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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1906-03-23

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 The End<
erby .fr ogress
MAR 21  901
romA. e ■-•■■
With Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 2.   Number 45.
ttNDERBY. B. C, MARCH 23 1906
Price, $2 a Yi-ar
Staple Lines in Stationery
■__—_■___ _■___—_— ■ —— i nmn—auw. --M-».*>MM_a-M
Day Books. Journals, Ledgers, Letter Books.
Cash Books, Carbon Letter-copying Books.
Desk Blotting-pads. Blotting-paper In Sheets.
Typewriter Paper, Pen Rack*.
Paper Clips, Stephens' Inks
Menu Tablets.Wire Letter Basket*
General °"'c' Pins'Sh,nnon File
Fine Pads and Envelopes, Papeierirs, Memo.
D.   NAIRN   &   CO.
1    ui !  x- ill"   I' -1 '   '      •'   ' ''il-
• | i: rhurtdiy tllemi mi ol next
The mual weekly meeting ol the
City Council was held on Wednesday.
His Worship Ihe Mayor and ail the-
ft. R»c. lell lor Hope, on Monday. Mi9'"wn ***** **'9i9V'*
where he ha* accepted* position with     A hu*   ■» ,ec,iv,d
A, W. Johnston. D. L. S
from the
Education Department, lu reference io
__^^^^^^^^^_^^_      ***> extension ol the clly school district.
Meurs. F. H. Hale. G. McCormlck Th, j,p,r,nlent stated that the city's
andF.V. Mallet were those of Ettder-prop0j,.|on w, mi„ COiu,lderatlon.
by'aclliiens returning on Mondty Irom mi ,h]t ,|ie nuti.r would be settled
business trips lo dlllerenl parti ol tho ,klw M |,„|e (jctay as possible.
Province. '    A letter was received   Irom  the
A. Sutclili*. who lell lor England a Columbia Flouring Mill* Co, asking
short while *g«. sent a post card lo Ihe lor permission to lay a tramway acros*
writer, dated March 10th. on which CWI street and along th* river bank to
day he wm just sailing Irom New York.! their power house, lor the purpose ol
operating small pu,h cars lor Ihe con-
veyance ol wood Irani ihe sawmill, t j
be use J as fuel.   This was t
the Board ol Works.
Visitors to ihe northern pan ol the Okanagan Valley, whether
land hunting, or lor pleasure and tport, can do no belter than
make thu home their headquarter*, Table and amine un.
excelled. Bar replete wiih lineal winet, tptrtu, liqueur}, cigart
■ELL r_, murphv
Pro*, talon
\*at'.*.n* k,   6»Mla  ***** ****** ******   W* have a
Wines OC OpirllS Urrl ataotwieniolallth* well
kr.iwn brand* lo chooa* horn.
Mestrs. W. A. Dobson. W. P.
Gooch, Geo Bell and F, H. Barnes
visited Vemon cn Wednesday.
. Mr, Mile* who tor tom. time hu, AttXWWmitnm Mrs. UmbeM,
been chief clerk In th. general .towid S8C,.wry „ ,„, ytmm Wom.„.s
Harvty _. Dobson. 1.11 on Wedneadayj QmA   -,,, .,„„ ^ „___, ,, ^
lor Kamloops. where he «««» '"lo (onlling 0| in Okanagan branch ot the
butlnea* lor himseli. having purt*a«d ?nlm(m Atlt(.Tub9rculoju 10d„
a ttock ol groceries al lh. Inland'  *^**^^^^^^^^^^*m******m
W. T. Broderlck came In Irom
■tevebtik* on Tuesday, and a
lew Jays in tawn.
The Methodist Ladies' Aid will held
a Handkerchief Sale in the Orange
Hall on Easier Monday alitmoon.
April 16. and witt give a conceit in the
Tha nam. ol th. new Anglican mm
The attempts o! Messrs Harvey k
Dobson to close the thoroughlare lead.
Ing Irom the loot ol the bridge, along
the river bank, lo the premises o! Ihe
Columbia Flouring mill Co., has provided Ihe topic ol conversation this
A little while ago posts were erected,
one on each side ol the road claimed
as prlvale properly, and gales made all
In readiness lor lhe final act oi barring
entrance to the road. This was done
on Tuesday, ol March 20th.. when
precisely at 12 noon lhe gates weie
duly hung and closed and a guard
stationed In (rant ol them; at the same
time the following nonce was posted
The properly over which lhls
road runs has been closed lor 24
hours, Irom noon, this 20th. day
ol March. 1906, in order to protect
the rights ol the owners. All per.
sons may use the same, subject
lo our rights.
Harv.y & Dobson.
City of Endcrlty
Nine* it hereby (Wen ttt.t t' •
litt( el th. annul Cmh al R* «**.!. el tht
MunitsptMiiy et the Cny el Eathiby will H
' - *. »t Dm Cttui ii ' 1** ■
day. lh* Mth, day ol Arant. 1*3*. at H
e'claek «.m.. lar lh. parpa* el btttiM
eomplainta atainst ummmm* u ma*
by ih* Amatar. utA lor rnutag tad ate,
leeting th* ttmutam tf ta* Cny .1
El '..if.
By Otiler.
CRAHAM ROSOKAti ta tin Municipal Council,
Emkitiy. Mueh 14th. I»*.
Spall umchetn Fanners'
A meeting ol lh* above will be held
at th. Town Hall. Endetby. on Thursday. March 29th,. al I o'clock p.m
Lectuteawlll be given on Mvetal
tubject* interesting and Mlttntctlv. to
I',.      e   ,_„    I ,.       ...
John B, Bird, Sterelary.
20th Match. 1906,
Seed Potatoes for Sale.
Early Harvest. Blias Red River,
Triumph, alio teveral kinds of bl.
potatoes can be had cl
W.C. T.U. O-aoialra In lc,t„la
ton; Vict Pitt.. Episcopal Church.
