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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-03-29

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The  Enderby Progress
With Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 3.   Number 45.
ENDERBY, B, C. MARCH 29.  1907
PRic-g.SI.50A Yt/,R
Hats Hats
We have the L,arge$l Assortment of Ladies'
Easter Hats
Ever shown in the Valley.   Come and See
The Late_t Eastern Styles.    All shapes--*•
all colors.
ces are low,
*. io
**\ Wo have also jusl received nice neat
Will Erect Sixtaan Houset       Coal in Abundance.
An Important deal In real estate wasi    The results ul ihe tunneling opera-
consuiiinialed last wrek. whereby ilie'l[°ns_novln progrtta on the holding ol
Rogers Lumber Co. have acquired Hie
Oliver Harvey block ol lots which (ace
on Russell and Scliuberl Streets, and
also two and a quarter acres on High
street Irom Mr G. ft. Lawes.
Interviewed by a Progress representative, the manager ol the Rogers
Lumber Co. slated that they Intended
to erect slxiein houses on the property
recently acquired by them in the city.
Thty were, so lo speak, forced lo
adept this policy in order to provide
houses lor their employees, as all
available .. .;;*. In lown are now
Fourteen li.iu.iesi  will be erected
the Enderby Ceil Mines, Ltd., lo dite.
Civic Butinau.
At the regular weekly melting ol Ihe
clly council held on Wednesday even
ing. all members were present with the
.».«   leiw.vy    tc.    aiie.UUI*_e||if. -> .   ... _   _,.  .
the tunnel ll driven wither inlo ,h, I "cepllon ul Alderman English,
seam the quality ol the coal Improves.     All"r ***« <**i**t and conllrnjlion ol
Ihe deposit at the same lime seiniing'the minutes ol Ihe previous meeting.
to widen out. | Mr. H W. Wright asked  permission
Alttat) ilea tunnel ia atom one huieJitel . .      .,     ... . .,
I«i lent, md ihu= lir n hit bean povtd <>> "ddresa tht council.     Mr.  Wright
thai, at depth is aiiamad. lhe deiwsii devil- isked the counell lo connicl his hotel
■ tea In     e, tint i|e,a ny tail, el l.m class     ..... . .,
statmiiij pttptttiia, tU ilia ihtt ihi Held: with thi cily wtltrworka, aa his praatnt
.. a. -.iiieiivtotee.  Tin inemtitisiil tht; supply ii imdequili.   Ha also com
cimfc.ii) have no douli bui whit thty leave i TT a        .  ,
as vile/iblt i coil pioptny u th.ti is in! P^ned ibout llie water which had ac
ihe Piovlnte. cumulated along lht Armsirong toad.
Satnpiu may U stiti at Hatvay 4 Dob ; and thought lhat II should havi hem
»»»•»"•»• : attended  lo by the Board ol Work*
a eouplt ol weeka ago   These malttri
Lata Locals
The surfict drain which discharges
Visitors ta the northern part of lht Okanagan Vallty. whtihar
land hunting, or lor pleasure and sport, can de na battel than
mak* ihu hem* ihtir htidquarltn. Title and cutunt un
tictlled Bar ttpltlt wllh lineal wines, splrilt. hquturs. ctgari
W;.,n-   Hi    **\r.\   ila    ***  ***** *******     W" I**9* *
ines «  ->pi IIS  „,-, awonment -all thi etl
known brandi lo choose Item.
on the Iota on Russell ind Schubert i **** ■■'• river al lhe loot ol Multireel
Streets, and two larger houses on the ***'****** **'<**« ****** *** ********
,,*..., a large volume of snow water has
acreage acquired (ra.n M*. Lawes.      ,„,„ ,„„„,„„ ,h,ougft „ (ot „„ mx
The workmtn'a houaea will be very three weeka With lht construction of
subs, .ntial. of a neat etternal appear- seveial more branches to drain the
anc*. well connlructed comlorlable southern portion „f iht lown Endtrby
and roomy ft* Tltey wll, cons,,, tf -* £* ^^l
all rooms, ind be lilted templet* with ;h|d „ fm tmpXayti ||m Wcek t(wn.
water and ele-tric light. The two mg ditches lo convey elf th* wal«r
larger houses are also lo be aubslan which had accumulated in low lying
; daily buill. thoroughly modern In every ***** of *• Iowa. Howevei their
partlcu-, and wli. b. occupied by SMftJMM'-S
Mr, F.L, Bu:kley and Mr, Ltrnke.;,^ a_ „ UnWith, „„., .„
Building operations will be commenced so high belore any elfort was made lo
Just m anon u lha materials can be; drain it away, that many cells- . rt
-laced'.n the-jtuund, [Hooded,   The boa drain waa built at
The*.e new dwtlllngi will prov*a|ConsideraMt espense. and when, lor
(w*lc*-ir.e addition to out cny and In a (iho take ol tht cost of several days
jgraimaret'erenhanc*!!! *ppearanc«.)hibor. it can bt made to ji.iv., ilier
portions ol lha townsile. such work
should not bt deityed. ■	
_ A. E.Toombi waa over Irom Salmon imt* "nth* Imperial Parliament last
V.:to,U.M,.ch.22-.lnih. Provincial ** Z^LJf\l£fZTZ<"** t"**"*****""™-
Hou..yr,.e,i,y..,.mo.n.,....ham- £J"£,£&7mtl M-"     A ,hU"™   !"!"'' J  JT^
Ihwait* a eight hair bill lor im*H*n Tootnbi Is  opening up there     ,,,'inewiiormti st   Joan, it, b  ana
passed tl • second reading by   un- eapecls ta he
:anlm«u vole     Tne   Piemler   md. April 2nd.
TKe Local Lc-jis'atui e
were promised ittenllon
The prosposed contract between ihe
city and the Rogers Lumbtr Co., lor
Ih* supply ol electric light, and tha by
law granting privilege for same, waa
passed first reading.
