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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1906-08-03

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 The EnderW P
■■    ■
eroy Jrro
With Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 3    Number II.
Price, $150 a Year
; 111  liUJUllL'liliU
i2 Hi lu ui ID >_ Hi
|J _J_i_l_l_l_!
i O.O. a.
;:•::■:•::• :•?•:.•:
C    &
a>t>    Q
The Ladies of S. George's Guild
will give an let tram social on Friday itttmoon and evening neat week.
Mrs H. W. Harvey ind children
returned on Thursday Irani in emended visit to Irienda al Victoria.
W. Hancock brought Into tht
Pnooniai office on Tutsdiy umt
ftnt specimens of cucumbers, which
measured (rom seven and one-half to
ten inches in length. They were gr. wn
on Mr. Hanco:k'a ranch, about a milt
and i hill north ol town on Iht Mara
Wt would respectfully siggul to tht
Editor of ihe Wtek lhat he hang • hit
ol the Okanagan papers over hu desk
within easy reach of hu optica, lor it
timet he makes aomt hopeless Ungla
cut ol Ihe names ot the Armstrong ind
Enderby papers 1 For. In hu Issue ol
July 28th. he has a quotation iron the
Endetby "Advance."   Forsooth I
The Sptlluncheen Farmers' Institute hav s or J-red a second car ol
stumping p »■!••. which will hi on
hand In abaui'iws weeks Irom date.
It can be had Ir :m tht secretary. J B
Bird. Armstrong, and Ihe price will bt
J6.S0 p«r case, lo members ol lht
Whtlt it u no muble lo locatt out
of the ciliient who pclled • "nay" on
Tuesday, somt greit sptculatism havt
been rife as lo Ihe owner ol the other.
Nearly every enter in town hat at one
period ol lhe game, had it lacked cn
Is htm or her; but the great unknown
remains undiscovered. However.
' Baldy" Wright sayt lhal ll would
seem lhat concensus ol opinion
leant towards Ihe Idea thai the name
of George Bell should be Coupled wilh
lhat I V.' A Dobson is Ihe owners ol
Ihe two "nay" votes' II hu deduction
is nol correct, he hopes that the rightful
owner will come lonwd, and save •
fair repulition.
Today It Maplelne day. See Harvey it Dobson about it.
The regular ttieelng :* 5t Andrew
ladies'aid we'l be held at Ihe h:ite
A Mts Motfe- on Weinesdav, August
Bill, at 7 p m.
There will be chttl evensong al
S. George's Church on Sunday neat al
7.30 p.m, Sunday school ai usual at
10 a.m.
The byUwaulhiruingihe borrowing
of Sld.OOO to provide lor tht instillation ol a waterworks system waa car*
ritd by an overwhelming majcriiy
Tht poilirg. which took pUceon
Tuesday, waa brisk, and that gnat in-
lerttt wai uken in the question la apparent (ram Kit lacl that a big volt
was polled. Al iht clone ol lht pell
Returning Officer Rosoman wu aUt
to iNiounct:
For iht Bylaw 60
Agiitul lht Bylaw 2
Mi|;teiv in favor 56
Tht passage el tht bylaw hai given
general tatuliciton. ind all hope lhat
it will be posiiUt to instil tht tyattitt
thU year.
W, Bailey, son ol Mr and Mrs. R
Ballet*, wis married in Kamloopt on
Wednesday, to Mtti M. Cocker, cl
thit place The ceremony look place
il Ihe hOmt ol tht brides brother, ind
ihtre were present betides Mr. ind
Mr*. Bailey ind lhe groom's brother.
R If Bailey, i large number of relatives ind friends ol tht contracting
parties. The honeymton will bt spent
at the c-itt. ind i visit wtll ilso be
paid lo Endtrbi before Mr and Mrs
Baltty Ukt up hcuiekeepnig tn Kim
loops, wbttt lht groom tt employed it
i brtkttmin on th* C ft ft HU
many old friends in Enderby will oiler
their htarly congratulation., and wish
bo h Mr. Bailey ind hu bride every
happiness ind all prosperity in the
Trade licence! irt now put due,
and a number who have not ret renewed
-.art reauesttd lo do to al one*,
i C Brookltnd has d-peatd -i ft,-
isl« acres ol land north of tht city to
'D. Forbes, oi Rem • kl I -a Contid-
eUllonotM.OCO Mr Forbe -
panltdby Mrs. F.rbes tnl child will
be in Enderby in a  a I and
la*-* ifj Iheir residence -n the properly.
h.i;"-.   -isly visited A.hit
A Ihe   valley   b;fore tinaily
.;  W beat!  in  Endeiby     Mr
- i ••'•    ■*•   b'and nil lea.-
' •  » here ther w;il
remain !-,< a Ihori whlli.and in nd
probability will make a Hip to New
Zealand, to visit relatives resident in
, *,■■■•; "'"'.*.    a
.     . ■     -
All mta DM  arele preset.!.   .