, Mrt, Lawes: Vice Pre*., Mtthodul
regular iiiHling of lh. nr** union will m wa^ nxmaty to become ta
bt Held on Hit fourth Thuradae «* ptrt |« ite ui. eJiht rtdt,
each month.
In a lown the tit. of Endetby. «v«n.       Salmon Arm Items.
ther. ii much with which Ihu tsttnl ■>
tocttty may engage in. and no deUbt. With ibt opening up of apnaf,
lh.bdm.inlhtirendrtvourtoprom.te mat tt picking up, and .tiller;
interest ot tht people at brgt. will coming in
and atktdth* support ol tht city council .,          ,.   _.    ...    .
'      , However, the gates did not remain
cl Eni.rby In the, and also (n^Hi^iong, & Provincial Constable
thai they would send a delegate to a Gardom. on inlormation laid, came,
meeting which it was proposed lo hold armea with a warrant authartting lum
very *oon,o( which lurther notice wall to remove any ob*tnictia:u. look the
be given,   Th. clerk was instructed to J.1" 'T ^l""'.' h*'**V,i'* ********
,..,..                  ,, them against the store building
ackncwltdgt th* letter, informing Mra A ^ ,.m, m,g„M wore placed
Lambert lhal the Council were entirely in poiilion. and again removed by the
tn sympathy with the movement, and constable, who earned them  . -
would moal likely appoint a dtlegattaa ********** more was dont till Wei
.   . alt".:           »   -
,  „ not        •   . • at  "irespaaaera will be
A letter wti received Irom AM., ,,  ... ,
.tier.. Ar.mirong.aRrr. King. no. b,,„Lln tttfy Icith. Counetl'. .equeal ZiZmtfA madS'to obstruct .he
Davb. at arptattdin cur item bat thai h. would submit lor approval highway by piling auvewood acrasait
■ ph" to****} h« he proposes to by Tw, „„ ,,_,„*, b m coni(jbls
Mb* L Y^ wh, hat b,*n vrnJ^StStfd*"* "" M' """'*, W'' W!»*_:
_.•. a.     r_  ii ..         ..               . ..
tag wnh Mr*  Geo. Htgglt,   I th-     A,i Kenny gave notice that at the d<«* nai wish ta ptntijiienily black the
Stapntjr Ranch, reiumtd io her h»mt = ma; meeting el uV                 -   ild highway, but t ik the steps lhat have
on Saturday la*    Advtrl   •            j bring in a by bw io regubie the width ^n _•,„, i9 prov,, M pjr h,.
Tb.ltx.lSiS.t««a..o»o..h.D!m.:8,Ke,,                       , 'uZdtittSli
inHmRilleAafcaciatliHiaitliuiYauoU.„»,«,,. p^c improvement* were L.S^'^fflSS. a3
tug member* lor the year,   Thu it a ttady lor^pnuentatlimyet.   Thechair which imoicveinenii he does nol wish
The deed
Chutch, Mia, Tttet: StcrtUiy. Mrl	
McMahon; Trtaturtr. Mr*. Paul,   Tht apitodtd acurct Irom which to cbiam ***** ***** *»** ** Wo*** "fl'ed il>"teVbime.*byV|he eiir
..    ,—  _■ ..... —, .,„    . ,h,l > It*ttw*a* ltd      It* -ill   thai MM     ... .*.    /'.
thit they trwt nol   Ht aald  hat one ^ „„ p,,^,, „„ wh|ch hl 1|M0 .nj
f.„'nl_?, ,^* a \" .. a ° othtr binding* aland, ahowa thai the
j lonely walkaiound ihe city, and at S,ue,t«iad to the water, edge, ani
aa rest*, wat much dtacouraged; lor Mf Harveyjt.tea that no roid was
don.  wit •impl*  appaliii*    A
> aaypuu. butt-1•»"***»*« ** <*m^ ,h*! ******     Mayor Bell, quetlietttd with regard
iMtdtn •**»i1ir*iP,*0,*J_ U "m* *** "Lwh""h ,0 lo lh* clly* tnlentiani. aald lhal ihey
n mdhmtlf •W*P"*J^ *?l"m"B*   SU'S!! ***>*** ***** '*<•>        « **   "* ******
■ M»»mti/!umc_1K*|Bf.|j,raur,W0.|(( be »•-,„   . . .
.   ..oil ficnuh* cmteiu mwtd la Irom Agatau bit wttkand the ground could be worked   which ™j£T ,| ^,on,ccoi_iioliihaviw
who ait destrattsel mingawh»le«im. «t litriif so the pbet ht biUgtit from wa* impoMjble at preaent. teeing that ,„,„ ^ b/ |h,m ,M , ,   .
moral almetplMft glow 141 with Ut. B. Peltr*. elastta lo».t   Chu II   ■■ ***** *J**«*****• For 11 utitd that thu road exuted over
community. Bmktand lamtljr aiw*d Irom Did*. ^ ?1STS « S!l^«__i «T "' '      '"Inanyeaii
"" " ' ,   _   9 0 clock, and al the moment cl id- it,. ej/n„t,,„ '*,mj., ,1,. nm»..        .
but, ihi. week and moved en ta Ih. T, imtlmm, Dr,  Vtmer entered the  h   ' .'..'.,
rARMEIteV INSTITUTE MttTMO,   , ».     .       which he purchated, and c chamber    He Hated that 1
J Saiidwa-aliumaelstromHapl- wished 10lay1- iiavm. been
A meeting of tht   S9*l(a*n.'heen Cieek, ASmU. onto Ih* S.ntth Ranch, mam «t ihi earner «l Behrtdtit ttieel
Farmtra'liuttlutt wtU bt held M Ih. ^(.hht tmOAuti t| lhe fegwiu* ,ohl4 nm*
Tom Had. Enderby, on Thunday neai, ^ (m j^j,
March 29tb., at I o'clock p.m.   Leci
ttttt Will bt gtvtn on several uibftcu
Hie Doctor alto drew
- -Ktiaiiui ot lh*
spent, brlli ta bu
• tt is
IhrehMtk  .1 I-ale***, tarn    Last. in'lng'ol  lhe
Maich29lh..allocloctip.m.   Lest-     m ^ mmMI rj^,,, tt^, ,,'tfcughawdbrlh- drairage Irom houtw -^        -i-™».
inteittimg and in;tm:iitre to brmer.
a-     . .-■---.