llie school trustees wrut* saying that
it had become necessary to rent a
room lor school nurpoaea, and lhat they
will need funds lor maintaining an addi
tkmal division. R*fcir*d hick tor th*
Board to iutntth an estimate ol tha
amount necessary,
It was also d*cld*d to purchai* a lot
and en tl erect a temporary lire hall,
It has agiin been rumored in Montreal that ihe G. T R. are making
effort* to purahaa* the Canadian Northern JU000.000 1* r*porl*d to
havt been dieted tor  the   property
Thtitvtved prefect lor tunneling
the Dover itratts received its death
conditions li 11 changed since a tear |
—TJ»j ,bs~JL£*»a mi b-'iA l******* ***** happened at Mara on Sun
ago and th* g*ern,n ,nt hai n.eb _. ^^ £(   fMu,||ng   |(| ^
leclloni to th* WIL j _«ath of lht Utile twtniy-thrce monihs
ady lor business by '.* ****'"  thunderstortn al  Winnipeg
 H »    't-l   tt March 21.   Weof
have to  record a very sad th* Okanagan do not indulge   In audi
The Premitr spak- In opposition
; to Williams' bill providing lot payment
of lo.iit,f*htly vages,
old ion cl Mt and Mtt T Gray, et
lhat place. In tome way the lull*
follow got a bein tn his threat and
;"""?""'""•"'.  _ .,„      .__. belore hu lather could rendtr any
Hawthmthwatlta motion lo alrike.^^.^ m .m ^ ^ ,J
death.   Much sympathy ia felt ihrough
out the district f .i ihe betaaved parents
m ih' untimely death ol thtlr baby
~   luntral wat held on Tu*s
out  lh* vorda, "or serious neglect.
from  the Wotkmerts' Comptntalicn
Act making employees wholly m^n
alble. was defeated
1 and buy your Harness before
iome %t Rai,_.     ——
t».-3~"1    ,i ... ,. ....... ****• «nd waa conducted by Mt. Miller.
Brawtfra an.ei .11 enl to aaimpl
....„.„ rt ,»,«-,.»,.„.. «. i..m.'   A ildetnlk hs? b*»n consirucl*d
taaatlon ol improvement* on ltima,|f8m   m   ral|KJ(i   u>ck  |a   ,h,
i up to on* thousand dollar* was  dt
Rapairinf a Spre.aliy
llighta o! fancy   on the part ol   th*
Th* probability u lhat a suite ol
mineis etnpbyel in th* c al mines
ol Southern, Albeit* will oceir wilh
In t vety ahotl lime Th* m*n ate
taking for an advance el len ptr cent
in wages, and conferences between th*
operators and tht mm hav* bttn in
session (or seme time Latest rtperlt
say that It is cetta'n lhe tormir will
not accede to lht men's demands
Owing ie lha small amount ol
wheal arriving at Seattle ever* llcur
Ing mill al thai cny has been dated
down ind * Dour shortage his resulted
II* bill thit hu been introduced
into lht Fedttal Government ol Ausi
Now in Stock—
International Stock Food
in SOel and 2Scl packages, in 251b palls. $3.75; in
bulk. I Sets lb.
Poultry Food
SO and 25 ct packages
Hen Vermin Exterminator
2b clra ikages
TSft Enderby Drug Is Stationery Co., LM.
Cliff Street— —PO. Box 77
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Hour mill elfic*.    This was a much
letted tm a patty vet* ol 22 1014, needii teeomniodillaa
to was Hawihormhwaita'a amendment     ;i     |*   .,    a by  the Knderby
lo rtduct tauimn ta Iwo (ill nol one H( Wadni lat -."ninaj
ber e*nt. on land up to two thousand *4 .(fair.   Th«r*
, set- about titty dan-era present, and
■   " ih*ro*,iiw»i comtotlabiy filled.   All. _^^^^^^^^^^^^
The opposition mid* a strong pro   who-.-are present report hiving ipent! ralla passes,   the rale ol potUgtett
test against placing the minimum as   a pi g, and Ih* Hockey |,n„s throughout Australia and io alt
teatmtnt el len thousand dollirs on Club aie t». be congratulated 'parta of the Empire and lartign count-
almon cinntnea. The debslewa, in _  ., _    " .77 !net thit will deiiv.r two cent It't.ti.
progtes-. when list II xue ad|)nnt*J it '"*• ********** MeetJe*.
lit o'clock " "«"*
vietorit Mtrcn w MKiiy  •**._,„,_..,. ^ . ^^n, »„«„.,„|,rouN«, •>„„,,_,„ „»,,., d_i„Ci»
'* *  have risen , and are tmit luting  lhe
occupied by lhe debet*  on "Ben
Terms" resolution submintd   by tie*
Premier.    The itaslmion u i fcrmil tnwan
protest on Iht pari of Ihe   Provincial
will bt reduced la lhal rait
>    Roumama li eiperitncing internal
wlililn   a
John Gait C
I'm n.al eVmrmattailiiiia «r |ilan|.|    aiaaaVatn, i; E. an *min»nl   en
MJZ¥i%:vi, _L"i^«______3_Z__!|lnit i.eiinlni! and irttayleg ..tfltatd«'glne*r. is   : li report to the
Government k,   ~      lh, „„ r„ ^ ,, ,„_.„ _ ,,,.,. Kv,r»onC,t,rLnc.lre ll»7o»..b.il..es
S^rihir, .1 Sut. for th. Cofonlt* ,.g   „„   ,„,   <^B.ll,m,   and! 0, Jllht^ lh, »„_,.. Fl|h ,w ,h,
It will guide him m dealing wiih the
meisure to be submilied by Sir Wilfred Ltui'eer f.r Imptiial entclment
amending the I) N A Act
At t tesull ol the debate which took
place on Monday in the Provincial Lt>
gislalute. Ihtquttllon of  betier terms
will be liken lo the Secretary of State
lor the Colonies in Ihe Imperial Gov '' ""' '*
ernmenl.   Ptemiet McBride was sup »<"•• " '•" » unlltorra i.n
rxrledonadivision byavoleol 22lo9   *'<•< '" ■-< <• "*hral«le f..i
■tu. kou. iNDtaav, a. c
Fot Mtirrh, kl m* **nd yeu fr** hai     Me.
-   | - ve met I a It.a     -»      >   • ' •
Shoep't Caut.'.   Rtm*d)    n  u a
in-.w while. ct«a ley healing anllsepli-   ,
balm lhat give; instant relief U   ll
of the nose and lluoal.   Make Ihe lltt .
I«st and lee    Addteu   Dr   Sh era. .,...„.
RlClne. Wis Large jar. 50 ctn'
by Enderby Drug ind Stationery Ca
'" generation ol electricity The *ttgme*r
I    'hat hi u v«ty favorablr imptetsed
n   wilh the prospects for the economical
•ti dev-l jettienl ol power,  ttlltnalliig at
al the tame Ilmt thlt tht cost ol install-
ing the plant would b* about S. 71 000
- **htrt il was sifgesWd that
;-.'. bctltd is tt tht Shuswlp
rapids 2b mills east of Vemon
^^^^^^^^^^      Tht  rtstdtnc*  ol ft E   Mitwtll
m trtll bt held at Kiltnraa VetMn _" f-*n*t****7 *****<9*i *"
i  v. e  • m iprll      arm   '"  " Thursday alt*mcon last *i-e
•ei tpril t, Selmen  . • ■    a-n   Mr     Ma*.'
ieel Keamiiiiea nti At.ilt «   Iti ha I only (nit tettiti-hed ind mcv--
to hu house, ind hid no insurance
11- aate.fr tt ti  i
latfl   nl   ,\l
e        '-tl	
e,i iln. meeting!