Mayor in th- chair
A letter Irom Harvey It Dobson was
read. »hiih stated thai Ihey had in-
atructed their solicitors to oppose the
gaietu-tg f! i by ihe council of a road
between then store buildings and lhe
river bank   Filed
The linal idjutltnenl of Ihe boundaries of tht city school duirtci hiving
bttn received, tt wis considered necessary lhat • plan et it should be
made, showing lht names of the owners of tht property Included tn the district, but outside the city limns. On
motion it wis decided that Major
Burnet bt fnttrucltd lo prtpar* a plan
Tht report cl the returning otlicer
it lht recent polling on the witerworka
bylaw wat adopted The bylaw, on
motion ol Aldermen Bradley and
Kenny, wis finally passed, and the
Clerk liutructed to IflU Iheielo the
Mi|or Burnet presented i profile ol
Uu pipe lint route to Brash s creek,
and wis authoitted to prenrt plans
ind tpeciticatiiitit. and the dart ■■-
instructed to send such i tack I tbl
firms who had espre       -
!.     .. •     ■   •       .   •
ct per Drink
A barrel of Lime Juke on Tap.   20c per pint. 7bc
per gallon. 35c per large bottle
Use ll in Ihe harvest field Use It on the table
This lime |uit*e is Iteohl. impelled and is tf ealra strength and
purity,   ll Is eacelled by none    A denser! spoonful to I fli
water makes a mail
TSa Z nderby Drug Sto.e
Harness-maker and Repairer, Trunks,
Valises.   Etc.
A team oi Enderby lacrosse players
give bttile with lht Kimloops team
the game was (clayed tsz thursday
lltemcon belcie a fair number of spot-
Mors, being won by Kimloops by a
I score of 9 S The game U said lo
hav be-n a g Mrj ethibltlon of lacrsaae.
and that it was chara■■•• .
leelmg on both aide., and gentlemanly
conduct The acoret made during tich
quarter   ■ 1. 2. 2
Endeiby, 0. 2 "hr was
Wheeler. W
Miller, ft Blackburn. V.'   I  Bl  :-   r.
Hat      •        Evan;.
W   Duncan.
.  ;   •     Ha..-,   and  the
a: J      X  K-rr     All Ihe mi
ct lh- *»f en which the members ll
Ihe K» Healed Ihem. and
thank Ihem Iw ihe entertainment re-
-• 'he Inland Ca; 11
Hot Weather
Lime Juice. Grape Juice, Raspberry
Vinegar, Fruits
'vill line Canned Goods lhat will save you Irom
standing over a ho! stove
Enderby Trading Company
« , H   RASE1 Ing, Is, we
■ It   SUIS   PRET."
Publlaht I • e I
11 i
Ihrtt e      .
i| pr '.in. l.i s:an :
hlnk, lhe pi :»er
- ■
N   ; -; -
Notes and Common's
tnd ont hlc ...•■:. I h
ral pproval From the
■ ■■ . • : i h have been m li
■ i lew ol our cltl
zens, we air nvlnced that I!
i " .' mersl wish lh
psj he   ;I.;      ■■■
'■.:.■■ '    .: :   :
; ti • r al . isl
■   .; proval    :' su I
before being llnally
. ih      .1. ll
• "'• •'-'■•'l
..I.   tn
In n   uncerls
on Tuesday    I his i
lying lo us. ii: •
•   .    • ;he advanc
the town an I district, ai
have its welfare at heart.
The • ivlrgi
such a unammus an:
backing in thrlr efforts lo pro-
• the city m:Ii -I .'.•••
supply, must ieel amply repaid
•rouble they have taken
ever the mailer, and sh il j
ahead wllh renew-i vlg r wllh
the scln-nte and rush it through
as (as: as it can be done. It
must be grallfj Hia-;; them to
receive such magnificent en-
dorsallon o: their efforts from
lhe ratepayers, and shout, spui
them on to further work for lhe
advancement of the community
li they are the government.
The handsome majority for
the by-la* also shows that all
are awakening I   lo net
rti r» rks,
many olher improvements have
hich all go to show
■   .ui be done for Enderby,
,:-, '.he total amount of road
. compluhed this year is
small, yet li has made a great
change for the better In the
place, and t*
but a*i »r ■ I       hai :be ap
pearat; e ol Ihe I   n Mil b** in
• three years lime ll the
same Intelligent   manner   In
making public improvements is
carried tut    It is a mailer of
extreme gra-i   itl     lhal such
a unanimity    I
shown in favor o: ihe    atei
-. hope thai
in all mailers which mi. pre
ei   •••mselves in ihe future.
nceming .ancememof
ihe cn ict, the same
iit be shown.