M the bank    He stated lhat ther-.
road, ll It pleasing la noli
ll hostility hat been
••   •••.'■    .:'./.':..      •   - •
The tpttktra and Iheir aub|«:u will bt    Jl ulhe himb-r tn lh» all     11     and lhat water lar w'^T^rtieTi'
a ...       ■ luaaM    hai .    »
nwtlte putpaseta should be drawn |,j„
nn a pint h!gh.r op lh- .. • |tp| „„,,.
ibtlesa th j
tome little dutance above the bridge
..    ,.     1,,      - .*   1.1 t,
by poaltra earl, neai week .IP- '**
It U hoped Ilul there will be a Urge W. Palmtr and H Knttbnd art
ltim»iinilbimtr.and8!htr*iiilerwted putdtatiitg ih. Hacluttiiih thao and
in Intltlult work     Fanner* ol Iht pwjieit.r tf W
ditlttet have tn tht fast i»i uken the     I. R Raven bsl hu l ',« ^Hht*n:li««n Cmtneil that ll would
.alihtwldbeUkeninlnsllliite tn tlmaaday eveaii*, lhe  15th    A ta ,, lrrt ■«,, mimu tf ihu muatet-
work   The subjecu taoktn of at these eery ;m*?l peart tf Ihe caMenla A Ibt
meeting*, held Irom lime to time, are n^mt^ tm »t-l    M*
tf vital imporlanee, and attdiscoured m no intuntnet cn Iht prepttiy.
allBI till
mendt t by
rgal ad-
An interesting mnttng wat held al on by men specially lilted to do t
the horn, cl Ml*. Geo Ben. two weeks Thtn the ctportwtty which It cdeied
aga. when a brgt number ol the bdiet; lot ihe asking ol questions tnd itt   - -
ol Enderby met lot Ihe pttpsit tf cr-' discusaicn which lollow; t- llM
ganiiing t branch ol Ihe Woltiem" beiieli! H	
Chrislian Temperance Union, an organ* mtfll C
IUtl:n which has become world wide     **** ********* Buck at,! Tilt
in lis elfctl 10 s«k Ihe protection tfl********* ■ etitaldol brickloAttnslrorR
the li IM Iron the many .Vila which "*;' *"" . .
invade its unctity.
W. It. %«lfotd,of Viclciia
presided al lhe meeting and ttpb.iwd] Pbttltt*, aat
the wcrkol the Society, alter *1
Ihe  lolletring officers  were
President,   Mrs    Hals,  Vic. Pres .! t^,
Prtsbylerian Chutch. Mrt. Worthily-1 Butter, rati lb
.'loborrow «i it* credit Ihe su
•      I J20O09 lot lh.purpose 0*preparing hasbeei
,- "• •    ■   - 'aid-
• ■   >
•ethe modern Good R
i that tht money tr
■ , . ■
■   -
System. .
annual!/ •     n.wa by tht Ltbrr
■ •
put aside (if gravelling the •■.
a I '■        '■•
that lh- Retv* I Week 01 .        -
-a   ipubllemttl  . I with lhe '_ m-n!
Ihe mc-rmng in qu- I
'     ' ' ....
aci 01 itastiig* chin*"..    .
•,'...• aptllli: ....       .   .,   I at th* bO)
I I 10 prepai* a ■   jyance, pule I
aw lot the then •vai «"•* s'-■"!'i,, ***<]ps ** 'hem. happily.
the rtttpayets nuy 1,1
1   III. C   >
'•'•• *****m^^^^^^^^^^^^^—
■ • '
'■   Ihu season, year
withiul"'    '    '•        ■-•
t •
"jl when nert t*rn so. lo teach
Cana la
bunks hav
Uncle Sai
lhat dale lhe
:.      ' ' |n|    '
n'. silver an . nl
je   sms  ph i r'
Barrli ler, Solicitor, etc.
ai:rl Comments
Ith lh   Bank of M       i   li
V      ■ i all thi!
- value    When
.    the    .       nl In
. ie in ' ■    Ivergei
■ Amerl      by Can
III 1      i loi
lhe I
:-^ p sill     ■ . nt on such
."■:..      isl    c    C ina Han
money I;   iblect to discount on
B. C.
■     • VINCIAL
A.F.& A.M.
t the auihori
ei ..aged In the
irrency'whose entry
'. .. 11     een brought
■        bet een the l ■■. i n i
•■•e!ore squar■• an I
ird lhe fact a;.
* ;        :■ .      Itl al    il
moil si     mtt i Is llnd
ray Inl la In ever'
ng numbers.   Nor is It
.   :he Interchange ol com
Men's Ready-Made
20 p.c. off for Cash ! !
I'all and see thnu
Splendid Lines of Prints, Ladies' Collars, Ste.
I i Spring and Summer.
Boots and Shoes, and everything good In the
Grocery Line
J. C. Metcalfe     Enderby
•• rush i
C.O.F.No 1058
I. 0. 0. F,
Eu.k.l   Lo4|t,   No   0
■:   .       i.   ■
l\.i-ii[>!its of Pythias
Harness-maker and Repairer. Trunks,
Valises.   Etc.
Bank of Montreal
it. It Is claim*'
:e Is due to tr
unlry Is being
 *""•' ■""""'«-
>    -...J.    ...     |.  '.■       I. U.lVl'..-    et He,I.   $10,000,00
!c el ■ i inlll. Mill I.O.. a...a..c,l . >I,'"H..I
L.O.L. No. 446
•    it lot
'       ll   t        r
-Iberali        : to tha
S..-, C, Oaff
,* ,
• • 'or a c
as an
; *  .:
■ i
he wa
■ .
