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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1906-07-06

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 The Enderby Progress
With Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 3.   Number 7
ENDERBY, B. C, JULY 6 1906.
Price, $1.5 J a Year
Fruit Jars
"Never eat to-day what you can put up
Agricultural Implements
* "Make hay while the sun shlnss.'
Summer Drinks
* "Cool as a Cucumber.'
The ladles oi Ihe W.C T.U. are io Tho U5ua| „„k|y IMMng 0| the
be congratulated upon tht success ol Clty c3Uii:ll was held on Wednesday
Iheir earnesl   elforts lo establish a  evening, all lhe members being present
Friday evening s train, returning Irom .      ....      .     __•      ,       ».
.    * ,. been lell for a long tlniepusl a pressing
a business visit to Vernon. ■■■■mt_^mm___■
Mrs. G. Sharpe wenl lo Vernon on
Salurday on a visit to friends.
F.W. Padmore passed through on *"'" ,"""""   T" _,", 1 "•eV". " """""*'"" ™ """T""'"* ?""""
IH. .!.,»'. ir.it,  L_  R«»<i'nf! Room in Enderby. There has Mcep, Aid. Kenny, who Is oul ol town
A letter, addressed to the  Mayor,
need In lhls Clly lor a homelike room' was ,ecelved Irom Mrs, Lawes. Presl-
M. J. O'Brien, manager ol the where younR men cculdgather lospand _eni 0I the W. C. T. U. asking lor
Vernon and Revelstoke Soda Water their leisure moments with profit. Thr lhe remova| 0| u,, library Irom the
Works, passed ihrough on Monday.     j ,mm W||| be open al all hours ol lhe court House lo Ihe Reading Room
TheregularnieellngolSl. Andrew's ^y-where papers, magailnes, and up- abou, l0 be opened by Ihem. The
Ladle's Aid will be held on Wednesday.'. '°-d»'e literature vill be provided C|erk wa5 instructed to reply thai lhe
July I lih. at the home ol Mrs. A, L.
The local Orange lodge will meet at
their lodge room al 10 a.m. Sunday
July 8th and will attend divine service
at the Presbyterian Church.
Word hss heen received from Mr.
Photographic Supplies
Wo keep a lull line.    Sale Agent! (or
Eastman's goods,   All supplies sold at list
Mall Orders Mil receive prompt attentlan.
Enderby Drug 9b Suiionery
Company LM.
A concert, followed by Ice cream j Council had no control over the books
and cake was lhe opening ceremony I m qU(ati0„ and were Iherelore unable
and judging by ihe comments of those j l0 ,CCclj, ,0 ,he request ol the Union,
present they were much appreciated, j m, pre<j. Billings, the Council's
A notable feature of the program was j ^\ ,.v|ser. was in attendance, to
lhe remarks made by Mayor Bell. In i con(„ vi,|, thorn in reference lo several
his usual easy manner he explained ,,„,,,_ 0I detail connected wllh the
that lh. management was purely non-; onfoiti water system; and the greater
McDonald asking lo be released his; sectarian, and th-l iheir object wn not j ftrt o( tha session was occupied In
duiles as Principal ol ihe public school j to enforce temperance principles.   He Camion ol same.
ol Enderby. he having been offered a said that several ladles had already'
more lucrative position at Ladner. at contributed many uselul pieces ol lut Communications.
J80.00 per month.   The school lm- nllure. and the hope wa, cherished' ^^^^pMhrnMomm**
teesol this city have decided lo oiler; that i musical Instrument would aoan, |0, opinions .tpruud m.d«r thlt htaiiinc.
him the estraS 10.00 per month wnh be added. The room wauld be upheld by
the hope ol retaining his valuable ser-' monthly contributions, and   the col-
vices, ' lectors had already obtained 45 names
Ilia requested that all persons having'on""!' •'*»»   Following is the pro-
In Iheir possession booki belonging to If***- Quartette. "The Owl." Miss
the Enderby Public Lending Library *3«"e». ****** Bentley. Mr, Cibbs and
will lorthwith return same lo the City I ■**'• G- R4»n»n; Son.. "Star ol Ihe
Oflict, The Clly Clerk intorma us that East." Mr. Suldille; Resding. "Pied
his recent request to this effect, which Piper." Mr. G. Rcaoimn; Song. "Lost
wu published in these columns, was Chord." Mr. Glbbs. Speech by Mayor
Editor ENDEKbY Pkohrms.
Dear Sir. Your correspondent In last
week's Issue was singularly unhappy In
his choice ol a nom de plume, when
he signed himseli "Fair Play." seeing
thai he deliberately snacks a public
setvani. who. he must know, la debarred by lhe rules ol his office Irom
defending himsel' by replying io any
attack In the public press.
The mollvelor the writing ol lhal
only responded to by one or two per- Bell: Violin Solo. "Populir Songi." |,uer ts so ridiculously apparent thai
aoni. although it i. well known that E B, Haynes; Song. "Loch Lomond." no doubt the m.|orlty oi you rudert
_____i mx-H       ..  .. ... i w)|| gjve || 2 very dillerenl nstne irons
"Fair Play" and treat it wilh the can
tempt it deserves
Yours truly
P. S   The constable is unaware ol
there are a good mattr J»tlu alill in' ancofe. "Killaniey."  Mrs. Ilowaiih;
.. e eee, aa. *>-   *,, •• at-_   /• —
ihe hands ol borroweraj
A summer ichool and camp ts to
opened cn July I0th, ai Tappen Siding
an Shuswap Lake, Campers will have
to supply their own sleeping accom
modattoni. but baird will be provided
fee those who with lo escape the
drudgery ol cooking in ihe hot summer
A Iree return ticket will be
Song "Sing Me To Sleep." Mrs Geo,
Bell. Organ Sob. Mr. rlowarth Refreshments Mrs. J, E Crane and Mrs
G. R, Lawes played the accompanl
menu to the aongi tn th.ir usual
efficient minuet
! thli letter being written, nor have I
woken lo htm on the subject
earns* tram wuckid.