a   spirit exlsling
ll •  ..-•   tl a  community, all
things are possible
The vile of lhe oeoplc having
;    .   ■ the
.; ■:   sum    ol
$18,000. she whole quesl
a >■ ll be
by law
lainl/ was not Justified in ex
.;     .  large amount ol
.   Uminarylnv
entirely different, and it I
incil I    islify ihi
In ihem. I • ,
i matter of la      re to I
.   .       i ., .
n e. wi
r; and I
I  ■ ... .
system Is com c.
in a hydrau. a . ■ i
Thc empl /men:.. a hydrau-
Thb Toronto Nev  I n  ; en
e:.. un   • - '.he erection ol a
  . avenue
:        ihememorj    tl
■ • Mulr, authoroP'The
Maple Leaf Forever,"  whose
dea'h occured so sud:
weeks ago.   The co*
Deration    I   all   Canadians,
espeel illy lhat of school child !
i ked    Mayor Coals
 I«| ..  .
Board of Ed nd In
spector Hughes -will be a com-
nl io carry out the movement Newspapers throughout
lhe Dominion are asked to
co-operate with the News In
:his tribute to the memory ol-
.he man who did much to unify
it manhood
Barrli ler, S i itor, etc.
■     M.OCK
: '.   Ki<HY H   C
peter  BURNET
:   mi:;   :; _ | ROVINCIAL
LAND Si'i- It t
B  C
Miss B. Manton
BLOCK,      iioutrs,
ENI IOamtoS.30 **]
iclalt)        y
i - " ind Ihl
lailowiita. of taeh mcinlh at 7 30 p. m.
Viiintif tittthitn weic. mt.
He.-. Ste.. CGaama.
A. F. & A. M.
Wc hav.' just added to our equipment
2-Seated Surrey
....     . . -  ;s tl
01 latest design.   It Is an elegant and comfortable riding rig.
- and just the thing In whlcn to drive a friend around the district
C. 0. F. Nu  1058    MATTHEWS & EVANS
A reduction In Ihe British
postal rates will give Canadians
a chance to get a lew magazines
unialmed wiih un British sentiments. The majority of public •
rtilons coming from the olhet
side of Ihe international bound
iy are so redolent of contra-
■ be amusing were
such not also pitiable. On one
page we read a sentence to the
effect that we are the greatest
people under the sun* which
might be continued by reason
of the subject matter on the
next page for trusts. gta'A an i
drugs. 'Save imperialism'
Tight be applied to cheap postage between Canada and the
motherland It Is not goodj
sense to feed the younger minds
nf the community with ihe trash,
lhal finds Its way across the
border, and which quite frequently takes a fling at some of
our cherished Ideals. Brl'lsh
Instil .'I ru
Mttta tlte lotarlh Fi '
tatb n   ith     . > i nt. Hiethttn
i, CR        H *F»»at» See.
I. 0. 0. F.
Eureka I „«*>.<•, No JO  '.'«■
..... their ha
at  a  o'clMlt    Vltllliig
bttthitn »-e • icliiiiy tnvilti la attend,
W.A. M.-.  N.C      J      '•'•    •
Knignta of Pytluas
Bank of Montreal
Ctptisl, di pelt up. SI4.400.000. Sett. $I0.000.0C0
Mint* r.nm. and Lett account, S*J1.4ie.)l
Han. Pi« Itnt. Right Hsn. Linl Sttatheortaand Mount R«yal 0. C. M. C.
I'tet.cltiit. S« Ct>, A Dttimmtrd L. C M C.
,, ..yetting
attp.tn. lie Ma-       Hall Viatl ig brtthttn j
. *ti«med.
W. Anm»>3h. CC
Ci.S     K   !H*S
I the prediction thai the
world's wheat yield will be short
this year turns out lo be c,*fcc!.
Canada should enjoy a harvest
icnses of the term—har-
vest in the ordinary use ol the
word, and harvest In the lacl of
being a big producer while the
other nations have a shortage
The Canadian wheal crop will
undoubtedly be larger than ever
belore, and with a gm-d demand
from outside countries, our
farmers ought to be asr .
I.    : price for their output.
as they are grail
••lhe facts and statistical
,'.  im   in id by the Hon
k C Tatl     ."• .incial Mm
Final  * '.-a our greal
wesicru ; ■ ind lht   -
and optimism wllh *.hich Ihey
are iched are calculated to
attract universal attention. Cap
lain Tali.*. slates that the
• ' /car. produced
over $1000 I i every al
mm B C. and the >,*ran :
total ol   ' kith production wa
- • e I y S5O.O00.O0o
jure iti the vaal
i she residents o! B c
. -  nade an; the wonderiul
. ' loi --ar upon Ihe
 mend is
H .--. rei   ii ■      .hccouniry.
