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The Edenograph 1905-05-31

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/    /-»afc
Volume 2.   Number 3.
ENDERBY, B.C.. MAY 31. 1905.
The weaiher clerk disappointed Ihe     The deplorable condition ol Ihe lum-
people ol Okanigan.   He didn't give **' *<*   *htn_l« Industry ol British
us Queen's weaiher on May 24th.   He Columbia oughl lo appeal lo the Doin-
held II up his sleeve until the next day *mn Governmenl In i manner lhal
' ind |usl drenched us lor a week belore, should bring some rellel In Ihe near
and up lo 6 o'clr ck in Ihe evening ol 'ulu'«'   No' only ire   miny ol lhe
• Empire Diy.    Then il cleared up and '"K" mllll closed down owing lo Ihe
I we've had most delightful weather ever uiilair conditions which  exist, but a
J. C. English Is acting as agent lor ICoal Mines.    His report will not be since. number ol Iho smaller manulaclurois
the famous Talkophone, Ihe new disc complete lor some days, but It Is un-J    The diy was so  disigreeible Ihe have   become   bankrupt.   To   whal
talking machine.                               derslood he is favorably Impressed wllh' celebration committee declared all the Mlcnl *e larger Until will be able lo
H. W.  Harvey Is making a des- ,n" magnitude and possibilities oi the sports oil.   To entertain the lew who continue operations under such adverse
perale ellorl to break the obstruction if0*'* *** ,0'mallon.                      j had brived Ihe  elements,  a scratch lnlluences will depend upon Ihe con-
put upon eggs by the hens.                 |    Married   Al Ihe Methodist parson- game ol baseball wis called   In the dilion ol the United  Slates lumber
Kev Mr and Mrs  Robeits expect i *«"' £*****>• May 2H. 190S. by the alitmoctt and In Ihe evening the loot- market.   II tht demand there should
I. bat', lor'lh. coast  this allernoon.! R"' *• ■*• *<»»»>• ** M. Puidy, bailers  played an   exhibllion gime. Improve to an .,lent which will absorb
lo Reginald W. Main, of Armstrong, j These games wete played on what is *• Ptoduci ol the mills and remove
Mr. and Mrs. Main have takon up their; loll ol iho old grounds, the recreation the slaughter ol lumber on the Can-
residence on their excellent fruit ranch grounds being in no condition to play "dian market, our manufacturers may
at Knob Hill,                                I upoa again resume operations and be In a
Alleran illness oi several months'    >• was unlonunate that tht diy was position lo mako a living profit.   II tht
Melvln Bradley died  at the lamlh'*°|M'•' *• "Oration, alnco ih» appaaila condition should prevail, how-
„,hom.,Us.F,ld.ymo.ning,   Intermenti«ownhidgont to unusual expense In ever Ihtonly hop. ol tht revivalol
Five carloads ol (lour were shipped • ^           &'         ^^   |he; fencing and building grand stand, and the lumber Industry ol British Colum
last week (rom tht Enderby lourlns j Canadian Order ol Forresters having 0,nen"s*    ""P"""1*   *•   ****** b" liM ln nC,,Mnt som m,MU" °'
mills lo Yokohama, lor ihe Japanese L   Mrv|cej (|) ^  Cour| c||(( ^* However, when il wai found thit tho proloclion Irom tht hands ol tht Fed-
Price, $2 a Ykar
Fruit Men Talk
A farewell  was  tendered  Ihem last
The lumber mill finds It necessary
to run lis planers two or three hours
over-time each night to catch up wllh
the saw.
attending In a body.    The builneJ I™0 eould nol bt NW oil. tho com- "*• Government.   Canada  Lumbtr-
Rev. Craw, of Vernon, occupledlhe hoUMJ c|oled durlng ,h, lmnl>l ,he, millet prtparod lor a
pulpit In llie Presbyterian church Sunday morning, in lhe absence ol Rov.
Mr. Campbell.
H. N. Hendrlcksun has had his pool
table re-covered, and has otherwise
Improved ihe accommodations In his
barber shop.
concert and m*n'
dince in the evening, in which tht     '*   *   announced   here on good
SL^S r^ntr-    «-"■* —« • ««•- <.-«~o«.du„onAm.r.cn,„,b.r
An audience numbering 40 listened I There was aUo the blue-stone solution
lo Ihe lecturers at the Fruit Growers'' for spring spraying, ihen. again, the
Association meeting in lhe town hall whale-oil soap, and the coal-oil omul-
last Thursday evening. | j|on,   But the latter should never be
Mr. Sterling slated that 15 years mwj 0„ p'u,.. cr ^^ ,reu,
ago the Association began the growing, Mr. Sterling then look up the ques-
ol choice Irult*. Seven years ago ll ,|on 0| what varieties to plant. He
look up Ihe matter ol marketing the suggested no variety In particular, bui
Irult, and soon afler Iht stcurlng lor Its lold of what had been accomplished on
members better transporlitlon rales, his place at Kelowna. The question
The Association also handled lor its 0| variety Is loo Important a one to be
members, wrapping piper, spraying decided without i thorough knowledge
materials, etc. By close mention lo(0| the soil, the climate and the martin requlrments and the needs ol lhe| kel. He cited the case ol the Hood
Asioclallon'i menibtrs. Iht Associa-, River dlslricl lo prove whit might be
lion his been able to bring aboul a done in the Okanagan. The growers
much belter condition ol affairs,      ol the Hood River have three varlotles:
Eight years ago II cost JSOO to send the Jonathan. Newton, and Spluen-
a carload ol frail lo Calgary,   Todiyburg.    These   vinetles have  made
ship ind will put i wagen on to deliver |
: iht conimlittt waa hold at which a and ol an indent in tht duly on red
milk In a few days.   They Intend lo
conduct tht business along lhe Ilmt ol
, statement ol tht receipts and expen-
S. H. Currie wai In from Salmon, ihe regulation city dairy.    Their prop
Arm last Friday.   Ht reports every- \My Is an ideal dairy alio.
| ceipis at iht concert amounted lo J9o
The cost ol Iht lumber lor fence and
Moat ol
wu volunteer,   The cost ol
They hivt
thing il tht Arm In tht most prosptr-! a milt or more ol rivtr frontage just v*     *
out condition. !ad)olnlng tht town ol Endtrby. and „*_**    ,
..,_,„        , .    .      ,    , *'_ , the posu and o her labot on tha grounds,
M«..ngstl.h. F.ui. Growers' As-1 have lumber on lh. ground lor . subl. < J^ ««,    cZ
soclallon will b. held ..Armsirong. on *^*» - *• «" «*•« L,^, KiV1„,^w(lh mcMtn.
lion arrategementi, added MS. bring-
Imari.t C.ntm Hare i lftg iht total up 10  $324,
Saturday, June 3. at 7:30 p. in . and at
Salmon Arm. Monday. June S. at 2:30
p. nt.
Ric A. Fraser has started the Herald
at Nicola, B. C.
and while lead until next year, when a
commission ol Inquiry willbeappoimed
to consider these nutters.