Vuitota la the mrtheni part of the Ohntpn Viley, wheiher
Und hunting, or lor pleasure and sport, can do na belter than
make this home their headquiners. Table and cukina un-
esceHed Bar replete with lineal ewer-. tpiHll.liauNn.c4pn
s_ Nine deaths and hall a hundred heat
Sir Willrid Lawson, Liberal member prattrattttuwere recorded on July 1st tn
given Ihose who procure at the time of _, p,^,,^ l9t ^ Cimbom division Chicago as a result ol the second day
purehaaaaaiandardceitflicaie,          of Cornwall EtgUnd. died tn London, of broiling heat    The parks were
July 1st. aged 77 yean. He had been crowded with panting throngs, and tn
^^^^^^^^^^^^^    til tor some lime, the dumlown dutnets of the city. I*x
Driving al a mad pace ever the     Sir Willrid Lawtcn. Bart, M I', the first lime thu year, htmdredt walked
LandMi at SotHhwettern railway, the eldest son oi lhe late Sir Willrid La* ihe meets hsilessand many without
American line espress. carrying lorty- ion. tl ihe Atpilrla. Cumberland, and coats or waistcoats   Men lell Irom
three of the steamer New York's pas- of Caroline, daughter ol Sit James wagons and stieetcan. ChiMien often
 , Stengel's Irom Hyttleulh lo Linden, on Graham, oi Nellierby. wat born Sep- der age were reported lo lhe health de
H_J? I July 1st. plunged fram the track Hui tembet 4th. ia», and succeeded t» the psmnenl aa ill in large numbers, and
E^y alter tasting Silttbury suttun at 1,57 title and estates on hi. lather, death intent msrulil/ u eapected la greatly
t[ I o'clock ihli rnonum. and mingled to in IB67 From an miy agent tta it m:reate in the neat lew ■ ■
death  in lis wreckage Iwenty-lhiee (nlhuiiattic advoesi- ler at the le
pauengert. who tilled Irom New York ,„« mmnienl. and w  liadei lad - *• *»i » New Yorl    .  I •--: "
June 23rd. and lour of the trainmen miia„a _r»« _„,,._ Y> -.Ir* , ln"*1 ,h* hsMs*: J
Bealdea those to whom death came *>********<*<****-                           '',ince 1891 when the iheimtti-'ierreg
oetdtlya dni««pe««_ere«iii)ured. anee. and ill apokesman 11 paila.nent mni „ imtt     Hall
time el ihem tetKiuly.                    Sir Wiknd «at aa adea   ad ladleal, eases of heal prostration were repotted
The late hour ef tht New York's ar  aad wat in Iavor of the dtsestaUiahment during the day.
rival ai ftymmuth saved many lives of the church, aid of the abolition ol July ht wai the hottest day ol the
SheeaiiiedmaielhtnoOiravellerilor Ih, Houte ol Lords and ol tundnw summer, in Wathtngton   Al Jo dock
Leaden, hut many el thtm elected to .___,, H. «_, m,M«i,,. j.,_i,,., thu ellernoon the thermeinet-t »t tne
tnml en eamlotttUy te SoMhameton. ,*"?**_*" T™ " ',™T weather bureau regtttered 94 degrees,
in preference lo Ihe lite bndu« at **J P««kHti|t»«Senh»..8l Nether- .^ „, roweuf,mnuined lorever
hymorth. and lht long tight ride haK. Cumbcilstad m ho...
a . •, ■'• _^	
XT/I—. A. Cnlnl. »n1 tf*** *mki   'M* i****t *
Wines CC OpirilS _v tttonmeMofelitlie ml
kn-»n brands lo chrnte Irom
I .licanchur
K    Ir est i
bl   lies Fumuhtd
Address  care ol Pr-«te« Oflice  r
Bn ISO. Alnuliong
many prominent men and trorntnof ***^
m  .   New Yak    The ItSowitg mhe Hit ot
PreftM-rn ||   lh, „„, Caatitati trKtlrm i
Kirg. Rev K. L. ef Teronto, Ont,
wit fmi-ii of tht Dseenrrt Read Ang ,
NeaaehuNl I * ••  »>t-rtiliMMl
profeSMT ui Trinity CaMege
i sf EnglMd. and had
  beenn Canada about egf--
On Thutsdiy. July 12th. the Orange     Ptpan. C K. of TcroMo, C     n
Lodges of the Wrtetisr witl bnU then *• *t*A A iht Aiv*r.£.-> I M M T
annua, celebration at Sdtnon Arm. J"*^^^i*mT^Z
Ercurtion trains anil run ft ^ti Ksm- -j^'HewasM ran ol If   I
bips. Reveltliike snd th? OUtAagsn |.lrt; a wile ant
branch, snd very law tile; hate bttn      |>. •.    . It
trranget la    A goad programme of was ont ei the 11 MMIa
ipsru hat been provided. miSudi-tg ***-*** •_• *>***'<<?** ****-"•'
tasetait. hcrovse. Isstlall and »!het *****" ''
lard and water ifun     Urast snd ,,w    ii. ni ,_m la the bar m
lilt and drum bands will futniih music \tn] He wts a partner •      ■   a •••
•nd a dance will be held in the et'ii -,~    ■ - "      *t   Ht Kt-
lor those <aho >   ' '   ' n"»'    Hit wilt It
in this way    Tht special iraw leave* the dtttgMer rat the hit Itaie Alkln
Enterbr al 7 45 cm lhe morning of, Sun, of Chicago
July I2lh
You won't enjoy the Glorious 12
You wear a pair of our Walk-Over Shoes
and one of our nice light Straw Hats. .   .