Ittii- of lhe ntijn-ta ..I III
|fht trill
 Ihr mini
|mum amount* f„r ulii-ii I.mt mil in
,<• i .a i.
when denmnatt
■n tli«y wilt he ti
en In llie. ntie.n. and i
it,,., will i-ltoid'ln'the'etrnl.,', ,• '      «"
T HP   P U OP. R F^S walks ^s been Improved. The Church Services
IHT,  '  *VJUrS,COOiconstructlon   ol   ihe surface
Mt'. J, tl FRASKR.
•JE    SUIS   l>tET."
Peil.lal.tei lllll   I ■'.!«■'  a'  fee:.
iln F i.i   '   inida
Sibtorr:     *      lyit ' ''  ""'
a    three maalha 5c icopy-
tdviitiaini rtllt. l> K' In** Pi' "unll.
Itl" ratat oi  aDpllaitin.
Losti Notttaa ii it  I tgelar tooeda. is-
,    ihrt     .-■    .   Ill aaA lubee^oti.i
■Jrain is one instance, and one     , S' <?E0RGE'S C,,URCH
,„lal^l, „,,,l,.„,e la nn!  irererAi-lal   i      HOU   CoHMUIIIOHl     1st.   Ullti   'till.
which petlups 13 1,01 apprecut- SimJi<).5 m m(,nlh ,, M
e i by new arrivals as II s by ,lld6lh Sundiyi |n „,„mon,h| e,.,„,,
,some of the older  residents, ,|so on Saints' Days at 8 a.m.
i who tell US lhal without this Ini- Matins: Every Sunday, except Ihe
pi veinem there  would be al2rd inlha month. I lam,
' great deal more water around
Barrister. Solicitor
i-.-i: i-;-
the streets ihan there is at present    A   waterworks system
has been installed, and now we
have every prospect of electric
light    What a combination ol
■ modem conveniences— wattsr-
irks, electric light, good roads
and sidewalks, and a system of
suriace   drainage,    Willi   a
el    greater assessable value  this
year over last, meaning in
C.   j creased revenue, the clly can:
e still further build sidewalks and j
BURNET *i:s*"e streets, and li only the
. nB™,UH,,     I same amount of street Improve-
°So suXob        hem   Is done this year the
MiTtioca j shoving will be a respectable
enderby '" BC    one.   Unfortunately, some of
.   _, Mast year's work hasbee.iun-
Dr. C. \rV. Cross     'one to some extent by the
•;.  necessary tearing up ol  the
' streets to lay the walermalns.
bit when lhe frost Is out of ihe
ground it will not cost a very
large sum to straighten things
Litany;   Jid. and Mi. Sundays in
lha month, II a nt
Evhnsono: Every Sunday, 7.30 p.m.
Also on Fridays at 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School: Every Sunday.
10 am.
HoiY Banian' by airangiment
Mission of S. John the Evangelist, Salmon Arm.
Sikvicbsi    2nd.  Sunday in  the
11 a in.
R_v. Francis
: ENTI! •
B C,
Vt xieoit Vkhadles.
Methodist Church
Olvint  services every Sunday at
7.30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class al
2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting. Tuesday, at 6 p.m,
A N, Mnun. Pialor
Sr. Andrew's Church
Strviceaaiila.il,   Sunday school
146   Kev. D. CMtipbell. Pastor
"Irresistibly Delicious"
At All Greet,I.
,        ■■     *     ■    .
A. F. &
,   . I ' !«•
A. M-
Yes. Endetby's growing time;
Is here, and she Is going to:
make substantial growth during'
;907. She Is putting oil heri
l.ng clothes ol "babyhood,"]
and Is i.e.*: ' ng into a sturdy,
"Daughterol ihe Okanagan",
is'll we say "The Belie oli
Minister Speaks
to Mothers
Hold Us Responsible for
We .-.uld like you lo try your llrsl sack ol "BEST" when cooking
a "luncllon dinner." That's when your* critical ol Hour quality. It's
then "BEST" will tell your good ludginenl how very good I Hour It Is.
lying Its name and filling its claims on tht market. Wt know how ii is
milled. In ltd, we Uke more care In selecting and milling our wheal
than emu nocessary lo other inlllert.
TKe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd., Enderby
Telle Hll Wlft'i ttpairltatt (tr Ibt
Sak* tr Othtr StfTertrt.
The l.illimint: i
to Hi   I, V Mo.
e tve-i
Bank of Montreal
auk. tto.oo.oooo
-Htiegt lull tit
i m >an •
Vuiiing stiH-,'11.
f, Praia* . "
tuieVa  e  -'•■
•    >   ■
I. 0. 0. t
band another
Notes and Comments
Our taxpayers one and all
must have read with Interest
Mayor Bell's remarks at the
council meeting re the posst
biii'.y that the city would re
ceive Irom the Ptsvinclal Gov-;
ernment a special grant ol
$5,000 to erect a new school
building The council are to
be commended iit the energetic manner lh which they
have taken up the school question, and that they have made
a strong case must be evident
*hen lhe mayor was abie to
make such a satisfactory re-
il his Interlocal member  ot parliament
the government officials
The education oi Ihe
has alt-ays been Mr r
•ai be  vill   il   i
year? Is it   noli
possible that among all the residents ol Enderby that a sufficient number ol piayers could
ni j c bf 'uund with which to make a
«J   •    .-:. We understand lhat a
aire. _ic good leader could be secured
— providing  employmen'
j lound him in th?
* I know   lhat several  j -
! attempts have been made in
.the past to organize a '.
anp which have only been dra*n
blanks.  But the  situa'.i tt   Is
and will be very   soon   vastly
different when Ihe iaige mere
ase In population Is considered.
I'Ml lllM,.|-t.e.e,'-el       I-       r.e.1.
i- a ., ,-nt le.  preparation, haunt;,
ta.et..! -t-.l lonle prnpcrile?* m-tiiii*.
<   ,.- .1   ..it par, ap. tU.400.000.
ttalama e.ont. m.A loaa ttcomt, t9»,4ia.)l
.     1'ie.iltt.t. Klghi Hia, Uiel SttitlH-ei.iat.et Mount Royal 0 C.
Pittltitnt. Sir Get. A, Di-mmant LCD C
Viet Hiaiieliin-E S Cliuiton
A Central Banking   tablets transected
M C.