We desire lo think our miny Iriends
who to kindly idtninlslered io the comfort ind pace ol our son ind brother
In hli long illness, and who shared with
ua Iht aortow at his dtpinuit. and especially Iht ollicen and members ol
Court Cltll View 1046. C. 0. F„ who
II costs $200 to send a carload to
Winnipeg, The objects ol the
Association were to do everything
possible lo bring the (run industry up
to Ihe highest point ol perfection, and
lo enable Ihe Iruli raisers throughout
tht province to maintain a good price
lor their fruit. The Association Is In
direct touch with Bratlstreels ind
keeps III   members   puled on the
such a demand lhat the buyers tlock
lo Ihe growers and bid one against lite
other lor Ihe Iruli. The price ranges
(rom $1.75 lo $2.25 a box. There Is
always a maikel lor (rail ol the lint
quality and there will always be a
greater demand than can be supplied;
but ol cheap frail there Is already
enough. The Wealthy was the best
apple he knew of for cold storage, and
ir--   -.us
ao kindly administered to us in our be
,. . eSc-iipuons rtctivedand concert rcceipu ,_„,',
It we would have evidence am tit .,   .. .     ,  toavom
... ,i will uit enable Ihe commute? to pull
Ric Is gelling oul a | derby is last Decerning the centre of a j M ^
standing of any man ratod by Ihe i he did not think a belter variety could
agency, with whom the members ire be chosen lor the Spallumcheen. The
liable to hive to do business, i Grivensteln Is a markel favorite II it
Mr Brandrith in demonstrating h„w: colors well. The Macintosh Red is a
lo plant a tree, gave much information very line shipping vatleiy. but he
ol value to (host present.   First one believed the Jnathan was. pe'hap'.'h'e
creditable ilieel   crediuble for Ric.! "Of Important aoction ol theOkini
ind ihirssomething better thin moil|P* »« **** **<>* "> «wp and look]
Mtt k Mm. R. P, Bradley
*■.:. Family.
o' us can get up.
Wm. Twiss, the man who insures
things (or the Mutual Llle oi Canada.
was in Enderby Ihe past wotk and, a
usual, wrott up aomt business to pay
his way and mike tome more souls
ft. J. Ptngtlley. representing tht
B. C. Mills. Timber it Trading Co..
wis in Endtrby this week to sell houses
on Ihe ready-made system. The llrm
is now selling two story houses, ready
Tht B. C. Quelle contains this in-
nouncemenl:     "Tho  honorable  the
•round The Endtrby hotel cannot,
begin to accommodate tht number ol
ntw comer, and Iht new hotel Is being
(wished at rapidly at possible It will
hardly bt ready belore iht I si ol August. Tht Union restaurant Is providing accommodation lo ill full capacity.
Another evidence li lound In the
lact thai two new real estate lirmt
have established themselves here.
Maun. Mown tt Bundle opened an
ollice In the Bell Block last week, and
W. P. Lee opens an olfice Ihli week
tn iht Evans' Block, where Trfi Emh-
ogham budded Menu. Mowat &
Bundle have strong financial connec
Council ol Public Instruction, have this. I(0M ,„ ,n, Ewl> and taw M ^^J
day. for cause, cancelled Ihe academic petlance lhal Ilu Ihem for iht landj
certificate issued In 1900 lo Arthur B.
Wallace. B. A,
mines and insurance business.
Mr. Lee needs no introduction her-
Baron Alphonsede Rothschild, head! Ht his operated successfully in the S3
ol the French branch ol the tanking southern end ol lhe Valla,-lo,-the past g
,. i d ,l _,.u year.   So successful hu he been Ilul
house bearing Ihe name ol Rothschild ('h, ^ „ -^^ M Knd,tbr o((|w „
and governor ol the Bank ol France, i^lo ttlt business ol  this dtslrtei
dled last week Irom icule bronchitis, Mr. Lee UI llrm believer in the quick
aggravated by gout. and sure elltcacy ol printer's ink    He
_   .     . . .,, _. advertises extensively in Ihe Winnipeg.
Crane Brothers have just established UnM<l tni ,„, tay^^,, Jnd3£
a trade mark lor their Deer Park butler | g„n agricultural and horticultural press,
thai will attract attention wherever the besides issuing thousands ol copies ol a
buiier is senl. ll is a deer head, drawn | valuable pamphlet deicripnvt ol Iht;
„o,n „.. and nude ready ,o, .hep,,,; ^^^>%
ter by the B. C. Engraving Co., ot,hegMJ „ ^ pTmcipIt lhal lo please
Victoria. j all home seekers, he must have pr;
Manager Glbbs. ol the Enderby brick' erlles In Ihe Enderby district listed Ul
yard has had his home property fenced "" " P"*"'" ln "» <" *9<>
with ihe Frost sleel-wlre. It makes a Th«ea,« only straw, Thtypo.nl
. , . lo whsl tht sutnmtr Is lo bt around
good appwran" and is very subslan- p^,,,,, Nexl week Ihe liralexcur..
Hal. The brick masons will start work ,|0n (tom Manitoba to Ihe Okanagan
on his residence as soon as the brick I will leave Winnipeg. Following this,
are oul ol Ihe kiln. In which Ihe lire another will comt in aboul len da.    Yj
will be started this week. M'' L" " ^"J. !» m99' ***** §
homeseekers    He will leave lor Cal- n
George  Bell U   preparing   lo *«*' I gary Monday or Tuesday, taking wilh RS
down the old butcher shop, next lo the'him a large bundle of pamphlets just. SJ
Bell block, and will   erect   an ollice. Issued by him descriptive of Endetby g
building similar in design lo the Sharpe; dls,"d ^
block    Theslicet will then be prop-!    House wanted at tnce   Kumish-i y.
crly sldewlked lo the Bell hotel corner or partly lutnished     Small house or *
and Ihe ob|ectlonable lealure   to lha ^'"^^J_S?" ^ W*.^' $
.   . , .   dren; reliable tenants.     Address The .,
new hotels location entirely removed. gMM0GPAPHollice.
Alexander Sharp, Ihe  coal expert .
. a .. ....... >. <    Paslute    ,<-onel.up bunch gra.---.
who has been expected to arrive lor talgood cl...,. :.,5,u,e fo, horse" and
some days, came in Ihis week and is ca|,|e< ,t j; r»t monih Apply |0
examining the property ol the Enderby J. H. Coles
" logo Will Ten YoiT
A despatch (rom To' i". dated the 29th, states
that the Russian and Japanese Heels came together In the narrow Straits ol Korea last Salur
day. In the fighting that ensued the Russian battleships Borodino and Alexander III. the armored
cruisers Admiral Nakhlmoll. Dmitri Donskoi and
Vladimor Monomach, the coast defence lionclad
Admiral Oushakolf. Ihe protected cruisers Sviei-
lana and Jamilch.g. lhe repair ship Kamchatka,
and the cruiser Irlessln were sunk. The battleships Orel and Nlcolall. and the coast delence
ironclads Admiral Senuvin and General Admiral
Apraxln were captured.