grai I •   ., stirring pr
blem, as!   a. hat brllllati' H
lhe near (uture will sh
,he comparatively small population cf the present day can
produce $50,000,000 cf tangible
and productive wealth, what
.will be lhe result at some future
ume when lhe vacant cf lands
thisyear are fully developed J
when the earth h<ts yielded her
treasures to the science of Ihe
miner, and the virgin forests to
the skill of the forester. The,
mind, carried away by such glor-
lous possibilities, dreams ofade-
cade or two hence, which, according to Captain Tallow's statements, should see over a million
settled in this Garden
Province British Columbia
possesses a large portion of Ihe
individual resources of each of
her sister provinces. Her
minet are almost inexhaustible,
her virgin forests llmitles-. her
agricultural wealth boundless,
and her beautiful lakes and extensive seaboard yield a most
valuable return Enthusiasm
runs high in the contemplation
ol such vast treasures, needing,
only, lhe skilful hand ol man to
put each to Its use The tide
of population is rising and bearing lis living freight over Ihe
barriers **i ihe Rockies lo this
fair Province where Nature In
all her beauty Is walling to give
up her treasures to Ihose who
would seek them—Mail Her
A Ceneral Banking   ttiflntii tranuded
Dtaltt taid available al all psinti in the United Suite. Europe and Canada,
including Allm and Dawttn City.
Savings Bank °rr"   •   v
Bft____Ba_____£V&____e-a   WllM.ac.tli cn lament -IllKiul
delay.   <-.   >•-. .-,...
wu given m-a, *""''        Municipal and edaoel Drareiareceunta received
' -  . ac. luan given la lhe handling tt Municipal and
ttstt dthtnimu
0. A H«*>!*etM. Manager. Vetrten
W  E  :.,.' Sib A-fl    E 3. VMcCIintact. Sub-Agt.   H UuMeulin, Sub-Agl
ami atorii. iriDiasv. a. c.
Real Estate, insurance,
Mining and Canard Land Agents
1-   S.»c(e»|.,e   Mae- ,  I „,, a.O.
The i-■   .
hetcce   mual   fuNi;h   i mtlhifj   fur
everybody    ft ymi see tottiethliiR oi,
llllll lateral in y u rtmimbtr ih-re
■' aied that Ihe entiit roper la]
•     -. iilil* thai ta'
dull and unitiltreilitig Id you nny be
'Mil thing in the paper for
arret III ■■ ',   Ihtt tea let
III) , ■'   '     •
as well aa you have    There are whole
paget in llie iilil,- pipttl Hut ale of no,
•   '  '     I      I the)  areta alheti
•,ins only iuclij
•*st any one or
i i have a small munbet
-•• a- many people of
. -.1!  1. uld have
-'     .-    ■-     Itfttnt     Eiohani*-
Berry time is Here!
Come and see our fine sicck of sealers, preserving kettles, etc.
OUR HARDWARE Is the best on the ma t
Cooking Utensils. Carpenters' Tools. Builders' Garden Tools,
Hose, etc. Paints, Oils and Vamlshes. are always on hand
Our Stock of all Staple Commodities is large and comprehensive    Fresh country butter and eggs
 R. P. Bradley - Enderby	
hoe i id Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, from $8 to $10 per M
Shiplap.        -      -       -       - $12 per M
Flooring. Ceiling. Siding. from $15 per M up
lar Any other information will be lurmshed on inquiry at
our office. We respectfully solicit a share of yc j-patronage,
which will have our careful attention.
Verdict in Nanalmo Horror.   Transvaal Troublesome.
The coioner's jury In lhe Dalion
murder case have relumed a verdict
to the ellecl thai death was caused by
shots lired by Robert Stiles Featherstone. Provincial Police Superlnlen-
dent lln. -.e, says lhat every possible
elforl will be made to hang the man
who commuted one ol Ihe Iculest murders ever perpetrated in Canada.
Efforts of the revolutionary members
ol the Russian Parliament to proclaim
a provisional governmenl came lo an
inglorious end on Friday night, owing
lo Ihe refusal, at Ihe last moment, ol
the constllutional democrats lo join
the movement. Count Wilte refers lo
the recent speech ol Premier Campbell-
Bannerman on Russia as very regrettable. He cannot believe thai It
eapressr iht Irut feeling of the bulk
ol ihe l*i i: h people.
B. C. Salmon b Clean.
The Transvaal Government Is fully
alive lo the possibility ol a widespread
native revolt In South Africa. High
officials admit lhal the situation could
hardly be more serious than II Is today,
a general rising Is feared. Everywhere
Ihe natives are showing symptoms of
Insolence unprecedented In Ihe history
ol Ihe Rand. Perhaps the most significant development In lite situation has
been the seizure ol 500 assegais and
knobkerrles In Ihe mine compounds,
One hundred reliable native policemen
Wirt detailed to mingle wilh the mine
woikers and ascertain Ihe general feeling. The discovery ol these weapons
Is Ihe result. It Is significant lhal Ihe
Kaffirs "house boys" as native domestic servants are called, are, almost
without exception, Imploring their
mistresses to hurry lo Ihe coasl. al
though refusing to give any reason for
Ihe warning.