Cooleil and mstt comfortable ma ll
Enderby Trading Company
W  Ic  H
• Jt   M.MS   I*R1 I"
P'jbilaliB.l aa ih Fi I.)   ll Bi Iti
lht E i-:    ■ In .'...
Advertising ratta. SI an Inch pet i
counsel rttta on tppliesi
Li3tl NottfiM IocIowiiik figu.ai      |      :'.
. lint lira) Ittitrtlen,  10: taeh tuba.
'I   atpti        ntlnutd until all atrearatta
paid   .  ua at lh. option ol the publisher.
around with a long face as If
you had a pain In your stomach.
Lift up your head, look pleasant
and try to speak nell of yjur
neighbors, no mailer how small
y^u may really know yoursell to
be. Wh-n a stranger drops Into
i mi treat him rlghl Civ i him
thi •: .I han I and tell him this
Is :hj best place on earth, jias'.
i.'hal he his been looking for,
and you'll nol be lying Don't
discourage him by speaking III
ol the district and the people
who are living in It, but show.
B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, etc,
I'll:  i.i.ock
Miss B. Manlon
BELL BLOCK.      hours.
^ him by your conduct and bear- knderby lOmntos.ao
Ing that he has at last struck a
white man's country.
Remember thai y u are n I
the only pebble. There is a
whole lot more fun In minding
Conlid-ntiil work a specially
Mens' Chip Hats
Just the thing to shade you In Ihe Hot Sun.
Ladies' Summer Blouses
In lhe very latest styles and patterns,
Boys' Summer Suits
Good-fitting, neat, light and comfortable.
:   Notes and Comments
^ ™ t   J'
The conditio of the Indian your own, than In attempting to,
papulation is a matter deserv- run your neighbor s business, if
Ingoftheserl .     nsideratl n ' '! onlLknel";. Bf sld«-!
of Parliament, the press and the make5 f,hers ,hlnk a 8reat dcal
public of lhls Province more of you-
It is lhe heleht of unwlsdum      -"al-e lhls "l!le Dlt of nJviClV Et,.!..by u.ii... Na. 40, Kegutar rnnting.     _
for?dSAftyiJ£ artr,e VMtrT P^»ar«S: Glanders
Wc al... le-c,. in .lock   PRBSH
lllf k-'l  lii.iw it I'l i   ii-   ill   CuilJf.
CROCI.R1KS. eompriuBj
Fruit* wlicn procurablt
it Ui Saiut'Uy ani I
V.I.(J tit OH.', lit..I.til »t 7
Vuliinj braihft.it w«lo
■■-   I  Dale.
R«e. Ste.,
C. Cahui
A.F.& AM.    flpar, Q4.AI,
irbyLodge.Ne.40. Regul.tmeellttga   VJlCcLIL    IkJlcLUXf
pie to tolerate the existence In f ^ [™d:. '< *«» fve ?°" ff-^S
Its midst ol colonies of Ignorant from makin^adjrtends. j ■»• »■ ■***>•"■ **■<*■    D    Hm8f ^
ttSmSX pJJSS pack,n%Tn?sE RKV,iLA- C O. F. No
on the face of our fair country. _1 Mmu *. lounn Friday m
They are a menace and a con-    The condlllons reve-.|ed ln      •* ■tL^M'*"
slant  source of Injury. both (ne  Chicago  packing luuses w«. awuum, cr       h. fum. s«
physical   and   moral, to the 3noc|, anrj d|Sgust ,he .^holt;
white population. Those whose C|v|llz«:d world.   The Irrespon-,
official duties have taken them 5lb||Uy ,n_, CilU5e3 corporate   ••""*loi**' "?'? "
on io the reserves have sicken- enterprises to be regarded mM'^^JSLST^M
Ing tales to tell of the Ignorance, "soulless"   seems   to   have' ******** " *"*****•
lllth, and suffering which exist, forced economies on all depart   ' ''"'    H fc *«" '" *"
Lhflem,„ SSomlno ««<?.?. mems *lJth_3 expense 2f clea!!    KnitfU of Pythias
women lying among rags,_dirt. imess and the common demands . .   .. *\       '    ..?.
and vermin, slowly dying ol (oul „• ne_'.h _,,_ sanUation    N
I. 0. 0. F.
The belt lence ll ill'
ll la tniile wholly ol heavy hard
• ■-    Has all advantage! ol lhe,
. • . but surpaiau Ihem in
appearance. strength, durability   and
j economy.   Sole Agent lor Okanagan,
City   Barber
H, N. Hendtlckiott. Bell Block
diseases: of iloors covered-'.I'n mai, nKes (0 glve diseased I "'***** «eieemea.
consumptive sputum, and babies tainted, or adulterated meat to _!______LL_J_JL
rolling Iti and crawling through ni$ |e||ows ,0 ,._,, _ui the de- p   .      KI
It; ol endless Immorality, crime. mand 0; .n38e  In  financial'-. Viet a INeW
sickness and misery of ever/ authority lor the minimizing ol
"■'•'*'•* waste and the Inc.ease of re-
ll is our duty, as a clvmvcd. turns from high priced products
enlightened and prosperous na  haS naturtlly and Inevitably
■   see that ihtse people produced thc deplorable t exults
■    ire living al mt very acors, disclosed by the recent investi
have such elementary Instruc- ga(|0n
Hon   given   ihem   as    will    It *,■■ ^ most fortunate II
enable   them  to  live clean, tne cleaning up and spasmodic
wholesime and uselul lives      re(orm$ ,na, j0||0 „ the exposure
And if we do nol attend to are regarded as sati.iactorory.