The Japanese losses so far as stated are one
cruiser and len torpedo boats.
A later report is current to the elfect lhat Admiral Rojestvensky had lost his flagship and that
lhe gallant Admiral was a prisoner ol the da-igrr.y
Salmon Arm News
Messrs. Currie and Mackay are rushing '.heir
new store building, and S McCuire his his collage
covered In. Altogether there have been vast lm
provcmenls on all sides this spring A large acre
age has been cleared and m;re Iruli trees set out
Ihan ever before.
Prospects for a big crip are good
Our ilrat election lakes place on the 29th J
Harbell Is our reeve, being Ihe only nominee The
nominees for councllmen are: D. Sinclair. W J
Kew, W. Baker, J Johnston and H Donnelly
It is rumored that a wharf is lo be built here this
The Farmers' Institute meets the llrst Saturday
in each month.
jJas   Evans has Imp rt«vi a 'tn-. slalil n
Hera is• Genuine Snap!   Are Yon Ready ?  '[\\
Arera-,     kfttgl talCtaotl I    - ■-.• 1    -t*>y M a .abet .te   Ya^ri
harne >    Vm     ■•       ll-ra   , a •     '     •   a r, the
rcorih.a.1 coiner tl tha i in    - I      • ■  a It rtttdbyhghlhnhi
.    "  r.-h Bltuvalt       • ,- r !>atek.   Musi tee sold
NOW!   SIXTY FIVE  DOLLARS AN ACRE.   Addieis   MF  ;< -
Edenorrai* ollice.
must hive the ground well cultivated.
Stumps and atones, grass and weeds,
are not inclined lo help the trees grow
in strength or beauty ol shape. In
digging Ihe holt for lhe tree, they
should be measured oil the exact distance. Then a thrtt-lool board
ihould bt used, wllh a peg-hole al
each end. and a notch cul in the middle at Ihe outer edge. Thia notch
should be placed al lhe exact spot
there the tree Is to be planted, and
the peg in one end ol the board driven
in the ground lo hold Ihe board true.
Chen the board ia to be swung around
lo allow Ihe hole lo be dug. When
Iht hole li ready, a shovellul or two
most in demand. Olher varieties he
had found profitable were the Cockswain Orange Pippin, the Wagner, and
the Northern Spy. The Spitienburg
and the Winesap he is just trying,
Mr. Maxwell Smith. Dominion Fruit
Inspector, followed Mr. Sterling. Mr
Smith was in hu characteristic good
humor but gave the audience a lot ol
good stull to think about. He was
supposed lo speak on "Co-operation In
Fruit Crowing," but fortunately he lelt
his speech in Vancouver, and had io
pick up what he found by Ihe way.
The iirsi thing that attracted hu alien-
Ion alter landing in Enderby. was a
number of boxes of Iruli In a local
ol Ihe but earth should be thrown into! store without any marks on Ihe box
It, and the tree ael Inlo Ihe hole al the j contrary to the Fruit Matks Act.
point ol Ihe notch whtn tht board ts which provides thai "Every person
swung back into position. 11 any of who. by himseli or Ihrough the agency
ihe roots are wounded Ihjy should be'ol anolhet person, packs fruit Ina
cul oil |ust above the wound, lhe slope closed package intended lor sale, shall
ol the cul always being on lhe under- j cause the package to be matked in a
side. While the dirt Is being shaken plain and indelible manner, belore tt is
lightly into the hole, the tree should be, taken from the premises where 11 Is
lightly raised and lowered, lo allow the,packed, wllh the Initials ol his Chris
earth lo gel in and aboul Ihe roots.      | nan name, and   his lull surname and
In trimming Ihe tree. Mr Brandillh address, wiih the name ol Ihe variety
said, he would not advise Ihe culling or variants, and wilh a designation ol
back ol the leader al all II many of the grade ol fruit." The act further
tht roots have been injuied it will be provides lhal "no person shall sell, or
necessary lo cut out a considerable oiler, expi.se or have in his possession
panel the tree, so as not to have, lor sale, any dull packed In a closed
iinre wjoithan the roots can provide package and intended lor sale, unless
with sap But If it can possibly be, such package is marked as required "
avoided, he would not cut m\ the leader j This, Mr Smith said, was manlleslly
for Ihen the tree Is deprived ol lhe'unfair. When a grower breaks the law
Vtff thing thai makes II possible lo in this manner, he lays lhe t ,reke.r-,i--i
produce Ihe besl fruit, and ale- t l.able lo a line as well as himself. II
shape Ihe Iree a growei Is ashamed 10 put his name
Mr Brandtith was partlcularfy anx   on his fruit, then he should not offer it
lous to Impress upon Ihe fruit grower,   lo the public al any price    II Ihe fruit
Ihe error ol planting grain wllh Ilic growers aboul Enderby   were I
tr--      rht Irtta nttd all Iht slrtnglh gelic as the people ol Enderby. he fell
and moisture Ihe soli can provide,    ll sure that they did nol have lo resort to
Is best to have Ihe orchard Iree ol all an infringement ot the law lo dispose
olher growth, except In Ihe fall ol Die    I llielr product
yjr. when II ll advisable lo planl vel h pur gJ|e
as a cover crop.
Considerable lime was spent In ad-  „ T,"« hh cn a>m* °, °"0^ ,,',)
,     .    ....      Stanley streets.   Well   fenced,   wilh
vising what spray lo use for Ihe differ   ,_,, ,^ ,,„de .„„    AppIy 0„ .,,,.„.
en! pests     lhe oyster shell scale was ,„.,  c   11   HARRINGTON, Ettder-
the character ol the pesl which caused by. U C
Ihe greater amount ol trouble in Ihis     Wanted lo tent    A 5 r MRI c llage.
section.    The No. I  spray Is lh- be
lo be   used   lor thli   ll ubtt    ''■
admonition wa.    mllar I il ,■ I il
gteal I'aul    "spray Wllh nil    I .    |
must   be   In   good
El i '• •-.r-aiii office.
repair    Address
rvoyot Burnel and staff are engaged al Salmon Arm Ihis week. THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C.. MAY 31. 1905
First Year
i i ii
11 M \1 \lkl.K
I    i year. I
.    ■ ■
■ i
the aat
A   bolt ts a   nice pi t-
: tu tict
,i(   w itl»   \ snir   ihlfl  itn.
Ills :'.'.::   .'.     !  Il  ill
■   ■ ■     Mil         I Ral   i)
hus approve.:   1 K           in 1
as the western terminus of the
,'.,• ITrunl                "'   -.";.
It was i
pany ani approved
by the Government, says the
Kalen Island which i I
the terminus on ihe P
the Grand Trunk Pacl.l  Rail
*ay. Is situ:.'    H "      utrance
ol Br wn passage Inside Dlgby
island.   It was formerly part ol
the Tsimpsean peninsula, but
.. hmg away of the
neck of land 'which connected It 'wl'.h the main i
island was formed,   though at
le one can now practically walk ctt dry land b I     :•.