I.tj I'.
il..- Si
.•I ih.*
„ Ihem i>a
„.ii,ii,   lll«c»
I.-I   |H-.e|.le IkllO 11
.....  nit)  cauti    -
i    ,l.  i
Savings Bank
naii (ivu quail intetian.
I t ee.itel   Suits aveoaa ait Caeala.
I fianwt Cny
at ...I   ae-d
1 a;o«', e- a »aj
lt.tr tl .|e«_lk
IM -. t-aa a .aaeld It le.ltait ittal
WtiMlaavtli on leaaaa* aahbtat
tatty. Ren-tea.a ill Cauiuy t.al
atij actttol Djtttcl te-etgi.tt irete.tl
-a, rtMttemu SjttM. Ulcilion ftvit. It lha hindliar. el Munl.toae. •»!
-i.- It .      .,
G A  Ht<.t.*tft.,«  letanifat Viman
' *•• • t AKMStKONii KELOWNA
a -    ..   i.t.,,      e.   ,  ,. M0CtltMk.9lfc-Agl     f tieiMoailn Sab A|.
(Piw .JNC.J Sf-KUN)
il Cutrd 11't Ray ol Painful Sottt
TO Z.\X*  I* l.'t • A* -tt all e'ealtrt, al SO,- and '
II.IKl j  < Is-tit*. nr write diir.i lo
li-   I    K.  Slocum, UmiieJ. lit'.
Kind Kt VV . I   ...ito,
I .. no Ml  r rented* "JuM
.-   :   ... r*>\. Him;
|H  I     , . |,e l  , , r,ll. a<> t a.||f ant
, tttia.a.ii —in-1'■• I eaarattlttn,Erighl'i
ItJMM I'ae.eie, II IVtek ltl.1 ill I .....t
..HI,.lw-vTn«l-V Sk |«er Int. tt all
& Shrubs
Apply to FR.E.oeH ART
that  hi
ihe ma
rest assured;
his best  to
i situation ai
length, and *e can only ate
a     (j     nsider Enderby is
entitled to special« n3idet--i n
un lhe part ol the government
ii a i«.u
I  all klndl leeil   te.ielee
•'  .   ■ -I      lie-
I   .ilea...  muld   neee   .
IM htm » ll<
S named II toe and 2 Lola tttOt,
01. on* * cottier, n Clill street 'bu
.      ....    |
• it, 60 iM. with;
•   ...all hMise. nc   lell «r*el.
Andy la A E  DhODERICK. En-'
ierrjy. B C 41 \4
Tnat* MM**
e*e-ni*nr* 4t
 .**-. . . ttpum aa, fHf|W_| PB
, ■ -• » riaa •Utatai i
_    -   ■S\mmi'KnS,
,.-....    .   i«Mt   i.l«'||ldl»»tl-tH»»
^»•♦-'• «»»■■» • *ma\*» M«M ir* r«*«**i
PI im*,**ttt\ •*••  «!«UtMkMIM
Scientific JtoerkM.
4 *,*t, «*, ^Mf i-VrittfM MMIf    l**t**H_M«
*   *•'■!»♦• t■■*•»*•_,   It*fit Nl
a e «■. "ww. r. f
Seeds    Trees
NO Seedless Plums. NO Pitleit
Apples, NO C.ahtes* Com, ■ |usi old
reliabl* varieties at reasonable prices
Fetiiluets. Be* Supplies. Spray Pumps.
Spraying Material. Cut Fiovcra. tie
Oldest established nurserr en th*
ttuintind of B. C.   Catilagut (tee
C«<rntioutri an* Seed Until
f.S II yusii kcil nirtchanta da
t»l htndle my tetds. s*nd direct •■ •
preaay fitly packets, assotied varieties
el garden stedt in Sc pap*ra licsttd
stock', to your nearest Poll Ollice lot
JI 00. twenty pack*U lor SOc. trial
aoii.te aiiiiNO.
mon ouoa.
Enderby's g-o».lng time  Is
upon her, and during 1907 she
is going to mike the greatest
in her history    She
u . i were, gol on to her
- in lact, is rapidly growing
out ol being the " Baby City ol
the Province v/im incor-;
poratlon has come a wise ad-,
ministration ol her al.'airs. aii
oi *.-blch ha- been tending to
wards the betterment o! "he:
■   ■ > . rant igi
and ccr ra    nci .ituens
In n-j slight degree the con ,
lltl • ,f ihe streets in I
"Ur .et
link 1. a ft
e.eelim   iat
It anllti
M      i:
.•.-, 1
e    e, ,,, |   t;
tilal ban
traf* tr*
A lurlhet
J. W. Bacon's
Biscuit and
Cookie Pan
i of thit pari is to piseide a Oakmg Pan which will penult the
,--   a. a* nd lhe atliclree. being e-o.ktd, tnd Ihe the bottom
litect cwlact wilh the b.atlom ol the ^en.   Thaatiicl--.
11 I. heated alt and also by llie heal of Ihe Pan
jb'ecl is 10 provide such a pan wnh t-msvaWe means wheteby
.  ! nol be burned in reinrvitig the pan Irom the oven..
b to pre vide a ran wh.ch can te" j.eel for cooking many r.   I
■  rtmov* lht dinger cl brisking cwkits. etc. when Itklnd j
ITS AL)VA-;TAOES can thus be tttdl'y seen by evetrl
Cily Rights for Sale by J. W. BACON,
S tvvc
PI A\r GUARDS  i ia.
Ittti irom ih» i
Mpi.et    A leitess as tbtl
Utile device lar
by buying thtl
rcliat.l.-,' r n,
high etait sewing neai l.inr.
Ntiiontl Stwing Michint Co.,
r*(.it.R.' at BULviratae IU J.
Weekly Budget of Interesting   News   and Doings  ol  that
Thriving District. Irom our Regular Correspondent.
Spring Is coming slowly and ft
havi i line crop ol mud In consequence;
twi expect to see the reads diy In a
..hou time.
A. A. Brooke arrived on Sunday
with two cars 11 elfecls, and Is moving
oul to ihe Colorth farm, which ht
purchased irom McCillum and WHcoi
We had Capt. Knight, of Winnipeg,
wilh us for a few daya last week.
Homo Circle
Mr. aiid Mrs. Neelands arrived homt
from Vancouvtr on Tutsday morning.
Tht Firmers' Institute meets on
Saturday. April 6th. when Iht completion ol the Fanners' Exchange vill
ba taken up. All farmers should
attend. %
W. J. Brandrllh. secretary ol Ihl
B. C. Frull Grovtrs' Assoclitlon, and
e liters, will hold a meeting hert in
April 6th, it 2,30 p.m. Dtmonstra-
tions In pruning tnd apriylng will be
Frank Wlleoa left on Mondty for a
trip at fir is Winnipeg on buslnesi In
connection with the firm ol McCallum
and Wlleoa.