this matter as a duty which we h ,he public settle down Into
owe to the lndlans.lt is nine their lormer complacency It will
the less urgent as a duty which ■__ bui a short time llll the de-
we o-we to ourselves. For ll mand lor economies and in
must be remembered that the crea,ed returns bring back the
ln.uan ernes straight (rom his condltlous now hastily ch it,-11
disease breeding, vermin Infec u/iih the crowding ' p ;• .1.
ted shack to rub shoulders with ,lon imo |arge industrial centers
us on the sidewalk. In the nas come an absolute depend
store, and In every place where ence on a few corporations (or
i'" : " •""'• a daily lood supply In such
              dependence the public are help
A school Is ufftenlly rerded !««• and ihey htwe lessened
attheC3mparatlv?lynewseitle- their chances o( accidental re-
ment which has sprung up sime »el by such restrictions as the ,
irteen ir !i!teen milfs |r.m protection tariff and local mar »ancemen,    -T*ohave
on the Mabel lake kei regulations.  The various 'constltuUon
-     There ar- nty essentials ol dally food are in one must have ,he be„
ren   ihere   who,  unless ******** cases so completely c n ■       . and |har. whj|
specie •   is made lor trolled by organized andafflllai        .'^ (|nd a, ,henew
them, and that very quickly, will ted corporations that the public £rtck b|ock     A,
I their chance '   •'fbu,,taacT'«>h. juicy and lender
modicum   ■ •     atlon v hat I and pay Uie '
thepe;- ,n*ry have price demandr:    Even wherej(Jeo. K. OhaTpC
ll *•   ..-     -.■■•?■/ child 'here is no monopolistic c. ntr I kn: khiy
i>. K elK.as'
We beg io Inlnrm the
Public that all cur horses
have  been  tested   (or
Our stable has been thoroughly cleaned out and
disinfected, and Is as clean as the day It was built.
Bank of Montreal
C.»it_. .11 patt tip, tt4.000.000. taat.. •10.000,00
Maiur rrom. one loaa account. tUl.etU)
HEAD  OrriCK,   MONtaiAl
PtttiJtni. Kighl Hon. Lord SntltteMtiaand M-unl Royal C. C, M. C.
Vic. 1'ruid.nt. Sir Cm. A. Diummend L. C. M C.
A General Ban.iing   butincta tronieded
Drttit aecicl tv.il.-s:. ai all raacitta tn th. t'nit.i SttlM. Eutarat .red Ctttsd..
tnetodini Ailin ani Dim. ti City.
Deurtment. ___* —***
* Ite-m SI tiptcatd.
ttv! enttttti allt-ac.J al cvtr.nl t.tM
wiik<,a«.li ee dtmund -nfco.l
<tt.y. Ranchtta'atidC unity Butt
tita. (iv.n atatcitl a'ttntian. Munmeal and aehoel Dtttrlcl aeetunrj rtctltred
an ltt.tat.tt itimt. Seecial atmnen given I. the handling ot Mtintaetl and
.tr.tr 4.Mceiiii.i.
G. A  HtMOtatoti, Manigtt, Vtman
A. E. Tayar.SitiAgi.   EeS.V.McCliMMk.Sub Agl.   P,OciM.ullri, Sub Agl
Savings Bank
aat.t. atocK. iNDtaav. a. c.
Real EtUte, Insurance,
Mining and Ceneral Land Agentt
strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good   work—and
Berry time is Here!
Come and see our line stock o', sealers, preserving kettles, etc.
OUR  HARDWARE Is the best on the market.
j Cooking Utensils, Carpenters' Toota. Builders' Garden Toils.
Hose, etc., Paints, Ci.s and Varnishes, are always on hand
We are making ice cream.  Pay
a visit to our parlor these hoi
afternoons ar.d partake o( a cooler.
lejstly ei
it is imp isslble :' ,r Ihe | ■■ •
in their Individual capacity
protect themselves.   It Is
• . ui ••■    trong
f of thi             Inl   ..hich It
is been i     ed loWl   It is
exceeding    -  igh, and full ol
lee| • its   >,il unless it has a',
bt be in an impassah;"    •
dltlon when the fail I ■	
if i\rti
se a chance to I
the towi   • Ustrl l, don'l  •
go b/. saja a level-hen.    i
chang-    lithe    inced esn'l teciural
neyoui   ly.g     land    • thai    '
(or It ;lt I    round      i- pul
Don't bet ki   — I exit,
ir little hamn er ire   e
quit gro-i H 4 an I ; n'l in pe la lisp
Thai Canadian cities have
as not sulfered in a similar way is
necessary for people to act in due to accident, and not to any
their collective capacity In pre  supeiiority in public supervision
tectlng themselves against un  We are no  holier   Ihan our
clean  or dangerous lood, as neighbors, and the same con-
against   contagious   diseases, dltlons and freedom fr;m public
ife I ,i '.mgs. or dangerous supervislou may bring the same
public conveyances.   The evils results here as there at any
and dangers of unclean atiJ lime    We must move in the
adulterati :   have  been matter before  and  not alter
calmly   '. derated   while   less abuses develop.    Wllh  such
mens  is   ha.e  l>»»n ; ;d supplies a- can be inspect
. .• restrained    We see ed by chemical analysis, the
••     ••.,•■:  Hi in Inspected, existing machinery, II put In
d partake o( a c<
R. P. Bradley - Enderby
here! for
Cheap Lumber
What do yov
Think of this?
and Dimension Timber. Irom $8 lo $10 per M.
-      -      •       $12 per M.
Irom $15 per M. up
B .   '\ealcrs   mi e
cellars snd ya*l".
an I 'Ua* ,;arie c,'**
: In n sanitary way
Dry Boards
id kept in motion, can Flooring. Celling. Siding.
all • leln lenl sa'eguards.   Bui
till  regard I   -he canned and        eej-Any olher information will be furnished on inquiry at
prepared meats Chicagj has our office    We respectfully solicit a share ol your patronage,
le ime I  by  experienced lhal which will h.ve our careful attention.
ihot igl ind continuous official _ .,.»..„_._„,,,..„_„__, .__
n |,    sentlaltopubllc «• KAMLOOPS LUMBER CO. LTD
amount ol $5,000 lasl week al 102.