.    •
.ne pe:>'.i
t ne» :
■ ihose ol
a: I
- ll
•■ nei
lo be that the pub:.
■ accept this coin   All
•   il lhe  first—
Ins •
ibt they
e i accept a
grain I - such an i
•  take dec); i
ire his private business.
■•  health ol his wife:
•! Oppos'llon press. In
utakeable language, say the!
■:. i
that 1
• msiea i
have m   ■ iearon
the floor of the House.
i •.*...,
e' M.C.
A Ceneral Banking   tutlnets transacted
in i I '*it*-i.
Savings BankD<spar,meM
Ok'-HK'    ' .MJMM-aMK-c< a«      ■.   .■  ■   1 -ee   ,...|.... I
mm #■• ■ - 'i.n.   Muitie;. - •   •
i«ntlMm»«ii(ieKi t- »w ia
C. A i
BNP' ••-"  •«•' 'i.. •'■:     ' ■ -\
A. E. T«) E.S.V.MeCllliiMli.!. ' M S,t> Aj.
Glanders   Our
1'in'e* *••:  .• : i
C"9,       1 1       Wc beg to Inform the
stable rS'c^„al,,rh
■  ! press
nts on the  -
in   which the OV
Bt Ot'e.e' '
one (
ly ink-
•   .! that
:■     ■
•   lion News,
n ' the eg
bi •• • resign,
has come   to ll(
.v   ■ '
,,       ■ .■,*■••
•   ■
estimal I i   -:ue of:
nber Department oi the
.al Government loi
fiscal year 1906-7 Is $500,000.
orpractially the same as lor
ihe vear 1605-6.   There Is m
indication at the present time
lhat Ihere Mil be any apprecia
ble increase in the revenue
for the coming fiscal   year,
though there Is a general belle!
on the part oi Covernni- I
ficials that the receipts irom
lurces will be no less
■he case of the present
-ar   The revenue from
royalties and licenses
ta date sbsx that lhls estimate
.   Inflated one.
The revenue from rentals Is ex-
It' .0.000.
run a   high as
$100,000    e
■    -
.    •
is the simber re
e    ••       today  the
-or $1000 m re
...   | .
d to the
ve been tested (or
tghly cleaned oul an.
kill bum
HI 11  SLOCK, f MH »HV   f C
Real Estate, tniur.-ince,
Min'.ng and Genera) Land Agent*
Left you Forget
-»'.- 9»_*)'lat«i t-.^t
.-in stock a Ml line oi KITCHEN UTENSILS
needing ■ ne* pet or pan. call and see our selection oi
Granite and Enamelled saucepans, tea kettles, frying pans, and
E. ryihlng in the Tinware line lor the kitchen
;  a.;-
'    r
from Ca ild be
placlr,. is due to i
ind it I
• "
Ith tl e world
I mi.—Addison
r.ROCl'RIFS   We ,'i" >pened up a grocery store in
vii\v^l>i\il-j. ,-ne oW 0,^. shop adj-.-eining the hard-
store, and 5.licit a share ol your patroi* .
R. P. Bradley - Enderby
Get tne Credit
king Goad Butter and have
Printed Butter Paper
Prices and Quotations al this 0':  I
Special Cuts and Inks PHE PROGRESS, ENDERBY, B.C.. MARCH 23, 1906 ___
ivly Strangest Case
".MTinn. -.Tin ecu."
|Y?riAN," tu.
A*ttor*» "OR. N "lit A."  " '
•e|   itkUo, Irll:
__________,* a •—.—*.* vn.--a.Nr am- -^,we.-_,
»« ,aua an a e*^^^__^^^^^^^^^^^^
■■.... 1. » China
iii.- perl}  iiinrnlnii   »
n|tnii ilti* *.'«.«■ n il
ivlll.lllllfl   ;ec   ll        ll
ii  val ■  I  Ih'l.h
j.i.e    I .Inral i<i
, I,,..  mill  -cue el	
,'„■..    ||t  .-   hi   111*,    ' It
CAI.Ie,   !    llllll    I    lell'I   I"
!iii>.   Al la«l l lum i
, r I nil
llllc.t   ecf     I
m, el   the
,,l lar luneli,
na  I   "I'l   I'T   '
,.!",!   Ill .'('
mm  In lilt'
lllll    I    can.
"Wl   t
' tn ii    \\i' I.iiii,.1 Klnvnti i .ui.i (i iii
'. (M-n Huff «iiir rmiilliejef  111  lhe ■! niinf*
v. ruinn, »ii<l wc ilitr. ■[. -ii ta-ti down in
' 1 Uu' mi'ftl.   Whfit we U'ft the ronni
.   miii,   WC   **Hl    ill   lltf     ■.■nil!- li     mn)
i"   mnokedi mil Inter in tin- nfternmin
f*liv ill,, nm que Rt Ion me further
»i».ni It llirn, Imt, nililiiff inr in «i-
rimt* lifi ti.i n uitiiiifiil, "-i* j.^.-.l uver
tht* tliil** pint *t fc'r."-.inl wlii>re ii»r
•liitr ''lifts luy. itinl i'i'ifli*ii nomr nf
the tli-iii, leaTfi (rum llie tl »«■••
tlmt btrt****t upon tt.   Tn my Hiiiikii-tf
lltt Wl.*. jHftt Wtiitt (til '"'lir-! Cllf^lvlt
yirl   "llntllil   tw;   •itn.ik'lilfnrwurd   fttul
(■iiiiii*, innktmr tho wholt •v-ir... tn
Ihi ffirt* with  '* till.  »tu.l hiimirehle
-iin|i|irity. \\ Iii-ii **\„ htVl AlllthtH.