== Hon. R. C. Tallow, minister ol
J. C Brown, C. Sweeney. J. P. ,,-,.,cu||Ure, received the following
Babcock and Dr. Fagan. secretary of Mtpm (fom R. M mnt,_ who tJ
Ihe Provincial Board ot Health, visited ■„ u.ar)l, c( ,h, miA Columbia'
Ihe canneries sn Il.e Fnseron Monday „hibi*.icn al the Winnipeg lair: 'Yes-
Thlslrip was made In response to a |eid|ly-,. _„endance at exhibition waa
nqueat Irani the department at Ottawa ,,__.„ „cordtfJ Brm_, Columbia
to make a ihucugh Inspection and txmx greil al,fac||oa Herber|
ucertaiti In in official way whether Ctithbeil. secretary ot the Tourist and
the condltiona aboul the canneries were d.^,,,,,,, „4oc,alion who la alio
cleanly, etc Tht committee were ,, Wlnn|W Wni yeaierday tor
able to report back that everything wu ■ anolher shlpmen, 0, .,,„,_,,„„,. )n ord,r
In tht moat tiiUliciory condition, md l0 mwl lhs -.,„, d,in8nd (or ,„,„„„.
that there was as much care taken In txm rtlftcm _,«._*, Columbia,
the canneries sa in moat kitchens
where load wu prepared.   Thlt report rmFIa CANADIAN WVISTMItm
will bt circulated, it n underslood. by <   Canadian investment} lit coming to
fH    Famous
Par Wood.
11 Bitot.   3 Qtytot.
l/U-gO   lootl    elceur   fin
TOUgll ttlleeel.
Heavy oonua-iit Ilu
box, wiih deep ..ii i-i.
ImmtnM reulititing wirfncc, ciiiily cloanoJ.
Nn hulls o\|toM>tl to fine.   Bfllolont iiiiii iltimUt.
I'uworful lioatttr.
.-e-iicl fur a Magnet Imokiot   it's froo.
I...SIMJM. TOIIOISTO. WIS'MI'lltl. 1WNI   I \l..
MSi.lt Mil. KT. JOIN, K. II. lltWII.W'N.
Crtenkeuttt tnd Sttd HoutM
Bedding Out Plants
NOW READY Celery, Cabbage.
Cauliflower. Extra nice loi ef Iruit
trees coming on lor lall delivery No
loss, delay ol lumlgaling. inspection,
' nor customs to pay on
Horn* Crown Stock
We have ihe g.ods    Gel yeur orters
In early to secure pre nipt delivery.
French. Holland and Japan bulbs
will be ready for September shipmenta
Catalogues free.
SO 10 Wttltr.tntltr Hc.il    Vancouver
so vi»-r
L P. Bradeur, minuter ol mirine ind
fisheries, among lht consuming mir
ktta ol Europe,
tht Irani. D. M Stuart, general mm
iger oi lht Sovtrtlgn Bank of Canada,
placet al S 10.000.000 the imount ol
■__,    . ri™ v.«i . .mon*-* whlch Brl,ish 4nd ,0,**n c*p'
wt.airmviMy, |u|tou  taye  d<c|de|J   |0  (|Wf|| |n
Owing lo lht onslaught el wind ind Canadian industries.   He aaya Iheae
tun ind during I violent thunder Morm I mtBi ariM _«petjm(1„,(ng in ihe United
en Wednesday aliemixin a Urge mua] s_let> so.,*, A(r(eai Australia and
ot rock and tarlh became deuched 0,h,, eounirlea. hive retched lht eon-
md ctaahtd down on tht trick it __,)_, ,h„ c_nadi |rom itne Atlantic
ThretVillty.tirikiil|tht«miii*ol* w  ,h_  Hcm embMCM |h| mol,
freight train lEngineer W, L Boyd) -.rued ind ute fieri, for Inveatment in
which wu pasting it tht ilmt.   Tht jndul,nes aueh u W00|tet_4 cotton.
hint mu* detailed the engine ind -j^ and _,her ptoljUC|,
afreial height cart, which wet* driven
tig -tag icrou Hit lint. Another Tut Dtutf-
Tht tug Superior ol Vancouver, on
C Aft-i, MeMte*. Ff|dj)f ^  ^^ §|) y^-^
Bumtldt,   Mm.. July  30.   Two ratM „, Howt Sound near Gambitr
m.-Jted highwaymen held up F, A. utand aBd vwx l0 lhf ^XXom ln ,
Andtnon. local C.P.R. igenl. ytater fVy j-. mMti,   The veaatl alruck
diy lllemoon In   approved western ^^ p(al toKt ^ |he ^^ MI)ec,,
atylt.   Under cover ol two ugly-looking ,_, m wou|,j found,,, al „«, ia0t to
gnu Mr. Andttacn. thieitened with lht batx ^ -,, aw_, cltar an_ „,,(,.