E. Scales and Mr. Roberts art
having tht lumbar haultd lot lh* new
house* to be built on their farm.
Mr. T. Stewart ind parly, of Blrk
gala, Setll*. Yorkshire. England, ar*
tipecled to arrtv* neat week.
Building  operations   at tha t
restanrant are about complete   Tht
finishing touches are being nut on and
w« may expect th* doora to be opened
Hi.1 vtni ever snip in ihlnk ili.n
ileal 1-1.1,-s away mi ninny tBtrtU un-
ili-r tlic anuwit nf winter ? Win. **an
t. II what iiiyeaterlea are hurled benefit)) th* wiiite cover, *.. .i*-«-t». wi
'leiulliiK III Ha purity when It tli.t
fall, mi lhe brown leave, ami wither-
eel situeii I ll !> true it. lie. Iruit uml
never wlili-i.e-rie nf the iKNulhllltte.
thai are In-lit* aheltereit ami iitiiirh.lt-
e.l I"  ii- enfolding!   The Rowan are
Oa-ing to th* very eiflclenl mall
service in thli pari of tha wotld the
ti. i copy of these news notes went
astray.     Thu sort   cf  thing   hu
nnly sleeping, thrlr liny iiiilaea are
hrouhlnt with life .Inwn In Iho
.I., kin's., ami alter ihey awake, teal
111   ail.1   fin-  lee-el   the)'   Will   I.U.1   llllll
1.1.. ...ii, ntnre lieninlfiilly tlinn ttefnre
The   hare   I.. an. he,   nf   lh*   I ••
i-enil lovingly .Inwn In tt fttbll ..'
lentin tu prottei tin- utile limping
llliaHMHlte. .iii.l llie Wind. We Ml. . "I||ll.
inniiiiiiiill. aa ll ii-k   itiem tu an.1
teee    lell!    ||   |     e.|l|l   I'litlUH     '
Hen  la V.......t;  in .....i-        elm,lien
alune.    All la quill nml iienae iin.le
the     ii""     nwnlilng  lhe w.nn.1 nf
"•piliig-* Irumpel" m awaken lo a
larger life tntl ►• ■..... lo ■ ll
when IH' winter I. |aa.t" tnd lhe
tin* li... mailed at ihe .all nf 004*1
eternal i-unie whn wi.n.lerfiil »ur-
prleaa-a ttw.tli ua Life, full, free,
ilirnbhlng life thai will nortr ni 'I
In rleep again un.ler lhe winter'*
mirrow. for
' Iteltlnd lhe .lia.a .nik.-e.il
Maiieleile   Hud   wlihln   lhe    i.. !■••
Keeping wtleh above ht> uwn."
And whal aerltted .Path 10 the natural ■• >.■•• wai nnly a lii.llna away nf
Ing guard, lead)' tn bring ll fnrlh In
«e.-i Una, The kn..- who cone* ami
tpreid* hit lobe nf ermine Ores* ait.
Hemic oh a*, gently, brantta, tif iti.
-deeping hnd! and Itadir t.:. = ..-..
leen-nlh lel> te.t III their rt. llll) • e.i
die. The awakening lime ll tint yet
and Ihey will ale.), mote ,»
det the ermine ltd*. Why do we
nm ihlnk nt ihl. when our hem . an
lieary laden .„-»„,,. nf wlal la<
b«*n going on to long that lh* bound; lw„ MMn __„., ,„.„, „. ,rm „,,,,.. ,
Iwo cent pcsiige rait hai com* lo btj mg thai thet.- lite. ..ne win,
coniidered a very mixed bltuing. never l..,e« ,ighi >.f mr flower., e.en
Would il nol be wise to reverl lo lhe|'nw•1|' **** ******** ,,,'^•, ** **** *****
hlaalt lhal rnme Item Ibe '« ■■( pain
and lhe ta ley nt lhe .liadnw, II.-
knowa lleey ate only retting f.ti n
ntomeni. tn mine to a mn«*e inaetrt I nia
ginwih In ihe i-a.ei.-ii. thai t.e ana*
klwe,| e'etnilly, tnd Whot* (low.,-,
knnw nn winter lime lor alepp. The
earth tlnwen, ,..,. par), tn ti« fmin
under the »Inter'* >n»w   tnd we are
eel  lll'-.e-   ..a* ...  e| an   |[ r-        Tht  llllll
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In Thi Furniture Rooms
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Get Your Spray Pumps Here.   Good, reliable pumps that
don't wash- the mixture.   Easy to work and not expensive.
RUBBER CLOVES to use when spraying.   Will protect your hands.   We have them.
McCallum & Wilcox, arm
old thru cent tat* and have your
letter! arrive at their damnation on
lime, or la It belter lo pay lor refutation >
iFrem latlhit co.inpondenl.)
Real Mate la booming.    Mr. McCallum rtporti lhat ht hu told MOO-
00 worth during lht pul month. Two bird* that l.-illd Iheir koaau in Ihi
moit igenls htvi aba opened officii
in lown. Theownera ot the towmttt
have only rectnilyplaced their property
on tht market, ccniequently the
pee* th ol the town rtevioualy had bean
amall. Nowhowevir. lota are being
told fait, and many buildings are
being nulled to completion.
helithl. and hide In Ihe el, ul. ramie
lia-t-, whrn ihe) hear of the a|.tln*>
new birth or reetirrt-ellnn- and we
a r nt ntnre value ihan the. We.
Inn. will awaken Irian Ute .teen ileal
cloaca lhe wrar. ..., juH ban*
ennttah r.ir Ihe anarl In walnut lo
hear Ua mer Ihe bar int.. the "einal
-ee-.- nf lhal "Mmnlti* t.a.l nt
»n i. II ia taid. and th.te ahall he
jnnniali tkare" neither aar.rnow oi
TheNein-No Pure Dnat Cough51'"""* '**" " '"***"* '" kl" ""'
Cure Uwa would be netdtd. lf.llI "'""' "'"'    ******* '**
Cough Curea were like Dr. Shoop't
Cough --ne li- and hu bttn for 20
il.. ■ i'e''a-. la.id a Fir tuu.
Man; a n.ttn tin. leaped irl
flee and mean In fall a pel f 10 e<l.