: :he mainc.
Kalen island forms part of the
reserve made by the provincial
.  ,•    .
I ■';
16,00X1 • '.hysical
characteristics is typicai
Bmish Columbia coast, being
of uneven and broken form t'.i .n
it can be utilized for townstie
s fairly well, though the
streets of the city whlch-ls-to-
be will be hilly,
The company, through J am ;s
ho surveyed the
locality,   announces thai '.he
Trunk has now all lhe
ea they require for harbor
-.ninal purposes, 10.000
acres having been deeded to
the    company   by    i
President C M. Hayes.
speaking ol lhe magnitude of
the company
ays in an eastern paper:
is been announced thai
constr ictioi Grand
commence  in   June     This
means   the   beginnlm*.
. .        enterprise,   which, If
completed as pr
at least
3.5O0 miles of main line
19.000 mile- mbers.
of track in ■
. ■
4,500 miles
•  •■   •
1 the other
. .    inthemalntt
added io
the ral In Can
"   • •
■ in aver
•  . .ire SI4.600.-
000 a / .• • "   ..."
I tries
east to Kalen Island,
ihen   ■■  nl    Ps Ifl Z i I
II n, and the rough cost of these | freight cars would cost $21, poles to the mile, which, at an
things furnish some astounding!000,000.    The passenger cars average of $3 a pole would
figures.   At 3,000 cross ties to jat ten thousand each for five make the sum.
the mile II ■   ild take 10,500,-'hundred  would come to live    There are many other items
000 ties, ll .'   ild       take500 million   dollars.     The Grand to be considered  in the co-v
iii'.-n, ,'. :•:...'   ■ ■ '.:.••■ Trunk has now 996 locomotives struct! nol a transc ntlnental
.   ,■    |   pr      e tl in ill in r.s service, and 38,0i6 pa. u,;!..■...,>.,( a hat details have
"  re nger and freight cars. been given are sufficient to show
rails, that Is, If the rails used for    In addition to these materials tl     ■    itness oi present day
the main line    i   pla   lend ind rolling stock, there are lal enterprises, and the
•  end In a stralghi   Ine Ihej many other things lo be con activity    hlch may be justly
,.; be  7.000 miles    Was sidered In  the road,   Bridge ex|    I   I In   Canada lor  the
would mean 1,232,000 rails, or and trestle timber, and bridge nexlfcw years, as a result of
492.800'. ns In ever tie laid!steel, stations, telephones, vast railway development.
Ihere ire il li I four spikes switches, semaphores, water
driven. It would, therefore, tanks and terminal facilnic:',
take 42,000,000. There are. These figure up Into the mill-
two angle bars used for every; ions of dollars. There would
: all and fourbolts. four wachers, j also be lenclng, which will cost,
and four burrs used lor every it Is estimated, on an average
pair of angle bars, which figures
all sums.
...,,-• arlc
el   Ic,    lllj.e',1 |    ,,    (, ,c
llirUltgh  el   .lllllll .Ileal
era are
i i
\ ,l.,|eec
llleeeeel   urnl'ITe*   nr.-
hrlnlly (er	
elrecp. eel e- eel
lure In ilic .
I ■. lorli .
of $425 a mile, which would "Nt »i«k i«
up to 2.464,000 angle bars, and amount to $1.487.500. A tele-
4,928.000 each of bolts, wash- graph line extending along tie
ers and burrs, Eesldes th. se road from ocean to ocean would
things there are (Ish plates, cos: in the nelghbo hood of
guards and  He  plate    vhl:l        nhmdred thousand dollars,
[Ol It is Calculated the COSt per 'htlt hearta In   ilielr   tiiiiiiili.   are
It is estimated 500 locomo- mile will be $200. which In- \X£VH*w ^^J£rV£
tives will be required.    At an eludes the price of material and tha r»rearo « that la threat
average cost of $15,000 they the cost of building.   The pole, «""'  ■"'"'"	
would cost $7,500,000.   Al an alone would come to $367,500.
average of S/00 each. 30.003 reckoning that there are 33
H. W. HARVEY. General Merchant
Enderby, B.C
The stock in tne several department is large, varied and new
i.',. 'ii.-
■•r. writ.
,  .1 «|.... ilurng
. .   ...   ■•  -.
Here! for
Cheap Lumber
ritii-f |inMlon_U (mtkiii* ttliiiinrrv
What do you
Think of this?
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all patt up. >U.000.000 R..t   tlO.UOO.000
B.,l  I'eciei. ant Le.. aatoiirrt,  t)?l eatl
A Ccncral Banking business transacted
Savings Bank D*'"r","M
With The Owl
SUSPICIOUS man Is a slave
of lhe devil. He suspects every
mm of entertaining an evil
mtiivi—believes no man Is
henest—and considers thai
man has his price. Such
n is io be piilied. He
or: he has narr wed life down
to il.e fcur walls cf a heg's pen
Manhood to him is an unknown
quantity, He believes that
trickery and deceit are the stock
and trade of all men. ani In
order to protect himself from
Ihe duplicity ot his felkws. he
keeps himself in that attitude cf
fear and away frtm the blessings that come through entering thoughts of fellowship
an i trustfulness towards others. I believe inert is
some of Cod in every man—and some of the devil,
too. Bui 1 believe the Cod In man Is put there by
Cod, and Is therefore all powerful; whereas, the
devil in man gels there by growth of habit, andean
therefore be hoed up and cast out. And I believe
there Is no trait of the devil so subtile and so sure
of results as lhat found In the suspicious man or
"We awaken In ethers the same attitude ol mind
that we hold towards them." We see ourselves
reflected in others, It one's eye *s evil he will see
only evil. No matter hew Innocent an action may
be: no matter how honest and sincere: it one has
occasion to rub up against the suspicious man.
either in business or social life, he will find his
veracity doubted and his sincerity questioned. It
Is a pity It is so, but it is. Not that the Truth Is
e /er hurt, lor that cannot be. It is bound to Ilve.
n i matter in whom it is fcund: the utterances or
the attitude of any Jackanipe cannot disturb It.
"The wild thyme Is Itself, nor asks consent ot rose
ror reed." But what I h Id true Is this: When
Truth is doubled: when ll is reviled: ll lumeth away
Ihe blessing ll had tor you and me Is bestowed
upon another.   In the transaction we lose: Truth
The man who Is least suspicious ot others, and
I think this holds true ot woman also, will be found
-ihe most trustworthy himself    He has been
igh the darkness,  he has lived: he kn
He has learned to trust others by learning to trust
The Weaiher,
,','. ' -i   !■     :• ..   :. ■■    ,' .>•:
afcttrver at Endtrby. ItmtUhea tha lel
lowing record el tit* temperature, and
rata ol the; n'ealher lor the
illII ;!  =
Iilil I
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, from $8 to $10 per M.
Shiplap. SI2 per M.
Flooring. Celling. Siding. from $15 per M. up
t- Any olher Information will be furnished on Inquiry at
our office. We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
which will have our careful attention.