her In.Mtr n( |i>.«, whleh ui\\y MM*
\*>WA In t ii f*« titniiti'iiie, •!"■ itijr*
KMtcd tlntt wt *ii-"iM itrutl on lo
IttT  li- '"*•■
<< llftl i" i- i.i »t     	
.iimi rlintre tn tin* reHfflQn nf hU for*
(itict, i. proYorblnlt unit I emil ■ not
rerotmbtr hnvin^ evur hwtl tu n
iimin!ftrin, nr un ntllrlitl nf iu,*)*. r.i"k,
hull I iff 11 rniiMflPil |u iht* CliriitUn
(i\ith. Rvtn t( ho hml. it Mruck ma
m being hiirhty Itnprolintile Ilmt he
would I'M-- horn tht- i*<«**,-*••■■. nf
luefa I'ruiffiy treMure, mnl. ewn lup.
|m«mif ihni In hi* I NIB, ihnt In-
.m hi lit, nt hit* tlt'iil It, leave tt to mieh
n mnn rn* Kttwater. So, I fntulvtl if
wt' could onlj ft «' iln truih of the
Htnry, ere nlmuM liii-t Out ll »ni n
Kood deal mnn* pleturrn|ue, nut in
a hnrfhir leriiii tlnui we inn-"
U" v
. where 1 <■■'> end    W
niil  i'\tr ihlnk  twice
I   .i.-.i''  I   ■
••it ni
n i. upon
itrn • uu room, wli
It f...- n irm won
rurnlnhetl, with '
Iter, , .1 there, ■>
neath awa> for tl
oprn'plnnn with
,.,.,;,    .< ..i, tin' in
nver her
'rn., In*
■ k Jit*
in   iln*
her l'
e-| III'
III       '     I
Wlf-   11
,1th i'
I e 'llll      llllll       ll'*   \       WOt
In no I irm    Ueanwhlh   her nnele
Iimi  r.'   i'iif.1 hU -    |tnelntf up
,ii i dnwu ihi' path <>n whU*h l had
'    ■     ■!  lilm, i mid had -.• ,r l to
It   lit* arehnenl nfleal riitd rn   • *<\ I w n
•My unala will tie aronderlng what   ["J^" y^r*^"muiuviil I had alrooi
lm- beeome »f BtC *he aaht, "nml    .    _    ...  iu.iinM    tin
hi* will rUh Im* mnat niii.-nit to n*>
"lie ilm-a nol ;i.   ■■ .f-'.y you   tn
ehurehi ihi*n?"
"N«,H  nhr an«werei|.      **lle li ao
nnaeloui of hn> «fli ■ ■<...*,   thnt   he
mt l*rnr ll lo In* n-marked.   Me
nm r-i-ii'ii frum i-\|ilnn
pa»«Uiuni> l\ fond of P »we
_m^___^^ l*'e at Hi i lime wa   n i
been tempted  lo Ik llr re ihnt   the   5Ji-„ ||T*ni?,|lkiii__^ * Ail I* were  llayle'a pmiierty, nnd   *  Hi j     '._     ,*. ^_,
thnl thi*n* two men ware rnnduriini!   .„  ,*,M .
tlo'lr eroondi- with the Intention oi
mldiinK   him   of   tin in      Vat,
..■i.i ».■'..'<. ihl*. tl il not At lo
There wnt the fnrt ihni Hoy had i '"
,'.;,, ,„„, ,,-nwn  \ i (,..,i,i   alone with M»« ,;
■inndlnfi alone t-
:,i the (fate Ilmt
,i.i, ft .tu the "•
ni .wli n« I' »!'
known It aim.   »
Ihei   I
.. 1.1rnt• •
, I
I       I
it until nff li
linnl  nt   work  Upon
iHinieloua of hu afltlellon   mai  n
noon. iH-nr .. to be remarked.   11^   Jl^ wm Ite hrt Ita lhe, MM r.*r ,mr(,   { wwfc
Mum ,m>a M i and walka up   ta,_jJ» ta,*1 »,;,,ilin,;', " "'^ >W't |d|.* in mv mouth and o,
md down n |* h   In   the   tfanleit.   J"*W, and aUo   their   hatred   of j,,,, Mf   ,'t.  ,m,             j
■ ro dliur. 1 am ..frnid, over hla trrat*    "Mj" J" >*,«»«•«>  «ow ^T*'   *"r ' •    '
llnyle'i. manlfeat fmr ol then* ,, ,,   . .                    ,
'If I nm no —_^^^^^^^^^
ilept Mr Pair fax,** Ntld ihe Mind
mnn, atiip|duirmddeniy In hi" walk*
nml l onilnc hi* atirltlleaa fnee In my
tlireetinit,   "It'a wanderfal hnW the
mini Ity   Mi   H.i.1*,    It -*■".• to my
heart i  > "
"Ami Mr  i  ddt"
"He, |itmr liule mnn, »t** *■■*. moat
of hla lime i« *»- •■.- aueh work* mt
arehaeolofq; a* to- nn oittnln. tt ta
hla one ureat atudy, nnd I am thank*
fol he ha« atleh a holiOy tu illntrael
1,1k ndnd frmn hi* own inmlile."
'Their eomint. to Koctand nin-i
hnve made a i*i- »l rl,aoi;e tn your
life,** t remarked,
"It I* >• ft different-*," ahe an*
•AWerrtl "Hot nne «i, not lead
onr*a life « n< 'U in ■•!> aee one*e •*>• if
Ihry wire iu anra dUtreea nnd I am
thankfnl ihni the) eaitte tu me, and
that I had Ho |no\er hi help them.**   ._,__. 	
nSU ae« me thtnklmr.   Nie .|«ke   «» l?"' f"* "
et ,».!>. and I knew that ahe meant   !*"*   ,ltt._ L^JT
eKbat Mh  »aid    tt<it underlylnif   li
" i.  wn* a ramrva-tlon   that*   f-r
,•  ir^'ttn e-r inoU M i' *   -
• ,... r-i f-et..-f,'.'»  ni,-...t.-
•*> hrr elatiore   U'hriher 1 w
while llavle'i. manlfeat fmr ot them    fit, ,     j
 '< *** ***** *" **"■ *"*<*"■ ,.'ar,'. i II ntiel what »„» !«-,.
tiil.teikt'it tltttt I. ynur   J„ |Kn|| .,, , ,,.,, ,
•I"  ynu   I ci   I   tecl   llliinil    III-
rl'ti.,1   l„  cc'.cr   tlir     |" l\irti 'el
penny," nH Ul.« Kltwatu
I^______________i________,., ell       llec
lc.«,  nt  iitii-'i. .|ear|M<tia VH^^~^^^^^^__i
ear*,     I   ,e||c|ecc.ce  jot   m*l   Mci,-ae. ,,    '
nn Ihr r.m.1?"