death, turrendered ill thtcaih in hit M ^^j    The crew irt ol the
■>e•,*,,,0,,   ^•""•saeatlitalirni. oplnie.*! itaat she wenl down In about
and alliens overtook lht men. who (<M. ttil *. „„,   T^ Superior
cotnemed lo return tht monty. bui ^^ ,e Capuin 0 H  FrtnCB „,
li-ated that they could na be held vinccuvtr. who lell ihu morning with
without warrant*   Thlt confuted lht mtam ,„ ,ow ,„,, «, txxmM xvf.
ptteplt, who allowed thtm to go, ml|n, ^ rpupi,   a dtvtr wenl with
thtm to tnveaiigiie tht hulk, ind tl
OtUege tt KeiewM. pcmfjl* place line* around It prtptrt-
A alory hu retched Vtmon, uy* lc_, t0 ih* work ol riuing   Tht
lht Okinigin. ol thu pUce.clibruUl g,,^,, m ,n <mmtni „, c«puiin
wtiagtonin Indian glriai Kelowna p^ Her«a|e. lormtily mitt ol the
Seven or tight erell known cttticna. x^ cur.   Four or live yeitt ago ah*
under iht inHueiict ot dunk, found an u^ ,„ Burnlnj |„.9|
Indian camp near th* lake it which
wtrt lilhtr. mtlher md daughter rorll H. S. Doak-M.
Alter lining tht puenu with whukty. l,^^,, Juj, 2«   Th, ume ol
ii u alleged lhal the men gtoaly u j^,, yti)tenlKi ,M b, Canidiaiii wu
Mulled the girl    ll It uld lhat lh* p^a,,,. ,„ lh, „„ b«ttltihip Dom-
matter wu reporttd lo tht Ketetm* mxm 1<)dl,    _„„, SiraltKorta making
pg|IM.lMtpiKllc*!lyiKthingwudoii* xin pujenunon md Captain King.
lo ippretierid iht mtn, ont ol whom mxn whl tt a Canadian, rtplyiin tn
(uatinwdtt-ppetrtdlrcflilhtOruina tehaH a lhe ,h^   Th, ^i, *,-,„
Moffets* Best
Wa do not use any bleaching process to make
our Flour white. When ordering INSIST on
getting our Hour.
Tnio* Maim*
tc.iwcacee.ai a a.».e-.ae.l«-—.eac * »a,
tacii| «-•«.-. ce, e ,.cee.« fiat •l.c m aa
e..,.. el — ca w b.e i, W«e|e__., -.....»»
,a«a«,H.c.. . e... . MtMMI - e .'..ca
aa*c r.M ..'.,., mm... I(ae.i,i| t«ea..a.
1-a.a.aa caa.-e el,, .... u.c. t t -- i*-a..a
Scknaific Hmerkan.
t bMHtatbj IIHatiMaa eatatl|.   la.tw'•
■CBS ■ r a«i MB fmjh 5___|
IS* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd., Enderby
rtnalltn Hoimitett RegHltliont
Any.....!..!; :.    .-.ii
Ka   .a. I" II. ' •' ■      •      a
CitMdt't Oieti Treet lutreeie
Ottawa. Jtdy 2t> Canada's foreign
trade for tht lli-ncial year ending June
30th. imnuttied lo tSM.030.0C0. in
increase cf US.000,000 ovtr tht cor
the inaciipllen. "Ont llle. ont Dig, ont
Itui, one thrcne "
Cralliaan't itlar*
News reached Vincouver on Saturday that the Dominion Government
lMDondlt« period of the previous Tear. ***i been c^firmed in the ownership
and much the best shewn** in Ihe <** Detdtnan s Hhtid
counirr's history.
New Yolk. July 28    Sli men were
WMetate Atreeu. injured last night by a bimb believed
Moscow. July 28 Dottns ol per- to have been thr- m Imt ■. -i-vated
MM were arreted here last night trim at Siiieenih and Th -1 avenue
while attempting to placard the City The erplcslon occurred in ihe mkkl of
with the tddiess drawn up at Wiborg a crot-d ;! aboul a hundred plumbers
by Ihe members ol the outlawed Par- standing outside ol Teutonic Hall wait
litcte.nl tng lor * meeling to begin
>N«ws From Near 9b For
Fire al Blaine on Monday deatroytd
th* rtilace Hotel.   Lou. $18,000.
The Klondike Mine* Railway his
now been opened lo the public, ind I
regular service la being run,
Two hundred ind liltyseveii limber
llcenies wtrt tuued during the incnth
The ctnneilei at the er»*i are
commencing to ihul down alter i
.moal successful auaon'a operatlona.
Lut wtek lht pack amounted lo clou
on 100.000 casta.