Emlerley. B. C.
■ t
• :
,•: ui.
30 "
34 "
35 rainy
ii     ■ •-»
32 "
31 "
31 "
<:■   • '  ilv
,.,■ ninny
35 "
34 "
33 "
3* "
37 elatdy
35 aimny
34 "
d tidy
>,.     .    i
Wit Mr *woU on 4tm*n4 without
Ml   ,
-■■■■-.■        ■ :'.,     "
Ira C. Jones
Carpenter (tb Buildtr
st„ dntttuSt lutnuhcd an
■<& «l any dimtnusn small
v !   ■  ■-■■■■■
• \.-,B C
For Sale!
'. in fcu tu suit put-
.aciitabit lut Iran gloving and .
<    A|ftrlo
J W McCALLUM. Sikiun  Aim
Do you need
. a taid if'l I *|H <_II and
thcttugtlly tejl (MM * jes and
,    , a.
eiilicallr gland
and focused tense?.
J M Mclr,iyr».OlW«M».lr*l*ilTfcC
Jas. Jarrett
Carptntcr & Builder
Ma- pened a carpenter shop
in Ihe rear of lhe Hancock block.
All kinds ot jobbing promptly
atiended to.
t ...ria-vaa Aa<tt»r,«»   Al«.a,«r»»4a
lo late on • Salt
Are you
Hungry ?
I have taken over the UNION
RESTAURANT and am mv
Mining mrab at all heum Everything cl«in and iim clan. We diiect your
attentiM etpeeiaUy io cur Sunday dinn^ra. People do say that they can't be
beat lor the money. GARNET W. BALL.
Cl.ll Si . »nc U.-.l I e .laitun
Regular Moals. 23c.
When you come lo Armstrong, step in and
have an Ice Cream Soda.   It will tone up
the >\ <lnii and make the soul fly high
R. R. Burns,
Masonic bidMiiw Armstrong
* "•••' Burns' Toilet Luxuries
:y, QMMM©'
"ll Is good to pul bother way
over night." but It Is not good
to go to sleep a delinquent subscriber Ycu may never wake
up: and wouldn't ycu teel bid
to appear belore the pearly
gates with your lown paper not
paid (or, and have to (ess up?
Receipt Book.
Letter Hca.; Bill Heads. Envelopes, Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards, Visiting Cards. Invitations—any
thing tha' -an be printed—quickly done at this office. Estimate . furnished on every class ol Book and Job
The KJcnotfrapK. fei
r.r„i«rr,y 7<tOO*EAH
HAkWotli, ClltTSt.  i«P A First Yeap
Between   the b"8 *^"!?,and '!?gS "y'ng, ln hls hat
i.i i.i ui   me Faces writhed In smiles peeped
Enderby a string of people
were lined up—waiting. There
was another string at Armstrong—waiting. On the table
before him telegrams were
stacked gross-deep. Over in
the corner snugly tucked In his
little trundle-bed a smart youth
slumbered, while the spiders
were engaged In web building
May 24th was a day of dls
Italian blue sky and the Irish Ijrom In under gaily festooned ion'Vrainni7'LlonJ''p^er'ieTn
green earth there spread a cold !hals, and ,he baseballers, foot- Sj ™'lng kl0ng' p?,.erike'ln
slate-colored   sea   of clouds,'bailers, gay jockles and lithe-
upon the wrong side of which Hmbed    athletes      marched wa's Daint7d"lnthec7nVe of'tiie'
Ihe sun shone warm and mel- jshoulder to shoulder down Ihe       !
low.   From early morning the
rain drizzled and the mud grew
First in the lead, drawn by a
string of creams,   came   the
the float representing the government buildings to be, and
the city park.   In the centre of
the park lloat there was repre- .........
senled a deep. dark. hole.   At  I       H I I I 11    I    one must have,hebest
the mouth ol this hole were A      ** * * * VV1   meats' and lhats what
seated the members ol the rec- you will find at the new
reallon grounds   committee— House Painting and Paper Hanging m,)"Ick block.    Always
Messrs Harvey Nairn Taylor * manner that always satisiies.  This i fresh, juicy and tender.
Hancock a.td English'.   They '? ,h« 39*ion <<" >}■  u,us "P"80"
handled a grappling string and «*•««»•«*«*»»■
' were faithfully trying lo hook on J- R- LINTON,
to something In the  hole.   All Painter St Decorator. Enderby
about them were piles of lum-     i   ai    \t     aal        ^  .-»  .- »t    .«*«
ber. nails,  cakes ples.sand-1    L.U. L. IN). 446       C. O. F. No 1058
wlches. fruit, candles nuts and | ".SUSMSMtt ft*™*"' «.... ««. ..=-,„, m ...r* Wg i»
Ice cream.   Perched upon the
deeper and more muddy: the
sidewalks more wetty, and the
spirits of the celebrators more
—what shall I say. Well,
everybody who knew how got
mad, and then got over It, and
smiled at the huge joke the
weather clerk had played on us.
Pasl celebrations ln Enderby
have been greeted with clear
warm sunshine: only once
during a period of 20 years has
J. Pluvlus winked his dewy
eyes at us. But last week he
fairly blubbered all over us, and
seemed delighted to do so.
We didn't even gel a good
squint at Uncle Sol all day.
and had to make our own sunshine like you make ice cream
As early as 7 o'clock mem- _
bers of the grounds committee fence a host ol Haw Haws
rubbed their eyes open and cawed and chewed. Follow-
sauntered down the street to ing this came The Edenograph
send a message to Carcla-at float. It was a magnificent
Vemon and Armsirong. The affair. Away up In the heavens
roads were oo*y and the side- (here soared a tremendous
walks dripped with wel. and thing thai looked like a bubble
Irom the puyless clouds there ora ballon with "the day we eel-
came Ihe incessant pltter palter ebrate," painted across It.
on the brown lln root. oil In a corner Jup, Pluvlus
In an Eastern towns a Baptist was hiding behind a big black
preacher once prayed long, cloud with a hat pin In his hand
lustily and earnestly lor rain, anfj a mischievous twinkle In
He wanted It to come just so— his eye.
easy and steadily.—not In Then came the float ol the
showers to drench and flood c, p r, it suggested lots ol
the earth. He did not know ,ning, A huge molasses
how quickly his prayer was to barrel was hanging In lhe air.
be answered. From the south ^u, a plug in the bunghole
great black clouds rolled up. marked •'Limited". Around
and when the pastor emerged the plug were gathered several
from the church without over- energetic Brownies indust-
coat or umberalla the rain nously trying to pull ll oul, and
came down In torrents, Rals- over their heads shone a mel
ing his hands the good man ancholy halo with the words.