"1     lltrl     M 1, ■ • ,c.     In    lh.
a.h.irrhyitr.1,** I r»|.llr.l.
"A  lery *a».al iti.'.-titui i'l..-,'." I,.
rtttlllttrat,  anrcetcicnllt     **H'i  wht*r*   " ....     ,
„„..t ..I ... ami mi* olhtr *.«.wr       ' ***** '*}}***'**>* ****** J*!*9J****mi
e.r lat,r.   fi",,, my a\,.r.|. I ihlnk llif   - --—---_
.|M.| in lin-Uir limn lh* IKinif.   In   •»* ***** **'" ***9***9 **"*} **
any ratw iltry art itti.n- Inrtunaif      ^^^^^^^^^
thaa | r ,!••"!- tit,, i,.1.1 .nl nc.. _______■■
" '    pln< }'■•« alot.fl-      '*",■'■■ '''> •'  -v";!l   V'.";'4' "
In.. .„t,,,»Wr.   •""**< ***** *- **** •__ '"f"""  	
■•I   am  rcclert   a'rnlcl  ll   tanillll,"  I
     ' '   Vl.'l     IC.     |     cl.elc'l     V > ...ia- t'ctnkllce.-
I   lane   licet   itl    ,.-. | -.
.Ilinr ll.  lull  1  l|ccl|c.'l>   lltlll
ll,,   -c-i  itui. lur ittniey    y,
l.le,   le.el
*'l ua* ,.....^^_^_^^^^^^^^
a i*,„iinr> llle nitt.i Ik-." I .mel, m ,|.
lne.* lltl- llr.i e.cll.e Ileal «tltci- t.< e.
"I  allliee.t   »c>li  ihnt   I   could    I'
\     ,e  ,cet     ta    Ileal..'    llie
.  nl    leeetr
e   . ,   I   lllll
Hot Springs Sanitarium
W-u und*i th* muiagtrnttii ol
IUkki   McliiTcrii,   llcllinaii llouie
:■■ - Mi i.e-»l W.iei. ol H*leyen *r* Ihl
ntotl c ee.tiv. in |h,  ■' e'e i.ile.i,
ntl ■.' "■■ rely let a N*rvi il insMueti-
iu 1 wu**, l.iv.i .'■ it.ay .tie! Stomach
> It.  u.i     n.v.i ■..   li .'un
Rli.eein.iiim. An tbl it*{u*r*ntt*|iv,n.
Ttrm*,$ilto $18 p*i evt*h. t rlurlhti
p.tlic-iiiaii apply u
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow B. C.
NURSERIES        Grrrthotim and Seed Hou...
"'   VANCOUVER   _ B.   C.
',■■ rr*>dqu*rt«ii (cr~ACIFIC COAST
-'"• t'el-e wN  gardfii.  llower and  li«ld
  im li     ;..•»• crco now In. and on tttt
***** In   m , «.   Auk your iner*
'   ., . I •     ::. tttaitd pacltagra.   II
'•aa. *1" ' '    "• ihem v* *HI null
, in* | and II w«r seeds (our own selection.
*..   . uitiibl* lot B. C. gardens) (or $1,00
Special prices on yeur bulk seeds
",'_( B. C. Crown of Fruit and
Ornamental  Trees
ril.e. Ml..
If I ran tn*
Mill toll
mn.' ready lor Spring shipment i lira
nice stock ol 2 and 3 year apple tree*
:.i 12 i [-r hundiei, $180 per 1000.
Maynard Plum. $1 each. Italian
I'tut'.te. 2 yr, line, $25 per ICO; Sugar
Prone, 2 )'r..lln«. $30 per 100.
j Ho ri|aet.i.. tou t r deity tl tamication
hat I .an | c, lu;p,etisn. Uimarrn-e your lett [.tot*
I '..citir your .apflita r-i.tiilecj. Plant*.
■   tw «iir|eli<>. Iimi ptcluru
(lllicll*!*, CIC.    C*'a-' l"a. llM.
1.1 J HENRY,
1010 Wnlmlnal.t  I'ca*     Vaaao.c.a.
nice!   Mr.
,,,-tel   tieiir.
, »„n'l
n,„l letl tece   I
alinci eeecinll   I tt
her. itxlay
ililiiK l.n|i  I"
I ha.e leaeen
•r. >..tir
mid ....', tt*
had  *•>!»•■
e..e.|.e.nte*te  1*.
,,l   ee.
... I.I
,   ,,,,   ,          <■     IVhatL.r I na- re.-l.l ,,,,„„   I,,,,, „,„,„   („  e..,til|icinteale   1«
It    m>    ..||.|«»HI»II*    I   *******    *****    '"** lltr.      Veee.   t.l»e   (..llllll   ll*,\ler
thea. leu I kn.- th»l I .h.-ilil la •» |tp „ta, ,| ,|.„  , „ ..:, t, tilth   *• _ '
.    ..   .a,..,   . Itetter   -le . .      _               .    ..    ,   ,..   I   a^.1  ca'.ltcin
rt.Mllrrit*.. (j,lW-
n,j later on,   «•* , ,rm h.,„r, ,„ I.
***** I".""!*. 'li"i>'    •
,.l l„r *i.«ar>l. "I „,__ Bl,„„.| |, m
f.,,,,,,1   nur-l". ^,_, „ liltlp  rr  ..„„_  I .l.e.e.„-.n «l In «...rk an.1   I''""11'.'