0. E. Gallelly of Gallelly, 'BC.
picked Ihe flrsl ripe tomatoes ol the
season last week on his place.
Newt   Prom  Near   9b  far     The Mllllla had to be called out last
= ; Friday, at Kingston, to quell riots lhat
Kelowna placed debentures lo th« were started by Italian strikers v.*ho had j
been working on Ihe Grand Trunk. Two i
policemen were slabbed.
A long list ol King's birthday honors'
was issued on Friday.  Two Canadians
are knighted, namely:  Chlel Justice
Two more Russian regiments have Weatherbecol Nova Scotia, and Aem-
it.iitii.ird and declared they won't fire .,,„, ,,„,„_ 0, Toton|0_ |he m,n wno
on Ihe people. pu, ,hrougn |h( sa|mon C01T,blne 0|
Mr. J. A. Macdonald. leadet ol Ihe British Columbia some yeats ago.
Provincial Liberal parly, has Issued in      ,„ ,,„.._ , •„,_, ,„„ ,„ _.„_,„.
slrucllons lo Ihe heads ol Ihe Liberal sh(„ Ew|and,. ,,,,..,. „„, containing
organizations throughout Ihe province (our „__ WM dheow„d ,„..„_,_ |n ,
toprepare lor an early general election, !sm,„ ho||otf _,„ |h, ,,„„, 0,  (he;
King Edward with Princess Ltulse, trunk. The sap rings showed thai
Duchess ol Argyll, attended Ihe British- nearly a century has elapsed since Ihe
Canadian festival In London, on Wed- eggs were laid, and It was obvious that
nesday evening, which was organlied the hollow had closed automatically,
by Dr. Charles Harrlss, the Canadian i The eggs were Intact, but slightly faded.
eomp05,r |    A drinking fountain has been erected
A fiery speech was delivered last'at Edinburgh to ihe memory ol "Grey-
week In Montreal before ten thousand' friars Bobby." a faithlul lillle dog who
people on Ihe Lord's Day BUI by Mr. followed Ihe remains ol his beloved
Bourassa. M.P.. who handled Lautler master to Ihe churchyard In Ihe year
without gloves and was roundly applaud- 1658. and became a constant visitor to
ed. Bourassa said any man who voted 1.1 Ihe gtave. refusing to be separated from
the bill was unworthy to be called a the spot until he died In lhe year 1872
L*etal. Richatd Griggs, lhe British Govern-
The strange spectacle Is to be wil- menl's Special Commercial Conuuls
n.ssed at Norwich, England, ol a cat sioner, sails lor Canada this week to
auckllng a young Belgian rabbit. The Interview the Ottawa and Provincial
cat, which has hitherto been lar Irom Governments on the subject' why Am-
docile, had h*r kittens destroyed, and rrlcan and I reign trade wllh Canada
at the time the mother ot two >ciing greet Inter than British, despite ptel-
rabbits died. The rat then adepted erence," He till go as far west as
Ihem. One cl the labblis died bui the Vancouver.
olher is new being suckled and guatded _
in i wonderful way bv lhe cat. COITespoiWlence.
With a view el giving po« Children -^ .^..^ '^^
ol ihe cny an cuius during ihe hot i   ^
the Montreal street railway announced lnd   knw|rg  ,hl Mmewhat   vague
lut week that on two morning, ol each knowledge ol the majority ol people as
week   In July and August  children lo the cendmons which prevailed ihere
would be given a Iree trolley drive overI immediately lollcwirig the catastrophy.
ik. „„„,.■, .».i.m .-a .™mrf ih. ' w'11 ■'**** **t***a* <* eeveral ol our
the company, a-rttem. art aiound the ,C1|(M|_ M[t £,,„ ^ 0f ^ ^
two mtuniains on ihe Park art Ulead WIlon»l e,p,fieiicei,
system In company wllh my two sisters I
„,„       had |uat arrived at San Francisco, art
A Winnipeg despatch tayt    Wlnnl   |__ only been in the city lor a lew
peg will uke every strawberry British days when the terrible calamity over-
Columbia can send, as the demand u 1 took in.   We were guests al Ihe Em-
very tirtng lor ihem.   They are pre- \**** ****** *** ***>• ******** nidejy
l.ti.4 ..« eeen il.awhem, «c«l'b"h« ****** %i*0C<X '« wu only by Ihe
ferred over every slrawbeiry eicept,      ,„,., _„,, Kid, ,|_, w eaeaprt
Hood Rivera.   Briliih Columbia rrull with our lives, u upwardi ol twenty
growers ihould co-operate art secure peitom met their death in thia building
a regular Irult car service. In Ihl* way .alone.   Alter gaining the street with
shipments would come forward more!con"l!er,Jbl,! Mia***-' ****-******* **
, , ,. __        return art secure tome of our wearing
regularly and in a more uniform con- ,,_,.„. ta „„ M M,xti ,„   **
dllloa" meantime art I lound it impossible to
Violent earthquake shecki were e». ********* **** ** *f *P»*>*<*****. and
».,.n,~f n.HiaaUn.1 e_,„h w.Im oa, *** ** *" eveiyth:it|| go. Finding 11
petiencetT throughout South Wales on (llnpM,|Ne ,„ ltaat lny6, m „,.