,-h-r llilran. .tied I'llrttian 1 11
Klainutan. nt ftaalan ll-ad. Klntinn
f ..in ll.l* lale II. ea.» I .ur. <e>l
larrlblj boa indli-" i end cooeti
|e*l|..n        .ll.ee   Lad   Ieel. |-al'>
a .an.aii..n nf weltjl I tl the « eieee,'b.
and belt bin* f.db.w .11.. a »
miiatiid Ikallai    v   '.«.;. »>uM
n..l   wnili   lca'.hl>a    'ad  l.eaela ha-.
were .*»t, t„..ta at,d i *,it lata a waak,
trnth I..II    .'Bee.      It l.el    W-Ml'd   i atr
happened t.a at* bet  Inr 1Kb    • i
.1.1111   lelieel.   '      lleee ..   \   l.
.tide   tehied!   rt.lel      ll*l|.*..l.4   tne
and a f.w ta.te. »et,e,i tne.   I ha.e
tne* taiteael «..,„i and an. qall* ra-
.ee.;. llll. an. tl... rU-e |.|le». |e
male ailment... anaemia, debllltl
l.lnnd iHpvrltk* letrntile* .-.,-....■.,
and all llv.r and kMa*] Ira • ■ 1"
drittcel.l. and       . "• ..
Captul paid up: S2.SCO.0O0 00 Resets* e Fund   S2.S00.000 00
Total As.tU     130.000.000,00
He: Wm Ginsoti. PfSs.onwT
llaa* Olr»»    HaaaSio, i   1.,  t.,.11. Otieril ttaaafav
100 Oific** Thromtlntit Can; eta
A general banking butintu Mmtcltd,       Rtnchtta' Not** Discounted,
CoIIkimu tttadt,    Dratia a.* I, payaMt al ill potnu in Canada
and th* Untied Slatet
and upwardi received, an I tnletei compounded etetjt i montht.
Salmon Arm Branch:   H W SM,TH
i on
.• In
ll.ll    Ml
liiukie I.
Illhl ee-i-
nih   ihe  hldd
l>- -. I   we aald of -l.i
yea*'Tha NtuenaTLaw now r'«uitU|,-""' " «"" '*"** ,r,*"r*'"'
thit If my pouoni enter into * cough *'*'***"* '"* " ***** '",m "" '
mialur* It mull be printed on the label f'" " ",*x""*' "* '"i"1"""   	
orpadiag* Fonhureaion inolh*r*!)*'*rl" ,""" ****** **M"* <""* ***** "*
ind other*, ihould Hunt on hiving Dr '"•*■'>•« >■• * t- •'* "* ••'•' •"l"'
Shoofa'Cough Curt. Ngpolton mirka "'"' «'"" *"11 •""""■"-"'». *nd ..a
on Dr. Shoop't UbtU-and nont it*I ****w*"r* *'" Mn"m ""*'" ******* ****
thtmtdicint, tlw il mustby Uwbel""**r1, "*'"'.'" »«*««
onihel*b*l And n't not onlyulc. '■"'"• "' '***"* *'**<" ****** ""•*
but ll U uid lo bt by ihot* thit know; ,"w•"", "■"•" •""' "•■ ***** <*"<
It besl * truelr temirkabl* cough]*'*'' ** ******** **"** "•'<• "'
remedy. Take no chance, partlcularlyi '""■' "' *■•*«*> ***** **>* **"*** *»*"■
wllh row children IntUl onha»m!"'''f "f heawn.
Dr. Shoop'a Cco«h Cure. Comparei ****** I* ttat aprlagtlin* mtatait to
carefull)the Dr. Shoop oickigtwiikl""1- ***** ******'* '*>* "»""" "' 'i-
•ther-. and tt*. No potion marret ''•'"* I""' "»l "l" '"»r bear) ii|«.n
thete! You can alwayi be on the ute '"'' ****** ""' '"- ltd oul Iron
tide by demanding Dt. Shoop't Cough «*<■*"' **"■ 'h»dnw mm thai tlnei™.
Cure. Simply refuse to accepl anyi 'imllebt.nnd hem inipit-.t - •
olher. Sold bt Enderby Dn^ and,""' torrnwlna and »l»hie.« shall flee
Stalionery Co, 'awav. and a qulei ..eare nitaUt rmir
Ini-i,..1, mi rtlm tnd aertne, |eerfeel
Rheumatic tufferera cm hive i fret
ttmpltolDr.Shoop'i Rheuiniltc Remedy wllh book on RheumttUm by tlmpli
writing Dr. Sh- cp. Racine. Wet. Thu
book will explain how Dr Shoop's
Rhiumitic Remedy successfully drives
Rheumitism cul of Ihl blood. Thu
remedy is nol i relief only,   ll alma loi SALMON ARM
clear the bk»d entirely of Rheumillc _* »< See the Best Mere, tht Finest,
polions. and then Rhtnmallsm must „._, ^ lkf Ch..p«t Sior* It Town
die * naluial de-ail*    Sold by Enderby
Drug and Slalicmry Co. I S H. LAWRENCE
Jackson & Parker
I'O BtlfcU
*  <
'    alea '■utnlshed
aa-9 -Ck
■■nBBV ■
CtuaMte. HfttUad BtguliUsai
/,'•<     e.n' t |)r- ..,., -, tr.eta • -. - ■>,
u. .a. I'. • • p. •!• .<■   ,-\ t . a,
it ft nnltaatA by any ptnat vbm ikt
I   *   •>      ' • 'a      ,        •  j   - ll,all ll
■  .
a.   a*. . i aaea iImmI.
r..| will neine iiiii.i fntt and forever
abide wllh run
Fancy Store
The Vienna Restaurant
fit Bakery
will be opened
For Business on April 2n*J.
The besl ol Metis will be provided. Cooked by while help
A. E rOOMBS Pi p
"he Best ol BteaH ah ays rn
Dr. Shoop's
The Enderby Drug & Stal'y Co.
Hoi Spring! Sanitarium
No* nadir the minagtffltnl tt
Hater   Mclnloan.   Moflm** He*-*
the Ma-tea Winn al Ma e.aa aaa «•
n-aat a.eae.a He Oia eae I A aeavtaa*
teat-etli tttveMy lat III tttttaat let Haaeaa
at iMettet I-vtt. Kilaey are V. - aa*
a. -a-u * tttt» ami 'ail it tart
*t aeawiltlm. Aa antaiau , a.aa -aa ajrvtt
'••». I J -. til :•' ••!» tai lalOitt
rae-e r. •-. a;r » ■
Halcyon Hot Springs
/Crrtnee Lett, t C
.     » .    . .   •      •    *,
..,.„,.    ,     . .,,
mt Mitimnlit tt ttt»ntd la Niiue
■    .     .... -,   ...... ..   ..,,,
•    I lit li     •   f : a-a
" ra ■    ,       MMMt apt*
lad rtHlrtaia tl tat lt>4 in nc* ,«•. lar
■b*« nan
ii, it itt • ■'.- a *t. t ibtiintit
a         I tta I MMMtai .»< taa
a  lam  In  tht VKIMty rl Itt Had
enend tat, ibt iMwrtmitiia a it it* Jtiet
an bl .a'ealltd if tart, ptntn reaaMkag
•tib ibt ttibtt h rnribei.