Fir*, surfed by iparka from locomotive Friday, destroyed the dry kiln ind
i million shingles it the Miller shingle
mil', on* mil* south ol Cletrbrenk
Fire broke out in the upper portion
ol the notth wing ot the stile aivlum
lor nuaiie near Salem. Oregon, on
Friday There wit no panic among
the minuet, nor my lou cl llle. The
cune ol the lire hu not been ucer-
lained The lou will hardly ticecd
An eacetdingly rich llnd ol native
silver or* has Jual been lound on the
Duncan properly in Wallace Mountain
cimp on Kettle river This high gride
silver ere rum in stunt ibout twelve
inches wsd* ind hu been triced lor
ovtr 1300 Ieel by various tpen cuts
Considerable (tenement prevails up
the West Fork ever thit unusually itch
rmdotaUvtl  •-
Wile levc.ae, Navy.
London. July 28.   The   agilali r,
Igllltst eicvssiveredicli'h'f the tuyjl
ccmirucli-n hu proved to jucceutul
lhal Edmund Robertson, parltammtiry
secretary of the Admiralty. M
in the House el Commcrts thai ihre*
near battleship   rl tha  Dreadna.^hl
elates will be laid down.   Four «ete
originally pt ;.--•, ft, ih- lat» govern
men!     f«        •   ,.- n g totpedo-bcan
tarayttl vill betniill. instead ol five,
U proposed by the BtHow adminictra
len. ant tlghl -•
twelve.    T!» I la    ! lh-   eipehdilure
invited  i<   JMOOOClOO   ialeal
S46.000.0CO   ConlemplHtd   by   Mr
, Ballour
Farm for Sale.
. lOOactettcl landloritk.itiutttuimilti
■ e alone int Salm-n Arm retd.
ttny-live aettt it eartllent betlem land,
«t.'utr*K-et Icr tttt rrtdeitttfn ef Immenw
tup, cl hay. pain er vervublei. balance
easily cltared.   New haute. 'SitSii and
KM bam en ibt rareperty.   Apply It
,,        '• ..     e
Wit. Touimton.
Bnderrqr. 8. C.
Eattmatea Furnished
Address ar* ol Progreu Ollice r
Bos 160. Armttrong
A sirong constitution
means a healthy mind
and goo. work—and
good work means ad
vancemeni To have
a strong constitution
one must have the best
meats, and that s wlut
you will llnd althn,c<.
brick bl'Ck AUays
Iresh. juicy and tender
Geo. R. Sharj»e
■ '.     i-BY
strir« Acwt. eh.
ccn when la*t
a  • •
.....   . .,    , ..
I-*..- - ■■ be - > • pen   . . .- •■•
a    a   '    "    ' ■    ■ -le
land a aitutit
The hnmetitadei it teiuttd la peiletm
". "    -        •  ■      ■       >•
tree tf lhe lellewti-g p tta
ee   *  "       e,      .     ,      ,   „
a   ■ .a' •...,*..■■  •
ihree yeart
tl> II the father fer mcther. it the lather
u deetaud]. cl Iht hcmetleadet rttidet
larm in tie vicinity el the Und
entered Icr. lhe iMimtmcna at le rteidtnce
nuty te utalHcd iy inch pent* tettdnig
i.i. liihttettierleathlt|»imaiit«itt*M<
.     .     -        ',• f   a    !      ....
fte vKtuty cl hu hamttleti lhe reioire
  a- ■  '•    ■    ■■•!■■,
ntidenee tascn the taid land,
Sit menott- ntuce in arnttcg thetM be
given Is the Hit CtmrnMlcMtef Dhmmcr
Landt at Onawa cl tt.itt.B6B icatvly Icr
;>■•   '
.     .-.-.. • |   •  ' ,»      .     I      !•>
>  ■'  '   I.      '   ■-.-■■.    ••
•I   e ..  .... . ,     ■.    , •• ■
Cy     ,..','    , . ,. t ,-.   .1
"•••'•   e ....... .        .  -. :   ,r_
shall tt collected e* ihe (rtta carpal.
w * >' *r
Deeaty ol Ihe Kinstm ci Hie iMerter.
ia R    .   - tt Hut
adcrettitet*'.-IwtSl Ibtf*
For Sale
Finning Land in lets lo suit pur-
Suitable lor lrwi gri wing and
daiiyug    An - -
J W M-CA-      *      -     -Aim
Hit Springs S..nilaiium
'. . . •»• -.        ,-  ..loi
Melt Honmm House
tbe Uti.-a     ll'eee
- tit tie
a -■    ta   -        • .
*   tei'tca.
-ac  ,,   --  . '. '  - a    '..
,      V   |   .
■    .            i.i*
»            -•
•■        '
-    -
ia !'
Halcyon Hot Springs
Anew l.i.
B  C
City    Barber   Strop
II N. Henit   '
Bt   B
'a-itagirtg limber or
Ht wl" - lhe   lands
iglna t    ■■        • • (cited will bt
*culed     Final It I   -
>-   VV  FUTMU '  -.  .    H
w a I un
G. R. Liters PROGRESS, ENDERBY. B.C., AUGUST 3. 1906
■ •*■
* «... ■'
Anythlnj ■   i       for I
'.'..-.      g, Fun . dig    Yv'U run
Are vou intending to sell     \
this Year
A terribly sad occurrence happened
-    g lut, n tilling In
Muffttt who i.e.;
■ " lllhll     - •' . ke : 'ice
I while at        |     ■:
•   -   ■    rlvti I thi
■ i     ■    .