June27lh.at9.4Sam. Houses rodtedjio^ngj, we were lorced lo walk the
art man> ol the cheaper ones were;streets'wnh thousands ot othersi clad
damaged. Hundieds of chimneys fell.' u we were in little belter than night
pictures were shaken Irom walls, occu- Jclolhes.with noshoesor Moek.npand
.,.,,. .. .     ulietlv uniM' le. en t   A ■ t dim. at
panisct buildings were thrtwn lothe ,ny p'rlc,    Th„,taMt<l ,„ iboul 2
ground art people fled Irom ihetrjdays and nights, art during lhat lime
houses shrieking in panic, with visions some ol the numerous incidents that
ol the San Francisco disaster belore came lo our notice were ol toogrue-
them.   Though ihere were many tar- .*°me * "*W9,0 ******* *M'°',he
.'uke oi gtvl-g some idea of the con-
row escapes from falling chimneys art, d|(|(t|B peev„iltr«. I «tli describe one
hcui'.t.  ihere were no cuualitles. httit eapenence.
On my way down Markel street tc
.1 ivy'
nn. "Sunihllio" fiiiiini'.e mill     • /////'}yll\i*Bjti'*  -
"aunny" waya aro aynonymnua, //7'//i(TlTl\\\'''c
Tin Id, dronry wlntor diiye can -. ' I I '
1m> iiiii.I.' ilii'i'ty nml wiirni with n iiiiri-,
Ii.iilt liiul li.'itt if yuu linvi. it "Stiusliiiii. ' lut nu, <•.
Ik letiteiier iii  ec|.iiiiii',  olonuur,   uaoa low fiu-l nml
" thinoa" in mini)' otliiT wiiyti ovor cuiiiintiii (urnueoa,
Two «liuk.'i> nre timM I.. talinki* tlir llouvy,li'iiui|;iiliir-
hI|II|».I    Ifl-lltlM.      Tllii-   jll.l    I'lllH   till-    tteclk    ec|«ll:ikillg
down in luilf, Ih.kI.Ii.h lee-in.,- oaalor mi llio ftiiiiiii-w tliini
the old ..iii'-.ltiik.er elylv.
Niltl i.t nntor|iritilii|| t!t>a|.
era i>viir.vwlniro.
li.Klkl.-t   ii.-u.
Um*m  i »'■■ a-M.-jat   *«
\» mt \t-    Hi   J- h   ■■»*•' I
CrMitkeum .ne i.at Houm.
BeddinjJ Out Plants
NOW READY Celery. Cabbage.
Cauliflower. Extra nice lot ol dull
trees coming on lor (all delivery. No
lou, delay cl fumigating, inspection,
nor customs to pay on
Home Crown Stock
We have Ih. goods.   Get your orders
in early lo secure prompt delivery
French, Holland and Japan bulbs
will be ready lor September shipments
Catalogues free.
1010 WnlniMIM- %mtA    Veeceevw
Teat* M.eae
..taM aaMlee ...r...-! .aafKHlea. cacti
.a.Acr atMnacct . ■• ....... r,M wl.H,„ m
il m*****'t hit
efe-MMU WM i»r.«lH
• h \ *■ f«
M.im4€ _      , .   .
*U UtM it*•■+** Kej**
 mm, >MvBVLmg*Mt **- -
Sckdiinc Wmmn.
. eavta. -.., ttlaalMae eaaaa.1    __NM_»
..„,-,   t jtygg^ tgSSj .*•"■-« » .
Get the Credit      ■■»
The proverb abcut Ihe III wind ap-
try art gel over lo Oakland on the
plies to nothing so much u to a vol- ,cffy , £,.., „,„,, ,,_„£.„,„, ind ,
cano.   II hu often been observed that young girl who were endeavoring lo
adlslrtcl where all vegetation hu been rescue a young man Irom a moat peril.
destroyed byuhesfromVesuvtouisoon ***** t<****°*-    '" «mw way he had
blooms afresh with greater luauriance ^SS^S, ^aT,"! * """*
_       , wall, art although not hurl in any way
Ihan ever. Since the recent greal en*. w ,„ prM ^^ fl x>rm ^.^ l0
tton the volcanic uh hu been esam death, as the flames were aprrcechii*
ined by scientists lor an etptanalion ol very rapidly. When I saw the serious-
thu lacl. And (he esrlamtlon It lound nets el the situation. I Immediately set
..fc. ik.i ik. ..k fc ,.>i.,..k.,.. 10 work Ir p.tt any H    lan» I cti'A
to be lhat the ash b rich in phosrJialu     Tk.„,tlff} atp\aat„ .ndbepn,,
to quite a retnatkable degree „-«,.,, ,h. ull((;Mut_„ m,^ ,„,, ind
It U reported thai two more steam- " hteJ4(„i1",h!s ,imcw.s •"""l'!"-
„.      . N-arall-. hi.* cries were tc« much Ir.i
ers will be added lo lhe Atlantic line ol ,he yair^ R].|, »h(, without any heslla-
theC.P.R. Advices have been received lien or thought lor herteK tore off her
to Ihe effect lhat the latent built Em only garment art lied his legs up so as
press. Ihe Empress ol Ireland. com-i">kMf' *<*'**' as *•" !,t'" ,h" "" **'
pleled Ihe builders'trial lasl week cn 'J^J* JJA^___Tl____!_
,   _   ,    , _, . possible, and as Ihe flames licked up
ihe Firth ol Clyde, art that her per-. Ihe iumti tniln-s k^, h. ^^4 lfK
formances were exceptionally ytlisfac policeman te put him oulol his misery
lory, developing t speed of 29 I A knots Seeing lhat tescuewas cul of Ihe quo
thus beating Ihe performance cf her ■lon lhe <*'*ct* ,M» **<* man's Mini
slsler ship Ihe Empress of Brilaitt. "* a.d^f,*<* •"•"_***** cvf'
r ,     , fut a laillel Ihrough his bra'!