Indignantly exclaimed. "Oh. "Celebration Commiitee" em-
Lord; this Is ridiculous I' blazoned on their backs, Astnde
The committee didn't say ao the barrel wnh a linger in the
Wednesday morning, but they spigot hole sat Eddie Coyle,
thought It. He wore • big mil on lhe hand
When lhe hour arrived lor that was stretched oul behind
the sports to begin, we Imagined ^ there was a two fifty hole
we could see the procession m the palm ot It.
lorming up ihe street, wnh the Following this the float ol the
band playing lArmsltongairsl. Vernon telegraph ottice came
sleepily around the comer.
Sf Methodist Church There was pictured seated at
  the ticker lhe   agent ol the
The last float In the process
rtg Jong, Peter-like, Ir
was that of the Grumbler Brigade.   A huge crawllsh
was painted
,    ,     , ,, ,    . canvas, and around about it a
grass bordered street.   Behind number   o(   ,„„«,    craw(ish
the marchers came the floats. They were all apparently craw-
Crawflsh was saying to the little
Crawfish, "I won't pay what J
promised to them fellows'.
They're In the hole, let 'em
get out," and the little Crawfish
approvingly nodded, "You bet."
And the rain continued
When you want anything in tha line
ol printing, irom a trl-colored poster lo
a visiting card, bring or send Ij The
Edenockai ii lor ju t ii: n ■
ling away from a hole In the;
."itti'i,"" .'Hi" M iv .r i.i.lilie recrea',on (en"' whlch "?e A strong constitution
carriages oi ne Mayor ana tne grounfjs committee were work- _,„„., .B h(.aith« minH
City Council.     B_ehlndthem mg hard ,0 dose up.   The y_ Jj^h^jnlnd
|good work means advancement. To have
a strong  constitution
If "Made in Canaaa" is a gooa motto for Canaaa, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby
Moffet's Best
Beats them all.   Strong, uniform and While; made In Enderby
from strictly HARD wheat.
-m Columbia Flouring Mills Co.. Ltd.
Geo. R. Sharpe
1 Enderby
Hotel. . . .
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate Ihe trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rales: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
(olldwinf ol each momh at 7 30 p. m.
Vtiitttip brethren welcome.
WM..A.E.Rcnarj.       Sec. E  Bikhui
ea.lt nt.nth     Vl.!llit( Btelriien
cordially Invited,
R. P. B.kD>.ir.C.K.     Rat H<
DtviM SertKM twy Saa-r - * J* P- »•
An-ySekMlaadBMiClaai. I30p m
PtarMMMMg.  •     ■ T*__y.lp.m
A, «, ROBERIS Paint
Rmfcufe CHI St.. m.i It* C+.IS*.
Okanagan metropolis. His
eyes wore a dreamy look thai
seemed to say: "Despatches
delivered while you wan."
Prom lhe keyboard wires were
strung to all pints in the Valley and at the booth marked
and  Plutnhintf
An experienced copper. Un, and sheet
Iron worker Special attention lo tur
nace work, piping and rooting. Expert
workmanship,  satisfaction guaranteed
PlamWr a<J Fitter. EaJerly. B. C.
Under The Olive Tree
artlH Mac a.«i»*
■maker and
When you are in need o! tine silver pieces lor the table, tor
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
llnd Ihe besl made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
Your back yard: how Is it ?   Any flowers there ?
What Is the use ol kindness It you are going to
keep It or. Ice ?
Many a man has got a hard (all (rom standing
on so thin a thing as his dignity.
Ease and plenty are the greatest obstacles to
progress lhat a growing man can run up against
It Is always better to walk boldly out of a difficulty or an error than to sneak out ol it like a dog
out of a tight.
Hot air! Well.lt Is not so bad—If It is condensed and liquified—and given legs and arms and
hands and feet.
Simplicity is so Chrtstllke that the "redeemed
ot the Holy See" are ready to crucify n every time
it shows Its head
The best way lo (eel (or ihe needy Is to put your
hand In your pocket. Tls also the best way to
make public spirit grow.
Penelon led us a good one: It Is necessary that
the good should love you. that Ihe wicked should
(ear you, and lhat all should esteem you.
Never try to reconcile yourself with the world.
It does nol much matter whal you do. it It Is heroic
you will be disliked by those you would help.
It your thoughts are kept on the petty whisperings ot long tongues In Utile heads, you will not
have any time to think ot the real questions of life.
When you meet a man who carries his belllake
up his sleeve. It were a good thing to give him the
tiptoe jew-jew where lhe pantaloons begin to shape
Perhaps there is no one thing in this life that
causes so many misunderstanding and heartaches
as the differences of opinion as to what Cod's love Is
I would rather know that I have the confidence
of one friend who understands me. ihan lo be pes
tered by the applause of Ihe multitude, who can be
plucked today, tickled tomorrow and damned the
next day.
There Is just this aboul It: If Jesus Christ had
had a comfortable home, where he would be pampered and walled upon, he never would have got
close enough to the heart ol the world to have
become Its Saviour.
One lime a newspaper In the States asked this
conundrum: "Why Is a newspaper like awoman>''
A woman won Ihe prize Her answer was, "Be
cause every man should have one ol his own and
not run alter his neighbors."
A great deal of talent is lost to Ihe world tor the
want of a little courage. Every day sends to their
grave a number ol obscure men who have only
remained obscure because their timidity has prevented Ihem from making a first effort, and who, If
Ihey had been induced to begin, would In all prob
ability have gone great lengths In the career of
fame The fact Is In order to do anything In this
world worth doing, we must not stand shivering on
(he bank, and thinking of Ihe cold and the danger.
but junp In and scramle through as best we can
Old Country
VnAOC For comfort and wear you will
v»lMyfC-j not (Ind anything to excel, ll.
*^      w      w Indeed, equal. Ihe English made
walking shoe.
We have them In stock.   Also a line of excellent shirts, and
Summer Underwear, Socks, etc.
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
My Spring-delivery orders are all In When you are
preparing for Fall-delivery trees, write me. I represent the
Nurseries of Stone _ Wellington, Toronto. The
quality of Ihe trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
The besl clay In the Valley   Well burnt bricks al reasonable
prices    Large or small quantities
-m Enderby rick 9b Tile Co. EnDBHur, B C
That touches the artistic
and keeps house for Economy, will be done al this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
to send your priming out ol
town Anything thai can
be done in Toronio nn
ordinary commercial print
ing i can be done right here
The Edenograph
I »fc.i.  B (
lood Evening!
Have you
paid your Subscription THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., MAY 31, 1905
First Year
fave you seen the display In our
Y u
cannot find anything better, and the prices—just see them
Enderbv Trading Co.,
Cliff St.       Enderby^
■ aaaaataaaatatmmmmaaaWl^aatatatmatatmmmmaWKaaWaaalM aaaWaaM
If you are in the market for anything of service in Ihe Dairy,
we can supply you, and at reduced prices. A full stock of Shell
Hardware. Stoves, Ranges, Etc. Builders' Supplies. Paints,
Oils, and 'sich like.'
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
brick mi
Wo recently started brickiuakiiig
at our Endetby yard, and an in ihe
maik«t lor order* ol any nut lor the
beat common, repressed and laney
■ ■ dtu worktmnship,
Okanagan Brick Co., b..» m. uj,m. b c
We are now In our new Stables where everything Is spick-and-
span Rigs and Saddle Horses always at your command.
