpel says that
• tint time in icn years that
he uw the Uke Iroien over.
ft. Ft. vn on Monday
-   ,   ■
t the Reeve-
ship cl the thriving municipal.!..' id the
south el us seem to sit lightly upsn
his bread aboul,
Mall Syria, a Norwegian, was breug
ht htfitt (wlic* Magistral* Rosoman
lay morning, on suspicion (I
belie * unM-nd mind. He U employed cn die stctiM gang, and eatly
on Tuesday mcntitf knocked at the
door cf Antilla; "ihe section boas
haute1 asking to com* in. saying lhal
- " g It* -snAi to happen.
His behavior a* itighteited the in-
nealei. that C-iui*M* Gardom waa
called, and ihi nan was taken lo tlw
lockup. Th* Msgitimta remanded
him lar a day. al the tame time old-
eting lh* man ta be medically eaatn-
tned and treated This wu don*, and
the Norwegian acaeatcd btlort Mr
Ruorttan again on Wednesday A -. lh*
man had quieted tom and appealed
This is The Time for
Warm Clothing
of All Kinds
We have some splendid lines In Under
wear for Men, Women and Children.
Secure a Mackinaw Jacket before Ihey are
all gone, also a pair ol Shoe-packs, before
Ihe soft weaiher arrives.
Everything good in lhe Grocery line.
Metcalfe & ^Jh
We have |ust added lo our equipment
2-Seated Surrey
Of latest design.   It Is an elegant and comfortable- riding tig,
and juat the thing In which to drive a friend around ihe district.
City   Barter   Shop
H. N. Hendrickson. Bell Block
Cirl Wanted.
For light housework and h«!p caring
lor small children,  Address
"Baa J",
Armstrong. BC
Registered Farriers
McNeill & McEwen
Repairs ol All Kinds Promptly Attended IV. Horse Shoeing a Sp*-
c-ally.   Implement and Cycle Agents
r- wi Aiiiia nr roar
Mr. N, H. Kenny, government
< teietvei ai Endetby, lurnuhes the loi
lowing record ol the temperature, and
general state of the weather lor ihe
■standi A January
kly as H
1 Brandon Mat
bet llth. 1907
' is on loot in '
• Newt, la enquire u
i tf Shuswap i
ed al Suinmtr
will be known! miaul, and up n hit tadwr proiniiing
11 hargi •
IN lift her
have be!
;. abqoim-
1 ulam.  li te inapt ***** and a refreJt
I tr ol the spirit;   ll tl recognued by
j ih* meal pramtneni phtrsiciant to have
th ns gluten and
1 nttragtn g to   Dr.   John
akiey Letlts-i. a noted   medical
•    -  ' ** * '«' arm*, its slaying rowers and capacity
******* - • repalil.« the body's tmtet are
' tor, great but all ihu n depended noon
'    - tea beiitjgt^i at a high elevation
«; and thetefateol line nualliy. and this
.can always rely upon obtaining
■   • * *<(hl**)ntsa.%tIMyMrtea is gotten in lht wtll
K ■•"•
•    n
-     •
r tb*
M   'a
•tied lead packets ol the Sal-
ads Tea
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means ad
vancemam. To have
a strong constitution
one mual have the bast
meats, and that's what
you will And at the new
brick block. Alwaya
Irash. juicy and lander.
Geo. R. Sharpe
Fruit Trees
Homt Crown Nursery Tree*
Apples. Plums and Prunes
(or sale lor spring planting
For varieties and prices apply
to Manager,
CeMMream I.let. Co.. Ltd.
vtanoni a c.
A Business Change
Mrs, Tlngstrom begs lo Inform the public that she has
laken over the Restaurant and
bakery business lately earned
on by Mr. J. McQueen, and
hopes for a continuance ol the
patronage which has been accorded the business In ihe past
Hit v.
• * ke M
• . H M
Drug and Stationary Co ant
. '-eg; lei announce thtl
■take all manner
.-• . • - -
id        Otdersrnai
lh* this Office cr
-   "nion Restaur-
8 1-410
A I 2in
;- Jin
• "tiperittire for below Zeis n
the eoM*M night was that ol Feb.
2nd. wh*n tlte thermem*l*r slo.d tl
-    . • a Zero
Hoi Springs Sanitarium
Not under Ihe mirugominl ef
!-;.»•■   MrlinoiM.   Ilollmin Horn*
, Rotiland
• i ■ ". !■« wtwt ai Haleyea «i ta,
-•ee ealtnrt It tse .-• a* A aaalan
' -.- c. ..- • l, Itt 111 '.a..-'- . a-1 Maatt
ai Duwaes. Liver. It Jeer ani Si.-aeeae
' "et.ia IB ".e.-e malt IMI ll ten* tr ati- ci[ iaiaalaoaa-M
Ttetma.tletto tit .- «•••    Pel' .».-
...   -    a-. ,pp\y It-
Hakyon Hot Springs
Arrwie Ukt. I C
W. Elson
Having just received a line
selection in Ihe latest styles in
panlings. will be pleased to receive and make up orders during
Ihe winter months al Eden
House, until spring work begins
Your order will be appreciated


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