The new sleamship ha. been ful rn     Thjs ,s oriy „., o( |he nanj fMo„.
the Quebec Liverpool route. Twonitta Ing Instances thai wai to be met wllh
steamships have recently been ordered haMtljr in My quarter of Ihe burning
to be built lor the C. P. ft., tot tit *****    H<*lr* ""* wi" r»°ve ol in-
.1.   j    . a.. ,    ....... »    •«.       e, tetest lo yeur readers, and nol take ur.
already under cc- iruciion.   The, will |M mu£h 0, ytw ^^ *
run on Ihe same route as the Em ycurs faithfully
press's cf Britain and Ireland H   M   DaiW
of making Good Butter and have
Printed Butter Paper
Prices and Quotations at this Ollice.
Special Cuts and Inks
To Our Subscribers
and the Reading Pubic of the
Northern Okanagan Valley. .
The publishers ol The Progress announce
that commencing with the issue of Mav 18. which
was the first number ol Volume 3, the subscription
price has been
a year, payable strictly In advance All back
subscriptions musl be paid lor at lhe old rate ol
$2 00 a year. Do not forget thai a yearly sub
scrlptlon to the Eiiderhv Progress now costs I SO
OF YOUR DISTRICT, the town in which you do
your trading, and Ihe Okanagan Valley To do
this you should read (he local paper  That paper is
The   Enderby   Progress
which Is rapidly btcomlng. and will be. mi 1 <•' 1 ■•
tl vim ire nol ilrcaJy a MMtfirwr'
* vt^vtfeaK w1a*§awAtw*iA*,m*w V#f ulvvlveaft
p\ttv aval—Me Dea-riea t te.it *tthni the
Railway btit it. Ittttttt. Calumbia, may
tie hitnttttadtd by at.y putao »he tt the
ttlt held et 1 lamely, u any malt ever II
<•■-■   ' ar. '   attentat!   I    •    ■- •"
11. ••  - ,'. f" -a ., al tKt
local land ctliee Itt the etttnei tr. vrludi the
tared tt titcdtt
'   . ■        .-.,■    ■,.,..-   ■      ;..•   .-
  • ■••■•■  h twdM
•         •   r 1 . ■
ill Al eatitm meMht' retteenee are*
and rtiliivaiien et the ItMl In each year Itl
•■ .•-
1J1 ll the lather (er rranihet. it die father
ti dectued). el the hemetleedei tetadet
tipHit larm in lhe vtethtty et lhe land
•    "•:*    e.-.   •  »  •	
" a. '•    a  '       (
win. tlw laihar ei melher.
Ot It tht ictilet hat ha r«rmi»t.i nnd-
etire nwi. Itiminf land earned by him w
• • -.   	
•-.   - ,   •    ..     ....   na, ••    a-C. '   •■
-     ■     •    ;      ■'.    , *   a- !
Sir mtnlKt' MHce In a»ttu>c that Id te
£■■ [■-»«,-.     ..■!-•,
iMhaiOiiawt et tMetiUMi teateiy lar
... .,   f,    •   'ie.     .-   Jl    |«.
,,..,.-       ,     ,.   J.       ■   ,    .....    .,
H   • a     '."    a  "      '••  *•   a   .    e.|
'a    ••■',' a   .■      »:»..      fc   .. e, ,1
lhe tale tf len eeill ter tea. tf JjOOC rtarda
ahall be cellecled ee the paei eeipai.
Det .iy et Ihe MtMtiet af Ihe I, hum.
.. a   ; . ••
■  .   .      . .     .  .
For Sale
Panning land in kit to urn pur-
chaser   SuitaMe lor Irmt |rtving and
dairyiine    Aetaly lo
J W M ■CAI.l.Ul'. S»lm,n Aim
Hot Sptings Sanitarium
Near under Ibe management el
•• ,
the MedKa Wartta at HtKyta ait 'be
I A ttfrttt,
•a raed .-iMaate.
  -, im Sumi*
*    . <     a Hal     ever tt,. it cut
Kla.-a'.m   *-aM» .•.fuiatt.fc.at
ac-. 112 It III tei «eel.   Fail.nhtt
* .1. ll, , I
Halcyon Hot Spring!
Artow Ltbe  t. C.
Any  pencil  datna^iig  limber nr
cutting imdetbrttsh  tma  the   Itndi
helonglng   Id   Iter ■ •   p ed  *||| («
proMCuled    Ktnal n *  •
'    V.    Kf«;,.ne<rtOHH»ucH,
v; a i am
ft ft • ...
0   I-   I awfe; THE PROCRESS. ENDERBY, B.C., JULY 6. 1906
liTe Joy & Health of The Home
depends on lne Range or Cook Stove
We : c
li •■ • tn "•   -; ..ii!:    All
e .ind.-    '
Stove | and new pari
it,   v rnace Heal ■   n
n  rl ■ ■•     K   IUARANTEED
1      Are you intending to sell
this Year
L"    ,       Your     Town '■]
ist with
Harness-maker and Repairer, Trunks,
Valises.   Etc.
mm e-c—
i. was inc
ireek   n
During the I
.   ;
... .
miner  it I
A ipectal rt"
.. • -
... aa   !
... - '- the lly
■■■     -a      ,'.    H)  gol the B
MJ in ibe
I   ■
It is tu be hoped lhat Ihe good
work ol watering ihe streets and side-
«ilk Ihi e hoi In will be lonllnued
Ihl Ugh  il the -immic-r n. ntha     llie
I all   I vrv ii ilceab! ■
I    : lai ■  ■-. lute ih- »■ rk : the
eeper, l     .. i i   ••
:.' ■•         Ua I .:ic-r.', ol cattle which
... : ... -    ■    :  ■   :n;
llerl ...id brands,   li
led that   itlle  wneric will ca-
iral ■• -■.  ,; description ol,
Ihe-ir brand. Ij lli • Cilv Ollice,
Aid Ki i in Saturday's*
Irani, on -a ill ■-. vlall u his faintly,
,        hai had hut little time at;
his disposal, the worthy Alderman and
former chairman of the Baard of Works
i«at at the council b»rd In;
iheevt    ,■ .i.n it so happened thai
a special meeling had been summoned!
by the Mayor.   The members ol the
-   .''/ pleased lo have their
old colleague back among Ihem
Ai a meeling of ihe directors of the
Okanagan and Spallumcheen Agrleul-
lural Satiety held recently at Vernon,;
the dates si the (air were fined tar.