• ■ •     »li rtmmlnj
ter and be a again. He was
'.:.','....   e
lit lhe: Mel again, no
ibt, with ihe Intenl      • • g
It was soon seen by lh      - h   i art
watching thai the swlmmtr waa Ini
Jr., and
ghl   y had no
cars, suv   led       tolling :
gling man |usl •   i     under a
lhe Union Restaurant
WEEKLY TICKETS. $5.00.      BY THE MONTH. $20.
lived into the
In conueciut with the Kesiaurant a first class Bakery Is established from which can always be abtslnad the choices! Irom
the oven.   Alvavi Iresh.
A nice Iini si Conteclloneiy Is carried in slock Fr«*h
frull In season.   Don't bake bread when busv, TRY  OURS
Everylhlng Strictly
t. -_=: J
McQUEEM. Proprietor. Enderby.
. Prew has '
.    ■
The caused
leaih was glv.    i the doctor assyn-
■ • in Eng-
ir in Carnbne.
iws brothers In I
.■        .
a time was e
-   .
•  a miner
A teller wa;
• . .    .
IT*,* bi
-   a
he  plunged into the;
Buyers   arc   Still Coming
•     . <• dcn'l suit, perhaps yours will.    LIST WITH US
Kirby, Elsom and Kirby,
Real Estate
eOff^C   • BELL     3L0CK>     EndMby'
WillCcS .   MURRAY BLOCK. Armstrong.
THS;   lice:.*;.
* Okanagan Valley, whether
. -aaure and apart, cin do no belter than
iiiik**ll * headquarters.      Table and cutune un-
•t with lines', wines, spirits, liqueurs, cigars
W'mata,   A..    Qtaifils    ****  *****  d'lnllJ      Wp ***w I
HIPS C\  opillls (j,,, .uorimeni ol ail the well
-"     it     known brands to chosse Irom, 1
.V. Jilf-.   //__—^—  — -q\
an old
waa hiuled ur
ca the'
I Wiy delist line. The!
;arto«k tf Ihl
Saturday '
-   -
.....    m usineu man
it'an, Albsrta a    i      tngi
a.   in      Mi    • .
. his daughter, was tn
The best clav in the Valley    Well burnt bricks at reasonable pr'Cea.
. Small Qua   -
TS* Enderby Crick 9b Tile Co.        Enderby. B C
Mrs. J. H   M-
- •
-    very fait
. . Mr Berg.»
• , • '••   handled
..     Itui. tirmly believes
tail* tl
I. f if ira      -    ■  ■   .
, - Mi        .11 *
.   ■
-•   ■  ■
ly will I
lo train I
I > Mi
•:      iccon ranied by hit
•    ■
.        ••"        -'.   "ii.   :    •Ivaitirst
aliens  and  best wLhes for
their future happiness and prosperity
Mr. and Mra. A E. Johnalwt visited
in Lumby the early pa>-
Mrs. A   ■ nm l Vtmon on
Mondiyl her slslei Mi
Simmons, who Is at present camping
at Long lak". near Vernon.
Mr. ft Waddell relumed on Monday
. villi tolrlendsal the-
Mrs Blackburn ll hiving a collage
lhe work.
J. A Mohr wis a bu Itiets \      r to
Armstrong en Monday,
ltd cn    T, Gray, manager ot the  -
,t Van- Cargill Co., was In lown on Men-lay
A. J. Lapworth, iccompanied by his
'   ' L. Patten, came up on Mon-
day afternoon, and It now engaged in
decorating the Wylie residence.
I    Dr. VinKleek. of Armsirong, passed
through on Satutday cn hia way to the
ll Is uld In Rossland thai Ihe Great
ll seeking to ellect a merger
■viral ol the well known mining
.     art     thete
The hay crop in ihu district lllll
year has in most places exceeded expectation,   ail,.    atn    | without
■ . -   i in good Colldl-
Tht   Ikinagan Hotel, Armstrong,
will in all probability be sold.    An
loi hia beer taken up.
i ei ^ undtntood, of $2o,ooo.
J C, Campbell, cl Ve* KM, hi       I
lie- V.-.,tier:- 'a-   le'   V      •    ;-    let
I     ,..-'. •■'• Dak ia    Thia
ranch, wl.   1.        tllltad ab ul  three
I Ml      matt  leave
, taken up residence on their purchase.
I Arm
v. and
"•a      '. vltlg pact   lha *   .   ;   nt-hatt
. lid   HU ibll     III     '
' t*!i  lemceralure  cl lhe abi- . • . ■ ".


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