■ >. Utttt-t- '»• • ,:.-...-,,ati|
'   - -      r tnd ewMd If t»m Ir
•', -,:'■,•      .   .at   *• ia,tlla
-,      .      .        ,       .,   e'lll,
... .... ,,. ...,, . ,..
S.t nenitf tabtt In wttneg iht«M hi
prtnto ibe ibt Commutioner tl Damltitt
Una, at Otttwt of iMtnnen It itfy lav
Cat ,-At miy t* patebtui at III) pa,
tett Itr toll ettl tnd l» tar iMh.idtt
MaimotiaamM: a •., ,a- *e a-i,«itad
*.-     •       .  ' a    •     •-:.-,      u ,,.. „
iht tilt cl it* tents pet ton .t i.orc pteae.
sbtll It ctllttttd at ibt (ten natpu.
*x. w. coav
Dtr-ly ot ib« Men<i-m ol Hit IMetiot.
M fc—UaaattteW * .       > • ,
tdre'tittrntM *ttl r*ot bt rated tot THE ENDERBY PROGRESS - NORTHERN OKANAQAN HERALD
The New Year
s  here,  and Willi It the Provincial and
Mum. ipa.  riectiont; but properly irantfert ar*
iing on |nst the same, an.11 look (or a good year in
have many buyers—both local and othtr-
evlsi -tni can sell property In any part nl the
Ok tn igan A'A*i Spallumcheen Valleys at right prices
a'   I '.THIS
II yon havi anything lo oiler   busineu. residential or
ind     Rtettt Hal il vuh me. and I will endeavor lu nuke
anv builneti miruaitd lo mt satlslactorv to you
I Lu furthtt pitlioulrts il A'.ml. i.g
Hit only Ui:<l Af tn'.
Oliiiugati Vt'lty-
who  ■   -•■ ■  th*
Enitorb/. Ar.tisirong and Ver item
A. Fulton
.. Hardware
1 lave you seen our New Stock o(
l.\\Ml'J.l.l'.D WARE!
ot Tin,   Galvanized    and
•'. -
FOR the
Hams. Perfect»
Agents lor Da LAVA
A. SuUilille has t.-nlad lite liulisi.
latily occupied by W. P. Gooch, who'
has gone to Nainaiiiio.
ll is reported 111 Ills Advertiser lhat,
lite Okanagan Holel.ol Armstrong, has
been ..ol.l
We understand thai, besides gasoline ■
launches,  Endetby   will   boetst   tins
summer il the   automobile    All   the
go?d tilings are crowding In on ua at
The services at S George's Church,!
Easier Day. will be. Hie Holy Com-'
inunlon will be celebrated at 6 a.tie and;
II   a.m.    Chotal  Matins.  II am..;
Choral Evensong, 7.30 p.m.
The Sanctuary Guild ol S. George's.
parish have presented a pair ol hand-!
..-me brass Vesper lights loS. George'*
Church We understand tha: these'
lights will be dedicated on Easier Day
at the 11 o'clock aeivlce.
Lel us one aud all boast lor Enderby
thli year Wt opened llie year by
staling lhat "IW would be Enderby's Year," Do not prospects point
thai wav? We do not think that any-
l-« (.     .....    'I .t     Ihere    a i'l    be
Utile doubl ol It  II we will all. in
We beg '.o announce that Mr. J. C. Metcalfe has
sold his Interest in this business to Mr. J. W. Evans,
which will hereafter-be known under the firm name of
Wheeler & Evans.
All accounts due the former partnership are to be
paid on or before April 15. All that remain unpaid after thai date will be placed In the hands ol a solicitor
tor collection.
We have Everything on Hand  for
This Season
Metcalfe & Wheeler
dividually and   collectively, speak a w. have .„., jdded lQ QUr equlpmanl
it id labverttumtnltorlhtlrjimtnd '
2-Seated Surrey
Brantford,   Massi
:ycles.   All kinds
m Separators.
la at
Itl evety opportunity.
II Storey pitied through on the
height whleh came down ihe line this
»—k Mt, Storey has been promoted
to ihe position ol tinman, and hla
miny liiendj. In Enderby will be pleated to turn ol hia rapid advancement.
. to record the sudden
lllnesa ol W   Boyet who wu taken
- on Sunday.
Ht was taken ta tha Ktvtlatoke hoa-
piulan Tuesday'* Irani tceompanled
by Mrs B.yer and Dt. T. Vtrtitr
. Irlenda with him tpeedy
... .- .
Asupiitpaitypiid a visit lotht
hcmtuUohn Lambttt on Monday
evening About iirir young people
invade! hla home, and were made
i oeing preaareo. ana wiw tne urgt
■ -•  i lht n*J*nb*r of mtn tm
ted by the lumber   cimpany, sur
imttiea will iua«,i abjut iwtnty'*«■«•-""*• t** *"***** *** ****>* **
Of latest design    It Is an tlegant and comfortable- riding rig
and • .it the thing in which to drive a friend around tha dlttrtct
Seeds that
Famous English Seeds
R. R. Burns, DruggiA, Armstrong, is Agenl
Send to the Above (or Price Lists and Order Form Blanks
lened tn   ptr cent thit coming tummtr. dtnclngtnd fttnti, tnd t plttiani
The put winter hu been * vet t good ******* ***** **¥>***•
I .esented with <****• *** *** btAam r-pe.it * g ■ I bu
ultercupl   on  Monday ****** *m ******* ***** V*** aeaaon
a pun
mstr -.      >
- tM Gibbire
Kncland •het«1__^.*_|'_J.*
ihey had apt - let   Theyweie
teetrrtpaiiled by'.heir tuier. Miu K T
G bbi, who it makmt a vim lo Ctn
The ittvlce ,.i Sunday   miming
{neat • Etiter Sunlayl, in Si  Andrew*
Ladiea' h»u are lo b* mare eifPreabyi-'iin Church will be a apeetal
pensive ihu year thin ever, al lent, aertut Iter children Appropriate mintc
Eaattt Sunday * -.tied hy tht children. The
idevelop buuttluletetiiMiot the mm  Iraniattlt ol lht cjtute aale will be
mera arl    They  will   be trimmed reserved Icr thtm.
with yat it and yard* tl ribbon  and    j s johnitoo came in on Wed
id* ind British CokmiMa lor the Ism *****1 ********  the hai» will be  *et' (**!_,,   |ram   Mara lo attend the
xxm well wi lop tnd ihould be vara lipped mttm.„ ^ ,h8 City Council.