Stalls and feed ready for your horses after a long drive Cliff St
Nicely Printitl
This Office
I have bought the Barber
Business ol A J Young,
and am prepared to give
Iht d-ttifael-al satisfaction
in Halt Cutting. Shaving.
Shampooing. Massagi. tic
You can't gel a ani
shave anywhete.
H. N. Hendrickaon.
For Fall Planting
NOTICE ii. hereby given thai 30
daya after date I intend ta apply ta tha
Chief Comniiuiimet of Landi and
Wotka lot a special town ta oil and
_rry amy limber lr»tn lh* following
-,.   it-iv !■.    •'. ■ '   ••  •
Timber Betth matked W A W,
Cuniitietteingata patl marked W A W
absui hall a mile up a emit tunning
into Shuswap rivet sti wen t I
three milt* Irom Mable Lake and twining 40 chaint ttstdi, IM) chaint west,
40 hiuu south, Ihence 140 chain*
r*ji io point tl commencement, cam-
. , i ... -. . .
Kutiaan Ljhmh Co
Dated ai Endethy. B, C, Aptil 10.
NOTICE u heteby g.ven lhat thirty
•_/; alter date I intend la sp^y lo Iht
Chlel  CotttmlttlMier ol Lands and
Ihe following
-d lands m Yale t»>■■•
Timbtt BeiUi m»rk>*d B C. com-
mencrng al a put matktd B C about
mng into Srwwap ti .et on west side
|wett, 40chaiMiouth.thenetaOclaim
nit ol commenctmtM. ihenc*
•i<. 90 ethain.   ■
. xicetiMnt. eompttstng
a .
Aptil 10.
*     a
...... ,..-,, „,
. • ,. ..   ■
•   .-   ItKlitred
..   . .....  ...
, , ,     i inber B»tth    like I   I-  AW.
■   ! W A W.
; j' I -      .
1010 Wmmin.lar  R.a.4      \ ,-oeev.,
a c
.   , rt
,. ■  .,
I ....
Halcyon Hot, Springs
Arrow Lak'   B   C
'    .'
•-.il 10,
Peter   Burnet
Dominion (tb Provincial
Land Surveyor
Rill    SLOCK
'.    ; CUf B   C
This beautilul poem was published
in Ihe May number ol "Dumb Animals," and Is reproduced here by
special request.
Well, Roger my dear old doggie, lhe-y
say lhat your race Is run;
And our lolly tramps together up and
J iwit the world are done;
You're only a dog, old lellow, only a
dog, and you've had your day:
But never a Irlend ol all my friends
has been liuei than you alway,
We've had glorious limes together in
tli,- tit-Ids and paslures lair;
III slorm and sunny weather we have
romped without a care.
And however men have treated me.
though (oul or lair their deal
However many Ihe friends lhal luled
me. I've lound you true as steel.
That's right, my dear old lellow, look
up with your knowing eye,
And lick my hand with your  loving
tongue that never has told a He,
And don't be alraid, old doggie, il your
time has come to go
For aomewhere out in the .real '' •
known there's a place for you I know.
Then dcn'l you worry, old comrade, and
don't you tear to die;
For out in lhat ialrer country I will
laid you by and by.
And ITI stand by you, old fellow, and
our live will surely win.
For never a heaven shall harbor me.
whete ihey won't let Roger in.
When I reach thai city glorious, behind
the waiting dark.
Just come and ttand outside the gate.
and w»g your tail and baik
I'll hear your voice, and ITIknov it. and
I'll came to ihe gale and say
"Saint Peter, that« my dog out there,
you must let him come thu way,"
And ihen tl tht taint reluits I'll go to!
the One abort.
And say:  "Old Roger ia at the gale j
wnh his hearl brim lull of love.       j
And there lin'i a shining angel A all]
the heavenly band
Who tvet lived a nobler lilt than he.'
in tht Earthly land "
Then I know tht gala wtll open,and,
;   you will cstnt linking in,
And wt'll roam Iht Held, together In]
lhat country Ittt Irom sin.
So never you mind, old Roger, il yaur
time hat contt to go;
You've bttn true ta me. I'D be trui to
you  and tht Urdu good, wt know
You art only t dog. old lellow s dog-
and you vt hid your day—
Well, I'm gelling thtta myitli, old bey.
and I hatrtn't long to tuy;
Bui you've stood by mtoM comradt.l
and I'm bound lo stand by you,
• .   er.       !•;».'-,.
bet will pull ut through
- Julian S. Culler
II-• I - W..I. Prvaiii*
The Kootenay Mail haa bser.
in financial strails (or some
time Like every newspaper
lhal attempts to advance ahead
o! lhe community In *hich it is
published, the Mail has lound
it impossible to edit the over
draft column. But the Ms.il is
a big jaunt Irom the bon
yet. as the lolbwing frank statement would indicate We
have t> thank those in'
in the Mail Company lot ihe
lair ana manly manner f h
they mel each other and ad-
lusted their dif.erencea, am
:    ■   . edll rial an!
administrative departments of
the Business an can say lhat
noelfort Mil be spared lode
serve the enconlums passed on
the Malls position and busi
ness The Mall is here to stay
and to win lhe esteem and confidence ol all fair men. which
.....    „
Hal lay a Steeeadr-Mt
'. •■   Vancouver    An
named Emeu   sustain*!
Ill   '    te-noval
ll  atsptrtol
• a. the ohute
which can»  th« sh •.
1 ing this  OM    I  At*
trellsfeea     lot I
• part ol out A hu  i»g.
K A lettiHy. hli thigh WU llM
• -       Lumberman and Conttaelot
Taking for his text Tllus 1:15:
"Unto the pure all things are
pure: but unto them that are
defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind
and conscience Is defiled," Rev.
Mr Roberts discussed the sac-
redness of man's duty to his
God, to his fellows nnd to himself. At the time of Paul's
writing to Titus, he warned him
against falling Into the error of
his day—the assumption ol a
superficial holiness without the
purity of heart and of life Me,t
make their own world. All
things are pure to the heart that
Is pure. The Cretes. like much
ol the Christian world today.
had attempted to build up a
form of religion that was moral
but which left oat Christ. Pa.I
emphasizes the work ol grace.
He cojnts little on righteousness without attonement. and
tells converts where alone
purity Is found: in thc heart
ma ie clean by grace.
Every man forms his own
Idea ol Cod. One has said lhat
"man makes Cod In his own
Image;" a truth which seems at
first almost sacrlllglous. But
behind it. there Is much lo
cause us to think. Our conception of Cod will depend on
our ideal. If our Ideal is high,
and heart pure, our idea oi Cod
will be correspondingly high.
If xe hold a commercialized
conception of the world and of
man. our Idea ol Cod will be
correspondingly low. The matter hinges on this question.
What shall we do with Jesus."