I..I      let
I  la
ll.ell tttt ..I      la
jeipril WIlM
Mn» *l llie " ■ »...-••   > -• -
■ ie that hi. ""  '        '       ■' "' "M '"'h. h.r*.   I
nnrr n,„n-- —. an.1 lhal .he re- *.'*' ■'*'
.  «dleil a lillle  f-e.iii htm In emnae- "e"1    ''»
rt   real.   I'"""*-   I lhere.i|...n ..I I . H.irh anil I'l"1
"            iiild ill alt thai had ha|i|ieneil      "I
I hail la-l ..ill the..., .haerltall at.'
"'l"«'". **** ****** '        ' *****   ******   *** ****■ --   -—   .
tu« 'harm,* CrnM   my rhata* after him uitete n-1... lt.| me   ileal
J ......a  l.-.c„l..i,   tl,.    i,„l    h*    hail »'»' tiinii.,1"
.                      '*Sr^ * ** |.*ai..l n.e at I'...*..I!'« h.tiel, and n.y      "tt ...- ii»rj kbttl ol leiccc." I
' " ...   .,m    J,,urn*y    la "lien it ..eeaecii li not D,.- ",•■     I
* , ttatitihnmtunn. !■  . my  .. .t*  ccccM bo«.   rolkri   -.
".t|.tl he  m.teeir..l  In eM-a|ie you t>- ,rl>  i t It  ■! ii  «-...    t  tttt
' ***         ' '"" ' *'■ * Mt*                          "thai n.*n .el.lcire.1 In i«   «'-,.   it m  tcecme .,c
'   '      * ■    I ll            •   ' .11 liar*   nmeli. you •**, met fur an hmii oi a
e .   i    .   iht • laeern a I all.   , ,,      ..      , ,   ,       .,,   .„ , „ „ •-
iciaeeii      Ii.     * -   .  .   -acel   ny
■ ..   .in.- a ..  i, ■ n„|ee.l . alreume
-there la my >,nele,* .a..| lhe latri.      .„_   t>    .   . .„..   j   „. , Ur Palrfai. If I l
lelemiel  IO  lhe  Ba    e  I  hat.   ht*l      ,.|jt     .,  ,      ,    ..   ,c  ,,   ., ,„„„',i     -»'„.,„
'    "lhal  I. I- .*  ie*.   ^ , _„, _,,.   , „„    ...„.,..,
He   lllee.   II   l»,a...e   11   I.   tile        .-.^   „,,.,,    ,,    ,,_     ,., _,    (( . .   ,   ,,„ ,,
.—      m.b   __.   »,....„    M,,pt«   |„,   i^      m  „,   rt|,„,,   j„„   |,fl,|   tak't,
"All!    I   reltiellile. t    the    ntel.ii.,1
lilm nne. Mr. .■«—^^-^^—^— • t , .   e     "I     .    «...   ,,.„
-|l ne ^^^>^ll^^^***tV^^^^^__________^HI___________^^r>^B'*i*'**>******^V
'I    c
llec II
lie.      !•
Columbian College
.  1.     "t  ,
"... ..!
New W.elotio.l.r. It C
elect     1.
!• a l • :    i •                      B
.1    "Ic
.   .          ,
,  :
.   Ih.l ."'
in ...   I t«
,..  c.'C Will I. II Hie Hint  leect
I •!-
Ce\     |eirtt,
l.e'l    1
n« injinifltai »
. ivinced public tchool,
.   • ■•- '■
ieetnl cctirset include
- - -I and techntqii*
In Ait. Sketching. OH
,.:!.*."-.'       ''
I Culluie *nd E'racutlon.
my .nan e..n- |jjHl.
'   "    "'  " "" ■" -Then one,.   |.  hi
.   pari ..! I!,.  «*..!.* in HI, eh he ,_,,.     ...            ,,„„_   „..„   ^   ,,
..   ,„...,   .,..,.   «,.t......    ,   BW.Ie h,        ^       k h
■ '..«   ,ln|el,   nenl  hi.  tile  mti.l '                                                       '
*eem In hitii wm, M.  I'atrfn.y ,,f ihrnh hrie.   Yen are pai.l
"I.   n , Ild. d,"  I  ra|.|i..l,   "Tn '*•  raimlwl   lhe  .» .-.    llw*  de.  y.eei    '''i.'.'
my ihinhln* lelecelie... i. una nl Ihe   n.**" 'hai >>.ni e-iect in.)  boor/*.
....r.i l'!a lhal ean h»|etcen lo » man. ''. awl thai ».- uw,  not I...   him        *
... ..  lln ""                                                                             lie
\ hnrd l« «**■<
I.e. l.,.,e ca«* *
ll    ,.«....             -e
. al
. Ih
c and hi. man-
». . ,. eee naa
attoni ii
1 t
.    , n.en la
■7     ll
her, h.e...»r. nn
"I llllll'l  lllilil.
Mr.    1
ly  lhal,   1   I'll
eleier ami era lie
.   i lee alral't.
.   - -ellcltiir
1,   e>   a   -el..
, ,.. ami >•■"
i,.ay lie .ure th
,. -tf  ..aee   *. t
. ,. ii nol loot tat. i •
...   1
al,,, trie-l t» n.i
,1.,..   hi t
"I .lell I   tlienic
Why be •*)
(or   particuim   Send   Icr
Perfedion Superiority
ton aiuitciiot wcaK
-i. it. it >■".
I,| ,1,, Ileal."
« II   let   lice
'   ittfrt*
'   ■
.aa I mwil.Mll   tlatiai i «n \w i.\
at Till; isn lei t      .••*• im.
VAH...I te  (li«.U.ra.SI »
nhn l.a. I..I  --c-h a  .itfeercn. tile**.
,»e,r iiitcl,  In* elnne."
I e,„.l,l alee, *l  li.a.e ,l,.1arae1 tltal
• Ice .l.'el.l. fi at tu;  <i....|.    li e am
' >y.c ..,„.. eitccii i„r nnol* and to,
, ..t  lllr than <he Weed   lo   Ihit.h
 i»..l  tm.   .er in..