T F. Maddua wile tnd Itmlly tnd
Mtt A K Middua Mint in on Mon-
a lillle over the laet   The colon
J 8 Cay • v/otihlni «nt b, b, iHt_M and bMuiiiul.   R*d ot
"  *» ***** * ***** a atfx,  subdued tint none ollht lead-
tng colon now. while eiulet and he
ii*3 wu t visitor to Ketaima Imtjt art tba ta be much vara   th<t
day'* train and will lake 141 their te-
Bttrnei. D ft ft I.S.wemlo
• .hirehe will beengi|e<d
t *  • IS* M.Jrtir
■ .(loess tf Mn.
*     baa* *d not kite
t i.ittl aril ttptcted
lit compelled ta put
. •   httdtey ttieka and
•   •
»  ■    thin*   9
A Fulton wtnt to Salmon Atmon
Saturdar. white ht hu Cottiidenble
connect wi-tk is do,
W Arnold, who hu been employed
it the Drut mill lor» lew weeks, lell
loiter tea lie* in  taiicipaii-.n al the
It tdeel ilut 1
whit* the hwtt la t and ad
mitt and pay tht btlu
Metst*  Wm.Cra       '
una'   W, Smith, and Wyli*   have |el Vanc.uvei on Wedntadty accom-
made  appti-ttion la the municipal panted by hi. lamlly,
eawtcil ta htft ihu. ted    -^ ^MUmm tM „q rt,
, the mvmiciptlityol Sptllumche,,..    m ^ |m> ^ cw,  „,„„„ whin
A lum ol hsn*-, beljutnig to the the value te! the new building*, which
Kogtrt Lu t.ber Ct   gat into one tf havi been and are to be erected u
- -    -       * - art* u toon *-. lht wttlhtr permits, tt
■ - •    ■ ■ •••• i.a        Sat rdty *_>-. ---..,
• hunt Mite* hut, ani 11 requited
•   •* tiaidetabt* !"i>*. with tl*     1    '
t :••   >'■■ . '. lipettogethimcut.   The
-    '-*******   Ut m ********************** *™***** mm m^
t lepretetMaliere lot lhe immediately la tendtr lht many bad our amen; who did the trick ihould
. •-. : ,puttie have lha 1 tanka ol the commumlr I tt
B   Carlo'-] returned  01      H Ktatet camt up ttatt.   KtJom [*'. mi rt Uunche'i  lhal
• mi t short - ".a; tnd will make hit hone in w„ ^ on XXK mK Dm tear. ther bad
..4, Igan   Uttlitig   Ml tralhtt XitaratmA.
mi the newtpaptr.    Mmy lmfarovt< _________———
Thevrtw » rapm a •   .enentatrt    nie-npltled in the       .    .        ■   n
• ■      the Pi gt«u iaant. aa    _\ Land Dargain
That wat agaodattoke ol buiineii
,    ,1 there old pile* uider Ihe
bt.ig*    ',> m :.ne chimiel tt lent. i»
Registered Farriers
McNeOl & McEwen
Rtpain ot All Kind* Promptly At-
itndtd To. Hone Shoeing a Spa
cully   Imple-nenl and Crcle Agenu
II MANTON begt 10announce that
ht la prepared to undtrtakt all manner
ol Scavenger Work, and ta lictnitd by
ihe Cily Council 10 do ao. Otden mar
kt wni to or lelt it the Ihu Ollice ot
II MAN10N. at the Union Rettiur.
Wm. A. Matheson
A*.-*.NT FOR
And ia preptred lo lake order* lor
the goodt ol ihu wtll known clothing
b -.• hull rsige ol la.npltt on hand
Aiiitei   Endetby. BC
A WORK HORSE, in tachmge
■ '.|i- horte, mate preferred.
Apolr. the Colunbla Flouting Mill* Co
Rail* for Sal*
Fifteen hundted rati* lor aale al SIS
ptr  thoutattdi   cut  and tptll,     H.
A atrong contiliuuon
maana a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means ad
wncamant. To havt
a strong commotion
on* mutt havt lha beat
maaa, and that't what
you will And at Iht na*
brick block Always
trash. |ulcy and tandar
Geo. R. Sharpe
Fruit Trees
Moma Grown Naraary Traaa
Applet, Plums and Pruntt
lor tale lor spring planting
For vartetltt and prtcts apply
to Manager.
Celtilttaa* iMMt C* . LM
vaaiton ic
A Business Change
Mrt Tlngttrom btgs to In
lorm the public that the hu
taken ovar lht Restaurant and
baktry business lately carried
on by Mr J McQueen, and
hopes lor a continuance ol the
patronage which has been ac-
•          a lht tr.Ul
--. emetajtata
.    .                . eeliatl
> (tiM FlMly   Sailidat ..«
.   .- "     "a.      ,
.    ■                    itl BinkhalHia
.  -
... -'ebritiug
May 2«h   II »• * h l-   h»ld the
Premlt*   •               > *   git 1
Will p- '''*.
■  -   taken early   *    .
- -    ar.'     Prevenlics cute _im»
eeatti cold--a»»-'i   Prevent    .••
tittle eaniy 0 id SUN tlMeis a.lUr
ohoap. Racine Wit Will gladly .nail
- alt bask an C.iis flee niW
. i write him   The   laitmll
    'i» t ttriy CoM   :   '
a ■-
1  ■ HMlbl K'1etr.f •„..,
t>ug and .Stainiet/ Co
II    -       t-.'.. tKBY    IbS 1 -
al latillutaa*    •      a
--> land tl;o.M the |etc ,
i Call Ke.et Ltd.. ilul i
y t-aeeticaV* t'etst lot oalltt ttdl
•     •     a  ~ltal.Ur.eleilla|eaollot
,     , a.. r jel ae.au Hy latrtvj
fi   1 tt -. mr.ia
.   .     , ,  Megtedreaei --'awl «»
it t telnet val-alteet latitat H ,
-      ■      c   A rely Al pittt ■
•    Btntg oedaial   ■ er al
• PlltmHn •>! MltUHWI h tram.
■  , •<- c idftriwawttkal
X H CURRAN Fndiily.
City   Barber
H n Htndtickton        But Block corded the business In the past
W. Ebon
Having just received a line
selection in the latest styles In
pantings, will be pleased to rt
celve and mak* up orders during
the winter months at Eden
House, until spring work begins
Your order will be appreciated
Real Estate
Itt- Ctnerit Ot—Mtt Agtncy
Any   -.isrsem   hiving   Town   ,t
Firm Priptrtr lor Sale should
Lut the ume with me
Ollice: Ben. Blkk. ENDERBY


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