What has been our answer as
Individuals: in what position do
we stand? "The pure in heart
shall see Cod."
l-eee... mil.    Un.1,.,.,,,,1.,
Logic will sometimes triumph
over dogma, as is illustrated in
the case of a little girl who had
been brought up a believer In
Christian Science. She *at
visiting her aunt, a non-believer,
and in ihe course of the afternoon fell down stairs, whereupon she began to cry lustily
"Are you hurt, dea*?" inquired
the aunt. "No," was the sobbing response. "Then." said
ihe hunt, not without a touch of
wicked enjoyment, "why do ycu
cry?" "I'm crying." was the
reply, "because I cant feel that
I ain't hurt."
Is your subscription paid ?
Summer Drinks
Pure West India Lime Juice
We have pul in a large stock ol tins favorile summer beverage.
We guarantee it pure and ol fine flavor.
Lartfe Bottles. 40c and 50c
D. NAIRN y CO.. glfflKfrf sta,,oners
SUNDAY   HOURS'.   Jlo4p.m. 	
Due lu Lacl ol Publicity
ll....   kici.'.c.-lc'
The case of A. B. Wallace.    On Sunday an unfortunate
school teacher at Enderby, who | accident occurred at Sourls. A
has been committee for trial on
charges of Immorality, draws
attention to the serious responsibility of school trustees In
selecting teachers. Mr. Wallace held a certificate, and at
bank clerk. Norman Hunler.
was sitting on the bank of the
river talking with a couple of
ladles and a gentleman who
were In a canoe close by. Miss
Marie Harriot, one of the ladles.
Enderby nobody had heard the j jestingly picked up a revolver
stories that were current at 'that was In the boat, and aimed
Victoria during Mr. Wallace's lit at Hunter ani lired. Mr.
residence here, and which led Hunter's mouth was open so
to his departure. The revelations thai have been made
throw considerable doubt upon
the value of any inquiry held
here Into Mr. Wallace's conduct. If proper Investigation
had been made it Is probable
that this man would not have
been allowed to retain his certificate and would not have been
appointed to the Enderby
school.—Victoria Week.
A subscription today U worth two
next week.    Gel a money order
that the bullet passed through
the root ol his mouth and lodged
near the left ear.—Hartney Star
Photeia nn FlnittrNalle,
TV ne».»l  lael  lee.  llle  ccill! (UhlOtV
•tilf tit.1 Bipetdetrolid (eceetii!   ri..e.l..
nun I* It. M..e It..- ||e-llllr eel "th, l».»l
beloved ae.mtti In the «,.rl.l" |ehe>ie>-
gr-.|eteee! uli lllr icil ut tha llllla ;,..»• r
..I ' ll • e'er han.t
1 '." ll mat.- !"/ > frty
•e .'..KMiei.i. icr,..»« and   It
tti-' ' in- rooDt Veotaea who
tr.- ecf ell i. love, ltd I ace low lova
•cam ha..1 hid it- .Helm,, of tti'lr
IWftthiartl    !'■ "■ .'ai-!.. 1    ul     11.   r
Inter iilil.
NOTICE ts hereby given that thirty;
days alter date I intend to apply to the
Chiel Commissioner o| Lands and
Works lor a special license to cul and
carry away timber from the following
described lands in Yale District.
Timber Berth marked. "Kamloops
Lumber Co." commencing al a post
That very desirable property kn.'wn
as The Eden House, adjoining tht
town cl Enderby. embracing 140 acres.
18 acres under cultivation, with bear-
Ing orchard. Hu produced tht prut
p1ant5'one'mll7soui'h"oi'"AtchitFtt-!»'"""! 'nM <* British Cohimbti.
guson's homestead on Salmon Rlvtt. !T*?-JW? ****< w,lh[•****■ *><**
southeast 14 ol section I*. township "l|lfd buement- t«* *>*>■ **<*•.
17. running 160 chaint south. 40 »•»"«• •" *»•» '» » •«c"l,m
chains east. 160 chains north, thence;chance to gel an improved ptact. IS
40 chains to point ol commencement. <*•'<**'** walk Itom tht postollice. on
Kamlmm Lumur Co.. Ltd
Dated, at Enderby, B. C, April 28,
the wagon road     For Itrmt apply on
the premises, or address -
WM. ELSON. Endetby. B.C.
Price, ISO an acre
DiiHiluiiua .el Cu-Pirtaenuf
ko  First  Gum
'■'   ■■■. Wokld's Fair.
: s.      1904
Twenty Years a
TMt mammoho TvrawaiTsa
Toronto. Ji Voag» Strt.i Areata
Montreal. • II Unary Slrwt
W..rcip.«.Mr . akkartaonntvil'tlOt
Vancouver, Ernest t. C fckhara.
NOTICE is hereby given thai thirty'
days alter date I intend to apply lo tht | -^ „.p.llMlllllp •„,«„.,,, ..
Chlel Commissioner ol Lands and utween Long Lome mi l«w Ling Veep u
Works for a special license lo cul and ladiy dissolved. Lang Lean takn over the
carry awiy timber fram Ihe following »'"e "id bustnts.. ini mum all asetwiu
* Horn Ihis dill.        LOU UNO YgOP.
described-lands in Yale District;
EnHita). B.C.Miytc. I«8.
Timber Betth marked "Kamloops'
Lumber Co.." commencing ai a pest NOTICE is hereby given that Unity
planted five miles up Cottonwood Creek days after dale I intend lo apply lo tht
marked "Kainloops Lumber Co." Chlel Commissioner ol Lands and
and running 40 chains south. I60chains Works lor a special license to cut and
eut, 40 chains north, and west 160 carry away timber Irom the lollowmg
chinu to point of commencement.     . dejcribed lands in Yale dutncl
Ksrloom Lummii Co., Ltd.        Timber Berth matked "Kamloops
Dated at Endeiby. B. C. April 10, Lumber Co." commencing al a pott
l4°S planted live milts up Cottonwood Creek.
marked "Kamloops Lumber Co." and
Fnr Salp Ten thoroughbred mnning 40 chains touih. 160 chains
1 wi i^otc ^ young York- *e»,w chains n«th and 160 chains
.hir. ni*. ., ..,.„,.....5..,.,-1, I«UI to point ol commeiiCement
shire pigs. Ir m registered stock.       ^ lvttnix ^ lw
For further particulars apply
J A Mohr, Enderby. B. C.
Dated al Ei.itiby. B. C. April 10.
Paftry Baking
The Chi;;--! Item the oven. Always Iresh Ice Cieam seived
that) thi wtathir It warm, Nice line ol Confectionery in si:ck
li* It won't 1 iy you to bake your bread Ihu summer
H. J. STOREY, TR Enderby bakery, Bradley Blk
Bear this m Mind
There may be, no doubt thei        'aalures aboul jitter parts of the Okanagan lhat
will equal anything we have abou: . In the way of nature's provisions for home-lite,
but certainly none can excell us     : Imattc conditions are perfect: and for health and
beauty, Enderby's location is unsurpassed,    No cold  damp ...earner, or hot sultry days


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