September 19. 20. and 21, This your
the society will retain the management'.
«l the har.ee races, which have on pre-;
vioua occaaions been in ihe hands ol,
ihe Vernon Jockey Club,
itltfactlon il-at we
i High School!
aliens lor lhls city.
McLianald will no doubt leal,
a    ■     ■-,: .■.  .-. •   :     i.
I,'at the lact that cne of his pupilt.
- •  i -.   ■ e :
• ■
.. the litl: Ernest Evans. Reginald
Crane, Herbert Teece. Edith Jshmon.i
i li : -•'.  : • •-
Rev D. Campbell lelumed home,
en  Saturday numing nl list •   •
dont London. Ont,. where he hid been
,   lha   annual   l-tebaiettjn,
* Canada,
a»i <f other ttnptiriant bin in-   na
i .,  ■■■■•
al <he miniiKtaiy field si Alberta and
Brituh Columbia into two separate
He   aho siys  that   the
subject al slatting a Presbyterian The-
CiHegi at   the eca
< numral, saidj
the latiitui Cotton-1
iSeymcut Arm.'
cod ft
lhe Union Restaurant
WEEKLY TICKETS. $5,00.      BY THE MONTH, $20.
In canne^tisi with the Restaurant a first-clais Bakery Is established From which can always be obtained Ihe choicest Irom
ihe oven    Alvayi fresh.
A nice   lute   jl   Oonlecliuiery is carried In slock.     Fresh
truii in season    Ujii'i bake bread when busy, TRY OUHS.
 |[        Everything Strictly
J. McQUEcN, Proprietor, Enderby.
Driven from Home!
Because their Un I was listed with
Kirby, Elsom <2_» Kirby
Real Estate Agents
We handle Real Estate, We han.ile Loans and
We handle Home Seekers.   List with us
/"Vf; .   BELL BLOCK. Endfrby,
WinCeS .  MURRAY BLOCK. Armstrong
Moffet's Best
We do not use any bleaching process to make
our Flour while. When ordering INSIST on
getting our flour.
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd., Ehdekby
The beat clay In lhe Valley   Well burnt brteki al reasonable pneu.
Urge or Small Qua
lne Enderby Brick (tb Tile Co.       Enmrby, B C.
■  ■        •
■ - •
.   .   '-'
■ . .
•  ■-■
. .
dor of the fl.ur
In reference to
....•:■ im tineaauaUa
'   '
•   ■
lhal the Vernon,
* etdudea Mat-'.
tene ttchuloft
• -te there are
tbii the
ham* train the
ll a. uM be Utter-
1 -
I flour, lot
' t   *e graft al
.     hihl at
-. rl   -■
. ■   :    '
i Pi
' im can't twos!
MARA 1-wia.o.
The cl tit* eatrcitei tf the Man
MjMic ithatf iceftfc place <nt Friday. June
J*Hh.   A laigt number ol lhe parents
tnd lilenda were pretent, enl the re
tutu ol the e«amtnaltott* were highly
•  ashslari actiuitimg
-.admirable/,   Horn few e«
Ifel train
girding lh» bea
-Jit el Hon '  •
ien-y.Emil, "
Deportment. Mabel J
larily and punctuality. Annie M
-• :<uwereceiiiductedby
■ idler, Mitt V.
mat enjayaMe picitie- I
, • undt, immediately alter
nallORI    The plentiful menu
! great ertdlt on the lid:»; who
prepared it
Mt. and Mrs J. W. Bacon, who have
lh hat cht'K"
: in*"! b.arding house,
I nderby cn Mandar's train
Th- Rothttay Company ate steadily
hauling lift Is the mill hete.   They
l-av- a a-- . ■    ■   a: in the
■      ".   ■ E " e     ll
• an aaeeJe
• ul-t lhe man
"  Wart   ••    Ihi
.■     •■   art * e
■ •• i  -
'-"     .eleleiatk
'let Uck. banded 10 at, lelt
i, • -. •    ■ , •. •
when Utt tten.   Flndtr pletic rttam
         H. WOttP, Etitttby
TaAOE UCtNStS.  '. neeUhereby
titen, thtl. in in trc.etdaiere with Iht pt*>-
!■• Mo. 12 al the City ol
eXtidettey ttii sA the metal intendment!
ifcereol. kll -      >e nteaeni In larce
iy Office on or betsrt thai date.
■ ■   at'ying en
jttcy Imiiees* wtlheiit Vfp'.y.tt lat and ob
tlidtl 1 etMlese to la
I la. iMielcy tetieieta himtt,! ;*!■;« ti t mu-
'imarnpet-iiy  * 1. -i atlitiati to the
lamoantsf the heei
I   The Cny ollice it uratn Itoitt 10 a.m. ta
12 tateii daily
By Ofclet.
| Crops are linking well ihtctighnul Ihe
tettiemenl. Ihe hay CTCCe tvir.g especi
ally abundant H
Mitt M K ia'.cl lell on Tuesday's
(rein lor Vane uver. whin she will
spend lh' School »ill re-
open on August 20th.
u/a ait plaaaad iz >,*.<• '
ba;k im erg to aga'it ailer an absence
ratal montha,


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