.     ■», anil .nan
ii..ti...|..,'   . r lh* moll
e,|   III,    --'ct'll.      1,   -I   Hiat    .ei'il   >.„!*" '
-||   Hell  "111   tl.    .'I..II   I  (el   h'.l'l eel      ,
llaale."     'I   Ihen    I
ahall  hn..«   M  |.a .   _   tnioly   >-».   j
100*1   OOlll "lalcel  ti..
Thrn, Imaglnlnih |»rh*n*, thai he   .,
lead n-.ti,   lee, for. !„■ •'.'*». In loan    s
ci|,',n     lece. ......
|..>c..| ml .'■ ' .' ■• ..tat tei? a    ,,   ,   c
,.,.'.fa\   I e tklrh I ill,    .
-  t   el,,,   n.e.te        || ...   Itael   H    heel     „
lhal I had r     -.1 MU* Kit-   .
*,e,t lo lake Up 1'        t*«     ''lel   Uml
I   ,|e,l    l,,.l    .ie.' ...»     |
.  -   I  .| natd ' .•    «
lll.le   acle!   Ih-O.  e,,C   I e .     _.    ..
^___i le later -cur I" -t .* |.r,<pi
.  Irom a >•!.> •
. prtitably 'l.c
e     -.   I
F. Pyrcan,
Mil hi'V
/• , ■ '   • '
For Sale!
Ile.l    I"
TEa Hemmonrl Is PerfafHon
thnl **»• •i,....i.i *>
u 11 mt
, I'tttlj   lf.1
•'*. !tu*i 1 ■tn* <1  ■
|1   »■*•*    n
• Itiifttilnft ■>|MrtM
,       *         f    '■   ,
t'.l,tllt\. ^',,.111 _
i. * A*t.   *n*Tt*i,
Naff   1
,« « tflitnpsw
1   -it. ci    Hi**.
*   i   ■ •          '■      1
. . -, ■
f. pfjtMvifi
(fr'*'      Coo.neocat. *e
'ee'l.V'CT •-'!■
I'll,   , •„
^,„ln la
must ba
el     It is
• i •: er
Tilt   HAMMONII   IVI'l wanin
„f r.el r.e.f>,
laolll reinii
p .■.. tl I
I -
eschew i.e
■    ,„■       ll-       "        ' .1.1.'... w
Scientific American.
k   * ft   **    ■    |   *   I   ■   MeWft*   •••%'♦.       | ••tf»»t   '
fid S^TewfoS  ^Zl thAsi'Z»l
Toronto. 4A A^. '---i* llrttt f »** II      ■ . ENDERBY, B.C. MAKCH 3, 1906
',*   -'   -■ -:■!-.• .»—■■■    ■
Finest (y Largest
Rani;o or
lerby  Trading  Company    f
i •■•■■ • mi
vill be
ihe district, .end aclun    .
rib* lor I
ind live share i  I   ..
ii-fjue or
il le on al-
«nl. I - laken
!iw Union Restaurant
_<y*_l '. IFF   STREET,    ENDERBYr_|65>_
WEEK X! TS. $5,00.      BY THE MONTH. $20,
• ■   : ail; ill, Rulauranl a flral-clau I ■ •"• • i
■    •      ..   :.  ,ii. always be oblaiiie.1 ilic  li Icut Irom
A nice  line  si   Confectionery ii can
lum In i«*aon.   Don't bak* bread when
ck.    Fresh
Everything Strictly
First class
IYit»_ .
r      . r..r   ■«*xs_i__*u».3r__
J  McQUEEN. Proprietor, Enderb;
Call on Fulton for Hardware
He ha:, ti'.o Latest 'lib Best Stock in (he City
.nd Builders'. F n •■ Wire
:, ■•;•.,•   . iranl i Wai ";..
Necei ir Kitchen r Bathroom. ttken „,, txxi dl5.
I .ooli
here ! for
Cheap Lumber
s, Milk Pails, etc., etc.
New Stock-Right Prices
What do you
Think of this?
:. Parkinttn C'y Boards and Dimension Timber, from S8 to $10 per M.
1 Shlplap. SI 2 per M
from $15 per M tip
Flooring. Celling. Siding.
Are you intending to se
this Year
littewin, M**i.
thai i     • ani tfi
■   ii Minllciba, i»»
MrAny olher information will be furnished on inquiry at
*ur office   We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
: ii Aill have our careful attention.
le.'i.ei'.    B. C.
L!  L    v ■■
IOL      Pro
.'Enderby flour
Never send out of town for what Is made as good as
Ihe besl in town. In supporting home industries you
are supporting yourself and others whn make the town
_ Model's Bea, Hungarian, Premier, Three Star,
Drifted Snow, Alwna. Strong Baker's or XX,
Wheat Sheas--, Suhbrhni. Oraham. Whole Wheat
Patronut tht Home Mill
"if; Colu a! ii Flouring MU . Co., Ltd.
_c_____Ba_a    ««_. —a I      * . *.«*1
.     *..>•--.;
Aylmer XSlS Force Pump
J  pttKXU.   l •JU
'   '-'    >'  e.'     •• /It
th? "Pioirin
•■•    .
-•  '  >e    '    •  I     .«-
1 it.     It l.3l
-       eV.  '..-
J. Johnson ■*■■#»BC'
. ant A
- .
City   Barber
MX Mia.,*- lor
'      ■'        '   '    .
' ■    ■
.'   '
I ll I
. large
•    ||
.    II
■■ ■
•  i I tad   ,-
'. Hindi
thwart Notkr.
■ • Sunday    -11!
i   ...
Ham. A"
A slrang constitution
means a healthy mind
a:il good   work—and
good work means advancement    To have
a strong constitution
ust have the besl
meals, and that's what
] you-Mil Ani at the new
Iresh,      . and tender
Ueo. K. bharpe
itl with children    G   ; mi
, imiii*dials,j
■   A A. H.. catttol Tn.


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